Chapter 2: Faith The Nurse vs A Midcarder by Kiva


Madison Bradley waited patiently for her opponent to enter the ring. And she waited. And waited. The crowd’s impatience was now turning into agitation. The pretty redhead tried hard to fight back the nerves and jitters. What did she get herself into, she thought. At 5’8” and 130 lbs, the Georgia woman was an attractive figure in her pink tank suit and matching boots. Sure, she heard the stories about Faith. But she’d be OK she told herself. She knew a few things about wrestling. After all, her Dad was a high school wrestling coach. She grew up around the sport. And besides, she needed the money. Married for only a year, her husband was laid off, postponing their plans to start a family. I’ll only be doing this for a short while she assured herself.

The crowd was becoming restless, making Madison more nervous. “We paid good money,” someone shouted, “we want a match.” A chant started . “We want a match.” “We want a match.” Madison felt her heart racing. The butterflies were now a gnawing pain in her stomach. She wished she could leave. Without stepping into the ring, Faith was using psychological trick to completely mess up her opponent’s head.

At the broadcast table, Chrissy Chang, the guest color commentator was livid. “This is unacceptable,” she said. “Who does this rookie think she is? She should be fined and suspended.” A veteran wrestler, Chrissy had been a fan favorite for years. Known for her martial arts and high flying aerial maneuvers, her accomplished career included three tag team titles. “This is disrespectful to our sport,” she said. “This chick needs to be taught a lesson.”

After the crowd worked itself into a frenzied level just short of a riot, Faith finally decided to appear. In her trademark brown tights and boots, she walked down the aisle with a haughty expression that said, “I don’t give a shit about anyone.” She passed the broadcast table as she made her way up to the ring. On the apron, she turned her 5’11” 160 lb frame to Chrissy and the two of them exchanged glares. In her corner, an assistant was preparing for the latest watermelon stunt. “Oh, here we go again with more of this nonsense,” Chrissy groaned.

After several months with the promotion, Faith was undefeated. None of her matches were even close, as she trampled her way through a trail of overpowered and brutalized opponents, most of them inexperienced. Asked by another commentator for an assessment of Faith’s skill, Chrissy gave an honest answer. “She’s very strong. You have to respect her power. But she hasn’t been tested yet. I haven’t seen a whole lot of wrestling skill from her. She hasn’t been in the ring yet with a proven wrestler. I don’t like her attitude. She’s arrogant. She’s full of herself. Once she goes up against real competition, I think she’ll be exposed as just a bully full of hot air. We’ll all see she’s nothing special.”

“Nothing special?” Asked Faith, leaning over the corner rope. “Did I just hear you say I’m nothing special?” She repeated with a sneer.

“You heard me, sister,” replied Chrissy. “It’s all about respect. I don’t care how many watermelons or pumpkins you crush. This is wrestling. Respect is earned in the ring. You want respect? Show me something.”

“Oh, I have to show you something?”

“You got it. Let’s see what you got?”

“You wanna see what I got? Watch this.”

In a violent fury, the tigress sprinted across the ring, abandoning her watermelon show. In the opposite corner, Madison was completely unprepared for the raging storm that was about to hit her. Without waiting for the bell, Faith seized the vulnerable red head, pushing her against the ropes, firing a series of forearm smashes to the head. Before she realized what was happening, Madison was Irish whipped across the ring with a force she didn’t think was possible. She rebounded off the ropes into Faith, who scooped her up, turned, and power slammed her to the canvas. The aggressor pulled herself off her victim, allowing her an attempt to get to her feet. As she got to one knee, Faith lost patience, pulling the woman up by the hair. Lifting her up to shoulder height in a body slam position, the strong warrior yanked her opponent’s body downward across the knee in a brutal back breaker. With her opponent writhing in pain, Faith lied across the chest as the referee counted a pin. One…Two…”We’re not done yet,” Faith interrupted as she deliberately pulled Madison’s shoulder off the canvas to stop the count. Standing over her fallen victim, she yelled, “Get up…Get up, let’s see what you got.” She idly stood by watching the battered wrestler struggle against pain and brain fog to get to her feet. Standing directly in front of her crumpled opponent, she demanded, “Hit me. Go ahead and hit me. You’re in a match. Do something.” Hunched over, the smaller wrestler attempted a few feeble punches to Faith’s abdomen with no effect. The big nurse stood still, with her hands on her hips wearing an arrogant smirk. Suddenly, she fired her big boot into Madison’s midsection, doubling her over. Pushing her victim’s head between her legs, Faith grabbed the woman’s waist and lifted up with such force, the legs flew up to Faith’s shoulders, leaving Madison virtually seated on top of the larger woman’s frame. With tremendous force, Faith slammed the woman down on her back from nearly six feet in the air in a crushing power bomb. Madison was nearly unconscious as Faith picked up her ankles and folded her into a matchbook pin for an academic three count.

“Did I show you something bitch?”, she snarled at Chrissy.

“Get in the ring with someone who can wrestle. Then we’ll see what you got,” the Asian woman replied.

“How about you? You’re a wrestler. Why don’t you get in the ring with me. You can experience first hand what I got.”

“Anytime, darlin,” Chrissy answered.

The male commentator finalized it. “Faith, will you wrestle Chrissy next week.”

“Hell, yeah, I’ll take her head off.”

“Chrissy, are you willing to wrestle Faith next week.”

“You bet, honey.”

“There you have it. Next week. In this ring. Chrissy Chang vs. Faith Morrison. Veteran versus rookie. Speed versus power. Don’t miss it.”

“Everyone come out,” urged Chrissy. “Watch this dumb gorilla learn what pro wrestling is all about.”


For Chrissy Chang, the week could not pass quickly enough. On the day before the match, she sat in her apartment, contemplating her future. She had been in the wrestling business for years. Her career had been brilliant. With her exciting high flying style and martial arts techniques, she had enjoyed the adulation of the fans her entire career. She helped sell out arenas. Her win loss record was impressive. She had three long runs as a tag team champion. Yet, something was missing; some unfinished business. It was no mystery. Her dream was to be the federation singles champion. She would feel twinges of annoyance when an announcer referred to her as “tag team specialist, Chrissy Chang.” Nothing wrong with being a tag team champ. She just wanted more. Opportunities came her way. She had three title shots, all of them against different champions. Each championship match followed the same pattern. All were exciting, high energy back and forth battles. At some point in each match, Chrissy would pick up momentum, control the champ, and come within a hair’s breadth of victory – only to see it slip away in a heartbreaking loss. “I’ll get another shot,” she told herself.

However, it didn’t look like fate was moving in that direction. Chrissy was frustrated. She hadn’t been booked for a main event in over a year. Oh, she’d been getting bookings alright, but as a midcard wrestler. Chrissy was smart and knew the business. The midcard. That’s where they book fading veterans; wrestlers past their prime who are used as tests for rising young stars. Their role is to be the gatekeepers to separate the real deal new talent from the pretenders. “I’m no one’s stepping stone,” she thought. “I have another title run left. I know I’m not a youngster anymore. Maybe I slowed a short step. I know I can still get the job done.” Indeed, like all the high flyers, Chrissy had her share of injuries. The fractured bones. And the surgeries. The right shoulder, left elbow, both knees all went under the knife at some point. Sure, there was morning stiffness. And those nagging back spasms at night. “No big deal,”;she thought. She looked at herself in the mirror. The 5’7” 128 lb frame still looked impressive. “Yes, I have another title run left,” she said to her reflection. “But first I have to put that bitch Faith in her place.”


Chrissy, due to her status in the promotion, was granted the right to enter the ring last, preventing Faith’s delaying games. Faith entered, to mostly boos, again wearing her brown tank suit and boots, looking striking with her statuesque body. There was an attractive but intimidating mystique to her face, punctuated by coiffed walnut colored hair and wide deep set brown eyes. Chrissy is introduced as she ran down the aisle wearing her trademark black robe with red lining. The crowd rises to its feet with raucous cheers. “Chrissy Chang,” said the broadcaster. “I’ve had a crush on her since I was a kid.” In her corner, Faith called for the assistant to prepare the watermelon routine. After crushing the melon with her fist, she glared across the ring in an attempt to intimidate her opponent in the opposite corner. The unimpressed Chrissy responded with a big mocking yawn.

“Ladies and gentleman, Chrissy Chang will also perform an exhibition.” “What the hell,” thought Faith, as she watched incredulously from her corner. Three assistants made their way to the ring pulling a cart of six watermelons. Five of them were set up on blocks arranged in a circle in the middle of the ring as an assistant held the sixth. Chrissy took her place in the center of the circle. The barefoot wrestler looked stunning in a black tank suit with her silky black hair pulled into a pony tail. The announcer asked for silence as an expression of intense concentration overtook her face. She positioned herself over a melon. After several seconds, the beautiful woman slowly raised her hand. Once the anticipation reached a palpable peak, her arm swung down with lightning speed, shattering the watermelon on impact with her hand. In a second, she turned to a another melon, destroying it in the same manner. Then the third, as she turned in a circle, completing the carnage splattering the fourth and fifth gourds. Then came the finale. She stared intently at the sixth melon held by the assistant. The man lowered his arms, then threw, tossing the fruit into the air. Chrissy crouched like a cat, and with the apparent speed of light, and perfect timing, sprung into a roundhouse kick, demolishing the watermelon in mid-air. The crowd erupted wildly into cheers as one of their favorite wrestlers, who’d been delighting them for years, delivered once again.

The bout was delayed for several minutes to allow the crew to clean up the juicy mess in the ring. The extra time unnerved Faith. Not only did her stunt fail to intimidate her opponent, Chrissy embarrassed her with a far more impressive display of skill. Obviously, she’d never been in the ring with a woman like this. What will her strategy be? Her confidence shaken, the delay to the start of the match was agitating. Faith, known for her own psychological manipulation, just had the tables turned on her. She waited for the opening bell not sure what to expect. Gone were the arrogant expression and cockiness. The reality of facing an experienced wrestler with hands and feet deadlier than her own set in.


Ding..Ding. Faith moved out cautiously for the first time in her career. The two women circled each other, then prepared for a collar and elbow lock up. Faith reached clumsily for her opponent, permitting Chrissy to easily duck under and get behind her opponent’s back. Infuriated, Faith tried again but with the same results as she again allowed Chrissy to get out of the way. Feeling awkward and sensing the crowd chuckling, she attempted a third lock up with more speed and fury than the first two. Her body lunged forward awkwardly at thin air, as her opponent outmaneuvered her again. With Chrissy behind her back, she turned around to throw a punch. Instead, as she turned, Chrissy’s feet drilled her in the chest with a standing drop kick. The crowd popped loudly as Faith fell on her ass, the first time she’d been taken off her feet as a wrestler. Furious, she scrambled to get up as Chrissy circled. She rose, only to get nailed again with a second drop kick, then a third. Embarrassed, angry, and outclassed, she rolled under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Faith strolled along the outside of the apron, trying to clear her head, with Chrissy stalking her along the ropes until the referee moved her back allowing Faith to return.

Faith moved after Chrissy with more determination. This time she successfully locked up in a collar and elbow, using her power advantage pushing her opponent against the ropes. She seized the arm and pulled, sending her woman sprawling across the ring. Preparing for a clothesline, she threw her right arm out as Chrissy bounced off the ropes. To her dismay, her agile foe slid underneath the arm feet first, getting behind her back once again. Agitated, she grit her teeth and turned, just in time to find Chrissy already on her feet firing a chop to Faith’s chest. Stunned, Faith backed up. A second chop backed her up more. A third chop backed her up to the ropes. The veteran wrestler grabbed Faith’s arm and now it was her turn to fling her opponent with an Irish whip. Before Chrissy could let go, Faith used her power to slam on the breaks and reverse the whip, sending the smaller woman into the ropes. Faith bent over at the waist for a planned back drop. Unfortunately for Faith, the experienced wrestler halted her momentum, cradling Faith’s head and wrapping her right leg around Her opponent’s right leg. Chrissy pulled backward, taking Faith down with her, rolling her over into an inside cradle small package. The referee slapped the mat as a panicked Faith, for the first time in a pin predicament, strained her muscles with all her power. One…Two…The powerful woman managed to break Chrissy’s grip at the last second and kicked her shoulders up.

Chrissy, in control, yanked her opponent up by the hair and fired a series of forearm uppercuts, again backing Faith into the ropes. Like a wounded animal, Faith lashed back, throwing a knee into Chrissy’s midsection, halting the Asian woman’s onslaught. Faith reversed their position on the ropes and sent Chrissy across the ring with an Irish whip. The strong nurse tried another clothesline, but once again, her wily opponent outmaneuvered her, ducking under the arm and getting behind her back. Before Faith could turn around, her left leg was hooked by her opponent’s leg, while her right arm was trapped behind her opponents left shoulder. The next thing she knew was that she was that bent backwards in a twisted position, trapped in a punishing standing guillotine abdominal stretch. She screamed as excruciating pain raged through her oblique muscles. She tried to compose herself and look for a logical escape as Chrissy kept up the pressure. There was only one option – power her way out. That meant working her tortured abdominal muscles against Chrissy’s hold enough to free her trapped leg or arm. The referee asked for a submission. “Nooo”, she grunted through clenched teeth. Faith took a deep breath and bared down. She felt like her oblique muscles were being ripped apart. She bared down harder through one of the most painful experiences of her life, twisting her abs and trapezius muscles against Chrissy’s force. With tears forming in her eyes, she felt Chrissy’s hold weaken. With one final heave, she freed her right arm and violently turned, shaking her attacker off her back, before falling on the canvas in a heap.

Chrissy continued to stalk the weakened amazon. She allowed Faith get to her feet before driving a knee to the midsection, doubling over her adversary. Seeing the head and neck were vulnerable, Chrissy clamped on a front facelock. Grabbing a wrist with her hand, she swung Faith back and forth. One..two…three….the tough veteran sent them both to their backs in a swinging neck breaker. She watched the mean bully grovel on the mat. “She won’t get up real soon” were Chrissy’s thoughts. “It’s show time”. The beautiful heroine looked to the crowd. They sensed what was coming. She pointed to the top rope. “Should I,” she seemed to ask. “Yes..yes,” they shouted back. The chant started, “Chrissy…Chrissy…Chrissy”. She knew what they came for, and now the Asian sensation was happy to oblige them.

The crowd noise escalated as they watched their favorite climb the ropes, perching herself on the top turn buckle, facing the crowd with her back to the ring. Then, with the grace of an Olympic gymnast, Chrissy launched her lithe body high over the ring, rotating into a backflip in flight, zeroing in on her supine target. The ring shook from the impact of the moonsault as the high flier splashed onto Faith’s chest. The referee and the crowd counted as she covered her victim in a cross body press. One…Two…Thr…The crowd is incredulous as the larger woman’s powerful legs managed to kick with enough force to barely elevate the right shoulder. “Do it again. She’s almost done,” they cried. Chrissy dashed to the opposite corner and climbed again taking her position from the top rope. This time she faced her target and waited. Like a predator, she watched her dazed opponent wobble struggling to her feet, waiting for the perfect moment to complete the kill. Finally, when Faith was sufficiently upright, her opponent leapt like a panther, her body in a horizontal position, striking her victim on the upper body in a perfectly executed flying body press. The crowd roared its approval anticipating the arrogant wrestler’s demise as Chrissy took flight. And then an eerie quiet. And a shocking surreal scene. Faith…did not go down. There she was somehow standing in the ring holding her attacker across her chest as she unbelievably caught the woman in mid air. The larger warrior held her opponent by the shoulders and between the legs, balanced herself, lifted her foe’s body higher, then crashed her down on her own knee into a viscious back breaker. Chrissy is rolled to the canvas and Faith dropped herself to her knees, too battered and stunned to follow up on offense. Her opponent is vulnerable but for Faith at this time, recuperation is critical. She stood up, took several deep breaths, stretched and tried to rub out pain. At this point in the match, she’d been punched, kicked, taken down, tied up, stretched, tortured, nearly pinned and nearly submitted. In addition to Chrissy, she must wrestle a new opponent – self-doubt. The voice in her mind spoke “It’s not supposed to be like this. She’s so good. Maybe this was a mistake. They laughed at me…The losers…I hate them…There’s the aisle. There’s the door. I’ll go back to nursing full time…I can’t take the embarrassment…or the pain. I can leave……Except, no I can’t. I challenged her… If I leave, they’ll laugh at me harder…all the way out of town…I can do it…I was down before…Just like the Division II final…Down by fourteen in the second half and we made it…I can do it…I’ll fight…I’ll beat this bitch.”

Chrissy lied on her belly on the canvas. Faith, towering over her, dropped an elbow to the back of the head. The smaller woman flopped over on her back and Faith dropped a series of elbows to the chest. The nurse grabbed the pony tail and hoisted her opponent up for a body slam, but then, rotated her upside down, and dropped her into the knee for a shoulder breaker.
With Chrissy wiggling in pain, Faith moved in, again pulling her opponent to her feet. She flung her into an Irish whip and set up for a clothesline as her target returned from the ropes. This time, Chrissy did not have a defensive maneuver as the brawny grappler connected to the upper chest sending Chrissy nearly head over heels to the canvas. Faith gathered her up and whipped again. Chrissy was ready, lowering herself for a duck. Faith withdrew the clothesline and ran at her opponent, and in a surprising move, the big woman sprung high into the air, leapfrogging over her foe ending up behind the other woman’s back. Chrissy turned around, only to be flattened by another clothesline. The crowd gasped, surprised at Faith’s jumping prowess. “She was an All American forward,” said the broadcaster. “She’s got the legs.”

Finally seeing her chance to put her massive hands to use, Faith fired a series of punches to the head. She held her impressive large right hand in the air, spread the fingers, and forcefully clamped on the claw hold to the top of her opponents head, causing excruciating pain in the temples. Chrissy groped frantically at her attacker’s grip as Faith walked her around the ring with one hand. The dominant woman pulled her prey into a corner, converting the claw to a side headlock and prepared for one of her favorite moves – the bulldog. Powered by her strong thighs, Faith ran several steps, sprung into the air, and crashed down on her rear – but without Chrissy. The crafty woman had managed to slip out of the hold and waited behind Faith. With exquisite timing, she took a running start knocking her enemy down with a flying drop kick. The acrobat fired a second kick as Faith got to her feet. Unfortunately for the black haired beauty, a third kick sent herself crashing down on her shoulders and neck as Faith caught her feet in mid air.

The undefeated woman held the ankles, turned her adversary over on her belly, then pulled back the legs toward the head cinching in a Boston crab. Chrissy grimaced and tried to fight through the intense pain in her lower back as Faith applied pressure using her power advantage. “Do you submit?”, asked the referee. Chrissy shook her head. She had been there before. Trapped, the well seasoned wrestler attempted to rely on her vast knowledge and experience. Realizing she had no chance of powering out, she dug in her elbows and lifted, then lunged a few inches forward. She repeated the process again, and again. Faith, noticing Chrissy gaining ground toward the ropes, briefly relented the hold to drag Chrissy toward the center of the ring. That was all the consummate pro needed to kick her legs loose and flop into the ropes where the referee broke the hold.

Faith, annoyed and frustrated, dropped several hammer blows to Chrissy’s back. Pulling the woman up, she hurled her with an Irish whip. She then thrust out her strong long leg, ready to plant the size 12.5 boot onto an oncoming Chrissy. However, the intended victim managed to halt her momentum before impact and grab Faith’s boot in the air. Using the foot to spin her opponent around, she zeroed in on back of Faith’s head and neck, locking in a sleeper hold. Faith flailed with her arms in a panic, knowing she had only a short time before the deprived blood flow to her head would render her unconscious. She clawed at Chrissy’s arms to no avail. Under pressure, and with little time, she gathered her thoughts while she still could. She hunched her back, and with full force, drove her legs backward, plowing Chrissy into turnbuckle. Chrissy continued to hold on. Faith, fearing that her sunlight was setting, took a few steps forward and rammed her attacker’s back into the turn buckle again. Feeling the wind knocked out of her, the three time tag team champ broke the hold. Chrissy was pinned in the corner as the two women slugged it out, Faith landing the heavier blows. Using her martial arts skills, Chrissy started successfully blocking Faith’s punches and countered with a knee to the midsection. Using the ropes for leverage, she followed it up with a hard kick to the abdomen. Faith stopped punching and doubled over, backing out of the corner and toward the center of the ring.

Chrissy pursued. In a fluid motion, she grabbed on to the other woman’s head, fastening the jaw to her own shoulder. Like a plunging broken elevator, she free fell to the canvas in a sit out, jolting Faith’s neck with a Stone Cold stunner. Climbing to the top rope in the corner, the fan favorite patiently waited like a lioness on the hunt. Once Faith wobbled to her feet, Chrissy launched a breathtaking drop kick off the top rope, again flooring the larger woman. She watched Faith struggle to her feet, then, in a move that would have made Shawn Michaels proud, Chrissy fired a high kick to the chin, crumpling her opponent flat on her back. Faith is sprawled out, the body is motionless, the eyes are closed. Chrissy lightly kicks her in the ribs like a car customer checking out the tires. ”She’s out,” she said to herself. “One final piece of business. This one is for the fans.”

Chrissy prepared for her signature finisher – the one in which she’s electrified fans for years – the flying leg drop off the top rope. Climbing up the top turn buckle, she heard the fans buzz in anticipatory excitement. She knew the sound. The “Chrissy” chant returned. But as she climbed, her speed wasn’t there. The legs felt heavy and lagged behind her spirit. The crowd noise suddenly changed in quality. The cheers became chaotic screams, like cautionary warnings. Something was wrong. As she turned from her perch on the top ropes, she was not alone in the corner. Faith was with her, fully upright, quickly closing the space between their bodies. Realizing she’d been slowed by Father Time and fooled by Faith’s possum act, Chrissy tried to beat back the beast from climbing up the ropes, but with no success. They traded blows but Faith’s size and power advantage was too much. Both women were at the top turnbuckle. Faith fired off more forearms and punches, stunning her opponent then wrapped her arm around the back of Chrissy’s head, forcing it down, while draping an arm around her shoulder. The two women were still for a few seconds. Then, the former basketball star summoned every last spring in her powerful legs, launching backwards off the top rope, catapulting both women through the air six and a half feet above the canvas in an awe inspiring superplex. Their bodies rotated backwards as they fell, appearing simultaneously graceful and horrifying, before their backs crashed down hard to the canvas. But it was Chrissy’s back absorbing most of the impact. For a few seconds, both wrestlers lied still, their eyes closed, their chests heaving. Faith stirred first. She rolled over, pulled her chest up with her arms, then crawled onto Chrissy. The nurse captured both legs with one arm in a double hook, then lied down on her opponent’s chest. The referee counted. One…Two…Three…Ding…Ding…Ding.

The crowd sat in stunned silence. Faith rolled off of Chrissy and both women were again flat on their backs staring at the arena lights. Again, Faith moved first. She pulled up with her arms onto one knee. She unsteadily rose to her feet. The winner was still bent over at the waist when the referee raised her hand in victory. Their would be no victory pose or arrogant displays. Her face betrayed her body’s feeling of pain, exhaustion, and disorientation. With her eyes still glazed, she quietly exited the ring for her dressing room. There was moderate applause as she left. The fans hated her attitude but they couldn’t deny she proved she was a warrior with courage and fortitude. She promised she’d show them what she got and she lived up to it.


In the ring, Chrissy was reviving. There was a groundswell of applause as she got up on one knee. The applause turned to cheers. As she got to her feet, the cheers became louder. And louder. And then turned into a full blown standing ovation. Her eyes scanned around the crowd. Posters began to pop up. Some said, “Thank you Chrissy” and “We ?? Chrissy.” Others were drawings of her likeness wearing a championship belt. A few depicted her with eagles wings soaring over the ring. They stood on their feet and cheered. Chrissy Chang was in the twilight of her career. Their would be no more title runs. Her time had come to step aside for the influx of new talent. The fans knew it. But they remembered. Night after night, year after year, win or lose, Chrissy never failed to deliver anything less than an exciting match. And many great memories. She paid for it with her sweat, her blood, pain, injuries, surgeries, and countless hours in rehab. Tonight, the fans tried to repay the debt in some small way with a poignant expression of love and appreciation. Chrissy choked with emotion as she gathered roses some fans threw in the ring for her. Maybe she’ll retire. Maybe she’ll tag team again. Or maybe she’ll embrace her role on the midcard. Right then, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was this moment. She turned to the fans in all directions. “They’re why I do this,” she thought. “They’re why I’m here.” She waved back at them, blew them kisses, then mimed one heartfelt, “Thank you.”

Faith sat on the bench in her dressing room, after just receiving the beating of her life. Her body felt like it had been hit by a truck. She will need to make some hard decisions. Nursing was never this painful. She just passed her first major test. But there will be more. Many more.

Playtime is over. If she is to advance in the sport, she will pay her dues. Against tough women. Women who can wrestle. Women who can dish it out and take it. Women who can take a human body and tie it up, twist it, stretch it, and punish it in thousands of different ways. She’ll think it over. She remembered Chrissy’s prophetic words from the previous week. Tonight, she received a lesson in what pro wrestling is all about.

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