Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 11: The Barnyard Battle by FyreCracka

Still basking in my dominance over Ava in the Amazonia Club’s Arena, I’m excited to see that I have a new message. Upon checking it, I see that it’s from my friend Kelsey, aka the Kittenhawk. Kelsey tells me about a match that her agent found with a well known wrestler that is local to me. The only problem is that she can’t make it down here for it and was wondering if I’d be interested in filling in. Not wanting to disappoint my pro wrestling ‘Sensei’ and wanting to do more ‘pro’ matches, I gladly accept the match.

When the official request comes in from the ‘site, I see that it is against a pretty experienced wrestler named Jessi- a local legend in the pro circuit around here. It finally dawns on me that this was the same Jessi that had taken an interest in my last match. Even going so far as to be in attendance at the fight. So it was inevitable that we would battle. I know I’ll be an underdog but I’m confident that I can take her.

With a full week to wait, I get plenty of time to read the speculation and think about the odds that I see on the ‘site. Evidently the members don’t give me much of a shot to best the veteran. Her and I even playfully jab at one another in the forums. Hopefully that will help to build some buzz and increase our take from the pay per view ‘gate’.

It’s night of the match. I get more and more excited as we drive the back roads to Jessi’s home arena. Winding down the dirt roads reminds me of growing up in the country and also makes me happy to be out of the city. We finally get to the address. It’s a large barn on her family farm. There are quite a few cars parked in the pasture, it looks like it will be a decent crowd.

We walk in the barn through the big open doors. There’s an elevated ring in the center of the barn. There are folding chairs  lining the walls. About 100 or so rowdy fans, league scouts, and other fighters are in attendance and there are several cameramen making sure that they will be able to capture every angle is it streams over the internet.

Jessi meets me near the door, wanting to talk about the match’s details. She looks like a good match for me, we are similar in size and age. We agree to the normal pro rules of the win coming by way of pinfall or submission. She suggests that since that we get a cut of the online pay per view sales, that we go with more skin than one would normally see in a ‘pro’ match. Even though I had just bought a whole new outfit for this match, I agree to a bra and panties match.

During our conversation it becomes apparent that there is a lot of tension between us. I can’t tell if it is because we look like such an even match and we’re both competitive, or if it’s something….else. So as we both get more aggressive in tone, we decide to add some consequences to our fight. Jessi starts “I’ve seen what you’re capable of in the ‘arena’ so how about something similar…winner gets pleasured in front of the crowd and the cameras by the loser….or her man”. The last part coming as almost an afterthought.

I assume she must have liked what she saw at the Amazonia Club and wants a go with Jake. I can’t say that I blame her, but she has no idea of how much harder I fight with my husband on the line. I respond with a verbal jab ” I don’t see your man here…do you even have one, sugar?”

She has a slight grin as she replies ” You don’t need to worry about that, sweetie… do we have a deal?” She sticks out her hand, which I shake, sealing the deal.

We each retire back to the makeshift locker rooms in the barn. It doesn’t take me long as the only bra and panties I brought are what I’m wearing underneath my jeans and shirt. I have Jake give me a quick once over. Jake smiles “A thong? Nice…I approve”. I pair the little green thong with a matching t shirt bra, not the sexiest, I know, but I wasn’t planning on competing in it.

The barn being, well a barn, is easy to hear through, and I can tell that we are mere moments away from getting this started. The crowd has gotten silent but for a low buzz. Jake, who stepped out after I changed, knocks on the door. “Get ready babe, you’re up!”

I step out into a spotlight, and the small crowd makes itself know with applause. There’s an announcer in the ring that begins “Introducing first, standing 5′ 5″ tall weighing in at 141 pounds. She’s a 37 year old blonde brawler known as The Firecracka- please welcome ….. Kelli!” I roll into the ring and wave to the crowd and the cameras streaming the event.

The spotlight and the announcer shift their focus to the opposite corner of the barn. Jessi steps out and makes her way to the ring as the announcer introduces her. “And her opponent, standing 5’7″ and weighing in at 145 pounds, also 37 years old. She’s the dirty fighting dirty blonde we all know and love, the Country Cougar…..Jessi!”.

She steps into the ring. I’m relieved that she’s also in a thong, but in black.  Now that she’s out of her street clothes, I can get a better look at my opponent. She’s also wearing a small black bra that is straining to contain a much larger bust than mine. She’s pretty impressive, tall, lean and strong. Maybe a couple shades tanner than me even. While her legs look strong, my thicker more muscular legs will probably be my greatest- and possibly only advantage.

Jessi and I stand in the center of the ring. We both inch closer towards each other trying to stare down our opponent. We are chest to chest and nose to nose as a cute Hispanic woman that I recognize as Lucia from one of my first matches is wearing a referee shirt finishes going over the rules. Jessi smirks as she sees her chest combined with her height advantage completely cover mine, but I continue to glare into her green eyes, refusing to be intimidated. The referee breaks us apart. “Save it for the match, ladies” Lucia says sending us to our respective corners.

Lucia calls for the bell to start the match. Jessi and I begin to stalk each other from our corners as we slowly circle one another. Like two caged lionesses needing to know which is stronger, we get into the classic collar and elbow lock up. Neither of us gaining an advantage, I use my thicker legs to walk her back to the ropes.

I push her into the ropes, pressing my body into hers until she’s pinned to the ropes. For a moment feel like I’m the stronger of us. After a couple seconds, Lucia intervenes.  “Break it up ladies, you’re in the ropes”. Both of us cautiously let go and begin to back away. Jessi quickly reaches down and does a small tweak of my nipple right as Lucia breaks us apart. “What the hell?” I say, rubbing my aching areola. Jessi gives me a quick wink and the crowd cheers wildly.

Lucia backs out of the way,  Jessi and I resume our stalking of each other. After that little nipple tweak, I come out more aggressive. I move quickly to grab the green eyed woman, who ducks and uses my momentum to hit a quick fireman’s carry. I roll across the canvas and pop up as fast I can. I see Jessi strutting around the ring- in her hand I see my bra. Jessi smiles “Missing something, Kelli?” She must have ripped it off during that throw. I feel my face getting red as I try to fight the urge to cover my chest. The crowd is eating up Jessi’s skilled taunting of me.

Not having learned my lesson, I charge her again, swinging a wild and sloppy clothesline. She sidesteps me this time and redirects me towards the corner with a modified Irish whip. My back arches as I slam into the turnbuckle. Before I can react the Country Cougar slams into me with a flying body splash. I groan as the bigger woman smashes me into the corner.

I’m stunned and my arms are hung up on the top rope. Jessi unloads a series of punches into my exposed belly. I know I’m in trouble early but I can’t escape and I hang helplessly in the corner. Next, she begins to focus on my breasts. Tweaking and slapping them to the great joy of the crowd. Finally, the leggy blonde sticks her bare foot against my throat and extends her leg, choking me in the corner. She hold onto the ropes for leverage and I’m lifted onto my tiptoes fighting for air. I hear Lucia counting to five. Just before being disqualified Jessi breaks the hold. I fall on my ass unceremoniously with a thud.

I’m dazed from the assault but I can see my tormentor strutting around, playing to the crowd and planning her next diabolical move. Remembering my training from Kelsey, I roll out of the ring to take a ‘powder’ break. I walk around outside, getting my senses back. It’s pretty evident to everyone watching that I can’t out wrestle this woman, so I decide to do what I do best- turn this into a brawl. I taunt the younger woman, trying to get her to come after me.

The Country Cougar seems delighted that I have retreated outside of the ring. Soon she slides out at begins to cross the dusty dirty floor of the barn. I guess she is overconfident or thinks she’s worn me down, but her lackadaisical approach gives me an opportunity. Once she is within striking distance, I bury a knee into her flat stomach that doubles her over. I follow that up by slamming her backwards with two handfuls of her hair. She is dazed as the back of her head slams into the ground.

As Jessi is stunned, laying on the hard, packed dirt of our ‘arena’, I wrench her up to continue my assault. I grab her in a head lock and seize her tiny black thong with the other hand. Almost just like Kelsey showed me, and I execute a quick snap suplex. I waste no time pressing my advantage. Attacking Jessi’s back and ribs with a series of kicks and knees. Then I rip her off the ground again using thong. The poor thong begins to rip as I pull the taller woman into a vertical suplex. We pause for a moment. I hear Jessi in my ear “No… no…no”, I smile right as I fall backwards. My opponent hits with a loud ‘splat’ and groan on the hard dirt floor.

 As the veteran grappler writhes on the ground with her back arched, I get back to my feet. I realize the remnants of Jessi’s thong are still in my hand. I fling it into the crowd and get a raucous response. My focus returns to my now recovering opponent.

I lift her up by the hair again. Now it’s time to return the favor and pull her top off. I rip the small bra off, throw it to the maniacs in the crowd. With her nicely endowed chest exposed, it’s time to get back to winning this match. After a few complimentary tweaks to the tits of my now nude nemesis, I whip her towards a pillar in the barn. She smashes into the pillar with her back with a sick crack, before falling to her hands and knees. The impact is great enough that there is a dust floating down from the roof. Jessi is seeing stars, so I move in to really do some damage. 

I saunter over to my downed foe. I know I need to get her back to the ring to finish her. Again I reach down to pull the leggy woman to her feet. As I pull her up by her long hair, a fist sinks into my belly. I try hold on, but a second shot to my stomach causes me to recoil several steps and release her hair. I recover enough to try and charge Jessi as she gets to her feet.

The crowd of spectators directly behind her abandons their folding metal chairs, sensing my intention of driving the Cougar through the barn wall. I charge towards her, right before I plow through Jessi, she deftly grabs my arm and redirects my momentum, launching me into the air. The crowd falls silent as I float through the air, then there is a collective groan as I slam spectacularly into the wall with my back. The crowd erupts again when I fall with a loud crash onto the folding chairs below.

I’m barely conscious, unable to to do much more than lay on the chairs and moan. Even though I’ve done a lot of damage to the Cougar, she is at least able to get to her feet.  Right now, the only reason this match isn’t over, is that my wrecked body lies almost 30 feet from the ring.

Jessi looks me over and realizes that I still have my panties on and she does not. “You look a bit over dressed, Kelli..” she says, confidently. The next thing I feel is her roughly tugging at them. I hear the thin material rip as she pulls me off the chair and onto the ground.

I feel the taller woman’s hands latch on to my hair trying to pull me to my feet, but I’m in no condition to stand. She has to muscle me up over one shoulder and slowly carry me towards the ring. It’s an impressive feat of strength, but by the time she gets me to ring it has taken a toll on her physically.

Jessi lays me on the ring apron, making sure to aggravate my nipples one more time before landing a solid open hand chop to my aching breasts and rolling me into the ring.

I’m starting to recover a little bit, but I’m still in bad shape. Once again, I feel her fingers grip my hair and pull me to my wobbly legs. She gives me a couple of little slaps to my face, before measuring my jaw for a hugely theatric knockout punch. As she lets it fly, I duck. This time it’s my fist that buries itself into her belly.

Unfortunately, I’m too tired to follow it up. Jessi recovers, but she’s in pretty bad shape as well. We slowly and sloppily trade punches in the center of the ring, the crowd goes crazy at he spectacle of two naked women fighting so desperately as their sweat soaked bodies glisten beneath the lights. She starts to get the better of the exchange, her punches battering me backwards towards a corner. Knowing she’s about to overtake me and remembering that if I lose she will get my husband, I do what any self respecting wife would do- I cheat. I draw back with everything I have left and deliver a kick right to her crotch. It’s not pretty, it’s doesn’t land flush or with that much force, but it does get the Cougar’s head to pitch forward. I see the opportunity to use one of the finishing moves Kelsey showed me in our training session. I execute a picture perfect DDT, driving Jessi’s forehead into the mat with devastating effect.

My foe is laying face down and looks like she might be out cold. As I roll her over on her back I realize that even though I’m exhausted this match is over. My chest covers hers, I hear Lucia begin the count ” One! ….. Two!….”  At the last possible moment Jessi’s shoulder comes off the mat.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” I protest in disbelief. One more time, I pull the Country Cougar back to her feet. I sling Jessi into the corner, her back slams into the turnbuckle. I rush towards her and launch my entire body through the air. I feel my eyes widen as I see her roll out of the way, right before I crash headlong into the turnbuckle. I hit hard enough to knock the breath out of myself, but am able to hang onto the ropes and stay upright. The next thing I feel is my head slamming into the turnbuckle repeatedly. When the green eyed vixen finally stops, it feels like my brain is scrambled.

Next, Jessi nonchalantly lifts me into a seated position on top of the turnbuckle. I’m still amazed by the farm girl’s strength. ‘Uh oh’, I think to myself. Then she hooks my leg in the ropes somehow, before flinging my upper body down. I realize I’m trapped in the tree of woe. After a couple of belly slaps, a reinvigorated Jessi, calls out to the crowd “Who wants to see the Fyrecracka ‘pop’?” The small crowd roars like they know what’s coming next. She walks back to where I hang and pulls the leg that’s not trapped free before tucking it under the top rope. Now I’m hanging with my legs spread wide. She looks down at me and smiles before I feel her start massaging my fun bits. It feels so good that I begin to moan. She responds by giving me a sharp smack. It’s a process she repeats over and over, blending pleasure and pain. I don’t know how long I was stuck like this, but I finally cry out “please, please”. My mind was clouded with wanting the pain to end, while simultaneously wanting her to make me cum, that I’m not sure which I was begging for.

I can feel my entire body flushing as she brings me close to my orgasm. She can sense it too and for a moment forgets about inflicting pain, focusing on my pleasure. As my moans begin to crescendo, she stops. “No!….no!” I plead. She reaches up and untangles my leg. I fall to the mat a sweaty, quivering mess. She lifts me into a torture rack hold. I feel the pain as I’m bent over her strong shoulders, but then I feel her hand sliding up my thigh.  She inserts two fingers into me, while also working the move. Even though the pain is severe, I don’t dare give up- I NEED her to finish me. Finally, my body begins to tremble and groans of pain are replaced with breathy moans as I cum in front of the crowd that is now silently transfixed on watching the very skilled woman completely conquer her rival. Knowing that she has finished me, she turns the torture rack into a Samoan drop, leaving me a sprawled mess in the center of the ring.

Through my orgasmic haze and the shock of the impact, I’m barely aware of Jessi picking up my legs, tucking them beneath her armpits and then sitting down on my chest. I’m folded like an accordion, my bare ass and other bits pointed skyward for all to see.

I’m barely aware of Lucia’s hand hitting the mat as she yells “One!”  As I hear her say “Two!” I realize what is going on. I try to kick out but the pin is locked in. Jessi smiles down at me as Lucia calls out “three!” I hear the bell ring, the reality that I’ve lost the match and now will have to watch my husband make love to my conqueror begins to set in. 

Jessi stands up and places her foot squarely on my chest as Lucia raises her hand in victory. With the leggy beauty standing over me, I get the full view of the woman who just finished me off- in more than one way. She is glistening with sweat, her legs are long and strong, and her chest dwarfs mine. I worry that she might be able to take Jake from me for more than just tonight.

As the crowd cheers Jessi’s victory, I begin to try and slink out in defeat. The taller woman looks at me “Now, where do you think you’re going?”

I stop and sit up “Nowhere, I guess”. I hang my head and resign myself to the belief that she wants me in the ring while she takes my husband in front of me.

Jessi cocks her head to the side and looks at me quizzically, “Oh, you thought I was about to make you watch me screw your husband?..” She slyly shakes her head, ” No, no…the way I see it, you- not him, owe me an orgasm…. it’s only fair after I gave you one, right?” She walks over to me and gently pushes me onto my back. “Now you get to return the favor” she says as the lowers herself onto my mouth.

The relief of not having my husband taken from me completely outweighs any humiliation of having to pleasure Jessi in front of a crowd and I intend to make sure she knows how grateful I am. Although I never have “officially” been with another woman,  I’m determined do my best. I notice that Jessi must have been enjoying herself during the match as she already wet and ‘flowering’. I lick and suck as the victorious woman rhythmically grinds on my mouth. I can tell by the way her body convulses and her fingers grip my hair, that I’m getting her close.

I feel her entire body quiver as the waves of pleasure from her climax begin to overtake her. Her moans that had been getting increasingly loud now become almost silent as her body tenses up one last time before releasing in one breathy, relaxed exhale. The change in her taste lets me know, I’ve done my job and Jessi’s body collapsing off of me let’s me know I’ve done it well.

After showering and changing back in to my clothes at the farmhouse, Jake and I thank Jessi for  her hospitality and the experience. We agree that this shouldn’t be the last time that we tangle, but for now, it’s time for me get some rest. I have no doubts that I have more adventures in front of me and I’ll get another shot at the Country Cougar.

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