Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 14: The Clash in the Cage by FyreCracka

While perusing the site and looking through the local matches and venues I see that Miche is fighting Amy at a semi local bar’s fight night. Since I know I’ll be facing Miche again sometime in the future and I’ve already faced Amy, it might be a useful match to scout the woman who left me stripped on the floor of the tower. Plus watching a good catfight always makes for a fun time once Jake and I get home.

We pull up to the bar on the outskirts of town and it’s a dive, but it there is a decent crowd. Jake and are allowed in without having to pay the significant cover charge due to my ‘Cat’ pin, membership has its perks, indeed. Upon entering, it’s impossible to miss the 15′ x 15′ cage constructed from chain link fencing and aluminum piping square in the middle of what used to be a honky tonk dance floor- I guess this is the place. There are definitely all types of patrons here, cowboys, bikers, businessmen, oil field workers, etc… Almost everyone in the place is male, and every woman is probably wearing a ‘Cat’ pin.

We watch the first couple of matches, clearly “first fight” amateurs. While entertaining, the girls aren’t too impressive. As the night wears on, the women get better. I wonder how many I will cross claws with in the future. Fairly late in the evening, it’s time for the match I came for- Miche versus Amy.

Much like when Miche fought me, she’s wearing a nice matching set of black and baby blue lingerie. Amy is in a pink bikini. After the introductions, a bell rings and the action begins. It’s a one sided affair, with Miche barely breaking a sweat as she completely picks apart Amy. The older woman toys with her prey for a few extra minutes, making sure she is stripped naked to the delight of the crowd, before forcing the crying young Asian woman to submit with a crotch claw. I wince a bit, remembering how she did the same to me.

Even though the match we came for is over, we decide to stay and watch a few more. Jake heads to the bar to get us some more drinks while I stay back at the table. Before he gets back, I’m bumped into by a young, thin Hispanic woman. With the combination of fight lust in the air and my confidence from my last couple of fights… plus a couple of drinks in me, I hop up in the woman’s face. “What in the hell is wrong with you?!?” I snap at her.

I see the ‘Cat’ pin on the slender woman’s tight black dress, right before she throws her drink in my face, screaming “Rude ass bitch!” as she does. In an instant, we are in each other’s hair, knocking over tables and chairs, bumping into cheering patrons before the bouncers pull us apart. We are still yelling and swinging at each other, while the crowd chants “Let them fight!… let them fight!…”

A big man in a suit and cowboy hat walks up. Evidently, he is the owner of this establishment. He looks us over and says “Well, are you two gonna disappoint the crowd?”

The petite Latina snarls “I’m down, I’m going to fuck this piece of trailer trash up”

I respond, “Whatever bitch, I’ll have you in tears, begging me to stop”

“Whoa..whoa, ladies, what are your names? Let’s make this official ” the owner asks as the bouncers escort us to the cage through the throng of rowdy spectators.

“My name is Sela- Petitesela on the site” the woman answers first.

“I’m Kelli, the Fyrecracka- with a ‘y’ and no ‘r’ at the end” I say.

We step into the small cage and begin to get undress as our info is entered into a computer. Sela is in a tiny black bikini, making me wonder if this happened by chance. I pull off my boots, jeans, and shirt, tossing them on the cage floor against the fencing, and revealing my red bra and panties.

The man in the hat, has a microphone and begins introducing us from our information on the site. “Introducing first, in black, standing 5’3″ weighing 85 pounds, she’s 25 years old- Sela!… and her opponent is 37 years old, she stands 5’5″ and weighs 135 pounds, she dressed in red- Kelli!” The man continues, “Since you two wanted to brawl in my bar, you can settle it in the cage. No holds barred. Keep fighting until one of you gives up or is knocked unconscious….. ready!…. fight!” The opening bell rings and the fight is on.

We stand across from each other, her brown eyes meet mine. The determination to break the woman in front of us visible to the 100 or so spectators left at the bar. The petite woman is very pretty, her long brown hair tied back in a ponytail like my blonde locks. Her chest is a little smaller than mine, but probably looks bigger on her small frame. Our skin is about the same color, the biggest difference is our size and our ages. She is a young, small, petite thing, her entire body is slim compared to my meatier, more muscled, soccer mom body.

Both of us are still in a rage, and rush to meet each other to finish what we started out in the barroom. Again, we go straight after each other’s hair. Slapping away for all we are worth as we attempt to sling one another around the small cage. Predictably, I take control, slamming the smaller woman into the cage, repeatedly.

I spin Sela around and push her front against the cage. Pinning the petite fighter to the fence, I unload forearms and fists into her lower back and ribs. My barrage is rewarded with loud groans and moans. She struggles to push off the cage, but I can tell that I’m doing a lot of damage to the young Latina.

I turn her back around so I can start to punish her from the front. Using my left hand to grab her jaw and force her back against the cage, I’m able to use my right to start destroying her toned belly. She groans and whimpers as I unload on her midsection. I’ve actually worked up a sweat pummeling her for a good five minutes. “You had enough yet, bitch?” I scream at her, to the delight of the crowd.

“Fuck…. you… Blondie…” she says through her gasps for air.

“Suit yourself, stupid little girl” I say back. I clamp my hands around her neck, preparing to end this fight. Her hands fly up and try unsuccessfully to pry my claws from her neck as she hisses. I know I have her now and I dig my nails in deeper feeling my hands closing around her throat. Then, I feel Sela’s knee crash into my pussy. My mouth falls open as I struggle to vocalize the pain. I forget all about choking my opponent and my hands desperately try to soothe my aching crotch as I hang onto Sela and the cage to stay upright.

“Not so tough now, are you, bitch?!” She says mockingly as she casually pushes me off of her and I collapse to the floor, moaning. I can hear the crowd cheering as Sela plays to them and I struggle to recover. I make it to my hands and knees before she soccer kicks my ribs, knocking me on to my back. I lay there gasping and helpless. Just like that, this match has flipped and I’m the one in trouble.

I lay, groaning, on the hard floor of the cage. Quick as a cat, Sela is sitting on top of me, straddling my stomach. “Silly… blonde… slut, … did … you … act.. ual..ly.. think.. you… could … beat …me?” Bouncing on my belly with every syllable and driving the air from my lungs with a loud grunt from each one. My pint sized tormentor hops off of me and plays to the crowd again. Many of the spectators yelling for her ‘to finish’ me. Her bare foot crashes into my stomach with a series of stomps, leaving me writhing on the floor.

“Get your ass up, bitch” Sela shrieks at me. I crawl to the edge and laboriously climb the fencing to my feet, my back facing the Latina. She smiles as she moves in to continue her assault of my abdomen. I feel the first punch sink into my ribs from behind. Out of instinct, I throw and elbow catching her in the jaw, knocking her back a few steps and buying me some more time to get myself together.

Sela shakes her head to clear the stars and lets out a primal shriek, charging me. I summon what’s left of my energy and side step her rush, ‘assisting’ her head into the cage’s support post as she goes by. The younger woman’s head crashes into the post with a sickening thud and she falls to the floor. Laying on her belly, her legs kick the floor expressing the pain. I hold on to the cage, still trying to recover from the brutal belly attack I’ve sustained at the little woman’s hands.

Both of us struggle to recover and seize control of the fight for what feels like forever, but is probably only about a minute. By this point the crowd has chosen sides and they imploring their favorite to finish her opponent. Cries of “Get up, Sela!”, “Stomp the bitch, Kelli!”, “Finish her!” echo throughout the bar. I raise my head, and see Jake standing among the crowd. I focus on him. I can hear him saying “You got this, babe! Stay tough.” 

I dig down and find the strength to stand on my own. I turn towards my foe, she has managed to make it to her hands and feet. Ready for a little payback, I do my best field goal kicker impression and try to send Sela’s ribs through some imaginary goalposts. She bangs off the cage and back onto her belly. She is trying to to get to her feet, but she only manages weak movements. “Are you done, little girl?” I ask though my heavy breathing.

“Go to hell..” Sela defiantly replies. I move in to inflict some more pain and end this tiny woman’s hopes of a comeback. I sit down with authority, straddling the brunette’s lower back, earning me a whimper from my opponent. Reaching down, I grab her hair and yank the poor girl’s head black in a sort of camel clutch.

“Say it!  Just give up” I say to her, confident that this fight is over.

Sela almost hisses out a “Fuck you” as her back and neck are painfully stretched. I keep pulling for what seems like an eternity, but the petite Latina refuses to submit. Out of frustration and with my forearms starting to tire, I release the hold. She falls to the mat, clutching her neck and back.

Back on my feet, I pull my prey to her knees. “Give up, before you get hurt.” I yell mere inches from her face. Sela claws at my chest and belly as her answer. Still refusing to acknowledge that she’s beaten. Even managing to rip my bra and leave dark red scratches on my chest. Smiling defiantly at her handiwork, even as I bury a hard knee into her belly.

My frustration with the tough brunette has reached its peak. “What are you trying to prove?” I ask, grabbing her jaw and forcing her pretty brown eyes to meet mine. She just snarls back. I begin to punish Sela in a blind rage, attacking her belly with punches and knees until I’m out of breath. I let the smaller woman fall to the floor. She curls into a ball, her stomach mottled with red marks from my vicious assault. 

I stand over the petite brunette as she is still trying to get back to her feet. We are about twenty minutes into this brawl. Our bodies are glistening with perspiration from head to toe. My bra is hanging half off, one strap completely severed. Sela’s bikini top is somewhere on the floor of the cage. Both of us are now sporting wild sweat soaked ‘cave woman’ hair do’s.

At this point, my frustration has turn into a smoldering anger and I feel none of the pain from the beating I endured earlier. All I want to do now is hear her beg for mercy and I’ve come a little unhinged. I drape Sela over my knee into a back breaker. Even though the younger woman is unbelievably tough, she has past the point of being able to fight back. I can hear her muffling her groans through her gritted teeth, still refusing to tap out. Even when I launch into another belly punching attack, she still remains defiant.

With my opponent to the point of being defenseless, I am able to get a bit more creative. With the crowd chanting “finish her!”  I decide to give them a little show. I reach down and grab Sela by the hair, ripping her up off the floor. She groans as she forced to her feet. I pull her over my shoulders into a torture rack, eliciting moans from the Latina as I walk and bounce around. I pull down on her chin and thigh until she is almost broken in two. She moans and curses but won’t submit. I keep up the pressure until the moans stop.

While the my pint sized opponent was tough as nails and refused to give up, that no longer matters now the she has passed out from the pain. I parade the completely limp woman around the ring on my shoulders. I hear the bell ringing as it becomes clear to every one that Sela is unconscious, but I’m enjoying the adulation from the blood thirsty crowd too much to care. I finally dump the poor girl in the center of the floor when I see the bouncers opening the cage to make me stop torturing her. I pose with a foot on the unconscious Sela’s chest before gathering my clothes.

As I’m dressing outside the cage, I see that Sela is now awake and rubbing her aching ribs. She looks around for her bikini top. I smile, saying with a feigned innocence, “Are you looking for this?” Her little black bikini top dangles from my index finger. “I guess you should have won..”.

“You got lucky….you won’t be next time” she snaps back. Still defiant, even after all of that.

The big man in the suit and cowboy hat stops Jake and I on our way. He hands me a decently fat envelope, before saying. “You two put on a hell of a show. I know you weren’t scheduled, but you more than earned this. If you want even more, let me know…. I’m sure you can make both of us some money.” He hands me his card.

Once we get back home and Jake satisfies my other primal urges. I reflect on the night’s activities and the nice unexpected payday. I drift off to sleep wondering what other adventures are in my future.

Continued in Chapter 15! Coming Soon to Fights.Sexy!

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