Disney Duel 2: Belle vs Jasmine by Luffy316

Prince Adam’s was hosting a great feast at his castle that night. His loyal servants had managed quite the feast, and his guests from Agrabah had plenty to say about how wonderful it all tasted. Princess Jasmine and Princess Belle were the only ones not enjoying themselves, and it was strictly because of one another.

Belle wore a gold-colored dress with a low cut cleavage line, and Jasmine in her traditional two-piece Arabian attire. Married or not, the men were men, and Aladdin stole glances at Belle just as Adam, better known as The Beast not long ago, did the same with Jasmine. The women, in turn, shot angry glares at each other, convinced their revealing attire was an attempt to seduce their man.

“I do hate to cut the visit short, but you will have to excuse me tomorrow,” Prince Adam apologized after swapping stories with Aladdin at one end of the table. “My people have been reporting bandits hiding in the hills, and they could use me and my guards to root out the bastards.”

Jasmine gave a small sigh, further down the table from her man to allow room for all the food and drink on the great table. “At least I don’t have to smell his wet dog stink anymore,” she muttered, though Belle gave a scowl back at her that implied she’d heard her.

“Well no reason to end the trip over that,” Aladdin insisted with a smile. “I have my own guards at my disposal, and if you haven’t heard, I wasn’t always royalty. I know my way around a fight.”

Adam laughed jovially at this. “Well I was born into royalty, but I don’t mind saying that I didn’t let that get in the way of impressing a few fencing teachers!”

The men shared a laugh and made plans for the trip. They considered their wives, of course, who agreed to the longer stay despite their personal qualms with the idea. It would take the princes about a week to get back, and they wouldn’t put the princesses in danger, so they agreed to stay back at Adam’s palace.

“Tell me, Jasmine!” Belle piped up suddenly as they reached their conclusion. “Did you see the painting in the side hall on your way in? It’s my absolute favorite.”

“I didn’t!” Jasmine played along, meeting Belle’s eyes across the table. “You simply must show me!” The Arabian princess promptly got up, the ladies excusing themselves off to the one of the halls out of earshot of the banquet.

Aladdin nodding after the departing women. “See? They’re getting along like sisters. They’ll be fine for a week.”

The women stopped by the large but simple painting of a queenly figure somewhere up Prince Adam’s family tree. Belle had chosen the spot in particular because when she had to sneak around through the library or any of the previously forbidden areas, she knew this to be a secluded spot to catch her breath. “What in the hell is wrong with you?” she snapped at Jasmine, fists on her formally dressed hips. “Just because your man is an uneducated criminal is no reason to come into my castle and act like such a bitch!”

Jasmine gasped angrily at the accusations. “How dare you!? You were the one trying to seduce him with that trashy outfit of yours, you glorified pet slut!”

“I would never!” Belle huffed back. “If Aladdin would pick a pathetic sand slut like you as a bride, he must have disgusting tastes already.”

Jasmine scowled and stepped closer, pressing her caramel-colored breasts into Belle’s competitively. “So says the wife of a fucking mongrel animal! Fitting that a dog would marry a bitch. Tell me, were you always this ugly or did he pass his curse on to you?”

“Ugly!? At least I don’t need to hide my saggy tits in that ridiculous pajama outfit!”

“I’m not hiding anything,” Jasmine growled back. “In fact, I’d be happy to strip you nude and show you just how superior my body is to some white whore!”

“You’re barely a woman, let alone a princess. How low has Agrabah sunk if their slutty royalty is sucking a thief’s pathetic dick just to get by? You and your whore-stealing man should just go back to your sand trap of a kingdom where the sand hides your ugly face!”

“Then you use this great garden of yours to hide your hideousness in mud!?” Jasmine scoffed back. “Or do you eat it to remind yourself of your pathetic beggar life?”

Belle was bright red in fury at this point, only keeping herself from slapping the foreign bitch because of her husband, knowing how important this gathering was for him. But Jasmine’s last statement made her think. “You want to see who eats mud here?” she intoned on a low, threatening level. “Our men will be leaving tomorrow, as well as most of the guards. There’s a space behind the barracks, where the servants rarely bother to go. It’s where they keep their mud pit, where they can pay wenches and whores to fight for their amusement. That is, if your sand-crusted cunt isn’t scared of a little mud.”

Jasmine raised her head a bit to nod slowly in understanding. “I’ll be glad to put you into your place, you royal dog-fucker. Meet me there an hour after they leave and I’ll show you what makes a real woman.”

The ladies parted ways and smiled their way through the rest of the meal, sleeping with their men one more night before they saw them off. They were sure to kiss them intensely for good luck, and to show off the other princess as well. With most of the men of the castle gone, they returned to their bedrooms to prepare. Not long after, both arrived at the pit out behind the castle.

There was the simple but comfortable wooden structure for the guardsmen, now empty as what few they had were patrolling or resting in the castle. Behind it, away from even the castle windows, there was a pit roughly 6 feet deep dug with plain wooden planks for walls to keep it from caving in. The recently light rain and the pit’s deeply dug nature kept the mud at the bottom still damp and sticky, and a bit more than ankle deep on the girls. Belle was waiting there with a plain dress on and a ribbon in her hair, while Jasmine arrived shortly after wearing her usual tiara-style headband and billowing blue two-piece.

“So you actually had the tits to show up,” Jasmine sneered at her in disgust, looking over the brown-haired country girl.

“No way I’m losing to you in my own castle,” Belle scoffed back at her. She took the waist of her dress, pulling it down to show her clean white panties. Jasmine gave her a slightly wary look as Belle shrugged. “I’m not ruining this dress for trash like you. And I’m not ashamed of my body like some foreign imitation of a real woman.”

Jasmine followed suit, stripping down as the women kept glaring across at each other. They were soon both nude apart from their smallest accessories. Belle kept her hair tied back with her blue bow, while Jasmine kept her blue hair band in place, a gold necklace around her neck and short gold earrings.

Jasmine looked over her naked opponent, both with smooth, regal skin and their pussies neatly trimmed. “Even uglier nude, I see,” the Agrabah royalty sneered in disgust at Belle’s round white breasts and perky pink nipples before starting to climb into the pit.

“And here I thought fighting you outdoors would help with your dirty arab stink,” Belle hissed back as she followed suit. Jasmine touched down first, feet sinking a few short inches into the wet mud. But while Belle was still climbing down, Jasmine suddenly turned and grabbed her by the hair, pulling and flinging her into the mess below. Belle landed bodily, marking her pearly skin with the thick mess.

Jasmine laughed and pointed at her rival loudly. “Enjoy your roll in your mudhole, pig!?” Jasmine crowed, Belle getting up to all fours and already sticky with mud. She caught Jasmine by surprise by slinging a handful of the mess into the arab’s face. Jasmine screamed in alarm and started to wipe her face off, but Belle rose to her knees and threw a punch squarely into Jasmine’s brown belly.

Jasmine huffed hard and grabbed her stomach, bending over with her curvy ass sticking out behind her. Belle rose up with a fire in her eyes, throwing two punches back and forth across Jasmine’s face. The Arabian royal’s face contorted from the blows before Belle followed up with a muddy kick to her face, sending Jasmine falling into the sticky mess as well.

Jasmine stumbled up, but rose too quickly and stumbled dizzily into the pit’s wooden wall. She leaned one arm against it to steady herself, but Belle moved in behind her and slammed several sharp punches right into her kidneys. The darker princess made some low, pained grunting noises, but then threw an elbow backward that smacked into Belle’s cheek. The white woman stumbled and halted her attack, but before Jasmine swung her foot backward. Her muddy heel slammed right into Belle’s pussy, the white girl’s scream going off right next to her ears as her reward.

“AOOOOWW!” Belle howled and held her crotch as she was frozen on the spot. Jasmine turned around and viciously sank her nails into Belle’s breasts. Belle let out a long cry of pain as she tried to pull away, just making the clawing worse as Jasmine kept her talons locked onto her.

“I love to hear you squeal, white pig! Let’s hear some more!” Jasmine shouted at her face. Belle grabbed Jasmine’s wrists to try forcing her off, but Jasmine swung her by her handles to slam her shoulder into the wall. Belle stumbled at the impact, making her feet slip on the sludge below and drag them both back down in one flailing mess of flesh and mud. They splashed around trying to get back up, the cool mud surprisingly soothing on their stinging scratches and sweaty skin.

Jasmine quickly moved to mount the white fighter, but Belle managed to bring up her arms to lock with hers. The brown-haired princess raised a knee to get between the two of them, holding her off long enough to aim and swing her kick up into Jasmine’s pussy. “AOOW!” The Agrabah princess howled and rolled off of her opponent, clutching her pussy and crawling away on her other three limbs.

Her movement was slow in the thick mud, so Belle was able to stand back up and catch up with her, hugging her aching tits but gritting her teeth. Jasmine dragged herself back up dizzily, with Bella waiting on her feet. She barely rose when Belle stepped forward and snapped a high kick that smacked the dainty white foot into Jasmine’s cheek. The Arabian royal stumbled hard in the opposite direction, almost spinning completely around on her feet from the impact. She leaned over, rubbing her jaw from the hard kick, only for Belle to raise her foot and slam her sole in a hard forward kick into her face, sending her rocketing over onto her back into the mud.

She hooked a kick into Jasmine’s tits from below, knocking the wind out of her foreign foe. She gave her another for good measure before she dropped to her knees and locked her legs around Jasmine’s waist. She was already short on air, so the squeezing of Belle’s legs on her stomach had her yowling and slapping at the white girl’s crushing limbs.

“You weak cracker cunt! Let go!” Jasmine shouted in outrage as the two splashed around in the mud, trying to maintain or escape the hold.

“How weak is THIS, sand slut!?” Belle taunted, flexing her thighs harder to press more wails of agony out of her. She still didn’t seem satisfied with that, grabbing and pulling back on one of Jasmine’s kicking legs.

“What’s the matter, bitch? Can’t fight in the mud, desert whore?” Belle stretched her opponent’s leg awkwardly over her shoulder, giving her access to lean between Jasmine’s legs and bite into her pussy. She ignored the taste of mud for the sake of revenge, and the satisfying scream of agony that came out of Jasmine’s other end. Belle shook her head to stretch and tear the flesh of the arab pussy, Jasmine thrashing like a lunatic in her body scissor.

“You taste as bad as you stink, you thief-fucking cunt,” Belle snarled as best she could with Jasmine’s vaginal meat in her mouth. The darker-skinned princess clawed and pushed at Belle’s back and legs, but couldn’t get grip and leverage enough to force her off. She did manage to get a grip on one of Belle’s ass cheeks, shoving on it hard enough for Jasmine to shove two fingers into her ass and began clawing at her tender hole.

“AGHHH! You filthy bitch!!” Belle shrieked, but could only bring herself to hold on another second before she desperately released her and rolled away, refreshing the layer of mud on herself. Jasmine crawled after her, ignoring her aching ribs as she tackled into her from behind. Belle fell clumsily onto her front, Jasmine hugging around her middle and climbing up to sit on her middle back. Belle rocked and tried to roll over, but Jasmine grabbed her by her brown hair and blue ribbon to shove her face into the mud. She rubbed her handful of hair to smear the sputtering and choking Belle’s face over the messy ground.

“Who’s the brown bitch now, you dog-fucking piece of shit!?” Jasmine hissed down at her furiously, forcing some of the mud to splash up Belle’s mouth and nose. She held her down as she threw several hard punches into the back of Belle’s head and neck, the occasional pained outburst coming through the mud.

At last one of her blows missed, in all of Belle’s thrashing, and the white girl immediately seized both the opportunity and her arm. Holding the desert slut in place with her grasp, Belle swung her neck backward, crashing a reverse headbutt into Jasmine’s nose. Jasmine gave an alarmed scream, falling back off of her and holding her face as blood ran through her fingers.

“You filthy whore! My nose!” Jasmine shrieked as her eyes teared up instinctively, on top of her pain and rage. She managed to get up to her knees while Belle did the same, a bit punch drunk from her beating so far but able to throw a heavy punch into Jasmine’s face. The naked brown woman jerked as blood and spit flew from her face, limply staying on her knees as Belle threw more crushing blows to her face before she grabbed her by the hair.

“I am going to bury you in this mud!” Belle threatened furiously as she send another blow to Jasmine’s face, already starting to swell her eye shut. She let go of her hair, leaving Jasmine dazed and looking like a slutty punching bag for a moment before Belle changed her hands to latch onto her ripe brown breasts. Jasmine gave a low moan of pain, trying to push free but Belle just squeezed harder and pulled, stretching and crushing her tits. “Who’s the cow now, you sand slut?” Belle snarled, pulling and clawing her tits to lead Jasmine around like a flimsy puppet as her nails tore fresh gashes into her big soft breasts. Belle finally used her jugs as handles to straighten up Jasmine a bit more, bending her backward to make it easier for her to release one hand and form a fist to bury into the arab’s twat.

“AOHHHH!” Jasmine let out a sound of horrified pain as Belle punched her right in the pussy, hard enough that her knuckles were buried over an inch inside of her. The Arab princess’ face was a mask of agony as she was roughly fisted by her foe, paralyzed as her body felt overloaded with the shocking sensations.

“What’s wrong? Your prince of thieves’ dick too small to ever fuck you like that?” Belle mocked her, words dripping with hatred and venom as she sneered at Jasmine’s beaten and bruised face. She flexed and pumped her fist forward in a short but painful blow to the Arab’s inner womanhood, making her spasm again.

“Oh fuck… oh god… get out,” Jasmine moaned loudly, shivering in pain.

“You know what I want to hear, bitch,” Belle replied, ignoring her pleas. “You give up, admit who’s the best woman and admit who’s the bitch.”

Jasmine shuddered as Belle gave another sharp jab into her pussy, looking ready to black out for a moment. As Belle leaned in eagerly, Jasmine curled her lips and shot a bloody wad of spittle into her eyes. Belle screamed and recoiled in disgusted horror, Jasmine pouncing on her and tackling her into the mud. Belle threw another wild punch that hit the Arabian princess in the tit, but she dug her nails into Belle’s chest as she held her down.

“I thought you liked fucking with beasts, you cracker whore!” Jasmine snarled before she leaned in and dug her teeth into Belle’s neck. It wasn’t anything sharp enough to break the skin, but still plenty to terrify and sting Belle terribly. Jasmine felt her screaming through the muscles in her throat.

“AHHHHGGH! You stinking sand nigger! Get off!” Belle shrieked, reaching up and clawing in a savage panic. Her nails tore over the flesh of Jasmine’s caramel-colored breasts and face, Jasmine turning her face away to try to avoid her scratching attack. It gave Belle a moment to reach under her and shove her fingers inside Jasmine’s pussy, burying her nails into the brown bitch’s clit.

It was Jasmine’s turn to scream in agony, losing her grip and Belle able to swing her legs upward, knocking the Arabian princess over her head and into the nearby wall. Jasmine landed roughly in the mud, trying to push herself up and rub her pussy while Belle rubbed at her throat and the dull red teeth marks that went over it. Belle reacted first as she caught the rising Arab with a knee to the face.

“UHHHN!” Jasmine’s face flew back as her shoulder hit the wooden wall of the pit, leaning on it in dizzying pain. Belle pursued her, but Jasmine leaned on the wall and threw a reverse kick that smashed her heel right into Belle’s lips. The white girl staggered back with a pathetic wail as she held her face, her lip swelling and bleeding freely. Jasmine started to rise but Belle smashed into her again, throwing hooking punches into her kidneys, Jasmine twitching pathetically before Belle backed up a pace and rocketed another knee aimed her pussy… but Jasmine rolled to one side and let the white princess’ let smash into the wall instead. Belle immediately went off balance as the pain shot up her leg, grabbing her pained knee as Jasmine twisted and lunged forward, crushing her elbow into Jasmine’s temple. Belle fell to one knee while holding the other. Jasmine rose up and balled her fists together, slamming them together in a hammer blow to the top of her skull.

Belle fell into a heap in the mud, mouth agape in a daze as Jasmine stumbled over to straddle her. Both women were bruised and bleeding, even as Jasmine mounted her body. “Where’s all that white power now, dog-fucker?” Jasmine demanded as she grabbed Belle by the cheeks, scraping her nails over her face before she hooked her fingers inside of her lips, avoiding her teeth while stretching and scraping her inner mouth. Belle gave a weak wail as Jasmine locked her long smooth legs over her white victim’s shoulders. She braced her feet and clenched her legs together, Belle giving out a loud, wet gagging noise as Jasmine clawed her face and locked her into a standing headscissors.

“Give up, you fat fucking cow!” Jasmine ordered loudly, nails digging into Belle’s face as she pulled up harder and strangled Belle between her thigh muscles. Belle clawed desperately at her leg with one hand, beating on her other leg with her second. But Belle’s breathing came in heavier and rougher, eyes fluttering as her blows became slower and weaker. Her limbs felt heavy as exhaustion and the lack of air started to get to her, and Jasmine could sense it. Her ruined face sneered down as Belle’s attacks stopped entirely, pawing at the mud like the pale pig she was for any chance to escape.

Jasmine finally opened her legs, letting Belle fall to the muck completely. She gave a harsh kick to the white girl’s belly, rolling her onto her back and straddling her again. “Alright, you stupid little white meat. I think it’s time I showed you what a real woman looks like.” One hand reached down to her pussy and spread her lips with her fingers, crouching slowly to bury Belle’s battered and muddy face in her snatch. The white girl let out a muffled cry of objection and shame, slapping uselessly at Jasmine’s hips as she applied the smothering facesit directly over her nose and mouth.

“That’s it… choke on my clit, you fucking cunt,” Jasmine went on degrading her, rubbing one of her own breasts as she watched Jasmine’s wide, frightened eyes as she squirmed beneath her. Belle shook her head desperately, managing to free her mouth from her foe long enough to gasp out “I give! Stop! Please stop! Can’t breathe!”

Jasmine sneered down at her with smug disgust, grabbing her by the hair and shoving her back in her place underneath her snatch. “Too late for that, you flea-ridden whore. Stay the fuck down.”

Belle thrashed and wailed miserably into her pussy, only exciting Jasmine until her eyes fluttered, flopping more and more heavily into the mud each time until her eyes rolled back in her head, falling limp beneath the rival princess. Jasmine stayed on top of her, grinding her pussy into Belle’s limp features a bit longer before she seemed satisfied but bored with her victim. She slid back enough to reveal her face, still sitting on Belle’s round white tits as she patted her cheeks.

“Wake up now,” she urged in a soft, mocking tone. “Time to wake up, you little tramp…” When this failed to do much of anything to her, she whipped a harsh backhand across Belle’s face. Her head rocked from the blow, waking up in a bit of a daze. “Wake up, wolf sucker! Time to bow to the real princess.”

Jasmine stood on her knees, dragging Belle’s shaky body up to her, positioning her pussy right in front of Belle’s face. She ran her fingers enticingly through her dark black bush, Belle swallowing uncomfortably at the sight. Her face soured as if she were disgusted by the smell of her mud, sweat and arousal, but quickly cowed by Jasmine’s expectant stare.

Belle opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue into the messy slit and running it up and down meekly. “So now you shut that fucking mouth? Nice try, you peasant whore!” She slapped Belle’s cheek, making her wince and start hurriedly licking and sucking deeper on Jasmine’s pussy in a desperate attempt to appease the winner. Jasmine’s breathing picked up its pace, panting and humping against the white princess’ beaten face. Her slick pussy and sweaty, muddy pubic hair painted Belle’s bruised features with her sexual juices. Belle’s soured face continued to lick until the darker-skinned princess let out a passionate wail, her womanhood flexing around Belle’s lips as she released a musky, thick orgasm into the white girl’s face.

Belle shuddered as she tried to spit out the upsetting wave of cum, but Jasmine’s snatch in her face left her little space to escape the sexual wrath of her foe. Jasmine finally rolled off of her, leaving her gasping for air and shivering in pain and shame. Just as she thought her punishment was over, she felt herself rolled over by Jasmine. She was positions on her knees and elbows, facing the mudhole with her rump up in the air so that her pussy was easily accessible to Jasmine. Belle was too dazed to resist or realize what was coming before the Arabian princess shoved her fingers roughly up her pussy.

“AAAAH!” The last of Belle’s strength seemed to be expelled by her scream, grabbing the grass at the edge of the hole for balance and some minor relief from the painful intrusion.

“You know you like it, you white fucking cow. Look how wet that stinking pussy is!” Jasmine slapped Belle on the ass, making the white girl hold onto the grass to avoid falling into the pit. She was too caught up in that to resist as Jasmine fingered her mercilessly, the loud wet sucking noises of her pussy clearly audible to herself. Jasmine spit derisively on the swollen lips, smearing her spit inside of her before shoving an extra finger in, going even deeper. The relentless pounding quickly became too much for Belle to endure, degraded and sore and bitterly, forcefully aroused. Her hips bucked suddenly as she cried out, squirting messily as she came hard.

“God, you look like a pissing dog when you cum,” Jasmine sneered in disgust at her, still pumping the wet orgasm out of her foe. Belle was breathing heavily, eyes rolling in overwhelmed pleasure as her pussy emptied itself over the muddy grass. She’d almost begun to regulate her breathing when Jasmine stood up and kicked her in the ass, sending her toppling back into the pit and splatting down head first. She lifted her head, dizzy and dripping with mud, just in time to see Jasmine leap down after her. She saw that she carried Belle’s dress with her, throwing it into the mud a short way in front of her before stomping it into the muck.

“Think it’s time for you to get to your bed, you princess of pigs,” Jasmine snarled at her, striding over behind her back and sitting on her shoulders. With Jasmine’s still-wet pussy kissing her upper back, Belle was forced to bury her face back into the mud hole, pushing and thrashing weakly, but the strength gone from her body. Jasmine simply had to sit and enjoy the show as she used Belle as her throne. The white girl slowly stopped struggling, her screams and sobs buried in the sludge before she went limp. Jasmine gave her a few more seconds to make sure she wasn’t playing possum, then got up and pulled her out by the hair. The white girl was a mix of purple, red and brown from the bruises, scratches and mud all over her face, limp and motionless, but breathing slowly.

“Some princess, you cunt-sucking harlot,” Jasmine huffed, letting her flop onto her back so she wouldn’t drown herself before the victorious princess climbed out to get dressed and washed up.

The End

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