Disney Duel: Jasmine vs Ariel by Luffy316

Some time after “happily ever after,” when princesses had found their princes, the honeymoons were over. Ariel (aka The Little Mermaid) and Prince Eric were still quite in love, but there were royal duties that had to be tended to. Fortunately, this was one of a more pleasant point of their business; a visit overseas to Agrabah. They took their great boat sailing them to the hot and sandy kingdom, where the new prince Aladdin and his princess Jasmine welcomed them with a huge feast.

The men became fast friends, and were soon drinking, eating and talking plenty. Ariel and Jasmine, however, did not warm up so easily. Each had worn low-cut attire to the welcome party, and they didn’t even have time for jealous glances before Ariel caught her husband’s eye. Jasmine’s exotic attire and cleavage-baring cut of her garb drew his gaze, just as Aladdin was caught off guard by the pale bosom showing under Ariel’s dress. The wives didn’t make a scene, being there to make their men proud, but the dirty looks went on for most of the meal. Especially when their husbands chanced glances at the other.

Eric and Aladdin were soon making plans for the rest of their week’s visit, talking up a tour for most of the time that would help offer and stabilize some trade between their kingdoms. This would leave the women alone at the palace, though they voiced no problems with the idea. It was then that Ariel excused herself to find the restroom, Jasmine quickly offering to guide her there rather than one of the guards. For politeness’ sake, of course. The men were none the wiser when they went down the hall and stepped into a secluded corner.

“The hell do you think you’re doing?” Jasmine hissed at her, keeping voices low enough not to carry through the halls, but still plenty loud enough to hear each other.

“Me?! Who do you think you are shoving those slutbags into my man’s face?!” Ariel huffed back with matching rage.

Jasmine grit her teeth back at her. “These are for my husband, not your ugly half-wit! It’s not my fault he has to resort to your saggy rack and ugly face to keep him entertained.”

“What the hell!? You mouthy little sand-cunt!”

“Big talk from the girl he scraped off of the beach, fish lips!”

“I’ve had these legs less than a year and I could fuck circles around you, bitch!”

“You fucking try it, you shark-humping whore!” Jasmine snarled back, leaning into her until their chests mashed together. They scowled at each other a while, breathing heavily and bodies tensed as if ready to pounce onto each other.

Then the princes’ laughter rang out down the hall (reacting to a discreet comment by Eric about women going to the bathroom together). Ariel backed off first, hateful gaze still on the Middle-eastern princess. “They leave tomorrow,” she reminded her.

Jasmine nodded carefully. “At my chambers. As soon as they leave. Then we’ll see who’s the better woman.”

“Yea,” Ariel nodded as well. “The one who’s not the cum-soaked little genie tramp.” The promptly turned back to the main dining room, all fake smiles and tending to their true loves before their long time apart.

The men set out on their small caravan in the morning (though Aladdin boasted of a possible ride on a magic carpet), and the women met in Jasmine’s private chambers. The couple shared a main bedroom, but this was where she kept her various outfits, jewelry, and feminine, princessy things that Aladdin wouldn’t have any use for. The guards were intent on protecting the palace, but they knew to give Jasmine her privacy when it came to this particular part of the palace.

Ariel arrived quickly after her bitter rival, clad in a fresh dress and red shoes. Jasmine wore her hair in the same long braid and outfit as the night before, her blue circlet on her forehead and thick golden necklace below.

“Are you planning to hide that ugly figure under all that?” Jasmine sneered, resting a hand on her hips. “Or do you plan to sweat like a pig as well as look like one?”

“Not at all.” Ariel reached back to untie her dress, leering back at the Arabian princess as she dropped the garment, left in only her underwear. She didn’t hesitate to take off her seashell bra and panties, leaving herself wearing nothing but her fine red shoes.

Ariel glared back at her foe expectantly, and Jasmine reacted similarly. She took off her scarce top and puffy bottoms, baring her entire main body as well. She only wore her accessory and jewelry, and her feet remained in her blue slippers, upturned at the toes.

“So,” Ariel huffed confidently, arching her back a bit to thrust out her pale breasts. “Are you ready to admit defeat to the better body? Or are you too aroused to run off in shame?”

“Dream on, you saltwater slut,” Jasmine sneered back, hands on her curvy, slightly darker colored hips. “No man would dare look at that figure when he could have one like mine.”

“What?! Even you can’t stop staring. I’ve seen things at the bottom of the sea less wet than you must be right now.”

Jasmine patted her bare crotch lightly, just below the trim dark patch of hair. “Try me, fish lips,” she challenged. “You’re barely even a woman. Face me like one and see who lasts longer. Breast to breast, pussy to pussy.”

Ariel tossed her long red hair back over her shoulders and stepped closer. “Don’t go thinking you humans are the only ones to discover titfighting. I can take twice as much as you could ever dish out.”

Both of the princesses kept their arms at their sides, advancing slowly until their bodies lined up as perfectly as they could manage. The tips of their hardening nipples kissed together, and a mutated scratching noise sounded as their bushes met one another in a quiet struggle for position. At last their bellies and groins mashed into each other, both women flinching slightly at the sensation but keeping their eyes locked on each other.

“You can feel the power of my pussy, can’t you?” threatened Jasmine, bucking her hips slightly to shove Ariel’s womanhood with her own. “Your clit can’t decide to run and hide or reach out for more.”

Ariel winced slightly from the rough humping motion, only to shift her shoulders sharply, her breasts grinding across Jasmine’s chest like a pair of clumsy punches. “You shut your dickeating mouth, you towelheaded whore,” Ariel snapped back, spittle spraying angrily from her lips as she broke any expectations of a G-rating to this encounter. “Or I’ll muzzle you with my cunt and show you a real royal pussy.”

Jasmine raised her arm just enough to grab Ariel by the ass, pulling herself in closer and ramming her perky tits into Ariel’s, taking some of the wind out of her. “I’ll see to it your prince comes how to a broken whore rather than a princess,” she threatened, escalating the struggle as she kept thrusting her breasts into the former mermaid and bullying her backward a few steps.

“Uhng! Fucking sow!” Ariel grunted back, reaching low as well but grabbing onto the end of Jasmine’s long braid. Jasmine gave a wordless cry of pain as Ariel pulled down on it, arching backward as Ariel shoved her body back into her foe. Jasmine lost her balance quickly, forced to scramble backward until her back hit the opposite wall. Jasmine’s legs shook and leaned into the wall to stay up, but Ariel had the darker-skinned princess sandwiched between the wall and the redhead. She thrust her entire body into Jasmine, both grunting heavily from the impact of their breasts being squashed against their ribs but Jasmine taking the worst of it. They sweat and panted like overworked lovers, but grit their teeth in effort to crush the other’s feminine presence with their own.

Jasmine finally managed to hook one of her ankles behind Ariel’s, timing a push with her chest into the redheaded princess to knock Ariel onto her ass with her legs spread out. “Still getting your land legs, slut?” Jasmine taunted as she stepped after her, kneeling suddenly to slap her pussy against Ariel’s. The redhead bucked a bit and gasped at the impact, Jasmine smirking down at her as she wiggled her hips enticingly to grind against her opponent. “I pity your man if that’s the best you can do!” The Arabian princess kept their groins locked together as she leaned forward, locking fingers with Ariel and crushing her breasts into hers. Ariel let out a cry of anguish of her proud bust was squashed under her, gravity helping Jasmine’s hard nipples to bury the mer-girl’s erect buds into her flesh.

Jasmine writhed up and down rhythmically, letting her breasts shove, slap and flick against Ariel’s below her. “Is that all your pathetic tits have?” Jasmine hissed down at her, but Ariel rolled sharply to one side, tossing Jasmine off and next to her. The Arabian princess rose up just as Ariel charged into her, both women on their knees as their bodies slapped together. Jasmine had more trouble keeping her balance, both girls grabbing their opponent’s body and hair for balance. Jasmine was still trying to get her balance as Ariel humped aggressively into her, her bush boxing around Jasmine’s.

“You wish that you could beat me in a battle of breasts!” Ariel huffed at her, sweating but keeping up her offensive thrusts. Jasmine mounted some grinding of her own, but was being slowly overpowered as Ariel focused the pressure on her breasts. Jasmine moaned in pain as her erogenous zones were overloaded by the vicious attention, arousing body her despite her suffering. Finally Jasmine bent back enough that she was forced to fall to the floor, Ariel quick to mount her and start tribbing with her, her hard clitoris probing between Jasmine’s yielding lips. The darker princess’ eyes went wide as her slippered feet were forced up into the air.

“Did you already cum, Jasmine? Go ahead,” Ariel demanded, riding Jasmine relentlessly. “Let it all out and give up!”

“N-nooo!” Jasmine moaned out, the arousal mixing with the teasing and crushing of her breasts. “Get off me, you fish-fucking cunt!” She shook bodily to shove Ariel’s tits aside, digging her nails into the former mermaid’s breast. Ariel hit a high note shriek as Jasmine threw her off, using her tit as a handle to hold her down. She grit her teeth and ground her tits and pussy viciously against Ariel. The redhead was still recovering from the clawing of her tit, too much to regain her lost lead. The stinging scratches sent fresh pain whenever she rammed into Jasmine.

“Stop! Fucking Stop!” she wailed from below the Arab princess, writhing to try and escape. “You stinking witch!”

“Say I’m the better woman! Give up and I stop!” Jasmine ordered, leaning her upper body down harder to crush her breasts against her ribs. Ariel screamed violently and nodded, slapping at the floor.

“I give! Stop! You win!”

Jasmine grinned proudly down at the visiting princess, leaning up to sit between her legs. Ariel gasped as the pressure was released from her bosom, only to find herself shaking as Jasmine kept grinding with her, linking her legs with the redhead’s.

“You only won because you cheated,” Ariel panted, cradling her breast before shivering again. “Now stop humping me like a bitch in heat…”

“Oh no you don’t,” Jasmine purred, continuing to make Ariel’s body rock with the mashing of their pussy lips. “You lost, and now I’m going to make you cum like the common whore you really are.”

Ariel’s eyes widened, trying to crawl away but trapped in Jasmine’s tribbing leglock. She beat her fist on the ground trying to resist the urge, but before long she broke and orgasmed onto Jasmine’s grinding pussy, her body submitting for her.

Ariel collapsed to the floor, breathing heavily and shuddering as her orgasm left her. Jasmine got up to her knees smirking at her with a hand on her hip. “Just like a I thought,” she gloated, running her fingers through Ariel’s juices on the floor. “Smells like fish.”

Ariel rubbed at her crotch tenderly, rolling slowly on the floor. “You bitch!” she hissed quietly. “You cheated!”

“Say it all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that you lost,” Jasmine said back cooly, trying to steady her head and heartbeat as her own damp pussy pulsed between her legs. Jasmine fixed her hair a bit, pulled out of place by their sexual combat, and then turned to leave with a confident wiggle of her hips… when Ariel tackled her around the waist from behind and slammed her into the floor.

“Unhh!” Jasmine grunted as she landed hard on her swollen tits, wincing in pain as she went to hold her chest. “The fuck are you doing, white trash!?”

“Shut it, you sandy cunt towelhead!” Ariel snarled back hatefully, wound into a frenzy in her outrageous loss. “You wanted to see the better woman is!? Well SEE!” The redheaded princess grabbed the squirming Jasmine by the hair, lifting up her head and slamming her face down into the floor.

“UGHH!” Jasmine gave another sharp cry of pain as she hit the floor, Ariel repeating the smash as her still wet crotch pressed against Jasmine’s curvaceous ass.

“Can’t take a REAL fight, you dried out desert cunt?!” Ariel mocked viciously, Jasmine lifted up with blood trickling from her lip. She grit her teeth and grabbed Ariel by one of her legs, swinging her off to one side. Ariel landed hard on one hip, and she couldn’t manage to rise before she realized Jasmine still had a hold of her foot. She dug her nails into her sole and top of the limb as she twisted it sharply, getting a shrill scream out of the mermaid princess.

“Stay down, shark-fucker!” Jasmine ordered angrily. “Or I’ll break your, what’s it called again? Oh yea, foot!”

Ariel just snarled back and raised her other foot, shoving it into Jasmine’s face to push back at her and rake her toenails at her more rigid Arabian features. Jasmine gave a quick yelp of pain and released her to get to her knees, holding her face to rub at the scratches.

“You’re such a sore loser, you childish, white piece of shit!” Jasmine growled at her.

“Shut up!! We’ll see who’s the loser here and now!” she demanded, rising to her feet. Jasmine got back up with her, arms up in a loose and unpracticed guard before Jasmine threw a punch for Ariel’s face. The redhead blocked her arm clumsily, but it was enough to punch her free hand into one of Jasmine’s olive-skinned breasts. Jasmine’s eyes widened from the hit and her lips parted in a breathless grunt of pain, but slapped back across Ariel’s breasts, making the jiggling orbs smack together.

Ariel winced from the wobbling of her jugs, but delivered a knee up between Jasmine’s thighs. The leg hit with a dull, wet thump, making Jasmine bounce slightly off of the ground as she doubled over, grabbing her groin in pain with both hands.

Ariel wrapped her arm around her head, slapping a crude headlock on the Agrabah royalty and trapping her body against hers. Ariel stuck her leg in between Jasmine’s, grinding her knee against her crotch to interfere with her trying to scramble free.

“You dirty ginger fish-fucker!” Jasmine choked out, between the headlock and her still throbbing cunt.

“Not so hot when someone ELSE fights dirty, huh you cactus cunt?!” Ariel shot back, reaching under her own arm to rake her nails over Jasmine’s face. The Arabian fighter screamed in pain, shutting her eyes to avoid the worst of the potential damage but still with rough scratches marking her lovely skin.

“About time someone gave you a makeover, you ugly old whore!” Ariel snarled hatefully, digging her nails into Jasmine’s cheek to pinch and twist at it violently. Jasmine gave another loud scream as her face was slightly distorted from the attack, but Ariel squeezed her neck to shove her face more firmly against her sideboob. Seeing her chance, Jasmine opened her screaming mouth wider and bite into Ariel’s titflesh. The mermaid princess gave a shocked howl of pain, trying to let go and retreat only for Jasmine’s teeth to hold onto her breast. She slapped and shoved at Jasmine’s face in a panic, but Jasmine added to the agony by grabbing her thigh, yanking it towards her and then thrusting her fingers inside the red-bushed pussy.

Ariel gave a painful howl as she was forcefully penetrated by the scratching nails, arching her back as her body twisted from the pain. Jasmine twisted herself back upright as she shoved Ariel to the floor, landing her flat on her back and curling up as she cupped her scraped up breasts and pussy.

Jasmine followed her to the floor, sitting by her head and sliding her legs around Ariel’s neck. “Trying to jump me from behind, you dirty white slut?” she hissed at her bitterly, adjusting and pulling her hair to better fit Ariel into her head scissors. She clamped her thigh muscles together, squeezing around Ariel’s head and neck as the former mermaid gagged and choked between them. Ariel raked her nails over Jasmine’s darker-colored thighs, trying to make her release her but she flexed and clenched it tighter still.

“Maybe you weren’t meant to breathe on land after all, fish lips,” Jasmine mocked, Ariel’s thrashing reigned in by pulling her handful of hair. Ariel couldn’t get a solid grip on her legs with her teeth or nails, only quick scratches and pinches. Seeing that she couldn’t get out by that, she came up with a back up plan. She reached behind her head, grabbing blindly for a moment before she caught a handful of Jasmine’s bush, pulling up hard and tearing out a fist’s worth of short, sweaty dark hairs. Jasmine gave a sickly howl and jolted up, releasing the flexing headscissor. This allowed Ariel to twist her body, sending her elbow flying backward and burying the hard joint roughly between Jasmine’s pussy lips. The Arabian royal let out a sickly gasp before hurrying to scoot backward out of instinct on her butt before she checked her crotch, finding the sensitive flesh reddening quickly in the bald patch she’d left behind.h

“You bitch!” Jasmine shouted in outrage while Ariel slid out of her grasp. She turned quickly and swung a backhanded fist into Jasmine’s jaw, sending her spiraling to the floor. Jasmine steadied herself with a hand on the bed, though shaking her head groggily as she got to her knees.

Ariel was quick to go after her, even as she rubbed her neck from the recent scissors. She yanked on Jasmine’s hair, forcing her to face her as she dug her nails into the Arabian princess’ tits. Her thumbs hooked to drive their nails straight into her areolas, pinching and pushing her brown nipples back into her chest. Jasmine’s face became a mask of pain and horror as the mermaid crushed her tits from every direction with her fingers and claws, forced to lean her back against the bed. Jasmine managed to raise her hands and throw a pair of punches into her face, Ariel’s head recoiling but steadied by her handful of tits to keep her in place.

“Get OFF ME, you fucking sea monster!” Jasmine screamed at her, her voice full of rage and pain.

Ariel shook her by the grip on her breasts, lifting her up a bit before slamming her back painfully against the bedframe. “Make me, camel humper!”

This drove Jasmine to spit defiantly into her face, which in turn made Ariel’s face turn a furious shade of red. She released Jasmine’s chest, only to immediately relocate her hands higher by wrapping them around Jasmine’s neck. The Agrabah royal choked noisily as Ariel squeezed her windpipe, kicking and swinging her fists wildly at the redhead. Ariel arched her arms to keep the fists from her face, letting the blows smack into her tits in stinging but harmless blows. Ariel spread out her legs, wrapping them around Jasmine’s to keep them down and trapped between hers.

Ariel bared her teeth as she throttled Jasmine, the wide-eyed Arab staring and thrashing back at her. “Stay down, bitch,” she hissed down at her, but Jasmine shifted her position enough to spike her knee up into Ariel’s pussy. “AOHHH!” she howled in pain, so Jasmine gave her another. Ariel shifted her hand down to cup her groin, protecting her privates from further attacks. Her other remained in place on Jasmine’s neck, and it brought Jasmine a few seconds to wheeze in air before she adjusted her grip.

Ariel suddenly pushed fiercely on her neck, forcing Jasmine to arch her back so that her upper body rested on the bed, her partly plucked vagina thrusting out into the air. Ariel mounted her belly (out of reach of the attacking knees) and leaning forward. Jasmine readied herself to spit in her face again, but Ariel acted first as she locked lips with her. Jasmine was too surprised by the fight becoming to strangely intimate, but it made more sense momentarily when she opened her mouth and sank her teeth into Jasmine’s bottom lip.

The Arabian princess screamed into her opponent’s mouth, trying to pull away desperately. The grip on her throat prevented both from fully succeeding, as her scream rapidly devolved into a gagging noise and she couldn’t escape her combined grip and weight on top of her. Ariel twisted and pulled back her head, keeping her teeth clenched and stretching out Jasmine’s lip with them. Jasmine’s eyes filled with tears at the pain, especially as Ariel grabbed one of her clawed up breasts and slashed her nails down it for a further grip.

“Shtawwwwp!” Jasmine pleaded raspily, her words distorted by her mauled mouth. Her breathing came out in labored huffs between Ariel’s choking and sitting on her belly. Everything on her was scratched and aching, if not bleeding, and Ariel had her almost utterly trapped. Ariel ignored her plea at first, biting down harder until they both tasted Jasmine’s blood. The Arab’s throaty moan became a shivering sob, leaving her pleading for mercy. “Pleab! No, shtawp! I gib! I giiiib!” Jasmine slapped her hand on her own bed in submission, Ariel locking eyes with her to see if there was any more tricks hidden there. She found nothing but weakness and fear behind them. She released her lip and throat, watching her intensely as Jasmine gasped out again through tears and choking drool. “I quit… I give…”

Ariel sat back up, spitting to her side. Her lips showed a bit of shiny red, marked with the Arab’s blood. “You tasted disgusting anyway,” she scoffed, slapping Jasmine sharply across the face. When she didn’t retaliate, Ariel’s sneer turned into a cruel smile, seeing that she’d beaten the girl who’d forced her to orgasm. She reached back to grab Jasmine’s leg, lifting her ass up enough to drag her opponent fully onto the bed. Even then, she only groaned miserably beneath her.

“So what were you saying before?” Ariel gloated, shifting her position to shove her bright red bush just below Jasmine’s face. “Something about who the better woman was?”

“Don’t,” Jasmine coughed weakly. “Don’t make me say it, you bitch.” Ariel traced the nails of one hand down Jasmine’s belly, teasing her thighs a moment as Jasmine’s eyes went wide. She shook her head a moment before Ariel roughly forced two fingers into her. “NOOOOO! OH FUCK! It’s you! You are!” she howled, feet grinding against the sheets but spreading her legs to avoid any further discomfort from Ariel’s intrusion.

“That’s right!” Ariel laughed derisively at the suffering princess beneath her. “Like any towelhead twat could compare to a real woman!” She grabbed Jasmine by the hair, tangling it around her fingers and pulling her face up into her pussy, grinding against the Arabian princess’ features. “Come on. See what a real woman’s made of, you dirty brown bitch. And you even think about biting down there, and I’ll finger you bloody, you hear me?”

Jasmine only nodded beneath her, making her face rub uncomfortably against Ariel’s rough bush. Ariel gave her hair a tug, burying her deeper in the folds of her vagina. “Come on, you craven little sand nigger. Get in there. Start kissing. Really get comfortable down there, because you’re going to be there a while.”

Jasmine gave a pathetic, muffled whimper as she was forced to worship the victor’s pussy, kissing and licking clumsily when she was buried this deep inside her. Ariel moaned contently, riding her face as her arms rested behind her, one twisting and pulling Jasmine’s tits while the other pumped her fingers inside her beaten rival’s pussy.

“Look how fucking wet you get from this,” Ariel grunted, humping excitedly on Jasmine’s face. She removed her fingers long enough to smear Jasmine’s own pussy juices over her face, still buried between her legs. Her face soured but she was still trapped and powerless against her dominant enemy. “You’re such a disgusting little tramp. And with a pathetic man like that, no wonder you’re such a slut for attention. And why you’re such shit at licking pussy, you little foreign savage.”

Despite her racist derision of Jasmine, Ariel still humped against Jasmine’s face and lapping tongue steadily. Her breathing picked up its pace with her arousal, Jasmine obediently licking up her musky pussy, but Ariel always slowing her thrusts whenever she got too close. She wanted to force it from Jasmine first, and prove that the Arab and her pussy were the weakest this time around.

And despite the abusive scratching and slapping of her breasts, pulling at her hair, and crushing her pointed nose and pouty lips under her crotch, Jasmine eventually and suddenly arched her hips upward. She squirted messily over her sheets, staining them with her cum and pussy juices. Her breathing beneath Ariel’s cunt grew deeper and louder, forcing her to smell and taste the redhead’s juicy royal cunt. It would haunt her dreams for weeks, in her most humiliating and arousing ones in particular.

“Thaaaaat’s it. There’s a good dancing sand monkey. Cumming right on command, just like a trained bitch. OHHHHH yes!” Ariel pelted her with the demeaning speech before shaking suddenly, gushing out over her opponent’s face in a thick, wet outburst. Jasmine coughed and sputtered as it went down her throat and nose, Ariel smiling ear to ear as she emptied her orgasm onto Jasmine and let her choke on it.

Ariel eased back slowly after riding out the last of her euphoria on her. Jasmine panted and sucked up fresh air after the long and degrading facesit, not daring to thrash or fight back just yet until the superior woman let her back up. “You like how a real woman tastes, bitch?” Ariel purred, slapping at Jasmine’s face. The slapping noise rang out louder from her cheeks being soaked with sweat and cum.

Jasmine cowered from the smack in shame and pain, nodding miserably. “Yes, princess,” she whimpered. Ariel grinned down at her proudly before she finally slid off of her, taking Jasmine’s battered clothes and using them to towel her various fluids off of her; Jasmine’s spit as well as both of their sweat and cum. She threw it dismissively at Jasmine before walking towards the door.

“I’ll be in tomorrow morning for you,” Ariel added sharply as she left. “Because you’re not getting off that easy. We’ve got a whole week before the boys come back, after all. Until then, this castle is mine!”

The End

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