Contest in the Dressing Room by AnubisX

Additional Credit

Based on the Original Story by Hgqone

“Excuse me. How much does this bra cost?”

The mid-July sun came in through the windows of the building, flashing the red gems of the black bra that the beautiful woman held in her hands. Things like that could only be found there, in the luxury lingerie store on the sixth floor of the Beijing Department Store, one of the most popular places in the famous shopping street called Wangfujing.

“Oh, Miss Zheng, you have excellent taste,” the young saleswoman said, approaching her. “This bra is imported from Germany. It’s made of silk, with half a dozen rubies attached to the contour. A precious thing, as you can see, and it’s selling fast!”

For an instant, Zheng Li visualized herself in Huang Tao’s bedroom, dressed in that dazzling bra. Her tongue licked her fleshy lips slowly, savoring the slightly fruity taste of the pink gloss.

“And the price?” she insisted, even though she already knew she was convinced to buy it.

“1850 yuans, Miss Zheng.”

“Mmm, I think it fits me well,” Zheng Li said, placing the bra on his chest. She made a gesture of doubt, just before she looked at the label. “34C? Maybe a little small. Do you have any other sizes?”

“Let me go check it out.”

Momentarily alone, Zheng Li smiled. That bra was the icing on the cake for a perfect week. She hadn’t only physically consummated her relationship with Huang Tao on a delicious and passionate night, but only two days ago she had signed up for White Tiger Models. At the age of 24, her career as a fashion model reached a high point: her beautiful brown-eyed face filled magazine covers, and her diabolical body of impossible curves appeared on billboards all over Asia. Her breasts, the model’s greatest pride, had even received compliments from men’s magazines in the United States, where the woman was already beginning to attract attention.

Floating on a cloud, Zheng Li smiled as she saw the saleswoman come back. But the embarrassed face of the other girl brought out the model of her daydreaming.

“I’m sorry, Miss Zheng, but that bra is the last one we have of that size. We have two others, but they’re B cups…”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Even if this one is a little tight, I’ll keep it.”

“No, I mean…” the saleswoman cleared her throat nervously. “That bra was reserved online just now.”

“What? What the hell does that mean?” the model shook the black bra in front of the other girl’s face. “I got it right here. I took it first, so it’s mine. The titless bitch who reserved it can keep the B cup.”

“Please, Miss Zheng, just relax.” The girl looked both sides of the store. Luckily, that Saturday morning the place was almost empty. “The truth is that the order hasn’t been paid yet…” she vacillated…but the model didn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity.

“She hasn’t paid. On the other hand, I spend thousands of yuans in this store every month,” Zheng Li said. “So I’m gonna try this bra on, and then you’re gonna sell it to me.” Without giving her time to reply, the model turned around and, with long steps, went impatiently to the dressing room.

The store’s dressing room wasn’t very spacious, but that didn’t matter to Zheng Li. Three of its walls had tall mirrors from which she could look at her fantastic body from any point of view so, as she always did, she began to undress with delicacy and femininity, as if it were a kind of sacred rite. Hanging her small leather handbag on the coat rack of the door, first she removed her soft silk blouse, unbuttoning it to let out her spectacular chest, barely covered by a beautiful bra that imitated the skin of a tiger. Hanging the blouse next to the handbag, the beauty opened the clasp of her bra, undressing her upper torso completely.

“This is what we’re talking about, world,” she said, smiling from ear to ear as she saw her slightly sweaty, naked tits in the three mirrors. Getting carried away, Zheng Li grabbed her pale, firm boobs, panting softly as her thick pink nipples hardened beneath her fingers. “Oh, my…”

Remembering where she was, the model put her hands away from her proud chest before took the expensive bra and gently covered her heavy breasts with it. The material feels nice against her titflesh, the silky touch adding a little more pleasure to her stimulated glands.

“You look great, Li,” she said to her reflection. From the bottom up, black dominated a perfect figure: two black high heels gave way to long, slender legs, only covered by a dark leather miniskirt so tight that the surprisingly round ass of the model seemed to be about to explode in freedom. Beyond a toned belly and a narrow waist, the black bra clutched two slightly larger breasts than it could handle, but that only made Zheng Li’s curves even more delicious.

“Beat this, Wang Mei.” The model slowly leaned forward, closing her arms to squeeze her bosoms as she evoked the woman she hated most in the world. Zheng Li’s cleavage became very deep, and much more striking than the expensive rubies that flashed under the light of the dressing room. “It looks really, really sexy,” she whispered, standing up, rotating her body and enjoying the sights with an almost toxic narcissism. “You’re incomparable, Li.”

Suddenly, the footsteps of high heels sounded outside the dressing room, followed by the anxious voice of the saleswoman.

“I’m really sorry, I can’t help you,” the girl was saying, but Zheng Li only heard the words as a distant echo. Satisfied with the way she looked in her bra, she barely paid attention to the outside world.

“I reserved the bra on the cell as I was coming over here,” a female voice replied, undoubtedly angry.

“I know, but another woman has taken it before. We have other sizes…”

“Smaller? Even the size 34C is small for me, and you want to sell me something smaller?”


“When did you sell the bra? And what bitch bought it?” the voice demanded.

“She hasn’t bought it yet, becauses she hasn’t paid for it so far,” the saleswoman answered. “She’s trying it on right now, in the dressing room…I’m sure you know her, because she’s a model like you.”

“Who?” the voice sounded suddenly interested.

“Miss Zheng, from White Tiger Models.”

“Oh, she…Look, don’t worry about this. I’ll talk to her…”


“I said don’t worry about it. Now, get out of here…”

Away from the whole discussion, Zheng Li was still absorbed in her own body, so when the door opened suddenly, she turned around, surprised and somewhat afraid. Another male stalker?

However, it wasn’t a man, nor a stalker: she was a woman…and an enemy. A curvaceous, slender figure, as tall as Zheng Li, stood out in the only way out of the dressing room.

“You…” she recognized her immediately. How can she not do it? She had been comparing herself to her for years, with all the similarities that almost made them into sisters being analyzed over and over again. Even now, in that unexpected encounter, her rival had the audacity to appear dressed in black heels, a dark leather skirt and a white blouse almost identical to her outfit.

“Yes, me,” the other woman said. Wang Mei, the girl whose name Zheng Li had grunted seconds earlier, seemed to have been invoked for her hatred. Wang Mei, the new star of Red Panther Models, the beauty whose face and body competed with Zheng Li’s face and body in magazines and billboards.

“What are you doing here?” Zheng Li asked. “Who let you in?”

“I go wherever I want,” Wang Mei replied.

It was impossible for an encounter to be more intense than that one: for years, both females had been rival models, competing against each other to outdo the adversary, trying to steal protagonism, no matter how it was; they had even insulted the other before or after a fashion show…. and, on one occasion, they had almost even came to blows. But now that they were the two most popular women of China’s two most popular model companies, the rivalry, the jealousy and the pressure had multiplied by a thousand between them. White Tiger Models and Red Panther Models were competitive, aggressive with each other, and now their young stars were the ones who had to defend the pride of their companies… and their own female egos.

“What do you want… bitch?” Zheng Li spat, her eyes burning in flames.

“I want my bra, cunt, the bra I reserved before your dirty hands touched it,” Wang Mei groaned, her gaze as intense as her foe’s. Without stopping to look at the other model, she hung her leather handbag on the coat rack of the door.

“I’m sorry, but you’re late. Now it’s mine.” Certainly, Zheng Li really wanted that bra, but she wasn’t stupid: she knew the bra was just an excuse. She had long wanted to settle her problems with Wang Mei, and now she had the perfect opportunity to do it, in that narrow dressing room. The expensive black bra would be a trophy to prove which of the beautiful, almost cloned women had been the best woman, there and now.

Both models licked their equally fleshy lips, equally covered with pink glow, and waved their equally long chestnut manes. Their equally brown eyes kept measuring each other as their identical hot bodies tensed before what was going to happen. Tiger against panther, model against model, it was the hour of truth.

With such an impressive chest, Zheng Li knew how to provoke other women. With her hands on her hips, she pushed her chest out, towards Wang Mei. The provocation had an immediate response, and the other model imitated her posture, as proud of her incredible chest as Zheng Li was of her own tits.

“Trying on the bra?” Wang Mei sneered, locking the door behind her without stopping to look at her rival’s arrogant chest. “Don’t you think it’s too big for you, my dear?”

The curvaceous body of Wang Mei blocked the doorknob, but Zheng Li had no intention of leaving that unexpected battlefield. “Mmm, too big?” she looked down, her tits lightly spilling out of the bra. “I’d say the opposite, honey: too small for me.” Her brown eyes fell on Wang Mei’s boobs, under her silk blouse. “Besides, I don’t think this bra is the right one for you…Your tits are so small…” she countered with a vicious verbal stab.

“Small… my famous babies?” Wang Mei hardly believed what she was hearing, but she wouldn’t let the anger take control. The more beautiful a woman was, the more cunning she became… and also more daring. Forcing an arrogant smile on her beautiful face, she grabbed her blouse and, with a sudden tugging, the Red Panther’s model ripped its buttons… to expose boobs that no bra was covering! “They don’t look small, do they?” she said mockingly, dropping the blouse on the floor, gently shaking her two firm, thick, pale tits in front of her nemesis. Wang Mei’s pink nipples pointed menacingly at Zheng Li, a thick, sweaty challenge that she couldn’t leave unanswered.

“Oh, you bitch.” Zheng Li was surprised at Wang Mei’s audacious movement, a whole declaration of war in that world of rivalry between young models. Pushed by the stimulus, Zheng Li took a fearless step forward, closing the distance between the women in the narrow dressing room. “Do you think yours intimidate mine?”

Wang Mei realized that they were starting to talk more about their tits than about them as people… and she had no problem with that. “Take off my bra and show mine that yours are brave enough, slut.” She refused to give in, and took her own step forward, leaving the contenders face to face, the two most beautiful models of China at that time antagonizing secretly inside the Beijing Department Store.

“You wanted it, girl.” Zheng Li’s hands moved to the disputed bra as Wang Mei tried to focus on the intense gaze of her rival and not on her bobos… to fail miserably. Her dilated pupils saw the other model’s hands gently squeezing her breasts underneath for a moment before moving forward and untying the silk bra. Before Wang Mei, two wet glands appeared in all their splendour, fat and white, with their nipples erect in defiance.

For a minute, perhaps two, the two beauties observed the naked virtues of the other girl, for the first time exhibited in the presence of the rival. Both forced gestures and grunts of disdain at what they saw, but the reality was that their fields of vision were overwhelmed by such impressive, plump tits that they had a moment of hesitation. There was no doubt that both were endowed with young, very strong and healthy boobs, with large areolas and dangerous nipples like pointed thorns.

Visually stimulated by other large tits, by the sexy, provocative show, the women felt a kind of fever attacking them, their hearts racing with the threat of exploding out of their chests. Most of the blood rushed to their glands, until reaching the milk ducts; almost as if some hands were pinching them, the nipples of the females hardened even more, somehow trying to desperately outdo the other pair of daggers in a toughness competition.

Free at last from the other spell, Wang Mei and Zheng Li looked each other in the eye again, jealousy and hatred filling their pupils. If their faces were alike, their tits were practically identical.

“It seems that, far from solving our problems, we’re making them worse…” Wang Mei broke the silence, her voice filled with tension.

“Clearly.” Zheng Li lifted the desired bra before them. “I guess you still want it.” Her adversary nodded, and the White Tiger’s model licked her lips. Then, the chestnut-haired beauties found themselves cricling around the other, inside the dressing room. Zheng Li took the opportunity to hang the ruby bra next to her blouse, the final prize in sight of both half-naked hotties.

“Well, Li, how are we gonna decide who gets the bra?”

“I think…” Zheng Li licked her lips again. “I think that bra can only belong to the best tits, Mei…”

“I agree.” Now Wang Mei was the one who licked her lips, still moving through the small dressing room without losing sight of her nemesis. “My tits are much better than yours, so the bra is mine.”

“Not so fast. Your tits are out of my league, so the bra is mine.”

The dressing room’s air-conditioning now seemed to be turned off. Sweat soaked the four naked tits, and the rest of the girls’ torso glowed with a light layer of perspiration. The female bodies were burning, as did their minds and egos.

“Men like big ones, don’t they?” Wang Mei said, biting her fleshy lower lip and provoking the same reaction in Zhen Li. “What if we compare each other that way to see who’s the best?”

“Sounds fair,” Zheng Li whispered, looking at the breasts of the other young woman. “Whoever loses gets no bra?”

“Yes… and she’ll pay the lingerie to the winner for next month.”

“We’ve got a deal…”

Blood accelerated even more in the models’ veins, scorching them from the inside while their skins became extremely sensitive, slightly shaky. The hands of Zheng Li and Wang Mei unconsciously grabbed their own tits, as they stopped to face each other in the middle of the dressing room.

“Tell me,” Zheng Li began to ask in a low voice, almost as if she was afraid to know the answer. “How big are yours?”

“Mine have always been bigger than yours.” Cautiously, Wang Mei didn’t want to reveal her size before her nemesis did. “How about you? How big are yours exactly?”

“They’re bigger than yours, that’s all that matters,” Zheng Li replied, not budging an inch.

“Too bad we don’t have a ruler to measure ourselves… so you’d stop talking nonsense.” Wang Mei’s hands began to squeeze her glands harder, trying to get the upper hand. “Look at these big things, and tell me you’re not at a disadvantage here.”

“Oh, please.” The White Tiger Models’ star kneaded all the titflesh that she could in front of the other beauty. “These tits ridicule your covers and billboards all over China. Don’t you dare compare yours to mine.”

Tension reached such heights at that moment, that they both knew that if their hands had not been occupied with their own fat breasts, a catfight would have burst right there. So they shut up, letting their squeezed tits speak of firmness and size as they silently looked at each other. But fingers found increasingly difficult to grip boobs so sweaty that, by mutual agreement, the girls released their virtues and, raising their arms and grabbing their own heads from behind, they pulled out their breasts upwards in front of the other attractive woman in a demonstration of power, an incredibly sexy exhibition that unfortunately only two people could see, directly or through mirrors.

Then, something happened. Maybe it was bad timing, maybe it was the gravity that each beauty exerted on the other, but the girls ended up taking a step forward… and their four nipples crashed together.

“Fuck!” they cried out in surprise at the same time. Over-stimulated by a sudden electric shock between their erogenous spears, the models quickly separated their nipples, panting heavily. Clutching their sensitive nude tits, Wang Mei and Zheng Li looked at each other, their eyes vibrating at the offense. Only the air conditioning and the soft hisses of the two beauties could be heard in the room… and the hurried beating of their hearts, rumbling over and over again under their hot breasts. And they’d barely brushed their excited nipples for half a second…

“You bitch…” Wang Mei whispered, her body still trembling under the thunderstorm. In her head, she could only think about what had just happened, an obsession in the shape of pink, cruel nipples. A question was formed on her fleshy lips, the glow flashing under the light of the dressing room. “Tell me, Li… How hard are your nipples?”

Zheng Li swallowed saliva, for a moment thinking that her rival could read her thoughts through her eyes, because she had been wondering just the same thing about Wang Mei’s stiffies. The nipple contact had awakened in her something deep, toxic, volcanic, and now she couldn’t wait to resolve certain issues.

“Do you want to find out?” she asked. Her face twisted in a lascivious gesture. “Stop playing games, stop watching you squeezing your tits like they’re better than mine.” With his chin, Zheng Li pointed contemptuously at the other model’s nipples. “You dare to try again, Mei?”

“Oh, yes,” Wang Mei replied without thinking for a second. “What surprises me is that you dare to do it again.”

Preparing mentally for what was to come, the two opposing models faced each other at close range, hands on their hips, boobs pushed forward, eyes throwing lasers of hatred and jealousy at each other.

“Since you don’t want to admit that mine are bigger, that’s how we’ll do it,” Zheng Li said. “Nipple to nipple, yours against mine, until one of us can’t take it anymore.”

“Sounds good,” Wang Mei accepted as she added her own challenge. Under provocation, she would never give in; on the contrary, she always pushed forward. “My nipples are gonna tear yours apart… and my tits are gonna crush yours.”

“You want it, you got it. Let’s see who has the most powerful tits, let’s see which ones pound the others. Let’s fight for the bra… and for the title of best boobs in China.”

The hands separated from their hips, the fingers moving eagerly to start once and for all. In anticipation, the women’s bodies throbbed as if every millimeter of flesh and skin were an extension of their rampant hearts. There was too much at stake there, much more than a pretty, expensive bra.

“Come on, Mei! I’m afraid that soon you won’t be able to see your babes in any mirror, because I will have totally crushed them with mine!”

“You come on, Li! Your two pieces of flesh are so weak that I’m gonna beat them back into your chest. They can’t match up with mine!”

Their hot bodies came a little closer, the long legs of the models just half a step away from each other, their heels placed firmly on the floor, their torsos curved with arrogance, lurking like predators, ready for the war. The atmosphere kept becoming thinner, the air burning around the half-naked bodies. The discussion between the beauties was being so hot, so provocative and stimulating, that they didn’t know how much more they could hold back but, even then, the women kept stretching the preliminaries with more threats.

“Say goodbye to those pale, soft things,” Wang Mei whispered angrily.

“Get ready to have pancakes instead of tits,” Zhung Li hissed ardently.

Hungry as never before, the girls adjusted their bodies a little more, always counteracting any millimeter variation made by the opposing torso, always ready to converge with the other beauty’s two round weapons by the most direct route. In the end, the four erect nipples, like thick and long swords, stood face to face, with hardly any space between them. In front of the models was all the food they needed.

Stimulated by the hot environment and the sexual scent floating in the air, the two women felt an adrenaline rush through their bodies. Their hearts pumped blood at full speed in the face before the imminent confrontation, and the pores exuded as much sweat as they could, the girls’ sweaty flesh gleaming in each reflection under a thick layer of shiny perspiration.

At that moment, the image was spectacular: several topless Zheng Li faced several topless Wang Mei through the mirrors, two almost-twins duplicated in the dressing room. Big breasts, thick nipples, leather miniskirts, tight asses, beautiful slender legs, sexy high heels… Everything that each body copied from the other, then the mirrors delightfully multiplied. Anger, jealousy and sex appeal also reflected in the mirrors, every Wang Mei and every Zheng Li hating the woman in front of them, whether it was the real woman or not.

“This is your last chance to change your mind and run out of here, you cheap bitch,” Zheng Li snarled arrogantly, even knowing that she would never let her antagonist in the fashion world get out of there without settling who the best woman was. “You know it’s gonna be very painful, right?”

Feeling the heat and excitement emanating from both bodies, Wang Mei narrowed her eyes. “You better worry about you and your tits, you fucking cunt,” she spat. “And don’t forget to pay when you lose!”

The two stunning young beauties were so close that was incredible that her nipples hadn’t touched each other. And yet, despite their female arrogance, none of them seemed able to close those few centimeters of distance between sexual hard-ons.

“You’re the one who’s gonna lose,” Zheng Li kept talking, her bare breasts throbbing with sexual drive and carnal nervousness as the girl hesitated whether to attack or wait for her rival. “My nipples are stiff and hard, and they’re gonna break yours.”

“Do you want to give up?” Wang Mei asked with an arrogance that tried to hide her doubts and anxiety. “Because you talk a lot, but nothing more. You know my boobs are too fat, too powerful for your delicate breasts.”

The brown eyes of the girls spat out everything they felt: hatred, disdain, provocation, sensuality, jealousy. It was so intense, so complex with such conflicting feelings, that it seemed that the air around the rival models was going to burst into flames from one moment to the other. But the fire danger was something they had to deal with: they could no longer break promises of crushing and flattening, promises of thicker nipples and fatter boobs. Her own big egos had pushed them into a breast dueling trap, a competition for female supremacy, for trying to outdo the hated enemy model.

It was time. Looking at the opponent’s long nipplesand firm bosoms one last time, both knew they could no longer eternalize this. So Wang Mei and Zheng Li threw out their last war cries, their voices trembling like never before in their lives.

“What are you waiting for, bitch? Come here!”

“Come on, whore, let’s solve this once and for all!”

The two models pulled back their torsos, and then rammed forward, guided by their lower feelings. The four sensitive, fat masses of titflesh exploded together in a cruel collision that resounded all over the dressing room. The strong nipples found each other at the same height in a perfect train crash that left the electrical sensations of the first nipple contact in a trifle.

“Oh, shit!” the females moaned, feeling their flesh deforming against each other in the impact, their nipples going beyond the other spears to penetrate the soft surface of the other tits, their sticky areolas throbbing against the rival’s bust. The rivals’ arms instinctively surrounded the other waist, their hands clutching tightly at the belt of the leather miniskirt from behind as the nerve centers of their breasts electrified the heavy weapons. “Fuck, fuck!” both cried out, before clenching their teeth to reduce groans to angry hisses. Now that they were finally solving their problems, they didn’t want anyone to hear them, they didn’t want to be interrupted.

With their glands still numb from the severe blow, sore and swollen after the first onslaught of hatred, the models started the real fight, White Tiger’s beauty versus Red Panther’s beauty, Zheng Li’s tits versus Wang Mei’s tits.

Under heavy pressure, the bulging boobs fought for position, kneading each other, rubbing each other, changing their shape against each other in a crushing battle. Their bodies trembled, their high heels hit the floor again and again, and several entangled female bodies were seen in the mirrors. The chestnut-haired females exhaled their hot gasps on each other’s faces, their red-hot eyes hating at point-blank range.

“I said it would be painful, cunt,” Zheng Li gasped.

“That’ll make victory more delicious, slut,” Wang Mei panted.

Zheng Li responded by twisting her shoulders to force her bare tits harder against rival glands, positioning her nipples better to lacerate Wang Mei’s hard-ons. Crashing tip-to-tip into the other woman’s weapons, Zheng Li felt the nerve endings of her breasts burst, a throbbing sensation of swelling flooding her fighting flesh. Wang Mei’s nipples held firm against the opposing stiffies before retreating and, with quick readjustment, came back and impaled Zheng Li’s pair tightly.

“Is this all you got?” Wang Mei growled, her tits struggling against the other model’s boobs. “I thought a conceited whore like you would have something else to support her big mouth.”

Zheng Li’s eyes narrowed. “Shut the fuck up, sow,” she roared, moving her chest to separate the four nipples for a second. Then, the model attacked from below: her strong rapiers trapped the base of Wang Mei’s nipples, forcing a painful wail from her enemy. “Do you feel it? This is what I got for you.”

“I don’t feel anything, bitch.” Wang Mei managed to free her nipples before charging against Zheng Li’s sideways. The tips of her weapons twisted the sides of her rival’s nipples painfully, and the assaulted girl could only moan aggressively. “This, on the other hand, is how real nipples feel.”

“You’re gonna learn what real nipples are before this is over, cunt.”

Like a sensual chess game, the two models responded to each enemy offensive with their own counterattack, smashing each other’s nipples over and over again from all directions. For three, four minutes the beautiful women were locked in this fierce battle of boobs, the glands crushing together, the sweat splashing, the moaning shared between the attractive mouths of the girls.

Then, suddenly, the war intensified, and tactical nipple movements gave way to direct attack. Hugging more ferociously, Wang Mei and Zheng Li squeezed each other’s tits with jealousy rage, crushing them so painfully together that they finally had to turn their faces so their bodies could move forward. Cheek to cheek, they shared the sweat that was sliding down their reddened faces. The air in the dressing room was almost unbreathable now, with the mixture of secretions and body heat suffocating the beauties almost as much as the conflicting breasts were doing it.

The titfight went on like this for another five minutes. Sometimes one of the models dominated, sometimes the other one took control, their breasts fluctuating like a tide of firm but flexible flesh, sore but brave assets. It was surprising that two such arrogant women remained silent for so long, but the sensations were so intense, so destructive that they could only pant and moan against the boobs and nipples of the other girl.

This however changed when, unexpectedly, the back of one of them bumped into a mirror. Zheng Li exhaled an angry grunt, unable to believe that Wang Mei had succeeded in cornering her.

“What’s up, weak bitch?” the victorious woman gasped against Zheng Li’s ear. “Are my hard boobs too much for yours?”

With an explosion of rage and adrenaline, Zheng Li began to pound her chest furiously against the other model’s pair and, before she could react, Wang Mei was forced to retreat between blows and groans of pain, until her back crashed into the mirror of the opposite wall.

“Who’s got the toughest boobs now, huh, whore?” Zheng Li exhaled in the ear of her opponent. “Who’s got them?”

“Me!” Wang Mei began crushing her tits against Zheng Li’s, and soon she started to recover lost ground. However, the other young woman ferociously hit back, and the models were stuck in the middle of the room, banging their boobs together until, sore and exhausted, they hugged each other tightly, returning to the close friction battle.

“Fucking cunt,” Zheng Li gasped, her boobs electrified against the pair of her rival.

“Filthy bitch,” Wang Mei panted. Up and down, right and left, the four breasts moved tightly together in tense struggle. “You think you’re a fucking hot chick with those fat, hard boobs, don’t you?”

“And you think you’re super hot because your tits are big and firm, huh?”

“I’m hotter than you, Li, and not just because my girls are better than yours.”

“Keep dreaming, Mei. If we’re talking about China’s number one hottie, I’m the one everyone thinks about.”

Speaking of the rival’s sex appeal, the girls instinctively brought their flat bellies together, and then their skirts. Tight leather creaked together, thighs and crotches fiercely adapting to each other.

Wang Mei pushed her face against Zheng Li’s face, forehead to forehead, nose to nose. “You and me, getting out of our skirts, seeing who’s the number one hottie here.” The fleshy lips of the Red Panther’s shining star rubbed against Zheng Li’s shiny mouth. “What do you say?”

The White Tiger’s famous model felt her nemesis’ fingers tightening over the belt of her skirt, and she responded by clutching Wang Mei’s belt in the same way. “I say if you take off my skirt, I’ll take off yours,” her sexy lips exhaled hotly. “You dare?”

Before Zheng Li finished her challenge, Wang Mei was already untying her belt, so Zheng Li’s fingers responded in the same way, pulling Wang Mei’s belt to remove it. The belts fell to the floor as the girls’ torsos kept contesting chest to chest; a few seconds later, the leather skirts followed the path of theirs belts, leaving the girls alone in their panties and heels.

Conscious that keeping on fighting with the skirts between the ankles would end up with both on the floor, the models interrupted the duel of breasts to take a step backwards, freeing themselves from their skirts. The sweaty bodies separated one from the other reluctantly, but the four sticky breasts refused to do the same: reddened by abrasions, swollen by the excitement of a fight that went beyond the women’s wet dreams, their glands wanted to continue to show their owners that they were superior to the other smug pair, whatever it took. But the beauties’ curiosity to see how hot the other body really was, beyond Photoshop retouching, was more powerful, so the tits ended up moving away from each other.

Given the precedents, neither was surprised to see that both were wearing the same panties—in fact, purchased at this very same lingerie store. Small and white, their transparent lace could barely hide the damp hairs underneath. The vision seemed to awaken the girls to a fact that had been hidden behind the bra competition, something that had been floating in the air since Wang Mei had opened the door; at that time, they realized that in the dressing room were happening much deeper, more intimate things than any of them could have imagined. Doubts flooded the girls’ heads, making them hesitant about whether they should keep fighting or, instead, get out of that dressing room before something happened that they couldn’t control. However, doubts in the antagonist’ eyes drove them to keep battling, the desire to get the trophy to the best boobs in the form of an expensive bra forcing them to stay in the female clash.

“Now that you can see my body in all its splendor, it seems like you’re starting to wish you didn’t come to this store today, babe,” Wang Mei purred, mentally connected with her rival.

“You, on the other hand, must be willing to leave the fashion world,” Zheng Li counterattacked. Her hands slowly, gently ran through the contours of her curvaceous figure “After all, how could you possibly compete with this body?”

In fact, that’s exactly what they were doing, even a few steps apart. The other girl looked so spectacular, so alike, that the two beauties felt like their sexy looks were competing even without touching each other.

“I’ve been competing with your body for years, only this beautiful Saturday morning is when I’m doing it in the most satisfying way possible,” Wang Qian said, long-held desires filling her tone of voice.

“When this is over, we’ll see who’s satisfied and who’s staying here crying,” Zheng Li declared smugly. Stepping forward, she stopped in front of her nemesis, the two pairs of bare, sweaty breasts again standing in opposition at close range. “By the way, in case you’re as slow on the uptake as you look, you’re who ends up crying…”

A flash of lightning crossed Wang Mei’s eyes… and, half a second later, her hands were grabbing the nipples of the other model! Zheng Li howled, her head falling back, several tears jumping from her eyes abruptly.

“I don’t think I’m the one crying, cunt!” Between her fingers, Wang Mei could feel the hard nipples of her rival throbbing in pain. “Poor little things… Ouch!”

Wang Mei had opened the Pandora’s Box, and Zheng Li accepted the evils of the world: with hatred, envy and violence, her hands clinged cruelly to the other beauty’s hard-ons, pinching them firmly. Wang Mei copied the sore, sobbing face of Zheng Li, the couple lacerating the other sensitive rapiers with anger.

“Oh, cunt, it hurts!” Red Panther’s model exhaled. “How dare you pinch my nipples!?”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” White Tiger’s model exclaimed. “You started grabbing my nipples, you bitch!”

“Take your hands off me!”

“You first!”

The arms of the girls intertwined and crashed together between their bodies as their busy hands pulled on their nipples and scratched the sensitive titflesh around the areolas. Between tears and uncontrolled moaning, Zheng Li and Wang Mei clenched their teeth as they lasciviously crushed the other hard-ons between their fingers; everything that hurt them, they returned it in vengeance, both learning on the fly how to damage another woman’s thick nipples. However, between pulling, pinching and twisting, the fingers of females sometimes lost their grip because of the sweat that was getting thicker and thicker. Soon, the gasps of pain mingled with the grunts of frustration.

“Trouble getting hold of me, bitch?” Mang Wei mocked, even having the same problems as her rival. “You’re not as strong as you think!”

“You’re the one who doesn’t know how to grab real tits!” Zheng Li gasped. “Let me show you, weak slut!”

Despite their words, ten seconds later none of them could bear it any longer. With two moans born in the depths of their throats, the beauties released the other tits in unison… but the battle was not over. Bumping breast against breast, the models hugged each other tightly, returning to the unresolved duel of chests.

Again reunited, their four big and heavy boobs crushed each other. The women sobbed as they felt the damage both had done to each other with their fingers, their humiliated nipples rubbing together, shock of pain after shock of pain. But instead of pushing them back, the agony only pushed them even further into the fight.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to show your ugly tits on any cover for a while, Mei!”

“Neither do you, Li! Your pathetic tits are as finished as you are!”

“We’ll see who wins and who loses, cunt!” Zheng Li squeezed her rival’s torso into her arms harder, delighting herself with the other model’s anguished moaning. But Wang Mei returned the overexcited hug, and then it was Zheng Li’s turn to gasp in pain.

“We’ll see who laughs last, you whore!”

The pain between their crowded bosoms was so intense that the models knew that the key to victory would be to retain the foe against any attempt to flee and take the pressure between bodies longer than she did. So the trap had to be set: as if they were hungry boas, the hot girls brought their legs into battle, intertwining them muscle against muscle.

“Come on, your body against mine, model against model!” Wang Mei said, her eyes fixed on the gaze of her rival.

“This time I’m gonna totally crush you, destroy you!” Zheng Li cried out, her lips rubbing again against the mouth of the other beauty.

“Just try it, bitch! Try it!”

With a long double roar, the beauties gave everything they had: her muscles tightened, her breasts expanded and her bellies crashed together, belly button against belly button. The pressure was so immense that both thought their tits were going to burst between their torsos. But even so, it wasn’t enough for them.

“Tighter, slut!” they growled against each other’s mouth at the same time.

It was then when their transparent lace panties touched each other, and the Venus mounts of the gorgeous models rubbed against each other through the fine silk fabric. An electric spark exploded between the crotches, humidity acting as a conductor for whatever was going on down there.

“Shit!” With a double whimper, Wang Mei and Zheng Li separated their panties, unable to withstand contact.

Angrily, Zheng Li grabbed her adversary’s chestnut hair, pulling it tightly to bring the two faces full of hate together. “Cheating bitch! Do you have to rub your pussy against mine to stop my tits from crushing yours!?” Despite her words, she threw her crotch forward, and found Wang Mei’s cunt coming in the opposite direction. The pelvic blow resounded in the dressing room along with the half-painful, half-sexual grunt of the girls. A second cunt-to-cunt stroke forced saliva coming out of their mouths, soaking the other lips with a higher glow.

“You cunt!” Wang Mei raised her hands to sink her fingers into equally brown, equally long hair of her nemesis. “You’re the one pushing your pussy against mine because you know my tits are gonna win this!”

Another double blow between their crotches, and then another, and another; the saliva dripped from between their lips, both females losing control of their mouths.

“Fuck your tits!” Zheng Li spat on the crushed glands of the other beauty with contempt.

“Fuck yours!” Offended, Wang Mei returned the spit, and soon the two pairs of breasts were soaked in saliva and sweat.

Giving in to their instincts, the beauties rubbed their breasts together, this time gently, the erotic sound of wet flesh against wet flesh flooding their ears with a sensual melody that began to make them horny. Under that battlefield, their crotches weren’t crashing violently anymore, but followed the game from above: crushing together, they massaged each other through the panties, slowly but vigorously.

Half an hour after they they’d started her titfight, half an hour after they’d started bringing their young bodies together, the battle of models changed unexpectedly, surprisingly. Looking deeply into each other’s eyes, the hotties trembled as they dragged their boobs, their bellies, their protected cunts in an unhurried, unexplored competition. The models’ hands moved up and down the other body, suddenly impatient: they pulled on the other hair, they vainly tried to grab the other slippery tits, tried to caught the other wet panties… to end up clutching the firm buttocks of the other beauty to bring their crotches even closer.

Even with the four reddened, swollen nipples once again stuck together, even with the four tits rubbing against each other in their umpteenth friction war, the fight between breasts was no longer the focus of attention.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Wang Mei cursed against the fleshy lips of her rival. “Are you trying to turn me on with that weak pussy of yours?”

“You’re the one doing this,” Zheng Li gasped, mouth-to-mouth with the other chestnut-haired beauty. “You’re provoking me with your pathetic cunt, and you’re gonna pay for it.”

Women’s movements became more and more rough and hard, their thighs, waists and hips twisting without the models being able to control them, their four hands viciously, obscenely tearing the other white lace panties with their fingernails. The very expensive lingerie fell to the floor of the dressing room smashed to pieces, the hands of both beauties now filling with the naked, firm flesh of the other ass as they pushed the rival pelvis against their own…

The unclothed, electrical contact between pussies was devastating, much more powerful than any of the girls could tame. Overwhelmed as never before in their lives, Zheng Li and Wang Mei fell to the floor, their naked, wet cunts going crazy and humping against each other like there’s no tomorrow.

“Bitch! How dare you try to fuck me with that ugly Red Panther’s pussy of yours!?” Zheng Li howled, her body struggling on the ground against Wang Mei’s curves.

“You hussy! If I wanted to fuck your White Tiger’s pussy, I wouldn’t try, I would do it!” Wang Mei replied, wrestling against the woman she hates most in the world. “But I’m not a fucking lesbian like you!”

“You’re the lesbian here!”

The hypocritical words didn’t stop the desperate friction between cunts. With an orgasmic earthquake growing inside them, the models tried to mount each other, to take control of a fight like they’d never lived before. In the end, they both ended up in a corner of the dressing room, her excited bodies leaning against the mirrors in a rude, inelegant trib duel where none of the beauties really knew what to do with such long legs in a place as narrow as that.

Hugging their opponent, the beauties saw their battle reflected in the mirror on the right, just centimeters from their own encounter; turning their faces to the mirror on the left, the reflection showed them the other side of the fight. In that corner, six identical beauties —three Wang Mei, three Zheng Li— fucked each other violently in an orgy like no other, the fantasy of all of China multiplied by three by the magic of mirrors.

Squirming against her nemesis, desperate for the destructive sensations that ran through her naked body, Zheng Li decided to accept what was happening inside the dressing room and, taking the initiative, pushed the other chestnut, brown-eyed beauty aside. The girls came tumbling down on their sides and, a second later, Wang Mei howled: her nemesis’ hand was squeezed her naked pussy, pulling on her wet pubic hair and, finally, raping her hot slit.

“You fucking coward!” Wang Mei moaned, closing her eyes and clenching her teeth. The truth came out of her lips then, the truth of what she really wanted to do. “This is between our cunts, yours against mine!” Despite her challenge, she plunged her fingers into Zheng Li’s pussy, slipping through the throbbing vaginal walls of the other model as her thumb crushed Zheng Li’s thick clit.

“Damn you!” Zheng Li moaned, her dirty assault turning against her. “Your cunt doesn’t stand a chance against mine, but if that’s what you want, I’ll gladly give it to you, slut!”

After one last squeeze, the beauties released the other pussy. Quickly, desperately, they pushed each other to sit face-to-face, their hands clutching each other’s firm buttocks before they crashed their pussies together, again engaged in a trib duel that this time both models openly accepted. The females’s mouths opened wide, breathing out groans of pleasure and frustration as their clits met for the first time.

“Shit, shit!” both screamed, orgasmic waves finally surpassing them after long, endless minutes of struggle overloaded with sensuality in the dressing room. The women’s juices splashed both pussies as the couple trembled, hugging each other in a desperate attempt to surf the waves of pleasure and exhaust the other model first.

Suddenly, in that climactic, decisive moment, footsteps were heard approaching the dressing room, followed by the voices of some women.

“I’m gonna see how this dress looks on me.”

“I’m sure it looks great on you, Yang Mi… Hey, did you hear that?”

Scared at the possibility of being discovered, Wang Mei threw herself into Zheng Li’s mouth without thinking, desperate to silence her. The girls’ hot lips collided together, silencing the two girls in their orgasm as someone tried in vain to open the door.

“It’s locked,” one of the women from outside said as the beauties from inside released their tongues in a slow, passionate kiss that sealed the climax, their spectacular bodies finally exhausted between the other arms.

“Well, there are other dressing rooms across the store. Shall we go there?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

The nervous hearts of Wang Mei and Zheng Li calmed as they heard footsteps moving away. Slowly, viscously, their lips split apart, a string of saliva joining them together for a couple of seconds before breaking. What had just happened there was almost impossible to believe, two women who hated each other to death had fucked each other to the most frustrating orgasm of their lives… and they didn’t want to stop there. On the contrary, the double and coordinated climax pushed them to keep looking for female supremacy.

“Do you still want the bra, Zheng Li? Because I’m not gonna let you take it away.”

“I’m not gonna let you take it either, Wang Mei. So… how do you want to do this?”

A moment of silence filled the dressing room, the mirrors tarnished by steam and heat. “This place is too narrow for what you and I want to do…” Wang Mei finally said. “And too much public…”

Zheng Li nodded. “So let’s go somewhere else… and settle this, woman to woman, model to model.”

Finally, the beauties separated their exhausted but excited twin bodies. Picking up their clothes, they started to get dressed the best they could.

“Those panties cost me 1400 yuans,” Wang Mei said as she was putting on her skirt, looking at the remains of her panties on the floor of the dressing room. “I’ll charge it to your store account when I beat your body.”

“I bought the same panties,” Zheng Li pointed out her shattered lingerie. “So get your credit card ready, because you’re gonna buy me a lot of panties like that when I humiliate your curves once and for all.” The woman covered her sweaty body with her skirt and blouse, while in front of her Wang Mei knotted her buttonless blouse to keep it more or less closed. Watching her opponent’s braless breasts threaten to peep out of her improvised but sexy blouse cleavage, Zheng Li unbuttoned the top buttons on her own blouse. “I always said you had no class,” she grunted jealously.

“Look who’s talking,” Wang Mei responded with contempt.

Then the models put on their heels, picked up their little leather bags and, bending down, took their shattered panties and put them in their bags.

“This will be another trophy to remind me of today’s triumph,” the White Tiger’s model licked her lips.

“Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, darling,” the Red Panther’s model spat.

Then, they both took the disputed bra, each on one side, and pulled it out. Her gazes threatened a new fight, but in the end their angry eyes came to an agreement.

“We’ll buy it together,” the girls said at the same time.

Thus, they left the dressing room where their rivalry had become real, had become carnal, ready to follow their feud for the black bra elsewhere…

The End.

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