Boarding School Queen: Destiny Ascension – Parts 5 – 9 by Ragnar0k

Part 5

“You certainly made heavy weather of fighting that blonde bitch. We thought you’d lost before the match was even half way through.”

“Easy for you to say Helen Brodie – that Yasmin was hardly in Sophie’s league!”

As they walked back across the school grounds Helen could see that Mhairi was still seething after her difficult draw with Sophie St Cyr, the French team captain. The tumultuous contest with Rochebrune’s finest had ended in a disappointing draw; but at least Helen had the consolation of her emphatic victory over Yasmin Bouali. She had also had her first proper chance to appraise the girl who would be spending the weekend with her as a guest of the Brodie family: the intriguing Charlotte LaFleur who had come from behind in the second match of the evening to conclusively defeat Helen’s best friend Amita.

But for now, Helen was focused entirely on her nemesis Mhairi MacGregor, and the high stakes game she was playing was about revenge and retribution. The raven-haired girl had employed a clever ruse to detain her rival so that by the time they both left the library for the main building the other girls were far ahead. The next part of the plan was deceptively simple: to needle the bitch of a brunette even more until some proper fireworks started. But realising that more time would be needed Helen pointed to the paddock where the girls took their horse riding lessons.

“Why don’t we walk over that way? There’s no rush to go back yet and, besides, I think we need a proper good talk.”

Cardugan’s reigning sexfight queen snorted derisively. “About what? I beat you fair and square last time, and you’re not even due a return match yet, unless…” and the brunette’s eyes suddenly narrowed and a smile creased her lips. “… you defeat your friend Amita first.”

They reached the paddock gate just as the other girls disappeared inside the main building and Helen smiled quietly to herself, noting that they were completely alone now. Mhairi’s smile broadened as well as she turned and locked eyes with her rival. “Assuming you can even beat her of course. Now, that’s a sight I’d love to see: the two of you locked up and struggling for the honour of being first in line to get their pussy owned by mine afterwards.”

Helen laughed drily, feeling her feet slide slightly on the muddy grass as she squared up to her rival. It had rained earlier in the day and, with the state the field was in, they were bound to get muddy if they fought here. “I shouldn’t flatter yourself. Everyone was smirking plenty when they saw your soft udders getting crushed under that French bitch’s. Could just be the ‘invincible’ Mhairi MacGregor’s losing her touch!”

“Utter bullshit and you know it! Sophie’s one tough fuckin’ bitch but even so I fought her to a very respectable draw.”
It was time for Helen to spring the ambush she had been preparing. “Well, I heard last time you fought Sophie flattened your tits so bad you virtually needed hospitalisation!”
The colour slowly drained from Mhairi’s face. “Who- who the fuck told you anything about that?”

“Listen, I have my sources,” Helen smiled, tapping the side of her nose conspiratorially. “So, is it true?”

“Look fuck off right now! What happened on that French trip is no concern of yours and, besides, I can still take you any time…”

Both girls stood with fists clenched in the middle of the paddock as Helen delivered her next words with icy menace.

“Wait, did I hear that right? Did you just say you can take me any time? Well, there’s no time like the present, is there, bitch?

“What, in this muddy field right now?”

Helen thrust her chest out so that her fine breasts pressed through her tight blouse and pointed at the other girl aggressively. “Why not? I’m ready for you – unless you’re… cluck, cluck?”

Although Mhairi’s laugh was shrill she didn’t back down for a second as she pushed her own breasts forward, hands on hips.

“Are you crazy? No fucking way am I afraid of you bitch! But if we fight now you realise it won’t count for anything, officially speaking.”

Helen laughed bitterly. “Do I care? All I want is to give you a thorough good kicking.”

Mhairi rolled her eyes theatrically at this. “No way is that gonna happen. But don’t let that stop you enjoying your little private fantasy.”

“After seeing how your tits kept donating milk to the French tonight, I think we’re talking facts rather than fantasy!”

It was enough and Mhairi snapped at this final provocation, launching herself at Helen and tangling her fingers in the raven-haired girl’s hair. “Why you little cunt, I’ll show you why I’m still queen here!”

Helen lost it too as she retaliated and fought back, shouting at Mhairi and calling her a dirty slut. “Your reign will end soon – and we both know it!”

Their shoes started slipping on the damp field as the girls began to catfight in earnest, pulling each other’s hair by the roots, ripping the buttons from their straining blouses, allowing their prodigious breasts to tumble free.

“Gonna enjoy wasting your puny little cunt for the last time!” Mhairi taunted as they pulled each other down by the hair until they were bent double.

“Fuck off – I’ll destroy your skanky pussy this time!”

“Gonna get yours in a proper death grip…”

“Gonna smother yours into submission…”

Quickly shrugging off their blouses and bras, Helen and Mhairi slammed their full breasts together in a series of increasingly powerful slapping thrusts. If the brunette was feeling the ill effects of her titfight earlier she was hardly showing it as her taut mammaries took on Helen’s.

“Look how my firm tits are forcing yours back!”

The claim seemed true for a few tense seconds; but the balance soon shifted the other way as the raven-haired girl rallied as she thrust her erect nipples into the other girl’s making her squeal.

“You should never have come to Cardugan.” Helen hissed, gripping Mhairi tightly.

“Unfortunately for you I did – and won your crown, fair and square…”
Shredding the last of their clothes, both girls began struggling to overpower each other. “…and I intend to keep it.” Mhairi added, almost superfluously.

“Well you can’t!” Helen gasped, winning the test of strength and wrenching Mhairi’s head down towards the ground in a tight lock.

“Because it belongs to me!” Twisting hard now, Helen took her enemy down on to the muddy ground with a thump, working the brutal headlock as Mhairi gasped in pain.

“Nice view of my tits, huh?” Helen teased, tightening her grip and drawing the brunette’s face in against her firm, suffocating flesh. But Mhairi struggled furiously and finally managed to fend off her foe with a powerful face bar. Then as they wrestled on the ground Helen found herself trapped in a head scissors, her face pressed against her rival’s naked crotch.

“Nice smell of my pussy, huh?” Mhairi taunted, her strong thighs tightening around Helen’s head. The raven headed girl was forced to admit that the scent of Sophie St Cyr’s dried in sex juices mingled with Mhairi’s was feral and intoxicating, and even as she struggled to escape she began to feel light headed as the other girls’ fingers twisted in her hair, drawing her further in.

The brunette let out a long, satisfied sigh as her hairy mound pressed down firmly on her rival’s face and she immediately felt herself starting to juice up expectantly. “I didn’t know you were such a whore for my pussy, Helen Brodie. Perhaps if you give me a nice enough blow job now, I’ll call it quits and we can go home.”

“Nnnuuuuggh!” Helen writhed furiously struggling to breathe as her hated rival’s wetness began smearing her face, the pungent scent of female pheromones taking her right back to the humiliating face-sitting finale she had endured last time they fought.

At the third attempt, Helen managed to prise Mhairi’s thighs apart just enough to slip her head free and she fell on the other girl with a vengeful cry, pinning her on her back as she stretched one of the brunette’s legs high in the air, slamming her hips down into her exposed crotch.

“Don’t ever try that again slut!”

Mhairi gasped but recovered quickly and bucked Helen off and the girls fell sideways, rolling over each other again and again, their lithe bodies rapidly picking up mud from the field as they struggled unsuccessfully to pin the other. Finally, they separated and got to their knees, eyes locked angrily as they exchanged more verbal barbs.

“Last time I beat you by a mile, and this is where I finish your little cunt off good and proper.”

“In your dreams bitch! This is where I take you down.”

“Then bring it on!”

Moving together on their knees through the cloying mud Helen and Mhairi interlocked hands, straining to topple each other for a few moments. When neither gave way, the brunette caught her opponent in a tight embrace, their breasts crushing together as they squeezed mercilessly.

Breasts were pancaked, nipples bent sideways but still the contest remained even until Mhairi groaned and whispered in her rival’s ear. “Why are we fighting this way when we know what we both want…?”

“You’re right,” Helen relaxed her grip with almost a sigh of relief, “there’s only one way for us to settle this: a fuck fight to the finish!”

Part 6

“A fuck fight to the finish” was clearly what Helen and Mhairi fully intended as they squatted to settle their shapely butts in the wet mud, sliding closer until they could scissor their legs, left over right. Before locking up finally however, both paused through force of habit to assess the threat posed by the other’s fighting pussy: exactly as they had done before that tumultuous title fight back at the Eerie over a month ago.

Helen’s dark eyes roved down Mhairi’s full breasts and trim abs before alighting on her rival’s tawny, unshaven bush. She made out numerous blonde hairs tangled in Mhairi’s pubes, and a tide mark of slime coating the brunette’s inner thighs, both products of her torrid sexfight with Sophie St Cyr less than an hour ago. She saw how the bitch’s thick, low-hanging fuck lips were already juiced up and ready to go and sneered at the sight, feeling the blood pulsing in her fighting clit as her own pussy tightened in expectation.

Mhairi was critically appraising Helen’s flawless body at the same time, and the uppermost thought in her mind was just how awesome it would feel to conquer the arrogant rich bitch for the second time. And, as Cardugan’s reigning sexfight queen glared contemptuously at her dark-haired rival’s thickly matted pubes, and the exotic outline of the succulent and powerful labia her own had conquered supremely last time, she vowed that, after defeating Helen Brodie tonight, she would humiliate the other girl very badly.

“Ready fucker?” Helen snarled as both girls raised their crotches and displayed their powerful fuck lips which were aching by now to do battle.

“Fuck you…you fucking cunt!” Mhairi responded.

“Huh – eloquent as ever, eh Mhairi?”


With a powerful jerk of her hips, Mhairi angrily rammed her crotch into Helen’s forcefully causing both girls to gasp in shock at the force of the impact.

“Fuck you slut!”

“Fuck you whore!”

Then, barely flinching, they began slamming and grinding their fighting pussies together in earnest, secretly revelling in the fact that they were doing battle again in the way that alpha bitches at Cardugan crave most and enjoy best.

“Your pussy’ll be bald before I’ve finished with it,” Mhairi grunted; and sure enough as their abrasive pubes rasped together painfully, trapped hairs were sloughing off only to collect in the wet folds of their crotches.

“Don’t make me laugh,” Helen hissed back. “This time I’m gonna grind all the hair off your feeble cunt!”

Pushing and shoving against each other with a tremendous amount of pressure, they felt their engorged pussy lips penetrating the tangled mass of hair and sealing together with a satisfying suck.

“Uuuuhhh!” “Aaaaahhhhh!”

A tactical battle for position ensued as Mhairi and Helen smeared and rubbed their fuck lips together then pulled back time and again, separating with a moist suck of soft flesh, strings of cunt juice trailing from their wet twats while stray pubes continued shearing off painfully.

Several minutes elapsed, Helen and Mhairi’s heads gradually tipping back and their mouths opening wide as the combination of erotic stimulation and pain sent their synapses into sensory overload.

Realising that it would soon be difficult to hold back, both girls wrestled now to gain the controlling position, rocking together in a sort of sexual test of strength while simultaneously struggling to contain the nascent sexual stirrings within their bucking loins. To Helen’s dismay Mhairi won the struggle, slamming the raven-haired girl down on her back and mounting her forcefully.

“Yes, cuntfucker… come for me bitch!”

“Noooo… fucking slut… aaaaaahh!”

The raven-haired girl knew she was in deep trouble as her rival pressed down with her full body weight and the wet slapping sounds intensified as Mhairi’s hips jerked faster and faster, more streams of hot cunt juice lathering their pussies and inner thighs with each deliciously hard thrust.

“Ohhhhhhhhh … you whore!” Helen rallied and raised her hips defiantly now, matching her nemesis stroke for stroke as intoxicating sex odours began steaming off their superheated bodies. The incredible intensity owed in part at least to the residues of their sex battles with the two French girls earlier.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to hold back and both girls’ breathing grew more laboured and intense with their initial orgasms fast approaching. Mhairi was desperate to skewer Helen first however, grinding down harder and harder, forcing their straining labia wider apart as their massively throbbing clits duelled freely head to head. It was enough, as Helen started to jerk beneath her nemesis, biting her lip hard enough to draw blood as she fought in vain to stifle her first powerful climax.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Helen screamed. It was almost too much for the raven-haired girl to bear: she hated this bitch who had just made her come again.

“Ah ah ah ah… unnnnnnnn FUCK!”

Helen’s sense of relief was palpable as she felt her rival’s pussy contracting and hearing her shrieks realised that the brunette had succumbed at almost the same time.

Helen bridged out powerfully and both girls slipped back, angrily churning up more mud as their young, nubile bodies writhed against each other. Propping up on their elbows now, they resumed fucking remorselessly, putting all their body weight behind their cunts, grunting like animals as they bucked and slammed hard, fucking… grinding… rubbing as each girl strained to conquer the other.

Desperate to climb on top, Helen kept sliding back until she finally gripped Mhairi’s leg, using it as a lever to pull herself up as the other girl slipped beneath her. Forcing the trapped leg high in the air, she slammed her own sex down on Mhairi’s exposed pussy hungrily, revelling in the powerfully erotic sensation as their broad, hairy mounds bulged out, as their thick, juicy cunt lips stretched and sealed together.

With the bitter memory of her last defeat still uppermost in her mind Helen was going all out for vengeance as she fought to establish a commanding sexual hold over her rival.

Now as the raven-haired girl pressed down aggressively she felt how evenly matched their swollen, engorged, throbbing clits were as they mated. That had not been the problem last time they fought she told herself. Somehow (and it pained Helen to recollect this thought even for an instant) the cow-cunted slut had managed to secure a labial overlap and practically overturned Helen’s fucklips, exposing her soft vaginal meat to a finishing suction attack that even with all her vast experience she had been unable to resist. But Helen was resolutely determined not to fail this time, and had thought out her strategies thoroughly to avoid falling into the same trap again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh god!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

Both girls’ heads went back and they moaned deeply, feeling their bodies trembling as Helen fought to overpower her rival. But Mhairi’s broadly flapped fuck lips would not allow themselves to be mastered easily, and the tribbing contest grew more wild and out of control as Helen continued thrusting strongly, without achieving the full dominance she craved.

Neither girl was prepared to let up the pace for a moment, grinding into each other remorselessly fuckholes squishing and slurping together until they both began to quake for the second time.

“Shiiit!” “Fuckkkk!” “Uuuhhh!” “Nnnnuuughh!”

It was perhaps a milder shared orgasm than last time and both quickly powered through, hardly breaking their rhythm, their swollen pussy lips sucking together, erect clits bludgeoning each other as Helen tried to increase the pressure, fighting to increase the amount of suction between their conjoined vaginas while Mhairi bucking beneath her.

Helen was working the top position desperately now, grinding down with all her might as each girl’s hot twat sank deeper into its rival until their wet womanhood seemed to merge. But Mhairi was fighting back just as strongly, squeezing her inner cunt muscles for all they were worth, her powerful vagina locking Helen’s in an exquisitely tight kiss. And Mhairi finally discovered enough leverage to force Helen off her, so that they both flopped down in the mud again, their twats still squeezed tightly together.

“Fuck you, you cow-cunted fucker!” Helen’s shout was one of exasperation as she felt Mhairi’s thick labial folds threatening to envelop her own straining fuck lips while the lavish sucking sounds they were making between them increased in intensity.

“What’s wrong bitch? Too teensy-weesy down there to play with big girls like me?” Mhairi’s taunt was a tremendous slap in the face to raven-haired girl – and she knew it.

“I hate you, you fucker!”

“I hate you even more, little rich girl slut!”

All that could be heard for a while after this were both girls pants and intense groans as they continued to grind together with a hatefulness that matched their harsh words and raw facial expressions, thrusting harder as they worked to penetrate each other ever more deeply. Mhairi was convinced that her fuck lips were gradually gaining control as she squeezed…. flexing and sucking until their wet swollen labia spread wider still and their vaginas opened to each other.

“Unnnnn… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!


The suction being generated between their conjoined cunts was more brutal and intense than anything they had felt during their earlier battles that evening, and their bodies soon began quivering as each pulled hard with their deep vaginal muscles, struggling to suck the other in.

Time and again Mhairi’s powerful pussy gripped Helen’s tightly but each time the brunette tried to perfect the hold, the raven-haired girl twisted her hips and broke the seal before ramming and re-engaging her foe again. Finally, an enraged Mhairi fought her way on top, her fuck lips gripping Helen’s even tighter, thrusting with all the power of her hips and shapely derriere as she worked her cunt as hard and deep into Helen as she could.

“Ohhhhhhhh god… fuck!” Helen groaned, wondering what more reserves she could pull on to defeat the nasty, hateful bitch.

“Oh shit yesssssssssss!” Mhairi gasped. “Cum for me… squirt your cum into my superior cunt, you fucking whore!”

“Uuunnnnnn… nuuuuhhhh!” Helen shook her head in furious denial as she felt her nemesis’s thick engorged cunt lips anchor around her own with limpet-like intensity.

It was all starting to feel dangerously like a rerun of their last contest as Mhairi began squeezing hard and a desperate tug of war started between the girls’ muscular vulvas, the reigning sex-queen straining to turn Helen’s struggling fuck-lips outwards, exposing more of her opponent’s vulnerable, succulent pussy meat to intimate, penetrating attack.

Mhairi was so sure of victory by now that her tone was almost gentle and crooning. “Come for me bitch! Just come once more, and it’ll all be over…”

“Ahhhhhhhhh… noooooooo! FUCK YOU!”

And Helen wrenched so violently in her anger and desperation that their conjoined fuck holes twisted and separated with a loud sucking noise; the deep vaginal vacuum that they had been generating pulling a fair amount of each girl’s turgid labia outside their vulva as they pulled apart.



The aftershock of Helen’s almost suicidal act of vengeance was so shocking and intense that both girls immediately fell backwards and lay on their backs for several long moments before Helen managed to raise herself painfully on her elbows and, finding her enemy still prone, fell on Mhairi MacGregor with a triumphant cry, feeling her rival’s twitching cunt laid open and bare beneath her own; the brunette’s broad-flapped labia having lost enough of their fighting shape and definition to confer a sudden and overwhelming advantage to the raven-haired girl’s powerful and vengeful pussy lips. Despite the raw pain she felt, Helen Brodie knew that to the end of days she would savour and enjoy every single moment of what was coming next…

Helen almost lost track of how long her retributive fucking of her arch rival went on for: she was caught entirely in the moment; her fingers squeezing Mhairi’s vulnerable tits as she ground her pussy vengefully into the bitch until it felt aching and swollen. For a time it almost felt as if the soft ground beneath the girls was giving way under the power of Helen’s onslaught, as Mhairi’s derriere sank lower into the mud. Helen felt her rival shudder once, twice, possibly three times and she realised she must have come again herself at some point. She found it truly miraculous how swiftly the brunette’s fighting spirit had been broken once she had her nailed to the ground in an unshakeable cunt grip: even the toughest bitch of an opponent had her tipping point, especially when her pussy was in disarray as Mhairi’s had been ever since the suction attack went wrong.

And the sweetest part for Helen was the moment when she was finally able to squat over Mhairi and lower her hot, dripping pussy onto the other girl’s tearful upturned face; commanding her to lick before losing patience and pulling Mhairi all the way in to her pungent sexual maw. Sighing with delight, Helen Brodie threw back her head and shouted ecstatically to the very stars as she began rocking her hips, gently at first, coating her rival’s face with cum and sexual goo as she picked up the pace, working towards a final, much-needed victory orgasm.

Part 7

A blue cloudless sky promised a fine day as Helen strode jauntily across the quadrangle to meet the girl she would be travelling with up to Lochgarroch Hall, the Brodie family’s ancestral home near Inverness. Helen was still basking in the feeling of joyous redemption engendered by her remarkable demolition of Mhairi MacGregor the previous night, and she felt sexually invincible and emotionally impregnable, as if nobody in the world could spoil her fine mood today.

As far as Charlotte LaFleur was concerned, Helen intended to establish her alpha female credentials right from the start, and she had deliberately timed her arrival to keep the Frenchy waiting. The sight of the silver-haired girl glancing testily at her watch as Helen approached was clearly a good sign.

“Ah, so you had time to get breakfast, Charlotte?”

The French girl’s expression became glacial as she looked up. “Of course, I had more than enough time… since you effectively stood me up.”

“Oh, ha ha! Silly me, did I say meet at 8.30 originally? I must have forgotten after I overslept.” Helen then gave the French girl her most disarming smile while adding, “Had a very trying time last night, you know.”

Charlotte’s pink lips twitched into the ghost of a smile as she was reminded of the fights had both won in the previous night’s tournament. “Yes, I think perhaps we both did have a trying time, but not as much as the girls we beat, eh?”

“Indeed, look the limo my father sent to take us home should be round the front. Shall we head over and then we can talk on the way.”

“Certainly, and how far is it to Lochgarroch may I ask?”

Helen shrugged as she began to move away. “Oh, almost 120 miles; so we’ll have plenty of time on the way to get to know each other better…”

As she led off Helen made sure to swing her hips a little more than usual, keen to put on a good show for the French girl’s benefit. And indeed, Charlotte did hang back for a moment, noticing how well her new companion’s shapely derriere moved before skipping to join the other girl.

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Helen and Charlotte sat facing inside the spacious limo gazing out at the highland scenery rushing past as the sleek black box accelerated effortlessly along the long and winding roads. It was Charlotte who broke the silence first, speaking in good, almost accent-less English that put Helen’s rather basic command of the French language to shame.

“Papa speaks highly of your father. He says their businesses interests together are measured in millions of euros.”

Her mind still on the events of the previous night, Helen smiled levelly at her companion. “Yes, he was certainly keen that we take the opportunity to give you a nice warm reception at our family home.”

“Is that so? Well I can hardly wait – that will be fun for sure.” Charlotte’s eyes twinkled sardonically as her companion thought she detected a note of innuendo. Not for the first time, Helen found herself staring deeply into the French girl’s limpid pools, fascinated by the variation in colour.


“I’m sorry?” Helen hadn’t caught what Charlotte said but the French girl smiled patiently, as if about to explain a difficult concept to a child.

“I have a condition called heterochromia, which explains why my eyes are blue and green – both really are different colours.”

“Oh, I see – I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be – in my case it’s a totally benign condition.”

Charlotte made a tiny dismissive gesture before adding: “And while we’re on the topic, I expect you’re also interested by my lustrous, silver hair and thinking to yourself, is this colour natural or not?”


“Marie Antoinette syndrome.”

“Right – let me guess: that means you ate too much cake when you were younger?”

“Ha ha! Not bad, but wrong! It actually refers to a hereditary condition in which the hair suddenly turns white.”

“So Queen Marie Antoinette of France had white hair?”

“Not exactly: the legend has it that the unhappy queen’s hair turned white the night before her last walk to the guillotine. And she was 38 when she died, so I guess I beat her by some years as my hair changed colour much earlier.”

“Go on, tell me more about yourself – I’m fascinated.” Helen said, and clearly she was.

“Well, what do you want to know about? My childhood, what is there I should tell?”

Helen had the uncanny feeling that both girls were about to take each other dangerously into their confidences and her pulse increased as she leaned forward eagerly to lay out her next gambit.

“Okay, how about we play something like a game of consequences? You disclose something important about yourself, and I’ll reveal something important back in turn?”

Charlotte’s eyes sparkled at the suggestion. “Yes, I like that idea. Okay, so I didn’t find life all that great when I was younger. Growing up in a chateau being treated like a princess all the time– I found it dull, dull, dull! But eventually I was saved when I discovered books. Perrault, Racine, Steinbeck. But it was when I first read Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur that I grew a crush on… on Viviane, the mystical Lady in the Lake.”

Helen wanted to tell Charlotte that she had read Malory herself, but decided not to interrupt while the other girl was in full flow.

“Sometimes I imagined myself in the character of Lady Viviane, ruling Avalon. Gradually, other girls who lived near the chateau became my servants or courtiers in this fantasy. And, of course, the white lady had a foe she would need to battle: a dark-haired sorceress called Morgana, half-sister to King Arthur.”

And Charlotte stopped and blinked for a moment, looking intently at Helen. “Come to think of it, you might make a passable Morgana … but I have said enough, now it’s your turn!”

Searching for inspiration, Helen spied a thoroughbred horse being exercised in a field as the car glided past.

“Okay, let’s see now. Just like you, when I was younger I had to fight hard to escape the dullness of a rural life. I didn’t appreciate being made to dress up like other girls: in fact I wanted to dress in boy’s trousers and boots, ride horses across the moorlands until dark.”

“Go on,” Charlotte leaned forward encouragingly as Helen paused. “It’s a good start.”

“Well, there are many legends in Scotland about the supernatural creatures that inhabit our forests and bogs. They are called many different names: elves, kelpies, sprites, brownies and so on. Sometimes I imagined I would ride up behind and surprise them but they always seemed to vanish into thin air even though I knew they were hiding somewhere close.”

Helen leaned back in her seat, smiling as she continued reminiscing.

“I did once meet a pale young thing by a moonlit pool, but she was our stable master’s eldest daughter and, although we treated each other tenderly at first, we both became rougher and more aggressive the longer the ‘tryst’ went on. I finally ended up in control but, phew, it was a tough call, and she was in tears believe me.”

Helen looked Charlotte in the eye before continuing. “So early experience taught me that only one woman can be ‘on top’ so to speak in a relationship. And now, I find automatically that I have to measure myself against other girls when we first meet.”

Charlotte also leaned back in her seat and her eyes narrowed slightly. “Hmm, s’funny how you described it. In France, we talk about one girl being the domme in a relationship. Is normal and, well I can tell you right now, it doesn’t work any other way for me: I always have to be domme when I go out with a girl.”

Both girls’ eyes had been meeting constantly as they talked, but they had also been examining each other’s fantastic bodies and it was noticeable that their chests were now rising more rapidly as their breathing quickened.

Helen was still feeling euphoric and invincible as her next words tumbled out.

“In that case, I suppose you must be spoken for already Charlotte LaFleur, or you’d hardly risk being trapped for a two-hour car journey with a strong alpha girl like me.”

Too classy to rise to the bait, the French girl inclined her head slightly and let out a soft chuckle. “Ah, spoken for, if only t’were true. Unfortunately, it seems I have been blessed with impossibly high standards in a lover and, being honest with you for a moment Helen, I have yet to find someone who is even a decent match, let alone my equal. So, sorry to disappoint you, but Charlotte LaFleur is not spoken for.”

Helen laughed politely but she had already decided it was time to unsheath the small stiletto she had been carrying with her. “Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you as well, for I heard on the grapevine that Sophie St Cyr stole your crown a few months back. You imply that no one can match you, yet you’re not even queen of Rochebrune!”

Charlotte stared back fiercely at Helen for an instant before grimacing as if uncovering a painful truth for the first time.

“Yes, it’s true,” the silver-haired girl said quietly. I was the queen until that shameless hussy ambushed me in the title battle with her torpedo-shaped tits and her ‘milk bombes’. But then, as I have already vowed to get even with her, it’s a mere detail and only a matter of time.”

Helen laughed, slightly in relief, worried that she might have pressed the point too far. “Funny, how I lost my crown to a girl I detest heartily as well. I guess we have a lot in in common, you and me.”

Now it was the silver-haired girl’s turn to up the ante. “Yes, it seems so. But I must warn you Helen Brodie: if we ever do fight, it’s not even in doubt that I will defeat you.”

Helen whistled softly at her companion’s overweening confidence and sang-froid. “Well, perhaps I might just be prepared to take that chance…”

Charlotte’s eyes narrowed: just like Helen she was enjoying the turn of events immensely and decided to raise the stakes even higher.

“You know I’m not one to be big-headed, but from what I’ve seen so far, you Scottish girls lack the, er… sophistication of French girls when it comes to as sex-fighting, as well as sex itself, probably.”

“Hah! Now that’s rubbish and you know it. From all I’ve heard it’s just a tired old cliché that French girls are superior in these matters – or any others!”

But the Rochebrune girl was warming to her theme as she continued: “In fact I think I could control you easily enough, if it came to it. And even if we … eventually… had sex, naturally I would be the domme.”

Now Helen exploded. “Haaahh – that’s just hysterical. You honestly think I would submit to being fucked by a –“

“Go on, finish the sentence: ‘a stuck-up French girl like me?’”

Helen could see where this was heading and decided to raise the stakes again. “Well, if you’re feeling so confident, perhaps you’d care to settle this tonight when we get home and, for good measure, why don’t we add a little wager on the side?”

Charlotte’s smile broadened: she loved administering a humiliating forfeit after any hard and demanding fight, and the way this conversation was now heading seemed almost too good to be true.

“Eh bien, I’ve seen how you fought against Yasmin – a much weaker girl than I incidentally, so it will all be down to my ‘methode’ against yours – but tell me first what your little wager is then!”

Helen thought for a moment. “Well, it’s more of a forfeit actually, but let’s say that whoever loses becomes the other’s sex slave for the night: bound to pleasure her like a personal maid in any way she demands. I can even fetch one of the staff uniforms to make it more of an authentic cosplay.”

“J’accepte!” Charlotte’s immediate response betrayed her excitement at Helen’s kinky proposal. She always got a massive kick out of dominating other alpha girls and was sure that she could defeat Helen. “But what shall we say are the victory conditions?”

The Scot had the answer ready: “Well, we agreed that it’s all about who is more capable of controlling the other, who’s the ‘domme’ as you so elegantly put it. However, one controlling orgasm is not really sufficient for girls like us, so I propose we fight it out to the best of three?”

“Formidable! I accept these terms! Now perhaps you should join me on this side so that we can look at the view together while we continue this conversation more intimately.”

Helen nodded slowly, feeling her heart pumping faster as she checked the sliding panel screening them from the driver’s compartment was securely locked before standing up. As the raven-haired girl sat down on the plush leather rear seat Charlotte made way for her slightly but the gap was still close enough for both girls’ shoulders to touch.

And, as Charlotte and Helen settled back in the luxury seat with the satisfaction of having skilfully negotiated an important transaction, they couldn’t help simultaneously folding their hands on their laps and pressing down on their groins, feeling a slight trickle of wetness starting to enter their lingerie already at the prospect of the exciting challenge that lay ahead of them.

Although the back seat of the limo had ample space to spread out, some strange and unexplained gravitational force was pulling Charlotte and Helen together, as their shoulders and upper arms started pressing together, their skin warm beneath the cotton material of their blouses wherever it made contact. Settling more deeply into the leather seat, each girl could discern the other’s natural aroma and found it rather pleasing. More time elapsed stared out the window watching the bleak, misty moorlands float dreamily by.

There was a certain inevitability to what came next, as hands moved instinctively to each other’s laps and began pressing down, feeling the distinctive bulging mounds beneath their skirts. Finding the intimate contact pleasurable, they continued massaging round and round gently, gradually moving their hands further down, softly caressing between their bare legs, fingers tracing the insides of their silky thighs.

As the delicate game continued, the girls developed goosebumps and were feeling increasingly wet and aroused, their breathing quickening, until Charlotte abruptly retracted her hand and turned to her companion, a quizzical expression on her face.

“Helen, why are you being the Sphinx suddenly? Why don’t you say what’s on your mind?”

The faint wisp of a smile creased Helen’s lips as she answered. “On my mind? Well if you really must know, I’m thinking about tonight when I’ll gain positive proof that when it comes to sex-fighting, French girls are mostly talk and little action.”

“Awww, it’s so cute Helen, when you try to talk about things you don’t understand…”

“Well, we won’t be home for another 30 minutes, so there’s still plenty time to cut your attitude down to size….”

Then looking Helen in the eye point blank, Charlotte said: “Of course, and what happens next needn’t invalidate the result tonight.”

“First one to cum loses.”

“Agreed, and let’s do this on the floor – it’s going to be quicker and easier if we’re facing already each other.”

Without a moment’s hesitation the heavily aroused girls got down on their knees in the generous foot well, working their skirts up around their waists and moving closer so that their knees overlapped on the soft pile carpeted floor.

Without waiting to remove their knickers they reached out simultaneously, grabbing each other by the crotch, feeling with satisfaction just how soaked the gussets of their underwear had become. Starting out, they each began to massage the other’s moist cleft most thoroughly, circling around and then using two fingers to press the cotton material up inside their engorged vaginas, which expanded easily to accommodate this very welcome intrusion.

“Aaahhh!” “Nnnaaagh!”

The delicious feeling as they violated each other mutually for the first time ever made both girls feel light-headed and slightly delirious. Soon they fell together, their heavy breasts leaning in and trembling slightly as their mouths sought each other for that first kiss which is always the most delightful. It was a perfect moment: their lips softly caressing as they opened to each other, and the very tips of their tongues meeting, forming a bridge for their sweet saliva to cross. The kiss developed and went on…and on…and on…

Helen was the first one to remind herself it was supposed to be a competition as she slid her fingers inside the other girl’s panties and started stroking around Charlotte’s outer labia, which had thickened considerably as the blood flow increased to match her growing state of arousal.

“Ai…aaahhh! …oui…”

Charlotte was very quick to respond and soon Helen was on the receiving end of the French girl’s seductive light fingering techniques as she massaged in and all around the Scot’s girl’s labia, noting each time she had found an especially sensitive spot as Helen gave an especially loud sigh.

“Mmmmm… nnnnn…” Charlotte’s technique really felt different to anything she had experienced before but so far Helen still placed more faith in her own approach as she turned the heat right up, inserting two fingers inside the French girl’s wet vagina, moving in and out, getting faster and faster, reaching as deep as the two digits would go with each thrust.

“Ooooohhh! Ahhhhh!”

“Does it feel good my fingers in your pussy, Charlotte?” Helen asked, a trifle superfluously.

“Ahhh… yes. I can’t deny it feels very good”

Then the French girl sighed as her companion leaned hard and forcefully pushed her over until she was lying on her back, which was no doubt how Helen intended to finish her off.

“These Scots girls are such bulls!” Charlotte muttered to herself as she kept her fingers moving, stroking the base of Helen’s clit while realising with the other girl on top in the confined space it would be futile to try to get up again until it was all over.

Once she felt she had done enough to prepare the way, Charlotte also started to move her fingers inside Helen and soon the girls were both panting with their fingers constantly thrusting in and out of their wet cunts.

The two girls breathing grew deeper and heavier as the wet squishing and slurping sounds inside the limo’s quiet saloon grew louder and louder as the warm juices flowed around their twisting, sucking fingers.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… Charlotte, you oh…”

“Uh -oh Helen, c’est tres…”

Helen knew she was ever so close to coming, but Charlotte felt the same way too, Helen’s urgent exploration of her vagina having finally brought enough constant pressure to bear on her most sensitive spot.

“Unnnnnnnnnn” Helen moaned loudly, feeling her pussy convulse before spasming hard as she ejected a heavy stream of girl cum that spattered Charlotte’s face, her blouse and her thighs.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Charlotte gasped as she reached her orgasm at the same time as Helen and was only angry that her own cum jet failed to reach as high as Helen’s face. But at least The Scots girl’s blouse was wet over her tits, as were her thighs.

“Oh shit! We’re nearly there!” Helen shouted suddenly as the limo pulled into the long driveway and began its approach to the house.

Shaking and trembling with pleasure the girls got off the floor and quickly resumed their seats, doing what they could to clean themselves and mop up before they would need to present themselves at the front door.

As for the sexfight itself, both knew it had been a very close call between Charlotte’s subtle sensual skills, and Helen’s latent aggressive style; which was better neither could say yet as both ‘methodes’ had led them both to cross the finishing line at exactly the same time.

As they walked up the steps Lochgarroch Hall to be greeted by Mrs Finlay, the housekeeper, Helen and Charlotte both knew that later that night they would have to settle the vexed outstanding question of which of them would be the first to exert sexual control over the other.

Part 8

Looking resplendent in her best black lingerie, Helen Brodie reclined on the bed in her palatially-sized bedroom. It was nearly one in the morning and she knew that with the rest of the house tucked up safely in bed her special guest would be along soon. Helen cast a cursory glance at the maid’s uniform folded neatly on a chair across the room. What a crazy forfeit she laughed, shaking her head. Still, there was no denying that Charlotte would look exceptionally sexy in uniform when put across Helen’s knee and being spanked for her audacity in challenging Cardugan’s soon-to-be-reinstated sexfight queen.

The French girl’s hasty response in the car had certainly betrayed her excitement at Helen’s kinky idea, and she had also accepted without question the proposal that they fight it out over the best of three. Still feeling pumped up after the previous night’s victory over her arch rival Mhairi MacGregor, Helen was confident that she would win again, although she conceded that the French girl might yet squeeze one orgasm out of her before going down by two to one.

In the guest room at the far end of the long L-shaped corridor meanwhile, Charlotte LaFleur was standing naked in front of the full-length mirror, examining herself critically as she prepared for a clandestine visit to her host’s bedroom.

The French girl liked to look at her best when conquering another alpha female, and she took her time teasing her fine silver hair into her favourite style, even though she knew the loose bunches were unlikely to stay in place for long once the action started. Charlotte cupped her shapely naked breasts, fondling the big pink nipples until they grew turgid then she gazed at her crotch approvingly: she had shaved the neat silver landing strip that grew out above her vulva specially for the occasion.

She took her time dressing in her favourite white lingerie set, complete with stocking suspenders and finally shimmied into her heels. They felt a little tight but would do just fine as she wouldn’t need to wear them for very long. Charlotte had not been joking when she told Helen that it would be a battle of methods. She had no doubt that the Scots lass had as much staying power as she did, but was convinced that superior technique would be her secret weapon. Just like Amita, Helen was sure to what to ‘bull’ Charlotte into submission but had she not beaten the Sikh girl in the end with her subtle fingering technique?

“Well Ms Brodie, you’d better not be sitting in your room feeling overconfident right now,” she smiled to herself, walking across the room to open the door and poking her head outside carefully. Apart from the creaking of old timbers, the big, old house was silent and nothing stirred as she stepped into the corridor. Besides, Helen had assured her earlier that Mr and Mrs Brodie’s rooms were in the East wing while the staff lived in a separate annexe across the courtyard. To all intents the girls were isolated in their own wing, which was ideal as they would not be prevented from making as much noise as was necessary to suit their purposes.

When she reached Helen’s room Charlotte saw the tall doors were slightly ajar and deciding knocking would be superfluous pushed gently and stepped inside the room. Helen lay on the bed, leaning easily on her elbows, dressed in the finest black lingerie, with stockings and suspenders. Her expensive black patent leather heels rested on the bed.

For several moments, the girls simply examined each other without saying a word. And from the way their pupils dilated it was clear that they both liked what they saw.

Finally, Helen broke the silence “Ah Charlotte: what kept you?”

“I was getting dressed. Is there a problem?”

“No, not really. Although, don’t you feel a bit overdressed?”

“Hah, I was gonna ask you the same question.”

Closing the door behind her, Charlotte stepped further into the room, standing a few feet away from Helen, hands on hips.

“So, do you like what you see? I only ask, ‘cos you haven’t taken your eyes off me since I entered the room.”

Helen returned Charlotte’s stare evenly as she replied casually. “Sure, I like what I see, but you’ll look even more attractive… once I’m on top of you looking down.”

“Oh la la Helen, why do Scots lasses indulge in such primitive verbal foreplay?”

“Hah! Why do you French lasses imagine you’re so culturally superior?”

And, although Charlotte continued to move forward until she reached the bed, Helen’s relaxed body language showed that she was not overawed by the lush form standing over her.

“I guess we have some unfinished business to attend to,” the French girl said.

“After our little tryst in the car that sounds like an understatement,” Helen replied getting off the bed and standing in front of Charlotte so that the girls could measure up.

“You know Helen I do find you slightly intriguing, especially after all we’ve been through together in such a short time.”

“Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling the same way,” Helen replied. “There’s just one problem…”

“We’re always the domme in our relationships?”

“Precisely, so I guess we fight tonight to settle it.”

“Well, I didn’t come here to discuss tomorrow’s weather.”

“So, we agreed earlier that best of three settles it?”

“I see no reason to change our agreement, and the forfeit…?”

“The maid’s uniform is on the chair behind you.”

“C’est parfait! You will look so fetching in that uniform Helen!”

“Actually Charlotte, I’m looking forward to seeing it on you while I put you over my knee”

“So best of three orgasms then with freestyle techniques: fingering and oral as well as tribbing is allowed, correct?”

Helen looked doubtful for a moment but added “I don’t see why not.”

“Good, and now will you stop tickling me under the chin? It’s so irritating.”

“Touchy aren’t we tonight?”

“It’s much better if you put your finger here Helen.”

And Charlotte removed Helen’s hand from her chin and inserting the forefinger in her mouth began to gently suck as she started her tried and tested seduction routine.

“Not wasting any time, are you?” Helen quipped, but she realized she would need to respond fast as she felt a thin trickle of juice sliding down her leg, realizing that she was getting massively turned at the thought of fighting to conquer another hot alpha female in the sanctity of her very own bedroom.

Helen began caressing the back of Charlotte’s neck as she led her down gently, almost by invitation, to sit on the bed beside her. Cupping the French girl’s full breast in her hand she continued to stroke the back of the other girl’s head while Charlotte massaged Helen’s thigh, lightly and sensually and her other hand reached up and teased Helen’s neck.

“Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space…” Helen breathed quietly.

“F. Scott Fitzgerald, a favourite of mine too.”

Well at least she’s more cultured in her reading tastes I suppose, Charlotte thought as their bright sensual eyes played with each other and their faces came closer until their lips hovered just six inches apart. Moving slowly and sensuously, they released each other’s brassiere clips so that their perfect breasts were exposed to each other, the full nipples instantly engorged and standing alert.

Each girl was aware of the other’s hand stroking her thigh as she glanced at her companion’s open mouth provocative, the full lips shouting to be smothered with a passionate kiss.

Still massaging each other’s necks, they gently drew closer, tasting each other’s hot sweet breath as their noses touched; still holding back provocatively for as long as possible, daring each other to make the first move.

Finally, neither could delay any longer as they inclined their heads slightly to lock up in the first sensual kiss. As the tips of their soft tongues met, Charlotte continued rhythmically stroking Helen’s mound through her panties while noticing that the other girl’s fingers had bypassed her underwear and were already working her moist labia.

For a time, they continued flicking just the tips of their tongues together, letting their bras ride up on top as the silky warm skin of their breasts rubbed tantalizingly.

Both girls found the feelings building inside them complex and erotic, and as their lips gently touched their hot mouths started drooling saliva. Unable to contain their passions any longer they lowered themselves slowly to the bed and now finally Charlotte joined Helen in exploring her opponent’s juicy vulva, stroking the labia which were becoming increasingly wet and engorged.

Their caressing fingers enjoyed the full range of each other as they leant in, pressing their breasts together until their erect nipples and broad areolae disappeared in the mass of surrounding tit flesh.

Helen thought she had detected a sudden physiological change in Charlotte and it seemed that her heavy petting attack was paying dividends as she successfully rolled the other girl on to her back.

“Oh, my Charlotte, you’re growing wetter for me by the second!”

“Aaaah… non, n’est pas possible!”

The balance seemed to tip more in Helen’s favour now as Charlotte’s wet hand fell away allowing the Scot to intensify her attack, her fingers working away rapidly inside the silver-haired girl’s slick pussy.

“Uhhh… uuuhhh… ohhhh mon Dieu!”

Charlotte’s pussy was starting to make wet sucking sounds and as Helen gazed down on the French girl’s flushed face her eyes were closed as she struggled to resist the sexual torment she was now feeling.

Helen was determined to press her advantage home now as she straddled the other girl on the bed while leaning forward, licking and sucking on Charlotte’s juicy right nipple as she worked to finish her opponent off quickly, more confident now of securing the first fall.

“Nice try, but did you really believe that I would submit to you this easily at the first attempt?”

Most girls Helen had fought in the past would have been brought to orgasm by now and she was surprised when Charlotte’s eyes snapped open again with new resolve and steely determination.

“Aaaah… aaahhh… Jesus!”

Helen moaned deeply as Charlotte’s hand reached up between her open legs and started massaging the raven-haired girl’s juicy labia which, due to the straddle she was in, were hanging down now like ripe, exposed fruit. She was caught off balance initially as the French girl’s insistent fingers stimulated all round her highly sensitive vulva and her own attack faltered as she felt her pussy begin to juice up uncontrollably.

Inserting two fingers deep inside Helen’s hot, yielding quim Charlotte raised herself up and the girls began to grapple for control, their engorged breasts sliding together as the French girl pressed home her effective counterattack.

“Uuuuuhhh!” “Huuuuuungh!”

There was a delicious hiatus as both girls clung together suspended above the bed, their pumping fingers working inside each other’s well-lubricated vaginas until Helen finally groaned as Charlotte gradually forced her on to her back.

The Scots girl knew she was rapidly losing control of the situation as she lay back, arms spread-eagled on the bed as her opponent knelt between her wide-open legs, her insistent middle digits still playing a virtuoso performance inside Helen’s expanding vagina and rubbing against her overstimulated clit.

Gasping and panting beneath her opponent like a beached porpoise the Scot cried out in desperation. “Oooof… this is so unfair. Let me up!”

“What’s the matter Helen – never fought a more experienced woman before?” The French girl teased her opponent mercilessly but surprisingly she backed off, letting Helen off the hook temporarily as both girls took a quick breather.

Charlotte didn’t want to allow Helen any time to recover however, beckoning her to come forward on the bed as they locked up on their knees again.

“Okay, I will give you a chance to start again – as equals!” Charlotte whispered staring deeply into the other girl’s eyes as she reached down and began sliding her fingers up and down Helen’s wet slit again.

“Don’t flatter yourself too much – I’ll still win!” Helen huffed as she quickly inserted two fingers inside the French girl in a reciprocating move.

Realising that this was now the real thing and neither girl could afford to disengage again until one of them came, they began to moan as their fingers began to move more quickly in and out of each other’s juicy cunts.

“Unnnnhhh!” Charlotte gasped and Helen grunted “Oh fuck yes!” as lewd squishing sounds started filling the bedroom as they reached as they fingered each other deep as they could. Both girls were pressing hard against each other’s throbbing clit with the heels of their hands, rubbing and twisting their fingers round and round inside each other’s hot sucking cunts.

Their hearts were beating furiously as they leant in pumping their engorged tits into each other and their lips brushed suddenly and they began to kiss ardently again, tongues licking and swirling around each other.

Helen had never felt quite so impassioned and out of control in a sexual contest before although she took comfort in the fact that Charlotte also seemed to be quivering and moaning as much as she was. As they shared hot sweet breath, saliva drooling from their twisting tongues, Charlotte suddenly sucked hard on Helen’s tongue and trapped it in her mouth. It was a classic domination play and Helen cursed herself for falling for it. The struggle then became intensely erotic as Helen fought to release her tongue with the other girl closing her lips and sucking as hard as she could to keep it in.

This was desperately bad timing for Helen as she lost focus and her attack on Charlotte’s sexual citadel started to falter at just the moment that the French girl’s finger-fucking assault on her intensified again.

“Mmmmmuuuhhh!” Helen roared as she finally freed her tongue but too late as her head went back and she began bucking her hips hard against Charlotte’s pumping fingers, feeling her orgasm about to begin.

“Cum for me Helen!” Charlotte moaned, her fingers pushing deep inside the other girl who was now starting to sag visibly under the onslaught.


Although both girls fingers were still working Helen seemed to have lost all rhythm and most of the squishing sounds were coming from the Scot’s straining pussy.

“Cum for me…you know you want to!”

“Oh my God…nnnnn… cumming you bitch!

Finally, Helen could take no more stimulation and her pussy exploded… squirting all over Charlotte’s pumping hand. It was a powerful climax and Helen would have fallen on her back had the French girl not braced her, holding on to her breast as her driving fingers finished the work of milking the other girl’s pussy of its precious load.

Exulting in her first-round success, the French girl wasted no time in forcing her weakened opponent on her back and diving on top, hellbent now on humiliating Helen in the sanctity of her own room by stealing a second decisive point before the Scot could fight her way back into the game.

Part 9

While Helen was reeling from her powerful orgasm Charlotte rolled her on her back, burying her face in the Scots girl’s soaked vulva, licking and slurping as Helen quivered and groaned. Stretching her opponent out on the bed beneath her, Charlotte began stoking up the pressure, lapping all around the wet, sticky folds of Helen’s soaked cunt. With the French girl now straddling her however, Helen found she was able to counterattack, seizing hold of Charlotte’s shapely buttocks, and pulling the other girl’s wet crotch down on her hungry mouth until she could start sucking the thick, juicy labia which were hanging down so tantalizingly.

Both girls began moaning in tandem as they lapped and sucked noisily at each other’s sweet-tasting pussy lips, steadily pushing their tongues more deeply inside each other’s hot cunts. Although in the lead as she had forced Helen to cum once already, Charlotte was well aware that her own climax was not far away, and she fought to control herself as Helen’s juicy tongue penetrated her vagina repeatedly, licking and thrusting before pulling back in order to tease her straining clit.

“Ooooohhhhh!” “Nnnnnngghhh!”

Sensing her opponent was becoming increasingly preoccupied, Helen seized the opportunity to roll back on top, pinning Charlotte to the bed as both girls heaving breasts pressed into the pools of sweat gathering in their undulating bellies.

Fighting for the top position, both girls began driving their tongues deeper inside each other’s steamy vaginas, twisting them round and driving themselves wild until the waves of pleasure radiating through their struggling bodies became almost too great to bear. Helen knew that she was close enough to orgasm but hoped her rival was closer still. In fact Charlotte knew she was on the verge of coming and her head started to loll back as her aching pussy demanded release.

Finally Helen’s salty quim lips popped out of Charlotte’s mouth altogether as she let out an anguished gasp. “Oooooohhhhh! Helen… I gave you a second chance earlier. Now you must return the favour, and let me up…”

Although zealous to level the score, Helen couldn’t deny that Charlotte had backed off chivalrously earlier in the contest to let her reset her position, even if the French girl had gone on to win the point. Now the Scot felt honour bound to reciprocate, but she couldn’t help sighing a little as she relaxed the hold.

“Okay,” she said, letting Charlotte roll clear, “but that makes us quits now; and it’s only fair that we finish this off with tribbing now.”

It was Charlotte’s turn to sigh as she sat up and both girls turned to face each other, sitting on the bed with their legs apart. “Eh bien, it seems I must agree to your terms as you have been such a ‘good sport’. But only for this fall however – afterwards we revert to freestyle again.”

“No reason not to,” Helen demurred.

Charlotte slid across the damp sheets towards Helen so that both girls’ long legs were fully scissored, their pussies barely six inches apart.

Both girls found the scent of sweat and sex rising over the bed intoxicating and could barely resist the urge to thrust their aching vulvas together but, for a few moments they held back, reaching down and scooping the salt-sweet nectar out of each other’s pussies with their fingers which they sucked into their mouths. The delectable taste of the sweet juice laced with their complex and intense signature pheromones almost made them swoon and they held still for a moment longer eyes still locked, regarding each other with the contradictory emotions of intense fascination, sensual longing and froideur that alpha females often exhibit towards one other in a decisive sexfight.

“Now fight!” At Helen’s command, the girls lunged, slamming their crotches together to unleash a fine misty spray of pussy juice, pushing hard as their engorged labia lined up and merged with each other in a perfect match. Pressing through fleshy hoods their erect clits suddenly met with an almost unbearably exquisite pressure and they cried out, throwing their heads back with sufficient force to send their heavy breasts shooting upwards.

Helen and Charlotte almost sobbed with delight, feeling their soft, succulent flesh yielding as their vaginal mouths closed on each other. Then, as their hot cunts melted into each other, Helen began rocking her hips insistently hoping to take control in this phase of the contest. But Charlotte was matching Helen stroke for stroke as the girls’ engorged clits worked relentlessly against each other, sending them both into paroxysms of pleasure.

Squeezing with all their strength, the girls became locked in a tight vaginal kiss and they began to gasp as their fuck holes sucked and strained together, generating an exquisite amount of suction.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhh!” Charlotte moaned, feeling Helen’s fleshy vulva tightening around her own as the Scot attacked in a supreme attempt to force her across the finishing line first.

“Huuuuunnnghhhh!!” Helen grimaced as Charlotte squeezed back powerfully and the girl’s locked pussy lips dilated still wider as they tried simultaneously to outflank and overpower each other. Helen knew that her strength in a head-to-head trib contest was her strongest card in the pack and she played it now for all it was worth, grinding deeply into Charlotte’s juicy cunt while their engorged clits worked against each other relentlessly.

“Ohhhhh….mon DIEU!!” Charlotte moaned, feeling her pussy giving ground and yielding to Helen’s thrusting attack. The French girl had been holding herself back for too long and she was too late to stop Helen’s fighting pussy seizing control as the Scot raised her body and mounted the French girl in the same fluid movement.


The raven-haired girl exulted in the powerfully erotic sensation as her final aggressive trib strokes caused Charlotte to open up to her completely, the French girl throwing her head far back as she finally relaxed and climaxed. Helen was enraptured by the force of Charlotte’s ejaculation as it gushed inside her, while its blowback sprayed up in the air at the same time. It was the perfect equalizing submission and clearly left the French girl just as drained and disorientated as Helen had felt moments earlier.

With the score again level, the Scot was determined to capitalise on her temporary advantage, trapping her opponent’s left leg and wrenching it up in the air, exposing the French girl’s vagina to further attack.

“Yes, oh God yes…,” Helen exulted in the sensation as her cunt slammed into Charlotte’s, the hard contact between both girl’s incredibly wet fuck lips spattering musky spray across the sheets.

Even as they struggled on Helen was finding herself beset with incredibly complex, raw emotions. Determined as she was to break the other girl’s frustratingly beautiful body with her own, it felt almost as if Helen was fighting herself at the same time; struggling to tame the naked emotions that the fascinating French girl had unleashed in her. But tame them she must, Helen told herself, for there could only be one winner tonight, and if she lost she be left submitting to Charlotte LaFleur as domme before the night was out.

For her own part, Charlotte felt a long way from victory right now, as Helen kept bearing down on her, determined to deny the French girl the respite that would allow her to get back into the contest. It seemed that the Scot’s efforts were bearing fruit as Charlotte, arm outstretched like a wrestler struggling to reach the safety of the ropes, found herself migrating up the bed with each one of Helen’s powerful pelvic thrusts.

Minutes elapsed as the girls remained locked in an intense cunt-to-cunt struggle, clits knotted together, with their thick, engorged labia sucking loudly. Finally, the French girl managed to tear her pussy free and rolled on her side but Helen fell on her again immediately, trapping Charlotte in a headlock as she fought to pin her again.

As they grappled breathlessly on the bed their legs interlocked again, drawing their cunts together inexorably and they began to roll over each other slowly, trading top position, tiring muscles straining as each girl went for the pin. In a matter of seconds their fuck lips sealed again, while their hot mouths fastened together as they engaged in deep-sucking, ravenous kisses, while the contest remained balanced on a knife-edge.

Charlotte and Helen moaned into each other’s mouths feeling an indescribable rapture as their hot wet cunts sank into each other. Gripping each other’s derrieres tightly, they grunted like animals as they thrust and squeezed, doing all they could to penetrate each other completely. Lewd squishing sounds echoed off the very walls of the room as they fought to overcome each other. But, as minute after minute went by, each girl was starting to quiver under the strain, desperately holding off her impending orgasm, intensely frustrated as her opponent’s juicy cunt still refused to yield.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Charlotte gasped, as she fought her way on top of Helen yet again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God!” Helen moaned, struggling to avoid a potentially disastrous pin.

Finding she had the initiative for an instant, the French girl took a major gamble, ripping her vulva painfully away from Helen’s as she reared over the Scot, only to turn and dive back down, her open mouth fastening on the other girl’s wide open cunt.

Helen gasped as Charlotte’s tongue began lapping insistently round her straining labia but she managed to writhe on top and her tongue began dancing on the French girl’s pussy lips in turn.

Realising the end would come soon now, both girls began working each other’s steaming wet quims using every carnal skill and trick they possessed. Starting to quiver as the French girl’s skilful fingers stroked her aching clit, Helen ignored the discomfort and began sucking on Charlotte’s clit. The raven-haired girl inserted two fingers inside Charlotte at the same time as the French girl rolled her over again, penetrating Helen’s wet vagina with her tongue.

Helen’s fingers were squishing in and out of Charlotte’s cunt nicely but the French girl was now doing a real number on Helen’s pussy with her mouth and tongue, licking and slurping, lapping and sucking until Helen’s head went back and she began to moan more deeply than before.

Shaking her head almost in desperation, the Scot buried her face in her opponent’s steaming quim again, pulling and sucking on Charlotte’s pussy lips, stretching them as she tried to roll decisively on top of the other girl one last time.

But Charlotte reacted quickly, kicking her legs wider apart as she straddled Helen, keeping the Scot pinned on her back while her long delicate tongue worked her opponent’s exposed vagina. Helen was finally discovering to her cost just how skilled her opponent was with her fingers and tongue. Moments later Charlotte gasped with shock and delight as Helen’s grip on her relaxed as she fell back, straining to hold back the powerful orgasm that was building inside of her.

Raising her own dripping pussy out of danger, the silver-haired girl was suddenly able to bear down on her struggling opponent with impunity, fingers penetrating Helen’s trembling cunt as her tongue flicked tantalisingly across the other girl’s throbbing clit.

Helen let out a wail of frustrated resignation feeling her body tense as she wrapped her hands in Charlotte’s silver locks, pulling the other girl’s mouth against her pussy as hard as she could.

The ecstatic French girl let out a shrill victory cry as she felt her opponent’s strong vagina muscles clench around her fingers, then Helen arched her back and raised her buttocks high off the bed, hips jerking wildly as the powerful orgasm took her.


“Yes, oh yes! Come for me Helen… come for me!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh god! Noooooooo!!”

Helen was gasping for air…. screaming as her hot girl cum squirted up through Charlotte’s pumping fingers, reaching high enough to spatter both girls’ heaving breasts.

As the girls stared deeply into each other’s eyes, chests still rising heavily, it became apparent to Charlotte that Helen remained defiantly resolute in defeat. The French girl knew just how close a fight her opponent had run her, forcing her to make use of every single power and skill she possessed to win in the end. For her part Helen was certainly feeling crushed following her narrow defeat, but the determined Scot had a strong feeling that this wouldn’t be the last time they fought, and knew in her heart that she could turn the result round next time.

But the night belonged to the French girl however as she prepared to savour her victory, sliding down on top of her rival and crushing her breast to breast as she stared down into Helen’s dark, intelligent eyes.

“Tonight honey, you’re mine,” Charlotte LaFleur whispered as she fastened her hungry mouth on Helen Brodie’s, peeling it open with her lips as they swapped saliva and feral pussy juices until finally she overcame Helen’s tongue, sucking and trapping it inside her mouth in a powerfully assertive domme’s kiss.

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As she left, closing Helen’s bedroom the door softly behind her, Charlotte’s head was spinning, her emotions complex, her thoughts confused. “I don’t get it! I just defeated one of Cardugan’s strongest, defending my honour and Rochebrune’s: so why am I not feeling elated in victory?” She stopped in the corridor, leaning weakly on the wall while trying to collect her thoughts. It only took a moment or two for the French girl to realise something she had been in denial about ever since the hot, fumbled moments the girls had shared together in the limo that morning. “Could she really be the one I have always looked for? Un coup de foudre?”

Charlotte turned her head back down the corridor towards the bedroom door once more and slowly whispered “Je t’aime Helen Brodie.”

Lying on her dishevelled bed, Helen felt oddly sanguine about the outcome of the night’s events. The Scots girl had been surprised by how adept Charlotte had been in using her fingers and tongue expertly in setting Helen up for orgasm after orgasm. And even if she felt humiliated being spanked on her naked arse during the maid roleplay at the end she had to admit, however grudgingly, that Charlotte had earned the right to play the domme’s role on this occasion.

Touching her fingertips to her lips she tasted Charlotte all over again, and the taste was still sweet. As she replayed the night’s most torrid moments in her mind, Helen knew she must get even at the first available opportunity; but all the same it hadn’t been as much of an ordeal as she expected, being dominated by the beautiful, sexy but, in many ways, unfathomable French girl.

After their eventful night both girls slept fitfully until mid-morning. Over brunch Hector Brodie detected a renewed awkwardness between his two eighteen-year-old charges and worried for a moment that inviting his most valued client’s daughter home might have been a miscalculation. Helen certainly seemed brittle and subdued, snapping at the housemaid once or twice for no apparent reason. Charlotte was also quieter than the day she had arrived, although she responded courteously to all of the questions Hector primed her with to keep the conversation moving along.

As the table was being cleared, Hector saw an opportunity to announce his plan for the day.

“Well I must say that both of you young ladies look a bit off colour this morning, but that’s nothing that a dose of exercise and fresh Highland air won’t cure! So, Helen, I suggest you take our guest for a hike around the loch and perhaps then up to see the view from Skrie Mount. Mrs Baxter will prepare a picnic lunch for you to take.”

Despite her father’s attempt to sound a light-hearted note Helen’s expression remained non-committal and almost sullen. “Oh, must we go out at all today, papa?”

“Why, of course my dear. Imagine what Auguste will say next time I see him if our French guest is denied the opportunity of enjoying the beauty of Scotland’s wild nature.”

“What do you think about the idea, Charlotte?”

The French girl studied Helen closely over the table before answering. “I’d like to go for a hike in fact,” she said quietly, adding after a brief pause: “with Helen.”

“There, that’s settled then!” Hector said, getting to his feet quickly with a note of relief in his voice before anyone had second thoughts.

It was all a little bit strange, Helen thought to herself, Charlotte being so quiet and unlike her normal self as they walked along a forest track that bordered the shore of Loch Ailsh.

Finally, as they reached a delightful, sun-kissed clearing, Helen stopped and turning to her guest, put her arms gently on Charlotte’s shoulders. It was a significant gesture, given their awkward body language towards each other on the walk so far.

“Are you feeling alright? If you want us to go back we ca…”

But her words suddenly became muffled as Lotte’s hungry mouth sealed over Helen’s lips. Of course, they had kissed last night in Helen’s room as well as in the limo but that was a different story, part of the contest that they had engaged in to dominate each other. After Charlotte’s victory, Helen knew there was no reason for such a wild and passionate kiss … but as she was having these thoughts she realised something else: she was answering Charlotte’s kiss just as strongly: her own lips glued to the French’s girl as she kissed her back with all the passion she could muster.

The embrace lasted for several exquisite minutes but, in the end, they still needed air and so they separated and the kiss was broken.

“I am sorry, I … I just don’t know what got into me …” Charlotte began apologising, clearly struggling to regain her composure but, as she took a step backwards, felt her back up against a tree as Helen’s round firm globes pressed into hers.

Now was Helen’s turn to assault the French girl’s mouth, the beautiful raven-haired girl kissing her guest furiously while keeping her pinned up against the tree. Helen was taken by surprise, as Charlotte made an unexpected a use of force, wrestling with her strongly enough to reverse their positions. Leaning in, the French girl begin kissing behind her ear as she murmured softly.

“I am sure we decided already who’s in control, no?”

But Charlotte’s control was shortly lived as Helen powered up and once again reversed their positions, kissing the French girl’s neck and toying with her while pressing into her and whispering in her ear:

“And you just expect me to lie down and play dead? Think again! If you want something from me then you must be good enough to take it!”

Minutes later, two beautiful naked young women were rolling back and forth in the tall grass of the clearing, their silky skin rubbing feverishly, long toned legs entwined, panting hotly and heavily into each other’s faces.

A good few good hours later, the same two girls were lying flat on their backs, their heavy breathing slowly subsiding, their skin glistening with sweat as the warming sun began to set lower over the ancient green hills that surrounded the tranquil loch.

Helen managed to catch her breath first, reaching over tenderly to stroke a lock of Charlotte’s silver hair. ”I can’t believe you actually could keep with me for so long…”

The tired but sated French girl made a wry, suggestive face. “And I cannot believe I just acted… like a savage! You are such a bad influence on me Helen Brodie!”

“Oh shut up already, ‘Miss Manners’!” Helen answered in a mock theatrical voice, both girls pausing for a second before exploding in a wild laugh, moving their bodies closer and closer until their lips could meet again in a sensual, everlasting kiss.

The view of the wooded valley and surrounding hills from Skrie Mount was truly breath-taking as Helen came up behind Charlotte, putting her arms around her as she murmured in her ear. “You know, I think I might be in love with you.”

The silver-haired girl’s smile increased as she turned her head playfully to the side. “Oh really? What took you so long to figure it out?”

“I don’t know, my life’s been very complicated lately. I used to be the queen of Cardugan but my crown was stolen away. I won’t rest until I win it back of course, and everything else must take second place to that right now.”

Charlotte’s expression had become more set as she listened to her lover. “But of course! I know exactly how you feel. I was also queen of my school until Sophie St Cyr – that usurper! – stole my title and, like you, I’m always thinking of how to serve my revenge on her.”

“Well I have hope now, as Mhairi and I fought that same night after our schools tournament and I beat her: now I just have to repeat this in an official contest!”

“That’s great news – and I will help you to train to defeat her… if you would like me to, that is?”

“I would like that very much. And I can help you to train to defeat Sophie as well!”

“Mmm – yes that will be nice! And afterwards we will both be the queens again.”

“Yes – the queens of Scotland and France, united!”

Then Charlotte’s gaze settled in the west where the sun was slowly setting.

“But still in our separate lands… unless…”

Helen’s expression became an interrogative one. “So, what do you have in mind?”

“Well, you know how they told us the other day about the new Rochebrune/Cardugan student exchange programme? Maybe I can apply to study for a term at Cardugan – with immediate effect?”

Helen’s voice betrayed her excitement at this prospect. “Really – you would actually do that? It would mean a lot to me, you know.”

“And me too, of course silly one!” Charlotte chided her new friend and lover gently before turning so that they folded into each other naturally and began to kiss passionately once more as the late evening sun finally began to set.

It was 9 am on Monday morning: almost time for the coach to leave taking Rochebrune’s hockey team to the airport. Helen was standing further back and slightly apart from the other Cardugan girls who had collected to see the visitors off, and was mildly surprised to see a small commotion taking place in front of the coach. Then she caught sight of a familiar face as the crowd parted suddenly with a rippled murmur, and a silver-haired girl broke through the cordon of Cardugan girls and strode purposefully towards Helen.

To the surprise of almost everyone present, Charlotte LaFleur took Helen Brodie in her arms without hesitation and kissed her, as if making the statement: hands off, this girl is mine! The girls from both schools were even more shocked when Helen reciprocated the French girl’s kiss just as strongly.

Both girl’s cheeks looked flushed when they separated, and Charlotte shouted out in a final act of bravado as she skipped back to join the girls standing by the coach. “I’ll be back soon, once I’ve sorted out the arrangements with the school. Wait for me won’t you, Helen Brodie?”

“Promise I will.” Helen called back after her, laughing as she ignored the surprised looks on the faces of the other Cardugan girls who were standing around open-mouthed.

The End

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