Fantasy and Promise Fulfilled

Excitedly the two women laughed, as they laid side by side, in opposite directions on two over-aged chairs with faded upholstery that had been pressed together. In such a position they played with each others hair, writhing seductively, seeking to entice and ensnare their conquest for the night, a man who sat on the bed across the room from them, still in his suit pants, dress shirt, and tie. After a brief whisper, and resulting giggle, they in unison spoke, their soft, sensual voices mixing to form one. “Tell us your fantasy. We promise, we’ll make it come true….”

That’s when he told them what he wanted, and how they could fulfill their promise. By locking eyes, crossing thighs, and slowly, exhaustively, and for hours on end, testing each other. Draining orgasm after orgasm from each other until one could take no more. Until one of their two identical bodies had had proven its superiority.

It was then that they looked to each other in question. Not in whether or not they were willing, but instead which of they two would break.

A question they soon after answered.

A fantasy and promise they soon after fulfilled.

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