Boarding School Queen – Edinburgh Excursion – Part 5

Boarding School Queen 2 Edinburgh Excursion Part 5

“Oh god… oh fuck!” Rachel cried out, feeling Diana’s thrusting pussy lips steadily peeling her own apart, until it seemed that the blonde’s big erect clit could ream inside her slick cunt almost at will.

“Save it my dear, no god can help you here now,” the Englishwoman trilled confidently.

Rachel still had hold of Diana’s full, womanly buttocks however and, as her fingertips accidentally tickled the soft blonde hair nestling around her opponent’s anus, she suddenly realised the way forward with the utmost clarity.

“Ohhh fuuck noooo! Aaaahhhh!”

Diana Symington had never been rimmed and penetrated so forcefully in her life before, and she was taken completely by surprise as her rival’s well-manicured fingers plunged in, all the way up to the hilt.

“Noooo! Fuuuuuuuckkkk! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

In a matter of moments Rachel had turned a hopeless situation into an altogether more promising one as she first sank two then finally all four pumping fingers of her left hand in to her rival’s hot, straining back passage.

Arching her back in desperation, Diana now found herself caught between a devastatingly erotic hammer and anvil: massively overstimulated as Rachel’s probing fingers massaged her G spot roughly from behind while her pussy became trapped as Rachel’s newly resurgent clit started to thrust back more confidently against her own.

To compound the blonde’s dire situation, her opponent deviously flattened her own cheeks on the bed, denying any opportunity to retaliate in kind.
Moments later Diana screamed and Rachel felt the liquid heat as waves of hot cum streamed from her love rival’s contracting cunt into her welcoming pussy. Seizing the opportunity, Rachel thrust her groin in hard as she rolled her rival over on the bed.

Once on top, the raven-haired woman quickly established control, feeling her rejuvenated clit dominating Diana’s while the latter was still riding out her overpowering orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhh godddd!”

“Save it my dear, no god can help you here now,” Rachel repeated almost tenderly in Diana’s ear while her driving fingers continued to ream her love rival’s lubricated backdoor passage, which was starting to feel considerably less tight than when the contest began.

Fairly soon, under Rachel’s devastating twin-pronged assault, an even more devastating orgasm detonated deep inside the hapless blonde’s pussy, causing her to convulse in ecstasy once again. Rachel found herself struggling to resist her own building orgasm as her rival’s body jerked and bucked beneath her; as their swollen breasts crushed together, as the other woman’s clit surrendered deliciously to her own.

“Ohhh.. ah ah ah ah ahhh …st-sto.. STOP IT!!!”

That Diana finally seemed more desperate to extricate herself from the punishment she was receiving than continue the fight was sweet music to Rachel’s ears.

“I can’t hear you properly…what was that you just said?”

“I-I said st –st -stop it you nasty whore!!”

“Really? Well I’m sorry that’s not good enough, because nothing happens until you surrender totally – and agree to ALL my terms!”

Diana gasped and her eyes rolled back in their sockets as Rachel continuing to grind down and pulverise the blonde’s routed cunt… threatening to take her to a more unnatural level of pleasure mixed with pain than she could realistically hope to tolerate…

“Aaahhh… wh..what terms?”

“Mmmmm… I’m talking about a signed legal contract… guaranteeing that you’ll stay away from Hector now and forever.”

“N – not forever! Not possible.. wh- what if Hector decides to leave you of his own free will?”

“Okay, let’s keep this simple. Promise to stay away from my family until my unborn daughter reaches eighteen – the age of maturity. After that you can look me up whenever you like. Hah! …if your looks and lovely complexion haven’t faded entirely by then!”

Unwilling to concede the long and bitter struggle even at this late stage, Diana Symington continued to resist her nemesis until a final, even more devastating orgasm erupted from her ravaged twat, and she was forced tearfully to accept all of Rachel Edelman’s exacting demands.

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“Your mother didn’t exactly tell you how she defeated my mother did she?” Laura probed as they lay entwined on the bed, feeling their dormant clits starting to recover from the string of heavy orgasms they had inflicted on each other.

Helen’s reply was staccato and abrupt as if she couldn’t wait to close the discussion down: “She told me all I need to know: how her clit proved much stronger than your mother’s. Strong enough in fact to leave the field clear to marry father.”

Laura’s lips twisted ironically at this unjust slight. “Don’t forget he’s my father too. And that wasn’t how it happened in any case.”

Helen could feel her angry red clit starting to harden again swiftly: if this girl really wanted to needle her she had touched on the right chord.
Raising themselves on their elbows the girls locked eyes again, each registering the others’ lust and hate, tinged with excitement and a little bit of fear.

Laura licked her dry lips before continuing: “Well, the version I heard was that my mother’s clit was actually the stronger of the two and, as the dawn came, she was riding on top about to finish your mother off.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! If that was the case, then why did my mother and not yours end up marrying Hector?”

Helen had already heard enough as she raised herself into a sitting position while pressing forward, spreading her cuntlips against her rival’s, more intent than ever on destroying the other girl’s big pink clit.

Laura’s lips curled into an inscrutable smile as she rose to meet her sibling’s attack, pulling her in tight, their engorged breasts flattening against each other, taut skin fusing, nipple scraping nipple, areola flattening to areola. As the girls’ mouths locked their darting tongues twisted together, lathering their sweet spit around inside their hot mouths as they both groaned erotically.

Flexing her thick labia, Laura checked that the mutual cunt lock between them was fully secure before she moved to initiate the next part of the ambush she had in mind, sliding both hands down so that she could get a firm grip on Helen’s full, curvy buttocks.

Events moved quickly from that point as Helen gave a sudden involuntary shudder as her rival’s fingers stroked the little dark hairs around her highly sensitive bum crack.

Maybe it was down to a lucky premonition, or perhaps she had finally worked things out for herself but, whatever the reason, Helen was prepared to retaliate immediately when Laura, not entirely unexpectedly, jammed two fingers in to her tightly puckered hole.

Another thing that the two siblings now discovered that they shared in common was an extreme sensitivity to anal penetration. As their overstimulated clits crushed head to head, their fingers started to ream their tight holes, sending overpowering shock waves of pure ecstasy burning through their luscious bodies.

Neither overstimulated girl could operate at the outer limits of her sexual endurance for much longer, and although the battle between their hungry cunts raged on, trading reciprocal orgasms as each tried and failed to suck the other in, exhaustion finally took them and their quivering bodies dropped back on the bed as they passed out.

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It was some time before Helen finally woke again and, with the curtains in room 513 still drawn, she had to check the bedside clock to calculate how long she had been out for. Eleven-thirty: that made it approximately seven hours of beauty sleep. And, oh boy, she had needed every minute after such a torrid night of sex.

Helen was somewhat surprised and disappointed to discover that Laura had already left; a part of her had been hoping that they would resume their duel in the daylight, after having fought each other last night to an honourable draw.

Then she spied Laura’s handwritten note beside the bed. She read the elegant script with widening eyes then quickly crumpled and threw the ball of paper at the wall opposite.

So, it’s au revoir for now, my beautiful bitch of a half-sister.
Much as I’d have enjoyed staying behind to finish our little feud, I’m off to catch a plane today. Mother and I are spending the rest of les vacances on the Riviera, at the Negresco in Nice. I’ll try to remember to send a postcard.

Oh, by the way, Diana wanted me to let you know that she’s very much looking forward to catching up with your mother and picking up where they left off when we get back. The terms of the legal agreement between them expired when you and I reached the age of eighteen. That means that Hector – and your most undeserved birthright – are still very much up for grabs.


The End.

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