Dogs and Cats by Andrew Scott

Dogs and Cats by Andrew Scott

My wife and I live in a busy neighborhood in southern California. We have two small Daushounds for our pets. We are pretty good about not letting them get out of the yard. Our neighbor, Maria, on the other hand has two big Pitbulls and they get out every night and roam the streets to kill whatever small animals are around. We have called to police a bunch of times but Maria always seems to get her dogs into her yard just in time.

Let me give you a little backround on Maria. She is a 24 year old Latino, long brown hair, very hot, very busty (probably a good D if not a DD cup). My wife, Dawn is 27years old, long blonde hair, 36DD and stays in great shape. Maria was gone one night and her dogs got out and got into our yard, threatening Dawn and our dogs. I called the police and they made it before Maria got home. Animal control took the dogs and told us that she would not get them back until she proved that her yard was secure so the dogs would not get out. In the mean time, she would be charged everyday that her dogs were locked up. Needless to say she was pissed.

A few days after Dawn was watching TV, she was wearing a tight tank top and jogging pants. There was a knock at the door. When she got to the door, she saw Maria standing there with her hands on her hips. Maria was wearing a tight white t-shirt and black short shorts.

“Can I help you?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah, you can bitch! I know it was you who called the cops. Now my babies are going to be put to sleep because I can’t afford to get them out!” Maria yelled thru the screen door.

“First off, don’t call me a bitch! It is your fucking fault you didn’t have them caged up!” Dawn screamed back.

Our dogs heard the commotion and started barking at Maria. Dawn grabbed both of them and put them into the spare room so they wouldn’t get all worked up. Maria tried the door and found out it was open, so she walked into the living room. Dawn walked out of the spare room and saw that Maria was standing in our house.

“If you know what is good for you, you will turn around and get out now,” Dawn said.

“You took my dogs away from me, so I am going to take your dogs from you!!” Maria screamed walking forward.

She was met with a right handed slap across the face from Dawn. She staggered back a few steps, screamed expletives in Spanish and lunged at Dawn grabbing two handfuls of hair. Dawn latched onto two handfuls of dark hair. They pulled each other around the living rooms finally bumping into couch falling with Maria on top of Dawn. Dawn grabbed that back neckline of Maria’s shirt trying to pull her off. Dawn kneed her in the crotch and yanked on the shirt at the sametime dislodging Maria.

“Oh, you want to fight dirty huh, moma?!? I can fight dirty too!!”

Dawn rolled off the couch and jumped a Maria, tackling her to the floor. They started rolling around, pulling hair, ripping , tearing at clothes. After about five minutes of furious fighting they pushed apart from each other and surveyed the damage they had done. Dawn was topless with her jogging pants around her knees. Her breasts were red and scratched. Maria looked about the same. She was also topless, she was only wearing her panties.

She eyed Dawn, called her a “Punta” and spit at her. Dawn lunged at her. Their bodies slammed together. Maria reached up and grabbed both of Dawn’s breasts and squeezed hard. Dawn returned the move and started kneading Maria’s tits. Maria started kneeing Dawn in the thighs and crotch, finally knocking Dawn off of her. Maria and Dawn both got to their feet and slammed into each other, spinning around the room. Dawn grabbed the back of Maria’s panties tearing them. Maria ripped off the rest of Dawn’s clothes leaving them both nude.

They spun around slamming into the bedroom door, knocking it open and landing on the bed. Side by side, pulling hair, breast to breast, intertwined legs, rolling slowly over the top of the bed. Maria ended up on top and started slamming her breast down onto Dawn. It was hurting both of them . Smack after smack until Maria could not even take it any more, and rolled off. Maria and Dawn slowing got to their knees on the bed.

Dawn and Maria came forward at the same time in a bear hug. Their red swollen tits fighting it out now. Dawn started rotating her tits around in the tight embrace. Maria started screaming and leaned her head down and bit Dawn’s shoulder. Dawn screamed bloody murder and grabbed Maria’s hair from behind yanking back. Maria released her bite and pulled the back of Dawn’s hair.

Dawn felt Maria’s strength starting to waver. She pulled the Latino to her side and quickly rolled on top. She started raining down slap after slap at Maria’s face and chest. Maria could only try to cover up.

“No more”, she whimpered. “Please not more.”

Dawn rolled off of her and slowly got to her feet. She grabbed Maria by her hair and started to drag her to the door. She open the front door and pushed her out tossing her clothes behind her. She locked the door and called me then the police. When I got home she was still giving her statement to the police. She decided not to press charges, figuring Maria got what was coming to her. I gave my wife a bath as she told me about her day. Dawn said she got kind of excited fighting Maria. I too was excited and we had the best sex we had ever had. I hope I can be there for round 2.

The End

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