Boarding School Queen – Edinburgh Excursion – Part 3

Boarding School Queen 2 Edinburgh Excursion Part 3



“Uuuuhh… fuck!”


Shivering with lustful sibling rivalry, Helen and Laura clung tightly together as they weathered the aftershocks of their powerful shared orgasm.

Helen’s head was spinning as she inhaled the sweet scent of sweat and sexual musk that the girls’ frantic, prolonged fingering contest had unleashed inside the cramped toilet cubicle. The raven-haired girl already knew that a long night of carnal exertion stretched ahead if she was to overcome this powerful bitch of a half-sister; but overcome her she must if she was to defend her family honour as well as her mother had in sexually defeating Laura’s mother all those years ago.

As her cognitive faculties started returning, Helen remembered how unsettled she had been by Laura’s two jaw-dropping earlier reveals: the bombshell that both unborn half-siblings had actually been ringside, in their respective wombs, during their mothers’ climactic fight; then the shocking accusation that Rachel Edelman had somehow cheated in securing her victory over Diana Symington. Helen was prepared to accept the veracity of the first claim but fully intended to get to the bottom of the second outrageous slur – by brutally interrogating her blonde rival once she finally had her pinned and begging for mercy.

Her beautiful features set in an uncharacteristic scowl, Helen abruptly pulled her fingers out of Laura’s hot, dripping pussy with a wet slurp, inducing a deep sexual moan from her quivering rival. Suddenly it was the raven-haired girl’s turn to groan and shake at the exquisite sucking sensation as her rival’s deeply-inserted digits were also pulled unceremoniously from inside her tight cunt.

Glowing with heat and lust the girls pushed apart momentarily, Laura leaning back against the opposite wall, her piercing blue eyes flashing tauntingly as she raised her fingers to her mouth and started licking her half-sister’s dripping juices from them.

“Mmmm, you’re certainly a tastier and more challenging bitch than I imagined. But that’s okay as I’m just going to enjoy fucking you into submission even more…”

Helen licked off her own fingers in return, enjoying the deliciously tart and salty taste in her mouth.

“What a deluded bitch you are! You may act tougher than you look, but don’t even think for a second that I won’t break you easily in the end.”

“Uh – like that’s really going to happen.”

“Listen, we can stay here and talk about it, or I know a place close by where we can settle this thing properly… if you aren’t afraid that is….”

“Bitch, I’m going to get even for what your mother did to my mother – even if we have to fuck all night.”

“That’s what I was hoping you would say. Let’s get out of here.”

“Wait, where are we going?”

Helen’s expression betrayed the fact that she was hoping for a big reaction to what she said next, and she wasn’t disappointed.

“You’ll know the place. We met there once before when we were both much younger…”

“What! You don’t mean…?”

Judging by the way Laura’s jaw dropped at the sudden revelation Helen knew that she had won back a point in the half siblings’ ongoing battle for psychological and sexual dominance.

Discarding their soiled underwear in the litter bin Helen and Laura vacated the powder room and sauntered out nonchalantly through the quiet bar, causing several patrons to turn their heads and tut quietly at the sight of two such brazen young women, their hair dishevelled and cheeks flushed suggestively as a result of whatever activity they had been up to during their half hour absence in the ladies powder room.

Walking shoulder to shoulder but barely speaking to one another in their tense excitement, the two girls hurried from the Royal Mile Club to meet their destiny, as their mothers had two decades earlier.

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The Edinburgh Hamilton, the most prestigious old-style hotel in Scotland’s capital was located just half a block away on a leafy square in the Georgian New Town.
As Helen had checked in already the girls ignored the reception desk as they strode across the lobby purposefully and took the lift straight to the 5th floor, pausing only briefly outside Room 513 as the raven haired girl rummaged in her bag to retrieve her passkey.

Both girls were hushed and reverential as they entered the darkened room, like pilgrims crossing the threshold of an important shrine for the first time. Helen turned on the desk lamp rather than the bright main light to avoid spoiling the moment as both girls gazed around in wonderment, deeply aware of the significance of the location that Helen had chosen for their coming sexual battle.

“I can’t believe this is where it happened…”

“Just think we were last here 19 years ago…” Helen was fixated by the enormous, queen-sized bed that she realised would become a sweaty, cum-stained battleground soon enough.

“That’s the bed…”

Laura eyed her scornfully. “I really doubt it’s the same bed.”

Ignoring the jibe, Helen opened the door to the big en suite with its spacious walk in shower. She still felt sticky and grimy after their earlier encounter and was keen to get cleaned up first. “That toilet was pretty disgusting. Shall we get showered first?”
Laura considered the proposal carefully before nodding her assent. “Okay, but only if I get to go first.”

“I can’t believe your mother booked you into the same hotel room she fought my mother in,” Laura mused from inside the en suite as she pulled her stained dress up over her head and flung it in a pile on the floor.

“Yeh – I guess it was more than just a coincidence,” Helen replied, watching through the open door as the blonde unclipped her white bra and let her big, creamy breasts tumble free. Did mother choose the room out of pure nostalgia, Helen thought, or did she suspect more even now than she was prepared to let on?

Turning towards the open shower, Laura showcased the exquisite curves of her firm, shapely buttocks as she looked over her shoulder at Helen. The girls’ eyes were full of renewed heat and lust when they met. Tearing off her own bra and dress, Helen had covered the short distance between them by the time Laura turned the water on, turning expectantly and bracing herself to meet her half-sister’s headlong rush.

As the hot, powerful shower jet cascaded down, the girls collided frenetically, and locked up in a tight embrace, their evenly matched breasts slamming together as their hungry mouths sealed in a deep, sucking kiss.

Helen’s initial momentum forced Laura back against the tiled wall and she used the advantage to ram her thigh repeatedly between her rival’s legs, driving inwards and upwards until she could feel with satisfaction the blonde’s hungry cunt begin to open, trapped against the smooth muscle of her thigh.
“Unnnnnnnnn.. mmmuunghh..” Laura moaned into their trapped mouths but fought back strongly, grabbing her half-sister’s dark locks and pulling hard. Helen gasped in sudden pain and found herself gagging simultaneously as Laura’s probing tongue forced its way down her throat.

Sprayed continuously by the warm, cascading water the girl’s big firm tits crushed hard; taut wet flesh yielding and melding together as Laura twisted violently, forcing Helen around until their positions were reversed, allowing the blonde to drive her thigh forcefully upwards between her rival’s legs.

Helen struggled to contain the attack, fighting back with her own tongue, her exquisite body writhing in her half-sister’s strong embrace; while at the same time feeling her thick cuntlips spreading wider apart under the constant rubbing pressure being exerted by Laura’s supple, toned thigh.
Suddenly Helen broke off their deep, passionate kiss and moaned as she felt her engorged vulva starting to suck too easily on her rival’s firm, driving flesh.

“That’s right slut,” the blonde hissed in her ear. “Feel your clit trapped against my thigh. You want to come so much, don’t you?”

“Noooo!” Helen wrapped her arms around Laura’s waist, pulling their bodies closer in desperation, straining until she managed to force the other girl back into the centre of the shower stall, their lithe, slippery bodies struggling in the water jet that cascaded directly down on to their heads.
Still holding on to her rival tightly Helen rocked her hips back then jerked forward, allowing their hairy cunts to smash together.

“Owww!” Quickly taking hold of Helen’s waist, Laura rammed her own hips forward in return so their cunts slapped together again with even greater force.

“Nnngh!” Matching her rival’s waist grip, Helen jerked forward again as the sibling rivals slapped their cunts together again… and again… and again… sending ripples of delicious pleasure burning from their swaying breasts to their wet pussies.

Gradually, to the accompanying sound of loud, wet slaps and smacks they opened their legs wider, allowing their cunts more direct contact until finally the raven haired girl pressed the blonde against the tile wall and, this time, each twined a leg around her rival’s as they fucked harder and harder, their hands sliding down to each other’s straining, bucking hips.

Grunting and moaning, Helen and Laura could both feel the heat and unbearable lust welling through their teenage bodies as their vulvas flattened and rubbed into each other in a trial of intimate sexual strength; slurping and deep sucking as each girl fought desperately to make her rival come before she succumbed herself to the incredible tension building in her thrusting loins.

The sibling rivals’ bellies slapped together rhythmically as they continued to saw and grind their struggling cunts together in the hot, steamy shower room, their feet now partially submerged in the water that was now overflowing the shower tray.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

“Aaaaaaahhhhh shit!”

“Cum first you fucking whore!”

“No slut- you cum first!”

But it soon became clear that the bitter rivals had merely fought each to another draw, as Helen’s pussy gushed hard against Laura’s at almost precisely the same moment that the gasping blonde sprayed hot cum on hers.

“Oh .. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuckin’ bitch!”

“Aaaaahhhhh…aaaahhh… cunt… you fucking cunt!”

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For a short time the two girls leaned into each other after Helen killed the water, their shining tits heaving as their breath came in hot gasps, their sleek, smooth flanks quivering, their pubic bushes slick with water and pussy juice.
Once they had recovered sufficiently they peeled apart and briskly towelled dry before moving into the bedroom to continue the contest.

“Let’s measure up first,” Helen challenged, opening her legs provocatively to her half-sister as they sat facing each other on the queen-sized bed.

After taking in the sight of each other’s intimidatingly hairy fighting cunts for a moment, Helen and Laura slid forward across the silky sheets in unison until they could scissor their thighs together comfortably.

Just before locking up, the sibling rivals used their fingers to part their vulvas slightly, then pressed together firmly, feeling their thick lips squashing against each other before sealing tightly and expanding outwards as the force being exerted on them steadily increased.

Gasping slightly, both girls continued to drive forward with the weight of their hips and thighs until the intimate pressure ratcheted up still further… until they could feel their big, erect clits being squeezed out of their protective hoods as they came head to head for the second time. And, as far as both Helen and Laura could tell, their oversized clits were perfectly matched in size, weight and hardness.

Furthermore, as their elastically muscular vaginal lips continued to stretch and probe against each other, it quickly became apparent that not even the slightest overlap existed between them. It was more than each rival half-sister had expected or even secretly hoped to discover: it was now indisputable that Helen Brodie and Laura Symington-Bailey’s fighting cunts’ were perfectly matched in size, shape and strength.

To Be Continued in Part 4, Which Can Be Found Here!

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