Checkmate: Part 5 – Endgame

Madame Shi sat comfortably in her armchair in the completely darkened room, savoring the view. On the huge screen in front of her, six small windows gave a view of long battles of attrition between women. Elegantly, she picked up the glass containing some Salvatore’s Legacy and took a small sip, closing her eyes as the cocktail intoxicated her senses. With her free hand, she picked up a Ruby Roman grape, first licking its small red entirety and then gently placing it in her mouth. Madame Shi had excellent food, a superlative cocktail and a unique spectacle, what more could she ask for?

Indeed, there was one thing he longed for. The dream of the previous night was vivid in his mind. Her completely naked skin shone pale but majestic in the moonlight, her hips were on fire, her proud breasts stood out mercilessly against the infinity before her. Lowering her gaze, what she saw could not but elicit a smug smile. Beneath her foot, the European queen whore lay helpless and defeated, her flat breasts sliding to the sides of her battered body, unconscious after the constant chest pain she had inflicted upon herself after losing everything to the Asian’s superior body.

Madame Shi set her glass down on the small table at her side, before feeling her firm, powerful breasts, smiling into the shadows. She, a powerful woman at the head of Asia’s largest organization, extinguishing Europe’s last glimmer of hope by completely destroying its reigning queen personally. An honor for the slut with the crown, no doubt about that. Her eyes returned to the screen, where her girls were bringing home her dominance over the bitches the queen had unleashed on her. Madame Shi pressed the button on the chair, turning on her microphone.

“Still haven’t learned your lesson, Queen?” she said disdainfully, “You don’t stand a chance against us.”

Lifting her finger, the microphone went off. Only a few seconds passed before a clanking sound alerted her to an immediate response.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, you Asian whore” Queen Elena’s voice was angry and full of hatred “You are nothing but trash when compared to us.”


Elena went back to staring at the screen after answering the Asian, biting her lip. On the screens, her girls had been fighting their Asian rivals for hours, and it seemed like they were losing ground all at once. The situation looked really bad, it seemed like they were facing something bigger than themselves.

“Can we really not win?” thought the queen, wondering for the first time.

She shook her head violently. No, she had to have faith. They could win, indeed they had to win. Her reign could not be ended by women inferior to them. Elena glanced at the crumpled paper on the ground, not far from her.

<A few hours earlier>

“A plan?” asked Elena, surprised.

Eleonora turned around frowning. It was already twenty minutes since her sister had asked her for information without trusting her.

“Yes, a plan. From the moment it starts, we’ll have to move as fast as possible if we want to make sure everything goes as it should.”

Eleanor turned around again, continuing to write instructions on her mobile for all the available girls. Thanks to the queen, her network of fighters increased by leaps and bounds, gaining access to those who served the crown as well.

Elena watched as her sister’s quick, nimble fingers continued to write a to-do list, and she worried if the blonde was doing it against her as well. She closed her eyes, trying not to think about it. Right now, she saw enemies around every corner, doubting even the women who had always been there for her.

“When do we start?” asked Elena impatiently.

Eleonora pretended not to hear her, continuing to tap on her mobile phone. The sound of the letters being pressed was the only sound that could be heard in the room. After a few minutes, Elena’s patience reached its limit. She jumped out of bed, approaching her sister threateningly.

“Do you want to tell me what the fuck…” yelled Elena, but she was interrupted by her sister’s sudden movement.

Without warning, Eleanor jumped up, turning around in the process, and ending up titty to titty with her sister. The queen was almost thrown back, forced to take a step away. She stared at her sister who was now no longer using her mobile phone, but her green eyes were impassive.

“Now we’ve started, sister” Eleanor smiled as if nothing had happened “Now, all that’s missing is the last touch up.”

The blonde took a sheet of paper from her cleavage and handed it to the queen. Elena looked at it in awe, not understanding when she had had time to write on the paper without her noticing. On it, there were instructions for her as well.

“For the time being, forget about the last two points. They will depend on what happens in the next few hours,” Eleonora announced, resting a hand on her sister’s shoulder.

Without another word, the blonde walked out of the door, leaving the queen alone to contemplate that piece of paper again. After what seemed an interminable time, Elena looked up only to realize she was alone.

Disorientated, she left the room following the instructions given to her, but not before feeling her breasts. She could still feel the dominant force of Eleonora’s tits pressing against hers.


“‘Bloody sister,’ he thought angrily as he went back to looking at the screen.

She hated not knowing what was going on, and waiting didn’t make it any better. Eleanor’s instructions were clear, but not perfect. She was to go to a building outside the city, built without her permission and consent. This was strange enough as it was but adding the TV show in front of her eyes was too much. Her girls and the Australian girls were battling it out with the Asian girls, each in an isolated room. On each screen, Elena could see both her fighters along with their rivals, facing off one-on-one, who knows where.

When the radio built into her chair spoke with the voice of Madame Whore Shi, she knew that the leader of the Asian Empire was also in the same building. He could try to find her, but he was in unfamiliar territory, and he didn’t know where the woman was. No, he had to follow the plan.

“Sit and wait for the end of everything,” the queen said to herself, using the same words she read on the paper.

She had no choice but to stay there, while her women fought for the kingdom.


Libby Powell whistled in surprise as she entered the building with the other girl. She and Jem were gathered in the same room when their lady’s order came over their mobile phones. With a quick glance at the screen, they left together without a word. All three knew they were heading for the end of this war, fighting for their lady and sister queen. They tried to be inconspicuous as they walked through the city, even though women with their bodies hardly went unnoticed.

“This is where we will fight the final battle,” Libby said as she stopped in the lobby.

The building was completely empty, with numerous doors and two flights of stairs on either side of the floor leading upwards. As they approached each door, a few soft noises could only be heard if you put your ear to them. Eleonora was quite clear, the ground floor was not for them, just as the first floor was not for them. Behind those walls, other women were fighting for the two sides in the war, but they were mere numbers, unable to change the course of the war.

“Jade’s behind one of these doors, isn’t she?” asked Jem, in a displeased tone.

Their fighting friend was sent off before them, with further instructions. She was the youngest among them, and the most inexperienced, but her willpower was equal to theirs. When they realized that she would not be fighting at their side, but fighting a different war, they briefly frowned.

“Yes… But if the Lady sent her to fight before us, it’s because Jade surely can win,” Libby reassured, looking sympathetically at her friend.

“She’d better come back a winner or she’ll be dealing with me,” Jem said swaggering.

Libby smiled briefly at her, seeing the concern for her friend behind those words. Then, she retraced her steps. Jem and Libby had to go up the left stairs, leading them to ‘their’ door.

They exchanged one last glance, full of concern and many recommendations, before climbing the stairs, taking their own way.

The floors following the second one all had things in common. On the surface, there were only three doors along the entire length of the floor, plus a flight of stairs continuing upwards.

Jem and Libby arrived fairly quickly on the second floor. The room was empty except for a girl they had never seen before. The two girls looked in awe at the redhead, who was so overconfident in her own body and abilities that they didn’t even glance at her. Jem remained in place, the first door being hers, while Libby approached the second door. Both girls continued to stare at the girl, unable to remember who she was. Was she one of them? No, they would definitely have recognized her. That girl had to be in the service of the Crown, but it was strange not to remember who she was. A voluptuous redhead so powerful, benched during the clashes with the Asian empire? Why? The curiosity of the two Australians was enormous, but they couldn’t waste much time. Jem and Libby exchanged one last glance, before entering their respective doors, together with the mysterious girl.

A few minutes passed from that moment, and only then did Eleonora make her appearance. She had abandoned her marvelous dress to wear a long coat open at the front, which gave a free view of her breasts trapped in black lingerie. With only the sound of her heels on the floor, she headed for the central door. She too was part of the plan, she too was to contribute to victory, she too wanted to fight. Smiling mischievously, she crossed the threshold to the right-hand floor.


Aperture of white pawn

It was the first time that Katia found herself on the battlefield. She had continued to work behind the scenes, as a gatherer of information or as a sophist for the masses. When her queen had summoned her through her older sister, she could hardly believe it. For too long she had been waiting to prove herself, and finally her chance had come. The instructions were clear and concise. Go, fight and win. Katia was thrilled as she walked down the dark corridor to the door. Entering the next room, she saw her opponent on the other side. A young, well-placed girl, modest and not too large breasts that could rival her own. It looked like a fair fight, but Katia knew she could win. With a quick glance, both Katia and the Asian realized they had entered a bare room, except for that small rug in the middle of the room. It was clear where they were going to fight, although using only that small portion of space seemed a waste.

With mutual agreement, the two girls began to approach the center of the room. As Katia removed the top of her clothes, she noticed that an ID tag with the words “Candy” was attached to her rival’s chest. She smiled, mocking her rival’s absurd name. They arrived on the carpet already topless, both of them could see how firm and full the other girl’s breasts were. Swallowing with difficulty, they both guessed that their opponent was a novice in this type of combat, and that first impressions might facilitate their victory. Before long, it turned into a contest of improvisation and deception.

“Are you the bitch I have to destroy?” asked Candy arrogantly, taking a step forward and finally stepping on the mat.

Katia forced herself to smile and not look at the incredible tits in front of her.

“They told me I would face a woman, but all I see is a little girl,” Katia replied with the same arrogance.

Inside them, their hearts were beating wildly. They were putting their pride on the line for the first time in their lives as they tried to pose as someone they were not.

There were moments of silence as the two girls continued to exchange arrogant and mischievous glances at each other, all false as they hid their sudden fear. But someone had to move, or their game would be revealed.

“Ready, bitch?” said Katia, turning cold suddenly. Smiling, Candy took a step forward, and the European did the same, shaking her head to move her red hair to the side.

With their tits just inches away, Candy pushed herself forward. Katia didn’t flinch, watching as their nipples met for the first time. The two girls grunted loudly, that first sensation was completely new to them, before breaking the contact between their breasts. Without warning, Katia pushed forward, colliding with her rival with a meaty slap. As Candy grunted in surprise, Katia stepped back for another blow. The Asian’s response was quick, she slammed her tits into the opposing pair before they moved.

It was Katia’s turn to grunt, pulling back to avoid a second blow. Both began to move cautiously, not knowing their rival’s intentions, nor her experience in this type of fighting.

Almost as if by mutual agreement, the two girls thrust forward suddenly, their tits colliding in the middle as the two fighters began to push them together. The two pairs of breasts flattened at the point of collision, returning to their original shape as the two girls began to grind their tits together. The soft sound of flesh rubbing increased in intensity as the skin began to sweat and the breathing of both increased rapidly.

Katia was the first to change tactics, pushing her unsuspecting rival away before swinging her breasts to the side. Candy gasped when the European girl’s firm pair collided with her tits, her flesh rippling from the blow as Katia swung again. Candy tried to dodge, but the redhead was faster and struck again.

The Asian thrust forward, sending her breasts against her rival’s right tit, making Katia grunt at the impact as a victorious smile was drawn on Candy’s lips. Before the redhead could recover, Candy landed another blow.

Katia fired back, however missing the target and giving Candy the chance to push her tits forward again, before grabbing the European’s waist and starting to move her shoulders to quickly hit her opponent’s breasts. The redhead winced as the Asian tits repeatedly hit her own like fists. Katia had to step back, leaving the mat, to stop the attack. But Candy followed her, keeping up the offensive, their breasts now reddening from the contact. Finally, Katia grabbed the Asian’s shoulders and launched herself forward.

Candy couldn’t do anything to defend herself, Katia’s tits crushed the Asian couple with their weight, continuing to thrust as the Asian pushed back. Candy staggered backwards as she was hit by the rival blow, her eyes widening in pain as Katia continued her onslaught. The Asian moaned as a third blow was dealt by the firm European tits, then narrowed her eyes as Katia struck from the side.

“Does it hurt, slut?” hissed Katia lifting her breasts and slamming from the sides quickly. Candy couldn’t moan for a blow the other one hit her from the other side. The redhead smiled before using more force in her next blow. Candy staggered, looking for a foothold to keep her balance. Without giving up, Katia struck again, making her rival moan.

When Katia came forward for another thrust, Candy dodged and stabbed the European girl’s tender flesh with her own nipples. The redhead’s smiling face turned into a mask of pain from the ferocity of the attack, her flesh rippling painfully.

Katia slid back surprised, losing her grip on Candy’s shoulders. The moment the redhead regained her balance, Candy struck again, this time stabbing the underside of her European tits. Katia’s breasts flattened from below, bouncing violently as Candy prepared to attack again. Katia tried to dodge, but she wasn’t in time to avoid Candy’s nipples stabbing her left tit.

To remedy the problem, Katia bent her body down, trying to avoid any more surprise attacks from her direction. Candy took advantage of the move, pushing both breasts forward hard. A loud meaty slap reverberated in the room, the pain Katia felt was transmitted to her rival by the moan of pain that came out of her gaping mouth.

“My turn!” growled Candy, grabbing Katia’s waist and dragging her towards herself.

The redhead grunted forcefully as their tits met in the middle, flattening on impact. The redhead quickly grabbed the Asian’s shoulders. Candy began to twist her torso, giving movement to the struggling tits, grinding Katia’s tits that had to respond in rhythm.

Katia moaned as she felt her flesh warp against her rival’s pale pair, their tits continuing to slap and slide over each other. The redhead suffered helplessly as the Asian moved her breasts in one direction, only to change it soon after.

When Candy moved away, both pairs of breasts were sweaty and heavily reddened. The Asian quickly pushed forward, and another meaty slap filled the room. Katia yelped when her tits were hit again. Candy soon aligned her breasts with her rivals, pushing hard forward and being rewarded with a pained hiss. The Asian allowed herself a small smile, stepping back for another blow, but this time Katia didn’t allow her to attack. Candy’s smile disappeared when she felt the redhead’s arms wrap around her back. Katia placed her tits on top of the Asian ones, trapping her rival’s body inside the embrace.

Candy began to breathe heavily, with a few moans as time passed. The weight of her opponent’s breasts pushed her tits down, with Katia increasing the pressure rhythmically as she drove her tits against the Asian pair. When she managed to steady her breathing, Katia began to grind maliciously on Candy’s tits, getting back into the thick of the fight.

“I’m going to flatten you completely, bitch,” Katia smiled as she looked at the expression of discomfort on the Asian face, “if it’s the last thing I do.”

The redhead bent down again, pushing her tits over Candy’s breasts again. The Asian grunted, moaning as her tits were distorted under the weight of her rival’s breasts. Candy grabbed Katia’s waist, trying to push her away, but the redhead responded by simply increasing the pressure on the girl’s breasts. Candy threw her head back, looking up as she groaned in defeat.

Katia smiled as she felt the girl’s resistance diminish. It was her first battle, and it was a victory. Her queen would give her a substantial prize and she would be called for more battles. She could finally prove who she really was. But while the redhead was thinking that, Candy pulled her closer to her, clinging to the European girl’s waist.

Katia didn’t have time to react when the Asian pulled the redhead’s waist down, making her lose her balance, and violently pushed her tits upwards. With a groan, Katia lost her grip on her rival. With a dull thud, Katia’s body fell to the ground. It wasn’t long before Candy landed directly on the European girl’s body. After a long moan from the redhead, there was a brief but intense struggle between the two girls’ hands, ending with Candy pinning the redhead’s wrists to the ground. The Asian looked in awe at the pair of European breasts that were sagging slightly, but still maintaining their density. Candy smiled wickedly as she lowered her firm pair against the redhead’s tits.

“I’ll be the one to flatten you completely, bitch,” Candy hissed, dropping her tits on Katia’s helpless pair. The redhead grunted, unwilling to give her rival the satisfaction of moaning. This caused an increase in the force of the Asian girl’s subsequent blows, which continued unceasingly to fall against the redhead. After a painful blow to her right breast, Katia screamed in pain.

Another fall, and Katia’s flesh deformed enormously during the impact, recovering its original shape after a few seconds. The redhead could feel Candy’s legs tighten as she tried to reverse the situation without succeeding.

Katia started to respond to the blows but responding to those falls was almost impossible for her. Candy’s tits were falling in rhythm but more than trying to swell her own breasts, the redhead couldn’t do anything else. Candy smiled mischievously, licking her lips while the girl below her grunted uncomfortably. When it seemed that Katia wanted to scream her pain and anger, she moved her hips violently. Candy couldn’t resist, losing part of her grip as the redhead tried to roll the Asian under her.

“Asian bitch,” hissed Katia, as they both breathed heavily with their mouths open.

The redhead tried again to roll the Asian under her, but Candy pushed her down grabbing her by the shoulders.

“Give it up, bitch,” Candy’s voice was as cold as her gaze, “You know you can’t win against me.”

As soon as she heard those words, a fierce growl was drawn on Katia’s face as she tried to slide away. This time, Candy pushed forward hard with her arms, sending the redhead’s body against the floor violently. The blow was painful for Katia if she seemed to lose the will to escape, stopping moving. The Asian lowered her breasts against the redhead’s tits, who grunted in discomfort as she felt the rival breasts invading her space. When Candy repeated the movement, this time with more force, Katia couldn’t hold back a slight moan as she tried to escape from her tormentor. Katia felt the Asian breasts sliding heavily over her tits, which were showing the weight of the struggle for the first time.

“Do you feel it?” asked Candy between sighs “How long do you think your tits can support the weight of mine, bitch?” the Asian’s voice was venomous now that she knew she was winning.

Pulling herself upwards, Candy let herself fall again, being rewarded by her rival’s moan of pain.

“Fuck you, bitch,” Katia whispered, her voice weak and tired.

Candy smiled, starting to slam her tits into the European pair. Katia grunted and moaned with each blow, responding to the attacks less and less as her tits were beaten mercilessly. After a few minutes, Candy slowed down her attack, feeling that something had changed in her rival. Slowly, the Asian lowered her breasts onto Katia’s pair, this time feeling no resistance. The redhead’s flesh moulded itself around the dominant tits, flattening more and more.

Candy continued to push down, while Katia moaned loudly when she felt her breasts being flattened against her chest. She couldn’t believe it, she had lost.

The Asian remained fixed, with her breasts pressed against the losing pair, savouring that feeling of victory and the long moan from her defeated rival.

“Noooooo!” screamed Katia, in pain “Stop it, fuck! Stop it! I surrender! I GIVE UP!”

The redhead’s screams came seconds after the realisation of the total defeat of her breasts. Her flesh burned and she felt a pang in her heart. Her pride had been crushed, flattened by that girl.

Candy slowly stood up, and Katia sighed with relief as she no longer felt the weight of her opponent’s tits. The European redhead had no chance of winning, and they both knew it. When Katia saw the evil smile on the Asian’s face, she opened her eyes wide with fear.

“No, no, nooooo!” shouted Katia, as Candy let herself fall again.

The Asian had won, but her desire to dominate was not yet satiated. She wanted to inflict more pain on that woman, for her own pleasure. Candy stood up and let herself fall again and again, losing count of the moans and groans coming from the redhead beneath her. In her head, there was only the sight of that crying girl screaming in pain thanks to her.

Candy couldn’t tell how many minutes passed before Katia passed out from the pain. She kept letting herself fall, but the redhead barely moved. Back to her senses, Candy got up from the ground, shifting her attention to the door with the green light that had been closed since the beginning of the fight.

Before leaving, she took a few seconds to contemplate Katia’s sweaty and flushed body, saving that image as her first work of art. Winning was damned satisfying.


Black call

Libby found herself walking down a dark corridor, devoid of any illumination, cursing whoever had created such nonsense, until her hand touched the smooth surface of another door. The girl seemed to calm down as she turned the handle in total emptiness. The light enveloped her completely as she entered, so bright that she had to squint.

Behind the small hallway was a medium-sized room, in the middle of which was a round carpet. On the right side of the room was an airtight door with a red light affixed to the handle that most likely led to a new area of the building, but one that was currently off limits to the Australian. A few seconds later, the door across the room opened and an Asian fighter made her entrance.

The woman was dressed only in a red bikini, probably one or two sizes too small, which struggled to hold her disruptive body in place. As she did, the Asian woman had to shield her eyes at least for the first few seconds. Libby couldn’t recognise the woman in front of her; it was the first time she had ever seen her. In the files she had read before she started helping the Crown, it was stated that some Asian agents were still unknown. Evidently, the woman in front of Libby was one of them.

“So you’re the bitch I have to deal with, huh?” smiled Libby mockingly as she undressed “it’s a shame we sent you to the slaughterhouse.”

Kana stared at her rival who was taking up a position in the centre. She looked with contempt at the dark body of the girl who dared to outrage her with her unclean body. She, who had remained inactive until now, letting other women of doubtful worth fight useless battles, giving her opponents a chance to recover from the attacks.

But still, it was fun. She had waited too long for the opportunity to return to the battlefield, to go wild. When Madame Shi summoned her, an electric shock went through her entire body. If the only woman capable of defeating her needed her intervention, then her opponent had to be worthy of fighting her.

Seeing Libby for the first time, now in the middle of the room, on the carpet, she felt betrayed by her own mistress. Did Madame Shi consider her to be of such low status? As Libby grew impatient, however, the Asian thought that every cloud has a silver lining. Eventually, that girl would offer her a good warm-up.

“What’s your name, slut?” asked Kana, forcing herself to use language she thought was inferior.

Libby smiled back, presenting herself as an Australian fighter, ready to kick her ass. With those words, she unfastened the top of her top, freeing her breasts enhanced by the human hand. To Kana, the girl in front of her was brave, but stupid.

“Well, Libby,” Kana continued, removing her top, her boobs bouncing out, “I am Kana. It’s only fair that you know the name of the one who will humiliate you.”

Libby smiled briefly, before leaping forward, pushing her boobs against the rival pair. Kana was surprised by the move, grunting when the Australian’s breasts made contact with her own. The Asian pushed back, her tits swelling slightly along with Libby’s pair as she struck again, achieving a less impressive result than the previous assault. When Libby went back for a new thrust, Kana was ready for it, their flesh moulded around the opposing pair, before returning to its original form.

Immediately, Libby tried to stab at her rival’s tender flesh with her own nipples, beginning a biting dance to prevent the Asian from responding to the attack as well. But Kana’s eyes only widened in surprise when Libby pushed forward with all her might, pushing the woman back a step. Kana’s tits were pushed back but recovered their shape and position quickly enough.

Libby’s firm tits began pounding the Asian pair, and each time Kana tried to regain ground, the girl changed the pace of her attacks, continuing to use the Asian pair as punching bags.

With each contact, Kana winced in discomfort as her tits grew redder and redder. With each blow, the Asian flesh split against the invading breast, only to return to its original shape. Same thing when Libby struck swinging her breasts directly against Kana’s tits.

“Humiliate me, huh? What are you going to do, bitch? What do you think you can do?” hissed Libby as she continued to attack.

Striking from various directions, she made it difficult for her opponent to predict her. With a quick blow, Libby pushed Kana’s tits upwards. The Asian’s eyes squinted as the girl smiled mischievously.

As her tits were punished, Kana looked hatefully at the girl who dared to mess with her. Libby continued to use her breasts as boxing gloves while Kana continued to suffer helplessly.

Several minutes of one-sided beating passed before Kana finally managed to counter. As Libby continued to strike, the Asian managed to time the blows, and waiting for the girl to step back to charge the blow, she pushed forward.

For a split second, Libby’s tits seemed to vanish beneath her rival’s breasts, her eyes wide with shock and sudden pain. Another thrust from Kana and the girl staggered back, wincing from the force of the blow. Growling, Libby met Kana’s next thrust, but the Asian was ready for it and wrapped her arms around her back to pull her to herself. Kana’s breasts rested on Libby’s pair as she tightened her grip. Libby moaned as she felt the pressure exerted on her breasts, trying in vain to push the woman away.

“What is it, slut?” asked Kana in an icy voice “Am I hurting you? What if I do this? Hurt again?”

Libby’s breasts were taking a lot of damage, the girl groaning as she felt the weight of the Asian breasts, trying to escape from the rival lock with more vehemence. Kana kept an iron grip, increasing the pressure on the Australian’s body, forcing Libby’s tits a herculean test of supporting Kana’s heavy breasts. Every time Libby tried to escape. the Asian would maliciously grind her breasts against the Australian pair.

Libby’s face contorted into a painful grimace as Kana applied even more pressure, her flesh resonating with a meaty slap with each blow. The Australian girl couldn’t understand how the woman was so strong. She was prepared for a fight where she would dominate, deciding when to finish her off herself. But Kana had turned out to be a different woman from her expectations.

As Kana continued to destroy the rival tits with her own pair, Libby somehow managed to move one leg behind the woman. Libby needed to get out of that situation, and so she did. Pushing forward suddenly, she managed to throw her rival off balance. Surprised, Kana released the Australian from her grasp. They both fell to the floor, Libby on top of the Asian woman who groaned when she felt the girl’s weight on her body.

Libby quickly pinned the woman’s wrists to the ground before Kana could even move. Smiling, the Australian fighter lowered her breasts over the Asian pair, Kana’s tits being squeezed to the sides by Libby’s tits.

“My turn,” Libby said without losing her mischievous smile, “Now my tits are going to rip your deflated balls apart, bitch!”

The Asian threw a glance towards her breasts, only to see what she already felt: Libby’s tits were starting to flatten hers with their weight. The girl began to grind her breasts, moving in various directions as Kana grunted in distress. Libby lifted herself up on her arms, and grinning wickedly let herself fall. Her tits slammed into Kana’s breasts, who groaned as she stopped herself from struggling to free herself. Without waiting for her rival to recover, Libby stood up again and let herself fall again, Asian flesh being deformed during the impact.

There, that was what was supposed to happen. Libby was thrilled to have finally taken control of the fight, forcing her rival at her mercy. That was where she belonged, she had to be on top. Every woman, every opponent, every Asian had to be below.

“Yield, bitch,” Libby ordered ecstatically.

One more stroke, Kana moaned as her tits began to sag. Libby could feel fear coursing through the woman’s body as she tried to escape. After a few minutes, the Aussie girl decided it was time to call it a day, she needed to move on and tell her lady of her victory. She stood up on her arms once more, watching Kana’s frightened eyes as she saw her get up. Smiling, he decided that still wasn’t enough, and stood up more, using his legs as well to increase his height.

It was her pride that allowed her rival an escape route. Kana felt for the first time that she was defeated, and still did not want to believe that the architect of her defeat was a girl of a different ethnicity. A snub to her honour beyond all limits would stain her for eternity. As soon as she felt the blockage gripping her body break, she acted on instinct as the girl continued her ascent. With a swift movement, Kana pushed her body forward, aiming for one of the girl’s shoulders. The blow caused the girl at the top to lose the support of her struck shoulder, losing her balance. With a yelp, Libby fell to the ground, but got up on her knees as fast as she could. Kana was there, ready to grab her with her arms. Their tits collided with a resounding, sweaty meaty slap, grunting as the fight resumed.

The girl’s gaze quickly dropped to her breasts, noticing that her flesh was now shaping more than before as Kana squeezed as she pushed forward. The Asian tits slid over the rival pair, and using their weight Kana tried to push the girl onto her back. Libby struggled vehemently, but the woman’s heavy breasts contributed to her fall. Kana’s tits slid back and forth, crushing painfully against the rival pair as the woman continued to push relentlessly.

Libby’s eyes widened as her body collapsed to the floor, her legs trapped beneath her. Looking up, the girl could only see the fiery gaze of the Asian woman as she increased the force of her grip, grinding her tits against the Australian’s breasts. Grunts and moans came from the trapped girl as her flesh was being deformed by her rival. She could feel the Asian’s gaze on her, taking pleasure every time she moaned, repeating the movement over and over.

She couldn’t believe it, she was the best. She had never lost, she could not lose. She was meant to dominate, not be dominated. Libby was a predator, but she realised she had found a woman far more predatory than she was. Kana smiled ecstatically as she mimicked the rival move that had done most of the damage to her. She raised herself up on her arms and let herself fall with her full weight. The resulting slap filled the entire room. The sound that followed next was a long, throaty groan from the girl, now defeated by her rival.

“You’re nothing now,” Kana whispered softly, moving her tits in a rolling motion. Libby’s breasts warped with each step, no longer able to offer any resistance “You wanted to fight, but you couldn’t win… it’s your fault, you understand?”

Kana’s words entered the girl’s ears coldly, and she could no longer hold back her tears. She had failed, she had lost, but most importantly, she had let her lady down. Kana moved forward, and rested her sweaty nipple on the girl’s trembling lips.

“I told you I would humiliate you” the woman looked intently into Libby’s eyes “Suck it” she ordered.

The girl’s mouth opened after a few seconds. She had to force herself to do it, but even if she didn’t want to, she had lost. She had no right to refuse. She opened her mouth, taking in Kana’s nipple, starting to lick and suck on it.

“Uuuuuh… I always love this part,” Kana smiled, pushing her breasts from the base with her hands.

Slowly, Libby noticed that the more she sucked, the more Kana pushed her breasts forward. It wasn’t long before the woman’s sweaty flesh covered all of Libby’s airways, and she began to struggle weakly. Kana continued to smile as she watched the girl move more and more slowly. When only a helpless body remained of Libby, Kana finally stood up in all her magnificence, looking at the girl’s body with disgust.

“Did you really think you were going to win? You stupid bitch,” she said, turning away from the centre.

As the woman put her clothes back on, a green light flashed from the only door that had been closed throughout the fight, beckoning Kana to enter.

A few seconds later, Libby was alone.


A future in the past

The room the Australian found herself in was a punch in the gut. Before Jem’s eyes, a simple male bedroom, a few western movie posters hanging on the wall. To the left of the door, a small cabinet with most guys’ survival kit on it: TV, console and an assortment of triple-A titles. Jem slowly walked the boundaries of the room, vividly remembering the moments he spent inside those walls. A few years ago, Jem was dating a college boy. He was cute, nice, and could touch all of Jem’s right spots. The Australian worried about all the girls that hung around that boy, but he only seemed to have eyes for Jem. When, a few years later, he decided to leave her for no reason, Jem’s heart broke in half.

Jem kept going through her memories, discovering that deep down she couldn’t bring herself to hate the boy, even though he had abandoned her for no reason. Her eager gaze wandered to the part of the room where she’d had the most experiences, but when the bed where she’d had the best orgasms of her life came into her field of vision, Jem’s heart felt the same break as it had years ago. On the bed, two bodies moved rhythmically, the slight sound of bodies rubbing was almost inaudible, covered by the excited sighs of both. Jem recognised the muscular form that stood above her years ago rejoicing at the female figure on top that the Australian failed to recognise. It was the warmth of a moment before the boy became aware of Jem’s presence.

“Oh, fuck! What are you doing here?!” he shouted, whitening as he stopped moving.

The female figure also stopped, albeit a second later, before turning towards Jem. Only then did the Australian recognise her. Not by the curvaceous body of a model, let alone the angelic face of a sweet, shy girl. Jem recognised the large breasts that could rival her own. During college, few could afford to walk tall next to Jem, and Kim was one of those few. The Australian had seen the girl for the first and last time when she first went out with the boy. Kim was little more than a shadow in a group of adoring girls, but Jem still managed to notice her. Maybe it was because she was the only one who remained silent while the others continued to squawk like chickens, or maybe it was because she was the only one with breasts big enough to be a threat. It took a few seconds to figure it all out. When the boy left her, the motivation was there but he didn’t have the courage to say so. Jem had lost the love of her life to that girl smiling at her, naked and sweaty, over her ex-boyfriend’s body.

Years later, Jem felt mixed feelings inside. Right away, seeing the one love of her life resurrected her long-lost love, buried under countless convictions and other less important love affairs. But on the other side, a deep hatred for what could have been but could not become, a book closed long ago by that girl who rode her love. Jem looked with immense anger at the body of the girl who, years ago, had won against her in an indirect confrontation. She had lost once, she would not lose again.

“Get down. Immediately. From. His. Fuck!” Jem’s voice was a ferocious growl.

Kim looked down at the boy beneath her, seeing a look of mixed fright and lust at seeing his ex. Slowly, Kim reached down and slipped her tongue into the boy’s mouth, who responded slowly, before lifting her curvy body off the bed. Naked and sweaty, Kim slowly approached Jem, pressing her sweaty melons against Jem’s white tank top. The Australian felt how firm and dense the Asian’s tits were, just as the other girl felt the weight and strength of Jem’s breasts as they pressed against her own. In that contact, for the two girls it was like bringing back long lost desires and feelings, memories of a life spent chasing a love that only one could nurture. For Jem it was hatred of the one who had torn her love from her, for Kim it was the excitement of getting what she wanted at the expense of another. On that day, they had met after years of absence from each other, ready to fight for different causes that no longer mattered. There was no longer Madame Shi, Elena or the War between Empires. There was only the two of them, rivals predestined by time, ready to fight a battle that had been waiting until now.

Without a word, Kim took a few steps away, prompting her rival to undress. Jem quickly removed all her clothing. She didn’t want to waste time with stripping or any kind of ceremony, her only thought was the girl in front of her. As Jem’s huge breasts bounced out of her white bra, the Australian could feel two different looks on her flesh. The boy looked with sudden desire at Jem’s breasts, the same breasts he had sucked and kneaded years ago during the nights. Kim’s look on the other hand was immediately a mixture of jealousy and hatred, she too now felt that the girl in front of her could rival her and her breasts. It was the first time for the Asian to feel that insecurity in her victory. But she had won once, she could win again. Without taking her eyes off the Australian girl, Kim headed for the bed. Rummaging through the covers, she pulled out a bottle of oil. Approaching with a mischievous look, Kim began to slide the oil between her bare tits, then tossed the bottle to Jem, who did the same. The Australian looked at the bottle and growled, sensing what the Asian was trying to say. She had used that same bottle to fuck the boy. Jem’s desire to kill the girl increased dramatically.

The two fighters began rubbing their tits with their hands to spread the liquid. Jem lifted her breasts upwards so that the oil also slipped into the underside of her flesh, before dropping them with an impressive sound. Both women moved their breasts back and forth, rolling their hands over the flesh so that the oil was spread evenly.

“You’ve interrupted my sex, bitch” Kim complained, looking at Jem arrogantly “You’ve already lost it once, you’ll lose it again when my breasts flatten yours like pancakes”

“My tits are going to crush yours, you Asian slut” Jem vowed “We’re going to find out who wants it more and who can offer it more”

“Oh, but he already knows that… It only remains for you to figure it out” threatened Kim, smiling.

Jem didn’t reply, moving closer to the girl. Kim did the same, until the two rivals embraced.

Carefully, they lined up their nipples and pressed them together. They clung to each other with their arms, causing their breasts to swell together. They were so large and dense that they struggled to flatten despite the pressure. There was plenty of flesh to grind and roll together, sway and slide as the seemingly equal tits spread and then fought against each other. The two girls breathed and squeezed again, harder and harder. Slowly and deliberately they pumped and squeezed their powerful tits together. They rolled them over each other, sometimes slipping because of the oil every time they tried to squeeze them together. They held them still with their arms as far as they could, and when they slid between them, the two girls patiently put them back together, squeezing them again. There was no hurry in this duel, they had to prove that they were better than the other in everything. They leaned on each other, pressing their foreheads together, savouring the moans and grunts of their opponents as their breasts pressed together.

The two fighters patiently exchanged thrusts and blows, measuring with their eyes their breasts, which swelled with each contact.  They arched their shoulders, then rolled their breasts between them, moving their shoulders as they pushed their breasts together, crushing them together with intensity. Within the swell, solid, swollen flesh rubbed together, with turgid nipples duelling incessantly.

After a few minutes, the two girls increased the intensity of their duel, moving faster and more violently, staring cheekily at each other as they pumped and pushed their tits forward. The fight between their breasts became more and more brutal, albeit slowly, their blows accompanied by resentment and the desire to excel over their rival. They pushed their breasts together even harder, using as a point of impact their nipples that still hadn’t separated from their duel as they pressed their breasts together.

Unhurriedly, they continued to carefully push their tits together, so as to keep their flesh evenly in contact. As they continued to squeeze in each other’s embrace, grunting and moaning in ever increasing pain, they realised that neither would give ground to the other.

One more push with their tits, and the two girls separated for the first time in the duel. Both pairs of tits were red and swollen, but neither Jem nor Kim seemed upset. The two beauties circled each other for a few seconds, glaring at each other, before attacking. Both girls jumped towards their rival, slamming their tits together. They separated again and then collided a second time, both moaning again as their tits slammed together. The Asian and the Australian clung to their rival’s arms with their hands as they collided for a series of collisions between their breasts. The frequency of the collisions increased at a steady pace as the duel between their tits continued.

Moans escaped Jem’s lips after each collision with the Asian tits, despite her best efforts to resist the pain. Kim wasn’t doing much better, grinding her teeth with every contact with the Australian tits. Despite the pain she felt, the look on her opponent’s face motivated Jem to fight even harder. She moved her hands up, wrapping them around the back of Kim’s neck, as if doing a slow dance with her, while continuing to push her own tits against the Asian’s. Using this new leverage, Jem began to push her own tits against the Asian’s. Using this new leverage, Jem began to hit one of her opponents breasts with her own, as if her tits were boxing gloves.

Kim pushed her tits together to intercept the rival attack. The blonde’s left tit collided with the Asian’s right tit in a spectacular collision. The Australian doubled the force with her left tit, making Kim moan in pain, then struck with her right tit, and again with her left. The Asian in turn struck Jem’s left breast with her right, causing her rival to moan uncontrollably, but in turn she suffered a new series of blows that led to an agonising pain being painted on her face. Jem was breathing labouredly during the attack, but it was worth it as each blow was more and more effective. She wasn’t swinging her chest in a frantic, mindless manner, but putting all her strength into those hard blows. Kim tried to counter that attack as best she could, but she was late, allowing her rival to be in a position of comfort and freedom, so that she could take the initiative.

“You know, it felt good,” Kim said smiling, “To have stolen his cock from you, I mean.”

Pushing back her shoulders, Jem thrust forward, driving her tits into her opponent’s breasts. The blow produced a loud meaty slap, followed a second later by a loud cry of pain from Kim as her tits were pushed hard. The Australian smiled as two more attacks identical to the previous one sent Kim backwards. Another impact against the Asian’s tits was accompanied by the most agonised cry from the Asian to date.

Jem hit her rival with another charge, and Kim pushed her tits against the Australian’s in response. Another frontal blow seemed to unsettle Kim, but only for a few seconds, so she swung her breasts to strike Jem’s sideways, who yelped in pain. Each collision provoked a groan or a cry from both girls, but they were undoubtedly a magnificent sight for the boy on the bed. Two wonderful girls fighting without taking their eyes off each other’s eyes.

Suddenly, the fighting stopped. The panting girls realised that more violence was needed in their fight. Their arms tightened around each other’s bodies even more, slowly beginning to slide and squeeze their breasts back and forth. They leaned into each other even more, increasing the pressure, crushing and distorting their breasts against each other. They continued to grind and rub their tits against the opposing pair, until they both felt their breasts being perfectly crushed. Their breasts were relentlessly pushed and crushed in a vortex of torture, back and forth, their skin rubbing against each other and their shape distorting with each press, returning to its original shape a second later.

Time meant nothing to these girls, only pain and the sensation of breasts fighting for supremacy. Jem lost track of time as she focused on the fact that her breasts were in no way getting past Kim’s tits, pressing together with each thrust. In her mind, she couldn’t detect any weakness in her rival breasts, those tits held firmly against her pair. Victory was now not so certain. Kim found herself wondering the same thing. There was so much at stake, and the Australian seemed to have strong, solid tits. Perhaps she had found her match, worrying about the possibility of losing the fight.

Still, no fighter seemed to waver. Each hoped their rival would betray themselves, showing a sign of giving in, proving that there was a weakness hidden in those huge tits.

Their arms tired before their breasts could declare a winner, so they let go simultaneously. They stared at each other intently for a few seconds, before moving closer and pushing their breasts together again, this time with more force. The impact pushed them both backwards, but they moved closer again and began to pound each other’s breasts with their own tits. Their equal bodies shattered, danced and collided together, slamming their breasts with strong impacts. They tried to thrust slightly from the sides, but continually tried to stab each other with their nipples. Moans of pain echoed from the distortion and pressure of their flesh, the huge tits that had previously been dense and swollen were beginning to lose their shape. But their breasts were still so firm and resilient that the girls forced themselves to strike faster, abandoning the idea of the calmness of the beginning of the fight. Even so, none seemed to collapse as the pain increased further.

Each girl endeavoured to push her rival back, and this resulted in repeated rounds of brutal impacts, which became increasingly savage in the fight. At times, Jem seemed to be destroying Kim, at other times it was the Asian who was upsetting the Australian in this reckless tit-for-tat fight. Neither ever pronounced her surrender, although after a few impacts, both would retreat to catch their breath before swelling their breasts out and slamming them into the rival pair.

With their feet firmly planted on the ground, they continued that dance of blows, starting more from the sides. They generated so much pain, that the desire to stop and surrender began to make its way into the minds of the two girls.

“I’ll kill you, bitch,” hissed Jem, trying to ignore the pain.

Suddenly, they stood up on tiptoe, throwing their sinister breasts together, side by side, hitting each other in mid-air. The huge tits collided and flattened brutally from the impact. For a moment, they lost their shape and seemed to merge together, only to tremble and bounce back. Each impact was accompanied by screams from both girls in despair as they bent over from the incredible pain. Yet, both girls continued to persist in bringing their breasts down in total abandon. They saw in each other’s eyes, the effectiveness of those blows that continued to generate that excruciating pain. Tears of agony flowed down their cheeks, together with the moans of the brutal blows. But seeing their rival suffer motivated them to strike harder and harder.

Stopping those dangerous swings, they began to slam their breasts together as evenly as possible. After each handful of seconds, the two girls pushed their breasts together, feeling and seeing them as they pressed together, flattening each other for a long second before returning to their shape. Jem and Kim realised that this tactic might be the key to their victory, even though they couldn’t feel any surrender in their rival’s tits as their flesh met.  Once again, they pushed their heavy breasts together, moaning in pain. They stared intensely into each other’s eyes in tears as they struggled, neither of them having fought for so long.

Their blows were effective and brutal, and one of them was the last. Both beauties shot their huge, flushed tits forward and smashed them together. The impact was enough to make them separate and stumble backwards, almost falling to the ground. They straightened desperately, realising they could not continue at this pace. They came together quickly, and hugged each other high on their shoulders. They leaned against each other and slammed their nipples into each other’s tits, piercing the rival tender flesh. They pushed their breasts together with renewed force as they pressed their faces together, cheek to cheek, both facing the bed where the man watched in awe and excitement as they clashed for him.

The girls felt the breathlessness in their bodies continue to grow as their breasts continued to collide repeatedly in a final effort. Their tits were so swollen and fatigued that veins could now be clearly distinguished on their surface. The struggle had reached its climax. It was time to end it. They were on tiptoe, pushing their tits together for what seemed like an eternity.

One girl finally felt her rival falter. She stiffened and began to take more strokes. The girl was too weak to increase her efforts, but she managed to continue fighting her rival with her throbbing breasts and what little strength she had left. She imagined she could feel her breasts crushing her opponent’s tits, and that drove her to keep fighting. During the last dozen strokes, she was sure her breasts were winning the fight.

Suddenly, Jem moaned loudly, before screaming in agony. Her tits continued to give way with each exchange. When she realised she was going to lose, the last of her strength left her for good. She fell to the floor and curled in defeat, moaning more frighteningly as she grabbed her battered breasts. Kim remained standing, staggering slightly as she clutched her victorious but sore breasts. She looked down at the boy on the bed, smiling mischievously. She had won, again.

After she had finished draining every last drop from the guy’s cock, Kim got off the bed. Her breasts were still pounding from the fight with Jem, who had meanwhile passed out from the pain and humiliation of losing in front of the boy. Smiling, Kim headed for the door with the green light, knowing that even if she left the boy and Jem alone in the room, there would be no problem. All three of them knew who was really the best now.


The true bishop

When Matilde found herself on a long staircase leading downwards, she was not surprised. Her queen had sent her sister to announce her next confrontation.

“Don’t you want to go back and sit in your seat?” asked Eleanor, handing her the instructions.

It was clear to Matilde what was going to happen next. Watching the smiling blonde walk out of the door, Matilde felt the sudden dangerousness of the woman. She gave the same feeling of danger as the European Queen, but this blonde had something icy in her aura. Mathilde couldn’t figure out what it was, but she was glad the blonde left her alone. The Dominatrix came to her senses, pulling out her red latex jumpsuit, perfect for a bloody revenge. Dressed, it was time to head to the building where it would all end.

Walking down the stairs, she arrived in front of a black door with a red lock, quaint and sly as she liked it. From behind it came soft music, creating an unreal atmosphere. Matilde remembered the notes of that song well, so she opened the door without thinking.

The interior was exactly as she had left it. During the last battle, Matilde’s loss had left a heavy mark on her small underground kingdom, and the Underworld had been transformed by the Asian who had defeated her. Eleonora had somehow managed to preserve all the distinctive furniture of the old Underworld and bring it into the room. She savoured every smallest detail of that room with her eyes, dwelling on something that had never been there before. A throne, completely made of stone with a soft scarlet red cushion to sit on.

“The throne of the Underworld,” said a voice Matilde knew all too well.

The woman shifted her gaze to the other side of the room, where Becki Li had entered. The girl was dressed in a renewed black latex jumpsuit, whose only difference from Matilde’s red latex robe was a devil’s tail that almost touched the ground. The girl’s breasts were thrust upwards menacingly as the Asian approached smilingly.

“It’s always nice to see my throne so close up,” the woman replied, stepping closer.

“Your throne?” hissed Becki menacingly “Looks to me like there’s nothing left of yours, bitch.”

The two women stopped a few paces away, staring into each other’s eyes with arrogance. They both studied each other’s bodies as they had the first time, remembering perfectly the sensations they had felt in their first fight. Their mutual hatred and jealousy returned fervent and impetuous, while their nipples began to harden with excitement. Both had the chance to fight again, to try to dominate the other with their bodies.

“I am the true queen of the Underworld,” hissed Matilde, releasing her breasts from her robe.

“Prove it, bitch,” Becki Li replied in the same tone, lowering her robe.

The two women took a few more seconds to contemplate their opponents’ breasts before starting the fight that would decide the future of the Underworld.

Becki took the first step, her huge tits quivering on her chest. Matilde met her, and soon the large, magnificent tits were colliding in the middle, their lined up nipples sliding over the opposing pair before sticking into the rival areolas.

The European Dominatrix gently threw her left breast into Becki’s right, making her grunt in discomfort as her flesh briefly moulded against the rival tit. Aggressively, Becki responded to the move, slamming her tits forward. Matilde’s flesh in turn moulded itself against the Asian pair as the woman grunted in response. Like the first time, their tits seemed to have the same force of destruction, two pairs of powerful and dangerous weapons for both women.

As Matilde moved in for another blow, Becki acted first, striking the European pair from the side. Their tits met with a meaty slap, the European stumbling to the side as she felt her tits pushed to her side. She wasn’t quick enough to recover, and the Asian Dominatrix’s tits hit the European couple from below. With a loud pop followed by a soft moan, Matilde felt her tits fly upwards for a second before falling back onto her chest.

As the European tried to recover, Becki pulled back to take up space before striking. Unmercifully, the Asian began pounding her tits against the rival pair as the European Dominatrix groaned, trying to retreat from the Asian’s momentum. Becki continued to strike from all sides as the first notes of pain and discomfort began to show on the European woman’s face.

The room was filled with the meaty slaps that accompanied the battle, as Becki’s tits flew at the pair to demolish them with no chance to counter. The Asian pair seemed to want to pull the rival pair off the woman’s chest with each violent blow, their flesh completely in contact with each stroke.

With a growl, Matilde quickly moved her breasts in the direction of her rival, their tits colliding with a resounding slap, followed by both women moaning from the powerful impact. Although it had been a risky and painful move, Matilde managed to stop her rival’s rush, who had to step back to avoid falling.

Staring at each other with hatred, the two women pushed their tits forward, their flesh moulded around that of their opponent, exactly at the point of impact between the two pairs of tits. Becki pushed again slightly to put space between them, watching as Matilde’s face was still pained and distressed.

Matilde pushed forward again before the Asian woman could move. The Dominatrix’s heavy breasts hit Becki’s pair full force, and she moaned as she felt her tits being pushed back. Quickly, Matilde turned to the side, sending her breasts hitting her rival from the side. Becki felt the full weight of Matilde’s tits push hers outwards.

Replaying the move, Matilde tried to strike from the other side, but Becki managed to avoid her with a small step back. As the European woman finished her move, she saw the Asian woman launch her breasts into the air with a leap. For the Dominatrix, her opponent’s blow was a slow yet powerful move, giving her time to charge from below. Both women stared angrily as their tits collided in the air, Becki striking from above and Matilde from below. Their tits collided with the bloodiest slap of the fight, both women fell on their asses, both yowled in pain.

“Bitch!” growled Matilde, furious “I’ll flatten those droopy little purses!”

They both let out a stifled cry as their breasts crashed together. The impact was violent enough, Becki lost her balance and retreated. Before she could defend herself, the European Dominatrix crashed again, sending her back another two steps.

The Asian let out a soft moan of pain as she felt the weight of Matilde’s tits on hers. The woman came even harder as she crashed a third time. This time, the Asian Dominatrix kept her balance by pinning her feet into the carpet. Their tits bounced between them, creating a wave-like ripple effect as their breasts bounced off their chests. Seeing the opportunity, Becki charged her rival, pushing her back. But the woman quickly regained her posture and stopped just in time as the Asian charged with her tits. They went back and forth across the room, their tits already red from the battle. They kept slamming them into each other repeatedly, the flesh fighting between them. They continued for several minutes before stopping, their breasts pressed together, trying to push their opponent back. Their hips and bellies slid from side to side as their sweaty skin rubbed as they struggled to overpower each other’s strength. They hissed and moaned as their hair tangled on their faces. Between their fleshy tits, their nipples fought each other, pushing back and forth. Their leg muscles flexed as they tried in vain to push the other woman to the mat.

Becki squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her jaw as she struggled with all the strength she had. Matilde let out a soft groan as she felt the Asian girl begin to push her back. She tried to plant her feet on the floor and return the favour, but Becki’s sudden strength was too much to fight. Matilde let out a startled sigh as Becki pushed her across the room. Pain shot through her entire back and head as Matilde was slammed against the wall. Their tits joined under her chin as the Asian continued to press her body against her rival’s. A sadistic smile was drawn on the Asian’s face. She had pinned the woman against the wall, and she knew she could destroy her rival from that position. In the end, she was better than the European whore after all.

But while Becki thought she could win, Matilde felt she had to escape. She knew that situation was not to her advantage, and if she couldn’t get away from her tormentor, she would probably lose. Forcefully, she used one foot as leverage to push herself away from the wall. Becki’s eyes widened as she felt the sudden force try to push her back, and the Asian planted her feet to resist as best she could. After a few seconds of brute force, Matilde managed to push the Asian Dominatrix back.

The woman leaned against the wall, panting as she massaged her throbbing breasts. Becki regained her balance before doing the same. They both examined their precious breasts, trying to quell the overpowering pain pulsing from their chests. They exchanged hateful glances before pushing their breasts out.

Without thinking, they pushed their tits together, their nipples stabbing at each other’s tits. They both moaned softly, then grabbed the other woman’s waist before rotating their shoulders forward, keeping their tits perfectly pressed together. The tits immediately began to fight for supremacy under the warm light of the tribal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The two Mistresses held each other tightly as they rolled their shoulders to crush their breasts together with increasing force. They knew that a fight between them would not be resolved in a short time, but by inflicting as much damage as possible along the fight they would gain an advantage over their opponent. They leaned against each other, pressing their breasts together, almost feeling their abdomens rub together.

With no intention of letting go, they squeezed tightly as they felt their flesh swell outwards. Slowly and intensely, they began to slide their huge tits together rhythmically. They both grunted as they felt their nipples push each other into all that flesh, the first point of contact between their breasts.

As they pushed relentlessly, Becki and Matilde never stopped staring into each other’s eyes, looking for any sign of weakness in the other woman’s determined eyes as their breasts continued to struggle without giving way. Gradually, the two women increased the intensity of the fight, bending down until their sweaty foreheads were in contact. Occasionally, the room would fill with the sound of the classic meaty slap as the two women slammed their tits together, before returning to sliding them over each other. With their hands, both women lifted their heavy breasts, pushing and slamming them forward hard, their flesh seeming to clap with each impact, joining in with the grunts and moans of the two women as they continued to struggle.

The intensity and violence of their duel increased by the minute. Their breasts swelled and spread outwards with each thrust, their reddened breasts were now already swollen and sore, continuing to resist the rival pair. Pulling back, both Matilde and Becki were shot through with a thrill of pleasure as their nipples popped out of their flesh cage, before disappearing as they slammed their tits forward again. Both women thrust mercilessly, trying to give more and more force to their strokes.

“European whore,” hissed Becki, “You can’t win against my tits.”

They continued to push each other for several minutes, their flesh shaping at the point of impact as their tits collided halfway, the two women grunting each time and their sweat falling to the floor. They continued to push each other, smashing their tits together, looking into each other’s eyes wickedly. until a well struck blow sent them backwards.

Without waiting, Becki smiled as she thought about using an old move. Matilde saw the Asian jump upwards with a menacing look on her face, ready to slam her sweaty tits down. As she descended, the Asian managed to catch a glimpse of the smile on her rival’s face, as if she was expecting the blow. Quickly, Matilde pushed up her tits with all the strength she had. With unequal force, when their tits met with a mighty resounding slap, Becki found herself pushed back as her tits flew upwards. Landing, the Asian saw too late the European Dominatrix charging forward. The Asian Dominatrix had just regained her balance when Matilde slammed her tits into Becki’s pair. The Asian breasts disappeared for a second, overpowered by the weight of the European’s tits.

“Fuck!” moaned Becki.

Matilde grabbed the girl’s arms as the Asian moaned from the previous blow. Without giving up, Becki put her hands on Matilde’s hips, so that she was able to move the woman towards her, so that her tits were crushed against Matilde’s pair. Becki’s left breast found itself in the middle of the woman’s cleavage, while her right breast pressed against the European’s right tit from the side. Becki began to move her shoulders, and Matilde grunted as she felt the Asian breasts grind against her pair. Soon, their tits found themselves sliding and rocking rhythmically between them. The two women continued to grunt as they felt their breasts battle in the centre of their bodies, with no clear winner.

Matilde changed tactics after she realised she couldn’t win that way, while Becki continued to force her tits into the European pair. The woman slid her arms slightly so that they were exactly on either side of her tits, just as the Asian woman’s left breast pushed through. Before Becki could move, Matilde began to tighten her grip, almost trying to rip her left tit from Becki’s body.

The European woman’s body began to tremble with the effort as she tried to keep her tits in contact with her rival’s trapped breasts. Becki’s eyes widened as she felt the sudden pain coursing through her breasts, and she immediately looked for a way out. As she continued to thrust, she realised that the only thing she could do was imitate her rival. Moving her arms to either side of her breasts and her rival’s arm, she began to tighten her grip. Matilde opened her mouth wide in surprise, before grinding her teeth and squeezing harder. Soon their struggle turned into a contest of endurance, where the two women’s ferocity and mutual hatred continued to fuel the pressure on their tits. With immense effort, after a few minutes, Becki had to abandon her tactics and push her rival away. After a few seconds, Matilde was pushed back a few steps.

“Bitch!” yelled Becki as she instinctively brought her hands to her sore breasts.

Matilde did the same, panting as she looked at the Asian woman almost in tears from the pain. She knew they had both expended a lot of energy, and it was clear they couldn’t go on much longer, she couldn’t last much longer.

“Is that all you’ve got, bitch?” said Matilde, out of breath.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Becki hissed.

The Asian charged forward, Matilde ready to receive her. The two pairs of breasts slammed together violently, and both women moaned as their flesh exploded outwards. But during that final impact, one pair seemed to overwhelm the other, even though they were yielding like the other pair. Both women saw the opposing tits slowly regain their shape, before slamming them back together. They simply continued to slam them directly together, as the two women began to feel something change. For Matilde, the sight of Becki’s eyes widening as she realised she was losing was the most erotic moment of her life. Becki felt her powerful breasts being pushed back by Matilde’s pair with every stroke, and despite her best efforts she could not regain her footing.

“It’s over, you Asian whore!” hissed Matilde, licking her lips.

Becki by now had run out of steam after the discovery that her tits were second to her rival’s, so she didn’t even try to escape as Matilde pulled her into a final embrace. Within seconds, Matilde’s tits began to crush against the Asian’s chest. The European Dominatrix stood up on tiptoe, so that she could put her incredible breasts to good use against her rival’s defeated pair.

It was obvious that Becki had lost, but despite everything Becki refused to give up. The Asian Dominatrix fought again, responding to the European woman’s grinding by grinding in turn. When Becki’s back bent back one last time, her tits unable to repel her rival’s breasts, Matilde pushed her opponent to the ground.

Becki landed sobbing, her tits almost completely flat against her chest. On top, the European woman in renewed splendour. The woman began to take revenge for their last fight, performing the moves that Becki had unleashed on her some time ago. The woman let herself fall, and her breasts completely hit the tits of the woman below. The European Dominatrix quickly pulled herself up again and repeated the operation. The wet slap that resulted from each collision was accompanied by an increasing number of grunts and moans from Becki. The last blow was the hardest, as the woman used the full length of her arms. Becki’s eyes widened as she saw what was about to happen and the scream of pain filled the room as the European Dominatrix’ breasts completely flattened the Asian Dominatrix’ tits. The loser began to sob, unable to believe she had lost to that woman. With tears in her eyes, she watched her rival rise again.

“What was it you did to me last time? Oh, right,” said Matilde, smiling wickedly.

The European woman shifted her huge, sweaty breasts over the face of the woman below her, Becki could clearly see her boobs hanging down towards her inches from her nose.

“Sweet dreams, Asian bitch,” smiled the woman, lowering herself.

“No…” Becki’s words were useless, and the European’s flesh blocked the Asian’s nose and mouth.

Matilde felt the woman’s arms and legs flailing weakly, trying in vain to make the woman fall on top. A few seconds later, Becki Li sighed into the woman’s flesh, becoming motionless. Mathilde waited a few seconds before standing up. She looked down at her, admiring how she had obtained her revenge.

Smiling, Matilde wiped the drool on her cleavage with her hand as she approached what was rightfully hers. When her sweaty buttocks rested on the cold surface of the throne, she could finally rest after a long battle.

“Mother has come home,” whispered Matilde, before falling asleep from exhaustion.

Behind her, the door with the green light unlocked.


The medieval carousel

Eleonora watched with eager anticipation as all her work unfolded. She had spent the entire week orchestrating her wonderful plan in every detail, studying the information her girls had found.

It was a complicated plan, with too many danger points, but the blonde knew that if they didn’t take a chance, they would never root out the evil. With one hand, she brought the papers closer to her face, as her eyes wandered from the writing to the images in front of her. Behind her, a board with everything that would happen.

Reviewing the videos of the fights, which had been obtained through some very unsavory ways, she began to formulate a strategy. Who was going to face whom? A question that would be repeated far too many times that night as the blonde rethought how to compensate for any losses. But despite her research, despite her best efforts, there was only one solution.

For the next few hours, Eleonora spent writing down precise instructions for each woman who would participate in the final fight, while more superficial rules to those who would undertake the charge of pawn. They were to attack en masse, and we had to do it now.

As she wrote, the picture of a particular woman continued to stare at her swaggering. From the beginning, Eleanor had had an interest in this Asian woman, capable of bending even a queen to defeat. Clutching the pen in her hand, the blonde smiled in the dimness of a candle. Her curiosity was to be repaid.

Eleonora was the first to arrive. While all the other doors led to a dark corridor, Eleonora found herself directly in a normal empty room. No rugs, no chairs, absolutely nothing. There was only her, and the classic three doors. The blonde threw a glance to see the red light on the door to her left, closed until further notice. Shifting her gaze to the door in front of her, she started walking towards the center of the room.

She had to wait a few more minutes before her opponent made her entrance. Uniformed, fierce and menacing, Wen let the door close behind her as she gazed in awe at the blonde. Not even Eleanor’s smirk made the Asian agent lose her cool.

“So, you’re Wen,” Eleanor said, raising her voice to make sure she was heard, “How do you do, I’m Eleanor, the queen’s sister.”

The Asian simply grimaced in disgust, not uttering a word. But her reputation as a woman of few words was faster than her person, and Eleanor remained smiling in the face of her opponent’s rudeness.

Intimidated to approach by the Australian, Wen took a few steps before starting to undress. The Asian woman’s breasts bounced out of her uniform, which fell to the ground behind Wen.

“Those must be the boobs,” Eleonora said staring at Wen’s breasts without a care in the world, “that defeated Elena’s breasts.”

Wen’s mischievous smile was the answer. The Asian remembered the feeling of the queen’s tits molding around her upper pair, making her cry out into submission. Stopping a few feet from the blonde, Wen challenged the woman in front of her with her gaze.

“You know, our meeting is no accident. I chose to make it happen” Eleonora began to explain, gently removing her coat “I wanted to clash with the woman who had defeated my sister. I wanted to see what level Elena’s boobs were at now that she is queen” she finished, removing her bra.

Wen looked in awe at the huge breasts in front of her. Much like the queen’s, Eleanor’s breasts looked powerful and firm, ready to demolish anything that came against her. Wen had to force herself to look up from those breasts and stare her smiling opponent in the eye.

“You’ll fall like your sister, bitch,” Wen hissed, threateningly.

“We’ll see who falls, bitch. But before I submit you, I want to face and completely demolish your tits…” replied Eleonora, raising her breasts with her hands and pointing them towards the Asian “starting from the nipples”

Wen’s eyes stared intently at her enemy’s pink nipples, before she too lifted her tits with her hands, imitating the woman’s pose. If the blonde had a plan, she would find out and call it off.

“Bring it on, you European whore. My nipples will bend yours.”

Eleonora flashed that confident smile of hers again as their eyes never stopped staring at each other, even when they joined their breasts together. When their nipples touched for the first time, they both felt a shiver run through their entire bodies. Pulling their nipples together, they began to rub them together.

The blonde bit her lower lip as she felt Wen’s red nipples hit hers, just as the Asian sighed loudly when Eleonora’s pink tips dragged against her areolas. No woman wanted to show weakness toward her rival, however, pledging to resist the temptation to moan during their exchange. Pulling her breasts back, their nipples showed themselves to be even longer and more turgid than they had been before.

Returning to the attack, Wen gasped as the European woman’s nipples scraped into her areolas, followed by annoyance at seeing the blonde’s smug expression as she attacked. The Asian quickly responded, and it was Eleanor’s turn to be breathless when her nipples were hit by Wen’s, before they reached the blonde’s areolas.

Both women watched their nipples struggle, instead of looking at each other’s faces, brightening up when their own nipples pushed the opposing nipples, and getting angry when the opposing nipples bent their own.

They changed tactics when they noticed the duel remained stalled. They both took to stabbing rival nipples with their own, panting with each contact. Despite the constant blows, no pair of nipples seemed to bend in any significant way. Wordlessly, Wen began pounding her opponent’s nipples and areolas relentlessly. The turgid nipples bounced off each other, and both women began to show signs of giving in, with small grunts and sighs beginning to accompany the blows as a thin layer of sweat began to show on their skin.

Both pairs of nipples seemed to bend more and more, though it was hard to tell if it was due to the ferocity of the exchange of blows or if they were finally reaching their limit of resistance. Both women continued to stab each other furiously, wincing in pain after each particularly powerful blow

“Nnnnn… Nooooooo” moaned Wen suddenly.

Eleanor smiled, thrusting deeper as Wen pulled back, gasping in discomfort. The blonde watched the spectacle with enjoyment, Wen’s nipples had softened. Gathering her breasts with her hands, Eleonora put her nipples in contact with her rival ones, which gave way as soon as the blonde pushed her tits forward. Each time Eleonora’s nipples moved, Wen’s nipples bent defeated. Finally, Eleonora pushed her nipples against Wen’s, driving them into the Asian woman’s flesh.

“I was hoping for a bit more of a fight, but it looks like I won,” Eleonora smiled.

“Bitch…” hissed Wen, as the blonde pulled back.

Wen’s nipples slowly came back out as the blonde’s tits pulled away from hers. The Asian woman observed her breasts with an indecipherable look, she had never seen them in that state. The European woman had just defeated her nipples, proving that she was superior to her. How was this possible? She was Madame Shi’s bodyguard, she could not lose. The European whore had to disappear.

“Now that we know who has the better nipples, shall we continue with our fight?” asked Eleanor, looking haughtily at the woman in front of her.

As an answer, Wen charged forward, pushing her tits against the blonde’s. The blonde met her rival’s as her breasts were jiggled slightly. The blonde reserved a look of anger towards her opponent, the first sign that the Asian’s breasts were large and dense more than her expectations. The two women kept their tits pressed together, against each other, before sliding them between them. The flesh of each pair molded against the rival breasts, the nipples stabbing at the rival tits with each contact. Each breast was slid, dropped, and lifted with each movement. Neither woman gave vocal satisfaction to her opponent, remaining in mutual silence, interrupted only by the light meaty slaps from their tits.

After minutes of grinding, neither woman showed any signs of weakness in their breasts. The women took a small step backwards, before slamming their boobs forward, but demonstrating the same firmness found so far. Both pairs flattened out at the point of impact, returning to their original shape seconds later. During a few exchanges, their boobs were pressed together for longer, before slamming back together, so as to check for possible neo-weakness in the opposing breasts. As they went on, they began to anticipate each other during the fight. Wen slid her tits underneath her rivals’ as the blonde pushed her breasts forward, thrusting upward in a rush. Eleanor grunted as the Asian tits warped her flesh, interrupting her attack.

Eleonora tried to push forward again, but Wen anticipated the move by moving to the side, then slamming her tits from the side. The blonde felt as if someone had thrown a punch against her tits, as they were pushed to the side. The Asian didn’t stop hitting, swinging her breasts again. With the attack, the Asian managed to make the European woman moan.

“Bitch!” screamed Eleonora, as she felt her breasts being hit again.

Wen stepped back for another swing, but Eleonora was quicker to push her tits forward to intercept her. The two couples met with a resounding meaty slap, causing both to grunt when they felt the weight of their rival’s breasts against their own.

The two women increased the intensity of the fight again, hitting each other once each. Wen grimaced in pain when the European woman’s tits collided against hers from the right, just as Eleonora grunted in discomfort as she felt the Asian breasts push from below. The blonde tried to strike again, but Wen pushed her tits forward, colliding with Eleonora’s unprepared pair, who gasped breathlessly. The Asian woman stepped back for another blow, but it was Eleonora’s turn to intercept the attack, getting a groan from the Asian.

The two women pushed their breasts together, once again annoyed that the rival pair was keeping her shape solid. Eleanor pushed her right breast against Wen’s left, causing her to moan as the blonde tried to push her back. Wen’s breasts remained firm in place, and the woman pushed in response, meeting the European woman’s thrust. Eleanor yowled in surprise as her rival pushed forward, their tits swelling outward. Looking down, they both saw an incredible redness on their skin, a sign of the long battle they were facing.

Both women pushed their tits together again, colliding breathlessly but with greater ferocity than before. Instinctively, the women grabbed their rival’s shoulders, pressing their breasts together without slipping. The two women wanted to put their breasts to the test, trying to find out which pair of tits remained more resilient.

Wen tightened her grip first, pulling the surprised blonde towards her. Eleanor grunted in discomfort as she felt the pressure on her breasts increase as Wen’s tits pressed against hers. The blonde shifted her shoulders over the Asian woman’s shoulder blades, and before Wen could figure out her intentions, the European woman squeezed hard. Their tits were pressed together considerably, their flesh mingling together, swelling outward like never before.

Their breasts pressed together leaked out from the sides, trying to wrap around each other, as did their thighs and hips that beat rhythmically with each other. When Eleonora tightened her grip, the Asian woman yelped in pain, feeling her body weaken as she fought for precious oxygen. Tightening her grip in turn, it was the Australian Lady who moaned. Despite trying to erase her rival’s will, each time the Asian woman returned to the attack. They both continued to grunt and moan as they increased the pressure, their tits continuing to swell and spill out to the sides, nipples stabbing the flesh like knives as sweat dripped with every passing second.

Their legs and asses hardened every time their bodies slammed together. Their boobs resonated with fleshy, seductive slaps as their bellies became like suckers.

Nose to nose, the two women looked down at their breasts, trying to align their nipples before each stroke. When the tips brushed against each other, they clenched again, moaning as their nipples hit each other and stabbed their flesh. They both sighed hugely, now that exhaustion was beginning to set in. Their arms trembled as they tried to grip each other’s bodies, becoming hard to keep a grip with the sweat on their bodies making their bodies glisten as they felt immense heat at their bellies. Their bodies collided repeatedly, tits against tits in a constant quest for supremacy.

With a scream, Wen pushed her tits forward. Their breasts collided again as the two women growled at each other. Eleanor rotated her shoulders in the little space available, quickly hitting her rival breasts like a punching bag. The Asian woman immediately responded with frontal thrusts. The two women found themselves face to face, swinging their tits relentlessly back and forth like a real boxing match. Their flesh crashed, darting from side to side, trying to weaken and inflict as much pain as possible on the other party. Their nipples cut like knives through their rival’s flesh. Eleanor’s longer nipples had the advantage as they dueled, as Wen had already lost a competition between them. They grunted and moaned each time their nipples made contact, continuing this for several minutes.

They both growled in frustration as they increased the pace of their attacks. They struggled violently, hoping to force their rival to surrender. The weight of their tits was felt by their rival as they crushed their breasts together, the flesh around the areolas was bright red as the nipples sank into the flesh of their tits. One of Wen’s tits hit Eleanor hard, causing her to gasp as her nipple was bent to the side. Unable to comprehend how the Asian woman’s weaker nipples could bend hers, the Australian woman growled in response, and pushed her breasts even harder into battle. Wen’s tits were thrown around as the nipples stabbed into her flesh. They repositioned themselves and rocked their breasts with everything they had. They screamed in pain as they crashed into each other, their nipples bent inward. Their tits crushed and struggled swollen and pounded from the hard struggle. Eleonora struck from below, sending Wen’s breasts upward, almost risking being caught in the face. But the Asian quickly recovered, and lowered her tits like hammers, pushing her rival’s breasts down. They both cried out again, as they countered each other’s attacks, before embracing again.

The contact intensified further as the two women began rubbing their tits against each other, keeping as much pressure as possible on the struggling breasts. They both moaned with each movement, feeling the sudden wave of pain pervade their bodies. Wen shifted his grip on the European woman’s back, pulling her even closer to her, making her moan. Eleonora stared hatefully at the woman, and imitating her rival, pushed her tits forward hard. It was Wen’s turn to moan as her tits were crushed by the Australian’s breasts.

Their tits collided and rubbed against each other for several more minutes. They both felt fatigue begin to damage them from within, making their attacks less insistent. Undeterred, they decided to give it their all at that moment, the two pairs of breasts met with a new violent thrust, which created a small space between the two women. Using that same space created by the struggle, the two women slammed their tits together, occasionally but slowly hitting from the sides as well.

With one last, desperate attempt, the two women pushed back their shoulders to increase the pressure on their breasts, crushing them completely against the opposing pair. With one last violent thrust, one breast was finally pushed back. A pair of breasts continued to push the rival pair with their own firmness, which began to sag, yielding without resistance. As in Wen’s last fight, the victory had come from one last thrust in which one breast had proven to dominate the other. But this time, it was the Asian breast that gave way completely against the rival pair.

With a guttural groan, Wen’s eyes went wide as her breasts fell against Eleanor’s pair. The blonde let go of her grip, allowing the Asian woman to slide to the ground, her legs unable to keep her balanced. Eleonora stared smilingly at the woman in front of her, who for the first time felt tears streaming down her cheeks. She had lost, she had let her lady down, her tits had given way against another woman’s pair.

The Aussie’s body lowered quickly, and Eleonora promptly grabbed the Asian woman’s face, pulling it toward her cleavage. With no resistance, Wen didn’t even try to fight as her consciousness left her body.

The blonde let go of the woman, who slumped lifelessly to the ground. Massaging her breasts, Eleanor stared at the camera on the ceiling with her usual arrogant look, before heading for the door with the green light. She knew she had shown Madame Shi not to underestimate her and her tits, but that look of hers was also directed to another person.

Elena felt her sister’s gaze pierce her chest. The blonde had beaten the woman who had defeated her, and that look was clear.

“Looks like I’m stronger than you now.”


The princesses locked in the tower

The view was not immediately the best due to the presence of clouds of steam. Alessandra crossed the threshold already ready for battle, her breasts free and eager for combat stood out perfectly above her chest. The high temperature of that room began to make the girl sweat immediately, she smiled as soon as she realized she was inside a medium-sized sauna. She stood motionless contemplating the perfect room, imagining what it must be like to be naked relaxing in a sauna of her own.

“Yeah… I think I’m going to own this building once it’s all done,” said the European princess as she looked around. She would take over the building, and once she was ready, she would topple her mother from the throne.

“If you think I’m going to leave you this marvel, you are sorely mistaken.”

Alessandra turned toward where the voice was coming from, where a smiling Mei Lin was approaching, her Asian tits as free and dense as ever bouncing with every step. The girl stopped inches from her European rival, squaring her completely as Alessandra did the same. They both remembered the other woman’s body well from their last battle, and Alessandra felt anger boil over as she remembered her defeat against that bitch, staring at her rival’s perfect breasts.

Mei Lin smiled when she noticed where the European girl’s attention was directed, so she lifted her breasts with her hands and started massaging them sensually.

“If you want to play with it, just ask,” Mei Lin smiled, taunting the European.

Alessandra immediately lifted her gaze, casting a venomous look at the Asian girl. She couldn’t stand the arrogance with which her rival was looking at her, so she decided to answer in the same way. She lifted her breasts with her forearm, smiling and casting a mischievous look at the girl.

“No, I already have something better,” Alessandra replied, smiling.

Without answering, the two girls continued to massage and knead their breasts with their hands, without stopping staring at each other smiling. Both felt the other girl’s hatred and resentment in every glance, both imagining crushing the rival tits with their own, until they subdued their rival once and for all.

Continuing to smile, they stopped massaging their tits and moved closer. Their breasts pressed weakly together as the two girls stared intently into each other’s eyes. They began to move their shoulders weakly, pushing each other almost without force. They both felt the firmness of the other girl’s tits, recognizing their strength and danger as they continued to challenge each other with each glance. Soft, sweaty slaps echoed through the room, interrupted from time to time by the puffs of steam that kept the room at just the right temperature.

“I’m going to destroy you for the last time, bitch,” Mei Lin hissed, pushing harder.

Alessandra took a small step back, but quickly returned to mashing her tits against the Asian girl’s.

“I’m going to use your ass as an ashtray, bitch,” Alessandra hissed back, pushing harder.

Mei Lin took a step back, before composing herself. The two girls looked at each other for a long, endless second, before charging at each other and slamming their tits together.

They both grunted as their boobs collided halfway. They felt the firmness of the rival breasts stop any invasion attempts by the opposing tits. The European princess immediately pushed her own breasts forward, causing the Asian girl to back off a step, trying to show right away that she had no intention of losing like last time. Mei Lin gave a half-smile, savoring her rival’s serious look.

The Asian princess leaned forward, and their breasts met in the middle of the movement. Both pairs of boobs moved to the sides, with no clear sign of superiority from either pair. Alessandra growled and pushed forward, and once again their flesh was compressed between them, before splitting into four perfect breasts.

Mei Lin was the first to dictate the pace of the fight, locking her arms behind her opponent’s back, taking the European girl by surprise. The Asian princess pushed her tits forward, pushing her red nipples against her rival’s pink ones. Alessandra gasped for a few seconds as the contact between their nipples sent an electrical signal throughout her body, but she quickly got back into the game and hugged the Asian girl in turn, trying to squeeze on Mei Lin’s arms in such a way as to move her Asian breasts to prevent the rival nipples from continuing to stab her tender flesh.

As soon as Mei Lin felt the pressure on her arms, she lowered herself slightly to slide her tits under the European pair before pushing upward. The sudden move forced Alessandra to stand up on her tiptoes, grunting in surprise as much as at the feeling of her opponent’s nipples ramming her flesh.

“Noooo!” moaned Alessandra, closing her eyes.

Mei Lin smiled in delight. Their fight had only just begun, but she was already turning the outcome of the confrontation in her favor.

“It hurts, doesn’t it? My nipples are piercing your flabby tits!” hissed the Asian venomously, stabbing once again with her nipples.

Alessandra moaned as her flesh was pierced again, but resumed attacking by biting her lower lip. The two girls continued to tighten and loosen their grip, pushing their incredible tits forward, the Asian princess trying to push up and down with her tits, while Alessandra tried to avoid continued contact with her opponent’s nipples as she tried to force back her Asian breasts.

With one last meaty slap, both moaned in unison but only one found herself gasping. While Alessandra was no longer on her tiptoes, Mei Lin found the rival pair on top of her own breasts, and every time the European princess leaned forward, she seemed to want to rip the Asian breast from the girl’s chest, Alessandra tried to push down again, but Mei Lin was quicker to break her grip and push her rival away.

“Where are you running to, bitch?” hissed the European princess, approaching her rival menacingly.

But as Alessandra approached, Mei Lin ducked slightly before suddenly standing up again, sending her breasts flying against the underside of the European tits. Alessandra stopped short, somehow managing to avoid the blow, but being caught off guard she couldn’t avoid her rival’s second thrust. Alessandra stumbled back as the Asian breasts smashed against her own, and Mei Lin rushed to grab the girl’s forearms, starting to vehemently strike her opponent’s breasts, shifting her shoulders in such a way as to hit her opponent’s tits from the sides.

The European princess moaned a few times before responding, intercepting the Asian breast with her own tits. An exchange of blows began between the two girls, both seeming to use their breasts as fists, grunting and gnashing their teeth as they struck. Without warning, Alessandra managed to pull away just in time to avoid the rival blow, allowing her to then unleash a mighty forward thrust at Mei Lin’s helpless pair.

Grunting, the Asian girl responded by slamming her tits forward, causing her opponent to moan as the Asian tits thrust against the European pair. Without giving time for a reaction, Mei Lin pushed herself to the side of the European girl, then slamming her tits from the side hard, then keeping her own breasts in contact with her opponents tits. When Alessandra pushed into her rival, the two pairs of breasts bounced off each other as Mei Lin tried to slide her own breasts under Alessandra’s. Unfortunately for the Asian girl, the European princess managed to foresee the move, and standing up on her tiptoes, she dropped her boobs against the Asian pair.

Mei Lin moaned loudly, but responded by pushing her breasts into the underside of the European tits, her nipples stabbing the tender flesh mercilessly. The European girl yelped, trying to escape the pain, but the Asian princess’s nipples had already pierced her hard, and the resulting pain was unbearable.

“Oh God!” moaned Alessandra.

The girl began to have blurry vision as tears began to burn in her eyes. Her mouth formed an “O” with each thrust, as if she feared the pain in advance, while Mei Lin smiled sadistically.

“Royal bitch, do you really think you can win?” hissed the Asian girl maliciously.

Mei Lin tightened her grip and began to push her rival through the sauna. The Asian princess lifted her rival back and forth making her legs bend so that the Asian girl had the height advantage over the other girl. If the Asian princess didn’t know that girl, Alessandra seemed to have fear in her eyes.

“Give it up, bitch. You don’t stand a chance,” whispered Mei Lin smiling.

“I’ll kill you!” yelled Alessandra angrily.

The Asian reaction to the rival words was to thrust her breasts straight against Alessandra’s, flattening her tits and knocking the air out of her lungs. The European princess howled and tried to free herself from the rival grip, but to no avail.

Alessandra tried to move so that she could try to push her tits against Mei Lin’s pair from below, hoping to throw her rival’s tits upward. But the Asian girl didn’t let the trapped girl’s moves slip through her fingers. In response to her rival’s moves, Mei Lin continued to grip her rival’s body, taking away almost all of her fighting chances.

“It’s over, bitch!” smiled Mei Lin as she stared at her rival’s face distorted by discomfort and pain, taking pleasure in seeing that Alessandra’s pleading eyes seemed unable to resist tearing up anymore.

But as Mei Lin tightened her grip, the European princess did the only thing she had left to do. Letting herself fall, Alessandra managed to drag her rival to the ground as well, who lost her grip as she tripped over the European princess’ body.

Both crashed to the ground with a thud. Alessandra took a moment to rest, trying to check the damage on her breasts. Next to her, Mei Lin also took a moment to breathe, landing painfully on her breasts. The girls stared at each other before crawling towards each other, intending to push their rival to the ground and destroy her completely.

Grabbing each other, they rolled for several seconds, their boobs continuing to squish and slap each other uncoordinately, but ended up separating again, lying on their backs.

Alessandra was the first to get up from the floor, and Mei Lin responded in a much slower manner, gasping at the hot sauna air that continued to heat up. Both girls’ breasts moved slowly as they breathed deeply.

“I will destroy your pathetic boobs!”

“Say goodbye to your breasts once and for all!”

They ran forward together, throwing their tits forward as if they were bullets, swinging them around and striking back and forth. The blows became faster and faster until both women felt their tits grow heavy with exhaustion. Here, they simultaneously took a few steps back for a brief second and pushed their breasts forward in a manner similar to deer dueling in the wild. They continued for several minutes, until they both had to stop, waiting for the next move.

Alessandra jumped forward trying to slam her breasts into the Asian girl’s from above, but Mei Lin dodged and pushed her left breast forward, catching the European princess off guard. The European girl felt her right breast being slowly pushed back, expanding to the side and exploding into a quivering vibration with all the sweat and tears spreading in the surrounding air.

Mei Lin continued again. Right, left, right, left. Each blow made the flesh of the rival breast shake. Every single blow, every single slap, followed moans and grunts from both girls. Alessandra cried out as she stumbled backwards only to see Mei Lin lunging forward like a cat. The European princess quickly arched her back, pushing her breasts forward. The result was that the Asian breasts flattened against the European tits, causing the Asian girl to flinch and moan in pain.

It was Alessandra’s turn to attack. She slammed her breasts forcefully against Mei Lin’s tits, then began a combination of swinging and ramming against the Asian girl’s tits. Alessandra continued to strike, varying the series: side to side thrust, upward thrust, downward thrust. The Asian princess took the blows without having time to respond, as her tits were pushed from all sides. With a desperate attempt, Mei Lin pushed her breasts forward, so when Alessandra’s tits collided with hers, their breasts swelled from the pressure, before being thrown back a step.

With a groan, Mei Lin gritted her teeth to continue her advance and push her tits forward. The two pairs of breasts met with a meaty slap that filled the sauna, and the two girls took to pressing into each other, pushing their tits forward with renewed force.

Their tits collided again and again, swelling to the sides each time the two girls brought them together. No one knows how far they could have continued to slam their sweaty tits together, not even the two girls who were wrestling wildly. Following another collision, one girl’s feet began to slide on the wet floor. Immediately, the girl’s eyes widened as she realized that she could not resist the rival collisions for such a trivial reason. With one last collision, the two girls began to push forward, and Mei Lin savored the European princess’ fearful gaze as her feet continued to slide back. The Asian princess pushed forward mercilessly, her tits looking like they were going to maul her counterpart, as Alessandra continued to back away helplessly. With a pained groan, the European princess hit the wall behind her as Mei Lin lunged at her rival. Alessandra moaned loudly as her breasts leaked out to the sides as her Asian rival’s tits dug into her flesh.

The Asian girl left her rival breathless, lifting her breasts and dropping them onto the European beauty’s defenseless tits, then leaning into her rival’s ear

“Do you feel your tits sagging against mine?” whispered Mei Lin mischievously in the girl’s ear, as Alessandra moaned again “I’m better than you at everything, bitch”

The Asian tits began to gain more and more space between the two girls as Mei Lin continued to grind her tits against the European breasts, stabbing with her nipples whenever she could. Alessandra yelped as she felt the Asian nipples penetrate her flesh again, trying to respond in kind as best she could. She needed to get away from the wall, she couldn’t resist this kind of competition with the Asian girl for long. She hissed trying to arch her back, but Mei Lin simply pushed her tits forward to meet the European princess’ movements.

With one last desperate attempt, Alessandra levered the wall with her ass, trying to resist the sudden burning of her lower back muscles. With a defeated grunt, Mei Lin stepped back a few steps, enough to allow her rival to hit the underside of her Asian tits with a quick swing. The Asian princess moaned in surprise as her rival jumped against her to slam her tits down on top of the rival pair. Mei Lin’s tits took a hard hit, and the European girl’s momentum forced the Asian to have to lean with one knee on the ground to keep from falling.

“Bitch!” hissed Mei Lin, getting up quickly “You’re going to pay dearly for this.”

The two girls looked at each other hatefully, waiting for the other to make the first move. With slow gestures, the two girls raised their arms upwards, intertwining their fingers with their opponent’s hands, then resuming the battle between their tits. The Asian girl couldn’t suppress a moan when her breasts were stabbed by Alessandra’s nipples, the girl was repaid for all the pain she had endured so far.

When their flesh joined completely, the two princesses were even closer than before, a sign that both pairs of breasts were beginning to lose their firmness. They both began to thrust with small thrusts, what their close distance allowed, moaning and grunting as they pressed their foreheads together and stared at each other intently.

“Bitch!” hissed Mei Lin, angrily.

Together, they brought their arms down along their sides, continuing to push their tits forward. Then, they let go to grasp each other again, ignoring the fatigue they felt in their arms. Mei Lin immediately took to pushing her nipples into her European rival’s flesh, but this time she met their counterpart with every stroke. The Asian nipples were pushed against the European nipples, and both pairs bent over each other, without prevailing. The two girls took to rubbing them together, back and forth, grunting and moaning after a few seconds.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that the girls began to change their strokes to inflict as much damage as possible. Alessandra began stabbing her opponent’s areolas, while the Asian girl chose to hit the flesh of the European breasts. Moans and grunts escaped with each blow, not allowing the two girls to tell who was getting the upper hand. From time to time, the girls cast a downward glance, reluctantly discovering that they saw no visual advantage. A mighty thrust from Alessandra made the Asian princess moan loudly as she felt the European nipples penetrate even deeper into her areolas.

“It hurts, doesn’t it?” hissed the girl, pushing forward again.

The Asian princess moaned again, before forcefully thrusting her breasts forward, knocking her young rival back, and the two girls separated again, grunting.

Without waiting, Mei Lin immediately went on the attack, pushing her breasts forward hard. Alessandra moaned but responded almost immediately, mimicking her rival’s move. They began to charge each other, pressing forward without giving their rival time to recover. They began to swing their breasts against each other, colliding painfully with each passing second. The boobs continued to change their shape as they pressed against their counterpart, before returning to their original form.

The magnificent breasts continued to be slammed together in rhythm as the hot air continued to make their bodies sweat. Each stroke made little drops of sweat squirt out, accompanied by the moans of the girls as they staggered around the sauna after each stroke. The two princesses continued to slam and rub their tits for several minutes until Mei Lin saw the rival blow coming. The Asian girl braced herself to withstand the assault, waiting for the moment when the European breasts crashed against hers before stabbing the rival flesh with her nipples.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” moaned Alessandra, throwing her head back.

The sauna was immediately filled with the moans coming from the European princess, who was helplessly suffering her rival’s assault. Mei Lin’s nipples continued to fade into the tender flesh of the European breasts, setting off sudden excruciating pains in the chest of the European girl, who began to whimper.

“You can’t win, bitch. I’m the best of us!” smiled Mei Lin excitedly.

Alessandra felt her body collapse, unable to continue that merciless struggle. She looked down, moaning at the sight of her breasts being deformed by the Asian couple. Was it fate that she would lose to Mei Lin again, that her breasts would cave in to the Asian pair once more? She was a princess, a future queen, she had to fight against everyone and everything, even Mei Lin. She looked hatefully at the smiling girl, pushing her breasts against her counterpart in anticipation of victory

“Bitch!” screamed Alessandra, pushing forward suddenly.

The European breasts met the Asian breasts in the middle of their assault. The two pairs of breasts swelled to the sides as their nipples met in the middle of their flesh, trying to push their counterpart back as the pressure crushed them together.

The European princess quickly pushed her nipples forward, and Mei Lin was forced to move to the side to limit the damage, before moving forward in turn. Alessandra rolled her shoulders, managing to hit the Asian nipples with her own. The Asian princess grunted in discomfort as her rival stepped back for another blow. Mei Lin quickly bridged the gap, swinging her tits from the side. The blow made the European princess moan, but she still managed to push herself forward, continuing to repay her Asian rival’s nipples with the same coin.

“No!” hissed Mei Lin as the European nipple penetrated her areola.

Alessandra struck quickly, continuing to scrape her nipples into the tender Asian flesh. Mei Lin grunted and stepped back, waiting for the European princess to step forward to follow her, before unexpectedly thrusting forward. Alessandra moaned as her rival’s nipples penetrated her flesh, shaking her tits. Mei Lin’s arms went up to her rival’s shoulders, before she began to twirl her shoulders. The European princess opened her eyes wide and moaned, trying to pull away as the Asian girl’s nipples penetrated deeper into her. But Mei Lin was not of the same mind, and continued to grind her breasts forward, following her rival, allowing no escape for the European whore.

Alessandra grunted as the Asian rival stepped forward, thrusting her breasts against the European pair, ramming them with her nipples to the side of the rival breasts. Responding to the attacks, the European princess stabbed the Asian areolas with her nipples, again and again, causing Mei Lin to moan back.

But as Alessandra pushed her nipples forward again, the Asian princess slammed her tits forward, making their breasts meet perfectly where each pair of turgid nipples buried themselves in the rival tender flesh. Moans escaped from both girls, but only Mei Lin was quick enough to grab Alessandra’s shoulders and pull her to herself. The European princess imitated her rival only seconds later.

As their tits slowly moved back and forth, Alessandra’s hands suddenly tightened on the Asian girl’s shoulders, maliciously pushing her tits forward. Mei Lin gasped, and trying to step back she simply felt her rival’s grip tighten more. With a renewed force, Alessandra pushed her nipples into her opponents areolas, causing the Asian girl to yelp and let go of her grip on her rival’s body.

“European bitch!” hissed Mei Lin before wincing from the pain that exploded from her chest.

The Asian princess growled angrily as she slammed her breasts forward. Both of her nipples hit just below the rival ones, stealing a long moan from the European princess. Caught off guard, Alessandra watched helplessly as her Asian rival grabbed her arms, before smashing her nipples into European flesh.

Alessandra moaned as she felt her tits flatten slightly against the Asian pair, and immediately tried to violently retreat. Aided by the sweat coating their bodies, the European princess managed to escape Mei Lin, who grunted when she felt her grip failing. Without waiting, Alessandra immediately launched herself at the girl in front of her, pushing her tits directly against Mei Lin’s pair, who moaned one more time. With one more push, the Asian princess stepped back as the European nipples stabbed her flesh. Panting and fatigued, the two girls grabbed each other again, hoping to achieve the longed-for victory in this eternal struggle.

Mei Lin rushed at the European princess, pushing her breasts forward with force. The blow knocked the girl back, and she glared with pure hatred at her rival. Growling, the two princesses violently thrust their tits together, the sweaty slap echoing in the sauna as their breasts swelled enormously at the sides, unable to steal space from their counterpart.

The boobs continued to collide, rolling over each other, spreading and flattening each time they met. The girls moaned each time their breasts yielded equally against the rival pair, swelling at the sides before resuming their shape. From the first moment their breasts slammed together, Alessandra and Mei Lin understood that the struggle would go on until one of them felt her own breasts finally give way against the rival tits.

They pushed with increasing force, hitting the rival breasts in front of them with their own, ignoring any pain, the meaty slaps filled the sauna repeatedly as flesh met flesh, interrupted by the princesses’ moans of pain. Their breasts were repeatedly squeezed together, swelling and spreading each other, as the girls’ bare feet continued to move across the hot, slippery floor each time their tits collided.

After a few minutes of continually thrusting together, they both realized they had to adopt a new strategy. Each sweaty, painful thrust made both girls grunt and moan as they rotated their bodies more and more to give their attacks more momentum. Their tits continued to collide, flatten and shake each time they pulled away from the clash.

Fatigue suddenly set in, forcing the two girls to embrace each other. Immediately, they took to grinding their breasts together, grabbing each other’s backs and getting as close as possible. Both of their nipples maliciously penetrated their opponent’s flesh, as their flesh melted together as the rival girl’s hot breath blew across each girl’s face.

The girls were completely exhausted from the long battle and the hot air they continued to breathe, vague thoughts of surrender leaked out in their pain-fogged minds, but which they both banished with what little willpower they had left. The pain in their tits was incredibly strong, their breasts had become heavy, and forcing each princess to lean against each other.

Silence plunged into the sauna, interrupted simply by the sound of sweaty flesh crushing and rubbing against each other, along with the moans of discomfort from the struggling girls. In that situation they continued to grind their breasts, now with no choice but to hope that there was more energy in their own breasts than their rival tits, one pair had to finally prevail over the other.

The longer the fight continued, the more one princess felt her boobs being worn down by the rival pair. Although she was fighting with everything she had, she could not push back the invading breasts. Her flesh took to softening against the rival upper flesh, a sign that her tits were finally giving way against another pair of tits.

Both stared intently into each other’s eyes, but only one of them had a note of fear in her gaze. She tried in vain to push her boobs forward, but could gain nothing, the rival breasts were too strong. The princess felt her rival begin to struggle more to hold back moans of pain, her labored breathing growing in intensity as her breasts became softer and softer. With one final, brutal thrust, a pair of tits lost their shape, flattening against the losing princess’ chest.

“Nooooooooooooo!” the guttural moan of Mei Lin echoed through the sauna as the Asian felt her breasts fail.

Without strength, her arms fell down her sides, forcing the European princess to let go of her so she wouldn’t fall. Mei Lin slumped to the floor, in tears as she covered her breasts in complete and shameful defeat. Alessandra looked with sudden relief at the finally defeated Asian bitch, but she had to sit down on one of the benches, the sudden return to reality did not exclude her from feeling all the fatigue of the fight.

As the victorious princess returned to her strength, a beeping sound alerted her to the unlocking of the door. Alessandra looked with weary satisfaction at that door, before returning to enjoy the spectacle of a completely destroyed Asian princess.


The two queens

The scream of happiness made the walls tremble as the last clash showed the inauspicious outcome of the competition between the Asian Empire and the European Kingdom. Mei Lin exhaled her last groan, before surrendering to her stronger rival, bringing the two warring factions into complete parity.

Madame Shi looked at the screen with sudden anger, and while her austere face betrayed no emotion, she unknowingly increased the force in her grip, breaking the glass.

Checking that no foreign body had ruined her hand, she returned to looking at the screen, unable to conceive how the situation could have turned out to be so inconclusive.

“That bitch was right,” hissed Madame Shi, rising from her chair.

Memories of exactly what happened a week ago, when the European Queen’s sister snuck into her study, returned to her mind.


Madame Shi found Eleonora sitting on her desk, sipping a good alcoholic drink from her personal reserve, using her favourite glass. The Asian woman closed the door behind her, without saying a word or calling for help. Even though the blonde in front of her was an enemy, she knew she wasn’t there to harm her.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” asked Madame Shi, slowly approaching with her arms folded.

Eleanor smiled, sipping what must have been her precious World Whiskey Bible, before swirling the liquid inside the glass, looking at it critically.

“In a week, this will all be over. My sister’s kingdom can no longer bear your presence in its territory. In a short time more, and for all of Europe there will be no future…” began Eleonora peremptorily “… So, I came here to make an agreement between the parties. Of course, we don’t want peace, our pride forbids us all solutions that don’t concern your complete destruction…” the blonde finally turned her gaze to the woman, smiling amused while she pronounced those words.

Madame Shi smiled back, getting closer still. Eleonora could feel the killer instinct coming from the Asian woman as she sensually approached as if nothing was wrong, but she knew she wouldn’t harm a single hair on her head.

“The feelings are mutual. We are also ready to end this war. As soon as I saw you, I mistakenly thought of your surrender, but I can tell from your words that it is not in your plans. So, I wonder, if you have a good reason for not calling my guards.”

Madame Shi’s voice was soft and thoughtful, as if she wanted to make it clear that she did not want to hide her threat. Eleonora felt the woman’s gaze pierce her from side to side, and she had to resort to all her willpower not to appear frightened.

“A series of fights. Six of our best women against six of your best women. Our European and Australian women against your Asian women. The faction that wins the most fights will be declared the winner, and they can do whatever they want with the other… even kill its members.”

Eleonora stared intently at the other woman, sensing what she had just declared meant. Whoever won would gain complete control over the other faction’s life, would gain complete dominance over their rivals, over their lives, over everything. A challenge but also an ultimatum, it was time to end everything that was happening. The war had to finally end.

“Very interesting,” replied Madame Shi, thoughtfully, “but there is the remote possibility of a draw. I doubt you haven’t thought of that eventuality as well.”

The woman smiled wickedly, already aware of the blonde’s response. There was only one option available, but she wanted to hear it anyway.

Eleonora stared at the smiling woman for a few more seconds before downing the entire contents of her glass down her throat.

“In the event of a tie,” Eleonora began, “it will be up to the highest-ranking people to decide the fate of the war. That is, it will be you against my sister…” Eleonora approached the Asian woman directly, pushing her breasts against the rival couple “… and she will kick your ass” finished the blonde.

They remained staring at each other, motionless. Their struggling breasts began to slide over each other, as the two women continued to exchange confident and arrogant glances, as if they wanted to fight right then and there. When the clock struck midnight, breaking the spell, Eleonora pulled back, returning to her desk to set down an envelope taken from her cleavage.

“One week from today, it will all come to an end,” Eleonora announced, placing the envelope in plain view on her desk.

She walked next in complete silence, passing Madame Shi who stood motionless as the blonde walked past her.

“We will show you our superiority,” threatened Madame Shi without turning around.

Eleanor froze in front of the door, turning slightly.

“We can’t wait,” the blonde replied, before walking out.

The Asian woman smiled, approaching the desk. She took the envelope in her hand, bringing it under her nose to smell the heady scent of the blonde’s cleavage.


Eleanor exited Madame Shi’s estate as safely as she had entered. No one could say they had seen her, although she did not go unnoticed. The blonde knew how to hide in plain sight, and it took very little to get out. As she retraced her steps, she felt the sudden weight of fear: when her tits collided with Madame Shi’s, the sensation was like hitting a wall. From the first contact, she knew she had no hope of victory. She could have fought as hard as she could, but in the end her breasts would be beaten by the Asian pair. Eleonora rolled her eyes, hoping that her sister would be able to fight on equal footing with that woman. Everything would be decided in a week.


Elena screamed with joy when her daughter subdued the girl who had defeated her in the beginning of everything. Although she wished to be the one to inflict the pain of defeat on Mei Lin herself, she was still happy that her own blood had avenged the family’s honour.

The European queen immediately pressed the microphone button, ready to taunt the Asian bitch, but it didn’t seem to work much. Although she spoke, the microphone seemed disconnected. Without understanding, she was released from her captivity, allowing her to stand up for the first time.

Elena looked euphorically at the screen, which slowly changed to sudden anxiety. From the screens, the result of that competition could be glimpsed.

“We are tied,” thought Elena.

Moving closer, she picked up the crumpled piece of paper on the floor, which she herself had thrown hours ago. Remembering her sister’s words, she fixed her attention on the last two items on the list.

That piece of paper depicted every possible situation that day, without variation of any kind. It could have been white, or it could have been black. Victory or defeat… life or death.

A metallic noise caught the attention of the queen, who turned towards the armchair. Behind it, the same wall split in half, creeping noisily to the right to reveal a long corridor.

Elena realized what would happen next. As with the other girls, that corridor led to her arena, to her battle. Now the meaning of the words on the paper took on concrete meaning.

Inhaling deeply, she threw the paper to the ground, heading towards the end of it all. In his mind, still his sister’s words written in her impeccable handwriting.

“In case the plan will work halfway, wait for the door to open.

Win for all of us.”


The corridor led both women to have to climb a staircase, taking them probably to the top floor of that crumbling building. It seemed that Eleonora had reserved the best space, existing for what was going to happen, the stage for the last battle.

Both Elena and Madame Shi arrived at the end of the staircase, where not the usual door was waiting for them but an enormous and unnatural green expanse.

Elena’s eyes widened as she savoured the scent of the flowers along the way, incredulous that such a place could really exist inside a building.

Madame Shi looked upward, turning her attention away from the bewitching magic of the place to watch the moon shining vainly in the starry sky. She couldn’t help but smile, it was like being in a dream…in her dream.

Elena was the first to notice the other woman’s presence, startling herself for a quick second. Although the only thing in the middle of the scene was a tree trunk lying on the ground, Elena noticed the Asian woman after a few minutes.

“Bitch,” hissed the European queen, hatred beginning to boil inside her.

Madame Shi lowered her gaze, also discovering that she was not alone. The European woman was a few feet away from her, yet she had not noticed her presence until that moment.

“There is still time to surrender, Queen. Do so, and you may continue to reign.”

Madame Shi still tried to use a diplomatic way, even though she was sure that the woman would never accept come to this point. As foretold, Elena growled angrily.

“Surrender? Never! I am the queen of all Europe, and queens do not kneel!” yelled Elena from across the room.

Madame Shi seemed not to accept those words. Normally, she would have used her sarcasm to prove herself superior, but now there was a whirlwind of feelings inside her that forced her to worry. Her confidence that the Asian Empire was superior to the rest of the world had been questioned in the last few fights. Only she remained to defend Asian honour, while Elena protected what remained of European power.

“Then you’ll die along with your ego, bitch!” shouted Madame Shi, back.

Perhaps it was the first time she couldn’t take another woman’s words, and she was surprised by the arrogance with which she spoke.

Elena gritted her teeth, starting to walk towards the Asian woman. With each step, the European queen removed part of her dress, showing off her magnificent war-ready breasts.

Madame Shi’s body moved on its own, mimicking the woman in front of her. She began to walk menacingly, slowly removing her robes and throwing them to the ground. When her huge breasts were released, the cool air made her nipples harden like never before.

Continuing to get closer, the two women quickly squared off, seeing each other’s bare breasts for the first time. Despite Madame Shi having the larger pair between the two women, Elena began to run towards Madame Shi, who, in doing the same, met European boobs with her own in the exact centre of the room. The meaty slap that came out of the impact marked the beginning of the final battle.

Both pairs of breasts were distorted at the point of contact, compressing as they were forced together. Madame Shi stepped back, and Elena immediately took the opportunity to push forward. Asian eyes widened in surprise at her rival’s speed, as their tits flattened at the tip. The woman gasped, slamming her tits forward not even a second.

Elena grunted but pushed forward, sliding her tits onto Madame Shi’s, who felt the firmness of the European breasts against her own pair.

The women lowered their gaze to see their tits fighting each other, their flesh continuing to push each other to gain and lose ground with each movement. The European woman looked in awe at Madame Shi’s breasts, which seemed to lose less texture than the European tits.

Elena continued the assault, grinding her tits against the Asian pair, pushing her so that the woman’s breasts were slowly pushed outward. Madame Shi moaned as she felt her pair take an unnatural path, dictated by the European breasts.

When the European queen pulled away, Madame Shi’s breasts returned to their original shape without any effort. But the Asian woman’s relief was short-lived as Elena resumed her attack by aligning her tits with her opponent’s before slamming them forward.

The Asian flesh rippled as she was pushed back and outward, Madame Shi moaned as she watched the European tits try to invade her living space. Forcefully, the Asian woman quickly raised her breasts against the rival pair. Elena’s breasts flattened slightly at the bottom as her tits were moved upward, swinging across her chest. As the European queen tried to regain her balance, Madame Shi’s breasts shattered against her counterpart. Elena moaned as she felt her right tit squeeze inward as the Asian woman poured more pressure, pushing her tits over her rival breast.

The European woman grunted as her tits were compressed under her rival’s larger pair, returning to their original form when Madame Shi pulled away again. With their eyes fixed on their magnificent breasts still fighting, they pushed forward one more time. The two pairs flattened evenly at the point of impact, as the flesh leaked outward. They both kept their breasts pressed for a few seconds, twisting their hips and testing the firmness of their opponent’s tits before pulling away.

With a swift gesture, the two pairs of breasts collided with a slap. The four huge breasts swung through the air, propelled by the force of the impact. Both women gasped but pushed their tits forward. While the impact was small due to the lack of momentum, neither queen tried to hold back. Forcefully, the two women embraced each other, pushing their tits together.

The two pairs of tits bounced and trembled as they slid against the opposing pair, falling onto their chests as they came back, only to push in each direction as the two queens pushed their tits again and again. Madame Shi pushed her tits to the side while they were still pressed against the European pair, the queen’s breasts were jerked violently. The Asian woman grunted when Elena responded, pushing her Asian breasts back before their pairs separated. Madame Shi looked down as her breasts pierced the European flesh, before sliding over and under Elena’s tits.  They continued to push and slide their breasts again and again, soft slaps springing up with each contact.

Madame Shi prepared for another stroke, but Elena stepped back. The Asian queen smiled at her opponent’s cowardice, perhaps she had realized she was fighting a war that was already lost. Elena quickly threw her breasts from the left, her breasts were slammed into the Asian couple, who opened their mouths wide in surprise. Madame Shi pushed her firm pair forward, forcing the round European flesh to briefly crush against her chest. Elena moaned as her tits were pushed back.

“You’re going down, bitch,” hissed Madame Shi, panting, “You’re not on my level.”

The queen’s only response was an angry growl as she slammed her tits forward. The Asian breasts were shot upward as the woman grunted in pain. Elena pushed forward again, stabbing the opposing right breast, and judging by the look on the Asian woman’s face, it must have been painful. Another blow from the European breast crashed into the rival right tit, launching it outward. Elena repeated the move with the other breast, causing the Asian couple to shake relentlessly.

“I have the best tits, bitch,” Elena smiled, hitting the Asian couple again.

With a pained grunt, Madame Shi slammed her larger breasts into Elena’s pair, and it seemed that the European woman’s tits were partially engulfed by the Asian flesh, before the woman stepped back to quickly slam her breasts forward. Elena grunted as the Asian breasts crashed against her tits, crushing them maliciously. Madame Shi’s tits continued to push the European tits outward, but Elena’s pair managed to resist the attacks. Madame Shi pushed forward again, swinging her breasts from the side, forcing the European queen to move with each stroke along the large garden.

Elena reacted by smashing her left breast against the Asian right tit, crushing the rival breast for a few seconds. With another blow, the Asian woman released the first moan of the fight as the queen moved back. With a mighty momentum, Elena leapt forward to slam her tits overwhelmingly against the Asian pair, but Madame Shi shifted slightly and the confrontation was not complete. The two pairs of breasts shattered together, but only half of the pair smashed evenly against their counterparts.

Madame Shi recovered more quickly, a sign that the exchange of blows had nicked her European rival more and struck Elena’s pair with her breasts again. The queen’s breasts were compressed again, then returned to their original shape. Elena tried to grab Madame Shi’s shoulders, but the Asian queen chased that attempt away with a quick slap. This created a major opening, where Elena used to launch herself forward and slam her boobs into her counterpart from below. The Asian breasts jiggled wildly as the woman stumbled back from the force of the blow.

The European queen grabbed her rival’s shoulders, before using her breasts as wrecking balls. The first blow pushed Madame Shi’s huge breasts against her chest, crushing them before they returned to their original shape. The Asian queen grunted as she felt Elena’s firm breasts pierce her flesh, but with considerable effort, she grabbed the European woman by the waist and pushed herself against her. Elena’s moan was low and throaty as she felt the Asian breast try to engulf her, the Asian woman smiling as she felt the sensation of European flesh wavering against her own. Madame Shi repeated the move, jerking her body forward. Elena’s breasts flattened on impact, but each time slowly regained their original shape.

“I can feel your tits softening, whore,” hissed Madame Shi smiling “Can you feel my top pair dominating yours?”

Elena roared angrily, wildly waving her tits to avoid the next blow, but completely missed the target, except for her left nipple that completely scraped Madame Shi’s areola. The Asian woman gasped in surprise, pulling back and slamming her tits forward. The European queen moved just in time, and their breasts began to slide over each other.

Both women rotated their shoulders, pushing their flesh against their rival, receiving equal intensity from the woman in front. Madame Shi’s tits seemed to continually sag at the first contact, but each time she pushed her tits forward, Elena’s pair yielded against her counterpart. The European queen opened her mouth, eyes wide as she felt the heavy rival breasts make their way against her tits. The two pairs of sweaty breasts continued to mash and roll with each other, slowly regaining their shape. The women exchanged fiery glances, squinting as they pushed their breasts together.

In a matter of moments, it seemed as if every part of their flesh was in contact, sliding and squishing together maliciously. Madame Shi’s huge boobs swung several times as Elena’s breasts were lightly pushed around before returning to the struggle. Annoyed that no queen seemed to have gained a visual advantage over the rival pair, the Asian woman struck the underside of the European flesh. The attack caused the European queen’s tits to shake uncontrollably, and Madame Shi grabbed the rival shoulders before the woman could recover from the blow. Elena’s tits wobbled as the Asian queen quickly pushed forward. Elena gasped breathlessly as Madame Shi slammed her tits forward, once again pushing her European breasts against her chest. Both pairs seemed to have softened, but now the European pair was losing more shape to the opposing tits, the Asian pair encroaching on the space of the European breast.

Madame Shi stepped back a few paces, and smiled to see the sudden relief on the European woman’s face. The pairs of flushed breasts trembled considerably as they left contact with their counterparts. Elena gritted her teeth, lifting her tits with her hands, waiting for the Asian woman to do the same. As soon as Madame Shi imitated her rival, the European queen quickly pushed forward, the Asian woman grunted taking a step back. Elena wasted no time and swung her breasts, aiming to greatly damage the rival tits, but Madame Shi managed to avoid the blow by moving away at the last. When the movement of the European queen ended, the Asian woman pushed her tits directly into the rival pair. At the first blow, Elena grunted in discomfort, only to yowl with subsequent attacks as the Asian rival did not stop at a single attack.

When Elena pulled her rival to herself, they both moaned, their breasts again pressed together maliciously, where both pairs seemed to take over. Time after time, Madame Shi’s larger breasts pushed and crushed the European tits, and only after a few seconds did Elena’s melons make their way into the Asian pair. The two women continued to lash out at each other, the sound of sweaty slaps filling their ears, along with the grunts and gasps of the two women as they felt the rival nipples stab and cut into their flesh.

Madame Shi forcefully thrust her tits forward, Elena’s breasts seemed to give way under the weight of that immense force, her flesh was warped inward. Her European breasts bounced upwards as her rival continued to strike, pushing her tits into the underside of her rival’s breasts. Madame Shi slammed her tits overbearingly, being rewarded a long moan by the European director. The Asian woman watched mischievously as Elena’s flesh descended on her chest as she stretched and spread against her breasts.

 “I… won’t… allow it,” moaned Elena in pain.

Madame Shi lifted her tits again and slammed them back into the same spot, the European queen cursed when she felt her breasts shake, only regaining their original position when the Asian woman moved her breasts. Madame Shi pushed forward and the European queen moaned again. Elena’s eyes were glazed over, she felt a deep pain coming from her chest, and she saw her flesh yielding more and more against the Asian queen. She couldn’t allow it, she couldn’t lose. She watched her tits being deformed once again by the rival pair, wondering how long she could continue.

“You’re going down, European bitch,” hissed Madame Shi, “I know you can feel your tits sagging against mine.”

Madame Shi tightened her arms around Elena’s waist, hugging the queen tightly. The European breasts swelled outward, meeting the Asian queen’s dense breasts. They both moaned at the impact and Elena began to struggle, starting to push her tits with rhythmic pressure against the Asian tits. As Madame Shi began to twist her torso from left to right and back again, pushing her huge breasts against the European pair, Elena’s breasts becoming more and more distorted.

The European queen moaned loudly as Madame Shi’s pair continued to break her pride and power piece by piece. She felt the heavy tits continue to grind against hers, pushing them back further and further. Her flesh continued to warp, and even as she tried to return the blows, she felt the Asian queen’s flesh yield less than her own. Was this really the end of her? Her tits continued to struggle relentlessly against Madame Shi’s pair, with no way for her to fend off her rival’s dominant force. She saw with anger and sadness the evil smile of that woman who threatened to steal everything from her, a smile that made everything her girls had done that day vain.

Elena tried everything, and placing one leg behind her rival’s, she pushed forward as hard as she could. Madame Shi’s eyes widened as she felt herself falling on her back, and to keep from falling she grabbed her rival’s hair. Elena screamed in pain, before returning the favour, and the two women fell to the ground ruefully, before rolling over each other as they pulled at each other’s hair. Deep hatred and a desire for victory made sure to bring them to that confrontation, where only one would triumph. But perhaps, their duel was still long.

After a few seconds of struggle, the two women separated, Elena tumbling not far from Madame Shi’s body and lying on her back. Without bothering to recover oxygen, they quickly stood up, afraid that their rival might jump on them at any moment. When they saw that the opposing queen was in a defensive position, they both relaxed for a few seconds, recovering some of the vigour lost during the previous fight. With unusual slowness, the two queens began to turn in front of each other, without abandoning eye contact for any reason in the world.

In one swift motion, Madame Shi slapped the cheek of the European woman, who looked stunned at her rival before paying her back in the same coin. Soon, they began exchanging loud slaps, concentrating on causing as much pain as possible to the other woman, trying to resist the physical pain they felt. Both women felt excruciating pain coming from their throbbing cheeks, flushed from the constant blows, with neither feeling the other woman falter.

Elena tried again to bring her Asian rival down, kicking the woman’s leg in front of her, but Madame Shi grabbed the European queen by the neck and they both fell to the ground together, side by side. They immediately pounced on each other, their legs continuing to slam and push each other as their arms flew into the air for an advantageous position. Eventually, Madame Shi managed to get the upper hand, wrapping her legs around Elena’s and pushing herself on top of the pair, pinning the European woman’s shoulders to the ground. Elena grunted when her back was crushed against the ground, but she managed to slap the Asian queen’s face a few times until the woman’s arms locked under her legs.

Elena struggled underneath her rival but the Asian woman managed to maintain her position, enjoying the sight of the helpless woman underneath her, kicking her legs hard. With force, Elena pointed her feet to the ground, managing to lift the Asian woman’s body and drop her to the ground. With speed, Elena got back on her feet, ready to jump on the Asian woman, but unfortunately for her, Madame Shi was ready to fight again.

Trying a different approach, Madame Shi jumped to the side and grabbed Elena’s hair, starting to pull to knock her to the ground. The European Queen responded in kind and the two women took to circling as they maliciously pulled at the other woman’s hair, both women turning their heads from side to side, trying to unbalance each other, before Elena threw a punch against her rival’s stomach. Madame Shi gasped, releasing her grip on Elena’s hair to bring her hands to her stomach, allowing the European woman to push her down and pin her to the ground. The ensuing fight was more hard-fought than the previous one, with Elena trying to block her rival as Madame Shi had done to her. But in the end, the Asian woman was able to grab Elena’s hair and pull her to the ground, ready to jump on top one more time. This time, Elena was able to block her attempts by pushing the woman’s supporting legs with her foot.

With strength and determination, Elena wrapped her legs around Madame Shi’s body and began to squeeze violently. The Asian queen moaned in pain, trying to push them away in vain with her hands. But with the European woman’s hands on the ground to keep her balance, Madame Shi had free access to her rival’s face, slapping the woman’s face hard. With each blow, Elena’s legs trembled before tightening again, and Madame Shi sensed that her only escape was just to keep slapping the woman until she was released. They continued to struggle for a few more minutes, before Madame Shi managed to slip out of the European woman’s death trap, who grunted in annoyance as the Asian woman moved away to feel her aching waist.

With the two women back on their feet, Elena threateningly approached the Asian woman, who forgot about the pain in her body to face her European rival. They began exchanging punches, hitting each other’s arms, legs, and every defenceless body part at that moment, moaning and grunting with each exchange. Not being used to that kind of fight, they soon began to tire, striking more and more slowly, but forcefully. From time to time, the two women exchanged angry or pained glances, unable to conceive of a woman continuing to stand so long against them.

They came together again, entwining one hand in the rival hair and using the other to strike the rival body. Unmercifully, they began to strike their sweaty, reddened breasts as well, as if they hadn’t already made them fight to the point of exhaustion. They began exchanging slaps, eventually going so far as to squeeze and pull at the tender flesh of their rival tits. Moaning, Elena soon abandoned Madame Shi’s hair to focus only on the breasts that just now threatened to crush hers. The Asian woman yelped in pain just before imitating her rival, the two women took to digging their nails into the tender flesh of the breasts, twisting and pulling nipples mercilessly, still remaining in an absurd stalemate.

With an incredible strength of will, Madame Shi abandoned her grip on the European breasts, only to use both hands to throw a strong punch on the face of the rival queen, Elena didn’t even see the blow coming, intent on damaging those damn Asian breasts. The blow knocked the woman back, unable to defend herself from the second punch aimed at her stomach. Madame Shi struck again, a new punch against the stomach of the European woman, who gasped in pain. As Madame Shi charged a new blow, the European queen moved quickly and threw a headbutt at the Asian woman. Their foreheads met with a dull noise, and two cries of pain from the two women ensued. Touching their foreheads, the two queens returned to glaring at each other maliciously before pouncing on each other, grabbing each other’s hands in a show of strength.

Breathing heavily, the two women began to thrust with their remaining strength at each other’s rival arms, their tits pressed together swelling again as the two queens were in desperation to gain the upper hand. They could both feel their rival’s hot, laboured breathing on their faces, the woman’s muscles trembling from the effort as their bodies battled relentlessly.

With a scream, Elena’s hands began to bend the Asian queen’s wrists. Although it began slowly, Madame Shi grunted in despair as her hands began to bend backwards due to her rival’s strength. After a few seconds, Madame Shi found herself with her knees down and her back arched, the test of strength was causing her to step back further and further. On her tiptoes, Elena tried to push harder, prying from above as she fought Madame Shi’s strength coming from below. Their arms trembled with the effort, both gritting their teeth as neither tried to concede ground.

Elena’s arms resumed pushing back the Asian woman, unable to match her rival’s strength with her own. The European woman allowed herself a victorious smile as she saw her rival lose a conflict between them, hoping she could bring the same result to the fight itself. But as Elena thought about how magnificent it would be if her rival surrendered to her at that moment, Madame Shi did the only thing she could do to not fall on her back and remain at the woman’s mercy.

With a desperate gesture, Madame Shi moved to the side so as not to remain in the path of the rival woman who, caught off guard, found herself stumbling forward. When Elena turned to face the Asian queen, her breasts were greeted by a mighty blow. Madame Shi had thrust her tits fully against Elena’s pair, meeting with a meaty, sweaty slap.

“I want to see your breasts destroyed, you European whore!” growled Madame Shi, thrusting again. This time, Elena pushed forward, making their tits match. Their tits did their best to keep their solid shape.

“Not if I demolish your saggy tits, you cheap bitch!”

For a moment, neither of them moved, no breasts apparently seemed to yield to the rival pair. Madame Shi looked with surprise at the European queen’s tits, thinking how it was possible that they had regained their firmness in this amount of time. But the Asian woman’s eyes opened wide when she saw her breasts sag slightly. Elena’s firm tits began to push back the Asian queen’s larger pair. Madame Shi moaned when she felt her flesh lose its shape slightly again under the pressure of the rival breasts.

Madame Shi pushed her breasts forward, matching Elena’s next thrust, watching shocked as their breasts fought as evenly as they had at the beginning of the duel. The Asian queen pushed forward again, not believing possible what was shown in front of her, her flesh swelled against the rival one. The two women took to pushing their tits forward, continuing to mash their sweaty, reddened breasts together. Both women moaned, continuing to stare into each other’s eyes with arrogance and bravado, seeing their rival’s determination to win the battle.

Elena immediately sensed her rival’s surprise at seeing her breasts fighting on equal footing with the Asian pair, sometimes even managing to push them back into her rival’s chest. With each passing second, the European queen regained the confidence she had lost in the previous duel, forcefully pushing her breasts against the Asian pair. Madame Shi’s breasts slowly expanded outward, and the woman was forced to step back with a loud gasp. Elena gave a stubborn smirk, continuing to attack without giving her rival time to recover. With another powerful thrust, the European breasts collided with the Asian woman’s tits, who moaned loudly as she was pushed back.

The Asian queen immediately tried to put her feet up, but her rival didn’t give her time to stop her, continuing to push her tits hard. Madame Shi moaned in pain, feeling her breasts lose their perfect shape after so long. With sudden cruelty, Elena arched her back, rising on her toes, before slamming her breasts hard against the top of her rival tits. Madame Shi stumbled backwards, still unable to respond to the European woman’s incredibly bold assault.

“No!” cried the Asian woman with a surprised look.

Madame Shi couldn’t come up with any response, her rival’s breasts were as if they had come back to life, despite the damage she had inflicted on them so far. On top of that, her flesh had begun to sag under the European woman’s attacks. It was inconceivable to the Asian woman how she pushed her defensively in the confrontation. The European queen smiled smugly as she pushed forward and rammed her breasts against the Asian woman’s larger twins. Their breasts clashed again, the sweaty, firm, dense flesh struggling to maintain its round shape as their tits were pushed against each other. They both grunted when Madame Shi pushed her tits forward, swelling against the European woman’s pair.

“Die, you Asian slut!” cried Elena, arching her back. The queen’s breasts rose upward, towering over the Asian woman’s larger tits.

For the first time, the European queen saw a frightened light in her rival’s eyes, just before she slammed her breasts against Madame Shi’s wonders. The Asian woman yelped in pain as her flesh visibly deformed, being pushed down. Without mercy, Elena snapped backwards to swing a violent blow over her rival’s breasts again, gritting her teeth. This time Madame Shi tried to meet the European tits, hurling her huge melons upward, the two pairs of magnificent breasts collided halfway with a loud slap. The two queens cried out in pain, but for the first time since the women returned to titfight, Elena’s breasts missed the exchange of blows. The European boobs were thrown upward by the impact, with Elena using all her strength to keep from being thrown backwards. The European queen didn’t even manage to let out a sigh that Madame Shi’s tits hit the underside of her tits again, causing her to cry out in pain once more.

When Elena’s flesh came firmly back on her chest, Madame Shi pushed her tits forward, rubbing her turgid nipples against her European counterpart, both women grunting at the contact. The European queen retaliated by thrusting in turn, before moving her breasts down and pushing her tits up. The Asian tits were shaken violently, and the breasts bounced and swayed in the air.

The Asian queen let out another moan as Elena thrust her breasts back into her tits, making their flesh vibrate as they struggled. The two queens stared at each other intensely with hatred, wanting to dominate the other woman with their bodies. They continued to push their boobs together, once again feeling the firmness of the rival pride against their own, the smaller European breasts continuing to hold its shape against Madame Shi’s larger pair that was slowly beginning to lose its resistance.

“Your pathetic tits are losing to my better breasts!” yelled Elena arrogantly, seeing for the first time her rival breasts begin to swell outward.

“Fuck no!” cried the Asian in disbelief as she watched Elena’s watermelons push back her own “This can’t be happening” finished Madame Shi pushing forward.

The European queen met the confident thrust and the two pairs of breasts were pressed against each other, their nipples painfully joined, forcing both women to grit their teeth to keep their tits pressed together. Their bodies continued to move, rubbing their tits against each other, their hard nipples continuing to pierce the rival flesh. Elena stepped back, and as the Asian woman sighed in relief, Elena swung her tits against the rival pair from the left. Madame Shi moaned in pain as her left tit was sent sideways, bouncing against her right breast.

As the European woman twisted her torso to the other side, the Asian queen launched herself forward. The huge Asian tits slammed into the European pair, drops of sweat flew around as the woman staggered backwards. Quickly recovering, the two women charged at each other, causing their twins to collide again. The air filled with two moans of pain before the two queens began pounding their tits together. Madame Shi arched her back and lowered her tits against her rival’s smaller pair. Elena gritted her teeth, trying to respond to the attack but the Asian woman quickly swung her breasts against the right side of the European breasts, colliding violently with Elena’s tits.

“You’re going down, you European whore!” smiled the Asian queen mischievously.

Madame Shi struck Elena’s pair violently again, causing her to stagger backwards, her breasts swaying wildly on her chest. The Asian queen launched herself at her rival and their bodies collided together as the huge Asian tits began to push Elena’s breasts into her chest. Intertwining their fingers, they pushed their tits together. The European breasts regained their shape for a moment, but the woman could feel her breasts wavering as she tried to resist the force of the larger rival tits. Madame Shi roared as she pushed her breasts forward with more force, causing the European queen to grunt as her feet began to slide across the ground.

Elena looked back for a second, seeing the constantly approaching danger: the wall of the room. During the scuffle, the two women had moved across the huge space available, making it possible for one woman to push her rival against the wall. Allowing her Asian rival to push without resistance, the European woman was able to switch positions, the Asian queen almost with her back to the wall. Their breasts continued to battle each other, before Madame Shi pulled back her tits to swing them against Elena’s smaller pair. As in the previous duel, the European flesh began to show the damage of the continuous struggle, slowly losing its firmness. The European queen narrowed her eyes, thrusting her breasts forward in hopes that her melons might regain their shape. Madame Shi pushed her breasts forward, not letting her rival recover. Elena yelped in pain, a tear appearing in the corners of her eyes. The Asian queen smiled before swinging her tits in the air, knocking them down on the European woman’s bravado, rendering Elena’s attempts to push her rival against the wall in vain.

A wet sound echoed through the room each time Madame Shi’s tits slammed into the European queen’s sweaty breasts. With a loud thump, Elena rested one knee on the floor and looking up she could see the Asian woman smiling evilly. Violently, the Asian woman grabbed her rival arm to pull her to her feet, pushing her tits over the rival pair. Elena’s boobs flattened on impact as the woman screamed in pain.

“I will completely destroy you,” hissed the Asian queen pushing her rival back before launching herself at her.

The huge Asian tits hit Elena’s smaller breasts hard, pushing the European pair against her chest. Elena staggered back, unable to respond, but when she no longer felt her tits being destroyed she looked surprised ahead. As Elena leaned forward, panting and in pain, with drops of sweat falling to the floor from her forehead, the Asian queen invited her rival to throw herself at her with her gaze. The queen took a few more seconds to breathe, before straightening her posture and breathing deeply, her tits regaining their shape and firmness as air filled her lungs.

Madame Shi stepped menacingly towards her rival, her sweaty hair falling behind her back, before launching herself forward to slam her tits into Elena’s. The two sweaty bodies collided with a loud wet sound and their breasts fought for dominance. The European breasts resisted the power of the Asian tits, and Madame Shi stepped back, followed by the European queen. Taking another deep breath, the European queen prepared herself mentally and physically to face her rival’s body. All the strength she had gained in the moment of pause seemed to be almost gone. The moment the Asian queen charged forward, Elena opened her arms to catch her Asian rival, hoping to turn the tables again. Madame Shi slammed her body with all her might, trying to make the woman’s attempt to catch her futile. Suddenly losing her breath as the Asian tits crushed against her own, Elena was pushed completely against the wall, moaning as her breasts began to collapse under the pressure of Madame Shi’s huge tits pressing down on top of hers.

“This is the end for you, bitch!” roared Madame Shi triumphantly.

The Asian woman lifted her breasts slightly, allowing Elena’s tits to regain their shape, before crushing her tits against the European pair again. The wet sound of their colliding breasts made the Asian woman smile, as she could feel the collapse of the European woman’s body against her own. Madame Shi could see the fear in Elena’s eyes as she prepared to slam her tits against the rival pair, who lost their firmness with each blow. Elena tried to push her rival away, but the Asian queen grabbed the European queen’s wrists and pushed them down.

“No…no!” cried Elena in a panic.

Madame Shi smiled, continuing to slam her tits against the top of the European breast. The European queen’s flesh deformed on impact, and for a second they seemed almost halfway to their original shape. The European woman cried out in pain after another blow from the Asian queen, the pain steadily increasing as her tits began to succumb under the pressure of the weight of Madame Shi’s breasts. With a violent blow, tears began to roll down the European woman’s cheeks as Madame Shi pushed her tits directly into Elena’s pair.

“I’m destroying you, bitch,” smiled Madame Shi, crushing her tits against the rival pair “You’re not worthy of being called queen. But after tonight, you won’t have to worry about that anymore” the last words were almost a whisper, but the European queen could distinctly hear her words.

The Asian woman pushed her tits against her rival’s nearly destroyed pair, shifting her weight to the European woman’s body and breasts. Madame Shi began to squeeze harder, pressing her huge, sweaty breasts against Elena’s smaller pair. Their tits fought an epic battle, but Elena’s breasts began to flatten more and more against her chest. The European queen let out a loud scream when she felt her tits being crushed by the Asian woman’s destructive pair, trying in vain to push back her rival tits.

“Your reign is over!” smiled Madame Shi, excited by the destruction before her.

Elena’s pride grew flatter and flatter, especially when Elena violently thrust forward, pushing herself away from the wall with her foot. Madame Shi groaned in surprise as she staggered backwards a few steps. Elena fell to all fours on the ground, panting enormously before painfully getting back up. Somehow, the Asian woman’s last words had shaken something inside Elena’s body, and she managed to find the strength she needed to escape her impending defeat.

Gritting her teeth, Madame Shi turned back to her European rival, approaching her with a grim look. Elena pushed her boobs forward to meet the Asian pair, gritting her teeth. The two queens began pounding their sweaty breasts, trying to overpower the other woman. Despite all the pain inflicted, the European tits were trying to hold their own against the Asian breasts, which were now feeling the brunt of the struggle. Pulling back, Elena arched her back to slam her boobs down on top of the rival pair. The force of the impact made Madame Shi’s breasts shake, and she growled angrily as pain shot through her body. The Asian woman immediately swung her breasts against the European woman’s left tit, then thrust forward. The European queen grunted in discomfort, and the two women began to rock their breasts together with unprecedented force. Their breasts were distorted with each thrust, moaning from the incredible pain of their queen’s war. Their flesh was now bruised from the constant damage each woman inflicted on her rival, but despite everything both queens were still ready to fight. The sound of sweaty flesh echoed through the air, accompanying the moans of the two women as they pushed their breasts together.

“My breasts will devour your flesh, bitch!” sneered the Asian woman, thrusting her tits forward.

“My tits will flatten your sagging bags, slut!” replied Elena, even as the pounding pain in her chest was steadily increasing.

Elena arched her back, slamming her tits hard against the huge Asian breasts. The two pairs of breasts pressed together, not dominating their counterparts. Anger flashed across the faces of the two women as their breasts clashed again in a hard struggle. Madame Shi gritted her teeth, casting a look filled with hatred at her rival, then suddenly arched her back. With a thunderous sound, her tits crashed against Elena’s pair, who screamed in pain. The European woman took a step back, her boobs were shaking from the impact. Madame Shi smiled as she pushed forward, grabbing a rival arm to pull her towards herself, making her larger breasts collide against Elena’s pair. As a tear streaked down the European Queen’s cheek, Madame Shi put space between their breasts to throw her boobs against the underside of the European breast. Elena’s tits bounced upward before falling on Madame Shi’s wonders, which didn’t budge even as Elena’s tits flattened on them.

“Nooo…” moaned the European woman, forced to watch her tits get destroyed again.

Elena took a step back, but her Asian rival didn’t immediately pull her against herself, pounding her tits on top of the European woman’s smaller pair. Madame Shi was proving the value of her title, forcing her rival to moan continuously under her raging assault, Elena’s screams of pain piercing even the walls, as if seeking help for the woman in distress.

The European queen continued to look angrily at her rival through her sweaty hair, doing her best to resist the Asian woman’s dominating force. She knows well that if Madame Shi’s breasts continued to pound like that, her flesh would surrender as well as her legs, remaining at her rival’s mercy with no chance of resistance. Elena reviewed her remaining options as the huge Asian breasts continued to deliver devastating blows. Madame Shi’s tits swung to the side, before crashing into the European queen’s pair from the left, and Elena screamed in pain, nearly falling to her knees. The woman staggered backwards, while the Asian queen merely stared at her with an arrogant smile. Elena rested her hands on her knees, feeling her breasts regain some of their shape now that they were not being crushed by the opposing pair.

Madame Shi smiled wickedly, lifting her breasts with her hands to show that European boobs were nothing compared to Asian breasts. Elena gathered all her remaining strength and courage, straightening her back and spreading her arms. Madame Shi guessed perfectly what her rival wanted, and this time she accepted the challenge without any problem. Both stepped forward and their tits were pressed together, the two women immediately wrapped their arms around each other’s waist and began to squeeze mercilessly.  

“This is the end of you, whore! My breasts are about to swallow yours! Once your kingdom is in my hands, you will disappear forever!” roared the Asian queen, certain of her impending victory.

“My tits will beat yours!” were the only words Elena was able to utter, before concentrating on the fight.

Now there was no turning back, this was a one way trip for Elena. All or nothing. She could feel her breasts struggling once again against Madame Shi’s larger pair, feeling how firm the Asian tits were and how much pain her rival’s nipples inflicted every time they stabbed her flesh. A slight moan escaped the European woman’s lips, eliciting an excited smile from the Asian queen who squeezed tighter.

Elena bit her lip, before thrusting her breasts forward to attack the enemy tits. Madame Shi let out a groan, surprised to feel the European queen’s tits push back into hers. The Asian woman immediately squeezed, causing her rival to gasp. Elena responded in the same way, feeling how the Asian woman began to pant in pain. and now both are panting. Their boobs did everything they could to keep their shape, their arms kept squeezing tighter and tighter, increasing the pressure on their huge breasts. Their sweaty boobs still maintained their shape, with both being surprised at how the European breasts could still fight back after all the damage they had suffered.

“Surrender!” yelled Elena, as her breasts slowly began to push against her rival boobs.

Madame Shi watched in disbelief as her breasts began to slowly give way under the pressure exerted by the rival breasts. Forcefully, the Asian woman moved her hands behind the European woman’s back, squeezing hard until her rival gasped. The Asian breasts slowly resumed their shape, beginning to push back Elena’s smaller tits. Again, the European queen watched as it was her breasts that were losing the titfight as her whole body screamed in pain. But the European Queen ignored that continued pulsing of her body to push her breasts forward, resisting Madame Shi’s pair and creating a standoff. For a long second, the two pairs of breasts remained motionless, pressed together by the pressure exerted, before the Asian tits began to lose their shape again.

“You’re going to lose this war,” Madame Shi sighed, trying to catch her breath.

Elena tightened her grip on the woman’s waist, her breasts continuing to push back the Asian tits, reassuring the woman that she still had some chance of victory. Sweat dripped from their chins to end up on the struggling flesh, slipping and mingling in the flushed necklines. They began to move their bodies as they stabbed the tender flesh with their turgid nipples, moaning each time their flesh was pierced.

They both tightened their grip once more, breathing at the same time. Lowering her gaze, Madame Shi continued to see that unreal situation where her breasts were being crushed by the European pair.

“I can’t allow that…” murmured Madame Shi.

Suddenly, Elena’s legs gave way suddenly, causing the two embraced women to fall to the ground. Their bodies rolled over each other, before coming to a complete stop. Panting painfully, the two women turned to face each other again, but were stunned by what they saw. Before them they saw the sweaty, bruised pair of the rival woman, discovering with surprise and horror the dangerous situation they found themselves in.

With a quick gesture, the two women grabbed each other, inevitably bringing the rival queen’s face into their cleavage. Suddenly, their only avenues of entry for the precious oxygen ceased to exist as their struggle turned into something more cruel and domineering. As they continued to squeeze, the two women tried to wriggle out of their rival’s grasp and breathe again, but failed. After a few seconds, long as an eternity, Elena felt closer and closer to slipping into oblivion, continuing to resist at all costs the incredible burning she felt in her chest. Her body began to grow heavier and heavier, feeling the Asian woman continue to hold her head anchored in her cleavage. Elena’s tears mingled with the sweat from Madame Shi’s boobs as the European queen felt she had reached her limit. She did not live up to expectations, she would lose to the Asian queen, she would lose her kingdom, her life, everything. Madame Shi was too much woman for her, and she had found that out the hard way. But maybe it wasn’t wrong to die that way, destroyed by the queen who was better than her.

When all seemed lost, Elena felt something different in her semi-consciousness, the rival grip had loosened. With an instinctive gesture, the European queen’s head snapped back, breathing noisily. The oxygen that entered her lungs was pure fire, nearly causing Elena to choke as she coughed from too little oxygen. As she came back to life, Madame Shi’s helpless body lay silent on the ground. With what little strength she had left, Elena slowly dragged herself over the Asian woman’s body, until her face came within inches of Madame Shi’s.

The Asian queen’s eyes slowly squinted as she became aware of her surroundings. When she saw Elena on top of her, she tried to move to make her fall, but she felt her body not responding to her impulses. Slowly, Elena intertwined her fingers with Madame Shi’s, pinning the woman’s hands against the ground, inches from her face.

“Get off…” the Asian woman ordered in a feeble voice.

Elena simply shook her head, flashing a tired smile. Moving slowly, she leaned her tits against the rival pair, whispering in the ear of the Asian woman who watched in shock as her flesh granted space to the European pair.

“Victory is mine,” whispered Elena cruelly.

Madame Shi screamed with everything she had as she felt her tits continue to flatten more and more, spilling outward in a fluid motion. Elena slowly pushed her tits into the Asian pair, and Madame Shi watched her tits collapse against another pair of breasts for the first time. Her face became a mask of pain and disbelief at being defeated, moaning when she felt the European breasts invade her soft tits.

“Dominate or be dominated.”

The words echoed in Madame Shi’s head at the exact moment her tits were completely flattened against his chest. For the first time ever, Madame Shi’s eyes began to well with tears. For a woman of her caliber, a single tear expressed all the weakness and dishonor a woman could endure in a lifetime. From an early age, she had been taught to win and dominate, never showing mercy to her enemies, for they would never show it.

Madame Shi opened her mouth, trying to pronounce any word before trying to push her tits forward once more, but the knowledge that she could no longer fight made her give up completely. Elena could feel the last glimmer of resistance in her opponent’s body disappear, an unequivocal sign of her victory. The European queen smiled, beginning the last act of their long and hard-fought war.

What Madame Shi’s absent eyes saw was Elena’s sweaty cleavage getting closer and closer, then nothing.


Elena struggled to stand up, her sweaty skin glowing reddened under the moonlight, while her breasts stood battered against the infinity before her, hanging down a little. Lowering her gaze, she saw the reason for all her pain, which elicited a weary smile. In front of her, lay the Asian queen helpless and defeated, her flat breasts sliding to the sides of her battered body, unconscious after the constant chest pain and suffocation she herself had inflicted on her during their battle.

Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply, raising her head. She had won, yet something was missing. A metallic noise made her open her eyes again. Turning away from one of the garden walls, she saw the surface fading more and more. Behind it, a long line of women gazed in admiration at their victorious queen.

With another clatter, this time from the opposite side, Elena saw the same scenario but with a sonorous difference. Her eyes registered the Asian fighters on their knees and in tears from witnessing their lady’s defeat. All that time, the clash between the two queens was under the hopeful gaze of the two warring regiments.

A few seconds later and the soundproofing in the stands stopped working, allowing the shouts and cheers of the European women to be heard with all their din. Unbeknownst to the European queen, those women stayed and watched her fight the entire time, screaming and kicking every second.

Elena understood what she was missing at that moment: the warmth of her people. For the first time in a long time, a relieved and happy smile was drawn on the woman’s mouth. It was over.


A month later, Elena prepared to say goodbye to her older sister Eleanor; her time in the Kingdom of Europe had come to an end.

“My kingdom has missed its queen for too long,” Eleanor said, embracing her sister.

Elena returned the effusion with love. After a few seconds, the two women walked away. Eleonora stared intensely at her sister, a queen made and finished. Smiling, she climbed into her private plane, peering into the distance once again at the kingdom where she had lived until she came of age.

When the roar of the plane’s engine was only a distant hiss, Elena returned to the base. Today she was expecting the official speech in which she designated Alessandra as the next queen, in case of her untimely death. As she climbed the steps of her palace, the events of a few weeks before came back to her mind.

Immediately after Madame Shi’s defeat, a mysterious old woman appeared in the arena. Together with her, dozens of armed men and women accompanied her towards the European queen, who immediately felt threatened by that impressive entrance.

Only after a few minutes of explanation did Elena understand the importance of the lady in front of her. Ayako Shi was the empress in charge of the Asian Kingdom, as well as the mother of the helpless woman on the ground. The strict rules of her family required her to retrieve her offspring and give her just punishment for the dishonor she had brought upon the Shi family, including its aggregates and subordinates. This entailed the transfer of all Asian women present in the Kingdom of Europe to their homeland, to bring to completion the fate of the losers.

Elena still remembered with what coldness the Asian empress pronounced the fate of Madame Shi and all the women along with her.


At the mere thought, Elena shuddered. Although she had wished death upon the woman more than once, she still could not conceive of her wishes coming true.

Arrived on the balcony, Queen Helena was greeted with a huge applause from all the people present. With a hand gesture, the silence suddenly fell, everyone was waiting for the queen’s words.

Elena looked at the dreamy faces of the people who had gathered for her, then looked up towards the horizon. It was the beginning of a long period of peace and prosperity for her kingdom.














Or maybe not?

The End

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