Filipina Beauty Contest by Aussie Greg

It was the 27th of August, National Heroes Day in the Philippines and the Melbourne, Australia, Philippine community were celebrating at their own centre – an ex-Government owned school at Laverton that they had purchased. Music, food, stalls, Church choirs and the Beauty contests. Those attending were the true Philippine community in Australia not those mail order brides married to Aussies who hoped to gain a submissive Asian wife.

The very young girls competed dressed like they were attending their first communion: all in white frilly dresses with layers of petticoats underneath and proud parents egging them on. The teenager’s title and the Miss Filipina Victoria had been decided earlier that day with the contestants restricted to conservative type clothing (e.g., one piece bathing suits with no high thighs) and it was only the Over 35 title that was to be decided. There were 8 contestants left in an event that disregarded the demure values of the other events and was judged in private away from the public gaze.

The favourite was the widow Perla Aguinaldo, a 37-year-old originally from Davao City who was 125lb, (57kg), 5ft 1 (155cm) and a 38-30-38 and winner from the previous 2 years. With her Aussie husband of 2 years died 3 years ago, at 78 years of age the Filipina was left with a house, his large share portfolio and a sense of importance. Although heavy she had an attractive face, sensational lower legs, strong thick thighs and full heavy tits that she exposed of as much as possible, and these features made up for her chubbiness. Plus, according to her jealous rivals she regularly fucked the judges if that helped her cause.

Nilda Tumangan, Annani Fendandez and her sister-in-law Fe Fendandez, and Bernadith Bautista were all familiar faces. They were aged between 36 and 44, married to Philippine husbands, working as nursing aides in Old Age Retirement villages or hospitals and were similar in build. Short, between 5 ft and 5ft 2 (152 to 157cm) a little overweight and full bellied at about 115 lb (52kg) and about 34-30-34. They came from Cebu or Manila and although you wouldn’t notice them in the street in their normal Nikes, jeans and T shirts they revelled in showing off in this event. Another regular face from the last 8 years was Sister Remedios Geolen a 43-year-old Nun from the Sisters of Lady of Consolation, an Augustinian order, who despite her very dark, almost native features and 5ft 1 (153cm) 130 lb (59kg) 34 31 36 body had managed to reach the last 8 finals. 

Three newcomers had made it to the final. Leonara Santos, 39 a little pocket battleship ex bar girl from Quezon City at 4’11” who was visiting here searching for a husband and permanent residency. She was (150cm) 132lb, (60kg) and with a 36D-28-38 figure. Jerlinda Gavaz from Manila, 41 who was also widowed from an older Aussie, and who, unlike most Filipinas had kept her youthful figure at 5 ft 1 (155cm) and 88 lb (40kg) and 31- 21 -32 and Annabeth Velasquez 45, the oldest and tallest from Tagum City 99lb, (45kg) 5’ft5 (165cm), 34-26-35 with longer legs, a firm flat gut and pert tits. She was in Australia sponsored by her sister to have a better life, which, at the moment, meant working as a cleaner.

And Annabeth was really pissed off. She had only been here in Australia 9 months and really wanted the title as well as the return plane ticket home to visit her sick father. She had heard the rumours and slept with as many judges as the fat slut Perla, even though most of these older men were having sex with their minds as their bodies failed them either not getting a hard on or ejaculating prematurely.

She was almost certain Perla had stood on her ball gown causing her gown to rip and her to stumble in an undignified manner in the Formal Dress round. And she was 100% sure it was no accident that one of the cow’s huge tits had fallen out of her white halter neck exposing her big nipple and unnaturally large, dark areole highlighted against the white material as she bent down to pick up an earring “accidentally” giving the judges a full view of the bitches swollen labia major bulging out over her thong just when Annabeth was doing her solo with her outfit displaying her trim figure in round 2. 

Still, it meant that the bitch was worried, and she was sure her lingerie outfit in the final round would show off her body better than the slut’s bulges. Big tits or not she could match her nipples and they would be semi visible through the sheer cream tulle of her bra, while her long cunt lips would not be contained by her thong but would hang either side while her copious thick thatch would be clearly seen through the matching cream tulle thong. She would stand beside the overweight cow and let them see her firmness against the soft flab of Perla.

Of the others she considered Leonara Santos competition. The short, dark skinned, continually smiling Filipina had shown plenty with her low-necked ball gown that passed her pierced navel and with a back split on the skirt that reached up almost to her arse crack, and again with her hot pants outfit with a 7-inch-wide white string laced panel on each side straining against her bulky legs from the waist down to the bottom of the 5-inch-long fire red hot pants and with a red crocheted string bikini top that merely covered her areolae. Competition, but lacking class. 

And you could never discount Bernadith Bautista. At 42 she was the second oldest and had won the title twice in her thirties. But age was catching up with the judge’s favourite and both her shoulder less ball gown and short black backless cocktail dress with platforms shoes dated her. Plus, the Nun had a great track record in gaining places in 7 of her 8 attempts.

She reached backstage to find Fe and her older sister-in-law Annani engaged in another discussion about what they would be wearing for the next competition as they attached stockings to their garter belts and went to her locker. Rumour had it that apart from enjoying the competition and showing off, the two particularly enjoyed double teaming in bed other competitors. Still, they had made no move on her as yet. 

Leonara Santos’s locker was beside hers and she was completing her final preparations for the lingerie section as she was first up. The 39-year-old had completely oiled her body and wedged her thong into her arse crack hiding it completely, and with the thinness of the elastic straps, the pale lemon, nearly transparent butterfly front looked like it had been stuck over her shaven mound by magic. She had risked disqualification in the preliminaries, as contrary to the regulations, she wore a quarter cut bra that fully exposed her nipples and was even now pushing the rules to their limit by merely attaching sheer stocking material to the same bra. Legally she was covered, but effectively she was wearing a quarter cup as three quarters of her dark brown areolae and all of her nipples were visible. She smiled at Annabeth as she held one full cantaloupe sized tit in her hand and played with its nipple arousing, stretching, extending it. Satisfied that its hardness and length matched her already prepared left nipple she slid a small gold ring down the nipple to its base where it would keep her highly visible nipple erect and hard for the judging. With a couple of minutes to go she started to hum to herself squeezing and pinching the dark brown circles surrounding the hard nipples watching them respond and swell. 

On her other side was Remedios Geolen, the Nun who had shed her white habit and light blue cowl for a lurid pink mono-kini whose minute crutch cover had elastic running from the front and back joined at the waist, then up to her neck covering her nipples with small triangles on the way. As she read the bible, one hand methodically worked the pink triangle covering her cunt into her slit, so the elasticized material virtually moulded itself to her thick lipped permanently open oyster, showing completely the shape of her finger thick lips and open trench of her inviting cunt. She wanted to win but was also looking forward to the arrival of the “Moldavia” a container ship plying the China Australia route and the 9 Filipino crew whom she would be fucking that night.

Looking around she could see the ex-champion the 42 year old Bernadith Bautista in her red and black corselet and high heels and the 36 year old Jerlinda Gavaz who was showing as much of her slim chiselled body of 88 lb (40kg) and 31- 21 -32 as possible by wearing a string cream thong whose only coverage was a triangle 1.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches that mostly covered her mound and showed her flat belly, trim thighs, taut loins, and firm arse cheeks – the opposite of most of the others as like most middle-aged Filipinas there was a bit of flab and droop. 

“If I don’t win I’ll challenge the winner to a nude contest at The Gentleman’s Club in the city with an audience vote,” the short Filipina stated.

Annabeth just shook her head. Nothing the former bar girl did or said surprised her and opened her locker to change. There was the bag with her thong and bra. Not slut like as were Leonara’s. They were crisp cream, from France and had cost her plenty, but they showed as much of her body as Leonara’s but in a more subtle sensuous manner. Let see Perla try to show her flabby body in something like this she thought. But when she opened the bag they were no longer crisp new and cream. They were covered with dirt as if they had been used to clean the floor. She looked around to see a smiling Perla, and instantly knew what had happened.

She couldn’t help herself. She swore at Perla who sneered and told her to catch the plane home and join the bar girls in the wet T shirt competitions for the tourists. They began arguing and insulting each other and then they began pushing and shoving each other until an enraged Annabeth shoved Perla so hard she fell hard down onto her ample arse. Perla jumped up and charged Annabeth sending a fist into her belly, but that only momentarily slowed her, and Annabeth swung, and a hard slap connected with Perla’s face.

Annabeth glared at Perla and shouted at the stocky large breasted in Tagalong “You fucking slut, you ruined my chance. I’ll make sure you pay for it!!!” and she leaped upon Perla throwing her to the floor by her hair. Perla jumped up and like most Filipinas didn’t take a backward step.

Do they have fighting skills and techniques? No, limited to say the least.

Desire to inflict the maximum damage in the shortest time. Yes, unlimited.

Backing down or quitting? No, never.

Ability to absorb damage in the hope of hurting or disfiguring the other? Yes, never-ending.

These two Filipinas tore into each other like whirlwinds. Both women had each other in a head lock pulling on each other’s hair and clawing at the others face and body. As they swung around clawing at each other Annabeth was the first to lose her top. Her thin camisole came apart, and, as she was not wearing a bra her tits were free and Perla immediately tried to scratch her thick dark nipples. Nothing scientific, just basic Filipina hurt the other woman as much as possible. Annabeth received a couple of scratches but successfully blocked most, and I doubt she even felt them until later. Perla tried to slap the newcomer in the tits, but Annabeth blocked most of the punches and responded with an uppercut to the reining titleholder’s face that dropped Perla to her knees. Annabeth grabbed Perla’s halter neck and pulled it over her head trapping Perla and then punched her in the stomach about five times making the heavier woman moan with each blow. She ripped off Perla’s halter neck and then tore off her bra letting loose Perla’s heavy tits and tossed the bra away.

Annabeth was temporarily out of breath after her full-on assault, and she backed off for a couple of seconds to get her wind and this allowed Perla to get back to her feet. Perla still tried to go after the Taggum City woman, but Annabeth prevented that with a flurry of attempted kicks, one of which connected with Perla’s left breast sending her back a couple feet nursing it and spitting out threats.

Following up, Annabeth unleashed a flurry of roundhouse swings, most of which missed but one of which connected with Perla’s mouth.

“Mess up with my clothes and you pay,” she screamed as it connected. The force of the blow drove Perla back against the centre table and she fell on her back holding the back of one hand to her mouth as her lip started to bleed.

“You fuckin’ bitch, I’ll ruin your face”, she yelled through her mashed lips, but before she could do anything Annabeth reached down and grabbed the tight red mini skirt and tore it from the younger woman leaving her wearing only her black thong and high heels. Most Filipinas have thick large dark nipples which are often disproportionate in size to their tits and Perla’s areola like Leonara’s were huge and prominent: normal for a Filipina. And although most Filipinas also have prominent mounds, Perla’s well used cunt was huge, like a grapefruit at the apex of the V of her legs and her tight thong emphasized her protruding camel toe and thick cunt lips; a feature she regularly flashed before the judges.

But Annabeth had taken too long to rip the tight miniskirt off, and a kick from the prone Davao City Filipina caught her in the belly and doubled her up allowing Perla to let loose a flurry of punches to Annabeth’s face splitting her lip and blackening one of her eyes. As Annabeth staggered around holding her face Perla ripped open Annabeth’s wrap around skirt and tore it from her. Although the wrap around skirt was mid-calf it only had four buttons: one on the waist to the left with another 4 inches below and a matching 2 on the inside on the right. Stretched tight across her belly and with the wrap around parting almost to her waist when she walked or sat, it had been just as revealing as Perla’s mini skirt and she had intended to display them fully before Perla had earlier distracted the judges with her cunt and tit display.

Perla grabbed the stunned Annabeth by her long black wavy hair, bent her over and kneed her repeatedly in her exposed breasts, grunting with pleasure as each knee drive hammered home. Annabeth was backed into a corner and bitch slapped about a dozen times and then kneed in her pussy.

“Uuuuinnnnnnngh”. A groan was forced from her as she slid down the wall to slump on the floor. The other contestants watched, none of them making any effort to break it up as it was part of the Filipina code not to interfere in a grudge fight, and in fact some were barracking for Annabeth, others for Perla. Perla grabbed Annabeth by her hair and tossed her across the backstage food table clearing everything as she slid across the table coming to a halt with her face in the large victory cake.

From behind the heavier stronger Perla seized the back of Annabel’s red thong and pulled it backwards and forwards through the Filipina’s arse and pussy several times before it gave way. While her exposed cunt was not the grapefruit size of Perla’s it was large and in a bikini a normal male eyes would be drawn instinctively to it, and it had, unusually for a Filipina, long dangling outer lips and a wide exposed thick lipped oyster inside. Annabeth who was now totally nude except for her shoes, and Perla reached down and twisted Annabeth’s dark long nipples, and then dug her fingers deep into her breasts until Annabeth was screaming and writhing in pain. Luckily for her Perla’s nails were not long, but soon her tits were covered with red weals.

Annabeth was having the shit beaten out of her by the younger woman as Perla methodically worked her over. She raised the 43-year old’s head and banged it on the table a couple of times before grabbing her throat and choking her with one hand while she stiff fingered jabbed her cunt with the other hand.

Perla was smiling and enjoying her work. She brandished a thick fist. “Look at the size of what is going in your arse when I give you the Filipina fist fuck”

Some of the others shuddered, because despite her very attractive face and legs, and those full heavy breasts Perla was big boned, and the thought of her fist being forced into your arse while you serviced Perla with your tongue was not something to look forward to.

“After I finish with your face you’ll enter the Freaks contest, not a beauty contest,” Perla gloated and smashed her forehead into the new challenger’s face. The Liverpool kiss. Gristle gave way and a tortured inhuman sound was dragged from Annabeth as her nose broke. It would be over for most women, but she was a Filipina and despite the pain she managed to reach down to her ankle, remove her shoe and slam the heel into Perla’s back. Once and Perla stiffened, twice and she released her throat hold, while the third caused her to rear up, screaming in pain. Annabel seized the opportunity and slashed the 37-year-old across the face with the shoe’s thin heel drawing blood from the cut in her cheek. 

The tables were turned, and Annabeth followed up quickly kicking Perla’s thigh till she slumped to the ground, her throbbing thigh unable to bear her weight. It was Annabeth’s turn to straddle the fallen Perla now and the older Filipina first trapped her opponent’s arms under her knees. Free from any interference Annabeth started to get her revenge with a vengeance. Reaching down to Perla’s heavy pendulous breasts Annabeth squeezed pinched and pulled them far as she could and all the time grinding the nipples between her knuckles.

“Just like milking a cow,” she gloated.

Reaching behind she grabbed the reigning Beauty Queen’s coarse curly pubic hair and pulled. Perla’s screams were music to her ears. Then she repaid the Liverpool kiss flattening the wide nostrils of her rival. Finally, she returned to the 37-year old’s pride and glory: her breasts. Unlike Perla, her nails, covered in bright red nail polish, were long and sharp. She raked them in a crisscross pattern over the tits before finally using them as pair of scissors as she attempted to slice into Perla’s nipple.

“I’ll mark you for life, you bitch,” she screeched as she continued to slash the now bleeding nipple. Perla’s bellows of pain were almost deafening, and she arched and bucked so hard that the lighter Annabeth legs were lifted off the ground by Perla’s jerking belly. 

Once in the air Annabeth’s knees were no longer trapping Perla’s hands and in a second those hands darted straight in-between Annabeth’s outspread thighs and dug into her exposed cunt. The pain from the clawing fingers caused Annabeth to let go of Perla’s nipples and partially stand-up yelling and shrieking as one long outer lip was gripped and her pubic hair was ripped by the other. Half standing with her legs on either side of Perla, who was gouging at the large inner lips of her pussy gave the younger woman her chance. Perla drew back her fist and gave a powerful punch straight into Annabeth’s cunt.

Perla felt Annabeth’s labia mash on her hand as her fist met pubic bone. Annabeth was pole axed and could only gave a surprised whimper of pain as she tipped back clutching her damaged and pain filled cunt. Perla got up slowly, but it didn’t matter because Annabeth was unable to stop her. She pried Annabeth’s protective hands away from her damaged pussy before unleashing two kicks straight into Annabeth’s cunt. She had time to plan the kicks; one she placed high to take out Annabeth’s clit. She thought she felt it almost dissolve as her foot mashed it into Annabeth’s pelvic bone. The next kick was right on the labia and given with the heel to burst through the long outer lips and really damage the large delicate inner lips that Annabeth had. Finally, she spread the defenceless Filipina’s legs apart and her straight punch penetrated so far that Perla had to wrench her knuckles out of the mouth of Annabeth’s cunt.

Annabeth was gone. She couldn’t defend herself, move, or even scream as the victorious Filipina beat at her damaged womanhood with blow after blow. Eventually she passed out from pain gasping for breath.

She came to lying on her back bent double with the heavier Perla lying face down on her, her body compressing Annabeth’s legs beside her shoulders. She jerked involuntarily and became aware of the fist impaled into her cunt and the wet gash of Perla being lowered into her face, one hand working her clit as juices dripped into her face. Then the animal grunting of Perla began, the open cunt spasmed and the drips increased to a steady drizzle as Perla squirted her cum into her face and Annabeth became aware of fingers widening her arsehole. It was the start of a total Filipina fist fuck.

Endnote. With Perla face too damaged and Annabeth too incapacitated to front up for the final event, newcomer, the ex-bar girl Leonora beat the nun, sister Remedios, into second ahead of Jerlinda who came in third.

The End

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