Doreah vs. Arianne vs. Myrcella by Amy Summer

A Comment on Age

All characters in this story are 18 years or older, despite their ages in the original fiction.

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“My Lady…I found nothing.” The maid looked resigned, staring at the floor. Her hands were nervously adjusting her skirts, even though they were straight enough already. Doubtless she was gearing up to hear a thrashing, if not worse. “I did eventually get assigned to her chambers but there was nothing that I could see. Even getting to her chambers was a near thing. Lady D-she is definitely hiding something, I just don’t know what.”

Arianne sighed to herself. Of course Doreah was hiding something, that woman was probably hiding many somethings. That wasn’t something worth risking discovery for, not at all. “It’s fine. I did not expect much, so you did not disappoint me as much as you think.”

If anything, that just made the maid tilt her head even lower. The mind of a servant was a complicated thing, and Arianne still hadn’t wrapped her head around it. More importantly, she needed to try something different, something the other woman wouldn’t expect or be prepared for. Time was running out.

“You may leave, Dorsy. I’m sure the tea is lovely.” That was probably true enough, even if Arianne doubted she’d touch the cup. “You can’t wait too long now. The other servants will wonder. When that happens…” She didn’t need to elaborate further. What use was a spy everyone knew or even suspected was a spy? Her face paling, the woman made a bow so deep she was almost perpendicular to the floor. She scurried off, moving so fast she almost ran into a wall before she headed out.

Even the spies here are useless. Everything and everyone on this side of the border were weak. Arianne hailed from Dorne, a place where everyone from the highest Lord to the lowest servant were hard enough to chew rocks. That brought her thoughts back again to her present predicament, a threat that only grew larger and larger by the day.

Arianne had tried just about everything she could think of to dislodge Doreah from Myrcella. She had tried reasoning with Myrcella, something that didn’t go nearly as well as she could have hoped. Myrcella was fond of Doreah, and she thought her more of a tame lapdog than anything. Arianne doubted that was true at all, but Doreah played that up as best she could.

Besides, the woman had somehow gotten in her head that it was because Arianne was jealous. Of all the things. She was not, not that in the least. The other woman infuriated her, seeming to do and say everything she could to get under her skin. Moreover, she enjoyed doing it right in front of Myrcella, who never noticed that her compliments had more thorns than flowers.

No, that’s not really what’s important. Arianne could live with the other woman’s provocations. What she couldn’t live with was her needlessly goading and fanning Myrcella more and more by the day. Just yesterday, she had told her some stories of Daenerys that had made Myrcella all but ready to charge out of her room to find her. It had taken more than a little persuasion to make Myrcella wait. Even then, all she could do was make Myrcella bide her time, Doreah had ensured any peace wouldn’t last.

Arianne stepped out of her chambers. Maybe she had been going about things wrong. Instead of trying to dissuade Myrcella, maybe it was better to distract her. Something fun, something that would Myrcella remember there was more to her life than revenge. 

“My Lady.” She turned back and waved away at the guard by her door. He seemed to pause midstride, before reluctantly taking up his post again. Bad enough I have one outside my chambers at all. She strode down the halls, racking her brain for anything fun to do. Then she had it. Of course. Oh Arianne, but you don’t see what’s right under your nose sometimes.

It was how they had first started to really bond. Myrcella had taken poorly to Dorne, and small wonder. She was hundreds of leagues away from her home, all while news of her family’s destruction seemed to come in everyday. Arianne had wanted to get the other woman out of herself, if not for entirely selfless reasons. She had tried just about everything under the sun. At one point, she had even sent a male…performer to her rooms, thinking that might help.

It did not, and Myrcella’s reaction had guaranteed she would never try the like again. What did work though, was horse riding. Apparently the other woman was a demon in the saddle, losing herself when she was behind the reigns of any horse. That was all well and good, considering she wasn’t actually that great of a rider. More than once Myrcella had been awfully close to breaking her fool neck running her horse over underbrush any experienced rider would have been wary of.

As it happened, Arianne was a fine rider herself, and the other woman had been raptured by evey instruction she gave. That had gotten her the inch she’d needed, and from then on, she had Myrcella had been good friends. And a whole lot besides. That thought made her smile, a rare thing these days. While it all might not have started with the best intentions, while the two of them may have been dangling over a cliff’s edge, she did care, and that was enough.

Yes, horse riding will definitely make her see. Rounding a corner, Arianne found herself next to Myrcella’s chambers. The guard she had seen posted outside her room in the last few days wasn’t there anymore. That meant she wasn’t in her rooms, like as not. No matter, she could wait inside. Arianne doubted she needed to make any arrangements beforehand, Aegon hadn’t specifically tried to keep them in the castle. No stablehand would refuse them.

Arianne flung open the heavy doors. It was dark, only thin prickles of light made it past the heavy curtains. She took a step inside, already beginning to close the door behind her. “Myrcella you’re back…early. How did it go?” She froze. Arianne recognized that sleepy voice, would have recognized it in a storm.

She felt a tightening in her chest that was hard to explain. Arianne knew well enough about this woman and Myrcella’s…activities. It was something the other woman brought up almost constantly, after all. Still, this was a starker reminder than most, and it did still sting. 

“Get out.” Her voice was cold enough to freeze over a river. Not today. Especially not today. “Get the fuck out before I haul you out by your hair.” Arianne could definitely do that too. Sure, Doreah was as crafty as the best of them and…more vicious in bed than her. Still, Arianne had Dornish blood running through her veins, and Dornish women were known to sting worse than vipers. 

“Oh. It’s you. Apologies, I thought it was someone important.” The voice drawled again, this time more for effect than any tiredness. Arianne heard the sounds of shuffling, and she tensed up, ready for anything. She would put some kind of cheap blow past the woman, especially now that they were alone. 

She might as well not have bothered. Doreah pulled up the blinds, letting light fill the room. It shouldn’t have, but her heart still sank. Doreah was as naked as the day she was born, and she looked proud of it. The woman looked down at herself and seemed to blink in surprise. “Apologies. I forgot. I’m usually not very dressed…in these chambers. It must have slipped my mind.”

Arianne could feel herself starting to flare. Now this woman, this whore was going to try and provoke her? Doreah was succeeding at that too, though Arianne did what she could to cool her expression at the least. “I imagine you spend more time without clothes than in them. Especially these days.”

Arianne got the reaction she wanted. Doreah’s eyes were much harder now, though there was still a trace of amusement just underneath. Doreah made a show of slowly walking over to the bed, before lazily lying down again. “I forgot. I shouldn’t have expected civility from a…savage. If you’re here for Myrcella, then the Lady is busy. We have certain…plans for today. I don’t think she’d want someone to intrude.”

Enough was enough. Arianne took a few steps inside, all but slamming the half open door behind her. She stood next to the bed, looming over the woman who seemed as relaxed as she ever had. “I know all about you. You were a barmaid before Myrcella found you, and a shitty one at that. It’s only thanks to the grace of your cunt that you’re not sleeping in a barn.”

That wiped the smile off her face, as Arianne knew she would. More than anything, being reminded of where she came from irked Doreah. It would have irked Arianne as well, if she’d been born in a sewer somewhere. “You may be dressed in lace now, but everyone can see you for what you are. What? You think everyone doesn’t snicker when you turn your back? I thought even you couldn’t be that deluded.”

How dare you?” Doreah stood up, all but bumping into Arianne as she glared at her. Her hand was rising, and Arianne was already preparing herself to catch the blow. She had run this over a thousand times in her mind, this time would be different. This time Arianne would put this woman in her place for good, and that would be the end of that. 

“I’m sure a whore like you can’t think much past appearances. Luckily, some people, like the Prince, do recognize quality when they see it.” Arianne’s eyes widened. Was she insinuating…that? 

If anything, her question just made the other woman push on more. “You didn’t know, did you? I’ve been with Aegon, fucked him, more than any woman ever has. More than any woman in this castle can dream of.” Doreah seemed to ease up a bit, relaxing visibly now that she once again had the upper hand.

“Oh, all these women, even you, might scratch and claw at each other for Aegon’s favor. You might even get a few morsels, the few he chooses to give all of you. Make no mistake, however. I know Aegon, I’ve been with Aegon, and I will stay with Aegon. The only question is whether any of you will be alive to see it. For your sake, I suggest you get out before you test me!”

That last part was said in a shout. Arianne had hardly realized the other woman’s voice rising higher and higher. Doreah let the words settle in the air, the implications of everything she had said were going through her. Was the other woman lying? Arianne did not think so. It made too much sense. Doreah had, on some days, spent more time in Aegon’s wing than her own. If anything, it was somewhat comforting. She was starting to worry that Aegon preferred the company of men. It also explains how he was able to stay centered with all these women throwing themselves at him.

It would also explain bits and pieces that Doreah just seemed to sometimes let slip. Things about the Prince’s mood, where he might be at a given time of day. Doreah had been handing these out to appease Myrcella, feeding her with all the information she would need to get a leg up on Daenerys. Myrcella had never thought to question just how Doreah knew these things, when neither of their own spies knew half as much. Now, it was all obvious, and that meant things were even more dangerous than she had fired. We need to get out of here.

Arianne heard a thud, and she turned quickly. Doreah seemed to follow her. Arianne felt her heart crack. Myrcella was standing by the door, staring at the two of them, at Doreah especially, in disbelief. On the ground was a small, ivory bracelet, like the kind that Aegon seemed to fancy. Oh Seven, when did she wander in? I did not want you to find out this way…

“Is this…is this true?” Myrcella barely managed to croak out. Arianne had to stop herself from rushing to the woman’s side. Still, Myrcella was strong, and had only been made stronger and stronger by the day. The shock on her face, the slump in her shoulders all lasted but a moment before she quickly composed herself again. Now, Myrcella was drawing herself up again, any traces of weakness erased.

“Is this true? I am willing to consider these might be words said in heat, but saying them at all is…dangerous.” Arianne couldn’t help but flinch. This was worse than if she was shouting. The other woman was calm, even as her eyes blazed. She was only thankful that gaze wasn’t being directed at her. Any second now, Myrcella was going to go up like a firework, and only the Seven could keep one from being caught up in it.

Doreah for her part looked…stunned, was the word. She seemed to collect herself slowly. Arianne was worried she’d find some way to play the victim, even now. Even worse, she was worried that might somehow convince Myrcella, mad as that was. Doreah seemed to go over it in her mind, before hesitating. She drew herself up, almost as much as Myrcella had, and grinned. That was a look she had only ever directed at Arianne.

“Yes. Every word was the truth.” Doreah ;;said simply, before leaving Arianne and walking towards Myrcella. She was all but looming over the woman before she continued again. “In fact, I might as well tell you some more truths while I’m at it, seeing as it will be the last time.” This was going to get messy and painful, Arianne could already see that. Still, it was good to finally have it all out in the open.

“I despise you. The way you prance around trying to whore yourself out for Aegon. The way you think that’s what the world owes you for…what? A few useless family members getting themselves killed? Well, that doesn’t make you special, no matter what you might think.” Myrcella’s face was getting darker and darker with every word. Arianne was just surprised she hadn’t blown up yet, but Doreah seemed determined to push her further.

“Frankly, you’re out of your depth here. I’m surprised you haven’t been killed yet. You are a damn fool, and I hated every moment where I had to pretend to be less than a dumb whore like you.” Doreah was taking deep breaths now, evidently this had been something she had wanted to say for quite a while now.

“Myrcella…” Arianne said cautiously, taking a step towards the both of them. It was unlikely she could prevent this all from blowing up, but she’d rather be in a better position when things did go to hell.

“And you.” Doreah now turned that fiery gaze on her. Arianne found herself tensing up almost instinctually. “The way you treat her like a dog or a pet…I suppose it’s appropriate, seeing as how she’s useless by her lonesome.” Arianne blinked, turning to Myrcella whose face was somehow even darker than before.

“No that’s- you know that’s-” Arianne tried to protest but Myrcella didn’t let her. The woman’s hands roughly grabbed at Doreah’s crotch like a vice. Doreah grunted slightly, but she never let that grin of hers fade.

“Oh? Is that how you want it, little girl? I won’t be so gentle as you remember.” In a flash, Doreah’s hand was gripping Myrcella’s crotch, through the folds of her dress. Arianne moved to help, reaching out a hand. Myrcella’s angry glare froze her in her place, her arm visibly trembling in the air. Doreah barked out a laugh.

“Good. Seems even you still have some pride in you still.”

“Myrcella, we can take her together.” Arianne was sure enough of that by now. More than that, she was also sure neither of them would be able to take her on alone. Surely despite her pride being rankled, Myrcella had to see that?

“And I can’t on my own? Is that it?” Myrcella’s words were heated, the way they always got whenever she’d refuse to listen to reason. When her jaw was set, there really was no point arguing with her. Still, for what she meant to her, Arianne tried to persist anyway.

“No, that’s not what I meant. She’s dangerous.” Arianne tried to keep her own voice level. That was how she had always gotten through to Myrcella, and it was her only hope now.

“So am I.” The other woman hissed instead, using her other hand to claw at Arianne’s crotch. She was so surprised she hardly had time to move, though she very well could have. She grunted slightly, feeling the woman’s long nails dig painfully into her, even through the thin cloth.

“This isn’t how we can-”

“Shut up. You forget yourself.” Myrcella hissed angrily, her hand reaching up into the folds of her dress then plunging down into her naked skin. She felt herself shudder at the naked contact much more. It was something she’d felt often enough, something she’d dreamed of more besides. Still, now, the touch felt somewhat alien.

“Stop treating me like a child.” Myrcella said simply. Arianne frowned at her, what did the other woman mean? Oh but I am a bloody idiot. Now that she looked more closely, Arianne saw it. Yes, Myrcella was angry, almost as angry as Arianne had ever seen her, but that wasn’t all her eyes told her. She was also hurt, though that was something only Arianne could probably see. She really thinks I treat her like a child, huh?

Steeling herself, Arianne nodded. She mimicked the motion, forcing one hand down Myrcella’s back, until she felt her fingers grasping around Myrcella’s ass. The woman grunted, but thankfully, she nodded. Yes, Arianne had been right after all. Oh, but she was beautiful.

“Good. Two monkeys clawing each other’s eyes out. How amusing, I’m sure it’s a common sight in the brothels.” That brought her out of her thoughts. Using her other hand, Arianne grabbed at Doreah’s hips -Myrcella had a very firm grasp over her crotch. That got a surprised gasp out of her. It didn’t last long, as Arianne knew she wouldn’t. Doreah collected herself quickly, before her other hand cracked through the air like a whip until she was squeezing Arianne’s bottom painfully. When had she even found the time to undo her dress?

The three were now locked in one of the strangest stalemates that Arianne had ever seen. They all stared at each other in turn, Arianne trying to bore a hole through Doreah’s head with her gaze alone. She was the only one who seemed relatively undisturbed. Still, Arianne knew how to get under her skin now.

“I imagine you’ve been in plenty of scraps like this in the brothels where you came out of.” Arianne finished with a cheeky grin. She had to stifle a yelp, her toes curling, as Doreah forced a rough finger in her ass. The woman did not seem nearly so amused now. Good, she would not find what was to come amusing at all.

Arianne did her best to repay the favor. This wouldn’t be like last time, she’d thought about it often enough. She mimicked Doreah’s motion, prodding at the other woman’s ass with her index finger before shoving it into the hilt. She had been even rougher than Doreah had been, if the other woman’s flinch had been any indication.

Blessedly, Myrcella seemed to follow her lead. Arianne saw the other woman toying idly with her thumb, the finger grinding across the other woman’s clit. Good. Maybe this way we can- Arianne whimpered, feeling Myrcella’s other thumb rubbing soft circles into her own clit. Between Doreah and Myrcella’s attentions, it was a wonder she didn’t buckle over right then and there. This girl will be the death of me, as sure as sunrise. In more than a little annoyance, Arianne shoved her middle finger inside her ass too, getting a surprised grunt in return. It’s only fair.

That small exchange, happening in the span of a few seconds, might as well have been the declaration of a war. Arianne saw Myrcella starting to groan softly, her breathing seeming to get more and more labored. The reason why was obvious enough, with Doreah thrusting two, no, three fingers inside the other woman. Arianne hardly had time to think, her own body was on fire too. Doreah had somehow managed to work two fingers inside her ass, and now she was pumping them in her in a wild rush.

This wasn’t like before at all. Doreah had been gentle, soft and deliberate. That was what Arianne had prepared herself for. This Doreah was attacking the two of them like a wild animal, all fears and regrets long forgotten. It was almost too much. As it was, Arianne only vaguely made sure her own finger was thrusting in and out of Doreah’s ass, though it didn’t seem like it was having much of an effect on her at all.

“You might have had a better chance last time.” Doreah drawled teasingly, almost as if she’d read Arianne’s mind. Her legs wavered and almost buckled as the other woman clenched her fingers inside her. From Myrcella’s sudden swaying, she’d likely felt much the same. This will not end like last time. It cannot. Steeling herself, Arianne focused all of her on the rhythm of her own fingers. She pushed and pulled, over and over again, faster and faster. She didn’t even look up to see if she was having any effect, anything to distract her would have seen her own legs giving out from under her.

“Damn it…seems like the whore has learned some new tricks.” Arianne smiled weakly. From the corners of her eyes, she could see that Myrcella had almost fallen on her knees. Resolve was the only thing keeping her standing. At some point, Doreah had somehow managed to force four fingers inside the woman, her thumb clawing and scratching at her clit. It was a wonder she was standing at all. My lion is as fierce as ever.

Almost as if in answer, Arianne winced, feeling Myrcella’s thumb on her clit again. The woman had been too distracted for that until a moment ago, but it seemed she was going to make up for it. We’re not going to get anywhere if we keep getting in each other’s way.

“Oh but I know how close you are. I can feel it. Just give in, like you have so many times before.” Doreah cooed softly, thankfully not directed at her for a change. “A young lady has her needs, and you’re quite the slut besides. I’ll make sure you can’t live without me.” She whispered again, this time more softly. Arianne heard a loud scream, and saw Myrcella’s legs wobbling and shaking wildly.

“And wouldn’t you like to join her? I doubt you’re doing anything but holding on through willpower alone. Besides, you two make quite the pair.” Doreah clenched her hand again, as if emphasizing the point. That was too much, just enough to push her over the edge. Arianne let out a low moan that seemed to echo in her own skull. She was on her knees before she even realized it, almost every part of her body spasming. It took her a few moments to compose herself, and when she did, her eyes found Myrcella’s.

Wordlessly, the two reached an agreement. Arianne forced another finger inside Doreah’s ass, eliciting a startled gasp. Myrcella must have done much the same. Arianne clenched her fingers, exactly like the other woman had done. She saw Myrcella grinding her thumb across Doreah’s clit. “You cheap whores.” Doreah almost seemed to wail, her breathing getting more and more erratic.

Arianne almost thought it might not have been enough. She was fingering the other woman wildly, her own hand was beginning to tire. Finally, blessedly, she felt the other woman start to spasm around her fingers. In the next moment, Doreah went to her knees, joining the two of them. Thin puddles of all three women’s arousal stained the carpet underneath them. The only sounds in that quiet chamber were of the three breathing, each breath seeming louder than the last.

It took her a moment to collect herself. Thankfully, the other seemed to need that moment about as much as she did. Myrcella all but pounced on the other woman, collapsing on top of her as they both went to the floor. “I’ll teach you the manners you never learned in your whorehouse,” she snarled, before pushing her face between her legs. Doreah seemed surprised, but only for a moment. She stared down at the other woman, tilting her head.

“You think you’ll make me submit? Like this?” She brought her hand around and spanked Myrcella hard, her hips swaying. She did that a second, then a third time, until Myrcella’s cheeks were a light pink. To her credit, Myrcella hardly let up her own assault, and that seemed to be making Doreah more and more annoyed by the second.

“And now what? You two against me?” She levelled a challenging look at Arianne, who was about to voice her agreement. Myrcella pulled her head back to glare at her, almost more coldly than Doreah herself did. Her look seemed to say ‘Don’t you dare.’ Arianne knew well enough to heed the warning.

“Come. Don’t feel left out. Let’s see how fast I can break you.” Arianne felt her hackles rising, but she would not let herself be goaded so easily. “At the very least, I can show Myrcella that you’re the weakest one here.” Arianne had no idea when she had straddled the other woman’s neck. Her own fury surprised her, but she let it wash over her, letting it consume her mind.

“Do your worst.” She heard herself say, almost from outside of herself. Doreah hardly needed the invitation, as she started grinding her tongue across Arianne’s crotch slowly and deliberately. It sent sparks through her, waves of pleasure that tried to overcome any reason she had. Doreah had once again turned cold and calculating, another change from how she had been before.

“You have to do both, you dumb whore. And you have to know when to do it.” Doreah said simply when she pulled her mouth away, once again reading her thoughts. Arianne stifled a moan, her clenched teeth making it come out as more of a groan instead. She tilted her head slightly, just enough to see Myrcella still viciously attacking the other woman. Doreah’s legs were quivering ever so slightly, enough to show that she was doing little more than putting on a brave front too.

Arianne moved her hands down, pinching at the woman’s nipples hard. That brought out a delightful yelp from the woman. Arianne had just enough time to feel pleased with herself before she felt a hand swat hers away. Surprised, she saw Myrcella glaring up at her again. This was starting to frustrate Arianne almost to the point of madness. Very well, if that’s how it was supposed to be.

She twisted around and pulled Myrcella to her side, the woman letting out a startled breath as Arianne moved her legs towards her. It was a fine balance, moving Myrcella close enough while still giving Doreah access to her womanhood. Still, it was important, or none of this would mean anything.

“This is what you wanted.” She said simply, before diving her head between Myrcella thighs, her tongue once again treading common ground as it pushed up against the woman’s wet lips. She heard Doreah laugh slightly, before shoving her tongue inside Arianne. Arianne wanted to laugh, wanted to cry, wanted to moan and wanted to scream. She did all four, in some part.

Arianne had to balance it all with her own foray into Myrcella’s loins. The woman was aroused, maybe more aroused than she had ever been with Arianne alone. That hurt, if only a bit. It also made her want to prove herself, as odd as that sounded to herself. The weakest here, huh? That had definitely rankled some part of her she didn’t realize was there. Arianne shoved her tongue deep inside Myrcella, clenching it until she heard the woman let out a long scream. That had always been her weakness, and one Arianne had no qualms about exploiting right now.

It was a test of endurance, a test as primal and pure as any could be. Arianne had to fight a battle on two fronts. Her legs had started to shake again, they looked more like a tree in a storm than her own limbs. Doreah seemed determined to make her orgasm, and she got closer by the second. The saving grace was that Arianne could feel Myrcella drawing closer to her own orgasm.

The whole chamber was filled with the sounds of groaning, moaning and screaming. Arianne looked up to see that Doreah had wrapped her thighs around Myrcella’s head, only forcing the woman to push deeper inside her. Myrcella looked flushed, a shade of red as dark as the curtains. Arianne doubted she looked much better. Doreah’s tongue was still attacking her wildly, but every now and then it seemed to freeze, as if the woman was trying to regain herself. None of them were that far from an orgasm.

They were now in another stalemate, and it was all about seeing who would be the one to break first. Doreah shoved a finger into Arianne’s ass again, and that was almost enough for Arianne to orgasm then and there. She doesn’t fight fair at all. Arianne didn’t have a choice, she had to either somehow hold on or make Myrcella orgasm first. She pulled her tongue out of Myrcella, who seemed to shudder with loss.

I’m sorry, love. Arianne grinded her tongue against Myrcella’s clit in a long, drawn out and gentle motion. She knew what would happen, it had happened many times before, after all. Myrcella let out a loud scream that drowned out anything Arianne or Doreah were letting slip. She felt the woman’s whole body shaking, and saw her orgasm up close. The spasm had only pushed her deeper into Doreah, who was now reaching a crescendo to rival Myrcella’s own. Both of them were orgasming, and Arianne felt herself slipping too.

Everything seemed to fade then. She heard nothing of the two women, all she could feel was Doreah tongue and her fingers. All she could feel was her back arching and her body giving in to its second orgasm. Arianne fell from on top of Doreah, landing on her side. Her whole body was throbbing and she had to struggle to keep her eyes open. Every now and then she saw Myrcella doing much the same, groaning softly on the floor. Her ears told her Doreah was doing little different.

If anybody had asked, Arianne herself might not have been able to tell what had happened after that. She vaguely remembered trying desperately to catch her breath, to will herself upright before the other two women did. Doreah had been the first to recover, and she had pinned Arianne down underneath her. 

The next memory she had was Myrcella shoving Doreah on top of her, the two women staring at each other as Myrcella shoved fingers inside the two of them. That had been more than enough to break them both to another orgasm, and Myrcella had loudly gloated something about ‘showing them both their places’.

The next memory she had barely even seemed to make any sense. Doreah and Arianne had both shoved Myrcella off and were now fingering both of her holes. The two seemed to even be working together, but surely that must not have happened how she was remembering it. Myrcella had been a moaning and throbbing mess on the floor before long, and that had definitely knocked her down a peg.

Arianne briefly recalled something about Myrcella spanking her until she felt like her cheeks were on fire. She also vaguely remembered returning the favor more than a few times. Oddly enough, Doreah wasn’t in those memories. The woman had somehow managed to give them both blows on their hips, while avoiding theirs in turn.

Her next orgasm, at least, she thought it was next, seemed to bring everything back to her at last.

All three women were staring at each other, sitting on their knees, and gasping for air. Arianne felt like she was underwater. Every motion she made was tired and exaggerated. Myrcella reached out to her and Arianne almost flinched back, fearing some new kind of attack. Instead, Myrcella hooked an arm around her shoulder, seemingly for support. 

Doreah was staring at the two of them. She was a mass of sweat and exhaustion, but her breathing was much more controlled, her expression much more reserved. Myrcella whispered something quietly and Arianne had to strain to hear it at all.

“We…we need to work together.” Arianne stared at the woman like she was insane. After all, that was something she had been proposing and trying to make happen since this mess all started to begin with. Still, all of those protests were for another day, Arianne could see that now. Doreah had by far the most strength left, and the two of them seemed to be running on little more than willpower.

They stared into each other’s eyes, and they knew. They turned their gazes to Doreah, who seemed to be warily looking between them. “I see you two whores now know the mess you’re really in.” Doreah’s expression made it very clear she’d rather they have stayed the way they were.

Together, the two rushed at the other woman. Arianne shoved a hand between her legs again, shoving all four fingers inside the woman -she was more than aroused enough for it by now. Myrcella made her way behind her, and from Doreah’s startlement, she had done something similar enough.

This had to be enough. This was their last chance. Arianne knew that as sure as she knew her own name. Doreah just glared at her defiantly, shoving a hand between her wet womanhood again, all four fingers piercing her like a sword. Her other hand fumbled behind her, until she found her place between Myrcella’s thighs. This was going to be their one last duel.

Arianne grinded her fingers along the woman’s walls, clenching her fingers every now and again. Her thumb rubbed against her clit. She tried alternating her motions. Doreah had taught her to regulate herself, you had to be both fierce and gentle, both as needed. Arianne did her best to follow that advice, even if all she wanted to do was claw out the woman’s cunt. Arianne doubted Myrcella was doing anything that tactfully, if her wildly moving arm was any indication at all.

Doreah was panting, harder and harder, over and over again. Her hands had all but stopped moving now, and Arianne could devote herself to making her life hell. We can do this! Gleefully, Arianne only pushed on. “Harder!” She shouted to Myrcella, who only nodded grimly. Doreah was screaming at the top of her lungs. It was a wonder she could even scream at all at this point. Until finally, she orgasmed.

Her whimpers and her grunts were as sweet as honey to Arianne. As the other woman seemed to collapse in on herself, Arianne allowed herself to pry her fingers out of the woman. She was bone tired. Gods, she was more tired than she might have ever been before. Myrcella was gasping too, this had been just as hard on her. Still, they had won, that was all that mattered.

She stared at Myrcella, the two sharing in the victory. Before Arianne could react, Myrcella all but jumped on top of her. “What are you doing?” She barely managed to croak out before she found Myrcella fingers slowly working their way inside her.

“I’m going to win.” Win? This bloody woman is still thinking about that when we have won? Still, some part of Arianne understood. Myrcella pride had been hurt, and it was a wound that wasn’t likely to heal until she felt like she was better than everyone here, Arianne included. I can hardly let her win though, can I?

She definitely didn’t have the strength for it, but she willed her hands to trace Myrcella’s thighs until her fingers found her wet cunt. Without hesitation, she plunged three fingers in. Myrcella was hammering her wildly, clearly trying to make her orgasm before Arianne could react. Arianne had the same idea, and the two’s arms strained as they prodded at each other.

Her body was sensitive, every hair she had was on edge. There wasn’t much willpower left in her as she felt the familiar waves of pleasure building in her once again. This time, they were almost painful. Weakly, she stared up at Myrcella, who seemed to be in the same daze that Arianne felt. Arianne let out a shuddering moan as she reached another orgasm, Myrcella collapsing on top of her from her own. It had been a last, desperate thrust from two soldiers who could barely hold their swords upright. Still, it had been a draw.

Arianne was more than happy to pass out. Her eyes were closed, and she could feel her consciousness starting to fade. She felt a hand working up her thigh, doubtless that was Myrcella trying to get in a better position before she passed out herself. She forced her heavy eyes open, and she felt shock run through ehr. Doreah was once again on her knees, her hands snaking towards the two of them.

How?! She found herself despairing, as Doreah’s hands once again started to work between her legs. Myrcella let out a pained moan. This time was different, Arianne barely had the strength left to move let alone to fight back. More than that, the other woman’s hands somehow seemed even more defty than they had been before. Doreah stared right at her, as her fingers prodded at every weak spot Arianne had. She’s been learning from me. Learning me. It all suddenly made sense to her as Doreah smirked again. As Arianne felt two fingers pinch her clit, she knew this was going to be the end for her.

She fell on her back, staring up at the ceiling. Myrcella had gone down a few seconds before her. “Did you two stupid whores really think you could stand up to me? To me?” Arianne couldn’t see the other woman, but her tone made her amusement more than obvious. 

“I’ll admit, you two did give me some trouble. But…you both still have a lot to learn. Maybe if you’ve worked together from the start. Oh well.”

Doreah clenched her fingers inside Arianne and that made her legs shoot up reflexively. Myrcella was screaming, and Arianne hadn’t the faintest idea what was happening to her. She could only focus on herself, could only focus on the fire filling up inside her once again. It started from her loins, racing up to her stomach, to her chest. Soon, that fire was all she was. “Good girls. I knew you two would see reason eventually. My two concubines, oh I bet Aegon would love the thought.”

Arianne didn’t know when her own orgasm had started. Her eyes were gaping at the ceiling as her legs floundered around. A buzzing seemed to fill her ears, blotting out everything else. She didn’t know when her own orgasm finished either, or if it ever had. She saw Doreah standing above her, looking down with a smile.

Arianne felt something wet trickling down her face. That woman had spit on her! Doreah turned around, and Arianne saw her doing much the same to Myrcella. “Let this be a reminder to the two of you.” She said coldly, before walking over to the bed. Arianne saw the woman’s legs almost buckle and watched her almost fall over. She wasn’t nearly as composed as she wanted them to believe. We were so close!

Slowly, Doreah put on a small, woolen robe, just enough to cover herself. She walked over to the door, tilting her head.

“My ladies.” She gave them both a mocking nod, before striding from the chambers. Arianne could do nothing but stare at the door where she had been in resignation. She tilted her head. Myrcella had her face pressed against the floor, she was weeping. Arianne felt like crying too, but she would not let the tears show. Not when Myrcella needed her.

She reached out a tired hand and put it over Myrcella’s in what was supposed to be a comforting gesture. “Don’t touch me!” Myrcella shouted, swatting her hand away hard, before returning to her sobbing.

Arianne did start to cry then.

Blood and bloody ashes. Doreah swayed, almost falling over herself as she tried to make her way down the halls. Everything was falling apart, everything had fallen apart. Where did I go wrong? She had been so close. She had two powerful supporters just a few weeks ago. She was going to ride out the wave, let all these vile bitches kill each other and then rule over their corpses.

Yet now I’ll be the next corpse if I stay here any longer. Several servants looked at her as she walked down the hallways. One man even asked her if she needed any help. Doreah would have screamed at him, if she had the energy to scream at all. She barely had the energy to stand, or to think. All she knew was that she had to leave, and the sooner the better.

Gods but it hurts. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, and her cunt felt like it had been hit by an arrow. A barbed arrow at that. She would definitely not be sleeping well tonight. Thankfully, for all of Storm’s End’s immense size, Myrcella’s chambers weren’t that far away from the exit.

Stepping out of the wing, she slowly trudged over to the stables, a small fixture besides the castle’s massive gates. Some soldiers were looking at her now, many of them taking their eyes away from whatever drill they had been running. This isn’t a bloody circus. She tried her best to ignore them, willing her feet to carry her farther and farther.

The stables were a mess of horses and handlers inspecting them. This was a busy time of day, doubtless some of these were being inspected to run some fool exercise or another. She walked over to the nearest handler, a small boy who had to be in his middle years.

“I want a horse. Now. The fastest.” The boy looked up at her, confused. She glared at him before adding. “Orders of the Prince.” If the boy had any doubts, her glare was enough for him to keep them to himself. 

She looked over at the line of horses and winced. Just about all of them looked more likely to kill her themselves than to take her to safety. Doreah changed her mind and added. “Actually, the gentlest mare you can find. Saddle her and bring her by the front gate.” Yes, she would definitely not survive any horse that was in a foul mood.

Nodding to herself when the boy went scurrying off, she once again started trudging to the gates. Every second was important now, and she could only hope that boy was fast. Gods I was so close. Doreah had no protection at all. Aegon and Myrcella had both, in one way or another, abandoned her. She hated to admit it, but she was powerless now.

She saw a few guards manning the gates. With an effort, she smoothed her skirts and walked over to them. For all they knew, she was still someone important, even if they didn’t know why. Stepping closer, she paused as one of the men started walking towards her. It was Ser Duck, such as he was named.

He looked concerned, as he gave her a thorough inspection with his eyes. He swallowed whatever he had been about to say and nodded. “His Grace, Prince Aegon, wishes to take you on as his handmaiden. He’s asked you be given a chamber next to his own. Do you accept?” He added the last part like the answer should have been obvious.

Now Doreah really was going to fall over, if only from the shock. Her? His handmaiden? She shook her head, it was too late now. She had made too many enemies here, and it really was safer to just leave. That’s what the sane part of her said, the part that had kept her alive all these years.

Still, there was another part of her that whispered much the opposite. The personal handmaiden to a King is nothing to trifle with. That was true enough. Besides, as it stood, Aegon would become a King one day. With any bloody luck he would. Being under his protection would…well, she might be even better off than she had been before.

Her sensibility warred with her greed in her mind, two armies fighting one another. Unfortunately, one of those armies was always going to win. She knew as sure as sunrise.

“M-my Lady. I brought your horse. A g-gentle mare she is.” Doreah glanced back, and the boy was probably right. It was still a fierce looking animal, but not as fierce as the ones she’d seen.

“You may take her back. It appears I still have business here.” She shot one glance up Storm’s End’s high walls, and prayed that her gamble paid off.

The End

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