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Heather and Ashley have been rivals since the first day Heather came to work for the company. Both are very jealous of each other and have every reason to be. Ashley is a very sexy brunette 5’ 6” 123 pounds 36c-24-35. She is a mere twenty-year-old blue eyed beauty. Heather matches her in every department. 5’ 6” 125 pounds 36c-24-35. A twenty one-year-old beautiful blue eyed blonde that competes for every bit of the male attention in the office.

What creates the most hostility between them is they both share the receptionist duties within the large office. This means they sit side by side all day long answering the phones, typing, and doing miscellaneous projects. Every day the two women continually try to out do each other, especially they way they dress. Always wearing the tightest most revealing dresses, skirts, and blouses. The requirement to wear nylons and heels are part of the office dress code and the two young women wear quite a variety of pantyhose.

The area behind the entrance counter forces the two beauties to work together in a small area. This means they’re always bumping into each other and their nylon-covered legs become tangled quite often as they wheel their chairs back and forth between the telephones and their computer screens. One day the air conditioning in the office was broken. So the heat of the day, and the pressures of work, had the two young ladies becoming quite catty with one another. Heather turned to reach for stapler at the same time Ashley went to sharpen her pencil. Their chairs were angled just enough to allow their nylon covered legs to tangle together.

“Why don’t you watch what you’re doing?” Blurted out Ashley as she kicked her legs back and forth, only causing them to become more entangled with Heather’s.

“You’re the one not watching what your doing bitch!” Heather yelled, kicking her legs back against Ashley’s.

“Get your scrawny little legs away from me.” Ashley shouted.

“What are you afraid you can’t keep up with the competition?” asked Heather

“Please my legs would crush those weak little sticks of yours.” Replied Ashley as their legs continued to tangle roughly together.

“Lets see what you’ve got bitch!” Shouted out Heather as she hooked one of her burgundy nylon covered legs behind Ashley’s, locking them calve against calve. Ashley hooked her other dark green nylon covered leg up with Heather’s, and the two chairs swiveled bringing them face to face. The two sat with their legs locked at their ankles, pulling hard as the back of their calves pressed together. Knee to knee the leg fight continued.

A co-worker came around the corner and startled the young women. Quickly they separated. The co-worker dropped off some papers to be filed and then disappeared. Ashley and Heather locked eyes, glaring evilly. Heather brought her right leg out towards Ashley in challenge. Ashley stretched her left leg out and wrapped it up with Heather’s. They pulled and their chairs wheeled across the floor and their other leg found each other. Once again face to face resuming their battle. Another interruption had the two women becoming very frustrated. Throughout the rest of the afternoon they secretly leg battled under the counter as co-workers walked by. The occasional hissing sound of nylon rubbing nylon would stop a co- worker with curiosity.

The end of the day approached and it was Ashley’s and Heather’s responsibility to lock up the office after everyone left. When the last two workers walked out, Heather locked the door behind them and then turned to Ashley.

“O.K. no more interruptions, so lets settle this right now.” Said Heather.

“Fine with me.” Stated Ashley as she wheeled her chair out from behind the counter.

Heather retrieved her chair and sat in it across from Ashley. Once again the two ladies snaked their legs out and entwined them tightly. Each one trying to pull the other’s legs out by curling her own back. Jerking and twisting the fight went on and on. The two had even locked hands by interlacing their fingers together while still sitting in their chairs. Their eyes never left the hateful glaring stare of the other. It was Ashley that finally gained the advantage after several minutes of battle. Slowly she pulled Heather’s legs out and won the leg fight. Frustrated, Heather jumped out of her chair and stormed out the door.

That night Heather tried not to let loosing the leg fight with Ashley get to her. The next day she made an extra effort in dressing for work. She wore a short black dress that was so tight it revealed every inch of her curving body. Especially her hard firm breasts. Black nylons and heels finished of her attire.

When she arrived at work she was stunned to find Ashley wearing a similar dress. The two had to sit there side by side and listen to everyone’s comments on how the two had dressed the same. Ashley couldn’t help but notice Heather making as extra effort to show off her tits to every man that came around.

“I think your trying to show off something you really don’t have.” Commented Ashley.

“If you’re talking about my tits then you better take a better look because I have a lot more than you can handle.” Shot out Heather.

“I’d like to see you try and prove that.” Said Ashley

“Just you wait and see.” Stated Heather.

The two went on throughout the day making comments about each other’s tits and when closing time came around it was Ashley that locked the door.

“Well here I am so lets see if your words are as big as your tits.” Said Ashley as she stood by the door waiting for Heather.

Heather walked up and stood face to face with Ashley. Their heaving tits just inches apart. “I guess its time for some tit compression.” Said Heather as she locked eyes with Ashley.

“O.k. go ahead, press your tits against mine and let me feel what you’ve got.” Ashley said, standing with her chest thrusting out, hands on her hips. “But I have to warn you I’ll press back and flatten your tits.”

“That’s what you think bitch.” Shouted out Heather and she charged forward bashing her tits against Ashley’s.

“You fucking cunt!!” Yelled Ashley and she bashed her tits back against Heather’s.

The two stood apart for a brief moment then came together again. This time pressing their breasts firmly together. Rolling and squishing them together as each felt the size and firmness of the other.

“I want to feel the real thing. Not this padded dress of yours.” Said Ashley.

Heather sneered and stepped back to remove her dress and black lace bra. Ashley did the same and the two women briefly took in each other’s round full breasts with rock hard protruding nipples. Stepping together they stopped to let the tips of their nipples touch. A gasp of air was taken in by both as each felt an electric surge of energy. It felt like their nipples had just been arc welded together. The two started flicking and stabbing their nubs together in an attempt to test nipple strength and hardness. After a minute or so the two became frustrated because neither set of nipples yielded to the other. Each stab bent their nipples back equally. So then they lined up tip to tip and glared into each other’s eyes.

“I want to feel some compression bitch!” Shouted Heather.

“You got it cunt!!” Yelled out Ashley.

They pressed together and their tits mushroomed fully and equally together. Tits squishing and rolling harder and harder together. Then arms wrapped around each other and the two squeezed each other tight. Their breasts painfully pressing against one another as they grunted and gasped for air yet neither woman was about to give in to the other. This crushing bear hug lasted several minutes with no end in sight. More and more frustrated the two became. Pulling apart the two started slamming together again and again. Breast flesh smacking together over and over. Still no end in sight.

“I say we end this with a head on collision.” Heather grunted under the tight squeeze of Ashley.

“Alright lets do it.” Gasped Ashley.

They separated and back away from each other. At about ten feet apart they paused. Locking hatefully eyes and their chests thrusting out at one another, reddened from their crushing battle.

“Charge!!!!” Yelled out Heather and the two women ran towards each other. With chests thrusting out the two women practically leaped at one another just before their tits collided. A deep thud was heard under the painful smacking noise of tit flesh. Their forward momentum stopped both of them equally in their tracks. Both felt as if their tits had just exploded as they fell to the ground. The two lay in pain for a brief moment and somehow made it back to their feet for yet another tit ramming charge. Once again they stood apart only to slam back together. They fell and this time remained on the floor for sometime. It was Heather that made it back to her feet first.

“Get up bitch!” Yelled out Heather.

“I’ve had enough.” Ashley sobbed in pain, still laid out on the floor.

“I guess you’re not the tough bitch you thought you were.” Said Heather as she pulled her dress back on and headed out the door leaving Ashley laid out on the floor.

The next day both women’s tits were swollen and very sore as they sat side by side. Heather was rubbing her victory in Ashley’s face by thrusting her breast out and giving her these seductive looks. Her tongue came out licking her lips.

“You better put that tongue back in your mouth before I rip it out of your mouth.” Threatened Ashley

“What, does a little tongue action bother you?” Asked Heather

“Ya when its coming from someone that doesn’t know how to use it.” Ashley Commented.

“Listen bitch, when I’m locked in a kiss this tongue probes deeper then you could ever imagine.”

“That’s if you like sucking on a dry piece of leather.”

“For your information my tongue is wet and soft, but I kiss hard and deep and could out last you no problem.”

“Bitch you don’t know what a long wet kiss is.”

“Oh and I suppose you do.”

“Ya a wet kiss like mine, sloppy.”

“Maybe you’d like to fine out what a real sloppy kiss feels like.”

“Are you challenging me?”

“Ya, lets see what you’ve got.”

“Fine, 5 o’clock when everybody leaves we’ll find out who can kiss the longest and hardest.”

During the rest of the day the two women attempted to provoke each other in anticipation or their up and coming kiss fight. Heather would turn to Ashley and stick out her tongue, twirling it around, wet with saliva. Ashley would do the same, making sure her tongue was dripping wet. When 5 o’clock came around Heather went to the door to the office and locked it. The two young women met in front of the receptionist counter and stood face to face, hands on their hips.

Heather pulls out a tube of crimson red lipstick and applies a generous coat across her lips. Ashley applies a fresh thick coat of matching lipstick across her lips. They closed and lightly pressed tit-to-tit. Heather raises her hands up to her side at shoulder height. They’re met with Ashley’s and the two interlocked fingers. Eyes locked in a hateful glare.

“Slop me up some spit bitch.” Ashley directed

“I’m going to drown you.” Threatened Heather.

Their jaws moving with their mouths closed at this time. Each is trying to work up as much saliva and spit as possible. Finally mouths open and two spit coated tongues flicked out and came together. Twirling together while mixing their spit. Nose to nose their eyes open and locked in an evil stare. Eye brows twisted inward with anger as their tongues tangle outside their mouths for sometime with spit dripping between their breasts.

They press harder nose to nose then angle their heads to finally seal their lipstick covered lips together Wide-open mouths press together harder and harder while tongues battle fiercely within. More and more saliva was produced as their tongues bath in a mixture of their spit until it was dripping from their chins. Like two muscles their tongues fought to overwhelm each other. On and on the kiss fight continued. Two girls kissing each other for all its worth. Mouths pressed together so hard their lips are pushed back over their gums as the two locked jaws. Sucking and chewing each others faces.

After an undetermined amount of time their kiss began to weaken. It was Heather that finally pulled her wet face away from Ashley. The two locked eyes for a brief moment, breathing heavily. Spit dripping from their chins.

“I guess you just couldn’t hold out could you?” Comment Ashley. Heather pulled away and quickly left the office for the night.

The next day the two women where once again sitting side by side behind the counter. Heather was frustrated and anger about loosing the tongue kissing duel with Ashley. She knew it was time for a real challenge. Sitting there she spread her legs out for Ashley to see her white nylon covered crotch. She gave a quick thrust to challenge. Ashley adjusted herself in her chair and spread her legs apart revealing her own white nylon covered crotch.

“What, you want to get into a cunt-to-cunt fight with me bitch?” asked Ashley, thrusting her crotch out.

“Yes my cunt is ready to destroy your cunt!” replied Heather.

At this point both women knew that at the end of the day they would engage in yet another fight and at 5 o’clock the doors to the office were once again locked. The two women moved to the carpeted floor in front of the receptionist counter and stood facing one another. Both stripped out of their dresses and stood in bras and white nylon pantyhose. Heather sat down on the floor with her legs out in front of her. Ashley sat down opposite her and their nylon covered legs tangled and rubbed together. Moving forward their thighs opened up and nylon-covered cunt pressed against nylon-covered cunt. Slowly they rubbed together with eyes locked.

“Lets take off these nylons. I want to feel our naked cunts fight each other.” Stated Ashley and the two separated to remove their pantyhose. Using their arms to lean back on the floor the two spread they legs apart and moved together. Both women took in the sight of the others already swollen wet pussies.

“Bring that weak pussy of yours over here. I going to slim it up with my juices.” Said Heather

“My cunt is going to drown your cunt bitch.” Replied Ashley.

They came together like two interlocking V’s and two wet cunts pressed together. They started massaging the fleshy lips of their twats into one another. Light and dark pubic hairs entwined. Harder and hard they pushed against each other until their asses came up off the floor. Their cunts opened up wide and sucked together. Clits lengthened and found each other and started a fight of their own. Sliding back and forth wrapping together. Pushing harder and harder each woman tried to force the other back and use her cunt to devour the other woman’s cunt.

“Can you feel my cunt eating yours bitch?” Ashley gasped

“I can feel my cunt swallowing your cunt.” Grunted Heather.

The two cunt pressed together so hard and opened up so wide that each woman could feel the wet inner labia of the other. Clits bathed themselves in a pool of their mixed juices as they entwined tightly together. On and on the cunt fight lasted for over twenty minutes. It was Ashley that lost her hold and her hands slipped out from under her. Heather was able to quickly mount her opponent and grind her into orgasm. After several more minutes Ashley “Enough, Enough” shouted the words out.

Heather continued to grind away until she exploded in her own orgasm. She shot out hot cum and filled Ashley’s beaten cunt. She massaged her juices into Ashley for several minutes to capitalize her win. She then pulled herself off and stood above her.

“Listen, you won the leg and tongue kissing fight and I won the tit and cunt fight. I say we have one finally fight to settle this once and for all.” Said Heather.

“What did you have in mind?” Asked Ashley as she lay gasping on the floor.

“A full out sexfight. Tit-to-Tit, Cunt-to-Cunt, Legs against Legs, and a Tongue Kissing Fight until one of us gives. The loser has to quit her job and go somewhere else.” Explained Heather.

“Fine! When and where?” Asked Ashley, already regaining her energy with the thought of the challenge.

“Tomorrow night right after work as usual. I’ll see you there”

Next day at work when Heather walked into the office wearing her black dress, she was surprised to see that Ashley had also chose to wear her black dress. A few minutes after Heather had taken her seat, Ashley hiked up her skirt to reveal the lace top of her black nylon stocking, making sure Heather took notice. It was now Heather’s turn to surprise Ashley. Hiking up her skirt she revealed the lace tops of her black nylon stockings.

Throughout the day the tension was high. The two women were in constant competition with each other as each one played a game of comparison. Chests thrusting out, wet tongues licking lips, long leg being revealed. Towards the end of the day the two started making more and more body contact. Sliding their chairs together to give each other hip checks, a chest bump from the side, legs battling tightly under the counter, a nylon stocking foot trying to slip its way into the black high heel shoe of its rival.

5 o’clock came around and the last of the worker in the office made their way out the door. The two made their way to meet in front of the counter once again. They faced one another just a few feet apart. Standing with hands on their hips, eyes locked and chests heaving through the tight short black dresses they were wearing. Moving together they lightly bumped breasts and stood tit-to-tit. Heather raised her hands and latched onto Ashley’s hair holding her face firmly to her own. Ashley reciprocated locking her hands to Heather’s hair. They held each other face to face glaring into each others hate filled eyes.

“Give me some tongue bitch.” Ashley said, snaking her tongue out long and hard. Heather stuck her tongue out and twirled it wetly around Ashley’s. Their bodies pressed harder and harder together. Each one using all her strength to push the other back. Heather ended the kiss and released Ashley’s hair only to latch onto the front of her low cut dress and then started jerking and pulling until she succeeded in ripping the front of her dress open. Ashley retaliated ripping the front of Heather’s dress.

The two caught a glimpse of each other’s black lace bras and immediately bashed together tit-to-tit and started rubbing and grinding together. They started tugging and pulling away at each others dresses and finally managed to pull them down over their hips. Stepping out of their dresses and kicking them off to the side they stood in bras, panties, garter belts, stockings, and heels. The two locked hands in a test of strength. Heather pulled Ashley forward and their bodies smacked together. Pushing apart they smack together again and again, body against body.

They erupted in a wild fury of arms and hands ripping and clawing away at each other’s hair, bras, and panties until they were left standing in nothing but garter belts, stockings, and heels. Red scratch marks and welts traveled across their bodies from the intense clawing and ripping. The two stood back and examined each others bodies. Chests expanding fully with each breath. Small patches of light and dark pubic hair glistening with their juices.

“Lets finish this woman to woman!” shouted out Ashley.

“Then press that weak body of your against me so I can crush it with mine.” Yelled out Heather.

They stepped together nipple-to-nipple, letting them fight each other briefly before pressing together and swallowing them up between two globes of flesh. Pressing harder their sweaty naked stomachs came together and nylon covered thighs rubbed against each other. Arms flew around each other in a tight embrace while their eyes filled themselves with the reflection of hate each had for one another.

Wrapping their nylon stocking covered legs together they squeezed each other tighter and tighter. Tongues flicked out and twisted together while their eyes remained locked in an evil glare. Thighs spread apart and pubic bones came together, entwining the hairs of their cunts as they ground together. Their embrace was so tight the two became unstable and started stumbling around the room. Tongues’ twisting and fighting each other at such a wild pace that mixed spit and saliva was flying off in all directions.

They fell to the floor and started rolling back and forth trying to gain the top position. Mouths sealed together with each girl trying to drown the other with their spit. Arms and legs entwined so tightly that every muscle in their bodies rippled and swelled. Both were so determined to use very inch of their bodies to overwhelm the other as they twisted and turned together. Heather managed to stop the rolling and gained the top position.

She spread out her legs to keep Ashley on the bottom. Cunt lips came into direct contact and sucked wildly at one another. The crushing force of Heather’s cunt was met with an equal amount of pressure from Ashley’s cunt. Ashley actually had her ass raised up off the floor inviting every bit of fuck force Heather could give. Breasts and stomachs still sealed together, nylon covered legs entwined while two hot mouths and cunts fought to suck the life from one another. The sexfight went on and on.

Finally the two women went into convulsions. A mutual orgasm had them shaking and jerking in each others tight embrace. They were pumping hot girl cum back and forth between their tightly sealed cunts.
Ashley used this opportunity to push Heather off to the side and was able to gain the top position. The two remained glued together while orgasm after orgasm shook their bodies. Heather’s tight clinch finally gave out. She could take no more.

Ashley continued to smear their soaking wet cunts together while practically gagging Heather with her tongue. Now knowing that Heather would not return to work.

Within a week Heather’s replacement was introduced to Ashley. When their nylon-covered legs became tangled together under the counter, she knew she was in for another fight.

The End

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