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Fresh out of college Clarissa quickly became frustrated by what the job market had to offer. The unyielding brunette graduated top of her class and had a reputation of getting things her way even if it meant stomping out the competition with conniving and despicable methods. She would even use her “Fuck Me” demeanor to persuade teachers and mentors to sway her grade up a point whenever she felt more deserving.

Months went by and due to the lack of jobs in the market today, the dark haired beauty finally had to step back and settle for a lower entry level job. A call center for an insurance company had just moved into a brand new office building that was conveniently located only a couple of miles from Clarissa’s apartment.

She quickly found herself working in cubical land with an office full of catty women. It was quite apparent that whoever was doing the hiring seemed to have a thing for exceptionally attractive women. If you were to walk in at any given time you couldn’t help but notice the mixed vary of perfumes and you could actually feel enormous tension caused by the mingling clash of female chemistry.

What really upset Clarissa was the fact that all the cubicles where designed for two workers. Two L-shaped desks where strung along side each other and walled off to form a U-shaped work area for two personnel.

Clarissa knew there was going to be a problem the first time she laid eyes on her cubical mate. Serenity was her name, a 5’ 9” strawberry blonde that definitely gave Clarissa a run for her money in the looks department as well as the personality sector. The pushy blonde quickly stamped out her territory within the small confines of the double workspace and it didn’t take long for the brunette to learn of Serenity’s pushy habits, including her preference for provocative attire.

Nylons and heels were a dress requirement as management strived to keep the work place a professional environment. This gave Clarissa the perfect excuse to run up those credit cards, however after seeing her cubical rival come in day after day in some very questionable apparel she started to rethink the moderately conservative choices she made with her own wardrobe.

It was immediately known that she was bound to have it out with Serenity at some point and time. The blonde girl seemed to take great pride in one upping Clarissa. With every task the two of them were assigned, the blonde always seemed to finish first and receive the recognition. Her assertive behavior and her aggressive philosophy were certainly causing Clarissa to reposition herself, something she had never experience in her whole life.

She felt overrun, like her territory was being invaded on a daily basis. The vixen was constantly occupying Clarissa’s space with her work, with her personal items, and even with her physical being. One annoying habit the audacious blonde had put Clarissa on the edge every day. The girl would kick off her shoes and prop her nylon feet up on intersecting edges of their desks. The work area would quickly become all legs. Her skirts were always so short that Clarissa would occasionally catch a glimpse of the blonde’s crotch. She was shocked to learn that the woman didn’t wear any panties. Obviously going for nylon covered cunt look.

While being forced to look at the brunette’s nylon-clad legs and feet on a daily basis, Clarissa wasn’t sure if her annoyance was one of appall or one of jealously. For her rival had quite a set of stems on her, and it just so happens that was one of her own best assets. Years of gymnastics and cheerleading had built a powerful pair of long muscular toned legs — ones that she could certainly be proud of. She hated to admit it, but she couldn’t help but make the comparison in her mind as she studied the blonde’s lethal looking legs. The flesh appeared soft and smooth but she could tell it was packed around hard muscle. The length continued to plague her the most. The bitch wore such short skirts that her legs appeared to go on forever. Even Serenity’s perfectly shaped feet and toes had brunette stirring with jealousy.

Clarissa has always been fascinated with the perfect size and shape of her own feet. She was always trying to attract attention to them and she would use them quite often to flirt with boys. Anytime there was a rival hitting up on a man that she was interested in, she would use her long legs and sexy feet to intersect the other woman. Not only using them to attract the man’s attention, she would also use them to pry the other woman out of her way. One time she actually had another long legged woman put the same move on her while she was conversing with a nice young gentleman at a popular night club. Having another woman putting her legs and feet on display like this did not go over very well with Clarissa. Needless to say the two of them ended up pushing feet and tangling bare legs together in short skirts until it escalated into an all out hair-pulling catfight. It was eventually broken up by nightclub security with no clear winner.

Clarissa knew she couldn’t risk losing her job over a catfight, but the situation seemed to be escalating. Serenity caught the brunette taking in her gems several times as they stretched out across the workplace from her chair to the desks edge. She haughty started to slide her legs and feet up and down against each other creating an erotic swishing sound of nylon rubbing against nylon. The sizzling rasp seemed to scrape then insides of Clarissa’s ear cannels like a call to war, creating even more tension for her to deal with.

It finally got to the point where Clarissa realized she had better start pushing back. Over the weekend she went on a shopping spree. She figured she could level the playing field by taking back a lot of the items she had recently purchased and replace them with more enviable attire. After some selective shopping and some added debt, the brunette acquired a wardrobe that would surely rival the aggressive blonde’s.

She also spent some time at the spa, having the full cleansing experience. Complete with a body rub down, manicure and pedicure. Her feet and hands were rubbed down with smoothing stones to make them softer than a rose pedal and her nails were finished off in high-gloss black cherry enamel.

Monday couldn’t come soon enough for the brunette. With her hair and makeup all done up she strolled into the office full of confidence and determination. The ultra-tight designer top she was wearing advertised her 36c breasts like never before, fitting her more like a second skin than a piece of clothing. A trendy short black skirt stenciled with a stylish sliver design was sure to raise the question “how short can skirts get”? If her legs weren’t already flawless enough, her nude pantyhose only enhanced there perfection.

Her steps echoed through the call center as her feet pounded across the tile floor in a sexy pair of black high-heel shoes that were guaranteed to rival the best foot wear of any woman in the entire office.

Serenity was standing at one of many water coolers as Clarissa rounded the corner on her way to her desk. She noticed the blonde’s eyes take off in a frenzy as they ricocheted up and down her body, fully checking out her new look. Clarissa pretended not to notice her rival as she walked by tall and proud, thrusting her chest out in a show of confidence – her mounds on full display. A lot of the other women were distracted by Clarissa’s entrance. A few of the girls even shouted out catcalls in her direction.

Clarissa entered the cubical workspace and plopped down in her chair. She took off her shoes, kicked her feet up on the desks edge, crossing right ankle over left. With her nylon-clad legs on full display she admired her own freshly painted toe nails through her sheer pantyhose as she waited patiently for the girl whom she knew would be charging in at any second.

She didn’t have to wait long. The fired up blonde came storming in and jumped in front of her. “Just what is it that you are trying to prove?” Serenity snapped.

Clarissa looked up to see the irritated girl standing over her, hands on hips, thrusting her chest out in a threatening manner. The brunette’s eyes travel up and down the blonde’s body, fully taken in the girl’s appearance. She was wearing a green and black skirt that was every bit as short as her own, an ultra tight rayon top that molded to her body like a glove, a nude pair of hose possibly a shade darker then her own, and a dainty pair of high heel shoes. She looked up and locked eyes with Serenity. The blonde’s jaw jutted out and she shook her head, her long thick hair cascading down around her shoulders. The gesture could only be seen as conceded invitation to fully check her out. Clarissa noticed the girl’s freshly painted finger nails tapping wildly at her waist, an indication of her frustration. This created a moment of pride for Clarissa, knowing she had gotten under the blonde’s skin so quickly.

“Why whatever do you mean Serenity?” She asked innocently

“Don’t play coy with me Bitch, I know exactly what you are up too.” Accused the angry blonde.

“Well if you’re referring to my attire, you’re not the only one that can play dress up around here!” Clarissa’s snapped back snootily. She locked eyes with the blonde and started to rub her nylon-clad legs and feet together. She also makes sure the girl get a good look at her pantyhose cover cunt.

Clarissa could tell the rasping sound of nylon rubbing on nylon was causing Serenity’s to squint and grit her teeth in frustration. She couldn’t believe the blonde actually stomped her foot in a fit of rage and confusion. This was even better revenge than she had imaged. The brunette also knew she had better keep her guard up in case the girl came flying at her with stretched out claws. She was hoping the blonde wouldn’t want to risk losing her job over a catfight.

Clarissa was taken back when Serenity unexpectedly plopped down in her chair, slipped off her shoes, kicked her feet up and mirrored the brunette’s position. In an instant the soles of their nylon-clad feet were nearly touching. She immediately started to rub and slide her own legs and feet together.

“If you’re thinking about taking me on it’s going to take a lot more than showing up here in a short skirt and a tight top bitch!” Serenity snarled and kicked the sole of her left nylon-clad foot into the sole of Clarissa’s right foot.

“I doubt it would even take that much, seeing how your slutty tactics are the only thing you seem to rely on.” Clarissa shot back by kicking her foot back into the blonde’s.

“You better make sure you’re slutty tactics can beat mine because I’ll run you over!” The blonde hissed, kicking her foot once again forward. This time attempting to push Clarissa’s feet off the desk.

‘I’ll gladly match my slutty qualities against yours if that’s what it takes to push you out of this office bitch!” Clarissa pushed back and for an unknown amount of time the two women’s perfect size 7 ½ nylon-clad soles came together in an attempt to push each other off the desk. For the moment they appeared equal in strength and power. In order to keep from rolling back in their chairs they had to reach forward to their desks and use an awkward grip for leverage.

The force of their mutual push caused their feet to slowly lift off the desk. With ankles still cross their feet came up into the air. Their legs started shaking from the tension. Upon seeing Serenity uncross her ankles Clarissa did the same. As the blonde’s right foot came kicking forward the brunette was able to intercept it with her left foot. They smashed together nylon sole to nylon sole, now both feet were pressing together.

It became an awkward attempt to push the other woman back into her own workspace. Serenity made another attempt to lash out at the brunette as she went after the other woman’s nylon-clad legs with her finger nails. Her hands were also intercepted by the brunette and the two women’s fingers slipped together. In a quick accidental movement they found the needed leverage and they were able to pull themselves straight into battle. With one foot raised high in the air and the other foot down low with the knee bent the, two women pushed the bottoms of their nylon covered feet together.

Clarissa wasn’t sure how the hell they ended up in this position. She quickly found their legs to be a hell of a lot stronger than their finger as they repeatedly slipped apart. They continually had to re-grip as the contest continued. The brunette noticed Serenity’s freshly painted plum purple nails slipping and sliding between own black cherry nails.

“Bitch I’m not about to let you prance around here in your slut wear trying to show me up!” Clarissa grunted out and gave a hard push against the blonde.

Serenity’s knee was practically pushed back behind her head. “You won’t have to worry about that because I’m about to push you right out of here!” The blonde shot back and heaved her leg muscle into action, pushing the brunette back.

The sudden clacking of high heel shoes approaching rang in both girls’ ears. Just seconds before a co-worker appear at the entrance of their cubical, the two women pushed off with a hard sole to sole thrust, forcing each other back into their own workplace.

The two women gave each other a wicked glare as a woman from H.R. entered their area. The woman wanted to go over some personnel paper work with Serenity. As the blonde’s attention was distracted, Clarissa slipped her shoe back on and made her way to the ladies room.

As she stood in front of one of many sinks and mirrors she couldn’t help but think about what had just occurred with Serenity. It was obviously created from the strong feminine rivalry that they were feeling towards one another, as well as a territorial struggle and the need to dominate. Clarissa had it in her mind that she wasn’t about to shy away from any contest with this bitch. She was determined to come out on top no matter how their fight played out.

Much to Clarissa surprise the bathroom door opened and in walked the blonde. With the clacking of her high shoe she quickly arrived at the sink and mirror just to the left of the brunette.

“So what are we going to do about our little situation?” The blonde smirked as the two of them locked eyes in the mirror.

“Well the way I see it is you can either find another job or you can admit that I’m by far the better woman!” Clarissa stated.

Serenity turned toward the brunette. “That will never happen bitch!”

“Then I guess we have a problem!” Clarissa turned to face the blonde. For a moment they simply stood there sneering at one another, hands on hips, chests thrusting out.

“If you think you can scare me into submitting you’ve got another thing coming bitch!” The blonde snapped out and stepped right into Clarissa’s personal space.

“Then I guess a fight is the only way to settle this!” The brunette snarled and pushed into the blonde, nose to nose. Two pairs of tightly packed tits pressed together. Their identical height enabled their nipples to align perfectly, which immediately came alive under firm pressure. For what seemed like several minutes green and blue eyes glared into each other with aggression and determination. Two very hot short-skirted women locked in a battle of personality and wills, each one silently communicating with the other as to their commitment in the fight. Perfumes and feminine chemistries mixed together and mingled all round them causing their nostrils to flare, as an occasional hiss escaped their mouths.

Clarissa felt the blonde push in tighter; she responded with her own added pressure and even closed the gap between their petite noses. The seconds ticked by as the two women simply stood like a photo captured someplace in time.

The noise of the door opening snapped the two women out of their stare down, a couple of chattering office girls entered the room. “This is far from over bitch!” Clarissa heard the blonde mumble as the other woman turned and walked out of the ladies room.

When Clarissa returned to her cubicle she found Serenity in her usual position, kicked back in her chair with her feet up on the desk. She was impatiently rubbing her legs and feet together. Not being intimidated at all by the blonde’s display, Clarissa kicked off her own shoes and threw her own pantyhose feet right back up on the desk. The rasping noise of their pantyhose legs rang out as if it were some kind of competition to see who could create the louder scrape of nylon against nylon. More and more their nylon soles started pressing and grinding together in an attempt to push the other girl’s feet from the desk. Occasionally they would get all tangled up and locked together as if they were actually testing the strength of their nylon feet against each other.

For several long minutes the two women simply glared back and forth between their legs, feet, and each other’s snarling faces. “I fucking hate you bitch why don’t you just leave?” Serenity hissed and gave several quick kicks to Clarissa’s feet.

“You leave Cunt!” Clarissa shot back and returned the kicks.

Serenity quickly pulled her feet down, “Alright bitch you wanna kick feet!” she shouted out. The blonde then raised her left foot up and kicked at the brunette striking her in the side of the leg. Clarissa was able to pull her feet down and intercept Serenity’s second kick with a kick of her own. Her right foot barely catching the blonde’s left foot, sending both their feet ricocheting off one another.

Again Serenity cocked her leg back and kicked. This time a more prepared Clarissa managed to kick out at the same time. A perfect sole to sole collision with the blonde and their legs jolted to an immediate stop. Again and again they kicked, now using both feet. They slammed and crashed together, sometimes perfectly aligned, sometimes bouncing off each other.

It started to get quite wild, their kicks now completely missing each other’s feet and purposely aiming deeper in towards their faces. Again the approaching footsteps alerted the two fighting women, each one trying to get in a last couple of kicks before pulling back.

It was hard to regain their composure and act normal as Celeste came poking her head into their work area. Only a couple of weeks into the job and Clarissa had already pegged Celeste as the office tattle-tale. “You guys alright back here?” She asked with a strangle look on her face as she moved further into the confined area. “It sounded like you guys were fighting.”

“No, what gave you that idea!” Serenity was quick to answer.

Clarissa gave the dark haired intruder the once over, something she had done a few times before as their paths crossed through the office, but this time she was up close. Just by the way the woman was holding herself it was quite apparent she liked to assert dominance, and her business wear was nearly as slutty as Serenity’s. “You two know about the quota!” She snickered.

“Yes Celeste…, we do.” Clarissa replied in a sarcastic tone.

The girls realized their fighting was becoming quite a distraction. The rest of the morning the two women concentrated on their work and tried to avoid contact as much as possible, while still keeping a close eye on each other.

Clarissa took off for lunch and upon returning stopped by the ladies room. Just as she started applying a fresh coat of cherry lipstick in walks Serenity. Clarissa figured the blonde bitch spotted her and followed her in because it was just a bit unusual for to two of them to be standing beside each other in front of the mirrors once again.

“What am I going to have to do to get rid of you?” Clarissa glared through the mirror into Serenity’s eyes.

“You can quit!” The blonde simply replied. She pulled out a tube of plum purple lip stick and applied a generous coat to her lips.

Clarissa turned, giving the blonde a fierce look. “You’re the one that should quit bitch!”

Serenity tuned to face the brunette. “Well I’m not about too, so maybe you should just step aside before you get run over.” She stated sternly with one hand resting on a cocked hip.

“Huh.., there’s no way you can compete with me bitch, so don’t push me or I’ll be the one running you over!” Clarissa stepped forward. Her tightly packed tits pushing out, hands on her hips.

‘Pushing you is exactly what I have planned,” Serenity stepped right up to the brunette and went nose to nose with her. “Pushing you right out of this office bitch!” and she heaved forward slamming her firm tits right into Clarissa’s

The brunette stumbled back but quickly managed to regain her footing. “Bitch I’ll push back and knock you on your ass!” She managed to halt the blonde’s forward assault.

The two women were once again nose to nose and tit to tit. This time their face-off was a lot more aggressive as they pushed in tight against each other. They were glaring angrily into each other’s eyes, as their equally firm tits smashed and mushroomed together.

“Bitch I will take you down!” Serenity’s snarled and her hands came up latching onto Clarissa’s long dark hair.

“The Fuck you will!” Clarissa shot back and quickly entwined her own fingers into the blonde’s long hair.
The two women pulled and pushed as their aggression escalated. In an effort to overwhelm and show dominance over her opponent, Serenity used her chin to push the brunette’s head back. Feeling trapped in an awkward position, Clarissa shoved her chin back against the blonde’s and tried using her neck muscles to escape the uncomfortable position. A few times she nearly managed to push her way out of it, but it seemed she was being out powered by the blonde’s strength.

In an attempt to find leverage Clarissa wrapped her right leg around the blonde’s left. Serenity seemed to welcome her rival’s effort by wrapping her own right leg around the brunette’s left. They start to work their pantyhose covered legs into each other until they’re tightly coiled together. Then they started squeezing, leg muscle to leg muscle.

Still struggling to regain lost ground, Clarissa finds her entire body being restricted against any movement. In fact she finds herself losing more ground as Serenity starts to bend her over. Chin to chin the blonde bears down on the brunette, even bringing their pubic bones into contact and using hard pressure to pin the girl’s ass to the sinks edge. Their exertion causes the two women to hiss and snarl through clinched teeth. Their faces so close that spittle starts to speckle each other’s sneering mouths.

Clarissa tries to hide any sign of panic as she glares straight into the eyes of her hated rival, her face looking just as menacing as the blondes. She re-torques her muscles and it causes their tightly entwined bodies to give off a sudden jolt. A slight change of position and Clarissa regains some of her lost ground.

The struggle intensifies. Their snarling mouths are now smashed together causing red and purple lips to smash and pearly white teeth to scrape together. Every muscle in their body was like a cord, fighting to entwining itself with its enemy. Another sudden jolt and Clarissa regains more ground. It was quickly taken back when Serenity’s long tongue came out slashing across the brunettes teeth. The move caused Clarissa to snap back. Her mouth opened in complete surprise and it was immediately filled with wet girl tongue.

For several seconds every part of Clarissa’s physical being was being overwhelmed by the blonde. She was bent over nearly too her limit. She was being forced to look into the hateful eyes of a woman that she so despised while her mouth was being drilled out by a slick wet tongue.

Clarissa gathered her thoughts and put them into action. Every muscle in her body tightened at the same time. With a jolting thrust she jerked the blonde and jammed her tongue deep into the other girl’s mouth. In one quick motion the brunette was able to bring balance to the fight. Serenity grunted like she had just had the wind knocked out of her yet she managed to continue her attack.

For the longest time the two women remained deadlocked, glaring hatefully into each other’s eyes as their mixed spit dripped off their fighting tongues. Their bodies remained nearly motionless. The only movement was the twisting motion of their aggressive tongues and even they would occasionally lock up in a position where they would pry against each other for long seconds.

The two short skirted women appeared locked in. Their arms were completely wrapped around one another, hands locked in each other’s hair, pantyhose legs coiled together like braided rope with their heel high shoes tightly clustered together in close proximity. They were using the hair-pull to pull each other harder into their kiss.

Suddenly the sound of voices outside the door caused the two women to pull apart. They stood their glaring at each other, hair all in a mess, red and purple lipstick smeared together on their lips. The two of them quickly moved in front of the mirrors in an attempt to straighten out their appearance.

Of all people Celeste comes walking in with another office girl following close behind her. Clarissa recognized the other woman as Salena. She had heard some of the other office girls talking about how much of a party girl she was and the girl already had a reputation for sleeping with some of the male management.

“I guess some people can get away with keeping extended lunch hours around here.” The cocky dark haired bitch stated as she entered the room. Clarissa and Serenity ignored the other woman’s comment.

There was a long moment of silence in the room followed by the clicking of high heel shoes on the tile floor. Clarissa looked over and noticed Celeste and Salena slowly circling each other in short skirts and pantyhose.

Celeste noticed Clarissa looking over at them so she stops and places her hands on her hip. “Excuse me but we need to have a private conversation!” She shouts out.

“You’re excused!” Clarissa shouts back sarcastically.

“Did I not make myself clear?” Celeste shouted out again.

“Ya don’t you two bitches have someplace you need to be…., like back at your desks!” Salena jumped in with a demanding tone.

“Hey bitch I think we were in here first!” Serenity snapped back and stepped forward.

“Ya well what the fuck makes you think you can come in here and tell us to leave!?” Clarissa comes back with a harsh snap as she steps forward beside Serenity.

“Simple.., because it’s beyond your lunch hour bitch!” Celeste steps right in front of Clarissa.

“Meaning it’s time for you the two of you to leave.” Salena now moves up beside Celeste.

Clarissa goes to takes a step forward and she is met with a forward step from Celeste, who immediately presses into her tit to tit. “As you were saying?” She sneers in Clarissa’s face.

“So what are you waiting for?” Salena snarls and steps into Serenity tit to tit. An un-shy Serenity pushes back firmly.

For long seconds the four short skirted women remain in a heated standoff, brunette against brunette and blonde against blonde. They continued to glare into each other’s eyes while keeping a firm tit to tit press, each one daring the other to escalate the situation.

Another office girl opened the door to the lady’s room and the four women nonchalantly separated from the standoff.

“I guess we’ll be seeing you!” Salena snickered

“Oh you can bet on it!” Serenity replied.

Serenity made her way back to her desk just ahead of Clarissa. Once again there sits the blonde, kicked back in her chair, nylon feet up on the desk. Clarissa sits down kicks off her shoes and puts her feet up on the desk next to Serenity’s. The two women eye each other. With their ankles crossed the two women’s pantyhose legs run up alongside each other at about a forty five degree angle. With so much pantyhose leg in such a confined area they are bound to fight.

“Don’t think that distraction in the restroom it going to make me let up on you bitch!” Serenity stated.

“Bring it on bitch!” Clarissa replied.

Long minutes go by as the two women play another game of stare and compare. Their legs and feet are identical, the only noticeable difference being the red and purple nail polish showing through their pantyhose. In order to find any advantage they would have to engage each other by other means.
Clarissa pushes Serenity’s foot with her own. The blonde pushes back until the two are locked in a hot nylon sole to nylon sole press. For the rest of the afternoon the two women continued to fight for foot space at the intersecting edges of their desks. They would hold their feet together for long periods of time, until they became hot and moist at the point of contact. Occasionally they would push or nudge each other; their toes at times would struggle to interlock with each other through their hose. Sometimes they would even engage in an all out nylon foot grind with each other, all while giving one another snide bitchy looks. Their feet fight was certainly inhibiting their work but neither one seemed willing to give up her space or be intimated by her rival.

As the day came to a close and the office started emptying out. The two women made no effort to leave; instead they escalated their foot fight by pushing and prying their feet together with even more effort.

The bottom of Clarissa’s right and Serenity’s left foot press together. Their chairs shift closer together until their legs are nearly parallel. They slowly start to pull their connected feet down into their laps. They hold them together and compare. Their feet are identical. Clarissa’s frustration grows as she tries to find an advantage over the blonde, but instead she finds herself locked nylon to nylon with her foot twin.

They trade snide looks and push in tighter. Serenity quickly swings her other leg over and slides it up and down Clarissa’s leg until the instep of her right foot interlocks with the instep of the brunette’s left foot. The rasp and the feel of nylon rubbing against nylon causes a chill to run up her spine and both women let out a soft moan. Serenity uses their locked legs as leverage to push her other foot harder into the brunette’s. Their locked legs also gave Clarissa leverage and she too pushed back causing a test of leg strength to ensue.

Their legs started to tremble from the great exertion that they were putting into the contest. For the longest time the two women pushed and pried with their legs and feet yet neither one seemed to be gaining any advantage.

Out of anger the brunette starts to grind her foot against Serenity’s The blonde returns with her own hard rub and the two women proceed to grind their hot moist scent into the bottoms of each other’s perfectly matched size 7 ½ nylon-clad feet. Clarissa wraps her left arm around Serenity’s neck, then reaches over and digs her nails into the blonde’s left tit with her other hand. Not to be out-maneuvered, Serenity takes on the same hold and the two women glare and hiss into each other’s faces.

“Bitch you need to give it up!” stated the blonde.

“The fuck I do…, you’re the one that needs to step off cunt!” Clarissa growled back.

They were pulling and yanking each other back and forth in their office chairs. While grinding and pushing sole to sole with the one foot, the other foot started to lift off the desk. Slowly bending their knees and pulling in until this foot battle also pressed in sole to sole. The two women looked like a pretzel. The tangled test of leg strength continued. They found the arms of their chair blocking as they tried pulling their upper bodies closer into the fight. Each one had a hold of the other in the nape of neck, pulling one another face to face while the other hand clawed at each other’s tit.

“Come on bitch fight me!” growled Serenity.

“I’ll fight you alright!” Clarissa shouted and pulled the blonde’s face in giving her a wet tongue slash across her face.

Serenity reacted and slashed her tongue back against the brunette. They started slashing and whipping their tongues across each other with force and vigor. Their feet and legs remained tangle and pushing nylon sole to nylon sole. It was very awkward trying to keep this position as they worked themselves tighter into the fight.

Their feet eventually slipped apart and their legs immediately snaked into a twisting knot of pantyhose flesh. Their legs shot straight up, and the force of their tangle pulled the two women ass to ass. Serenity peeked around the mass of tangled legs and motioned with her open claws for Clarissa to lock hands. Once their fingers were tightly entwined, and the seated edge of their office chairs pulled together, the two women slithered their nylon covered legs and feet up and down each other in an ever tightening, twisting gnarl of pantyhose girl flesh.

“That’s it bitch let’s see if your weak little spaghetti legs can handle it!” growled out Serenity.

“They can handle a lot more than your weak little pretzel legs can dish out.” Shot back Clarissa.

The tight sizzling rasp of nylon rubbing against nylon overflowed from their cubical work space. As their legs slither into each other, the twisted tangle of pantyhose covered legs became tighter and tighter. Up high their nylon feet were slipping and sliding in and out of each other, locking and unlocking the soft delicate insteps of their feet. Their pantyhose leg knot became so tight it was a wonder their nylons didn’t start to shred. They twisted and ratcheted their muscles until they slowly became locked in a motionless squeeze. Ever muscle in their legs banded together in a mutual struggle to crush their enemy.

“I’m going to crush your fucking legs bitch!” Serenity grunted.

“Yours will break before mine!” Clarissa replied with a snarl.

Twisted together like pantyhose liquorice the two women’s legs were so tightly entwined that it completely restricted each other from escape. They were lock together in such perfect form, each one having exactly the same interlocking hold on the other. From their moist crotches all the way to their tightly compacted nylon feet, they were braided together. With fingernails digging into the backs of each other’s hands the two women snarled, spat, and hissed through clinched teeth.

If anyone would have been standing in the right spot within the office they would have seen the two women’s tightly wound legs raised straight up in the air. The squeezing intensified as the look on the women’s faces turned grimace. On and on with crushing determination the fight continued. Clarissa wheezed in pain, fighting with every ounce of strength and energy she could muster.

Suddenly the brunette’s muscles collapsed. Luckily for her Serenity was also on her last bit of strength and her muscles released just seconds after Clarissa’s.

“See bitch…, you don’t have the strength to compete with me!” Serenity snickered.

“Again!” Clarissa shouted out in anger and she started sliding her legs into the blondes. Serenity reciprocated and the two women’s pantyhose covered legs slithered and sizzled again as each slowly tightened their tangled legs.

They once again worked them into a tight crushing squeeze. After minutes of grunting and hissing, it was Serenity this time who was first to break off.

“See bitch you haven’t proved a thing!” Clarissa hissed.

“We’ll see….., again bitch!” the blonde shouted.

Another nylon rasping grind rang out until they were hopelessly locked in another leg squeezing battle. Clarissa broke first again but remained determined to beat the blonde.

“Again!” she shouted.

Back and forth this continued until they started to argue the amount of wins and losses. “You need to just admit defeat bitch!” the blonde yelled out and with a tight jerk spread their entwined legs open. The two women gasped when they noticed how wet their panty hose covered crotches were.

“Looks like someone having a hard time controlling themselves!” Serenity snickered.

“ That would be you bitch!”

The two women continued to squirm as the back sides of their legs rubbed together.

“You think you’re a pretty hot bitch, don’t you?” Serenity questioned.

“Hotter than you slut!” Clarissa snapped back at the blonde.

“You’ll think different after I slam your ass to the floor.” The blonde yelled out. She reached forward between their legs and latched onto the arms of the other girl. She started pulling herself up while keeping the brunette pushed back in her chair. With their legs still raised up and pressing together, Serenity pushed her left leg forward to pin the brunette’s right leg behind her head while her other leg pulled Clarissa’s left one down towards the floor. She aggressively forced the brunette and herself into a traditional splits position. At the same time the blonde pulled herself out of her chair and slammed her nylon covered cunt directly down on top of Clarissa’s.

Serenity reached around her left and Clarissa’s right legs, holding them in place. She managed to slip her other arm under the brunette’s waist and she started to pull in and squeeze. She got right in Clarissa’s face. “How hot do you think you are now bitch!” She growled and jammed her tongue into the brunette’s mouth.

Caught completely by surprise the brunette realized she was trapped. Clarissa tried fighting to get free but quickly realized her best bet would be to pull the blonde in and try to overpower her. She wrapped her arms around the blonde and plunged her tongue into her rival’s mouth. She started thrusting her wet nylon cunt up and into Serenity’s.

Spread out across the office chair like they were performing some kind of high flying circus act, the two rivals were locked in a pantyhose split while taking each other on tongue to tongue and nylon cunt to nylon cunt. Grunting and moaning over the sound of grinding wet nylon and the smacking of wet tongues and lips.

It was all becoming too much for Clarissa. All this nylon leg and cunt fighting was sending her over the edge.

“That’s it bitch look into my eyes!” Serenity growled and jammed her tongue right back into the brunette’s mouth.

Clarissa could feel the blonde taking control; she could even see it in her eyes as she tried to match the intensity of her fight. The woman continued to grind her wet nylon cunt down hard into her own. She could feel Serenity’s cunt plunging and sucking through their wet pantyhose.

Clarissa finally let loose with a shaking orgasm. It actually felt like the blonde was sucking it right out of her cunt. She could no longer match the force of her rival’s tongue or the crushing grind that Serenity was putting on her. Her muscles collapsed and she laid there in her chair while the blonde continued her assault.

Not even a minute later Serenity had worked herself into an earth shaking orgasm of her own, blasting her juice all over the brunette’s crotch while at the same time forcing saliva into the other girl’s mouth with her tongue. Clarissa could actually feel the blonde’s juice squirting through their pantyhose and into her cunt.

As her orgasm subsided, Serenity pulled back and looked into the glazed eyes of the brunette. A bridge of spit united their lips. “Now we know who top cunt is bitch!” She growled and then peeled herself away from Clarissa. She gathered her things and casually walked out of the office.

The brunette laid there slouched down in her chair for a moment, her pantyhose crotched soaked with their mixed battle juice. She was already planning her revenge on the blonde. A few minute later she finally found the strength to pull herself up. She gathered her things and walked out of the office.

The next day Clarissa managed to remain confident that she was still the hotter bitch between the two of them. She strolled into the office early with battle plan in hand wearing a white wide-ribbed pullover top. The tight stretchy material looked like it was laminated to her body. Her perfect c-cup tits were well defined. She also wore a short black skirt with black pantyhose and heels.

She settle into her chair, kicked off her shoes and propped her feet up on her desk. The brunette waited patiently for her rival to arrive. She almost fell over backwards in her chair when Serenity finally entered the cubical work space, for there stood the blonde dressed nearly in an identical fashion. White pullover top, black skirt, pantyhose, and heels.

“Decided to show your face after all.” Serenity snickered sarcastically and plopped down in her chair. She threw her nylon feet up on the desk crossing her ankles. She pressed the nylon sole of left foot into the right sole of Clarissa’s nylon foot. “I guess we know who the hotter bitch is now, don’t we?”

“What? You think yesterday’s events were enough for you to claim top bitch?” Clarissa kicked her foot against the blonde’s. “I don’t think so!”

The two women started rubbing their pantyhose feet together, glancing back and forth between their feet and each other’s scowling faces.

“It’s my turn to teach you a lesson bitch!” Clarissa shouted out and pushed her feet off the blondes’. She reached into her purse and pulled out a short rope. Reaching under Serenity’s chair she tied one end of the rope to the pedestal leg. With her feet on the floor and her legs spread wide and out to the sides, she pulled the seated edge of the blonde’s chair right up against her own. With some difficulties she tied the other end of the rope to pedestal just under her own seat. She then kicked back in her chair and raised her legs up. With her knees bent, the nylon covered soles of her feet faced out. Her nylon covered cunt was also fully exposed. She then challenged Serenity to a black pantyhose office cunt fight/feet fight.

The End.

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