Erza vs. Mirajane Fairy Tail by N2-9

Out of all the rivalries the mages of the Fairy Tail guild had with one another, none were as fierce or long-lasting as the one between Erza Scarlet and Mirajane Strauss. The two fierce females had been competing with each other ever since they had been little girls and now both of them had grown up into strong powerful and not to mention sexy women their rivalry only intensified. If Erza slew a large monster, Mirajane would go out the next day and slay an even bigger one. If Mirajane saved a town from destruction then Erza would save a city. But they didn’t just try to one-up each other with feats of strength and heroism, they also tried to outdo each other with their sexuality as well. Every time there was a big event of any type both Erza and Mirajane did their upmost to out dress the other, turning up in increasingly tight-fitting dresses which showed off their long legs and their large breasts. However, despite all of this it was never clear which one of them was the better woman.

And then that years miss Fairy Tail competition was announced. This year the women of the Fairy Tail guild would face off with each other in a set of wrestling matches no magic or weapons allowed. The winner would be crowned miss Fairy Tail. Erza and Mirajane realise what this meant. They could finally settle their years-long rivalry in the ring. But before they could they needed to defeat the other ladies of Fairy Tail.

Erza dismantled Lucy Heartfilia without much effort. Poor Lucy didn’t stand much of a chance against the fierce redhead. Then Mirajane made a point of finishing off Juvia even quicker in one last way to show up Erza before they met in the ring. Eventually, both of them made it to the final round. They were one win away from being crowned as Miss Fairy Tail but neither one of them cared too much about that. They just wanted a chance to humiliate their rival. Finally, their match arrived.

The Guildhall was transformed into a wrestling arena, mostly by magic. The other members of the Guild were crowded around the ring at the centre of the room. All the men were ecstatic for the fight. The women were a little more petulant especially those who lost to Erza and Mirajane in the earlier rounds. Lucy and Juvia sat together at a table scowling both of them showing some impressive bruises.

Just as the excitement of the crowd reached its peak Erza decided to make her entrance. The tall redheaded woman strutted forward confidently a look of determination on her pretty face. She was wearing a rather skimpy black string bikini which gave the crowd an excellent look at her large tits and tight ass. Erza slid into the ring and lent against the ropes revelling in the fact everyone’s attention was on her, but she kept her face emotionless. And then Mirajane came out. The white-haired beauty was in a one-piece swimsuit which was cut low showing plenty of cleavage. Unlike Erza Mirajane smiled and blew kisses to the crowd however, when she slid into the ring she dropped the act and stared intently at Erza who met her eyes in defiance.

“I thought a mage with Requip magic would have a lot of choice of outfits yet, you still choose to dress like a whore,” Mirajane said.

“Well at least my magic doesn’t transform me into a slutty stripper like yours does” Erza countered.

Mirajane laughed. “I wouldn’t even need to transform to defeat a weak bitch like you”

“Just like how I won’t need to requip any other outfit to kick your fat ass, I can do it in this and look good as well,” Erza said.

“By the time I’m done with you you’ll be wishing you had worn a full set of armour to this fight” Mirajane snarled. “I think it would have been in improvements so we didn’t have to stare at your ugly face and flat chest”

Erza’s patience snapped. “My boobs are not flat!”

Mirajane smiled “They are compared to mine”. Mirajane’s breasts were in fact larger than Erza’s but Erza’s were far from flat.

The bell rang, and both women moved forward to meet in the centre of the ring. Erza raised her hands’ palms facing Mirajane. Mirajane accepted the challenge and interlaced her fingers with Erza’s and they started a contest of strength. Erza and Mirajane pushed against each other with all their might determined to overpower the other. Erza grunted huskily as she redoubled her efforts forcing Mirajane to take a step backwards. Mirajane gritted her teeth frustrated at the small defeat. With a long moan of effort she pushed as hard as she could and this time it was Erza who lost some ground. As they continued to push against each other their hand slowly rose until they were above their heads. As they did so their bodies drew closer until their large tits were touching. Erza and Mirajane stared with hatred into each other’s eyes as their hands above their heads trembled with the effort of pushing. Through exerting themselves so much already both of their bodies were starting to drip with sweat. Mirajane felt her strength waning. She didn’t think that she could keep up this contest of strength for much longer and she was damned if she was gonna let Erza come out victorious in their first interaction. Mirajane lent back and then slammed her tits into Erza’s.

“AAFFAA” Erza gasped as her breasts were crushed by Mirajane’s slightly bigger pair. Mirajane lent back and then smashed Erza’s boobs with her own again. Erza’s breasts were once again flattened into her chest causing the redhead to moan. Seeing this as a winning strategy Mirajane pulled back ready to slam Erza’s tits once more but was caught off guard by Erza beating her to it. Erza mashed her own hurting tits into Mirajane’s.

“AFFAAAF” Mirajane gasped sensually and then she rammed back. Erza and Mirajane started to take turns ramming their tits into their opponents. Every time their own breasts were squashed by their rivals they let out a long grown but always fired back with equal strength. Whilst this battle of the boobs was going on their hands are still clasped in each others above their heads. Erza’s breasts seem to be taking the worst of it, either because Mirajane had started her assault on them earlier or just because they were smaller either way, Erza had to do something.

Erza let go of Mirajane’s hands and wrapped them around her waist. Mirajane gasped and tried to pull Erza’s arms off her but it was too late as Erza pulled her into a crushing bear hug. Mirajane started to scream as her spine was crushed by Erza’s vice-like grip. She struggled and kicked her legs but there was no escape. Erza put all her strength into the hold squeezing her opponent as hard as she could. She lent in her head going in between Mirajane’s breasts. Their sweaty bodies rubbed up against each other. Mirajane started to whimper pathetically as the pain continued. However, even a strong woman like Erza could only hold this attack for so long and eventually her arms began to get tired. Finally Erza release the hold and Mirajane fell to the mat. She lay there for a while trying to catch her breath. Erza was also out of breath her breasts heaving up and down as sweat ran down her body but she was the one still standing. “Had enough already bitch?” she said through gasps of air.

“Not even close” Mirajane replied but she was still lying on the floor breathing heavily.

“Really, because it looks like you’re about ready to topple over,” Erza said. “You’re just a weak slut aren’t you?”

 “I’ll show you who is weak” Mirajane lunged at Erza and managed to grab her bikini top which ripped off. Erza’s pink nipples were suddenly fully visible. Erza’s face went as red as her hair. She stood there stunned for a moment as her naked chest jiggled up and down. Mirajane wasted no time. She moved forward and raked her nails down Erza’s exposed tits leaving stinging red lines. Erza howled in pain as her proud jugs were viciously attacked. She grabbed Mirajane’s wrists trying to pull them off but she was in too much pain to achieve this. Mirajane sank her sharp claws into Erza’s nipples causing a jolt of pain to run through the redheads entire body. Mirajane smiled as she worked over Erza’s breasts revelling in the pain she was causing her rival. She scratched, pulled and clawed at Erza’s boobs until they were a stinging red colour. Erza finally managed to build up the willpower to push Mirajane off. Mirajane stumbled backwards but as she did she left one last savage claw mark on Erza’s breasts.

“Woooooow, you cheating whore, your playing dirty” Erza shouted furiously as she cupped her injured breasts.

“The only rules were no magic and no weapons,” Mirajane said. “I wasn’t cheating”

“Fine then I guess it’s okay for me to play dirty too” Erza snarled. She lashed out with her leg and her ankle smacked into Mirajane just between her legs. Mirajane’s eyes bulged and she shrieked at the low blow. Instinctively she bent over and cupped her pussy. Erza moved in and with one hand seized a handful of Mirajane’s white hair and pulled. With her other she grabbed Mirajane’s dangling tits. “Let’s see how you like it bitch” she tore at Mirajane’s swimsuit until she ripped a hole large enough for her tits to spill out of.

“NOOO” Mirajane shouted but this fell on deaf ears as Erza began to claw at her tits returning the favour for what Mirajane did to her own. Erza took special care to scratch her nipples which got an especially high-pitched moan from Mirajane. She groaned and tried to squirm free but Erza kept her in place with her handful of hair. Erza continue to claw at her tits until they were just as red and scratched as hers were. Desperate to get away from the titty torture Mirajane wildly kicked her leg backwards. More by luck than actual aim her foot smashed into Erza’s crotch.

“AAAFFF” Erza gasped huskily. She immediately let go of Mirajane and stumbled backwards holding her pussy. “fucking bitch” she said through gritted teeth.

“You slut” Mirajane spat back too tired to come up with a more creative insult. Both of them had taken some damage. They were both hurting but their fight was far from over.

Suddenly Erza lunged forward with a punch. Quickly Mirajane sidestepped and Erza flew past her. As she passed Mirajane grabbed some of her scarlet hair and pulled. Erza squealed as her head was wrenched backwards. Mirajane grabbed another handful of Erza’s hair and began to drag her around the ring. Erza bent double had no choice but to follow all risk her hair being pulled out of her head. Mirajane smiled enjoying the humiliating position she had forced Erza into. She tugged hard on her hair and then turned her back on her to start waving and blowing kisses to the crowd. “Do you like my new pet, I’ve got a lead for her and everything” she shouted.

 However, Erza wasn’t going to take this humiliation lying down. With Mirajane distracted and her back to her, Erza return the favour by grabbing some of Mirajane’s long white hair. It was Mirajane’s turn to squeal as her head was pulled backwards by her hair, but she still had hold of Erza’s and more out of reflex she pulled on it causing Erza to hiss in pain.

Both of the half-naked women were bent double about a foot apart pulling viciously on each other’s hair. Both of them had a pained expression on their pretty face. Each of their scalps felt like they were on fire. White and red hair contrasted each other as they were pulled taut. This hair pulling spectacle lasted for a full minute both Erza and Mirajane refusing to be the first one to yield. However, there was only so much abuse someone’s head of hair can take. With a scream of pain, both Erza and Mirajane fell backwards clutching a handful of red and white hair respectively. They had pulled so hard they had ripped some of their opponent’s hair right out of their head. Erza and Mirajane’s hairdo now had one part significantly shorter than the others. “My hair, you’re going to pay for that one bitch” Erza growled.

“Not before you pay for my mine” Mirajane said, then she smiled. “You got your second name from your hair didn’t you, I guess they can’t call you Scarlet any more if you’re missing most of it,” this of course, was an exaggeration Erza still had plenty of red hair left but the taunt in raged Erza anyway. She dropped the strands of white hair she was holding and charged at her enemy her naked breasts jiggling. Mirajane stood her ground and waited just before Erza got in striking range then she threw a handful of red hair she had been holding in Erza’s face.

 “AAA” Erza cried temporarily blinded by her own hair. Taking advantage of her opponent’s moment of vulnerability Mirajane ducked down and sank her fist into Erza’s pussy. Just as Erza managed to clear the hair from her vision she felt a sharp pain in her most vulnerable area. Her legs gave out and she sank to her knees clutching her aching crotch. Quickly Mirajane seized Erza’s swimsuit bottoms and ripped it off leaving the hurting Erza completely naked. “Nooo” Erza moaned but she was in too much pain to retaliate.

“I’ve got you now cow” Mirajane laughed. She bitch-slapped Erza across the cheek sending her falling to the mat. Then Mirajane placed her barefoot on the back of Erza’s head and push down. “Eat canvas slut,” she said smiling wickedly. Erza moaned and tried to wriggle free but Mirajane just put more pressure down on her head. Not only was this deeply humiliating for Erza having her face forced into the floor but it was also painful as her scratch tits were pushed into the canvas as well causing them to hurt even more. Mirajane her hands above her head cheered celebrating her dominant position. “How pathetic the great Erza Scarlet reduced to this?” She said in mock sympathy. “If you submit to me, I will let you backup”

Erza tried to reply but all she managed to do was get her saliva on the mat. Mirajane took this as a negative. “Well don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.” With her foot she pushed harder on Erza’s head forcing her nose deeper into the canvas and her tits to be crushed by her own body weight. Erza had never been so humiliated in her life. Not only has she been stripped naked now she was literally under another woman’s foot. She was Erza fucking Scarlet, it should be her in the dominant position, not the other way around. She managed to wrap her fingers around Mirajane’s other ankle and pulled harshly on it. One moment Mirajane was standing over what she thought was her vanquished foe the next she was tumbling to the mat head first. She cracked her head off the floor and lay there stunned her ass sticking up in the air. Erza jumped up eager to get revenge on Mirajane.

She quickly grabbed the bottom of Mirajane’s swimsuit and ripped it off revealing her pussy and ass. Now both women’s naked curvy bodies were on full display. Erza took a step backwards and then as if she was kicking a football smashed Mirajane right in her womanhood. Mirajane eyes bulged as her whole body was sent flying forward from the kick to her pussy. She landed near the ropes and immediately curled up into a sweaty naked ball clutching her aching vagina.

Erza walked up to her smiling. “Now who’s pathetic Mirabitch”

Mirajane just moaned which kind approved Erza’s point. Erza knelt and grabbed hold of some of Mirajane’s white hair. Erza lifted her up by her hair which made Mirajane whimper in pain. She placed her opponent over the top rope so one of her legs were on either side of the rope. “No don’t!” Mirajane pleaded. Erza ignored her. She placed her hands on the back of Mirajane’s shoulders and began to push. Mirajane screamed at the top of her voice as her already sore pussy was pushed along the top rope. Erza picked up speed pushing Mirajane ahead of her grinding her crotch along the rough rope. Mirajane continued to scream like a woman possessed at the unbearable pain in her crotch. A small piece of steam rose up from between her legs caused by the friction between the rope and her pussy. After what seemed like an eternity for Mirajane even though it had only been a couple of seconds they reached the corner of the ring but Erza did not slow down, instead, she sped up slamming Mirajane pussy first into the turnbuckle. “AAAAAAAAFFFHHHHAAHHHHFFFF” Mirajane shrieked. She fell limply off the rope and landed in the corner of the ring. Her pussy a stinging red from the rope burn it had just suffered.

Erza looked down at her. “I think it’s time I finish you off,” she said.

“NOOOOO NOT MY PUSSY AGAIN!” Mirajane shouted desperately tiers running down her face. She cupped her hands over her crotch protectively.

“Don’t worry bitch it’s not your pussy” Erza said. “It’s my ass”

“What?” Mirajane started to say but was cut off by Erza roughly thrusting her naked ass into her face. Mirajane’s nose slotted into Erza’s ass crack. As her ass cheeks surrounded her ears on either side. Mirajane shouted in protest but all Erza could hear were muffled grunts. Mirajane’s head was completely engulfed in a fleshy prison. Drops of Erza’s sweat landed on Mirajane’s face sticking her white hair to her forehead. There was also a subtle stench which reminded Mirajane of the Guild’s community toilets.

Erza smiled and wiggled her ass rubbing it all over Mirajane’s face. “Do you submit?” She asked. “Say yes and I’ll stop” Mirajane muttered something. “What was that?” Erza said shaking her ass.

“I submit” came Mirajane’s muffled reply.

“Sorry didn’t catch it, one last time,” Erza said.

“I submit”

“Good” Erza relented on her stink face and Mirajane took a large  breath of fresh air.

“Here is your winner of the match and the new miss fairy tail, Erza Scarlet,” the master of the guilt said. Erza raised a fist in victory.

Wendy a blue-haired girl who was too young to take part in the competition slid into the ring and handed Erza her prize. A bouquet of flowers and a sash which read miss fairy tail. Erza graciously accepted the prizes but this match was never really about who got to be miss fairy tail. She turned back to Mirajane who was still sitting in the corner of the ring. “I beat you,” she said.

“You got lucky that’s all” Mirajane muttered.

With a look of furious anger in her eyes, Erza drop the bouquet and pushed past the startled Wendy marching towards Mirajane. Mirajane tried to stand up to meet her opponent but her legs gave out and she slumped back to the floor. “What did you say, bitch?” Erza said coldly.

“I said you got lucky, if we went again I could easily kick your ass,” Mirajane said defiantly.

“Oh we’ll see about that” Erza grabbed a piece of Mirajane’s skimpy swim costume she had stripped off her earlier in the fight. Then she tied Mirajane’s hands to the ring posts with it. Mirajane shouted in protests and tried to resist but she was too weak to put up much of a fight. When her work was done Erza stood back and watched Mirajane struggle against her bonds. “I will show you why I was always a better woman than you,” she said. Erza knelt and grabbed Mirajane’s hair and pulled her face into her breasts. For the second time in two minutes, Mirajane’s face was smothered into Erza’s body. The smell of her cleavage wasn’t as bad as her ass but it felt a lot more claustrophobic for some reason. It was definitely more sweaty. Mirajane gagged as some of Erza’s sweat made it’s way into her mouth. She was beginning to find it hard to breathe her air supply being blocked by Erza’s massive tits. But no she wouldn’t pass out, she had lost to Erza in the match there was no way she was going to lose now as well. Erza couldn’t hold this smother forever she had to let Mirajane out eventually all she would have to do was hold on until then.

 Erza slammed her knee in between her legs. This was the last straw. Mirajane’s poor pussy had been abused a lot during their fight. Being kicked their several times and not to mention being ran along the top rope. This final attack and the breast smother sent Mirajane over the edge. Her body went limp as she stopped struggling. Erza let go of her unconscious rivals head. Mirajane’s head flopped down her white hair covering her face, her body still held up by Erza’s improvised ropes.

Erza stood satisfied that she had managed to impose her own will over her rival. There was no doubt who the better woman was now. Wearing nothing but the miss fairy tail sash Erza strode past the stunned Wendy and slid out of the ring. Her hair might be a mess and a large part of it was missing. Her naked tits were red and scratched and she was covered in sweat but, Erza knew that she had never looked sexier than she did right now.

After that day Erza and Mirajane’s rivalry was no more. Mirajane never challenged Erza on anything ever again. And if anyone ever brought up her humiliating defeat Mirajane was likely to fly into an uncontrollable rage, until Erza turned up, then she immediately apologised and ran off somewhere else. Erza for her part was on top of the world. Not only was she the new miss fairy tail which came with its own perks but she had proven without a doubt that she was the baddest bitch in fairy tail.

The End

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