Copycat Struggle by AnubisX

Chapter 1: A Reunion Dreamed for Too Long

Instinctively, the secretary Adriana Gatti smoothed her white tank top over her high, firm breasts when she saw Andrea Katz appear in the office. Adriana perfectly remembered the moment —just two hours earlier— when her boss had announced who would replace Susan because of her maternity leave, the moment when he had said the name of her college rival… but it was one thing to know it and quite another thing was to see it happening. The waiting had been endless, intense and anxious, but it was nothing compared to what was going through Adriana’s body now that she was seeing the other brunette. As she studied Andrea’s good-looking face and her curvaceous, dangerous body, she recalled the first time she had seen Andrea, knowing how little she had changed in the last years. Even worse, since the woman seemed more exuberant and beautiful than ever before.

Still several steps away, Andrea finally realized the presence of Adriana. Something electrical burst in the air as the new secretary recognized her immediately. Drowning her expression of surprise under a cold, serious mask, Andrea slowed down her steps. Adriana found herself letting her eyes fall on Andrea’s white tank top at the same time that the other girl looked down at her white tank top—just like when they had met on college’s campus, seven years earlier. Reviving their first meeting, the brunettes stared right into the other’s chests while a little frisson of jealousy and competitiveness ran through their young bodies.

It had always been about their breasts, from the first time their eyes saw the other cleavage until they had said goodbye to each other boobs with a fierce look on the last college’s day. The challenger’s tits were the main reason why Andrea and Adriana felt compelled to confront the other brunette during the long four years of campus life. Even at this very moment, three years after the last time that they had seen the other hated woman, there was still something about the rival boobs that challenged them, something about size, firmness and beauty that bothered both of them.

Andrea had trouble taking her eyes off the breasts of her former college classmate, but she finally managed to move her gaze through the rest of her body. She was still surprised by Adriana’s unexpected presence in the office, but this didn’t prevent her female instincts from acting automatically: she evaluated the passage of time in her enemy’s features and curves, reluctantly watching how Adriana had improved over the years. During the complicated college coexistence, Andrea had been painfully aware that the other brunette and she had looked like reflections from the same mirror: their 36-24-38 hour-glass bodies on 5’6″ frames had contested for the alpha woman crown of a campus that had never chosen a favorite one… because nobody could choose between equally dark manes, between equally green eyes, between equally fleshy lips, between equally tanned skins. Adriana’s legs and arms were as strong as Andrea’s legs and arms, and Andrea’s ass and belly were as fit as Adriana’s ass and belly; it was impossible to distinguish from each other the delicious curves that formed the waists and hips of the brunettes. And about their tits, nobody—not even Adriana and Andrea—could know which ones were better, no matter if people compared volume, hardness or desirability.

Biting her lower lip, Andrea realized that all the similarities between them had taken root to become more obvious, more painful over the years. On the other side of the connection between women, Adriana was thinking the same thing: Andrea had never looked as much like her as in that precise moment, because office secretaries’ clothes and makeup matched them like never before. The white low-cut tops, tight jeans and dark heels eliminated any advantage that the girls could achieve by choosing a better outfit than the rival, annulling that clothing war in which both had been immersed in the college. And the obligatory work make-up —pink lipstick, purple eyeshadow— did nothing more than made their pretty faces even more matched in attractiveness.

The boss appeared just when it seemed that the secretaries were going to break the tense silence. Adriana saw the man take her rival away to show Andrea her new place of work. The other brunette threw her a hot glance over her shoulder just before she disappeared from her sight.

‘Bitch,’ she thought, licking her lips slowly and feeling the throbbing weight of her warm boobs in her torso. Adriana had recently started on the pill, causing her breasts to be more sensitive than ever, but the arrival of the dangerous Andrea from her college past seemed to flood her tits with an even more powerful throbbing sensitivity. ‘At least, thanks to the pills my girls are now a little bigger,’ she noted with satisfaction, thinking that, now that Andrea had returned to her life, perhaps the chemistry could give her the advantage that the nature hadn’t given her against her rival’s curves. However, a certain bitter aftertaste soured her throat at the thought that Andrea’s breasts also seemed bigger now.

Unfortunately for Adriana, her fateful last thought was correct. As Andrea walked through the office next to her boss, she felt the mass of her tits after every step. With the pill, their tits felt weaker and stronger at the same time, as the annoying new sensitivity was opposed to a larger boobs’ size. ‘I hope Adriana has also noticed it,’ she desired, wanting to score the first goal of the reunion with her hated college nemesis. ‘That bitch…’

Adriana and Andrea had just met each other again, but the brief exchange of looks had been nothing more than the beginning of a hateful enmity…

For the two brunettes, the next few days seemed to crawl with nerve-wracking slowness. Adriana and Susan were the personal secretaries of the office boss, but now that Susan was off work, Andrea had taken her place, forcing the look-alike beauties to spend much time together. With an iPad in one hand and an Apple Pencil in the other, Andrea and Adriana followed their boss through the office, writing down everything he said while trying to stay away from the other secretary—something that was impossible, obviously. More than eager to please, they practically ran to fulfill their duties, even doing some tasks that were responsibility of the other brunette in a desperate attempt to stay above the rival.

The silent competition between the secretaries was arduous, tense and exhausting, a perfect sample of what was happening between them was much more than a simple rivalry, was much more than the harmful relationship that had pushed them together from opposite directions in the college. Their breaths were always on the verge of losing control, their bellies were always full of restless butterflies, their eyes were always lurking… and their tits, their beautiful tits were always on fire…

As the days went by, the brunettes became more and more pissed off with the other. However, none of them had said a single word to the rival… A conceited silence that could have been eternal if an unexpected event hadn’t happened during the ass-kisser hour of the last Thursday in February…

It was called ass-kisser hour for a reason: usually, the office was empty after 6 p.m. when workers returned home, leaving only the boss working during the last hour… Well, the boss and those who wanted to score some points with him by working one more hour. Since her first day, Andrea had always stayed to work, and Adriana didn’t have another choice but to do the same so her almost-twin didn’t outshine her.

However, for the secretaries there was little to do at that last hour, since their jobs were being intermediaries between their boss and the outside world. But the boss always locked himself in his office at that hour, full of business ideas for the next day… leaving the hot brunettes not much to do except wait… and look at each other.

It was in those moments of silence when they both ruminated the bad luck to meet again with the woman they hated the most, the woman who most disturbed them.

But on that Thursday the hateful thoughts were deeper than ever before. For Adriana, Andrea’s presence in the office had been doubly galling because there were only a few more young and beautiful females at work, and now she had to surrender some of the attention of her male co-workers to the other brunette. Reluctantly, Adriana had come to understood why people found the other brunette attractive, since her nemesis looked very much like her but, as far as she was concerned, Andrea was just a cheap version of herself. She just didn’t understand why anyone would want an imitation when they could have the real thing.

From the look on Andrea’s face, Adriana knew that the other woman thought the same of her. And she was right, since Andrea had always considered herself the original one, thinking with disdain that Adriana was no more than a copycat who, despite her beauty and femininity, wasn’t in her league. It hurt her to know how much attention her enemy had stolen from her in the office, with so many men’s eyes admiring Adriana’s curves, but Andrea bore the wounds thanks to her swollen ego.

With the feelings running high, the burning and mutual glare of that night broke earlier than expected, when Andrea unexpectedly left her desk and walked towards the center of the office. Surprised, Adriana raised an eyebrow when she saw a rag and a bottle of blue window cleaning solution in her rival’s hands. ‘What the hell is she doing?’ she thought. It wasn’t secretaries’ job to clean anything, but Andrea stopped in front of the glass wall that divided the office into two parts, near the diaphanous boss’ workplace.

It was time for Andrea’s masterstroke, the dirty idea that she had plotted hours before, when she had seen one of the cleaners working on that same glass wall. She knelt in front of the glass and, after checking that she had the attention of her boss and Adriana, she smiled wickedly and started her show. Raising her arms, Andrea began to clean the wall… making sure to press her fat, pretty tits against the glass. Adriana’s green eyes widened, startled by the smug play of her enemy. Shifting her gaze to her boss for a second, she saw the man opening his mouth, undeniably hypnotized by Andrea’s eroticism. ‘You fucking bitch!’ Adriana screamed inside her head, watching with hate how the other secretary was moving against the glass. Andrea’s tight white tank top could barely contain the massive compression as the brunette was making her rubs long and languid, hard and sensual.

Sick at the physical and sexual exhibition of her nemesis, Adriana decided it was time to display her own feminine power. She rose, went to the cleaning room and picked up her own rag and window cleaning solution. Walking with the pride of a model on a catwalk, she headed for the glass wall from the opposite side that Andrea was cleaning up.

Seeing the sparkle in Adriana’s eyes, it took not a second for Andrea to realize what was happening: she was being met at the glass wall by her worst enemy, her annoying clone, in an almost empty office. The two secretaries were about to fight without touching one another, with only their boss as privileged witness.

When Adriana landed on her knees on the other side of the glass wall, she and Andrea remembered all the times that both had competed for the attention of others in her college time. Dance floors, rugby fields, beaches… All battlefields to contest as dancers, cheerleaders or bikini beauties, all frustrating arenas where none were victorious. But today, three years after their last secret duel, both were ready to break the eternal tie.

After a warning look at the other brunette, both pressed her solid boobs against the glass. The challenge was unmistakable, with every woman saying without words just what they wanted to say to each other: ‘My tits against yours’. Their best virtues crawled slowly through the glass, instinctively following the same circular path, always perfectly matched in what was a perfect reflection. Andrea and Adriana felt they were in front of a mirror, with an identical woman moving her identical body in the same and identical sensual way. Even the glances they exchanged were identically jealous and competitive, hateful and hot.

However, the beauties soon looked up, at the glass they were supposedly cleaning, in a calculated movement that intended to ignore the other secretary to send the message that her sensuality had no effect. But the heat from both bodies was betraying them, leaving a trail of sweat there where the tits rubbed, fogging the glass there where the scorching and desperate breaths were exhaled. Even through the glass wall, the brunettes could feel the overwhelming heat that ran through the rival body; Adriana and Andrea used it to match each movement without needing to look at the other, even pairing their nipples that, stiff as never before, were visibly pushed through the white fabric of the tank tops.

‘What is happening to me?’ Andrea wondered. She was tremendously horny, but in a very different way from when she got horny with a man. Perhaps it was the ardor and the dirty nature of the bodies conflict through the glass, or perhaps it was the fact that her boss was looking at his two secretaries, with both allowing him to compare not only their bodies, but also the way with which they moved them. Whatever it was, Andrea refused to accept that Adriana had anything to do with her excitement, not wanting to admit that perhaps her foe’s sumptuous dance and her sexy look-alike body could be affecting her.

For five, ten, fifteen minutes, their beautiful bodies moved left and right, up and down, always against the copycat. Despite the promises made to themselves about not looking down, the brunettes throw more and more glimpses over the breasts competition. Every move, even the almost imperceptible ones, were felt like mutual stabs through the glass: a million insults, taunts and scorns were thrown by their tits, a silent discussion about firmness, thickness and gorgeousness measured by how and how much their boobs were crushed against the glass wall.

For a moment, their chests were so compressed against the wall that Adriana felt there was nothing between her and her nemesis. Her heart quickened, her mouth salivated, her crotch throbbed as she visualized the glass breaking, pushing them into the world’s most sexual hug, into an embrace where there were no lovers but irreconcilable enemies. ‘Why am I so horny?’ she asked herself, looking instinctively for the hard nipples of the other secretary with her own thick stiffness through the glass, even if she had to move her torso in the most tortuous way possible. But still, she wasn’t about to admit that Andrea was the cause of all that commotion.

The minutes passed and the battle kept igniting. Every slide, every lean was made with intention, each young secretary struggling to steal the spotlight and keep the boss’ attention on her body but, above all, trying to embarrass the other brunette, surpassing her physically and sensually for the first time after seven years of rivalry.

But the triumph with which both had been dreaming for so long couldn’t be fulfilled, at least for now. When the clock struck 6:30 p.m., each of the brunettes collapsed in unison, breaking off from one another and falling on their butts, fully spent from their engagement. Sweaty and excited, Adriana and Andrea gasped as they kept an eye on each other, their mouths opened like fishes out of water—partly because of the exhaustion of the hot duel, partly because of the offense of the umpteenth tie between them. From the floor, the secretaries angrily analyzed the other body through a glass dirtier than before the ‘cleaning’, and what they saw only increased their mutual jealousy: the sweat that covered them shone on their smooth skins in a spectacle of sensuality and, somehow, primitivism; their tank tops were glued to their wet torsos, where the swollen breasts were rising and falling with each gasp. They could both see the other beauty’s bra through the soaked white cloth and, in the center of each heaving flesh mountain, the thickest nipples they had ever seen.

“Are you well?” The voice of their boss woke the rivals. Nervously and awkwardly, they both stood up, picking up their cleaning tools.

“Yeah, I’ve finished cleaning this…” Adriana muttered.

“This side is already clean…” Andrea mumbled at the same time.

Hurrying back to their desks, the brunettes dropping on their seats. Drying their faces with tissues, they were controlling their breaths little by little, until they were able to tame them ten minutes later.

Then came the fury. Outraged at her rival’s show on the glass wall, both were aware that things couldn’t go on like this… In college, the beauties had somehow kept the mutual hate contained, but neither wanted that months and years passed again without anything being settled between them. ‘Fuck, I can’t even wait until tomorrow,’ they thought angrily, mentally linked by their animosity. At that moment, the presence of their boss was no longer desired: he had been a privileged watcher who should have chosen a winner during the glass duel, but now he had had become in the last obstacle that prevented the girls from getting up and jumping on the other in the most postponed catfight in history.

But the hatred of two women has always found a way to break through barriers. Quickly, Andrea and Adriana opened a communication chat between their computers. Both typed a word, a single word, the word that defined what they felt for each other and that broke a silence of years.

“Bitch,” they read with a hissing whisper. The secretaries looked away from their computer screens in unison to give each other a hard stare for a second or two. Then, they returned to the chat in what was to be the second battle of the night.

Adriana: <I saw your boobs sagging>

Andrea: <Mine are all firmness, unlike yours>

Adriana: <Maybe in your wet dreams, slut>

Andrea: <You don’t want to know what happens in my wet dreams, cunt>

Adriana: <Yes, I know: you have incredible tits that everyone loves. But then you wake up, and you realize that in the real world are mine that everyone prefers>

Andrea: <In college, my girls were everyone’s favorites. And so are they here in the office>

Adriana: <No one chose you over me in college. And neither does anyone here. Just remember how the boss looked at me and my girls a moment ago>

Andrea: <He couldn’t look away from my fat tits… just like you. I have to thank you for checking my boobs out with such passion. It has been very flattering>

The sound of keys being struck angrily, anxiously in rapid succession filled the room. The closing hour was fast approaching, so both brunettes felt that there was much to say before the boss closed the office… among other things, what would happen after 7 p.m.

Adriana: <Please, bitch, like you haven’t been checking my tits out every chance you get since the first day we met. And not only in the college, but also before, in the glass wall. I could feel your hungry eyes on my tits>

Andrea: <Well, although not as much as you, I admit that more than once I have taken a look at your girls… and I have to say that I have never been impressed>

Adriana: <You should be. You should be terrified, in fact>

Andrea: <Face thieves don’t scare me, especially those with flabby tits>

Adriana: <Look who’s talking about stealing faces… and flabby tits. If you hadn’t noticed after so many years, mine are considerably firmer than yours>

Andrea: <Prove it, bitch>

Adriana’s heart beat in her chest like an uncontrolled jackhammer. Andrea’s challenge made her hardened nipples explode in a dangerous fire while a noticeably sexual sensation began to radiate from between her legs. The breasts rivalry was so intense at that moment, after the mutual insults about the other pair’s lack of firmness, that Adriana just wanted to get up, walk towards Andrea and force that mouthy cunt to stop bragging about her tits… with her own tits.

Adriana: <You have a lot of nerve saying something like that to me. You really don’t want me proving that>

Andrea looked away from the computer screen again, and found herself staring directly into Adriana’s voracious eyes with daggers of hate. She had thrown her challenge instinctively, but she wasn’t repentant; in her head, through the fog of confusion was slowly emerging a crazy idea, an idea that had been hibernating inside her since the first time she saw the other look-alike brunette. There was a way to put Adriana in her place, to force her to accept that it was her who had the best tits… Knowing that her own boobs were the key to give that lesson made Andrea’s crotch start to simmer.

Andrea: <I said exactly what I meant. Do you think you can walk in front of me with those tits without consequences?>

Adriana: <I’ve been waiting for years to see those consequences, but you’ve never dared to face me… or my girls>

Andrea: <If you had told me you want to see what your girls got, my own girls would have gladly pleased yours anytime>

Adriana: <Well, unfortunately we can’t change the past… but what do you say about doing something, us and our girls, after 7 p.m.?>

Andrea: <I say it will be the funeral of your girls… but you wanted it>

Adriana: <Yours don’t have any chance, slut>

Andrea: <We’ll see, tramp>

Chapter 2: Lights and Shadows In an Empty Office

With an annoyed gesture, Andrea got rid of the umpteenth man who approached him. Sitting alone at the bar, she called the waiter to get another shot of vodka. A pleasant warmth flooded inside of her, steeling her nerves and preparing her for what came. But something still stood in his way. ‘Fucking boss,’ she cursed, looking at the pub clock. ‘7:16 p.m., shit…’

Half an hour earlier, she and her hated rival Adriana had said goodbye to their boss, telling him that they had to take care of some family matters. The lie had been an excuse to leave the boss alone and thus force him to close the office, but unfortunately for both brunettes the man was still working, beyond closing time. ‘If I had known, I would have challenged Adriana to meet up elsewhere,’ the brunette thought. The plan had been to use the keys that both secretaries had to enter the office once the boss went home. The battlefield was perfect, given the silent rivalry that both beauties breathed there every day, but the impatience was frustrating Andrea.

Taking out her cell phone, the woman reviewed the latest photos: she had taken pictures of the hot chat between her and her foe, so she obsessively checked the exchange of threats, mostly focused on their pairs of tits. “Fucking bitch,” Andrea murmured to herself, hot and angry at what she read. She also felt surprised at her own words, incredibly dirty and bold… and stimulating. At that moment, she wished to have Adriana’s number to send her some more messages, making clear everything that was going to happen to her when they were alone in the office.

However, the wait was over. Across the street, the office lights went out and, a minute later, the boss’ car pulled out of the parking garage. With an anxious gesture, Andrea ordered two more vodka shots.

It was time.

Adriana opened the door and entered the dark office, slightly buzzed for the alcohol she had taken during the long, annoying wait. Fortunately, the soft light of the street entered through the windows, allowing her to move across the place. Andrea didn’t seem to have arrived yet, because only the silence received her. ‘She must be about to come,’ the secretary told herself, knowing that Andrea would never miss the most important meeting of the life of the two hot brunettes.

“We can’t do it here,” Adriana whispered, looking at the windows. Despite the darkness, anyone could walk down the sidewalk and see them. But luckily there were enough places for the young women to resolve their differences in complete privacy: the restroom, the storage room, the copy room… Having arrived first, Adriana felt legitimated to choose the battle arena. Remembering the kind of challenges that she and her nemesis had been exchanging, those who she had been compulsively reading on her cell phone in the nearby bar, she chose the last one, the narrowest room of all.

Her agitated mind then had another idea. With an evil smile shining on her face, Adriana grabbed four small desk lamps and headed toward the copy room. Andrea had shown how dirty her thoughts were by having the idea of the glass wall show; now, it was Adriana’s turn to teach that copycat that she was also able to tighten the situation.

Almost a couple of minutes later, the sound of a slowly opening door alerted Adriana that her rival had arrived.

It was time.

Andrea’s breathing began to shake slightly as she entered the copy room. In front of her, Adriana’s breathing matched hers, equally nervous, equally excited. Closing the door with a soft click, Andrea licked her full lips, watching the scene: Adriana had pushed the four photocopiers in the center of the tiny room—two on the right, two on the left—to form a narrow corridor between the machines; she was on one side of the restrictive passage, and Adriana on the other. The only illumination in the room came from four small desk lamps—placed on each of the photocopiers—whose metal stem had been bent so that their lights shone directly on the center of the corridor. Andrea was immediately aware that the lamps were focusing on a very specific height: if, as expected, she and Adriana faced each other between the machines, the lights would illuminate their breasts.

The challenge was enough to set Andrea in motion. Adriana also walked against her, and the secretaries met each other in the place where they had to do it. The women’s wide, feminine hips brushed against the photocopiers in the center of the narrow combat zone, unable to move just one centimeter on either side. The hands of the rivals, without space, leaned on the machines, eager to scratch and tug… but it wasn’t what the brunettes had discussed an hour early.

“Your tits are shaking, bitch,” Adriana broke the silence, going directly to the main issue. And she was telling the truth: under the light of the lamps, under the white cloth of the tank top, Andrea’s boobs were shaking. But it wasn’t the only firm flesh that trembled in that small room.

“So are yours, cunt,” Andrea stated, relieved to find a similar tremor also affecting Adriana’s chest.

Then… silence. A long, terrible silence only broken for breaths which were getting hotter and hotter. Above the illuminated tits, the enemy’s face looked dangerous, nervous and determined at the same time, terribly beautiful in the gloom. Their green eyes seemed to glow in the dark as if women were cats.

In that tense prelude, Adriana’s mind was filled with a restless thought: whatever happened in the copy room, the two of them were still going to be stuck together in that office for several months, at least. She couldn’t imagine having to see her nemesis’ face gloating at her from across their desks every day for the next months if she was defeated. How sweet it would be, though, to force that clone bitch to look at her, and at her tits, every day, knowing that she was better than her.

That thought of all or nothing was the push that Adriana needed. She moved forward… but not with her whole body. Her gorgeous tits were attracted by a powerful gravity, a gravity that worked in two directions, as Andrea’s stunning breasts moved to meet them. None were surprised at what they were doing;
somehow, it was as if the two young brunettes had always known that this was going to happen sooner or later.

Every inch that boobs moved forward felt like a mile. In that eternity, the secretaries could hear how the other woman tried to control an increasingly nervous breathing, even they believed to recognize the other accelerated heartbeats, perfectly synchronized with the crazy tempo of their own hearts. Obsessively watching the illuminated covered breasts, both felt a dangerous sensation of proximity, a wave of heat announcing the imminent collision.

On the verge of impact, Andrea growled softly as her nipples stiffened painfully. Adriana’s shafts also hardened under her gaze, pushing against the cloth as her rival exhaled her own panting.

“I’m gonna show you whose are best,” Andrea spat, forced by the challenging vision of Adriana’s boobs.

“Don’t make me laugh, cunt,” her nemesis said firmly.

Their bulging tits finally met each other, seven years late. With twin bodies, perfectly matched in height and curves, the secretaries’ nipples were predestined to clash tip against tip… and so they did. The contact was soft, delicate… but electrical and powerful. The women groaned, momentarily overwhelmed, but after years waiting for this moment, none backed down; quite the opposite, because in spite of the devastating sensations, they continued pushing ahead.

Trembling against the other brunette, the rivals saw their big nipples quivering together through the white clothes just before the four weapons slid past the other rods. Andrea groaned as the hard nipples of her college enemy rubbed side by side against the full length of their own nipples, but she found consolation when she heard Adriana gasping as her flesh daggers also dragged along the other brunette’s nipples.

‘Hers are incredibly large!’ Andrea cursed, worried for a second. However, when she looked up, she saw so much surprise and uneasiness in Adriana’s green eyes that even the gloom couldn’t hide them. ‘She also knows now how large mine are!’ Their gazed hardened, overcoming the moment of doubt with an injection of female ego.

“Yours are strong, bitch,” Adriana admitted, wishing to justify the previous weakness. “But how long can you keep them so hard and long?”

“All night if necessary,” Andrea said, masking her doubts under a cruel arrogance. “Yours are strong too, whore, but they won’t last under my drills.”

“Keep dreaming,” Adriana grunted.

Time seemed to slow down as the rubbery points went across the other nipples until reaching the sensitive areolas. Dual gasps escaped from both mouths, hot and moist due to mutual penetration, but that neither could stop the progress of the breasts. First, the rivals felt a hint of the mass and weight of the other boobs, a warning of what they were going to face, a threat that no one heard; then, the two best pairs of tits in the city crushed together with hatred and jealousy that had been accumulated for too long.

As the sexy, young breasts met head on, the dark faces of the women were also forced together. Nose to nose, Andrea and Adriana felt the softer exteriors of their tit flesh giving way, mushrooming slightly until the firmer parts commenced their battle for supremacy.

“Your flabby tits were never a match for mine,” Andrea boasted. “They never were, and they aren’t now, you slut.”

“No fucking way,” Adriana replied. “Your saggy boobs can’t handle a pair like mine.”

“I’m handling your little things pretty well.” Andrea enjoyed how her enemy gasped in pain as she returned to bring her hard nipples against the thick stiffness of her enemy in another frontal duel. “See? Mine are a real woman’s pair with real woman’s nipples…”

“Are you sure?” Adriana redoubled her efforts, rubbing the four long nipples together under the titflesh agglomeration without mercy until the other secretary groaned with anguish. “Just feel how hard I am and how weak your little nipples are compared to mine.”

“Fuck you!” Andrea roared.

“Fuck you!” Adriana shout.

Suddenly, the brunettes raised their hands and grabbed the other long hair, pulling with a strength born of a growing animosity. After years of suppressing their more violent instincts before the arrogant presence of the other beauty, Adriana and Andrea exploded at last, losing control, broking the silent agreement to resolve their numerous differences with only their tits but, even then, they kept their firm weapons together. Hips bumped against the photocopiers, knocking down the desk lamps and leaving the women fighting in a chaotic dance of lights and shadows, of ripped tresses and angry moans.

Without warning, a fist hit Adriana’s taut belly; the punch was clumsy, fast and almost without space, but it was enough so a hot grunt to burst out of her. Angry, Adriana sent her own fist against Andrea’s tight abs; a punch thrown from a bad angle and with little skill, but that managed to force her foe to spit out a burning growl. Then, the other hands left the hair and weakly hit the side of one of the opponent’s crushed tits, forcing a croak of pain from the secretaries. With a mutual push, the fuming females separated, retreating into darkness.

“You cunt,” Adriana gasped, almost invisible in the copy room’s back. “Do you need your hands to beat my tits?”

“My girls can do the work, don’t worry about it.” Andrea’s voice came from the shadows like a snake hiss. “You’re who thinks your tits are tough, but won’t fight with anything but your hands when things get dirty.”

“You hit my belly first, hypocrite.”

“I just wanted to check how soft it was.”

“You have the courage to say that, with that unfit belly of yours,” Adriana took a step forward, and heard the other brunette doing the same.

“Bitch, just remember how much my fist sank in your gut,” Andrea grabbed one of the desk lamps and focused Adriana’s chest with its light. “And how much your little boob jiggled when I punched it.”

For a moment, Adriana felt naked under the light: she sensed the scrutiny of her nemesis’ eyes, she sensed her dilated pupils running through the sweat-soaked tank top and through the thick breasts that were waiting under the white fabric. Grabbing her own lamp, she lit Andrea’s torso: swollen tits and noticeable nipples, dirty sweat and tight cloth; Adriana didn’t need to look down, at her own chest, to know that what she saw before her was a reflection of what her own upper body exhibited.

“Your titties look weak but it doesn’t surprise me,” Adriana insulted her rival. “I already hit one and it didn’t felt like a big deal.”

“Why don’t you put those so-called hard tits against mine again and we see which ones are weak?” This time it was Andrea who advanced first, and Adriana went to meet her with another step. “Until the end, this time…”

“There’s only a way to do this to the end, whore, and you know it…”

“Yeah…” Andrea put her desk lamp back in its original position on a photocopier, and did the same with the fallen lamp on the other side. “But are you sure it’s what you really want? There will be no turning back.”

“It’s too late for that. Even if you regret what is going to happen now, you won’t leave this office until we have resolved this,” Adriana said, placing the two lamps on her side so that they illuminate Andrea’s breasts again.

A vague sense of déjà vu struck both brunettes; somehow, they seemed to be in the same situation with which they had both started their long-awaited catfight, but too many things had happened to consider that a simple new beginning… starting with the critical step that the sultry contenders were going to take at that moment…

“I dare you to take your top off,” Andrea exhaled, her voice broken with desire and worry.

“Only if you show me your own little pair,” Adriana replied with identical mixed feelings.

Both had absolutely wanted this in college, but their hungry craving had never been fulfilled during the four long years of life on campus. Locked in a day-to-day bitchy competition with the other beauty, where they had been wearing clothes increasingly shorter and tighter, the almost-twins had come to the conclusion that only nudity could give the answers they needed. However, the only opportunity they had to see the rival naked was when Dario, an attractive Italian exchange student, offered to have sex with both of them in a hot threesome, something that the mutual hatred forced them to reject.

But now, against all odds, the opportunity returned, emerging from the wettest dreams to become reality.

“C’mon, you tramp, let me look at them, to see if they look as weak as they feel,” Adriana insisted after a few seconds of silence.

“Oh, shut your fucking mouth. Yours can’t compare with my firmer, bigger girls,” Andrea said.

“Let’s see…”

“Wait…” Andrea reached out and turned on the room light. Momentarily blinded, the women took a few seconds to adapt their pupils to the sudden luminosity.

“What are you doing, bitch?” Adriana asked.

“What do you think, slut? I want to see your face twisting with envy when you see my perfect girls.”

A wave of hate ran through Adriana’s body. A second later, she was aware of how much truth was in her enemy’s words.

“Good, because I also want to enjoy your jealous eyes staring at my superior tits.”

Leaving their desk lamp on the photocopiers, the brunettes leaned backward just enough so that she could slip their tight tank tops off with a quick and brave move. The room light flashed on some pretty soaked bras, whose wet white cloth showed more than it should. Following their instincts, Andrea and Adriana cupped their tits, massaging them in a presumptuous exhibition of power whose purpose was to intimidate the other secretary but also to harden their own nerves, feeling what weapons they brought to battle. Between the rival’s exploratory fingers, both women saw the other nipples pushing against the bra with so much energy that it seemed that they were going to tear the fabric at any moment.

“Ready, bitch?” Andrea asked, surpassed by the excitation.

“Yes…” Adriana couldn’t say more.

A double hot gasp came from brunettes’ plump mouths as they reached behind them and unclasped the back of her bras. The moment that both beauties had been craving for a long time, the moment of answers sought without luck during stressful campus days and sleepless nights had finally arrived…

As a second skin, the bras were peeled away from the wet bodies and thrown to the floor, where they were forgotten. Absolutely all women’s attention was on the other naked breasts. Tanned, round, gorgeous, bigger than both had thought, the boobs stood proudly high on the rival’s chest like the exact reflection of a mirror. Andrea stared at the other woman’s tits in silence, impressed by the annoying similarity between breasts: Adriana’s weapons seemed to exhibit the same size and firmness as her own pair, seemed to boast of the same thick, long, brown nipples, surrounded by equally rough and wide areolas. From her position, Andrea couldn’t see a single curve in Adriana’s boobs that didn’t have a perfect parallel in her tits… and that somehow intimidated and excited her at the same time. Swallowing, Andrea looked up to meet her antagonist’s eyes fixed on her tits. She saw envy, frustration, worry and eagerness in them, in the same dance of chaotic sensations that she was suffering.

“Now you can look at a real pair of tits,” Andrea spat, trying to take the initiative after the undeniable tie in the naked comparison.

“Oh, please,” Adriana grunted, managing to look away from the other secretary’s chest. “No question about it: my girls are the queens in this room.”

The green eyes fell again on the other globes, with the attractive faces of the rivals trying to hide the resentment behind a mask of disdain. It had only been a few seconds since they had stopped looking at the other nipples, but both women thought that the other rods looked a little longer than before.

“My nipples are bigger than yours,” Adriana found herself saying. “Just like my boobs are bigger than your little things.”

“No way. I’m bigger than you, no matter if we talk about tits or nipples,” Andrea replied.

“You better take a good look, slut, because I have a lot more than you can handle.” Adriana walked forward, and Andrea imitated her; both went back into the narrow corridor of photocopiers, facing each other in a much more dangerous way than the last time.

“I can handle anything that weak body of yours has,” Andrea growled. “Starting with your ugly tits…”

“Prove it,” Adriana whispered slowly.

“My pleasure, bitch.”

Chapter 3: The Feminine Battle Of Soft Skin and Firm Flesh

Adriana and Andrea couldn’t take more: they were sick of the other brunette, angry at the words of contempt and challenge, tired of waiting for a solution for years. Without care, both rammed against rival with their breasts ahead, and the flesh of their naked, proud assets came together for the first time. The feeling was incredible, shattering, so electric that a hundred bolts of lightning traveled through each their bodies. The women felt an animal-like growl escape their throats, followed by a roar of hate and rage at what they felt against their own tits: the perfect balance between a sensual external softness and a formidable inner firmness.

Quickly, the rivals clashed tit to tit for the second time, and they were surprised again as nemesis’ perfect boobs kept withstanding the assaults while, at the same time, they felt almost overwhelmed with the feminine strength of the other weapons. Frenzied, Andrea and Adriana instinctively hugged one another, squeezing together their beloved breasts in a desperate attempt to rub the other exasperating firmness to submission by the fast-track.

However, bringing their tits together in such a closed embrace before they were acclimated to the strong naked contact was almost a suicidal act. The females howled and trembled between the other arms because of the devastating sensations of heat and electricity, intertwined with physical but also mental bonds which had begun to be forged in the college period. Staggering, crashing against the photocopiers, they ended up screaming into their faces with hatred, their tears jumping from their angry eyes.

The copy room door opened abruptly when the couple collided with it. The secretaries went out into the dark office, moving on unsteady feet until they fell against one of the walls. Struggling, they unintentionally turned one of the switches on, and the lights of a part of the office came on as they moved away from the wall to kept fighting, no matter what else.

Seconds later, they fell against the glass wall in which they had contested hours before. Leaning on it, they increased the pressure of the hug, screaming sharply for a few seconds until, at last, the female pride took control and screams were reduced to gasps and groans.

“Slut!” Andrea spat.

“Cunt!” Adriana replied.

At an atomic level, small nuclear explosions detonated inside the fighting brunettes’ boobs, radiating out a destructive sensibility which women felt like a strength and a weakness at the same time. The nipples hardened even more, fortified by the feverish radiation, but they were also so sensitized that each rubbing with the other woman’s sweaty skin was felt like a physical and mental demolition. Not even in their wet did the beauties visualize something as intense as that naked tit clash; not even in that moment, with part of the fearful sensations internalizing little by little in their electrified bodies, they could believe that they could be surviving that chaotic, hot storm of firm flesh and soft skin.

Gasping against Andrea’s panting mouth, Adriana then realized where they were. Seeing the glass wall, she felt her mind hitting with the dirty memory of what had happened there.

“You whore, I humiliated your fucking tits on this wall before, and now I’m going to do it again!” she cried, surprised to be able to form a complete sentence under that flood of emotions.

“You’ve never outclassed these tits, never for seven years, stupid bitch, and you’re not going to do it now!” Andrea said between tremors, visibly as affected as her.

“Fight me, slut!” Adriana screamed, suddenly feeling her cunt twitching under a wave of deep heat. Adriana had to admit that her crotch had always reacted to Andrea’s presence, but she used to justify that peculiar effect by the deep hatred she felt for her look-alike rival; if her mind, her eyes, her tits and her stomach burned when she saw the other brunette, why not her own femininity, represented by her pussy? But what was bursting between her legs at that moment seemed to go way beyond the usual.

“Fight my tits, you weakling!” Andrea’s challenge sounded incredibly hot and eager. As a perfect reflection to Adriana’s burning cunt, her own snatch was suffering an intense fire, a fire that her almost-twin foe always stimulated when she was near. However, now the conflagration seemed to be out of control, with the tight contact between naked boobs intensifying an igneous reaction to which Andrea, despite her attempts to rationalize it, couldn’t give a logical explanation. Maybe her pussy was reacting to the excitement of the long-awaited fight, or that was just the adrenaline of the moment—or perhaps it was something deeper and unknown, moved by hatred and by something more than Andrea didn’t yet fully understand.

But the unresolved issue that both beauties had been bearing for years was focused on their chests, not on their pussies, so they immediately tried to ignore what was going on between their legs to put all their senses in the breast duel. The battle of crushed titflesh was being fought on equal terms, and it jeopardized the will power and the feminine ego of the brunettes because, in spite of the external similarities, they had always believed that the other boobs weren’t rivals for their own tits, that they were too weak and too sensitive to be up to par, that they were lacking in the necessary firmness.

But reality was being agonizingly different from those arrogant previous thoughts. The enemy’s glands were proving to be as heavy, thick and tough as their own breasts, pushing brunettes’ nightmares into the real world but, at the same time, pushing them to fight harder, farther, better. For three, four minutes more, Adriana and Andrea kept squeezing each other in an increasingly tight and anxious hug, their beautiful jugs painfully pressing together while the desperate females were getting frustrated between grunts and gasps.

“You couldn’t wait to put your bare tits against mine, right?” Andrea accused, pushing her nose against Adriana’s nose.

“Look who’s talking, you cunt!” the other brunette exclaimed, her green eyes boring the equally green eyes of her opponent. “You’ve had your eye on my girls for a long time, waiting for the opportunity to start a titfight with me.”

“A titfight?” The word surprised Andrea, and also Adriana, who had spit it out instinctively. Both tasted the word, aware of its juicy flavor, its capacity of evocation.

“Yeah, you bitch, we’re titfighting.” Andrea felt suffocated by the power of the word.

“You’ve been wanting a titfight against my knockers for years, so I’ll give you one.”

“Give me everything you want, because you will never beat me in a titfight.” Every time one of them breathed the word, Adriana became more excited. “I’ve always had the heaviest, strongest breasts of the two of us.”

“My melons can stand up to anything, especially two little, saggy tits like yours,” Andrea hissed.

“I’m sick and tired of you trying to compare your weak tits to mine, whore!” Adriana sneered.

“The feeling is mutual, slut!”

Angered by the last exchange of ugly words, the secretaries relaxed their hug just enough to separate her breasts and start slamming them together. The first frontal collision was followed by a second one, and by a third one, all accompanied by moans of pain and ferocity. The sound of bare titflesh smacking face to face resonated on the walls of the office that had re-ignited the fire of the college rivalry, but neither woman was yet to give in to the other. After half a minute of violent boob battering, the fighters sank back into their mutual, sweaty clinch, this grinding their upper bodies upward, then downward across rival’s chest.

“I’m gonna fuck those hard tits of yours!” Adriana threatened.

“Not before I fuck your hard ones!” Andrea replied.

Trapped inside the crushing bearhug, the brunettes mumbled something incomprehensible as they had unintentionally recognized the strength of the nemesis’ boobs. Knowing that the psychological battle would be as important as the physical fight, they launched themselves into a new battle of mutual disdain to repair the painful admission.

“I’ll turn your shapeless tits into mush,” Adriana said hotly. “I’ll make you wish you never saw my big boobs.”

“My fat tits are strong enough to mash your pathetic things into pancakes,” Andrea provoked her look-alike foe. “I just need one more minute and…”

The headlights and the noise of a car interrupted her. Suddenly aware that they were struggling a few paces away from the outside windows of the illuminated office, the women tried to hide from the car crossing the street. However, joined in a devastating embrace, the brunettes stumbled against each other, falling to the floor with a loud blow that broke the hug and threw their heels away.

Now hidden from any curious eye behind one of the desks, the secretaries locked their hands in a test of strength, always keeping their tits pressed together. On their sides, both entangled their muscular legs in search of a full victory pin that gave them the advantage of gravity against the other. Andrea exhaled an agonizing gasp as she felt Adriana’s powerful thighs crushing her own thighs, but she managed to squeeze back and force a long groan filled with pain from her antagonist.

Perhaps her determination was too much for Adriana, or perhaps she had taken advantage of a moment of weakness of the other brunette, but Andrea suddenly found herself forcing her body down on top of Adriana’s in the first real advantage she had over her clone since they met in college.

“Finally!” Andrea said triumphantly. Her crotch exploded with excitement at the thought of the first domination as her thighs split Adriana’s strong, gorgeous legs to pushed their pelvises into close contact. “I’ve got you just where you belong, you bitch—on the bottom!”

“Enjoy it, slut, because soon you’ll be under me!” the other brunette threw down the gauntlet, warning her that she would have control for a short time.

“Fucking whore!” The arrogant challenge angered Andrea. “You’re not going anywhere!”

The focus of the duel was still between their crushed tits, but the competition for the top position brought the rest of their bodies inside the fight. From head to toe, each virtue faced its counterpart, some struggling to throw the other woman aside, others struggling to kept riding foe’s body. Heat and sweat dominated the contact between women, between bodies toned in long gym sessions.

“C’mon, tramp!” Adriana said, closing her eyes for a few seconds to feel the weight of Andrea’s breasts against her hard pair, to feel her rival’s flat belly contracting against her well-defined abdomen, to feel the other robust pelvis pivoting and grinding into her own tough pelvis. “Is this all these ugly tits of yours can do?” she cried out, focusing on the rival’s assets she hated most.

“Let me show you what my gorgeous tits can do.” Andrea unglued their fighting boobs for the first time, raising her torso proudly above the other secretary. For a few seconds, the battle stopped, as the women’s green eyes were mesmerized by an amazing sight: with Andrea’s arms pushing Adriana’s arms above her head and against the floor, the glands of the brunettes were stretched into taut ovals where all the jiggle had been pulled out of the flesh. If the tits of both beauties had proved to be obstinately hard before, they were now presented under the sweat and the reddish rubbing marks like dangerous wrecking balls.

“Don’t run away from my girls, you coward,” Adriana murmured, her eyes fixed on rival’s incredibly thick nipples, her titflesh longing for the tight contact. “Just keep pressing those fucking tits down on mine, bitch, until we see whose are harder!”

“I swear I’m gonna crush your boobs before this is over, slut,” Andrea snarled hotly. “But first I want to do this…” With a hungry face, she slowly lowed her breasts towards the other pair… and flicked her nipples across Adriana’s rods. Both secretaries hissed as their stiff nipples exploded in an electrical chain reaction which spread through their soaked half-naked bodies.

“Oh, you whore,” Andrea spat. “I’m sick of feeling your nipples digging into my tits like they were the toughest things here. It’s time for mine to give yours a lesson about that.” With those words, she returned to bring her nipples against the weapons of the other brunette, this time rubbing her hot brown rods across the full length of Adriana’s rubbery shafts with delicate and abrasive patience.

“Nasty slut,” the other beauty complained, “I’ll twist your goddamned nipples off with mine!” But even as she howled her threat, Adriana knew that Andrea had the control of the contest from her superior position, being able to attack her in any way that her dirty mind could think. For two long minutes, Andrea cruelly lacerated Adriana’s nipples, assaulting her rods laterally to bend them, nailing her hard weapons against the sensible base of the other secretary’s thick daggers, or pushing the four nipples together in a tip-to-tip fight with the gravity of her side. Certainly, Andrea was trembling and groaning as she felt the hardness Adriana’s nipples against her pair, but the woman on the bottom could hear how her own moans sounded above the moans of her rival as an unmistakable sign of who was taking the worst part of the stiffies’ contest.

“Where is your pride in your nipples now?” Andrea asked fiercely, focused on destroying the stiff weapons of her nemesis. “Did you think I’d forgotten all the times you went to the campus without a bra so everyone would see your nipples through those damn tight tops?”

“As if you wouldn’t have done the same thing in college, whore,” Adriana grunted, furious over the accusation. “Trying to draw attention on your nipples with that body-hugging clothes and without bra.”

“And what about that red dress at the New Year’s Eve party, bitch? Didn’t you want to steal my thunder with those long nipples pushing against the fabric as if they were the big thing?”

“It’s not my fault if everyone preferred my red dress and my fat nipples over your blue dress and those thick shafts of yours that tried to tear the fabric to upstage me.”

“When we are in the same room, my nipples always upstage yours… on campus, at parties or in this office…”

The hatred for the other nipples that both brunettes had been repressing for years intensified the duel: Adriana wriggled as little as she could from her trapped position and forced her tingling stilettos against her adversary’s swords, making her groan, but Andrea could still guide her rods against Adriana’s and wickedly stab the other exposed nipples as much as she wanted.

Suddenly Andrea felt a heavy blow: Adriana’s pelvis collided with hers with the strength of the payback. She had been so focused on the nipple fight that she had forgotten their hips; before she could react, she lost her pin, and in a flash their positions were reversed.

“Let’s see if you can take what you dish out.” Adriana settled her pelvis on Andrea’s pelvis and hauled her foe’s arms up into the same subdued position that the other brunette had held her in. Beneath her, the eyes of her doppelganger flashed with hatred.

“Dirty slut! I can take anything your puny nipples can put out!” Andrea replied.

“I’m gonna take my time crushing your sorry things!” Adriana exclaimed, slowly lowering her nipples over the other stiff shafts to methodically abrade every millimeter of the sensitive and hard weapons. The woman in the top position had taken mental note of all that her nemesis had done to her nipples before, and now she was returning every humiliation with the same intensity, attacking the base, the sides and the tips of rival nipples while she was escaping from the dangerous brown daggers that Andrea waved to give back some of what she was receiving.

For the next two minutes, the now illuminated office was filled with the enemies’ groans and gasps as the nipple to nipple torture gathered intensity. But Andrea was in the bottom position now, taking the worst part of the exchange, so her noisy moans soon hid the hot exhalations from Adriana.

“I’ll teach you what happens when you stick those hard-ons in my face for so many years,” the dominant woman said, scraping her rough nipples against Andrea’s.

“You’ve really wanted this for a long time, haven’t you?” Andrea grunted, managing to twist her upper body enough to meet Adriana’s nipples with anger and strength enough to force a fuming hiss of pain out of the other secretary. “I knew you were jealous of my nipples in college, you bitch, but I wish I’d have known just how much you hated them because we could have done this much sooner.”

“You and me fighting like this in one of our dorms… That would have been perfect, whore. My college time would have been much more pleasant and peaceful after beating you.”

“Don’t kid yourself. I would have beat you then just the way I’m beating you now.”

In response to Andrea’s threat, Adriana dragged her nipples across the sensitive nubs of her duplicate rival, and Andrea squeezed her eyes shut against the pain, damning this copycat slut for getting her into this humiliating situation.

“If we’re talking about who has the weakest nipples, yeah, you’re beating me,” Adriana spoke ironically.

“You arrogant hussy!” Andrea rammed up with her pelvis so hard that both women screamed in agony, but the attack worked: she forced her enemy on her side, and a violent struggle for the top position broke out. Both secretaries wrestling fiercely in an even match, strength against strength, rage against rage, tied to each other from the pelvis to the ankles, their hands at last free from the others to grab wrists and push shoulders. Without the advantage of gravity, the brunettes’ breasts bumped together as equals, again measuring the rival firmness. However, the long nipple duel had introduced a vital difference: the stiffies were so hard and lengthened at that moment that they were penetrating the titflesh like aggressive knives. Both beauties were howling just a few seconds later, hurt as humiliatingly as possible, until they separated with an abrupt push on the verge of tears.

“Fucking hard-nippled whore,” Adriana and Andrea gasped in unison, perfectly synchronized in admitting the hardness of the other brunette’s rods. Kneeling in front of the other, they fought to catch their breath as they watched the other woman’s reddened half-naked body. Streams of sweat ran down the curves of her beautiful figures, which shone erotically under the lights of the office. A heavy exhaustion was beginning to flood them, a mixture of the tension of the nerve-wracking rivalry and the physical exertion of a combat that was being far less violent than both women would have believed. And yet, no fight with punches and kicks could match the tension of the breasts war in which they were immersed: the fists could hurt tits with a few blows, but it couldn’t be compared to the physical, psychological and moral damage that one boob could give to another one; the nails could lacerate nipples until they bleed, but it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as crushing nipples with other nipples. Thus, the struggle had to continue, and it would in those terms.

“It has been a pleasure to tear your nipples apart,” Adriana said as the two secretaries stood up. At that moment, no one seemed to care that someone saw them from the street.

“Tear apart? Please, bitch… Look at my pair, because they are harder than ever.” Andrea pushed her chest out proudly. “Your little ones, however, seem to have received the beating of their life.”

“It’s not what I feel, you slut,” Adriana breathed, sticking her own chest out too. “My nipples are in good shape despite your pathetic efforts. In fact, they are longer, thicker and stronger than yours will ever be.”

“I don’t have a tape measure here to show you how wrong you are, so we’ll have to do it the old-school way: your nipples against my nipples.”

“We’ve been fighting nipple to nipple for a while, but now you’re gonna discover that you aren’t so tough when we fight on equal terms.”

“I can tell you the same. We’ll see how much your nipples can stand up to mine now that you don’t have the top position,” Andrea hissed, suddenly walking against the other secretary.

“Bring your weaklings here, whore,” Adriana walked forwards to meet her nemesis. “It’s time for a fencing class!”

Chapter 4: There are No Secrets When Two Bodies Speak

The brunettes crashed against each other and their breasts bumped with a liquid smack that rang through the office along with a double grunt. However, they didn’t go after the other firmness, not in that moment: the challenge was clear after the mutual threats. Giving half a step back, the females waved their breasts sideways with such accuracy that their thick nipples collided together, length to length. To the surprise of both gasping beauties, none of the stiffies managed to bend their rivals, with nipples sliding past the other shafts as hard as before the clash.

“I want to see how good you are at moving those saggy tits!” Andrea growled, now attacking from the other side. Adriana’s nipples slammed into her pair in perfect timing again, forcing another sigh of pain from the young women.

“My girls are so firm that I can control them perfectly!” Adriana replied, crossing nipples with her enemy for the third time.

“Prove it, bitch! En garde!”

The fencing duel erupted: moving back and forth through the office, the brunettes fought with the longest nipples of their lives, using length and thickness to try to humiliate and dominate the other. Incredibly, they kept the contact reduced to their nipples, with only occasional clashes between titflesh that—although provocative—didn’t get the adversaries out of the real battle. Quivering and panting at the other’s touch, the secretaries bumped into desks and chairs, into walls and shelves, as the competition spread through the workplace almost as if they were filming an action scene from a movie.

“You’re not as good at fencing as you think, bitch,” Adriana groaned with envy. She was amazed how she and her look-alike foe could really use their nipples as rapiers with such surgical precision that it would equally embarrass fencers and surgeons. “And, of course, your nipples aren’t as capable of hurting as mine in a fight like this!”

“You can barely keep my rhythm, whore, and you can’t match my nipple skills,” Andrea growled jealously. She was proud that her aroused hard-ons were so effective swords against her challenger’s erect shafts, but at the same time she hated that the nipples of this body thief were capable of giving as much as receiving. “Sooner rather than later, I will outfence your weak nipples!”

The reality is that none of them was outfencing the other, and that their nipples were burning, abraded by the rough, stiff touch of their counterparts. As the minutes went by, the grunts of discomfort, the gasps of effort and the moans of pain were increasing in intensity… and whatever was throbbing between their legs began to feel wet, really wet.

“Fuck you, Andrea!” Adriana was pissed by the hardness of her rival’s nipples, by the talent of the other woman to move her tits with such precision, by her copycat having the same filthy ideas that she had… but, above all, by the moisture that flooded her own pussy. Whatever was going on down there, she knew it was Andrea’s fault.

“Fuck you, Adriana!” the other brunette replied, tired of her nemesis matching her again and again, being on a par with her toughness, her aptitudes, her dirty fighting style. But there was something worse than that: her cunt was soaking wet with each second she and the other brunette kept contesting each other. Whatever was going on down there, she knew it was Adriana’s fault.

“Oh, fuck!” Unable to stand any longer, the gorgeous secretaries lost their concentration at the same time; without control, their hard boobs smashed together, one, two, three times, before the angry enemies hugged each other; for the first time, one of their hands grabbed the rival’s twin mane, tugging at it while the other arm held their bodies together. Like bulls in a china shop, the out-of-control brunettes knocked down some chairs and even a little table, leaving behind them a trail of papers and broken glass.

They ended up leaning against the door of the broom closet, with their pelvises now as close to each other as their hostile tits were. Somehow, that contact pushed them back to look for privacy, away from the lights of the office and the street windows. Releasing the other hair, their hands searched for the door handle without their eyes turning away from the other intense gaze. After a few seconds of struggle and scratches between their hands, the door opened, and the beauties entered the broom closet, closing behind them. Pulling a small chain, the light went on over their heads, illuminating two facing bodies surrounded by brooms, mops and cleaning products. There was so little room to move, that both women wondered why the fight had not started there.

“There is no escape…” Andrea began to say, nose to nose with her clone.

“Unfortunately for you…” Adriana interrupted.

“…so let’s see how good you are fencing at close range.”

“I’m gonna win this, you bitch.”

Now that their boobs were contesting again firmness against firmness, none wanted to separate them, so the second assault between their thick nipples this time began with the weapons buried under the crushed flesh of their bare, sweaty breasts. Andrea and Adriana were unable to see the fighting nipples, but that didn’t matter, because it was impossible not to feel the opposing rods to go after them: they stabbed the rough and sensitive areolas like branding irons, marking them with fire and penetration.

The two secretaries hissed in the narrow closet as they felt their twin erections sliding across one another over and over again, locked together like rapiers intertwined in a matched fencing duel. Grunting, Adriana tried to disengage her nipples for a second to impale Andrea’s hard-ons from above, but she found the other brunette attacking her with a similar movement: their daggers had a frontal collision, and the couple moaned in pain under the tortured contact.

“You cunt,” Andrea gasped, trying another move that her rival also matched. Another double grunt resounded inside the closet.

“Even though it takes all night, I’m gonna bend those pathetic nips of yours until they break,” Adriana growled.

“You can’t bend the unbendable, slut,” Andrea bragged. “You can’t break the unbreakable.”

“You have a lot of confidence in your nipples, right, bitch? I hate to break it to you, but yours are about to collapse…”

“You sound like a broken record… and that suits you, feeling how weak your ugly nipples are…”

However, nothing seemed to be about to collapse, nothing seemed weak among all that mass of flesh at war. The nipples of the gorgeous brunettes were in their maximum hardness, in an inflexible stiffness with which none of them had ever dreamed. But that incredible harshness was accompanied by an unprecedented sensitivity, a sensitivity that only hatred, jealousy and competitiveness were able to keep at bay, although not entirely: between the still tangled pelvises, both secretaries could begin to feel the heat that the other crotch emanated, even through the jeans. Words of accusation came to their mouths, but none dared to say anything, knowing that anything they verbalized about the other pussy would be returned as a dangerous boomerang.

The women grunted against the other lips as they continued to engage each other in slow, hot-blooded nipple conflicts inside a tight hug. The brown shafts maneuvered methodically to search and destroy across the increasingly tempestuous sea of flesh as galleys striking with their long rams, but that battle was no longer just an exclusive dispute between erections: inch by inch, the women were instinctively pushing their breasts forward, in a repetition of the starting signal that had begun the hostilities that night.

“Don’t think you’re gonna stop me from destroying your nipples by pushing your little boobs against me,” Andrea panted as she felt the mass of Adriana’s arrogant breasts wrestling for space against her own titflesh.

“You’re the one who wants to take the fight away from our nipples,” Adriana replied huskily, her tits arguing with Andrea’s proud chest about which pair was the hardest, the strongest, the best among equals. “But it doesn’t matter, you sow, ‘cause I can beat your tits and your nipples at the same time.”

“Then just keep pressing your girls against mine, you bitch. It’s time for us to settle this feud that we have been dragging on for seven years.”

“Don’t worry about the past, just about the money you’ll have to spend on your new bra size when my tits totally crush your weak boobs.”

“In your .”

The full lips of the brunettes curled away from their teeth as they their arms closed the bearhug even more. Adriana’s resentful, dead-serious face pressed against her rival’s and, for a moment, Andrea stared intensely at the face that anyone could mistake with the face she saw every morning in the mirror. She recognized the deep hatred in Adriana’s green eyes, in the sneering curvature of the mouth of the other woman because she knew her own gestures… and for that reason she also could see how affected Adriana was by the carnal combat: her dilated pupils spoke about excitement; the redness of her cheeks, about passion. Those same feelings flooded Andrea, stimulating her body more and more as the contest progressed, so she had to tell herself over and over again that this was still a fight. But the increasingly irregular and sharp gasps didn’t lie: the brunettes began to realize that the fire in their crotches was out of control, spreading like poison through skin and flesh. Keeping their tits together in competition took all their hunger for victory and domination; both beauties were already thinking that their rivalry might take them far beyond their dueling chests, but they swore that first things first: the matter of honor between their overconfident breasts and stubborn nipples had to be resolved, no matter what it took.

“Bring it on, bitch!” Adriana said bitterly, pressing her glands into Andrea’s boobs firmly. “I’m gonna crush you!”

“You’re gonna be crushed first, slut!” Andrea replied, squeezing her nemesis between her arms to bring their tits even closer together.

At that moment, both women believed that they could finally be able to carry out their threats since, for the first time in the long battle between firm flesh, the enemy’s boobs were beginning to feel slightly softer under the pressure of the hug. The alteration was minimal, almost imperceptible in that clash of immense firmness, but it was enough to give hope to the brunettes about the outcome of all that.

“I knew it!” Andrea grunted. “I knew that yours would begin to give way before mine!”

“What do you say, stupid?” Adriana groaned. “Yours are already giving up!”

Reluctantly, the two opponents separated their locked nipples to use them against the softer areas of the other bosoms. Stabbing and dragging through the flesh, their daggers moved left and right, up and down, trying to find weak points.

“Surrender right now and maybe I won’t deflate your boobies completely,” Andrea threatened.

“If you admit that my girls are better than your little ones, maybe I’ll let yours get out of here with some volume,” Adriana challenged back.

Despite their words, they knew that if one of them began to dominate the rival’s breasts, the conqueror wouldn’t stop pushing until the complete destruction of the greatest treasure of the other female. After years of rivalry, none of them would be satisfied with an incomplete victory and a simple verbal capitulation.

Grinding tit into tit ever more intensely, Adriana and Andrea trying to squash the other virtues flat as they ground their hard nipples as deeply as they could into the enemy. Soon, the brunettes found that rival’s grunts and squeals were a little louder when they attacked the underside of the other breasts, so they flexed their knees to strike underneath against the most sensitive part of the incredibly powerful opposing boobs.

“Bitch!” the heated beauties insulted as their four legs intertwined in search of balance. Adriana felt the muscular right thigh of Andrea sliding between her legs in the same way that her strong right thigh was making her way between the legs of her almost-twin. Suddenly, they found each other riding on the other thigh, rubbing their eager crotches with desperation despite the jeans that separated them from the other hot flesh.

Something seemed to break inside Andrea. Her self-control lost strength at the push of something that wanted to go outside, that wanted to be named. Weirdly, after all that the two angry women had done to each other with their naked tits and sharp nipples, she felt that a line was being crossed at that moment, a point of no return. The broom closet was flooded with an electricity that Andrea knew well: it had hung in the air from the first time her eyes met Adriana’s eyes in college. But now it felt deeper, dirtier and darker. She understood that this was no longer just a fight, at least not a usual fight…

“What’s the problem, whore?” Adriana’s voice sounded cocky, but also nervous. “If I didn’t know you’re a fucking frigid, I’d say you’re getting hot and bothered.”

There it was: the veto had blown up, and the forbidden issue came to light. Andrea felt a wave of anger running through her body, but also embarrassment and insecurity. The other secretary seemed to have read her mind, accusing her of something that was hanging around her head in those moments.

“Fucking hypocrite,” she snarled. Adriana’s face didn’t lie, nor her scorching crotch: her nemesis was getting horny and yet she was blaming her of being the woman in heat. “Your cunt has been on fire since the fight started, and I bet it was already on fire since you saw me enter this office.”

“And your cunt has not stopped burning since you saw me in college, I’m sure.”

“That would be your cunt, slut.”

The heat inside the broom closet increased several degrees, and the sweat doubled its presence on bodies which were suddenly short of oxygen. Adriana’s mouth was open as she sucked in deep breaths, filling her lungs with air to harden her breasts up against Andrea’s as much as possible, but also to get over herself after the discussion about who was horny there. The crossing accusations had really ignited her, awakening something that had been hibernating for too long.

“Stop talking about my cunt if you don’t want to have more problems than you already have,” Adriana said, even though she wasn’t sure what she meant. But the sight of Andrea’s gasping and parted full lips, so close to her own plump lips, and the hot sensation that connected her pussy with the other brunette’s thigh were filling her mind with a toxin that she found herself wanting to taste.

“Don’t make me laugh. Your cunt isn’t a problem for me.” Andrea’s words sounded so hot, so deeply challenging, that Adriana felt a powerful throb between her legs. “Not now, not ever. Or don’t you remember how many times I cunt-blocked you in college?”

“Oh, please. There was no party, dinner or any other social event where you cunt-blocked me,” Adriana boasted. “In fact, I always cunt-blocked you.”

Andrea licked her lips slowly, watching intently as Adriana’s tongue replicated her movement. Something connected her and her doppelganger, something that both of them had been able to repress and deny all night long—actually, for seven years. The subtext of their rivalry began to emerge, with the two brunettes pulling the rope that would take it out of the depths from the moment they had started talking about the other pussy.

“I’ve always had every man I’ve ever wanted…no matter if you were close or if you wanted him for yourself…” Adriana whispered smugly.

“I see you’ve been living a lie all these years,” Andrea murmured, lowering her voice as much as her rival. No one could hear them there, but somehow that matched with the atmosphere that had suddenly flooded the inside of the broom closet. “If any man stooped to have sex with you, it was because I rejected him first, or because I wasn’t interested in him.”

“You’ve always been full of yourself, slut, but when we talk about sex, nobody wants the cheap copy if they can have the original one…and that’s me.”

“It’s funny that you talk about copies and originals, when it’s obvious that I’m the real woman, and you’re just a bad imitation.”

No one had noticed, but it had been long since the fight had stopped. Their fat tits were still crushed together, their thick nipples were still tangled together; their mouths, so close that they almost brushed each other, were the only thing that was moving in their bodies. Well, their mouths…and something else…

Unconsciously, almost mechanically, the secretaries’ legs had been disentangled each other, and their pelvises had come in direct contact to rub together in a sort of slow dance. Every scorn on the other woman’s sexual skills increased the pressure between their crotches, separated by jeans too thick for what was cooking there. It was impossible to know who—or even when—had begun the hostilities between their lower bodies, because not even the look-alike beauties were aware of what was going on down there.

“If I’m an imitation…why do I have better lips than you?” Adriana found herself saying, with the closeness between their gorgeous mouths too powerful to ignore it.

“What?” Andrea looked at Adriana’s mouth, as she had been doing obsessively in the last few minutes. “I didn’t think you were stupid enough to believe your lips are better than mine.”

The pelvic duel intensified slightly, with the toned buttocks of the females hardening in support of the crotches. Their breasts, now at a standstill, were crushed in a silent contest of sturdiness.

“My lips are fuller than yours.” Adriana’s statement made both young women measure the thickness of the other mouth, comparing it obsessively with their own lips for a few seconds.

“No, they aren’t…” Andrea affirmed. As if she would like to prove her point, she brought her lips so close to the mouth of the other beauty that now both could feel the tingle of the slight touch between lips. “My mouth is much fuller, much sexier than yours.”

Still forgotten by their mistresses, their wide hips continued to shake, pushing together the covered sexes with even more hunger.

“Sexier? Ha!” Adriana said. “Just remember what rumor was going around the campus when we were there.”

“Don’t you mean the rumor you were spreading about me?” The hatred, even so many years later, was intense in Andrea’s voice. Her rival didn’t even need to clarify what rumor she was talking about, because it was still very present in Andrea’s head. “That Jimmy said that you’re a much better kisser than me? That’s not what he told me!”

Adriana was furious. She had brought up the subject, but the memories of the college’s dirty game of rumors reminded her that Andrea had always been a whore.

“Don’t play the innocent, you tramp! What about the rumor that you spread? No one could believe that Jimmy told you that you kissed him in a way that I could never match!”

They were arguing about Jimmy, certainly the most fuckable man on campus, but they might have been arguing about Billie, Tom or Hans as well; all of them had been lucky enough to have some kind of relationship—even a single night—with one of the look-alike beauties, which it caused them to be harassed by the other attractive brunette, days or even hours later, with the fiery desire to show them how a real woman kissed—or fucked. Now, years later, the consequences of that competition exploded in that overheated closet.

“It’s not a rumor when it’s true, bitch!” Andrea stated.

“Stop lying!” Adriana grunted. “Don’t compare your pathetic kisses with mine!”

Somehow, the secretaries had tilted their faces slightly to go beyond the other nose, and their fleshy lips threatened each other with a dangerous closeness. Their crotches kept acting on their own: tired of the barrier of jeans, they sought the other thigh again, yearning for the exciting friction.

“Fucking dirty whore,” Andrea gasped against Adriana’s mouth, mixing both burning breaths in a new type of nitroglycerin. “Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?” Not even Andrea was aware of the implications of her challenge until she exhaled it. In front of her, the green eyes of her clone narrowed, and her mouth brushed against hers as Adriana twisted it in an angry but soft grunt.

“You disgusting little bitch, I’m ready to put my mouth where your mouth is…” Adriana spat without thinking, and the words hit the two fake twins like a train without brakes. Adriana saw Andrea’s equally green eyes sparkled, detonating in an impossible explosion of doubt and confidence, of evasion and offensive. The same contradictory sensation ran through her, dividing her mind into two: part of Adriana was stunned at her own conduct, with that dirty and direct challenge going beyond her wildest dreams; but another part of her was beginning to unravel the real nature of what was simmering between Andrea and herself during the last seven years.

“It’s always been about this, right?” Andrea said huskily, under the same awakening that her antagonist. “From the very beginning, we’ve been competing against each other over who was sexier…”

“It’s been about your sensuality against my sensuality all along,” Adriana gasped, rubbing her crotch against the other woman’s thigh with the same roughness with which Andrea rubbed her pussy against her thigh. “For the first and last time in our lives, let’s admit that we look fucking alike…”

“Maybe…” Andrea whispered reluctantly.

“Just listen, bitch!” Adriana growled. “I’m not saying we have twin bodies, because mine is obviously better than yours…”

“I think just the opposite, you cunt.”

“Whatever, whore,” Adriana exclaimed, tired of interruptions. “Having similar bodies means nothing if one doesn’t know how to use it. And that’s my point: I know how to use my body and you don’t.”

“I not only have the best body, the sexiest body of the two of us, slut. I know how to use it in a way that you could never match,” Andrea boasted.

“Prove it,” Adriana snarled.

“My pleasure… And since you want to put your mouth where mine is, what do you think if we start seeing what college rumors were right?”

For an eternal minute, the secretaries looked into each other’s eyes, challenging one another to take the first step. Among their stormy thoughts, filled with hatred, lust, rivalry and fear, one idea rose above the rest: they could no longer be satisfied with just conquering the other tits, but they also had to answer the question of who would overwhelm whom in that new and vital competition.

“Let’s compare kisses, bitch…” the look-alike archrivals hissed at once. Half a second later, their mouths smashed together in a clash of seductive fleshiness.

There was nothing delicate about the kiss: violent and wet, came full of a hunger that Andrea and Adriana had just discovered they had. Their lips locked together savagely, lipstick against lipstick, struggling to overwhelm the other mouth from the very first second of conflict. And the surrender was mutual: the doppelgangers moaned loudly into each other’s pliable lips, caught off guard by the intensity of the emotions that engulfed their mouths. Their nipples hardened even more against the other titflesh, their cunts throbbed intensely on the antagonist’s thigh… and their tongues were calling to arms in a desperate attack.

Like snakes, the tongues slithered between the mouths, coiling around each other in a deadly grip. Closing their eyes, the brunettes tried to withstand the vicious pressure, the toxically sweet taste, the electrical touch of the other long weapon, but their increasingly irregular gasps showed the cracks that were opening in the wall of their wills.

After just a few seconds of torrid kiss, the secretaries already knew that no man would ever kiss them that way. A dirty and heated excitement was permeating every cell of their bodies, causing their blood pounding like thunder through their veins, faster and faster, hotter and hotter. The contact between bare breasts had been—and still was—devastating, almost unbearable at times… but this went much further. It felt terribly intimate, a violation of their femininities, an all-out assault against their sensual egos.

The thought gave them strength, reinforcing their determinations, reminding them what they were fighting for. Bringing their right hands up, the amazons grabbed the back of the other neck and pushed their faces closer, jamming their tongues in the depths of the other mouth. The sound of their cries of pain and pleasure resonated inside the closet, a perfect scoreboard of each point won or lost in that match between fleshy lips and generous taste muscles.

‘Shit, her mouth is thicker than I expected,’ Adriana cursed, trying in vain to wrap Andrea’s lips with hers to smother her. From what she felt against her own fleshiness, the other brunette was also trying to do to her the same, but she seemed equally incapable of exceeding her thickness. ‘Keep trying, bitch, ‘cause you can never catch my full lips with yours.’

Moving her head to one side and the other, Adriana sought the best position to attack, to intensify her kiss, and Andrea responded to her movements as if she could read her mind, always being in the best position to kiss her, as if they were lovers who knew each other perfectly after a long relationship. Lips sucked lips, tongues licked tongues…and teeth sprang into action. Adriana felt Andrea’s teeth biting her upper lip, and she responded quickly sinking her own teeth into the other woman’s lower lip. The couple grunted, their lips pounding with pain at the same time that their crotches were pounding with pleasure against the other well-built thighs.

“Bitch!” both managed to gasp in some way, with them trading bites, licks and rubs. Their wet tongues slashed each other, wrestling for dominance in the interior of the overexcited mouths as their full lips crushed together in a battle where the brunettes found hard to handle the other incredible thickness, even with their own fat mouths. The white teeth tried to break the stalemate, lacerating everything they had within reach.

However, the resolution didn’t come from the competition of kisses: the cunt-rubbing against the thighs had been intensifying so much that, at this point, the rivals had lost control of their lower bodies. From their hot fighting mouths, from their stimulated nipples and boobs, a myriad of electric shocks descended to their pussies, where they fused into a time bomb waiting to explode. Seconds later, Adriana and Andrea suddenly shrieked against the other mouth, feeling an uncontainable detonation in their own sexes. Pushing each other in anger, they broke out of their embrace and staggered backward to separate their overheated young bodies.

Painting heavily, with their backs against the walls of the broom closet, the females tried to catch their breaths, but that was the least of their worries. Extremely mortified by the possibility that her pussies would have exploded in a humiliating triggered by the woman they hated the most in the world, they grabbed desperately their groins through the jeans. From top to bottom, their bodies were still tingling with a devastating sensation, but the gorgeous antagonists sighed with relief when they realized that, although it had been really close, they had not come yet.

For a minute, perhaps two, the duelists couldn’t do much more than look at each other intensely. Their beautiful green eyes burned with a chaotic and stormy amalgam of emotions: they felt a bitter frustration at the inability to defeat the other woman in one way or another; a mighty confusion filled their heads as they visualized all the lines they had been forced to cross in search of glory that they couldn’t reach; they feared what consequences their confrontation would have, so dirty that even now they were unable to understand its full scope. But if something dominated them, it was hatred, a hatred fed by the certainty that the look-alike nemesis had almost provoked in them an unexpected sexual climax.

“You think you’re fucking hot, don’t you, whore?” Andrea finally asked, aware that she had to fully embrace the true nature of the rivalry if she wanted to emerge victorious from this overwhelmingly physical female contest. “You think all the men want you, with your hot kisses and your fat tits.”

“What about you, slut?” Adriana stated, mentally admitting that the confrontation in the office had reduced her to a primary animal state. She knew that mastering that unknown visceral side would be crucial to break the dangerous twin-shaped challenge that she saw in front of her. “Always thinking that you’re the hottest bitch, just because you have big boobs and nice lips.”

“I’m not the only one who thinks that I’m the hottest bitch here,” Andrea gasped hotly. “Your wet pussy seemed to be intensely agree with me.”

“It’s funny that you say that, when it was your cunt the one which was trembling against my thigh, taking everything I was giving it.” Adriana’s voice sounded malicious. “It seems that your pussy already knows that I’m hotter than you.”

“Oh, c’mon, you conceited tramp. A little kiss, some body-to-body action, and you’re already at the limit.”

“There’s no way that an arrogant bitch like you can make me…” Adriana bit her lower lip to stifle the last dangerous word.

The increasingly sexual background of their rivalry had been hidden for too long, perhaps from the fateful day when the two identical brunettes met each other, seven years earlier. Now, although undeniable, it needed a word, a single word, to become completely real…

“Make you… what?” Andrea instigated her foe, determined to get the answer she wanted out of Adriana’s stunning mouth.

Adriana licked her lips slowly, staring at the other woman as if the next thing she was going to say was to decide the fate of both beauties. The heat in the closet was penetrating, suffocating, while the wait became eternal.

“Cum,” Adriana gasped, and the word was felt as a blow to both secretaries.

“I should have imagined,” Andrea panted, her voice broken by passion. “All those looks, all those times you followed me on campus like a stalker… I should have guessed that you wanted me in a dirty fuck…”

“Please, bitch, you’re the one who has always wanted my body. I’ve lost count of how many times I saw you spying on me, staring me up and down with ill-concealed desire. What I didn’t know until now was how much you wanted me…”

“I knew that all the people around me were hot for me, but who would have known that the haughty whore queen Adriana would be one of them…”

“Just cut the crap,” Adriana began unbuttoning her jeans. “You’ve been asking me to fuck your body for a long time…It’s time to fulfill your wishes, slut.”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t wanted me to fuck your body, stupid cunt,” Andrea snarled, imitating her rival to remove her jeans. “By how you were gasping before, you’ve been wanting this from the first day.”

“I’ll teach you how to scream my name, you cunt.”

“I’ll show you how a real woman fucks, you bitch.”

Chapter 5: Exposed Rivals in the Last Ride of the Valkyries

The wet panties fell on the jeans, leaving the beautiful brunettes completely naked in front of the enemy for the first time. It was incredible, but only minutes after fulfilling the desire to see the other naked breasts, now they both contemplated a total nakedness with which they had never dreamed.

“You also had to do it down there, don’t you, bitch?” Adriana asked, watching a pussy that copied to hers even in the trimmed hair.

“I’m tired of you imitating me in everything, slut,” Andrea replied, as angry as her rival by what her eyes saw.

The hotties’ pink labial folds peeked out from underneath the tangle of curly, dark fur in a perfect reflection of the other sexual anatomy. Wet, hot, throbbing, the vulvas seemed alive, eager to devour the cloned sex that waiting on the other side of the broom closet.

“Are your cunt ready, girl?” Adriana said.

“It has always been ready for yours,” Andrea grunted. When her nemesis stepped forward, she stopped her by raising her hand. “Not here, whore… outside…”


“I want to fight you in the office, at the sight of anyone passing by the street. I want the people of this city to see, once and for fucking all, who is the best woman, who is the only and true original one,” Andrea challenged.

“Oh, you fucking dirty whore. Do you really want an exposed fight?” Adriana spat, suddenly opening the closet door. A certain freshness struck the sweaty bodies of the beauties. “Do you really want the whole town to know how I screwed your cunt with mine?”

“We live in the Information Age, tramp, and everyone has a cell.” Andrea returned to the office, followed by her look-alike opponent. None lost sight of the other, not for a single second. “This same night, the internet will be full of videos where the whole world will see how I fuck your brains out.”

“You mean full of videos where I ride your cunt until I suck it inside out with my pussy, right?” Adriana walked to her desk, which she pushed towards Andrea’s desk, which her rival was already pushing towards her.

“No… Full of videos where my cunt squeezes yours dry like a juicy fruit…” The desks made contact and, for some reason, that made the brunettes gasp in ecstasy.

“Maybe we should call all our college contacts,” Adriana dared, crawling on desks at the same time as the other young secretary. “Surely they would enjoy seeing how I fuck the life out of you.”

“Oh, I would love them to be here, watching how I throw you off your pedestal by fucking your weak cunt,” Andrea said as her nemesis and her opened their legs. At that moment, both realized the incredibly long and thick clit of the other woman, a clit summoned by the dirty mutual threats and the nervousness of the public sex duel. “Well, well, it looks like someone’s really looking forward to this…” Andrea mocked.

“Are you talking about your little thing down there?” Adriana replied. “Looks pretty anxious to start this…”

“Little? It’s much bigger than yours.”

“Prove it to me…”

As their legs slid over each other, there was movement in the street, but neither diverted her attention from the rival female body. Hatred was so intense, so real at that moment, that no one thought of the consequences of their actions. They just wanted to humiliate, dominate, rape the other beauty, even at the cost of their own reputations, of their own jobs. And if they were to completely destroy their nemesis, they didn’t want to be the only ones to know: the city that had compared them for years was also going to have the answer that it had wanted so much.

Finally, Andrea and Adriana managed to completely scissor-lock their legs; now they were within inches of resolving the issue that had flooded their veins and thoughts for too long, now they were in position to ride the other cunt until the final resolution of their seven-years rivalry.

“We’re gonna finish this here and now,” Adriana growled.

“No. I’m gonna finish you here and now,” Andrea spoke.

Both knew that they were facing the greatest and most important challenge of their life as soon as their two exposed, hairy pussies pressed slickly together in the ultimate sexual contest: their intimate anatomies exploded in a thunderstorm of pleasure, their intricate folds of labial flesh tangled together between the sensitized crotches in the most passionate and orgasmic kiss in the world. Through women’s throats, a cry rose to be drowned in the last moment; instead, deep, humiliating moans emerged from the secretaries’ mouths.

“Fuck, fuck!” both gasped against their willpower. If they could barely stand the contact after only a few seconds of cunt fighting…how could they resist to the end?

“Oh, you bitch.” Adriana trembled against the other woman, her wet clit hardening against the slippery cunt of her adversary. “I’ll never let you come out on top of me!” she said, trying to reinforce her mental and sexual defenses.

“You don’t have a chance against me down there!” As affected as the other brunette, Andrea hugged her almost-twin, crushing together the two most incredible pairs of tits in town. “Ah, fucking whore,” she cursed, feeling her clit thicker and longer than ever before. “Fight me!”

With their noses pressed together, the two amazons looked down, trying in vain to see beyond their boobs. They felt that their clits were approaching each other, prowling like a predator to a prey…The inexorable moment was near…

“Let’s see if you can take this kind of fight…” Andrea gasped, with her mind suddenly filling with a dangerous word, a word so hot, so lustful, that she couldn’t keep it hidden in her head. “Clitfight!”

“Clitfight!” Adriana shouted, and the clits of the enemies collided each other with animosity.

Both beauties screamed as their twin weapons engaged in joust, pushing and sliding against one another with an electric explosion far more powerful than their nipples could have generated. Waves of extreme pleasure ran through their clits and, half a second later, through the rest of their hot bodies. Their hearts raced out of control, their gasps became hot like volcanoes, and the sweat poured off their smooth skins.

“I feel your clit, whore, and it’s weak and small!” Adriana grunted, impaling her weapon urgently against her foe’s weapon.

“Mine is strong and big, you bitch!” Andrea hissed, her clit giving as much as received. “Stronger and bigger than yours!”

“That’s not what I feel!”

“Then let’s compare them better!”

Both brunettes quickly escalated their bumping and grinding as they felt their cunts get wetter. Always clit to clit, five minutes became ten, and the gyrations continued to increase in intensity. The rivals can’t believe how tough and powerful both sex spears felt against each other, but there was no turning back: an everlasting rivalry was to be resolved in a matter of minutes, and no woman wanted to flee from that.

“My clit is harder than yours!” Andrea insisted on psychological warfare, just when she felt the end was near.

“No, it’s not!” Adriana spat. Feeling the heat between both perfect bodies, she knew that it couldn’t last much longer. “My clit is the hardest one, and twice as thick as yours!”

“Bullshit! Mine is harder, thicker and better!”

The two look-alike enemies gasped in pleasure as their clits fenced with an intensity that made the previous nipples fencing look like just a game. Stabbing, slashing, pushing, everything was worth in that desperate race towards the definitive answer.

However, their clits weren’t the only ones who longed to engage in a duel to death: the beauties’ breasts dragged a competition of years that had not yet been resolved, and their mouths had just met each other in a universe of bites and licks where there was still much to say. Therefore, their lips parted, receiving the rival’s sweet tongue while their tits and nipples violated each other cruelly under the first flashes that crossed the windows of the office.

“I always heard a lot of college guys fantasizing about fucking you,” Adriana admitted, her tongue locking in the hot air between mouths with the other tongue. “They thought you were an incredible fuck… but you aren’t, bitch. They would be as disappointed as I am now.”

“It’s funny, slut, ‘cause I was remembering to hear some guys saying they wanted to fuck you, that you had to know how to really fuck,” Andrea confessed, her nipples fighting tip against tip with Adriana’s rods. “But you don’t even know how to move your pathetic body. Even you’re already exhausted!”

“You are the one who’s exhausted. I could fuck you all night long!”

“No! I could fuck you all night long!”

They both knew they were lying. With another person, they could fulfill their words of holding up all night—and even more. But the intensity of that sexual antagonism, charged with rivalry and hatred, went far beyond anything else. It was overheated, destructive, exigent.

The desks trembled under the voluptuous bucking as Adriana and Andrea rub back and forth, up and down, their pace suddenly increasing as the sensation of climax grew. Both secretaries were now on the blink of a mind-blowing orgasm, were now about to collapse from the pleasure that was flowing through their bodies…

“Fuck, fuck!” they shrieked at the same time. “Fuck your cunt, fuck your clit!”

At last, the orgasm contained for throughout the day—or rather during the last seven years—exploded, their hypersensitized clits bending against each other. The shattering scream of the brunettes resounded in the office, and the moment was immortalized by a few cells. As the secretaries kissed ravenously each other to extinguish their howls, as they pumped each other in despair at the orgasmic waves, half a dozen calls were made, and some cars stopped in front of the windows of the office. Now, that was viral.

None of that matters: suffering under the double orgasm, Andrea and Adriana kept their clits together, neither giving way to the increasing pressure as the bucking pelvises shook with wild abandon. They had lost in that crazy sprint towards the orgasmic finish line, but they could still prevent it from being called a draw; they just had to ride the orgasmic outburst and use the strength of the hot waves to overcome their own weakness and take advantage of the fissures in the defenses of the other brunette.

“How hot do you think you’re now that you’re coming against me, sow?” Andrea roared between kisses, knowing that the psychological advantage would tip the balance in this last ride of the cumming valkyries.

“I’m still hotter than you!” Adriana screamed. “And you will know when my pussy squeezes yours dry!”

“I’m gonna squeeze yours dry first!”

The constant clit contact kept chaining orgasms before the astonished look of the lucky witnesses of the most anticipated catfight. The juices of the gorgeous women filled pussies and desks, soaking them with the precious nectar of the sexual warfare, a nectar that was running out…

At last, one of the almost-twins could feel her majestic clit pushed back into the hood, overpowering by the sex horn of the other brunette. Spent and dry, the defeated pussy collapsed before the last energies of the victorious cunt and, as a perfect metaphor, the desk of the humiliated beauty yielded to the weight of the fight, breaking under the exhausted amazons. The floor received the secretaries, with the conqueror over the conquered.

“I knew it, you copycat bitch…” the winner gasped, her pussy now also dry, but victorious. “I always knew that I was the best woman. Now the whole city knows it…and you too…”

“Fuck you, lucky cunt…Today you have only won a battle, but not the war…”

The End.

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