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Game of Thrones: Sansa vs. Shae by Luffy316

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Sansa Stark had never felt so betrayed since she had come to her new home. Even when she was forced into this disgraceful marriage with Tyrion, there was at least some upside to it. It had come with the death of her father, and her new husband was much older and MUCH shorter than her, but he was kind to her. He had made it clear to her that she would not be forced by him to do anything, and certainly not demanding for sex since he understood her situation. It was not an ideal situation, but she knew there really was not such thing as one anymore. Things were rarely fair. In fact, people often preferred it when things were as unfair as possible in their favor. All things considered, she felt she was fairer than most. She gave people a chance. She spoke plainly and politely, if rather cold with her formality at times. And she certainly didn’t lock nobility in a room with a naked whore and expect them to fight to the death for her amusement…

But she made a point of staying around the corner when the servants were talking. It was a good way to gather news, and this was no exception: she heard the other servants gossiping that her own handmaiden was sleeping with her husband had her blood boiling. Not that she cares that her husband is infidel to her, Tyrion has been known to frequent various brothels after all. But bedding some pampered whore in some far pleasure house is one thing, bringing the whore into the household is quite another. It threatens Sansa’s control over her household and she is sick of letting others control her life, least of all her handmaiden. She needs to settle this before the handmaiden gets too bold and becomes an actual threat.

Sansa went to confront the treacherous handmaiden, grabbing Shae by the arm and pulling her from the halls into her private chamber. “Listen, you ungrateful little bitch.” She had come a rather long way from the girl who had to be told that the world was not like a song. Joffrey had that kind of affect on people. “I know everything.”

Shae’s eyes widened a moment in sheer surprise at the confrontation as Sansa went on. “I know about you and Tyrion. I knew I had a whore for a handmaiden, but I expected you to be able to keep your legs together long enough to not try to steal my husband!”

Shae froze up with fear at her mistress’ fury, a cold sweat breaking out on her skin. Of course she had been there for Tyrion. The dismissive woman he’d married clearly wasn’t going to be the one to see to his urges. Technically, she had been with Tyrion long before the highborn little lady came in the scene. She had been with him through life and death and now he is no longer hers. Some fancy little princess, with her fancy hair, fancy name, and fancy dresses, has come and stolen him. The thought sent a wave of anger through Shae.

“Steal him?” she repeated in an offended and defensive tone of voice. “How is it stealing when you never had him? You hated the marriage! You never slept with him! A man has needs, and I was fulfilling them in a way you refused.”

Sansa kept her steely expression of outrage, even as a moment of blush crossed her face. Of course she had objected to sleeping with the man she’d just met and been forced to marry, but that doesn’t mean that some random whore can just walk in and claim her husband for her own, and least of all someone in her household

Sansa thrust a finger into Shae’s face. “That’s no excuse and you know it! You’ll stay away from him and that’s final, do you hear me?”

Shae stepped forward anyway, ignoring her lady’s finger and thrusting her chest out to push into Sansa’s. “Why? Because you’re threatened by me being a better woman than you? You know that you’d never be able to do the things to him that I can, you repulsive sow.”

Sansa visibly fumed, looking ready to slap her on the spot when they heard the steps of guards coming down the hall. It wouldn’t be out of place for them to be in the chamber, of course, but if they started hearing threats and insults, the men could easily find an excuse to walk in on them. They could interrupt the whole thing, or maybe even worse start up some out of control rumor. Sansa wanted to berate, humiliate, even break the girl, but she didn’t need any further blemish on her reputation. She was a proper lady, after all, as far as the world knew. The two women all but held their breath to let the men pass by, staring angrily into each other’s eyes.

“Tonight,” Shae said firmly. Sansa just glared back, as if intent on quietly calculating her every word. “Meet me back here, when the guards are on the outer edges of the castle on watch. There won’t be so much as a washmaid at that hour. We can settle this woman to woman.” Shae stepped up to Sansa and pressed her chest defiantly into her lady’s breasts.

Sansa nodded curtly in agreement. “If that’s what it takes to put you in your place, then I’ll be glad to play your little game.” Sansa stepped past her, bumping Shae with her shoulder as they left to go their separate ways for the rest of the day. By nightfall, they both met again in the same spot. Neither had told another soul about the incident, leaving the last of their walk to the private quarters a quiet one. So while Tyrion kept himself busy for the night, his women locked themselves in Sansa’s chambers, dressed in loose and simple dresses that they would wear around the castle.

The bed and sparse furniture were all off to the sides, and several candles and lanterns along the walls were providing them a low, almost romantic light. There was a single window, tall and narrow, but it was covered top to bottom for their privacy by a pair of thick curtains. The privacy was for anything but romance as the women stood across from each other in the small but comfortable room, glaring daggers across the floor.

“I’ll show you what a proper woman can do,” Sansa said with an unsettling calm, any fire and venom in her words barely audible through her cold tone. “Even if I have to tear that whoring hole of yours apart.”

“You think you’re a woman then, my virgin maid? I’ll leave you so sore that you’ll never have the chance to know his love. Ready to be beat and fucked like a real whore, ‘your ladyship?” Shae fired back sarcastically.

“At least your words remember your place, you little coward,” Sansa replied with a slight but arrogant smirk. “I’ll just have to fuck the last ounce of pride you have left out of you.”

Not content to let the last insult stand, Shae stepped forward and threw a sharp slap across her lady’s face. Sansa staggered a bit from the smack, but it was more surprising than truly painful. For all the world they lived in, the women were never properly trained in any sort of combat and so were fighting by instincts alone. Sansa, at least, had at least one very memorable experience in the field of fighting on instinct alone. As soon as her head was facing forward again, Sansa pounced on her, bringing Shae down underneath her noble opponent.

The noblewoman threw a few vicious slaps across the handmaiden’s face before Shae grabbed her attacker’s wrists, both of them grunting with effort as they wrestled for supremacy.

“Get off me, you fucking cow!” Shae growled at her, shoving a hand into Sansa’s face. The mounting brunette shook her head and tried to make her lose her grip, succeeding a bit before Shae used the distraction to let her other hand grab and rip a strip of her dress from the chest down.

Sansa let out an angry gasp as a large part of her one breast was exposed to the warm air of the room. “You stupid little tramp!” she spat, slapping at Shae’s face clumsily while retreating to her knees. Shae threw up a hand to block the awkward swings, and as Sansa tried to crawl back she grabbed at her skirts and pulled. Sansa let out an angry shriek and kicked back at Shae, hitting her foe’s upper body before one clipped her jaw. The servant fell back rather than risk any further damage, but left another tear on her lady’s dress, this time up the side.

“You ungrateful little shit!” Sansa shouted as she turned back to her handmaiden. She threw a kick into Shae’s chest, knocking the servant girl onto her ass before Sansa grabbed onto Shae’s skirts. She pulled up with both hands in separate directions, getting a few tears in the soft fabric despite it not being her real target. With Shae’s bare legs exposed to her, Sansa reached between them and jammed her nails into her servant’s crotch.

“AOOOWH! You dirty, cheating cunt!” Shae thrashed suddenly at the invasive attack. She kicked and flailed at Sansa, but her position in between her legs made all of her attacks miss wildly.

“You’re one to talk about cheating!” Sansa growled back. It wasn’t that she particularly cared about the infidelity, but it was a means of hurting Shae mentally as well as physically. She wanted to genuinely destroy the girl, the sadistically cold side of her bubbling up through her courteous side that she showed the rest of the world. Sansa twisted her wrist so that her nails raked and squeezed Shae’s bare womanhood. Shae shrieked again, but she managed to grab Sansa by the wrist and tear her hand off of her in one painful pull.

While she had hold of the arm, Shae closed her legs tightly together around Sansa’s ribs and started squeezing. It was Sansa’s turn to grunt in pain as her upper body was stretched and squashed, pressing her breasts upward until they were almost spilling out of her evening dress. All of Sansa’s thrashing and jiggling as she tried to escape caught Shae’s eye. Letting her legs hold her opponent in place, Shae reached down and grabbed Sansa by her tits, viciously pulling and leaving rough red scratches over the creamy flesh.

“OWWW! Get off my tits, you slutty pig!” Sansa howled at her. The torment managed to yank her breasts completely over the edge of her dress. Her hard nipples were exposed, and while she had no real shame in her nudity any more, it was an excuse for Sansa’s fury to boil over and elbow Shae in the stomach.

The handmaiden gave a surprised wheeze as the wind was knocked out of her, losing the grip on Sansa with both her legs and arms alike. Sansa grabbed her former friend by the hair and threw her to the floor, leaving Shae to land roughly on her side. Sansa crawled after and pulled Shae’s hair again, forcing her head up and slapping her across the face as fast as she could manage.

Shae shrieked and pulled up her arms in an instinctive attempt to protect herself. When Sansa just reached around the to keep slapping at her head, Shae changed tactics to reach and grab Sansa’s breasts again. The handmaiden pulled and stretched them out, yanking on them like some kind of malicious dairy farmer. Sansa emitted another moan littered with both pain and a surprising lust, but set herself on paying her back for the pain by grabbing Shae’s dress at the center and ripping apart the fabric.

Shae’s sweaty tits bounced out into the hot open air, Sansa was quick to seize them and jam her fingernails into her opponent’s budding nipples. Shae instantly felt the awkward pain of her nipples being inverted and pushed into her chest, screaming shrilly as she tried to take it out on Sansa’s chest that she still had cupped roughly in her hands.

The two effectively topless women scratched and shoved at each other’s’ chests a while longer before Shae surprised her mistress with a knee between the legs. Sansa let out a throat grunt and stopped to hold her aching pussy, Shae pushing into her stomach with her raised leg to knock her back onto the floor in front of her, grinding her knee against her mistress’ mound to drill in a mixed sensation of pain and arousal.

“Looks like your virgin twat couldn’t take a real man anyway!” Shae snapped down at her, the private quarters drowning out any noise that might be caught by random passerby. Shae pressed her point by quickly raising and dropping her knee once more on Sansa’s groin for another disturbingly arousing sensation.

Sansa howled and rolled as she clutched her pussy again, but as Shae readied another hit, she rolled over and grabbed her dress near Shae’s thighs. She pulled down hard enough to yank it clean off her body with a few sharp tearing noises.

“I think a whore should dress like one, don’t you!?” Sansa growled as she stripped her opponent and threw the remains of the dress at her. While Shae was caught up in the shocking move, Sansa tackled into her hard enough that Shae tripped and landed back on the floor. Shae scrambled back on her ass and hands, pulling away from Sansa to let the noble fighter massage her aching privates.

It didn’t keep Sansa from attacking, sending a quick and angry slap across Shae’s breasts. The hand between her legs put her off balance, and as Sansa stumbled from her own attack, Shae shoved back angrily into her chest. Sansa fell back towards the wall, catching herself by bracing her hands against the stone rather than slamming into it. It did still leave her wide open to Shae’s attack, the handmaiden grabbing the back of Sansa’s skirts and holding them up to her middle back. Shae leaned on her mistress and with her bare ass exposed, she spanked her hard enough for her lady’s hips to thrust against the wall and cry out in shock.

“If you’re going to behave like a spoiled brat, I’ll punish you like one!” Shae hissed, delivering three more hard smacks to Sansa’s ass. Sansa screamed and pushed back from the wall, but Shae kept her pinned there by leaning harder into her, pressing her naked breasts against her back. Sansa’s own bared jugs pushed against the cold stone of the wall, making her nipples grow painfully hard against it. Shae took the time between spankings to grope under her lady’s rear, rubbing her privates with a possessive sort of sensuality before returning to the paddling. Sansa realized her predicament, and after a ultimately could only twist to one side, uncaring of the damages she’d do.

Shae still kept her grip on her mistress’ skirt, pulling and holding on tightly to keep her from breaking free for a moment. The ladies entered a quick tug of war before Sansa pulled too roughly, tearing the last of the dress completely off her body. While Shae was proud to have ripped the clothes off her mistress, leaving them both in nothing but scraps of cloth that provided no real practical coverage. However, her trying to discard the remains of the large dress kept her too busy to press an attack.

Sansa raised the stakes another level when she reached between Shae’s legs, stuffing her hand into her snatch and scratching at anything she could find. Shae screamed as Sansa’s nails dragged over her pubic hair and tore some of them loose from her crotch.

“Dirty, cheating cunt!” Shae hissed through her grinding teeth, grasping Sansa’s chest like a pair of fleshy stress balls. Sansa thought she had her right where she wanted her when Shae suddenly threw a punch into her face. Sansa loosened her grip as she rubbed her mouth where she’d been hit, allowing Shae to grab her by the hips.

“Ugh… don’t you dare, you little bitch!” Sansa mumbled through her covered mouth, but Shae turned her grip to scrape her nails down her mistress’ back before squeezing on her ass cheeks, burying her claws into the soft flesh.

Sansa hiss sharply in pain, her back burning from the scratch and the stinging in her soft, noble rear. “Try sitting on a fucking throne after I’m done with you!” Shae threatened, twisting her nails to pinch on Sansa’s soft skin. Sansa finally had to pull back, rolling away from her clumsily and breaking out of Shae’s vicious grip

“You uppity little witch!” Sansa snapped, glaring at her opponent. “Defiant little whore.”

“Funny that all the things you call me actually know how to get a man’s affection,” Shae shot back. Sansa let out a fuming growl and pounced on her, far beyond caring about her nudity, and tackled her off the bed. They rolled on the floor a bit before Sansa pushed her away, ending up by and grabbing Shae’s legs. Clearly set on revenge, Shae screamed and kicked at her, mashing her feet into Sansa’s breasts a few times but only really serving to push herself further away. With Sansa keeping her grip, she was able to force the legs apart and roughly stuff two fingers into Shae’s pussy.

“AWWAH!” Shae let out a high scream as a hand went to cup her crotch. Shae gave one more jerk to pull away, but instead of breaking Sansa’s grip it sent a sharp sting through her groin. She froze and hissed, forcing herself to stay in place while Sansa started to pump her fingers inside of her.

“You petty, overgrown child!” Shae growled, turning back to Sansa as she dizzily fumbled at her aching pussy.

“Nothing petty about it,” Sansa replied, coldly meeting the angry gaze of her rival. “This is about control. You don’t keep a dog unless you know that it’s housebroken.”

Shae snapped and grabbed her mistress by the hair and forced her to the floor, pressing her face and breasts into the carpet and straddling her back. Shae’s fuzzy bush pressed against Sansa’s lower back as she balanced on top of her, shaking her hair violently from side to side. Sansa was disgusted to feel her handmaiden’s warm, wet crotch against her skin, but her outrage was cut off before she could voice it when Shae changed her grip to shove Sansa face first into the floor.

“Who’s the better woman now? The one actually pleasing her man, or the weak cunt surviving off his glory?” taunted Shae, twisting her hair to grind Sansa’s face into the carpet. Sansa’s fury boiled over, growling before she grabbed Shae by the wrist. She tore the hand from her hair, even if it cost her several painfully plucked strands, and pulled it down so that Sansa could bite down on her fingers. Sansa had done far worse to survive a fight, so this felt like no real wound to her dignity after all she had been through.

Shae yelped and pulled her hand back, recoiling as Sansa jerked sharply to one side. The movement threw her servant off, landing roughly on the floor next to her. Sansa grabbed the wall to hurry back to her feet before stomping after her stunned opponent. Sansa grabbed Shae by the ankles, spreading out her legs as she stood over them.

“No!” Shae blurted dizzily. “No, you can’t! Not my AHHH! YOU FUCKING CUNT!”

Sansa stomped again, this time spiking her heel down onto Shae’s pussy and grinding against it. Shae clawed and grabbed at the carpet, trying to pull herself away from her mistress as Sansa kept stomping harder on her twat, even scratching her toe nails over her waist.

“Is that how Tyrion likes to uses you? How he entertains himself with his favorite pet whore!?” Sansa growled at her. She twisted her foot lower to slide several of her toes into Shae’s wet slit, forcefully fucking her with the sturdy digits.

Shae howled and sobbed in pain, but she kicked hard enough to free herself and tag Sansa in one of her breasts. Her mistress staggered back, off balance as Shae rolled into a sitting position, rubbing her crotch as she wiped some sweat and tears from her face.

“You heartless dyke!” Shae swore at her furiously. “I’m going to tear you to pieces so there’s nothing left for Tyrion to fuck in the first place!”

“You’re not woman enough to try,” Sansa growled back, rubbing her breast before rushing in to throw a kick at Shae’s ribs. Shae dodged to one side, tumbling away from the clumsy kick. Sansa yelped and fell to the floor, Shae quick to hold her arms down and wrap her legs around her mistress’ narrow waist.

“Not woman enough? Well how about you get to know what’s between these thighs!” Shae hissed, flexing her legs to trap her lady in a body scissor. Sansa gasped and tensed up, slapping and pushing at the carpet in a desperate bid to escape.

“Oh fuck! Stop!” Sansa blurted, very unladylike without anyone of importance around. She pushed and clawed at Shae’s legs. “Should have known a whore like you would have such experienced legs!”

“Oh yes! Keep talking,” Shae grunted back at her sarcastically. “Because I’m sure sweet words are what’s going to get you out of this.” Shae took Sansa’s hair in both hands, pulling on it as hard as she could while still tensing her legs around her.

Sansa screamed between the two painful attacks on her stomach and scalp, only stopping when she had to suck in deep, desperate breaths. Shae loved seeing her haughty mistress brought down so low, sweating and crying between her powerful thighs (even if the tears were from the pain alone). “If you like it between my legs so much, I know you’ll love eating my pussy once I’ve broken you!” Shae gloated.

Sansa had few qualms with playing as dirty as necessary, but at that moment, it was practically her pleasure. She squeezed the upper part of Shae’s thigh and bit into her flesh. The servant screamed and instantly released her scissor, letting Sansa hurry out from the hold. She quickly grabbed Shae around the neck, pushing her down with the choke while Sansa proceeded to punch and slap her breasts as fast and as hard as she could in a frenzy of vengeance.

“I’m sick of your filthy tricks, you cowardly whore,” Sansa snarled as she extracted her payback, clawing and pounding Shae’s breasts until they were looking bright red and swollen bigger than usual.

Wincing from her own pain, Shae reached under the straddling Sansa and rammed her fingers up into her mistress’ warm, wet pussy. Shae flexed her fingers, thrusting and turning them inside of her in a drilling gesture that rapidly clawed and probed the flesh inside Sansa’s twat.

“AUGHHH! FUCKING WHORE! GET OUT!” Sansa erupted into howls of pain, stopping her attack to cup her crotch and pull at Shae’s intruding hand. Shae adored seeing her squirm and spasm from the intimate pain going on inside her.

“So this is the dirty cunt that he’s been missing out on,” Shae hissed angrily, eyes watering from the beating she’d taken to her chest. “I’m sure such a weak piece of pussy could never handle a man like Tyrion!”

Sansa turned at the insult, glaring at Shae as she rolled to one side and raised her leg. The knee collided with Shae’s temple, knocking her silly and toppling her to the carpet nearby. Her hand slipped out of Sansa’s wet and aching pussy, leaving the two women to curl up and groan over their injuries so far. Sansa hugged an arm to her chest while the other rubbed over her swollen and tender womanhood. Shae nursed her spinning head while her hands ran over and checked the damages done to her thighs, groin and especially her breasts.

After a few moments of nothing but heavy breathing and soft cursing, the women set aside their own suffering to return to glaring at one another.

“You’ll pay for this, you delusional cunt,” Sansa hissed sharply.

“You were never strong enough to keep him as your own,” Shae retorted. Sansa glared back, her temper refreshed by the challenge of her power. The women rose to their knees and quickly closing the short distance between them. Shae renewed the fight with a slap across Sansa’s face, but her mistress returned it twice over with a smack to Shae’s right breast followed by one to her cheek. The women quickly grabbed onto the other’s breast, squeezing and kneading it almost sensually as a handhold as they traded open-handed slaps back and forth with their other hand. They quickly started reddening each other’s’ cheeks and chests anew. When the pain almost seemed too much for the handmaiden whore, Shae finally broke it by tackling into Sansa, but was unable to bring her down. She resorted to tearing at Sansa’s hair, ripping out several painful strands at a time. Sansa grunted and yelped from the tearing at her scalp, but she scratched her hands over Shae’s face in return.

Shae spit back in Sansa’s face, but finally had to turn her head when Sansa’s nails drew too close to her eyes. Shae rubbed her sore face and with her effectively blinded by the clawing and her own hands, Sansa balled her fists into one and swung them like an imaginary club. The double fist smashed Shae across the face, toppling her over onto her belly near the bed. Sansa quickly descended on the downed Shae, forcing her aide up to her knees so that she could place her breasts and arms rested on the mattress.

Shae was still seeing stars from the heavy blow, letting Sansa force her legs and ass cheeks apart before she threw an uppercut into her servant’s open pussy. “OOOOAHHH!” Shae seemed to jolt back to life from the shocking punch, but was too paralyzed from the pain in her crotch to move out of the compromising position. Shae’s nails ran over the sheets, gritting her teeth and giving off more sickly sensual groans as Sansa continued to grind her fist into the twat from behind. Shae shuddered as her knuckles began to dig upsettingly deeper inside her.

“Does my husband fuck you like this, you shit-eating whore?! Is this how he uses your dirty cunt!?” Sansa ranted at her hated former friend.

“You’re nothing to him,” Shae snapped back, more bitter than confident. “You’re the woman he married for politics. I’m the one he sleeps with out of love.”

Sansa seemed to ignore her and continued beating Shae until her pussy looked swollen, bruised and red. Shae was soon reduced to tears from the painful fisting, especially when Sansa leaned her breasts into her ass and used the fingers of her other hand to pinch and pull her labia further open for her fist.

Shae finally let out a wailing, defeated sob, shaking her head frantically as Sansa spread and stretched her injured flesh.

“Stop! Oh god, no!” Shae howled desperately. “Not my pussy! No more! I give!” She shrieked again as Sansa pinched and twisted her labia again.

“You give up? You surrender the weaker pussy to me?” Sansa demanded, unrelenting in her sexual torture.

Shae nodded and beat her fist on the bed, trying to vent the pain. “Yes! I give! You’re the better woman! Fuck, get out of me!” Shae sobbed again, ashamed from the defeat as well as the insufferable pain still coursing through her loins. Sansa finally released her pussy from her claws, letting the teary-eyed servant collapse against the bed in relief.

“Not yet,” Sansa firmly refused. Shae gasped as she felt her lips parted by Sansa’s fingers, feeling her mistress spit on her inner pussy. Sansa shoved her fingers into her, roughly fingering her servant as she was bent over the bed. Shae moaned and whined loudly, her beaten pussy so sensitive that every touch seemed to ache and sting. Still, her body reacted to the attention as if it were simply a rough fucking from Tyrian; her body warmed up rapidly, and her pussy was leaking down her thigh before long.

“Please, no,” Shae whimpered, her pussy clenching around Sansa’s two finger. “Not like this… please! You won!”

“Then I’m taking my prize. Now why don’t you cum like a good little whore? Or do you need someone to pay you first before you can squirt?” Sansa smacked the defeated Shae’s ass hard, the resounding crack of the spank echoing in her chambers. Shae jolted from the spanking, making her body bounce up and down on Sansa’s fingers as she added a third. Shae couldn’t hold out for long. She finally squeezed the sheets within tight fists as she let out a labored scream, squirting over her mistress’ fingers. Sansa didn’t bother waiting for her to finish, removing her hand to let her cum on the floor like an animal. Sansa wiped off her fingers on Shae’s stinging ass, almost like an ointment, but it made Shae feel like she was a scrap of trash being used to clean up her mess.

Shae was able to catch her breath for a few seconds as Sansa stepped away from the bed. Shae could only moan and lay there aching, but the corner of her eye saw the royal go to the fireplace and pick up one of the iron pokers. Someone had left the poker in the fire place and the tip of the poker burnt bright orange with heat. Her eyes widened as Sansa set her eyes on her and rolled Shae over to face her. The mistress climbed into bed, kneeling over her and planting her hairy pussy onto her servant’s face.
“Service your mistress then, my bitch,” Sansa ordered calmly as she settled her snatch across Shae’s mouth. “Lick my better pussy.” The whore’s first instinct was to bite down, but Sansa made a point to hold the poker up in the air. It was in plain sight, and it would not be difficult for her to swing it at that angle. With her head stuck beneath Sansa’s privates, biting or not, she would be an easy target for the hot iron.

Shae gasped and shifted a bit beneath her, the servant girl’s back bent awkwardly to stay leaning on the bed. She shut her eyes and started licking obediently, trying to shut out the situation to all her senses. But Sansa’s musky juices pressed against her nose and tingled against her tongue. Her mistress slapped her in the face before long, forcing Shae to open her eyes with a distressed, muffled moan.

“You look at me when I feed you my pussy,” Sansa ordered. “I’m not just my husband looking for a lazy fuck so satisfy some simple urges. I own you, you slutty little piece of shit. You’ll look me in the eyes and touch my breasts while I fuck you, and when I cum in your mouth, you will swallow and say ‘thank you, Lady Stark.’ Do you understand me, or do I have to show you why I’m on top again?”

Shae’s eyes widened fearfully, but nodded as she stared up at her mistress’ breasts and the face behind them. Even in the privacy of the room, she felt humiliated as if others were watching them. Shae buried her tongue in deeper, looping her hands up around Sansa’s pinning legs and rubbing her breasts. Sansa moaned loudly and humped against her face, grinding Shae’s back against the edge of the mattress and bouncing her head on its top. Her mistress was clearly getting off on the control and victory over her more than anything, but the whore’s oral talents certainly helped.

“There’s a good whore,” Sansa purred serenely, even as Shae lightly pinched her aching nipples. Shae shivered with a mix of lust and disgust to feel Sansa’s clit growing thicker and harder, rubbing over her nose and upper lip when she started humping harder.

“You love this, don’t you?” Sansa gloated. “You just love being used like the amusing little toy that you are. You don’t care who it’s from, just as long as you get to keep swallowing cum like a true slut.” Shae started to recognize the signs of her mistress’ intense arousal, but could do nothing to stop or escape it. Not with the smoking weapon still in the woman’s grasp. Sansa’s thick bush scrubbed over her nose, the strong smell and flavor making her staring eyes water.

At last, she did exactly as Sansa ordered for fear of anything else. She licked and sucked until Sansa’s thighs closed around her face, shaking intensely to essentially hump her mouth at a rapid pace. Shae opened her mouth expectantly, but didn’t predict the intensity of the victor’s orgasm. Shae started to choke as Sansa squirted right down her throat, but when she started to sputter she received a slap in the face.

“Swallow it. Drink my cunt,” Sansa ordered, her facial expression and voice intense as she rode out the orgasm. Shae forced herself to open wider, drinking in her thick, wet cum as quickly as she could manage. It ran down the edges of her mouth before it was over with, practically drowning in Sansa’s juices by the time she finished getting off of her. Sansa gave another rough grind of her crotch and pubic hair over Shae’s face before she climbed off, leaving her servant to shiver, sob, and gag in a heap.

Sansa briskly set to work gathering Shae’s clothes. She threw the tattered dress at her, letting it hit Shae’s body.

“You’re walking back to your quarters in that,” Sansa ordered. She prodded the ongoing fire with the poker, nestling its tip under one of the thick, flaming logs. “If anyone asks what happened, you fell by the fireplace and hurt yourself.” Her point was made. There was no reason to let the word get out that she beat and fucked her help into submission. “Do you understand?”
Shae swallowed thickly, her face souring at the traumatically associated taste of Sansa’s cum and nodding. “Yes, mistress. Thank you, Lady Stark” she mumbled dejectedly, pulling on her torn dress and starting to quietly leave the room.

“But… just a moment.” Shae froze in front of the door. She heard the fire crackle as Sansa removed the poker from the hearth, rolling the thick leather hand in her grip. Shae turned and saw the tip was burning hot, several red-hot embers tumbling from the iron. Sansa smirked and shrugged quite casually. “If you fell by the fire place… you would have been burned, wouldn’t you? Rather badly I’d imagine…”

Shae staggered a step back, but Sansa grabbed her by the wrist. Sansa aimed the poker’s steaming hot tip at her broken opponent’s face. “Don’t move… you won’t want me to miss.” Shae shivered, but froze and stared as Sansa brought the poker beside her cheek and shuddered. She could smell and feel her hair as a part of it burned, curling and falling from her mane. She could feel the heat radiating off the tool, but Sansa’s steady hand didn’t quite touch her cheek. When a good fist’s worth of hair was singed away, Sansa drew the makeshift torture device back… and lowered it.

Shae gasped and steadied herself against a wall, realizing in horror that Sansa had brought it to her crotch. The heat was that much more obvious as it seemed to tease against her groin, once again not quite touching her flesh. “Perhaps you were touching yourself… perhaps a stray ember or bit of coal caught itself under your skirts…”

“Please… please no, I’ll leave him! I’ll leave King’s Landing! You’ll never ever see me again!” Shae whispered. Even in their private room where she had screamed obscenities, she found herself whimpering and speaking softly out of fear alone. The steely gaze in Sansa’s eyes told her she would do it. If that was what it would take to put her rival in her place beneath her on the ladder of Tyrion’s affection, she was ready to mutilate Shae’s vagina.

“Then you understand? You and Tyrion… that is a gift from me,” Sansa said softly as if a truly generous gesture. “I allow you two to be together. To entertain him. But he is truly mine. When you lay with him, remember it is with the cunt that I spared for you. Granted you. And when I so choose, I will claim him. Then you will crawl back to whatever hole Tyrion fished you out of and be forgotten. Are we very… very clear?”

Shae’s nodded rapidly, her watering eyes locked on Sansa’s intense stare. She shuddered and sobbed as she broke any semblance of courage of defiance. Sansa’s fingers ran over the handle of the poker, drew it back… and set it back in its place on the rack by the fire. “You see?” she chimed, gathering her own dress and flapping it out to assess the damages as if nothing had happened that night. “Let it never be said that I am harsh or unreasonable.”

Ser Osmund entered the office of Ser Petyr and shut the door behind him. The Master of Coin was busying himself with some paperwork or another, barely looking up at the only other man in the room. He simply nodded, that and the empty silence of his office was the only cue for his “guest” to speak.

“I overheard the women speaking… Lady Sansa and her servant, Shae.” Osmund’s start of his report got Petyr to hesitate, and then set down his quill as he actually looked at the man rather than his work.

“One of Tyrion’s playthings, if I remember,” Petyr observed aloud.

“Yes, sir. Sansa seemed to have discovered the fact from the other servants.”

“And?” asked Petyr, his tone implying that he was hardly surprised.

“She took it rather poorly. She drew a line in the sand and when Shae didn’t respect it, she… dealt with her.”

“Dealt with?” Petyr pried with a smirk, folding his hands on his desk. “Well, I do hope the girl got rid of the body somewhere decent.”

“Oh, no, sir,” Osmund corrected. “I imagined you wanted more insight on the matter and set myself to hiding before they arrived. They used the room you said they would. The Stark girl really is part wolf: Sansa beat the stuffing out of her, broke her spirit, threatened her with a hot poker and burned some of the poor girl’s hair. Didn’t use it on her flesh, though, sir. Shae got the message.”

Petyr considered it a moment, a wry and mirthless smile showing on his lips but never touched his eyes. “A poker, Osmund? I thought the servants kept those to themselves to avoid the clutter.”

“That they do, sir. I took the liberty of leaving it by the fire. Should it be needed.”
Petry gave another dry smirk and retrieved his quill. “Well, thank you for your time, Ser Osmund. Come back later tonight. I would like a detailed … account of what has transpired. You will receive a royal decree shortly, appointing you as Lady Sansa’s sworn shield. Keep a close watch on her, we may need to … rescue her before long.”

The End

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