Fighter Girl: Part #08 by RedmanX

A Family Affair
Sub-Part 2

Nikki sighed as she lowered her aching body into the bath, relaxing as she sank beneath the surface of the steaming hot water. The fight with Danni had left Nikki sore and tired, her body covered in another collection of scratches and bruises. She really didn’t want to stay at the Fullers any longer, let alone wrestle Danni’s mother, Angela, tomorrow! Angela had apologized for the way Danni had turned what was to have been a friendly, sporting match into an all out brawl, complete with verbal and sexual abuse, Nikki graciously accepting that Danni was “over excited” as it was her birthday and that she “wanted to impress her parents and friends.” Wincing as hot water lapped over her tender breasts, Nikki thought that “over sexed” was a more appropriate term for the way the younger girl had gone for her, mauling her breasts and crotch at every opportunity!

The match with Angela was set for 8.00 pm the next evening, leaving Nikki with plenty of time to recover at least, and slowly she allowed her tired body and mind to drift into unconsciousness.

With a start, Nikki awoke, splashing water over the bathroom! Someone was knocking on the door. “Just a minute, I’m in the bath!” she called. Wrapping her dripping body in a large towel and robe Nikki went through to the bed room and opened the door, surprised to see Kerry, who had acted as her second in the match with Danni, standing there. “I need to speak with you, Nikki. Can I come in?” Confused, Nikki said “Yes, sure. Come in.” Nikki closed the door and Kerry said “I’m leaving soon, my train for London leaves in an hour and I have a flight back to San Diego early tomorrow morning. I wanted to say goodbye but also to warn you that Danni and her mom mean to make you pay for this afternoon! That Danni is crazy, and her mom will do anything to make her little girl happy! Just watch yourself tomorrow, Nikki, but if I were you I’d leave right now!”  “Thanks for that, Kerry” Nikki replied “I was trying to decide whether to stay or go, and now you’ve made up my mind for me! To be honest, I’ve not felt comfortable since I got here!  If you like I’ll drive you to the station. I’ll just get dressed, er, would you wait in the bath room?” Kerry grinned at Nikki’s shy modesty, saying “No problem!” Nikki dried herself off and put on her jeans and t shirt over white bra and panties. Slipping on some shoes and packing the rest of her things in her hold all, she said “Ok Kerry, lets go!”

Angela was on the telephone as Nikki and Kerry descended the stairs and looked up surprised. “Where are you going?” she asked, but Kerry spoke before Nikki could answer “Nikki’s driving me to the station!” she said, but Angela wasn’t fooled. “So why do you need to take your things with you, Nikki? You signed a contract, and I hope you’re not thinking of breaking it!” Then Danni appeared with Courtney. “Been talking out of turn, have we Kerry? I knew you could hear us, and that you’d run and tell your new friend! Well, as mummy said, she signed a contract. She’s going nowhere!” Nikki could see Danni was itching for a fight! “You can sort it out with Helen and Norwood Promotions” she said determinedly “I think it’s best if I leave now” Angela had replaced the phone and moved in front of Nikki and Kerry, blocking their way to the front door.

“What’s the matter, “Fighter Girl” scared I might beat you?” she sneered, mockingly. Suddenly Danni grabbed Kerry in a bear hug, pinning the startled American girl’s arms to her side! Courtney leaped at Nikki and the two of them fell to the floor, rolling across the lush carpet. Snatching a handful of hair Angela pulled Nikki off Courtney and locked her in a standing Full Nelson. As furiously as she struggled, Nikki couldn’t break free. Angela was every bit as strong as her daughter! With Nikki helpless Courtney smashed a sickening blow to her belly. Nikki cried out in agony and Courtney hit her again, enjoying the way her fist sank deep into the helpless girl’s midriff! Kerry could only watch as Courtney pounded away on Nikki’s head and body. Angela finally let the beaten girl fall to the floor where she lay clutching her belly and ribs, gasping for breath. Kerry stared open mouthed as Angela approached her “So you wanted to help that little bitch, did you? Well, in that case you can have some of the same!” Kerry’s head rocked back as Angela slapped her while Danni laughed hysterically! Not wishing to miss out, Courtney jumped on Nikki, straddling her. “Not so tough now, are you, bitch!” she shouted, pinning Nikki’s arms under her knees and bouncing on her breasts!

Hearing the screaming and shouting Graham Fuller came running into the room! “Oh my God!” he gasped “I’ll fetch my camera!” Within minutes he was back, panting with excitement as both Nikki and Kerry were slapped and beaten! As Courtney ripped open Nikki’s blouse he feverishly pointed and snapped, shaking with desire, then turned to Kerry just as she was stripped to her underwear! “Right!” cried the elated Danni “Get off her Court, she’s mine!” Courtney got to her feet, kicking Nikki in the breast as Danni took off her tight jeans “Get up bitch and fight me!” she snarled.  Kerry pleaded with Graham to stop Danni and her mother, but knew by the look on his face that was not going to happen! Danni launched herself, landing with her knees driving into Nikki’s belly. Even at her strongest Nikki was no match for Danni’s power and after the exertions of the afternoon and the beating from Courtney she was desperately weak.  She bucked and struggled to throw Danni off but the younger girl laughed, thrusting her crotch into Nikki’s face!

Meanwhile, Courtney had stripped to her bra and panties and with Angela’s help had wrestled Kerry to the floor and was now straddling the girls face while Angela sat on her legs! Graham could not believe what he was seeing!

For a short time Nikki actually managed to get on top of Danni when she broke the younger girls vice like head scissors by bending back her toes, making Danni howl! The two girls rolled over and over but it was Danni who came out on top, flipping the exhausted Nikki over her head where she landed heavily on her back, the fight knocked out of her. Danni spread Nikki’s legs wide apart in a painful grapevine pin, demanding that she submit to her!

Kerry had been knocked unconscious by a vicious pile driver and then left spread-eagled on the floor. Her beating was just a bit of fun. Angela and Courtney could now help Danni with the total defeat and humiliation of Nikki!

“Make sure you get some good shots of this!” said Angela as she lowered her pink silk covered crotch over Nikki’s face, grinding and pumping! Nikki kicked and thrashed her legs but was too weak and soon she ceased struggling, knowing she was beaten!

Like a movie director looking for the best angles, Graham had the 3 victorious women sprawl Nikki in different positions on and off the furniture, the camera shaking in his sweaty hand as his wife ripped off Nikkis bra and panties then slipped a pair of her own white high heeled shoes on Nikki’s feet, high heels being Grahams favorite fantasy! Nikki wept, begging her tormentors to stop but her pleas went unheeded. Her ordeal was far from over!

Courtney sat astride the weeping girl’s belly, her long slim fingers caressing and teasing Nikki’s luscious ripe breasts. Grinning at the look of horror and disgust on her playthings tear stained face, Courtney slipped her fingers inside the warm, moist crack of Nikki’s pussy, her experienced and skillful touch bringing a gasp from the mortified girl! Moaning, Nikki was too weak and hurt to resist the slowly erupting waves of pleasure that flooded through her as Courtney brought her to a shuddering climax, her own orgasm following soon after!

Courtney stood up, her foot resting on Nikki’s crotch, licking her fingers slowly and sensuously “She’s all yours! The little slut’s pussy is dripping!” Nikki closed her eyes in shame, hot tears running down her face. Helplessly she heard Kerry’s muffled screams as the young American’s torment continued, stripped naked and used as a sex toy for Danni and the giggling Courtney!

Angela gazed contemptuously at the broken Fighter Girl then removed her own underwear. “Please, Angela, don’t, please!” begged Nikki as the older woman sat astride her. She grasped Nikki’s breasts, twisting and mauling the tender flesh, enjoying the girls screams! Angela was a sadist and was soon panting with excitement as she tortured the stunning body of the lovely pro fighter! Moaning in agony and shame as her defiled, violated body reacted to Angela’s cruel treatment, Nikki was in absolute torment as perverse pleasure juddered through her, quivering as her abused body betrayed her, but filled with repulsion and degradation at the same time. Angela came in a screeching climax, rubbing her wet crotch into Nikki’s face.

Dropping his camera, Graham Fuller pulled off his pants, his huge erection straining to break free from his shorts! Ever since watching Nikki on her first appearance at Bloxham Manor 2 years ago he had dreamed of having her! Seeing the tall, well built man naked above her Nikki screamed “No, please! Not that! Oh God no!”  Already wet, Nikki was penetrated easily by Grahams rock hard shaft, his eyes bulging as he pounded and pumped Nikki’s battered body, her screams serving only to heighten his lust!

Forgotten as she lay used and discarded on the floor, Kerry was roused by the sound of the terrible screaming and stared in horror at the sight of Nikki being raped as Angela, Danni and Courtney watched with obvious pleasure! Looking round, Kerry saw the heavy, ornamental poker hanging by the big fire place.  She crawled over and picked it up, feeling the weight of the cast iron in her hand. The others were too distracted to notice as she turned to them! Swinging with all her strength Kerry brought the wrought iron poker crashing down on Grahams head! Danni looked up from between Courtney’s thighs and Kerry slammed her foot into the astonished girls face then struck her with the poker too! Courtney screamed as Kerry lashed out again and Angela fell in a heap. Staring at the wild look in Kerry’s eyes, Courtney fully expected to suffer the same fate as the others, but Kerry needed her. “You’re going to help me get Nikki out of here, and if you try anything I’ll bash your brains out!” she threatened the terrified girl “Help me get her to her feet!” Together they managed to get Nikki to a chair where she sat trembling, staring at the wall as gently Kerry eased her into her jeans and blouse. “I’m getting you to hospital” Kerry said, but was certain Nikki hadn’t heard her.

“Take Nikki’s arm and we’ll get her to her car, and don’t drop her!” Courtney did as she was ordered and together they half carried Nikki out to the garage. “Wait here!” hissed Kerry “if you try and run I’ll kill you!” Then Kerry went back in the house, returning moments later dressed and carrying her bags. “Help me get her in the car” she demanded. They laid Nikki’s limp body as comfortably as they could on the back seat and Kerry put her bags in the boot. Courtney seemed to realize the enormity of what they had happened and started crying, “Take me with you, Kerry! It was Danni, she made me do it!” Ignoring the sniveling girl Kerry got in the car and started the engine which came to life with a throaty growl. As she drove out from the garage Kerry pulled up alongside her one time friend “If ever I see you again I swear I’ll kill you!”  Spraying shingle all over Courtney as the wheels spun, Kerry sped off down the Fullers driveway. She had no idea whether or not Danni, Angela and Graham were dead or alive, and didn’t really care! She had picked up the blood splattered poker and wrapped it up in her bag and would dispose of it later. First she had to get Nikki to a hospital then she would try and get an earlier flight out of the country. In the back of the little car Nikki wept softly, her pitiful whimpering bringing tears to the anguished Kerry.

The casualty department of the hospital was busy, it being a Saturday night, but due to the cuts and bruises on Nikki’s face and her obvious distress she was rushed straight to a bed. A nurse asked Kerry to fill in a form, but she refused. “Her name’s Nikki, that’s all I know, and she’s been beaten up and raped for God’s sake!” The nurse frowned, sure that the young American girl knew more than she was saying. “You look like you’ve been fighting too. I’ll get a doctor” Kerry began to panic, glancing at the clock on the wall. “I have to go, I’m fine! Please, just take care of my friend and tell her I’m sorry!”

Nikki’s little Mini Cooper raced towards London, joining the M25 motorway before heading for Heathrow Airport. Kerry had managed to get a seat on a 3.00 am flight to Amsterdam and had barely an hour to get there! The journey from Oxford to London was only some 60 miles and she had made good time, but as always the traffic on the M25 was bad. Recklessly Kerry pushed on, hitting 100 mph headlights blazing as cars moved aside for her!

At the airport she left the car in the visitor’s car park and ran to the terminus. Picking up her ticket she just made it through as her flight was called!

Heavily sedated, Nikki drifted in and out of consciousness. Her wounds were mainly superficial but two of her ribs were cracked. The doctors were more concerned about her state of mind and the scars her obviously vicious assault had left. Nikki hadn’t said a word since entering the hospital, and her pallid, grey expression never altered throughout the doctor’s examination.

By 8.00 the next morning Kerry was high above the Atlantic Ocean on a flight to New York from where she would be able to fly on to San Diego. She wondered how Nikki was, hoping the lovely young English girl recovered fully from her terrible ordeal. Kerry knew that the police would become involved but surely they would see that Nikki was the victim?
The next morning Nikki awoke. She watched as a young nurse carefully prepared a syringe then said in a hoarse whisper “Where am I?” The nurse smiled kindly “Hello” she said “You’re in Oxford City General Hospital. Do you know what happened to you?” Nikki closed her eyes, remembering all too clearly! “I, I was in a fight and r, raped” she stuttered. “Why were you fighting? asked the pretty nurse “It’s what I do, I’m a professional boxer” The nurse smiled again and said “Well, the doctor would like to see you I expect. Isn’t it a small world? I have an aunt who used to box!” She left the room, returning shortly with a tall, handsome male doctor.

Nikki listened as the doctor explained that she would have to remain in hospital for a few days for observation but that apart from her ribs she was fine and that the cuts and bruises would heal in a few days. “In cases like this we have to inform the police” he continued “and they’ll want to talk to you soon no doubt” Nikki shook her head, making her head ache even worse “No, no police. I’ll be ok, it’s not what you think. Things just got out of hand!” The doctor sensed Nikki’s panic and said, “Well, think about it. Perhaps you’d prefer to talk to a female doctor? Nurse Wilson will fetch one for you”  “Can I talk to you, nurse?” Nikki asked “If that’s what you would prefer, Nikki, I’m sure Nurse Wilson will be happy to talk to you” The doctor wrote on Nikki’s chart and said “You two have a good chat and I’ll get someone to bring you in a cup of tea!”

“That Doctor Murray is really nice, isn’t he? All us nurses have a crush on him! So, do you want to tell me what happened, Nikki? And by the way, my names Jo”

Nikki told Jo about her match with Danni and how Kerry had warned her about remaining at the Fullers. Then how she and Kerry had been assaulted, her soft voice dropping to a whisper as, wretchedly, she described the sexual abuse both of them had been subjected to. Jo sat beside Nikki, holding her hand “And who raped you, Nikki? Can you tell me?” For a moment Nikki was back at the Fullers, naked and beaten, and tears welled up inside her “I,it w,was Danni’s f,father!” Jo held Nikki in her arms as she sobbed, her body shaking as the memory flooded back.

Next day, Jo found Nikki sitting up in bed, looking a little better, but still pale. “Hello!” she chirped brightly “and how are you feeling today?” Nikki managed a thin smile with her bruised, puffy lips. “A lot better, thanks, but I won’t be fighting again for a while!” Jo sat down beside the bed “Doctor Murray says the police should arrive this evening, if that’s ok with you. Is there anyone you’d like us to call? Your parents or boyfriend, maybe?” Nikki smiled and replied, “Can you contact my manager for me? Her names Helen Norwood” Jo wrote down a telephone number and then Nikki said “And I’d like to see my friend, Joan, if she’ll see me, that is” “Just give me her name and number and I’ll see what I can do” Jo replied. Nikki started to give Jo the telephone number of the tiny gym in Maidstone where she met the woman who was to become her first manager, and also her best friend. Jo wrote down the dialing code and the first 3 digits of the number then stopped, bewildered! “But, that’s the number of my aunts gym!” she exclaimed, “Joan Cooper!”

Will Joan want to see Nikki? What about the police? If Angela, Danni and Graham Fuller are dead the police will certainly want to see her! And Helen won’t be happy if this means her plans for “Fighter Girl” are disrupted!

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