Checkmate: Part 3 – What Moans Is Not Always European

“What are you going to do?” the queen asked impatiently.

However, the blonde dismissed her with a wave of her hand, sitting down in front of the mirror.

“Don’t worry, Eley. I’ve already thought of everything” Eleonora began while she straightened her hair looking in the mirror “I’m not the only one to have arrived here in your kingdom. My girls will already be at work”

Elena smiled nervously, letting herself fall onto the bed. She had been stupid. How could she think that someone else could fix the situation if she couldn’t do it either?

“God… do you really think your bitches can beat someone who beat me? You are really stupid”

Elena felt the white dress rub against the chair. Eleonora had turned in her chair, crossing her legs towards her younger sister. Elena was annoyed when she noticed that the smile hadn’t left the blonde’s lips.

“How did I lose to you?” Eleonora asked herself, tapping her fingers on the table” We have to strike from below, queen of my ass. Because of the stunts of your daughter and her stupid mother, now Asians have too much power, and a direct confrontation would lead to certain defeat … Tell me, little sister, how do you kill a queen?” said the blonde bringing her body forward.

Elena watched her sister’s milky breasts hang down. She looked like a goddess. She shook her head, dismissing those thoughts, and looked thoughtfully at her sister.

“Attacking her with all the strength you have,” the brunette replied impetuously.

“You are really naive…” Eleonora said rising from the chair” A queen is strong only if her people are too. Attacking head on is useless!” The blonde started walking around the room while she was talking, finally stopping to the huge bedroom window. She could see the garden, where some Asian guards were walking around threateningly.” But if the queen has no more people by her side, she will start to waver. We have to make it happen” Eleonora looked at her sister, licking her lips” I’m already working on it, don’t worry”

For the first time, Elena saw her older sister in a different light. She had never thought that the woman in front of her was so meticulous, so different from her… and she liked it.

“Who will you start with? Mei Lin?” Elena asked impatiently.

She wanted to make that whore pay for it. Her first defeat was still painful, an open wound that shows no signs of healing, but the blonde had other plans.

“Oh no. You still aim too high. We have to get rid of someone of lesser importance. Someone who fought in the shadows, making all your plans useless. Now, I think those two have already been… contacted”

Eleonora smiled as she began to think about her next move, confident that two Asians would be eliminated from the games.


The dark cave of the Underworld was very different from how people remembered. The rusty door that did not stand out had been replaced with a shocking pink door, while the sign now read” New World”, given the change of management, but the screams and moans remained the same. The Dominatrix had changed, but their desires remained the same.

Becki Li was raping a big-boobed blonde she had never seen before. She loved seeing those huge breasts bounce every time she pumped the dildo into her pussy.

“Do you like it, bitch? Huh? I know you like it!”  Becki prodded as she pumped even faster, and got down on the blonde to kiss her.

The bed began to creak more, while the blonde continued to moan with even more pleasure, grabbing her nipples, while sucking Becki’s tongue to increase the pleasure.

“Oh God!” cried the blonde, coming profusely.

She had reached her limit after a few hours of wild sex with Becki, and now that she had just reached the peak of pleasure, she wanted more. Repeatedly. She lived for sex, in all its forms.

“Do you think you’re done?”

Becki jumped abruptly, whirling around. On the stairs, an unknown girl was leaning against the wall. She hadn’t seen her arrive, she was too busy with what she was doing. She immediately sensed the threat, and jumped out of bed, taking off the strap.

“Who are you?” Becki Li asked, narrowing her eyes. The girl stood still, smiling” Who the fuck are you?” the Asian yelled, clenching her fists.

After an interminable time, the girl came out of the shadows. When the light from the small lamp that descended from the ceiling illuminated the stranger, Becki sensed it was there for her. She had never seen those hard features of the face here in Europe, and not even that girl who looked at her smiling.

“Oh… Jade… Why did you interrupt us?”

Becki’s eyes widened. The voice came from behind her, and she immediately recognized the blonde who had just finished fucking. She whirled around, only having time to see the girl pass her as if nothing had happened.

“Impossible…” the Asian thought.

No girl had regained her energy so quickly after having sex with her. None. Not even those with more resistance. Still, the blonde she was following with her eyes seemed to have just woken up.

“I was getting bored, Jem. You can’t have fun alone” the stranger replied calmly as she watched her friend approach.

Jem smiled, turning to look at the bewildered Asian, before pulling out her tongue and inserting it into Jade’s mouth, who welcomed it with happiness. They kissed for a few seconds, Becki could hear the sound of their tongues snapping together over and over again.

“The Asian tastes good,” Jade said, ending the kiss with the blonde.

“You don’t know how much,” replied the other, licking her lips as she looked Becki in the eyes” It’s a pity we can’t continue”

Becki narrowed her eyes. She was right, they had come for her. Jade began to undress, revealing her athletic body and incredible breasts. Becki couldn’t resist the temptation to look at what the girl had and was scared when she noticed that Jade’s breasts didn’t drop even an inch down when she removed her bra. She felt strangely nervous, and it was the first time. She had already found herself naked with other girls, both for pleasure and for work. But now, she felt the nervousness seep into her skin as she looked at her new opponent. However, she calmed down when she saw the blonde walk away, dressing aside to watch the story unfold.

“I’m Jade,” the girl suddenly said.” Since you want to know, my name is Jade. And I’m here for you, Becki”

The Asian tried not to let any emotion show through, starting to go around in circles following her rival. She could see her curvy body in its entirety, toned legs and firm ass.

“Are you here for me, Jade? Who is sending you? The whore queen? Or the bitch I stole the job from?” the Asian hissed.

“You’ll never guess, Becki. But after you’re done, you’ll see for yourself.” Jade smiled, pausing.

The Asian wasted no time, and struck by surprise. She pushed her boobs against the rival couple, and enjoyed seeing the sudden fear in the girl’s eyes as she flinched from the blow. The Asian braced herself for another blow, but this time Jade was ready. Their boobs collided, and Jem could perfectly see the girls’ flesh swaying. Jade continued, moving to the side and hitting with her right breast, making the Asian moan. Afterward, she pushed her boobs directly against Becki’s pair. Her Asian breasts bounced wildly, and Becki glared at the girl who was teasing her. The Asian gritted her teeth and hit, replying to the girl. The left Asian breast collided with the rival right tit.

Jade grunted as Becki attacked with speed again. Becki kept hitting, but Jade stopped her advance by pushing forward and meeting her blows. The Asian immediately tried to grab her arms and then squeeze her tightly, but Jade moved to the side and slammed her left breast against Becki’s right.

Jade was pushing her Asian rival around, but Jem noticed that it was the only real advantage in the fight. No girl was getting the better of it. Becki tossed her breasts, landing a strong blow against the Australian couple. Jade grimaced, but continued to attack trying to stab the Asian’s flesh with her nipples. Becki backed away, ready to charge forward, but collided in the middle with Jade, who had the same idea. They both winced when their boobs met violently. Jade staggered back and Becki didn’t miss the opportunity to step forward, flapping her breasts forward. The girl grunted when she felt her breasts compressed against the Asian couple. When they parted, their boobs bounced, while the two girls watched their femininities.

After a few seconds, they both threw their boobs at their rival, each couple squeezed at the point of impact, making the flesh come out to the side. The girls began to move their hips, in order to push their breasts against that of their rival, wanting to show both of them who had the most firm breasts. Jade closed her eyes as she felt Becki’s nipples penetrate her flesh. The girl rolled her breasts, trying to push the tender flesh away from the Asian’s fierce nipples. Both pairs of breasts flexed as they were rubbed together. Jem watched in awe as her partner’s right tit was on top of the Asian’s left breast and how Becki’s right tit was on top of Jade’s left breast, and how in a few seconds the positions were reversed. Jem began teasing her own breasts, savoring the show. Becki took a step back, to swing her breasts, but Jade followed her pushing forward. The Asian’s boobs bounced a little after being hit by the Australian breast.

“Nice Shot!” Jem yelled, her voice high.

The only response was a mischievous smile from Jade, and the inevitable grunt from Becki. The Asian began to swing her breasts left and right, trying to avoid the targeted blows of the opponent. Jade found herself in trouble, feeling like she was taking more hits than the whore in front of her. Eventually, the Aussie tried to strike again, pushing forward, but this time Becki managed to avoid the attack. A devilish smile was drawn on the Asian’s lips as he landed a powerful blow on the Australian’s breast, making her back a few steps. Jade whimpered as she felt the pain the blow had caused her.

“Come on, bitch! Don’t tell me you’re done already!” Becki mocked her, putting her hands on her hips and challenging her with her eyes.

Jade growled softly, returning the gaze. The Australian pushed forward again, with an amused smile. Becki tried to avoid the blow, stepping to the side but her rival’s arms reached her too fast for her, grabbing her shoulders to keep her from running away. Jade’s breasts crashed into Asian boobs with a hard slap, causing the girl to moan as the pain in her breasts grew with each stroke.

For Becki, it was the first time she felt her breasts so defenseless against another girl’s breasts, she was used to not having to risk anything, she was the one who won. But this girl, a stranger to her world, was giving her a hard time. Becki suddenly arched her back just before Jade could strike again. The Aussie was taken aback, and lost her grip on the girl, and when she charged back to strike again, Becki quickly swung her breasts to the left, cutting the Australian’s flesh with her nipples. Jade grunted with the discomfort of feeling the Asian spikes pierce her flesh. Another blow from Jade, and Becki landed a new swing against rival boobs, regaining ground in the battle. Becki regained her confidence, and swayed a third time when she saw Jade come back. She barely had time to see the smile form on her rival’s mouth when the air from her lungs was shot out. Jade managed to surprise the Asian with a head-on collision, violently slamming her tits against Becki’s. The Asian took a few steps back, only to feel grabbed by the Australian’s shoulders.

“Where are you running away?” Jade hissed, pulling the Asian towards her.

Jade was lightning fast in locking her hands behind her rival’s back, and Becki groaned as the two pairs of breasts swelled between them. After two strong blows from Jade, Becki’s arms wrapped around the Australian’s back. Jem could observe how the two women started pumping their breasts, pushing forward to overwhelm the other couple. It had become an endurance contest. It didn’t matter to inflict pain, to use dirty tricks to win. No, only the strongest couple would have declared the winner. Jem watched as the slow grinding and constant pumping of the struggling boobs continued incessantly.

“N-no!” Becki groaned.

Her boobs couldn’t go on. She couldn’t push a second more, her breasts still couldn’t handle that constant grinding. She was defeated.

Becki let go, and her arms fell to her sides, helpless to fight again. Jade looked down, enjoying the sight of her breasts smoothly shifting her Asian breasts. With a push, Jade flattened what was left of Becki’s breasts, who looked sadly at the scene. Jade looked into Becki’s tearful eyes, watching as her willpower finally crumbled.

“Time to go, Becki,” Jade whispered.

The Asian could not say anything, her mouth was covered with a handkerchief. Jade watched the Asian pass out in her arms while Jem helped her to hold her up. Jem put the handkerchief back in her pocket, and together with her friend, they returned to their base.


The passage of time for the world is the same as always. Flowers are born, people live, and birds sing. A pair of sparrows bathe in the castle’s stone fountains, singing happily as the sun lovingly embraces them. Moreover, on a bench, not far away, a woman sits composed. Her eyes are alert, her mind is clear and her body is ready to attack at the first sign of danger. Wen was like that. It has always been like that. Since childhood, she had been trained. Her family has always served Madame Shi’s family, and she was no exception. Serving the royal house was an honor and a privilege, as well as the only task of her life. Wen had started working for Madame Shi when she was just over sixteen. Still a minor, she was ready to give her life for the house. Fifteen years have passed since then, and Wen’s faith had not yet wavered.

A movement and Wen snapped to attention. Her eyes scanned the surrounding environment. She was alone, there was no one on that side of the castle. A distant rustle, Wen whirled around but the only thing she saw was something black that disappeared around the corner. She wasted no time, and followed what she had seen. She turned the corner, and stopped abruptly. In front of her, nothing suspicious. The garden was peaceful and quiet, nothing had changed. Almost. A normal person wouldn’t have noticed anything, but Wen was no ordinary person. The gardener’s tool shed was there, in a corner of the garden. But what Wen immediately noticed was the door ajar. Normally it shouldn’t be. There was a stranger within the castle walls, and she had to stop her. She didn’t think a second longer, and quickly headed inside the shed. Everything seemed in order, everything was in its place. Another rustle, closer this time, very close, startled her. Wen whirled around, but was pushed back into the shed, falling inside. As the bodyguard pulled up, stunned by the blow, she heard the footsteps of two people. Looking up, she saw two curvy women stand in front of her, mocking smiles on their faces.

“Who are you?” Wen asked menacingly.

One of the two women came forward, while the other remained on the sidelines. The shed was not very spacious, at most two people could stay. Wen frantically shifted her gaze from one woman to another, at the same time looking for a possible escape route, but without succeeding. The only way out was to overtake whoever was in front of her.

“I’m Angela, and she’s Libby,” said the woman closest to Wen,” and we’re here to get you out of the picture,” Angela concluded, without veiling the threat.

“She’s all yours, Angie,” Libby said, stepping out and closing the door behind her.

For a few seconds, the shed remained in the dark. When Wen heard a rustle in front of her, she instinctively tugged on the cord in the center of the room to turn on the bulb on the ceiling. As soon as she looked back, Wen jumped. The woman in front of her had just pulled down her dress, revealing a pair of huge breasts barely contained by a red bra. Angela was busy opening the hook of her bra when the light illuminated the room.

“Oh, too bad. It would have been fun to fight in the dark,” Angela said, removing her bra.

Her huge boobs bounced off her chest once released. Wen couldn’t take her eyes off her. That woman’s breasts inspired power. Wen looked up from that show using all her willpower to see the face of the woman in front of her looking at her, waiting for the Asian to do something. The bodyguard considered the various options, but they all led to the same result. A fight. Wen couldn’t go out without fighting at least with Angela. In addition, she wasn’t sure that once she defeated the woman in front of her, she didn’t have to face the woman outside the shed. The situation was tough, but Wen was used to it. She came out of worse situations. The Asian stared intently at the Australian, and began to undress. Before long, her breasts were free and ready to fight. Angela did nothing to hide her amazement at seeing such full breasts.

“I didn’t think Asians could have boobs like that,” Angela said incredulously.

Wen smirked, placing her hands on her hips and pushing her chest forward.

“A queen tried to resist these breasts, but she didn’t… fuck!” Wen was interrupted by a sudden blow.

Angela moved forward, ignoring the Asian’s words and banging her tits against the Asian ones.

“You talk too much. Move your tongue less and your breasts more,” Angela said arrogantly.

Wen’s eyes burned with hatred at the new threat. So arrogant and so strong. The blow she had just suffered made them feel all the firmness of her rival’s breasts. She looked like a woman who was only good at talking, but her breasts were something not to be underestimated.

“Let’s see what you have, Angela!” the Asian hissed before taking revenge, slamming her boobs against those of the Australian.

The distance between the two women instantly vanished as the two women approached to bang their boobs together. Angela smiled, biting her lip at the sudden excitement running through her body. He loved to fight, and her queen knew it. Angela had prayed to confront the woman who had silenced Elena, and now here she is, slamming her huge breasts into Wen’s.

The women grabbed their hips, strongly pushing their boobs together. Their nipples squeezed against each other, sliding from the sweat that had already formed on their skin, and hitting each other in the defenseless areolas.

Angela and Wen pushed even harder and their swollen areolas pressed together, banging, squeezing and painfully twisting their tits against the other woman’s. The huge boobs squeezed each other, the moans and heavy breathing of the women filled the small space as they continued to struggle to flatten each other’s breasts, but the more they pushed forward, the more they felt the resistance of rival breasts stopping the advance of their assets. No matter how much the women pushed forward, rival boobs didn’t give ground. Their pressed boobs formed a sort of line where they squeezed together, forming a single, deep crack between their sweaty bodies, their flesh swelling between them, filling the space until they locked and shivered in stall.

The two women stared at each other intensely, pressing their foreheads against that of their rival. Each could feel the other woman’s warm breath on her face. They looked down, studying the dense cleavage formed by their breasts, watching how their breasts struggled to completely flatten their counterpart. Which breasts would give out first? There would surely come a time when one of the women would feel her boobs suddenly give up, overwhelmed by the other woman’s stronger pair.

After minutes of constant thrusting, the women realized they were stalled, their boobs getting sweatier as the throbbing heat in their breasts grew every second. Wen quickly changed tactics, rolling her shoulders to shatter her nipples into Angela’s breasts, starting the work of demolishing the opposing breasts. Smiling, Angela responded by rolling her shoulders in the opposite direction and soon, the women began to grunt in discomfort as they felt rival nipples penetrate their flesh. But it took a lot more to get away from the stalemate, and the women realized it as their boobs collided. Both pairs of breasts were still ready to fight. With a groan, Wen pushed the Australian away. Angela did nothing to avoid it, she knew that the Asian was not doing it to escape.

In fact, the two women approached again and, placing their hands on each other’s shoulders, aligned their nipples, but instead of violently pushing as before, they preferred to advance slowly so that their nipples rubbed together, trying to bend the couple. rival or to push them back. The thing was not easy since the sweat did not allow a lasting contact between their nipples, but the feeling of competitiveness of the women managed to make their arms even more turgid. They tried over and over to flex the opposing nipples, but both couples kept flexing together as their huge boobs squeezed slightly. Gradually, the frustration of seeing that no pair of nipples dominated the other, prompted women to go back to using the rest of their beauties. Their boobs were pushed together, being ground hard against each other, before starting to swing their breasts. The women grunted right away as they hit each other and sweat flew around the small room. Both were trying to damage rival boobs enough. The women continued to moan louder and louder, until they could no longer bear the pain. With a strong impact, Angela and Wen were pushed away.

Their ravenous eyes immediately turned to the opposing couples, hoping to see massive damage on the opponent’s breast. Their flesh was red and their nipples still protruding like swords, but there were no other noteworthy details.

With a common scream, the women grabbed each other’s hips and lunged at. Their boobs shattered together with a meaty slap. The women groaned as Wen grabbed the Australian’s arms, who returned the hold. Their boobs were pressed again, trapped inside their arms, the women’s nipples were gone, immersed in the other woman’s breasts and stabbing the rival flesh with every movement. Grunting and moaning, the Australian and the Asian began to rhythmically push their boobs forward. Their trapped breasts swelled with each increase in pressure, unable to escape from their prison. The women grinded their beauties, pushing themselves a few times before repeating the process, and with every second that passed, the force of the thrusts grew more and more. Their boobs crumbled and slapped against each other., Sliding over each other and stabbing each other as the two women grunted and groaned. The two women rested their heads against that of their rival, front to front, staring at each other hatefully as their breasts battled and the warm breath mingled with their moans.

Minutes passed before a significant change. With a violent push, Wen’s body swayed for a second, enough for Angela to push once more, forcing the Asian to take a step back. This repeats itself again and Wen reached the wall behind her with a thud. As the hanging tools fell to the ground, the clacking hid Wen’s groan ass he realized he was in trouble. Angela leaned against the Asian, focusing her weight on the woman’s breasts. Wen had no leverage to push back, her breasts trying to support the weight of her Australian breasts. Angela smiled, grinding her breasts against Wen’s, stabbing Asian flesh with her nipples.

“You are mine, Asian bitch,” Angela hissed with a smile. She pushed again, making the Asian moan” Are you ready to give up?”

“You didn’t win…” Wen replied with difficulty” You can’t win”

In response, Angela began to rotate her boobs against Wen’s, making her moan again. The Asian felt her breasts throbbing with pain, whining for another push. Their boobs slid against each other as they fought, and it soon became apparent that one of them still couldn’t take the pressure on their breasts. Their boobs kept sliding and squeezing together, while the women continued to grunt and moan, still unable to prove which of them had the strongest boobs.

Wen’s moans increased in frequency, followed by Angela’s as the women continued to struggle with their breasts. Suddenly, Wen wrapped her arms around the Australian’s back, pulling her to her to increase the pressure between their breasts. If she couldn’t push, then he would pull. Angela responded slowly this time, hugging the Asian’s bare back, trapping each other in a war of attrition, the last for them. They kept shattering and squeezing their boobs together, adding to the brutality of the thing. Groaning, the two women walked the last road that would have led to the defeat of one of the two.

Clutching the Australian with all her strength, Wen brought her entire body closer to Angela’s, hoping to hurt the other woman even more. Angela repaid her with a surprised yelp, and then tightened her grip, cursing her opponent.

The next move marked the end of it all. Angela took a small step back and Wen immediately tried to take the lead. When she realized he was wrong, it was too late. As Wen started to advance, Angela quickly moved forward and slammed the Asian against the wall. Wen lost her grip and found herself at the woman’s mercy. Angela pushed with all her might against the Asian breast which was now retreating against the power of the Australian tits. Wen tearfully stared at her boobs giving way against the rival couple. There was nothing she could do to reverse the situation. She had lost.

“Enough … I surrender,” Wen whispered, defeated.

Angela stopped short, looking at the woman in front of her. When she realized she had won, she smiled. She immediately let the woman go, moving away to breathe, the air she breathed was damn hot. Wen fell to her knees, unable to do anything. Her world had been destroyed at the exact moment her breasts were destroyed. Angela proudly looked at the Asian’s face, waiting for Wen to notice her.

“Normally I should call Libby, she’s the one with the shooting toys… but for you I prefer the old way!” Angela announced.

She grabbed the Asian’s head and pulled it to her. Wen’s eyes widened when they saw Angela’s huge breasts approaching. Angela grunted as Wen tried to escape from her, but after a few seconds the Asian stopped all movement.

The door opened, and Libby appeared in the doorway.

“Finished?” the girl asked.

“Oh yeah, baby!” Angela answered, dropping Wen to the ground” Oops… my fault!”

“Let’s move. The queen waits.” Libby smiled.

The two women disappeared from the garden with the same silence with which they had entered.

“My queen, phase 1 has been completed successfully” the metallic voice coming from Eleonora’s smartwatch ensured the correct execution of the mission” The targets have been fixed”

“Wait, girls,” the woman replied, smiling.

Elena looked at her sister with a mixture of envy and surprise. That woman had succeeded where they had failed, and without moving from that room to boot.

“Is it really the same Eleonora I struggled with years ago?” Elena thought as her sister approached.

“Well, the first targets have been eliminated. Madame Shi’s defense is slowly disintegrating.

“How did you do it?”

“I brought good girls with me. They would surprise you if you saw them in action”

Eleonora went back to the window, looking at the unsuspecting people who continued to defend the borders, despite the fact that there was a fight right under their noses.

“How will you proceed?” Elena’s impatience was palpable.

“Patience, sister. We have just finished phase 1. Phase 2 is about to start soon”

“And what does phase 2 consist of, please?”

“Disable the Asian spy. Obviously you didn’t know anything about it” Eleonora teased

“There are no spies here!” Elena said, rising abruptly, angrily.

There were no spies, she would have noticed … right?

“Madame Shi is very influential. She had placed her spy even before starting her expansion. For our plan, it is essential that she be eliminated from the games”

Elena looked down. She had been stupid not to think that. But the thing that bothered her most was that Madame Shi was always one step ahead of her. Elena looked at her sister with a determined look.

“Make yourself comfortable, sister. We are only at the beginning” Eleonora smiled.

The End

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