Fire with Fire by JB57

Fire with Fire by JB57 Story

Based on Catharsis‘ Story: The Gift

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Robin Russell and James Starrett stood in the driveway of the home they had just bought and admired their new property, a distinguished Cape Cod house, set in the clearing of an old forest, surrounded by magnificent trees.

“It’s just gorgeous, baby,” Robin bubbled to her husband of three years. “It’s what I’ve always wanted.” She gestured at the land around them. “And all of this forest! It’s just fantastic. A lot of it is old growth.”

“Yes, I know,” James replied, a touch of amusement in his voice. “I did find the place, after all!”

“And I’m eternally grateful,” his wife laughed. “Come on, let’s go inside and finish up.”

The happy couple moved up the driveway arm in arm, looking forward to beginning a new life in the country, away from the hectic bustle and stresses of life in the big city. James would commute into the city for two days a week, but otherwise much of his work could be done at home or from one of the smaller satellite offices run by his employer in a neighboring large town. Robin had a thriving online designer business and she planned to work out of their new home.

The house and surrounding 10 acre property had been on the market for quite a long time and were being offered by the owners at a radically reduced price. James had been suspicious about this at first – what was wrong with the place that the owners were so willing to let it go at below market value? But, after having the house inspected and doing a bit of research into the surrounding land himself, he was convinced that it was a sound investment and, hopefully, would be the home in which he and Robin would spend many happy years. He was especially excited about the surrounding forest. He discovered through his research that it possessed many interesting plants and herbs that Robin could use in her more esoteric pursuits.

James had just recently turned 30. He was in excellent physical condition, having been an athlete in college. He was brown-haired and just a little under six feet tall. He was making a career as a software designer for a gaming company. He was content in his life, but especially in his marriage to Robin. She was the love of his life. He had met her in Vancouver five years before and had been blown away with her from the moment he first set eyes on her. Robin had been a graphic designer then, attending the same conference where he had come to do a presentation. She was a tall woman, about 5’9”, and very pretty, just a hair’s breadth away from being outright beautiful. Her eyes were a sparkling emerald green. Her red hair was thick and moderate in length, falling to between her shoulder blades. She was a little older than him at 31. She had a great body – a heavy chest, offset by girlish hips and a strong runner’s frame.

James had found it difficult to convince Robin to give up her life and well-established community in Vancouver and move to the US to be with him. In the end, the stresses of the long-distance relationship, the fact that her job was more mobile than his, and the reality that they really wanted to be together finally sealed the deal. James hoped this new house and the woods, especially with its old trees, would make his lovely wife feel more like she was back in Vancouver, with its giant cedars and all manner of vegetation.

Robin and James spent the rest of the day unpacking boxes and cleaning the house. Most of their furniture had arrived and been arranged. They cooked a meal to celebrate their first full day in their new home. That night, they christened the new bed. Robin was a sexually voracious woman. James managed to keep up with her, but sometimes he worried that he would not be able to do so much longer. He knew that women hit their sexual peak in their early 30s; he hoped Robin would slow down a bit after that. It was certainly a relief not having to worry any more about their vigorous love-making disturbing the neighbors.

James rode his wife hard from behind, his cock sunk all the way into her tight, hot slit. He filled his hands with Robin’s D cup breasts, kneading and massaging the firm globes, pinching the nipples, as his hips worked, slapping his groin into the redhead’s firm ass. After Robin unleashed a second screaming orgasm, the spent couple collapsed on their bed, laughing and gasping. Robin threw her leg over her husband’s legs and snuggled up to him, her heavy breasts resting on his arm.

“Ah, that was good, baby,” Robin cooed.

“I’m glad you liked it,” James replied.

“Want to go another round?” Robin smiled, running her fingers up James’ powerful chest.

“Babe, you’re just insatiable,” her husband grinned back. “Are you sure you’re not a nympho? Just give me some time to reload and we’ll do it again.”

Robin smiled, kissed James on the cheek, then settled down to wait.

“I really like it here, babe,” she said after a while. “It’s really beautiful. It reminds me so much of home. Thanks a lot. I really mean it.” She did. She appreciated how much her happiness mattered to James and the fact that he had searched far and wide for a home that could make her feel closer to her beloved birthplace in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

“You know I’d do anything for you,” her husband grinned.

“Ah, that’s so nice. Just for that, I’ll do anything for you, tonight. Just tell me what you want.”

“Anything?” James asked in an exaggerated voice, waggling his eyebrows. Robin smiled, but the heated look she gave him made it clear to him that she was serious. She reached down, took his flaccid, slick cock in her warm hand, and began to gently rub it.

“There are lots of places you can stick this,” she murmured to him. James felt his erection stirring back to life, growing hard and thick in mere moments. “I see that got your attention,” Robin grinned.

The redhead moved lower on the bed and took James’ prick gently in her mouth. She sucked on the thick shaft, cleaning off the cum, before releasing it to lick its length and tease the sensitive tip with her tongue. Her husband gasped at the intense sensations surging through his body. She dipped lower and took each of his testicles gently in her mouth and sucked carefully. When Robin was sure he was ready, she raised herself up, mounted James, and slid down on his engorged member, taking it deep into her wet cunt.

As Robin moved on top of James, she threw back her head and groaned in pleasure. James cupped and squeezed her large, thick tits, working the nipples. Gasping and moaning, the couple made love well into the night. Their cries of erotic bliss rang out into the dark woods through the open window.

Over the next several days, Robin and James finished setting up the house. James took a week off from work to settle in. Finally, the week was up and the house was well-established, with only a few minor things remaining to be done. Robin helped her husband get ready for his first day at the satellite office. She was wearing only a football jersey as she helped him into his coat and informed him of her plans for the day.

“I saw some trails leading into the woods, the other day,” Robin said. “I want to follow them and see where they lead. I’m hoping they will be good running trails. I always loved running in the rain forest back home.”

“OK, but be sure to take your phone and use the compass, if you need it. I think it’s easy to get lost in those woods. They’re thicker than they look and our 10 acres flows right into the protected forest area.”

Later that morning, dressed in shorts and sandals, a tight t-shirt, a baseball hat and carrying a basket and pair of small scissors, Robin set off to explore the woods. She traced the trails she had spotted from the house and, to her satisfaction, found they would be ideal for running. They were covered in a thick loam that cushioned a runner’s feet, much like the park trails she enjoyed running in Vancouver. The deeper into the woods the trails led the more the vegetation thinned out as the trees grew higher and older. The canopy was thicker there, shrouding the forest in darkness, making it difficult for plants to grow on the forest floor. It was eerie, but also comforting and beautiful. Robin wondered more about the history of the woods and the town. It was amazing to find such a large, untouched woodland so close to areas that had been populated by European settlers for so long, let alone find a property bordering the woods for such an affordable price.

As Robin explored the forest, she kept an eye out for interesting plants and mushrooms, things she could use in various concoctions she liked to brew. She was happily surprised to find many critical ingredients all over the woods. She lost track of time and, at some point, she realized she was lost. She did not mind. She had her phone and the phone had a compass. She was good at tracking in the woods. She decided to just enjoy herself and let her ramblings lead her where they may. At around 1 PM, she stopped and ate the lunch she had packed in her basket. It was late afternoon before she accidentally stumbled on a road that bordered the forest. It had been easy to forget that there was civilization so close by. She followed the road, keeping it in view but staying back in the trees. A mile or so down, she discovered an out of the way motel. It was old but still in use. She could see the back rooms from the woods. On the lower floor of the two storey structure, each room had a glass patio door and a patio enclosure that opened onto the forest. Above were slightly smaller balconies. The parking lot was mostly empty. The name of the establishment was the “Parkland.” Very imaginative, Robin thought, smiling to herself.

Robin headed back into the forest. She noted the time. It was a bit past 4 PM. James would be back around 6. She had a good idea of where she was in relation to her home, especially after she had found the motel and the road. It would probably take her about an hour to get home from where she was now, so she still had time to do a bit of exploring. She wandered deeper into the woods for about another 40 minutes. It was getting noticeably darker and she had to remind herself that it would be pitch dark under the trees more than an hour earlier than in the open air. As she walked, a sudden chill ran up her spine. She paused and looked around. She did not have a feeling of being watched; she was sensitive to such things. But she did have a sense that something peculiar and threatening was nearby. This was what James jokingly referred to as her “Spidey sense” but he was not far off.

Robin followed where her instincts were leading her and soon found herself in a clearing. The woods were slightly lighter in this place, but only because an ancient oak tree stood by itself in the center of the clearing. No other trees touched its branches, creating an opening in the canopy. Robin noticed this immediately. It was as if the other ancient trees of the forest did not want to get too close to the oak. She had an uncomfortable feeling that the surrounding vegetation may have died off. The area around the oak was dark with dirt and but no other forest covering, where she would have expected moss.

Robin approached the old tree slowly. She guessed it was at least 300 years old, from its immense thickness. It was definitely giving off very ominous vibrations. She walked around it, touching its gnarled bark. She felt a spark of electricity resonating in her finger tips. She noticed some ornate markings cut into the bark of the tree on its north side. Whoever had cut the marks had done so with considerable care. They were very precise. There were no other indications of human interference anywhere else on the ancient wood. Robin stroked the markings. Suddenly, to her amazement and chagrin, a powerful surge of erotic desire rolled through her body. She gasped as her clit suddenly swelled up like a balloon, her heavy tits grew thick and hot, and her nipples almost pierced her t-shirt. She staggered back from the tree, but the powerful sense of arousal stayed with her. It was several seconds before it started to fade.

“Wow, what was that?” Robin thought. In itself, the sensation was not unpleasant, especially to a sexually attuned woman like herself. But there was an undertone of darkness in the erotic feelings, something that felt dimly familiar… Robin’s eyes widened as she realized why the feeling felt familiar. She felt another chill run up her spine as she stared at the giant oak. She turned and began walking back through the forest quickly, in the direction of her home. Her mind was racing. She was glad that she had picked up some of the plants in her basket. She would use them to good effect over the next day or so.

However, as Robin got further from the tree and closer to home, her sense of urgency declined. There was no emergency, she decided. She would do her work with her plants later in the week, when she had a little more time to focus on what she was doing. For now, she resolved to avoid that part of the forest where the tree loomed over whatever darkness lay in its roots.

Part 2

The little town nearest to their acreage was called “Cabotville.” Robin and James went out for dinner that night and enjoyed the quaintness of Cabotville’s limited restaurant scene. After dinner, they walked up and down the main street, something they had already done a number of times, and admired the historical buildings, esoteric shops, and the occasional cottage. Cabotville was a pretty little town and was just far enough from the big cities to be undesirable as a bedroom community (though that was changing) but near enough to be a good tourist attraction.

They bought some groceries at the local supermarket and then returned home. As Robin unpacked and­­ stocked the fridge, James went to work setting up his big 65 inch TV in the entertainment room he was assembling in the developed basement. Robin was grateful for this – she had a program she planned to watch that night and she did not want to use the TV in the bedroom as James would be going to bed a bit early in preparation for a presentation he was giving the next day.

Around 10 PM, Robin joined her husband in the basement. She was dressed for bed herself, wearing nothing but a loose pair of very short shorts and a t-shirt. Her husband admired her strong, bare legs and the bulge of her chest in the thin material.

“Hey, babe, I’m off to bed,” James told his wife as she settled in to watch her show. He stretched, showing off his muscles. He waggled his eyebrows at Robin. “Are you sure I can’t convince you to join me upstairs?”

Robin laughed. “Not a chance, stud. I’ve been waiting for this finale all week! But I promise you I’ll give you a very pleasant wake up call.” She grinned at her husband. “Something to look forward to, right?”

James smiled and gave his wife a long, lingering kiss, then headed upstairs. Robin made herself comfortable on the couch with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, her bare feet tucked under her. An hour and a bit later, she turned off the TV and the lights and made her way up from the basement of the house. James had not left on any lights for her, but that was because he knew that she enjoyed feeling her way through the house in the dark. She appreciated the glow of the moonlight filtering through the windows. It was such a wonderful change from the light and noise of the city. She was sure she would enjoy living in the country. The darkness, the quiet, the forest – it all appealed to a wilder, more primal side of herself, something she had a more difficult time expressing when she was surrounded by concrete.

She began walking up the stairs to the top floor, looking forward to waking James and enjoying some hot, hard sex. She decided waking him with a blow job would be a nice way to get things going. Halfway up the stairs, she began hearing noises that puzzled her for a moment. It was the sound of grunts and groans, gasps and moans, and the distinct creaking of a bed. Her eyes widened as she realized she was hearing the sounds of sex. And there was no doubt that one of the participants was her husband; she recognized his voice. But the other was a woman.

Enraged and completely confused, Robin went up the stairs and down the hall to the main bedroom quickly but quietly. The hair was standing up on her neck; her senses were telling her something unnatural was at play. She looked in the door of the bedroom. For a moment, she could not believe what she was seeing. James was lying flat on his back on the bed, completely naked. His face was a mask of lust. He was mounted by a naked woman; his hands were on her hips as she rode him expertly. Her hands were on his chest as she thrust her hips up and down, raising and lowering herself on his massive shaft. She was emitting intense erotic groans. The wet sounds of the woman’s cunt sliding up and down the man’s enormous cock punctuated each grunt and groan coming from the rutting pair.

The woman was unbelievably gorgeous. She had a long, full head of black hair tumbling in waves all the way down her back. Her figure was voluptuous and curvaceous, with large, perfect tits, at least DDs, bouncing freely on her chest and round ass cheeks to match. The woman’s skin was flawless, her arms and legs were sleekly muscled and beautiful. Her voluptuous body radiated pure sexuality. For a moment, Robin thought that a porn star had beamed herself through the internet somehow and seduced her husband.

Robin shook off her shock. Whatever was going on here, she knew she had to stop it. She dashed into the room and reached under the bed to grab a baseball bat she kept there for personal protection. She gripped it firmly, readying it for a savage swing.

“Get the FUCK off my husband, you WHORE!” she screamed. In reply, the gorgeous woman snapped her head around to glare at Robin, her lip curling up in a vicious snarl. The woman’s eyes were mesmerizing, a golden tint hinting at her otherworldly origins. Looking into them was to fall into a deep pool of hunger and lust. Robin hesitated for just a moment, as the creature’s eyes locked with her own. She felt a thrill of fear, seeing the bottomless hunger reflected in the beautiful orbs, but she also felt an intense shock of lust as the woman’s sexual magnetism washed over her in a wave. Summoning all her willpower, she fought it off and swung for the fences, hoping to send the woman’s head sailing across the room.

Instead, the woman caught the bat with her open hand, bringing it to a jarring stop. Robin grunted, struggling to free the bat. The woman, who had never stopped fucking James, suddenly let it go. Robin lost her balance and fell back. She caught herself on the dresser, gripped the bat two-handed, and then launched herself at the woman with a yell. The dark-haired beauty caught the bat again. She pulled Robin in close, then back-handed the redhead across her face. Robin staggered across the room and collapsed beside the dresser, completely stunned.

The women thrust a few more times on James’ cock, then slowly raised herself off of the prone man. As she slid herself off his enormous shaft, it looked almost as though she was squeezing his prick like a towel, slowly wringing it out as she sucked him dry with her cunt. When she finally broke the contact, James’ dick fell back on his stomach, still huge and thick but flaccid and weak. He moaned, a sound of sexual agony and loss. A thick string of cum ran from his cock to the woman’s clean-shaven pussy, before it snapped and dripped onto his stomach.

The black-haired beauty stepped off of the bed and walked slowly, seductively towards Robin. Robin saw the naked woman coming closer, her bare feet silent on the wooden floor. Robin was too stunned to resist when the woman got down on her hands and knees and crawled the last few feet to Robin’s prone body. The woman smiled, blatant desire dancing in her eyes, and reached for Robin’s shorts. She easily slipped the tiny garment over the redhead’s hips and then down her legs, throwing it across the room. The woman tore Robin’s thin t-shirt in half and tossed it aside. Now Robin was completely naked, completely exposed to the beautiful woman’s lustful gaze. The woman’s golden eyes glowed with heat.

“Very nice,” the woman murmured, her voice a sexy purr, as she let her eyes roam over Robin’s nude body. She reached out and stroked Robin’s naked tit, running a finger up the curve of the redhead’s breast, before tracing her areola and caressing her nipple. “Unnnngggghhhh,” Robin gasped as electricity rippled through her body at the touch. Her nipples hardened, her clit felt like it might explode. “Stop,” Robin gasped, “please stop.”

“Stop? Not at all, little rabbit,” the woman smiled, an evil grin that chilled Robin to her core. “I’m going to give you a very nice gift. I think you will enjoy this.”

The woman lowered her face to Robin’s clean-shaven pussy. Vaguely, Robin admired the woman’s naked, heart-shaped ass as it jutted into the air. Then, the redhead shrieked in unbearable pleasure as the cunnilingus began. There were countless nerve endings in and around her vagina, and the woman’s tongue expertly found and lavished delirious pleasure on every one of them. Even as one area was satisfied, the woman moved on to the next section that most ached for attention. Robin’s labia, her inner folds, every interior region burned with the delicious sensations the intruder’s tongue teased from her. The very last thing the woman attacked was her clit. Soft but firmly at first, then fast and tenderly. Robin’s head thrashed from side to side, her eyes streamed with her tears, as the unbearable sensations built and built, causing her entire body to quiver with tension. When the beautiful woman assaulting her finally wrapped her pouting lips around Robin’s clit and sucked gently, but with increasing force, Robin threw back her head and whooped in sexual ecstasy. “Oh God, oh my fucking GOOOODDDDDD!!” Robin shrieked. Her bare ass slapped into the floor as her body convulsed. She came in a gusher of cum, in a release of tension more intense than anything she had felt before. The black-haired bitch sucked back most of Robin’s discharge.

Robin gasped, her heart pounding, her body burning in the aftermath of the most intense pleasure of her life. The beautiful woman was suddenly face to face with her. She lowered her gorgeous face to Robin’s, covered Robin’s gasping mouth with her own, and emptied her cum-filled mouth. Robin felt a thrill of ecstasy as her own cum flowed into her mouth, heavily seasoned with the hot spice of the woman’s saliva. Robin found herself swallowing back the mixture, desperately wanting more of this woman inside of her. Her insides warmed as the drool-cum slipped into her body. The black-haired beauty released Robin’s mouth and licked Robin’s lips. Robin whimpered with need. The woman gave her a heated smile, then moved back down to nibble and lick at the redhead’s pussy.

The gorgeous woman licked the length of Robin’s belly, up from her smooth cunt to her throbbing tits. The woman took the nipples of Robin’s breasts into her mouth one at a time, first teasing them with her tongue, then biting them gently, then covering the hard nubs and their areola with her mouth and sucking at the sensitive flesh. Robin gasped and moaned, her body shuddering with the intensity of the sensuality. The woman inserted two fingers into Robin’s pussy and began working the redhead’s swollen clit. Robin shrieked and came again and again.

In the aftermath, Robin could barely keep her eyes open. Through a red fog, she saw her beautiful assailant wipe her wet chin with the back of her hand. Her gorgeous face wore a predatory grin, an expression of amusement and malicious hunger.

“Very nice, little rabbit. I’m going to enjoy you very much.”

With that, the woman rose to her feet to stand over Robin. Once again, Robin was struck by how perfect this woman was, by the size of her enormous breasts, by her rounded hips, her beautifully muscled torso, her long, powerful bare legs. The woman’s body glowed with health, her tan skin silken in the dim light. The woman was a goddess, or a demon. Even in the haze, Robin was certain she knew which.

The woman walked towards the bedroom window. She paused and reached down to pick up a black cloak, something she had evidently discarded the moment she had first entered. She smiled back at Robin, put her bare foot on the sill, then launched herself out the window. She was gone. It took a minute before Robin recovered enough to crawl towards the bed and her prone husband. Her pussy leaked juice the whole way there and she came once as her clit rubbed in her vagina.

“James,” Robin cried, crawling onto the bed. “James, baby, are you alright?”

James turned his head to look at her with bleary eyes. He croaked her name. Robin felt her eyes tearing up again, this time out of fear and rage. James looked like he had aged 40 years. His hair had gone white, his body was emaciated. His flesh hung loosely on his frame. Sobbing, Robin grabbed her phone off the night table and called for help.

Part 3:

Robin woke from her nightmare-filled sleep to find that her dreams were her new reality. She was sleeping in a reclining hospital chair in James’ room. Her husband was linked up to an IV drip that was replenishing his nutrients. He was propped up in bed, but he was unconscious and having problems staying awake. The doctors could not understand what was happening. Even James’ nutrients, the things they were now feeding to him, appeared to be normal when they tested. It was as if something more basic than the physical had been taken from him.

Robin knew exactly what it was that her husband was missing, just as she knew exactly what the woman was who had attacked them. Their stunningly beautiful and voluptuous intruder was a succubus, a female demon that afflicted the world by drawing sexual energy from men. Its male counterpart was an Incubus, but that did not concern Robin right now. She knew that the demon had drawn out her husband’s life force. She knew that she had to find some way to get it back. And she knew that she did not have much time. The creature would come for James again if she did not find some way to protect him.

She left the hospital once she had a chance to consult with James’ doctors. She did not say anything to them -what was there to say? – but she thanked them for keeping James comfortable and implored them to do their best. She contacted James’ company to let them know he had fallen to a mysterious illness, then she returned home and began to prepare for war.

Robin dug through some of the book boxes she had not yet unpacked until she found what she needed: a recipe book and a thick, leather and steel bound tome. The ornate book was padlocked but she had no difficulty finding the key, which was on her regular keychain. She unlocked it and began flipping through the pages, looking for all she could find on succubi.

After an hour of reading, she had some hope but also confronted a dilemma for which there was no obvious solution. The book provided information on charms and potions that a witch could use to ward off a succubus. Robin knew that she already had most of the ingredients or could easily obtain them in the surrounding forest or the supermarket. That was her first order of business: to create a charm that would protect her husband from the beast’s future attacks. She would do that today, as soon as she could, before the sun went down and the monster went on the prowl again. Similar wards and charms could protect the house from further intrusion.

The larger problem, however, was how to restore her husband’s vitality. What was clear was that the creature had already consumed his energy. It was gone. There were other potions that Robin could brew to replenish what James had lost but once a victim was marked by the power of the succubus, he was cursed with a wasting illness that only the creature itself could lift. Robin had to find some way to make the demon remove its curse on her husband. She would have to force it to accede to her wishes. But she had no idea how to do this.

First things first. Robin set about brewing up a number of potions. Her first was a protective charm designed to repel all forms of evil. It was a powerful spell, but Robin was a powerful witch. She was not in the same class as some of her mentors, but when she had left Vancouver, her studies were far advanced and she was well on her way to becoming a mistress of the mystical arts. She cooked up the charm, stuffed the ingredients into a little hemp pouch, set it on the kitchen island, and used lipstick to chart a mystical circle. She chanted over the charm and, a few minutes later, the pouch glowed with a powerful light that slowly faded, almost as if it were sucked into the bag and held there. Robin picked up the charm and smiled. It felt comforting in her hand; it pulsed with goodness and hope. She missed this; she missed using her mystical abilities. But fate had put her and her husband into a situation that required her to use her powers to the fullest and she had no qualms about doing so.

She made several other charms, repeating the process, then went around her house, hanging the newly minted pouches in the windows and doors. They did not need to cover every opening to the house; they just needed to be pointed in every direction. There were charms, signs, symbols and scrivenings she could carve into the ground around the house to more fully protect the property, but she could leave that for later.

Her next step was to find a recipe for a solution that could help James regain his health, or at least keep him from deteriorating until she found a way to deal with the succubus. She quickly found a rejuvenating solution that should do the job, or at least buy her some time. She whipped it up in her saucepan, chanted over it for almost 30 minutes, then strained the mixture into a potent solution that she could give her husband to drink. She knew from personal experience this brew would give him strength. It was enough to double the physical strength of a healthy man; it should give a dying, cursed man some kind of vitality.

It was nearly 3 PM by the time Robin was finished. She needed to go back to the hospital, but first she needed to make a phone call to Vancouver.

Diana Lenardo answered her phone on the second ring. She could not hide the excitement and pleasure in her voice.

“Robin! It’s so great to hear from you! How have you been?”

“Diana, it’s great to hear your voice. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch, but things have been busy here. I’m sorry for calling you out of the blue, but I’m in a lot of trouble and I really, really need your help.”

Diana was instantly serious. “Tell me.”

In Vancouver, three hours behind in time by the clock, Diana sat back in a comfortable, overstuffed chair in her spacious studio apartment and listened carefully to her friend’s story. Diana played with her long, strawberry blonde hair, her mind working, trying to remember lost lore and ancient spells that might help Robin in her current situation. Diana was one of the leading witches on the West Coast of North America. A few years before, she had been a struggling novice. Then, one night, a genie serving a powerful sorceress had taken her back in time and place almost 10,000 years to face his mistress in uninhibited sexual combat. The women had pitted their sexual power as sorceresses against each other in a devastatingly erotic battle. Diana did not win that battle but she did not lose either. Most importantly, the experience had unlocked her enormous potential as a witch. Since that time, she had continued to grow in power by leaps and bounds.

She was wearing only a thin, gossamer wrap around her womanly hips. Other than a sheer fabric tied around her breasts to give them some control, the rest of her body was bare, her muscular midriff and her legs completely exposed. Her body and her stunning beauty were the first things that anyone noticed about her. Diana’s body was every bit as beautiful and voluptuous as that of the succubus tormenting her friend. Her form was natural, but many of her fellow witches suspected there was a supernatural influence in her bloodline that had blessed her with her remarkable physical gifts. 

Robin finished her story. “What am I going to do, Diana? I have to capture this thing and force it to lift its curse on James, but I don’t know how to do that. I can ward it off, but how do I capture it?”

“It’s a little more complicated than that, Robin,” Diana replied. She got up and walked towards a book shelf in her apartment and retrieved a mystical reference book. “Succubi usually don’t drain their prey the way this one drained James. Usually, they want their prey to last so they can have a regular supply of food. The normal effect of an encounter with a succubus is that the victim becomes sexually obsessed and lethargic over time, not that they are drained to death’s door the first time out.”

Robin considered this. “So why do you think that succubus did this to James?”

“I don’t know. That’s a puzzle. It seems really extreme. Anyway, here’s what my books say.” Diana paused for a moment to read a bit, to refresh her memory, then continued.

 “Succubi are notoriously difficult to control. Even if you could lure this one into a trap and contain it, it would probably just wait you out and refuse to help James. He has only a few days. The succubus can go weeks without feeding if it has to and some can even put themselves into a state of suspended animation for years. Then there’s the question of how would you force it to do your bidding? You could torture it but even if you had that in you – and I don’t think you do – that’s more likely to increase its resistance. As I said, these things are notoriously stubborn and they are not subject to the same kind of vulnerabilities as many other supernatural predators.”

“What can I do? These things must be controllable in some way.”

Diana scanned her reference. “Well, there are a few things here. Succubi are usually the souls of wanton women who are being punished by Hell. They are turned into demons and condemned to Earth. Based on what you felt by that tree in the woods and what you described carved into its bark, that must be its resting place.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought too,” Robin agreed. “When I realized how similar what I was feeling was to what I felt when we banished that demon in Langley, I hightailed it out of there.”

“Succubi are creatures of raw sexuality. They live and breathe sex, they give off powerful sexual emanations that allow them to control most victims with pure lust. They feed off the sexual energy of their victims. But their punishment by Hell is that they are incapable of reaching orgasms with their victims. A succubus can get really close to satisfaction – it can feel pleasure and sexual excitement – but it can’t actually reach a climax.” Diana continued to read. “Well, this is interesting. Succubi can’t be satisfied by men and incubi can’t reach a climax with women. But this book suggests that succubi can reach a climax with a woman or another succubus.”

“That’s weird.”

“Yeah. I guess Hell isn’t that progressive, which kind of figures. But I think I know why this works this way -I won’t go into it but it has to do with different aspects of sexual magic. Anyway, it looks like this may suggest a strategy.”

“What do you mean?” Robin was startled.

“The book says that succubi can be sexually overpowered. When they are forced to submit to another woman or succubus, they become that person’s slave and they have to do what they are ordered.”

“How are they sexually overpowered?”

Diana was quiet for a moment as she read further ahead in the book. “One sec.” After a moment, she responded. “Basically, it looks like they have to be outfucked. All the examples here are of witches or succubi who simply give the losing succubus more pleasure than it can handle. Once it begs for more, then it is defeated. It has to say the words “I submit” for it to become a slave.”

“This is ridiculous,” Robin said, after a moment.

“Well, it makes sense, in a way,” Diana replied. She continued to skim her reference book. “Succubi are all about sex, so it makes sense their control is found in a sexual act. Also, the fact that they are perpetually sexually frustrated does give enormous power to the person who can relieve that pressure. Of course, the catch is that virtually no human being can outfuck a succubus. There are a few cases here where some witches have succeeded, but always with a lot of extra help. And, even then, it looks very rare. Most of these cases actually involve witches summoning and binding other succubi and using them against the target. But that’s risky and you can’t guarantee the succubus you summon can beat the one you want to control. However…” she paused as she read ahead. “Well, that’s really interesting,” she said to herself, her voice distracted.

Robin hesitated, then plunged ahead. “Diana, what I’m about to ask you is…” She got no further.

“Sorry, babe, I’m not about to come out there and sexfight a succubus for you.”

“Diana!” Robin pleaded. “Please! I know you. You’re practically this thing’s body double; you can match it physically and I know your sex magic is unbelievably powerful! It’s the only chance James has!”

“I love you and I would do anything for you -even this – if I thought it would help,” Diana said to her friend, her voice filled with compassion. “But there is another element to this that you need to hear. According to this book, the few times that witches have been able to take on and defeat succubi in sexual combat it has been when a witch’s loved one is at stake. That fact has provided a vital mystical ingredient that has allowed the witch to succeed where she would usually fail.” Diana paused. “You love James very much, Robin. You are the person who has the best chance of taking on this creature and getting it to submit.”

Part 4

Diana sent Robin a series of recipes and instructions to help her with what lay ahead. “The first thing we need to do is to enhance your sexual power. We both know that you are a woman and a witch with a lot of latent sexual energy. I’m going to send you instructions for a solution that will help to unlock that power and add to it. Usually, it’s better to do this through practice and discipline, but this is an emergency. The feelings you have for James will play a critical role in how potent this potion is, so you want to think about him as you are drinking it down.”

“A few words of caution: this is incredibly powerful stuff and we don’t often use it. Ingest it slowly and carefully and in the amounts that I’ve told you. If you take just a little more, the effects will probably be permanent. You may think that’s a good thing, but there are bound to be unforeseen side-effects. Secondly, it will change your body, especially in the amounts you’re taking it. Don’t worry, it won’t deform you or anything like that. In fact, the exact opposite -it’s going to bring out your full sexual potential and manifest it in your physical body. Predicting the effect is especially difficult for you because you are such a powerful witch with a lot of sexual power that you’ve never unlocked. I don’t know what the long-term effects will be. All of this is made even harder because you’re going into battle with a sex-demon and you’ll be exchanging bodily fluids. How all of that will interact with the formula and your untapped sexual power is a big unknown.”

Within the hour, Robin had a sweet-smelling mixture boiling on the stove. According to the instructions, she should let the solution simmer for a half hour, then let it sit for about six hours before it was usable. Robin was impatient to get to the hospital and be with her husband. She needed to get him the protective charm and the rejuvenating cordial she had mixed earlier. Once the solution on the stove was ready, she left it to sit and hurried out the door. About 5:30, she pulled into the hospital parking lot and raced to her husband’s room.

James looked terrible. The doctors insisted he was no worse than before but Robin saw him with a witch’s eye and she knew that he was slowly succumbing to the curse the hell-bitch had placed on him. Fighting back her tears, Robin hung a charm around his neck, leaving strict instructions it was not to be removed. She put another charm in the room window and a final one over the door. She told the nursing staff that she was very superstitious. It was silly, but she would feel so much better if they would just leave the little pouches where she placed them. The staff was happy to comply.

When Robin was alone with James, she took the rejuvenating solution out of her bag and fed it to him a spoonful at a time. James was drifting in and out of sleep and she was terrified his body might send the soup down his air passage, but that did not happen. She could tell that the formula had a positive effect on his health. It helped to stabilize him, but it did little to improve his condition.

Robin was fighting back tears when she returned home that night. It was past 10 PM when  she pulled into the driveway and made her way into the house. She stripped and went straight to bed, too exhausted, angry and worried to do much more than sleep. It was midnight when Robin sat bolt upright in bed, her body soaked in a cold sweat. Something had happened. It took her a moment to realize the protections she had placed around the house were fully active, going off in her mind like supernatural alarm bells, silently screaming a warning. She looked up at the packet hanging inside the window of her room, but her attention was instantly drawn to what was framed in the window. She barely suppressed a shriek; crouched right on the edge of the outside sill, its naked body filling the view, was the succubus. Its black cloak billowed behind it. Its golden pupils shone in at Robin. She wondered how long it had been there, before realizing that it must just have arrived; her charms were keeping it out. The charm packet over the window was glowing, its glow intensifying the longer the demon crouched there. The demon did not seem bothered by the mystic repellent, though it was clearly blocking her entry. “Meet me on the back deck,” the creature said. Its voice was beautiful, seductive and yet friendly. It dropped off of the sill and vanished.

Robin’s heart was pounding. Still, she felt safe. The charms had protected her. If this creature wanted to talk, maybe there was some hope of bargaining with it. She grabbed a short robe to cover her naked body and hurried downstairs. The demon was nowhere to be seen, but she could sense it was still around; the charms told her that. She stood in the patio door and looked out at the deck. To her chagrin, the demon was there, sitting in one of the deck chairs, its luscious legs crossed, staring towards the dark forest. Its cloak fell over its arms and to either side of the chair. Most of its naked body was exposed. If not for its nudity and its sensual beauty, the demon could have been any other house guest. It looked over at her behind the glass door.

“Come out and join me, little rabbit,” the succubus smiled seductively. “I promise I will not try to harm you. You have my word.”

Robin gathered her courage. She reached up and took the charm from above the door. She opened the door and stepped out. The deck was cool against her bare feet. Cautiously, she took a seat across from the succubus. The creature’s golden eyes glowed in the dark and it wore an amused expression on its beautiful face. Despite the protective power of the charm, the beast’s incredible sexual magnetism played havoc with Robin’s feelings. She was incredibly aroused and could not help but remember the crippling pleasure the succubus had given to her during its previous attack. She fought back the feelings. “What do you want? Why did you attack me and my husband?”

“It’s what I do, my love. You could not spend so many nights screaming out your pleasure to the night sky without drawing my attention.”

Robin paused, then started again. “I know that you are a succubus. I know that creatures like you usually just take some energy from a man on a given night. You might consume one man over an extended period of time, but you rarely suck him dry in one encounter. But that’s what you did to James. Why? Why did you try to kill him? And what do you want with me now?”

“I’m sorry about your husband, though he was delicious.” Robin bristled but the demon simply smiled. “But he was my best way to get to you. You know what I am, but I know what you are too.” She paused and waited for Robin to respond. When she did not, the demon continued. “You are a witch. I have need of a witch but I also need leverage over you.  So, I’ve cursed your husband and I’ll only lift the curse once you agree to do my bidding. It’s that simple.”

“How do you know I’m a witch?”

“When you touched the runes on my tree, you conveyed quite a bit about yourself, my love. But I could sense you were different from the moment you moved in here. I’ve been watching you and James for the past little while. Your encounter with my tree only confirmed what I already sensed.”

“Well, your senses are wrong. It’s true that I have some sorcerous power and that I trained as a witch. But I gave up my training when I got married and I have not kept it up.”

“You may be out of practice, but you are very powerful. I am a demon who is especially attuned to sexual power. I can feel yours clearly. I know that you can do what I need you to do, so don’t try to talk your way out of it.”

“What do you want?”

The demon stood up, then walked to the edge of the deck. Everything about the creature was mesmerizing and Robin had to fight back another surge of lust. The naked woman stared at the forest for a moment. “I have been trapped in that forest, tied to that tree, for almost 100 years. I want to be free. I used to be free, then a very powerful and very vicious sorceress took issue with something I had done. I seduced a man on whom she had her own designs. She and I engaged in a – competition – and she won. She bound me to that tree with her powers and turned this forest into my prison. I used to wander the world, hunting everywhere, exploring and seeking adventure. Now, I am caught here, barely able to travel more than a few miles from that oak to seek nourishment. I want my freedom. Fate has been kind enough to deliver a powerful witch right to my doorstep. I would be a fool not to take advantage of that.”

“If you wanted my help, why didn’t you just ask?”

“Because I don’t trust witches. I don’t trust anyone, to be honest, but especially not witches. Besides, you are a ‘good’ witch – I can see that you serve the light. You have taken oaths not to cause harm. Freeing a succubus from her imprisonment – however unjust it may be – is probably not something you are inclined to do.”

The demon turned back to Robin. “Will you help me? Or will you let your husband wither away as my curse works at him, body and soul?”

Robin stood unsteadily. Part of her just wanted to give in, give this creature what it wanted and get James back. But she did not know if she could trust a demon. And it was right – she had sworn oaths to protect the world from evil, not set it free.

“I can’t trust you,” Robin said. “I would need some guarantee that you would keep your word to me if I helped you. But even if you could give me that guarantee, I cannot let evil loose on the world. What you have done to James proves that you are evil.”

“It proves that I am desperate!” the succubus hissed, anger flaring in its golden eyes. “I cannot afford to lose this opportunity. I will swear to you that I will leave this place and never bother you or your husband again. But set me free!”

Robin shook her head. “I am sorry. I understand what you are saying, but one central tenet of magic is ‘never trust a demon’.”

“Really?” the succubus said, its smile suddenly becoming a demonic grin. “Well, if that’s the case…”

The demon threw itself at Robin, covering the distance between them in a flash. Robin gasped and raised her charm for protection but the demon lashed out and slapped the pouch away from her. It went flying into the grass. The demon grabbed Robin. They were the same height, but the beast’s strength was far superior and it weighed considerably more. Robin found herself flying through the air and landing on the grass, several meters away from the charm. She was momentarily stunned. She looked up from her prone position. The demon had shed its cloak and was walking towards her, completely nude, its gorgeous features lit with a predatory smile. Robin tried to summon her energies, she tried to concentrate on a protective spell, but the succubus’ sexual control washed over her, leaving her too disoriented, too distracted by her body’s desires, to put up a defense. The demon fell to its hands and knees and crawled the last few feet to Robin, its beautiful eyes ravaging her the whole time. The creature pulled Robin’s robe off, leaving the redhead nude. It lowered its head and ran its burning tongue over Robin’s stiff nipples.

“No, please no…” Robin moaned. But her hands pulled the demon closer to her, her body wanted to feel the beast on top of her, inside of her…

“Hm. Your lips really do say ‘no’ but your body says something else entirely, little rabbit,” the succubus purred. “Give in to your body. I will give you pleasure that you have never dreamed of, it will make anything you have gotten from any man pale to nothing…”

The demon lowered its luscious body onto Robin’s naked form and Robin almost exploded with pleasure as the creature’s hot, beautiful flesh crushed her own. Its heavy tits squashed Robin’s thick rack flat, its perfectly muscled belly flattened to Robin’s tan skin. The demon pulled on Robin’s hair and licked her lips with its red tongue, before it pried her lips open and inserted its tongue deep into Robin’s mouth. The succubus tasted unbelievably good, like spice and honey and everything delicious. Its spit flowed into the redhead’s mouth, its tongue scoured her mouth, its unbelievable body wriggled and rubbed every inch of Robin’s form, massaging her breasts with its incredible tits, forcing her legs apart with its lush, smooth thighs. Robin spread herself willingly, she desperately needed this beast between her legs. Through the haze of lust, she saw the creature’s excited eyes burning down on her. Then it was thrusting its smooth, slick pussy deep into Robin’s aching, eager cunt, spreading her vaginal lips, mixing their labia, its incredible juices burning Robin’s insides with a pleasure that curled her toes and filled her to overflowing.

“Oh God, please, please….” Robin sobbed as the succubus slowly thrust into her, penetrating her, its throbbing clit crushing and electrifying Robin’s clit at the same time. Robin thrashed her head from side to side. “Just lie back and enjoy it, little Robin,” the succubus whispered in her ear. “Just imagine how good it will feel when I do this to you whenever you like, wherever you want, you just need to set me free, then I can be yours, then we can belong to each other…”

Out of the corner of her eye, Robin saw the magical charm pouch. Her whole world was burning with pleasure and lust, her sorcerous powers seemed to be spiraling out of control, somehow at risk from this succubus’ attack. She reached out for the pouch. It flew across the lawn into her hand; she instantly slapped it against the side of the succubus’ body. There was a flash; the woman flew off of her and landed about 3 meters away, seemingly stunned. Robin staggered to her feet and began to run, as best she could, back to the house.

“No, don’t run little rabbit,” the succubus called out. Robin dashed through the patio door, slammed it shut and locked it, and held the charm against it. The succubus had gotten to its feet and made its way back to the deck. It was walking at a leisurely pace. Robin was surprised to see it appeared unharmed. The power of the charm had pushed it away, but not done much else. The beast picked up its cloak from the edge of the deck and wrapped it around its shoulders. It walked right up to the patio door until the rounds of its magnificent tits were planted firmly on the glass, compressing, presenting Robin with an unbearably erotic image. Its golden eyes beat down on Robin and, even with the charm in front of her, she felt the weight of her own desire.

“It’s too bad,” the demon purred. “A powerful witch like you and a succubus like me – we could do amazing things to each other. But, alas, you seem a bit timid.” It smiled, then its expression turned dark. “You know what I want Robin. You are running out of time. You know where to find me when you are ready to give me what I want.”

With that, it turned and walked away. Robin watched the incredibly voluptuous woman until she vanished into the darkness of the woods. Robin stood at the glass door for some time, panting and trying to make sense of what had just happened. After a while, when her body was more under control, she put the pouch back into place. She staggered into the kitchen. She saw Diana’s sexual potency concoction sitting on the stove. She had planned to drink it in the morning, when she was less tired. She decided the best time to start using it was now.

She went to the pot full of brew and ladled out as much as she could safely consume, then a bit more. She needed an ability to fight this creature on its own terms. This solution might give her that chance. Slowly, over the course of the next hour, Robin drank the potion, all the while concentrating on James and her love for him. She felt something happening to her body almost from the first sip, but she kept going. When she had consumed all she could, she put the rest left in the pot in the fridge. She made her way upstairs to her bedroom and fell into an exhausted sleep.

Part 5

Robin woke late from a restless sleep. She had not woken up during the night, but her dreams were filled with raging demons, her emaciated husband and powerful erotic sensations and images. This last she expected, given her encounter with the succubus and the nature of the potion she had ingested.

Robin’s head was aching as she rolled out of bed. She placed her feet on the floor. Something felt wrong. Her whole body felt wrong. It felt heavier, thicker, yet also more powerful. Her balance was off. The weight in her chest, in her hips, felt excessive and unfamiliar. She staggered to the bathroom, ran the water, and splashed her face. She wiped off her face then looked at herself in the mirror. “Ah!” Robin yelped. She gasped as she stood back from the mirror and, for the first time, took a full inventory of the physical changes that had come over her in the night.

If Robin had missed unequivocal beauty by a hair’s breadth before, that was no longer the case. Her face was gorgeous, changed in some subtle way from what it had been. She was still recognizably herself, just somehow more beautiful. Maybe her face was a little more angular, a little better balanced in its features than normal. Her skin was smooth and flawless and almost glowed with its healthy tan. She placed her hands on her massive tits and squeezed. Taut, firm titflesh pushed out around her fingers. She had been a D cup before; now she was at least a DD and her breasts were somehow fuller, higher, and thicker than their previous incarnation, absolutely perfect in size and shape, and remarkably firm. She bounced on her toes and watched her magnificent boobs jiggle, their weight on her chest thrilling and empowering. Her muscles were taut and well-defined, leaving her limbs strong and sleek. Her midriff was beautifully muscled. Two of the biggest surprises were her ass and hips. During the night, her narrow hips had curved out and gained hard muscle, flaring from her torso, giving her a pronounced hourglass figure. Her ass had seemingly put on pounds of muscle. It was round and thick, forming a perfect inverse heart. Robin spun around in the full-length mirror behind the bathroom door, admiring and marveling over how her body had changed. Even her copper-red hair had grown thicker and longer, now stretching halfway down her muscled back. She radiated health and sex; her skin tingled with erotic power. Her spectacular curves made her body a match even for that slutty succubus. For the first time, she felt she might be able to confront the beast on equal sexual terms.

Robin showered. She enjoyed running her hands over her new body, feeling and exploring her flesh, lifting and weighing her spectacular, meaty breasts, running her hands over her abdomen and her columnar legs. She found that a thick thatch of pubic hair had grown back. She lathered it up and shaved it off, leaving her genitals fully exposed, her pussy deliciously smooth and bare. Nude, she returned to her bedroom and encountered a new problem: none of her clothing fit any longer. Her bras were at least two cup sizes too small and pinched her massive, thrusting tits. She could not get her jeans over her powerful new ass and the legs were too narrow anyway. Even her thongs stretched uncomfortably across her much wider hips and placed too much pressure on her smooth, clean-shaven pussy. She would need a whole new wardrobe, if these changes remained permanent. She pulled on a robe and went downstairs. She checked on the sexual potency potion she had left in the fridge, then had breakfast. She went back upstairs, stripped, and then contemplated her wardrobe with increasing frustration.

In the end, Robin threw on a bright yellow sun dress and nothing else and left for the hospital. When she got there, she could not help but notice as people ogled her big, bouncing tits and the sensuous sway of her seesawing hips. The dress was too tight, of course, and emphasized her new curves and everything she did. She was annoyed at the unwanted attention but ignored it. Too many other things mattered far more.

James looked like he had stabilized, but he looked no better than he had when the whole ordeal started. He continued to slip in and out of sleep, almost as though he was teetering on the edge of a coma. Robin fed him some more of her special formula and chanted a few words over him. Now that she had gone back to spell-casting, she saw no reason to hold back. She checked the wards on the windows and door. The pouch on the window showed signs of scarring, indicating that the succubus had tried to get in.

Robin met with James’ doctors again to get another useless report. She tried not to be bitter. They could not help it if they had no capacity to recognize or fight a supernatural ailment. Not surprisingly, the doctors were taken aback when they saw her. At first, some of them were not even sure they were talking to the same woman who had been at her husband’s bedside over the past couple of days, but they decided that grief and a lack of makeup had made her seem less physically attractive than she really was. Only one, a woman, noticed that Robin still had on no makeup. Robin realized she had to be careful. The hospital did not know she was feeding James her homemade remedies. If they found out they could easily conclude she was trying to poison him. Her coming to the hospital suddenly much sexier and more sensual than ever before raised immediate suspicions about her role in James’ mystery illness. She pushed these annoying thoughts aside. If all went well, by tomorrow James would be on his way to recovery.

Robin spent the rest of the morning with James, reading to him, holding his hand, doing everything she could to make him feel better. She was also deliberately doing all she could to bring her feelings to the surface. When she drank the next draught of Diana’s potion, she wanted her emotional contribution to be as raw and powerful as possible. James was not going to die, she swore to herself. She was going to fuck that succubus into a coma and force it to give her husband back.

After lunch, she left the hospital and drove down to the town library. She entered and immediately went to the main desk for help. The town librarian was a strikingly attractive dark-haired woman, wearing large, round glasses, who looked to be in her early 30s. Robin noted the woman had a very impressive rack that was on full display in a low cut dress. The thought “sexy librarian” flashed through her head and she wondered that she did not see more young men in the library, drawn in by the librarian. Robin asked for maps of the area around her home. Spreading the charts on a table in the far corner of the reading room, she studied them intently. She needed to figure out where the succubus would be tonight so she could confront it. It might come back to accost her; it might make another try at James, to increase the pressure on her. She did not want to confront the creature at its tree, its place of power. That would put her at too much of a disadvantage. Time was running out. The creature needed to feed and it probably had a regular hunting ground. Robin made a good approximation on the map of where the beast’s tree was located. She realized that the closest human establishment to it was the motel she had seen on her first walk – the Parkland. It was also an ideal place for a predatory beast to find the right kind of people – travelers passing through who would be good for a meal but would not stay around long enough to arouse suspicions. It was a gamble, but Robin was willing to bet the monster would visit that motel sometime during the night. She planned to be there waiting for it. If that did not work, she would have no choice but to face it at its forest lair.

Robin returned to the hospital to visit James before returning home. It was late afternoon. Now, she had to wait for three or four hours until it was dark and then set her plan in motion. Part of her was terrified. Everything was riding on her ability to guess the succubus’ actions and then successfully confront it in a sexual battle. She realized how ludicrous this sounded. She was seeking to fuckfight a beast whose entire existence revolved around fucking. But Robin knew she had no choice. With her new body, she thought she had a chance, but she wanted to stack the odds more in her favor.

When she got home, she took the entire pot of the potency potion into the living room with her. She kicked off her sandals, discarded her sun dress and sat cross-legged on the floor, nude. She meditated over the potion, chanting spells and beseeching the spirits to help her. She focused on her love for James. Using a ladle, she began drinking the sweet liquid. Over the next hour, she slowly, patiently, drank half of the remaining solution. She felt it working inside of her. It did not bring about any further changes in her luscious body, but she felt it fueling her sexual energy, working at building more power and unblocking what she already had. She felt the erotic power growing. This was what she would turn against that hell bitch.

She could have drunk more of the solution, but she heeded Diana’s warning about overdosing on the potion. She needed to be careful; she could not afford to be reckless with James’ life on the line. Still naked, she took the pot back to the kitchen and ladled the remaining potion into four medium-sized bottles. Then, she went upstairs to their bedroom. She watched the sun go down from the bedroom window and then sat down on the bed. She set her bedside clock for an 11 PM wakeup. She did not know if she could sleep, but she needed to try. She set wards to warn her and wake her if the succubus came back to her home tonight. She hoped that it would. She would invite it in and then they would fuck to the death right in this house, where the whole thing started. But if it did not come by, she would need to hunt it. She prayed her guess about the motel was right.

Robin lay back on her bed and pulled the sheets around her voluptuous body. It still felt strange to her, to have so many curves, to have such dense, large breasts and jutting hips and rounded ass. But she was sure she would get used to it. She felt the potion working in her, stoking her latent sexual power. After a few minutes, she was asleep.

At 11 PM, her bedside alarm went off. Robin lay in the bed for just a moment before her head cleared and she knew what she needed to do. She turned her mind to her body, feeling inside herself to see what had changed after all of the potion she had taken. She felt her sexual power as a deep, pulsing force in her core, moving through her body like a hot, throbbing ache. It would have to be enough.

The succubus had not come back. It had gone somewhere else and was likely gorging itself on some hapless victim right now. Robin rolled out of bed. She showered, she meditated briefly, centering herself and her power. At midnight, she went downstairs and pulled James’ trenchcoat out of the closet. It was too big for her, but that was fine. It had deep front pockets. She pulled on the coat. It covered her naked body well and she loved the idea of wearing something of James’ as her armor going into battle for her beloved husband’s life. She put one of the bottles of the tonic in a front pocket and dropped her phone into the other pocket. She slipped on a pair of sandals, opened the back patio door, and stepped out into the cool night. She inhaled deeply, then walked down off the patio deck, across the back lawn, and into the dark forest.

A few steps in, Robin was in the pitch dark, the light of stars and moon lost beneath the dense canopy of the trees. She liked it. Her senses were alive and she felt the night air on her bare legs, traveling up the coat to brush at her naked pussy. She could see very well in the dark, much better than she had ever seen before, another side effect of her potion. She heard the rustling of woodland creatures and the whispering of the wind in the trees. She felt part of the night. She was alert for the succubus. She had considered driving to the motel but then it occurred to her that she might encounter the demon in the woods at night if she walked. The creature may have been waiting for her to leave the protection of the house, or it might be stalking the woods right now, looking for victims or maybe returning to its lair. If she encountered the beast here, she would happily fuckfight it under the trees. She thought again about changing her plan and going to wait for the beast at the ancient oak, but she decided that her original reasoning was correct: going after the demon in its place of power was not wise, at least not until she was sure of her own power.

Naked under the coat, feeling wild and strangely elated, Robin moved through the forest, eagerly anticipating and dreading the erotic battle to come.

Part 6

1:45 a.m. The motel was dimly lit by a few aging street lamps. The woods behind it were full of scratchy brambles, but Robin figured it would be the best place for the succubus to approach unseen. She had arrived at the motel just past 1:00 AM and had been waiting for almost an hour. She was hiding behind a storage structure in the narrow parking lot, with a clear view of the motel’s back rooms. She was anxious that she had made a mistake. She had not.

Just after 2:00, she watched the demon creep quietly out of the shadows of the forest, black robe flapping behind her, open one of the sliding glass doors, and slip past the drawn dark brown curtain and inside. Slowly, mindful of making as little noise as possible, Robin crept closer to the motel step by step until she reached that door. The sounds of vigorous sex were barely muffled by the heavy curtain.

Robin put her back to the wall just outside, pulled James’ over-sized trench coat around her, sat down, and waited.

For thirty-five minutes. The succubus had certainly found a stud alright. Poor guy probably thought he was having the greatest wet dream ever but was instead hurtling down the path to his doom. Robin’s main concern, though, was whether or not the heated session would diminish or enhance the demon’s abilities. It had just fed; would it be overstuffed and sluggish from its meal or fresh and rejuvenated? Robin heard a male groan, drowsy and exhausted. Time to strike. She swigged her sexual tonic and rose to her feet.

Robin threw aside the curtain, muscles tense and blood pumped full of energy. The darkened room, lit only by the glow of the red digits on the clock radio, reeked of sex. Beneath her coat, Robin’s nipples hardened. Despite the darkness, she could see well. The potion had increased her senses along with her strength. To one side, a tanned, naked man in his twenties lay sprawled out soundly asleep on a king-sized bed with its sheets crumpled at its foot. In the center of the room stood her target. It was sucking its fingers one by one. Nude and voluptuous, the succubus regarded the unexpected intruder with cautious interest.

Robin closed the glass door behind her, sealing herself in with the demon. She slipped out of her sandals and undid the belt of the trench coat. She opened it wide and cast it off behind her, exposing every inch of her golden bare skin. The she-devil paused, its tongue licking its lips repeatedly. A twinkle gleamed in its eyes and it smiled. It recognized Robin and it realized what she had done.

The two beautiful women studied each other’s naked bodies. Unlike the previous nights she had encountered this beast, Robin felt her new body to be an equal match to that of the succubus. From their toned arms and legs, round asses, flat stomachs and large, perfect breasts, the pair of women sported nearly exactly the same measurements. Anger burned in Robin’s eyes.

“Hey, bitch. Heard you were having a party in here.”

“Well, well. The little rabbit who ran, ran away from me has poked its head out of hiding,” the demon cooed, looking Robin up and down, its beautiful face lit with delight.

“No running this time.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“I meant for you.”

Ignoring Robin’s threat, the succubus padded seductively closer. It stared intently at the redhead, its face glowing with desire. Robin felt the creature’s sexual magnetism washing over her as it tried to seduce her, to control her with its animal erotic power. Her nipples tightened even more and her clit began to pulse, feeding the intense lust burning in her voluptuous body. But her mind remained clear and in control.

Robin glared back coolly. “That’s not going to work on me this time.” She stuck her bulging chest out defiantly. “I’m here for payback, bitch.”

The demon laughed in a mocking titter. “Whatever do you think you can possibly do to me?”

“Bring that slutty body over here, and I’ll show you one that’s better.”

“Mmm. A challenge? Is that what I hear?” The succubus moved closer and paused a foot away from Robin. Its tits jiggled deliciously, almost touching Robin’s pair. The demon reached up and rested its forearms on the redhead’s shoulders. Robin shuddered at the she-devil’s burning touch, the erotic energies in her own skin lighting up at the contact. The creature’s hands played with Robin’s copper hair. She sighed theatrically, her beautiful face so close to Robin’s that it took all of the redhead’s willpower not to lick it. The creature’s intoxicating smell was delightful. The succubus’ sexual charisma was incredible. “I’m so often disappointed by them. They are far too short. Even luscious hussies like you seldom last past simple foreplay. A few touches from me and they are cumming all over themselves.” The demon smiled into Robin’s eyes, arching a perfect eyebrow. “But you remember what that is like, don’t you, little rabbit?”

Robin ran her hands up the demon’s smooth sides, gripping the other woman’s waist just above her rounded hips. The creature’s naked skin burned under her touch. “Well, you’re in for a surprise, bitch. I’m going to take you all the way. We’re going for a nice, long ride together and you’re going down, you man-stealing cunt.”

“Mmmmmmm.” The succubus gave her a languid smile. “I hope you are even half as good as you claim, little rabbit. I will be so sad if a woman with such a delicious body does not live up to her promises.”

The succubus leaned her head towards Robin’s, mouth open. Robin’s lips parted and her excitement spiked in anticipation, but contact never came. The demon teased, approaching then retreating, chuckling at her opponent’s building frustration. Below their chins, the embracing females’ perfect tits bounced and jiggled. Aroused nipples thrust and parried, sending electric arcs of pleasure through both women. Their torsos gyrated, aiming ever stronger attacks on their foe’s breasts. Stiffened nubs prodded and poked deeper into supple flesh. Claps resounded in the air as the women slammed their heavy, meaty orbs together again and again. The women’s nipples grew harder and thicker with each moment.

“Think you’re the best, huh?” Robin panted. She tried to control her arousal. Already, her sensual contact with this demon bitch was promising to deliver the best sex she had ever had. Her nipples were burning with pleasure, her massive tits were hot and growing hotter with every delicious rub and grind with the succubus’ equally heavy glands. Her voluptuous body longed for the fucking to come.

The succubus chuckled. “No. Simply better than you.”

Ramming together harder each time, the battling women battered each other with their full, pendulous tits without let up for several minutes. Both were gripping the other’s hips. Pain started lancing through Robin’s tender nerves, but her resolve never slackened. Annoyed by the lack of effect her assault was having, the succubus wrapped her arms around Robin’s back and pulled the two of them into a rough hug. Robin quickly answered the move, wrapping her arms around the naked bitch and squeezing hard. The women’s firm tits mashed, thick glands resisting as the four meaty masses quivered in direct competition. Their nipples burned, throbbing with electrical sensations. Robin shot daggers into the sex fiend’s eyes as they raged at each other face to face and nose to nose.

“I will crush those pathetic boobs of yours, you sleazy whore,” she snarled, fighting back the incredible erotic sensations as her titmeat battled with that of the succubus.

For agonizing seconds, the warring females tightened their constricting holds. Firmly compressed breast flesh mushroomed outward as both women strained and struggled to the limits of their strength. Side to side they swayed, staggering like drunken slow dancers, rubbing their meat as hard as they could, nipples stabbing and jousting. Their solid bellies clapped and rubbed, adding to the delicious heat between their luscious bodies. Their narrow navels sucked, sending an erotic thrill through the women. The back of the succubus’s legs hit the side of the bed, and she stopped, loosening the power behind her squeeze.

“Had enough?” Robin asked.

“Your attempts at seduction have scarcely gotten me warm.”

“Show me how it’s done, then, you disgusting tramp.”

With a lascivious grin, the demon sank her fingers into Robin’s firm ass and lifted her half an inch off the floor. Robin chirped in alarm, then was silenced as the succubus’ lips met her own. Succulent and sweet, their juices mingled in their mouths as their tongues licked thirstily. They drank each other’s spit, sucking it back and forth, moaning into each other in pure lust, sexual heat flowing between them like an electric current, setting their gorgeous bodies on fire. Throbbing, tingling tension filled every inch of Robin’s skin and she could tell she was having the same effect on the succubus. They twirled in a mad waltz, kissing passionately and fondling each other’s smooth, warm skin and lush curves as they spun. Out of control, hot with desire, the duo hit the wall. Robin pressed the succubus into it, crushing her tit to tit, their heavy meat mashing, their searing nipples stabbing. Robin caressed the demon’s hair with her fingers, sucked on her lips, and drove one firm thigh hard into the beast’s crotch. The creature’s wet, naked cunt sucked at the smooth muscle of Robin’s thigh. Her dominance lasted a brief moment before she was thrown against the wall herself and assaulted in a similar manner. Back and forth the raging women fought, alternately pinning the other upright and lavishing delicious erotic onslaughts on their trapped foe. Tit for tat, each ramped their behavior up to ever filthier and nastier attacks. Robin and the succubus moaned in shared desire as their tongues twisted and stroked inside their locked mouths. Saliva dripped down off Robin’s chin, mixing with the sweat that beaded on her hot chest. The sexual rivals lapped and squeezed at the other’s lush flesh.

During one spin, Robin’s knee hit the dresser. She backed up involuntarily in pain, and the demon went on the attack. One hand grabbed Robin’s right breast and squeezed and the other dove into her clean-shaven groin. Strong fingers flicked and teased at the redhead’s labia. Robin tried to counterattack, but every attempt to get past the she-devil’s defenses failed. She was forced backwards. Her legs hit the bed and she fell onto the mattress next to the sleeping man. The succubus wasted no time mounting the bed, holding Robin down, and penetrating her with multiple fingers, deeply and briskly. Robin wrapped her powerful thighs around the other woman’s waist, locked her ankles at the small of the succubus’ back and held on for the inevitable, which she’d been holding back for some time.

Robin came, her gasps matching the rhythm of the expert finger fucking she was receiving. She let it happen and opened herself for the flow of energy that orgasm always brought her. The succubus showed no indication of stopping, plowing her hand again and again between Robin’s thighs, working her juicy cunt. Her stamina replenished, the copper-haired beauty planted her feet on the beast’s firm stomach and kicked.

The demon looked momentarily surprised as it flew three feet in the air backwards. It landed on its feet, though, and set at Robin as if nothing had happened. Robin had scarcely sat up on the mattress when she was tackled by the other nude female and smothered beneath the demon’s bare flesh. For several seconds, the naked women thrashed in each other’s arms, rubbing and slapping their voluptuous bodies together, writhing in mutual pleasure, unleashing sensual fury on each other. They moaned and grunted with passion and pleasure. Robin bucked, tossing the two of them away from the center of the bed, rolling them over the edge. Robin landed atop the succubus in the narrow space between the bed and a wall. The two began grappling furiously, one to escape and the other to contain her cornered foe. Their naked bodies undulated and writhed, their rock hard abs slapping, their heavy tits rolling and mashing, their nipples stabbing, their powerful legs coiling.

The tussle only lasted thirty seconds before the succubus threw her enemy off. Robin backed away, only to have her foot yanked from under her. Her rear end hit the carpet and the other woman was on her in an instant. Tumbling and wrestling, the clashing females rolled in a naked, writhing ball from one end of the room to the other. Hands clutched at tits, asses, hair, and skin. Mouths kissed and nibbled at ears, cheeks and necks. Tongues lashed. Legs tangled and grape-vined together in strenuous knots. The women moaned and gasped in increasing excitement and pleasure as their naked bodies slapped and slid against each other, their flesh entwined.

After several minutes of fierce, carnal combat, the succubus finally pinned Robin flat on her back, one leg pointed straight up and captured between the demon’s prodigious breasts, its pussy mashed solidly onto her own. The heat from their locked genitals scalded both women, filling them with insane need.

Robin snarled defiantly. “Show me what you’ve got, bitch.”

“In a hurry to be drained dry, my love?”

“You just try.”

“I accept the invitation.”

The succubus’s body undulated, slowly at first. Its nether lips teased and taunted Robin’s womanhood, slick cunt lips sliding and caressing slick cunt lips. The demon sped up, and Robin moved her hips with it, matching its rhythm, keeping their ravenously hungry cunts sealed tight, slowly spreading and penetrating each other. The women’s swollen clits sank deep into their soft, hot cunts, rubbing and stroking. On and on, the women humped and gyrated, tribbing harder and faster as one minute and then two, then five slid by. Robin felt her body ready to achieve orgasm again, but she held it in check, biting her lower lip and answering every thrust she received, keeping their steaming cunts glued together. When it became obvious that her foe wasn’t any closer to her own ecstasy, she tried to wrench her off and gain a better position. Fire burning in its tiger-shaped eyes, the succubus shook its head ‘no’ and redoubled its attack.

Wet cunt driving against wet cunt, the two naked females fought earnestly for minute after minute. Sweat glistened on their luscious, equally voluptuous bodies. Pants, seductive moans, and desperate groans filled the air, mingling with the pungent scent of sex. Robin grabbed the demon’s wobbling orbs, harshly squeezing and massaging them and bending their stiffened nipples. The succubus moaned out in pleasure, its mouth hanging open, hungry, gasping. Robin could read on the creature’s face its agonizing ache to feel the ultimate pleasure. She tried as hard as she could to give it to the hell bitch, drawing the succubus’ head down, tasting its lips, its tongue, crushing tits with it, bucking and fucking and rocking and grinding…

An intense orgasm hit Robin out of nowhere. The back of her head hit the thin carpet. She cried out uncontrollably. She could feel the demon sucking sexual energy out of her through their conjoined vaginas. The thing was practically drinking it. The succubus threw back its head and moaned in bliss. Robin clung on, channeling as much orgasmic energy as her nerves could take, striving to give the bitch more than she could handle. After nearly half a minute of constant ecstasy, Robin couldn’t take any more. She began to worry that the intense orgasm wouldn’t stop. It felt like her body was going to shake itself apart. Even still, the she-devil kept absorbing more and more from her.

In a final frantic move, Robin mashed her palm into the succubus’s nose and hurriedly disentangled her body from the demon. She scrambled away, her back hitting the glass door. Her legs had no more strength in them and refused to allow her onto her feet to run. She quieted her fear and studied the nude woman sitting on her ass a few feet from her. The succubus wore a delighted smile. Its cheeks were rosy, its skin lathered with sweat and cum. It ran a finger across one thigh, picking up the juices it found there, and licked it clean.

“Ooh,” she grinned. “I LIKED that.” Terror gripped Robin’s heart. “More!”

Robin fumbled for her discarded trench coat, searched the outside pockets, and snatched the vial she found there.

“More!” repeated the succubus, getting to its knees.

Robin unstoppered the small bottle of cherry liquid, threw all of its remaining contents into her mouth, and swallowed.

The concoction hit her empty system like a sudden flush of arousal. She sought its power, and opened herself up completely to its influence. Robin inhaled, feeling sensuality pour over her like warm syrup. When she exhaled, her vision was sharp, her skin prickling with desire, and her resolve renewed. Her nipples grew even harder, her clit ached with delicious tension.

In unison, the two naked women got to their feet, gazes locked on one another. The succubus’ long tongue unfurled from its mouth in a promise of carnal delight. Robin rested a knee on the bed. The other woman mirrored her motion. A low groan rumbled from the throat of the drowsy man between them on the mattress. Neither female paid him any attention.

“I am going to defeat you or die trying, you bitch,” Robin said with determination.

“Aw,” the succubus cooed, “But you are such an entertaining plaything…”

“I am going to end you, for what you are doing to my man.”

Robin mounted the bed on her knees. The demon did the same.

Darren, the naked man on the bed, peered through half-open eyelids. He was still dreaming. He had to be. To his right was the woman that haunted his recurring fantasies, her perfect body coated with a shiny glaze of sweat in the dim light. To his left was a new woman, equal in voluptuous proportions to the first, but with fiery red ha­­­­­ir. Her body was also glistening with sweat; hot drops of perspiration felt from the tips of her engorged nipples to the bed. The women glared at each other with vicious, sexually heated grins on their beautiful faces. He froze, holding his breath, not wanting to interrupt the impending collision he could sense was coming between these two ferociously hot females. As they closed on each other, his legs like the halfway line dividing the opposing sides of an arena, his cock rose inexorably to full staff.

The impact was jarring, a headlong smack of bare flesh, massive breasts wrangling in a rough scrum between a pair of voluptuous feminine figures. Magnetic lust snapped their lips together in a torrid kiss. Tongues twisted and struggled within locked mouths and they moaned with shared, overwhelming lust. Fingers darted and flicked within flexing thighs, seeking and striking at moistened vaginal folds and aching clits. They pressed against one another like that for nearly a minute, teetering wildly with the force of their desire. Their mouths broke contact. Angry eyes shot daggers of hate and passion.

“Fuck you, bitch. Fuck you,” panted Robin. She had two digits rammed inside the succubus’ pussy, and her thumb worked the beast’s clitoris.

“Keep trying, my love, keep trying.”

“Unh. Shit.” Robin’s brain was swimming from the other woman’s assault. Her tits were mashed and compressed, holding their own, but burning with erotic heat, her nipples on fire as they fused with the succubus’ nips. Her legs stood strong, preventing her from being flattened beneath her foe’s onslaught for now. The arousal rushing in giddy waves from her expertly teased labia was manageable at the moment. The potion had made her body so sensitive, but it had given her a reservoir of sexual power that she could draw on.

Robin and the succubus nestled their heads on each other’s shoulders, occasionally biting at each other in passion. They weaved in a debauched slow dance on the tousled bed, matching strength against strength, tit to tit, finger fucking furiously, their aching, dripping pussies hovering mere inches above the knees of the man who had a front row seat to their climactic contest.

With a loud whine, Robin begged for a reprieve from the torturous battle. Emboldened, the succubus shoved her backwards, testing her ability to remain upright. Lashing out in fury, Robin charged, slamming her upper body forward. The other woman caught her, pulling her off balance and face-first onto the mattress between her legs. Robin spun onto her back to see her foe’s eager face beaming upside down at her. Before she could react, the demon dove atop her body, crushing it and the legs of the man she lay upon. Strong hands parted her thighs. The other female’s breath was hot on her stomach and her naked pussy.

“You are so very ready, my dear,” the succubus purred. “I simply can’t wait to help myself.” The succubus ran its long tongue along Robin’s wet slit, lighting up every nerve in the redhead’s juicy twat, its spit burning like erotic acid. Robin bucked, her memory of how it felt to be eaten by the hell bitch eclipsed by the searing reality of the present. The demon encased Robin’s cunt in its mouth and began to suck, drinking Robin’s juices, tracing her labia. Its talented tongue played with her clit, swelling it with unbearable heat.

Robin’s scream of raw, relentless pleasure was muffled by the woman’s pelvis. She felt her cunt being ravished deliriously and decided to fight fire with fire. She grabbed the demon’s perfect ass and buried her face in the woman’s delicious twat, licking and sucking, teasing the demon’s clit, tonguing her asshole, doing all she could to duplicate what the creature was doing to her. In moments, the two women settled into a tight sixty-nine position and started jerking and writhing, clasping their wet thighs tighter and tighter around their opponent’s head, their bodies trembling with pleasure. So intent were they on tonguing each other that they scarcely noticed it when their entwined bodies rolled once, then again, tumbling off the end of the bed to the carpet. They continued their intimate war back and forth across the floor of the motel room.

Darren watched in awe. Minute after minute the sexual combat went on unabated, the women torturing each other with ecstasy, rolling on the floor, their moans and cries growing higher. The red-haired beauty reached orgasm twice, screaming and gushing into the face of her beautiful rival, before the pair let go with their legs and separated to catch their breath. The nude women sat on the thin carpet just a few feet apart and glared at each other, panting, their gorgeous, perfectly matched bodies dripping with sweat and cum, their massive tits heaving. The pause was short. Almost immediately, they threw themselves into each other’s arms, still burning with unsatisfied lust, and went at each other’s pussies with their fingers, even as they crushed tits. Soon, they locked into a passionate kissfight, tasting their own cunts on the other woman’s lips, sucking at each other’s tongues.

The struggling women rocked on their knees, kissing furiously, grinding their bodies, their torsos rubbing side to side, up and down, tit crushing on tit. The succubus shoved Robin hard. The redhead landed on her ass. She glared at her dark-haired rival. The women’s eyes were burning with hate and desire. Robin smiled viciously; the demon returned the grin. Robin spread her legs and presented her wet, aching cunt. “Come and get it, bitch,” she whispered, humping her pussy at the succubus. The beast smiled, its beautiful face glowing with lust. Eagerly, it sat, spread its legs, and slid into the fork of Robin’s legs, scissoring the other woman. The women’s burning cunts slammed together with a wet slap. Both women threw back their heads and screamed in ecstasy as they mated, as their burning, aching twats united. Grunting and moaning with effort, Robin and the demon drove their cunts as deep and hard into each other as they could, using all the strength in their asses and hips to penetrate each other and lock tight. Arms bracing their bodies, they began a hard, grinding fuck, their muscles rippling, their massive tits bouncing, their bodies growing slick with sweat. Their eyes locked, feeding on their shared lust, the two beautiful women fucked as hard as they could, their gasps, moans and cries of pleasure spiraling higher and higher. On and on they fucked, both determined to fuck to the end.

Robin was propped up on one elbow. Her other arm was wrapped around the succubus’ right leg, trapping it between her tits. She tribbed the woman with all her might. She’d cum a few times, barely able to maintain her stamina each time. She could still draw strength from each orgasm, but her muscles were exhausted. Her mind clung to sanity by the thinnest of threads after such a continuous flood of overwhelming pleasure. Through it all, the evil bitch’s hunger remained ravenous. Robin wanted to rest. She needed a break, but the insatiable beast kept pounding, kept pumping, kept fucking and fucking and fucking so damn hard…

She could feel it. Another orgasm. An incredibly powerful orgasm, the product of the unrelenting pleasure she had been subjected to over the past hour. There was no stopping it. She knew deep down inside that it was the last one. After that, she’d be broken. Helpless. Completely drained. A rag doll for the demon to toy with until she was nothing but pieces of scrap.

‘Fuck it all. Make it count,’ she thought.

Robin surrendered to ecstasy, sending every bit of power she could muster at the succubus, who hungrily lapped it up. With a sudden rush, all of her sexual walls came down, an erotic dam inside of her that she did not even realize was there finally broke, and the true strength of the mixture she’d downed in haste finally kicked in as the full power of her sex was finally unlocked. The most powerful orgasm in her life roared through her voluptuous body. She let it all go, aiming all the erotic power at her hated foe. She poured it all into the demon in a gush of hot cum and supernatural energy. She felt the beast’s grip on her thigh slacken. Robin tightened her own hold, focusing on driving as much pleasure as she could into the demon, her hips and ass thrusting and grinding.

“Ohhhhhh!” the demon cried, its eyes wide with astonishment as incredible pleasure roared through its body.

“Yes!” Robin screamed.

“Fuck me!” the demon shrieked.

“Yes, you fucking bitch!!”

“Fuck me! Fuck Me! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….. !” The succubus’ mouth opened in a rigid ‘O’. Its voluptuous body was wracked by a series of violent shudders. Robin cried out as the demon ejaculated into her for the first time. The molten cum burned up into her cunt, filling her vaginal canal, searing its way into the core of her womanhood. Robin contracted her pussy, trying suck in as much of the demon’s sexual release as she could. It felt impossibly good and, a moment later, Robin was cumming into the demon, pumping a mixture of their shared cum into the beast. For more than a minute, the cunt-locked women bucked and strained, screaming out in mutual ecstasy, as they pumped cum back and forth between their locked genitals, as they forced orgasm after orgasm out of each other. Their twined bodies writhed and bucked. Finally, the succubus threw back her head and let out a long, deep, animal groan, and then fell flat on her back on the carpet and lay still, her chest heaving with her pants. Robin collapsed, gasping with effort and exhaustion.

After a minute, Robin pulled herself away from the demon. She disentangled their legs and, as their pussies sucked apart, strings of cum fell to the motel room carpet. Robin’s head was a balloon about to burst. She crawled over to the bed and wearily climbed onto the mattress. She struggled not to pass out. The sensation in her pussy was strange. It was a building heat, slowly filling her body, flushing her with sexual power. She had always received energy from her orgasms in the past and she had just experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life, so it made sense she would draw revitalizing power from it. But this was different. The succubus’ cum was acting like sexual rocket fuel.

She gazed down at the sexy woman she’d just fought so long and so hard. The succubus propped herself up on her elbows. She looked dazed, her head spinning from the mind-blowing orgasm Robin had just forced on her. As Robin watched, the beast’s eyes cleared. The demonic slut arose, moving without a hint of exhaustion. Robin felt her own strength coming back as the warmth from the demon cum spread through her body and her aching muscles.

The succubus approached the bed, crawling onto the mattress and moving towards Robin, coming up between her legs. Robin watched the demon approach, but something in its eyes, in its beautiful face, was different. For the first time, the creature’s lust was fully evoked. Robin had thought the succubus was consumed with desire before, which was its nature. But now, the hunger lighting up its face and glinting in its eyes was all-consuming, absolutely raw and primal. This was the face of a tiger that was determined to devour its prey. For the first time in a long time, the succubus had experienced a powerful, fulfilling orgasm. It had finally reached the pinnacle of the exquisite pleasure it strived for every night and yet failed to attain as part of its infernal punishment. And it wanted more – much more.

Ordinarily, this realization would have filled Robin with terror. The creature was clearly intent on ravaging her, on fucking her and fucking her raw until it achieved another delicious orgasm. But Robin was not afraid. As the beast closed on her, she felt her own power build, she felt her body grow feverish with a powerful lust. The succubus wanted her, but she wanted the bitch as well. She wanted to match this creature hunger to hunger, lust to lust, and use its body to satisfy her own raging desire. She was suddenly confident that she could outfuck this hell bitch and she looked forward to meeting the demon cunt to cunt, clit to clit and tit to tit, every inch of her body against the body of the beast. She craved the sheer, raw pleasure they were about to unleash on each other. The demon cum was mixing with the formula already inside of her, giving her an insatiable sexual hunger and power that she planned to turn against her demonic rival.

The young man lying on the bed watched the gorgeous, sexually ravenous black-haired beauty mount the equally beautiful, equally voluptuous, redhead. The sexual power in the room, already at incredible levels, spiked even higher. The women were looking at each other and smiling, smiling with an overpowering lust that was so intense that the man’s body had no choice but to react. With a grunt, his cock squirted hard, once, twice, three times. He moaned, almost in agony. The black-haired woman glanced at him, her golden eyes devouring him, then waved her hand, dismissing him. He knew better than to interfere. Whatever was going on, why these two incredible women were trying to fuck each other to death, he did not know and did not care. He was just grateful he was able to witness the most unbelievably erotic thing he had ever seen. He moved to the far side of the bed, as unobtrusively as he could, giving the women all the room they needed to go to work on each other.

The demon slid its luscious body onto Robin’s equally voluptuous body and wriggled deliciously. The women’s tits crushed and rubbed, thick meat mashing, hot nipples locking and sending electrical arcs of pleasure through both. Robin bit her lip and moaned; the demon smiled, its eyes dark with lust. The women’s hot bellies slapped, sweat-soaked flesh to flesh, navels sucking. They twined their legs, powerful limbs twisting and flexing, knotting tight. Robin slipped her arms around the demon’s perfect waist and spread her hands on its lush ass, sinking her fingers into the taut meat. The succubus slipped its hands under Robin’s body, grasped her ass in return, and squeezed. It pushed nose to nose with Robin, and the two women stared into each other, the demon’s golden eyes glowing with bottomless hunger, Robin’s green eyes meeting the gaze and staring back with lust and defiance. The demon licked Robin’s lips; Robin licked back. The women touched tongues and then slowly, teasingly, sank into a deep, passionate kiss that lasted for over a minute as they sucked spit and wrestled with their tongues, moaning with arousal.

The succubus broke the kiss, licking up some of their shared spit, and smiled again at Robin. “You gave me a great deal of pleasure, little rabbit,” the beast murmured. “More pleasure than I have felt in a very, very long time. I am going to fuck you until you give me that pleasure again. I will break you and destroy you, but you will feel very, very good as I do it.”

Robin returned the monster’s grin. “You are dreaming, fucking slut,” she whispered. “I’m more than you can handle. I’m going to fuck you until you’re begging me for more, just like you were doing a minute ago.”

The demon smiled wider. “Let’s find out, shall we?” She lowered her head and locked Robin into another deep, passionate kiss. Robin returned the kiss with all her strength. The women’s bodies began to move, undulating together, flesh rubbing and flowing with flesh, heavy tits massaging tits, nipples burning into nipples, stomachs moving in ripples, legs twined and straining, locking their bodies closer and tighter. It was a full body fuck, every inch of both women moving in concert and pleasure, their sweat, their breath, every part of them merging and flowing into one. Between their legs, the women pressed their hot, naked pussies together. The throbbing nubs of their clits came together and Robin and the succubus cried out in shared ecstasy. Panting, grunting, moaning, the women fucked relentlessly, enjoying each other’s fantastic bodies to the fullest.

Robin gave herself over to the ecstasy of the fuck, to the overwhelming sensuality of moving and rubbing and thrusting the most intimate, sensitive parts of herself against those of her hated enemy and giving and taking exquisite pleasure in return. Robin felt like a new woman. The supernatural power thrumming in her body was strong, and she knew that she could make the demon cum. So long as she could do that, she could feed on the demon’s power and pleasure, just as the demon was feeding on her.

Their bodies soaked with sweat, their lush flesh jerking and slapping, the demon and the witch pumped and thrust, riding each other relentlessly. The demon’s orgasm had changed things between them. Robin had come into her full sexual power. The demon found herself even more desirous of more pleasure, now that she knew Robin’s body was capable of giving her the ultimate ecstasy. For almost 45 minutes, the beautiful women fucked without cumming, the pleasure between them overflowing, their bodies trembling with tension, their moans of unbelievable pleasure getting louder. Robin was quivering on the edge of orgasm, but she resisted, wanting to bring the demon with her. The demon was grinding itself into Robin, riding her furiously, feeling the building ecstasy it had felt so often yet was never able to take to full climax, desperate to reach that plateau again. The women’s shared moaning harmonized, their cries of pleasure grew louder and more desperate. But the demon’s eyes opened wide and it screamed out in joyous ecstasy as, once more, it reached the exquisite peak of pleasure. It came hard, it came with excruciating force, it came in a paroxysm of erotic joy so intense it could only throw back its head and howl. As the demon’s cum flowed into her vagina, as it splattered all over her lower body, Robin jerked in ecstasy and let herself go. A delicious orgasm roared through her. She ejaculated powerfully. She seized the rejuvenating power of her orgasm and the power of the demon cum entering her vagina, and sent its shared energies reverberating through her body, replenishing her, filling her with pleasure, readying her for the next round in her fuck war with the demon.

The women convulsed for more than two minutes, their arms wrapped around the other, their bodies devouring, sharing shattering orgasm after orgasm. Their muscles clenched and locked, they jerked in passion. Their cries of orgasmic joy peaked and harmonized, before finally tapering off into gasping pants and moans.

For several minutes after, Robin and the succubus lay panting in each other’s arms, basking in the afterglow of pure pleasure, neither wanting to separate. Finally, the demon rolled off of Robin, and lay beside her, its magnificent tits wobbling, its voluptuous body gleaming in the darkness, wet with sweat and cum. Robin’s body was equally ravaged. The beautiful women lay side by side, their bodies almost mirror images, their tits heaving as they came down from the wonderful high of their shared orgasms. Then Robin rolled onto the demon. The beast moaned in pleasure as it wrapped its arms around Robin, writhed in joy as it rubbed flesh to flesh, and spread its legs in invitation. Robin pressed her cunt into the succubus’ twat, drove her aching pussy onto the other woman’s hot fuckmeat and thrust hard, penetrating, sealing to her enemy. Robin and the succubus smiled at each other as they mated again, watching each other through hooded eyes, feeling and relishing their mutual violation. As their clits began jousting between their legs, they sealed their mouths and began again. Thirty minutes later, they screamed in mutual orgasmic delight as they came into each other again and again and again.

After a brief rest, Robin peeled herself off of the succubus and sat up, then sat back on her ass, spreading her legs, presenting her soaked, dripping cunt to the demon. “More, you bitch,” Robin said hoarsely. “We’re not stopping until you’re screaming like the little whore you are.”

“Mmmmmm,” the demon smiled, sitting up and moving eagerly to scissor Robin. “Little rabbit has claws and teeth. I have to teach little rabbit that she shouldn’t challenge the wolf.”

“Fuck you, whore,” Robin snapped.

The demon smiled. “You only think you can, little bitch.”

Robin thrust her pussy forward, ramming it into the demon, driving her wet cunt into the succubus’ waiting, hungry twat.

“Yesssss,” the demon moaned, throwing back its head.

“Fuck, yes!” Robin gasped, the pure pleasure of clit on clit rippling through her body in a wave of coruscating electricity.

The women resumed their fuckwar, each grabbing the other’s thigh. They tribbed hard, hips and asses bucking and thrusting, muscular bellies rippling, massive tits bouncing and jolting on their chests. The women sealed together, cunt locked to cunt, and fucked with all their might, neither holding anything back. The room filled with moans and grunts, sighs and gasps, desperate cries of pleasure and desire, from both battling women. The powerful odor of fresh sex saturated the air once again. The succubus was determined to experience another delicious orgasm and to devour Robin in the process. Robin was determined to reduce the demon to a whimpering bitch, she was determined to make the whore pay for what it had done to James. But another part of her, a very big part, just wanted the intense pleasure found between the legs of the stunningly voluptuous slut. Thankfully, the goals were mutually compatible.

For long minutes, the women fucked, giving and taking pleasure, enjoying what they were doing to each other even as they fought for dominance. The fire in their locked genitals grew all-consuming, filling their rocking, bucking bodies with heat. Through bleary eyes, Robin reached out and filled one of her hands with the succubus’ tit, squeezing and kneading the thick flesh. The demon seized Robin’s bouncing left tit and twisted her nipple before sinking its fingers into the meat.

Finally, the women came as one, screaming and howling in shared pleasure.

“Fuck oh Fuck oh YESSSSSSSS!!” Robin screamed. Her hips bucked wildly, her cunt clenched hard on the demon’s twat, locking it like a vise. She ejaculated powerfully into her rival’s bucking body.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCKKKKKK!!” the demon cried out as, once again, intense pleasure wracked its body and cum flowed out. Its cunt closed on Robin’s pussy and the two sets of genitals wrestled for dominance as the women’s mixed cum flowed back and forth within their bodies, feeding them both.

The women kept grinding at each other, kept fucking and fucking orgasm after orgasm out of each other. The intense ecstasy of the continuing orgasmic release had the women’s bodies shuddering with tension and pleasure. The women fell flat on their backs and, still grasping the other’s thigh for leverage, writhed and undulated, driving into each other, fucking and fucking. After more than three minutes of constant ecstasy, Robin was not sure how much more she could take. She channeled all her power into the succubus, hoping to overwhelm it. But the demon was sending it right back. Its orgasmic energies filled Robin, its cum felt like hot molten lava streaming through her loins, into her veins, saturating her luscious flesh. The struggling sex warriors were caught in a continuous loop of erotic energy, where they kept feeding each other the power to keep fighting and fucking.

Flat on their backs, writhing, screaming and bucking, Robin and the demon came and came and came, their conjoined cunts the passage through which they ejaculated into each other. Robin’s cunt sucked at the demon’s twat; the succubus sucked back.

“You bitch, you fucking, fucking bitch,” Robin groaned as she bucked and strained, struggling to overpower the other woman.

The succubus did not respond, except to groan in exquisite agony. It pulled in as much of Robin’s cum and her sexual energies as it could.

They finally came together in a gusher of shared cum, that shot up like a small geyser between their locked genitals, dropping back to splatter on the women’s flat bellies and sweaty tits. Mixed cum flowed down the women’s ass cracks to further soak the already soaked bedsheets. Panting and moaning, Robin and the succubus finally collapsed, their perfect, voluptuous bodies momentarily sated and too exhausted to go on. Their bodies kept moving slowly, rubbing and stroking slick cunt to cunt. The man watching from the corner of the bed, forgotten by both women, had been quietly masturbating as the women fucked and fought. He came again, overwhelmed by the eroticism of what he was seeing.

After a time, the succubus pushed itself up on its elbows to look down its body to Robin. The redhead sat up to glare at the demon.

“Are you ready to submit?” Robin grunted. Her body was tired despite the energy roiling in her core.

“Hardly,” the demon replied. “I’m just getting started.” It gave Robin a savage smile.

“Have I lived up to my promises so far, you cunt?” Robin rasped.

The succubus’ eyes glowed with lust. “That remains to be seen.”

“Then I’m ready when you are,” Robin replied, sitting up and reaching for the beast. The succubus eagerly wrapped Robin in its arms. The women’s tits crushed, they touched tongues, then sank into a deep, passionate kiss. Robin and the succubus moaned into each other ‘s mouths as the intensity of the kiss increased, as their bodies arranged themselves to resume their battle. They spread their legs and touched pussy to pussy, lightly stroking their slick cunts. The women’s tongues caressed inside their mouths, their moans increased in volume. They broke the kiss, both women licking up the strings of spit between their wet mouths. Nose to nose, Robin and the demon smiled at each other viciously, preparing to resume their fuckwar. The women leaned back, separating their heavy tits, bracing their bodies. Legs widespread, pussy to pussy, they began to slowly, tortuously, rub their wet cunts, clit on clit.

“Oh fuck,” Robin thought, as she threw back her head and gasped out in pleasure. “Oh fuck, this is so fucking good…” She felt almost guilty, enjoying herself so much, getting so much mind-blowing pleasure, from the same creature that had endangered her husband and was trying to extort her. But she pushed those thoughts aside. She had to win this battle, which meant committing herself completely to what she was doing.

The demon threw back its head and moaned in sheer bliss. Robin watched the beast’s magnificent tits bounce in rhythm to their thrusts and felt a surge of new desire burn in her blood. She wanted to lick those tits, she wanted to taste them, she wanted to suck the hard nipples and bite them and run her tongue along the areola, and so much more…The demon was watching her through half-closed eyes. It smiled lasciviously. “Come and taste my tits, little rabbit,” the creature purred, its voice pure seduction. “Come and lick me and suck, and I’ll do the same to you, and we will enjoy it so much…”

Robin locked eyes with the beast and smiled. She began pushing herself up, moving towards it when, suddenly, the demon’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Its golden gaze darted around the room. Before Robin could fully register what was happening, the creature pushed her away, so she landed flat on her back on the cum-soaked bed.

“What!?!” Robin gasped. The succubus rolled off of the bed and onto the motel room floor. Robin rolled onto her stomach, trying to see what was happening, what had the demon so panicked. It was disorienting, to be one moment locked up with another woman and sharing exquisite pleasure and the next to be disengaged, so Robin was a bit slower on the uptake than she usually was. As the succubus scooped up her black cloak from the floor and opened the glass patio door, Robin finally understood the monster was leaving.

“Stop!” Robin screamed. “Come back! We’re not done with each other!”

The demon looked at her and gave her an evil smile. “You did not disappoint me, little rabbit.” Then it was gone.

“NO! Come back!” Robin screamed. She rolled onto the floor and raced for the door, almost falling because her legs were so weak. She had to defeat this creature or her husband would die! But she got to the patio door only in time to see the dark cloak disappearing into the forest.

She stood in the doorway, naked, looking up at the sky, and finally understood what had happened. She glanced back in the room, at the clock. It said 5:15 AM. She and the succubus had been fighting and fucking for more than two and a half hours. The sky was starting to lighten with the signs of dawn. Apparently, the creature was vulnerable to sunlight in some way. It had not wanted to be caught out in the daylight.

Robin stood in the door for a moment, then slowly shut it. She was crestfallen. Her husband needed her to defeat the succubus this night; she did not know if James could last another night. She walked into the room and slowly sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to figure out what to do next. She collapsed onto the bed, her mind reeling. Her body ached for rest.

“Hey,” a voice behind her began, ineptly trying to be coy and inviting, “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. You up for…”

Robin cut Darren off by flashing her left hand in his face, wedding ring right at eye level.

“This show wasn’t for you, buddy. I’m happily taken.” Eager to leave, she staggered over, grabbed the trench coat from the floor and covered up her nudity.

“C’mon, baby, you’re a dream come true. Let me show you-“

Robin’s hard, annoyed face stopped him mid-sentence. “Mister, you better back off. Don’t push me when I’m angry.”

He didn’t.

Part 7

Robin slipped out of the motel room into the predawn light, tiredness starting to catch up to her now that she was no longer directly drawing on the sexual power her fuckfight with the succubus had unleashed in both of them. Her pussy felt sore and her massive breasts ached from the constant pressure and friction they had been under. Her nipples felt like they had carpet burn. Her body stank of cum and sweat. Still, she felt good. She felt powerful, as a woman and a witch. She had accomplished something nearly impossible: she had fucked a sexually voracious demon to a standstill. She had forced a succubus to cum, again and again. Even if she had not succeeded in forcing the succubus to submit to her, she was much more confident in her chances of eventually accomplishing her goal. But “eventual” was not good enough. James’ life was at risk right now. She had to defeat the demon whore and she had to do it as soon as possible.

The early morning light was still dull; the sun had not yet cleared the horizon. Robin stepped into the forest and found herself in darkness again under the thick canopy of the trees. After walking in her sandals for a short distance, she reached down and pulled them off. Holding the sandals by their straps, she enjoyed the feeling of the thick loam on her bare feet. As a witch, she felt more connected to the Earth. She had walked a distance when she realized she was not far from the succubus’ oak tree. She hesitated, then decided to take the risk of approaching the creature’s lair in the daylight.

By the time she found it, the golden rays of dawn were lighting the sky. The ominous vibrations she had felt the first time she encountered the tree were even stronger now. She circled the tree in her bare feet, trying to get a sense of how corrupted the ground around it really was. There was definitely a sense of darkness coming out of the soil in a kind of psychic miasma, something a mystical adept could detect. But it did not feel irrevocably evil, though it was powerfully sexual. It was like the dirt was saturated in erotic, demonic energy. Robin examined the runes inscribed on the north side of the oak. She did not touch them but pulled out her phone and took a picture, then sent it to Diana with a message. Now that she knew what the succubus wanted with her, it made sense to find out what she could about the spell tying it to the land. Diana had resources and expertise that Robin could not match. Her mentor could, undoubtedly, learn much more about the spell.

Robin stood staring at the runes for a few more minutes, thinking about what had happened the first time she touched them. She hesitated, her hand hovering over the markings. Then, gathering herself, she placed her palm onto the runes and braced herself for what would come. Even so, she was not ready. She was immediately assaulted by a powerful surge of erotic power, flowing into her body like electricity. Her clit instantly ballooned, her nipples tightened into spikes, her breasts swelled with tension and heat. Her pussy clenched and lubricated, growing wet and dripping juice to the ground.

“Aaaahhhhhh!” Robin cried out, her teeth gritted in agony at the sudden intense sexual stimulation.

Gasping, Robin jerked away from the tree. Her whole body fired with sexual need. Panting, she started to recover. Her mind flared with anger. The hell bitch had attacked her from its underground lair. Two could play that game.

Robin shrugged off her coat and stood naked under the oak. She gathered herself, her eyes blazing with anger, shaking her head and tossing her copper mane. She summoned up her power as a woman, her power as a witch, all of the sexual energy she could find. She felt a pulsing in her wet cunt and distended nipples. Stepping forward, she placed both of her hands on the runes once again.

The succubus’ power flowed into her from its lair. Once again, Robin screamed as her clit exploded with sensation, as her nipples grew into hard, fleshy spikes. Her body jerked with the intense pleasure. She could not stop the energy flowing into her, but she pushed back, feeling the connection to the demon through its power and pouring her own power back down the link. Instantly, Robin felt the response. Just as the succubus was stimulating her, giving her unbearable sexual pleasure, so her power did the same to the demon. She could sense the succubus writhing in unwelcome ecstasy through their ethereal connection. The power driving into Robin suddenly grew even more intense. Robin screamed and panted; her body jerked and her pussy leaked to the ground like someone had turned a faucet. But she retaliated, increasing the force of her counterattack and, once again, felt the succubus jerking like a puppet on its strings as Robin forced more pleasure on it than it could bear. As their battle intensified, Robin realized it was exactly as if she and the succubus were together in the flesh, rubbing clit to clit, trying to overpower the other with raw pleasure and stimulation.

Robin fell to her knees before the onslaught, the sexual pleasure overwhelming her like a tidal wave. Her voluptuous body vibrated with erotic energy. She screamed and threw all the power she had back down the link, driving the succubus to its knees. The intensity of their mutual attack was too much. Screaming in ecstasy, Robin came like a fire hose, her naked body convulsing, her pussy gushing, wetting the roots of the tree. She could sense the succubus cumming too, somewhere in its hell. Gasping, Robin disengaged. She fell onto her back, her legs bent at the knees, her bare feet solidly on the dark earth, and looked up at the oak branches overhanging her. The power of the incredibly intense orgasm slowly subsided. Her body felt like it was floating, her skin felt electrical and hot. After a while, she groaned and rolled her naked body onto her stomach. She put her cheek down on the soft, dark earth and nearly fell asleep. But she forced herself to her feet, knowing that falling asleep in this place might prove dangerous. She picked up James’ trenchcoat and pulled it on, but she did not bother to tie it closed. She grabbed her sandals and resumed her walk back to her house.

As she walked, she considered what she had learned. The fact she had managed to hold her own against the succubus even when she battled it in its place of power filled her with hope that this might give her another option. If it became necessary, fucking it in its lair might be a viable strategy. Robin entered her home and let out a sigh of relief. She was tired. She had fucked and fucked a supernatural being for almost three hours straight. She needed to sleep, she needed to eat, she needed to replenish her liquids and her power. But she also needed to see her husband. Dropping the trenchcoat inside the patio door, the nude beauty staggered up the stairs and collapsed on the bed she shared with her love. She buried her face in James’ pillow and inhaled deeply, pulling his scent into her body, cleansing her of her guilt over giving and taking so much pleasure from his assailant. “I’m going to break that bitch, baby. I’m going to make her let you go, if I have to fuck her cunt out her ass to do it.” Robin fell into an exhausted sleep, tears staining James’ pillow as she rested.

Robin got up about three hours later, around 10. She was still sore and achy, but she felt better. She took a hot shower and washed the cum and sweat off her body. She checked her wardrobe and had to settle for a green sundress with nothing on beneath as her hospital visiting outfit. She brushed out her vibrant red hair and went downstairs. As she ate breakfast, she took inventory of her supplies. She had three more bottles of the sexual potency solution. She had three more vials of James’ rejuvenating formula. She was running low on some of the plants and herbs she needed for her potions, so she would need to go searching in the woods later in the day. But that would wait. For now, she was anxious to get to James and give him some more of her home-brewed formula.

Just like the day before, Robin attracted considerable attention as she bounced and swayed through the hospital to James’ room. Ordinarily, she would have found it amusing but, right now, the unwanted attention was just another irritation. Still, she had to be grateful that her spectacular new body gave her the sexual weapons she needed to take on the sex demon on its own terms.

James looked a little better than he had the day before. He seemed a bit more alert and he did not seem quite so emaciated. Robin’s heart soared, hoping he might be making a turn for the better. When she examined him with the aid of some spells, however, she saw that his improvement was only marginal. The rejuvenating formula helped him; it bought a few more days. But the succubus’ curse was still solidly in place.

Around noon, Robin received a call from Diana in Vancouver. She stepped out in the hall to take it, then walked out into the hospital’s garden to get a bit more privacy.

“Hey, babe,” Diana began. “What’s happening out there?”

“A lot,” Robin replied. “First, I don’t know if you’d recognize me if you saw me. Your formula worked like a charm; now I’ve got a body that could rival your’s!”

“Good, then it worked out. What about the succubus?”

“I took her on last night -well, actually, this morning. Found her at a motel on the edge of the forest. We fucked for about three hours straight. I think it’s fair to say I held my own, but the bitch ran for the hills when the sun started to rise. When I went to the tree to take that picture I sent you, I also put my hand on the runes and the bitch attacked me through them. We had it out for a few minutes right there -she made me cum but I made her cum, too. That’s kind of where things are now. I’m at the hospital with James. This evening, I’m going to take some more of your formula and rent a room at the motel. I have a feeling she will come looking for me. I’ve got to beat her tonight. I don’t know how much longer James can last.”

“Wow, there’s a lot there. I’m really impressed – not a lot of women can say they fucked a succubus to a draw. That’s pretty incredible.”

“Thanks, but that’s all thanks to you and your help.”

“Well, I think I may really have earned my keep this time,” Diana smiled. “I may have found a way to really give James a boost.” Robin’s heart leaped. “I’m sending you a recipe for a special concoction I came up with. It should greatly reduce the effects of the creature’s curse.”

“God, Diana, I can’t thank you enough! I love you for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“You’re welcome, but don’t get carried away. Thank me when it works. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to make, so you should be able to bring it back to James in a few hours and give it to him today. It should buy you some more time to deal with the succubus, but it’s only a temporary solution, not a cure.”

Diana grew pensive. “Sorry, have to change the subject for a moment. When you fought the succubus, how did it go? What did your body do, how did you manage to fight it to a draw? Did you feel the formula doing anything?”

Robin was quiet for a moment. “Hold on, I’m going to go somewhere a bit more private and quiet.”

When she was safely ensconced in a secluded part of the garden, she returned to the call. “Well, first, the sex was absolutely incredible. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Ten times more pleasurable than anything I’ve ever had with anyone else. Maybe twenty times. I came like a freight train and my orgasms were absolutely un-fucking-believable. If your formula wasn’t helping me, I think the intensity of the orgasms alone could have killed me.”

Diana smiled at the other end of the phone. “OK, but none of that is surprising. You’re fighting a sex demon with a new body that has been sexually powered up with an overdose of a sex potency potion. When you and this demon get each other off, your orgasms should be visible from space!”

Robin smiled. “Yeah, I think you can say that. Every one was at least a 9 on the Richter scale and some were definitely 10s! It really helped, too, that our bodies are almost identical. It was like we were made to fuck each other.”

“In a way, you were. You’re both embodiments of a kind of sexual paragon, except you’re coming at it from different directions with different sources of power. But tell me this: were you able to hold your own against the demon from the outset, or did you get better as you went along?”

“Yeah, more like that. For the first half hour or so, I was able to keep up with it but I was the one who kept cumming and it never did. You could tell that it really wanted to, but it couldn’t get over that hill. For me, the cumming was great. Every time I went off, I was able to use the energy to power myself up and keep going but I was getting close to my limits anyway. In fact, I thought it had really beaten me when I had this final, unbelievable orgasm. It seemed to shake something loose inside of me, but it also was enough to make the bitch cum, for the first time. After that, things changed. I felt stronger but what really mattered was that I felt I could draw strength from the demon’s cum and from its orgasms. The rest of the fight was really even. We would get each other off, usually at around the same time. It would suck my energy and my cum, but I would use the power I get from my orgasms and the power of its orgasms and its cum to hold my own. And, like I said, the sex was unbelievable. If this wasn’t a nasty, evil bitch…well, I’m married, so I guess I wouldn’t do anything. But, trust me, to say this thing knows how to fuck doesn’t begin to cover it.”

Diana chuckled. “Well, obviously, you do too.” Diana became serious. “It sounds like you are feeding off each other. You’re drawing on your sexual magic as a witch, so your orgasms give you power. She sucks that from you, along with your cum, and uses that for power. But because you’ve now figured out how to give her more power than she can handle, she goes off and sends some of your power and her power back to you, both in her orgasms and her cum. The bottom line here is that the two of you are in a kind of sexual power loop. You may be able to go at each other for a very long time. Like a perpetual fucking machine.”

Robin snorted, but part of her thrilled at the idea. “Whatever. In the end, I’m going to wear her down because I have more at stake.”

“Yeah, I think that may well be true. One more thing: what you’ve described and what’s happened to you is something I’ve never heard of before. I think that you are really unique and your circumstances are really unique. You’re a powerful witch, who is particularly gifted but not fully trained in sex magic. You use a potion designed to enhance your sexual power. You end up in a sexfight with a demon who gives you cum that you use to feed off her. I think that you’re becoming some kind of specially-gifted being. Just be careful. You may have powers and vulnerabilities that we don’t know about yet.”

“OK, thanks, babe. I can’t tell you how much I owe you for everything.”

“No problem. You know I love you and I’d do anything for you. Oh, last thing: I’m still doing research on those runes. When I’ve translated the spell and worked out the counter-spell, I’ll send it to you.”

“Thanks, Diana. I’m going to go home and get to work on that potion.”

The women said goodbye. Robin returned to James’ room to find him asleep. She let the nurses know she would be back in a few hours and left to do some shopping at the supermarket. Many of the herbs she needed for Diana’s solution were only to be found in the wild, but some ingredients could be store boughten.

Once she got home, Robin spent part of the afternoon wandering through the forest, looking for herbs. In her green sundress and carrying a straw basket, she looked like a beautiful forest maiden picking flowers. Her encounter with the succubus had made her more sensitive to supernatural forces. As she moved through the forest, she began to sense and detect many more powers and presences than she had noticed before. None as powerful or malign as the succubus, but present nonetheless. She began to suspect the reasons the ancient forest had survived untouched for so long had something to do with its mystical resources. When she returned to the house later that afternoon, she felt both elated and unnerved. The forest really was alive and present in a way she had not understood. As a witch who was using her powers again for the first time in a while, the idea of exploring and researching the woodlands appealed to her enormously.

Robin put these thoughts aside as she mixed Diana’s formula. She chanted over it, channeling her power, for about 15 minutes. The potion glowed for another half hour before it settled down. Robin could feel its vitality. She was optimistic it would make a big difference for her husband. She returned to the hospital just before supper time and was able to feed the entire potion to him. To her relief, it seemed to have an immediate effect. As he drifted off to sleep, she could see some of the plumpness returning to his face, some of the substance returning to his muscles. She used her spells to examine his essence and saw that his spirit was shining brighter and was more strongly tethered to the world. Robin cried silently in gratitude for her friend. For the first time, she had hope. She knew this new formula was no cure, but now she had the time she needed to put her plan into action.

A little after 7, Robin returned to her home. The night was not far off and her excitement was starting to build. She took one of the three remaining vials of her sexual potency solution, sat down naked and cross-legged in the living room and slowly drank it while thinking of James and chanting a spell meant to give power and hope. The formula burned through her body, filling her with sexual energy, pumping up her erogenous zones. It was twilight by the time she rose to her feet. She looked out at the darkening sky and the black forest beyond the backyard. Part of her wanted to stride out into the dark woods right now, just as she was, naked and unafraid, go to the beast’s tree, and wait for the succubus to emerge from its lair for the night. They could fuck it out right there, in the shadow of the oak, in the darkness of the night, like two rutting animals. The idea appealed to her enormously. But she still felt it was better to meet the monster on neutral ground. James’ life was at stake and she needed to be cautious. She suspected that if she stayed here at home, the succubus would come looking for her. But it might demand a meeting somewhere else, to get her away from her house. She had cleansed her home of the demon’s earlier presence and fortified it. It could now be called her own place of power. As her earlier confrontation with the demon at its tree had shown, they were too evenly matched for either to concede a possible advantage to the other.

Robin rested and meditated in her room. At 10 PM, she went down the stairs and pulled James’ trenchcoat over her naked body. She placed one of the sex potency vials in the coat pocket and left the last one on the kitchen counter. She put her phone in the other pocket. She walked out of the house and into the night air, across the back lawn and into the forest. Once in the dark, she slipped off her sandals and carried them by their straps, wanting to feel the rich ground under her bare feet. She had decided to walk to the motel, allowing for the chance she might encounter the succubus on the way there. She had not bothered booking ahead. She was sure it would have plenty of vacancies and she was right.

The young woman working the check-in desk at the motel looked up at the redheaded goddess who had appeared before her. The clerk gulped. The woman’s presence was overwhelmingly erotic. She radiated sexual power and allure. Despite the oversized coat she was wearing, the girl could tell the woman’s body was incredible. She suspected that the woman was naked under the coat, a realization that made her mouth dry.

“I’d like a room for the night,” the woman said. Her voice was a low, sexy purr. “I’d like a room on the first floor in the back, facing the woods.”

“Um, yes ma’am,” the girl replied. “No problem on that. Do you have any luggage, a car, anything like that?” The woman shook her head. “No luggage, no car.” The girl nodded and said nothing, despite how strange this was. She was sure the woman was here for some kind of assignation. When the woman signed the guest register, her signature was an unintelligible scrawl. She paid in advance for the room, in cash.

“Do you have many guests tonight?” the woman asked, after she had completed the check-in. The girl knew that the woman was asking if there were other people near her room.

“Not many. Most of them are on the upper floor. None of them are adjacent to you.” The girl gave the redheaded beauty her key. “I’ve put you in the farthest room, the one closest to the forest. Is that alright?”

The woman graced her with a dazzling smile. “That’s perfect, thanks.” She took the key and turned to leave, then hesitated. She turned back to the girl. “One other thing. I’ll have the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. Whatever noises or sounds you may hear coming from behind the door, I don’t want to be disturbed. Is that clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl replied. The woman smiled at her again and left. The girl felt a shiver run up her spine. She was uncomfortably hot, uncomfortably aroused. At the same time, she felt a touch of fear. This was an unusual and sometimes frightening motel, backing onto an unusual and sometimes frightening forest. She had just rented a room to a naked goddess who had walked in, probably out of the forest, and seemed to be expecting an unusual guest. The whole thing was very creepy. The girl came from around the desk and locked the office door, then hunkered down for the night, to wait out whatever storm was coming.

Part 8

Robin entered her motel room. It was identical to the one from this morning. The clock on the night stand said 11:10. She slipped out of her sandals, pulled the vial of potion out of her coat pocket and placed it on the night table, where it was within easy reach. She placed her phone beside it. She turned off the light and slipped off her coat. Completely naked, she closed her eyes and let the dark wash over her. She reached out with her senses and smiled as she felt some of her supernatural talents coming back. She did not sense the succubus, but the night was still very young.

Robin walked to the patio door and opened it. The back of the motel was dark, except for one weak light in the middle of the building. It’s glow barely reached Robin’s room. She looked out at the forest. The nearest trees were only about 20 feet away from her patio door, their dark shadows shifting in the wind. Robin left the door ajar about six inches. She made sure the rough brown curtains were closed, though they rippled in the breeze.

Robin used the bathroom, washing off her feet. She drank copious amounts of water to prepare for what she hoped would happen later in the night.

Robin threw back the bed coverings and sat, cross-legged on the bed. She took the one vial of potion left and slowly drank it down. After, she lay down on her back. She stared at the ceiling for a while, trying to keep her mind clear and her power focused. After a while, she masturbated. She thought about the demon and the things they had done to each other over the course of two and a half hours that morning. She thought about the sensations, the feelings, the sensual meeting of flesh to flesh, the exquisite, unbearable erotic pleasure they had given each other. When she came, she made no effort to contain the hot squirt of cum that jetted out from her smooth pussy and splattered the bed sheet. Robin smiled. She was sure the succubus would smell the discharge and follow her scent. Having sent the invitation, Robin went to sleep.

Robin woke, instantly alert, her witch’s senses telling her she was not alone. She sat up on the bed and looked towards the patio door. There was no light in the room other than the red glow of the clock, which showed it was 12:14. Even so, Robin and the succubus saw each other perfectly. The beautiful monster was standing just inside the closed patio door, her naked body draped by her black cloak. As Robin watched, the sex demon reached up and unhooked the clasp, letting the entire garment fall to her feet.

Robin examined the creature’s flawless figure. Supple skin glowed in the darkness. Lightly tousled black tresses cascaded around a gorgeous face and off tanned, muscled shoulders. Massive, perfect breasts jutted full and proud above a smooth, taut stomach and a thin waist that widened into full, curvy hips. Long, shapely legs posed seductively, wantonly displaying a hairless pussy where they joined together. The beast’s carnal hunger streamed out into the warm air of the room, arriving like a breeze that tickled Robin’s bare arms and legs and worked its way to her naked pussy and played on her swollen nipples.

Robin smiled. She stood up beside the bed and let the succubus’s eyes wash over her, examining every inch of her flawless body, allowing the hell beast to compare Robin’s voluptuous perfection to her own. The nude women stood in the darkness, not approaching, just letting the heat build, the lust burn. They breathed together, inhaling the other’s scent, the deep musk of their dripping pussies. Within the closed room, the air grew hotter, more oppressive, their bodies grew more and more aroused.

After two minutes, when she could not bear it any longer, Robin slowly walked to the center of the room. The demon moved to meet her there. Robin and the succubus pushed up to each other, so close that their bare toes almost touched, so close that a deep breath would be enough to drive their hardened nipples together. Robin and the demon stared into each other’s eyes. Robin saw the hunger, the insane lust blazing in the beast’s golden orbs. The succubus saw Robin slowly going insane with lust and need, with hunger and desire. They smiled. Robin slipped her hands along the demon’s smooth hips, bringing them together in the small of her back. The succubus did the same to Robin. The women gently touched their throbbing nipples. They gasped as electricity arced through their bodies. Robin pushed harder, grunting, crushing her heavy tits with their equals on the demon’s chest. The demon pushed back, forcing a tight, delicious compression between their four meaty glands. The quivering meat formed a shared line of cleavage, each woman contributing equally. Both women could feel the other’s heart pounding with her own. The demon arched her back, pushing her belly into Robin’s taut abdomen. Robin pushed back and they rubbed their sleek flesh. They grunted and gasped with each escalation. Their breathing was hard and growing harsher, their excitement becoming uncontrollable. Their massive tits throbbed as they compressed. They pushed nose to nose, they let their tongues touch and dance, teasing. Their powerful bare thighs rubbed hard and smooth, muscle running on muscle. Robin slipped her hands lower on her rival’s lush body and squeezed the demon’s ass; the succubus eagerly squeezed back.

“I want to fuck, bitch,” Robin whispered hoarsely. “I want to fuck and fuck and fuck…”

“And fuck and fuck and fuck…” the demon chanted, its eyes burning.

“…until you give me what I need,” Robin concluded.

“Mmmmm, little rabbit,” the succubus breathed, running its tongue along Robin’s panting lips, “when you give me what I want, you will have what you need.”

Robin pushed her face forward, offering her tongue, her lips to her gorgeous rival. The demon lapped tongues, touched lips, her sweet breath mixing with Robin’s. Neither sexed-up woman could resist for long. Their touching tongues slid together and followed each other down into the other woman’s mouth. Their mouths sealed and the women kissed passionately, deeply, moaning in overwhelming need. Hot saliva flowed freely between them and they began drinking from each other, sucking the spit back and forth, sharing their insatiable lust. Both soon had spit dripping down their jaws to their shared, mashed cleavage. A­­s the women kissed with ravenous hunger, their bodies undulated strongly, rubbing flesh. Their massive, perfect tits massaged each other deeply, filled with heat and throbbing with pleasure, their nipples burned like coals, piercing each other and grinding sharply. Their hot bellies slid back and forth, up and down, navels sucking, abdominal muscles rippling, heat building. As the battling women squeezed tighter and tighter, sweat blossomed on their voluptuous bodies and soon their taut flesh was sliding with delicious slickness. The women held each other in the center of the room for a few minutes as they kissed furiously and rubbed their perfect bodies.

Robin and the succubus were excited and aroused beyond all measure, enjoying their sensuous contact. The succubus ran her bare foot up Robin’s left calf, before  knotting their calf muscles tight. The women’s bodies undulated, their torsos moving in tight circles, rubbing belly to belly, quivering tits to tits. Their arms tightened, drawing each other even closer. They rocked from side to side, Robin spinning the demon, the demon spinning Robin, as they staggered around the room, refusing to break their kiss, their moans of pleasure and excitement growing even deeper, each woman jamming a muscular thigh into the other’s wet crotch. Robin muscled the demon towards the bed. The woman’s legs hit the side of the bed. The demon suddenly broke their kiss and abruptly sat on the edge of the mattress. Her eyes were level with Robin’s succulent tits. She grasped Robin by the small of her back and raised her thigh hard up into Robin’s wet pussy. She used her hands on her rival’s back to guide Robin up its thigh, the redhead’s hairless pussy sucking hot and tight to the smooth muscle, leaving a trail of slick pussy juice, her clit pushing into the demon’s solid meat. Robin’s hands gripped the demon’s strong, beautiful shoulders.

“Nnnnngggghhh, FUCK!!” Robin gasped as intense pleasure shocked through her. “That’s it, bitch,” the succubus whispered, “ride me, little girl, feel this in your cunt.” Robin slid up and down on the demon’s thigh, her heavy tits bouncing in the monster’s hungry face. She moaned in indescribable pleasure. “Let’s see about those tits,” the succubus murmured. She licked Robin’s thick right nipple, sending a shockwave through the redhead’s body, then took the entire nipple and as much of the surrounding tit as she could into her mouth and sucked hard, biting with her teeth.

“Oh God, Fucking GOD!” Robin moaned as her tit exploded with sensation. She pushed her tit more firmly into the succubus’ face and used a hand on the back of the bitch’s head to smother her in the massive breast. “Mmmmmmmm,” the demon moaned, as she gently but firmly sucked on her rival’s tit, tonguing the exquisitely sensitive nipple until Robin feared it was melting with the heat. All the while, Robin’s hips jerked as she ran her clit up and down the beast’s firm thigh, now slick with juices.

Robin threw back her head, her long red hair tossing, and cried out in joy as the succubus released her right tit and latched onto her left. The demon used one hand to stroke and squeeze the nipple she had just freed. Robin knew she was about to go off. She leaned forward, pushing the demon onto her back, and smothered the woman in her massive titmeat. This did not dissuade the creature from its attack. She bit and sucked even harder. Robin screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt her belly tighten then release, her pussy erupting and cumming all over the demon’s firm thigh. ‘Oh God, you fucking whore!” she gasped as she came again. The demon planted her hands on Robin’s beautiful round ass and squeezed hard. At the same time, she spread her legs wide. Robin’s body slid between the beast’s thighs and she pressed her wet, spasming cunt down on the demon’s glistening twat, enjoying the delicious feel of naked cunt on naked cunt. Robin came again, injecting some of her cum into the succubus’ hungry, bare pussy.

Panting, Robin pushed herself up. Her boob popped out of the demon’s mouth as she let her go. A string of spit connected Robin’s nipple to the demon’s lips. The succubus looked up at her with amusement and a grin of self-satisfaction at making her cum first and so hard. Robin grabbed the woman’s arms and pushed them above her head. The demon did not resist, it just continued to look at Robin smugly. Robin was determined to wipe that look off her gorgeous face.

“I’m going to make you cum now, you whore,” Robin breathed, her breath coming in like fire.

“You’re welcome to try, rabbit,” the succubus cooed. She swung her muscular left leg onto Robin’s shoulder. Her leg rested between the redhead’s massive tits and pointed straight up at the ceiling, so the women were tightly scissored. “Show me what your delicious body can do.”

Robin thrust down into her rival’s slick, hot cunt, their netherlips sliding and caressing and slowly, deliciously, sucking as the women met each other’s thrusts. Robin groaned in delight as she felt the swollen nub of her clit plunge into the thick, hot folds of the demon’s labia, as she felt the demon’s clit penetrate her, as she felt their clits stroke and crush tight, sending electric shockwaves through their jerking, writhing bodies. The demon moaned in joy, tossing her head, her eyes shut tight as her voluptuous body wriggled in pleasure. Robin placed one hand on the demon’s leg to hold it in place. Her other hand reached the monster’s chest to fill with her bouncing left boob and squeezed and squeezed, her fingers twisting the hard nipple. The black-haired demon reached up, filled both her hands with Robin’s massive tits, and squeezed in reply, her thumbs working the woman’s nips. The beautiful women rode each other slow and hard, their cunts driving deep, their hips moving in rhythm, giving each other unbearable pleasure. Their moans, gasps and cries of erotic delight filled the room, along with the aroma of hot, sweaty sex. They fucked deliriously, lost in the pleasure of their bodies, the unbelievable sensations of heat and slickness, of the tight, juicy bond between their inosculated cunts, of the sheer electric ecstasy of their pulsing clits in constant grinding contact. Robin felt a terrible orgasm building inside. Her stomach tightened, she was past the point of no return, she desperately wanted to cum. But, through hooded eyes, she watched the beautiful face of the succubus, which was contorted in sexual agony. The demon was teetering on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Robin wanted the bitch to cum first. She increased her thrusts, she rammed her clit even harder against the demon’s throbbing girl cock. As their fucking grew more frantic, the demon’s moans grew deeper, more desperate, her grip on Robin’s tits grew tighter.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!” the succubus screamed as she bucked her powerful hips, as her strong cunt closed on Robin’s cunt. A jet of hot demon cum erupted from her pussy, injecting into Robin’s body, burning up her vaginal canal, bathing her clit in heat, filling her loins with fire. Robin cried out as she clamped her pussy on the demon’s cunt and sucked with all her strength, trying to draw as much cum into herself as possible. Only moments later, her body could not take anymore; the pleasure was too overwhelming. Robin spasmed and shrieked as she unleashed a powerful orgasm, pumping a mixture of her cum and the demon’s back into the creature’s lush red cunt.

“Fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” Robin chanted, as her hips jerked, as she sprayed her ejaculate all over the bitch under her, as she ground her naked labia as hard into the demon’s soft, yielding cunt as she could. For the next two minutes, the battling women exchanged hot cum, their bodies twisting and jerking as they fed each other. Robin finally pushed the demon’s leg off her shoulder and collapsed on top of her rival, grunting in delight as her meaty tits crushed the succubus’ chest, as their sweaty bellies clapped and flattened to each other. The demon wrapped her arms around Robin’s naked body. Cheek to cheek, the women panted and moaned, their hearts pounding, holding each other in the aftermath, neither wanting to separate. After a few minutes, Robin rolled off of the succubus. The women lay next to each other, sprawled on the bed, a thick strand of cum linking their juicy cunts, their equally voluptuous bodies glistening with sweat and cum, their prodigious tits jiggling as they panted. Robin’s red hair was tangled with the demon’s jet black hair. After another minute, the succubus rolled on top of Robin. The women’s wet, lush bodies aligned, smooth muscles locking, hot bellies slapping tight, thick, meaty tits squashing, nipple searing to nipple. Robin ran her hands up and down the demon’s curving back, enjoying the play of lush muscles, before sliding her hands down to grasp the creature’s rounded, firm ass. She traced the ass crack with her finger.

The succubus’ black hair formed a curtain around the women’s heads. Her golden eyes glowed down on Robin, blazing with limitless lust. The demon licked Robin, running her tongue over her lips. Robin touched tongues with the beast and they shuddered in anticipation.

“Are you ready for more, little rabbit?” the succubus whispered, her voice thick with desire. Robin spread her legs wide, tilting up her pelvis, offering her wet, hot cunt to her demonic rival. She pulled the beast down onto her, her fingers indenting the she-beast’s taut ass.

“Give me everything you’ve got, you bitch,” Robin breathed. “Let’s fuck each other raw.”

The succubus smiled. The women took turns sucking tongues, before they sank into a deep, hungry, tongue-filled kiss. The demon’s hips and ass jerked in rhythm as she worked her cunt into Robin’s meaty twat; Robin humped back, she twined her powerful legs with the beast’s muscular limbs, and their bodies locked and strained against each other. Moaning, grunting, writhing, their luscious forms bucking and thrusting, Robin and the succubus began a full body fuck. Their perfect bodies melted together as they devoured each other.

Over the hours that followed, Robin and the succubus fucked each other senseless, going at each other with ravenous, insatiable sexual hunger. They became lost in a delirium, a red haze of lush flesh and salty sweat, hot breath and sweet spit, steaming cum and the pungent odor of sex, the constant building and exquisite release of unbearable tension. They tribbed for hours, grinding their aching, burning cunts together relentlessly, their labia meshing, their genitals fusing into a thick-lipped, meaty lock, their natural lubricants dousing their wrestling twats. They sucked cum back and forth between their locked quims, feeding on each other’s ecstasy. They sucked and bit tits and licked and ate nipples and treated each other to delirious rounds of cunt-eating and finger-fucking as they settled into delicious, tight 69 contests, their sweaty thighs wrapped around the other woman’s head as they rolled back and forth on the bed, sometimes rolling off the bed to continue on the floor. They rubbed tits and bellies exuberantly, they twined their smooth, powerful legs and tested muscle against muscle, relishing the feel of flesh on flesh, of their bodies grinding, of their bulging, meaty tits mashing, of their rock-hard nipples burning. Their screams, moans, groans and gasps of ecstasy resounded. The air grew thick and hot with the scent of sex. The women fought in every corner of the room. They rolled off the bed, ending up in a writhing, grinding ball of sex, rolling from one end of the room to the other. They tribbed and 69ed on the thin carpet of the motel room. They dragged each other back to the bed and fucked each other mercilessly there. They thrust their tongues and fingers deep into each other’s cunts and assholes, eating and sucking, licking and biting, feasting on the other woman’s clit and cunt until they exploded over and over again. Robin came more often than the succubus, but she was able to hold her own, driving the demon to screaming, bucking orgasms time after time.

As the sex-crazed sorceress and the demon unleashed all of their erotic power on each other, their mystical energy radiated out from their bucking, straining bodies as shockwaves of pure sex. All of the guests in the motel were affected. Three different couples in their rooms on the second floor began fucking like rabbits. One of the couples, in their 70s, came close to dying from heart attacks, though they would never know this. People sleeping in their beds at the other end of the building found their minds stirred by powerful erotic dreams, their bodies aroused and aching with need. Nobody called the front desk to complain about the noise coming from Robin’s room but, at 2:30 in the morning, the desk clerk went to hear for herself. She stood across the hall and listened to the sounds of animal sex, of unbelievable sexual pleasure, come pouring through the door. She happened to arrive during one of the times when Robin and the succubus were on the floor of the room, tribbing furiously, finally pushing each other over the edge, shouting and screaming out in mutual delight. The desk clerk felt the overwhelming psychic force of the unbelievable orgasms the two women forced from each other. For almost five minutes, Robin and the demon held each other in constant orgasmic bliss, cumming and cumming, until they finally collapsed in gasping, moaning, sweat-soaked ecstasy. The desk clerk was unbearably horny as she fled the scene. She retreated to her bed in the back office, where she masturbated for an hour before passing out from exhaustion.

4:00 AM: Robin lay flat on her back on the carpet. Her body was burning. Her pussy was on fire, even though, only minutes before, it had been convulsing in orgasmic delight, pumping copious amounts of cum into the demon’s luscious cunt and taking just as much cum in exchange. Her clit felt swollen and throbbing, a condition it had been in since she and the succubus had started fucking. Robin panted, her massive tits heaving and jiggling. She still was not used to having so much dense weight on her chest, but it felt wonderful. Her nipples burned. Her lower body was streaked with fresh cum. Her genitals were locked tight with those of the succubus, thick folds of cunt clamped and slotted into one. Their legs were wrapped around the other woman’s torso. Robin stared at the ceiling, the delirious pleasure that had wracked her body for most of the past four hours abating just enough for her to regain some sense of herself. She had been lost in sensual ecstasy. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked down her ravaged body at her rival. The demon’s tits jiggled with its hard pants. Grunting, Robin pulled herself away from her enemy’s lush flesh, their cunts sucking apart and leaking cum onto the carpet as their bodies separated. The succubus moaned but did not move. Robin crawled on her hands and knees to the bed. She climbed onto the mattress and rolled onto her back in the center of the bed.

Robin calmed her breathing as she focused on mastering the powerful sexual forces raging in her flesh. Her skin tingled with arousal, her clit throbbed and ached and burned all at once, her pussy felt like it was on fire with need. Her tits felt huge and thick, pumped up with blood and sex, her nipples seared like coals. She felt the demon’s powerful cum boiling deep in her vagina, deep in her womanhood, burning but dissolving like steam, feeding her sexual energy, somehow combining with the womanly, sorcerous power in her core to fuel her like an engine. Her perfect body was dripping with sweat and cum. By any reasonable measure, she should feel exhausted. But the sexual power she was tapping was limitless, it wanted nothing but more and more pleasure, more and more sensuous experience. She felt hungry, she felt her lust aching in the deepest parts of her flesh. She was ready to fuck, she was ready for anything the demon could bring.

The succubus rose from the floor like a panther and padded across the room to the bed. Robin readied herself, prepared for the demon to mount her naked body and resume their fuckwar. The beast surprised her; she climbed on to the bed, but not on to Robin, not yet. Instead, she lay down on her side, stretching her perfect, unbearably luscious form right beside Robin’s equally perfect body.  The demon pressed close, her breasts resting on Robin’s arm, her nipples pushing into Robin’s side tit, her long, strong legs sliding sensuously along Robin’s leg. The succubus propped her head on her hand and smiled at Robin, her golden eyes shining in the dark, the light radiating her unlimited hunger. Robin knew the demon could see the raw lust shining back in her green eyes. Both women’s hair was mussed and shot through with sweat and cum, only adding to their overwhelmingly erotic presence.

“You are not a disappointment at all, little rabbit,” the demon purred, her voice husky, seductive. She ran a finger along Robin’s hot, wet cunt slit and traced a line of cum up the redhead’s stomach, into her navel, up to her swollen tits, where the demon traced each of her areola. Robin shuddered. The touch burned deliciously; her tingling skin surged with erotic electricity. “You are the best fuck I have had in longer than I can remember. I am impressed.” The demon continued stroking, caressing Robin’s lush body, her hand running down from Robin’s breasts and over her bare belly, sliding down to tease her dripping cunt. Every stroke burned. For the moment, Robin decided to just enjoy the delicious stimulation.

“I’m not here to impress you, bitch,” Robin replied. “I’m here to fuck your brains out until you submit.”

“Ah, but that will never happen, little rabbit,” the succubus laughed. “I am too powerful for you, too much of a woman for your little pussy to handle. I am ancient and beautiful and I have been giving and taking pleasure that you cannot imagine for longer than you can imagine. You are just a little girl, playing games with your sex. You are no match for me.” The demon cupped and squeezed Robin’s massive left tit as she spoke, her eyes lit with fire. She lowered her head and licked the nipple, then bit it gently, tonguing the head of the nub. Robin moaned as electricity rippled through her voluptuous body, seeming to ground itself in her pulsing clit. She used her right hand in the demon’s luxurious hair to pull the succubus off her tit. The demon’s eyes glinted with amusement but she let herself be drawn back.

“My husband’s life is at stake. I have unlocked all the power of my sexual magic. I am more than you can handle, you old whore.” Robin grasped the succubus’ tit and returned the squeeze, twisting the swollen nipple for good measure. The succubus gasped.

Robin sat up, then got to her knees on the bed. The succubus rose to mirror her position.  The women sat, knee to knee, their asses resting on their feet, staring into each other’s burning eyes, seeing their incredible lust reflected back.

The demon smiled. She stood up on her knees, hands on her womanly hips, legs slightly spread, looking down on Robin. Robin understood what was being offered and immediately imitated the succubus’ stance. The women leaned forward into each other, their perfectly matching orbs mashing, their nipples burning as they mated. Robin relished the feeling of her heavy titmeat compressing and straining against the demon’s equally big, equally firm tits. The women pressed nose to nose, their tongues lapping at the other’s face, before they twisted their pink muscles together and descended into a delicious kiss. Robin loved how the demon tasted, she loved running her tongue over her teeth, probing her hot mouth, twining and straining with her tongue against its counterpart. The women shared spit, groaning in pleasure and excitement. They sucked the hot mixture back and forth, until spit was overflowing from their mouths, dribbling down their chins. The passionate kissing continued even as they worked their tits against each other, rolling their backs to grind their thick, firm glands together, their nipples and areola on fire as they struggled deep inside the mashed titmeat. Both women put one hand on the other’s hip and plunged the middle fingers of their other hand into each other’s aching cunts and started finger fucking, caressing liquid labia, probing for pulsing clits. They finally broke the kiss, rested their heads on the other’s shoulder, cheek to cheek, and moaned and cried out in shared delight as their fingers worked the other’s dripping cunt.

“I have a proposition for you, little bitch,” the succubus grunted as the finger-fucking grew more intense. The demon bitch panted, her pussy wet as a lake.

“What is it?” Robin gasped. Every caress of the demon’s fingers in her swollen cunt sent a shockwave of raw pleasure rippling through her voluptuous body.

“We fuck to decide our little dispute.”

“That’s exactly what we’ve been doing.” Robin whined in ecstasy as the succubus’ fingers hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her aching vaginal walls.

“We turn it into a contest. One good, hard fuck to decide it all. Whoever cums first loses.” The demon let out a tortured moan as Robin stroked her throbbing clit, rubbing the hard nub softly, teasingly.

“What do you mean?” Robin gasped.

“If you get me off first, then I will submit to you and become your slave. If I get you off, then you will free me from the tree that is my prison.” The demon bitch bit her lip. “Nnnnnnnn, fuuuucccckkk….”

“Will you release James if I free you?” Robin gasped, crying out.

“No, little rabbit. If I did that, you would not have enough reason to win. I want you fighting as hard as you can. When I beat you, I want to taste your humiliation. I want you to know which of us is the better fuck.”

“You’re a dirty, fucking whore.” Robin moaned uncontrollably, the heat in her cunt, the unbelievable pounding in her clit becoming unbearable, as the succubus’ fingers stimulated her pussy to the breaking point.

“You’re a…a…a…AAAAHHHHHH!!” the succubus cried out, her powerful cunt convulsing around Robin’s probing fingers. The demon’s voluptuous body trembled like a willow shaking in the wind.

“Unnngggghhhhhh….” Robin cried, as unbearable pleasure broke over her body in waves. Her powerful cunt contracted and began to pump hot cum into the demon’s eager hand.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh!” the succubus screamed, as her body released its delicious tension, her pussy jetting ejaculate into the cup of Robin’s hand.





“Fuck, FUCK!!”


Robin and the demon exchanged passionate love bites, as their bodies slowly released their orgasmic pleasures. They kissed deeply, their tongues slowly twining and untwining, teasing out and prolonging the slow, deep orgasms that chained through their bodies, shaking both erotic combatants to their cores.

The women caught much of the other’s cum in the cup of their hands. Sensing what they both wanted, the women offered the other her cum-filled palm. They turned their heads from each other, licked and sucked the tart ejaculate into their mouths, then locked together in another long, passionate, cum-swapping kiss, until spit dribbled down their chins and onto their mashed cleavage. 

Panting, the beautiful women finally broke their kiss. A string of thick cum linked their red lips, that they both licked up. They rubbed their beautiful faces together like affectionate cats, licking at each other. Pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, they shared hot breath as they glared into the other’s ravenous eyes.

“I accept your challenge, you fuck,” Robin whispered. Her body trembled with lust and rage. She needed to beat this whore, she needed to get the black-haired beauty to surrender. Her husband was running out of time and, so far, this succubus-bitch showed no signs of conceding defeat.

The beautiful demon smiled. “Good,” she whispered back. “I am so pleased.”

The women kissed again, long and deep, tongues caressing and twisting, sealing their agreement. They exchanged spit, sucking it back and forth, as a token of their bond.

The demon pulled away from Robin. She sat on her perfect, rounded ass and pushed her body back, spreading her legs, displaying her thick-lipped, naked cunt, bisected by its deep pink groove. The demonic slut smiled, her incredibly beautiful face shining with heat, her golden eyes glowing with hunger. She reached down between her powerful legs and spread her gorgeous cunt lips, freeing the swollen length of her pulsing clit.

“Come, little girl,” the succubus purred, her deep, sexy voice vibrating in the steaming room. “Let us decide this, woman to woman, body to body, sex to sex. Let us fuck, until we both know who has the better cunt.”

Robin panted with excitement, her body on fire. She sat on her ass facing her enemy, bracing her body with her arms. She breathed deeply, struggling to get the powerful erotic energies blazing in her perfect flesh under control. She spread her legs, lining up her naked slit with the demon’s dripping gash. Robin stroked herself, pushed her pussy lips apart and let her clit slide free. She caressed it, grunting as a shock of ecstasy rippled through her body.

“I’m going to destroy you, you dirty whore,” she hissed, her eyes blazing with lust and hate.

The demon smiled. She began to slide down the bed to scissor Robin. The redheaded witch slid forward to meet her beautiful rival. When their swollen, flawless cunts were an inch apart, the women paused. Their dripping slits were perfectly aligned, made to meet and mate and fuck. Robin felt the heat pouring off her enemy’s genitals. She knew the demon could feel her heat, too. Their eyes locked, both women filled with lust and rage, tinged with apprehension. Their fate, their war, might be decided right here and now.

“Let’s begin,” the demon whispered.

Part 9

Robin and the succubus closed the final inch between their red, steaming twats. Their juicy pussy lips came together, fat and wet, thick and hot, kissing like hungry mouths. Their gashes sucked tight. Their cunts eclipsed perfectly, merging into one thick, meaty join. Swollen, exposed clits pushed together head to head. Searing heat rippled through the beautiful women’s voluptuous bodies. Their heads snapped back, their hair tossed, their powerful forms trembled with tension, their massive tits jiggled. They moaned in shared pleasure, their moans soon turning to screams of sexual ecstasy as they began moving their hips, scraping their clits up and down, back and forth within their locked twats. Cunt juice poured from their struggling pussies, lubricating their battle and increasing the suction.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!” Robin howled.

“FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUUUUCCCKKKKMMEEEEE!!” the demon-bitch screamed.

The struggling women’s cries of ecstasy mixed and harmonized, then faded to pulsating moans as the pleasure became too intense. They could only grunt and snarl as their bodies struggled for dominance.

Robin clenched her teeth and groaned in sexual agony. She and the succubus had been grinding cunts and clits all night, but this contest was different. It was not just an all-out fuck to see who could overwhelm the other with raw passion. Too much was at stake to lose. Instead, the fuckfighting women worked their clits and pussies together slow and hard, jousting and teasing, trying to give pleasure while taking as little back as possible, trying to coax and prod their enemy over the cliff without falling themselves.

Robin and the succubus leaned backed and worked their hips and their asses in subtle thrusts and strikes, rubbing their throbbing, aching clits around and around, their beautiful bodies trembling as they tortured the other with exquisite ecstasy. Robin watched the demon’s taut abdomen ripple, the defined muscles flowing under the woman’s tan skin. She watched the woman’s magnificent tits bounce lustily with each thrust. Robin’s tits bounced heavily on her chest in reply, a delicious sensation that she reveled in. Her belly pumped and flexed to meet her rival’s every attack.

Panting and moaning, the lustful women worked their lush bodies into one, fuckmeat to fuckmeat, gripping pussy to pussy and squeezing as hard as they could. Robin felt the delicious suction, the feeling of being unbreakably merged with the demon’s incredible flesh, of melting into her enemy. She thrilled to the erotic sensation of violating the other woman, of being violated in return, of fighting in the most intimate way possible with their most sexually profound weapons. She pulled with her vagina, trying to draw the succubus’ juices and labia into her hungry twat. The succubus pulled back, her powerful pussy clamping and contracting. The battling women’s interlocked quims trembled as they struggled to devour the other’s sex.

The women shifted their hips so they could slide more tightly into the fork of the other’s legs. They sank more deeply into their opponent’s luscious cunt. Their slick labia meshed and fused, the ringed muscle of their vaginas kissed and sucked, the wet vacuum of their vaginal canals sealed them together. They rode each other hard, relentlessly, never separating. Robin grabbed the demon’s beautiful thigh and pressed it between her massive tits as she worked her hips and ass, driving against her enemy. The succubus grabbed Robin’s powerful thigh and moved with her, keeping their clits fused together. As the excruciating pleasure built, the women’s moans and cries grew deeper and more frantic, harmonizing in a symphony of pure sexual need and joy. The women’s lust for the other’s beautiful body grew uncontrollable. Robin and the succubus pushed up and reached for each other. The women pressed closer until their massive tits came together, nipple burning to nipple, thick titmeat compressing and bulging out to the sides. Their jerking bodies massaged tit into tit until the swollen glands were pulsing with heat and aching with pleasure.

The demon grabbed the back of Robin’s head and pulled her closer, nose pressed to nose, forehead to forehead. Robin seized the succubus’ head and pulled her hair viciously. The women’s burning gazes locked, both feeling their shared power as they tried to overwhelm the other with raw sexual energy. Their mouths sank into a deep, passionate kiss. Their voluptuous flesh knotted together, legs encircling hips and twining their bodies in place, hands gripping pumping, rippling asses, tits and bellies crushed tight as they writhed, sweat slick flesh rubbing on flesh.

Robin held onto her sanity by the thinnest of threads. The pleasure the succubus was forcing on her was unbearable. Every muscle in her body was saturated with heat and tension, her erogenous zones were overflowing with erotic power. The only thing that kept her from exploding in the most intense orgasm of her life was her love for James, her knowledge that losing to the demon-bitch would doom her husband. Robin was counting on the fact that the sex demon, for all her erotic power, was not used to being fucked to orgasm. She had become used to the constant frustration of being on the edge of orgasm without going over. Robin hoped the woman lacked the self-control to outlast her. She could feel the succubus’ luscious muscles quivering under her hands, wracked with pleasure and desperate to release. But Robin knew she was also inexperienced. Holding back the raging flood of sexual power boiling in every cell of her body was something she had never done before. She tried to focus on James’ face. She remembered Diana telling her that the witches who had succeeded in conquering succubi in the past had always been fighting for someone they loved. She prayed this was the advantage she needed to anchor her against the torrent of erotic ecstasy roaring through her body, demanding release.

Tears streamed down the women’s gorgeous faces. Their lush bodies twined in a knot, arms and legs wrapped around each other, beautiful muscles straining, gripping each other’s asses tightly, working their hips, thrusting with their tits, their bellies, their clits. Their bodies were sexual bombs, ticking down to a devastating explosion. Their tongues wrestled furiously inside their locked mouths, saliva flowing back and forth between them like a fountain. Spit overflowed their mouths and trickled down to their rolling chests. The women swallowed the other’s moans and screams and cries of desperation. Their animal sounds grew louder, deeper, ever more frantic. They could feel they were teetering on the edge, they could feel the end was coming for both of them. It was just a matter of who would fall first.

Robin felt her body convulsing deep inside, she felt the sexual power about to explode, she just could not take any more! Her desperate thoughts turned to James. “Oh God, baby, I’m sorry.” The erotic sensations rocking her body were just too much.

The demon broke their kiss in a spray of spit, threw back her head and screamed. At the same instant, Robin felt the succubus’ cunt tighten on her pussy even harder and a flow of molten cum surge up into her twat, filling her, burning its way all the way up her vaginal canal into the core of her womanhood. The demon’s belly rippled deliciously against Robin’s abdomen as she pumped her cum into the redhead’s body.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” the succubus shrieked. She pulled Robin’s hair viciously with one of her hands, her other hand sinking its fingers into the redhead’s taut ass as her body convulsed.

The liquid heat flowed deep into her body, violating her in the most incredible way. Robin’s mind registered her victory. An instant later, she let go, letting the pleasure boiling in her core explode like an erotic bomb.

“OH FUCKING GOD, YESSSSSSS!!” Robin howled as she came, emptying her body into the succubus, feeling the relief flow through her in a tidal wave of cum. An instant later, the tension filled her again and she pumped it out in another jet of hot cum, another devastating orgasm.

“FUCK, FUCK, YESSSS!!” the succubus screamed.

The women tightened their grips on each other, claws sinking into perfect asses, and writhed uncontrollably, grinding heavy tits, nipples burning to nipples, their taut bellies rippling, their hips and asses pumping as they fucked orgasm after orgasm out of the other. Their steaming ejaculate sprayed everywhere, soaking the bed under their asses, coating their lower bodies. Mostly it mixed into a powerful sexual broth inside of their locked bodies, filling them, fueling their sexual combat. The erotic sensations were overwhelming. The women shared their power, feeding off each other, cumming and cumming and cumming, unwilling to stop. For more than ten minutes, they pumped orgasmic energy and cum back and forth, riding each other in unbearable ecstasy.

As their voluptuous bodies erupted in waves of pleasure, the fuckfighting witch and demon became the epicenter of an explosion of sexual psychic energy that radiated through the motel and out into the forest, even touching the edge of the town many miles away. For the ordinary humans caught in the blast, the effect was devastating. The guests at the hotel shuddered and collapsed in ecstasy as their bodies mirrored the pleasure of the two women at the core. The young receptionist, still lying her bed in the back office, found herself screaming and gasping, arching her back, writhing uncontrollably, as she came again and and again.

Robin and the succubus finally fell away from each other, their exhausted limbs giving way. But the pleasure did not stop. The women screamed and screamed, flat on their backs, their spines arching, their bodies thrashing and bucking as they fucked orgasm after orgasm after orgasm out of each other. Sexual power flowed between them, a circuit of raw, raging energy, burning their flesh, pumping them up with excruciating pleasure, exploding again and again in eruptions of creamy cum. Gasping, moaning the women collapsed, their genitals locked, squeezing and squeezing, trying to crush their rival into submission.

For some time, Robin and the succubus lay quietly on the bed, fucked out of their minds, struggling to recover from what they had done to each other. Their bodies were fused into one, sealed cunt to cunt, their flesh dripping with sweat, their lower bodies coated in creamy cum. Their massive tits heaved with each pant, their engorged nipples pointed like spikes to the ceiling. They floated in the aftermath of their incredible orgasmic release. Robin just wanted to lie there and enjoy the electricity running through her muscles and the delicious sensation of her cunt interlocked with the demon’s cunt. Their heat and liquids flowed between their bodies in waves. Robin came back to full awareness as her sense of urgency grew. She remembered why she was doing all of this – she was trying to save her beloved husband’s life. Clinging to that thought, she pushed herself up on her elbows and slowly pulled her body away from the demon’s supine form. The women’s fused cunts sucked apart. Thick strands of viscous cum fell to the bed as their pussies separated, breaking the meaty lock between their perfect bodies. The demon moaned in protest, but did not stir. Robin pulled away. She sat up, her legs spread, then ran her finger up her hot slit, scooping out some of the mixed cum, and sucked it off her fingertip. She began to crawl towards the succubus.

The demon watched her approach through hooded eyes. The black-haired beauty smiled in anticipation. She spread her legs slightly wider in welcome and reached out for Robin.

“Come here, little rabbit,” the demon purred, its yellow eyes glowing with lust. “I want to feel you on top of me.”

Robin eagerly mounted her voluptuous rival. The women grunted in mutual pleasure as their hot, naked bodies crushed tight. Robin moaned deep in her throat as her aching, burning tits squashed down on the succubus’ equally meaty glands. The demon wrapped her arms around the redhead’s back and knotted her legs through Robin’s limbs, locking their bodies in place. The women writhed, wet, hot flesh sliding on wet, hot flesh. They cried out as their electric nipples found each other within their dense titflesh and mated. Robin squeezed the demon’s ass and bit her on her neck, raising a love bite. The demon gasped in joy and returned the bite, leaving her teethmarks on Robin’s columnar shoulder.

For a few minutes, the beautiful women wriggled and rubbed, enjoying the sensations of their perfectly matched bodies moving and flowing against the other, their wet flesh slick and hot. Robin pushed down with her hips and splatted her naked pussy onto the succubus’ welcoming twat. The women worked their cunts around and around, penetrating, spreading each other. Their swollen clits ached and burned as they caressed and the women shuddered in mutual ecstasy, crying out in joy, biting each other in passion and hunger.

“That’s it, little girl,” the demon whispered in Robin’s ear. “Make me cum again, and I’ll make you cum and we’ll share cum, we’ll give each other all the pleasure we desire…” She pulled hard on Robin’s ass, drawing the redhead into her juicy cunt more deeply.

Robin gasped, then raised her head and pressed nose to nose with the demon. They glared through half-closed eyes. They touched tongues and shared hot breath. “You came first, bitch,” Robin moaned. “You lost. Submit to me. Say the words.”

The succubus replied by grasping the back of Robin’s head and pulling the redhead into a deep, probing kiss. Robin did not resist. She returned the kiss with equal passion and desire. She gave her body what it wanted and began to grind and thrust, clit on clit, riding the demon into erotic bliss.

The women’s erotic moaning spiraled higher and higher as fucked furiously. Just a few minutes later, their moans turned to shouts of joy. They came simultaneously, slamming their wet cunts together over and over in mutual ecstasy, clawing and biting as they pumped cum back and forth, before finally shuddering in completion and collapsing. Robin rested her head on the succubus’ shoulder, her entire body throbbing in the aftermath. Part of her did not want this to end. But she had to get the demon to surrender, she had to save James.

“Submit,” Robin whispered into her rival’s ear. “Submit to me. Say you submit.”

The demon replied by wrapping its arms and legs around Robin’s body and rolling her onto her back. The succubus smiled as it pressed down on the redhead, grabbing her hair and pulling hard. As Robin cried out in pain, the succubus sealed their mouths, driving her tongue deep into Robin’s mouth, drooling a mouthful of saliva that Robin swallowed back, almost instinctively. The women kissed deeply, tongues working, arms and legs twining around their bodies, limbs knotting, muscles straining. Robin was dazed with desire and pleasure when the succubus finally broke the kiss. She smiled down at Robin and licked the redhead’s lips.

“Don’t ever trust a demon, little rabbit,” the woman cooed. She suddenly pulled away from Robin, freeing herself from their entwined limbs, and rolled off the bed onto the floor. Robin was startled only for a moment, then realized the demon was pulling a repeat of the night before.

“No, you fuck!!,” Robin screeched. She began rolling to the side of the bed, but the demon had already crossed the room, snatched up its cloak, and was opening the patio door. It glanced back to give Robin a dazzling grin, its golden eyes shining, then it was out the door, throwing its cloak over its shoulders as it ran.

Robin landed on the floor on her knees and leaped to her feet. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that the time was 5:15. It would soon be dawn. She grabbed her coat, knowing that her phone was in the pocket, grabbed her sandals, and dashed out the door, pursuing the demon-bitch. Robin was surprised she did not feel more tired. She had been fucking non-stop for hours, yet her body felt rejuvenated. The shot of adrenaline was helping, but it was more than that. The sexual energy she had been feeding on for so many hours was powering her body even now. She saw the flash of movement as the demon disappeared into the forest. The succubus had leaped the brambles behind the motel and was running like a panther, its black cloak flying behind it like a flag. But Robin was seeing with more than human senses. Without even thinking, she ran at the brambles and then leaped over them in a spectacular jump that should have been well beyond human capability. She raced after the succubus, astonished at her own speed. The trees flashed by and she ran as fast as she could. But the succubus was moving just as fast. Robin could not close the gap between them.

The women raced through the pitch black, the forest canopy holding back the first rays of the sun. Robin carried her sandals; she knew they would go flying off if she tried to wear them. Her coat was wide open, flowing around her like a cape. She reached the clearing around the demon’s oak tree just in time to see the succubus standing in a gaping doorway that had opened like a gash in the side of the tree. The black-haired bitch smiled at Robin, her golden eyes glowing in triumph, and blew the redhead a kiss.

“I will see you tonight, little rabbit,” the succubus smiled. She winked. She stepped into the jagged space and, in a flash, it was gone as if it was never there.

“NOOOO!!,” Robin screamed. She threw herself at the tree, desperate to find some way to open the door, but there was nothing. Angrily, she put her hand on the runes and sent a surge of sexual power through whatever connection formed with the succubus. She felt her power driving into the demon, filling the creature with pulsating, overwhelming pleasure. Robin was gratified as she felt and heard, in her mind, the demon howling in ecstasy. She could feel it cumming uncontrollably in response to her vicious attack. A moment later, an answering surge of pleasure came roaring through the connection, filling Robin’s perfect body with sexual electricity, and driving her to her knees. The pleasure was so intense it almost broke her. She shrieked and came in a gush of cum, splattering the ground. Trembling, struggling to hold onto consciousness, Robin retaliated, sending her own power roaring back through the link. She was rewarded with the sense of violating the demon, of filling the succubus with her sexual energy. An image of the succubus writhing in the dark, flat on her back on a staircase, screaming and cumming, flashed in Robin’s mind. Then the demon struck back and Robin felt her mind and body exploding in ecstasy. It was too much to bear. As her pussy erupted again, she blasted one final strike through the link. As the darkness took her, Robin sensed the succubus thrashing and screaming in the depths. The redheaded beauty passed out, her hand falling away from the runes, breaking the link.

Part 10

“This bitch just won’t surrender,” Robin complained to Diana. “No matter how many times I make her cum, no matter how many ways we fuck each other to screaming orgasms, she just won’t say the words.”

Robin was striding through the gradually lightening woods, her phone in one hand, her sandals swinging in the other. Her coat was wide open, exposing her magnificent body.

“From what I have read, a succubus who is truly defeated has no choice but to submit,” Dian replied. “It may be that you and this creature are just too evenly matched. You may be making her cum, but it isn’t enough to say you’ve really overpowered her.”

“Fuck,” Robin grunted. “Just fuck. That may never happen. I don’t think it can beat me, but I can’t beat it either. We’re just caught in a stalemate and James is running out of time. Those potions won’t keep him going forever.”

“Yes,” Diana said, her voice distracted. She was still working on the problem of the succubus who came and came yet still would not submit. It was 4 AM in Vancouver and she had been woken out of a sound sleep, but she had the gift of being instantly alert. “When you make this demon cum, what exactly is happening? Do you have any pattern?”

“Well, I have my climax and as I’m cumming, I focus on pumping as much of the sexual power I release into her. Along with a lot of my cum, too, of course. I think she is just overwhelmed by the pleasure I’m giving her and then she goes off and starts pumping her power and her cum back into me. We can go back and forth like that for a while. In fact, last night, when we had our fuck competition, we kept the orgasm going for about 10 minutes, I swear to God. Maybe longer. Like you had said, we became a perpetual fuck machine. I thought I was going to die and it took everything I had not to pass out…The bizarre thing is that it doesn’t take long for me to recover, even after something like that. That bitch never seems to really get tired, though. That’s my main concern, to be honest….”

“Yes, hold that thought for a second, babe,” Diana interrupted. “So, are you saying that you’re always the first one to go off? The power of your orgasms are what push her over the edge?”

Robin came to an abrupt stop. She tried to focus, to remember exactly what unfolded between her and the demon bitch, how her body felt when they were fuckfighting and how she was using her sexual power. “No,” she said slowly. “I can say that with 100% certainty. Of course, things get pretty delirious pretty fast, there’s a lot of cumming going on and most of the time my body is so overwhelmed I barely know what’s happening…but, yeah, there are definitely times that I got her off first. That’s not what usually happens, but it does happen.I mean, I won the fuck competition, so that says it all.”

“OK, it sounds like it is always really close and that you are usually the one who goes off first. Yeah, so that confirms what we’ve been saying. I suspect that beating this thing requires that you really overpower it, and it doesn’t sound like you’ve come close to doing that.”

“Fuck,” Robin sighed, starting to walk again. She was almost at her house. “I don’t know if I can do that. I’ve been getting a lot better at holding off my climaxes, but this bitch is like the Energizer Bunny. I don’t think I can outfuck her like that.”

The forest gave way to the clearing with her home. She walked up the lawn, looking forward to getting some food and sleep.

“I think you can actually beat her,” Diana said confidently. “You’re using your sexual power to get her off, right? But you’re usually letting your orgasms super-charge you and then you’re pumping it into her. Why don’t you start pumping it when you first lock-up with the demon? You can get her to edge a lot sooner than she’s getting there now. Then, you just have to push her over.”

Robin walked into the kitchen. She dropped her sandals at the door and slipped off her coat, leaving her naked, and began puttering around, putting on the kettle to make herself some rejuvenating herbal tea. “I understand that in theory. But I don’t think I have that kind of control. You might, but I don’t. And, like I said, once things start with this cunt, they get delirious really fast…”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it, the sex is unbelievable!” Diana sounded a bit exasperated. “Look, I appreciate that you left here before you completed your training, but you’re one of the most naturally gifted witches I’ve ever met. I guarantee, you have this control. You can do it.”

Robin sat in her favorite chair in the living room, waiting for the kettle to boil. “You think so?”

“I know it. I’ve trained you, I’ve seen what you can do. And you have a really powerful motivation.”

“Yeah,” Robin agreed. “The succubus obviously plans to keep fuckfighting me until I become desperate enough to give it what it wants. Plus, it obviously just loves getting off. It will be back tonight, or it will find me to start up again. But that still means James is losing more and more time.”

“Yes, you need to take this thing on when you want to, the sooner the better, and I think I have a way for you to do that.”

“Really?! Oh my god, you really are a godsend!”

“Of course I am.” Diana smiled. “I’ve been working on that spell on the tree. I was going to call you this morning about it. I’ve deciphered it and I know how it works. I also think I have a way to get you in there when you want to go in – that is, if you think you’re ready to face this creature in its lair.”

“I have no choice. What have you got?”

“Well, first thing: do you have anything that belongs to this monster?”

“Well, other than its cloak, it’s naked, so I don’t think…” Robin smiled. “Of course, I do. I have its cum. I’m covered in it right now and there’s an awful lot of it in my twat at this very moment. It’s practically dripping out.”

“Bingo! Obviously, what you’ve got is mixed in with your juices, but that shouldn’t matter for this spell. I’m going to send you a formula for an entry spell to the tree. It’s meant to be keyed to the succubus, but the cum you have should be enough to fool the spell. We mix it into a potion, you put it on the runes, then say the words. If it’s the kind of spell I think it is, it will pick out the parts of the succubus’ essence that it can detect and open the door.”

“OK. Then I’m not waiting for that bitch, anymore. I can go back there this afternoon and get it on with that whore again.”

“Good. I think we have a plan and a strategy. I’m sending you everything I have right now. It won’t take long to prepare the potion, so you don’t have to worry about doing it right this minute. What are you going to do?”

Robin returned to the kitchen and took off the kettle. “First thing is to swab my cunt and get some of that demon cum in a bottle. Then I’m going to eat, shower, sleep for a few hours, go to the hospital to see James, then come back here and mix up your formula. Then I’m going to go to that tree, force it open, and fuck that cunt’s brains out. I’m going to force her to submit if I have to grind her twat into hamburger meat.”

“Good.” Diana nodded. “Call me before you leave for the tree, just to check in, OK?”

“OK. Again, thanks Diana. I’d be completely lost without you.”

“Yeah, I know. Love you, Robin.”

“Love you too.”

Robin clicked off her phone, poured the kettle into a teapot, then left it to steep as she went upstairs to find a swab. For the first time since the ordeal started, she began to feel she had a more than even chance of winning the war.

It was 2 PM when Robin set out from her house, wearing only the belted trenchcoat. In one pocket was the last vial of sex potion and her phone; in the other was the vial containing the mixture that would get her into the succubus’ lair. Her bare feet sank into the soft loam as she made her way through the forest to the succubus’ oak tree. She walked at a measured pace, keeping her mind focused and her breathing even, trying to feel the power of the Earth and her own power, remembering her training from her time with Diana. She had called her mentor and friend just before she left the house to get some final words of encouragement and support and a final spell. She knew what she had to do; now, it was just doing it. Her visit with James at the hospital had renewed her sense of urgency. There were signs of the man she knew in him now, but he was still teetering on the edge of death. Diana’s potions had only slowed his descent.

A little before 3 PM, Robin stepped into the shadow of the massive oak tree. She could feel the power of the place and the aura of the succubus’ power much more acutely than she had before, even more than this morning. She suspected this demonstrated how quickly her own powers were emerging and evolving. She whispered a spell of concealment. She did not want the succubus to know she was there. The element of surprise could be useful.

Robin walked around to north side of the tree, where the runes were. She could feel the essence of demonic power coming off the ground through the soles of her bare feet. Once again, she was struck by how the power was not consummately evil, though there was no doubt it was demonic in nature. She wondered what the story of this particular demon was. She was a wanton woman who was condemned to an existence as a sexual vampire, but what did it mean to be “wanton”? Was she truly evil? Robin put these thoughts aside. For the moment, evil was what evil did and this creature was using the life of her husband to extort Robin’s help. That was all she needed to know.

Robin pulled the vial containing the doorway key out of her pocket and placed it on the ground. She took out her phone and went over the spell she would use one more time. She replaced the phone in her coat, then stripped off the coat and placed in on the ground behind her. Naked under the oak, she raised her hands, closed her eyes, and began the incantation. When she was ready, she unstoppered the key spell and splashed some of it in the cup of her palm. She placed her wet hand over the runes and continued the incantation. The spell was designed to make the mystical doorway believe that the person calling for it to open was the succubus. It would detect her mystical essence in the traces of cum contained in the liquid.

The runes glowed. Suddenly, there was a large opening in the tree that had not been there a moment earlier, a triangular aperture. Robin could see the beginnings of a stairway that led down into the depths of the tree’s roots. Quickly, she stoppered the vial, grabbed her coat off the ground and dashed into the portal. She did not know how long it would stay open. No sooner had she crossed the threshold than the opening vanished. She was sealed into a pitch black space. Heat roiled in the small space, rolling up the stairs that descended into the darkness.

Robin took a moment to calm her nerves. She closed her eyes, then opened them. Her vision readjusted. The space became no brighter, but her mystical senses detected the dull red glow of supernatural power, something she saw with just enough clarity to give her a sense of the area around her and where to place her feet. Carefully, she picked up her coat and put it on. This made it easier to put the key vial back in her pocket and take out her phone and her sex potion. She took the coat off again and folded it up, placing it on the top step. She sat down and began to slowly drink her last vial of the sex enhancing concoction. She checked her phone. There was no signal, which did not surprise her. She considered using it as a light but feared that would give away her presence. Besides, she could see well enough in the dark. After a moment, she put the phone back into the coat pocket. She finished the sex potion and placed the empty vial inside the coat. Taking a deep breath, Robin stood up. Her heavy tits swayed. She concentrated on feeling her power, on conjuring whatever sexual energy the drink had conveyed. Then she began her journey into the underworld.

Her bare feet were nearly silent on the rough hewn steps. They were rock and dirt, but they were even and easy to walk. She could even sense places where a foot had worn its shape into the stone, a testament to all the years the succubus had been walking up and down these stairs. The roots of the ancient oak twined through the corridor. Robin was sure wherever she was, it was not on Earth, but the tree was the link between the two worlds. As she descended, the heat grew more pronounced. It was dry and light. She was glad she was naked, but she worried about having an all-out fuck marathon in such hot conditions. She shrugged off the concern. She had to have faith in her own sexual and magical powers.

Only a short distance down the steps, Robin felt her arousal growing, a feeling that intensified with each step. The walls of the cavern were saturated with sexual energy. She realized that this was what her mystical senses had been detecting. A century as the dwelling place of a sex demon had warped the air, the ground, the stone itself. Her body responded. Her heavy tits became even heavier, her nipples tightened into throbbing brown nubs. The heat between her legs intensified, her clit began to pulse, her cunt grew even wetter. Heat and tension flowed into her belly. Robin licked her lips, trying to stay in control and fight back the building lust. She wanted to fuck; she wanted to fuck so hard! But she needed to keep her head.

Robin walked deeper and deeper in the pitch dark, the staircase turning in a long spiral. As she descended, she began to hear sounds, the whispers of movement in the walls and, after a while, a deep moaning. It was not a moan of pain; it was a moan of pure sexual pleasure.

More than 100 steps later, the staircase finally ended in a chamber. It was hard to tell how large it was, but it did not seem too big – maybe 20 by 20 feet, irregular in shape and height, carved like a cave out of the earth and the cavities formed by the roots of the tree. The glow of power in the walls was strongest here. To a normal human’s eyes, the room was absolutely ink-black. To Robin, it glowed with a sulfurous light, illuminating the space, carving it into dark red shadows. There was no furniture in the chamber, but there was a large ledge, maybe about a third bigger than a king-sized bed, that was covered in furs and rough pillows and served as a bed.

The succubus was sprawled on the furs. The demon woman was the source of the moans. She was flat on her back, her legs spread and bent at the knee, her gorgeous black hair fanned out on the bed. One hand was on and in her pussy, exploring and rubbing, tracing her cunt lips with her fingers and working her clit. Her other hand moved back and forth between her massive breasts, squeezing and kneading, twisting and stroking nipples. As Robin watched, the succubus pulled her own tit to her mouth and licked and sucked at it, then bit the hard nipple. The creature writhed. Robin became unbearably hot just watching the display. However, what became apparent was that the demon could not bring herself to satisfaction. After a while, she screamed out in frustration and pounded her hand into the bed. “That fucking redheaded bitch!” she screamed. Robin felt a spike of pride, but also sympathy for the succubus. She was witnessing the demon’s infernal punishment. The beast was overwhelmed with lust, she was wracked by sexual pleasure, but she just could not get herself to a climax. After so many hours of constant sexual release in her fuckfight with Robin, this must have been an especially effective torture. Robin believed she could use this to her advantage.

Robin stepped forward and put one knee up on the bed. The demon still had not sensed she was there. The succubus lay on the furs, panting, growling in frustration, her eyes closed and her beautiful face a study in sexual agony. Her hand worked hard between her legs, finger-fucking her pussy.

Robin smiled. It was her turn to hold the upper hand.

“Do you think I can help?” she asked, her voice a seductive purr.

Part 11

The demon’s eyes snapped open, glowing with a fevered light. Her surprised expression was replaced almost instantly by a look of pure hunger as her eyes fixed on Robin’s beautiful nude body. Robin felt a shiver run up her spine as she was confronted by the demon’s ravenous need. She felt a cold spike of fear. Maybe coming down into the succubus’ lair had not been a good idea. She felt the way a mouse must feel when confronted with a stalking cat.

Robin concentrated and lowered her mystical protections. She opened herself to the roiling erotic energies that had built up in the cave over the course of the century. The power flowed into her, overwhelming in its intensity, and carried her to a new level of desire. Robin’s fear faded, replaced by a growing hunger of her own. The lust building in her perfect body grew to a seething boil. Her green eyes glowed with a fever to rival that of the succubus. She eyed the demon’s slutty body. She licked her lips as her body tightened, as her flesh started to burn. She was going to defeat this demon cunt. She was going to eat this bitch alive.

The succubus sat up, then got to her hands and knees on the bed and faced Robin. Her massive tits hung down from her chest, swaying, her back arched like a cat. Pussy juice dripped from her soaked twat to the bed.

“You should not have come here, little girl,” the succubus rasped, her sexy voice thick and hoarse. “You have come right into the lion’s den. I am going to break your pussy and your fat tits. I’m going to devour every part of you.” Her blazing eyes fixed on Robin’s heaving tits. She licked her red lips in anticipation of sinking her teeth into that succulent flesh and sucking and biting.

Robin smiled. She crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees and made her way to the other woman. She stopped when they were nose to nose, green eyes burning into gold. Their lips almost touched, but the women held back, teasing and tempting the other.

“I’m going to be the one breaking you, you whore,” Robin whispered. Her flesh was on fire, from her skin all the way down to the deepest cells in the core of her womanhood. She was going insane with lust. She needed to match the succubus, body to body, skin to skin, and satisfy her carnal needs. “I’m going to drain you dry and fuck you raw.”

The demon smiled. “You promise so much, little slut,” she purred. “But can your cunt deliver on your promises?”

“Try me, fucker,” Robin whispered. Her tongue reached out and played along the demon woman’s lips. The succubus’ tongue replied, the sensual shock rippling delightfully through their oversexed bodies in a building wave. Their tongues touched, pressed tip to tip, then flat to flat. Robin and the succubus tilted their heads and followed their tongues into the other woman’s mouth, sealing tight. It was like lighting gasoline with a match. The women rose up onto their knees. Their heavy tits mashed, meaty orbs compressing as their bodies surged against each other.

“Yes, oh fuck, yes,” Robin thought as her flesh mated with the demon, as their naked bodies clashed. This was paradise, she thought as she and the demon woman wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed, forcing their throbbing tits together even harder, their solid bellies clapping, their powerful thighs matching. Their hands roamed over hot flesh, sizzling with electricity as they stroked, squeezed, slapped and scratched. Robin pulled the demon’s hair, trying to control the bitch. Their tongues struggled in their sealed mouths. Robin drank the demon’s spit; the demon sucked back from her in reply. Their moans of excitement and raw desire vibrated in the other woman’s throat. The sexual power saturating the cavern flowed into the naked, struggling women like an electric current, filling their flesh, feeding their hunger, driving them wild with lust.

The struggling women twisted, grinding tits mercilessly. They fell on their sides and instantly twined thrashing legs, locking their muscles, straining, delighting in the sensuous contact. Wrapping their bodies tight, they rolled from side to side on the bed, their voluptuous bodies writhing, undulating, sharing flesh and heat in the desire to mate and join completely.

Robin felt like her body was ten times hotter than ever before, ten times hornier, ten times as tight, bursting with power. Her tits felt bigger and thicker, her nipples were on fire, her pussy was soaked and burning like a star. Her clit throbbed and pulsed, aching to rub and joust with its counterpart. She knew the demon woman felt the same. They rolled, enjoying the feel of the other woman’s flesh, mashing tits, rubbing bellies, slapping taut asses, scratching and biting and sucking, tasting each other’s sweat, sharing spit. They moaned and snarled with pure animal hunger. After ten minutes, Robin could not take anymore. She needed to fuck. She needed to feel herself spread and violated, cunt sucked and grinding to cunt, clit riding on clit. When she was on the bottom of their roll, she stopped. She gripped the succubus by the woman’s round ass and spread her legs wide, offering her juiced up twat to her voluptuous rival. She broke their kiss and licked up the string of spit joining their hot mouths.

“Fuck me, you slut, fuck me now,” Robin demanded, whispering hoarsely in the succubus’ ear.

“Yes, oh yes,” the demon replied. She lifted her head, staring into Robin’s glowing green eyes. The women’s lips touched and their tongues lapped, but they did not kiss. The demon woman reached under Robin and grasped the redhead’s ass; Robin sank her fingers into the succubus’ perfect ass and pulled her down. Their wet, naked gashes slid together, slotting perfectly, opening and spreading, labia melting into labia, engorged clits pulsing head to head, cunt lips smooth and slick against cunt lips. Erotic electricity flared through their ravishing bodies as their perfect forms fused.

Robin and her fuck rival moaned in unbearable, shared bliss. Their eyes half-closed in ecstasy, but both continued to stare into the other. The expression of pure joy and grateful relief that Robin saw on the demon’s gorgeous face as it finally mated with her, as it finally felt the promise of the orgasmic release it so desperately needed, was mirrored on Robin’s beautiful face. Their heavy, throbbing tits swelled with heat and pleasure, their eclipsing nipples seared. Robin and the succubus screamed with need.

Slowly, the demon began moving her ass, moving her clit up and down, head to head, side to side on Robin’s rock-hard clit. The women moaned with every rub, every delicious slide of exquisitely sensitive nerve on nerve. Robin moved her ass in reply, working her clit around and around its opponent, matching the demon thrust for thrust, joust for joust. They continued to watch each other, watch the pleasure they were giving to each other, watching to see who would break first. Their panting breath mixed, their erotic cries grew higher and higher, sobs of joy racked their shuddering bodies, tears streamed down their beautiful faces. Belly to belly, sweat mixing with sweat, tits rolling and deeply massaging tits, the fuckfighting women tortured the other, giving and taking more pleasure than any human body could bear, slowly and deliciously inflicting it on their opponent, moving in a gentle, undulating rhythm. Robin became lost in the sensuality, in the demon’s burning eyes, in the feeling of carnal energy flowing in and out of her body.

Robin and the demon mated, filling and sucking and devouring each other completely. Their flesh flowed together. At a primal level, the demon and the sorceress battled with the very cores of their power, the very essence of their sexuality. Their supernatural energies flowed, mixing and fusing, pulling apart and recombining, their souls merged in the complete erotic union that their flesh struggled to achieve.

The women fucked in this sensual paradise for ten, twenty, thirty minutes, moving in an undulating trance, their swollen clits constantly in contact. Their bodies trembled with tension, their panting moans grew to deep cries of unspeakable pleasure. They rode on and on, neither wanting to stop.

The end finally came. The women’s bellies rippled, they gasped out in joy as the building heat inside of their straining bodies exploded and the exquisite tension released in a gusher of shared cum. Robin and the demon locked their mouths, swallowing their shrieks of purest ecstasy as they came again and again and again, soaking each other with cum, pumping molten ejaculate into the other’s woman’s vaginal canal, locking their limbs into strenuous knots and holding on desperately as wave after wave of the ultimate pleasure rolled through their writhing, bucking bodies. They broke their kiss and screamed in bliss, their howls harmonizing, echoing up the long staircase, bouncing around the pitch black cave. The women gripped each other’s ass tightly and pumped cum into the other, their flat bellies slapping, their massive tits rolling, titmeat fusing as the sensuality became unbearable.

For more than 15 minutes, Robin and the succubus forced orgasm after orgasm out of each other, the mystical sexual energies of the cave combining with their innate power, roaring through their trembling bodies like an irresistible tide. They passed out, their minds finally shutting down as their pleasure became impossible to endure.

For a few minutes, the spent women lay twined, their bodies tit to tit, belly to belly, their heaving pants shuddering through their voluptuous forms. Their faces pressed cheek to cheek, their long, sweaty hair tangled and matted. The stifling heat of the cavern closed in on them, the sweat poured from their exhausted bodies.

Robin floated on a cloud of absolute bliss. Over the past few days, she had experienced sexual pleasure that she had never dreamed of before, but what she and the demon had just done to each other was beyond comprehension. Fucking and fighting in this cave was like battling inside an erotic nuclear reactor. The place was feeding them, pumping up their bodies and their carnal powers to their ultimate level, making them both conduits for the sexual energies that saturated the ground, the walls, the very air of the cavern. Vaguely, Robin feared she really could be fucked to death in this dark place. But dying from sexual pleasure would be one of the best ways to go. As this thought lazily drifted through her mind, a sense of urgency suddenly flashed into her head. Something important was at stake, something she had to do…

The demon shifted on top of Robin, lifted her head. The woman pressed nose to nose with Robin, her golden eyes blazing.

“That was good, little rabbit…that was very, very good. But now, I want more.” She licked Robin’s lips.

Robin smiled at the demon with a savage grin. “I want more, too, baby,” she purred. She wrapped her arms around her beautiful rival and rolled their naked bodies, taking the top position. The succubus did not resist. She spread her legs wide and tilted up her pelvis, offering her red, hot cunt to Robin’s hungry twat. She seized Robin’s taut ass, that already bore the imprints of her fingers, and pulled Robin into her. The women arranged their bodies, lining up their slits, readying their clits, rolling their tits so they met nipple to nipple. They smiled. Tongues lapped, then led into a deep, passionate kiss. The women moaned in delight, then screamed into each other’s mouths as their pulsing clits mated once more, as they began moving in a delicious fuck rhythm. Their bodies resumed their relentless fuckwar.

Hours passed with the two combatants locked together in erotic ecstasy, giving and taking more pleasure from each other than any human body could stand, fucking and fucking and fucking in every way they could imagine. Within the first hour, the battling women had lost all sense of anything but their overwhelming lust, their primal need to match body to body. They scissored, grabbed muscular thighs, and ground their clits together until they were squirting hot cum, shrieking and writhing as they rammed their cunts together with all the power in their bucking bodies. They locked into 69s, wrapped their sweaty, cum-coated thighs around the other’s head, and ate each other’s pussies, licking and sucking back the delicious ejaculate, sucking and lapping at swollen clits, probing deep, hot vaginas, until they came into the other’s face with excruciating force. They finger-fucked and fisted each other’s cunts and assholes, they licked and sucked at tart anuses, they sucked and bit at heavy tits and engorged nipples when they were not rubbing their tits raw, nipple to nipple. They kissed deeply, passionately, their upper mouths trying to consume the other woman just as hungrily as their lower mouths.

The sounds in the cavern funneled up the spiral staircase. They were the sounds of two women locked together in pure sexual bliss. Their screams and moans harmonized into carnal shrieks of absolute ecstasy. There were pants and guttural groans and animal grunts as the women rutted, there were slaps and cries as they bit each other and sucked sensitive nipples, as they scratched at perfect asses and pulled hair, as they poured their sexual fury on each other.

The demon’s lair was pitch black, but Robin and the succubus’ mystical senses saw much more than light. They saw the other’s heat and sexual energy. Their supernatural senses reveled in the carnal smells and deep musks that their bodies emitted. For the struggling women, the world was colored in different shades of red. They attacked each other furiously, all thought gone except the need to fuck and fuck and fuck.

Robin was under the succubus, panting, her face buried in the demon’s hair, her arms wrapped around the other woman’s body, her hands spread on the bitch’s perfect ass, their limbs laced. They floated in the aftermath of a mutual orgasmic high. Soon, the sexual energies in their bodies, supercharged in the cavern, would have them at each other again.

A voice suddenly cut into Robin’s head. “Robin,” Diana’s voice whispered. “Remember what you are doing! Remember James! Don’t get lost! This is your chance!”

The telepathic cry cut through the sexual haze. It was like a bucket of ice water in Robin’s face. Her mind cleared, fighting free of the sensual urges and sensations of her body, and she remembered what she had come to the succubus’ lair to do. Diana reinforced her message with a vivid image of James lying in his hospital bed, sick and dying.

Robin focused on image. Her mind worked out a strategy. She reached out with her sorcerous senses and felt the energy swirling in the cavern. This was a primal force that, so far, both she and the succubus had used only instinctively, not consciously. The power had filled their luscious flesh, greatly increasing their stamina and sexual sensitivity, but it could do far more.

Robin wrapped her arms tightly around the demon’s body and rolled the woman onto her back. It was Robin’s turn on top and the succubus did not resist. The black-haired beauty spread her legs eagerly, tilting her pelvis, and slapped Robin’s round, hard ass vigorously. Robin thrust her tongue deep into her rival’s mouth and swirled it around. The demon sucked her invading probe and used her grip on Robin’s buttocks to spread the taut meat apart and shove an intrusive finger up Robin’s asshole. Robin writhed, grinding her body onto her enemy, enjoying the bucking muscle and flesh under her that answered her erotic movements. Every nerve in her body was on fire, her tits felt like they would explode. It took all of her willpower to resist the sensations wracking her flesh and focus her mind on her attack. She thrust down, driving her pulsing clit into the demon’s hot, wet slit. The women’s clits came together head to head. They shrieked in concert, their mouths still sealed. Robin held onto her sanity by only the thinnest thread.

Their bodies moved in undulating waves as Robin and the demon resumed their fuckwar. Their moans and cries of delight echoed through the dark. Slowly, subtly, Robin drew on the power of the cavern. She shaped the carnal energies, concentrating on building them in her clit, making that ultimate sexual weapon ever more sensitive, more engorged with power. Robin cried and sobbed as she struggled to maintain control. This was the hardest part of her plan of attack and it was unbearable. Every delicious, slick grind of the demon’s clit against her own forced her to fight back a wave of orgasms. It felt like eternity, but it was only a few seconds.

If the demon’s eyes had been open, she might have seen the energies gathering around her opponent’s voluptuous body. But her head was thrown back in bliss as she moaned in pleasure. Finally, when she could take no more, Robin released all the power she had gathered and held, letting the concentrated erotic energy flow through her, through her clit, directly into the demon’s sex.

The effect was instantaneous. The demon’s eyes flew open, their golden light pouring out in a stream. She threw back her head and shrieked in unbridled ecstasy. Her legs thrashed, her arms pounded at Robin’s back, scream after scream pealed out of her beautiful mouth. It was as if she was pinned to the bed, impaled on a stake of pure pleasure. She was unable to withstand the incredible sensations pouring into her body, filling her to bursting. The succubus started cumming and could not stop.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!, the demon howled. “UNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!”

Now that she had released the power, Robin let the energy flow through her body and her clit, directly into the woman beneath her. Robin clung to the demon, enjoying the sensual pleasure of feeling the writhing, thrashing body beneath her. But she concentrated most on summoning the energies of the room, mixing it with her own sorcerous, erotic strength, and pouring it into the demon. The only way to defeat a succubus was to sexually overwhelm it. Robin knew that this attack had to fulfill that need.

The succubus screamed and gasped, her body clearly nearing its limits. She thrashed her head from side to side and panted like a warhorse, her body soaked in sweat and pumping out cum with every breath.

Robin pushed down hard, still pouring erotic power into her rival, but pulling back, just a bit. “Say you submit to me, you whore. Say it!”

“No, nooooooo….,” the succubus moaned. But it was clear she had been overwhelmed. This was a sexual attack from which she could not recover. Robin unleashed the power again. It poured into the demon. She arched her back, lifting Robin off the bed. Her body spasmed and shuddered, quaking.

“Say you submit!” Robin demanded. “Say it!” She pulled the demon’s hair and spat in the succubus’ face, before licking her beautiful face.

“I submit, I submit…” the black-haired beauty sobbed. “Please, I submit. I belong to you…”

Robin felt a surge of relief and triumph flow through her body. A huge weight lifted from her mind. She collapsed on top of her enemy, rubbing herself on the other woman’s body, enjoying the heat and sweat, the hot breath, the luscious flesh pulsing and burning into her own. She raised her head and pressed nose to nose with the demon, who glared at her up from tired golden eyes.

“You’re mine, you fuck,” Robin whispered. She forced her tongue down the demon’s throat and claimed her prize. After a minute, she broke the kiss.

“Tell me your name,” Robin ordered.

Fear and rage flashed in the beast’s eyes. Giving up her name would give Robin enormous power over her, even more than she now had. But the demon was compelled. Its mistress was making a demand, she had to respond.

“My name is Alara,” the demon whispered.

Robin smiled, her green eyes flashing in triumph.

“Alara,” she repeated. “Alara.”

Robin rolled off of Alara. She sprawled onto her back and spread her legs wide. “Come here, bitch,” Robin purred. “Show me how a slave treats her mistress.”

Alara’s eyes flashed. Her head bowed in humiliation and submission, she positioned herself above Robin’s lush body and began ministering to it, giving to her mistress the full benefits of her demonic erotic skills. She sucked and licked Robin’s nipples, she ran her tongue along the sweaty, cum-soaked belly, before she lowered her gorgeous face to between the redhead’s legs and sucked her mistress clean. Alara’s thoughts burned with rage and hopelessness. She had lost her gambit and now she would pay the price.

Part 12

Robin’s back arched in pleasure. She screamed in joy and sexual completion, letting herself go, enjoying the sensation of her body releasing all its tension, all its desire, into Alara’s hungry, sucking mouth. Robin’s ejaculate squirted all over the demon’s gorgeous face. Panting ferociously, her tits heaving, Robin reached down and yanked Alara by the hair. She pulled the succubus up her body until they were face to face. The demon’s expression was angry and defiant. Robin licked the gorgeous woman’s face, licking off the cum. Then she pulled Alara into a deep kiss, their lush bodies uniting once more. The demon had not yet swallowed the cum she had drank from Robin’s orgasmic release. The women slopped the thick cum back and forth between their mouths, their tongues slick and hot within their inosculated mouths, until they swallowed the spitty mixture.

Robin and Alara glared at each other, nose to nose, lip to lip. Robin pushed Alara aside and sat up, then got onto her knees, her legs tucked under her. “Get up, bitch,” Robin growled. Alara rose and mirrored Robin’s position, facing her mistress with her head slightly bowed.

“You know what I want,” Robin continued. “Lift your curse on my husband. Do it now.”

“Yes, mistress.” Alara was seething inside, but powerless to resist.

The succubus closed her eyes, raised her arms to slightly above shoulder height. With her palms out, she began to chant a spell in an ancient language that sounded somehow familiar to Robin. The air in the cave stirred, then quickly became a strong breeze. The demon’s body glowed blood red. Everything went still.

Alara breathed deeply and let her arms fall to her sides. After a moment, she raised her head. “It is done, mistress. James is now free of the curse. He will recover completely.”

Robin nodded. She took a moment to feel the relief and happiness wash over her. Finally, after so many days of worry and anger, her husband was safe once more. In another moment, Robin began to feel the power of the cavern work on her. She felt her arousal building, but it was not yet out of control and demanding satisfaction. She decided to take advantage of the brief reprieve. She crawled to the edge of the bed and rolled off. She could barely stand; it took a moment for her to find the strength in her legs. She stood straight and thrust out her bulging tits. Her body dripped sweat and she was covered in cum from her head to her toes. She tossed back her red hair.

“Come with me,” Robin ordered the succubus, her sexual slave. She felt powerful, knowing that she now had this beast under her control. Without waiting to see if Alara obeyed her, Robin crossed the black cavern and began to climb the spiral staircase. Her bare feet left wet sweat marks on the earth and rock stairs. Her pussy dripped, dotting the steps as she walked.

Robin did not look back but she heard Alara behind her, the demon’s bare feet slapping gently on the stone. She could feel Alara’s eyes on her back, on her see-sawing hips and rippling ass. She could feel the demon’s frustrated lust and bitter anger. Robin smiled. She enjoyed torturing the bitch this way. Robin pushed back her own desire, ignoring the urge to turn around, grab the naked whore, and fuck her brains out right on the steps.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Robin picked up her discarded coat, neatly folded on the top step. As she reached into the coat pocket to get her phone, she nodded at the solid wall.

“Open the doorway,” she said to Alara. “We’re going outside.”

The succubus did as she was told. The wall disappeared, replaced by a ragged portal, opening onto the nighttime forest under the oak tree. Robin walked out into the cool night, her naked body shivering as she left the infernal heat of the demon’s lair and planted her bare feet on the forest loam. Alara followed her. The door closed. A moment later, Robin’s phone regained service. She glanced at the time. It indicated it was a little past 4 AM. The sun would start to rise in a bit more than an hour. Robin realized she and her rival had been fucking each other for more than 13 hours.

Robin dropped her coat to the ground and turned back to the demon. Alara was watching her quietly but intently. Robin could feel the creature’s hate and lust coming off of her in waves. Robin smiled viciously, a grin that made Alara’s rage spike even more. The succubus could do nothing to the redhead. Her helplessness, her frustration at how badly her bid for freedom had failed, ate at her. At the same time, she was a slave to her sexual appetites. If she remained Robin’s slave, at least she had no doubts about the redhead’s desire and her ability to satisfy Alara’s lust.

Robin pulled up a message on her phone. She gestured to Alara. “Kneel here,” she said, indicating a spot under the tree not far from where the runes were carved into its bark. Alara did as she was told, kneeling on the cool earth, her hands on her naked thighs, her ass resting on her ankles. She looked up at Robin expectantly and licked her lips. No doubt she thought her mistress was about to order the succubus to service her, something Alara was eager to do.

Robin checked the information on her phone one more time, then placed the device on the ground. She placed one hand on the runes and her other hand on Alara’s head, gripping the demon’s dark hair tightly. Alara started, not sure what was happening. Robin began to chant. The wind picked up suddenly. The air around the ancient oak thickened. Robin’s chant became more urgent, more aggressive, more demanding. Under her hand, the runes began to glow, first a dim orange then, quickly, a molten red. A thin red line slowly appeared in the air, running from the runes on the tree to loop around Alara’s neck, like a leash attached to a collar. The line grew firmer, more distinct as the sorceress continued her chant. Alara felt the leash tightening around her neck. Robin began to shout, repeating her chant, her demand, over and over. The red leash became even thicker, brighter. Robin threw back her red hair, her face to the sky, and shrieked out her spell. The wind whipped furiously, the leash glowed white, bright but somehow not hot. Then, suddenly, it snapped. Alara cried out, gasping, and fell forward, like she had been held in place by binds that had suddenly broken. The wind stopped. Robin fell to her knees, gasping and panting. Sweat dripped from her forehead, from the tips of her nipples. She looked at the demon sprawled next to her.

“You are free from this tree. You are free from the curse that compels you to return here before sunrise every day. But you are still my slave.”

Alara looked at Robin, an expression of gratitude and anger competing for room on her gorgeous face. She wanted to thank the redheaded witch, but she had exchanged one servitude for another.

“As your mistress,” Robin continued, “I have one order for you, one command that you cannot break: you can feed on men, as you need them, but you must never feed on a man to the point that you cause him harm. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress,” Alara intoned solemnly, as her status required.

Robin nodded. “Good. Then, as my second act as your mistress, I am setting you free.”

The succubus blinked in shock, then confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I do not want a slave. Go. Be free. You are free from this tree, so go wander the world and do whatever you want. Just don’t feed on anyone to the point that you harm them. That is my first command. My second is to go.”

Slowly, Alara nodded. Technically, she was still Robin’s slave. But her mistress’ wish was that she be free, so she could act as she would act if she had no mistress, except for the one stipulation restricting her actions.

“You do this for me, despite the pain I have caused you and husband?”

Robin nodded. She was still panting. Her body felt drained in a way it had not before. The magical strength she had needed to break the curse had been greater than any she had ever used before.

“I understand your desperation. I understand why you acted as you did. If I can end your suffering while preventing you from harming others, then that is what I will do.”

Alara nodded slowly. She got on her knees and moved towards Robin. The succubus grabbed her by her red hair, forced her head back, and locked Robin into a deep kiss. Robin put up little resistance as Alara pushed her back onto the soft loam under the tree and used her body to leverage Robin’s legs apart. Robin was too tired to resist. More, she did not want to resist.

For the next hour, the demon woman ravaged Robin’s body, forcing her to scream in pleasure over and over. When the first rays of sunlight hit the forest canopy, Alara looked up at the light and laughed. She was finally free. It was well past dawn when the black-haired beauty pulled her sweat-dripping body off of Robin. The redheaded sorceress lay in an exhausted sleep, her voluptuous body finally drained and satiated.

The succubus smiled down on Robin. She turned her gaze to the rising sun and basked in the light and heat of the dawn for the first time in a century. With a final glance at Robin, Alara closed her eyes and concentrated. The demon woman’s body began to shimmer, then move like smoke in the grip of the morning breeze. A moment later, Alara was gone.

Part 13

The autumn weather arrived gently, the leaves slowly changing from a lush green to golden yellow to burnt orange and blazing crimson. Robin enjoyed the change of season. November came. The nights grew cold and the days grew short. More than three months had passed since the night she had defeated the succubus, Alara, and let her go free into the world. James had fully recovered from his ordeal, though she continued to give him potions and rejuvenating formula once a week, to help him rebuild the life force he had lost. The potions served another purpose: they helped James keep up with the insatiable sexual appetite of his gorgeous wife. Whatever mystic concoction of eldritch potions and sexual power had combined within her body, the effect had been to make her physical attributes permanent and unlock the full scope of her sexual and mystical powers. Robin was a far more powerful witch now than she had ever been and she suspected she was not simply human any longer. She and James were going home to Vancouver for the Christmas break. Diana would test and examine her then and give her a good idea of what she had become or was becoming.

James relished Robin’s spectacular new body. They had enjoyed a very healthy sex life before, but now he could barely keep his hands off of her. He was often coming up behind her as she cooked and fondling and kneading her massive tits. He especially loved it when she went braless, which was most of the time now. She simply did not need the support. But she could tell that he was worried about his ability to satisfy her. In truth, Robin was worried too. Despite the potions she had given him, despite James’ enhanced sexual endurance, he was not able to quench her sexual thirst. Thankfully, he could bring her to orgasm every night and that was good. But there always remained an untapped well of pleasure and need deep inside her that James’ best efforts could not reach. Robin suspected that Alara had passed on some of her curse along with her cum.

On a crisp, sunny autumn day, Robin took a break from her design assignments and went for a walk in the woods. James would be gone for the next three days as he attended a professional conference. Robin walked through the woods, enjoying the blaze of color in the trees, lit by the fire of the late afternoon sun filtering down from the sky. She wandered the forest, occasionally stopping to take a sample of herb she might need for her potions.

She was not surprised when she found herself entering the clearing with the old oak tree. Her body, remembering hours of sexual ecstasy, had brought her back to the spot of its own volition. She walked around the tree, her boots crunching in the fallen leaves. She ran her hand over the runes, still clearly etched in the tree trunk, though they were starting to fade. She felt a shiver of erotic electricity in her fingertips. Robin smiled. She was feeling the residue of the succubus’ power. Such a powerful sexual force left its lingering effects, but the day would eventually come when the tree would be just a tree. Already, Robin could see some of its neighbors slowly encroaching on the old oak’s perimeter, no longer deterred by the supernatural presence that had been nested in its roots.

Robin stood in the shadow of the oak for a few minutes, almost in a trance, remembering and enjoying her memories of all she and the succubus had done to each other under its branches. She shivered with delight. After a minute, she headed back into the forest. She took the path down to the motel. She stared at the old building from the cover of the trees. It had played such a large part in her life. It was strange to see it again. Her eyes sought out the two rooms in which she and the succubus had fought. A shiver went up her spine, an erotic tremor that left her nipples hard and her pussy warm. She sighed, turned and walked back into the forest.

(Unbeknownst to Robin, the night clerk who had rented her the room three months before happened to be in early for her shift. She was holding a coffee, looking out the back office window at the forest, when she saw Robin. She almost dropped her coffee in surprise. A shock of erotic heat ran through her body as her flesh remembered the intense psychic imprint of the sexual heat Robin and Alara’s battle had left on her. She shuddered again and found herself contemplating the soonest time that she could masturbate and relieve some of the sudden pressure in her loins)

Robin returned home as the sun dipped just below the horizon. A brilliant orange sunset painted the sky, but it quickly turned to twilight and then dark. Soon, the powers of the night would hold sway. Robin felt perfectly safe in her home. She had warded the Cape Cod and the perimeter of the yard with spells and protections that warned her of any supernatural presences and even protected her against mundane threats, like robbers. She was not surprised to find that her charms and wards reacted on a regular basis, given the other creatures and supernatural forces that wandered through the dark. Some were quite powerful. Especially around Hallowe’en, Robin had found her protections constantly in play, warning her and sometimes fending off dark forces and actors. It amused Robin to think that now she was one of the powers in the forest. She had not yet encountered any of the other beings or forces, though she could sometimes feel their presence on the perimeter of the yard, like curious sharks circling a diver’s cage. She wondered what they were and what they thought of her. The fact they existed gave her a personal incentive to keep up with her studies in the mystical arts. She did not want to be caught unprepared the day some powerful supernatural force that her wards could not handle came out of the forest to challenge her.

Diana had resumed training Robin from afar and she was improving by leaps and bounds, regularly unlocking new levels of power and gaining new skills. She knew that some -maybe most – of her vastly increased abilities came from her intimate contact with Alara. That was something else for which she had mixed feelings.

That night, Robin had a brief text exchange with James. Usually, they would talk by phone, but he was going out with colleagues and Robin really wanted to get a fire going in the fire place, go to bed early, wrap herself in a warm comforter, and immerse herself in a good book.

As Robin prepared for the shower, she caught her image in the mirror behind the bathroom door. She paused to examine her body. It really was perfect; incredibly voluptuous, beautifully muscled, her swelling hips and extravagant breasts the epitome of feminine fecundity. She loved her new body, but as much for its power as its beauty. She cupped her thick, firm tits and squeezed them. She still could not believe these dense orbs belonged to her. She flicked her hard brown nipples and smiled at the surge of pleasure that ran through the sensitive nubs. She ran her hand over her pussy and felt the roughness of her pubic hair coming back in. She decided to shave her pussy during her shower. She ran her hands over her swelling hips, over the smooth, taut muscles of her legs, over the backs of her powerful thighs, down to her perfect calves. Her body ached for sex, it ached for the pleasure it could only find with its perfect counterpart, Alara’s body. Robin forced the thoughts out of her mind. The succubus was gone. More importantly, she could not afford to give herself over to her carnal desires.

Robin showered, shaved her pussy and her legs while she was at it, and retired to bed, wearing only a football jersey. She read for an hour, before deciding to call it an early night. Around 10:30, she put out the fire in the room’s fireplace. She turned out the light and hunkered down under a heavy comforter, enjoying the warmth of her bed as the night wind howled outside. Soon, she was asleep.

Robin woke with a start. Something was wrong. Her mystical alarms had drawn her out of her deep sleep. She glanced at the clock; it was 12:30. A ghostly light was emanating from the charm above the window of her bedroom. It was reacting to a supernatural power outside the house. Robin did not feel threatened. She felt something else, a stirring in her loins. She realized that her pussy was wet, that her nipples were hard and throbbing. She slipped out from under the sheets and approached the window, making a gesture and whispering an incantation. The light faded. There was nothing outside, just darkness.

Robin padded into the hall and down the stairs in the dark. On the main floor, the charm over the patio door that led out onto the deck was glowing too. She gestured and whispered again. The glow faded. In the pitch black of the livingroom, she could see out onto the deck. The succubus, Alara, was standing a few feet away from the door, calmly staring into the house. To normal human eyes, both women were shrouded in darkness. To the succubus and the witch, their supernatural senses let them see each other clearly. Alara’s black cloak was draped over her shoulders and obscured most of her body, only a flash of thigh hinting at the nude perfection underneath. Her golden eyes locked with Robin’s green eyes. Both women shuddered as a pulse of incredible erotic desire rippled through their lush bodies, from their throbbing clits through their taut bellies to their aching tits and burning nipples. Robin felt her entire body erupt in fire. She panted with desire. Already, cunt juice trickled down her inner thighs.

Robin waited for a minute as she tried to bring her pounding heart under control, as she tried to quiet the lust raging in every cell of her body. She could not. Slowly, she walked to the patio door. She unlocked it, slid it open, and gestured at the succubus to come in. Robin stepped back several feet, giving the demon plenty of space. Alara entered the house and closed the door.

For several minutes, Robin and Alara stared at each other in the dark. The only sound was their heavy breathing. The excitement between them built and built, the heat in their voluptuous bodies turned into a fever. The women knew what was about to happen. They wanted it more than anything in the universe. But, for now, they teased each other, they let their unbelievable desire get stronger, hotter, ever more powerful.

“Why have you come back, Alara?” Robin finally whispered, her voice hoarse, her throat tight with tension.

“You know why.” The demon woman’s deep, sexy purr was as alluring as ever.

“Tell me.”

Alara smiled, but her yellow eyes were blazing with lust. Robin knew her green eyes were shining just as brightly.

“In the three months since we parted, I have remained… unsatisfied. No one I have found can give me what you can. I…need you. I need your body. I need your cunt. I crave the pleasure, the release, I have only been able to find with you.”

The demon smiled archly at Robin. “I am sure that you have not been satisfied either, in the time we have been apart.”

Robin was about to deny it, to defend the pleasure her husband was able to give her. But she stopped herself. The truth was that the aching, desperate sexual hunger inside of her had grown into a yawning cavern. She was unsatisfied. Deeply and completely unsatisfied. She was hungry. She was ravenously hungry for the other woman’s body, for her beautiful flesh, her unbridled passion, for the delirious pleasure of matching like to like, of merging voluptuous bodies, and giving and taking limitless ecstasy.

Robin backed up further into the livingroom. Slowly, the succubus followed her, padding after her on bare feet. Robin stepped onto the rug before the fireplace and stopped. About two meters away from her, the succubus stopped. Looking deeply into Robin’s green eyes, Alara reached up and undid the clasp around her neck. Her black cloak fell away from her, collapsing like a curtain at her feet. She stood naked and perfect before Robin.

Robin’s eyes drank in every inch of the demon goddess before her. Alara was every bit as magnificent as she remembered. Her eyes devoured the demon’s massive tits, her taut belly, her juicy, naked pussy, her wide, womanly hips. Robin remembered what it was like to lick, suck, bite, caress and squeeze that wondrous flesh. She wanted it again. She wanted it now.

Locking eyes with the demon, Robin reached down, crossed her hands at the hem of her jersey, and pulled the single garment up her body. She felt her heavy tits catch in the cloth, lift as she pulled the jersey up, then release and bounce lustily on her chest as the shirt came over her head. She tossed it aside. She threw back her shoulders, thrusting her massive rack out, and offered her perfect body up to Alara’s ravenous gaze. The demon licked her lips, her golden eyes consuming Robin’s voluptuous flesh.

The naked women stared at the other’s perfect body, their shared lust building explosively. Finally, neither could stand it anymore. They needed to meet flesh to flesh, body to body. Robin and Alara moved towards each other, desperate to finally satisfy their overwhelming hunger.

Alara slipped her hands over Robin’s smooth hips; Robin’s skin burned where the demon touched. Robin slid her hands under the succubus’s arms and around her upper back and pulled Alara into her. The women groaned in bliss as their massive tits mated, thick, firm meat squashing and compressing in a surge of electric heat and pleasure. Their throbbing nipples speared each other, head to head. They tightened their grips and pulled each other in close, torso to torso, thighs pressing to thighs. Robin arched her back to slap her tight belly to Alara’s muscled abdomen. The women pressed nose to nose and teased, touching tongues. They moaned in pure lust and slid their tongues against each other, following them into the other’s mouth, driving their mouths together, sealing them tight. Warm spit flowed between them and they swallowed it back, sharing their saliva, scouring the insides of the other’s mouth, their tongues wrestling and twining into spitty knots.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Robin moaned, her body and her senses overwhelmed with lust and pleasure as her luscious body mated with its rival, its equal, flesh to flesh, heat to heat. The women rubbed and writhed, smooth skin on skin, bulging tit surging against bulging tit. Robin broke the kiss as she slid her hands down to grip Alara’s powerful, rippling ass. She rubbed her face on the demon’s, cheek to cheek. Robin felt herself going insane with need, with unbearable desire. She could feel the demon going mad, too.

“Take me on in a stand up fuck, you cunt,” Robin whispered hoarsely, desperately. “Now, clit to clit.”

“Yes, oh yes, little girl,” Alara whispered back. She returned Robin’s grip, sinking her fingers into the redhead’s taut ass. The fuckfighters sealed together again, mouth locked to mouth, tongue twisting with tongue.

The women spread their legs and tilted their pelvises forward, keeping their torsos plastered together. Their naked pussies touched and teased, slick slit finding slick slit and caressing, hot gash rubbing on hot gash. Robin and Alara groaned in agony within their mouths as their burning, aching, swollen clits found each other. They screamed into the other as they slowly, agonizingly, twisted and corkscrewed the hard nubs into each other, forcing waves of excruciating pleasure through their shuddering bodies. They tortured their opponent with pure ecstasy. Tears streamed down their faces, their eyes shut tight, as they quivered in response to the unbearable sensations filling their bodies. This was what they had both craved and needed for so long. Now that it had arrived, both women rejoiced in the unbelievable pleasure.

Hands firmly gripped on slowly thrusting asses, powerful, muscular bodies undulating like snakes against each other, their bulging tits working and massaging each other deeply, their muscular bellies rippling flesh to flesh in rhythm, the women fucked and fucked and fucked, their screams of joy swallowed within their inosculated mouths. Their clits worked around and around, over and under, head to pulsing head, driving unbearable heat and pleasure into every cell in their perfect bodies. Cunt juice dripped down to the rug in a continuous stream. Their lush bodies grew slick with sweat, lubricating their delicious battle.

Robin gave herself over to the pleasure, to the raw ecstasy. She lost herself in the unbearable sensations, loving every delicious thrust, every sensual rub, loving the incredible heat and tension building in her tortured clit, in the very core of her womanhood. She wanted this to go on and on and on, never ending, just fucking and fucking forever, lost in the play of searing heat and trembling tension, of skin and sweat and spit and cum.

The women kissed passionately, all their hunger and lust channeled into their thrashing tongues and sucking mouths. They squeezed and slapped the other’s round, taut ass. Their clit to clit fucking drove them insane, carrying them to the edge of orgasmic release. But still they held back their mutual climax, carrying the pleasure higher and higher.

Alara broke their kiss and threw back her head to moan. It was a tortured cry of pure joy, of absolute hunger. Robin understood the primal sound perfectly. The succubus’ beautiful face was wearing a rapturous smile of carnal delight.

“Yes, oh yes, you fucking little bitch,” Alara whispered. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

“I’m going to fuck you dry, I’m going to ride you until you pass out, you dirty whore,” Robin promised. She groaned in agony, clenching her teeth tightly. She felt like she was going to explode.

The women’s mouths sealed again and they resumed their passionate, tongue-twisting kiss. Their bodies never stopped fucking. After some time, Robin did not know how long, she felt the strength in her legs start to fail. It felt like her whole body had become one woman-sized genital that Alara was sliding into and out of, around and around. As Robin began to slowly drop to her knees on the rug, Alara came down with her, her legs trembling too, her strength failing.

The fuckfighting women fell to their knees, their clits still in continuous contact, their torsos crushed tight, tits mated, nipples on fire. Robin massaged the succubus’ magnificent ass then slapped the taut meat, beating it like a drum. The demon moaned in pleasure; Robin felt the sound reverberating in her own throat through their kiss. Alara retaliated, slapping Robin’s round ass viciously. The shock of stinging pain elevated the intense pleasure wracking the women. Robin was overwhelmed with the need to mate more deeply with Alara, to move their fucking up to the next level. She broke the kiss, pulling Alara’s black hair. Alara grunted in pain, then pulled on Robin’s red locks. The lust-filled women stared into the other’s eyes, both reading what they wanted, what they needed.

“Yes, you cunt,” Robin panted.

“You little fuck whore,” Alara hissed.

Reluctantly, the sweat-soaked women pulled their torsos apart, their slick flesh peeling away, and leaned back, their hands supporting their bodies. They lowered their asses to the rug, careful not to let their throbbing clits separate, and arranged their bare legs, right over left, fitting into the forks of their legs, shifting their hips so that their cunts could drive even more deeply into each other. When they were fully scissored, their dripping cunts perfectly aligned, their hungry fuck mouths touching lip to lip, Robin and Alara signaled with their eyes. They thrust with their asses and hips, driving into each other, spreading each other’s cunts, entering and sealing, labia melting to labia, fuck holes sucking, their engorged clits ramming and crushing head to head, before sliding and grating side to side, full length to length. Robin felt herself penetrated, filled, with the demon’s power and need, with an explosion of ecstasy so intense she almost came on the spot. She knew that her body was doing the same to the demon, as they poured their sexual power and hunger into each other’s voluptuous flesh. They clamped their pussies on each other and squeezed and sucked, struggling to merge their straining bodies completely.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” Robin threw back her head, her sweat-damp red hair tossing in passion, and screamed at the top of her lungs, her shriek of pure ecstasy expressing all of her need that she had craved for so long.

“UNNNNGGGGHHH!!!” Alara howled with her, the demon’s black hair flashing as her beautiful face contorted in erotic joy. Her body trembled with pleasure.

Robin felt no affection for Alara; she knew Alara had no affection for her. What they were doing was entirely carnal. They were using each other’s bodies, using each other’s cunts, to satisfy themselves. They were using the other woman as a cum bucket and that was all either wanted from the other. Part of what made their battle so stimulating was their shared knowledge that they wanted to use the other woman like a piece of meat, fuck her into the ground, and then discard her until the next time they wanted each other.

The pumping and grinding and thrusting went on and on. The battling women’s massive tits bounced lusciously on their chests, their nipples as hard as steel. Their bellies rippled, their asses and hips jerked as they fucked powerfully, grinding and driving as hard and deep as they could, forcing genital heat into each other with each hard buck. They grasped the other woman’s muscled thigh for leverage and pumped furiously. With every thrust, Robin and Alara grunted like rutting animals, their ferocious sounds an erotic symphony to accompany the mind-shattering pleasure.





Robin lost all track of time. The only thing that mattered were the overwhelming sensations burning and pulsing through every nerve as she mated completely with Alara. She reached and gripped one of the succubus’ bouncing tits, squeezing and kneading the dense flesh, delighting in the feel. She cried out in joy when Alara retaliated, squeezing Robin’s right tit, twisting her nipple until she thought it might squirt on its own. The women pushed up and pulled each other in, pressing their massive tits together nipple to nipple, shifting so they could get even closer. Their tits compressed under the pressure, their sweaty bellies slapped. The women pushed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, panting and growling, cursing and snarling, before they sank into another deep, probing kiss, their arms wrapped around the other, crushing their bodies tight. Their hands moved over taut flesh, squeezing and caressing, scratching and gripping, until they slipped down to fill with the other’s beautiful ass. Their moans grew deeper and more desperate as they felt the mutual explosion getting closer and closer, finally reaching the point of no return. The women pushed each other to the finish line, each woman wanting the other to go off first.

Robin felt the end coming, an unbearable release of erotic tension that could no longer be constrained. She pulled Alara’s hair viciously, yanking the succubus out of their kiss, spit flying, a long strand of saliva linking their red lips. She glared at the demon, green eyes locking to gold, both women wanting to see the moment when the other went over the edge.

“Oh God,” Robin whimpered. “You fucking, fucking cunt…”

“Dirty little whore,” Alara sobbed in reply. “Filthy little fuck bitch.”

The women felt the power surge up from their deepest cores, filling their bodies with intense, unendurable heat, and then release in an explosion of pure bliss. Their beautiful bodies shuddered as they clung to each other and pumped hot cum between their locked cunts, soaking each other with slick ejaculate.

“UUUUNNNNGGGGGH!!” Alara screamed.

“OH FUCKING GOOOODDDDD!!” Robin shrieked.

The women held each other tightly, tits mashed and throbbing, as orgasm after orgasm roared through their trembling bodies. At some point, they released each other and fell onto their backs on the rug. Writhing and twisting, their lush bodies continued grinding out one climax after another until, finally, they were too spent to go on. Robin and Alara collapsed into deep, exhausted sleeps, the sexual fires in their voluptuous bodies quenched, at least for the moment.

Some time later, Robin awoke. She pushed herself up her elbow and looked down her body to her rival. The women’s bodies remained joined together at the fork in their legs, creamy cum leaking from the fleshy seal of their hungry twats. Robin braced herself and pushed away, sucking apart from Alara. A thick strand of cum linked the women’s wet pussies. Robin crawled away from her rival, then got to her feet, a bit unsteadily. Naked, she walked across the living room and climbed the stairs in the dark, to the upper level. Her juicy pussy dripped on the wooden stairs and her bare feet left wet imprints on the smooth surface. She walked down the upstairs hall to her bedroom. Before she crossed to her bed, she went to her window and pulled it up an inch, just enough to let in the cool night air. She was sure the room would soon need to cool off. She slipped under the heavy blankets. Robin lay flat on her back and closed her eyes, waiting. The fresh sheets lay on her naked body, soaking up the sweat dotting her skin.

After a few moments, Robin heard the sound of Alara coming up the stairs, her bare feet padding down the hardwood floor of the hall. Alara stood in the doorway to the bedroom for a moment, her yellow eyes glowing in the dark. She crossed the room to the side of the bed, raised the covers and slid under them. Robin waited, her body throbbing with heat and anticipation, her loins hot and wet, waiting for the erotic pleasure to come. Her tits were on fire, her nipples little spikes tenting the sheet.

Alara’s naked body slid atop Robin, their voluptuous flesh aligning perfectly. Heavy tits mashed and crushed, their wet bellies flattened to the other, their navels sucked. Robin shuddered with sensual pleasure as her naked flesh met every inch of the demon’s body. Robin spread her legs and offered up her bare cunt to her foe.

Alara ran her tongue along Robin’s lips. The women glared at each other, almost eye to eye.

“I’m not leaving this bed until my body is completely satisfied, Robin,” the demon whispered. “I’m going to need to fuck you raw.”

“I won’t let you leave until I’m completely satisfied, bitch,” Robin replied. “We’re going to fuck each other raw.”

The beautiful women smiled at each other. Their hot tongues lapped, then sank into a savage, hungry kiss. Their powerful bodies twined, their asses and hips moved in an undulating rhythm. They gripped each other’s asses and strained their powerful bodies.

The sorceress and the succubus ravaged each other, unleashing all of their lust and passion, deep into the night and the next day.


On the edge of the dark forest, just outside the perimeter of Robin’s protective spells, a dark-haired beauty stood and listened to the sounds of animal sex pouring out of Robin’s bedroom. Even from across the yard, the women’s screams of pleasure reverberated in the quiet night air. The dark-haired woman was dressed all in black. A black cloak covered her from head to toe. Under the cloak, a flowing black dress, cut high on the thigh and low in the collar, presenting her magnificent breasts, adorned her voluptuous body. Her feet were bare, sunk into the solid earth.

The women seethed with anger. A century ago, she had locked Alara, the succubus, away in the ancient oak as punishment for interfering with her plans, for daring to get in the way of her grand designs. Now, another witch had freed the demon and the two were enjoying each other’s bodies, a direct challenge to Alara’s punishment and her captor’s power.

The black-haired woman smiled. She would not allow her power to be undermined in this way. The demon was going to pay; her punishment was not yet complete. But the redheaded sorceress would pay also. She would need to learn to respect the actions and wishes of her elders.

The black-haired sorceress listened to the sounds of sexual ecstasy coming from the house until almost sunrise. As the first rays of sunlight lit the horizon, the woman turned on her heel and headed into the trees. A moment later, a great bat lifted slowly over the forest canopy and flapped towards the town.

The End

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