Boarding School Queen – Edinburgh Excursion – Part 4

Boarding School Queen 2 Edinburgh Excursion Part 4

The dawn light was creeping in through gaps in the hastily drawn curtains, illuminating scenes of messy carnage in the hotel room: trashed dresses and underwear strewn randomly across the floor; an unfinished plate of canapes tipped upside down; a wine bottle spillage that had soaked into the thick pile carpet.

The massive queen-sized bed, long bereft of its top sheet and quilt, was in utter disarray: its rumpled, sweat-damped surface stained with love juice and dotted with sloughed strands of head hair as well as pubic hair, a mixture of light and dark.

Two women lay atop the bed in a fitful slumber, their young, nubile bodies naked and completely entwined. On closer inspection both looked the worse for wear: dishevelled hair matted and tangled; their skin flushed and blotchy, displaying the telltale blemishes and abrasions that divulged a long night spent in the pursuit of a particularly aggressive form of feminine sexual duel.

The weapons the women had employed for this duel were their own naked bodies of course: their mouths, breasts, bellies, thighs, fingers and vaginas. They had fought a remarkably close battle through the night: trading orgasm for orgasm until both lost count of how many temporary sexual victories they had won and lost.

Now they lay entangled on their sides, having passed out from exhaustion in the aftermath of their last shared orgasm, their inflamed pussies joined to each other by a drying crust of vaginal residue and congealed pubes.

As the dawn light crept across her beautiful but bloodshot face, the dark-haired woman stirred and moaned, feeling her bruised and aching red clit starting to grow turgid again. As she came more to her senses, she could feel her tender swollen breasts pressing into her rival’s big teats, gummed together by the dried-in sweat and goo spreading around their weeping nipples.

As the dark-haired woman tensed her aching limbs for one last desperate attempt to fuck her enemy into submission, to her shock and dismay she felt her blonde adversary tightening her grip simultaneously.

Disconcerted by how slowly their sexual strength was returning, the two women nevertheless pressed their barely tumescent clits together as they grappled and started to fuck again on the sex-slimed bed.

“You dirty fucking cunt…”

“Filthy, fucking whore…,”

Soon, the sound of hot, wet pussy flesh sucking and squelching filled the room again as each desperate woman struggled to conquer her rival sexually before the last of her strength gave out.

On this vital occasion the blonde’s recuperative powers were finally proving stronger however and, as her pink clit bore down forcefully, there was no longer any doubt that, tonight of all nights’, it was proving to be harder and more resilient than its blood-red rival.


Feeling her ravaged pussy starting to yield as it was reamed forcefully by her rival’s rejuvenated clit, the dark haired woman let out a sharp, bitter little cry as her adversary rolled on top and pinned her, still struggling, to the sex-slimed bed sheets.

Securing the pin with relative ease the blonde stared down triumphantly into her rival’s tear-stained face.

“Got you finally, bitch!” Diana Symington grunted, exulting in her sudden sexual dominance over her bitter love rival.

“Surrender to me nicely now, and I might even invite you to my wedding with Hector!”

And with that, the beautiful blonde English heiress greatly increased the pace of her hip gyrations, her big, meaty pussy grinding itself greedily into Rachel Edelman’s increasingly defenceless, open twat.

“Ahh – I -no – uuuhh uhhh!”

Reeling and squirming as her opponent’s implacable body weight pressed her into the sweat-damped sheets, Rachel had a sudden awful vision of her as yet unborn daughter, still safely cocooned inside her womb, rejecting her in later life after discovering that her weak mother had lost her the rich birthright she deserved; having been fucked into submission to lose the one man she loved to this slut of an English heiress.

Fighting to relieve the pressure on her trapped vulva, Rachel involuntarily grasped Diana Symington’s full, curvaceous buttocks with both hands, only to find herself pulling her nemesis into herself ever more deeply as she started to feel the beginnings of a final submissive orgasm stirring deep inside her straining vagina; Rachel knew she must act urgently, but had no idea what else she could do to stave off her impending defeat.

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Nineteen years later in the same room of the prestigious Edinburgh Hamilton hotel, Rachel and Diana’s daughters, Helen Brodie and Laura Symington-Bailey, sat facing each other on the queen-sized bed, their long, shapely legs twined together; their juiced up pussies still kissing after having recently measured up.

“Well, this is all rather jolly,” Laura laughed ironically as she squeezed her hot pussy against Helen’s while tossing her head backwards, exposing the perfect line of her graceful neck.

Even Helen had to admit to that she had never come across another woman’s vulva and clit that felt so perfectly matched to her own in every conceivable dimension.

“Of course, you do realise,” she said matter of factly, “now we are locked together, there can be no separation or retreat until one of us finally submits.”

Laura’s eyes narrowed at this, but she simply nodded and with that, the two naked half-sisters thrust their hairy cunts together, flexing their pelvic muscles and twisting viciously as their thick labia steadily tightened around each other.



After some inconclusive back and forth slapping and shoving, a full cunt lock was quickly established as the sibling rivals continued to grind their puffy, engorged labial folds together, their locked, glaring eyes seeming to dare each other to be the first to falter and weaken.

Soon their strong opposing vaginal muscles began straining in earnest, squeeze and forcing their expanded vulvas to suck deeply together… until they started to feel that familiar rippling sensation, deep inside their conjoined vaginal canals.

“Not bad for a weak blonde bitch,” Helen taunted, fighting back as Laura’s forceful pumping action triggered an exquisite suctioning sensation between their two gurgling cunts.

The blonde snorted derisively in response:

“Feel how wet you’re getting already? How much longer d’you imagine you can hold out before I make you come like the slut you are?”

“The simple answer is – ‘fuck you’ !”

In fact both girls’ natural secretions were flowing so freely now that not only were their pussies thoroughly lubricated, but they could feel their buttocks starting to slide with each thrust as the sheet beneath them became increasingly slippery.

As they suddenly inhaled the powerful sexual odours being unleashed, what surprised both half-sisters more than anything was the revelation of how similar in intensity their scent was: it was almost as if, in addition to their fighting pussies, even their musk was perfectly balanced.

Settling back on their elbows, the two girls locked hate-filled eyes as they focused every bit of strength into their locked cunts: letting their swollen, throbbing clits fence; jolting, abrading, and sliding over each other until their straining bodies began to shudder all over with pure, primal sexual power.

The clit duel continued for forty minutes, during which time both girls endured several thrashing orgasms without once breaking the wanton, unshakeable grip that each now had of the other’s cunt. At the first opportunity to catch their breath Laura whistled, almost appreciatively. “Jeez-us, that was a fuck and a half. You still not ready to tap yet, slut?”

“No way! That was just round one…”

Lying flat on their backs now, still locked cunt to cunt, Helen and Laura struggled feverishly, alternately squeezing and releasing their strong vaginal muscles; working up a powerful vacuum inside their conjoined vaginal canals.



As sweat poured off their faces and ran in rivulets down their heaving breasts and bellies, both girls piled on maximum pressure: hips arching high off the bed and holding each other stretched and taut; fucklips straining until each could feel her thick labia starting to invert, teetering on the verge of being sucked wholesale into the folds of her rival’s powerful cunt.

“Ohhh! Ohhhh! Fuckkk!!!

“Aaahhh! Aaaaahhh!!!

Helen and Laura’s tightly sealed cunts had begun making wanton sucking and slurping noises long before both siblings fell back to the bed, gasping and writhing, squirting hot cum into each other as multiple orgasms washed over both young women until finally they lay back panting and quivering in a pool of their own sweat and cum, exhausted and undefeated, but, temporarily satiated at least.

As she fought to marshal her waning sexual energy, Helen wondered idly what peculiar combination of strength and skill had propelled her mother’s famous victory over her love rival in this same room all those years before. At that moment, she remained blissfully unaware that her vengeful half-sister was selflessly preparing to instruct Helen in exactly how her mother had triumphed over Diana Symington in order to win the hand of the girls’ shared father in marriage…

To Be Continued in Part 5, Which Can Be Found Here!

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