Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 3: Local Flavor by FyreCracka

Soon after our return from our little camping trip, I get an email from the catfight matchmaking service notifying me that I have been challenged by another member. This time it appears to be with another couple that are local to us. It’s nice too see that my win over Lucia is now on my record, I guess she joined the service. I look at the profile of my potential opponent. Her name is Amy and her profile says she is 5’4″ and 150 lbs. and she is 4-1 with all for wins coming from SKO.

I wonder to myself what in the hell is a SKO? After a brief look through the site’s FAQ, I learn it’s a Sexual Knockout. Evidently, one way to win a match is to make your opponent orgasm. That’s different, I think to myself. My focus shifts back to Amy’s challenge. She has challenged me to a standard catfight. The rules can be discussed on the day of the match, but she has put in a requirement that there be no punching, kicking, biting or anything like that. Being a mom with a career, I’m very happy that I won’t have to explain any strange bruises or black eyes, so I agree to that. In the days leading up to the match we discuss the venue and finally settle for an after hours meet up at a local martial arts gym that Jake has a key to.

The night of the match, I can’t help but to be excited. This is the first time that I will be taking on some one who lives nearby. My mind runs through all of the consequences that this will bring up. I think that there’s a strong possibility that we will see each around town. How will it feel to run into Amy at the supermarket and see her face after knowing I beat her- or she beat me. The very real chance of encounters like this wave raised the stakes of this match more than I could have imagined.
We arrive at the gym and meet the other couple. Amy looks to be young around 22 or so. She is a chubby, round faced Asian girl. She is being accompanied by her boyfriend, Tyler, who is also Asian and about the same age and around 6’1″ and 250 lbs. We discuss the finer points of our impending bout and settle on the standard rules while competing nude. Each couple retires to a different locker room to change and get ready for the fight. Jake and I, dressed only in a robe, walk out to the center of the mat where the other couple is waiting.

Amy and I each remove our robes and size each other up. Without her clothes I can see that Amy is blessed with large double D breasts and while she is chubby her round face made her look bigger than she actually is, with only a little bit of a belly bulge and love handles. As I look over the rest of my opponent’s body, the thing that stands out the most is her legs. They are thick and look very strong, while mine are strong I know that this will probably be where she has her advantage. Amy has a confident look on her face after looking me over, no doubt due to seeing she is larger than me in every way. Next she smiles, looking over at the men saying “I don’t think it’s fair that we are standing here naked to the world, while you two are just standing there comfortably…why don’t you gives us some motivation?” Tyler, evidently familiar with this practice, disrobes immediately. Jake looks at me, smiles and shrugs, then joins us in our nudity.

Amy stares at Jake’s fairly large manhood. I don’t know why, maybe that a much younger woman is eyeing my husband but for whatever reason, this makes me jealous. She asks me “Do you guys swing?” I stutter in my response “what?..wait..no..”. She pouts a bit “Pity..you’re pretty cute for an old couple..”. Old?!? I think to myself, I’m only 37. Amy must be reading my face as a devious grin crosses her lips. She looks at me smugly and says “How about a little wager?…the winner gets to have her choice of the men for some fun”. I don’t know if it’s jealousy or my competitive nature, but before I can even discuss this with Jake, I blurt out “Sure!..you’re on”. While Amy and I do our best to stare each other down, the men rub oil all over our bodies giving us both a shine that accentuates all of our bodily virtues.

With all of this out of the way, it’s time to get this fight underway. The starting bell rings and we begin to circle each other. My mind runs through my game plan one last time. I’m very aware that all of Amy’s wins have come by making her opponent orgasm, this makes her a very formidable opponent especially after we have decided to grapple naked and my husband has just finished rubbing massaging oil all over my body, so that is what I will primarily have to defend against. I look to be in better shape and from our movement thus far I can tell I’m a better athlete. I’m hoping from my training with Jake that this girl won’t be as experienced on the mat as me.

After some tentative grasps at each other, we both throw caution to the wind and rush each other. My suspicions of her lack of wrestling ability are confirmed as I take her down easily. Once we are on the ground I proceed to bend and stretch her cute body into several painful contortions. Within a couple of minutes it’s apparent that I’m far superior to her in this arena. I repeatedly keep slamming Amy onto her back and mounting her, making sure that she has to look me in the eyes and know that I’m am so much better than her and she has no chance to end up with my husband tonight. After having my fun, I stand up to admire my handiwork. I begin to circle my downed rival, eyeing my prey as she writhes panting on the mat, I move in to finish her.

Wanting to prove I can beat her at her own game, I pin her on her back and straddle her shaven pussy with mine. I begin to grind on her. She arches her back and begins moaning softly. I become increasingly excited as I feel victory almost in my grasp. I see a look of determination wash over the pretty young Asian girl’s face and she starts grinding back. We both continue to grind rhythmically away at each other and I begin to feel my advantage slipping away as I feel waves of pleasure overtaking me. Amy hears me start moaning. She has been her before and I’m starting to realize how why she has four sexual knockouts. I sense that she can feel the tide turning. Amy rolls me onto my back, continuing to grind away on me.

I grab the mat and moan loudly as she drives me closer to ecstasy. Knowing that she is close to sending me over the edge, she mounts me and begins to assert her dominance. Leaning over me and grabbing my face and turning my face towards Jake, while tauntingly slapping my cheek and whispering in my ear “After I finish you, I am fucking your man and all you’ll be able to do is watch”. I stare at Jake and all I can do is mouth the words “I’m sorry”, knowing that she could finish my trembling body at any time. My mind is so clouded, half almost begging her to give me the orgasm that she has been teasing me with for several minutes now and the other half focusing on my husband and keeping her from denying him to me. Focusing on the latter, I regain some composure and begin grinding back. Amy had been enjoying the excitement of dominating me so much that it doesn’t take much before she is now the one on the brink.

As she rolls onto her back, I slide on top of her belly. Not wanting to make the same mistake as her and knowing I’m so close to climax as well, I decide to finish her with my fingers. She is already so turned on that I don’t even have to work to get three fingers inside her. Before long I feel her body begin to quiver, her soft moans increasing into breathy screams. She is completely at my mercy as I fondle her large breasts and toy with her soaking pussy. After another minute or so, she looks at me with a submissiveness in her pretty young face and begs me “Please Fyre, give me this…..I…..I…need it, please, Fyre “.

I look at Jake and smile, knowing I’ll be spending the rest of the evening with him. Mercifully I give her what she wants, working my fingers deftly and Amy trembles and let’s out a sexy moan as she climaxes beneath me. I rise to stand over my defeated rival, my legs still shaky from her taking me so close to my own orgasm. I am able to place my foot squarely on her ample chest to let the cameras recording the event see me in the victory pose. I look over at Tyler, who I see wasn’t able to handle the match and has spread his seed all over his stomach.

Claiming my victory, I take my husband in front of the vanquished couple. It doesn’t take Jake long to finish what Amy started. Completely relaxed and satisfied after both my victory and my “prize”, Jake and I retire to the locker room to get dressed. When we return, we see the young couple doing their duty, cleaning the mat where the action took place. We make the quick trip back home and continue our celebration in our own bedroom.

From time to time I will see Amy out and about in town. We are always very nice and cordial toward each after sharing what we did. However, I do notice that I feel superior to her whenever we meet and she seems to feel the same way acting very submissive in my presence, to the point of blushing and looking down. One of these days I suspect she may want a rematch, but for now I am enjoying the respect that she gives her conqueror. I continue to wait for messages and requests from the service, knowing that my next adventure may come any day.

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