Clash of Maids by AnubisX

Chapter 1: Rules of the House

Ivy got out of the limousine. In her hand, a suitcase was all that remained of her previous life; she knew she wasn’t going to miss her years of orphanage in her native Ukraine. Years of bad decisions and worse influences, years where she had literally survived with her teeth and nails. Neither was she going to miss her years of foster homes without love, years of families that didn’t want a girl with such a strong and volatile personality.

All that was far behind her now. In front of Ivy, the sun shone on the beautiful villa. And behind it the picturesque Romanian Carpathians, that stretched out as far as the eyes could see. Far from the noise of the big city, it seemed the perfect place for her to start a new and quiet life.

Or maybe not. A beautiful woman came to meet her, and the competitive instinct that Ivy had felt all her life flooded her body. She couldn’t stand other women, especially the pretty ones.

“She is Kristel, the housekeeper,” said the chauffeur who had brought Ivy to the villa. “You will be under her direct supervision.”

Ivy growled under her breath. She had been told that she would work as maid for a multimillionaire, but not under the orders of another woman. She really hated that…

“And the Lord?” the young girl asked.

“Lord Aripa is on a business trip,” the man clarified.

“Well, you must be Ivy,” Kristel said, giving a contemptuous look from top to bottom on the body of the new girl. “Mm, maybe you’ll be good for something… Please, follow me. The sooner you settle in, the better.”

What a bitch, Ivy thought, holding her poisonous tongue. She would settle accounts with that cocky slut later, at the right time.

The interior of the house was so luxurious that Ivy momentarily forgot Kristel: white marble, colorful tapestries, antique furniture, delicate ceramics… The place spoke of its millionaire owner in a way that did not need words, with hunting trophies hanging from the walls, with exotic souvenirs from countries as far away as China and Madagascar, as Argentina and Tahiti. Hunter, traveler… and a true lover of the female beauty. Several portrait paintings attracted Ivy’s attention, where gorgeous, suggestive women looked back at her in a kind of challenging way, perfectly captured by the painter. Ivy was captivated by a particular one, where a stunning Middle Eastern girl had been portrayed in complete nudity in a luxurious Arabian palace throne room, with gold furniture and colorful silk drapings hanging from the decorated ceilings. The beautiful girl’s long brown hair draped over her shoulders like seductive waves of an ocean that could not cover the thickness of two tanned, juicy breasts that the Ukrainian beauty immediately hated. Ivy’s bright blue eyes met the passionate and piercing emerald eyes of the painted woman. The challenge that she saw in them made her want to claw at the gorgeous face and tear up the painting with her own bare hands.

I really hate brunettes, the blonde thought, looking at the rest of the room to forget the woman. Around her was so much wealth and style… That was a world totally different from the one she came from. Well, partly different, because some things never changed: as she was following Kristel’s seductive ass, Ivy saw several girls watching her meticulously, jealously. Young and beautiful, all of them had heart-stopping bodies, highlighted by tight and short maid clothes. So these are my co-workers, she thought with some anger, feeling she wasn’t welcome there. This is not so different from what I am used to. In the past, she always had problems with the daughters of the families who adopted her; now, as soon as she entered the villa, Ivy knew she would have conflicts with these women… but that would be no problem for her or her competitive personality.

Kristel stopped in front of a door. “This is your room,” the housekeeper said coldly. “Your work clothes are on your bed. Get ready to start in half an hour, there’s a lot to do.” Kristel turned around to leave her alone, but at the last moment she added: “Ah, by the way, you will share the wardrobe and the bathroom with your roommate.”

“Roommate?” Ivy asked, visibly upset.

“This is not a hotel, girl.” With a gesture of contempt, Kristel walked away.

“Whore,” Ivy whispered before entering her room. The place was modest compared to the rest of the villa: a small bedroom with two beds, a wardrobe and, in a corner, the door that led to the bathroom. As Kristel had said, her maid outfit waited on her bed: a black one-piece dress with a short skirt, a white lace half-apron, a black and white ruffled headpiece, a long black fishnet stockings and high heels.

“This Lord Aripa is a fucking fetishist,” Ivy complained, but at the same time she felt a shock of excitement running through her body. She loved her curves so much she couldn’t wait to show off at the other maids and prove to those jealous bitches who was the real boss.

At that moment, the door of the room opened, and Ivy found herself face to face with a young woman of unexpected beauty. The atmosphere became dense, heavy in just a few seconds, while the girls’ eyes went from the initial surprise to a calculated coldness.

“Who the hell are you? What are you doing in my room?” the unknown woman asked.

“My room, you mean,” Ivy said territorially. Her expression hardened as her eyes examined the female’s gorgeous face, unable to avoid comparing it with hers. Her heart quickened as she realized the undeniable similarities between the two beauties, but at the same time their differences: the features of both women were similar, with feline eyes, fleshy lips, delicate noses, smooth skins, silky hairs; but, at the same time, they were totally opposite, because all that was light in Ivy, it was darkness in the other girl: blue eyes against brown eyes, rosy lips against reddish lips, ivory skin against tanned skin, blond hair against brown hair. Somehow, Ivy was seeing a dark version of herself, her perfect antagonist made flesh. Nobody could confuse them with each other, but neither could anyone say that the beauty of one was above the beauty of the other, because they were equally stunning in their own way.

Ivy’s eyes then fell on the other body. The chestnut-haired girl had a slender, curvaceous figure—perhaps a little more voluptuous than hers. Under her loose blouse, it was hard to know the actual size of her breasts, although the blonde believed that both were matched in that aspect. At least I’m slightly taller, she said proudly to herself, even though she was maybe only two centimeters taller.

“Has the cat got your tongue?” the blonde spat, aware of the evaluating gaze on her own body. “If you have any problem with what you see, just say it, slut.” Again, the bad girl took control of her body, her mind, her mouth; the bad girl who had never adapted to the orphanage, or to any home. The aspiration to find some peace in this remote Romanian villa has completely vaporized.

“Why would I have a problem with that?” the brunette replied with a look of disdain to Ivy’s body. Then, her eyes moved over the blonde’s bed, to her maid outfit. “Oh, you must be the new girl. Ivy, right?” A few seconds of silence and stares filled with tension, followed by more disdain in the form of words. “By the way the Lord spoke of you, I expected something better, sweety.”

The tigress who lived inside Ivy was about to take control then. Her hands opened and closed, eager to slap, scratch and jerk… but her female pride found a better way to humiliate that cocky brunette.

“If you’ll excuse me, babe, I have to get dressed for work.” Turning around, Ivy bent over her bed, intentionally displaying her spectacular butt in the direction of her newfound foe. Looking back over her shoulder, the blonde enjoyed the jealous brunette’s look. “I hope you don’t mind me undressing right here, roomy.”

“Of course not, my dear.” The other girl crossed the room, making sure to hit Ivy’s ass with her hips as she headed to the wardrobe. “In fact, I also have to get ready for work…”

It was amazing, but just a couple of minutes after meeting each other, Ivy and the brunette were going to strip their bodies in front of her rival to answer the questions that were floating in the air of the room: who was hotter? Who had better tits, better legs? Who was the better woman? With the brunette tossing her maid outfit to the other bed, Ivy knew she had to win this first battle, no matter how, or the psychological advantage would fall on the other side of the balance. It was time to mark the territory.

“What’s your name?” Ivy inquired, beginning to unbutton her blouse. In front of her, the brunette did the same.

“It’s Julia. Don’t forget it: when you learn the rules of the house, you will have to shout my name often.”

“We will see about that,” the blonde said. She didn’t know what rules Julia was talking about, and she didn’t care.

The blouses were opened, and the bra-covered breasts were exposed. Eagerly, the eyes of the beauties evaluated the rival glands, measuring their size and firmness. Their boobs seemed identical in volume and density, four good-looking B-cup glands raised on their torsos with the arrogance of the young breasts. That equality made Ivy’s throat fill with hatred and envious resentment. Her nipples, feeling the challenge, hardened under her bra; as far as she could see, Julia’s rods were also pushing themselves through her bra, with a length that surprised Ivy.

“I hope I have not already intimidated you,” Julia broke the silence, somehow reading Ivy’s mind. However, the Ukrainian beauty caught a certain jealous tone in the words of her rival, so she didn’t hesitate to seek comfort in it.

“Trying to win with your words what you can not win with your body, honey?” She tried to soften her voice to extinguish any hint of anger. “Why don’t you go ahead and let me see your legs and ass?” Ivy growled, looking for the initiative of the striptease duel.

“You’re going to see much more than that, sugar,” the brunette said mysteriously, unfastening the button of her jeans. Then she pulled down, stripping her smooth legs. But before Ivy could say anything about them, Julia grabbed her own black panties and dragged them down her thighs… exposing her naked pussy with nasty, bitchy attitude. “Rule number one of the house: have your pussy always shaved, ready for action, because you never know when someone is going to challenge your position.”

Ivy blushed, angry and ashamed, paralyzed for a moment by the shocking view. In front of her, Julia’s shaved cunt seemed to challenge her. A fat mount of Venus, thick labia, a generous clit… Her nemesis’ sexual anatomy screamed for war.

“You bitch!” Ivy growled with fury. Before she could stop her body, she found herself jumping against the brunette, forcing her hands into the brunette’s silky hair and knocking her over the bed. “I’m going to kill you, fucking tramp!”

“Stupid whore!” Julia yelled, sinking her fingers into the other woman’s golden mane. Between cries and pulls of hair, the maids rolled on the bed. “You wild slut! Rule number two: problems between women are not solved like this, savage whore!”

Despite her words, the brunette kept pulling hair, and the two young beauties fought for the top position until someone came screaming into the room.

“What the hell is happening here?” Kristel roared while other maids separated the angry amazons. Ivy and Julia tried to free themselves and hit the other girl with their hands and feet, but it was in vain. “I knew you would be a troublesome bitch, blondie,” the housekeeper accused. “But you, Julia, should already know the rules of this house.”

“She’s who started this!” Julia claimed. “I just defended myself!”

“You provoked me with that ugly pussy of yours!” Ivy protested.

“Your insecurities can suck my tits, slut!”

“Come here, cheap cunt!”

“Shut up!” Kristel ordered. “Julia, pick up your clothes and get dressed in one of the free guest rooms. Ivy, you will get dressed here. Today both of you will work far from each other.” The blonde and the brunette opened their mouths to protest, but a gesture from the housekeeper’s hand silenced them. “But tonight you will come back here… and you will solve any problem that you have following the rules of the house.”

“I don’t need stupid rules to kick her ass,” Ivy growled, staring at Julia.

“If you want to stay in this house, you will abide to these rules,” Kristel said. “If not, you can always crawl back to the dirty hole you came from.” Behind Kristel’s cold mask, Ivy could see that the housekeeper was enjoying putting her in place.

“Oh, stuck-up bitch,” the blonde barked. “I’m going to show you…”

“She is mine,” Julia interrupted, her voice vibrating with an unexpected passion. At that moment, Ivy witnessed an intense look between Julia and Kristel, a look that spoke of a deep, hot and hungry rivalry. Unexpectedly, jealousy devoured the blonde’s belly.

“Respect the rules, Julia. If you want to try to take my position again, you have to take care of your pending challenge first.” Kristel smiled maliciously, drawing Julia’s attention to Ivy. “If the new girl does not steal your position, maybe I’ll give you a new chance. After all, my body wants to humiliate yours again…”

“Slut,” Julia mumbled, though Ivy didn’t know if she was insulting the housekeeper with those humiliating words or her for standing in the way of what looked like a long-awaited revenge against Kristel.

“Whore,” the blonde found herself saying, as if she wanted to attract Julia’s gaze to her. A second later, the brunette’s brown eyes fixed on her face.

“Tonight, you bitch, right here,” Julia spat. “I’m going to teach you how we settle things in this house. In your bed, in mine, on the floor, in the shower or wherever you want. I don’t care. I’m going to fuck your body.”

With a push, she freed herself from the maid who was holding her. Then, with a look of hatred, Julia grabbed her maid outfit and left the room.

“Get ready for work,” Kristel said before leaving the room with the others maids.

Now alone, Ivy felt angry, frustrated… and confused. What the fuck were they all talking about? What rules? What had Julia said about fucking her body?

Chapter 2: What’s to Come

“Sexfight? Really?” Ivy could not believe what she was hearing. “Fighting… with sex?”

She and Mona, a beautiful local redhead maid, were hanging the clothes out to dry in the backyard garden of the villa, near the small stone clock tower that Lord Aripa had brought from one of his trips to England. The scent of a dozen different species of flowers flooded Ivy’s nose with a nice sweetness; a sweetness that, mixed with the evocation from Mona’s words, caused in the blonde’s body a sinful pleasure.

“Yeah, this is how Lord Aripa wants us, his girls, to solve any issue, no matter if it’s work or personal,” the redhead explained. “As you can see, he likes young and good-looking women, so he doesn’t want to appear in one of his properties and find our faces spoiled by a rough catfight.” A strange sparkle flashed in Mona’s eyes. “That’s why we sexfight, because…”

At that moment, Ivy was barely listening to her co-worker. Julia’s last threat echoed in her head, over and over again: I’m going to fuck your body. A thousand butterflies fluttered furiously in her belly as her nipples hardened and her crotch burned in an intense fire. Since her teenage years, she had gotten into more fights than she could remember, all of them dangerous, but somehow also exciting. Ivy loved to win, hated to lose, but that did not matter when she licked her wounds after any battle, because it was then when she was in a state of strange arousal that only wild sex or furious masturbation could satisfy.

Now that the world of the sexfights opened before her, the Ukrainian beauty realized that this powerful sexual energy she accumulated during the body-to-body struggle with another woman didn’t have to be wasted… It could be used as a heated weapon, it could be thrown against her rival… against that arrogant whore of hateful eyes and tongue of a snake named Julia.

“I’m going to fuck your body, fucking Julia,” she groaned loud before she could stop her hate. Looking to the side, she saw a smile in Mona’s face.

“Yeah, Ivy, do it… Fuck that bitch hard for me,” the other maid grunted.

Until then, Ivy had not known why Mona had been the only nice girl in the villa, but now she understood: the redhead hated Julia as much as she did. Maybe the brunette had beaten Mona in the past—maybe even more than once. That would explain why she was working with a newcomer, having been relegated to one of the lowest part of the house hierarchy by Julia’s pussy. So now I’m her only hope to get some revenge, Ivy thought.

“What can you tell me about that bitch?” the blonde asked with hunger. Suddenly, she couldn’t wait for the night to come, she couldn’t wait to tangle her body with Julia’s body.

“Be careful with her nipples,” Mona said automatically, almost as if she had thought about it everyday. “They are fucking hard.”

“Not as hard as mine,” Ivy boasted, though the memory of Julia’s nipples pushing through her bra hit her mind.

“And the whore knows how to kiss…” the redhead maid added. An image invaded blonde’s head: four locked lips, fat flesh against fat flesh, in a struggle for oxygen and sexual supremacy, a hot prelude to a clash of long, wet and sensitive tongues. Ivy was getting hornier.

“Tell me about her damn pussy,” she gasped, her body burning. She had already seen Julia’s definitive weapon, a shaved cunt that she now knew that it had been involved in many battles. The blonde had to admit that she was somewhat worried that the brunette had more experience than she did but, at the same time, she told herself that she had fucked women before—in fact, she had lost her virginity with a beautiful girl. That’s what this is all about, Ivy thought hotly. About fucking another woman. And that I can do it as well as she can.

“It’s very hot and moist. Extremely insatiable…” A slight tremor ran through Mona’s voice, who now seemed to be about to cry. “It can swallow your cunt if yours is not strong enough.”

“I can teach her one or two things about cunt swallowing,” Ivy said with pride, thinking of her own twat. From what she had seen, there was nothing in Julia’s crotch that hers didn’t have. But there is something that mine has and hers doesn’t… she thought, visualizing her own curly blonde hair jungle. I have to shave it before tonight. I don’t want that bitch justifying her defeat by my pussy hair, or telling that arrogant housekeeper I’ve won by breaking the fucking rules of the house.

“And watch her clit,” Mona kept warning, unaware of the train of thought of the other maid. “She will try to penetrate you with it. She really loves doing that.”

“Not if my clit stands in its way…”

Under the midday sun, Ivy and Mona kept talking about Julia, the rules of the house and all ways of solving problems around the villa for another hour, with the blonde taking mental note of everything she heard. And the more she listened, the hornier she got…

Crossing the main hall, Julia heard the clock tower announcing five o’clock in the whole villa. A frustrated growl escaped from between her full lips. This day seemed to have no end. The night —and with it, her confrontation with the blonde bitch— could not arrive soon enough for her.

“I just want to put that bitch in her place,” the Romanian beauty whispered. In her head, the memory of Ivy’s half-naked body continued to haunt her, as it had done since she left the room that she now shared with the Ukrainian whore. Julia hated every maid of the villa, and she had fought against each and every one of them… but none of her co-workers had aroused such strong feelings as those that were stirring at that moment in the depths of her stomach, her head, her own female ego. And all that after a very brief but very intense encounter with the blonde; just a few minutes in which both of them had took some of their clothes off, had threatened each other and even had come to blows.

Despite the strict rules of the house, Julia had to admit that she had enjoyed the moment of violence. Somehow, it had been liberating, sincere, raw. After months of coldly calculated confrontations with the other villa’s maids in search of the top of the pyramidal hierarchy, the genuine hatred that had degenerated into a struggle on her bed had been strangely satisfying. Of course, that was not her favorite way of resolving problems, but introducing that wild spirit to that night’s sexual cocktail was simply delicious.

Going down the stairs to the basement, Julia ran into Kristel. The other woman was going upstairs, directly towards her. The housekeeper’s gaze was arrogant, malicious; Julia’s brown eyes, on the other hand, burned with hatred. The brunette could not forget her last battle with Kristel, a hot battle for the position of villa’s main maid. The fight had been nerve-wracking, evenly-matched… but, to Julia’s misfortune, she had been the loser.

Since then, her failed attempt to conquer the top of the food chain had become a condemnation. Kristel had degraded her to the worst jobs in the house, forcing the brunette to compete with other maids before she could challenge Kristel again. And now that she was in a position to threaten the housekeeper’s position again, Kristel had sent that wild cat named Ivy to her room, pushing her into a new challenge.

“I’m coming for you, bitch,” Julia said, bumping shoulders with Kristel.

“First you will have to clean your room,” the alpha female of the villa replied without stopping her steps.

“I will clean the floor of my room with her, I assure you.” The brunette looked back, watching the swagger of Kristel’s powerful derrière as the housekeeper reached the end of the stairs. “And then your ass will be mine…”

A nasty laugh was all the answer that Julia received.

The sun was beginning to set when Ivy went out on the terrace, her first minutes of rest after her busy work shift. The late afternoon breeze caressed her like a lover, waving her beautiful golden mane. The cold air made contact with the warmth of the young woman’s excited body, and Ivy could not help panting at the contradictory sensation.

“How much longer do I have to wait?” she asked the sun, eager to see it disappear behind the mountains. Never before had Ivy felt so impatient. A few hours with almost nothing to do stood between her and the anticipated sexfight. Mona had told her that every evening the maids had dinner together, but she was planning to use that time better for taking a shower and shaving her cunt for the big event that night. Or maybe I should shave my pussy right now, she thought, her blue eyes now looked at the slow needles of the clock tower, which rose like an accusing finger toward that sun that didn’t leave this side of the world. That way, it won’t be so sensitive at the time of the fight, and at least I’ll be distracted for a while… I can’t wait to have that Romanian slut in front of me…

Then, as if some spirit of the Carpathian legends had paid attention to the frustrated thoughts of the beauty, her wish was granted. The terrace door creaked slightly, alerting Ivy that someone had gone up there… When she turned around, she found herself staring into Julia’s eyes.

“Bitch,” both exhaled at once. One word, tremendously powerful, that had rooted in their heads all day long.

Without looking away from her nemesis in that unexpected encounter, Julia closed the door behind her.

“Is this an ambush?” she asked, moving around the terrace like a predator. “What’s up? Could not you wait till night?”

“It’s you who came here,” Ivy replied, hands on her hips. “Did you think you were going to catch me off guard, you slut?”

“Whore, every afternoon I come here. It’s my time to relax.”

“Well, cunt, you better find another place, because from now on this is my place to relax.”

“You have arrived today,” Julia grunted, “and you already think you’re the queen bee of the villa?” The girls began to circle around each other slowly. “I saw you talking to Mona, but it seems that you have not yet learned how things work here…”

“Oh, I’ve learned a lot, honey,” the blonde smiled, approaching her rival.

“I know.” With disdain in her face, the chestnut-haired maid went to meet her. “You’re not the only one who has spoken to that weak redhead.” Now face to face, the two maids stopped their steps when their firm tits were about to touch each other. “So… did you tell Mona that your little nipples are the hardest?”

Slowly, Julia raised a hand before Ivy’s impassive face. Her fingers moved closer to the Ukrainian’s left breast… and then caught the excited nipple that was pushed through the fabric of the maid outfit. Ivy bit her lower lip, bearing the painful pinch, as Julia tried to hide her surprise under a poker face.

“It’s not so hard,” the brunette lied.

“Yeah, it is,” the blonde moved her own hand over her enemy’s left tit. “Let’s see how much truth was in Mona’s words…” Her fingers gripped Julia’s nipple, and immediately a blush flooded her cheeks as she felt the hardness of her rod.

“Now you know, bitch,” Julia said.

“No, I don’t,” Ivy snorted, and she was sincere: it wasn’t really easy to know which nipple was harder. Eager to answer that question, the maids assaulted the other boob and, for a full minute, they twisted and pinched the other woman’s tough stiffies through the clothes.

“Feel them good, sweety,” Julia growled under the cruel punishment. “Just imagine what they could do to yours.”

“Mona told me about your liking for… How do you call them here? Oh, yes, titfights.” Ivy tried to make her voice sound threatening despite the pain. “Sophisticated terms are not your thing, right?”

“No, our thing is talking less and acting more.” The Romanian brunette’s right hand left the nipple to move under Ivy’s skirt like a cobra quickly attacking its prey.

“Oh, you slut,” the blonde gasped, feeling her rival’s fingers sneaking in her panties and kneading her hairy pussy. “Two can play this game,” she threatened, leaving the brunette’s nipple in peace to attack the cunt she had seen that morning.

“Yeah, that’s just what I want,” Julia panted, her shaved pussy now handled by Ivy’s eager hand below her skirt, below her panties. “You and me having fun before what’s going to happen tonight.” Her cruel fingers gripped the hair of the blonde’s pussy, and the painful pull made Ivy moan. “I’m glad that jungle is still down there, sugar, because that way I can shave you with my own fingers. This way you will learn to follow the rules of the house to the letter.”

The blonde cursed that she hadn’t shaved her crotch before, since now she presented a weakness that her nemesis was taking advantage of. She really missed that Julia had pubic hair to rip out from the roots, but there was a lot to take in the hot pussy of the other maid… something the brunette also knew. Soon, the women’s hands were filled with the fat mounds of Venus, squeezing them before the fingers groped the other thick labia. The scorching pants of the rivals came together in the air, between faces twisted with pleasure and hate, flooding ears with the eroticism of the sexual gasping.

“I know my pubic hair scares your ugly pussy, but don’t worry, honey, I’ll be ready for you tonight. You will have no excuse,” Ivy groaned, her fingertips caressing bullyingly between the brunette’s labia. “By the way, I’m the only one who is going to have fun here.”

“Be my guest,” Julia said with pride. To the blonde’s surprise, her foe pushed both hands away from her body. “I know you’ve been asking about my cunt, about how much it can swallow… Well, my dear, my pussy is going to swallow your fingers and show you how much punishment they can endure.”

“Bitch,” Ivy croaked, leaving Julia’s hard nipple to wrap her arm around brunette’s neck as she readjusted her fingers over the other maid’s heated crotch. Julia hugged Ivy gently and, for the first time, the beauties brought their hot bodies together, nose to nose, breast to breast.

For a moment, the maids felt each other, evaluating the other girl’s amazing curves in a direct comparison. The sun illuminated their antagonizing figures as the only witness of a confrontation that seemed as if it were taken from the pages of an ancient Greek epic poem: intense, dramatic, wildly beautiful, undeniably sexy. As figures immortalized in a red-figure pottery, Ivy and Julia, valkyrie and amazon, let their bodies and eyes speak, exhaling electric rivalry without a single word.

Then, the blonde’s fingers began to open Julia’s labia slowly, very slowly. The brunette moaned quietly, challenging to her enemy with her eyes to keep going.

“Do you want me to fuck you so much that you’re not going to defend yourself?” Ivy asked, and an arrogant smile lit up Julia’s face. Then the brunette turned her face slightly, and the blonde followed her gaze. There, beyond the end of the terrace, they could see the clock tower.

“Five minutes, Ukrainian whore,” Julia whispered. “You have five minutes to work my pussy over. Show me how good you really are.”

“I’ll make you cum in less than two…”

Without another word, Ivy plunged two fingers deep into her nemesis’ cunt, forcing a delicious gasp of pleasure from the cocky brunette. Watching Julia’s flushed face closely, the blonde fucked her pussy with all the strength and precision she could, aware that the challenge of the other maid was a race against the clock. If she could not humiliate Julia’s sex in time, if she failed in her attempt to subdue the other cunt with her fingers, the brunette’s arrogance would know no limits.

With that anxiety in her head, she pushed Julia’s ass against one of the low walls of the terrace and accelerated her finger-fuck assault, penetrating over and over again the wet and hot interior of her adversary. Time seemed to lose its meaning in that repetition: inside, outside, inside, outside… but the brunette’s voice was in charge of bringing the blonde back to the reality.

“Two minutes, and my pussy is still unbeaten,” Julia bragged despite the tremors that ran through her body. “What are you waiting for? If you can not beat my cunt with your fingers, how are you going to do it with your pathetic pussy?”

“Don’t worry about that, slut,” Ivy grunted. “Feeling how wet your pussy is, you have to be about to explode.”

“Not even close, but let me help you.” The brunette began to move sensually on the blonde’s fingers, riding them haughtily as she brought her lips close to Ivy’s mouth. The couple moaned, almost kissing as they rubbed their tits together, as the sucking force of Julia’s cunt started pulling the blonde’s fingers inward. “Do you feel this? This is what Mona had warned you about. Just imagine what I’m going to do to you later, when we’re cunt to cunt.”

“Mine will swallow yours, that I can promise you.”

Julia grunted angrily at Ivy’s bragging. Despite her muscular exhibition, that Ukranian bitch still didn’t admit who had the best pussy. “Three minutes, you bitch.”

With a grunt, Ivy accelerated the pace, raping Julia with furious fingers. The brunette moaned against blonde’s mouth, gradually losing her composure as her cunt burned more and more. But even so, Julia kept the challenge in her brown eyes. Ivy wanted to slap her face, to scream at her that she should not feel so superior when her pussy was shaking around her fingers… but the only thing Ivy found herself doing was biting the fleshy lips of her rival.

“Yeah, you tramp, taste me,” Julia groaned, bearing the double assault. The blonde’s tongue penetrated her mouth, licking it with the same hate with which the fingers penetrated her pussy. For a humiliating moment, Julia had to close her eyes and surrender to pleasure; however, her swollen female pride got her out of trouble, hardening her against the wave of desire that was beginning to drown her.

“You’re mine, bitch.” Ivy’s voice sounded cocky, confident. Her white teeth, her pink lips, her long tongue now fell on brunette’s neck while her thumb found the definitive weapon of Julia. “Oh, is this your famous clit? It seems so small and weak,” the blonde growled, crushing it under her finger.

“Just wait for me to penetrate your ugly cunt with it,” the Romanian maid gasped.

“Before you will have to go through my clit. And for what I can feel,” the Ukranian woman replied, her thumb still crushing Julia’s sex rod, “yours will not be any problem for mine.”

“Keep dreaming.” To the limit of her sexual endurance, the brunette turned her face to look at the clock tower. “Time!” she shouted, pushing Ivy sharply away from her.

“Shit!” The Ukrainian maid shouted, looking at the clock. She couldn’t believe that the humiliation of her foe had just slipped between her fingers. “I had you there, weak cunt!”

“You did not get anything in five minutes,” Julia said, her voice broken by excitement and anger. She hated to know that, a few seconds more, and she would have exploded in a demolishing orgasm. But the brunette had survived her own challenge, so she was not going to waste even a second to rub the victory in Ivy’s face. “If that’s the best you can do…”

“Bitch, come here and jerk me off.” The words came out of the blonde’s mouth abruptly. With one hand, Ivy lifted her skirt; with the other, she pulled her panties slightly down, showing her hairy cunt to the other girl. “Five minutes. I assure you that, when the time runs out, I will not be as horny as you are now.”

“You’ll be cumming on my fingers long before that, you slut.”

Julia jumped suddenly against Ivy, and the girls hugged each other, chest to chest. This time, while two fingers of the Romanian beauty invaded the blonde’s crotch, the mouths locked together in a reciprocal kiss: Julia was anxious to avenge the affront from a rookie that had almost brought her to orgasm, and Ivy didn’t want to play passively with a woman who had resisted her hot onslaught.

On the terrace of the villa, away from all eyes, the maids kissed each other, rubbed their tits together, with Julia’s hand harassed Ivy’s cunt with resentment as fuel. The pussy reacted immediately, excited by everything that had happened before, and the fingers slipped in and out of the electrified vagina in a sea of slime and heat. Ivy moaned over and over again against Julia’s red lips, and the brunette gasped with pleasure at the knowledge that her rival was really excited.

However, as she sank her tongue into the blonde’s mouth, her eyes glanced at the clock tower… and it was like a bucket of cold water hit her.

“Two and a half minutes, honey.” Ivy’s blue eyes had followed Julia’s brown gaze to the clock, making her aware of the worries of her enemy. “Are you sure that tonight you’re going to fuck me?”

“Oh, I will… All night, if you can follow my rhythm.”

“I doubt very much that you can follow mine.” The blonde began to move against the invading fingers, trying to exhibit the strength of her Kegel muscles. “Sure you’re having second thoughts about what will happen when we’re cunt against cunt.”

“Let me make it clear, sugar.” Julia bit the other maid’s chin, vigorously finger-fucking her. “My pussy will eat yours alive. Period.”

“You arrogant slut,” Ivy grunted, taking a quick look at the clock tower. “Two minutes. You’d better hurry up…”

“Don’t tell me what I have to do, condescending sow,” the brunette spat, her thumb now looking for the other woman’s clit with the same hunger with which her mouth again stalked Ivy’s lips. “I know how to fuck a bitch like you…”

The Ukranian blonde threw back her head as soon as she felt the attack on her erect clit. This moment of weakness encouraged Julia, urging her to keep pushing the sexual limits of Ivy. She rubbed the hard spear in a circular motion with her thumb without stopping jamming her index and middle fingers into her rival’s cunt with a piston-like motion.

“Take that, babe! Fuck your little clit!” Julia yelled with joy, but Ivy seemed to recover enough to push her face back against hers, her eyes glinting with hatred and arrogance.

“Feel my big clit and tell me that yours is going to defeat mine in battle, you cunt,” the blonde challenged, breathing raggedly.

“I don’t have to tell you the obvious, whore,” the chestnut-haired girl said. “You’ll see for yourself soon enough.”

Their lips closed again in a hot kiss in those last moments of competition. Ivy could barely control her tremors, moaning passionately against Julia’s tongue as the brunette’s fingers felt that the blonde’s cunt was about to give way…

“Time!” Ivy’s scream was felt like a stab in Julia’s womb. Before she knew it, the Ukranian maid had pushed her, rudely taking her away from her desired victory.

“Fuck!” Julia was furious, with her opponent and with the clock. “A few seconds more, and your pussy would be mine!”

“No fucking way,” Ivy gasped, trying to recover from the sexual punishment. “You could never get me off.” She was lying. Her hairy cunt was throbbing powerfully between her legs, howling for an orgasm that was on the verge of exploding.

The sun had almost fallen behind the Carpathians, illuminating the terrace with orange, red and yellow brush-strokes. For weeks, Julia had found peace under the beautiful last lights of the day; however, there was only war today. Instinctively, she and her rival began to circle one another, their flushed, horny bodies covered by a thick layer of sweat, their mouths and throats dry from the intense panting while enduring the other maid’s thrusting fingers. The mutual sexual test had taken them to the edge of the orgasmic abyss, but also to the painful certainty that they were confronting a woman as skilled, overconfident and dirty as themselves. Julia could not believe that Ivy was a novice in the art of the sexual warfare, and Ivy found hard to accept that Julia’s arrogance was based on a real talent to give pleasure.

The inability to humiliate the adversary rooted the hatred that they already felt for the other young beauty. At that moment, the brunette and the blonde could not think clearly, as a primal desire of animal contact and sexual violence clouded their minds. The maids’s nails longed to tear cloth and skin, their teeth wanted to bite lips, tits and butts… and the pussies dreamed of riding on the other crotch, clit against clit, until the ultimate resolution.

But in spite of that aspiration, the girls kept circling each other without taking a step towards the rival. Somehow, something that no one could define was restraining them. Perhaps it was the worry of being too close to the climax, the anxiety of giving the first orgasm, a physical and psychological defeat that no one wanted to suffer; perhaps it was the need for survival, the need to be mentally ready for the real duel of this night now that they knew the actual potential of the other woman; or perhaps it just was not the time or the place.

A minute later, Ivy broke the tense silence to give an honorable exit for both of them. “I’ll see you in the bedroom tonight, right?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world,” the brunette said, deadly serious. “And shave your fucking furry twat. I don’t want anything between you and me.”

“I don’t need my hair to beat your pathetic pussy,” the blonde grunted.

With the mutual threats released, the conversation was over… but none of them moved for a few intense seconds. Their willpowers fought each other one more time, in a last challenge to continue contesting on the terrace.

At last, both decided to step back, reluctantly moving away from each other. The night was near, and both were anxious to get together in the first all-out sexfight between them.

Chapter 3: The First Night

The silence reigned in the bedroom, but Ivy knew that in a few minutes the calm will disappear under a sea of gasps, moans, grunts and insults. In fact, the blonde’s ears had rumbled during the last hours with the growls and pants that Julia had exhaled against her mouth in the confrontation of the terrace. She couldn’t wait to hear them again, this time forcing them to the final and climactic shriek.

At that moment, angry screams filled the air. Ivy knew they came from the dining room, where the other maids were sharing a dinner she had avoided. Biting an apple she’d taken from the kitchen, the blonde heard the screams, screams that were speaking of hatred and rivalry, of sexual competition and challenge. That night, Ivy knew, Julia and she would not be the only ones that would settle their differences in the bedroom.

If I had gone to dinner, I would have broken a bottle on the heads of some of those jealous whores, she told herself, savoring the truth behind her thought. Ivy’s turbulent past was still there despite the strict rules of the house. Violence had been a part of her life for as long as she can remember; although the discovery of sexual struggles had been exciting and delicious, a part of her still wanted to scratch and bite, to punch and kick. “Well, it’s called sexfight for something, right?” she whispered, grinning maliciously. If Julia thought they were only going to fuck, she was going to get a nasty surprise…

The young Ukrainian woman didn’t have to wait long. Like that morning, the door opened, but this time Ivy knew what she expected: Julia entered the room slowly, attentive to the blonde’s movements, and closed the door behind her. Two maids who had met only a few hours earlier were now alone in a perfect battlefield for the war they were going to fight.

“So… trouble at dinner time?” Ivy asked, staring into the brown eyes of the brunette. Julia’s pupils vibrated between excitement and nervousness. You may be an experienced sexfighter, whore, but our contest on the terrace has made you doubt, she thought with pride, trying to forget her own hesitations.

“Oh, that… Well, just two girls wanting to solve their issues like savages.” Julia’s eyes narrowed. “Does that remind you of anyone?”

“Yeah…” Ivy whispered, just before her hand slapped hard and quickly the beautiful face of the Romanian vixen. With a growl of pain, Julia fell on her bed; a second later, Ivy was on top of her, dragging her nails through her maid’s outfit. “What’s the problem, honey? Your sexfights have a lot of sex and a little fight, maybe?”

“You cunt!” the brunette cried, smacking Ivy’s cheek with a dirty slap. Falling on her side, the blonde found herself suddenly facing her rival on equal terms. “Did you think that here we don’t know what a rough sexfight is? You cocky bimbo!”

The enemies struggled on the bed, their hands tugging at the other’s clothes. The sound of the ripping fabric flooded the bedroom and the girls’ ears, who gasped hotly at that delicious music.

“That’s right, sugar!” Julia groaned. “Undress me, rookie! You’ve been wanting this all day!”

“You’re looking forward to seeing my tits, my pussy!” Ivy replied. “And when you do, you’ll know the mistake you’re making, my dear!”

“There is nothing in your pathetic body that scares me, sweety.” Julia’s fingers broke the neckline of the blonde’s maid outfit, and Ivy’s boobs bounced in front of her, covered by a sexy white lace bra. “Oh, look, there are your little tits!”

“Bigger than yours, sow!” Ivy tore the front of Julia’s outfit, stripping a torso where two juicy breasts quivered under a lascivious black lace bra. “See? Yours are small and ugly!”

Fueled by jealousy, the nails grabbed bra and tits at the same time, pulling the brassieres off with a violent pull and leaving red marks on the other sensitive titflesh. The bare B-cup boobs swung with youthful beauty, their nipples pointing to the rival’s face arrogantly.

“Bitch!” the maids grunted, accepting the unspoken challenge of the naked firmness. Hugging each other, they squeezed their breasts together as they fought for the top position on the bed. Then, their tongues met, starving after fasting hours. The sexfight was on!

Ivy had been in many fights in her life, so it was not the first time that she struggled with another woman, that her chest clashed against other breasts… but what was going on in that bed was very, very different. Having the naked tits of this woman in rough contact against her own exposed pair was invasive and annoying, sexy and lustful; her nipples seemed electrically connected to Julia’s nipples, with a feedback of sexual energy that came and went between the bodies at war.

Ivy’s mouth deepened the shared kiss, seeking to satisfy the brutal waves of pleasure that were already running through her skin, but the tongue and lips of her antagonist could not quench her. As she rolled on the bed with Julia, her pussy searched the brunette’s sex desperately… but the skirts prevented contact.

“Slut, bring your hot cunt here!”

For a second, the blonde thought she had shouted those words, verbalizing her greatest desire. But it was Julia who had unmasked her hunger, her voice broken by lust, her fingers seeking to continue tearing cloth.

“Do you already want some pussy to pussy action?” Ivy gasped against Julia’s mouth, dragging her nails through the remains of the other maid’s outfit. “This rookie must be getting you really hot!”

“Look who’s talking, the one who doesn’t stop rubbing against my skirt!”

The jerks were rabid, anxious… and effective. In just a few seconds, the skirts had been shattered, and the women’s panty-covered cunts appeared on the scene, soaked with excitement and rivalry.

“Rip off my panties!” Julia asked eagerly.

“Rip mine off!” Ivy replied hungrily.

Their wishes were commands for the rivals, and the delicate panties were destroyed by the cruelest nails of the villa in just a few seconds, exposing the best female weapons of the maids.

“No hair? It seems you’re learning from the best woman!” Julia exclaimed, struggling with Ivy.

“I have learned from the dirtiest bitch!” A second later, Ivy groaned fervently as she felt their sexes got tangle up, shaved mound against shaved mound.

“Poor rookie,” Julia mocked, managing to roll over the blonde while rubbing their crotches together hard. “Is my pussy too much for you?”

“Tramp!” Ivy cried. Being honest with herself, the contact was devastating, even though only a small part of her vaginal lips was barely touching. She had been so sure of her sexual power that she wasn’t ready for such intense sensation.

“Do you think coming to the fight without hair makes us equal?” the Romanian beauty kept taunting. “You need much more than a bitchy attitude, a big mouth and a shaved cunt to fuck someone like me.”

Ivy wasn’t the kind of woman to give in to adversity. If something she had learned of her violent days at orphanages and foster homes, it was to return the blows. Under her nemesis, the blonde started pounding up with her cunt, making sure to rub it roughly against Julia’s mound after each impact. The other maid moaned against her lips, exhaling gaspes of pleasure and pain that spoke of a vulnerability greater than the arrogant brunette admitted.

“It seems like you’re the one who can not take this,” Ivy teased her rival. “You bark a lot, but when it comes to truth, you don’t bite.”

“Fucking bitch.” Julia returned every blow, every rub. “If you want me biting you, I’ll give you more than you can bear.”

Ivy spread her lips, receiving Julia’s open mouth, and their sharp, white teeth came into action. Pressing their faces together, blonde and brunette chewed their juicy lips, biting each other cruelly. But despite the pain, no one sought blood: they were defining who was hotter, who could fuck more and better, who could last longer than the other, totally exhausting the enemy’s sexual stamina… and that’s what they were going to do. Tongues and lips entered the game, adding softness to the roughness of the teeth, and the couple moaned at the masochistic pleasure that arose from the cocktail.

Momentarily lost in that oral hedonism, Julia lost the top position before the vicious pussy strokes of the blonde. Suddenly under her rival, she felt Ivy’s wet crotch riding her hot cunt with strength and anxiety.

“Come on, babe!” the Ukranian girl screamed with joy between licks and bites. “Is this rookie fucking you?”

“I can take everything your pussy can give!” Julia growled. “Move your ass better, because I hardly feel anything!” Following her own words, the brunette grabbed Ivy’s buttocks. Under her fingernails, she felt firmness and power, which only increased her eagerness to beat that blue-eyed slut.

For two, three minutes, the women battled mouth against mouth, chest against chest, pussy against pussy, gasping and grunting as their naked bodies writhed against one another. Julia could not believe it, but she was getting the worst of the duel right now. The new maid was riding her, fucking her in her own bed as if she were a weakling like that ginger Mona. I can not allow this, she told herself, mentally preparing to counterattack.

Ivy suddenly felt the brutal onslaught of Julia’s tongue. With the vigor of hatred and jealousy, the pink serpent-like muscle brushed the blonde’s tongue aside and penetrated Ivy’s mouth. On the verge of choking, the Ukranian maid tried to catch the brunette’s tongue with hers, getting tangled up with her to get her out of the depths of her mouth, but it was in vain. As Julia continued to rape her, the redhead’s words flooded Ivy’s head: the whore knows how to kiss.

Knowing that she was being surpassed, Ivy grunted with rage and reluctantly pushed her mouth away from Julia’s vicious tongue… which was just what the brunette was waiting for. With a quick and sudden pelvis push, Julia threw the blonde out of bed. Tightly embraced to the blonde, the Romanian maid fell with her.

The floor received them with a resounding blow. The fall knocked the air out of both rivals’ lungs, and the double painful exhalation they spat sounded in some way like the bell that ended the first round. Longing to catch their breath and reorder their thoughts, the girls separated from each other with a mutual shove. After the hot sexual intercourse in bed, Ivy began to understand that Julia’s sexfighter reputation in the house was much more than mere talk, and Julia now knew that the sexual match against Ivy was far from the walkover she had thought. The arrogance of the maids had made them forget the carnal energy that the other beauty had showed on the terrace, and both nearly paid dearly for it.

Kneeling on the floor, blonde and brunette faced each other, panting and sweating. For the first time, they could admire the complete nakedness of the other woman, the nakedness that they had felt against their own flesh. Ivy now knew that those boobs that she was seeing before her not only matched her pair in size, but also in firmness. Biting her lower lip, the blonde watched Julia’s brown nipples; as Mona had already warned her, the brunette’s rods had proved to be incredibly hard, lacerating the sensitive skin of her own chest in the battle on the bed, but what she had not expected at all was that Julia’s nipples were bigger than hers.

“What’s up, honey? Afraid of my tits?” the brunette asked, seductively moving her hands through her breasts. Her fingers caressed her areolas, also bigger than Ivy’s, before gently pinching her nipples. “Don’t you like my bigger nipples?” she concluded. It wasn’t the first time that Julia seemed to read Ivy’s mind.

“Bigger does not mean better,” the blonde grunted.

“Maybe… but harder does mean better…”

“If you want to drag me to one of those titfights that you love so much, you’re doing a good job, bitch.”

“So… are you in?” Julia challenged, licking her lips.

“You can bet on it! I’m not afraid of your tits, or your ugly big nipples.” Ivy looked down. “But don’t you think I’m done with your pussy.”

“Well…” Julia’s eyes looked at Ivy’s crotch. “We still have to finish what we started on the terrace.”

Ivy got up on her feet, and Julia did the same. Word by word, threat by threat, they were setting the guidelines of the second round. Later there would be time for an all-out sexfight; now, there were very specific attacks on their female egos that had to be answered.

“Let’s finger-fuck and fight with our tits.” It was Julia who give shape to the female contest. “First one who breaks the clinch, falls to the floor or cums, loses. And the loser… I mean, you… will suck the winner’s cunt. You game, slut?”

A soft animal growl emerged from between Ivy’s lips. She was no stranger to humiliation among women, a common practice in the cruel world of catfights. But sucking a wet, hot pussy… that went far beyond what she had ever dreamed of. It was dangerous, but also delicious. Visualizing Julia’s pretty mouth eating her superior cunt, the blonde felt her heart pounding out of control.

“Your tits will be so sore after mine crush them, your pussy will be so dry after my fingers milk it, that sucking my cunt will be the only good thing you’ll get tonight, bitch,” Ivy said heatedly.

“I’ve already let you rest enough!” Fed up with her foe, Julia moved forward with slow but determined steps. Ivy pushed her chest out, awaiting her in defiance.

The blonde paid her titfight inexperience when the brunette suddenly lunged at the last moment. Like a wrecking ball, Julia’s left boob slammed into Ivy’s right breast, making the Ukrainian girl cry out. But when the Romanian beauty’s other tit moved against hers, the blonde had already learned the lesson. Ivy’s left tit and Julia’s right tit smashed together in a terrible train crash, forcing a sharp moan from the couple. For a moment, both young women forgot about the other pussy, concentrating on destroying the other prized round trophies.

In the center of the bedroom, the maids exchanged chest blows, moaning and panting against the other face. Julia and Ivy accelerated the speed of their attacks, trying to overwhelm the other, trying to strike before being struck, but their breasts met always in the middle of the air, charge to charge. Left against right, right against left, tit for tat, the painful boob duel lasted for one, two minutes, until the raging females began to wear out.

Unable to know how much more she could take, Ivy slammed her two sore weapons into her foe’s chest at the same time, in a desperate attempt to force her adversary to surrender. For the pleasure of the blonde, Julia exhaled a short cry of pain and pleasure. Taking advantage of the momentary weakness of the chestnut-haired woman, Ivy managed to push Julia back with a second and then a third double tit thrust. Julia’s body ended up crashing against the bathroom door; giving way to the pressure, the door opened, letting the beauties enter its domain. Exhausted, the girls fell over a corner of the bathroom, with the new maid trapping the veteran maid with her body.

“Slut,” Julia gasped as both rivals hugged each other.

“Any problems with your boobs, darling?” Ivy teased, even with her tits throbbing in pain. “I think you are as overrated as titfighter as you are as sexfighter.”

“Do you think a titfight is limited to just banging tits like a wild animal?” The evil sparkle in brunette’s eyes surprised the blonde. It was not the attitude she had hoped after having surpassed her in the fight. “Let me show you how this works…”

Ivy gasped as she felt Julia’s embrace tighten, bringing the two pairs of breasts into a constricted contact. Instinctively, she returned the intense hug, and now both women moaned when they felt their proud bosoms crushing together. Trying to control their breaths, the females readjusted their postures, resting their heads on the other shoulder to begin spitting their hatred directly against the other ear.

“I admit that you’re good smacking tits,” the Romanian girl said, “but now this is simply my firmness against your firmness, my size against your size… and it’s impossible for you to beat me this way, close and hard.”

“I dare you to squash my firm tits, whore,” Ivy challenged. “You’re going to be very disappointed when your little girls fail and go flat against mine!”

The time of words ended as soon as the maids redoubled the pressure. Squeezing her eyes shut, blonde and brunette grunted and gasped, feeling their breasts fighting for the space that belonged to the other stubborn chest. Despite having been fighting all her life, Ivy was amazed how many new and exciting ways of fighting she was discovering in that secluded place of the Carpathians. Somehow, as she rubbed her tits roughly against Julia’s pair, the blonde understood everything that she had been missing all these years. Catfights were stimulating, but they were not as deep, as intimate as these kinds of close combat, as these ultimate tests of hotness and femininity.

Clinched in the corner of the bathroom, the girls kept the friction as rough as they could against the other chest, testing the depth and toughness of the other sensitive titflesh with the weight and firmness of their own hot virtues. For both maids, it was incredible to feel how heavy the other boobs felt, despite the fact that none had a large chest. In that conflict at close range, with glands compressed and squeezed between torsos and arms, the nemesis’ tits seemed to be a bigger cup.

“Your boobies are not as good as you think.” Given the frustrating equality between breasts, Ivy felt obliged to say something.

“Neither are yours,” Julia replied. Her tits had beaten larger and intimidating bosoms, so she could barely believe that Ukrainian bitch’s pair was still resisting her assault. “But be patient: sooner or later, your little tits will break against mine.”

Like naval rams, Julia’s fat nipples began to stab Ivy’s sensitive pink areolas in order to fulfill the promise of the brunette. Exhaling a squeal of arousal, the blonde intercepted the penetrating rods with her own nipples in a dirty attempt to push them away from her areolas… and the battle of the triremes began in the middle of a sea of flesh. Attacking and counterattacking between swells, the hard erections bumped into each other in an all-out battle, cannonading the adversary’s stiff nipples from all possible angles.

“Shit,” the blonde panted, again losing control of her breathing. Despite Ivy’s arduous efforts, Julia’s bigger nipples were starting to get the best of the exchange, giving more than they received. Even worse: more and more, the brunette’s nipples managed to spoil more and more of the blonde’s defenses, penetrating her areolas with a cruelty reflected in the excited gasps that Julia exhaled against the ear of the Ukrainian beauty.

“Mona warned you, but vulgar whores like you don’t listen, right?” The Romanian maid softly bit her earlobe. “Tell me what that gutless redhead told you about my nipples. I want to hear it from your mouth.”

“She told me what I already know: that they are weak and ugly!” Ivy lied insolently.

“Wrong answer, sugar.” Julia pushed at the same time with her tits and legs and, before Ivy could react, she was shoved into the small shower cubicle, still trapped in a tight embrace with her worst enemy. “She told you that my nipples are fucking hard. And now you and your nipples know it.”

“Fight my nipples, fucking cunt!” Out of her wits, the blonde crushed her shafts against Julia’s nipples, trying to change the annoying course of the contest. “I’m going to tear yours apart, you arrogant cocksucker.”

“What a dirty mouth!” Julia sneered. “Looks like I’m going to have to clean it, babe.” With one of her hands, the brunette turned the shower on, and a hot spray of water rained on the two women. But that didn’t stop the girls: Ivy insisted on attacking the opposing nipples with her own, and Julia replied to her assault with pleasure. The water ran through their fighting bodies, soaking their manes, licking their curves… exploding in wet bursts with each nipple clash. The blonde managed to force many anguished moans from the brunette, but her spears were still the ones whipped there. She hated the possibility that Julia’s weapons could be harder and tougher than hers, so she pushed her face against her antagonist’s face, nose to nose, to let her blue eyes clearly say that she would not accept that.

“You haven’t won this yet,” Ivy rebelled.

“But I’m about to do it,” Julia smirked.

“If you want to beat me, you’ll have to do it where it really counts,” the Ukranian beauty said, knowing that she had to open another front in this female war. “Did not you say something about finger-fucking me?”

“Seeing how bad time your nipples are having, I didn’t want to look like a bully fucking your pussy when I’m already fucking your nipples,” Julia’s voice was cocky, mocking, “but if you insist…”

The brunette forced her fingers into Ivy’s cunt, penetrating her love hole. A violated groan resounded under the rain of water; trembling against her Romanian competitor, the new maid realized painfully how close she was to orgasm. The exhausted sexual battle of the terrace, the hot and dirty threats exchanged throughout the day, the countless minutes rubbing heself against Julia’s body… everything was taking its toll, and the brunette’s fingers were just the assault that came to conclude all that.

“Fucking slut!” Ivy screamed, grabbing the other woman’s pussy furiously before plunging her fingers between the labia. Julia’s warm, wet interior received her, quivering under her dirty incursion.

“Oh, you cunt!” Julia cried, for a moment her usual arrogance disappearing under a gesture of weakness.

“You’re not so tough, huh?” Ivy stated. Recovering some confidence after the humiliating duel of nipples, she slammed her tits against Julia’s glands, making her moan. The blonde was comforted to see in brunette’s flushed face that her rival was as close to her limits as she was. “Let’s finish this, bitch.”

Julia accepted the challenge, returning the blow with her own breasts, and the fight broke out. With powerful boob strokes, they forced each other back and forth inside the shower cubicle, gasping and grunting in the steaming battlefield. Eager for victory, both beauties managed to keep their fingers inside the other twat, masturbating it with the impatience of those who know they are about to get what they want most.

After a series of winning tit blows, Ivy pushed Julia back to a shower wall. With the advantage now of her side, she pressed her chest against the beaten pair of the brunette, enjoying her growl of pain and the feel of Julia’s breasts softening a bit against her still firm boobs. At that moment, her fingers raped her rival’s crotch so hard that Julia threw back her head and howled with pleasure. However, the Romanian beauty didn’t give up, and the counterattack of her fingers inside Ivy’s pussy made the blonde scream at the edge of her sexual strength.

“Surrender your body to me!” the blonde exclaimed, biting Julia’s chin.

“Fuck!” The brunette brought her forehead against the other maid’s forehead, her eyes flashing with fury. “Not when my body is beating yours!”

“The hell you are! My boobs are crushing yours, and you know it!”

“Bullshit!” Furious at the truth behind Ivy’s words, Julia threw her tongue against the Ukranian woman’s mouth, licking her lips before her opponent’s tongue came out to fight. Between hot licks, the brunette kept feeling how her bosoms were crushed, how her cunt was abused. Somehow, Ivy had turned the fight around, and now she was the one who was in the losing end.

“I can’t wait to see you sucking my pussy,” Ivy teased before catching Julia’s tongue between her sexy lips. The brunette moaned, trembling against the blonde’s body as her enemy savored her oral muscle. Her violated cunt throbbed, about to explode.

“Fucking cunt.” Escaping from Ivy’s mouth, Julia breathed heavily into the beautiful face of the other maid. “You’re going to eat my pussy… and do you know why?” Her lips closed over the blonde’s mouth, kissing her with such passion that Ivy’s body lost its strength for a second. Then Julia’s body pushed forward with unexpected vigor, and the mouths parted each other with a double grunt. “Because I’m the best sexfighter here!” the brunette yelled.

Trembling under the unstoppable waves of the impending climax, the girls felt their bodies falling prey to weakness. Suddenly, Ivy’s knees gave way, and the girls fell on the shower tray in a tangle of excited bodies, wet hair and hot water. The hands lost their grip on the other crotch but, at that time, it didn’t matter: the pussies had crashed together in the fall, and they no longer wanted to separate from each other.

Desperate, the women stiffened the muscles of their asses, beginning to rub their sexes in a battle that both knew that, given their mutual excitement, it would not last more than a few seconds.

“Stop beating around the bush, bitch!” Julia roared on top of her opponent. “Let’s fuck cunt to cunt!”

“You’re not going to fuck—Oh, shit!” Something thick, wet, hot as a branding iron, crossed the threshold of her labia. “Shit, shit, shit!” As Mona had predicted, there was Julia’s clit. The feeling of being penetrated, of being taken by a woman playing the role of a man, made Ivy’s sexual stamina explode. Shouting under the rain of water, under the cocky brunette’s face, the blonde screamed her climax, convulsing in the greatest humiliation of her life. A sincere, relieved laugh came from Julia’s lips, who rode Ivy’s trembling body to the last waves of her orgasm.

For a moment, everything seemed to calm down. In the shower, one could only hear the water falling on the naked and exhausted bodies, and the soft female gasps. But with the hatred that electrified the air, no beauty could be silent for a long time.

“You fucking bitch,” the blonde groaned.

“Loser,” the brunette replied. Climbing the body of the defeated woman, she sat on her. “Fulfill your promise, rookie.”

Before she could react, Ivy already had the pussy of her nemesis against her mouth. Her smell was invaded by a strongly feminine scent, and her lips filled with moisture and slime.

“Eat me, babe,” the brunette ordered… and the Ukrainian maid had no choice but to accept the punishment. Her tongue licked the cunt that had fucked hers, and a contradictory taste, between sweet and salty, filled her taste buds. Julia’s poorly controlled moans echoed in the shower cubicle, and more fluid filled Ivy’s mouth. When the blonde’s lips found the brunette’s victorious fat clit, the other maid howled, bursting into her own powerful orgasm.

At that moment, Ivy was not aware of the promptness with which Julia had cum; she could only think of the humiliation of having to eat her cunt, of the unexpected defeat against a woman she detested intensely. She heard her foe standing up, but she didn’t want to open her eyes.

“Are we done?” Julia’s voice sounded exhausted, but also surprised.

“Just leave me alone, whore,” Ivy sobbed, and a nasty laugh came to her ears.

“Easy,” Julia said, moving away from her. But a few steps later, Ivy heard her rival speaking again, now from the door. “Have fun in the stables tomorrow, you little cunt. Enjoy the company of the coward.”

Without understanding a word, Ivy stayed there, under the hot water, defeated and humiliated like never before in her life.

Chapter 4: Roll in the Hay

“The shattered maid outfits will be deducted from your pay.” Kristel moved from side to side of the living room, visibly angry with Julia and Ivy. Slightly dazzled by the morning sun through the large windows, the young beautiful girls listened to the housekeeper in silence. “And those marks that I see in your faces? I could expect that from a savage like you,” she growled, pointing to the blonde, “but not from someone who knows perfectly the rules of the house,” she exclaimed, with her eyes on the brunette. “Julia, you are degraded to Mona’s position. You will wash clothes today with her. And as for you, Ivy, since you lost the sexfight… you’ll go to the stables.”

Julia’s brown eyes met Ivy’s blue eyes. For a few seconds, none spoke, but it was not necessary: both blamed the other woman for her situation, and the desire to wreak revenge on the other maid flooded the air. The Romanian maid could hardly believe that her rival had dragged her again to a violent altercation, something that she would now have to pay working with a weak redhead slut in one of the less glamorous tasks of the villa. On the other hand, the Ukranian maid was being humiliated with the worst possible job, and not only for breaking the rules of the house, but above all for letting her enemy defeat her. Recovered from the shock of the loss, Ivy only thought that revenge wasn’t going to be served cold; her impatience pushed her to look for payback when it was still hot.

“All of this is your fault,” Julia whispered when Kristel left them alone. Her chance to challenge the housekeeper again for the main maid’s position were now beyond from her reach. “You don’t stop dragging me to your stray bitch level, and all because you have no chance against me in a fair sexfight… as I showed you last night.”

“I don’t need to tear your clothes apart or slap your face to beat you in a sexfight. I just didn’t know that you were so prudish in this villa,” the blonde replied. “And forget what happened last night, because that won’t happen again. You won’t be so lucky next time.”

“It’s not to be lucky, it’s to be the best woman,” the brunette said. Ivy narrowed her eyes, and took a defiant step forward. Julia raised her hands, ready to go into battle with her rival. However, several maids entered the living room at that time, and the moment passed.

“Tonight then, bitch?” the Romanian beauty whispered.

The blonde shook her head. “I won’t wait so long, cunt.”

“Well… me neither.” Before Ivy could reply, the other maid had already disappeared through the door.

Ivy wiped the sweat from her forehead as she watched the mares eating hay. At last, she had finished cleaning and ordering the stable, leaving it ready for when the stablewoman arrived that weekend. But she had not done all the work alone: Evelyn, a Slovak girl with elusive green eyes and long red hair, had helped her.

Looking at her from the other side of the stable, Ivy grimaced with contempt. Evelyn occupied the lowest place of the pyramid of the villa because, after losing two sex contests against other maids, she had refused to fight again. I really hate cowards, the blonde thought. Her belligerent spirit didn’t understand that a woman didn’t seek revenge after being defeated, and her bitchy attitude toward the redhead all morning had proven it. You lost, Slovak bitch, and you gave up. I won’t do the same.

Throughout the day’s work, Ivy had not stopped thinking about what had happened last night between Julia and herself. She visualized the fight in her head, from beginning to end, over and over again: the close skirmish in bed, the rough titfight, the desperate final battle in the shower. Hatred flooded her beautiful face every time she thought of Julia’s hard nipples, sweet tongue or, even worse, her penetrating clit, the burning finisher. The Romanian witch had some incredible weapons on her curvaceous body, but Ivy encouraged herself by saying that her own body was not defenseless: her firm breasts had given a good beating to Julia’s solid bosoms when the tit duel had gone wild, and her lips and fingers had pushed the brunette so close to the orgasm that Julia had cum just seconds after Ivy began to eat her pussy. She was very, very close, the Ukrainian woman told herself. If I had stopped her clit with mine…

At that moment, someone stopped at the entrance of the stable. The sun illuminated a beautiful silhouette of broad hips and delicate waist, and the shadow of the woman brushed Ivy’s feet. Blinded by sunlight, the blonde took a few seconds to recognize her.

“You…” she grunted, looking at Julia resentfully.

“I must leave,” Evelyn said, visibly nervous. However, before she could escape, the brunette grabbed her arm.

“You stay here,” Julia commanded. A strange gleam flashed in her brown. “You know? I heard that the other ginger in the villa doesn’t like to see another redhead cunt around here. Maybe you should see what I’m going to do to this cocky blonde and learn some useful things if you don’t want Mona fucking you out of this place.”

“Did Mona… say that?”

To Ivy’s surprise, Julia’s words seemed to have awakened something in Evelyn. Maybe, after all, she was not such a coward. No doubt there was something between the two redheads of the villa, something that Julia had been able to encourage. With a sudden jerk, Evelyn freed herself from the brunette’s claws. Then, with a look of bitterness toward Ivy, she licked her lips.

“Fuck the new girl… again,” she simply said, and Julia nodded.

“I will do it… again.”

The temperature seemed to increase by several degrees as Ivy and Julia began to circle one another, still several meters away. Evelyn closed the large doors of the stable, shutting herself with the sexfighters as the only witness of what was going to happen there. She sat on a bale of hay and observed the careful movements of the two rivals; for a few seconds, she imagined Mona and herself in the same place, with the same attitude, and a shock of electric excitement ran through her young body.

“After I’m done with you, everything will be back to normal,” Julia opened fire. “Kristel and I fighting for the main position, and you out of my room.”

“I think I’ll be the one to challenge Kristel after I beat you,” Ivy growled. “When I become the housekeeper, you will live in this stable with the mares. An appropriate place for someone like you.”

“It’s funny to hear you say that, when a few hours ago you were sobbing, asking me to leave you alone after my body fucked yours,” the brunette boasted of her victory.

“Many things happened last night, and not all were good for you,” the blonde replied. “And if you think it was easy, just remember how close you were to cum against me.”

“If you think you can make me cum, here’s your chance.” Julia began to take off her new maid outfit while still moving around the stable. “Although, well, you can always eat my pussy when I’ve milked yours. It seems that this is your way of getting me to orgasm.”

“You’ll be the one eating my pussy when yours is crushed.” Ivy also began to undress, always attentive to her rival. “You will find it harder to rape me with your clit now that I know how you like to do this.”

“You’re not the first woman who thinks she can stop my clit from doing her job. Are you going to try with yours?”

“I will not try it, you slut… I’m going to do it.”

“We’ll see, bitch.”

Evelyn could hardly believe the hatred she saw before her. She had known Julia for two months, but had never seen her as tense as she was now, facing the beautiful Ukrainian blonde. This was a genuine rivalry, a strong female antagonism based on an instant, deep and real animosity, and not a simple power struggle like the confrontation between Julia and Kristel. Excited, the Slovak redhead saw the other maids throw their outfits aside, standing in front of the enemy in bra and panties. Furtively, she sank her fingers under her skirt…

“Stand-up fuck?” Ivy asked, her voice broken by the excitement of the challenge.

“Oh, yeah, please,” Julia answered.

Their hands played for a couple of seconds with their panties before pulling them down, stripping the pussies that, after being named so many times, were hungry for war. The moisture in the crotches flashed under the sunlights coming through the windows of the stable. From her position, Evelyn could see the fat clits of the women, erected like two cavalry lances ready for a medieval joust. The direction of the discussion and the looks towards the other stiff weapons made obvious where the fight was headed.

Finally, the girls moved towards the other. Her bra-covered boobs were the first to come together, hard nipples looking each other through the black lace. Ivy hardened her gesture at the defiant contact of Julia’s exultant nipples, but she knew that was not the time to seek that kind of revenge. The real competition would be fought down between their more intimate erections.

“I’m going to impale you,” the chestnut-haired girl declared in a cruel whisper. “I will penetrate your fuckhole with my clit again and again, and your clit won’t be able to do anything about it.”

“My clit won’t let yours pass.” The voice of the Ukrainian maid sounded partly angry, partly arrogant. “By the way, good luck preventing mine from abusing your twat.”

The eyes threw bitter daggers of dislike before the women grabbed the other hips and put their pelvises in motion. Opening her legs in an invitation to the invasion, Ivy and Julia swallowed saliva before the imminent collision. The gap between clits was gradually closing, a few centimeters that never ended…

The two young beauties moaned even before their flesh daggers touched each other for the first time. The contact was incredible, so devastating and stimulating that there was not even a millimeter of skin in the contenders’ bodies without shuddering. Cursing with a short gasp, the maids closed their eyes, concentrating on feeling the other clit: dense and hot, irreducible in this first tip-to-tip confrontation, the guardians of the love hole throbbed with a dangerous female energy.

“Shit,” the women panted, opening their eyes to hatefully challenge the other girl to keep pushing. For Evelyn, the rivals looked like motionless statues at that moment, but the hostilities could be seen in the microscopic readjustments of the pelvises, in the tight muscles in buttocks and backs, in the occasional exhalations of pleasure and aversion.

The struggle for sexual control and physical dominance continued for two, three long minutes. Julia could hardly believe that her big, piercing clit was stuck with the Ukrainian rookie’s rapier in a frustrating stalemate, but she was beginning to grudgingly accept that the blonde was much more than she looked. The day before, Ivy had put her in trouble on more than one occasion and, if it had not been for her victorious clitoral assault in the shower, the brunette wasn’t sure which of them had reached the climax first. Doesn’t matter. She lost, I won. That’s all, Julia told herself. Now I just have to go beyond her damn hard clit, and her cunt will be mine again.

“Do you like my clit?” Ivy asked suddenly, with the irritating standoff making her more and more anxious. “You’re good at raping women by surprise, but it seems like you’re not so good when someone is putting up a fight.”

“Do you call this ‘putting up a fight’? Oh, please, bitch!” Julia was surprised by the blonde’s arrogance after last night’s defeat, but that was nothing compared to the shocking feeling of hardness and sensuality that came from Ivy’s clit. “You’re about to explode, and we’ve barely started.”

“Fucking liar,” the Ukranian girl grunted. Her fingers slowly crawled into the the Romanian maid’s butt. Filling her hands with the firm flesh of the ass cheeks, Ivy forced a heated gasp from Julia’s lips. “Come on, feel my superior buns and let’s start pushing for real.”

Before the sentence was finished, Ivy already felt the brunette’s hands on her buttocks. Julia’s fingers squeezed the flesh, undeniably measuring its firmness. “As saggy as the rest of your body,” she said. Though the blonde knew her enemy was lying, the observation got under her skin. Her answer, however, weren’t hurtful words, but the promised push with her clit.

The two beauties groaned in pain and pleasure, feeling the tension between their spears increasing. With her clit threatening to bend, Julia replied impaling her weapon against Ivy’s erection, and the groans became short cries. The sound of the aching female hedonism almost threw Evelyn into a hard orgasm, an orgasm that the two rival maids of the stable struggled to avoid at all costs.

At last, the clits could no longer withstand the tense mutual pressure and, with a burst of dirty pleasure, slid past each other. The dice of the fortune were thrown and, half a second later, Julia gasped in surprise: pushed out of the clit duel, the hot shaft of her adversary had ended up inside her sucking vagina, in a sort of perfect revenge for the events of last night.

“Let’s see if you can take what you like so much to do to other girls, babe.” Ivy’s clit danced between the labia of the brunette, rubbing the beginning of her sensitive vaginal walls as an unwanted guest who, however, knew how to move around the house. Julia’s body trembled against Ivy’s, her nipples hardening even more under her black bra, her belly vibrating with sexual vertigo. Bad memories of her last humiliating defeat against the villa’s housekeeper flooded her mind and, before she could react, she had already stepped back several steps at the push of the insistent blonde.

“Fucking bitch,” the Romanian girl cried, securing her feet to the ground to stop Ivy. But the intoxicating sensation of the abusing clit in her pussy forced her to lose more ground. Her back bumped against one of the stable doors, and the mare behind her whinnied in what Julia felt like a mocking equine laugh.

“Just relax, honey,” Ivy teased, arrogant in victory. “Let my clit finish this…”

Julia moaned, excited in spite of herself, but managed to gather strength to fight back. Making sure to rub her cunt against the wet intruder, the brunette pushed her face against Ivy’s and began to kiss her with the vigor of the retribution.

The blonde knew what her nemesis was trying: last night, Julia’s kiss was too much for her, so now that Romanian bitch wanted to escape overtaking her tongue to tongue again. Not this time, whore, she roared mentally, facing the slippery taste organ with her own hungry, long pink muscle. Inside the cave formed by their mouths, the tongues drowned each other, sea serpents in a lagoon of sweet moisture and overheated air.

Groaning inside the other mouth, squeezing the buttocks between their fingers, waving their hips locked in fiery combat, Ivy and Julia were a spectacle of femininity and sensuality. Evelyn didn’t remember seeing something like that… and her pussy responded to the show with an intense and, somehow, cathartic orgasm. The scared redhead was a thing of the past, now that pride was returning to her as an energizing cocktail. “Mona, you’ll be mine tonight,” she whispered, shaking under the discharges of her sexual climax.

For several minutes, Evelyn watched Ivy penetrating Julia, and Julia opposing Ivy and the sensations that flooded her pussy. The kiss intensified so much that she could see the tongues clashing against the walls of the mouths, and the saliva falling like little streams through the chin of the rivals.

Suddenly, the brunette screamed against the blonde’s mouth, and Evelyn knew that something was being solved. Julia’s body convulsed on the door, and the laughter of cruel joy from Ivy mingled in the air with the nervous neigh of the mare. She is cumming first! the blonde screamed inside her head, feeling Julia’s hot, sticky juices against her pussy. I fucked her! I’ve won! She wanted to avenge the humiliation of the last night, to oblige the Romanian slut to lick her triumphant twat, but the pleasure was too intense at this moment to stop. Like an animal in heat, Ivy rubbed herself viciously against the throbbing brunette’s body, feeling the heat and the sliminess… and burst into her own victorious orgasm.

Julia then managed to push Ivy away from her, and the two women fell on their knees, sweaty and exhausted, the last tremors of their sexual blats crossing their sensitive flesh. Unable to bear the heat of her breasts, Ivy practically tore off her own bra, stripping off completely; in front of her, her foe did the same, discovering her firm tits and her incredible hard nipples.

“Well, honey, where’s your tough woman talk now?” the Ukranian maid crowed. “It seems that Evelyn has a new co-worker here, in the stable of the cowards and losers.”

“Losers?” Julia straightened her back, pushing her chest menacingly toward Ivy. “What the fuck are you talking about, ridiculous bitch? We are not finished yet.”

“You came first.”

“So what?”

The blonde raised an eyebrow, surprised. “Last night I came first, and I lost the fight…”

“No, you lost because you surrendered. Fight until the first blood? What a stupid thing!” the Romanian beauty claimed. “Yes, we all want the other woman giving the first orgasm. It’s delicious, it’s a psychological advantage… but a real tough sexfight is a sexual endurance contest, not a game between first-time dykes.”

“Oh, you fucking cheater.” Ivy could not believe what she was hearing. Last night, she had thought supposed that everything had ended with her climax, but now the blonde realized how stupid she had been. Certainly, her explosive orgasm had been devastating, exhausting, but she could have recovered in only a few seconds and continued fighting… just as her brunette enemy was going to do now.

“So… ready for the second round, cunt?” Julia asked with a slight bitterness in her arrogant voice. Perhaps, despite all her bravado, having come first had affected her more than she was trying to appear.

“Only if your pussy has recovered from the clit fucking,” Ivy replied, determined to keep hitting where it hurt.

Julia’s reaction was immediate, fulminant. With a war cry that exuded resentment, she got up on her feet and jumped on the blonde. Reacting at the last moment, Ivy stood and, raising her arms, tangled her fingers with Julia’s. The unexpected test of strength led the pair to stagger through the stable, chest against chest, growl against growl, under the watchful eye of Evelyn. The powerful nipples of the Romanian beauty stabbed Ukrainian blonde’s sensitive titflesh, and Ivy countered by slamming her firm boobs hard against her enemy’s troublemaker glands in a desperate attempt to crush them before the brunette’s brown rods injured her breasts beyond pleasure and pain.

However, as much as they both hated the other beautiful breasts, it was not a titfight they were looking for. Their crotches collided together again and again, wishing to meet each other in another heated duel. Somehow, the rival legs ended up catching each other in a suffocating double trap, Ivy’s and Julia’s thighs stuck in a jail of female muscle and rage.

“Get down, bitch!” the two girls demanded in unison in the midst of the struggle. The maids knew that there was only one way to bring their pussies into full and real contact, so they pushed with hands, tits and legs until they fell on a pile of soft hay.

“Whore!” Julia barked, opening her legs in the chaos of strands and limbs to find herself scissor-locked with Ivy. “I got you!”

“I got you, bitch!” the blonde replied, her legs spreading apart to receive the cunt that stood between her and the absolute female triumph.

Grabbing the other thighs, the maids pushed their pussies together, for the first time wide open in a full-frontal conflict of wet hotness. The glistening, lubricated labial folds tangled together intimately, hungrier now than before orgasm, and the maids had to yield to pleasure for a few seconds of red-hot moans.

“I’m going to crush your cunt!” Ivy cried, riding the waves of sexual satisfaction and her hated antagonist at the same time.

“Not if I crushed yours first!” Julia howled against her rival, against the ecstasy made flesh.

Between the tangle of creases, mounds and cracks, the opposing clits searched and found each other, beginning a fencing competition that this time didn’t want to penetrate, but totally destroy the other ultimate weapon. Covered by the sticky juices of both women, the hot rods rubbed, hammered and stabbed in the middle of the burning sexual thrusts.

“Fuck your clit!” the brunette cursed, feeling how Ivy’s erogenous shaft once again put her in trouble. The rookie fought like an expert, her whole body armed for the most intimate fight possible in a way that Julia could not believe. Reluctantly, the Romanian girl remembered when she had arrived at the villa months ago, a beginner just like the Ukrainian blonde; she had quickly learned the art of sexual struggle, how to destroy a woman’s ego with her own feminine weapons and climb, woman to woman, in search of the top of house’s hierarchy. Her meteoric rise had only been stopped by Kristel, the biggest whore she had ever met in her whole life, the bitch who she hated the most in the world… until Ivy’s arrival. Here, humping madly against each other on the hay, battling labia to labia, clit to clit, hotness to hotness, brown and blue eyes locked in hatred, Julia knew that Ivy was her real rival, her great nemesis, the girl whose overconfident voice was like the sound of the horn warning for the coming of Ragnarok. With the air in the stable filling with electricity, the brunette understood that she would hate the blonde all her life… and that the feeling, seen the fire in the pupils of the other beauty, would be mutual for all eternity.

Julia didn’t know how much time she was piercing clits with Ivy but, in the end, both she and her enemy began to lose control of their pelvises. The maids were so aroused that they threw back their heads and groaned to the ceiling, sweat slipping and leaping from their overheated bodies on the verge of exploding. As Evelyn cummed again, she saw the competitive warriors’ figures twisting in sensual spasms, preludes of an earthquake that would redefine the position of each beautiful girl in this game of power.

This time, Ivy burst over the edge first. Her scream echoed through the stable’s walls, the echo of a humiliating burst of forbidden pleasure. Seconds later, Julia joined her with her own broken, climactic cry, and their orgasms mingled in the middle of the hot cunt kiss. For almost a full minute, the opponents continued rubbing each other involuntarily until the climax left their flesh and their exhausted bodies fell on the hay, their skins shining in the sun that sneaked into the stable while their firm tits rose and fell on their torsos.

“Oh, sugar,” Julia gasped, trying to catch her breath, “it seems like when we do this as real women, your clit against mine, you’re not as good as you think.”

“Don’t be so cocky, you sow,” Ivy gasped, swallowing. “You’ve cum right after me. A few seconds mean nothing.”

“A few seconds, one minute, a fucking hour… I don’t care, what matters is that you have exploded first.”

The blonde began to move, sitting tiredly on the hay. “You said this is a sexual endurance contest, not a competition to see who cums first.”

The brunette sat down, her sweaty and full of hay body facing the identically wild, sticky and dirty body of her rival. Ivy was right but, somehow, she felt the need to boast of her little clitoral victory, even if this contradicted her own words and the heart of the concept of Lord Aripa’s sexfights. Look at what you’re turning me into, bitch, she thought irritably.

“Your puny clit has lost against mine, that’s all,” she whispered, her heart beating eagerly. She was provoking her foe, and she herself was feeling the rage of the berserker growing within her: whatever was going to happen now, it was going to be untamed and fierce, competitive and agonizing.

“I’m going to beat your pathetic clit before this ends.” Ivy’s voice came slowly, very slowly from her mouth, threatening like the hissing of a snake… and like a snake, her attack was sudden. Before Julia could stand up, the blonde had already fallen on her, knocking her down.

The naked bodies of the females rolled in the hay, fighting for the top position in front of a redhead who kept accumulating orgasms as an exceptional spectator of a fight of exceptional women. Between the angry bodies of Ivy and Julia, their breasts crushed, their bellies rubbed, their legs intertwined… and their crotches didn’t stop in their attempt to connect each other in another clit war.

“Come on, bitch, give me everything your clit has!” Ivy screamed, feeling her weapon brushing against the Romanian beauty’s spear again and again.

“You should never have come to this villa, cunt!” Julia replied, pushing her pelvis against the blonde’s to try to catch her clit with her own erection. “Here you will only have humiliation and a crushed clit!”

The brawl was intense, ferocious, but insufficient for the aggressive women: their sexual rods couldn’t be locked against each other in a direct and long fight as the bodies rolled, and none was going to allow the other maid to mount her, so something had to change.

“Scissor me again, tramp!” Ivy cried out in challenge. “We’ll see which clit wins this time!”

“It will be a pleasure to fuck you that way again!” Julia groaned.

The overexcited women pushed each other, sitting face to face as they intertwined their bodies in a hug of arms and legs this time. They were ready to engage in a clit against clit disagreement again, but this time their flat bellies, sexy tits and juicy mouths were going to participate in the game.

“Any last wo—” Julia could not finish her defiant sentence because Ivy’s teeth were already biting her pretty lips. The brunette hissed in pain before nibbling back, getting a grunt from her dirty adversary. The mouths then opened to give way to the cavalry, and tongues collided in a wet mess of muscle and competition.

“You don’t even know how to kiss a woman,” Julia claimed between a lick and another.

“I’ve been kissing women long before you found that you were a fucking dyke.” The blonde’s tongue ran over Julia’s lips from side to side. “Tell me, honey, did Kristel also fuck your mouth like I’m doing now?”

Ivy’s stab was painful. The memory of the defeat against the housekeeper mingled with the fury at the arrogance that the blonde exhibited. “You have courage in saying that, whore, knowing that I devoured your mouth last night.”

“What matters is that you are not able to do it now, you sow.”

The temperature and tension between their mouths increased, but there was a lot more at stake here. The breasts of the maids crowded together in a mutual stimulation of hardened nipples and sensitive flesh, a battle where every woman seemed to have learned to use her advantages: Julia stabbed Ivy’s nipples with her own powerful hard-ons, and the Ukrainian girl responded by pressing forward with the incredible firmness of her glands. The balance of tit-power was perfect and, therefore, frustrating.

“I’m going to punish your boobs like I did last night,” Ivy gasped against the mouth of her rival. “Do you remember the beating I gave your little ones along the bedroom and bathroom?”

“I only remember your nipples raped by my superior stiff pair… just like they are doing to yours now…”

Sadistically, Ivy and Julia kept confronting their breasts in duel, putting them to the test while the deadly kiss was resumed. But they both knew that it was only warming up, it was just the prelude to what really mattered.

“Bring your clit here,” the hot maids whispered at once, again showing an almost paranormal synchronization in the most critical moments of their competition of bodies and feminities.

Beneath the bellies glued by sweat, beyond the navels sucked together, thighs and hips set in motion, separating and pushing to fulfill the desire of both young girls. This time there was no hurry: the clits came together slowly and with millimetric precision, forcing a husky groan from the rivals before they began to squeeze their cunts together.

“As slow as you can, whore,” Julia said without need, because their bodies already knew what they had to do. “I want to feel you… and that you feel me for real…”

Making their clitoral contest as long and burning as possible, both beauties reduced their pumping to a minimum, feeling how their sensual spears crawled through the full length of the other. The sensation was devastating, terrible, but the two women endured the pleasant punishment with clenched teeth and big-headed egos—for now.

A few steps away, Evelyn’s eyes were not fooled by the apparent calm of the fight. The redhead’s fingers went in and out their own love hole incessantly as her dilated pupils watched with pleasure the slight adjustments that Julia’s and Ivy’s bodies did to maintain the perfect contact between clits. Every slight twitching and trembling spoke of a touch, a crash, a slip between the most sensitive female erections, spoke of a female power struggle whose parsimony was misleading.

Fighting for control of her breaths, blonde and brunette maintained the slow but passionate clit combat during what seemed an eternity, but that in the real world weren’t more than three, four minutes tops. The waves of a new orgasm were growing in the depths of the maids, an echo not so distant that announced a tsunami like never before had seen in the coasts that formed the locked labia. Warned of this, the couple accelerated slightly their pushes, bringing a little more pressure and tension to the kiss between clits.

“Do you really think you’re going to fuck my clit?” Ivy said after the long trash-talking truce.

“I know I’m doing it,” Julia answered, her eyes sparkling against the blonde’s blue gaze. Further down, the girls’ pelvises gyrated against each other faster and faster in what was to be the final sprint before the orgasmic goal line. “I fucked yours a few minutes ago, so don’t get your hopes up.”

“Bitch,” the Ukrainian female grunted, her hands crawling down Julia’s bare, sweaty back to cling to the sexy butt of her enemy. “Grab my ass and let’s settle this once and for all.”

Just a second later, Ivy felt the Romanian’s claws on her buttocks. The humping then broke out, and the women crushed their clits together in an agonized and desperate final assault.

None expected it, but that ended almost before it started. To her surprise, Ivy burst into an orgasm as powerful as sudden, a discharge of scorching juices that soaked the beauties’ pussies with a torrent of dirty femininity. But fortunately for her, her cry of defeat didn’t resonate alone in the stable: Julia howled her own climax in perfect synchrony with the blonde, surpassed by the abrupt burst of ecstasy and tragedy. Her sticky fluids mixed with Ivy’s in a delicious cocktail that soaked the hay under the women.

Watching the shaken bodies of the rivals, Evelyn believed that everything had ended in a frustrating and spectacular tie… but there was something happening that only the fighting maids could perceive. The climax had been simultaneous, equally intense, but not identical: for Julia, her orgasm was being a life-taker, draining her empty, while Ivy felt her outburst as an energizing recharge.

Evelyn jumped up to see Julia falling on the hay, with Ivy humping on top of her like there were no tomorrow. With the gravity and the momentum on her side, the Ukrainian blonde fucked mercilessly the trembling chestnut-haired maid, forcing her to explode into another orgasm before the current one had finished.

“You slut! I fucking hate you!” Julia screamed, her last show of strength before softening under her detested nemesis.

“Yes, bitch, yes!” Ivy howled like a she-wolf, enraptured in victory, a few seconds before her body capitulated from exhaustion on top of the brunette.

The eyes of the maids were gradually closing under the weight of the fatigue, with the toll of the long and incredible sexfight finally knocking them out. The last thing Ivy saw was Evelyn fingering herself next to them… and the last thing she heard was Julia’s weary and spiteful words.

“This is not over…”

Chapter 5: Rain and Mud

Under a starry night, the two women fucked like wild animals. The violent and euphoric humping finally broke the bed, and the naked female bodies fell into a vortex of lights and colors, still locked in deadly scissors, still looking to overwhelm the tongue, the nipples, the clit of the nemesis. Their shrieks of hatred, their dirty insults, their uncontrolled moans echoed in the fall, until…

Until the neighing of a mare woke Ivy, bringing her into the real world. The blonde growled, standing up from the hay on unsteady feet. There was no one around her, neither Julia nor Evelyn. Shit, she thought, cursing to have lost the opportunity to rub her victory in the face of the Romanian brunette. Well, she can’t hide from me forever, she knew, walking around the stable to pick up her clothes. It was then that Ivy saw the note, right above her black bra.

“What the hell?” Picking up the note, the blonde read the beautiful calligraphy with hungry eyes.

‘Ukranian bitch, I said this was not over, and I meant it. I’ll wait for you in the waterfall clearing, at sunset. Be ready for the biggest fuck of your life.’

Rage, anticipation, lust, pride… Ivy’s body was harassed by all those emotions, and more. Under the written challenge, a simple sketch of the clearing location had been drawn. Another battle arena for the two of us, she meditated. The terrace, the bedroom, the bathroom, the stable… and now that secret place. And I’ve only been here a little over a day. Ivy’s heart almost exploded out of her chest at the thought of all the things that were going to happen in the next months in that Carpathian villa.

But the distant future didn’t matter now, only what would happen next to the waterfall in a few hours. Licking her soft lips, Ivy came out of the stable, ready for everything. After all, she had proved she could outfuck Julia. Now, she just had to put the icing on the cake with a second and decisive sexual victory…

Julia’s wet body glistened under the shower water. Rubbing the bar of soap against her boobs, the maid moaned softly, feeling her nipples more sensitive than ever before. To tell the truth, her whole body vibrated under an almost uncontrollable sensitivity after the unfortunate events of the stable. The brunette still could not believe that a rookie like Ivy had beaten her, especially in a direct duel of clits.

“Why have you failed me?” she complained, her hand seeking her hardened vaginal spear. Even after being fucked, Julia’s clit stood stiff and hot, out of her hood in defiance, as if it had not yet said its last word. “Never again,” the brunette made the promise, with the water dripping through her beautiful face. Over the past few months, her nearly unbeaten clit had led her to fight for the position of the villa’s main maid and, although she had failed to dethrone Kristel, her pride in her ultimate feminine weapon was too high to allow a Ukrainian whore to think she was the best woman with the best clit.

Ten minutes later, Julia came out of the shower, wrapped in a towel… to see that someone was waiting for her in her bed. The Romanian maid had thought about the possibility of meeting Ivy in the room they both shared, so she had prepared some dirty insults to counteract the blonde’s bragging after her triumph. But what she didn’t expect was to meet Kristel, the hated housekeeper, waiting for her with a smile.

“So… the new girl has turned your world upside down.” Cruelty embellished Kristel’s face.

“You bitch,” Julia snorted. No news flew faster in this villa than a defeat. “You are very brave talking, but I would like to see you try it against the new girl… or against me, again. But you’re well hidden in the heights, behind rules and hierarchies.” Julia’s complaint surprised the brunette herself: Ivy’s little respect for the rules seemed to start to spread to her.

“The next time Lord Aripa comes here, you can tell him about the rules,” the housekeeper said, standing up to face Julia. “In the meantime, don’t justify your losses. You were weak against my body, and it seems that also against Ivy’s body, and that’s all.”

Unable to restrain herself, Julia stepped forward, and the women’s breasts collided together with a loud clash of flesh.

“Just say the word, and I’ll show you right now which body is the weak one,” the brunette challenged. In front of her, Kristel’s cold self-control seemed to give way for a second, and the main maid’s teeth bit her rival lips with hunger. The towel fell, and Julia’s naked, aroused body rubbed against Kristel’s curves as the two competitive beauties kissed each other passionately.

However, as fast as it started, it ended. The housekeeper pushed the contender away, disengaging Julia’s dangerous tongue from her desperate mouth.

“First defeat that cocky blonde, and then we’ll meet again in my bedroom.” Kristel’s voice sounded anxious, as if she really wanted a victorious Julia returning to her bed. “Your body against mine, all night, just like the last time…”

With her throat dry, Julia simply nodded. One revenge after another, she would take the power in the villa…

The young girl’s naked bodies fought erotically for dominance on a bed whose springs echoed in the ears of the observer. From the room threshold, Ivy watched how the female attributes sought each other, hated each other, faced each other, colliding, sliding, kissing. From the outside, this looks fucking sexy, she thought, licking her lips when she saw how Mona’s pussy rubbed Evelyn’s cunt in a long labial caress. The rival maids gasped, the long-repressed hunger exhuding from every inch of excited skin.

“I’m the top redhead,” Evelyn grunted.

“Tramp,” Mona moaned. “I’m the best redhead.”

Ivy seriously meditated to stay a little longer, watching the maids decide who was right, but she had her own mission that night. I already fulfilled my part, she knew, having offered her bedroom to the redhead foes while their owners—Julia and herself—battled away from there.

Fighting her fetishistic desires, Ivy closed the door, leaving behind the girls’ gasps of pleasure and hatred. In a reverse way to the previous day, she crossed the house in search of the main door, but this time the blonde didn’t notice the sumptuous decoration: her attention was centered elsewhere, beyond the high walls of the villa.

“Fuck you,” a maid told her in the living room. Before she could respond, another maid did it: “Fuck her.” Her rivalry with Julia, her sexfights with the arrogant brunette were no longer a secret in the villa, and the maids were choosing sides.

With the place divided between Julia and her, Ivy went outside, her heart beating hard. The sky was beginning to darken, with the sun moving away from this part of the world behind black clouds that threatened rain.

Taking breath of air, the Ukrainian beauty felt her chest expand with pride and anticipation. “I’m ready,” she murmured before going into the woods.

When Ivy reached the clearing, her first thought was that such a beautiful place wasn’t prepared for all the hatred that she and her nemesis were going to spit here. A shiny waterfall fell on a small pond of crystalline blue water, gently broken by ripples from the first raindrops of the night. Next to it stood a round pergola which imitated an ancient Greek temple; several torches illuminated the heights of its white marble circumference, in a sort of crown of fire, a protection against the darkness that was coming.

“No one knows who built this.” From behind a column, a spectacular and naked Julia appeared, like a dangerous forest nymph. Her chestnut hair was wet from the light rain, and her breasts swung gently as the brunette moved her bare feet across the marble floor. “When the Lord bought the villa, this was already here, abandoned… I put this in order, and now it is my particular hunting ground…”

“You’re not going to hunt anything today.” Unable to bear Julia’s nakedness, Ivy began to remove her clothes under the watchful eye of the woman who had summoned her here. “Quite the contrary, my dear: you’re the prey here.” A distant lightning crossed the sky just in time to light up the naked body of the blonde.

“Wow, it looks like the weather is getting worse. You should shelter here, sugar,” Julia said, opening her arms to embrace the sumptuous pergola… and to display her delicious curves. “The marble is cold, but I don’t think the cold is going to be a problem, right?”

Ivy licked her lips, her eyes fixed on Julia’s beautiful chest, on her arrogant big nipples. “You better worry about the heat, babe.” Ivy walked inside the pergola, facing hungrily her rival. “A few hours ago, you could hardly bear it.”

“Don’t be so haughty, honey, just because you got lucky once.” Irremediably, the brunette’s gaze fell on the bare pussy of her rival… and on her erect clit.

“It’s not luck when my body is better than yours,” the blonde claimed, also watching the other maid’s cunt and her stiff sex horn.

As hunting cats, the women circled each other, slowly, anxiously. Around them, the wind began to blow harder, waving the flames of the torches and sending rain on the beauties as warning of the storm that was going to devour the clearing in a few minutes.

“I already showed you that my body is the best when I fucked your first night here,” Julia grunted. “Or have you forgotten that?”

“Whatever, cunt. We both fucked the body of the other once, so it’s time to untie this.”

“Finally, something we agree on…”

The double battle roar from their throats mingled with the sound of thunder; a second later, the firm bodies of the young women clashed in the center of the pergola. A desperate hug joined the angry couple, now physically and mentally locked in the most crucial hostilities of their lives: Ivy had never hated anyone as much as she hated the condescending, dirty Romanian bitch, not even in her nastiest years in foster homes, surrounded by treacherous vipers and conflicts in the darkness of the bedrooms; and Julia, despite being immersed in an endless competition for months with dozens of arrogant maids, despite being battling for supremacy in the villa against the cocky Kristel, had never felt something as intense and spicy as what she felt towards the wild Ukrainian slut. Their rivalry would not end that night, both knew that, but what resulted from their sex clash would strongly affect their female egos and the power relationship between them… so the defeat was completely forbidden!

The first shot of the hostilities came from the girls’ tits: prominent on the front of the competitors, the B-cup glands slid together in a series of desperate frictions that forced moans of frustration. Squeezing Ivy into her arms, Julia could feel the blonde’s nipples dragging across her breasts, from up to down and up again. Grunting something unintelligible, the brunette countered by dragging her own spears in the opposite direction: the four nipples collided in the road, tangling against each other in a test of firmness and ardor before passing beyond the rival erections and following their lacerating paths through the other sensitive tits.

Inflamed by the challenge, Ivy and Julia repeated the cruel movement over and over again, seeking to weaken the opposing nipples in the first conquest of the night. Up and down, down and up, only snarls, wind and thunders from the haunting storm could be heard in the false temple for several minutes. Increasingly excited, the nipples became harder and hotter until they felt like newly wrought metal. Julia could not believe that this time her weapons didn’t surpass the other beauty’s nipples; Ivy’s pink shafts seemed fatter, longer and tougher than before, better armed to carry the stiffness war to the ultimate consequences.

“Oh, you whore,” the Romanian girl growled against the blonde’s ear. “I won’t let you steal that superiority from me.”

Ivy knew exactly what her nemesis was talking about, since her thoughts ran parallel to Julia’s. From the fight of the first night, the Ukranian maid had suffered the dominance of the brunette’s nipples over her proud pair. No matter how close the confrontation was: her hot daggers always took the worst part against Julia’s bigger, stronger rapiers at the end. But not this time, she declared inside her head, proud to hold the stalemate between their warring nipples. But she wasn’t going to be satisfied with that: only the total demolition of her antagonist’s hard-ons could satiate her.

“I’m going to disassemble you part by part, starting with your nipples,” Ivy gasped, her lips brushing the lobe of Julia’s left ear. “I’ll save your weak clit for the end…”

“Listen to me, slut.” The Romanian maid decided to take the initiative with a dirty challenge. “I won’t even need to go after your pathetic clit, because I can make you cum just by rubbing your nipples with mine.”

“Fucking stuck-up cunt,” the blonde grunted. In all her life, she had never had an orgasm by the stimulation of her nipples or her tits, but Julia’s threat seemed to open that possibility to reality. Her stiffies began to throb, overexcited with each rod-to-rod abrasion, in what Ivy feared might be the beginning of an unexpected climax. “You will cum first. So let’s go, yours against mine until your cunt bursts out.”

The conflicting nipples met again, but this time the maids held them together, seeking to overload the other weapons with electric lust until foe’s sexual resistance reached a short-circuit. Crushing their titflesh a little more, blonde and brunette buried their locked knobs in a hot, oppressive arena, the tangle of hidden scorching nipples shooting jolts of pleasure through the curvaceous bodies.

“Hot bitch!” Julia admitted against her will. For a couple of seconds, she felt herself melting against Ivy’s chest. “No one has ever fucked my tits, and you’re not going to be the first.”

“I don’t think it’s hard to fuck boobies as weak as yours, or nipples as—Shit!” Somehow, her antagonist’s harsh stiffies stabbed the base of her own nipples from below, flooding her body with a tremor of uncontrollable weakness. “Oh, sexy whore!”

A powerful and unexpected gust of wind almost knocked the girls down as Ivy readjusted her breasts to poke her nipples to the sides of Julia’s spears. Gasping fiercely, the brunette responded impaling her brown shafts tip-to-tip against the blonde’s, and the two young beauties exhaled a synchronized sexual growl. A small whirlwind then invaded the pergola, waving and mixing the women’s manes in a black and gold mosaic, and surrounding the bare bodies at war with leaves and water.

But nothing could stop the maids now: the nipples kept grinding together, with the boobs that supported them more and more involved in the fight. No one knew who started, but suddenly the girls were banging each other tit to tit, blow after blow and friction after friction. The violence of the wind passed, but its spirit stayed in the rivals.

“Come on, babe! Fight my boobs!” Julia screamed, her bosoms bumping into Ivy’s pair.

“You have no chance against me in something like this,” the Ukranian maid said. “Nothing has changed since the last time that we smack tits.”

The brunette snorted angrily at the arrogant reference of her rival. Even though her proud feminine ego didn’t want to accept it, Julia knew that Ivy’s tits had shown a slight advantage in terms of firmness every time their breasts had measured each other. At first, she had sought excuses, thinking that her nemesis’ preeminence was due to her violent way of titfighting… but the last events had painfully proved to her that that the blonde’s dominance was not just a matter of impetus: Ivy’s breasts were really solid and dense, two beautiful B-cup glands with the ability to give and receive punishment, no matter if the Ukranian vixen banged tits violently or rubbed her hot assets in close and personal combat.

“Things are going to be different this time,” Julia muttered, talking to her rival… and to herself. If Ivy was endured the fierce assault of her superior nipples, she would do the same with the pressure of the blonde’s mammary glands until, in the end, her own boobs completely destroyed her adversaries’ and forced the conceited Ukranian maid to explode in the first and humiliating orgasm of the night. After all, her tit had the toughness and sensuality to do it.

The women put every virtue of their breasts to the test for the next five minutes, their beautiful globes violating each other in all possible ways: sometimes clashing together in explosive thrusts, sometimes rubbing each other in seductive skin-to-skin abrasion, always mutually stabbing with rock-hard nipples. Concentrated on their task of sexual destruction, the girls tried to keep silent, a desperate attempt to seem unaffected under all the harsh sensations that ran through their bodies, but the gasps of effort, the moans of pleasure and the grunts of frustration escaped again and again from their mouths.

“Bitch!” Julia cried suddenly, her nipples burning against Ivy’s stiff pair. During the last seconds, the temperature of her reddish tits had begun to grow exponentially with a dangerous intensity that brought her to the edge of a sexual abyss. Hating her blond nemesis, the brunette clung to Ivy’s tremors and sobs to contain the explosion that devoured her.

In the end, the desesperation took control of Julia. Her erotic moans sounded increasingly piercing, broken by an unprecedented passion. In a final attempt to avoid the inevitable, she hugged Ivy with all her strength, seeking to crush her boobs and force her to an orgasm that the blonde seemed to be about to suffer… but the brunette found herself with her own breasts collapsing against the stubborn firmness of her rival’s titflesh. Julia’s chest exploded then, and her wet pussy followed her example with a brutal climax that stained with her juices both maids’ crotches and bent the knees of the Romanian beauty.

“Fuck!” Julia fell on the cold marble, dragging the Ukrainian girl with her.

“That’s it, sweetie,” Ivy chuckled, sitting on her enemy’s shuddering body. Her cunt mounted Julia’s convulsive pussy, and her hands searched for the brunette’s defeated orbs. “Your pathetic sacks are no match for mine in a titfight.”

“I hate your boobs,” Julia grunted. For a few seconds, Julia could only shake as her bosoms and nipples were furiously worked by the cruel blonde’s claws. The first tit orgasm of her life had left her momentarily helpless, a state that made her detest Ivy even more. “I hate you like I’ve never hated anyone before.”

“I have to confess that the feeling is mutual, you weak bitch.” Above Julia, Ivy looked like a terrible goddess of victory and beauty, an Aphrodite whose golden mane swayed in the wind, whose blue eyes shone with every lightning in the sky. “That’s why defeating you is going to be fucking delicious…”

“Defeat this!” Julia’s hands slapped Ivy’s hard buttocks, pushing the blonde’s pelvis down as the brunette thrusted her pussy up. The body of the Ukrainian maid vibrated as she felt Julia’s powerful clit navigating through her sexual anatomy from bottom to top in an explosive path.

“Oh, shit!” The toll of the burning breast-to-breast disagreement appeared in the form of an intense pre-orgasmic earthquake. During the titfight, Ivy had barely managed to avoid the sexual explosion; now, the soaked touch of her nemesis’ definitive weapon had practically forced her to detonation.

“You think you’re a tough girl because your tits are fucking firm, but you’re nobody where it really counts,” Julia said as she rubbed her vaginal erection against the blonde’s pussy.

Ivy drew her head back dramatically, moaning as her curvaceous figure was framed by another lightning. The storm was near, but it was not rain and wind that worried the Ukrainian woman at this time.

Clenching her teeth, she looked down at her rival, her face trying to display a confidence she didn’t have at that moment.

“Do you really think that…?” The blonde’s voice cracked before she could spit out the challenge. The floodgates of the dam were opened, and Ivy felt her sexual forces faint before an energetic, uncontrollable orgasm. The brunette didn’t waste time: taking advantage of the situation, pushed Ivy to ride her cunt against the marble… but the Ukranian beauty had not stopped fighting. The blonde’s fingers sank into Julia’s chestnut hair and, before either of them realized it, they both fell out of the pergola.

A burst of mud and water received the infuriating naked bodies and, as if it felt the hatred among women, the rain intensified, falling on a tangle of limbs, manes and fury. Between the slippery ground and the darkened sky, brunette and blonde struggled desperately to take control of a fight that had become chaotic and very, very frustrating: the mud prevented any real grip, so the young beauties looked like two eels unable to lock together.

“Stop running from me, you coward!” Julia howled, her muddy hands clutching Ivy’s biceps for a brief second before her foe escaped.

“It’s you who’s running from me, chicken shit!” the blonde cried out, trying in vain to hug a rival who slipped between her arms.

Rolling through the mud, the girls ended up on the pond shore, away from the torches of the pergola. In an almost complete darkness, the rivals felt the other body, looking for an advantage, any advantage in that quagmire of unsatisfied rage and eternal hatred. Ivy and Julia tried to stand up, tugging on the hairy hair of the other maid, but her bare feet slipped, knocking them down again.

“Fucking whore!” the blonde screamed along with a thunder, losing the sense of orientation in this sea of mud, rain and darkness. Unable to restrain her resentment, she threw a bite, ready to hurt Julia, no matter where… and found herself with her teeth sinking between the brunette’s inner thighs.

“Oh, you bitting bitch!” Julia grunted. “Is this what you want?”

Ivy felt a lustful bite near her crotch, and then she was aware of the dangerous position in which both maids were after the fall: ready to get tangle in a devastating sixty-nine.

“Since the damn moment I met you, you’ve been bragging about how good a kisser you are,” the Ukranian girl said. “It’s time for you to prove it for real!”

Julia’s hot, wet breath caressed Ivy’s impatient cunt. “I’m going to eat you like nobody’s ever done, sugar.”

On their sides, the females circled their arms around the challenger’s hips, filling her hands with the other buttocks as they locked their bodies together in an inverted hug.

“I’m going to suck this ugly cunt hard, honey,” Ivy gasped, her blue eyes adjusting to the darkness to see the sexual anatomy throbbing before her. Holding Julia even more tighly, the blonde’s hypersensitized tits flattened against the brunette’s flat belly; immediately, Ivy felt her rival’s large nipples lacerating her abs, just before Julia’s B-cup breasts were pushed against her.

“C’mon, babe, enjoy the taste of a real pussy,” the Romanian maid replied. With the powerful smell of Ivy’s crotch flooding her nose, Julia felt hunger overpowering her. But nothing aroused her appetite more than the arrogance of the blonde, than Ivy’s words of defiance and boasting. “Devour me with all that you have, because I’m going to devour you to the end.”

Both maids trembled slightly, impatience and tension infecting their bodies before the terrible test that came. There was no defense possible: only attack, attack and attack… until one of them surrendered to absolute pleasure.

The starting gun was fired when Ivy’s tongue licked Julia’s pussy from top to bottom. The brunette moaned at the wet sensation, feeling the blonde washing her crotch the way the rain was washing her muddy skin. That’s how Kristel whipped my ass, Julia thought against her will, remembering the passionate sixty-nine that the housekeeper and she had shared in the main maid’s bed. This had been the beginning of the end in her attempt to dethrone Kristel. Now, feeling the voracious tongue of her Ukranian nemesis in her aroused cunt, Julia was invaded by doubt… but also for her high female pride. After being defeated in the titfight, she could not allow Ivy to humiliate her again.

“You will sorry you even messed with the future villa’s housekeeper!” she promised Ivy, Kristel and the god of the storm, which illuminated the night with his lightning in response. Julia’s moment of hesitation was left behind when her tongue invaded Ivy’s love, penetrating it with the force of resentment. The blonde trembled by the intense sensation, gasping against the brunette’s pussy, before counterattacking with another long lick.

Squeezing the other’s ass in their hands, the two young beauties sank their faces between the other legs, kissing, sucking and even gently biting all they had within reach of their mouths. The contours of the vaginal labia were again and again navigated by the thirsty tongues, the juices arising from the cracks were drained continuously, and the hardened clits were nibbled by teeth that served pleasure, and a slight touch of pain.

Fucking shit, Ivy cried into her head. Momentarily overtaken by a flood of sexual shocks, she closed her eyes and bit her lips as her foe was having a feast of hot flesh and dirty fluids. Her rivalry with Julia had been intense from the first minute, and all the clashes between both self-satisfied maids had been bold and demolishing… but somehow this burning sixty-nine seemed unbearable, and it was making the blonde doubt about her own sexual endurance. You’re better than her, Ivy told herself, a wild wave of pride striking the shore of the insecurities. If she had beaten Julia’s boobs with her own pair, she could overcome everything that her adversary pitched against her.

“I thought a cocksucker like you would know how to eat a cunt, bitch, but I see that I was wrong!” the blonde howled before running her tongue deep into the brunette’s pussy. To Ivy’s pleasure, Julia’s body shuddered against her, with the brown nipples of the Romanian brunette hardening even more against her belly.

“Fucking whore!” Julia screamed, her words heard above the rain. She knew that if she wanted to win this, she had to keep sucking Ivy’s delicious and hateful cunt, but she felt unable to let the arrogance of her rival unanswered. “If this is all the best you can eat a pussy, you’ll be the rest of your pathetic life cleaning up shit in the stables!”

“I’ll force you to live in the stables when I become the main maid, Julia, and I’ll visit you every day to fuck you, so you won’t forget who’s in charge!”

The brunette’s heart almost exploded when she heard the blonde’s aspirations. “No! I never let you be the main maid, Ivy! That will be me!”

The girls’ blood burned at the new level of competitiveness. Anxious to devour the rival’s dreams, brunette and blonde assaulted the other pussy with their mouths again as, finally, the storm reached the clearing with all its force. A fury of air and water, thunders and lightning joined the female hunger, dramatizing an all-out sixty-nine battle.

Julia’s lips wrapped around Ivy’s fat clit, sucking it to force her nemesis to buck and groan. In her mouth, the blonde’s ultimate weapon felt offensively thick, viciously spicy, strong and weak at the same time. I really hate you, she said mentally to the sex horn, remembering how many problems it had given her during the last two days. Then she felt Ivy eating greedily her clit, and knew that the blonde must have been having thoughts parallel to her own. Without words, only with their actions, they were both admitting how much animosity they felt for the other flesh spear, and how impatient they were to to devour and utterly destroy it.

Under the downpour, the heads continued moving against the crotches, streams of water running down cheeks and chins, almost drowning the women who would not stop their assault for anything in the world. Ivy’s and Julia’s mouths savored the sour taste of raw femininity along with the refreshing flavor of the Carpathian rain, an inexhaustible ambrosian nectar that never satiated the thirst of the rivals.

For several minutes, the maids attacked each other with all they had: the blonde sucked everything that the hole of Julia secreted, raping her slit with a voracious tongue; the brunette nibbled on Ivy’s labia and clit, dragging her gluttonous lips through her more private anatomy, sticking her tongue in that wet well. When one girl licked, the other slurped; when one bit, the other kissed. Caught on that roller coaster about to collapse, they convulsed and moaned, they ate and drank.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” The anguished whisper grew in intensity, with both young warriors wondering who was exhibiting such weakness… until they became aware that they were muttering against the other pussy, sobbing with pleasure without stopping the assault. Pure ecstasy flowed through Ivy’s body, with countless gratifying spasms that, from the neuralgic center of her sex, reached her belly, her nipples, her brain. “Fuck, fuck…” she repeated, her tone becoming sharper and more torn than Julia’s. Desperate, the Ukranian blonde masticated the brunette’s clit, hearing her foe roaring hotly in the storm.

“I got you, sow!” Ivy screamed before sinking the whole length of her tongue into Julia’s twat, penetrating it like a man with his cock. She felt the heat touring the body of her nemesis, detonating here and there in small bursts of pleasure and, for a moment, she believed her own words. However, as soon as she felt the fleshy mouth of the other maid again on her pussy, that raw tongue flicking over her clit again and again, she knew it was all over. For the second time that night, her cunt contracted intensely; a second later, an orgasmic explosion shattered her body and mind, letting go a tsunami of cum that flooded Julia’s victorious mouth. “Oh, you piece of shit!” Ivy cried. “I hate your fucking kiss!”

“Yeah, bitch!” the brunette shouted in ecstasy, between the compressed thighs of the blonde that were almost crashing her head, the taste of the defeat of her rival invading her palate. “This is what happens when you fight a woman—Ugh, oooh, fuck!” Still trembling against her, Ivy had managed to lock her lips against the brunette’s pussy while pushing a finger in her anus. A dirty and delightful pleasure joined the climactic charge that Julia had been accumulating during the agonizing sixty-nine… and that was enough to push her beyond the edge. An orgasm detonated between her legs like one of the thunders of the night, and now it was Ivy who swallowed the hot juices of the chestnut-haired beauty.

Between tremors, the girls pushed each other, broking the mutual oral assault to roll away from the other. Sitting on the edge of the pond, the maids gasped angrily, with the last drops of rain falling on them. The storm leaves the clearing, driven by the wind towards the south, and the clouds gave way to a starry sky and a full moon that, with its pale light, illuminated the exhausted bodies of the young rivals.

“Had enough?” Julia asked, her skin shining wet with water, sweat and feminine secretions.

“This has been just an assault, babe,” Ivy replied, trying to obviate the bitter taste of defeat with the memory of her first victory. “As you said, it’s your sexual endurance against my sexual endurance… and I’m far from being finished.”

“Me too, honey.”

“Then let’s keep sexfighting until we settle this.”

Slowly, the maids stood on their feet. As if the storm had not only taken the rain, but also the violence, Ivy and Julia decided to change the pace of the confrontation.

“The preliminaries have been fine, my dear,” the blonde said. “But what do you think if we went into the pond and have a soft little fuck contest?”

“Your body against mine in a lovely duel of seduction? Sounds delicious,” the brunette gasped, just before diving head first into the water. Ivy saw Julia’s naked figure swimming under the crystalline water, a seductive mermaid whose spectacular butt undulated under the moonlight.

“I’ll whip your ass before the night is over, whore,” the blonde grunted, even knowing that her enemy could not hear her.

Julia emerged in the center of the pond with an explosion of water. The Ukrainian maid saw how the hair of her Romanian opponent was shaken in the air as if the girl was in a television commercial and, for a couple of seconds, envy hit her guts. Julia had spoken of a duel of seduction, and she had just scored the first goal of the game.

“The water is great,” the brunette smiled arrogantly, grabbing her own tits tenderly. “Don’t be afraid, sugar.”

“Never,” Ivy growled. “Also, it’s time to wash your filth off me.”

Imitating her rival, the girl jumped into the water, diving towards Julia. The brunette’s body tensed as she watched her foe approaching and, finally, slipping under her legs in obvious challenge. Without turning around, she heard the blonde come up behind her. Back against back, ass against ass, the two beauties turned their faces.

“Ready to try to seduce me?” Ivy asked.

“Are you?” Julia replied.

The next assault of the most amazing night of the lives of both women was about to start…

Chapter 6: Until Dawn

The storm had passed. Someone took the opportunity to go out on the terrace of the villa, her bare feet stepping into the puddles, her hands pressing the soft shawl against her body. It was then when a shooting star crossed the dark firmament, an igneous promise about dreams and hopes for the future.

I want to have the strength to maintain my position.

With Julia and the new Ukrainian girl in her mind, Kristel repeated the wish… unaware that, from one of the windows of the house, another woman was also praying to the shooting star.

I don’t want to go back to the stable any more.

Naked and sweaty, Evelyn licked her exhausted lips. Minutes before, she had left an exhausted Mona on Julia’s bed, defeated and humiliated, although things had been close, very close, to ending in a different way for her… something that the beaten redhead knew very well as she staggered out the front door of the villa in search of a fresh breath of air.

I want to get revenge and become the top redhead.

Mona held herself up on a column at the entrance, her teary eyes watching the shooting star disappearing into the night.

The rivals of the pond didn’t see the shooting star, but what they wanted was as undeniable as the excitement, lust and jealousy that were running through their naked bodies. Turning their faces more and more, their lips ended up touching each other, and the most sensitive and gentle kiss possible between women who really hated each other began. The arms looked for the hug, and the maids’ breasts, hungry after minutes of famine, forced the rivals to turn around for a face-to-face confrontation.

With the water covering their hips —barely two or three centimeters below their navels—, the bodies rubbed against each other, the hands of the amazons caressing feminine shoulders and wet backs with their fingertips in an act of raw seduction. Trapped by the sweetness of the other’s lips, Ivy and Julia kissed with controlled passion: they wanted to bite, choke, devour, but they had to take the longest, softer road, they had to put the meat on a slow burn until the lid of the cooking pot jumped by the pressure. They both knew that there would be nothing more delightful than to feel the enemy melting in their arms, finally surpassed by their magnetism and their loving arts.

The rivals then tilted their heads, and the kiss deepened, the lips sealing a hot, moist space where tongues battled like provoked snakes: they coiled together as pythons, attacked quickly and fiercely as cobras, and poisoned each other as asps. On and on the two young maids made out, each determined to prolong the kiss to infinity if that was what it took to overwhelm the other girl.

While the beauties feeding on the other mouth, while the hands caressed an electrified skin, a slight fog began to rise in the pond, surrounding the heated female bodies and making them disappear in the mists. If any of the women from the villa had reached the clearing at that moment, she would not have seen either Julia or Ivy… but she would have heard her occasional gasps and moans and the characteristic and sensual wet sounds of tongues and lips sucking and licking, noticeable even above the soft purr of the waterfall.

“At this stage of the game, you should know who kisses better between you and me,” Julia panted, breaking the kiss for a couple of seconds before savoring the contours of Ivy’s pink lips with her tongue. “No doubt, your pussy already knows.”

The blonde responded by pushing the brunette’s tongue to one side with her own tongue and penetrating Julia’s mouth with a stifling French kiss. Hearing the groan of her rival, halfway between suffocation and pleasure, Ivy held the pressure for a moment more before retreating.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to outkiss you,” the Ukrainian girl mocked. “I thought a bigmouth like you could take this…”

Without a word, Julia lunged forward, lips against lips, her tongue violating the inside of the blonde’s mouth as her hand gripped her foe’s head from behind to kiss her harder. Ivy’s body stiffened for a few seconds, surpassed by the passion and moisture of a hungry tongue that, at last, returned to its own mouth.

“I’m the one who feels sorry,” Julia said. “Overkissing you this way… Where are my manners?”

The Romanian maid saw Ivy open her mouth again, and knew that the blonde was coming back to smother her with her kiss. But Julia was fed up with this little turn-based competition. Clashing tongue against tongue with her rival, she tried to surpass Ivy, in a fervent desire to show her once and for all who was the best woman.

For almost fifteen minutes, the two maids kissed each other, spitting all the saliva they could against a tremendously thirsty woman, turning their heads competitively to find the best position, tugging the other hair to take advantage of the victorious moments or to escape when weakness was present. Each time they broke the kiss, they did it in unison, practically reading the other mind to know when the time was; then the opponents panted heavily against the other mouth and, a few seconds later, they were back at it again with bigger motivation.

At last, Ivy’s hands fell on Julia’s derriere under water, just before she brought her pelvis against the brunette’s crotch. As a signal that the girl-on-girl action was going to move forward, a double female groan filled the air. The fingers of the Romanian beauty grabbed Ivy’s ass, and the mist began to swirl around both women’s hips.

“Well, now that I got you hot and bothered, I think it’s time to seduce your pussy too,” Ivy whispered. Julia moaned softly, the seductive voice of the blonde bristling the hair on her neck.

“You could not seduce it even if you had a big cock.” The brunette’s cunt rubbed gently against her nemesis’ sex, forcing a slight snarl from Ivy. “And all you have is a small, weak clit.”

The women’s hips began to move little by little, rotating against each other, disturbing the calm water of the pond. The mist danced around the rival bodies, clinging to their hips like two wide ghostly skirts.

“We’ll see who has the small, weak clit here,” Ivy said. Her mouth bumped into Julia’s lips again, and the kissing war broke out in the next assault.

But this time the main front of the battle was under water. The vaginal labia fitted together, locked in an erosive hostility as the maids’ clits fenced for supremacy. To the surprise of both young sexfighters, they could already feel their orgasms close to the surface: the kiss contest was taking its toll, a toll greater than expected; a seduction success that, being reciprocated, seemed a defeat for the girls. Furiously scratching the other buttocks in the water, Julia and Ivy growled with each electric shock that exploded after each clitoral collision, but none stopped in that desperate race towards the finish line. The tongues penetrated, the breasts crushed, the pussies fucked.

The climax came with incredible timing. The women moaned in unison, cumming against each other, their tense clits compressing together with the first and last orgasmic tremors. They were sharing a different detonation, tremendously short but also very intense, like a short wick dynamite. Shivering between Julia’s arms, Ivy cursed her antagonist for discovering to her so many variants of pleasure.

“Good job fucking like a virgin, soft and slow,” Julia spat, unable to contain the hatred by the sensations that her archenemy had forced in her in this delicate fuck duel. “But now I want to see if you can handle something a little harder…”

“Obviously, you’re not talking about your clit,” the blonde taunted. “Even putting you hornier than ever in your life, your pathetic little thing is not able to get as hard as my clit.”

“Oh, please, sugar, I have tested your clit several times, and I still have not felt that supposed hardness of yours,” the Romanian brunette gasped against Ivy’s face. “The only thing I have felt has been your your piece of shit smashing against my hard-on like it smashes against a stone wall.”

Wanting to show that cocky slut how much she was wrong, Ivy pushed her clit with millimetric accuracy against Julia’s sexual rod. The women’s weapons crashed tip to tip and, to the shame of the blonde, the brunette’s clit withstood the thrust with erect inflexibility.

“Ugh, whore!” Ivy grunted. For a few seconds, doubt crossed her mind: Julia’s words had been painfully prophetic. I’ve already fucked that clit before, she told herself, seeking light in that moment of darkness. And I will do it now, no matter what it costs…

“Let me show you how it’s done!” Julia pushed her pelvis against Ivy’s, returning the blow against the blonde’s clit… but her rapier also met a formidable resistance, being stopped abruptly by the hardness of the Ukranian maid’s definitive weapon. “Oh, bitch!” She could not believe what she just felt. The other woman’s clit looked like rock, but a volcanic rock, hot and intimidating. Just remember how many clits you have fucked in this villa, Julia thought in search of encouragement. This rookie’s clit isn’t going to be any different. Fuck her again, you can do it.

For a few seconds, the girls fought their own fears, telling themselves over and over again that it was impossible for the other clit to endure an erection as hard, big and hot as the one between their legs. Readjusting their pelvises for what was to come, the maids moved slowly across the pond, staring into the enemy’s eyes as they concentrated on their throbbing clits.

She has only been lucky, Ivy thought, her clit reaching at this instant a hardness like never before she had felt. No way she will stop my thrust again.

You blocked me once, but not anymore. Julia’s mind burnt, with the brunette impatient to ram with a clit that she felt unstoppable. You’re going to shout my name.

“Let’s thrust at the same time, you bitch, your clit against mine,” the Romanian girl said, translating the women’s thoughts into challenging words. “No fencing, no tactics. We only push, head to head, until my clit ties yours in knots.”

“You mean until mine crushes yours, right, cunt?” Ivy sneered. “And when I break your block, my clit will fuck your twat as I did in the stable.”

“I already penetrated your hole the first night, in the bathroom. And I’ll do it again as soon as my clit surpasses your last defense.”

“Ok, let’s do it like this: if I can get past your clit, you can’t retreat,” the blonde declared. “I’ll rape your pussy until you give up or until you force me back… just using your own cunt.”

“I accept… if the conditions are mutual,” Julia murmured. “If I reach your pussy, I don’t want to see you running away until you admit that I’m beating you or until, by some sort of miracle, you get my clit out of your slit.”

“Whatever, babe, my clit will never give up, so that will never happen.” Feeling that the moment was approaching, Ivy plunged her nails in her rival’s ass.

“It’s going to happen, my dear, and much sooner than you think,” Julia replied, clinging to the other’s butt too. “Ready?”

“Are you?”

A few seconds of silence, competitive hot looks and mental preparation filled the clearing with tension and impatience. Then, the maids began to count:

“One…” Ivy said.

“Two…” Julia continued.

“Three!” they both shouted in unison.

The clits smashed together like locomotives in opposite directions, a deadly collision that made the sexual shafts vibrate from the tip to the base. Feeling the seismic activity that the other rod was suffering, Julia and Ivy thought they had achieved it: their weapons were going to bend, to break the nemesis’ clit.

However, the reality was completely different. The victorious sensation was shattered by the threat of surrender to the pressure and, for a second, both women sobbed the defeat of their clits… but nothing happened, because their flesh swords remained firm, stiff, hard.

“Fuck!” Julia complained with a short gasp, her clit burning underwater, pressed into a perfect match against Ivy’s equally long, equally thick erection.

“C’mon!” The blonde roared in defiance, a cry of reinforcement that couldn’t hide that Julia’s rival was under the same stimulating pressure that she was.

“Bend my clit if you can, you sow!” the brunette demanded. At this moment, she felt that the breaking point between weapons had been reached… but she was not going to move back. In one way or another, who had the best clit was going to to be solved there and now.

“Bitch!” Ivy gasped, unable to respond to Julia’s arrogance more than with moans that mixed pleasure and discomfort.

However gifted the beauties were, their hot shafts couldn’t keep the unstable and devastating equilibrium for a long time. In the end, the pressure forced both sex spears to bend each other, the heads of the clits twisting together into a painful, shocking knot. Julia threw back her head, momentarily overcome by events, and that was when Ivy’s sturdy clit seized the opportunity. Proving a slightly superior firmness, it crushed the Romanian maid’s rod and, like an arrow shot by the best archer of the world, penetrated quickly and efficiently the slit of the brunette.

“Oh, crap!” Julia shook against Ivy, their over-stimulated breasts rubbing together as the blonde raped her under the water of the pond. As during that same morning, the chesnut-haired maid felt fucked by the incredible, conceited clit of her blonde enemy… but this time her body, her mind and her ego were prepared. Overcoming the violation, Julia set her vaginal muscles in motion, closing her labia like a hungry mouth around the invading rod.

“Fucking bitch,” Ivy panted, her clit suddenly squeezed by a devastating sexual force. “This is not going to save you! I’ve beaten your little clit, and now I’m going to do the same with the rest of your pussy!”

“You have not beaten anything!” Julia groaned, mentally cursing that her clit was ineffective clashing against Ivy’s mount of Venus, a few centimeters above the real battle. But she had accepted the showdown rules, and now she could not go back to try again to beat the other woman’ clit with hers. “I’m going to milk your weak clit and, when you can’t take more, stupid whore, I’ll break yours with mine!”

The grunts and gasps filled the dark surroundings as the couple fucked each other, one squeezing and the other penetrating in a kind of imitation of an intercourse between a woman and a man. But there was no male there, nor the girls needed any one: never before had sex been as intense, as stimulating as it was now, and that was something that no man could ever compete with. From head to toe, the naked bodies of the maids vibrated under waves of raw stimulation, under waves of rivalry and competition, doubt and arrogance; they had never felt so alive, they had never felt so desired, so hated.

After a few minutes of rubbing bodies and fighting cunts in heat, the maids didn’t know how much more they could take before another humiliating climax: Ivy’s clit throbbed in ecstasy, trapped by writhing vaginal lips, and Julia’s sex burned by the incessant incursion of the blonde’s eager weapon. Summoning the stamina and resolution that remained in them, both beauties accelerated their attacks, desperate to beat before being beaten.

It was Julia who fulfilled her promise first, milking Ivy’s juicy clit until the end. With a groan that grew in intensity, the blonde began to lose control of her crotch and, before she could avoid it, found herself vibrating under a new orgasm. A wave of worry flooded Ivy’s head as she felt her defeated clit losing strength and volume against Julia’s labia; a few seconds later, her hot shaft lose its position too.

“Weak bitch!” the brunette howled victorious, again managing to impale her clit against the other young beauty’s rod.

“Oh, fuck!” Ivy moaned but, to the surprise of both maids, her exhausted clit resisted the onslaught. Despite the bitter taste of defeat on her lips, despite the orgasm that continued destabilizing her body and soul, a shock of pride electrified the blonde. “My clit is not finished yet, you cunt!”

“Shut your fucking mouth!” Julia couldn’t believe what she felt between their legs. She had crushed, drained, overwhelmed Ivy’s spear… and it still put up a fight. She exhaled an angry growl against her rival’s face, nailed her fingers into her buttocks with even more energy and, with another spirited push, she tried to conquest the other girl’s clit again.

This time, Ivy’s weapon gave way, overstimulated by a climax that was still throbbing, and was bent by Julia’s battering ram that, breaking down the wall, penetrated the wet stronghold of the Ukranian beauty. Still cumming against the brunette, Ivy felt almost knocked out by the assault of her nemesis’ clit. Trembling and moaning uncontrollably, retreating several steps in the pond, the blonde howled as she felt Julia’s hard-on licking the walls of her vagina. The last shivers of her orgasm fused with a second climax; Ivy screamed, an overpowering pleasure destroying her, a demolishing weakness defeating her.

“It’s over!” the brunette stated, pushing her adversary to the edge of the pond. Unable to remain standing, the Ukrainian maid fell into the mud, Julia riding her with the passion of supremacy. “It’s fucking over!”

“No!” Ivy grunted. Cumming hard against Julia’s pussy, she closed her eyes, mentally trying to drive away the defeatist sensations. She hated to even consider that the biggest enemy she had ever had in her life could be right: the almost simultaneous double orgasm was emptying her of vital essence and belligerent energy, something against what it seemed she could not fight. Her muscles fainted beneath the brunette’s body, and her unstable cunt allowed the fat clit of the other maid to keep sexually assaulting her. More and more sunk in the mud, Ivy asked any goddess of war who was watching them to give her something to cling to…

The answer came in the form of a sharp, hot, desperate gasp. Opening her eyes, Ivy saw Julia trembling over her, visibly horny. It was then when the Ukrainian girl felt it: her vaginal lips had closed instinctively on Julia’s invading clit in an impulsive and unconscious final attempt to win the intense fight of pussies. It’s working! Ivy felt the pre-orgasmic waves running through her opponent’s crotch, and hope filled her arteries and veins with combative blood. Maybe not everything was lost, maybe she could still drag Julia with her into this ocean of weakness and exhaustion.

“You bitch!” the Romanian amazon complained, her conquering aura being shattered by Ivy’s crushing labia. Despite having mastered the last moments of the clitorial duel, her nemesis’ actions againts her sex had been affecting her… and Julia had made the mistake of ignoring them, the mistake of having overrated them. Now, she knew she had to pay the price. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Squeezed like orange for juice, Julia’s clit exploded, and the woman’s orgasmic nectar violently and hotly sprinkled the pussies of the rivals.

Mouth to mouth, the females shouted at one another: the blonde with the pleasure of revenge, the brunette with the hatred of defeat. The sexual rod of Julia lost its position, and the swords of the beauties clashed together again, the umpteenth fencing contest broke out between them.

“Why don’t you just give up, slut?” Julia cried out in frustration, her clit colliding against Ivy’s shaft in desperation, her vagina pulsating with the quakes of the orgasm. “You know my pussy is better than yours, just accept it!”

“You have the nerve to say that when I still feel your cunt coming against mine!” The blonde tried to overwhelm the brunette’s spear, pushing past it again, but she found the two clits bending each other, both weakened after the exchange of orgasms and milking assaults.

“You came before… twice in a row,” Julia boasted. “Your defenses are broken, whore. It’s only a matter of time before I leave you dry and ruined.”

“I’ll never let you do that, sow.”

Under the stars, under the full moon, the women groaned and growled as they matched their clits in the epilogue of a long duel of eroticism and seduction beween erections. Their hot rods crushed together, less hard but more sensitive than before, bent and twisted continuously, always tied in fierce competition. From her top position, Julia tried to rape Ivy’s slit on more than one occasion, but the blonde’s clit always got in her way; from below, the Ukrainian beauty counterattacked over and over again in search of the interior of the vagina of her opponent, but Julia’s clit never allowed a new invasion.

“Clit to clit, you bitch,” Ivy challenged, tired of this game. Without words, the other maid accepted, pushing her weapon against blonde’s. Julia felt her erection melting against Ivy’s shaft, almost fusing against it. Heat, humidity, tension… She had never felt anything so intense in her life. With fear and excitement running through her guts, Julia kept pushing… until the sensations were impossible to control. A short but devastating orgasm engulfed every sense of the brunette, exhausting the muscles of an electrified body under a heavy layer of sweat.

“Shit!” she cursed against Ivy’s smiling mouth.

“Who has the best pussy now?” her foe asked malevolently. Pushing with tits and hips, Ivy managed to roll over Julia, and the exhausted and defeated chestnut-haired girl was mounted by the other young woman in a cruel turn of fate. “Just admit that my cunt has won, and maybe I don’t tell the Lord every detail of this…” she mocked, knowing she was lying: she would tell Lord Aripa and every villa’s maid everything, absolutely everything she had done to Julia.

Tied pussy to pussy with her bitter enemy, the Romanian brunette tried to return every blow from the insistent Ivy’s clit, but her own clit felt consumed, outclassed, beaten. Again and again, the blonde’s rapier stabbed her female rod, gradually reducing it to a half flaccid nub. Julia couldn’t believe that the same girl she’d defeated with a single orgasm the night before was now smashing her proudest weapon as if she were the rookie there; her face flushed with embarrassment, her mind filled with images of loss, and her skin bristled with humiliation. Writhing against the mud, Julia prayed for an exit, an opportunity, whatever it was, to keep fighting…

The first thing she felt was a few trembling, weak stabs as Ivy’s clit bumped into hers almost without vigor, empty of momentum. A flash of hope illuminated Julia’s tortured mind and, a couple of seconds later, she knew what was happening: exhausted by the epic comeback, the clit of the other maid was now empty. The hardness had given way to softness and, in that instant, the blonde’s weapon was no different than Julia’s drained pearl. The once powerful clits now faced each other in their lowest points, barely two soft and small sexual organs that could hardly be brandished like real weapons.

But that wasn’t going to stop the female warriors. With their last strengths, Ivy and Julia rubbed their cunts together, ready to throw the rival beyond their sexual edge once again… maybe, with a bit of luck, one last time. Fucking each other in the most exhausted missionary of their lives, the beautiful maids moaned against the other mouths as their lower bodies bet the girls’ conceited egos in a final friction.

“It seems that your clit can’t take more,” Julia gasped, her naked ass moving in the mud to push her pelvis up.

“It’s yours that is ruined,” Ivy replied with a groan, her buns hardening under the brunette’s hands with every sexual thrust. “Is my clit too much for yours?”

“This clit, you say?” the Romanian maid forced both tired rods together in a tormenting knot, and the two girls moaned because the mutual weakness. “See, bitch? You obviously can’t keep this up.”

“You whined as much as I did, or more,” the blonde grunted, returning the assault with another hot friction between clits. A growl of pleasure and pain echoed in the clearing. “Look, cunt, how you can’t stand this.”

“I can handle your pathetic buttom all night long.”

“Not when I’ve reduced your ugly horn to nothing.”

“Yours is less than nothing now that I’ve crushed it.” Julia felt hot palpitations on her clit as her rival and she continued to argue. “And mine will return to its greatness in a moment. You better not be here when that happens…”

“I know you would like me to get out of here. That way you would save some face, calling this a draw.” Every word of the argument was sending a hardening discharge to Ivy’s clit. “But here is only one way out for you before my weapon is ready for another assault: admit my superiority as woman, and then come back to the villa, dragging like the viper you are.”

“Let’s cut this crap,” Julia said, suddenly buried her right hand in the golden hair of her nemesis. Not wanting to be at a disadvantage against the other maid, Ivy grabbed her dark mane. “We’re both too proud to end this with anything other than a sexfight to the finish…”


“…so let’s make it simple: your body against mine, no more duels or challenges. Tit to tit, ass to ass, cunt to cunt, your arms and legs against my arms and legs, our tongues licking all the skin and flesh that we find on our way. Pull my hair, because I’ll pull yours. Bite my mouth, because I’ll bite yours.”

“Breaking the chains? Wild cats in freedom? Sounds great, babe,” the Ukrainian blonde slowly licked her pink lips. “I’m going to enjoy fucking every centimeter of your haughty body.”

“We’ll see!” With a sudden push, the brunette managed to throw Ivy on the mud… and the desperate struggle for the final victory began.

Standing up unsteadily on slippery feet, the rival maids decided to take advantage of the sudden and momentary adrenaline rush, and they crashed together, naked chest against naked chest, their arms encircling each other in a close, jealous embrace. Grunting as they felt their ribs squeezed under an intense pressure, the women hugged the other body with such violence that for a moment it seemed that the rules of the house were to be broken in the heat of an impending catfight… but the lustful desire to fuck the other beauty was too powerful to be ignored. Guided by the same hive mind, Julia and Ivy slightly relaxed the suffocating clinch and, with one of their hands, reached the nemesis’ crotch.

“Let me prepare your clit for what’s next, honey,” the blonde purred.

“How kind of you, sugar!” the brunette smiled ironically. “I will do the same for you.”

Struggling to stay on their feet in the mire, the adversaries fingered viciously the other pussy, focusing on the increasingly erect clit. What they had in their hands was a tired cunt, close to collapse… but still dangerous, hungry, a cornered beast that could bite.

“My pussy is not finished yet,” Julia said, somehow reading Ivy’s thoughts in her trembling blue eyes.

“Mine neither,” the blonde replied. Stretching the strings of the match a bit more, she grabbed Julia’s left tit, pinching her nipple with cruelty. An annoyed growl later, the Romanian woman bit Ivy’s lower lip, forcing a gasp of pain from her nemesis before the girls lost their balance.

The mud splashed in all directions when the bomb in the form of angry naked bodies fell next to the pond. Losing her grip on Ivy’s pussy, Julia avenged the last humiliation gripping the two firm boobs of the blonde; squeezing them with passion, the brunette managed the sufficient advantage to get the top position.

“Bitch!” Ivy gasped, her breasts throbbing under the hot, muddy hands of her foe. “Why don’t you bring your weak tits against mine so I can beat them again?”

“I have a better idea.” Not taking the blonde’s bait, Julia sunk her face between Ivy’s bosoms and began to lick, to nibble the sweaty and shaking flesh. With a groan of pleasure, the Ukrainian beauty let go of the other maid’s vagina, grabbing her dark mane with both hands to pull her away from her chest. “Oh, shit!” the brunette complained at the fiery pain in her scalp as her head was carried away from the delicious Ivy’s trophies.

“My turn!” the blonde howled before rolling on Julia and attacking her torso: while her mouth was feasting with the brunette’s left tit, her nails lacerated the Romanian girl’s right breast with pleasurable pain.

“You dirty cunt!” Julia screamed. A wave of rage filled her body, intoxicating a mind that was about to lose control. Everything is violent with her! she cursed in her head, just before hitting the blonde’s side with a short punch. Ivy opened her mouth with a silent cry of pain before sitting on the brunette and taking revenge with a stinging slap that crossed the beautiful face of the brunette from one side to the other.

“I hate you, fucking sow!” The blonde raised her hand to punish the face of the brunette again, but Julia was faster and hit Ivy’s cheek with a slap as fast and furious as her anger. The Ukrainian maid fell on her back, but before Julia could seize the moment, Ivy’s right leg kicked the Romanian girl in the belly, knocking her down.

“Ouch, you cunt!” Julia straightened up on her muddy buttocks and, in front of her, Ivy did the same. Sitting on the edge of the pond, the women found their legs intertwined in a perfect scissor position, but even that can’t stop the killer instinct that dominated both bodies. With fury clouding their eyes, the brunette and the blonde bit chins, cheeks and lips while their fists punched clumsily ribs and kidneys.

“Slut, do you want to fuck the rules of the house?” the blonde inquired between teeth and grunts. Her rival’s question made Julia wonder what the fuck she was doing: the Pandora’s Box had been opened, and she was breaking the rules as much as the wild blonde. If any of the blows left a mark and Kristel discovered them, there would be more opportunities: they would be dishonorily expelled from the villa. But, on the other hand, despair for the matched sexfight was pushing Julia forward, towards victory by any means. She couldn’t lose against Ivy, she couldn’t allow it, she couldn’t bear it. She really hated how Ivy was affecting her life, how she was influencing even her way of sexfighting.

“I hate you!” Sincerity came out of the brunette’s throat while opposing forces pulled her in opposite directions. But a decision was made as soon as she felt her pussy tangled again with the petal-like folds of delicate blonde’s labia: she wouldn’t beat Ivy into a bloody pulp with her hands… she would burn the other maid in her sex flames. “I don’t want to fuck the rules of the house, I just want to fuck you!”

“Well, time is running out for you, weakling!” Ivy stated, opening and readjusting her legs. “You are dead tired now!”

“I can fight until the dawn… unlike you, loser!”

The muscles of the asses began to pump, and the pussies rubbed the totality of their sexual anatomies together in the most desperate duel of their existences. Still beaten, the semi-erect clits bumped into each other in little electrical exchanges, recharging the battery for the next climax. Hungrily exchanging full, open-mouthed kisses, the girls used their boobs to stimulate each other, agitating them painfully together in a duel of hard nipples and scratched, bitten flesh.

A few minutes later, the maids lost the vigor that had been sustaining them in the last violent moments, but this didn’t stop them. Worn-out between the other arms, they continued fucking, mouth to mouth, chest to chest, Ivy’s sex versus Julia’s sex. The lack of energy seemed to paralyze the females, but nothing further from reality: filled with the force of determination, they took advantage of each millimetric movement to bring the rival closer and closer to the final explosion. The tongues knotted languidly inside the mouths, the nipples crawled in slow motion through the sensitive titflesh, and the cunts felt each other, matching their sensuality in an unhurried but intense comparison.

“Just admit that I’m the best maid, the best woman,” Ivy gasped, her exhausted clit tied in what looked like an unbreakable knot with Julia’s tired shaft.

“I’ll never admit to a lie like that,” the brunette replied. From head to toe, her body competed against her nemesis’ figure, youth against youth, firmness against firmness. “Feel me, and tell me that I’m not the best maid, the best woman, if you dare…”

Julia’s arrogance continued to affect Ivy who, with a soft growl, pushed her crotch forward in an even closer contact. That simple movement triggered the final events of the battle: the Romanian girl couldn’t stop responding to that aggression, and rubbed her pussy against Ivy’s with even more hunger. The blonde accepted the bet and raised the stakes, leaving the other girl’s mouth and tits to concentrate their last energies in Julia’s challenging twat. The chain reaction didn’t stop and, just seconds later, the maids leaned back to force their crotches into a definitive contact, into the final tribbing duel between the most ambitious pussies of Lord Aripa’s villa.

Unable to articulate a single word, Ivy and Julia gasped, moaned and groaned as the water licked their bodies, the mud jumped around them. Their muscles burned from lack of oxygen, and there was hardly a millimeter of skin that didn’t throb under painful arousal, but none of them stopped the feeble assault.

Then, Ivy began to feel the preorgasmic pulsations between her legs, and a resentful curse escaped from between her lips. What was coming was not an explosive climax, it was not as intense as the previous ones, but the blonde knew that it would be the coup de grace. Not even the pride of sexfighting against Julia for hours could take away the bitter taste of defeating from her lips.

“Damn…” The agonic hiss of Julia came unexpectedly to Ivy’s ears like a beautiful song. Beyond her watery blue eyes, the Ukrainian beauty saw tears running down the exhausted face of the brunette, and her heart raced beneath her aroused chest. She is about to lose! Ivy screamed inside her head. On the other side of the deadly connected bodies, Julia seemed to read her mind, and her gesture became serious, proud, resolute. Ivy also hid her weakness under a mask of superiority and, in defiance, she offered her hand to the Romanian maid. Julia accepted and, with their hands now locked, they both used the extra leverage to try to wipe out their archenemy once and for all.

None knew how long they were in that position, fucking the other pussy in the most desperate moment of their lives, but when the resolution came, it did it abruptly. The cunts exploded into an orgasm of contradictions: weak but strong, soft but hard, wet but dry. The maids screamed without voice, falling into the mud between convulsions as they wondered if that had been unison, or if one of them had scored the psychological point by winning the race to the last orgasm. In that spectacular double ko, that was the only hope to emerge victorious from the epic confrontation.

But now they couldn’t discuss anything: their eyelids were too heavy that no one managed to keep their eyes open. Unable to hold the fight against the fatigue, both women slid into a dreamless sleep on the mud…

When Ivy opened her eyes, she was disoriented, out of place. She looked at the starry sky, and the moon returned her gaze. Bringing a hand to her dizzy head, the blonde sat up straight, letting out out a grunt. Her muscles were numb, stiff as if Ivy had completed the largest exercise session ever.

Then a moan caught her attention. Naked and muddy, Julia was sitting beside her, her dark mane hiding part of her tired but still attractive face. The memory of everything that they had been doing to each other during the night hit the mind of the blonde… especially during the last few seconds before fainting.

“Bitch.” The Ukrainian girl didn’t find a better greeting for the foe.

“Slut,” Julia gasped. Her brown eyes were shining with the remains of a fire that had not yet been extinguished. “I guess we know who the better woman is now…”

“We have always known that,” Ivy said. “I have won this sexfight, so from now on I hope you know what your place is.”

“You have won? Please, bitch, don’t make me laugh,” the brunette replied, annoyed and incredulous. “It was you who could not continue fighting.”

“You came first, and you passed out first too.”

“Neither one thing nor the other. I felt your cum against my pussy before I reached my climax and, of course, you lost consciousness first.”

“Bullshit,” the blonde grunted. Slowly, she rested her hands on the mud: on all fours, Ivy leaned forward slightly, menacing like a panther. “Don’t make me give you another lesson, you cunt…”

“Accept your defeat, or you will regret it.” Replicating the position of her rival, Julia stared at Ivy, like a tigress about to jump over her prey. It was incredible, but the two exhausted, sore maids were about to get back into trouble with the other beauty. Both refused to accept the result of the contest, both refused to admit that they didn’t have the physical or sexual strength to keep rivaling. But the female pride was too powerful to ignore…

Before they knew, their bodies had collided together, and the girls fell in a weak hug to the mud. Unable to muster enough energy to get the top position the time they needed to end the fight, Julia and Ivy rolled through the clearing, with no more tactics than rubbing their bodies together. Friction was the only weapon they had now, and they used it obsessively, seeking to overwhelm the other woman. Skin against skin, flesh against flesh, bodies measured their sensuality, firmness and endurance, until the mutual and effective stimulation pushed the girls to force their limits: their mouths intertwined in an agonized and exhausted kiss, their nipples looked for each other to pierce and bend… and their pussies, their arrogant pussies, opened to receive and suffocate the opposing sex.

No one counted orgasms, nor measured their intensity, but they were delivered during a night that seemed to have no end. The maids fell unconscious several times, only to wake up and resume the fight at the point where they had left it. Sometimes, the anger fueled their bodies long enough to allow them to face each other in a standing titfight, or in a cruel, violent exchange of pelvic blows under the waterfall. They both sucked cunts and tits until their mouths throbbed in pain, and they fingered each other for long minutes in the false Greek temple, the hot butts of the girls humping against the cold marble.

The sexual marathon ended with the first light of dawn. The maids’ clits clashed one last time before the arrival of the new day, bending each other in a painful, frustrated tie… A double orgasm, almost without intensity, knocked the couple out.

It was over.

Chapter 7: New Horizons

The mind-blowing sexfight between Julia and Ivy was the talk of the villa during the following days. After sleeping for almost a whole day, the brunette and the blonde were quick to spread rumors about how they had fucked the other woman’s body all night long. Both claimed to have won, and even told everyone who heard them that if the other maid wanted revenge, they would be more than ready for a rematch.

But the beauties were barking, not biting. None attempted any movement against her nemesis, not even in the bedroom they shared, where they never went beyond the bad looks and some whispered insult. The fight in the waterfall clearing had left a strong mark on them, so both needed some time before the next battle of their personal war.

The first step towards the resumption of hostilities came from Kristel. The housekeeper, sick of the rumors, invoked one of the rules of the house to know the real result of the confrontation between Ivy and Julia. When the women admitted the draw, they felt a heavy slab in their hearts. There was power in the spoken words, and the confession was enough to make painfully real all that had happened in the clearing… and the frustrating result of the fight. Doubts had to be left behind, and questions had to be answered.

That same night, while Kristel was unable to sleep for thinking about the night-long encounter between the blonde and the brunette, the two young beauties again faced each other between the sheets of Ivy’s bed. This time, the Ukrainian girl managed to beat the cunt of her Romanian rival at the last moment, although Julia got her revenge by conquering Ivy’s sex the next night after a long and matched fight.

For weeks, there seemed to be no place where the beauties wouldn’t confront one another: in the shower, on the terrace, in the stable, in the gardens… The hot rivalry between Ivy and Julia heated the atmosphere of the villa, and Kristel observed how the place was consumed by passion and hatred. Winds of war went across every bedroom, where maids fought every night, every morning, in search of a better position in the hierarchy of the villa, or simply to solve old or new quarrels.

Kristel felt she was losing control of the house, but she was not fully aware of it until she unexpectedly found Julia and Ivy fucking each other in her own bed. That evening, both young women had gone to her bedroom to challenge her, to steal her main maid position… only to meet the girl they most hated at the door of Kristel’s chambers, with the same intention as themselves. The discussion about who had the most right to defy the housekeeper led to an all-or-nothing sex conflict, a battle that Kristel interrupted at the most decisive moment.

“What the hell…?” the main maid asked. “No one can enter here without invitation, you bitches!”

Breaking the scissor posture, the rival maids separated their wet pussies, flooding Kristel’s sheets with their feminine scents. The frustration over the intrusion gave way to the desire that had brought them there.

“By the rules of the house, I challenge you formally for the position of main maid,” Julia grunted, standing up.

With a jump, Ivy stood next to the brunette. “I’m the one who defies you, Kristel. This villa will be mine!”

“Fuck, no!” Julia denied. “I will be the one…”

“Shut up, you fucking troublemakers!” the housekeeper had enough. Unbuttoning her blouse, she glared at the aspirants. “This ends here and now. Lord Aripa just called to ask me to send him one of my girls. His new penthouse needs a main maid, and he’s organizing a competition to see who gets the job.” The blouse fell to the floor, revealing a beautiful chest under a white silk bra. “It’s the perfect excuse to get rid of one of you… after I fuck your overrated bodies once and for all.” The bra followed the path of the blouse, and Kristel’s heavy tits stood proudly naked before Julia and Ivy. “I’m sick of hearing the other maids talking about your epic sexfight in the clearing…”

“So… last woman standing wins?” the blonde asked. Beside her, Julia licked her lips.

“Oh, yes…” Kristel whispered.

Even before the main maid finished stripping, the 3-way sexfight started. The alpha females of the villa gave everything they had, as the prize was very succulent. They kissed, nibbled, grabbed, fingered, penetrated… fucked. The evening gave way to the night, and the dirty, stunning women were still struggling. When one took advantage, a short and fragile alliance formed against her: Julia and Kristel’s fingers raped Ivy’s twat and anus moments before Julia and Ivy devoured Kristel’s mouth and pussy; seconds later, Ivy was fucking Kristel’s cunt with her nipple as Julia chewed the housekeeper’s boobs.

At midnight, everything began to be resolved when a sweaty, exhausted Kristel fell to the floor. Ivy was on top of her, humping wildly against her pussy. The leader of the villa couldn’t take more and, exploiting in her umpteenth orgasm, she howled her defeat with a tormented shriek. The queen had fallen, and now all the maids knew it.

But every empty throne must be occupied. Julia fell on Ivy at the exact moment when Kristel was defeated, crushing the blonde between both bodies. From behind, she sank two fingers, then a third one, in her biggest enemy’s cunt. Exhausted and weakened after the sexual marathon, Ivy felt her vagina give in to the pleasure of the last orgasm. Moaning without strength, the Ukrainian beauty trembled weakly, unable to keep fighting, and collapsed on Kristel’s defeated body.

“I’m the main maid, slut.” Julia’s weary whisper sounded against her ear, cruel and arrogant.

“Fucking coward, you cheater…” Ivy could barely articulate words as she was losing consciousness, but an intense thought burned in her mind: she’d beaten Kristel, she should have been the housekeeper. I really hate you, Julia!

“This is my first order for you, weak bitch: you’ll leave this villa tomorrow morning,” the brunette said. “I want you fighting for the penthouse’s best position… in my name.” Julia smiled nastily, knowing the humiliation that was for Ivy to have to battle as her girl.

“I will do it, sow,” the blonde accepted. Her eyes began to close. “I will become the penthouse’s main maid… and when I can, I’ll come back here… and we’ll settle this, main maid against main maid…”

The darkness finally took over Ivy. Her first stage in the secret and crazy world of Lord Aripa had ended.

A week later

The tension between the maids was palpable. Coming from different parts of Europe, the girls waited for Mikael, the Lord’s butler, to prepare the camera that would film the 6-way sexfight for posterity. From one corner of the penthouse, Ivy was examining her competitors: hot and beautiful, they seemed very capable amazons. No doubt, Lord Aripa has good taste, the blonde thought. Well, Aripa or whatever his real name is. Ivy had just discovered that the mysterious Lord had many names: Lord Aripa, Count Flugel, Monsieur Alle… He has as many names as houses spread around the world.

“Hi, miss.” Mikael had approached Ivy, with a paper and a pen in his hand. “Please, can you please sign this. Simple bureaucracy, nothing more.”

“Of course.” With a quick gesture, the girl signed with her name.

“Ivana Sugar,” the butler read. “Beautiful name. Now, if you don’t mind, stand next to your rivals. It’s time to start…”

The End.

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