Graduation Day by JB57

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Part I

Teresa gasped as the giant dildo rammed hard and deep, up into her tight, wet cunt. The young woman squirmed and moaned as she was invaded from behind. Her bare tits rubbed into the cold metal of the desk that she had been shoved down upon, her rock hard nipples folding back into her taut areola. Her hands gripped the edge of the desk tightly, as she struggled to hold herself in place. She tightened her vaginal muscles around the invading shaft, stopping its progress, and was rewarded with a grunt from Martha, the woman at the other end of the two headed dildo. Martha pulled back along the dildo, her cunt sliding along the shaft. Then she tightened her own vaginal muscles in response and, bracing herself, used her powerful hips to drive the massive shaft even farther into Teresa’s core. The girl snarled and groaned, thrashing her legs and bucking her hips, but unable to resist the sheer pleasure as the dildo impaled her ever deeper. Almost two-thirds of the 20-inch shaft was lodged in the depths of Teresa’s vagina; most of the rest was buried inside of Martha’s sopping cunt as the teacher fucked her pupil viciously and with relish. Martha was having problems controlling the rubber shaft. Her twat was so wet with her lubrication that the dildo slid easily inside her vaginal walls, delighting her, forcing her to squeeze the sextoy with all the strength of her deep cunt muscles.

The women were in Martha’s office, the door securely locked. The school was virtually deserted, except for the odd teacher and the janitorial staff. It was 5 PM. Around 2 PM, Martha had sent a text message to Teresa to come to her office at 4:45 that day. The teacher had been anticipating this late afternoon encounter for the past couple of days, but springing it unexpectedly on the student had been part of her fun. She enjoyed inconveniencing the young woman, forcing Teresa to change her plans and make excuses at the last minute. But this was part of their arrangement. Teresa was Martha’s sex slave. She was obliged to put herself at the teacher’s beck and call. Martha delighted in rubbing Teresa’s face in the power that she had over her. Just as important, however, abusing the girl and constantly humiliating her meant that Teresa was always in a rage when she arrived to service Martha. The angry, hateful sex they then inflicted on each other was deliciously satisfying to both women.

Teresa had arrived at Martha’s office wearing 3-inch leather pumps, a mini-skirt and a skin-tight white blouse, open halfway down her chest. Her long, smooth legs were bare. Now, she was spread over the teacher’s desk. Her thong was thrown to the far side of the room, beside her discarded blouse. Her push-up bra was bunched down under her tits, leaving her breasts naked, even as it forced them up and thrust them out. Her skirt was shoved up around her waist, leaving her ass bare as the teacher pounded at her. Martha had greeted Teresa dressed in her usual tight gym shirt, shorts and running shoes. Right now, as she snarled with animal fury and pumped the thick rubber dick into Teresa’s cunt, the only things she had on were the shoes and a white demi-bra, which could barely hold her bouncing tits.

The women grunted and groaned as they fucked, each hard thrust from the dildo accompanied by simultaneous gasps and moans of pleasure from both combatants. Teresa felt her pussy lips, her inner vaginal walls, stretching and straining around the dildo shaft and she had to admit that, while she hated Martha passionately, she loved this. She loved being violated, she loved this ongoing fuckwar with the teacher, in which this was only the latest skirmish. When she had been canceling her plans and arranging to meet Martha for this afternoon’s assignation, she could not deny that her pussy had been wet and tight, her nipples hard like little pebbles, and a deep, excited tension had been building in her gut ever since she had received the text message.

“You’re a fucking cow, Martha,” the teen groaned as she continued being fucked from behind. Her three-inch spike heels thrashed dangerously around Martha’s bare legs. The teacher smiled, thrusting the dildo just a little further up Teresa’s deliciously tight twat, enjoying the sensation as the dildo rubbed into her own engorged clit and stimulated the depths of her cunt. Then Martha relaxed for a moment and pushed her nearly naked torso down on Teresa’s bare back. The teen felt the older woman’s hard nipples pushing through Martha’s whisper-thin bra and into the skin below Teresa’s shoulder blades. Martha bit at Teresa’s beautiful bare shoulder, leaving teeth marks, and smiled.

”I’m your mistress, you stupid teenage slut. Don’t forget that,” she replied. She shoved the dildo in further with a hard jerk, just to punctuate her superiority. Teresa grunted in response to the attack. Then, suddenly, Martha pushed herself back and to her feet, and slid her pussy off of the dildo shaft as she backed up. She grabbed the few inches of the dildo not buried in Teresa’s twat and pulled the whole thing out, a gush of cunt juice splattering the desk. Teresa gasped with the sudden shock, but she also thrilled in anticipation. She knew what Martha wanted to do next, and this was another part of their struggle that Teresa loved.

Martha tore away Teresa’s mini-skirt and threw it aside. She unsnapped the girl’s bra and tossed it after the skirt. Teresa was now naked, except for her pumps. Martha reached between her breasts, unsnapped her demi-bra, slipped it off, and threw it after Teresa’s skirt and bra; her majestic tits bounced free. Then, Martha grabbed the girl by her wide, luscious hips and flipped her over, onto her back. Teresa squirmed, arranging herself on the desk top, her massive tits rocking exuberantly, then spread her legs wide, opening her naked, shaved cunt, displaying the thick-lipped pink slit to her enemy. She reached out to Martha and beckoned.

“Come and get it, you dirty cuntfucker,” she rasped.

Martha snarled, then threw her body onto Teresa’s beautiful, voluptuous form. The women’s equally large, F cup tits crushed and flattened each other, hard nipples grinding, chocolate-brown areola eclipsing and grating. Martha and Teresa both groaned in ecstasy, deep pleasure reverberating through their lush bodies as their massive tits crushed. Both women loved rubbing and grinding and mashing their tits together. Each woman hated the challenge, the beauty of the other woman’s tits. It was a tit rivalry that had started their war. It was a source of endless pleasure to both of them to match tits to tits and fight, trying to squash the other down, trying to prove who had the better rack. They drove each other crazy with lust and pleasure as their nipples crushed and fenced, as their dense titflesh trembled with pressure and sensation, as they rubbed each to the verge of nipple orgasms, rolling their tits around and around each other’s chest. The women despised each other, even as they lusted after each other with incredible passion. They saw in the other woman a perfect rival, a competitor whose body demanded to be conquered and subjugated, and then enjoyed by the victor.

For long minutes, Martha and Teresa writhed in each other’s arms, enjoying the tit to tit battle, slapping their wet, thick hungry cunts together with increasing violence. Their hard bellies clapped in a faster rhythm. Martha seized Teresa by her dark hair, threw back her head, closed her eyes, and simply reveled in thrusting her slick, taut flesh down onto the girl’s delicious body. She slid her sex-slicked, naked cunt lips against Teresa’s equally naked twat. Their fuckmeat slapped and sucked, both women working their hips, trying to spread each other as they fucked. Martha pulled back her pussy, then shoved it down powerfully, splatting wet twats with Teresa again and again. Teresa bucked up to meet her every time, cunt to cunt, both women rubbing around into each other for a time before pulling back to start again. Their mutual moaning grew ever louder and more passionate as the fuckfight raged.

Martha opened her eyes to look down at Teresa’s beautiful, cruel face. The girl’s eyes were closed tightly, her face was a mask of sexual pleasure and animal excitement, her lips parted wetly as she panted with lust and effort. Martha smiled savagely, then lowered her head and drove her tongue between Teresa’s red lips. Teresa eagerly opened her mouth and allowed the teacher in. Within moments, their tongues were fighting as vigorously as their hot, wet cunts. Teresa locked her hands to Martha’s pumping ass, pulling the teacher as hard into her twat as she could. She wrapped her thighs around Martha’s narrow waist, resting her calves on the teacher’s wide hips and crossed her bare legs at the ankles, her toes curling inside her pumps. The women swallowed each other’s moans and gasps of joy and hate, their tongues tangling and twisting.

Martha felt the hard nub of her engorged clit push its way out of her cunt and into the wet, hot furnace of Teresa’s gaping, spreading fuckmeat. Teresa moaned within their locked mouths as she felt the delicious invader rub into her soft labia, and wriggled her hips, opening herself just enough to allow her enflamed sexhorn to pop free, to push up into Martha’s hot, wet cunt in reply.

Without breaking the kissfight, the two battling women maneuvered their clits into position and, trembling with lust, brought the heads of their engorged sex organs into direct contact. They shrieked together, within their locked mouths, their bodies bucking and twitching in spasms of delight, clawing at the other’s firm flesh. Then, they started stroking, rubbing, grinding clit to clit, losing themselves in the delicious fucking that they were administering to each other. Martha grabbed the edge of the desk and thrust deep and hard into Teresa’s welcoming cunt; Teresa tightened her legs around her enemy’s hips, pulled with her hands spread on Martha’s ass, and writhed hard, working her clit into Martha’s matching sex. The women rubbed their torsos and ground their naked, squashed tits with all their strength. Hot sweat and flowing cunt juice lubricated every inch of their writhing, bucking bodies as they mated, lost in the sexual frenzy.

Their clits fought up and down, back and forth, head to exquisitely sensitive head, rubbing, fencing, building up to unbearable and ecstatic levels of erotic pleasure. Neither woman tried to hold back. They fucked and fucked and fucked, clit fused to clit, sexual electricity inundating their muscles, occasionally pulling their cunts apart only to splat them together again, penetrating each other even more deeply. They broke their kiss, gasping and panting as they bucked harder and harder, spitting obscenities in each other’s face, before locking their mouths together again. They rode each other mercilessly, fucking as hard as they could, kissing furiously, tongues struggling, as the rest of their beautiful bodies warred.

Teresa suddenly broke the vicious kiss.

“Fuck, fuck, YESS!! YESSSS!!” she screamed, her body exploding in unbelievable pleasure. Her pussy gushed uncontrollably. She sank her claws into Martha’s thick, shapely ass and pulled the other woman as hard and tight to her bucking, writhing body as she could.

Moments later, her clit bathed in Teresa’s hot cum, her sexhorn squeezed by the delicious compression of Teresa’s orgasmic cunt, Martha came hard, screaming out in joy.

“YESS, OH YESSS, you Dirty Little Whore!!,” she cried. She thrust down with her hips, trying to suck and seal her cunt as tightly to Teresa’s wet, hungry twat as she could, trying to inject her hot cum deep into Teresa’s welcoming cunt. Teresa bucked up to meet her, and the women basked in the delicious feeling of their cunts eating each other, of their pussy juice mixing and filling their vaginas, before squeezing out and soaking their inner thighs. For several minutes, the women shared delicious orgasms, their clits melted together, their sweat slicked bodies rubbing and writhing and driving each other to greater heights of ecstasy.

Finally, the orgasms subsided. The women lay wrapped together, nude except for their footware, sprawled out on top of Martha’s desk. They panted furiously. Teresa’s ass was wet with the combined sexual secretions that had flowed down to the desktop. The women let the sex fever abate, while they enjoyed the sensual weight and heat of their bodies pressed tight, the heft of their equally large tits crushed together, their hot cunts pulsing in unison. Teresa slowly unwrapped her thighs from around Martha’s hips, and dropped her legs to the desktop.

Martha rolled herself off of Teresa, then stretched her body the length of the teen’s voluptuous form. Martha crooked her right arm and propped her head up on her hand, to look down on the student. Her firm right breast was pushing hard into Teresa’s left tit.

“You’re still a lousy fuck, you stupid skank,” Martha drawled at the student. “Even after almost a year of being my fuckbitch, you’re still just a trashy little slut who couldn’t fuck her way out of a paper bag.”

Martha cupped the girl’s right tit, squeezed it hard, then slid her hand down Teresa’s torso, over her smooth, hard belly, her flat palm sucking at the girl’s deep, damp navel, before moving down to Teresa’s wet, naked pussy. Martha ran her finger along the girl’s slick, wet slit.

“You’re a fucking whore, Martha,” Teresa sneered, struggling to keep from gasping as the teacher’s finger stroked her sensitive pussy lips. The teacher raised her wet finger to her mouth and licked it clean. “You’re a used up, fat old cunt.”

Teresa cupped Martha’s left tit, squeezing the thick brown nipple hard, then pulled the massive tit to her mouth. She licked and sucked at Martha’s nipple, smiling as it grew hard and long under her ministrations. In reply, Martha slid her hand back down to Teresa’s twat. Soon, her fingers were working their way into the girl’s vagina, her nails were gently tweaking Teresa’s still-swollen clit. Teresa groaned around Martha’s delicious titmeat, then slid her right hand down to the teacher’s naked cunt. In a moment, the women were fingerfucking, the room filling with the sound of two wet, tight pussies being worked by vigorously pumping fingers.

“Mmmmm, mmmm,” Teresa moaned as the tension built in her body, as her clit throbbed and pulsed with sensation. She sucked harder at Martha’s beautiful tit, taking even more of the delicious titflesh into her mouth, devouring it with a ravenous hunger.

Martha continued working her left hand in the girl’s cunt, but she now dropped her head to the desk and looped her right arm under Teresa’s neck and down around her shoulder. Martha filled her right hand with Teresa’s massive right tit, squeezing, kneading and caressing the beautiful golden orb. She pressed her face close to Teresa’s beautiful visage, licking and nuzzling at the girl’s nose and lips, trying to distract her from her masterful suckling of Martha’s gorgeous left tit. But Teresa resisted the urge to lock her tongue with Martha’s. Instead, she sucked harder and more passionately and her fingers moved even more eagerly inside of Martha’s cunt.

The women’s moans and gasps grew until, with a cry, Martha stiffened, her long legs lashing out and going rigid, her whole body suddenly convulsing with pleasure. She struggled to keep working Teresa’s clit and tit, but the orgasm burning through her was almost too distracting. Her cunt squirted, soaking Teresa’s hand and coating the girl’s thigh with juice. A few moments later, Teresa groaned in pleasure and suffered through a deliciously intense orgasm. She bit Martha’s nipple even harder as she spasmed joyfully, provoking a cry of pain and passion from the teacher. Her cunt gushed again, trickling down between her legs to the wet desk.

The women released each other and lay together for a few moments, side by side, their breath coming in hot pants, Martha’s right tit crushed tight to the side of Teresa’s left boob, their bodies gleaming with sweat and sexual juices.

“I knew you couldn’t last, you dumb fuck,” Teresa snarled. “You’re no good at fingerfucking, you’re no good at any kind of fucking. Someday, my pussy is going to suck yours inside out”.

Martha just smiled, then slid off the side of the desk, her round, taut ass slipping in the pussy juice. She enjoyed the trash-talking that followed their battles. She sat down in her desk chair and began unlacing her running shoes.

“So,” Martha said, conversationally. “Your graduation is coming up, soon. What do you plan to do for the summer? Besides being my fuckbitch, of course.”

Teresa sat up on the desk and glared hatefully at the beautiful, voluptuous, naked blonde woman in the chair beside her. Martha was only a few years older than Teresa and her body was still in its prime, and would be for many years to come. Teresa hated to admit to herself that Martha’s body was just as firm, well-rounded and magnificent as her own. She glared at the teacher’s golden tits, the well-muscled abdomen, the wide, womanly hips, the long, strong legs. She hated this bitch, but she also wanted nothing more than to conquer and dominate that beautiful body with her own.

“I’m planning to be gone for part of the summer. Our deal doesn’t include me just sticking around to fuck your fat ass. I only have to do that when I’m going to be here anyway.”

Martha smiled. “Well, I don’t think that your interpretation of our agreement is really accurate. I guess we could ask Cynthia to clarify it. But it doesn’t matter – I’m going to Europe for about six weeks myself, and I’m leaving in two weeks.”

Martha had removed her shoes and now stood up from the chair. Completely naked, she stretched her magnificent body, raising her arms over her head and standing on tiptoe to get a good, long release of tension in her muscles. Her fantastic tits jutted high and proud from her chest, her belly tucked in, the delicious muscles in her long, smooth legs stood out in stark relief, the curve of her back from her spine to her ass was deep and enticing. “Mmmmmm,” the teacher sighed, smiling in satisfaction. Teresa glared at her. The teenager was clearly caught between intense jealousy at being confronted by a body that rivaled her own and intense lust.

Teresa pulled off her pumps and stood naked, in her bare feet, her hands on her hips and her chest thrust out at the teacher. She was caught by surprise by the news that the teacher was so close to leaving for the summer. Teresa was torn by several conflicting emotions. She knew that she and Martha would still have opportunities to ravage each other when the teacher got back, but she also realized that her time to pay Martha back for all of the humiliation she had been subjected to over the past 10 months was running out fast.

“I want to discuss something with you, Martha,” she said. “A slight…change in our agreement.”

Martha smiled, cocking a jaunty hip at Teresa. “Really? Now, why would I agree to any changes? Right now, your cunt is mine all the way to September. That’s more than two months. Why should I want to change anything?”

“Because what I am offering is this: you agree to my terms, if you win, I’ll keep being your bitch for…” she hesitated. “Another two months. To the end of November.”

The teacher snorted. “You’ll be gone by then, you little whore. Do you think I’ve forgotten that my favorite little fucktoy is heading off to university?”

“Well, then, for the rest of the year. Whenever I come home for vacations, I’ll be your slave. All the way through next summer.”

“Hm.” Martha considered. That did sound like a good deal. She hated to admit it to herself, but she was enjoying her fuckwar with Teresa enormously. The girl’s body was beautiful, as fantastic as her own, and the girl’s voluptuous flesh had given her endless hours of intense pleasure. Moreover, she had to admit that forcing an Alpha bitch like Teresa to kowtow to her was incredibly pleasing. She loved humiliating the girl, and she had been rather unhappy about the prospect of losing Teresa as her own personal sex doll come September. She had even considered putting off her European holiday for this year, just so she could take advantage of Teresa’s body during the summer. But, in the end, she had decided to carry out her usual plans. Now, however, the girl was offering another way for Martha to get at her pussy for the upcoming year.

“What’s your request?,” Martha asked, her interest piqued.

“Simple,” Teresa replied. “I want another fuckfight with you – no holds barred, a straight rematch. Just you and me. If I win, then nothing changes. You still have me until September. If you win – well, then, you get me for another year, whenever I’m around.”

Martha considered. “One other condition: If I win, you call me ‘mistress’. I’m tired of your lip. You will be a proper slave.”

Teresa gritted her teeth. Her refusal to acknowledge Martha as her mistress had been a major source of conflict between them, and had been the one consistent resistance that Teresa had been able to offer. Giving it up – finally having to say the words – was a possibility that made her, literally, nauseous. But it would be worth it, if she could win.

“OK,’ Teresa muttered. “I’ll do it. But you have to agree: an all-out fuckfight, all night long or until the loser gives. Dildos, vibrators, whatever other toys we both agree to use. No surprise attacks.”

Martha smiled. She knew why Teresa wanted to do this, of course. She wanted both of them to know which of them was the stronger woman. Teresa had never accepted Martha’s earlier victory. Teresa had spent the past year locked in continual sexual warfare with the blonde teacher. Every time it had seemed like she might win a sexual battle, or had gained an appreciable advantage, Martha would invoke her victory and her status as the mistress, to force Teresa to give up and pull back. There had been a few times when the fucking had been so deliciously intense that Martha had not been able to call Teresa back, or she had just decided to let the girl win. But she always made sure that she paid Teresa back twice over. Any victory the girl had was short-lived and resulted in much greater punishment and humiliation. The entire situation meant that Teresa was enormously frustrated, an Alpha bitch who was chained and muzzled, unable to prove her power.

“So,” the teacher said, walking up to Teresa and stopping when they were nipple to nipple, their hard, fleshy nubs pulsing. The two nude, beautiful young women looked intently into each other’s eyes. “You want another shot at me, hmm?”

Teresa bit her lip, determined not to say anything that might lose her another chance at a fair fight with Martha.

Martha’s smile widened. “Well, I’ll think about it. I’ll let you know by the weekend.”

She turned away, her hard nipples deliberately flicking across Teresa’s tight pair. “For now, let’s go shower.” She motioned toward the back of the room, where she had a private shower and change room. She had already lined the floor of the change room with mats, in anticipation of doing other things to Teresa. Martha retrieved the dildo and held it up. “There are still some places I want to stick this thing.”

Teresa smiled grimly, but her heart quickened with excitement and she felt her inner cunt moisten. She walked past Martha toward the shower, her nipples starting to tighten in anticipation.

Martha followed her in, closing the bathroom door.

“I’m going to make sure that you remember tonight every time you walk or sit down for the next week,” the teacher murmured to the student. “I’m going to teach that tight little cunt and that cute little asshole a few lessons that you’ll never forget.”

Teresa said nothing, but she put a saucy wiggle in her ass as she walked into the shower stall, turned on the water and adjusted it to a steamy hot temperature. Martha followed her in and closed the door. The women pressed tight, tit to tit, belly to belly, nose to nose. The warm water covered their bodies, providing a delicious lubrication to every inch of their voluptuous flesh.Then, simultaneously, Martha and Teresa grabbed the other woman by the hair, pulled their faces together and kissed savagely. Thick thighs pressed tight into naked, slick cunts.

The afternoon’s activities were just getting started.

Part II

Martha was as good as her word. For the next several days after their office encounter, Teresa felt a soreness in her pussy and, especially, in her tight ass. The two women had fought a long, hard, asshole to asshole, dildo battle during the evening’s encounter, an exhausting struggle that had left them both gasping and drained on the floor of the teacher’s bathroom. It was almost 9PM before Martha finally allowed Teresa to leave to return home. Teresa was sore, but she was quite sure that Martha was every bit as sore as she was.

Over the next few days, Teresa prepared for her final exams. It was already mid-June and the exam session was just beginning. In a few days time, she would be done her tests. Then, the following week, school would recess for the summer and she would be a high school graduate. The formal grad events of the year, like the prom, had been carried out weeks before. She had gone to her prom with Grant, her on-and-off boyfriend of the past year. She enjoyed Grant’s company, mostly because he was easily controlled and good in bed. But her obligation to be Martha’s sex slave had seriously eaten into her time with Grant and, if truth be told, Teresa really did not mind. The fact was that she loved sexfighting other women more than anything else. She loved using her sexual organs, her womanly power, to overwhelm and dominate other beautiful women. She had continued to regularly attend Cynthia’s classes, looking for new tricks to use in her battles with Martha. She was sure that she was a much better fuckfighter now than she had been when this whole thing had started. Now, she often fought Cynthia herself to a standstill. Sometimes, she even won her matches against the redhead dominatrix, and if she could do that, she had to be more than a match for Martha. But she could not bring her new skills to bear against Martha, who would simply order her to back off whenever the teacher felt that she might be in danger of losing control. And, to be perfectly honest, she really did not know who came out on top during Cynthia and Martha’s regular sexfights.

Teresa waited apprehensively. Would Martha agree to her proposal? Could the teacher turn down the temptation of having Teresa as her sex slave for another year? The girl was certain that the blonde bitch could not resist, and she was even more certain that Martha’s confidence in her own sexual prowess would be enough to get her to agree to Teresa’s terms. Then she would have the bitch exactly where she wanted her!

Wednesday, Thurdsay, Friday passed. Teresa struggled to concentrate on her studying, even as her mind and body burned with anticipation. Martha said she would answer Teresa’s challenge by the end of the weekend. Teresa was sure that Martha knew exactly what she was going to say, she was just torturing Teresa now for the fun of it. Sure enough, late Sunday night, just shortly after she had gone to bed, Teresa’s cellphone rang.

Teresa usually slept in the nude, but tonight she had gone to bed wearing a sheer but course nightie, which applied a delicious friction to her nipples. She had just started to masturbate, seeking relief from the intense sexual tension that had built up in her over the past few days. When the cell chimed, she picked it up immediately, her heart pounding with excitement.

“Hello, little whore,” Martha breathed into the line. Teresa resisted shouting out with eagerness and forced herself to calm down.

“What do you want, skank?,” Teresa shot back. Her body was tense with anticipation. Her thick clit stood at attention from her earlier ministrations and she could not help stroking herself as Martha spoke.

“I’ve been thinking about your proposal, Teresa,” Martha said. “I’ve given it a lot of thought, in fact.” Martha paused, stretching out the moment. “And I’ve decided to turn it down. What you have to offer isn’t so great that I can’t get it somewhere else.”

Teresa felt her heart drop through the floor as she was hit with the weight of her disappointment and frustration. But she knew that there was a good chance Martha was lying, that the teacher was just saying this to torture her even more. Teresa was sure that she could not be so easily replaced.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Martha,” Teresa replied, after a moment. “But I think that you’re wrong. Finding someone like me, who can match you in every way, who actually wants to be sexfighting with you – that’s going to be hard. It’s going to be really hard.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Martha began. “Busty bitches are a dime a dozen. I’ve had my eye on that big redhead in the 11th grade for a while now…”

“That’s quite a risk, Martha,” Teresa said, trying not to sound desperate. “And I think that you’re too smart to push your luck. The last thing you need is someone complaining to the cops about the lesbian gym teacher hitting on her female students.”

“I’m not quite that stupid, girl,” Martha cooed. “I’ve got my ways…”

“Really?” Teresa smirked. “Do you really think you’ll get another girl with a body like mine? With tits like mine?” Her voice dropped to a seductive whisper. “Do you remember what it’s like when our tits come together, Martha?” she rasped. “How tight it feels, how our tits crush, how hot, how our nipples lock up and rub and rub and burn, how our tits slide and push, and how much we sweat, and how it feels to have tits sliding against each other in the sweat…” Teresa felt her nipples grow to sharp, thick points even as she spoke. She touched her clit.

“Sluts like you are a dime a dozen, whore,” Martha snapped, but Teresa could hear the catch in the other woman’s throat. She sensed that Martha was masturbating as well, as they spoke.

“Fuck you,” Teresa whispered, her voice now coming in hot pants as she rubbed and caressed her growing clit.

“If I was there right now, I’d be riding your clit like a horse, you little cunt,” Martha groaned at her over the line. There was no doubt now – both women were vigorously pleasuring themselves as they spoke.

“I’d be fucking your slick little clit into paste, you cuntlicker,” Teresa moaned in reply.

They fell silent, except for their pants and gasps as they each worked their own clits and cunts, as they groaned and moaned in pleasure. Martha and Teresa exchanged whispered obscenities and threats as they each stimulated themselves, both turned on by the knowledge that they were doing this together. They told each other what they would do to the other. Lying the phone by her pillow, right next to her mouth, Teresa pumped herself vigorously, caressing and stroking her throbbing clit. At the same time, she could hear the cries and animal groans coming over the phone from Martha.

Ten minutes later, the student came in a hard gush of cum. She moaned and gritted her teeth, then pulled her pillow over face to muffle her cries of pleasure, trying to keep desperately from screaming out, knowing that would probably bring her parents. Dimly, she heard a tinny cry of sheer joy emanating from the cellphone. Gasping, she pulled the phone closer to her ear, so she could hear Martha’s pants and moans as the teacher recovered from her own orgasmic conclusion. After a minute or so, Martha found her voice.

“Come to my office tomorrow at 5,” Martha panted. “Come prepared to be fucked until you’re bow-legged. I’m going to get my money’s worth out of my last few nights with your cunt and tits. And don’t forget I’m your mistress, you little bitch.”

Martha hung up without waiting for Teresa’s reply. Teresa snapped her phone shut in anger. Her gambit failed. She was not going to have a chance to redeem herself against Martha – at least, not in the near future. But she had not entirely given up hope. All of this might be part of Martha’s game. Teresa was sure that Martha could not let her go that easily. Replacing Teresa as her sextoy would be very difficult and Martha had to know this. But what if Martha knew things that Teresa did not? What if she really did have another young woman lined up, another emerging Alpha Bitch she could enjoy dominating and humiliating? No, Teresa was sure that she would have heard about such a person. Clinging to this slim hope, Teresa lapsed into a deep sleep, one hand fondling her tit, the other nestled in the dampness between her legs.

The next day, at 5 PM sharp, Teresa knocked on the door of Martha’s office. Teresa had just completed her last exam, so she was not worried about staying late with the teacher, if she had to. Her body was tense and fully aroused. It had been almost a week since her last encounter with Martha and a lot had happened over the past week to get her sexual juices flowing, changing from a trickle into a tide of raw passion.

Teresa was wearing a tight, scoop-necked blue t-shirt and a long, loose dress. Her beautiful, powerful tits strained the fabric and filled the collar of the shirt like meaty melons. On her feet, she wore flat-heeled sandals.

“Come in,” Martha called. Teresa stepped into the office and shut the door. She locked it, and then sat down in a chair facing the teacher, who remained sitting at her desk, working on a schedule. Martha remained occupied for a moment and Teresa used that time to study her beautiful rival. She examined the fine, high-cheek bones, the pert, upturned nose, the thick, rich golden hair. Martha was dressed in a spaghetti-strap sundress, one which presented her massive, thrusting tits in all of their glory. Teresa glared down into the teacher’s magnificent cleavage and felt the sexual tension in her gut flare even higher.

“I see that you’re dressed like a slut,” Teresa snarled after a moment.

Martha smiled, then closed her register.

“You would certainly know about that, wouldn’t you, you little whore?” Martha said, her blazing blue eyes locking with Teresa’s green. “From the way you parade around this school, I’m surprised you haven’t been hiring yourself out. Of course, you just give it away for free, don’t you?”

The women glared at each other hatefully. Teresa leaned forward, giving Martha a clear view of her own deep cleavage. “I don’t think your ugly bags can match this, you cow,” the girl hissed. “You’ve certainly proven that over the past year.”

The sexual fever built between the two women, their bodies beginning to thrum to the same power. Teresa’s hard nipples grew visibly beneath her taut blue shirt; Martha was bra-less, and Teresa could see the other woman’s tits hardening and swelling, her nipples growing, as their silent confrontation continued.

Martha got up from behind her desk and walked to the back of her office. She opened the door to her private bathroom, reached inside the door, and pulled out a gym mat. She carried it to the center of her office, and placed it on the floor behind where Teresa was sitting in her chair.

The girl rose to her feet and, facing Martha, locking eyes with the blonde teacher, she crossed her hands at the bottom of her tight t-shirt, then peeled the whole garment up her torso. Her massive tits rose, caught by the cloth, then fell, bouncing exuberantly, as the shirt pulled over her head. Teresa was wearing a fragile demi-bra, hardly enough to really contain and control her beautiful rack. Teresa unhooked her dress. It fell to the floor, revealing that the girl was not wearing any underwear. Martha stared appreciatively at the thick-lipped, naked slit of the girl’s throbbing cunt which, even now, glistened with moisture. A thin, well-trimmed landing strip was all the hair on Teresa’s pubes. Teresa reached up and unclipped her bra, then let it fall to the floor. Her tits bounced free. She stood naked and glorious before the teacher, their eyes burning into each other.

Martha slipped out of her sandals, then reached up and slid the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders. The dress flowed to the ground, catching briefly on her tits and hips, before forming a puddle at her feet. Martha stepped out of the pile of cloth. The teacher was completely, beautifully nude. Her vagina was also glittering with wetness, her blonde landing strip was course but well-maintained, mirroring Teresa’s genital grooming. The two women let their eyes range over the other’s body, the heat of their gazes growing in intensity.

Martha turned and opened a file drawer behind her, the place where she kept all of her office sex toys under lock. As Teresa watched, the teacher pulled two objects out of the drawer then pushed it shut. One of the implements Teresa recognized as a thick strap-on dildo; the other she could not see. Martha turned back to her.

“I’ve been giving your proposition a little more thought, Teresa,” the teacher began. “And I’ve decided that I should offer you a… counter-proposal.” Martha smiled.

“You and I take turns fucking each other with this strap-on.” She held the sextoy up. “And we time it.” She held up her other hand, revealing that she was holding a digital timer. “If you can fuck me until I come faster than I can fuck you to orgasm, then you get your shot at me – we’ll meet somewhere very soon and have another, no-holds barred fuckfight. But if I beat you tonight – if I fuck your brains out – then you agree to be my slave for the next year. No rematches.”

Teresa felt the heat in her body building and growing. She was sure that this was a bad deal. Martha wanted to fuckfight to see if they should fuckfight. And if Teresa lost, she would be giving to Martha exactly what she wanted. But Teresa also knew that she could not resist.

“I agree,” Teresa replied. She was sure that her sexual stamina was greater than Martha’s and she was confident in her sexual prowess. She knew she was taking a great risk, but it was worth it.

Martha smiled, but Teresa was sure she saw a flash of trepidation in the teacher’s face. Still, Martha nodded.

Martha strapped on the thick black cock and lubed it up with a tube from the drawer. “I’ll start. You click the timer when the dildo is in you. I’ll click it when you come.”

Teresa nodded then walked to the mat. Her heart was pounding, and her pussy was so wet that cunt juice was trickling down her thighs. Her nipples were like spikes. She settled down on the mat, lying flat on her back, and spread her luscious thighs wide. Her cunt was engorged, her naked pussy lips thick, soaking with sexual secretions, and almost pulsing with hunger. She flexed her vagina, giving Martha a show of her genital control. Her tits rocked deliciously as she settled into place.

Martha watched Teresa with a burning gaze. Then, she double-checked the office door to be sure it was locked. Earlier in the year, after she had started her sexwar with Teresa, Martha had had her office door soundproofed at her own expense, with the excuse that she liked to play her stereo loudly as she worked. She planned to get her money’s worth out of the soundproofing tonight.

Martha proceeded to the mat. She kneeled between Teresa’s legs. The women’s eyes were locked and their breath was coming in hot pants of arousal. Martha leaned over and placed her hands on either side of Teresa’s shoulders. Her heavy tits hung down and slowly, carefully, she lowered her rack down on Teresa’s matching tits until she could rub nipple to nipple. The women shuddered as their ultra-sensitive nubs came into burning contact.

“Do you like that, little cunt?” Martha moaned at her foe. “Do you like my beautiful titties touching yours?”

At the same time, Martha pressed the thick, glistening head of the dildo until it pushed at Teresa’s tight, naked slit. The tip of the dildo grew damp with cunt juice as it moved around, probing at Teresa’s thickened pussy lips, sliding up and down the beckoning crevasse of her twat. The girl groaned, almost sick with lust.

“Do it, you old fuck. Shove it in all the way, fuck me good,” Teresa snarled at her hated enemy, even as she panted furiously with need. Teresa reached up and gripped Martha’s hips, trying to guide the other woman into her aching pussy.

Martha groaned, her eyes shining, then lined the thick rubber shaft up with Teresa’s glistening cunt. Bracing herself, she shoved hard with her hips and ass, ramming the shaft down, forcing Teresa’s moist cuntlips apart, and driving deep and hard into the depths of the girl’s hungry cunt. Teresa’s twat was amazingly tight, and it resisted the cock’s penetration for a moment. Martha grunted and shoved harder, the blunt side of the dildo pushing up against her own crotch, pushing at her swollen clit. The girl’s vaginal canal was so wet, the rubber shaft was so well-lubricated, that her inner tightness could not resist for long. With a cry, Martha slowly, steadily, rammed the thick shaft to its hilt, sheathing it inside of Teresa’s hot, wet, grasping cunt. Teresa screamed out in pure pleasure as the shaft plunged into her, splitting her raging cunt in two, driving all the way into her core, filling her completely. Teresa’s powerful inner cunt muscles convulsed around the slick shaft, gripping it tightly, squeezing the hard rubber like a vise. Gasping, Teresa reached out to her side and tapped the timer on. Then she wrapped her powerful thighs around Martha’s hips. She reached up and looped her arms around Martha’s back and pulled Martha’s perfect, voluptuous body down onto her own. “Come and fuck me, you pussylicker,” Teresa moaned.

Martha worked her hips and her ass, grinding the base of the dildo into Teresa’s swollen clit, even as the thick rubber shaft worked around and around inside Teresa’s hot, tight vagina. Martha felt the pressure from the dildo on her own pussy. The contraption was strapped in just the right place on her body to push back at the crown of her cunt. But she knew that she was still not getting it as badly as Teresa. Teresa wrapped her arms and legs around Martha’s bucking, grinding body. She bucked up to meet the teacher’s downward thrusts. She spread her hands on Martha’s driving ass and pulled the teacher into her with all her strength. Martha pushed herself forward, pushing all the weight of her body onto her pulsing tits, and reached around and down to grab and fill her hands with Teresa’s pumping ass. Their hard bellies slapped together. Both women groaned with joy as their massive tits crushed and nipples grated against each other, as their chests mashed and throbbed and burned with heat and arousal, as they smeared and rubbed their meaty tits into one. They panted and gasped into each other’s faces, nose to nose, their hair thrashing and tangling. They pressed cheek to cheek and moaned and gasped and screamed together.

“You fucker, oh god, you dirty fucker…!!!” Teresa gasped at her assailant.

“Take it, you little slut, take it hard!!” Martha groaned back, as she pumped the dildo back and forth, up and down, ravaging Teresa’s cunt as hard as she could, determined to drive the shaft all the way through Teresa’s cunt, to master the girl completely. At the same time, she made sure that she kept constant pressure on the girl’s clit, attacking her enemy’s most vulnerable and delicious spot with all of her strength. The women locked into a long, biting, sucking kiss, driving their tongues at each other, raping each other’s mouths even as they pumped and bucked and writhed furiously in each other’s arms, grinding their naked bodies together as hard as they could.

The women continued to gasp and grunt as they fucked. Teresa shoved two fingers up Martha’s asshole, then reached slightly further down and began probing the teacher’s labia. Martha pumped harder. The room filled with moans and pants of two bitches in heat. Martha’s body was suffused with pleasure and arousal, her breasts burned with the delicious friction of the tit to tit, nipple to nipple struggle with Teresa’s massive jugs, but the teacher was far from an orgasm. Her clit, despite being under pressure from the dildo’s base, was still not being directly stimulated. Teresa, on the other hand, was groaning and sobbing with pleasure, her body racked with incredible sensations of ecstasy. Her swollen clit was under continuous attack, being rubbed by the burning dildo shaft, being pressed and stroked by the strap-on’s base, even being stimulated by Martha’s probing, seeking fingers as the teacher attacked her cunt from behind by reaching around. The women gasped into each other’s faces, then locked again into biting, licking, sucking kisses. Their tongues tangled and struggled, their spit combined and overflowed from their locked mouths. Panting, they pulled their mouths apart, swallowing back the shared saliva. They both needed their breath too much to kiss, but they pushed their faces together, nose to nose, their tongues pressed tight, their hot breath blasting into each other, and continued to fuck harder and harder, Martha desperate to stimulate Teresa beyond her endurance, to push her over the edge. Teresa resisted, sobbing and groaning, screaming in frustration and desperation as she fought to hold out, to keep her oversexed body from exploding in orgasmic release. She was being fucked out of her mind and she absolutely loved it, but she had to fight against giving into her pleasure. She had to win this conflict, she had to hold out as long as she could…

The women struggled, Martha fucking Teresa viciously, expertly, working her enemy’s twat with all of her strength and skill, ramming the dong deep, deep into the girl’s cunt, using it to work Teresa’s most sensitive spots. The fucking went on and on and on, Teresa screaming, sobbing and shaking with pleasure, but still somehow resisting her orgasm. Martha panted and gasped with effort and lust. “How long can this bitch hold out?” Martha thought to herself.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity of writhing and grinding, Teresa couldn’t take anymore; her cunt was pulsing with pleasure, her clit was burning with heat, her tits were exploding with delicious sexual tension, her entire body was dipped in liquid fire. The room was filled with the smells of overflowing pussy, of woman sweat, with the groans and gasps of two bitches fucking, with the slaps of their bellies as they clapped together, with the silken whisper of taut, slick flesh sliding on voluptuous flesh.

“God, oh God,” Teresa shrieked. “Oh God, I’m commminnngg….!!! Fuck, FUCK, FUCK!!!” Gasping, Martha managed to hit the button on the timer.

Teresa bucked high, and arched her back, squeezing Martha’s fantastic body between her locked thighs, clawing at the teacher’s round, firm ass, pulling Martha as deep into her exploding cunt as she could. A hard, hot gush of cum blasted from her twat, soaking the dildo, drenching the intersection of the women’s bodies. They spread the hot liquid around and around their smooth crotches as they writhed. Even as Teresa bucked, riding out the orgasms rippling through her body, Martha kept thrusting, seeking to pull every scrap of sexual energy out of Teresa that she could. Their bodies locked in this orgasmic struggle. The sound of their hard bodies slapping, slamming together, continued to reverberate in the room.

Finally, the women collapsed in a heap, panting and heaving, clinging to each other, slicked in sweat and cuntjuice. Martha’s pussy was burning with unrelieved sexual tension, but not enough to cause her real discomfort. She focused on pushing those feelings back; the last thing she needed was to be fucked by Teresa when she was already on the verge of coming. But she realized now that she was going to start this fight at a disadvantage; it probably would have been better for her if she had been on the receiving end of the dildo fuck first. Well, she could not change that and would just have to work with the circumstances.

Panting, soaked with sweat, Martha pulled herself off of Teresa, pulling the rubber dong out of the teen’s pussy with a wet pop and a gush of juice. Martha looked at the timer.

“23:20,” the teacher said, somewhat perturbed. That was a long time. “You did very well, cunt,” Martha admitted, grudgingly. She was concerned. It was going to be hard for her to hold out that long.

“Yeah, I did well, you fat sow,” Teresa taunted. “And now it’s my turn. I’m going to ream your fat, floppy cunt inside out.”

Martha said nothing. She reset the timer and placed it beside the mat, which was now slicked with their juices. Martha unsnapped the belt supporting her strap-on dildo and handed the dripping wet implement to Teresa. In a flash, Teresa had the belt around her waist, the dong positioned directly over her cunt.

“I’m going to fuck this thing out your ass, you little bitch,” Teresa growled at Martha.

Martha’s pussy was dripping with juices, her nipples were as hard as small stones, and her tits were swollen with arousal and burned with sensitivity. She rolled onto her back on the mat and spread her magnificent legs wide. Her pink gash presented itself, wide and wet, glistening with juices, her cuntlips flexing with hunger and need.

“Come and get me, you fucking baby slut,” Martha breathed.

Teresa kneeled between Martha’s spread legs and reached down, filling her eager hands with the teacher’s magnificent tits. She squeezed, rubbing the rock-hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, sinking her fingers into the dense flesh, enjoying the weight and heat of Martha’s fantastic jugs. She bent over and sucked hard at Martha’s left tit, drawing in the nipple, then filling her mouth with as much of the delicious tit as she could, biting and sucking hard. Martha pulled at Teresa’s hair, trying to get the girl to back off, even as she groaned and writhed in pleasure under Teresa’s ministrations. “Stop, stop you little shit, this isn’t fair,” Martha gasped.

“It’s not against the rules, either, you fat cunt,” Teresa snarled. She bit Martha’s nipple hard, eliciting a short scream, then quickly positioned the dildo, aiming it directly at Martha’s hot, tight, wet slit. She pushed the head of the shaft, still drenched with her juices, into the soft cleft of the teacher’s cunt. Then, gathering herself, Teresa shoved hard with her ass and hips, and strove to drive the dong all the way to its hilt into the teacher’s steaming body. The thick shaft penetrated Martha to the core, slowly sliding into her tight, wet vaginal corridor like a sleek knife. She was already deeply aroused and fully lubricated. Combined with the lube and Teresa’s juices on the dong, the dildo bisected Martha’s cunt with a single, powerful thrust, splitting her in two. It filled her to overflowing, ramming deep into her core, and she choked out a shriek of raw pleasure.

“FUCK!! Oh, Fuck, God, yesss!!” Martha howled.

Teresa seized Martha’s hands and, intertwining their fingers, she pushed the teacher’s hands to the floor, on either side of her body. Teresa threw herself down onto Martha’s voluptuous body, crushing her tits into Martha’s equally massive jugs. The women writhed against each other, wriggling and rubbing and grinding their bodies together furiously. Martha locked her thighs around Teresa’s hips, then slipped her legs down, twining them with Teresa’s, straining muscle to muscle. Teresa started pumping, fucking Martha hard. She spat in the teacher’s face, then licked up the spittle. Martha’s tongue lashed out to meet Teresa’s and the women bit and sucked at each other before sealing into a spit-filled, snarling, tongue-twisting kiss. They swallowed each other’s groans and cries of joy and hate, along with their mixed saliva.

As she pumped, Teresa felt the pressure of the dong’s base on her still-thickened clit, and she knew she had to be careful. If she ended up having another orgasm (or multiple orgasms) before she forced Martha to climax, she might end up too weakened to really win the battle. But she was confident; Martha had put herself into a bad spot, almost (Teresa hoped) as if she wanted to lose.

Face to face, eye to eye, nose to nose, mouth to mouth, exchanging hot pants and hungry tongues, lapping at each other, the two women continued fucking, grinding their voluptuous bodies together furiously, struggling to merge into one steaming sexual flesh. Teresa worked the dong deep in Martha’s cunt, using her extensive sexual knowledge of the teacher’s body to try to angle the shaft in ways that would caress and stimulate the older woman’s most sensitive internal pleasure spots. At the same time, the thick shaft rubbed furiously at the underside of Martha’s swollen clit, and the base of the dildo pressed into her clit’s head, sending shockwaves of raw pleasure rippling through the blonde beauty in waves.

Martha squeezed Teresa’s voluptuous body between her powerful thighs. She tightened her pussy’s hold on the thrusting, grinding dong and tried to control the shaft as much as she could, struggling to keep it from her most sensitive spots, trying to control and reduce the pace of the delicious thrusting, anything just to buy herself more time. Martha and Teresa pressed cheek to cheek, gasping furiously, still licking at each other, exchanging vicious curses as they fucked, their hands struggling and squeezing each other to the point of pain.

“You fuck, you dirty little fuck…,” Martha moaned. Her voice was coming now in pants and sobs of sheer pleasure, her body was vibrating with the erotic power pulsing out of her overstimulated clit, filling every cell of her body with raw ecstasy.

“You whore, you cunt, you fucking cow…,” Teresa chanted as she struggled to control Martha, as her tits burned with the friction of their nipple to nipple grinding with Martha’s rack, as she pumped the dong harder and more savagely. Her clit trickled with unreleased sexual force, but it was still far from exploding.

Their hands wet with sweat, Martha twisted her wrists and freed her hands from Teresa’s grip. She reached around Teresa’s hips and seized the girl’s pumping ass and pulled Teresa down into her hungry cunt even harder. She enjoyed the feel of Teresa’s hard ass rippling and flexing beneath her spread palms. Teresa used her free right hand to pull viciously at Martha’s lush blonde hair; her left hand moved down the teacher’s body, grabbing the other woman’s right buttock. Martha raised one hand from Teresa’s pumping ass to return the painful hair pull. The women exchanged snarls of hate and pain as they yanked violently at the other’s thick locks.

Teresa forced her hungry tongue into Martha’s mouth. The women sucked at each other’s tongues viciously for several seconds, tangling them and mixing their spit, until their gasps forced their ravenous mouths apart.

On and on and on it went, the women’s bodies slapping and grinding, the room filling with Martha’s increasingly loud groans and moans as her body was fucked past the breaking point. She trembled with erotic tension, her pussy was so wet that its juices drenched the women’s lower torsos. The massive dick slid in and out, in and out of her thick, swollen cunt like a slow, steady piston, Teresa riding Martha mercilessly.

The student grunted and gasped with the force of her effort. Her body was soaked with the combined sweat and pussy juice of herself and her enemy. Teresa was locked in a sexual frenzy with the teacher. Her clit was not getting a quarter of the stimulation of Martha’s sexhorn, but it was still enough to send irresistible pulses of sexual joy rippling through her womanly flesh, filling her with the need for sexual satisfaction.

Teresa was fucking Martha out of her mind. The teacher’s head was thrown back, her eyes were shut tight, and her teeth were gritted, except when she could not help but gasp or scream in joy. Her beautiful face wore an undeniable expression of sexual agony. Her moans and screams and animal cries of unbearable pleasure grew more and more intense. Yet, still, she refused to break. Somehow, Martha was holding out against the unbelievable pleasure being inflicted on her body.

After what seemed an eternity of sexual struggle, Teresa glanced at the digital timer and was amazed and horrified to see that she had been viciously fucking Martha for 20 minutes and 30 seconds. She had less than 3 minutes in which to break this whore, in which to force Martha to orgasm. Otherwise, she would lose and she would never have her chance at redemption.

Teresa redoubled her efforts. Martha had been using her inner vaginal muscles to try to affect the pumping thrusts of the massive dildo, wrestling with Teresa for control of the shaft, despite her disadvantageous position. Teresa used her powerful hips and ass muscles to wrest complete control of the rubber dong from Martha. She began pumping the teacher harder, faster and to her full depth, thrusting the dong like a sexual knife, stabbing deep into Martha’s core. At the same time, she drove her face down on to Martha’s beautiful face, forcing the other woman’s mouth open and attacking with her tongue yet again. Martha fought back gamely, but Teresa could feel the erotic trembling in her enemy’s body and knew that Martha had to be on the verge of coming. She just needed to push the teacher over the edge.

Martha drove two fingers deep into Teresa’s asshole. Teresa immediately reciprocated the move and rammed her fingers into Martha’s ass even as she pumped the teacher’s pussy, hoping the extra stimulation would be too much for the other woman. Martha’s sobs grew more intense, but she still did not explode in sexual surrender. After a moment, Teresa took her right hand, worked it up their writhing bodies to their chests. Their tits were crushed tight, mashed together into a single meaty mass of rolling, grinding sexual ecstasy. Teresa pulled herself up just slightly, then slipped her right hand over Martha’s tit, crushing her hand between their massive tits. Teresa rubbed the teacher’s engorged nipple with her palm, tweaking and squeezing the enflamed sex organ with all of her skill. She continued to pump Martha’s ass, work Martha’s tongue, and drill the teacher’s hungry twat with the massive cock. Teresa broke the savage kiss in a spray of spit, then glanced at the timer. It now said 22:10.

Pressed cheek to cheek, the women struggled. Martha could not speak. Her face was a mask of agony and incredible pleasure.

“Give, you whore, give, you stupid dumb fuck, give, give, GIVE!!,” Teresa snarled, her words working up to a scream of rage and desperation, her ass and hips humping frantically, furiously, her efforts at stimulating Martha growing ever more intense. She had to beat this whore, she had to! But the clock was running down, she was almost out of time…

“Fuck, Fuck, FUUUUCCCCKKK!!!,” Martha suddenly screamed. “Oh Fuck, I’m cooommmming! Oh GOD!!”

Teresa slapped the timer in relief. The digital readout said 23:09.

Martha clapped her hands to Teresa’s ass, spread her legs wide, and writhed furiously, in absolute ecstasy, beneath her attacker, pulling Teresa down to her and grinding her own body up, seeking to force every drop of raw pleasure out of her exploding cunt as she could. Teresa continued to pump and grind the dong deep into every inch of Martha’s tight pussy. Martha’s twat gushed with juice, her body arched and pounded against the mat. One delicious orgasm after another rippled out of her core, and she enjoyed each explosion of ecstasy as she howled incoherently, lost in sexual ecstasy.

The exhausted women lay together in each other’s arms, panting and spent, for several minutes after Martha’s final orgasm. They lay cheek to cheek, their wet hair tangled, their limbs twined, their arms wrapped around each other. Their heavy tits were squashed tight, thick nipples twisted together. Teresa raised and turned her head to look down at Martha; Martha turned her head to meet Teresa’s gaze. Nose to nose, eye to eye, the women glared at each other hatefully. They licked each other’s lips and tongues, then slid their tongues together for a long, deep, luscious, spit-filled kiss. Finally, they broke the kiss.

“You lost, whore,” Teresa murmured at her foe.

“Just barely, cunt,” Martha replied. “But still, you’ve earned your rematch.”

Teresa smiled, joy, hate and pure lust flashing across her beautiful face in rapid succession.

Martha continued. “Come to my house on Friday night, at 7. We’ll finish this off then.”

Teresa smiled in triumph. Sexual heat still burned in her body, her arousal from the constant stimulation of the dong still not satisfied. But she pulled her body off of Martha’s luscious form, the thick dildo shaft pulling out of Martha’s hot pussy with a pop, a heavy splatter of cunt juice accompanying the withdrawal. Teresa rolled on her side, next to Martha, and the two beauties lay there for a short time, regaining their strength. The sexual itch between the legs of both women continued to grow and, slowly, Teresa and Martha came to the realization that the evening was not done yet. They may have decided the state of their bet, but their insatiable bodies demanded more sexual battle.

Teresa unstrapped the dildo and raised her hips as she pulled off the contraption. She put it aside and then placed her hand on her hot cunt. Her thick clit began to harden as her fingers probed her soft, wet labia. Beside her, Martha reached up and filled her right hand with her own tit, and began to knead the taut breastflesh. Martha’s left hand drifted down between her legs and began to stroke her clit. Her sexhorn hardened almost instantly. The women turned their heads to each other and began to share hot breath as they masturbated themselves, readying their bodies for another round of intense sexual warfare.

Suddenly, there was a muffled knock at Martha’s office door. Both women’s eyes widened with the shock. There was the sound of someone trying the doorknob. Instantly, Martha was on her feet, grabbing her one-piece dress and pulling it over her head, whipping it down her voluptuous body, the spaghetti straps falling into place, her powerful tits thrusting against the thin material. Smoothing her tangled hair with her fingers, she made her way to the door. “I’m coming,” she called out, knowing that the person on the other side of the door might not be able to hear her. Behind her, Teresa scrambled, finding her tight blouse and pulling it down over her heavy, bulging tits, then reaching for her skirt.

There was the sound of a key turning in the lock. Teresa did not have time to put on the skirt. She threw herself into the chair in front of Martha’s desk and draped the skirt over her legs, hoping it looked like she was wearing it. Martha reached the door just as it opened.

The elderly janitor was in the corridor. He was putting his key away as Martha caught the door, so he had not gotten a good view of the inside of the office. He had not even noticed that Martha was at the door.

“Mr. Kent,” the teacher said, startling him. Martha smiled at the old man. “I’m afraid I’m meeting a student right now. Would you mind not cleaning my office tonight?”

“Oh, Ms. Wells,” the janitor said. He tried to look past Martha into the office, and noted the young woman sitting in the chair. “I didn’t know you were here. I’m sorry for bothering you. Yes, I’ll leave your office for tonight.”

Martha hoped that the man would not notice the damp spots being formed by her wet nipples in the thin cloth of her dress. Her body was sweaty and her hair was a mess. The smell in the room was that of hot sex. Mr. Kent was a man and, as such, inclined to miss obvious clues, but if he put everything together, he might start spreading rumors about her. Martha was proud that she had been fucking Teresa all year with no one (outside of Grant and Cynthia) knowing what was going on.

She thanked the janitor and closed the door behind him. She turned with her back to the door and let out a sigh of relief. That had been close. If the man had come in while she and Teresa had been fucking each other with the dildo, there would have been no way to cover this up.

Teresa rose from the chair, her skirt now fastened around her hips, her hands on her broad hips, and smiled viciously. Her nipples were stabbing into the tight cloth of her blouse, outlined by the damp spots which were increasing in size and wetness even as Martha watched.

“You had better be more careful, Martha,” Teresa hissed. “Your career could be over pretty fast if word gets out that you’re fucking your students.”

“Shut up, you slutty cunt,” Martha snapped. Heat flared between her legs with incredible intensity and her nipples suddenly swelled up to almost pierce her tight dress. Martha reached for Teresa’s hair and grabbed two handfuls of the girl’s thick, wet black locks; Teresa instantly filled both her hands with Martha’s blonde hair. The women pressed together tit to tit, groaning with pleasure as their enflamed, engorged nipples crushed into each other through their thin clothing. Heavy tits crushed tight and their breasts overflowed from their deep collars, sweaty bare breastflesh pushing and throbbing. The women pulled viciously at each other’s hair, holding each other’s savage faces only inches apart. They smiled, savage grins of hate and pure lust. Their bare feet flashed and their legs, also bare beneath their long skirts, lashed out as they tried to trip each other.

Already, Teresa felt the tightness build between her legs, felt her thick clit harden into a rock-like shaft of sexual flesh.

“I’m going to fuck your cunt out, Martha,” Teresa whispered intensely to the teacher, as they pressed nose to nose. “My clit is going to squash your little nub like the soft little weak thing it is.”

“Girl,” Martha breathed, “I’m going to ride your little cunt until it dries up.”

Martha flicked her hard nipples against Teresa’s matching nubs, assaulting the girl through the double-layer of their tops. Teresa gasped, then thrust back. The women struggled, pulling each other around the small space in front of the desk by their hair, their bare legs twisting and tangling under their long, flowing skirts. Teresa succeeded in tripping Martha, but the teacher did not fall. She staggered back, pushing Teresa away, then caught herself on the wall of her office. With a growl, Martha dropped to the floor, onto her ass. She pulled her dress up, exposing her hungry cunt and her naked legs. In an instant, unable to resist even for a moment, Teresa dropped to the floor to join Martha. She also pulled back her skirt, exposing herself, and slid along the floor until she scissored Martha’s body with her own. Their bare, muscled legs slid over each other. Both women reached between their thighs and used their fingers to spread and open their boiling cunts. Huge, engorged clits pulsed with erotic energy and rose to challenge each other. Then, panting like runners in a marathon, almost overcome with raw lust, Martha and Teresa slipped together, interlocking like clothespins, their wet, thick cuntlips slapping and kissing with a moist “thwack”, followed by the squelching sounds of wet, yielding flesh sucking and sealing as the women jerked their hips and asses and rammed their genitals into one mass of sexual ecstasy.

Their hard, throbbing clits crossed and crushed, the heads of their clits – unbearably, exquisitely sensitive – squashed and merged and fused into one. Martha screamed, shrieking with raw pleasure; Teresa howled in pleasure. The women’s cries harmonized and became one. Then, grunting and groaning in unison, each cry in time to their bucking hips and thrusting asses, they began to clit-fuck each other with wild abandon.

Martha and Teresa let their skirts fall over their battling legs. Each grabbed the thigh of the other, braced herself with her free hand, and commenced to fuck and fuck and fuck. Their clits fenced and struggled and fused, locked together in the ultimate erotic competition. Martha and Teresa looked into each other’s delirious eyes and smiled in mutual understanding. As much as both women had enjoyed ravaging the other with the dildo, both also shared a common understanding that the only true way to settle a woman to woman sexual rivalry was to meet naked clit to naked clit, to fuck and fence and drive their ultimate sexual weapons together until only one woman emerged victorious. This was also the most delicious and satisfying way to engage sexual combat.

Still bracing her bucking body up with her right hand, Martha reached out and slipped her left hand inside of Teresa’s tight blue blouse. The girl’s tits were bouncing exuberantly with each thrust of her ass, her nipples had imprinted a tattoo into the tight cloth. Martha squeezed Teresa’s enflamed right nipple hard, then squeezed and massaged the rest of the massive tit. She wished she could eat and suck that supple, taut flesh. Teresa groaned, closing her eyes in ecstasy, then reached out and slipped her hand into Martha’s dress, filling her hand with the teacher’s right tit. She squeezed back, forcing a groan of pleasure from her foe.

The women fucked and fucked, their heads thrown back in ecstasy, their teeth gritted in passion, their bodies locked and rocking, driving into each other in a fantastic rhythm. Their clits seemed to swell to unbelievable proportions, twisting and knotting into one, causing Martha and Teresa to sob and cry and scream in unbearable pleasure as they fucked each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve, groping and kneading each other’s tits as they drove each other to the end.

It was Teresa who finally came first. Screaming in an absolute agony of sexual bliss, her overwhelmed clit finally suffered one excruciating stroke too many and she climaxed in a convulsive spray of come. She fell onto her back and writhed furiously, driving her pussy as deep into Martha’s as she could, ramming her clit into Martha’s rock-hard sexhorn with all of her strength, desperate to evoke every orgasm that she could. Martha came moments later, screeching with pleasure, falling onto her back and joining Teresa to become one long, writhing mass of sexual power. The women ground together mercilessly, fucking each other senseless, forcing delicious orgasm after orgasm from each other until, finally, they could take no more.

For some time, they lay that way, their bodies interlocked, their clits pulsing as one, sprawled away from each other. Teresa’s blue blouse was soaked in sweat. Her skirt was wet too, sporting a large and growing wet spot on the part still on the floor. Martha’s dress was also soaked with sweat and cum.

After a few minutes, Martha pushed herself up to a sitting position, then slowly disengaged her pussy from Teresa’s hot fuckmeat. For a moment, Martha stared down at the beautiful girl spread before her. Then, she got to her knees and pulled the dress up over her head, throwing it away in the corner of the room. She was nude, once again.

Teresa smiled. She sat up, then peeled her wet blouse over her head and tossed it aside. Her magnificent tits bounced lustily. She unclipped her skirt and tossed it aside. Then, she spread her naked legs and presented her wet, hot pussy to her enemy. She stroked her cunt, spreading the thick, juicy lips, opening her sex gash, stirring her slowly shrinking clit back to life.

Martha groaned, her eyes already glazed with lust. She sat down on her ass and spread her legs, opening her twat to Teresa’s hungry gaze. The women’s eyes locked and they smiled at each other.

“The best out of five,” Martha whispered. “Do you think your little clit can last that long, jizz-whore?”

“Let’s find out, you fat old cunt,” Teresa grunted back in reply.

The women pushed up to each other, locking into another scissors, pausing just before their hot, hungry fuckmeat could meet and begin the process of devouring each other once more. They looked deep into each other, seeing their mutual lust and need to conquer and possess the other mirrored in their foe.

Then, they came together, cunt to cunt, clit to clit, and, with a flash of incredible pleasure, began to fuck each other into oblivion.

Part III

Teresa spent the next several days waiting for Friday night to arrive with very mixed feelings. Part of her could not wait for the night to come, for her chance to meet Martha once again as an equal and to fuck the other woman into a coma. But she was nervous. She was confident in her power, in the ability of her body to give and receive incredible pleasure. But she knew that any battle with Martha would be very close. Her best hope to win was if she could wear Martha down, if she could outlast the teacher in what she knew would become a marathon fuckwar. At the same time, Teresa felt her body boiling with ever growing lust. She knew that she and Martha would be inflicting unbearable pleasure on each other the whole night long. Whoever won this duel would be the woman capable of taking more raw ecstasy than the other. One way or the other, Friday night promised incredible sex. But she had to master and humiliate her enemy.

Friday night finally arrived. Teresa pulled on a white string bikini top, which barely contained her tits, and a white thong panty. She pulled a tight pink t-shirt and some short-shorts over the underwear, and slid a pair of running shoes onto her bare feet.

Teresa examined herself in the mirror. She arched her back and smiled as her magnificent tits stretched the tight cloth of her pink shirt to the breaking point. The outline of her bikini top was fully visible. So was the outline of her thong, under her tight shorts. Teresa concentrated and closed the lips of her vulva tightly. She could see the slight movement of the cloth around her crotch as she did this. Her pussy was dripping wet already and her nipples pushed into her bra and shirt. She struggled to keep her arousal in check. She could not afford to start this battle too aroused.

Satisfied with her appearance, Teresa headed out. She drove her new car (a graduation gift from her parents) to the teacher’s acreage. She rode up the long driveway and parked directly in front of the spacious house. She was not surprised when Martha opened the door and stood on the porch to meet her. The teacher was also wearing a tight shirt, this one a black crop-top that exposed her muscled abdomen, tight shorts and sandals.

Teresa marched up the porch steps and stopped just inches from Martha. The women’s powerful tits challenged each other. Their nipples indented the cloth of their shirts and pointed at each other like swords. Their tits ached with tension. Their eyes glowed with unrestrained lust and rage and pure hatred. Martha licked her red lips as she glared into Teresa’s eyes. The women knew each other as intimately as it was possible for two women to know each other and they hated one another passionately. Their mutual need to subjugate and humiliate the other was burning brightly this night.

Martha stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Teresa’s powerful back. The women’s overflowing boobs squashed tight, their enflamed nipples pushed into each other. Martha bent her head and slid her mouth onto Teresa’s welcoming mouth, slipping her tongue deep into Teresa’s maw. The women’s tongues rolled and wrestled, their nipples pulsed against each other, their lust flared ever higher. Teresa closed her eyes and kissed back, her lips and tongue working hard against Martha’s, the women taking turns allowing the other to suck at her tongue. The gentle kiss soon became savage and vicious. Spit overflowed within their locked maws, but neither woman would break the kiss. They pulled viciously at the other’s hair, they pushed their mouths as deeply into the other’s face as possible, they struggled to master each other. Finally, with a gasp, Martha and Teresa pushed each other away. Panting, they smiled at each other savagely. They understood each other completely.

“Let’s go inside and get started, you slut,” Martha murmured, wiping her hand against her wet mouth. “The sooner we get started, the sooner I can finish you off. Then, I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend playing with you in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Teresa smiled grimly, but did not bother to reply. Her body would do all the talking she needed.

Martha stood aside and gestured to Teresa to enter. The voluptuous young woman swayed confidently through the open door, stripping off her pink blouse as she did so.

She turned back to face Martha, who entered and closed the door behind her, then bolted it shut. Martha crossed her hands at the bottom of her top, and peeled the crop top up over her head. She tossed it on a chair in the foyer, and stood with her hands on her hips in a tiny black bikini bra, the exact counterpart to Teresa’s white bikini top. The tiny triangles of the bikini barely covered her nipples. She smiled viciously at the girl.

“Come downstairs with me, Teresa,” Martha said pleasantly. She led the way to a door just off the foyer. Teresa knew that Martha kept a gym down in the basement, but she had never seen it. Whenever she was at Martha’s house, most of her time was spent in the bedroom.

The women walked down a staircase into a large, well-appointed gymnasium. Half the space contained weight racks and other exercise equipment, and a cabinet. The other half of the room was padded with mats. An exercise bar was attached to the far wall, which was mirrored. The mirror reflected the entire room, creating the illusion of even greater space.

Martha kicked off her sandals and walked, barefoot, to the center of the matted floor and turned around, her hands on her hips. She smiled at Teresa, the hints of sexual fever glinting in her eyes.

“We’ll fight down here, cunt,” Martha said. “I’ve got some ideas about what toys we can use, but let’s get to that later – if you last that long. As agreed, this is a straight sexfight. Number of orgasms doesn’t matter. What matters is who is able to last longer. We just keep going at it until someone gives in or passes out. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Teresa nodded. She felt her sexual organs growing tight and hard and wet. God, she was going to enjoy this.

Martha walked over to the cabinet and took a large bottle of water off the top. She held it up.

“We can share this,” Martha said. She walked back over to the mats and placed the bottle on the floor, beside the mat. She gestured to a door against the opposite wall. “There’s the bathroom.”

Teresa nodded.

“What kind of toys are we going to allow?” Teresa asked. “I don’t want you cheating the way you did last time.”

Martha smiled. “I’ve got some ideas for a two-headed dildo. And maybe some strap-ons. But, for now, let’s keep those on the shelf. Let’s just get started the old fashioned way. Straight up fuckfight – cunt to cunt, clit to clit.”

“The toys stay on the shelf until we both agree to start using them,” Teresa insisted. She wanted to make sure that there were no surprises this time.

“Agreed,” Martha said. She sounded impatient to get started and Teresa noted that the other woman’s nipples had grown even longer and harder over the last few minutes. But so had hers.

“Let’s get started,” Teresa smiled. She sounded nonchalant, but every erogenous zone in her body was raging with heat. She had waited so long for this moment, she could not wait a second more. Her pussy was hot and wet, her tits felt like they were blowing up like balloons. She reached down, unhooked her tight shorts and peeled them down her legs, leaving herself clad only in her tiny bikini top and thong.

Martha slid her shorts down her long, beautifully muscled legs and then picked them up with her toe and kicked them into the corner of the room. She stood before Teresa wearing only a black thong and her matching black bikini top.

The women examined each other intently. Even after a whole year of sexually exploring each other, of ravaging and fucking each other in every way that they could imagine, both women found that just the sight of the other was enough to stir her to incredible lust. Their hungry eyes wandered over each other’s taut flesh, taking in the well-defined muscles, the voluptuous curves, the well-packed, perfectly shaped tits.

Martha reached behind her back and undid her bikini bra, slipping it off her massive jugs and dangling it from her right hand. She gave Teresa a moment to study her beautiful tits as she smiled condescendingly. After a moment, Teresa reached behind her back and undid her white bikini top. She let the loose string cloth hang off her shoulders for a tantalizing moment before she pulled it down and held it loosely in her right hand. The women studied each other’s tits for a few moments. The women’s rivalry started with their tits, and both still felt most challenged, enraged and aroused when confronted with the other woman’s meaty orbs.

Martha began walking slowly towards her younger enemy, hips swaying. Teresa moved to meet her.

Martha reached out and filled her hands with Teresa’s meaty jugs. She sank her fingers into the dense flesh, she squeezed Teresa’s nipples between her fingers and thumb. Teresa returned the grip, squeezing Martha’s nipples just as hard. In unison, the women pressed their enemy’s tits together, then resumed the fondling, kneading, caressing of the other woman’s massive jugs.

The whole time, Martha and Teresa’s eyes were locked, blue to green, staring intently and hatefully into each other, watching for the other’s reactions as they fondled each other’s tits gently yet viciously, stroking and caressing their enemy’s heavy titmeat, looking to force as much pleasure on each other as they could. Teresa’s white thong was already drenched with juice, a growing wet spot outlining her camel toe. Martha’s black thong hid her growing wetness better, but the sheer cloth clung to her soaking cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Martha moaned, involuntarily, as Teresa stroked and massaged her powerful tits in just the right way. Her eyelids fluttered uncontrollably as intense sensations rippled through her breasts and into her sexual core. Teresa smiled in triumph, but only for a moment. A second later, she gasped and bit her lip, her eyes closing in pleasure, as Martha squeezed her massive mammaries together and tweaked her nipples at the same time.

“I think you’re going to have a nipple orgasm,” Martha murmured to her young enemy, as Teresa’s gasps became more persistent.

“Shut up, cunt,” Teresa gasped, but she felt that she was falling a bit behind in this tit-fondling battle. She cupped and weighed Martha’s beautiful round tits, before massaging the thick meat out in opposite directions, eliciting a cry of unexpected pleasure from her blonde foe.

Martha released Teresa’s tits, grasped the girl’s hands with her own, intertwined their fingers, and pulled Teresa’s arms out to their sides. The women’s breasts wobbled deliciously, thick brown nipples engorged with arousal, heavy, round orbs taut with tension.

Martha and Teresa leaned forward and mashed their heavy tits into one, both women groaning in pleasure as their naked tits mated. Martha and Teresa absolutely loved the feeling of the other woman’s naked tits, grinding and mashing, with her own. They both loved the sensation of thick, yielding flesh compressing and pulsing, sending sensual heat rippling through their bodies, the feel of thick, meaty orbs melding and melting to each other, even as they sought to crush each other flat. The women moaned in shared pleasure, watching each other through half-open eyes, pushing ever closer. The women released each other’s hands and slid their arms around each other. They turned their heads and, even as they crushed each other tight in a mutual hug, they lapped at each other, playing with their tongues, gently sucking at each other’s lips, driving each other crazy with lust. Their mashed tits throbbed, their nipples tangled and pulsed into each other, their hungry mouths finally locked together. Their tongues started out lapping and teasing each other, then sealed into a gentle, sensual kiss, tongues sliding and caressing, inosculated mouths locked into one, sharing slick spit. The women teased and taunted, trying to stimulate each other with building pleasure.

It was not long before the kiss became a hard, hot, tongue-twisting battle. The women despised each other too much to be gentle with each other for long. What started as a soft, supple, mutual effort to entice and arouse each other quickly became a brutal, vicious struggle for tongue to tongue supremacy. The women grunted harder, more savagely. Martha and Teresa reached up the other’s back and sank their fingers into the other’s hair, pulling hard, viciously.

The women began to stagger around the room as the kiss became ever more savage and angry, a power struggle to see whose mouth and tongue could dominate the other. Their groans and grunts of anger and lust grew louder, their tits crushed harder as they shoved at each other with their chests. The women tangled their bare legs, each trying to trip and throw the other to the mat.

Snarling, panting, Teresa and Martha broke the sloppy, angry kiss. Panting, heaving, they tightened their grips on each other, and struggled to control the other’s body. They yanked savagely at each other’s hair, pulling each other’s heads until they were chin to chin, their faces forced to stare at the ceiling.

“Fuck, you filthy fuck,” Teresa moaned at Martha, her body pulsing with arousal.

“Cunt, cuntfucker,” Martha gasped back.

Teresa twisted her left leg behind Martha’s right calf and, pushing hard, managed to overbalance the teacher. With a grunt, the women fell to the floor, their bodies still locked together, arms squeezing in a mutual bearhug. They landed hard, Martha on the bottom, her powerful tits absorbing the brunt of the impact. Martha groaned in exquisite pain and pleasure as her massive orbs squashed into Teresa’s firm titflesh. The women’s legs thrashed, long tan limbs flashing, as they struggled to control each other. Soon, their legs were twined together, straining muscle to muscle, as the two struggling beauties battled to dominate each other. Martha was on the bottom of their heaving, straining bodies, but she slowly, agonizingly managed to roll their intertwined forms. Martha smiled viciously down into Teresa’s beautiful, angry face as she took the top position.

Teresa grabbed Martha behind the head and pulled the blonde teacher’s beautiful face down to her own. The women joined again in a vicious kiss, tongues lapping and shoving, spit flowing. Still locked in the kiss, Teresa succeeded in slowing twisting Martha onto her back. The girl regained the top position, but Martha kept the roll going. Slowly, painfully, breaking the kiss and pressing cheek to cheek, Martha and Teresa rolled over and over, down the length of the mats until they hit the mirrored wall. Teresa found herself wedged into the corner, not quite on the bottom, her shoulder and hip pressed against the mirror.

“Get away from me, you fucker,” Teresa snarled at Martha, disentangling her limbs from Martha’s and kicking and pushing the teacher away.

Martha rolled away and got to her feet quickly. She was panting and her swaying tits were red from the pressure and friction. Her black thong was soaked, the sheer cloth clinging wetly to the thick lips of her vagina. Smiling evilly, Martha hooked her thumbs in the band of her thong and wiggled her hips as she peeled the damp scrap of cloth off her pussy and down her thighs. It fell at her feet and she kicked it into corner of the room with her bare foot.

Martha placed her hands on her hips and cocked her hips forward, thrusting her pussy out. Teresa glared at the thick-lipped, juicy cunt facing her. Her eyes drank in the pink flesh, the wet meat; she deeply inhaled the luscious scent of enraged womanhood. Clear liquid dripped from Martha’s clean-shaven twat to the mat.

Teresa hooked her wet thong and stripped it down her legs, tossing it aside. She stood naked before Martha, her massive tits jiggling. She shoved her pussy forward, presenting her sex in challenge. Martha snorted derisively, but her eyes fixed on Teresa’s succulent fuckmeat and she unconsciously licked her lips in anticipation.

The women walked closer and closer, their perfect, naked bodies reflections of each other. Teresa shoved her chest out; Martha groaned as she stepped forward and mashed her thick tits into Teresa’s waiting orbs. The women rolled their bulging glands around and around each other. Martha seized the back of Teresa’s head with one hand, then reached down and cupped Teresa’s wet vagina in the palm of her other hand. She ran her finger along Teresa’s cleft. Teresa reciprocated both holds, yanking at Martha’s head and rubbing Martha’s slick pussy lips. Both women slipped their middle and index fingers up into the other’s twat and began to masturbate each other.

“God, you whore, I hate you so much,” Teresa breathed into Martha’s face, as she ground her tits into the teacher’s rack and pumped her fingers in the other woman’s pussy.

“Fucking slut,” Martha groaned. The women were nose to nose as they masturbated each other, as they tried to crush the other flat. Their nipples pulsed into each other. The women could feel the other’s heart pounding through their thick tits.

For a few minutes, the only sounds in the gym were the moist sounds of fingers eagerly, expertly pumping sopping wet cunts and the sighs, gasps and moans of two beautiful women, both slowly going insane with desire. Martha and Teresa stroked each other’s clits, they teased and explored and massaged each other’s labia. Their hands grew wet with pussy juice, liquid began to stream down their inner thighs. All the while, their tits crushed tight, throbbing with heat.

Suddenly, Martha groaned and shoved Teresa away. Martha’s eyes were glazed with need.

“Enough foreplay, bitch,” Martha said hoarsely. “Let’s get to it. Come over here, baby, let’s fuck.” As she said this, Martha dropped to the mat and spread her legs, presenting her engorged pussy in challenge.

Teresa smiled, then dropped to her knees and began crawling across the mat towards Martha. When she got close enough, she did not spin around and mirror Martha, as the teacher had expected. Instead, Teresa plunged forward, burying her face in Martha’s sopping wet cunt, wrapping her arms around Martha’s thighs and holding them apart.

“Jesus, FUCK!!,”Martha shrieked, as she felt Teresa’s mouth clamp over her fuckhole and suck, sucking her clean, sucking up her pussy juice, sucking in her throbbing clit. Teresa’s soft lips surrounded Martha’s sexhorn and began to caress and tease and massage the exquisitely sensitive organ. Teresa’s tongue lapped at the pulsing flesh. She wrapped her lips and tongue around Martha’s burning clit and sucked it like a nipple.

Martha fell flat on her back on the mat and screamed in ecstasy. Her back arched and she could not help putting her hands on Teresa’s head to push the girl’s face even more deeply into her cunt. Even as her body convulsed with pleasure, Martha knew she had to strike back. She could not let herself be controlled like this. Desperately, she twisted Teresa’s hair violently, eliciting a shriek of pain from the girl. Martha used the chance to pull Teresa’s head back.

Teresa and Martha glared at each other. Teresa wiped her wet mouth with the back of her hand. Martha continued to hold her by the hair.

“69, fucker,”Martha snarled. “We suck each other.”

“Fine by me, you fat whore,”Teresa breathed.

Martha released Teresa’s hair. Teresa stretched her body beside Martha, her feet near Martha’s head. Martha spread her legs and lay flat on her back. Teresa moved her voluptuous body over the teacher, placing her knees on either side of Martha’s head. She squeezed her pussy hard and forced a trickle of juice onto Martha’s face. The teacher licked it up voraciously, then raised her head to kiss Teresa’s bare pussy. Teresa positioned herself so she was looking down into Martha’s beautiful cunt. She lowered her head, her heavy tits pushing into Martha’s lower belly; she felt Martha’s equally powerful tits thrusting up into her belly, hard nipples spearing her abdomen. The undersides of their breasts crushed together. Teresa licked the length of the teacher’s hot, pink slit. She enjoyed the sharp taste, the acrid smell. She pushed her tongue in deeper. At the same time, she felt Martha’s hands gripping and spreading her buttocks. Teresa moaned uncontrollably as she felt Martha’s tongue lapping at her slit, then working its way into her vagina. Both women clamped their mouths fully over the other’s cunt and sucked hungrily. They used their powerful tongues to tease out the other’s swelling clit. They began to suck ravenously at the other’s engorged sexbud. They wrapped their thighs around the other’s head, their hands spread on the other’s ass, their fingers stroking and probing at cunts and assholes. Groaning in delight, the women rolled onto their sides, their massive tits compressed underside to underside and, from this equal position, began to devour each other with unbridled lust.

Over the course of a year of constant sexual conflict, Teresa had learned how to eat a pussy with amazing skill. Her natural talents had been honed to a fine point. She knew there was a time to suck an opponent’s clit savagely, but other times to tease and softly entice, to eat and suck gently until the other woman was sobbing with unbearable pleasure. Teresa turned all her skills towards driving Martha insane with lust. But, even as the girl’s expert ministrations sent incredible pleasure radiating through Martha’s perfect body, Teresa felt excruciating pleasure pulsing out of her own cunt as Martha’s tongue and lips and ravenous mouth worked her twat with equal skill. The women’s groans and gasps eventually turned to sobs and soul-deep moans of unbearable pleasure.

After a half hour of constant pleasuring, Martha and Teresa were trembling with sexual tension, crying uncontrollably with the effort to keep from exploding in orgasmic delight. Teresa reached down Martha’s back and grabbed the teacher’s hair and pulled hard, trying to buy herself some relief. Martha reached down and returned the grip, sending a sharp flash of pain through the student’s head. The women gasped and panted, as they painfully tried to control each other, as they sought relief from the terrible pleasure they were inflicting on each other.

“Cunt to cunt,” Teresa moaned. “I want to feel your clit, right now.”

Gasping, the women released each other’s head from between their thighs and quickly arranged themselves, slipping left legs over rights, lining up their wet, sloppy cunts. Martha and Teresa reached down and spread their pussy lips with their fingers. Their swollen clits rose in challenge from their tops of their slits. Hot juices trickled down from their saturated twats, leaving their crotches wet and slick.

“Oh god, yes, do it, you fucker,” Martha breathed, as she stared down into Teresa’s hungry twat. She was trembling with desire, with the need to mate with this little bitch and experience the incredible pleasure lying between Teresa’s legs.

Teresa stared down into Martha’s juicy red twat, equally mesmerized. She was just moments away from pure ecstasy.

Groaning with need, Martha and Teresa shoved their thick, hot, juicy cunts into each other, smashing the soft, wet flesh together. They jerked and thrust their hips, pressing their thick, wet cunt lips into one mass of juicy, soft fuckmeat. The moist sound of hot cunts sucking and suctioning together began to fill the room. The women’s hungry cunts melted into one, their open fuckholes forming a vacuum seal, their soft, yielding labia melting and folding into each other.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, Yes!! Yeeesssss!!!,” Teresa cried out, her eyes wide, her head thrown back in sheer pleasure.

“Fuck, fuck, oh god!!” Martha screamed, her body convulsing as the waves of joy washed through her.

Already aroused to near the point of no return, the two women began to work their hips and asses powerfully, driving into each other, rocking their hips in an effort to spread and penetrate and dominate the other woman’s cunt. They leaned back on their hands, braced by their arms, and fucked furiously, savagely. Their massive tits bounced exuberantly. Their powerful bodies shone with sweat.

“Unh! Unnnh! Unnnnggghhh!!” Teresa grunted, almost screaming with lust and effort as she drove herself against Martha.

Martha panted and snarled and screamed with rage and effort as she fucked back against Teresa, matching the girl thrust for thrust.

The women’s screams reached a fever pitch as their swollen, throbbing clits crushed directly into each other and exploded in unbearable sensations. Martha and Teresa both grabbed the other woman’s sweaty thigh, anchoring themselves as they thrust and ground and drove at each other with all of their strength.

The women grunted and screamed and snarled in ecstasy as they tried to ram their cunts as deeply together as they could, to penetrate and violate and dominate each other in the deepest ways possible. The thick, wet meat of their pussy lips flattened against each other. The shared heat between their inosculated cunts flared until it swelled to fill their lower abdomens. Teresa released Martha’s thigh and grabbed the teacher’s wrist; Martha immediately returned the grip. Grasping each other’s wrists, the two battling women leaned back, arching their pelvises forward, putting all the weight of their bodies on their grinding, pulsing clits.

Leaning back, holding as tight to Martha’s arm as Martha was holding her’s, Teresa threw back her head and groaned with ecstasy. Her clit felt like it was exploding with waves of delicious sensation. She rotated her hips minutely, just enough to rub and grind her clit even harder into Martha’s sexhorn; Martha thrust back. The women felt like their marble-sized clits were melting into each other in a pulsing fury of heat. Their clits felt like they were slowly, ecstatically fusing into one hard, thick finger of exquisitely sensitive flesh. Incredible heat and tension burned into their cores, circling and swelling their pussies, filling their cunts with sensation. As they slowly, slowly rubbed their swollen clits, Martha and Teresa cried and sobbed in rage. They struggled to control themselves. Martha glared at Teresa through her tears. She refused to be defeated by this high school slut. But her body was so close to exploding, her belly was quivering with tension. Teresa glared back at Martha, her teeth clenched in rage as she fought to hold back the incredible orgasm building in her core. God, she hated Martha so much! Teresa thought. But no one fucked her like the teacher, no one drove her to such heights of unbridled pleasure. She knew that what she and Martha were doing to each other right now was their shared version of heaven.

Martha and Teresa’s jousting clits slid against each other electrically, then slipped around each other and twined into a knot. Their clits continued to swell, locking and fusing as one.

“FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!!,” Martha shrieked, as an unbearable orgasm exploded out of the depths of her twat. Her pussy squirted hard.

“GOD OH GOD OH GODDDD!!,” Teresa howled, as her pussy convulsed and a long, hot stream of cum jetted out to meet and mix with Martha’s cum. Still holding each other by their wrists, Teresa and Martha fell flat onto their backs and writhed furiously, grinding their asses into the wet mats, their bodies fused together at their twats. They spread the sex juices around and around their hot cunts, rocking their bodies to pull each other in harder, deeper, to meld their clits even more tightly. They screamed in unison as multiple orgasms chained through their squirming, jerking bodies.

Teresa and Martha scissor-locked, their bodies fit between each other’s thighs, their swollen cunts sucked and sealed, forming one long vaginal passage between their fused bodies. Both women hugged the other’s leg tightly, crushing their tits into the other’s muscled thigh, and held on desperately as sheer ecstasy rolled through their voluptuous flesh. Their locked pussies sucked and convulsed, squeezing each other, as gush after gush of hot, thick cum erupted from their twats, mixing and flowing between them, squeezing out from between their mashed pussy lips to soak the intersection of their bodies.

“Unngggghhhh!!, Unnngggh!!,” Teresa screamed, her body trembling as she ejaculated powerfully, her muscles quivering with the force of her release.

“Ohhhhhh God, oh god, oh god,” Martha chanted, sexual power burning through her body. She squirmed and spasmed, her body vibrating with ecstasy.

The orgasms gradually tapered off. The spent women lay wrapped together, their torsos twined between the other’s legs, their cunts stuck together mouth to mouth, their interlocked clits pulsing and throbbing in unison. Their bodies were soaked with sweat and cum.

Finally, Martha and Teresa rolled apart, their twats sucking away and releasing with a loud pop. The women pulled themselves into sitting positions facing each other, their legs spread wide.

“Dirty whore,” Teresa gasped at Martha. She felt good. She felt incredibly good. Their fucking had filled her with power and a ravenous hunger. Now, she was going to fuck Martha senseless.

Martha smiled at Teresa, her eyes shining with lust and hate.

“That’s a good beginning, you little bitch,” Martha breathed. “But we’re just getting started. That was just enough to get the juices flowing. Now, we’ve got the whole night to see who can outfuck who.”

“Bring that dirty cunt over here, then,” Teresa smiled in reply. “I’m going to suck that rotten pink slit inside out and squeeze it dry.”

Martha smiled smugly. Instead of sliding on her wet ass towards Teresa, however, she got to her feet and padded across the slick blue mat towards a cabinet on the far side of the room. She reached in and pulled out a bottle of oil. Hips swaying seductively, tits rocking gently, she walked slowly back towards her enemy.

Teresa’s eyes lit up when she saw the oil bottle. She and Martha had fought before with their bodies slathered with oil. Teresa loved the feeling of her oil-slicked flesh sliding and slithering against Martha’s taut body. Teresa rose to her feet. The women met in the center of the mat. Martha squirted a long stream of clear oil onto her chest and belly. The clear liquid trickled down the crevasse between her golden tits. The oil on her belly slid onto the glistening flesh between her thighs, then down her muscled thighs towards her calves. Martha handed the bottle to Teresa. Teresa sprayed the oil all over her tits and abdomen. She stoppered the bottle, then threw it aside.

The women reached for each other. Their eager hands spread the oil over every inch of the other woman’s taut flesh. They ran their hands over the other’s tits, rubbing around and around, until their nipples dripped with oil and their meaty orbs gleamed. They slid greasy palms over flat, hard bellies, deep navels sucking at oiled flesh. Teresa and Martha rubbed the oil smartly over and into the other’s swollen genitals, spreading and mixing the slick liquid with their cunt juice and the viscous cum that still dripped from their twats. They fell on their knees to grease each other’s thighs. When they were both covered head to toe with oil, when the bottle was almost empty and they had run their hands and fingers over every nook, cranny and crevasse of the other woman, they stopped.

On their knees, the women reached for each other. Oiled arms slid around muscled backs and slowly, tantalizingly, Martha and Teresa brought their enflamed nipples together. They rubbed their nipples around and around each other, delighting in the smooth, hot touch of the slick flesh. Their nipples pulsed with incredible sensations as they gently jousted. Their rigid nipples rubbed into throbbing areola. Groaning, the women pulled each other in closer. They squeezed their massive tits into one, being sure to keep their breasts trapped and contained between their tightening arms. The massive orbs could not escape. Taut, throbbing flesh mashed and mated with taut, throbbing flesh. The women tried to crush each other flat, thrusting at each other with the power of their backs and torsos. Their taut flesh quivered in a delicious erotic stalemate. They began sliding and rolling their tits around and around each other, the bulging flesh spreading and sharing the oil. Their bodies burning with desire, Martha and Teresa pulled each other in tight, crushing their bodies together. Their hungry mouths found each other, their tongues pushed and twined together. Hard, slick bellies slapped tight. Deep, narrow navels slid over each other and suctioned, kissing gently. Teresa and Martha’s muscled thighs pushed hard against each other. Their oil-wet hands caressed each other’s back and buttocks. Their moans of pleasure grew more and more insistent.

Martha tightened her arms around Teresa’s back and, bracing herself, tried to push the other woman onto her back. Teresa squeezed back, resisting. The women tottered back and forth, straining powerfully, then fell onto their sides. Martha and Teresa struggled, their voluptuous bodies sliding and gliding against each other. Bulging tits flowed over and under each other, hot bellies kissing and sliding, long legs slipping in and out and around each other. Their perfect flesh burned with the delicious sensations; their twats flared with electricity. Martha threw Teresa onto her back, grabbed Teresa’s left leg and, placing it on her shoulder, lowered her wet, hot cunt onto Teresa’s sopping wet pussy. The women groaned as one as their cunts mated, as their hot, hard clits thrust into their turgid labia and ground against each other. Sexual electricity rolled through the women’s thrusting bodies in waves of unbearable pleasure.

“Fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” Martha groaned, her hips and ass pumping, her pussy flattening and pulsing against Teresa’s matching twat. She threw back her head, smiling in joy, gasping with pleasure.

“God oh god oh god,” Teresa sobbed, her body feverish with lust and heat as she met all of Martha’s powerful thrusts, her pelvis rising and falling with Martha’s body, keeping their cunts and clits glued together.

Thrusting and grinding, Teresa and Martha fucked powerfully until, in spasm of effort, Teresa threw Martha off of her. She moved quickly, pulling Martha’s thighs apart and driving her burning cunt deep into Martha’s twat. The women screamed in pleasure and relief as they came together again. Grinding, thrusting, fucking, the women moaned and screamed as their bodies pounded mercilessly, slick flesh sliding deliciously. Soon, Martha reversed the tables and took the top position again.

Over the next two hours, the oil-slicked women wrestled and struggled, their slippery bodies rubbing and caressing. Every inch of voluptuous flesh slid on every inch of voluptuous flesh. Teresa and Martha fucked and fucked and fucked, their ravenous cunts locked together, their clits rubbing and grinding constantly. Back and forth, they struggled across the mats, their limbs twining and straining, their massive tits grinding and rolling, their hard nipples spearing and sliding. They held each other by the wrist, pulling each other in deeper, grinding mercilessly. They came again and again and again, spraying each other with cum, injecting hot pussy juice into each other, forcing orgasm after orgasm out of one another. Their incredible bodies grew more tired and spent, but the sexual power deep inside of them continued to build. With every orgasm, both women grew more lustful, more desirous of the other’s body. Martha and Teresa knew that they were fucking each other to the point of sexual explosion, the point where their bodies could not take it anymore and they would explode in an unending series of orgasms, which would continue until they passed out.

Gripping each other’s forearms tightly, Martha and Teresa ground into each other cunt to cunt, clit to clit. Finally, they exploded in another earth-shaking orgasm that left both women screaming and writhing in sexual bliss. When the climax and its powerful aftershocks had finally passed, the women lay locked together, flat on their backs on the mat, basking in the afterglow of sexual bliss. Their twats were merged, their pussy lips meshed together, their clits firmly lodged against each other, shuddering with heat and power.

Panting, Martha and Teresa felt like their long, ripe bodies had become human-sized genitals, slick and hot, smooth and wet, voluptuous flesh folded and twined into one.

After a few minutes, Martha propped herself up on her elbows and looked down her hot, wet body at Teresa. Teresa pushed herself up and returned the teacher’s glare.

“Let’s try some toys, fucker,” Martha murmured at her foe.

“Love to, cuntfucker,” Teresa replied with a savage grin.

The women disentangled themselves. Martha staggered to her feet and walked across the mats towards the cabinet from which she had taken the oil. While she did this, Teresa hungrily gulped down water from the water bottle Martha had provided for them.

Martha pulled a two-headed dildo out of the cabinet and turned back towards the other woman. She crossed the floor to Teresa, took the water bottle from Teresa’s hand, and took a long, deep drink. She held up the thick, plastic dildo for Teresa to examine. The dildo was a bit more than a foot long. It was remarkably thick and ridged. Martha touched a button on its side and the whole toy began to vibrate quietly. Teresa smiled, her eyes lit with lust.

“Ass to ass,” Teresa murmured. “Let’s rub asses.”

Martha smiled. She turned around and got down on her hands and knees, her right hand still holding the dildo. Teresa got on her hands and knees, her ass pointing at Martha’s buttocks. The women looked over their shoulders at each other and smiled cruelly. Teresa pushed herself back until the thick pads of her beautiful butt were rubbing and sliding and rippling against Martha’s equally gorgeous ass. Martha pushed back just as hard. The women rotated their asses around and around, spreading the oil, enjoying the push of their hard, round muscles. After a moment, Martha reached down with the dildo, pushing one end into her thick, juicy cunt. Teresa reached down and grabbed the other end of the dildo. She directed it into her ravenous twat. With shared groans, the beautiful women placed the heads of the thick, shiny shaft on their pussy mouths, thick lips wet and hot, and shoved the cock up into their tight, yielding vaginal canals, until the twin heads of the shaft were buried to the hilt in their cunts.

“Oh, fuck, yeeesssss,” Teresa moaned, her face lit with a smile of pure sexual joy. She pushed back with her ass, until she felt her juicy pussy lips crushing tight and hard with Martha’s pussy lips. The vibrations from the dildo rippled deep inside of her, massaging her most intimate muscles with a stimulating purr.

“Ummmmmm,” Martha sighed, her eyes closed, the raw sensations burning through her core. The massive dildo stretched and spread her and she tightened her vaginal muscles around the shaft. The entire instrument vibrated in her deepest womanhood.

Martha and Teresa pushed back with their asses until the thick pads of their butts felt interlocked. They groaned in pleasure as the women felt their puckered anuses touch, then slowly suck and hold to each other. Their burning clits, riding the top of the dildo, squashed into each other and melted together. The women struggled to control the massive shaft vibrating in their cores, each woman striving to wrest control of the weapon from her opponent.

Soon, however, Martha and Teresa fell to the mat, lying on their bare bellies, their hard, throbbing tits pressed into the mat, their long legs sliding by each other and stretching out to either side of their heads. Lying flat, groaning and gasping with the incredible pleasure, they slowly, agonizingly, worked the vibrating dildo deep inside of their bodies, manipulating and rocking the shaft with their deep muscles. Slowly, they moved their hips and asses, grinding back into each other, violating each other as deeply as they could, both women fighting to hold back the devastating orgasms building, building, swelling in the pits of their cores.

Martha groaned in ecstasy. She dug her fingers into the mat, she lowered her head to the mat and screamed in sheer pleasure. She felt the heat in her cunt boil to overflowing; an incredibly powerful orgasm roared out of her core and she ejaculated with incredible force.

“OH FUCKING GOD!!,” Martha shrieked. She felt the hot cum jet along the length of the dildo, jetting out from her pussy, coating the shaft, and flowing into Teresa’s hot young cunt. The women’s twats were crushed tight, pussy lips mashed so closely there was no room for juice to escape.

An instant later, Teresa howled in ecstasy as she came with excruciating force. Martha felt Teresa’s cum rushing into her, she felt the woman’s body jerking back against her own. Their asses, their anuses, their flaming cunts, seemed to fuse into one. Martha felt herself coming again, convulsing as another incredible orgasm erupted through her body. Teresa orgasmed in reply. The women’s bodies were soon unleashing incredible orgasms in unison as their bodies synchronized.

Teresa and Martha gasped and howled and writhed furiously against each other, grinding and grinding, slapping and rotating their asses into each other, flexing their bodies, squeezing the dildo with uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy. The dildo purred on and on, the exquisite pleasure of the constant stimulation burning and burning even as the powerful orgasms chained through their bodies.

Gasping, clawing at the mat, orgasms torturing their bodies with unbearable pleasure, Teresa and Martha flipped onto their backs and continued to writhe and grind. Martha and Teresa squeezed their own tits and nipples, lost to the pleasure wracking their bodies. They arched their backs, driving the dildo deeper into each other, rubbing clits ferociously. Hot cum flowed down their thighs. Martha reached down blindly, her hands finding Teresa’s thrashing hands. The women gripped each other tightly, hand to hand, fingers twined, and squeezed hard as excruciating pleasure roared through their convulsing forms.

With final, bucking orgasms, the women passed out, dropping into oblivion as their perfect bodies finally inflicted more pleasure than they could stand on the other. Even as they lay unconscious, joined tight at their twats, the thick shaft continued to vibrate, causing both women to continue to orgasm even in their exhausted sleep.

Martha woke first, stirred to awareness by the electric stimulation of the shaft. Slowly, as her mind returned, she realized that Teresa was not moving. Slowly, carefully, Martha pushed back and slid her twat down the dildo just enough for her to reach down and

seize the shaft with her hand. Holding it in place, she eased herself off of the massive plastic cock. She popped free, then slowly turned herself around, so that she faced Teresa’s body and could look down between the girl’s legs. Carefully, Martha pulled out enough of the shaft so that she could access the recessed on/off button. She turned off the dildo’s vibrator function. She carefully pulled the rest of the dildo out of Teresa’s cunt. It slipped free smoothly, with a wet pop.

Fighting off her exhaustion, Martha sprawled beside Teresa’s prone body. She admired the young girl’s beauty, her physical perfection. She despised Teresa, but she loved the girl’s body with an unrestrained passion. She would not lose this whore as her sex slave.

Carefully, Martha flipped on the dildo. As the shaft vibrated in her hand, she slipped her left arm around Teresa’s neck and reached around and down to place her hand on the girl’s bulging left tit. At the same time, she carefully brought the vibrating dildo up to Teresa’s swollen clit. Martha squeezed and kneaded Teresa’s tit, then lowered her head to the girl’s other nipple. She sucked the thick nub of the nipple hard, then began to bit and chew at Teresa’s entire areola. Teresa gasped, and started to thrash as her consciousness began to return.

Martha teased Teresa’s clit with the dildo, moving it slowly and gently against the hard, incredibly sensitive sexnub. Teresa’s overstimulated body began to gush almost immediately. With an orgasmic scream, Teresa came back to consciousness with a jolt.

Martha shoved the shaft up into Teresa’s thick, tight cunt, and began moving it back and forth, up and down, and against Teresa’s clit.

Teresa shuddered and gasped, her eyes wide, her body trembling with sexual tension. The fever burning in her core burned uncontrollably. Martha sucked lustily at Teresa’s left tit, even as she squeezed and worked the girl’s right tit with her other hand. At the same time, Martha drove the dildo into Teresa’s twat. In a matter of minutes, the trembling brunette found her sexual dams overflowing.

Teresa screamed and screamed as orgasms chained through her aching body.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUCCCCKKKKK!!!,” Teresa howled, her body writhing and bucking. Martha struggled to hold the girl down, even as she sucked even more strongly at Teresa’s bulging tit, as she sank her fingers into Teresa’s other tit and squeezed mercilessly.

Teresa sobbed and screamed, she arched her back and undulated powerfully, caught between the desire to escape the incredible forces electrifying her body and the desire to simply lie back and enjoy what Martha was doing to her. The dildo vibrated inside of her, churning up her insides, massaging and caressing and stimulating her inner vaginal walls, rumbling powerfully and with unbearable intensity against her overstimulated clit. Tears streamed down Teresa’s face as she struggled to hold on. But she could not stop herself; orgasm after orgasm rippled out of her core. Her insides felt like they were building up to unbearable tension and then releasing hard, time after time. After each release, the tension built higher, stronger, until she felt she would have to die from the pleasure.

“God, oh GOD, OHGODOHGODOHGOD!!,” Teresa howled. She could not stand anymore. With a final, unbearably powerful ejaculation of a gusher of cum, she exploded in a devastating orgasm. It went on and on, growing ever more intense. With a shuddering sigh, Teresa’s eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out, her mind and senses finally overwhelmed by the raw ecstasy burning through her core.

Martha smiled as she saw and felt Teresa go limp. She drew out the dildo and threw it aside. She mounted Teresa’s unconscious body. She spread her pussy lips, teasing out her engorged clit. She lowered her sopping cunt onto Teresa soaked and dripping twat and, slowly at first, then more quickly, began riding the girl’s limp body, driving her clit deep into Teresa’s soft, yielding labia. She rolled her hips and scooped with her pelvis, grinding deep and hard into Teresa’s spreading twat. Martha finally screamed in absolute pleasure as her body released a long, hard shot of cum into Teresa’s swollen sex. Martha writhed and wriggled, rubbing her pussy around and around into Teresa’s twat, claiming her final victory. Then, with a sigh of exhaustion, she rolled onto the mat and stretched out beside Teresa’s prone body. She threw herself onto Teresa, enjoying the feel of their tits crushing, their hot, wet bellies gluing together, their slick genitals caressing. She twined her legs with Teresa’s legs. She pressed her cheek against Teresa’s beautiful face. With a moan of triumph, Martha passed out, finally satisfied, finally victorious.


Some time later, Martha awoke. She was still lying on top of Teresa. The brunette remained unconscious.

Martha disentangled herself from Teresa and went to the bathroom. When she opened the bathroom door and stepped back into the gym, however, she was shocked to see that Teresa was gone.

Naked and slick with sexual juices, oil and sweat, Martha climbed the stairs to the main floor and made her way into her bedroom. The bedside lamp was on. As she expected, Teresa was there, waiting for her. The girl had her back to the headboard. Her legs were spread wide, her pussy glistening with juice in the subdued light. Her beautiful golden tits hung high and proud on her chest.

Teresa glared at Martha, the hate in her eyes so intense that the teacher could not help but thrill in triumph.

“One day, I’ll make you pay for all of this, Martha,” the girl whispered at her blonde enemy. “I swear to God, toys or no toys, I’m going to fuck you to death.”

Martha just smiled. She climbed onto the bed, and crawled on her hands and knees towards Teresa. She stopped when she was nose to nose with the girl, when they were sharing hot breath. Teresa and Martha stared deeply into the other’s eyes.

“Say it, you little bitch,” Martha said coldly.

Teresa said nothing, but her eyes flared with rage and her mouth became a hard, thin line. But, finally, she said what she needed to say.

“You’re my mistress, Martha,” the girl choked out, her face contorted with anger.

“Say it again, Teresa,” Martha cooed.

“You’re my mistress, I’m your slave,” the girl said quickly.

Martha smiled and sat back. She spread her legs and lined up her twat with Teresa’s matching sexmeat. She slipped her wet, oily cunt up against Teresa’s cunt. The women gasped and then moaned in concert as their pussies melted together. They thrust with their hips and asses, spreading, opening each other’s twat. Moments later, the women shuddered powerfully as their engorged clits came together. Martha slipped her hands around Teresa’s back and grasped the other woman’s round, hard ass. She felt Teresa return the grip, as they pulled each other in tighter.

“Never forget that,” Martha purred, her voice a low growl, her body trembling with lust. “I’m always going to be the teacher, you’re always going to be my student. You’re never going to graduate from this school, you little whore.”

Teresa only had time to snarl. Martha locked her into a hard kiss, their tongues twisting into a knot, their heavy tits compressing. The women twined their legs around each other’s hips as their kiss grew more passionate. Martha and Teresa descended together into a haze of red-hot lust, their bodies ready for much, much more.

The End

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