Duranna by JB57

The sun had just started to rise over the verdant jungle but the dense humidity in the air had kept it hot during the night. The blonde woman on the bed stirred, somnolent in the early morning heat. She was lying belly down on the mattress, her dense, thick tits pushed into the soft pad. Frayed, skintight white stockings stretched over her muscular legs from just below mid-thigh down to her ankles, leaving her feet bare.

Otherwise, she was completely naked. The sunlight seeped through the canvas walls of the yurt-like structure she called her home. The gentle glow played on her beautiful body, etching out its muscular perfection. Her back was gorgeous, each curve and sculpted line tightly defined. Her ass was marvelously round and taut, a perfect heart-shape.

The beautiful woman stirred, then rolled over onto her back, freeing her magnificent breasts, enjoying the sensation as their heavy weight shifted on her chest. She slowly stretched, moaning in delight as her muscles released the delicious tension. She stared at the canvas and wood ceiling. It had taken her several weeks to build this sturdy structure, but it had served her well. It was a reliable shelter against the occasional torrential downpours that took place in this jungle, but it was more valuable as protection against the relentless sun and heat. The woman sat up, swung her legs off the bed and got to her feet. She looked around the yurt for her clothing. She pulled on a tiny tan thong that fit snugly over her pussy and had a tiny flap of cloth that hung over her loins. There was little in the back, other than the sparse material that bisected her perfect ass. She donned a ragged tank top, a modified shirt that left her midriff exposed and barely contained her huge breasts.

The woman’s named was Duranna. She appeared to be a stunningly gorgeous and voluptuous woman in her early 20s, a woman at the peak of her physical beauty. In reality, she was older and her history was far more colorful than most people knew. She lived on this primitive, savage world, filled with humans who looked like her, but with many other beings and creatures besides. She had made her way in the world and had spent a decade as one of the star attractions at a brothel in a city almost a continent away. Five years before, a man and a parchment had entered her life and sent her on a quest.

The woman left the yurt and walked out onto the mesa she called home. The massive, natural stone tower stood more than a hundred meters above the forest floor, but it had a diameter of only 25 meters, providing her with a secure and defensible position from which to conduct her daily excursions. To attack her, a predator would need to climb the steep sides of the mesa. It was possible to do this but very difficult, and most predators had no reason to put such a risky effort into devouring a lone human woman – even if they had known she was there. A single tree grew out of the soil collected on the top of the mesa. Under it, a giant lizard-bird rested. This was the woman’s steed and her companion of the past year on her quest. The tree produced a thick, meaty fruit that provided all the nutrients and liquids a person needed to survive. Duranna had eaten far too many over the past few months, but she could not argue with the results. She never went hungry and her body was as strong and beautiful as ever.

The lizard-bird stirred and turned its sharp beak and yellow eyes to the woman as she approached. She picked up one of the fruits littering the ground and offered it to the monstrous creature. The bird eagerly chomped down on the ripe melon, devouring it whole. The blonde woman gently stroked the monster’s neck.

“That’s good, Elora,” she cooed to the beast. “Good girl. Beautiful girl.” The monster nuzzled her and chirped, a sign of its contentment. “We’ll head out to the south side of the river today, OK?” Duranna continued. “I think that map I found the other day may be the best clue yet to where the entrance is.”

Elora, the lizard-bird, cawed loudly and spread its leathery wings, flapping briskly. The woman smiled. “First, let’s have a bit of breakfast, girl.” The woman gathered up more fruit from under the tree and carried it back to her yurt. The beast ate the fruit scattered about on the ground while it waited.

Duranna ate heartily at the makeshift table inside the yurt. She had collected a variety of herbs and spices while living in the jungle, enough to season her meal and make the melon quite tasty. While she devoured the fruit and quenched her thirst with some pure water she had collected from a nearby jungle spring, she reviewed the battered but durable parchment she had discovered days earlier in some of the forest ruins. The jungle spread out beneath the mesa concealed the remains of an ancient civilization. Duranna was certain that the whole jungle had once been a city. The magnificent structures spread through the forest were testaments to the fantastic architectural accomplishments and technological achievements of the ancient people who had built them. Despite being covered in vines and shattered by the roots of massive trees, the ruins were often in surprisingly good shape. Many of these structures hid entrances into a vast network of underground plazas, dwellings and temples. Duranna had been exploring these ruins for the past year, looking for a very particular place and artifact. The map she had found in an abandoned temple provided a clue -she hoped – to what she was trying to find.

Duranna finished her meal, rolled up the map, stuck it into a wooden carrying tube, and hung it over her shoulder. She hung a whistle around her neck. She walked out to the lizard bird, waiting patiently for her. She climbed onto Elora’s back, ran her hands gently down the creature’s grizzled neck, then blew the whistle in a ululating rhythm. The bird responded immediately wiith an answering squawk. It ran for the edge of the mesa at high speed, its wings tucked into its sides. It plunged off the side of the stone tower and, an instant later, spread its leathery wings wide.

Duranna and Elora soared over the jungle. The beautiful woman picked out the turn of the river below, the broken cliffs and ancient, massive trees that served as the geographical markers for her journey. Over the past year, she had gotten to know this area of the jungle very well, but where she was going today was well beyond her usual exploration zone. The map indicated an area a further 30 minute flight to the south. She examined the ground below with a keen eye, trying to match the formations of the jungle to the grids laid out in the map. She smiled as she began to see patterns of vegetative growth that traced the lines depicted in the map. She never would have seen this without the guidance of the parchment or the advantage of an aerial view.

Duranna spotted a clearing and directed Elora towards the open space. It was beside a brook and offered a place for the giant bird to run and leap so that she could take off easily later. Duranna knew that following the brook should lead her to the pavilion she was trying to find. If she was interpreting the map correctly, the lower levels of the pavilion might be hiding another piece of the puzzle she needed to reach her goal.

Carrying only the short wooden tube strung over her shoulder, Duranna followed the brook into the deep forest. She walked in the water in her bare feet. It was not deep and the bottom of the stream was surprisingly smooth and firm. After traveling for half an hour, the beautiful woman came onto a solid rock face rising vertically out of the jungle. Built into the rock was an ancient building, its smooth pillars and solid lines easily visible despite the surrounding vegetation. The brook was flowing directly out of the structure. As Duranna drew near, she could make out a rectangular entrance boring into the side of the cliff. The blonde woman carefully entered the dark doorway, her eyes picking out glyphs and pictograms carved into the walls. She pulled a tiny flashlight out of the tube she was carrying and used it to examine the writing. She was able to read most of it. Her heart began to thump harder in her bountiful chest. If the writing was correct, if she was interpreting it correctly, Duranna realized she might be close to the end of her quest.


Duranna grunted and gasped, rolling her hips, as she rode the man under her. Her tight, wet cunt was stretched to its limit around the man’s enormous cock. The beautiful blonde was fully impaled on the man’s meaty spear and she was enjoying the experience immensely. She squeezed his massive shaft tightly with her vaginal muscles, massaging the length of his swollen prick, which was buried balls-deep inside of her. Duranna’s tuft of pubic hair was tightly twined with the bush of the man below her. The man moaned in pleasure, bucking his hips as he spasmed. He reached up and filled his hands with Duranna’s bouncing tits and squeezed the thick meat desperately, gripping and kneading the succulent mounds. He sat up and began sucking her massive tits, biting gently at the swollen nipples, until he lay back down and lowered his hands to feel her rippling belly. Duranna ran her hands through her thick golden hair, panting with effort as she worked her ass and hips. Her abs flexed enticingly. Her incredible body writhed sinuously, twisting in ecstasy atop the massive meat spear filling her loins. Sweat dripped from her enflamed nipples and streaked her lush, muscled torso, glistening on her soft skin like jewels. She dug her fingers into the man’s muscular chest, returning his grip on her tits.

Duranna and the man had been at this a long time. Usually, her clients paid for an hour of her time. Most lasted a few minutes, at best. This man had paid for three hours and, so far, had managed to keep his prick as hard as a rock for more than an hour. Combined with his cock’s amazing girth and length, it was a remarkable performance and Duranna was starting to feel the challenge of getting this man off. To her amazement, she felt herself on the edge of a truly powerful orgasm, something that rarely happened to her when she was fulfilling her professional responsibilities. True, she had orgasms all the time in her work. One of the reasons she had no qualms about being a prostitute on this world was because she came from a sexually voracious species and the regular fucking she got on the job helped to take the edge off her natural erotic hunger. But the climax building inside of her now was truly of mind-shattering intensity.

“Nnnnngggghhhh,” the man moaned. “Oh god,” he cried. Duranna felt him tremble under her, a deep shudder that ran the whole length of his body. He was about to have an amazingly powerful ejaculation. The man bucked his hips harder, then rolled Duranna under him. Crushing her tits with his chest, covering her sweaty body with his own, the man thrust into her like a jackhammer, pulling back then ramming forward, driving into her again and again. Duranna moved her hips opposite to his, so that she met his thrusts with her own. The room echoed with the sound of firm flesh beating together like a drum, with the slap of the man’s balls colliding with the woman’s ass below her pussy. Duranna felt her own intense orgasm coming on. The man gripped her by her perfect buttocks and squeezed tight. She grabbed him by his ass and pulled him in harder. Her thighs wrapped around his hips and she held on, locking her body to the man’s, jerking her hips and squeezing with her cunt.

“UNNNNNNNGGGGHHHH!!” the man cried out as he ejaculated powerfully once, twice, three times, each reload an excruciating blast of pleasure.

Duranna felt the flood of hot cum inside her twat and it was just enough to push her over the edge. She closed her eyes and squeezed her thighs around the man’s thrusting hips, bucking hard. An explosion of orgasmic delight roared away from her burning clit, filling her voluptuous body, curling her toes in ecstasy.

“FUCK, YES, YES, YESSSSSS!!” she screamed, not needing to fake her response.

Duranna and her client thrashed and writhed, their muscles tensed and strained as the sexual pleasure burned through their bodies. Finally, the delicious sensations abated. Panting, soaked in sweat, the man and woman lay tangled, the man’s considerable mass crushing down on Duranna’s luscious body. She did not mind. Duranna floated in the afterglow, enjoying the heat and weight of her customer pressing her into the bed.

After a few minutes, the muscular man groaned and rolled off of the voluptuous woman. His massive shaft withdrew from her sucking cunt with a wet pop. A thick strand of cum linked their hot genitals.

“My god,” the man grunted. “That was fantastic! You are every bit as good as your reputation. You are worth every penny I’ve paid for you! In fact, I think that you are not charging enough!”

“You are pretty good yourself,” Duranna replied, rolling onto her side and propping up her head on one hand. She ran her fingers over the man’s chest and down his belly to his cock, which was wet and thick, even if it had lost much of its hardness. She wrapped her warm hand around the fat, cum-slimed member and noted that the prick was so thick her fingers could get only two-thirds around. She squeezed the turgid shaft and smiled as she felt it start to pulse and harden once more. “Do you think you’re up for round two?”

“Not just yet, but I will be soon,” the man promised.

“Here, let me help,” Duranna purred. She got to her knees on the bed beside the man but facing down his body and leaned over his shaft. The growing member was too large to fit in her mouth, but she licked the tip of the sensitive head, running her tongue on the edge of his penis’ hole, eliciting a gasp of pleasure. The prick was soon at full size, thrusting up from the man’s lap like a ten-inch spike. Duranna’s hand rubbed and teased the cock with friction and her mouth covered as much of the prick head as she could, her tongue working the shaft expertly. The man groaned and gasped, his body shuddering. His hand played with Duranna’s ass and cunt, stroking and probing her bodily orifices even as she sucked and ate him up to another explosion of exquisite agony. It took Duranna more than 20 minutes, but she finally finished him, her mouth locked tight over the top of his dick, sucking and drinking back his hot, sticky ejaculate as he came again and again. Her hands were wrapped around his cock, massaging and teasing, squeezing and cutting off the flow of cum before releasing it again. When he finally stopped cumming, the man collapsed, his body trembling, his voice quavering as he moaned in unbelievable pleasure.

Duranna smiled as she fell onto the bed beside him. Her nether regions were burning, supremely aroused from the attention her client had given to them, but she could live with the pleasant ache, especially since she was sure it would soon be satisfied. She swallowed back the cum filling her mouth, enjoying the taste. He had ejaculated so much and so hard that, for a moment, Duranna had not been sure she could take it all. Whoever this man was, he was certainly performing at a sexual level she rarely encountered. She was curious about this.

“So, what is your job?” she asked. The man needed more time to reload but, unlike many of Duranna’s clientele, he showed no signs of drifting off to sleep after his balls had been drained.

“I’m an archaeologist,” he explained. “My name is Dellmon.”

“Hello, Dellmon,” Duranna smiled. “I’m Duranna.”

“God, yes, I know,” he said enthusiastically. Duranna found the man’s strangely naïve behavior appealing, though she suspected that he did not have much contact with other people. His next words confirmed this.

“I’ve been hearing about you for a few years now, but I’ve been alone in the field for so long, I did not have time to come in and see if the rumors were true. But they were!”

“So, how long were you out in the field by yourself?”

“About six months, this last time. I’ve mastered a technique where I save up my sexual energy the whole time I’m out and then I can let it all go when I get back to civilization.”

“Really?” Duranna asked. She had never heard of such a thing but she could not deny that his sexual stamina and the sheer amount of cum he was producing did feel like the cumulative energy of a man who had not released sexual tension in a long time.

“Yeah, I learned the technique several years ago. I specialize in old documents and writings. I found out how to do this in something I read in an old scroll in the temple of Erossia in Balaman.”

Duranna frowned. Erossia was a well known goddess of the erotic arts, though her origins were in the country of Balaman, a great distance from here. Even so, her fame had spread. A few shrines to the goddess were in every brothel in the city, including this one.

“Well, if you’ve discovered the secret of spectacular sex, you should market it,” the woman smiled. “You would make a fortune.”

“I probably will,” Dellmon replied, “But learning how to do it is quite difficult and does require a lot of patience and self-control. For now, I’m busy on another project.”

“What’s that?” Duranna asked. She was genuinely interested. One of the things that had made her life bearable on this primitive world was reading and learning. She was always keen to pick up new snippets of knowledge. Professionally, such information came in handy if she was put in situations that required her to attend up-scale parties and events.

“Let me show you.” The man hopped out of the bed. Duranna watched him go, impressed at his musculature and the ease with which he moved. Dellmon was a handsome, dark-skinned man who looked middle-aged, but he moved with the vigor of a young man. Duranna wondered if this was connected to his sexual technique. The man went to where he had left his clothing and a pack. He pulled a wooden tube out of his pack and returned to the bed. He pulled a sheaf of rolled up parchment out of the tube and smoothed the papers out on the bedsheets. The parchments were diverse. Some showed pictures and blueprints of elaborate architectural structures. Some were maps. Others were covered in arcane writing. Duranna immediately noticed one of the pieces of writing. Her heart began to pound as she gingerly fished it out from among the others.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” said Dellmon. “It’s in a language that I have not been able to decipher. So far, I can’t find any record of it either, but I have not really looked hard. I got that parchment with a trove of other papers and I find it intriguing. It’s as old as the other documents but it seems to be made of some uniquely durable material. I’ll get around to investigating it eventually. For now, I’ve been more focused on this.”

He showed her a map and picture of an archaeological site and began to explain his quest for a long-lost, possibly mythical city. Duranna played along, but her mind was focused on the mysterious document and its indecipherable writing. It was not indecipherable at all, at least not to her. It was the written language of her people.

Duranna bundled the parchments up and pushed them off the bed. She climbed onto Dellmon’s lap. Immediately, his massive shaft began to swell to its full enormous size. “Let’s put all this aside for now,” Duranna smiled. “You’ve got less than two hours left and I want to be absolutely sure you get every minute of your money’s worth.” She smiled wider. “And I want to be sure I get every drop of cum in that beautiful big cock.”

Dellmon impressed Duranna yet again with his amazing sexual stamina. She threw all of her erotic skill into making him cum as hard as he could, but it was still more than another hour before she finally managed to exhaust him. He succeeded in getting her to earth-shaking orgasms three more times.

As the archaeologist slept, his body finally drained of enough of its vitality, Duranna crawled out of the bed. Her pussy was pleasantly sore, distended from having to accommodate the archaeologist’s enormous cock and his pounding, driving thrusts. She examined the parchments scattered on the floor. She picked up the one document of interest to her and took it to the desk across the room. Placing it on the desk, she sat on the chair. Her pussy was dripping and she knew she would leave a wet spot on the chair cushion, but that was a small price to pay for the information she had in front of her now. She cleared her mind and concentrated on memorizing every detail of the document. One of her gifts was a photographic memory when she focused and she put it to good use now.

A few minutes later, Dellmon came awake with a start. Duranna was sucking his balls, gently but insistently, and stroking his rapidly swelling cock. The man looked at a clock on the wall, prominently displayed so that clients could not lose track of the time. “I’m almost out of time,” he croaked, his throat dry.

“Don’t worry,” Duranna smiled at him, then spat a dollop of spit onto his cock. Her tongue played on the rounded head of his prick, pushing around the saliva. “The next hour is on the house. It’s my treat.”

The man gratefully put his head on the pillow and lay back, content to accept the ecstasy he was being offered. Duranna slowly, carefully, sucked on his prick, using her tongue to tease the delicate flesh, gently cupping and caressing his sensitive scrotum until his cock had swollen to a rigid shaft of meat. She lowered her head further, took his balls into her mouth, and sucked gently, just on the edge of applying too much pressure, sending a surge of pleasure through his burning genitals.

“Unnnnngggghhhh,” Dellmon groaned, his body shuddering with the sensations.

Duranna smiled and sat up. She squatted over the man, aiming his monstrously engorged shaft at her dripping, steaming cunt, and sat down on the meaty spear, gratefully impaling herself on Dellmon’s enormous member. The thick meat slid slowly, deliciously, up into her tight, hot fuckhole, spreading and forcing her taut vagina apart all the way in. The sensation was exquisite and Durrana smiled as she sat on the man’s lap, his cock shoved balls-deep into her taut twat. She leaned back, her hands on his shins, and worked her body sinuously, sliding herself up and down the monstrous prick, thrusting down and squeezing, squeezing, then releasing the rock-hard shaft. The room filled with the wet sound of Duranna’s juiced-up pussy sucking and squelching as she fucked her client. Her massive tits bounced deliciously and Dellmon reached up to knead and massage Duranna’s jolting breasts.

Duranna rode Dellmon as hard as she could, using her position to keep his cock from exploding with cum, building and building the tension in his body until every one of his muscles was quivering and the man was moaning, crying out with pleasure and the burning need for release. Still, she kept him from going off, leaning further back, keeping his prick at just the right angle that it could not ejaculate. She did this for herself as much as for her client. Her swollen clit was throbbing uncontrollably and she could feel she was close to frighteningly powerful orgasm of her own.

After nearly an hour, when both of them were slicked with sweat and their cries of pleasure were harmonizing, Duranna finally let the man go. Their cries became shouts of ecstasy as Duranna and the archaeologist came together, his hot cum jetting up into her like a geyser. Duranna jerked her hips and ran her hands over her throbbing breasts and raked them through her wild hair, screaming out in joy as she came once, twice, three times, each climax more powerful than the one before.

As she collapsed onto her sobbing client, Duranna smiled to herself. She had given him the best fuck of his life as a reward for inadvertently delivering to her the possible means of escape. She could not thank him enough.

That night, in the privacy of her quarters, Duranna committed to paper all she remembered from the document. A week later, she gathered up her few belongings and all of the considerable amount of money she had saved over ten years as one of the most popular prostitutes in the city and left on the quest that had consumed her life ever since. Following clues from place to place, traveling the world, having adventures and numerous sexual encounters along the way, she gradually made her way to the lush, humid jungle she was in now. She explored the jungle and the ancient ruins concealed within it and came closer and closer to the end of her voyage.


Duranna walked deeper into the abandoned ruin. The stone walls and ornate rock carvings spoke to its previous existence as a temple to a revered deity. She found a large staircase that led into the bowels of the building. She soon discovered the source of the brook, a giant spring filling a huge pool in the floor of the structure, pouring out the entrance as a waterfall. She continued to explore. The sign she had found when she first entered the structure appeared to be what had been indicated by the map she had found days before in another ruin. Now, she just had to find whatever additional clue that could be found in this temple to point her onto the next step in her quest.

Duranna explored the subterranean temple for more than two hours. She wandered the abandoned corridors, overrun by vegetation and roots trailing down from the vast forest above. She realized there were no animals about. She was surprised by this. These ruins had been abandoned for centuries and should be ideal nests for all manner of jungle creature. All the other ruins she had explored in this jungle had been utilized by numerous species of plants, animals, insects and mutants, many of them very dangerous. Something was different about this space, something was keeping them away. That fact gave her a spike of hope. If the ancient people who built this city had gone to the trouble of protecting this building even as they abandoned their metropolis, then they had left something here they wanted to protect.

Duranna entered a large open space, a room whose ceiling was at least 20 meters above her head. The far wall was another 100 meters on the other side of a slab rock floor. Sunlight filtered in from holes in the ceiling where the rock had collapsed. She realized that she could probably leave the temple through one of those holes, as a crumbling staircase across the auditorium reached a stone balcony that looked just high enough to access the ceiling. As she considered this, something caught her eye. The symbol she had seen on the sign at the entrance was etched on the wall across from her. She approached carefully. In different places, the floor had fallen through to the depths below. When she got close enough, she saw that the symbol was above a closed oval door. She looked around for something to open the door and found a stone button carved into the wall beside the access. When she pushed it, she was amazed to find the door opening smoothly and soundlessly. Beyond, a gentle blue glow illuminated the darkness.

Duranna entered the room cautiously. At first, she was not sure where the blue glow was coming from, but soon detected glowing algae along one wall and part of the ceiling. The room was sealed off but the air was fresh, indicating it was open to the outside somewhere. When she looked more closely, she saw and heard a stream of water trickling through a wide stone trough running along the same wall covered in glowing algae. The water looked fresh and clean and flowed steadily in through a spout on the far wall then exited the room through a pipe. The floor was a fine sand that felt good on her bare feet. As she stood in the doorway, some of the algae began to shift in color, changing from a subdued blue to a piercing yellow, creating a light similar to diffuse sunlight. The room brightened a bit.

Standing directly in front of Duranna was a large rectangular object, seemingly shaped from metal, maybe 3 meters high by 5 meters across. For a moment, she thought that she was looking at a giant mirror. She could see herself clearly in the flat, smooth surface. She realized that there seemed to be smoke swirling inside the mirror, distorting her image. She turned off her light. The movement in the glass-like wall became easier to see but it also began to intensify. Duranna’s reflection faded from sight, replaced only by the swirling patterns of energy. Duranna was mesmerized. Whatever she was looking at was not a ruin. It was an operational artifact. Her heart was pounding. Had she finally found the gate that she had been seeking for five years? Was this it?

She walked closer and saw hieroglyphic writing on the side of the frame. Her heart in her throat, she directed her light at the markings. They were in her language. They were an incantation and instructions on how to communicate with the device.

Duranna turned off her light and steadied herself. She could not believe what was happening. She had found the gate – or, at least, she thought she had. When her people had abandoned their cities and civilization on this planet centuries before, they left behind gates back to their homeworld for the stragglers or wanderers who might need them. But the gates were hidden and the clues to their locations needed to be decoded. Years before, Duranna’s spacecraft had crashed on this planet. Until she read Dellmon’s parchment, she had no idea that her people had a history with this world. But she could not be sure where this gate would lead. Millennia before, Duranna’s people had broken up into many different factions and scattered across the galaxies. From the language on the parchment, she could tell the branch that had built the gate was not far removed from her own, but it was still a different colony. Even so, these explorers had left behind a way for their people to escape this world. Duranna hoped they would welcome her, a distant cousin.

The first parchment Duranna had obtained from Dellmon, her archaeologist client, had hinted at this gate. And now, here it was. Her way off and away from this primitive world. She had to test it. Duranna read the incantation and the instructions. They were simple. She was to press her the palms of her hands directly on the mirror and utter a phrase in her ancient language that translated to “open the door, open the gate, find me worthy of your grace.”

Duranna put her light back in her carrying tube and placed the tube beside the door. She walked directly to the center of the mirror. She closed her eyes, calmed her nerves. She threw back her shoulders, thrusting out her beautiful, bountiful tits. An errant whisper of wind played on her bare midriff, stirring the hot air. She placed the palms of her hands directly on the mirror. It felt cool on her flesh.

“Open the door, open the gate, find me worthy of your grace,” she intoned in her native language. She immediately felt the tickling of electricity on her palms. The roiling clouds of energy in the mirror grew more animated. For a minute, nothing else happened. Duranna wondered if she should repeat the incantation. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands press palm to palm and finger to finger with her own. She gasped. The other pair of hands were exactly the same size as her’s; she wondered, for a moment, if she was just feeling the electrical effect more intensely. Then the fingers on the other hands shifted and closed around her hands. Instantly, Duranna did the same. She and the invisible woman on the other side of the mirror were holding hands, palm to palm, fingers interlaced. This gesture felt incredibly erotic and Duranna shuddered at a thrill of electricity in her clit.

Duranna pushed back her fear and her feelings of sexual arousal and took a slow step back. The mirror figure’s arms extended from the glass-like surface. The arms were beautiful, perfectly muscled, the skin deeply tanned, like her own. Duranna took another slow step back. Slowly, a stunningly gorgeous woman emerged from the mirror. Her powerful, bare legs appeared at the same time as a magnificent pair of naked tits. The woman’s breasts were perfect, huge and brown nippled, centered around chocolate areolae. A moment later, her smooth, muscular belly and wide, powerful hips appeared, along with her beautiful face.

For a moment, Duranna wondered if the mirror truly was acting as a distorted reflection, simulating something that looked almost identical to her in some ways but different in others. The woman in front of her was completely nude and her face, while just as beautiful as Duranna’s, was distinct in its features. Her hair was black and straight, the same length as Duranna’s. Their incredibly voluptuous bodies were virtually identical. Duranna’s eyes swept over this gorgeous woman. They were still holding hands, gripping each other tightly, but the woman smiled. Her smile did not touch her eyes. Duranna instantly felt that she was in the presence of someone who had taken an immediate and powerful dislike to her.

The women stood like this for almost a minute, two beautiful women, their fingers intertwined, their hands pressed palm to palm, their arms extended in front of them. The black-haired beauty was completely nude and spectacularly voluptuous. The other woman was blonde and dressed in a tiny tank top, a thong, and skin tight leggings that extended mid-thigh to her ankles. But the blonde was every bit as beautiful and voluptuous as her dark-haired counterpart. Duranna found herself thinking of this woman as her rival, as some kind of competitor.

The woman finally spoke, using the language of Duranna’s people. She released Duranna’s hands at the same time. Both women let their arms drop to their sides.

“I am Allanar, the Guardian of the Gate. Who are you, woman?”

“I am Duranna. I am of our people. I have wandered this world for many years, looking for a way off this world, a way back home. I have been searching for this gate for five years. I have finally found it. I beg that you grant me passage through the gate and back to the world of our people.”

Allanar smiled. “You speak like us and you look like us, but you are a different branch of the family. Our world is not yours. You must prove that you are worthy to cross over.”

“What do you mean?” Duranna was confused. She suddenly had the horrible sense that her five year quest might end right here, right now, because this woman was standing in her way.

“Are you worthy of the grace that the gate offers? Many of our people are scattered across the galaxy, from many branches of the family. We cannot allow all of them through to our world. There must be tests. Only those who can prove that they are worthy of the gift are allowed through the gate. What will you do to prove that you are worthy?”

“What would you have me do?” Duranna asked, trying to keep from screaming in frustration and anger. She had worked so hard getting to this point, following well-hidden clues scattered all over the world. To come so close to achieving her goal only to fail now was a possibility too horrible to contemplate.

The only light in the huge, dark room emanated from the glowing blue algae lining the wall. The yellow glow had faded and the room was cast back into a blue twilight. The mirror-gate had gone completely dark, an obsidian sheet that acted even more like a true mirror. Duranna glanced in the mirror at the other woman’s perfect ass, a perfect reflection of her own.

The woman stood in silence in the semi-darkness for another moment. Duranna forced back her impatience and her anger. She could not afford to alienate this bitch. She just hoped that the test she was given was perfunctory, or at least something she could pass.

Allanar, the Guardian, began to slowly walk around Duranna, circling her like a predator. Duranna felt she should stay where she was. The woman examined her body, evaluating her. Duranna had no doubts about her body, her incredible beauty. But it had been a long time since she was in the presence of a woman as beautiful and voluptuous as she was, her equal in every way. She began to wonder if Allanar was thinking the same thing. Maybe the Guardian found her threatening. She began to sense where this test might be going.

Allanar, standing behind Duranna, ran her hands along Duranna’s bare ass. Duranna grunted, but stayed still. The black haired woman pressed and kneaded the taut flesh and traced Duranna’s thong into her ass crack. She ran her hands up Duranna’s hips and pressed her naked body into Duranna’s back. Duranna felt the weight of the woman’s tits on her back, the tantalizing thrill of rock hard nipples scoring her flesh. Still, the blonde stood unmoving, even as her body began to burn with electricity. Everywhere Allanar touched sizzled with erotic power.

Allanar slipped her hands up Duranna’s smooth belly, using an index finger to probe the blonde’s navel, and slipped them under the cloth of the blonde’s sparse tank top. The woman cupped and gently kneaded and weighed the blonde’s massive tits, running her palms over Duranna’s thick nipples. Duranna grunted then gasped as the pleasure surged through her, but she restrained herself. She felt Allanar’s breath hot on her neck, then shuddered as the woman ran her tongue over Duranna’s salty flesh. The dark-haired woman’s hand released one of Duranna’s thick, heavy tist and slid down her flat, taut belly to the seal of her thong, low on her pubes. Allanar’s hand slipped into Duranna’s thong, combing through the tuft of sculpted public hair, to slide deliciously onto the blonde’s throbbing pudenda. Duranna gasped as Allanar cupped her pussy, squeezing the hot flesh gently, before running her middle finger along Duranna’s tight, wet slit. The blonde woman felt her legs go weak and she feared she might gush into the brunette’s caressing hand. Her clit ached and burned, pulsing with her heart, swelling with hunger.

Allanar released Duranna after a moment and came to stand in front of her once more. The woman’s nipples were hard, Duranna saw, her tits looked swollen with arousal, and her chest heaved with her gentle panting. Her thick-lipped genitals glistened. The black haired woman’s eyes glowed with heat.

“Your test is simple, Duranna. I want you to fuck me, right here and now. If you make me cum before I make you cum, you have proven yourself worthy and I will take you across. If I make you cum first, you are not worthy and this gate will never open to you. Do you accept these terms?”

Duranna glared at the beautiful bitch in front of her. She was not surprised at the challenge. Women in her world often settled their disputes using their bodies, their sexes, to battle and determine superiority. Her eyes swept over the cunt’s magnificent body. She felt the fire burning in her own nether regions, the heat pulsing in her tits. In her heart, anger and raging lust fought for dominance. Duranna reached up, crossed her arms over her bulging chest, and pulled up her tank top. The white cloth caught her massive tits as she pulled it up, then released the meaty mounds. Duranna’s tits bounced as they fell back to her chest. She threw the tank top aside. Duranna slipped her thong off her hips and let the scrap of cloth fall to her feet. She kicked it away.
Duranna stood before Allanar, nude except for the white stockings sheathing part of her legs. The women glared at each other, their intense mutual dislike tempered by their even greater mutual lust.

“I’m going to fuck you into the ground, you bitch,” Duranna finally replied.

Allanar smiled. “No one has yet, you little slut. My cunt remains undefeated. And you are not going to be the first to beat me.”

“Let’s find out.”

“Yes,” the black-haired beauty whispered, her voice thick. “Let’s find out.”

Allanar’s eyes glowed with animal lust, a deep, ravenous hunger reflected in Duranna’s blue eyes. The women smiled savagely at each other. They reveled in their shared, overpowering lust. They rejoiced in their mutual hatred. They wanted the other’s body, they wanted to match their incredible forms to each other in every way and prove which of them was the better woman. The nude women reached for each other, eager to begin their fuck contest.

The black-haired guardian walked slowly towards Duranna, her bare feet silent on the granular sand. Duranna moved to the meet her opponent, her body throbbing with arousal. Allanar slipped her arms around Duranna’s neck; Duranna placed her hands on the other woman’s wide, muscular, naked hips, then slid her arms around the woman’s narrow waist. They pulled each other closer. Their equally massive tits crushed slow and hard, taut meat compressing and resisting, a flare of intense heat filling the swollen glands. Their thick-tipped nipples pressed tight, searing to each other, areola eclipsing and locking. A building fever of delight grew within the women’s voluptuous bodies and they sighed in mutual pleasure. They pushed in tighter. Their pulsing tits mashed, their naked bellies gently slapped, bare flesh to flesh. The women pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead.

“You are nice, little girl,” Allanar murmured, turning her beautiful face, letting her nose slip past Duranna’s nose. Their slightly parted lips touched, and the women breathed into each other. “I will enjoy taking pleasure from you…”

“You are nice, too, little slut,”Duranna whispered back. “I will enjoy feeling you cum inside of me.”

The guardian smiled, then closed the final space between their mouths. Their open maws sealed tight, their tongues slid deep into the other’s mouth. They moaned as the pure erotic pleasure of their tongues and mouths melting into one surged from their lips to spark fire in the rest of their voluptuous bodies. Their tongues played and pushed, spit flowed between their locked orifices. They scoured the insides of the other’s mouth, running tongues over gums and teeth, twisting and pushing the pink muscles against each other. Both women writhed sensuously, rubbing and sliding their naked flesh against flesh. Their heavy tits worked, massaging the other’s thick titmeat, feeding the growing, delicious heat in their hungry loins. Their smooth, strong abdomens caressed, muscles rippling against muscles as their bellies undulated sinuously. Powerful, taut thighs pressed tight, moving and sliding.

Duranna lost herself in the heated pleasure of the kiss. Her rival was incredibly skilled, probably the best kisser she had ever encountered. Duranna pushed with her tongue against the woman’s invading pink muscle, licking and twisting the probes into one, stroking and caressing the inside of their mouths, enjoying the slickness as they sucked spit back and forth. The blonde was so immersed in the delicious sensations radiating from her mouth and tongue, flowing through her flesh, that she somehow lost track of where she was, of what she was doing. As her body writhed and moved with the luscious flesh moving with her, she somehow found herself on her knees in the sand, then slowly pushed to the ground, then flat on her back, Allanar on top of her, trying to pry her wet thighs apart with her own powerful thighs. Duranna wrapped her stocking-sheathed legs with Allanar’s legs, wishing now that she had taken the stockings off so she could feel the smoothness of the other woman’s naked muscle with her own, unencumbered by the thin cloth. Their powerful limbs strained, the sensation of muscle taut against muscle, unbearably good. They wriggled harder, their thick, firm meaty orbs grinding into each other, hot nipples stabbing and bending within the women’s mashed titflesh. Duranna’s hands ran over Allanar’s back, tracing the strong, curved muscle, sliding down to squeeze and stroke the woman’s perfect rounded ass. Duranna slipped a finger up her opponent’s ass crack, shoving it into the tight asshole, then probed further, teasing the lower reaches of the woman’s dripping cunt.

Allanar moaned deep in their locked mouths. She writhed in pleasure as she was violated. Being on top of their wriggling bodies, she had less access to Duranna’s ass, which was rubbing enthusiastically into the abrasive sand. She broke their kiss for a moment. Their hot lips remained connected by a thick strand of saliva. Allanar raised the left side of her body a bit, relieving some of her tit’s weight on Duranna’s matching tit, and slid her hand up to cup and squeeze the blonde’s meaty mass. She twisted Duranna’s nipple and, as the woman gasped, plunged her mouth back onto Duranna’s mouth and resumed the kissfight, driving her tongue all the way to the back of Duranna’s throat.

Duranna reached up to squeeze the guardian’s tit; the backs of their hands pressed tight as each woman kneaded the other’s beautiful thick breast. The women moaned and grunted into the other’s mouth, their ravenous kiss growing even more intense. Allanar reached behind her and grasped Duranna’s arm, pulling the blonde’s hand out of her ass and pussy. The women’s hands struggled for a moment before Allanar laced her fingers through Duranna’s wet fingers. She grabbed the hand that Duranna had on her tit at the same time. She laced her fingers with Duranna’s other hand. The women’s arms struggled briefly before Allanar pinned Duranna’s hands to the ground, just above her head. Their legs strained, muscles knotted. Duranna arched her back and twisted her hips, grinding her body harder into her naked rival.

Allanar pushed Duranna’s hands back into the sand. She broke their ravenous kiss. Their lips remained touching, and the women lapped at each other’s tongues. Panting, the guardian stared down on her competitor, hot breath mixing, eyes locked. The women smiled feverishly. Both knew what they wanted, what they needed.

“I’m going to fuck you dry, you cunt,” Allanar murmured.

“Give it to me, fucker,” Duranna whispered back. “I’m going to suck every drop out of your twat.”

Duranna untwined her legs from Allanar’s limbs and spread her thighs wide, offering her sizzling hot cunt to the woman on top of her. Allanar eagerly accepted the invitation. She jerked her hips and slapped her juicy twat down onto Duranna’s sopping wet fuckmeat. The women released shared moans of pure animal joy, throwing back their heads to groan in unbearable pleasure.

“Unnnngghhh….,” Duranna moaned.

“Aaaaaahhhh…,” Allanar sighed, her beautiful face lit with the intense pleasure as the women’s genitals merged, hot slit to slit.

Duranna could not believe how good it felt. Allanar’s cunt fused to her own, fitting onto her and into her like their luscious genitals were made to lock and suck and fold together. It had been months since Duranna had last had sex with anyone. The last time, she had been bathing in a forest pool one morning when a man from a nearby village came upon her. He was young and muscular and handsome. He was almost crazy with lust for her and Duranna felt the need for some hard cock up her cunt. She had fucked him until he could not move, enjoying him over the course of the entire day. He was completely exhausted and drained of cum by the time she left him in the late afternoon. She slept well that night. But what she was experiencing now, with this woman, was on a whole other level of erotic stimulation. What she was feeling with Allanar was a matching of like to like, of body to body, a meeting of passion and lust that was turning into a raging fever of desire and need. It had been too long since she was last fucked and now her body was a simmering bomb, waiting to go off, and Allanar’s gorgeous body was the fuse.

The women grunted like animals, gasping, panting and moaning as they rolled their asses and their hips, grinding and grinding fuckmeat into fuckmeat, both wanting to break the other woman’s sex just as much as they wanted to savor the excruciating pleasure burning out from between their legs, filling their writhing, twisting bodies with ecstasy. Allanar thrust down, driving her aching cunt deep and hard into Duranna’s succulent meat. Duranna dug her heels into the sand and fucked back furiously, her hips and torso flowing as she locked her body to that of her rival and gave back all the pleasure she was receiving. Their fingers dug into the back of their rival’s hands as the battle intensified. The women glared at each other through half-closed eyes, both desperate to see the moment the other woman broke. Their twats locked tight, thick, wet lips opening under the pressure of their powerful thrusts, their juicy labia spreading and meshing like sexual gears.

Duranna and Allanar screamed in concert as their pulsing clits met and scraped. Rapturous pleasure shocked through their bodies and Duranna felt herself almost on the verge of cumming just with the first clit to clit contact. She fought the sensations back down. The women’s clits rubbed and jousted, swollen nubs sliding over each other, every one of the tens of thousands of nerves in their marble-hard sexhorns screaming in ecstasy with every sizzling contact. The pleasure was unbearable and the women locked their mouths and twisted their tongues into a knot, swallowing their screams.

Duranna freed her hands from Allanar’s grip and reached down to seize the brunette’s rippling ass, digging her fingers into the firm flesh and pulling hard, drawing the bitch into her even deeper. Allanar buried her fingers into Duranna’s thick blonde hair and pulled viciously. The blonde replied by slapping the woman’s ass, beating the round, taut meat savagely, before inserting two fingers into Allanar’s quivering asshole. Allanar bucked and twisted and finally slipped her hands under Duranna’s body and gripped the blonde’s perfect ass in retaliation.

Duranna moaned in lust as she felt Allanar’s fingers enter her asshole and stroke her lower pussy lips. She returned the caresses, able to access her rival’s netherlips and ass more easily because of her position beneath the pussy-pounding woman. The women’s mouths remained locked, their tongues knotted and straining, spit flowing between their inosculated maws. The overflow of saliva was running down into Duranna’s mouth, but she expertly swallowed it all back. Her breathing became more laboured as she struggled to take in enough air just from her nose. Allanar’s breathing was growing harder, too. Duranna twined her powerful legs through those of her fuckfighting enemy, gripped Allanar’s ass hard in one hand and the woman’s thick mane of hair in the other and pulled hard, while thrusting up with one of her hips. She tried to roll their bodies, to take the top. Allanar was caught by surprise but she resisted. Limbs thrashed, perfect, voluptuous bodies strained against each other from tits to clits, as the fuckfighting goddesses struggled for the dominant position. Their strength was too evenly matched, and Allanar had the advantage of being on top that she refused to relinquish. After several long seconds of struggling to roll their locked bodies, Duranna gave up. She broke her kiss with Allanar. With a spray of spit, the women’s mouths released. Duranna and Allanar pressed cheek to cheek, panting and gasping furiously, long strands of saliva linking their ruby lips. Their hips resumed their rocking fuckfight, working in rhythm as they rubbed and flicked clits in a relentless battle to get the other beautiful woman to cum first.

The pleasure and tension was unbearable but the women kept fucking and fucking, building layer after layer of pure ecstasy. Duranna’s mind and body screamed for release, she needed to let go and let the tension flow, let the promise of exquisite pleasure consume her quivering flesh. But she could not afford to lose this battle. She had worked too long, traveled too far, to miss her chance of returning to her home by losing a sex contest. Nothing could be more humiliating and frustrating, especially to a woman like her, who prided herself on her sexual prowess. She just had to hold out, she had to outfuck the bitch on top of her and fulfill her goal. Her body was moving by instinct, the sensations flooding her voluptuous flesh made it impossible for her to think, but she followed a basic strategy. She struggled to relax, to let the building tension flow into her muscles and hold it, praying that the black-haired bitch gave out before she did. Duranna could feel Allanar’s luscious body trembling against her body, tight as a bow with sexual tension. She knew that the other woman had to be close to the edge too. Duranna put all her sexual skills, all she had learned to do with her incredible body over a lifetime of fucking, into trying to push her rival over the edge before she went. But Allanar was moving her body, stroking with her hands, using her tongue, in ways that beat pleasure into Duranna and threatened to overwhelm her. There was no question that the black-haired woman was every bit as skilled at fucking as her blonde competitor.

The women’s bodies were soaked with sweat and their inner thighs were slick with pussy juice and sweat. Their locked cunts leaked copious amounts of natural lubricant and pre-cum. Duranna’s white stockings were saturated with the juices. Duranna had become grateful for the stockings. She was at a disadvantage. Being on the bottom of their thrashing fuckfight meant that Allanar had the slight advantage of gravity. Her tits pushed harder, her thrusting clit had slightly greater force, than those of the woman on the bottom. The stockings provided just a bit of protection from the full sensual experience of the women’s naked inner thighs rubbing together. She hoped this would be just enough to even out Allanar’s advantage.

The women barely moved. Their asses and hips rippled in slow, strong jerks as the struggling fuckfighters concentrated their battle on their swollen, searing clits. Their rock-hard sex nubs were pressed head to head, every nerve in the exquisite instruments firing at full intensity, wracking the women’s bodies with unbearable pleasure. They rubbed and pressed the nubs directly together, each woman straining to get the other one off, to force their enemy to a submissive orgasm. The women pressed cheek to cheek, their moans and screams and animal growls mixing and harmonizing, their fingers dug into the other woman’s perfect ass, holding on desperately. Duranna felt her will crumbling, she felt her body on the verge of the most devastating orgasm of her life. She was going to lose, she could not hold out a second longer. She used her one remaining advantage of being on the bottom and spanked Allanar viciously, beating the woman’s taut ass with sharp, stinging slaps.

Allanar shuddered, her eyes squeezed tight and she groaned tortuously. Her hips thrust down with all her power and her clit crushed Duranna’s throbbing sexhorn tip to tip and held. Both women gripped the other’s ass tightly, digging in their fingers. They threw back their heads and screamed.

“Fuck, oh FUCKKKK!!” Duranna shouted.

“Gods, oh FUCKING GODDSSS,” Allanar shrieked.

Their shrieks of pure ecstasy harmonized as Duranna and Allanar came at the same moment. Their perfect bodies shuddered and jolted as they ejaculated into each other powerfully. The women’s vaginal canals filled with the molten mixture of their shared cum and overflowed, spraying out onto their thighs and bellies, squeezing all the way up to their tightly mashed tits. The women locked their mouths, driving their tongues together, and screamed and groaned as they quivered through one excruciating orgasm after another. Their limbs twined, their muscles locked and they held each other in check, barely moving except for the uncontrollable trembling that wracked their perfect bodies. Their hips jerked, moving in tandem, as they pumped cum into the other.

For nearly five minutes, the women clung to each other and shared orgasm after orgasm, their perfect bodies convulsing as they drained the incredible tension that had built up in their muscles over more than an hour of fucking. When their orgasmic release finally abated, the women lay motionless on the sandy floor, their hearts pounding, their bodies wrapped around each other, drenched in sweat and hot ejaculate, panting desperately. The women were spent and neither wanted to move. Duranna felt her clit pulsing into Allanar’s still-hard clit and she trembled with the pleasurable contact.

After some time, Allanar rolled off of Duranna. The women sprawled side by side in the quiet room, staring up at the glowing blue ceiling, listening to the other breathe. Their bodies glistened in the half-light, soaked in cum and sweat. After a while, Duranna stirred. She lifted her right leg, her toe pointing at the ceiling, and peeled her soaked stocking off her leg. She did the same with the left leg and threw the balled-up, drenched fabric into the same corner as her discarded tank top and thong. Duranna sat up. She felt parched.

Unsteadily, she got to her feet and padded across the twilight room to the water trough that was nested against the wall. She quenched her thirst with several handfuls of sweet water. She crossed the room back to the space in front of the gate where she and Allanar had fought. Allanar was now sitting up, watching Duranna. Duranna sat down on her ass, facing her black-haired rival and slowly, teasingly, spread her legs. Her cum-dripping twat presented an alluring temptation to the guardian.

“We tied,” Duranna said, matter-of-factly. “Are you ready for another round?” She wanted this bitch to know that she could not be outfucked. Duranna actually felt refreshed and was ready for more. What she and the guardian had just done to each other whetted her appetite and fueled a fire in her loins that, incredibly, was coming back even hotter.

Allanar smiled. Her eyes burned as they focused on Duranna’s wet, hungry twat.

“Ordinarily, I would be more than happy to lock up with you right now and fuck you until you can’t walk, girl,” the guardian grinned. “But these contests have rules. You are right, we tied. That has never happened to me before and I need to consult the other guardians to see how we should proceed.”

“I know how we should proceed, you bitch,” Duranna insisted. “We keep fucking until one of us can’t go on, no matter how long it takes. Only then can we know which of us is the better woman.”

Allanar smiled wider. “I agree with you, slut. But my agreement is not a rule.” Allanar got to her feet. Her magnificent body gleamed, so wet it looked like it was covered in oil. Beads of sweat dripped from the tips of her swollen nipples. Duranna rose to her feet, to stand facing the black haired beauty. For a few moments, the nude women contemplated each other, both letting their burning eyes sweep over the other woman’s physical perfection. The tension grew between them. The women wanted nothing more than to get back to fucking each other senseless.

“Come back tomorrow, at the same time you came today. Place your hands on the gate and summon me the way you did today. At that time, I will know how we should proceed.”

Duranna walked up to Allanar until the tips of their swollen nipples were pressed tightly together, lining up and docking perfectly. The beautiful women looked deep into the other’s eyes, seeing the feverish lust burning inside the other. Slowly, the women wrapped their arms around the other’s nude body and pulled them in. Both women shoved a powerful thigh hard against the other’s wet pussy. They slipped their noses past each other and sank into a deep, lustful, passionate kiss, using their hands to push the back of the other’s head, to make the kiss even deeper, more powerful and spiteful. For nearly five minutes they kissed, their bodies undulating, flesh to flesh, tongues playing and twisting, swallowing back shared spit, moaning quietly as their bodies begged to fuck. They teased and tempted each other, in the end finally breaking apart and separating, their bodies on fire, but both women showing to the other her level of sexual control.

Allanar wiped her wet mouth with the back of her hand and smiled. Her tits were heaving as she fought to bring the raging fire in her body under control.

“Tomorrow,” she purred. She turned on her heel and walked into the black mirror. Duranna watched as the woman’s magnificent ass and perfectly sculpted back disappeared.

Duranna stood in the sand, flexing her bare feet, staring at the obsidian surface into which Allanar vanished. She felt a flare of anger. She was so close to what she wanted, to what she had spent so long seeking. To be blocked now by this jealous bitch was the last thing she needed. But her rage was tempered by lust. The woman had fucked her brains out, had made her cum more intensely than any other lover in her sex-filled past. Duranna was amazed that she had managed to hold on to the end and get the beautiful bitch off at the same moment that she fell off the cliff.

She pulled her thong over her wet pussy and slipped her crop top back on. She picked up her balled-up stockings and shoved them into her carrying tube, slung it over her shoulder, and left the chamber, sealing it behind her. Duranna followed the crumbling stairs to the balcony and, from there, was able to climb up a few slabs from the collapsed ceiling and make her way into the jungle overhead.

As she walked through the forest, heading back towards the clearing where she had left her steed, she memorized various landmarks so that she would be able to retrace her steps tomorrow. As she walked, she tried to focus on what she was doing, but her mind kept drifting back to the incredible fucking she and the guardian had administered to each other. Duranna hated to admit it, but it had been the best fuck of her life. She had never before had multiple orgasms continuously for 5 minutes from a single fucking. She was looking forward to more of it, to matching tits and clits with that bitch and sexually overpowering her. But she resented that so much was at stake. Fuckfighting for pleasure or to settle a dispute about sexual superiority was one thing. Having her whole future depend on her ability to hold back her orgasms was something else. It would be far better if they could just fight to exhaustion, just fuck each other until one of them collapsed. That was the best way to really know which of them was the better fuck, the better woman. Still, she was better prepared for this contest than most, even most other women of her race. Her decade as the most popular prostitute in the city had helped her to hone her sexual skills to a fine edge. She had fucked Allanar to a draw, which meant that she could fuck the bitch over the edge of the cliff if she had to do so.

Duranna found Elora. The big lizard bird chirped happily at her return and nuzzled her enthusiastically. She rubbed the back of its head and stroked its grizzled face. “Beautiful baby,” Duranna cooed.

Soon, the giant bird and its rider were airborne, soaring across the sky. They stopped at a deep pond in the woods on the way back to the mesa. Duranna stripped naked and washed off the cum and sweat coating her body. She soothed her aching breasts and sore, hot pussy in the cool water. Elora managed to catch a large fish. Duranna shared in the bounty. She put some of the fish in a bag in her saddle and soon they were winging home. Duranna cooked her meal in her yurt that night, then went out to sit under the rapidly emerging stars and think about her next course of action. As the stars blinked into life in the darkening sky, the beautiful woman watched and thought about her home. The star of her homeworld was too far away; it could not be seen from this world. Even so, she had no doubt that she would be able to make it back to her home from whatever colony the gate led to. Long ago, her people had mastered the technologies of interdimensional space travel. She imagined Allanar asleep in some luxurious bed somewhere in a far better world. Duranna felt a flash of anger. She would defeat the bitch. She swore it to herself. She would prove to that cunt which of them was the better woman. Her will hardening with her determination, Duranna returned to her yurt, stripped herself naked, and sprawled on her bed. Soon, her mind turned to the memory of what she and Allanar had done to each other. Her hands found her clit and she stroked herself to an ecstatic orgasm.

“I’m going to beat you, you cunt,” Duranna murmured, picturing Allanar in her mind’s eye. “My body is better than your body, I’m a better fuck than you are, and I’m going to prove it.”

She smiled and fell into a deep, exhausted sleep, her final thoughts filled with giddy anticipation of what the next day would bring.

Duranna rose with the dawn. She walked out onto the mesa and stretched her nude body into the light of the rising sun. Duranna returned to the yurt and pulled on her thong and crop top. She left off the stockings. She was determined to be just as naked as Allanar when they had their next encounter.

Duranna and Elora shared a breakfast, then the blonde woman retired to the yurt. She sat cross-legged on her bed and meditated for a time, calming herself, feeling her body, establishing control. She needed to be at her best today, she needed her body to be ready to give and take pleasure that few people could endure She had to outlast and outfuck Allanar, no matter what.

Duranna and Elora flew into the sky an hour before noon. She landed the giant lizard bird near the pool where they had stopped to fish the other day. Duranna dropped her thong and pulled off her crop top. She pulled some soap out of her saddle bag. She immersed her naked body in the pool, letting the cool water wash over her. She sat on a rock by the water and soaped herself down, then immersed herself in the water again. She used the soap on her hair, then used a brush to smooth out the tangles. Naked, she lay on a flat rock on the edge of the water, tits up, her beautiful torso and long, muscled legs glistening in the light, and let the sun dry her off. She let her mind relax, let it flow into her body, into her breasts, into her pussy, into her clit. She thought about Allanar and felt her clit tighten and twitch. She needed to have absolute control over her sexual organs and her erotic power or she would lose this contest. It was coming onto noon. It was time for her to return to the pavilion.

Duranna pulled on her sparse clothing, climbed onto Elora and flew towards the abandoned ruins. She landed the lizard bird where she had the day before and began the half-hour walk along the brook to the stone temple. She had no difficulty in finding the collapsed ceiling that led down into the giant temple room and the access to the chamber that housed the bridge.

Duranna entered the glowing blue room with some trepidation. Her entire quest might soon be decided here. But her fear was overwhelmed by a growing sense of erotic anticipation. She was sure that she and Allanar would fuckfight again, and this time keep going until one of them defeated the other. As much as she hated the fate of her quest relying on her ability to outfuck another woman, her libido was boiling over. She could not forget that her sex contest with Allanar the day before had resulted in the most intense sexual pleasure of her life. Her nipples were hard spikes, tenting the cloth of her thin top, and her clit was throbbing as she walked towards the obsidian gate. Taking a deep breath, calming herself, Duranna placed her palms on the cool surface.

Almost instantly, she felt warm, bare flesh pushing into her palms. Then her hands locked tight in the grip of another beautiful pair of womanly hands. As before, Duranna stepped back and slowly pulled Allanar through the shimmering black portal. The black-haired woman emerged, gloriously nude and incredibly erotic, her voluptuous body glistening in the blue glow.

“I am glad to see you are back, girl,” the beautiful guardian smiled. Duranna bristled at being called a “girl” but she held her temper in check. She knew that Allanar was trying to throw off her concentration and confidence by belittling her and making her angry.

“Of course I am back,” Duranna replied. “I have told you, I have searched for this gate for five years. I will do whatever I need to prove I am worthy to pass through.” She paused. “And if what I have to do is fuck you raw, then I’m more than ready to do it.”

Allanar and Duranna exchanged savage, lustful smiles.

“Then let me explain the test to you,” Allanar continued. She paused, letting her eyes sweep over Duranna’s gorgeous body. The look of hunger that flashed across her face set Duranna’s heart pounding and her pussy burning.

“Every day, you and I will meet here and do battle. We will fuck until one of us makes the other one cum. The woman who cums first loses the battle. If we tie, like yesterday, we fight until there is a clear winner. After that, we stop for the day and resume the next day. The first one of us to win three times is the victor. If I win, you will leave this place and never return. This gate is closed to you. If you win three times before I get you, then I will take you across to my homeworld, as you have asked.”

Allanar’s beautiful eyes searched Duranna’s gorgeous face. “Do you have any questions?”

“No, I think I understand.”

“It should take just five days maximum, three days at the minimum, starting today.”

Allanar paused, a smug half-smile on her beautiful face. Duranna sensed that the other women felt this would be an easy victory for her. “Do you accept these terms?”

Duranna smiled back, her nether regions growing hot and slick as her sex heated up. Her erotic hunger became ravenous. Her body was ready to fuck. It needed to fuck. “Absolutely,” she replied. “I accept the terms.” Without another word, she pulled her crop top over her head, fully revealing her magnificent tits, and threw it aside. She slid her thong down her muscled thighs and let it drop to her bare feet. She picked it up on one toe and kicked it toward her top.

The nude women faced each other, both wearing half-smiles that conveyed their growing lust. Their nipples hardened even more and their perfect tits swelled and thickened with arousal. Duranna felt the throbbing heat in her cunt, the tension in her engorged clit. Pussy juice glistened on her cunt lips and threatened to overflow her twat and start trickling to the ground. She fixed her gaze on the other woman’s bare cunt and saw, to her delight, that Allanar’s pussy had already started to drip, little droplets dotting the sand. A moment later, Duranna felt her cunt begin to drip as well.

Allanar walked slowly towards Duranna. Duranna reached for her gorgeous rival. The women slipped their arms around the other’s naked body. Their equally heavy, perfect tits met nipple to nipple and crushed, their bare bellies slapped tight. They kissed, tongues twining slow and slick, mouths sealing. The kiss went on and on, both women trying to assert their dominance. Their lush bodies grew hotter and hotter, pure lust building deep in their fevered loins, spreading through their burning flesh. They each pushed a thick, smooth thigh into the other woman’s wet pussy. They writhed, rubbing their naked flesh, drunk with desire. Spit overflowed from their locked mouths, dribbled down their chins and trickled into the deep line of cleavage formed by their struggling tits. Finally, they broke the kiss. Pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, panting with hunger, they licked each other’s lips.

“I want to fuck standing up,” Duranna moaned at her rival.

“You want our clits to play, hmmm?,” Allanar whispered, her low voice thick with arousal.

“Out clits, our tits, everything,” the blonde murmured back. “Every inch of you against every inch of me until one of us can’t stand up anymore.”

“Good,” the brunette smiled. “That’s what I want too.”

The women slipped their hands down to hold each other’s muscular hips, readying themselves. They could feel the other’s heart pounding with excitement and desire through their mashed chests. They smiled at each other, giddy with anticipation for the erotic battle to come. Duranna and Allanar spread their legs wider and tilted their pelvises forward. Both women could feel their engorged clits, swollen up from their hoods, aching to meet and mate.

“Let me feel yours and you can feel mine,” Duranna murmured, her erotic need driving her insane, her body pulsing with lust.

“Yes,” Allanar whispered.

The two women reached between the other woman’s legs. Duranna caressed Allanar’s hungry cunt as Allanar stroked Duranna’s turgid cunt lips. They gasped and moaned and shuddered. As one, they reached into the other woman’s wet vulva and pushed back their swollen lips so their distended clits could jut free and hard. Duranna stroked Allanar’s throbbing clit with her index finger; Allanar immediately returned the favor. Both women let out choking cries, their heads jerking back at the exquisite contact. They pressed foreheads together and panted, eyes sharing their mutual desire. What they were about to do to each other would be even better.

Alannar wrapped her arms around Duranna’s broad upper back, Duranna slipped her arms around Alannar’s wasp waist and the women pulled each other in closer and harder. Their smooth thighs spread wider as they urged their pelvises forward. They brought their slick, hot snatches into soft, teasing contact. Pubic hair twined and twisted, electric pussy lips kissed sensuously. Duranna and Allanar groaned in joy as their nether lips caressed, unbelievably wet and smooth. Their pulsing, swollen clits rubbed head to head and sent a shock of overwhelming pleasure arcing through their bodies. Duranna almost came on the spot but she held it in. She threw back her head and choked out a scream. Allanar gasped, her entire body trembling, but she held on. Panting, their hearts pounding, the women locked eyes and smiled, then carefully pushed their clits together again. Electricity filled their bodies, unbearable pleasure rocked them to their cores, but neither woman backed down. They kept pressing the most exquisitely sensitive parts of their womanhood directly into each other in a contest of pure sexual endurance.

“Unnnngggghhhhh,” Duranna moaned, her body quivering.

“Ahhhhhhhnnnnnn,” Alannar groaned, her genitals on fire.

Their bulging tits throbbed, the swollen glands pushing and mashing as the women flexed their back muscles, using every part of their bodies to stimulate the other. Their solid bellies flattened, their abdomens rippling as their hips moved in small, tight circles, working their clits against each other. Duranna and Allanar seized the other woman’s ass cheeks and gripped tight. Their mouths snapped together and strong, desperate tongues began jousting and struggling, mimicking the sex battle going on between their other lips, between their legs. They kept fighting with their swollen, burning clits, rubbing them, flicking them side to side, pressing them head to head, corkscrewing and curling them together in mutual sexual torture that threatened to drive both women insane with ecstasy.

The room filled with the moans, grunts and desperate panting of the fuckfighting women. Their powerful bodies shook and shuddered with the sensations. Their hips and asses jerked and flexed. Clits twisted and knotted. Duranna and Allanar screamed into each other’s locked mouths. Tears poured down their beautiful faces as the intensity of their mutual fucking became too much to take. Their trembling bodies broke out in a hot sweat. Pussy juice dripped constantly from their aching, burning cunts to the ground as their twats overflowed with womanly lubricants.

Their mouths remained locked and their luscious tits and bellies rolled and writhed. Duranna barely held onto her consciousness. Her body quivered with tension, her nerves exploded with electricity, racing through her erogenous zones. Her tits felt swollen to twice their normal size. The women’s nipples were perfectly aligned and sucked nipple hole to hole. Both women felt like their entire bodies were a huge sexual organ, lubricated and aroused beyond all measure, interlocked and sealed into one.

The clitfucking went on and on, stroking and stroking, the struggling women desperate to give the other more ecstasy than she could take, desperate to keep from exploding themselves. After almost an hour of this constant clit to clit stroking, curling, jousting, fucking, both women fought to keep from passing out from the incredible pleasure filling them to the brim. Their trembling legs gave way. Their clits were knotted tightly as the women fell slowly to their knees. Their muscular thighs pressed tight but their swollen sexhorns separated reluctantly as their pelvises moved apart. The rest of their bodies remained crushed tight, their mouths locked, their tongues working hard to overwhelm the other. Hands dug into asses, their torsos undulated sinuously. Panting, gasping, the women broke their endless kiss. They glared at each other through half-closed eyes, both on the edge of orgasmic release, knowing what had to be done to bring their clits back together. Still holding each other as tight as they could, separating their lush bodies as little as possible, Duranna and Alannar dropped to their asses and quickly arranged their wet, powerful legs into a scissor. They turned their hips so their bodies fit together like clothespins, joined at the fork in their legs. Each woman seized the other’s sweaty thigh. They aimed their aching, dripping genitals at each other and rammed together with hard, powerful thrusts. Their cunts slapped and sucked, fusing and merging.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” Duranna cried out as her aching pussy sealed to Alannar’s beautiful, ravenous twat.

“Unnnnnngggghhhhh,” Alannar moaned as she and Duranna penetrated each other more deeply, more completely, than they had before. The wet, steaming fuckholes between their legs sank into each other’s succulent flesh like hungry mouths, fusing into a deep cunt kiss. Their labia merged, their pussy lips crushed and spread. Their swollen clits merged and hooked, twisting into an unbreakable knot. Pure ecstasy poured out of their sealed genitals, pushing their bodies to their absolute limit.

Sobbing with pleasure, Duranna and Alannar pulled their torsos together. Their tits squashed, their mouths snapped together in another endless, passionate kiss. They jerked their hips and thrust with their asses. They each wrapped a leg around the other’s hip, locking each other in place as they fucked.

The women were fighting on pure animal lust. Both had ceased to have conscious thoughts long before. They were ravenous fuck machines, pursuing the most exquisite pleasure they had ever felt, wanting the ultimate release. Duranna could not take much more. Her body was so wracked with erotic sensations that she thought she might die when the orgasms finally arrived. She had pushed herself to limits she did not know she had. Her last conscious thought was: don’t cum. Her resistance crumbled as the pleasure grew more intense with every excruciating grind of clit on clit.

The end came suddenly. Duranna felt her clit flare with incredible heat, suffusing her genitals, flowing to her tits and nipples in an instant. Her muscles spasmed. Her pussy clamped hard on Allanar’s twat and squeezed like a vise as she prepared to powerfully ejaculate into her rival’s seething cunt. She just could not hold out. She felt Allanar’s twat close on her cunt, squeezing back with all its power. The women broke their kiss to look deep into each other’s eyes. Their eyes widened in astonishment as their bodies shook from two overwhelming orgasms, arriving at the same moment. Duranna and Allanar shrieked as the intense pleasure roared through them, tightening every muscle to the breaking point then releasing. Screaming, the women fell onto their backs and arched their backs high, bridging as their cunts tightened and released, ejaculating shot after shot of hot cum into the other woman’s luscious body. Their hips jerked and bucked, their round asses slapped together as they pumped cum, spraying each other, jetting ejaculate into the air that fell back on their writhing, grinding bodies.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCCCCCCKKKK!!” Duranna howled, her body going rigid over and over as she thrashed on the wet sand, undulating in ecstasy.

“AAAAAHHHH!! YOU CUNT, YOU FUCKING CUUUUUNTT!!” Allanar shrieked, her body jerking uncontrollably.

Allanar and Duranna shared pure ecstasy. They fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other, neither woman able to stop, their bucking, twisting bodies thrusting high, their fingers digging into the soft sand. Screaming, gasping, moaning in bliss, they finally passed out and collapsed, their bodies twitching even in their exhaustion.

Slowly, slowly, Duranna came back to awareness. It took some time for her mind to find its way back to her body. She lay on the sand, panting, her tits heaving, her body drenched in sweat and splattered with ejaculate. Her inner thighs were wet with cum. Allanar remained joined to her by the twat, their genitals interlocked and holding each other tightly. Neither woman made any move to separate. Duranna felt Allanar’s rock-hard clit pulsing into her own and she wished that they could lie like this forever.

After some time, Duranna felt Allanar’s hand on her belly, stroking her wet flesh. She reached down and the women twined their fingers and pressed palm to palm. After another few minutes, Duranna felt Allanar release her hand and begin to move. Duranna still floated on a cloud of bliss. She was not fully aware of what was happening, but she grunted in protest when Allanar’s body separated from her own.

A few moments later, Allanar slid her hands up Duranna’s wet torso and gripped the blonde’s massive, meaty tits. She squeezed them hard and twisted Duranna’s pulsing nipples. Simultaneously, the black-haired beauty buried her face between Duranna’s cum-streaked legs and enveloped the woman’s throbbing cunt in her mouth. Allanar groaned in pleasure as she plunged her tongue into Duranna’s cunt. She licked vigorously at the woman’s swollen clit, then wrapped it in her lips and sucked hard, while caressing the trembling sexhorn with her tongue.

Duranna shrieked at the sudden explosion of pleasure from between her legs, at the feeling of the skilled hands kneading and massaging her aching tits. Suddenly, her mind was jolted back into her voluptuous flesh and trapped in a writhing, twisting body that was under full sexual assault.

“Oh god, you cunt!” Duranna cried out. She buried her hands in Allanar’s thick black hair and pulled viciously, but the other woman refused to give up her position and Duranna found that her own desire kept her from using her full strength. She wanted desperately the pleasure the other woman was giving to her sex-ravaged body.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Alannar moaned, humming and sucking at Duranna’s burning clit when she was not licking, kissing and caressing the pulsating nerve. She jabbed her fingers deep between the blonde’s legs, one finger going up the woman’s puckered asshole, two more penetrating and exploring Duranna’s cunt. She found the g spot and rubbed it briskly, forcing Duranna to shriek and arch her back and wrap her sweaty thighs around Alannar’s head, holding her in place. Allanar kept up her assault, enjoying the taste, smell and feel of Duranna’s succulent twat. Her free hand stroked Duranna’s body, running up the blonde’s taut belly to caress and squeeze her tits, tracing her nipples and areola. Her other hand continued working Duranna’s vaginal walls and her tight anus, probing, teasing. Allanar gently ran her teeth over her rival’s pulsating clit, biting the swollen nerve. Duranna convulsed, her body quivering from the top of her head to the tips of her curling toes. Smiling, Allanar delivered the final blow. She placed all four of her fingers at the opening of Duranna’s wet, hot pussy and slid her entire hand up into the woman’s tight, taut vagina. She closed her fist and twisted her wrist, drilling into the blonde.

“OH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!” Duranna shrieked, her cunt exploding with hot ejaculate. She came so hard she felt the top of her head had to blow off. Waves of pleasure shook her perfect body and she twisted her hips in ecstasy, threw back her head, and screamed joyously. Allanar pulled her hand out of Duranna with a sucking pop and covered the woman’s cunt with her mouth. She sucked her competitor’s clit, reached up to seize Duranna’s bouncing tits and squeeze the woman’s nipples, twisting them hard. Duranna covered Allanar’s hands with her own as she bucked her way through a multi-orgasmic climax. The cum pumped onto Allanar’s face and into her mouth. She took in as much as she could without swallowing, until her mouth overflowed.

Duranna’s ass collapsed to the sand as her rigid body finally relaxed. She panted and groaned. Allanar slid her way up Duranna’s luscious body, rubbing every inch of flesh with her own, until she was tit to tit and belly to belly with the blonde, their bodies perfectly aligned. Duranna looped her legs through Allanar’s powerful limbs.Through half-closed eyes, Duranna glared at the other woman. She knew what was coming and she wanted it badly. Allanar closed her mouth over Duranna’s mouth and emptied all the cum she was holding. Duranna took it in. The women’s tongues played in their sealed mouths, mixing the cum with spit, sloshing it back and forth, before they both swallowed it back.

Allanar smiled down on Duranna, their lips linked with thick strands of cum. She licked it up. Cum streaked her gorgeous face too and Duranna could not help but lick it off. The women’s tongues played for a while as the blonde came down from her orgasmic climax.

“You lost, fucker,” Allanar gloated. “Just like I knew you would.”

“Fuck you, cunt,” Duranna snarled. “This is just the first round. We’ve got a long way to go.”

Allanar smiled wider. “Yes, we do. I’m going to enjoy making you cum and cum, you little whore. I’m going to break your body and enjoy every second of it.”

Duranna did not reply, but her fury rose in her like a wave. The women pressed nose to nose and glared at each other. They felt their nipples tighten. Duranna arched her back, slapping her solid abdomen harder to Allanar’s matching abs. She gripped the back of the woman’s head. Allanar grasped both sides of Duranna’s head and pulled the blonde’s hair tight. The women’s lower bodies began to undulate, cum-drenched pussy slapping to pussy as the women’s heat rose to a fever. They shoved their mouths together and began wrestling tongue to tongue. Duranna rolled their bodies, taking the top position. As their mutual desire grew, their kiss intensified, becoming deeper, hotter, even more aggressive.

Allanar broke the kiss with a gasp and yanked on Duranna’s hair, pulling the blonde’s face away from her’s. “Enough,” the guardian panted. “We have decided the battle for today. The next round must wait for tomorrow.”

Duranna almost resisted. Her libido was raging, her body’s need to lock up with this bitch and fuck her blind was almost overpowering. Slowly, reluctantly, she brought her passion under control. She knew she needed to show that she had the self-control to obey the rules of their contest. She rolled off of Allanar’s perfect body and got to her feet. Her cunt throbbed with desire, her clit twitched with tension, her nipples were swollen like spears and her massive tits pulsed with arousal.

Allanar rose smoothly to her feet. Duranna could see the other woman was also burning up with sexual fever. The dark-haired beauty took a deep breath, her massive tits heaving, and calmed her lust. Unlike Duranna, she had not had a second multi-orgasmic finish and her body ached with just as much lust as the blonde.

“Tomorrow. Meet me here at the same time, and we will fuck this out then.” She smiled cruelly. “Try not to make it too easy for me, bitch. When I make you cum all over me again, I want to feel like I’ve earned it.”

Duranna said nothing. She glared hatefully as the black-haired woman walked up to the mirror. Duranna could not help but admire the woman’s spectacular, perfect ass. She imagined sinking her teeth into that ass and licking it all the way up the delicious cheeks and down into the crack. She trembled with lust.

Allanar looked back and gave her a cocky grin. She waved and disappeared into the gateway’s obsidian depths.

Duranna stood in the sand, quietly fuming, for some time. She forced down the incredible sexual desire burning through her body. After a while, when she was in control, she padded over to the trough of water. She took a long, cold drink and then washed herself down in the flowing water. After a moment, she climbed into the trough, completely immersed herself, and enjoyed the cooling soak. When she emerged, she brushed herself down, but she did not have a towel. She walked to where she had discarded her clothing. She pulled her thong up her thick legs and slipped on the crop top. Both items of clothing were soon damp but she did not mind.

Duranna left the chamber housing the gateway and made her way up into the forest. She had been fuckfighting Allanar for nearly two hours, so it was mid-afternoon and hot. Her body ached for more. She was infuriated by the rules of their contest. She was certain that if they just fucked each other to exhaustion, she could outlast and outfuck her enemy. But a part of her appreciated the challenge. This battle was not just about who could grind down the other. It was about self-control and sexual skill. Duranna was sure she could win. She had to win. She was not going to let five years of struggle go to waste.

Flush with determination, she followed the brook back to Elora and began preparing for the next day’s battle.

Day Two:

The next day, Duranna entered the glowing blue chamber carefully. She had spent the night calming her mind, recognizing the psychological traps she could easily fall into if she was not careful. She knew that she could end up defeating herself if her confidence in her sexual abilities was too badly shaken.

Duranna stood before the obsidian gate, breathing deeply, readying herself. When she was ready, she reached down and pulled off her top. Her massive tits caught in the fabric as it lifted over her head. Her tits bounced as they released and fell heavily on her chest. She slipped off her thong, kicked it aside. Perfectly nude, her nerves as quiet as she could make them, she reached out and placed her palms on the mirror’s surface. A moment later, Allanar gripped her hands. Duranna stepped back, pulling the black-haired beauty through the gate.

Allanar smiled at Duranna’s naked body, nodding approvingly. “Very good, little girl,” the guardian purred. “Are you ready to get your pussy fucked off again? Why don’t you just submit to my superior body and spare yourself further humiliation?”

Duranna smiled tightly, but she did not respond. She would let her body do her talking for her.

The naked women stepped towards each other. Allanar reached out and gently stroked Duranna’s succulent tits. Duranna reciprocated, using her thumbs to trace Allanar’s areola before gently pressing the rock-hard nipples back into the thick titmeat. Both women filled their hands with the other woman’s tits and began to massage and knead the heavy glands. They pressed closer, their eyes glittering with growing erotic excitement, their hearts pounding, their breathing heavier. Allanar looped her arms around Duranna’s neck; Duranna wrapped her arms around Allanar’s narrow waist. The women’s throbbing tits crushed, nipple spearing nipple. A surge of pleasure flowed through their luscious bodies as their tits mated and strained, taut flesh to flesh.
The women gasped in concert and smiled at each other, their faces pushing nose to nose, their breath mixing. Their tongues played, teasing and taunting, then slipped into the other’s mouth. Gently at first, then with increasing force, Duranna and Allanar kissed, their mouths sealed, their tongues twisting and pushing, filling their aroused bodies with swirling heat. Both women pressed her hand to the back of the other’s head and pushed them more deeply into the kiss. Their voluptuous bodies pressed together, from tongues to bellies, thighs to toes, smooth skin sliding on smooth skin. Slowly, they began to spin around, their bare feet churning up the sand, as each sought to control and overwhelm the other with her passion. Spit overflowed and dripped down their chins onto their crushed chests, into their cleavage, but the kiss continued. The women moaned with pleasure as their tongues struggled, as their bodies surged and flexed against each other.

Finally, they broke the kiss. Panting, nose to nose, eyes locked in raging heat, Allanar and Duranna smiled. Thick strands of spit linked their red lips. They licked them up, their hot tongues caressing, and licked the other’s beautiful face. Allanar placed her hands on Duranna’s shoulders and pushed her back. Duranna released the other woman, waiting to see what she would do. Allanar took a few steps back. Still smiling, she dropped to her knees, her taut ass resting on her heels, her hands on her thighs. Her massive tits jiggled enthusiastically. Duranna instantly mirrored the other woman, kneeling before her, only a few inches from touching knee to knee.

The women’s eyes remained locked. They both knew where this was going. They smiled at each other in fevered anticipation. Duranna made the next move. She leaned back, stretching her torso, and placed her hands behind her body. She sat on her ass and slowly, carefully, spread her luscious thighs wide. Allanar’s eyes glowed with lust as she stared down into Duranna’s dripping cunt. The blonde’s swollen clit twitched, thrumming with tension. Allanar could barely resist leaning forward and burying her face between Duranna’s legs. She licked her lips as she remembered the delicious taste of the woman’s juiced up twat from just the day before.

Allanar imitated Duranna’s action. She leaned back, braced her body, sat on her ass and spread her legs, presenting her hungry cunt to her rival.

For several minutes, the sexual rivals sat staring at each other’s pussies, admiring the other’s voluptuous body, letting the tension and lust grow between them like a slowly building fire, until their desire was raging out of control. They could not wait a moment longer. Their bodies on fire, Duranna and Allanar followed an unspoken signal. At the same time, they pushed their bodies across the sand, their hungry cunts thrust out, eager to mate and fuck, desperate for the joining of their genitals that would bring them such exquisite pleasure. They slipped their right legs over their lefts and came together. They paused just a moment before their drenched pussy lips kissed, both enjoying the heat pouring out of the other woman’s cunt. Their pulsing clits reached for the other, swollen, burning and aching with need.

Duranna and Allanar shared fevered grins. Then they closed the final distance. Their thick-lipped cunts slammed together with a wet, meaty slap. Swollen clits met head to head and sizzled with electricity, before sliding and fusing side to side. Wet labia met and merged. As the women thrust hard with their powerful hips and asses, their naked cunts spread and opened under the pressure, hissing as the slick, wet flesh sealed and sucked. The women threw back their heads and screamed out in pure joy, the pleasure roaring through their perfect bodies, filling every muscle, firing every nerve.

Locked tight, sealed together in ecstasy, Allanar and Duranna began grinding, rubbing and rubbing their throbbing pudenda, clit fused to clit, meaty cunts melted into one. The erotic pleasure ran through their bucking, writhing bodies in endless waves. Soon, their inner thighs were drenched with womanly lubricants. Their jerking bodies broke out in hot sweats and began to glisten, then drip, as the battle raged on. The women watched each other through half-closed eyes, their gazes locked to the mesmerizing sight of the other woman’s massive, firm tits constantly bouncing and jolting in reply to every shared thrust. Their grunts, gasps and cries of pleasure harmonized, forming a chorus to their delicious fucking.

Leaning back, their bodies braced, their tits bouncing, their hips thrusting relentlessly, Duranna and Allanar fucked ecstatically, relishing their shared pleasure. Neither wanted it to end, but both knew that victory required a conclusion. The need to outlast the other soon became a delicious torture. Their bodies trembled with erotic tension, the sweat poured from their driving bodies until they seemed to be coated in oil, their screams and cries of erotic joy became more and more desperate. Still, they hung on, both women somehow finding the will to force their orgasms down, to keep grinding and grinding, rubbing and thrusting, fucking and fucking higher and higher up the pleasure curve.

The raw pleasure filled her body beyond its endurance until Duranna felt every muscle stretched as tight as a bow with sexual tension. Still, she forced herself to take it, forced her body to somehow keep piling up more and more erotic energy, as it built to a devastating explosion. She could see and feel Allanar was in the same place. The black-haired beauty’s head was rolled back, her eyes closed, her mouth open as she moaned in erotic bliss. Sweat flowed down her body. Her glistening tits quivered as her hips rolled. Her abdominals flexed and rippled as she used all her power to wrestle with Duranna, cunt to cunt.

As Duranna watched, Allanar’s head snapped down and she stared at the blonde through half-closed eyes. She leaned forward, reached out with one hand, and gripped Duranna’s bare, sweaty shoulder. Her hand slid down to cup Duranna’s perfect left tit. Duranna immediately gripped Allanar’s tit and both women squeezed gently. Allanar released Duranna’s breast, placed her arms behind her, and began pushing her body up. Duranna immediately did the same. She knew what Allanar wanted and she wanted it too.

The women cried out in joy as their swollen tits squashed. Their pulsing nipples found each other and fused. The course of pleasure was unbearable and the women wanted more. They pushed their sweaty faces close, they wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed, crushing their throbbing tits. The women whimpered, both knowing they could not last much longer. Their mouths snapped together, they stroked tongue on tongue, trying to force the last bit of stimulation that would push the other over the edge. As their legs spread wider to allow their bodies closer, Duranna suddenly surged forward before her enemy could do so. Pushing hard with all of her body, she managed to slowly force Allanar over onto her back. The brunette struggled, but the lust infusing her body soon took control. She spread her legs wide. She arched her back, offering her soaked cunt to Duranna in challenge. She gripped Duranna’s taut, pumping ass and eagerly resumed their clit to clit fucking.

Bodies undulating in rhythm, Duranna and Allanar pumped into each other ferociously, riding each other, fucking to an exquisite climax. Their legs twined and strained, their perfect bodies crushed tight, their arms squeezed as hard as they could. The women broke their furious kiss and rested cheek to cheek, whimpering and gasping as they fucked to the end. Allanar shrieked, then bucked hard, arching her back, lifting Duranna, as her hips jerked upwards. Allanar came hard, her pussy exploding with cum, her body writhing and twisting in ecstasy as she ejaculated into Duranna, her cum coating their inner thighs and bellies.

Duranna held on for maybe five more seconds, then let herself go. She screamed out in blissful agony as she ejaculated powerfully into and onto Allanar, again and again and again. The women rubbed and ground their clits relentlessly, fucking orgasm after orgasm out of each other. Their voluptuous bodies twined and locked, then shuddered and trembled as their muscles strained, holding each other in a mutual stalemate as they shared a multi-orgasmic finish.

For some time, the women lay tangled together, holding each other tight, sharing their sweat, soaked in each other’s cum. Finally, Duranna rolled off of Allanar and rested beside her, their shoulders touching, their heavy tits rolling into each other, side by side.

“I won,” Duranna grunted.

“Yes,” Allanar conceded, her voice betraying nothing.

“Your cunt is not undefeated anymore,” Duranna whispered.

Allanar said nothing for a moment. “I appreciate a good challenge,” she finally replied, “and you are a challenge. You are a good fuck. Your body is beautiful. But you will break, in the end.”

Duranna rolled onto her knees. Allanar immediately did the same. The women glared at each other. Their eyes flashed. Duranna and Allanar felt their libidos growing, they felt the overpowering lust for each other that they had barely begun to scratch. They desperately wanted to resume their fuckfight. Their bodies screamed for it. But they could not.

Allanar leaned forward. Duranna leaned to meet her. They kissed, gently at first, then harder, more savagely. They got up on their knees and their massive tits pressed tight. The kiss deepened, the women grabbing each other’s hair, pushing their heads more into the kiss. The raging hunger in their sexes became ravenous beasts and, for a moment, their passion almost took control.
Gasping, Duranna pulled savagely on Allanar’s hair, pulling back the woman’s head, breaking the kiss. She pushed the brunette hard and Allanar fell back on the sand on her back. Duranna dropped back to her knees, gasping, struggling to control her raging sex. Allanar wriggled in the sand, groaning as she brought her body under control.

After a while, the women got to their feet. They glared at each other, their hungry eyes washed over the other woman’s luscious body, but they did not approach.

“Be back here tomorrow, fucker,” Allanar hissed. “We will see who outfucks who then.”

Duranna nodded, her eyes blazing. She was not angry. She was filled with lust. Once again, the incredible pleasure she and the guardian had given to each other only increased their need for more. She was beginning to understand that the terms of this sexual battle were a kind of torture.

Allanar walked to the mirror. With one last fiery glare at Duranna, she stepped into the obsidian pool and vanished.

Duranna dropped to her knees and struggled to control her body. She got to her feet, walked to the trough, drank deeply. She washed herself off, cleaning off some of the sweat and cum caking her lush form, cooling the raging heat in her loins. She pulled on her brief clothing and began the trek back to Elora. As she walked, she smiled. She had finally defeated her enemy in a sex contest. After two ties and one defeat, she had proven she could make the other woman cum first. She just had to do it two more times and she would win. She could hardly wait until the next day.

Day Three:

The naked women dropped to their knees. Each had an arm looped around the other’s neck, holding them in place as they kissed savagely. Their massive tits were mashed together tightly. Both women’s remaining hands were between the other’s legs, working ravenous, burning cunts vigorously. Their fingers pumped furiously, the sound of wet cunt filling the room. They flicked clits and teased g spots and anuses, doing all they could to drive the other woman insane with pleasure. Duranna and Allanar broke the kiss and rested their chins on the other’s shoulder, their groans, gasps and cries of joy fed directly into the other woman’s ear. They bit each other on the neck. Their finger fucking slowed down, became more gentle and careful and more strategic. They teased clits, then rubbed, then stroked. They worked and plumbed vaginal walls. They probed tight assholes and caressed slick inner thighs.

Duranna panted as she felt the unbearable stimulation radiating up from her burning pudenda, Allanar’s expert fingers drawing exquisite pleasure from her nether regions. Duranna retaliated, employing all the skills she had learned over years and years of sexual exploration and experimentation with many, many men and women. They had not even started fisting yet, but the women succeeded in pushing each other to the edge with just their nimble fingers. Duranna pulled Allanar even closer, mashing their chests, and groaned tortuously. Allanar smiled, confident that she was winning the race with Duranna. Suddenly, Duranna dug her toes into the ground, surged forward with her legs, and succeeded in overbalancing the other fuckfighter.

“No!!” Allanar screamed, astounded to be pushed over onto her back a second time. But this time was different. Duranna did not follow her down. Instead, the blonde grabbed Allanar’s right leg, and lifted it to her shoulder. She swung her right leg over Allanar’s hip and grasped the captive leg tightly to her chest, holding it between her massive tits. Allanar’s wet, succulent cunt was completely open and waiting, her swollen clit beckoned like a finger. With a groaning cry, Duranna drove her aching pussy deep, deep and hard into Allanar’s beautiful twat. Their fuckmeat sucked and sealed, their engorged clits rubbed directly on each other, and an explosion of pure ecstasy radiated through both women’s bucking, straining bodies.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, FUUUCCCKKKK!!” Allanar shrieked, almost overwhelmed by the sudden intense pleasure.

“Yes, yes, Omigod, YEEESSSSS!!” Duranna screamed. All night, she had lain in bed, her over-sexed body frustrated, dreaming of this moment, dreaming of pushing her rock-hard clit deep into the warm, wet, tight folds of Allanar’s dripping cunt and grinding it, rubbing it relentlessly against Allanar’s equally hard, strong clit. Now that she was doing it in reality, her heart soared with delight, her body trembled in the pure ecstasy of the moment. She wanted it to go on and on. Duranna powered her clit into Allanar’s twat, grinding and grinding, thrusting with her powerful ass until her glutes ached with the effort. Allanar bucked up to meet her thrusts, keeping their clits glued together, wanting the pleasure as much as the woman riding her.

Allanar reached up and seized Duranna’s bouncing tits and began to massage the thick masses. Duranna filled her hands with Allanar’s boobs and squeezed back. The women’s hips rolled in tandem, their lush bodies undulated in rhythm. Even so, Allanar was in the inferior position. It took a long time, but she finally arched her back in ecstasy and shrieked out in bliss, bucking her hips, her belly rippling as she pumped shot after shot of hot cum into Duranna’s eager, ravenous cunt. Duranna threw back her head and moaned in joy as she gratefully accepted the involuntary tribute, taking as much of Allanar’s ejaculate into her body as she could, wanting it all.

Only moments later, Duranna screamed as she came, driving with her hips as she pumped her ejaculate into Allanar. Bucking and grinding, the women exchanged cum, screaming and moaning as they rode each other relentlessly, mercilessly, fucking to the end. Duranna pushed Allanar’s leg all the way back to her body and buried her face in the brunette’s massive tits. Duranna licked and sucked the heavy glands, biting the nipples until Allanar cried out in even greater ecstasy. Finally, Duranna released Allanar’s leg and collapsed full on the other woman, breasts squashing breasts, belly to belly. Allanar’s arms wrapped around Duranna and the women rested, face to face, panting hot breath into the other.

“You bitch,” Allanar groaned.

“You fucking cunt,” Duranna whispered back.

The women’s tongues found each other, their mouths locked tight, and they kissed long and hard, their wet, voluptuous bodies writhing and twisting together until they finally had to stop.

Day Four:

Duranna and Allanar rolled back and forth in front of the gateway, their voluptuous, powerful bodies locked up in a raging catball. Their thick, smooth legs were twined like vines, straining against each other, muscle to muscle. They were belly to belly, tit to tit. Their hands pulled hair, slapped taut, round asses, scratched and clawed at perfect backs. Their hips jerked and strained as each woman tried to roll the other to the bottom and take and hold the top position. They exchanged pussy punches, slapping their cunts together mercilessly as they wrestled for dominance.

This relentless physical struggle had been going on for some time. They had begun their daily battle with their usual opening of passionate kissing, rubbing body to body, taunting, driving each other insane with desire. But soon they were both pulling hair, trying to control the other. Both women were determined to win the day’s match. Duranna knew victory guaranteed her passage to Allanar’s world. Allanar refused to be defeated three times in a row; her pride as a woman was at stake.

The women wrangled one another to the ground and were soon tangled together, eager to rub and strain naked bodies against each other. Not surprisingly, they found they were almost equal in strength. So far, no one had been able to overpower the other. Their lush bodies grew sweaty, sliding and slipping against each other more, and proving hard to grip and hold. They rolled again and again. Thrashing, grunting like animals, Allanar finally succeeded in pinning Duranna to the ground. She spread her legs wide enough to keep from being rolled. She locked Duranna in a hand to hand grip and pushed the blonde’s arms down to the sand on either side of her head.

The panting women glared at each other. Duranna bucked and writhed, her heavy tits rolling and mashing tight against Allanar’s massive tits, their bare bellies clapping together as the taut flesh strained. After a moment Duranna gave up. Allanar was too stable to roll easily. Instead, she opened her legs wider and tilted her pelvis up, eager to begin.

“Let’s fuck, you cunt. Clit to clit. Right now. Let’s decide this.”

“Yes, you slut. I’m going to milk that little pussy,” Allanar murmured. Her black hair fell like a curtain over their faces. The women did not kiss, but they let their tongues play as they brought their pussies to bear.

Slick cunt lips slid and caressed slick cunt lips. The women shuddered in exquisite pleasure. Throbbing clits stroked and pushed. An explosion of ecstasy raced through their bodies and they choked their mutual screams by locking their mouths tight. Duranna slipped her sweaty hands free of Allanar’s grip and slid them down the woman’s body to grip and sink her fingers into the perfect, round ass. Allanar slipped her hands under Duranna and gripped the blonde’s buttocks just as tightly. Their hips moved slow and hard, sliding their cunts in and out of each other, rubbing and jousting clit to clit. Slowly, slowly, Duranna and Allanar fucked, letting the pleasure build and build, writhing sinuously, undulating gently but powerfully, forcing wave after wave of erotic sensation into their bodies. Both women were absolutely determined to outlast the other. The rolling, undulating fuck went on and on and on, the two sexfighters torturing each other, using all their skill, all the power of their incredible bodies, to feed each other pleasure, to take all the ecstasy the other woman’s body could give. The broke the kiss but rested cheek to cheek, sometimes nose to nose, panting and moaning, crying out in desperation, as they fucked each other senseless.

More than an hour after their battle started, the women went rigid in each other’s arms. Every muscle tightened, their mouths locked, and they screamed and screamed as they ejaculated hard into each other, over and over again, their bodies reaching their unbearable climax at the same moment. Their bodies shuddered and quaked as they fed each other more pleasure than they could bear.

When the orgasms finally stopped, several minutes after they started, Duranna and Allanar lay wrapped together, dripping with sweat, too drained to move. Finally, Allanar pushed herself off of her enemy. She kneeled between Duranna’s wet thighs. Duranna looked up at her through dazed eyes. Allanar ran her index finger along Duranna’s cum-streaked inner thigh and licked off the ejaculate. Grunting, she got to her feet and staggered over to the trough. The only sound in the room was the gentle trickle of the water flowing through the ceramic tubing.

Allanar quenched her thirst. Then, looking at the cool water, she smiled. She sat on the edge of the trough and lowered herself into the liquid. The trough was roughly the width and depth of a bathtub, so she fit easily. She immersed her body in the water, enjoying the refreshing sensation.

Duranna approached the trough. She drank from its refreshing water, then swung her leg over the edge of the pipe and lowered herself into the water, facing Allanar. The women sat facing one another, eyes glowing in expectation, only for a moment. Then they slid down, opened their legs, and thrust their crotches together. They grunted in shared delight as they felt their ravenous cunts slap and lock together, the thick meat sucking even harder and tighter in the depths of the water.

“Oh, that feels good,” Duranna whispered. She pressed her heavy tits, nipple to nipple, into Allanar’s equally thick rack. She ran her nose along the black-haired woman’s nose, she licked Allanar’s lips.

Allanar licked back and smiled hungrily. She reached down into the water, slid her hands along Duranna’s wide hips and gripped the woman’s perfect ass.

“Yes,” Allanar whispered in agreement. “It feels very, very good.”

Their clits swelled up inside their kissing cunts and twined and knotted together. The pleasure radiated out in staggering waves and the women groaned in shared agony. Gripping each other’s asses, they rocked their hips. Their mouths locked, their heavy tits mated, their bellies rippled against each other. Duranna and Allanar eagerly fought their second round, enjoying the ecstasy, neither wanting it to stop.

More than an hour later, the explosion of pleasure that had been building inside of Duranna from the moment they had started fucking finally detonated. She threw back her head and shouted out in joy, her body locking on Allanar’s, her hips twisting in climax, as she ejaculated powerfully into her rival’s luscious body. Allanar clung tightly to Duranna, struggling to hold out for ten more seconds, before she came too, her body jerking in ecstasy, her pussy clamped tight on Duranna’s cunt, as they drained each other.

After some time, their bodies stopped shuddering and shaking in mutual ecstasy. The women slowly released each other. Allanar stood unsteadily. Duranna leaned back in the water and let her body float. Allanar looked down at the blonde’s beautiful form, Duranna’s tits bobbing like little islands on the glassy surface, and felt a spike of heat in her loins. She marveled at her own lust. She wondered how long she and Duranna would need to fuck each other before they truly satisfied their bodies’ desire for the other.

Allanar climbed out of the trough. She stretched out her naked body, then walked slowly towards the mirror. She could feel Duranna’s eyes on her swaying hips, her flexing ass. She smiled.

Allanar reached the obsidian mirror. She placed her hand on the surface, felt the familiar gentle sting of the electricity playing on her bare skin. She paused and turned back to Duranna, who had now stood up in the trough and was watching Allanar with hooded eyes.

“Tomorrow. We will finish this.”

“I will be here,” Duranna said, nodding.

Allanar walked through the gate and was gone.

Duranna climbed out of the trough and then sat on the edge of the pipe for a few minutes, allowing her body to dry off a bit more before she put on her clothing. While she waited, she extracted a brush from her wooden carrying tube and began brushing out her long, blonde hair.

She was sorry she had lost the battle in the trough. In the end, the sheer sensuality of the water, the delicious feeling of her cunt tightly gripped and sucked to Allanar’s twat, the indescribable melding of their excruciatingly sensitive clits, sending ecstasy pulsing their bodies with every heartbeat -it had simply overwhelmed her sexual stamina and she had let her control slip. She could not afford to have that happen tomorrow. She had no doubt that Allanar would come to battle with everything she had. Duranna had to be sure to match and surpass her competitor. She could not let her five year quest end with an ignominious defeat in a fuckfight.

Duranna pulled on her sparse clothing and began the trip back to her trusty steed, Elora. She planned the rest of the day in her mind. She would cook, eat, and then spend the night resting and meditating, doing all she could to prepare her body for the erotic ordeal to come.

“I will not lose,” the gorgeous woman swore to herself.

Day Five:

Duranna rose with the morning sun and began meditating, trying to release the nervous energy and sexual excitement that had been building in her since the day before. She was anxious. Today would decide her future. If she lost, she would need to seek a second gate. Assuming that one existed on this world, she had no idea how to find it. If she lost today, she would be abandoned on this world forever, or at least for a very long time.

After being up for a few hours, she decided that she could not wait until noon to resume her battle with Allanar. The sooner she began the sooner she would know the outcome. Climbing onto Elora, she began the journey to the ruined temple. She landed Elora in the clearing by the brook. This time, before she left the bird, she took off its saddle and bridle, leaving the lizard bird free. If she won – no, when she won – she might have to leave for the other world immediately. She did not want Elora to suffer if she was gone.

She slung her wooden carrying tube over her shoulder and began her trek to the pavilion. Thirty minutes later, she lowered herself into the structure through the crumbling roof. A few minutes after, she opened the chamber door and entered the glowing blue room. She made sure to lock it once she was inside; she had learned how to do that when she was examining the controls on the inner wall the day before.

Duranna placed her tube on the ground by the door and immediately pulled her crop top up and over her head. She slipped her thong off her hips and dropped it on the sandy ground. Naked, she padded towards the obsidian mirror. She paused to breathe, to calm herself. It was difficult. Her anxiety over this final confrontation combined with her building sexual desire to feed her unease. She focused her scattered thoughts and concentrated. She knew this battle would be won or lost in her mind. She had to have control. After a minute or two, she felt ready.

Duranna put her hands on the mirror. An instant later, she felt hands gripping her own. She stepped back and pulled Allanar out of the gate. The dark-haired beauty smiled, her eyes shining with pure lust. Duranna could see the signs of arousal on the woman’s body. Her tits were swollen, her nipples hard and her areola looked tight and puckered with tension. Her pussy lips glistened and there was already a hint of her swelling clit. Duranna felt her body ramping up in response to these signals. She felt the meat of her heavy breasts swell and tighten, the porous glands filling with blood, growing sensitive. Her nipples grew rock-hard in an instant, her areola expanded, their pebbly surface suddenly hot. Her pussy flared and her clit pulsed and throbbed, becoming huge and hard. Her twat lubricated and she felt as wet as a lake. She was not surprised when drops of juice slicked her hot inner thighs and fell to the sandy ground at her feet.

Duranna and Allanar regarded each other carefully. Allanar saw all the signs of Duranna’s growing arousal and they fed her lust. She had spent a restless night in her bed, dreaming of Duranna’s body, dreaming of satiating her desire on the blonde woman’s luscious flesh. She licked her lips in anticipation.

“Are you ready to finish this, Duranna?” the guardian purred. She began to close the distance between their nude bodies, her hips swaying.

“I came early today, Allanar,” Duranna replied, “I saw no point in waiting. We both want to settle this between us. Your body against mine, your sex against mine. Let us see who is the better woman.”

Allanar smiled. She dropped to her knees, then sat back on her ass and spread her thighs wide. Duranna felt her heart pound harder, her throat go dry as her lust exploded. She fell to the ground and spread her legs, eagerly accepting the challenge.

“This is the best way to do this,” Allanar whispered as she closed the distance between their throbbing pudenda. “Woman to woman, pussy to pussy, clit to clit. Let’s see who’s the better fuck.”

“Give me everything you’ve got, bitch,” Duranna growled, her body pulsing with heat and tension. She struggled to control her lust for the other woman’s cunt, her body, her sweat and cum. “My pussy is going to eat you alive.”

“Oh, you little whore,” Allanar murmured as she closed the final distance. “I’m going to break every inch of you, you cunteating slut.”

The women’s thick-lipped pussies slapped wetly. Allanar and Duranna leaned back, braced their incredibly voluptuous bodies with their arms, and shoved together with a hard, strong, mutual thrust, driving themselves into the other woman. Their soaked pudenda merged, their cunts spread under the pressure and hissed as their labia flattened and sealed wetly.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhh,” Duranna cried out, throwing back her head in bliss. This felt so good, so fucking good. She struggled to keep the delicious pleasure from overwhelming her trembling body.

“Ahhhh, yes, oh gods, yessss,” Allanar moaned, her beautiful face lit by a rapturous smile, her eyes closed as she rejoiced in the exquisite erotic sensations radiating out from between her legs.

Allanar and Duranna twisted their hips, working and working their swollen cunts deeper into each other. They concentrated on pulling with their vaginas, drawing each other in harder, creating an unbreakable suction between their sopping fuckmeat. Their swollen clits pressed, mating head to head, trapped together within the hot, wet, fleshy arena formed by their locked twats.

“Ahhhhhhhh, Fuckkkkk,” Duranna groaned, her perfect body wracked by pleasure as their clits scraped and rubbed, waves of ecstasy flowing through her trembling muscles.

“Fuck, fucking godddddddsssss,” Allanar gasped, her body shaking with passion.

The women exchanged thrusts, working their hips in small, tight movements, drilling into each other, trying to overwhelm the other with the intense pleasure of crushing clit to clit, of fusing inner labia to inner labia. The women’s thick, heavy tits bounced tightly, swollen with the heat of arousal. Their engorged nipples dripped with juices.

When their cunts were locked and sucked as deeply as they could go, Duranna pushed her torso up. Allanar rose to meet her. The women spread their legs wider, making it easier for them to match their bodies. Their massive tits mated, swollen glands crushing. They shifted their shoulders and maneuvered the heavy meat until their bare nipples crossed and fused and their bumpy areola eclipsed. Grunting, the women pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, looking deep into the other’s eyes, seeing the pure lust driving both of them. Duranna slipped her hands around Allanar’s hips and grasped the woman’s buttocks. She ran her index finger along the rim of Allanar’s ass crack, teased the brunette’s puckered asshole, then carefully shoved her finger deep into the woman’s tight anus. Allanar bucked slightly, then retaliated. She gripped Duranna’s ass cheeks and penetrated the blonde’s anus with both of her index fingers at once. Her remaining fingers she used to stroke and tease Duranna’s lower cunt, probing the dripping, turgid flesh. Duranna groaned tortuously and returned the grip. The women slipped into a deep, violent kiss. Tongues knotted, spit flowed freely, they thrust and thrust their hips, fucking relentlessly. Their luscious bodies fused, from their clits to their rippling bellies, to their swollen tits and pulsing nipples. Their muscles quivered with growing tension. They broke their kiss to throw back their heads to moan and cry out in pleasure, they bit each other’s necks and shoulders before locking up, mouth to mouth, once again. Lost in passion, writhing in unbearable ecstasy, the powerful women rode each other mercilessly.

The fuckfight went on and on, Allanar and Duranna lost in the overwhelming pleasure, enjoying each other’s bodies, feeding each other powerful sensations. The heat of their flesh, the slickness of their sweat, the warmth of their spit, the tightness of the grip their cunts shared, the electric shocks flowing from their wrestling clits…the feelings threatened to push both women over the edge at any moment, yet they held on and held on. When the end finally came, they both felt it coming from deep inside their cunts. They broke their savage kiss, looked deep into the other’s eyes, then felt their pussies tighten on each other like the jaws of rival beasts, locked in a fight to the death. They squeezed the other until their pussies trembled uncontrollably. Their bellies convulsed and flexed, working muscle to muscle. Their tits swelled even larger, throbbing with heat. They came hard, with delicious force, cumming and cumming into each other. Duranna locked her arms around Allanar’s waist and held on, eye to eye with her rival, wanting to see every moment of climax. Allanar held onto her tightly too, glaring back. The women kissed deeply, swallowing the other’s cries and moans, soaking their thighs and bellies with cum, spraying juice out from the muscled intersection of their bodies. Slowly, the orgasms abated. Only when they drained each other did they relax their grips on the other woman’s perfect ass. They fell heavily onto their backs and lay in the soft sand, panting furiously, the world spinning around them as their luscious bodies slowly came down from the orgasmic high.

They stretched out their long, wet legs and rested between the other’s thighs. Their massive tits jiggled and gleamed with sweat in the half-light. The women’s smooth torsos were streaked with sweat and cum. They panted, their hearts pounded, but they slowly regained their breath. After a few minutes, Duranna had her second wind. She sat up and disentangled her legs from around Allanar’s luscious body. Allanar did not move; she knew what Duranna intended.

Duranna slid down Allanar’s body and positioned herself with her dripping cunt was directly over the black-haired beauty’s face. Both women spread their legs wide. Pussy juice and cum trickled down and fell on Allanar’s lips. The woman licked it up, looped her arms around Duranna’s wide hips and spread her hands on the blonde’s perfect ass. She raised her head and ran her tongue along Duranna’s dripping pussy, following her crease into the blonde’s ass crack. She shoved her tongue into the hot asshole, playing with it, teasing the sensitive flesh, before she clamped her mouth over the red orifice and sucked hard. She smiled with satisfaction as she felt Duranna’s entire body shudder. Allanar slid her tongue back down and shoved it into Duranna’s hot, pink cunt and began licking, sucking and teasing the swollen clit.

As Allanar devoured Duranna, the blonde happily returned the favor. Her tongue went deep into Allanar’s asshole, penetrating, licking around and around. She sucked enthusiastically at the firm flesh, before sliding her tongue into the guardian’s dripping pussy and began eating and licking. Both women’s fingers probed at the other’s orifices, teasing and stroking, adding more and more pleasure to the steaming erotic brew boiling in their quivering bodies. Their breasts pressed hard into their opponent’s firm belly. Occasionally, Duranna broke off her attack on her rival’s cunt and slid her body down Allanar’s body, dragging their massive tits together until the swollen glands crushed tight. The women writhed and wriggled, grinding their titmeat deliciously, scraping swollen nipples and areola, before sliding back to resume their cunt-eating. At some point, Allanar wrapped her sweaty thighs around Duranna’s head and locked her in place. Duranna eagerly rolled onto her side and wrapped her wet thighs around Allanar’s head. The women began to roll, slowly, back and forth in front of the obsidian gateway, the only sounds in the room their muffled moans and screams, and the enticing sounds of drenched pussies growing wetter.

Duranna moaned and grunted with pleasure. Her pussy was on fire and her clit was screaming with sensation. Every muscle in her body trembled with exquisite tension. She loved Allanar’s taste, she loved the black-haired beauty’s smell, she relished the woman’s salty sweat and tangy cunt juice. Duranna knew it would not be long before she and her rival started fisting one another. They were both waiting for the right moment to strike, to drive their hands deep into their rival’s tight, hot, sucking cunt and ream it out, pumping and twisting, drilling their arms into the other woman’s vaginal core like the biggest, hardest pricks in the world.

The moment finally came and Allanar struck first. Duranna felt a two-finger probe of her pussy suddenly become all five fingers. She immediately reciprocated. Allanar’s whole hand knifed deep into Duranna’s cunt, opening and spreading her, filling her to the brim, setting off an explosion of pure ecstasy that filled her body even as it stretched her vaginal canal tight. Duranna shrieked, but she drove her hand and wrist deep into Allanar an instant later. Both women clenched their fists and twisted, assaulting the other vigorously. They shrieked and writhed, bucking and heaving, like puppets being tortured by their puppeteer. Their thighs were still wrapped around the other’s head, holding them in place. Duranna took her free hand and probed at Allanar’s asshole, then forced her hand and all her fingers into the even smaller, tighter orifice. Allanar jerked harder and immediately retaliated. For long minutes, the struggling fuckfighters thrashed and rolled on the ground, their hands planted in each other’s most intimate orifices, torturing each other with erotic ecstasy, violating each other to their mutual pleasure.

Duranna felt her belly convulse, she felt the release of tension flowing all the way from her deepest core, down into her vagina. Her cunt closed and squeezed the invading hand tightly then released, a gusher of cum struggling to spray out. Duranna could feel Allanar’s belly rippling against her own. As the two women realized they were starting to cum, they reacted in the same ways. They pulled their hands out of the other woman’s twat and clamped their mouths tightly to the other’s exploding cunt. Allanar and Duranna moaned in bliss as their mouths filled with their enemy’s hot ejaculate, until they overflowed. Cum sprayed everywhere, on their beautiful faces and into their hair, before they forced their mouths back onto the quivering pussies and took in all the hot release that they could.

For some time, the women clung together, cumming and cumming into each other’s faces, feasting on each other. They lay on their sides, their heads trapped between their rival’s thighs, their bodies shaking as they pulled orgasm after orgasm out of each other. If they could, they would have screamed into each other’s twats, but their mouths were full, clamped onto their opponent’s pussy and overflowing with steaming ejaculate.

Finally, Duranna and Allanar fell away from each other and rolled apart. They lay flat on the ground, gasping, their cum-streaked bodies slowly writhing in the wet sand. After a few moments, they both sat up on their asses. Their shining eyes locked and they threw themselves at each other. Naked bodies slapped wetly, arms wrapped around voluptuous bodies and the women jammed their mouths together, eagerly locking jaws and sharing, forcing, the cum they had saved down the other woman’s throat. The women locked into a deep, deep kiss and sloshed the cum back and forth, mixing it together, saturating it with their spit. The liquid overflowed their mouths and dribbled down their chins and onto their mashed chests, into the deep cleavage of their crushed, struggling tits. For several minutes, the women shared the sloppy, angry kiss, before they finally swallowed back all of the cum. They separated their mouths, their lips connected by strings of saliva and spit, and glared, eye to eye. They licked the other’s face, cleaning off cum, then kissed again, passionately. Hands gripped taut asses and, for several minutes, they stayed locked, tongues lapping and twisting inside their hungry mouths.

They finally pulled their faces back. Duranna offered her tongue to Allanar. The guardian eagerly accepted it, wrapping her lips around the blonde’s sensitive pink probe and sucking the slick muscle sensuously, like she was sucking a cock. After a minute, she broke off and offered her tongue to her blonde opponent. Duranna sucked on the thick pink muscle slowly, teasingly, feasting on the taster like she was starving. Allanar groaned with the exquisite pleasure but she did not fight back. Finally, the guardian had enough. She pushed Duranna back by the shoulders and freed her tongue.

The women had been fuckfighting for more than two hours and had tied twice. Neither woman felt tired or satisfied and both were eager to continue their battle.

Allanar released Duranna and stood up. Her body gleaming with sweat and cum, she padded across the room to the water trough. She drank deeply. A moment later, Duranna joined her. The women quenched their thirsts then washed down their bodies, removing most of the cum and sweat on their faces and hair and on their chests.

Duranna and Allanar turned to each other, only inches apart. They stepped together. Allanar wrapped her arms around Duranna’s upper back and pulled the blonde in. Duranna slipped her arms around Allanar’s narrow, taut waist and tightened her grip. Their massive tits crushed hard, their solid bellies clapped. They pressed their powerful, muscular thighs together, they drew their luscious bodies tightly as they could, firm, slick flesh melding to flesh.

“You’re a good fuck, little girl,” Allanar breathed, rubbing her nose with Duranna’s nose.

“So are you, cuntfucker,” Duranna breathed back. She ran her tongue along Allanar’s lips. Allanar’s tongue came out to play.

“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Allanar admitted, her voice a low purr.

“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, too,” Duranna whispered.

The women slowly slipped into a deep, deep kiss. They moaned deep in their throats as their tongues slowly twisted into a knot, as their bodies slowly wriggled and rubbed, feeding their building lust. Their hands ran over their curvaceous backs. Both women seized the other’s round, taut ass at the same moment and held on, digging their fingers into the firm meat.

Finally, slowly, they broke the kiss. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, they shared hot breath. Their bodies were on fire, stoked to full flame once more, ready and desperate for the erotic ecstasy that could only be found between the legs of the other woman.

“Let’s finish this, Duranna,” Allanar moaned.

“I’m ready when you are, Allanar,” Duranna murmured.

They kissed once more, deep and savage, their passion flaring to new heights. They squeezed each other’s buttocks again and pushed in tight and hard, their bodies aligning perfectly, belly to belly, thigh to thigh, tit to tit. They slowly dropped to their knees. The women finally broke their kiss. Releasing each other just enough, Duranna and Allanar fell to their asses. They sat back and arranged their legs, lining up their bodies, shifting their hips so they could enter each other’s succulent cunts at an angle. The women fit the forks of their legs together and, bracing their magnificent bodies, thrust with all their power. Their juicy pussies squished as their thick-lipped cunts slapped together, fuckmeat merging with fuckmeat. Allanar and Duranna grunted like animals and seized the other woman’s sweaty thigh. Using this grip to brace themselves, they rotated their hips in opposite directions, penetrating each other, grinding their wet pudenda relentlessly. Their massive tits bounced, their powerful abdomens flexed, as each powerful thrust sealed them more and more tightly. The women’s clits fused and their bodies shuddered in ecstasy as their sexhorns mated and knotted into one.

“Unnnnnnnggghhhhhh,” Duranna moaned, deep in her throat, her body vibrating with the intense pleasure.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh,” Allanar groaned, her head thrown back, her black hair tossing as she worked her hips with all her strength.

The two women fucked each other up the pleasure curve, riding each other to higher and higher peaks of ecstasy. Gripping Allanar’s thigh, Duranna reached out and cupped one of the woman’s bouncing tits and squeezed hard, twisting the inflamed nipple. Allanar moaned and returned the grip, sinking her fingers deep into Duranna’s aching titmeat. Panting, grinding with their cunts, the women watched each other through half-closed eyes, both desperately hoping to see the other woman finally cum in defeat. Neither woman broke. Instead, the delirious fucking went on and on and on, the room filling with the moan, cries, grunts and sobbing gasps of two women fucking each other to the edge of their bodies’ endurance.

Duranna pushed herself closer to Allanar. She wanted to meet tit to tit. Allanar eagerly embraced her. Each woman hooked a leg over the other’s opposite hip and pulled each other tight, wrapping their arms around their backs, squeezing. Their massive tits squashed, their hot nipples screamed with pleasure as they seared each other. The women rested forehead to forehead, nose to nose, their hot pants mixing. Sweat dripped down their faces. They rolled their hips in microscopic thrusts, twisting their swollen clits into excruciating knots.

Duranna knew she could not take much more. Her entire body was screaming for release, every nerve was on fire, every inch of her skin, inside and out, felt melted to the luscious body of the woman she was battling with all her sexual skill and power. Her will to win was as strong as ever, but she knew that her body may finally have reached the limits of its sexual power. She could feel that Allanar was so close, she could tell from the woman’s shuddering body that they were both on the verge, but she was right at the limit.

Duranna slid her tongue along Allanar’s lips, then used the thick probe to spread the other woman’s lips and invade her mouth. Allanar eagerly opened her mouth wide and let her in. Their tongues twisted together and they kissed deeply, their mouths mirroring the cunt kiss locking their genitals into one between their legs. Their hand roamed the other’s back and grasped round, taut asses. Duranna slid her finger up Allanar’s anus and moaned inside their inosculated mouths as she felt Allanar violating and teasing her in the same way.

Duranna knew she could take no more. She screamed in her mind, willing herself to hold on just a moment longer, to not let the past five years be lost. She had to have this! But her body just could not take any more pleasure.

Allanar twisted and writhed in Duranna’s arms. She bucked hard and Duranna felt the intoxicating, incredibly erotic sensation of the other woman’s cum shooting into her pussy, filling her vaginal canal, impregnating her body with molten liquid. Allanar shook in Duranna’s arms, her cunt clenched and squeezed Duranna’s throbbing pussy like a vise. Allanar broke their kiss and jerked her head back.

“Nnnnnnn, fuuuucccckkkk,” Allanar groaned tortuously as an incredibly powerful orgasm shook her body, radiating out from her clit to set her core on fire, to fill every nerve and muscle in her body in coruscating waves of pleasure.

An instant later, Duranna released the unbearable tension she had been holding inside. Her cunt erupted, she injected her cum deep into Allanar’s receptive body. Their ejaculate flowed and mixed as the women came and came into each other. They pulled hair viciously, they clung to each other tightly as each wave of ecstasy burned through them. Duranna pulled Allanar back into a kiss and the women moaned and screamed into their locked mouths as their bodies gave each other all the pure pleasure they could manage. They shared orgasm after orgasm, their luscious bodies syncing up and moving in tandem, pumping cum into each other over and over again.

Locked together, their limbs twined around their bodies like ropes, their burning flesh slick with sweat and cum, the women fell in a tangle, on their sides, to the sandy floor. They were panting like bellows, their gasps and moans harmonizing as they sought to bring their bodies under control and to hold onto consciousness. Duranna’s body was vibrating, every nerve jangling with pleasure. She knew the same had to be true of her enemy.

Finally, the women released each other, untwining their limbs and stretching out, side by side, on the wet sand. Their perfect tits heaved and jiggled with their pants. Their voluptuous bodies glistened in the blue light, shining like they were soaked in oil. For some time, the only sounds were their gasping pants. Gradually, their breathing returned to normal and their pounding hearts slowed. Silence settled into the darkened room.

“I won,” Duranna finally whispered into the semi-dark. She wondered if her beautiful rival would try to deny her victory. It had been so close, after all. There was silence for a few moments.

“Yes, you won our battle,” Allanar finally, grudgingly agreed. She paused. The words hung in the air. “You proved yourself worthy of crossing the threshold of the gate into the world beyond,” the brunette finally continued. “I will take you across, whenever you would like.”

Duranna smiled, a feeling of elation washing over her. She laughed joyfully, crossing her arms over her head and pressing them into her sweaty forehead. After so many years, she had finally achieved her goal. She would be going home, back to the world of her people and all the wonders that it offered. She lay in silence for a few minutes, basking in the feeling of triumph and profound relief. Soon, however, something else started to bother her, a new piece of unfinished business.

Duranna rolled on her side. She propped her head on her hand to look at the magnificent woman lying stretched beside her. She ran her eyes up and down Allanar’s incredibly voluptuous body, the lush curves, the bulging, perfect tits. Duranna felt her loins start to burn anew.

“Now that is settled, I think that there is another matter between us,” Duranna murmured.

Allanar turned her eyes to Duranna but remained on her back. “What is that?” she asked, her voice hoarse.

The blonde woman reached out and cupped the other woman’s cum-slicked pudenda. Allanar gasped but did nothing to stop it. Duranna ran her finger up her rival’s wet, slick fuck slit, scooping out some cum, then traced her cum-streaked finger up the woman’s firm belly to her navel and then on to her large, perfect breasts. Allanar moaned at the caress and writhed slightly, twisting her hips to grind her ass into the sand.

“We still need to settle who is the better woman,” Duranna purred. “We still don’t know who can outfuck the other.”

“You think you can outfuck me, little girl?” Allanar sneered, her eyes bright.

“I know I can, you cunt,” Duranna smiled, her beautiful eyes glowing with heat. “I can outfuck you, I can outlast you. No more of this “fuck until we cum” shit. We need to fuck until one of us can’t go on and gives up.”

Allanar rolled up, sitting on her perfect ass, and spun her body around, bringing herself to face Duranna. At the same time, Duranna pushed herself into a sitting position. The naked women spread their legs, their hot pussies dripping with cum, their inner thighs streaked with creamy ejaculate and sweat.

“Then come and show me, bitch,” Allanar growled, her eyes locked to Duranna’s. She opened her legs wider in challenge. Duranna eagerly slid down to meet her opponent, scissoring their wet legs. She wasted no time. The heat in her genitals had suddenly become unbearable. She splatted her naked, juicy twat hard into Allanar’s waiting fuckmeat. The women gasped as their wet gashes slapped together, as their hot pussies clamped on to each other, labia melting and searing, fuckholes sucking and sealing, thick-lipped vaginas spreading and fusing, nerves on both cunts connecting and sizzling with sexual fire.

Duranna pushed herself forward. Her meaty tits slid onto Allanar’s chest, mashing the Guardian’s perfect, heavy breasts. Their nipples found each other and burned as they locked, rock-hard nubs spearing rock-hard nubs. The women’s hot bellies flattened and Allanar arched her back and shoved with her hips, driving her wet, cum-slimed twat deeper into her fuck rival. Duranna and Allanar moaned in shared bliss. This felt perfect, it was what they both wanted desperately. Duranna’s wet, hot pussy fit perfectly to her rival’s twat, their naked fuck slits penetrating and merging. They braced their powerful bodies with their arms and pushed as tight and close together as they could.

Nose to nose, lip to lip, the gasping women stared deep into each other’s eyes, seeing the incredible desire and raw pleasure they shared. The frustration of the past five days, the frustration of only fighting until one woman’s climax ended the battle, came bubbling out of both women. Now, finally, they could go at each other with all the incredible passion and lust they had been holding in.

“No stopping,” Allanar whispered, her tongue playing on Duranna’s lips. “We keep going at it until one of us can’t go on.”

“Yesssssssss,” Duranna hissed. The very idea of being locked up with this bitch, of fucking and fucking and fucking until one of them completely exhausted the other, filled her with an erotic need so intense that she trembled with excitement. The pleasure they would give to each other, the things they would do to each other’s bodies before this was over… the thoughts filled her with ravenous hunger.

“We fuck and fuck and fuck until one of us drops,” Duranna whispered.

The women’s tongues played, then followed each other into a deep, spit-filled kiss, scouring the insides of the other’s mouth, twisting and struggling in spitty knots. Duranna and Allanar moaned and writhed, rubbing and rubbing naked flesh, their fuck troughs working and working into each other, their cunt lips hissing and spreading as they sealed even tighter. They seized the other’s rippling, pumping ass and pulled, drawing each other in even more.

They broke the kiss, their lips joined by strings of spit. Moaning, panting, they stared eye to eye.

“This is going to take a very long time,” Allanar gasped, her body on fire as her insatiable lust exploded.

“The longer the better,” Duranna panted. She grunted as she shoved her cunt hard into the woman sealed to her, then gasped as their burning clits crushed head to head. Allanar moaned. Duranna threw back her head and groaned in exquisite pleasure. This was paradise, this was the reward for all her long years of searching -to find pure ecstasy between the legs of the best fuck she had ever had, to be joined to her rival in a battle that would go on for as long as they could endure it. The idea of finally, finally satisfying her unbearable lust for this woman, of taking each other again and again and again until they were completely satiated, filled her with pure joy.

“Oh god, yessss,” Allanar whispered, her eyes half closed in bliss.

“Fuck, fuck, yessss,” Duranna agreed.

“We fuck each other dry,” Allanar murmured.

“Oh god, yes,” Duranna moaned, unable to control her lust anymore. “We fuck each other raw.”

“Fuck me, Duranna,” Allanar whispered, her voice thick with indescribable lust.

“Fuck me, Allanar,” Duranna whispered back, her eyes glowing with heat and hunger.

Smiling at each other, the women joined in a deep, deep, tongue-twisting kiss. Their hips began rolling, grinding and grinding their pulsing clits head to head and side to side, filling both women with overwhelming pleasure. They broke their kiss and rested nose to nose, forehead to forehead, sharing breath, half-closed eyes locked as they fucked into ecstasy.

It would be a long, long time before they stopped.

The End

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