Desert Duels by JB57

Sandy slowly stood up out of the waist deep water and stretched. The naked, olive skinned blonde arched her back, thrusting out her incredible, amazing 38 EE breasts and slowly, tenderly, massaged her thick, succulent titmeat. She ran her hands down her taut belly and stroked her clean-shaven pussy. Then she sank back into the water and floated on her back for a while, enjoying the contrast of the desert sun beating down on her naked body even as the cool water played on her voluptuous flesh. After a while, the beautiful blonde climbed out of the refreshing pool. Naked, she walked toward her trusty camel.

It was hot enough to boil an egg on the sand in the Sahara Desert that day, and Sandy was grateful for the cool water spring that had been marked on her map.

Pulling on her light colored pants and boots, she donned a thin, white button down shirt and tied it into a halter under her impressive boobs. Her hard, flat abdomen rippled in the desert sun, the water quickly evaporating off her tanned flesh.

Her tits, especially her light brown nipples, were partially visible through the thin white fabric and considerable cleavage pushed at the shirt collar. But since she was travelling alone, it didn’t matter.

“Come on, Nancy. We’ve got to push on before night fall,” she said to the animal as she scrambled up onto the saddle.

The camel and its sexy rider trotted off into the sea of sand.

Hours later, as the sun was low in the sky, Sandy saw what she had been searching for.

“Hot damn, the old coot was right after all!”

Sandy produced the old, tattered map that she had received in the mail several months earlier. Her great uncle, whom she had met as a child a handful of times, had died recently. Sandy, his only living relative, had inherited his tiny estate.

He had spent (or wasted, depending on who you asked) his entire life chasing after the secret of ‘The Waters of Ra,” a mythical place said to contain untold wealth and prosperity for those lucky enough to find it.

In a personal, hand-written letter to his grand niece, her great uncle had explained that he had finally had a breakthrough, but that he feared his work had been copied by his old rival, Lord Marcus of High Garden. His letter had included the map which she now kept in her saddle bag. That letter was the last time she heard from him. Shortly after, a lawyer notified Sandy of her uncle’s death and sent along a cheque for the value of his estate. It was not a lot of money, but it was enough to keep Sandy comfortable for a few years and finance this expedition. Sandy did not believe her uncle’s tale, but she was an adventurous woman and she figured that she owed him the courtesy of following up on the map. Who knew, maybe he was on to something after all.

Sandy now produced the old map and looked off into the horizon. Just as the map had indicated, there was a large half moon rock jutting out of the desert in the distance. She gave a little kick to Nancy and soon camel and rider were trotting toward the symbol of hope.

An hour or two later, the two traveling companions were resting comfortably beside the large boulder. Night had fallen, and Sandy was busy building up a small fire. She had already pitched her small, strong tent and prepped her camp. Nightfall is the winter of the desert, and Sandy was dressed appropriately, shrouded in some of the heavy, extra blankets that she kept on her pack.

She had just finished cooking her evening stew when a light on the horizon caught her attention.

“Now who the hell would be traveling all the way out here at this time of night?”she mused as she rummaged through her bags, looking for her night-vision binoculars.

Bringing the glasses to her eyes, she saw a single rider with a lantern on a stick coming her way. She could not make out the gender of the person atop the camel, as they were wrapped in several layers of blankets.

Sandy pondered what she saw for a moment before turning to Nancy, “Looks like we might have a guest, old girl.”

Nancy was noncommittal, continuing to munch on the foliage surrounding the large half moon boulder. Sandy smiled and decided to turn in for the night. But she kept a holstered gun and a knife near her in her tent, just in case she would need them.

An hour or two later, a fully nude Sandy heard another camel enter her camp. Quickly, she wrapped herself in a large blanket and crawled to the door of the tent. The other rider was dismounting. The light of the rider’s lantern cast a wide arc in the desert darkness.

Sandy poked her head out of the tent and addressed the individual now standing beside the other camel.

“Um… hello? May I help you with something?”

The other rider paused, then turned and removed the blanket from around her face. A beautiful female was revealed by the light of the lantern.

“Oh, hello. I wasn’t aware this spot had been taken already. It’s quite dark out here and I didn’t see any lights.”

Sandy studied the other woman. The newcomer was covered head to toe in a thick coat and traveling blankets, cloaking her body type and concealing any possible weapons.

“You’re American?” asked the mysterious woman.

“Yeah. You too?” Sandy replied.

“Canadian, actually,” laughed the other woman. “I guess we’re neighbors. I’m Cindy, by the way.”

Sandy nodded. “I’m Sandy. Pleased to meet you, Cindy. So… what brings you to the desert, so far from home?”

“Oh, just traveling around. Seeing the world,”came the reply. “How about you?”

Sandy nodded again. “Yeah. Me too.” She saw no reason to divulge her true purpose for being in the desert – especially not to a perfect stranger.

The mysterious Cindy continued. “Well, I don’t mean to keep you up. I’ll start setting up my tent and leave you be.”

Sandy paused for a moment. A little smile crossed her face.

“Look, I’ve already got my tent set-up and there’s enough room for two. Why don’t you just join me, tonight?”

Cindy thought, only for a moment, then smiled back. “You’re sure you don’t mind?”

“No, of course not. Anything for a fellow sister wandering the desert,” Sandy laughed.

“OK. Thank you.” Cindy replied. She paused for a moment, then continued. “I’d better do us both a favor and have a quick sponge bath. I’ve been sweating for hours, you know?”

Sandy smiled and nodded. “Oh yes, I know. Well, when you’re finished, come on in.”

Sandy disappeared back into her tent and wrapped her blanket around herself a little tighter. She had never had much of a preference when it came to sexual encounters with men vs. women. A hot body was a hot body, after all. And she could take as much pleasure from a woman as a man – sometimes much more, depending on the woman.

From her darkened vantage point within the tent, Sandy watched closely as Cindy’s layers began coming off. Sandy found her heart speeding up in anticipation as the blonde, beautiful Canadian performed an inadvertent strip-tease. Cindy soon revealed herself to be wearing a similar outfit to the one Sandy wore earlier in the day. The lantern showed that the Canadian girl was about the same size as the American, with long, strawberry blonde hair a little darker than Sandy’s own. The woman’s abdomen was tightly muscled, with flaring hips and deep, narrow navel. Sandy’s eyes opened wide as the other woman crossed her arms and slowly, carefully, pulled her top over her head. A pair of very large and very dense looking tits plopped down on her chest, bouncing exuberantly.

Sandy groped her own massive boobs and wondered how they would stack up to the other woman’s set. She felt her crotch begin to moisten as she continued to watch Cindy. The Canadian slipped off her boots and pants, revealing long, thick, strongly muscled legs and a clean-shaven pussy. Cindy, now naked, reached up to her saddle bag and pulled out some cloths. She moistened the cloths with some water from her canteen and began to carefully, thoroughly sponge herself clean. Sandy watched the other woman’s progress with hungry eyes, her gaze examining every inch of the other woman’s voluptuous body. Sandy licked her dry lips in anticipation.

Finally, the Canadian produced several blankets from her saddlebag and wrapped herself in them. She pulled the lantern off the stick and gave her camel a quick pat. Barefoot, holding up the light, she made her way across the short space to the door to Sandy’s tent.

“Thanks again,” Cindy said to the blonde inside the tent.

“No problem at all,” smiled the other naked woman.

The Canadian paused for a moment. “I should let you know that I always sleep in the nude. That doesn’t bother you, does it?”

“No, I’m the same way,” Sandy assured her.

“OK, good.”

Sandy moved over to the side a little more. Cindy put down her lamp, then plopped down beside Sandy and stretched out, bundling her blankets around her more tightly. When she was settled in, Cindy reached out and turned off her lamp. The LED light snapped off, plunging the tent into absolute darkness.

The American felt the Canadian shivering beside her.

“Holy crap, is it ever freezing!” Cindy exclaimed.

“I’m sure it didn’t help that you were standing outside naked a moment ago,” Sandy purred.

“Trust me. I needed that sponge bath!” laughed the buxom Canadian.

Sandy could barely stand it any more. Having this luscious, naked beauty so close to her was driving her crazy with lust. Her pussy was so wet, she was sure the other woman would start to pick up the scent of her musk at any moment.

“Here, my blankets are already warm,” Sandy smiled. “We’re old girlfriends now. We can snuggle, if you want.”

Cindy was silent a bit too long. For a moment, Sandy wondered if she had gone too far. But then the Canadian beauty relented. “Well… ordinarily, I wouldn’t want to invade your space like this… but, it’s the desert and I AM freezing so…”

Sandy was glad the pitch darkness was hiding the huge smile on her face.

“You’re right, Cindy,” Sandy encouraged her. “It is the desert and, in freezing temperatures, survivalists will tell you that skin to skin contact is the best way to survive.”

“We’re not freezing to death you know,” chided the other woman. “But I don’t care, let me in!”

The olive skinned beauty opened her blankets and the lighter skinned woman shuffled up to her, casting her own coverings aside as she slipped in under Sandy’s blankets. The two naked women pressed close, face to face. Their enormous breasts met, nipple to nipple, and both women stiffened at the delicious contact.

“Oh…” stammered the Canadian. “You’ve… got an amazing pair of boobs. Wow, they feel almost as big as mine,” she murmured, pushing her chest a little harder into Sandy’s matching tits. Sandy felt her excitement building and she pushed back, just a little. Her nipples throbbed and she felt them growing stiff, expanding into Cindy’s nips which pushed back.

“Or they might even be bigger, you know,” countered the American, as the women wrapped the remaining blankets around themselves.

Cindy smiled as she touched noses with Sandy. “Well, I’m a 38EE”.

Sandy returned the smile in the darkness and rubbed her nose against the other woman’s. “Well, so am I.”

The women pressed closer. Their bare thighs pushed into each other, hot flesh warming hot flesh.

“Well, how about that. I guess we’re the same size then.”

For long minutes, the women lay together, nose to nose, boob to boob under the blankets in the desert. Sandy could feel Cindy’s nipples pulsing, throbbing against her own. She could feel the heat pouring off the other woman’s body, warming her own voluptuous flesh, promising so much more.

Sandy felt Cindy’s warm breath on her face. Her whole body was raging with sexual tension. She knew that Cindy wanted her just as much as she wanted Cindy. Now, it was just a question of which of them would stop teasing and taunting and make the first move. Sandy involuntarily licked her dry lips. Since the women’s faces were so close together, she accidentally licked the Canadian’s lips as well.

“Oh, I’m sor…”, her apology was cut short as Cindy sealed her lips to Sandy’s and engaged her in a deep, passionate kiss. Wet, eager tongues leapt out and caressed, hot breath mixed within sealed mouths. The women moaned in unison, lust exploding through their incredible bodies, like throwing a match on tinder.

Arms and legs immediately wrapped around the other warm body under the blankets as the buxom, naked women enjoyed and relished their first shared sexual encounter.

Cindy broke the kiss for a moment and whispered, “I’m sorry… I was fairly certain this was what you wanted when you invited me into your tent. Is this OK?”

Sandy pulled the other woman in for another deep, tongue-licking kiss before whispering back, “More than OK.”

With that, both women relaxed and really began to enjoy each other.

Sandy sucked hard at Cindy’s probing tongue, even as she pushed and rolled her naked body onto her luscious guest. Both women moaned joyfully as their massive tits crushed tight, firm flesh hot with tension and electrical sensations, stiff nipples grinding into each other. Sandy and Cindy rejoiced in the feeling of their heavy titmeat mashing and rolling, straining into each other. They wriggled against each other, even as their long, strong legs twined and rubbed, both women delighting in the friction of firm flesh caressing flesh. Bare feet ran over strong calves, stroking and caressing. Firm bellies clapped and slid against each other. The women shivered with delight as they felt their bare bellies rub, their navels suck. Cindy eagerly grabbed Sandy’s big, strong ass and pulled the other blonde down onto her even harder. She spread her powerful legs wide, tilting her pelvis up to offer her clean-shaven cunt to Sandy. Sandy moaned, almost crazy with lust, and eagerly slid her slick, hot, equally bare cunt down onto Cindy’s wet, waiting fuckmeat. The women broke their hungry kiss to gasp out in shared ecstasy as slick pussy lips caressed each other with electrical sensations.

“Oh, oh god, that feels so gooooodddd,” Cindy groaned.

“Yes, oh fuck, fuck, yesssssss,” Sandy gasped. The pleasure was delicious, and both women smiled hungrily, their bodies moving in a slow, hard rhythm as they rubbed and rubbed and ground their naked flesh with wild abandon. Cindy pulled Sandy’s head back down to hers and the women locked their mouths together again, their excited tongues dancing and playing in their mouths.

Sandy and Cindy’s throbbing clits swelled up from their labia and both women moaned tortuously as they felt their burning sexhorns stroke directly on each other, rubbing head to head, caressing and grinding into each other with excruciating force. The women screamed in unison, then gasped with each hard, mutual thrust, inflicting terrible pleasure on each other.

Sandy reveled in the incredible sensations, the building heat in her rolling tits, the pressure in her pulsing nipples, the furnace and tension radiating from between her legs. She loved feeling Cindy’s tongue dancing in her mouth, the other woman’s hot breath and sweet spit mixing with hers. The women’s moans of erotic delight grew higher and louder as the pleasure built and built in both of them, their throbbing clits grating against each other with constant pressure, two enflamed organs filling their writhing bodies with ecstasy. The women pushed cheek to cheek, their harmonized moans pouring from them with growing urgency, their bodies trembling with sexual power.

Cindy twined her legs through Sandy’s, their hips pumping in tandem, their hot, slick cunts sealed together like ravenous mouths.

“Oh, Fucckkkk!!! YESSSS!!” Cindy shrieked. Her hips bucked high and she ejaculated hard, her warm cum jetting out, injecting into Sandy. Sandy groaned with delight as she felt the wet heat saturate her cunt, spread on her sweat-damp belly. The sensation was just too much. Crying out in joy, Sandy rammed her pussy into Cindy’s twat as hard as she could, even as Cindy’s hands pulled on her ass, pulling her in deeper. An instant later, Sandy reared up and screamed in ecstasy as she injected a strong stream of hot, steaming cum into Cindy’s receptive cunt.

The women collapsed in each other’s arms, gasping for breath, their bodies hot and sweaty, their limbs twined, their flesh wet with sweat, their lower torsos and inner thighs slick with cum. The sweat and ejaculate pooled in their navels and created a sensual suction. The smell of sex suffused the tent.

Cindy laughed with pleasure. “God, oh God,” she gasped, “That was a good fuck, baby.”

“Yeah, that was fantastic,” Sandy agreed, smiling. Her body was still vibrating with lust. She wanted much, much more, but she was not yet sure about Cindy’s stamina.

The Canadian woman wrapped her arms around Sandy’s torso and rolled the American onto her back. Cindy arranged her lush flesh on top of Sandy, their heavy tits grinding and sliding deliciously in their slick sweat, their hard nipples scoring taut titflesh.

“Are you ready for another round, Sandy?” Cindy asked, panting with desire.

“Mmmmm, you bet, baby,” Sandy murmured, as she writhed beneath her lover. “I just want to fuck you all night long…” Sandy spread her legs wide, offering her hungry cunt to the other woman.

“Good,” Cindy grunted, as she drove her wet, hot twat deep into Sandy’s welcoming cunt. The women moaned together in mutual ecstasy, panting in pleasure. “I want to ride you all night, too…”

“Let’s rub tits, baby,” Sandy cooed. “Let’s rub cunts and bellies and legs. Everything I have against everything you’ve got.”

“Mmmmm,” Cindy groaned. “Yes, baby, yes. Let’s fuck each other’s brains out…”

Sandy pulled Cindy down on her and Cindy’s ass and hips began pumping, sliding and grinding her cunt deep, deep into Sandy’s hot, wet pussy, her swollen clit scouring Sandy’s vagina until it slickly rammed into the American’s sexhorn. The women shuddered in pleasure and moaned within their locked mouths as their hard, hot clits stroked and rubbed on each other, as their burning cunts sucked and rippled and squeezed at each other. After some time, the gorgeous women exploded again in orgasmic bliss, screaming and moaning in joy as they pounded their wet cunts together in mutual ecstasy.

Over the next hour, the lustful vixens took turns being on top and grinding into each other with reckless abandon, penetrating each other as deeply as they could and rubbing swollen, exquisitely sensitive clits until they exploded in joy. They brought each other to orgasm time and again, most times shared, sometimes individually.

Sandy collapsed on top of Cindy, their bellies slick with their shared ejaculate, their heavy tits throbbing against each other. Cindy, her arms wrapped around Sandy’s luscious body, murmured in the other blonde’s ear. “I want to see you as we fuck, baby. It’s even better that way.”

Sandy did not hesitate. She reached out and clicked on Cindy’s lamp. In the pitch blackness, the dim light seemed shockingly bright. The women’s eyes quickly adjusted to the glow. They smiled at each other, drinking in the other’s beauty. Sandy rolled off of Cindy. Lying beside the other woman, propping her head on her hand, she began running her free hand up and down the Canadian’s voluptuous body, exploring and caressing Cindy’s exquisite flesh. Cindy stroked Sandy in reply, kneading Sandy’s massive tits, sliding her hand down the other woman’s belly and over her hip to cup and caress Sandy’s smooth, dripping twat. Sandy’s slid her hand down to play with Cindy’s pussy and, for several minutes, both women worked their expert fingers into the other’s wet snatch. The women’s smiles grew more feverish, their moans and gasps grew louder and harder. Their bodies were soon burning with arousal. Sandy trembled with lust. She prepared to mount her partner again. But Cindy stopped her with her hand.

“Let’s eat each other,” Cindy smiled, her eyes bright with desire. Sandy smiled back. She sat up and spun her body around, positioning her face above Cindy’s cunt, placing her dripping twat over Cindy’s face. Cindy eagerly spread her legs wider. The women lustily buried their faces in the other’s boiling pussy. Sandy happily rubbed her gorgeous face around and around Cindy’s wet cunt, before she sent her tongue delving deep into Cindy’s hole. Her lips fastened around the Canadian’s throbbing clit and she sucked powerfully. Even as Sandy ate Cindy with a ravenous hunger, Cindy explored and devoured Sandy with happy abandon. Her fingers spread and penetrated Sandy’s dripping twat. Her tongue went deep into Sandy’s pink, taut vagina. Her lips sucked hungrily at the blonde’s clit. Cindy used her fingers to penetrate and violate Sandy’s ass and cunt, eliciting cries of pleasure from her blonde rival, when she was not spreading her hands and gripping the American’s flexing ass. The women thrashed about, writhing on the floor of the tent, spreading their legs wide for each other and eating each other like starving animals.

For the next hour, Cindy and Sandy devoured each other, pulling excruciating orgasm after orgasm out of each other until they both felt like their faces were coated in the other woman’s cum. They rolled onto their sides and feasted on each other, their powerful thighs wrapped around each other’s heads, their hands spread on the other’s round ass, kneading and separating the thick, beautiful muscle, fingers probing deep into tight assholes and trembling cunts.

Finally, moaning with pleasure and exhaustion, the women stopped to rest. They rolled onto their backs, side by side. The air inside the tent was now hot and heavy with the scent of sex and sweat. Gasping, their bodies glistening with sweat and cum in the dim light, Sandy looked down at Cindy’s heaving tits. She felt her loins stirring again and she knew what she needed. She cupped and squeezed Cindy’s massive tit, eliciting a cry of pleasure, as she sat up. Cindy looked up at her, the Canadian woman’s eyes glazed with pleasure and exhaustion, her chest shuddering with pants. Sandy smiled at her rival and slowly, enticingly spread her legs once more. Cindy understood immediately. With a hungry smile, the strawberry blonde pushed herself into a sitting position, then spread her legs in reply.

Eagerly, lustfully, the women scissored each other. With a shared, shuddering gasp, they brought their dripping wet snatches together. They rubbed the slick, burning flesh around and around, spreading their juices over each other, before pushing hard. With groans of pleasure, Sandy and Cindy thrust their naked, trembling cunts together. Thick meat beat like a drum, but soon they locked. Juicy pussy lips spread and flattened to each other, opening and sucking and kissing like hungry mouths. Soft, swollen labia meshed and melted. Hot, pulsing clits met head to head. The women’s clits burned, causing the clitoral ring around their swollen vulvas to pulse and throb with a nova-hot heat. The women shoved hard, opening and penetrating each other, driving their clits together, sending shockwaves of exquisite pleasure racing through their shuddering bodies. Their massive tits swelled up, nipples pointing like spears. Their boobs bounced enthusiastically as, bracing their straining bodies with their hands and arms, Sandy and Cindy began thrusting into each other, hips and asses moving in rhythm, powerful abs rippling and flexing with effort. The women threw back their heads and screamed in joy. They arched their backs, lifting their asses off the ground, as they drove into each other with all their power. But soon they were locked, their flesh merged, their swollen twats sucked and sealed into one meaty join, their struggling clits hooked around each other and fused head to head.

The night remained cold and dark outside the tent. But any passing animal would have been treated to the erotic sight of two incredibly voluptuous female bodies, outlined in sensual silhouette on the tent wall, joined at the crotch, bucking and heaving, throwing their heads back to howl with pleasure, their massive tits bouncing exuberantly, their asses and hips jerking and thrusting.

Inside the tent, the air was thick with sex and sweat and heat. Cindy and Sandy fucked mercilessly, squeezing and squeezing each other’s pussy, their bodies heaving and writhing, their massive tits spraying sweat as they bounced. The women smiled at each other in erotic bliss as they rode each other furiously. Sandy reached out with one hand, her body still braced with the other, and kneaded one of Cindy’s massive tits, squeezing the hard nipple viciously. Cindy screamed a bit louder, then reached out, filled her hand with as much of Sandy’s delicious titmeat as she could, and squeezed ferociously.

On and on the women fucked, grabbing each other’s thighs to give them better leverage and thrusting harder and harder, penetrating each other deeply, driving their clits together with excruciating force. Their screams and moans and howls of ecstasy grew ever louder and more desperate.

The women felt the incredible tension in their bodies building to an unbearable level. Sandy pushed herself up and reached for Cindy; the Canadian woman reached for Sandy in turn. They pulled each other in, mashing their swollen, throbbing tits nipple to nipple, reaching around each other’s hips to grab and sink clawed fingers into the other’s round, rippling ass. Nose to nose, eye to eye, Sandy and Cindy whimpered and cried out in each other’s faces as they fucked to the end. They kissed passionately as their bodies finally exploded with a devastating, shared, simultaneous orgasm. Hot cum bubbled out from between the succulent flesh of their locked and convulsing cunts; they broke their kiss to throw back their heads and scream in mind-shattering pleasure. They pulled on each other’s asses frantically, keeping their bodies plastered together, arching their backs to ram their swollen, thick titmeat together even harder. Sandy and Cindy looked deep into each other’s eyes, their eyes wide with astonishment as the pleasure took them. The single, excruciating orgasm turned into multiple orgasms, chaining through their straining, trembling bodies.

Screaming, the women fell onto their backs. Writhing, grinding their fused genitals together with all their strength, their hips bucking, their asses rising off the ground as their backs arched in ecstasy, Sandy and Cindy fucked every last drop of cum out of each other. They sprayed each other with their juices, coating their lower bodies and their bellies with slick cum and other secretions. Their pussies refused to release each other as the turgid flesh trembled with tension. Their massive tits rolled on their chests as their bodies undulated uncontrollably. Both women seized their own tits and squeezed their nipples and kneaded their throbbing titflesh mercilessly, adding to the erotic sensations.

Finally, the intensity of the orgasms declined and gradually faded. Sandy lay on the ground, flat on her back, her legs wide, her tits heaving as she panted furiously. She stared at the ceiling of the tent through glazed eyes. Her entire body continued to vibrate with the aftermath of exquisite sexual pleasure. She felt the wetness and the heat in her crotch, where Cindy’s genitals remained locked with her own. For long minutes, the women lay like this, the only sound in the tent their panting breath and occasional moans. The heat generated by the hours of sexual pleasure rapidly seeped out into the cold night air.

Sandy felt Cindy stir. With a moan, she felt the other woman finally pull away from her body, their cunts releasing each other with a thick pop. Sandy saw Cindy sit up. The women locked dazed eyes and smiled at each other in utter exhaustion and sexual satisfaction. Cindy grabbed a thick blanket from the floor and draped it over her shoulders, before extending her arms and spreading the blanket out like a canopy. Smiling, she moved forward and lowered her ravishing body onto Sandy’s wet, splayed, voluptuous beauty. Sandy groaned with delight as she eagerly reached up and pulled Cindy down onto her. The women moaned in mutual pleasure as their heavy tits mashed, as their wet bellies pressed together, as they fit between each other’s thighs. They rubbed their naked pussies together, even as they twined their limbs. Cindy kissed Sandy deeply. The women smiled again.

“Best fuck ever, baby,” Cindy whispered.

“You’re not bad yourself, Cindy,” Sandy replied.

Cindy reached out and clicked off the light. Sighing, the women wriggled as their bodies settled together, tangled up and sharing heat and sweat under the thick blanket. Nose to nose, sweet breath washing over each other’s beautiful faces, the two women dropped into an exhausted, well-earned sleep.

Sandy’s eyes fluttered open as the desert sun flowed across the horizon. Cindy was no longer on top of her, sprawled flesh on flesh, their lush bodies warming each other. Finding herself alone in the tent, Sandy ventured outside with a blanket wrapped around her to stave off the cold desert morning.

Cindy and her belongings were nowhere to be found, but a scrap of paper under a rock caught Sandy’s attention.

“You’re a great lay, Sandy. That was the best fuck I’ve had in years. Thanks for sexing me up last night. I wouldn’t mind doing this again sometime. All the best in your travels. ~Cindy”.

Sandy smiled to herself as she tore down her camp and prepared to resume her journey.

Soon she was dressed and ready to go. She pulled the old map from her saddlebag. Pointing to the map, she explained her next move to Nancy the camel.

“See, Nancy? See where the point at the top of the boulder is pointing? That’s the way we’re going. So let’s get a move on!”

Camel and rider trotted off into the morning sun.

To be continued:

Desert Duels, Part II

Several more days passed before Sandy and Nancy came to the next point on the map. The sands of the Sahara began to give way to foothills and mountains and a deep ravine lay in their path.

“Here we are at the edge of the desert, girl,” Sandy cooed to her trusty mount. “There should be a bridge around here somewhere…”

The camel trotted along the edge of the ravine for an hour before a shaky rope bridge finally came into view. Sandy could see that a small village, consisting mostly of tents, was built up at the nearest side of the bridge. Once again, she thanked her uncle for the accuracy of his map.

“Ah ha! Now we’re talking,” exclaimed the buxom blonde rider.

The weary travelers approached the makeshift town at a comfortable trot. As she got closer, Sandy could see that there were not a lot of people in the village. They seemed to be mostly men, but she knew that the women could be inside of their tents.

“Halt, young lady,” said a local man to her as she pulled near. He held up his hand, signaling for her to stop. “Where are you going?”

“Just here to use the bridge, sir,” Sandy replied, with her best friendly smile.

“One doesn’t just use the bridge, young lady. This is the only bridge across the chasm for 100 kilometres. There’s a fee to be paid.”

Sandy frowned. “A fee? How much are we talking about?”

Three more men appeared behind her and took hold of Nancy, blocking off any escape route. Sandy began to feel very nervous. She was a trained fighter, but she knew that she could not prevail against so many men.

“I’m afraid the fee is not in money, young woman,” the man in front of her said, his face breaking into a menacing leer. The men behind her reached up and grabbed Sandy, pulling her off of Nancy’s back and throwing her to the ground. Sandy struggled to fight, but she was pinned to the ground. The crowd of men grew larger. Some of the thugs pulled her saddle bags and other supplies off of the camel. Others held her to the ground. Rough hands ran on her bare stomach and reached out to grasp and pull at her bouncing tits. Sandy screamed obscenities at her attackers, determined to go down fighting. But she knew that she did not stand a chance.

Suddenly, however, the men broke off their attack. Two of them dragged Sandy by her arms into a nearby tent. They tied her to a thick, well-grounded pole inside the tent, binding her hands behind her back and tying her ankles. Leering at her, the men left her alone.

Sandy struggled to control her tears and her fear. She had been certain she was about to be gang-raped. She was relieved that she had avoided that fate, but she feared that she had only been granted a temporary reprieve. It was possible that whatever they had planned for her was far worse. She worked at freeing her hands, hoping that she could somehow escape. She soon found that the knots used to hold her were unbreakable.

As she watched through the open tent flap, a group of men began building a ring of small fires.
Sandy’s heart sank and she struggled to hold back her tears. She began to get angry, hoping that her anger would fuel her defiance and maybe, somehow, give her some way to get out.

Night fell and the ring of fire was soon blazing, filling up the darkness. Three men entered Sandy’s tent and untied her from the pole, then held her down as they stripped her naked. Sandy fought back as best she could but she was all but helpless. She was filled with fear and rage, certain that this assault was a prelude to being raped. But when she was naked, the men tied her to the pole again, then brought in a bucket of hot, perfumed water and left the tent.

Moments later, two dusky, dark-haired women entered the tent. They were dressed in jeweled halter tops, their smooth, beautifully muscled midriffs bare, their legs clothed in filmy pantaloons, their feet in gold sandals. Their impressive breasts were all but exposed, fleshy hillocks that rivaled Sandy’s magnificent rack. The women’s jeweled halters pushed their breasts up into deep and enticing cleavage. The women’s lower faces were covered by veils, but their eyes were beautiful, as were the shapes of their faces. They looked like they belonged to a sheik’s harem.

Sandy tried speaking to the women, tried asking them what was happening but they did not reply. Instead, they dipped soft towels into the hot water and set about washing Sandy thoroughly. Sandy gasped. Under other circumstances, the touch of these two gorgeous women, the feel of the gentle, warm cloth running over and around her breasts, caressing her naked crotch, would have been enormously arousing to the big-titted blonde. But she was too frightened of whatever was coming, though she did not think the women would be washing her with perfumed water if they planned to harm her. Instead, she suspected she was being forced into joining the harem to which these women belonged. If so, she was confident she could find some way out. If she needed to fuck some old, shriveled sheik for a few nights before she could find an opportunity to escape, so be it. The women finished washing and drying her and then left. In the arid desert night, Sandy began to shiver from the encroaching cold.

A few minutes later, the men returned. The men untied Sandy from the pole and led her, completely naked, into the fire-rimmed arena. Sandy crossed one arm over her boobs, holding her massive tits against her chest, and used her other hand to cover her genitals. She was not ordinarily a modest woman, but she wanted what little protection her hands could offer her against the savage, lustful eyes roaming over her voluptuous body. She glanced around. The arena was surrounded by maybe two dozen men, all of whom were grinning appreciatively at her naked beauty. There was a man sitting in a chair at the top of the arena, directly in front of the largest tent. This man was clearly the village chieftain.

“Bring the other!” the chief commanded.

Sandy looked on as a familiar woman was brought out of a tent on the other side of the encampment. This other woman was also naked and blonde. As Cindy was pushed into the arena, she looked up and made eye contact with Sandy.

“S… Sandy?” Cindy stammered.

“Cindy?” Sandy replied, perversely pleased to see a familiar face, even if it was that of a person in the same predicament as she was. “Do you know what’s going on here?”

“No,” Cindy replied. “They grabbed me earlier this morning. I think they were preparing me for their chief’s harem, then something happened and their plans changed. But I don’t know what.”

“No more talk!” the chief shouted out, standing up from his chair. “Now, we shall have our sport!” The men gathered around the circle cheered and raised large goblets of liquor.

Cindy turned to Sandy, “What do they want us to do? Fight?”

Sandy shrugged. “I don’t know,” she replied, though she suspected Cindy was right. She began to put the story together. These desert kidnappers had been planning to introduce Cindy to the chief’s harem until they caught her, Sandy. Then, they saw her incredible rack, compared it to Cindy’s, and their plans changed. A moment later, the chief confirmed her suspicions.

“Yes. Fight!” the chief cried. “Fight with your big boobs!”

“Boob fight! Boob fight! Boob fight!” the crowd of men chanted. They were already knocking back their desert brew at an alarming pace.

The women exchanged glances.

“The winner will be with me tonight!” shouted the chief. “The loser… will be with everyone else!” The two dozen or so men around the fire roared their approval and began calling for the women to battle.

The women locked eyes, exchanging looks of fear. A moment later however, Cindy arched her back and thrust out her chest at Sandy.

“Sorry Sandy. But I don’t want to be thrown to the dogs tonight.”

The buxom blonde American nodded in grim agreement. She mirrored Cindy’s pose.

The women moved towards each other and reached out. Their fingers interlocked and their palms pressed tight. Cindy and Sandy stared deeply into each other’s eyes. It was surreal to both of them that their bodies, which had given them so much shared ecstasy just a few days before, would now be turned against each other in a brutal war of sexual attrition.

All the men cheered loudly as the two naked Amazons drove against each other, smashing their massive tits together with a loud fleshy clap.

The initial impact forced painful grunts from both combatants. The women separated only to come together moments later with another sickening slap.

Several more barrels of desert brew rolled onto the scene and the men drank liberally as they watched the naked titfighters. The strong smell of desert moonshine permeated the area as the two buxom women continued to drive their thick, fleshy weapons together.

Sandy and Cindy slammed together a few more times, before they pushed their arms up over their heads and leaned in, letting their meaty tits crush firmly and insistently. Gasping and moaning, the women worked their chests against each other, massaging tits with tits, trying to wear each other down. Their nipples ground against each other viciously. Despite their fear and pain, the women could not resist the arousal building in their pulsing mammary glands, feeding down into their pussies. The women’s gasps and moans were not merely cries of exertion but also growing cries of pleasure. Still, they kept their focus on the battle. Sandy freed her hands from Cindy’s grip and wrapped her arms around her buxom Canadian rival, pulling the other woman into a tit-crushing bearhug. Cindy wrapped her arms around Sandy and squeezed back.

The women groaned tortuously as their swollen nipples fused together. Nose to nose, panting into each other’s gorgeous faces, Cindy and Sandy ground their tits savagely, working their back and chest muscles vigorously, trying to wear each other down. Cindy moved from side to side, Sandy moved up and down, meaty, golden boobs mashing and rolling against each other, slipping in and out and around each other as the women’s hot sweat lubricated their erotic contest. Their chests and torsos were soon dripping with perspiration. Other juices trickled from their burning twats.

Cindy hooked her long leg around Sandy’s leg, the back of their sweaty knees locking. The women strained against each other and overbalanced, falling to the ground in a naked, sweaty tangle of enraged, luscious flesh. The women thrashed on the ground, legs twining. They bucked at each other, hip to hip and pelvis to pelvis and began rolling back and forth on the hard sand, groaning and grunting as each struggled to overpower the other.

Cindy managed to roll on top of Sandy and hold the top position. She freed her hands and grabbed Sandy’s wrists. Pinning the other blonde to the sandy desert floor, Cindy raised herself up slightly and began working her tits around and around Sandy’s chest, grinding and mashing her firm, sexually aroused boobs down onto Sandy’s matching golden orbs. The women’s enraged nipples dug into each other’s titflesh like rocky daggers, except when they crossed and grated and sent pulses of pleasure through the battling Amazons. The women groaned uncontrollably as their hot, meaty tits rolled around and around each other, firm, meaty masses slipping and sliding deliciously.

The men cheered them on, calling out to their favorite titfighter, drinking exuberantly as the women battled on. Sandy bucked up, ramming Cindy’s naked crotch with her pelvis, forcing the other blonde off of her. Cindy rolled away. The women got unsteadily to their feet. They threw themselves at each other. They locked hands and began to slam their tits together again, before gripping each other by the biceps. Their arms formed a tight cage for the women’s massive tits. They resumed grinding and rubbing their breasts into each other, thick, meaty mass to mass. Their rock hard nipples crossed and fused and then sank into their mashed, throbbing titflesh like cylindrical daggers. The women’s cries and gasps and pants became ever more frantic and nakedly sexual. Despite the violence of their battle, Cindy and Sandy felt the wetness in their pussies. To her consternation, Sandy felt the fluids trickling down her thigh. Her only consolation was that she could feel that Cindy was equally aroused. Both women rammed a thick thigh into the other’s pussy and let the other’s wet pussy ride on the smooth, slick flesh. Their gasps became even more frantic. Both women understood that the more aroused they were, the firmer and stronger their tits would be.

Ten, fifteen, twenty minutes went by, the women competing tit to tit. Neither showed any sign of overpowering the other. The women locked up in a clinch to catch their breath and rest while still appearing to be fighting. Both were sweating profusely despite the cold desert night. Their bodies quivered and shook against each other from the concerted effort.

Cheek to cheek and tit to tit with her adversary, panting furiously, Sandy looked through the flames at the men in attendance. Some of them had already begun to pass out. She realized that the desert brew they were imbibing had to be very strong stuff.

“I have an idea,” Sandy whispered to Cindy, her sweaty cheek pressed tight to the other woman’s cheek.

“Good, because I can’t keep this up for much longer,” the gorgeous Canadian replied. “You beat up my boobs really good.”

“I know, mine feel like they’re about to fall off. Just follow my lead.”

The few men that were still awake called for more action. The women separated and began to circle each other, crouched down, hands extended, massive tits swinging like cannonballs on their chests. Suddenly, Sandy stood up straight and turned to address the crowd.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting, shall we?” she shouted.

The remaining men looked at one another, puzzled. This had never happened before.

“How about every time I’m able to knock this bitch down with my tits, this side of the circle takes a drink?” Sandy indicated the men in front of her, about twelve of them.

The men in-front of Sandy cheered their approval. Cindy picked up on Sandy’s plan and continued.

“Yeah, and every time I knock this cunt down with my tits, you guys take a drink!” she shouted and motioned to the men on the other side of the circle.

All the remaining men were extremely drunk anyway. Everyone cheered as loudly as they could.

The women resumed circling one another.

“Let’s make this believable,” whispered Sandy.

“OK,” Cindy whispered back with a smile. She moved forward quickly and delivered a sharp thrust with her boobs. She caught the American off guard. Sandy gasped and fell to her knees.

The Canadian raised her fists above her head in triumph as her side of the circle knocked back another shot of liquor. Her battered breasts jiggled exuberantly.

Sandy made a face and scrambled back to her feet. She thrust out her chest and went barreling into Cindy’s fantastic rack. The women’s thick, juicy tits squashed together with a meaty slap. Cindy went flying.

Mimicking Cindy’s earlier triumphant strut, Sandy raised her fists and the men on her side downed more desert brew.

“My turn, bitch”, Cindy fumed as she righted herself and marched toward the other buxom woman again. The women’s tits came together with a thick report. They struggled briefly, before Sandy fell to the sandy ground.

The battle went on, the women locking up and trading savage breast thrusts resulting in one of them being knocked onto her butt.

Breasts now severely swollen and bruised, the women interlocked fingers in the middle of the ring. They glared into each other’s eyes for a moment and waited for the men to call for more action.

The call never came. After a few more moments of savage stare-down, the women relaxed and looked around through the fire.

Every man in the area was slumped over in his seat and sleeping it off.

Sandy gave Cindy a winning smile. “See? It worked!”

Cindy nodded. “It was a good plan. Well done. Now let’s get the hell out of here!”

Cradling their damaged breasts, the naked warriors ran back to the tents where they were held to gather their things. They quickly pulled on their pants and boots and tied their shirts under their tits to give themselves some much needed support. The women loaded up their camels with their saddle bags, managing to retrieve all of their belongings. As Sandy and Cindy were about to leave, the same two women who had washed Sandy came out of the chief’s tent. The beautiful women approached and handed Sandy and Cindy canteens filled with water and a bags of food.

“Thank you,” Cindy said. “If you want to leave, now is your chance.”

But the beautiful women simply backed away, not saying anything. They watched as Sandy and Cindy rode their camels into the night.

The escaping blondes slowly crossed the shaky bridge, leading their camels by their reins. When they reached the other end, they took the time to cut the ropes securing the bridge, making sure that no one could follow them. They rode into the darkened mountains ahead. Several hours later, as dawn began to light the morning sky, the exhausted women brought their camels to a stop and made camp several hundred meters from the main road, under the protection of an outcropping of rock.

Tired, bruised and battered, Cindy and Sandy stripped down and settled into Sandy’s spacious tent. The naked women lay side by side, face to face and nipple to nipple. Their battered breasts were too tender for sex, but their nipples hardened into each other anyway. Sandy and Cindy smiled at each other in the semi-darkness, then moved in to kiss gently, their tongues playing and lapping at each other. Despite their exhaustion, both women felt their loins stirring. Cindy reached down and slipped two fingers up into Sandy’s wet, naked cunt and began stroking and probing Sandy’s labia, teasing the American’s swelling clit. Sandy moaned with pleasure and sucked harder at Cindy’s lapping tongue, even as she lifted her upper leg, opening herself and giving Cindy better access to her dripping snatch. Cindy lifted her leg and Sandy accepted the invitation, driving two fingers up into Cindy’s hot twat. Panting gently, the women slowly, carefully, fingerfucked each other, their digits moving hard and deep inside the other’s sexual core, giving each other more and more raw pleasure until both blonde beauties came with exquisite force, Sandy coming just moments before Cindy. Panting hard, they smiled at each other and pushed closer, resting nose to nose and lip to lip, tongues licking at soft lips. They slipped their wet hands around the other’s back and pulled each other closer, their legs twining. They pulled the blankets tight around themselves, despite the growing desert heat. Sharing sweat and flesh and heat and sweet breath, the gorgeous women slipped into a deep, dreamless slumber.

Desert Duels, Part III

Sandy awoke in the early afternoon. The heat in the tent was overwhelming, but now it was a humid heat. Once again, Sandy found herself alone. She threw off her blankets. Her voluptuous body was dripping with sweat. She stood, then reclaimed a blanket to wrap around herself. She stepped out into the forest air. Sandy noted that Cindy’s belongings were still there, meaning that the buxom Canadian was around somewhere.

A nearby splash attracted Sandy’s attention. Barefoot, still wrapped only in her blanket, she walked into the dense jungle surrounding the camp, looking for the source of the sound.

Sandy soon found a small mountain stream emptying quietly into a natural, bowl-shaped pool. A very naked and very happy looking Cindy broke the surface of the water and motioned for Sandy to join her.

“It feels amazing, Sandy! It will take the sting out of your tits!”

Sandy dropped her blanket and examined her boobs for a moment. The swelling had gone down, but she was still covered in light bruises from the night before.

Again Cindy called out to her. “Come on! Bring those big boobs over here!”

Sandy gave a little grin and stepped into the mountain pool. An expression of joy came over her face as she immersed her aching chest in the cool water.

“Ooooh, my God… it DOES feel amazing!”

“I know, right? It’s cool, but not cold. It’s perfect!”

For several minutes, the naked women enjoyed the water. Their spirits bolstered, they laughed and playfully splashed one another. The water really did seem to soothe and replenish their aching tits and soon both women could swear that their bruises were starting to fade.

Finally, fully satisfied with their soak, the naked women lounged in the sun on some nearby rocks. Their golden bodies dried quickly between the hot rock and the blazing sun.

The women lay side by side in companionable silence as their luscious bodies tanned.

“Hell of a night, last night,” Sandy finally said.

Cindy nodded in agreement. “Yes. Yes it was.”

After a moment, Sandy continued. “So are you sticking with the story that you’re traveling to see the world or are you going to tell me what you’re actually doing in North Africa?”

Cindy propped herself up on one elbow, her perfect tits shifting on her chest, and looked at the other woman.

“I was wondering the same thing about you, sister.”

“Fine…,” Sandy replied after a moment. She paused as she looked at the other woman in full daylight for the first time. Cindy was every bit the woman that Sandy was, down to their matching boobs. Sandy smiled inside as she felt her pussy grow wet and hot, remembering the exquisite feeling of locking and grinding cunt to cunt and clit to clit with the gorgeous woman beside her. She promised herself that she would recapture that feeling with Cindy at the earliest opportunity.

“I’m here following a treasure map my late, great uncle sent to me. I’m searching for something called “The Waters of Ra’.”

Cindy suddenly looked like she had seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?” Sandy asked. She looked more closely at Sandy. “Have you heard of the Waters?”

Cindy swallowed hard. “I’m the great niece of Lord Marcus of High Garden.”

“WHAT!?” Sandy gasped.

Cindy nodded. “Yes. I’m after the Waters as well.”

The women lay in silence for a moment as they processed this new information.

Finally, Sandy spoke. “My great uncle told me that your great uncle copied and stole his research,” she said bluntly.

“My great uncle told me the same thing about your great uncle,” Cindy replied coldly.

The women locked eyes and stared.

“Well isn’t that interesting?” whispered Sandy, her nipples beginning to grow and harden.

“Yes. Interesting,” Cindy replied. Her nipples were also growing stiff.

The women sat up, getting onto their hands and knees as they faced each other. They pushed closer to each other, their eyes locked.

“Whatever the ‘Waters of Ra” are, they belong to my family, Sandy,” Cindy said quietly. The anger and steel in her voice was worse than if she had shouted.

“I don’t think so, bitch,” Sandy snarled back. “My family has a claim on this thing that’s just as good as yours. Probably better.”

Nose to nose, Cindy and Sandy glared at each other. The tension built until Sandy slowly reached up with one hand and grabbed Cindy’s strawberry blonde hair; Cindy immediately returned the grip, but took it to the next level, sinking both of her hands into Sandy’s hair and pulling viciously. In an instant, both women were on their knees, their upper bodies slamming together, their bellies slapping hard and their massive tits pancaking each other, as they both yanked viciously at each other’s hair, pulling their heads back so that their beautiful faces, now contorted by anger and pain, grimaced at the sky.

“You fuck!” Sandy gasped as she twined her fingers into Cindy’s strawberry blonde hair and pulled, resisting the agony in her own head as Cindy replied with equal savagery.

“Cuntlicking whore!” Cindy shot back.

The women spread their knees to give themselves better balance. Their luscious bodies strained against each other, plastered together from their grinding tits to their throbbing clits, overheated flesh sizzling against overheated flesh. Already, slick sweat was beginning to form between their struggling bodies, lubricating their battle. Their nipples swelled with the sexual tension of the fight; Sandy could feel the ache in her pussy that warned of her clitoral arousal.

Sandy got one of her feet under her and shoved with all her strength. Cindy gasped as Sandy overbalanced her. She fell over on her back, Sandy following her down, their voluptuous bodies never separating. Their tits mashed hard as Sandy mounted Cindy. Cindy wrapped her powerful thighs around Sandy’s hips and, jerking on the American’s hair, succeeded in rolling their locked bodies so that she was on top. This lasted only a moment; the rock on which the women struggled was gently inclined towards the water of the pool. In moments, the women were rolling down the rock, a locked ball of snarling, feminine rage, arms wrapped around each other, legs twined together, beautiful faces pressed cheek to cheek, clawing and growling. They hit the water hard and disappeared below the surface, still tangled into a knot of voluptuous female fury.

Sandy and Cindy fought under the water only for a moment before they pulled apart and broke the surface separately. Both women immediately brushed back their wet hair, their elbows rising high as they squeezed out their long blonde locks, their equally massive, beautiful tits quivering with tension and bouncing with the movement, rising on their chests as the women’s arms rose. Their engorged nipples pointed directly at each other. The blondes glared at each other, their faces lit with anger and growing sexual desire.

Cindy laced her fingers behind her head and shook her tits at Sandy. “Come and get it, you bitch,” the gorgeous Canadian growled. “This time, I’m really going to smash those bags flat with my girls.”

Sandy laced her fingers behind her head and thrust her chest out. “I’m not holding back this time, cunt,” Sandy snapped. “I’m going to mash those floppy bags into jello.”

Sarah covered the distance to Cindy in a few steps, wading waist-deep through the warm water that had gone from being their comfortable refuge to an arena for their antagonism. When the women were close enough, however, they did not mash tits. Instead, they began to fencing with their nipples, thrusting the thick, fleshy cylinders directly into each other, hooking nipples and then trying to bend the other over using the weight of their tits. The exquisite sensation of slick nipples caressing and rubbing fed the women’s growing lust-filled hatred. As their sexual arousal intensified, the women’s tits swelled and toughened, engorged with blood and hormones. Cindy and Sandy began pressing harder, tighter, and soon were surging and grinding their massive tits directly into each other, using their shoulders to rub and push the meaty masses side to side and up and down, working each other over. Their bruised tits seemed oblivious to the pain of the previous night. They pulsed with renewed power and heat.

Cindy pulled her hands from behind her head and slipped her arms around Sandy’s narrow waist, grabbing the other blonde’s round, trembling ass. Sandy instantly returned the grip. Nose to nose, panting hard, their eyes bright with anger and desire, Sandy and Cindy pulled each other in tighter and slapped their hard bellies together. They writhed in anticipation, shuddering with delight as their deep navels sucked at each other.

“Let’s fuck this out, you cheap whore,” Cindy whispered, thrusting her pelvis forward. Sandy felt the other woman’s crotch pushing at her own. Sandy thrust back eagerly, desperately wanting the incredible pleasure of clit to clit combat.

“I’ll take on your filthy body and your smelly twat anytime, slut,” Sandy shot back.

The women leaned back slightly and tilted their pelvises forward. Swollen, burning clits slid against each other and seemed to fuse into one mass of ecstasy.

“Oh fuck, fuck, yes,” Cindy groaned, her eyes closing involuntarily as the raw pleasure coursed through her.

“Ummmmmmm,” Sandy moaned, her body trembling with pleasure. The women pulled each other in even tighter, their thighs pressed tight, their hips moved in rhythm beneath the water, their bellies sealed together. Their engorged tits mashed, nipples pulsed into each other. Sandy and Cindy slid their tongues together and locked their mouths into a deep, sucking kiss. All the while, their throbbing, swollen clits fenced, licking and sliding over and under and around each other, stroking and stroking, rubbing and sliding, finally hooking together and fusing into a single intertwined nerve of pure, hot ecstasy.

Hands on each other’s rippling asses, the women fucked hard, their mutual pleasure feeding their mutual antagonism. They broke their kiss occasionally to swear and curse at each other, to pant and scream with pleasure, feeding the hatred and rage that had pushed them into this sexfight.

The bottom of the pool beneath their feet was sandy in some spots but slippery and rocky in others. As the battling women thrust at each other, their feet lost their grip on the uneven ground. Cindy suddenly broke the kiss with Sandy and gasped as she slipped on a rock. For a moment, her clit disengaged the erotic battle. Sandy groaned in disappointment, but she used the moment to push hard, shoving Cindy off-balance. The Canadian woman gasped as Sandy shoved, pushing her backwards through the water until they hit the edge of the pool. Cindy fell onto her back, Sandy shoving her down. Sandy grabbed Cindy’s right leg and placed it on her shoulder, then threw her right leg over Cindy’s left hip, scissoring her beautiful blonde rival. Sandy thrust down hard, groaning in delight as her burning, sopping cunt squashed thick and hard with Cindy’s equally soft, yielding fuckmeat, the women’s twats sinking into each other and kissing hard, tight, French-kissing like two ravenous mouths. The women cried out in shared ecstasy as their engorged clits slipped inside of the other woman, grating and grinding and fusing into each other once again.

Cindy and Sandy met each other’s thrusts, their hips and asses working hard, speeding up as they secured their mutual cunt lock, penetrating and spreading each other as they sank into each other’s twats. Sandy bounced furiously on top of the other woman, her hips and ass jerking rhythmically, grinding herself deep, deep into the woman beneath her. Their thick lipped, naked twats formed a fleshy vise, squeezing and squeezing at each other, coalescing into one hot mass of pure erotic pleasure. Both women felt locked together at their cores. They felt like their flesh was melting into one. Their tits bounced exuberantly and it was not long before Sandy and Cindy filled their hands with the other woman’s breasts and squeezed mercilessly as they fucked.

“Oh god, you fucking bitch, you bitch, you bitch…,” Cindy chanted, her body writhing uncontrollably beneath Sandy’s driving cunt.

“Whore, whore, fucking whore…,” Sandy sobbed in reply, her body undulating wildly as she rode Cindy viciously. The women’s erotic screams and moans, curses and cries spiraled higher and higher as they fucked each other viciously.

Finally, Cindy threw back her head and shrieked in pleasure. Her belly tightened and her hips bucked high as she came powerfully, her cunt convulsing and squeezing harder than ever, her twat shooting a powerful jolt of steaming cum up and into Sandy’s invading pussy. An instant later, Sandy threw back her head and shrieked. She arched her back, her ass flexing, and injected her cum into Cindy’s pussy, even as she ran her hands through her sweat-soaked hair, reaching down to squeeze her own tits as the pleasure took her.

The women came hard twice, three times more, gasping together in ecstasy. Sandy collapsed on top of Cindy, pushing the Canadian’s right leg down to her chest. Cindy disentangled the leg from between their ravished bodies and wrapped it around Sandy’s hip and thigh. The women lay together for a while, sprawled on and under each other, their hearts pounding through their mashed breasts, their heaving, panting sweat-slicked bodies twined tight.

After some time, Sandy rolled off of Cindy and then got to her feet. Without looking back, she walked toward the tent, completely naked and still angry. She felt betrayed and sad and angry. She retrieved her clothing from the tent and began dressing. A few moments later, Cindy came up the path, the blanket that Sandy had brought down to the pool wrapped over her shoulders. Cindy dressed as Sandy began packing up the camp. The women did not look at each other or speak as they sullenly went about taking down the tent and gathering up their separate belongings.

Cindy was just getting on her camel and preparing to ride on when Sandy swallowed hard and spoke up.

“Cindy, wait. Please. Please wait.”

Cindy stopped her Camel and dismounted. Without a word, she marched straight up to Sandy and roughly slapped the blonde beauty across her face.

“That was for what your great uncle did to mine,” Cindy said coldly.

Sandy thought for a moment, her hand on her stinging cheek. Then she roughly slapped Cindy right across the face.

“And that was for what YOUR great uncle did to MINE.”

Both women stood rubbing the sides of their faces, glaring at each other.

Finally, Cindy broke the tension. “We good now?”

Sandy stared at her for a few moments. Then the American smiled.

“Yeah. We’re good. Let’s put this whole thing behind us.”

Cindy nodded. Warily, the two women shook hands.

“I think that if we combine what we know, we may solve this puzzle faster,” the Canadian said.

“I agree,” Sandy replied. “Let’s compare notes.”

Cindy took some maps out of her pack. Sandy pulled out her uncle’s journal and the other artifacts she had been using to search for the Waters of Ra. After an hour or so of poring over charts and maps, the women made a startling discovery.

“Holy Hell… We’re actually really close!” Cindy exclaimed, excitement in her eyes.

“I know, right? According to this, the path should be up where that mountain stream is coming from! If we follow the stream, we should find the source.”

The blonde and strawberry-blonde buxom beauties filled their canteens with water from the pool. Then, they mounted their camels and followed the stream up the mountain.

Navigating the mountain passes proved to be more difficult than the foreigners first hoped. Several times, their charts disagreed and the women found themselves having to backtrack. As nightfall approached, however, the women finally agreed that they were in the right place. They found a large cave, the mouth of which was visible from a kilometer or so down the mountain. Sandy and Cindy could see that the stream seemed to be flowing from out of the cave.

“It’s almost dark. I say we make camp here and then venture up there in the morning,” Sandy suggested.

Cindy nodded in agreement. The women unpacked and set up their tent. Sandy fed the camels while Cindy got a roaring fire going. The women cooked and ate and relaxed, enjoying the warmth of the jungle night and the star-filled sky. An hour or so later, Sandy was poking at the fire. Cindy had gone into the tent. A minute later, the Canadian emerged from the tent, completely, gloriously nude.

Sandy glanced over and her eyes lit up brightly. Cindy smiled down at the other woman and crooked her finger, giving Sandy her finest “come hither” look. Sandy stood up and slowly, slowly, stripped off her clothing, untying the knot of her shirt below her boobs and carefully pulling the cloth tight against her erect nipples, before peeling the open shirt back, fully revealing her thick, jiggling tits. Cindy licked her lips, her eyes bright with lust as they feasted on Sandy’s magnificent breasts. Sandy’s shirt fell to the ground behind her. She undid the clasp of her shorts and pulled the meager garment off her hips, peeling it down her thighs. It dropped in a heap at her feet. Sandy was wearing no underwear, and her clean-shaven slit glistened in the firelight, already wet with anticipation. She kicked the shorts away and then reached down and slipped off her boots and socks. Sandy stood straight, her back slightly arched, presenting her majestic tits, displaying herself in all of her nude glory to her companion.

Cindy smiled hungrily and moved slowly away from the tent entrance, her bare feet silent on the ground. She walked around the fire until she stood only inches away from the other naked woman. The blondes held up their hands and intertwined their fingers, smiling at each other in anticipation as their bare palms pressed together. They pulled each other in. Supple arms snaked around naked backs. The women gasped in mutual pleasure as their heavy tits crushed, thick nipples spearing each other in ecstasy. Eager, hungry tongues lapped at each other, then sealed inside of inosculated mouths as the women kissed passionately. They groaned in chorus. Both women slid their thick, smooth thighs up against the other woman’s wet pussy, and rubbed hard. Sandy and Cindy groaned together within their locked mouths, their mutual lust burning at a fever.

The naked nymphs rubbed their nipples together for a time, enjoying the luscious feel of their thick titmeat mashing and throbbing. Finally, they broke their kiss, licking at each other’s tongues as they separated. Smiling at each other, their eyes burning with lust, Cindy and Sandy walked hand in hand around the fire and into the tent. Cindy released Sandy’s hand and lowered herself to the floor. She spun around on her ass to face Sandy, spreading her legs, exposing her bare, pulsing cunt, leaning back and arching her spine, her throbbing tits aching with heat.

“Come and fuck me, baby,” the blonde Canadian purred. “Let’s do a little bit of making up.”

Sandy smiled. She sat down, spread her legs, and eagerly scissored her blonde lover. The women’s hot, wet fuckmeat slammed together and merged. Soon, the night echoed with the erotic screams of two bitches in heat. The sound of taut flesh slapping, of hot cunts pounding furiously, of wet vulvas sucking tight, went on late into the night. Sandy and Cindy fucked each other mercilessly, grinding their clits, mashing their tits, joining their meaty cunts so tightly that they felt inseparably joined together at their crotches. They ate each other enthusiastically, rolling around on the tent floor in a 69, sucking ravenously at each other’s clits. They feasted on each other’s thick, throbbing tits and rock-hard nipples. They rode each other into mutual satisfaction and submission. After hours of fucking each other senseless, the two women collapsed in exhausted bliss, their sweat-soaked, cum-slicked bodies twined tightly, the tent suffused with the overpowering musk of womanhood and the heat generated by two sex-crazed women. Trapped between each other’s thighs, Cindy mounted on Sandy’s luscious body, their twats and tits pressed tight, the women fell into a deep, delicious sleep.

To be continued:

Desert Duels, Part IV

Morning came too quickly. Sandy and Cindy awoke in a tangled heap of luscious flesh. Smiling at each other, they spent the next hour slowly and deliciously fucking each other until they exploded again and again in a series of luscious mutual orgasms. Their screams of pleasure greeted the early morning sun.

The edge of their lust temporarily dulled, the women rose and began the task of planning their day. Today, they knew, would be decisive. They were just a short distance from where their quest was supposed to end. The buxom women rose and bathed in the river, but decided to leave their camp where it was. They were only going a few hundred meters up the mountain after all. They dressed, gathered their supplies and began their short ascent with excitement in their eyes.

Half an hour later, the bountiful beauties entered the mouth of the cave. Switching on their headlamps, the women ventured deeper and deeper into the mountain. The air was extremely damp. Soon, both women were soaking wet. Their thin shirts clung to their thick tits like a second skin, their bare midriffs and smooth thighs glistened with water, their shorts grew damp. The rock inside the cave was slick and the women walked carefully, helping each other as much as they could.

Finally, more than a kilometer into the mountain, the narrow passageway they were following opened up into a large chamber. A gentle green glow suffused the room, the product of phosphorescent algae on the walls. A large pool, the source of the mountain stream, filled the cave. The women scanned the walls of the chamber for some sort of indication that they were in the right place. Cindy pointed out some hieroglyphs carved onto the wall that matched what was written in their documents. Sandy agreed that they were in the right place, but she was troubled that the cave seemed so ordinary.

“We came all this way for this? Really? An indoor pool with some art on the walls?”

Cindy pored over their soggy charts again. She shook her head in frustration.

“Yeah. I guess so. I mean… this is definitely the right place. Wow… what a letdown!”

Sandy kicked a stone into the water in disgust. As the women watched, the stone dropped into the water with a thick “plop”… then shot back up into the air, held several feet over the pool, and glowed with an unearthly light! Then, it faded away, out of sight.

The women exchanged stunned looks.

“Well, that was interesting,” laughed Cindy, looking shocked.

“Cindy… what if we’re right on top of it?” Sandy said. “I mean like… literally right on top of it!?” She pulled out the map and her uncle’s notes. “Here in his notes, my uncle talks about the path and a “doorway” – we thought he meant the mouth of the cave, but what if this pool is the gate to whatever is on the other side?”

Cindy frowned. “I wish we had some way of knowing,” the strawberry blonde said. “That rock might have crossed over to the place we’re trying to find, or it may have been destroyed. If we jump into that pool, we may be killing ourselves.”

“It’s a risk,” Sandy agreed. “But when we combine what we just saw with our notes, I think it’s a risk worth taking.”

The women stared into each other’s eyes and then back at the pool. Finally, Cindy nodded. The women began to undress, quickly stripping off their wet clothing until they were both completely nude. They left their clothing, their shoes, their headlamps and their packs in a pile on the ledge hanging over the pool.

Lit only by the green glow of the algae, the naked women joined hands and peered down into the calm water. As they watched, to their surprise, the water slowly began to churn until it swirled gently, enticingly. The women exchanged another look. They both felt that they were being invited into whatever waited for them in the deep water.

“Are you ready?” Sandy asked her companion.

“One last thing,” Cindy said. She turned to Sandy and pulled her nude partner into a passionate embrace. The women moaned in shared pleasure as their wet, naked bodies pressed tight. They kissed long and hard, their tongues and spit mixing freely, their moist flesh sliding and slipping. Cindy almost suggested that they fuck each other one last time, just in case. But she knew they were both too nervous for that.

They broke the kiss and smiled at each other. They separated. Hand in hand, side by side, Cindy and Sandy counted down. “One, two, three!” They leaped into the green lit pool together, hitting the cool water with a splash.

What happened next was unclear. The women felt themselves falling into the water, immersed in a warm, wet cocoon. Then, they were hurtling upwards. They lost their grips on each other’s hands. Everything went black, then everything went white. Heat and cold flashed up and down the women’s bare skin.

An instant later, the two busty women found themselves bursting out of the water in a different cavern. Gasping, they pushed their wet hair back on their heads and felt their feet touching the smooth, sandy bottom of a shallow pool, the water no higher than their waists. They glanced around at their surroundings. The pool they were in was in the bowl formed by surrounding hills. The hills were not high, but sloped steeply away from the pool. The ceiling of the cavern was high above, but still visible. The walls curved down to the hills and were covered in ornate symbols, some of which looked familiar. This new cavern was brightly lit with a gentle golden glow. It was not sunlight, but it was almost as bright. The women saw little glowing bubbles of energy appearing and disappearing randomly around the vast chamber. The air was filled with some sort of soft haze and a lovely aroma wafted around them.

“Where are we…?”, stammered Cindy as she glanced around.

“These are the Waters of Ra, I guess,” said Sandy. “Or maybe a better name is “the Cave of Ra,” or something like that.”

“I feel… fantastic!”, exclaimed the buxom strawberry-blonde. Cindy stretched in the glowing water, flexing her powerful muscles, and massaged her enormous boobs.

“I know. I feel it too!,” Sandy cried. “It’s like I just woke up from sleeping for a week or something!”

Sandy inspected herself, “And look Cindy – our boobs aren’t banged up anymore! It’s like we’ve been completely rejuvenated!”

Cindy began wading through the water towards Sandy, with a look of lust in her eye.

“Totally. And baby, am I ever, ever horny!”

Sandy smiled back and reached for her blonde lover. She also felt sexual tension boiling in her body, filling her to the brim.

The women smiled and interlocked fingers. They gently massaged their massive mammaries into each other as they shared a long and passionate kiss. They could not help but gasp and moan as the pleasure rippled through their ripe flesh.

“Let’s get onto land, so I can fuck your brains out, baby,” Cindy murmured in Sandy’s ear.

“Or we could do it right here,” Sandy replied, pure desire lighting her lascivious smile.

“So, you have found the special place.”

An unfamiliar voice and accent shocked the two busty lovers back to reality.

They looked up from the pool to see two magnificent women standing on the top of the hill that sloped down to the water. The women were dark-skinned, Egyptian in appearance. Their lustrous black hair flowed in waves down their shoulders and onto their backs. Their dark eyes were narrowed in anger. The women were incredibly beautiful. They were wearing tight halters, one woman a brown bra, the other green. Their halters were stretched to the breaking point by the meaty mounds they encased. The women’s impressive cleavages glistened in the golden light. Their midriffs were bare, exposing beautifully muscled abdomens and narrow, deep navels. Their hips flared out seductively, holding up the short, multi-hued wraps that barely covered their bare thighs and were adorned with jeweled scabbards. They were wearing sandals. They stood side by side, their hands on their womanly hips, glaring down at the two North American intruders.

Sandy and Cindy exchanged startled looks. Then they shrugged and pulled apart. They waded to the side of the pool, climbed out, and walked up the hill to speak to the other women.

“We’re sorry, we didn’t mean to intrude,” Cindy began. As she attempted to mollify the two angry-looking women, Sandy studied the huge breasts on the Egyptian beauties and judged them to be roughly the same size as her’s and Cindy’s. Indeed, these two spectacular women were a match for her and Cindy in every way that she could see and Sandy was not surprised to feel her nipples starting to tighten, her pussy starting to moisten, even more.

The two Egyptian women exchanged glances, then looked the naked foreigners up and down. Cindy believed that the two new women looked impressed – and maybe more – by what she and Sandy had on display.

The second Egyptian woman, who had been silent, now spoke.

“You will not leave this place. Others must not come”.

The two local women drew wicked looking daggers from the scabbards hanging at their voluptuous hips and slowly began to advance on the foreigners.

Sandy held up her hands in protest. “OK, whoa there, crazy ladies. We haven’t come to steal anything, if that’s what you think.” She knew that this might not be entirely true, but now was not the time to debate the point.

Cindy chirped up. “Yeah. We don’t even know what this place is. We’d really just like to leave now, if it’s all the same to you.”

The first woman spoke again.

“You will not touch the stone.”

Sandy and Cindy exchanged confused looks for a moment before looking past the two dusky women. Behind them, against the far wall of the vast cavern, a dimly lit rune was carved into a rounded stone attached to the wall.

“Cindy, how much you wanna bet that that glowing rock back there is our way out of here?”

The buxom naked strawberry-blonde nodded in agreement.

“But how are we going to get by the scary-sisters here?” Sandy and Cindy had backed away from the daggers and were now on the edge of the downward slope towards the pool. Neither woman wished to retreat down the slope with the armed Egyptians in pursuit.

Sandy considered the situation for a moment. Then, clarity washed over her. She understood what had to be done. Since arriving in this cave, Sandy had been immersed in a sense of sexual desire. Her body was hot with lust, her flesh was tingling with sexual electricity. Something in the air, in the water, was feeding her erotic need. She knew that the same was true of Cindy and she suspected that the Egyptian beauties facing them were similarly aroused. Indeed, as she looked more closely, she could see that both of the women’s nipples were tenting their halters. They were panting with something more than the tension of the confrontation. Sandy glanced down at the women’s bare legs and she could swear she saw the slight glistening of something wet trickling down their naked thighs.

The buxom naked blonde smiled at her friend. “Follow my lead,” Sandy whispered to Cindy.

Sandy stood with her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide. She thrust out her chin, then shook her massive tits from side to side. The Egyptian women gaped at Sandy’s bouncing breasts, mesmerized. Cindy followed Sandy’s example, standing with her hands on hips and shaking her tits at their foes.

“We challenge you!” Sandy cried out. She waited for a moment to see what the Egyptian beauties would do. She knew that she had to be prepared to leap back to avoid a flashing blade.

The Egyptian beauties looked at each other. An understanding passed between them. Then, they both sheathed their blades. They pulled the scabbard belt over their shoulders and threw them aside. Both women, in concert, reached behind their backs and unhooked their halters. Their magnificent tits bounced free, jiggling deliciously as they fell out of their restraints. Sandy and Cindy gaped at two pairs of luscious melons every bit as thick, round and gorgeous as their own. The Egyptian women reached to their hips and untied their wraps. The colorful garments pulled away, completely exposing their long, powerfully muscled legs and their clean-shaven twats. The women’s pussies were dripping with juices and Sandy felt her own pussy thicken and saturate with fluids in response. Cindy licked her dry lips, her eyes fixed on the beautiful cunt of the woman facing her. The Egyptian women stepped out of their sandals and threw their heads back. They placed their hands on their hips and proudly displayed their nude perfection for Sandy and Cindy to see. Their dark eyes flashed with heat and lust as they thrust their massive tits out in reply to the blonde women’s challenge.

“We accept your challenge, intruders,” the first Egyptian woman said. “We shall decide our dispute as women, our womanly power against yours. If you defeat us, you will have the right to touch the stone. If you lose, you will be given to our goddess.”

“I don’t like the sound of that,” Cindy muttered to Sandy.

“Then I guess we better make sure we don’t lose,” Sandy replied. Her body was tense with sexual need and she felt her pussy leaking thick juices down her naked thighs. Her nipples were so hard they hurt. “Let’s fuck these whores’ brains out, baby.”

“I’m right with you, sugar tits,” Cindy responded.

And with that, four evenly matched, naked goddesses stepped together for a grand sexual showdown.

To be continued:

Desert Duels, Part V

Sandy raised her hands and opened her fingers, inviting the Egyptian beauty facing her to do likewise. The women interlocked fingers and squeezed each other’s hands tight, bare palms pushing hard, fingers pressing into the backs of hands. Cindy and her opponent locked up in the same way. The four women stood that way for a moment, all of them enjoying the sensation of bare flesh to flesh, the anticipation of what they were about to do to each other.

“I am Soraya,” the woman facing Sandy said. “I am Nadira,” Cindy’s opponent declared.

“I am Sandy,” the blonde replied. “I am Cindy,” the Canadian beauty responded. Cindy continued. “Now that we have the introductions out of the way, let’s see what you’ve got, ladies.”

All four women pushed hard into each other, their arms wrestling in a momentary test of strength. Cindy pulled Nadira’s arms apart and eagerly pressed her thick, strong titmeat directly into the Egyptian’s matching breasts. The women’s enflamed nipples stabbed directly into each other and, as their tits pressed and mushroomed out, their nipples slid and twisted against each other. Cindy and Nadira gasped and moaned in concert as their meaty tits struggled, firm mounds of flesh rolling and grinding against each other. The women’s bare feet shuffled about on the ground, trying to find a good grip. Nadira suddenly twisted her hands free of Cindy’s grip and wrapped her arms around the naked Canadian’s luscious body. Cindy returned the grip as the women fell to the ground, naked bodies plastered together, long, strong legs twining up and straining. The women grunted and moaned as they rolled on the ground, cheek to cheek, muscles trembling with effort as they sought to control each other, breasts throbbing with heat, nipples scoring titflesh and grating against each other. They were close to the edge of the cliff, however, and in a moment they had slipped over the edge. The tightly twined nude vixens rolled down the hillside, a voluptuous ball of muscled, straining feminine fury, screaming and snarling and clawing at each other’s backs and asses as they plunged into the water.

Even as Cindy and Nadira battled furiously, Sandy and Soraya felt each other out. The women pushed each other’s hands over their heads and pressed their tits together slow and hard, carefully grinding and rippling their massive, equally dense and firm melons into each other. Sandy gasped uncontrollably as her powerful breasts mashed and surged against the beautiful Egyptian’s thick, taut titflesh. Their throbbing nipples grated and fenced. Soraya moaned, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip as she enjoyed the feeling of Sandy’s tits rippling and throbbing against her own. The women surged against each other, their feet pressed hard into the ground, their muscles straining as each sought to mash the other down. They battled like this for a few minutes before Sandy suddenly shifted her weight, wrapped her arms around Soraya and twisted their bodies. The women fell to the soft ground in a tangled heap. Their arms and legs wrapped around each other instantly and they began to roll on the cavern floor, moving away from the edge of the cliff. Sandy managed to pin Soraya and, holding the other woman down by her extended arms, Sandy raised herself up slightly and began grinding her rock-solid tits down into the other woman’s equally dense rack. Sandy moved her torso around and around, heavy tits mashing and rolling on Soraya’s meaty melons. The women moaned in erotic bliss, their writhing bodies squirming with desire. Sandy could feel the heat from their pussies warming each other. Soraya rallied. A series of violent pelvic thrusts from the Egyptian, her naked twat slamming wetly into Sandy’s dripping cunt, succeeded in dislodging the blonde and sent her tumbling away from her dark-haired foe.

Down in the water, Cindy and Nadira found their feet on the bottom of the pool and stood up in the hip-deep water near the edge of the pool. The women leaned into each other, both panting hard, and gasped as their meaty tits squashed tight. Nadira grabbed Cindy’s strawberry blonde hair, pulled on it, and twisted Cindy’s head. Cindy opened her mouth to cry out. Nadira stifled her scream with her tongue, driving her tongue deep into Cindy’s mouth, sucking and exploring the inside of Cindy’s oral cavity, until Cindy’s tongue lashed out to twist and twine with the Egyptian’s taste organ. The two women moaned with uncontrollable lust. Even as they continued to wriggle against each other, using their back muscles to grind their pulsing tits slowly and insistently, Nadira reached down and began running her right index finger up and down Cindy’s sopping gash, caressing the slick, dripping pussy lips. Cindy moaned louder and reached down to return the sensual stroking. Soon, both of the women drove two fingers deep and hard into the other’s aching cunt, caressing and teasing each other’s clits, probing deep into the other’s vaginal canal, questing for g spots. Their moaning became louder and ever more powerful, their French-kissing became deeper and harder as Cindy and Nadira struggled to devour each other with their mouths as their hands expertly masturbated the other woman, hot fingers stroking and caressing swollen clits and lubricated labia. After several minutes, the women came as one, their bodies going stiff with pleasure. They screamed in ecstasy as hot cum jetted all over their hands. Gasping and panting, they clung to each other as their sexual power rejuvenated, as they prepared for more to come.

Up above, Sandy and Soraya faced each other on their hands and knees, slowly crawling towards each other across the sandy surface. They pushed their beautiful faces together and looked deep into the other’s eyes.

“I will break your beautiful body, Sandy,” Soraya murmured. “I will enjoy making your cunt, your tits, submit to my own.”

“You can try, bitch,” Sandy murmured back. “But my pussy is going to eat your cheap cunt alive.”

The women’s tongues gently played on the other’s lips, before touching and then twisting together, then leading the women into a deep, sucking French kiss. They pushed up, kissing deeply and passionately, until their tits throbbed into each other and their bare bellies and powerful thighs pushed together tightly. Powerful arms wrapped around their naked bodies and they crushed each other tight, struggling to overwhelm each other with physical force and desire.

Gasping, Soraya and Sandy finally broke the kiss. Soraya suddenly pushed Sandy, shoving her away. The blonde fell on the ground on her back, her legs spread. Smiling savagely, Soraya lowered herself to the ground onto her ass, then spread her legs wide in invitation. Sandy looked at the clean-shaven glistening twat on her rival and smiled with feverish desire. “Oh yes,” Sandy breathed as she slid across the sand to scissor the other woman. Smiling at each other, they reached for the other’s forearm. Holding each other, bracing their bodies, Sandy and Soraya slammed their wet, smooth cunts together, cuntlips slapping thickly then slowly spreading apart, the women penetrating each other, locking up at the core of their womanhood. The women shrieked and moaned with each mutual thrust as they cunt-fucked powerfully, driving each other closer and closer to orgasm with each delicious thrust. They felt their powerful clits growing harder and longer and stronger, swelling up within the folds of their dueling vulvas, reaching for each other to begin the true test of womanly power and erotic pleasure. Sandy and Soraya threw back their heads and screamed in ecstasy as their clits came together, head to head. Grinding frantically, sex nub to sex nub, the women panted furiously, their tits bouncing exuberantly, as they fucked to the end, each desperate to overwhelm the other with her sexual power. After several minutes of frantic, clit to clit grinding, the women shrieked in concert and came together in a torrent of sexual juices. Their mutual orgasm rocked both buxom warriors to the core and lasted for several long, excruciatingly pleasurable seconds. Both women collapsed to the sand, desperately panting for breath while still joined tightly at the crotch.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” Sandy thought to herself. “That was fucking good.” But she knew that the battle was far from over and she readied herself for the next round.

Down at the pool, Nadira pushed herself away from Cindy and climbed out of the water onto the bank. She quickly turned around to face Cindy and then sat down on her ass on the dry sand. She spread her legs and reached between her thighs to spread her cuntlips, spread her labia, and coax her glistening clit out of the folds of her vulva. Cindy licked her lips as she stared intently into the juicy, gaping mouth before her. She reached down and stroked her own pussy lips and clit even as she climbed out of the water. In a moment, she was down on the ground with Nadira. The women scissored each other, aimed their steaming cunts at each other, and brought them together with mutual screams of ecstasy and the hot, wet slap of twat to twat and clit to clit. Nadira and Cindy grabbed each other’s muscular thigh and ground into each other hard, their cries and screams and moans of pleasure harmonizing as they fucked. They went at it furiously, relentlessly, their eyes locked, their screams of hate and lust pouring from them. Finally, both went stiff, throwing back their heads and crying out in ecstasy, before falling flat on their backs on the damp sand, panting like furnaces, their bodies wet with sweat, their chests heaving under their magnificent tits.

On the summit of the hill, Soraya and Sandy came together again, throwing themselves at each other. They rolled around on the sand, their naked bodies wet with sweat and sexual secretions, as each tried to gain the dominant position from which to mount the other and fuck her opponent into sexual submission. Their struggle for position somehow ended up with both women turned around, their faces pressed into the other’s cunt, their heads trapped between the other’s succulent thighs. Grasping each other’s asses, they eagerly buried their faces in their opponent’s aching cunt and began to eat, lick and suck, feasting on each other ravenously, struggling to eat the other into surrender. The women rolled onto their sides and devoured each other hungrily, their fingers probing vaginas and assholes as the need arose, but most of their attention focused on sucking and licking the other woman’s trembling clit. Sobbing and gasping, the women finally erupted in each other’s beautiful faces, washing each other with long ejaculations of cum that left them both gasping with passion.

After a time, Soraya and Sandy rolled apart and glared at each other, both wiping cum away from their faces with the backs of their hands. The buxom women got to their feet and slowly approached each other. They reached for each other and slipped into each other’s arms, pulling and pressing their magnificent bodies together tightly. They kissed passionately and they rippled their back muscles, massaging their huge tits into each other, hard nipples fencing and scoring thick titflesh. Their bellies slapped and undulated against each other. The women slipped their hands down and around each other’s hips and gripped each other by their powerful buttocks. They leaned back just enough to bring their swollen clits into direct contact. Groaning and gasping uncontrollably, swallowing back each other’s spit, Soraya and Sandy’s pelvises undulated, asses rippling and flexing. The mutual thrusting and undulating intensified as the mutual clit to clit stroking, grinding, became more and more vigorous and ferocious. Tears streamed down their beautiful faces as both women felt incredible orgasms building in their cores.

Down at the pool, Nadira and Cindy had joined the same stand up fuck battle. Standing hip deep in the water, their mouths were locked together as their tongues twisted into spitty knots and they groaned passionately with unrestrained lust. Their bellies were flat against each other, abdomens rippling with effort, deep navels sucked to each other. Their massive tits were sealed together, nipple to nipple, pulsing with heat and sweat and electricity. Their hands were filled with the other woman’s ass as they pulled each other in tight. Their hips and asses gyrated, their clits throbbed and pulsed as they rubbed against each other, trying to fuck each other into oblivion.

Both sets of women’s moans and cries became louder and more frantic, more desperate as they neared the end. All four women felt the flood of pleasure forming in their sexual cores, the incredible ecstasy of an impending, irrevocable orgasmic release. Moments later, all four women exploded simultaneously, screaming at the top of their lungs. An overwhelming feeling of sexual ecstasy flooded through Sandy and Cindy, filling them with pleasure so intense they could only cling to the luscious flesh of their Egyptian opponent and hold on. For Sandy and Cindy, the world went white for a moment.

The next thing Sandy and Cindy knew, they were lying naked back in their tent. The morning sun had begun to rise over the mountains. The women were lying side by side. They exchanged looks of confusion and disbelief.

“What the hell just happened?” Cindy asked. “Did we win? Did you touch the glowing rune on the wall?”

Sandy shrugged and shook her head. “I didn’t touch anything. Last thing I remember was having an amazing, incredible orgasm.”

Cindy nodded. “Me, too.”

The women crawled out from under their sheets and made their way out of the tent flap. They looked out, up at the mountain. From their position, they could see that the stream was still there, trickling down the mountain, but the cavern that was its source seemed to be gone.

Sandy shook her head. “I’ve had enough of this. I’m going back to Ohio and never looking back.”

Cindy nodded in agreement. “Manitoba never looked so good.”

Sandy turned back to the tent, to begin dressing and packing up their camp. Before she could do so, she felt Cindy’s arms wrapping around her naked torso. She turned her head to gaze into Cindy’s sweet smile and the hungry look in the strawberry blonde’s eyes.

“There’s not any rush, is there?” Cindy asked sweetly. “I don’t know about you, but I’m still really, really horny. That Egyptian woman sexed me up really good and didn’t really satisfy me.”

Sandy turned around to take her nude companion in her arms. The women smiled at each other as their heavy tits mashed tight, as their flat bellies settled warmly against each other. Their tongues touched, then slid together and began to lick and stroke as their mouths sealed. They kissed long and hard, their passion growing with every moment.

They finally broke the kiss and smiled at each other, panting wildly. Their rubbed their pussies on each other and smiled, gasping with desire.

“Let’s fuck, baby,” Sandy cooed. “Let’s really ride each other hard. After all we’ve been through, I could do with getting my brains fucked out right about now.”

Cindy smiled. Arm in arm, the women returned to their tent and closed the flap. Soon, the jungle morning was graced with the sound of two women engaged in hot, driving sex.

Not far away, listening intently, Nadira and Soraya looked at each other and smiled.

To be continued:

Desert Duels, Part VI

The mid-morning sun beat down on Cindy and Sandy’s tent. From inside the tent, the grunts, moans and screams of its inhabitants disturbed the calm of the mountainside.

Sandy and Cindy were locked together, their beautiful heads thrown back, their arms twined around each other, their legs scissored and their fingers digging into the other woman’s thick, flexing ass. Their powerful buttocks were rippling with effort as they shared powerful thrust after thrust, their juiced up cunts sucked and merged into one, their pulsing clits wrapped around each other, their bright pink labia flattened and intermeshed, hot, wet liquids flowing from their saturated fuckholes, bathing their locked twats and inner thighs with slippery lubricant. Their massive tits were fused nipple to nipple and their powerful abdomens undulated against each other furiously. Sandy and Cindy finally fucked each other to another excruciating simultaneous orgasm. They shrieked at the top of their lungs as they ejaculated powerfully into each other. Their incredible bodies trembled with orgasmic relief, going stiff and then releasing, straining against each other until the unbearable pleasure forced the women to fall flat on their backs, arching their spines as they drove as deeply into each other as they could, their perfect, massive tits jiggling delectably. Their hungry twats squeezed and squeezed, wrestling for domination. Hot cum flowed between their luscious bodies, mingling and mixing into a sexual froth within their conjoined vaginal canals. Both women savored the warmth as their juices combined within their bodies. The women bucked and thrashed their way through three more intense orgasms before they collapsed, gasping for breath. The inside of the tent was hot and sticky, the stifling scent of sex filling the air. The voluptuous beauties were wet with sweat and cum, their bodies momentarily spent.

Slowly, slowly, the blonde Amazons came down from their orgasmic high. Their massive tits quivered as they panted for breath, as their pounding hearts returned to a steady beat. After a while, Cindy pushed herself up on her elbows and looked over her engorged tits at her blonde lover. She squeezed Sandy’s cunt with her own. Their pussies were still interlocked, the thick, muscled flesh of their vulvae forming one dripping fusion of fuckmeat. Sandy squeezed back, even as she pushed herself up to share a smile with her friend.

“God, you’re a good fuck,” Sandy sighed at her companion, grinning as she felt the heat in her body building again. “I can’t believe how good it feels to lock up with you.”

“I know,” Cindy purred. “And there’s a lot more where that came from, baby.” Cindy squeezed a bit harder, smiling as Sandy responded. “I don’t know what it is about this place, but I feel like I could just stay here and do nothing but fuck you for the next month.”

Sandy smiled invitingly.“Come and get it, baby,” Sandy smiled. “I can do this for as long and as hard as you want.”

The two women were still smiling at each other, propped up on their elbows when, suddenly, the flap to their tent was pulled back. Cindy and Sandy looked up in surprise. Nadira and Soraya were kneeling in the entrance, both women completely naked, their majestic tits hanging from their chests like meaty cannonballs, both of their beautiful faces contorted with crazed, lustful expressions. Without a word, before Cindy and Sandy could react, the Egyptian beauties threw themselves into the tent and onto their blonde rivals. Four luscious, incredible naked bodies came together. Soraya landed on Cindy; Nadira crushed down on Sandy. The two Egyptians arranged themselves on top of the blondes, all four women writhing against each other, bulging tits mashing, thick nipples grinding and fencing, hot, wet stomachs sliding. Sandy and Cindy were still buried in each other, cunt deep, clits locked. They popped apart in a gush of slick cum, but their pressed together twats continued to rub as they struggled with the Egyptian vixens trying to pin them down. Nadira and Soraya pressed into each other ass to ass. Cindy and Sandy were already spread, so the brown-skinned beauties had only to position themselves between the blondes’ wet thighs. Nadira and Soraya pressed back into the other’s ass, then raised their butts in unison. The act slid the Egyptian women’s dripping cunts against each other on the top part of the upward arc; their tight assholes sucked at each other. Then, they thrust down, slamming their hungry quims into the waiting cunts of the blonde women under them.

Sandy gasped as she felt Nadira’s succulent twat crush and slap against her own. It felt utterly, unbearably delicious and, as the Egyptian women ground her incredible body into Sandy’s equally voluptuous flesh, the blonde American felt her erotic excitement build to a lustful fever. She knew, in an instant, that she was on the verge of experiencing hours of unbridled sexual ecstasy. Sandy reached down and squeezed Nadira’s thrusting ass. She felt what Nadira and Soraya were doing and she realized that the two Egyptian beauties were fucking each other even as they were fucking Cindy and her. Sandy pushed her hips toward her blonde lover’s body and felt Cindy’s wet, hot cunt meeting her own, just moments before Nadira’s twat came slapping down on her fuckmeat, violating and spreading her thick-lipped, juicy cunt, clit driving into her labia. Sandy moaned with uncontrollable pleasure and excitement as she realized that, somehow, the Egyptians were trying to have a four way fuck. Nadira and Soraya kissed cunts at the top of each thrust, then drove into the blondes at the bottom arc of each long, hard fuck stroke. Almost instinctively, Sandy and Cindy began bucking to meet their Egyptian enemies, pumping their hips, slicking their own twats together before thrusting up to meet the naked, hot cunts of their foes. All four women drove at each other, slapping their hot pussies together, then writhing and thrusting, using their hips and asses to smear their hungry cunts together, four slick fuckholes sliding and gripping and grinding at each other.

“Oh fuck,” Sandy moaned in her mind. The heat between the women’s intersecting bodies built like a firestorm. The wet lubricants they spread around each other, the incredible feeling of four slick, smooth sets of lush genitals struggling to fuse, filled her with unbelievable pleasure. The women’s tits were on fire as the engorged, aroused flesh and stiff nipples mashed into one. Sandy’s taut belly slapped with Nadira’s belly; Cindy and Soraya’s bellies pounded like drums. Cindy and Soraya locked into a spit-filled, tongue-twisting kiss. Sandy and Nadira did the same. The four women pulled at each other’s hair, even as the blondes continued to claw and pull at the Egyptians’ pumping asses. Cindy and Sandy found themselves shoving their index fingers up the Egyptian women’s assholes.

The four-way fuck went on and on, the heat in the tent growing to furnace like levels, all four women dripping sweat from their lush, gleaming bodies, the intersection of their pussies, their hot inner thighs soaked with sexual juices. Sandy’s clit fenced with Nadira’s sexhorn; Cindy and Soraya clitfucked furiously, even as all four women’s cuntlips sucked and ground at each other. The erotic struggle raged on, all four women lost in the pleasures of the flesh of the others until, finally, they began to tremble and shake in unison as excruciating orgasms built inside. Their moans, screams and cries of ecstasy grew louder and more exuberant. They kissed and clawed at each other frantically, desperately, racing each other to the end.

“Oh, fucking God!!,” Sandy shrieked. She came hard, ejaculating powerfully, her whole body arching.

“Fucking Christ!,” Cindy screamed at the same moment. She also convulsed, her cum gushing like a geyser.

The Egyptian beauties shrieked out their own curses, their own appeals to their gods as their bodies released in terrible ecstasy.

The four way orgasm rocked all the women to their cores. Their hot ejaculate soaked their inner thighs; their grinding, driving cunts spread the steaming cum to the vaginal canals of all four women. Moaning and gasping, shuddering and shaking, the women rammed and drove into each other as hard and deep as they could, all four cunts pressing tight, spraying ejaculate at and into each other.

For some time, Nadira, Soraya, Cindy and Sandy lay wrapped together, soaked in sweat and cum, panting and heaving, their bodies plastered flesh to flesh. Cindy suddenly acted. She rolled Soraya off of her, pushing the Egyptian beauty to the other side of the tent. Sandy followed suit, shoving Nadira away. The four women sat facing each other, their legs spread, from across the tent, the Egytians on one side, the blondes on the other. The air in the tent was stifling. The women were dripping with sweat and the scent of sex in the air was overpowering. As much as Cindy loved the smell, she knew that the heat would soon prove unbearable. She reached out, opened one of the tent flaps and tied it open. Sandy opened a vent at the back of the tent. The resulting breeze immediately relieved some of the heat.

“What do you bitches want?” Sandy finally asked. The four women glared at each other from across the small space.

“We have come to test you,” Soraya responded. The dark-eyed beauty smiled, her sensuality rolling off of her in waves, filling the tent, setting Cindy and Sandy’s loins on fire. “If you pass our test, then we will bestow a great gift upon you. A gift that can only be given from woman to woman.”

“What is this test?” Cindy asked. But she suspected she knew.

“What is the gift?” Sandy demanded. She did not want to end up with something she did not want.

“You can only have the gift once you pass the test,” Nadira replied, her dusky eyes glinting with sexual heat. “As for the test, it is quite simple: you must face us in sexual combat. You must battle us as partners, the two of you against the two of us. The two that sexually exhaust the other two win. If there is no clear winner, then you two will get the prize that you think you want. If you exhaust us, then we will give you the prize you have earned.”

Sandy and Cindy looked at each other. The prizes they were fighting for were still unclear to both of them. However, looking into each other’s eyes, Cindy and Sandy saw the sexual fever they felt burning in their loins mirrored in the eyes of the other. Cindy and Sandy were infected by this place. They needed to match bodies, cunts, tits and clits with these Egyptian bitches, win or lose. The two voluptuous blondes smiled at each other.

Cindy turned back to the dusky-skinned women. “We accept your challenge. None of us are leaving this tent until Sandy and I have fucked the two of you into comas.”

Soraya smiled. “No. Our superior cunts and tits will teach the two of you lessons you will never forget. We are not little girls, like you. We are women. We have humbled many other beautiful women who have come here to challenge us. You will be no different.”

“We aren’t here to ‘challenge you,’ bitch,” Sandy snapped. “You’re the one who are challenging us. But that’s fine. You want to take us on, women to women? Then come and get it, slut.”

None of the women could wait any longer. Their beautiful, sexually engorged bodies needed to mate, to fight and fuck, until they had squeezed every last ounce of pleasure out of each other, until the cunts of one team sucked dry the cunts of the other.

The women slid towards each other, legs spread wide, naked pink cunts dripping with juice. They all reached down and spread their cuntlips, freeing their thickening clits for combat. The women scissored each other, Cindy paired with Nadira, Sandy matched cunt to cunt with Soraya. Heavy, succulent tits crushed and mashed, rolling against each other like meaty weapons. Hot, hard bellies slapped and sopping wet cunts came driving together, cuntlips flattening and sucking to each other with an audible hiss , pink labia melting into one, thumb-sized clits stabbing and rubbing together, head to exquisitely sensitive head. All four women shrieked in unison, their screams turning to moans of lust and need as they pulled each other in, wrapping arms around smooth, muscled backs, crushing throbbing tits, asses and hips rippling and bucking, ravenous cunts sucking and fusing, rock-hard clits stabbing and sawing and grinding at each other. Hot tongues twisted into spit-slicked knots, eager hands pulled at thick hair, scratched at backs in passion. The four sex-crazed women began the long, hard, unbelievably pleasurable process of fucking each other raw.

The morning stretched into afternoon then into evening. The two blonde North American women and the incredible Egyptians struggled all day, their luscious bodies locked in continuous sexual combat. The women lost all sense of time. The only thing that mattered was the flesh and sex of the other women, the thick, juicy tits that needed to be sucked and rubbed and crushed, the succulent cunts that needed to be spread and licked and eaten and fused together in a world of hot, wet, pink delight. The world revolved around stiff, thumb-sized clits, the periscopes of the far deeper nest of exquisite nerves that made up the clitoral rings surrounding the women’s boiling twats. The women were lost in the universe of sexual pleasure and domination.Their incredible bodies came together time and time and time again. The women changed partners constantly, fucking each other relentlessly. Thick, naked cunts pounded and sucked, fusing into one. Trembling tits mashed and rock-hard nipples fought. The women grabbed each other’s thighs as they ground their cunts together deeply, spreading and violating each other mercilessly. They rolled on the tent floor, devouring each other in hungry 69s, sucking clits and probing asses and soaking wet twats with fingers and tongues and fists. Nadira and Cindy went at each other ass to ass, arching their backs up and rubbing their tits into the ground, grinding their slick pussies until their twats were eating each other, sucked and trembling in sexual stalemate, until their puckered assholes were sealed together, anus to anus. The women screamed in unbelievable pleasure, spraying each other’s asses and cunts with hot cum as they drove each other to orgasm after orgasm. Sandy and Soraya held each other’s forearms and leaned back, driving their muscled twats as deeply into each other as they could, squeezing and squeezing, their locked cunts trembling as they fought to overwhelm each other, their swollen tits throbbing. The women ejaculated into each other over and over, their bodies writhing uncontrollably as their massive tits bounced, as their bodies twisted in erotic bliss. The women sucked at each other’s tits, biting and gnawing at enflamed, inch-long nipples, feasting on the delicious flesh until they cried out in sexual joy. They mashed and rolled and rubbed massive breasts into each other. One time, all four women came together, arms over each other’s shoulders, and formed a rectangle, their tits facing inward. They rubbed and ground their eight meaty masses into each other, grunting and screaming and gasping in pleasure as their hard nipples scored dense titflesh, as their boobs struggled to mash each other down. The pleasure built until Nadira threw herself on Sandy, out of her mind with lust, pulled Sandy’s leg to her shoulder, and began clitfucking the blonde with all the power of her driving ass and hips. Cindy and Soraya rolled on the ground until they each found their faces buried in the other’s cunt. Sucking, licking and eating, they fisted each other until their cum jetted out onto their gorgeous faces.

The night fell. The women continued the relentless orgy in the dark, until Cindy turned on one of the LED lamps. By the golden glow of the lamp, the four sexual warriors battled on, their perfect bodies gleaming with sweat and cum. They ravaged each other, bodies on fire, fighting to consume each other with their feminine strength. They matched sexual organs to sexual organs, womanly power to womanly power, their groans and moans harmonizing as the erotic struggle raged, their erotic power fed by the magic of the mountain.

Sandy found herself locked tongue to tongue with Soraya, tits on fire as she and Egyptian women thrust at each other, each trying to flatten the other. At the same time, her lower body was locked twat to twat with Nadira, their hips and asses bucking as their clits twisted and swelled around each other, waves of ecstasy filling their flesh, their succulent twats engorged with the blood of arousal, the clitoral ring around their cunts on fire with pleasure. Nadira’s head was buried between Cindy’s legs, her tongue and teeth wrapped around Cindy’s clit, even as the gorgeous Canadian woman fisted Soraya viciously. The four women shrieked as they brought each other to orgasm, one after the other.

It was late in the night, past midnight, when the women found themselves joined together in a final sexual showdown. Sandy and Cindy sat scissor locked with Nadira and Soraya, respectively. All four women were nearing exhaustion, but all could feel that the point of final orgasmic release was coming. Leaning back, they each seized her sexual opponent’s thigh and, tits jolting with each thrust, they worked their cunts deep and hard into each other, spreading their pink labia as they fused together. Thick clits rubbed and fenced, length to length, head to head, forcing waves of incredible pleasure into each sexual warrior. All four women sensed that they were nearing a point of no return. For the past several hours, the sexual pleasure of their orgasms had been increasing exponentially, building and building without full release, growing to a point of explosive need. As the blondes rubbed clits with the dark-haired beauties, they looked deep into the others’ eyes. Their hair was soaked with sweat; all four women looked like they were wet from showers. Their bellies undulated, powerful abdomens rippling as they fucked with all their strength. Their perfect tits bounced deliciously, enticingly, on their chests. The women were buried cunt deep in their opponent. Slow and hard, with excruciating force, the four sexual combatants fucked each other to a devastating conclusion. Their moans and cries gradually built to screams and snarls as the women struggled to hold back the tremendous orgasms building in their cores, struggled to hold out just a second longer than their enemy.

Nadira suddenly reached out and seized Sandy’s jiggling right tit. She squeezed the incredibly sensitive nipple hard.

“Oh you fuck, you filthy bitch…,” Sandy moaned. It was too much. She felt the sexual dam burst in her core, she felt her insides contract with unbearable force and then release. Unbelievable pleasure radiated from her clit to fill her entire body, to send erotic electricity racing through her muscles. She screamed uncontrollably as she fell flat on her back, her cunt convulsing, steaming hot cum jetting from the deepest core of her womanhood, injecting into Nadira’s ravenous cunt. The sudden pressure of Sandy’s cunt convulsing, squeezing her twat, the sudden overwhelming sensation of the blonde’s ejaculate flowing into her body, proved too much for Nadira. With a howling shriek the Egyptian goddess felt an unbelievable orgasm erupt from her core. She felt the sexual dam in her body break. She fell flat on her back and writhed in concert with Sandy. The women screamed and screamed as they came again and again, their bodies syncing up so that they shared orgasm after orgasm.

Beside Sandy and Nadira, Soraya and Cindy continued their battle. Cindy reached out and squeezed Soraya’s bulging tit, twisting the nipple. In seconds, Soraya was flat on the ground, screaming in sexual ecstasy, her delicious twat shooting jet after jet of hot ejaculate up into Cindy’s welcoming twat. Cindy shrieked, mirroring her foe. The orgasmic dam broke inside of her, too.

The four women writhed uncontrollably on the floor of the tent, their bodies overpowered by the sexual energy that poured out of them and into each other. They could not stop cumming. Orgasm after orgasm wracked their lush bodies. They twisted and undulated, tits rocking furiously, abdomens rippling, backs arching and toes curling, limbs going stiff then releasing in relief before tightening again. They screamed and screamed until their screams turned to hitching gasps as the pleasure stole their tongues. Each orgasm was more intense than the one before.

Sandy felt helpless, lost in the ecstasy, as her body released all of its sexual power at once. The orgasms kept coming and she knew that she would die from the pleasure. She looked to her side; Cindy was lying next to her, her eyes wide open and staring at the ceiling without seeing, her body shuddering with wave after wave of pleasure. Cindy turned her head and the two blondes looked into each other, then moved their heads a bit closer. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead,they shared screams and moans and hot breath as their bodies slowly shut down, overwhelmed by sexual pleasure. Their only consolation was their certainty that Nadira and Soraya were every bit as helpless. The Egyptians’ pussies gushed uncontrollably. Soon, the four women were soaked in sweat and cum. Screaming and moaning, they rode each other into unconsciousness.


Sandy woke slowly. Her body felt drained, tired in ways she had never felt before. She was aware that it was bright and warm. She remembered the day and night before and realized that she did not feel the pressure of another woman’s body fused to her own. She opened her eyes. It was morning. Cindy was lying beside Sandy. The Canadian woman’s beautiful face wore an expression of absolute peace, the kind of peace that comes from complete sexual satisfaction. Sandy raised her head and looked around Nadira and Soraya were nowhere to be seen.

“Did we win?” Sandy wondered as she slowly pulled herself into a sitting position. She was sure that she and Cindy had fought the two Egyptian goddesses to a sexual stalemate. But, on the other hand, they had clearly awakened first and left. Did that mean the brown-skinned beauties were the victors of their orgy fuckfight?

Careful not to disturb Cindy, Sandy climbed over the naked beauty beside her and crawled out of the tent. Her entire body was sore, especially her pussy and her breasts. She looked up the mountain. The cave was still missing. Their camels were grazing peacefully a short distance away. Then Sandy saw something that had not been there before. On the edge of their camp, a large bag was sitting on the ground. A note was attached to it.

Sandy approached the bag cautiously. She pulled off the note and opened it. It was written in an archaic form of Arabic, but Sandy had learned enough Arabic before leaving on her expedition to read the note.

“Greetings, Cindy and Sandy,” the note read. “You two have proven to be the most formidable women we have ever had the pleasure to fight. It is rare that anyone is able to battle us to a standstill, yet that is what you did. Even so, you did not win our struggle. Thus, we will not leave you the gift that you would deserve if you had won. But we have left you the gift that you think you need. Enjoy it.”

“In one year’s time, from this day, you must return to this place. At that time, we will meet you and we will resume the battle that we began today. If you do not return, everything that you build using the gift we have left you will fade away. This is one of the conditions of our gift. But we are confident that we do not need to coerce you. We are certain that you will be as eager to test yourself against us in future as we are to test ourselves against you.”

“With respect, Soraya and Nadira.”

Sandy read the note again, then put it aside. She looked at the bag. It was tied with a leather thong and seemed to be made of a tough wool. She untied it and looked inside. She gasped. The bag was filled with gold coins. This was the treasure that she and Cindy had both hoped they would find when they went looking for the Waters of Ra!

Behind Sandy, Cindy came staggering out of the tent. The naked blonde beauty stretched and yawned, then grimaced.

“Fuck, my tits and pussy feel sore and swollen up to ten times their regular size. No offense, baby, but I’ve never been fucked like that before. That was out of this world. I’m going to be walking bow-legged for a week.”

Sandy waved Cindy over. “Come and see this, Cindy.” She held out the note. Cindy took it and read it through, somewhat more slowly than Sandy, as her Arabic was not quite as good.

Cindy looked up. Sandy had already noticed that the other blonde’s nipples had hardened as she read the note. Sandy smiled. The idea of locking up with the two Egyptians in a year’s time had the same effect on her.

“What’s in the bag?” Cindy asked.

“Gold,” Sandy replied. “Lots and lots of gold.”

Cindy blinked, then looked for herself. Then she smiled, an ear to ear grin. Sandy smiled back.

“I think that this expedition ended up pretty much as good as it possibly could,” Cindy said after a moment. “We’re both rich, we’ve both had the best sex of our lives, and all we need to do to stay rich is to come back here in a year and have the best sex of our lives again.”

The two gorgeous blondes smiled at each other happily. Both women noticed that the other’s nipples were now thick, long shafts. Sandy noticed a slight glint of juice on Cindy’s slowly swelling twat. Cindy noticed Sandy’s pussy lips getting puffy with arousal.

“You’re not in any rush to leave, are you Cindy?” Sandy purred. She placed her arms on the other blonde’s shoulders, clasping her hands loosely behind the other woman’s neck.

“Not at all, Sandy,” Cindy murmured. She wrapped her arms around Sandy’s waist. The women slowly pressed their hot, thick nipples together and smiled lustfully at each other as intense pleasure rippled through their bodies.

“Good. Because I really, really want to fuck right now.”

“So do I,” Cindy smiled. “I want to fuck really, really hard.”The women looked deep into the eyes of the other, their mutual desire building to an explosion.

Slowly, they kissed, tongues gently exploring each other’s mouths, spit sliding and slipping. The kiss became harder, hungrier. When they separated, they were panting and the heat between their legs had grown to intensity of a small sun.

“You know, baby,” Cindy grinned. “I think that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Hand in hand, Sandy and Cindy returned to the tent. They had a great deal to celebrate and all the time in the world to do it.

The End

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  1. Giannis says:

    In your story Wold War III you indroduced to us a hot and horny sexfighter like a female James Bond. Now your talent and your fantasy introduced to us a hot and horny sexfighter like a female Indiana Jones !!
    You are much more than perfect !
    Bravo !

  2. Elza says:

    Your writing is AMAZING. These are some of the most intimate, intense sexfights I’ve ever read – every one is better than the last. I’m a gay male into fighting for dominance, and your writing has me more interested in women than I’ve ever been before.

    I’m especially commenting here, because the four-way clit fight that happens in this story is incredible. If you ever do a four-way fuck again, you gotta make them all slam their clits together!

    Thanks so much for writing, this website is incredible!


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