Heidi vs. Tonya by The Scribbler

“Ohhhhhh…baby! Yes…mmmmmm YES!!! That’s perfect!  You’re…so…good!”  Tiffany stared unseeing at the ceiling, her fingers clamped tight, nails ripping at the soft white pillow.

It had been two months since her last Society fight against the Japanese girl, Yumi. Her body was recovered, her soul enriched. Things were perfect for her right now. She was the champion of the Society – the champ! – living in a wonderful penthouse condo in downtown Manhattan. To top it all off, she had this wonderfully sexy, smart, passionate woman in her life and – right now – between her legs, pleasing her with an expert and insistent tongue. Life was good!

Her hips arched up off the rumpled sheets, her heart beat harder and faster, increasingly overcome with lust.  She moaned, then screamed out loud as a sudden intense orgasm ripped through her shuddering body – as it had so many times over the recent months.

Her lover kissed her thighs, teasing her again with her tongue on Tiffany’s dripping pussy, licking slowly up her belly, kissing her breasts, lightly sucking on her dark, stiff nipples. Then her moist lips locked lips with Tiffany’s own in a long, passionate kiss.

“Mmmm…Heidi!  You…are…amazing!” she finally managed to gasp.

She looked up into Heidi’s sparkling blue eyes.  Heidi hovered over her, their lips an inch apart.  Then Heidi’s changed from loving to serious.  Tiffany frowned.

In answer to the unspoken question, Heidi whispered, “I want too fight for you.”

Tiffany raised an eyebrow, her legs still wrapped around Heidi, her lover’s firm breasts pressing down into her own.  “Fight for me, Baby? Really?”

“You know I can fight,” said Heidi.  “I know I’m good enough for the Society.” She stared down at Tiffany intently.  “I want this…I need this. I want to know what it feels like to stand in that room as a winner…just like you did.  I want to show everyone watching, that I’m the better woman!  The real woman!”

Tiffany sighed.  “Heidi, this is dangerous. If you lose in the Society, it’s bad…really bad.  I’ve been there.  I mean…you can be owned.  Do you know what that means?  Do you know how that feels?”

Heidi looked at her.  “Tiffany, I understand the risk.  I accept it.  It goes with the territory when you fight at that level…I get it.  But I’m want to show you that I can do it.”  She smiled seductively.  “Think how sexy it will be, to see me standing over her.”  She licked her lips.  “Please…help me set this up.”

Tiffany looked up into her eyes and saw the steely determination there.  Heidi would do this, with or without her.  Finally she said, “Okay…but only if you agree to let me train you.”

The words were hardly out of Tiffany’s mouth before Heidi let out a cry of excitement, grabbed hold of Tiffany’s wrists and pinned them up over her head.. Like a cat she sprang up quickly, making Tiffany wonder if she was trying to show her just how skilled she already was.  Or was she just so turned on that she couldn’t help herself?

Heidi’s knees now rested on Tiffany’s shoulders.. By instinct, Tiffany’s struggled a little, trying to buck Heidi off her. “This is what I what I want to feel!” Heidi declared.  She moved her wet pussy closer, resting it on Tiffany’s chin.  Tiffany could smell her lust. Understanding now, Tiffany smirked.  “Mmmmm…ok.  We can play this.” 

She bucked again, then let her body relax.  “I give, Heidi…I give!  Please…get off me!” she cried out into Heidi’s crotch, looking up at her lover, seeing Heidi’s face fraught with passion.

Heidi grabbed hold of Tiffany’s head by the front of her hair, pulling gently, just putting some tension on it without hurting.  “Tell me I’m the best!  Tell me I’m better, then lick me!” she demanded.

Tiffany began to utter the words.  “Baby, you’re the best.  Please…you’re so much…”

Heidi was still looking down at her, breathing heavily, trembling so hard that her breasts quivered, their peaks rock hard.  Tiffany could see the desire on her face, not just sexual desire but the desire to feel this in the Society’s arena – the burning desire to win.  She inched up further over Tiffany’s face and Tiffany extended her tongue, hearing Heidi gasp, then moan as she pushed it slowly between Heidi’s nether lips.

Heidi lifted herself erect, holding Tiffany in place with one hand still in her hair as she ground her hips.  Her free hand roved over her own body, rubbing her breasts, then gliding though her hair.  Tiffany could feel the power in her as she thrust harder, riding Tiffanys face.  “Oh…yeah…that’s…how I like it!” 

Tiffany smiled into Heidi’s dripping sex as she heard her next tremulous words.  “Whoever you are, you’re mine!   I’ll beat you in front of everyone!  You WILL give me this satisfaction…this pleasure!”  The last was barked loudly, immediately before Heidi’s body bucked violently with the onset of orgasm and she came hard onto Tiffany’s face.  As the tremor – the first of many – subsided, Heidi panted, “Mmm…Baby I can’t wait!”


Heidi stood at Tiffany’s elbow, her eyes roving the crowd around her.  This was not the first time she had been here – she had attended a previous party where she had watched Tiffany endure a long, exhausting fight and finally prevail over the champion from the Society’s sister club in Tokyo.  Watching that fight had ignited the ambition in Heidi, the conviction that she too could fight at this level.  She was no stranger to the arena – she had competed in some savage contests over the past four years – and she knew in her heart that she was capable of winning her.  At the same time, watching what Tiffany had gone though, had left her with no illusion that winning would be easy.  It would require every ounce of strength, cunning, ferocity and determination that she possessed.

She looked around her, wondering who the Society had selected as her opponent tonight.  Would she fight an existing member, who had already proven herself in this room?  Or would she fight another contender, each of them vying for a single place among the elite?  As Tiffany had told her and as Michael, the spokesman for the Society’s committee, had confirmed when she met with him a few days ago, admission could be gained either way.  The only thing that mattered was to win.

Her roving eyes caught sight of her own image in the full-length mirror that made up one wall of the expansive room, forty floors up above Times Square.  Like all the women here tonight, she was dressed and made up with exquisite care.  Her dark brown hair, streaked with blonde highlights, tumbled in carefully coiffured waves across her tanned, bare shoulders.  Her big blue eyes were lined out, her lashes delicately accentuated with mascara, her cheeks rouged, her lips cherry red.

She had chosen a simple, strapless black cocktail dress that reached to mid-thigh and clung to every curve of her body – sexy but not slutty, as she had commented to Tiffany as they had dressed earlier this evening.  The dress hugged her full breasts, pushing them up and together, gaining her both admiring and envious glances from the guests here at the cocktail party.  Four-inch stiletto heels raised her 5’7” height to a quite imposing level, and she stood two inches taller than Tiffany, who wore a matching outfit in white.  A gold and diamond necklace encircled her throat, with matching drop earrings.

The party had been under way for over an hour, and Heidi’s tension grew with each passing minute, as the clock ticked closer to the time when she would discover who her opponent would be in tonight’s fight – who stood between her and membership to the Society, and whom she must destroy to win that prize.

When the loud clink of a metal spoon on an expensive crystal glass brought the conversation in the room to a halt in a moment, Heidi physically jumped.  She felt the reassuring squeeze of Tiffany’s hand on her arm as she turned to where Michael stood at the edge of the room, backed by the panoramic view of downtown Manhattan afforded by the floor-to-ceiling windows that made up half the walls in the room.

“Ladies and gentlemen…it’s time for tonight’s main event,” he announced, scanning the room.  “Tonight we have two newcomers, who will compete for Society membership.  Only one, of course, will gain admission.”  Heidi’s jaw tightened.  That answered one of the questions in her mind, though it did nothing to set her at ease.  She had no doubt that her opponent would bring everything she had to the battle, just as Heidi herself would do.  This would be the fight of her life.

“Our first contender is from here in New York,” continued Michael.  “She comes highly recommended by none other than our Society champion.”  He smiled at Tiffany, who nodded in response.  Heidi could see from the stiffness of her smile that Tiffany was almost as tense as she was.  “Please welcome…” he extended his arm toward her, “Heidi!”

Heidi smiled with a warmth that she did not quite feel as she crossed the room to stand at Michael’s left.  She felt the eyes of the crowd upon her, and held herself erect, her chin up, her eyes glittering as she regarded the assembled crowd.  One of the women gazing back at her would shortly be locked with her, body to body in fierce combat.  Many of the others, however, were also fighters and she hoped that she would earn the right to face them one day in this arena.

“Against Heidi tonight, we have a fighter who’s recently appeared on our radar but has earned a fearsome reputation for herself in a very short time.  From California…” he turned and looked off to Heidi’s left, “Tonya!”

A rangy blonde stepped out of the crowd.  Her platinum hair was loose like Heidi’s and was slightly shorter, falling just to her broad shoulders.  She wore a sleeveless white mini-dress that barely reached the tops of her thighs and hugged her narrow waist and trim, rounded hips as she strode toward Michael and Heidi across the room.  Her shoes were zebra-striped platforms, maybe four inches tall like Heidi’s own, and she carried a matching clutch purse beneath her arm.  The top of her dress was looser and the low-cut vee neckline revealed tantalizing glimpses of flesh as she walked.  Her breasts were smaller than Heidi’s but still rounded, tanned and shapely.  Her eyes caught Heidi’s, her gaze equally hard as the silent challenge flashed between them.  Bring it, bitch!

Michael looked at each of them, then addressed the room.  “As we all know, there’s one place in the Society at stake tonight.  One of these ladies will earn the right to stand among the best fighters in the country.  The other…well, we all know what happens to losers here.” 

There was a ripple of laughter from the crowd, some of it nervous.  Many of the women here knew only too well, how it felt to lose here.  Heidi vowed that she would teach Tonya that cruel lesson tonight.  She looked past him at the blonde.  “He means you,” she murmured just loudly enough for her opponent to hear.

Tonya’s nose tipped upward slightly.  “Don’t be so sure, bitch.  Who you know,” she glanced toward where Tiffany stood watching them, “or should I say, who you fuck, doesn’t matter shit in this room.  It’s all about how you fight, and I’m going to hand you back to your girlfriend in pieces.”  There was no hint of uncertainty in her emerald green eyes, only grim determination and ice cold confidence.

Heidi opened her mouth to reply, but Michael interrupted.  “It is, indeed, about how you fight, and both of you can certainly fight or you wouldn’t be standing here now.  Let’s find out which of you is more worthy to stand in this room, shall we?”  A slender blonde, dressed in tight black pants and a matching tee, had appeared beside Tonya and Heidi glanced around to see a dark-haired young woman, identically dressed, at her own elbow.  “You have fifteen minutes to prepare, and be back here ready to fight.”


Heidi followed the black-clad brunette down the long, softly lit corridor toward the guest bedroom where she would change and ready herself for the fight.  She was intensely aware of Tiffany walking a few steps behind her, though her lover’s feet were silent on the thick carpet.

She knew she had earned the right to be here, proven herself in fight after fight.  She had trained, sweated and suffered for this moment, done everything she could possibly do to prepare for this battle.  Now, the time was fast approaching when she would know if it had been enough.  The desire burned hot inside her – to prove to the Society, to Tiffany, and most of all to herself, that she was worthy to stand among the elite of the catfight community.

The attendant pushed open the door at the end of the hallway and stood aside to let Heidi pass.  “I’ll be back in fifteen minutes,” she said with a smile.  Then she closed the door behind her, leaving them alone.

“Don’t waste time,” said Tiffany, squeezing Heidi’s arm.  “Get ready, warm up and focus on what you’re going to do to the bitch when you get your hands on her.” 

Heidi gave only a cursory glance to the sparsely but expensively furnished room with its black lacquered king-sized bed, matching end tables and armoire.  A black leather couch sat along the far wall and an en-suite bathroom was visible through a half-open door.

She crossed to the bed and set her purse down on the black coverlet.  Her necklace and earrings came off and went into her purse.  Kicking off her shoes, she hooked them with her toes and set them beside one another, beneath the bed, before reaching up behind her back to draw down the long zipper that secured the back of her dress.  She peeled it down to her waist, baring her breasts, feeling the cool air against her flesh.  Her nipples, already half erect at the prospect of the fight to come, stiffened further as she felt Tiffany’s eyes upon her.  She wriggled the dress down over her hips and stepped out of it.  The body-hugging fabric was too tight for underwear and she was naked underneath.

There was a squeeze bottle of body oil on the nearest end table.  The oil was important not only because it would make her bronzed skin shine in the light, accentuating the smooth curves of her muscles to the crowd and her opponent – a little intimidation never hurt – but also because it would make her slippery, rendering it more difficult for her opponent to gain and keep a hold on her. 

“Let me,” offered Tiffany.  Heidi smiled and did not argue.  Tiffany picked up the bottle.  Squeezing a generous amount of the oil into her cupped hand, she rubbed both hands together before placing them on Heidi’s shoulders, smearing it liberally over her skin, down her arms and then back again, before beginning to work on her chest.  Heidi closed her eyes, leaned her head back and resisted the urge to press herself against Tiffany in a passionate kiss.  She had more important things – for now – to focus on and besides, the oil would ruin Tiffany’s dress.

At last the oil covered her body from her neck to her ankles.  She turned and  checked herself in the wall mirror to ensure she was completely and evenly covered, as Tiffany stepped into the bathroom to wash the remaining oil from her hands.

Heidi dove into her purse and drew out the neatly folded bikini in which she would fight.  It was a daring red micro number that she had bought especially for this fight.  It would barely contain her curvaceous form but that didn’t matter.  She had seen how ferocious a Society fight could be and she knew that the bikini would not last long.  She shrugged mentally.  It would not be the first time she had been naked in a fight.  She had worked hard on her body and she was proud of it.  Let them look.

The bottoms were cut narrow at the front, cupping her mound.  The slender straps rose high over her hips and then came together in a narrow band at the back, leaving her tight butt cheeks bare.  She settled the straps in place and reached for the top.  It too was tailored extremely minimally, and revealed much of the bountiful curves of her bosom.  She tied the lower strap around her narrow waist before drawing it upward, snugging her breasts into it and tying the upper strap of the halter top beneath her hair at the back of her neck.

She examined herself critically in the mirror.  The muscles of her arms and shoulders were well-defined, toned without being too pronounced.  Her workout regimen emphasized strength and endurance, not bulk.  She was a fighter, not a body-builder.  She took a deep breath and her breasts swelled dangerously against the tight-fitting fabric of her bikini top.  Her nipples pressed at the cloth, visible though the thin material.  She smiled again to herself.  She was going to give them a show.

Below her bosom, her belly was firm and flat, firmed by long hours in the gym., her abs tapering smoothly down to disappear beneath her scanty coverage of her thong.  The red straps hugged the firm swell of her hips without cutting in – the bikini was superbly tailored to her body – and the muscles of her thighs rippled beneath her velvet skin as she turned from side to side to check the rear view, adjusting the rear band slightly where it bisected her buttocks.  She smiled.  The long hours of sweat and exercise had paid off.  She was ready.  She turned away from the mirror and began her stretching routine, warming up her muscles.

When the expected knock came at the door, she was just tying the belt of the short black silk robe that covered her to mid-thigh.  The robe was plain and did not carry the gold embroidered seal of the Society on the back.  She did not – yet – have the right to wear that seal.  She vowed that when she returned to this room later tonight, she would have earned that right.

“Ready?” asked the attendant.  Heidi nodded.

Tiffany cupped Heidi’s chin, avoiding the oil that covered her lower down, to kiss Heidi deeply.  Heidi returned the kiss in kind..  “Break her, babes!”  Heidi smiled and returned the kiss in kind.  That was precisely what she intended.

“Good luck,” added the attendant and motioned for Heidi to precede her back down the hall, following close behind with Tiffany in their wake.

When they emerged into the cavernous living room, Heidi noticed that the lights had been turned up, particularly in the center of the room.  The temperature also seemed warmer – she had noticed the same thing on her previous visit, and guessed that the temperature was raised to accommodate the nearly naked fighters.

The crowd had cleared away from the center of the room, where a large black square rug, perhaps twenty feet on a side, marked the area where the fight would take place.  Heidi remembered though, that it was not a hard-and-fast rule.  She could pursue her opponent anywhere in this room, as had been the case with the earlier fight she had witnessed.  The party guests made a path for her as she strode to the edge of the rug with a quick confident stride.  She was done waiting.  It was time to show them all what she could do. 

At the edge of the arena, she paused and looked across the open expanse to where Tonya too was emerging from the crowd, gazing at her levelly with an expression of equal confidence.  Heidi’s smile broadened.   Slowly, deliberately, she reached to her waist and drew apart the ends of the knotted sash that held her robe in place.  She drew it open, then let it slip down her arms to fall at her feet, revealing her gleaming, bikini clad body to the audience. Behold, bitch.  She was ready – more than ready – to crush the blonde.

There were appraising looks and appreciative murmurs from the onlookers as she turned a slow circle, letting them all get a good look at her – her sensuous curves, toned muscles, the taut aggression that pervaded her body as she thirsted to get to grips with her opponent.  More than a few sets of lips were licked as they looked at her.   She completed the circle and her eyes came to rest on Tonya once more.  She couldn’t wait to destroy this skinny bitch.

Tonya met her gaze unflinchingly.  The blonde would be a whiz at poker.  With equal languor, she raised her hands and loosened the knot that held her own robe closed.  Rather than letting it fall as Heidi had done however, she whipped it open quickly, almost tearing it from her body with a dramatic flourish, so that it fluttered to the floor behind her.

She stood revealed in a black micro-bikini, so brief it was barely there.  There were more admiring murmurs from the men in the crowd, along with many of the women too.  The oiled skin of her bare arms emphasized the lithe muscles and broad shoulders of her swimmer’s body.  Her breasts were plump, round little apples, straining at the confines of her tight top, their peaks pressing eagerly at the semi-sheer, clinging fabric.  The lower margin of her ribs was faintly visible, above the sculpted plane of her undulating abs, hard and chiseled, which dipped and narrowed into the vee of her crotch, her mound barely covered by the tiny bottoms of her bikini.

As she mimicked Heidi’s circle, she revealed the tight, rounded orbs of her buttocks, exposed by the thong back of her bikini.  The spaghetti-thin straps rose high over her hips, coming together in the small of her back before dipping into the cleft of her buttocks.  Completing the circle, she raised her arms above her head and flexed them, making her muscles bunch beneath her smooth tanned skin.

Heidi stepped forward onto the rug, feeling the give of the padding beneath her bare feet.  It wouldn’t be enough to break the falls she had in mind for this bitch.  Get ready to scream.  She took a deep breath, swelling her chest mightily, and thrust her shoulders back.  The eyes of the onlookers turned back to her once more.  She too flexed her arms, down at her sides, her fists clenched as she advanced toward the woman who stood between her and glory.

Tonya also stepped forward and the two women met in the center of the arena, stopping a pace apart, glaring at one another.  Heidi saw that the blonde was maybe an inch shorter than her and, despite her lissome appearance, probably around the same weight.  This would be an epic contest of strength and will.

Her lip curled as she let her eyes rove up and down the down the blonde’s body.  “I’m going to destroy you, blondie,” she promised.

Tonya’s eyes narrowed, and the muscles of her jaw clenched.  “We’ll see who destroys who, bitch!” she spat.  “I’m going to make you beg in front of all these people.  You’re mine!” She licked her lips, her eyes wandering over Heidi’s body.

“Ladies!” Michael cut into the simmering confrontation.  “The time for talk is past.  Now you get to prove yourselves…best of luck to both of you.” 

He raised his hand.  Heidi tensed.  Then he let it fall.  “Fight!”

She launched herself at the blonde with a fierce cry.

Heidi threw her arms up and grabbed for Tonya’s blonde locks as her opponent flew at her, but Tonya suddenly dropped to one knee and Heidi’s cry of surprise turned to a grunt of pain as she ran right onto Tonya’s outstretched fists which caught her in the belly between her ribs and her navel.  She managed to tense her muscles and twist aside just in time to avoid the blow spearing deep into her solar plexus but still a wave of pain coursed through her and she stumbled away, hunched over and holding her belly.

Tonya gave her no time to recover.  Leaping back to her feet, she came after Heidi in a rush, grabbing hold of the brunette’s hair.  “My turn, bitch!” She yanked Heidi around in a half circle and Heidi groaned in pain but braced herself by throwing her right leg out wide and, as Tonya jerked her head up, she took advantage of Tonya’s unprotected body and surged upright sending her fist hard into the underside of the blonde’s left breast.  Tonya let out a sharp grunt and retreated a step, letting go of Heidi’s hair but Heidi pushed the advantage, planting her right foot behind Tonya’s right ankle and slamming her shoulder into her opponent’s chest.  With a curse, Tonya went over backwards.

She landed on her back, slapping her arms down and curling her spine a little to absorb the impact.  Heidi raised her foot and brought it down in a vicious stomp aimed at the blonde’s midsection but Tonya rolled away too quickly and she drove her foot down into the thick rug with an audible thump instead.

Tonya rolled up onto all fours and went to push herself to her feet but she was not quick enough this time to avoid Heidi’s foot as it lashed out and caught her under the left side of her ribs.  She gave an explosive “UGGGHHH!!!” as the kick lifted her and hurled her over onto her back.  She rolled over again, her blonde mane flying across her face, and managed to come to her knees, arms up ready to defend herself.  She tossed her head to fling her hair back off her face, exposing an expression of pain and hatred.  She was breathing hard as she came to her feet.  Her body bore a red blotch where Heidi’s foot had struck, and her violent motion had disarranged her bikini top to the point where the dark edge of one aureola was peeping around the tight black cloth.  “Bitch, you’ll pay for that!”

Heidi sneered as she too took a moment to recover her breath after the fury of their initial encounter.  Both of them had landed blows, each had hurt the other, but she felt a deep satisfaction that she had gotten the best of this first clash.  “Looking a little the worse for wear there, bitch!  But then again, you started that way!”

Tonya growled and hurled herself at Heidi, which was precisely what Heidi expected – and wanted – her to do.  As the blonde’s hooked talons hurtled for her chest, she ducked low, spun on her heel and thrust her hip out, ramming it into Tonya’s lower belly as the blonde collided with her, grabbing Tonya’s own hair and pulling her into a shoulder toss.  Tonya screamed in frustrated rage as the momentum of her charge worked against her and she went flying through the air in a tangled somersault, to land hard on her butt.  The impact made her bounce and she screamed in pain as she skidded almost a yard across the rug on her bare butt, coming to rest in a half-sitting position with her back arched, both hands behind her, holding her spine as she drummed her feet on the floor in a rictus of agony. “Oh…you…CUNT!!!”

Heidi laughed out loud as she strode confidently toward her adversary.  “Careful, you might make me angry.  Then I’ll do something like this!”  She thrust her hands into Tonya’s hair again and hauled the blonde halfway to her feet, shaking her brutally back and forth, putting more pain on her bruised back as Tonya shrieked in agony.

So intent was she on punishing her opponent that she didn’t notice Tonya get her feet under her and balance herself.  Suddenly the blonde whirled to face her, still screaming, but the tone of her cries suddenly changed as her fist came up from below her knees to pound Heidi low down on her belly, just above the line of her thong.  Heidi gasped and folded forward, relinquishing her grip on Tonya, and grabbing at her own belly, gagging.

Tonya let out an elated “Ha!” as she in turn seized Heidi’s hair with one hand.   Heidi screamed in pain and anger as Tonya wrenched her head savagely to the side, delivering a stinging slap to her left cheek that whipped her neck the other way and put even more pain into her scalp.  “Bitch!”

“Damn right I am!” snarled Tonya.  “But at least I’m MY bitch and not somebody else’s!”  She got her other hand into Heidi’s hair and yanked her forward, dragging her head down and shaking it viciously from side to side.

Heidi planted her feet firmly to balance herself, clenching her teeth tight against the pain.  The cocky blonde was hurting her, but pain went with the territory and two could certainly play at that game.  Tonya was so intent on attacking her that she was neglecting her own defense.

Taking advantage of Tonya’s position, leaning forward over Heidi with her arms up high, Heidi bent her knees and brought both fists upward from the hip in a rapid right-left combo, hammering at Tonya’s firm abs between her navel and the lower edge of her ribs.  Tonya groaned at the first blow, then grunted sharply at the second, but her chiseled abs held firm. 

Tonya twisted her torso left and right to avoid Heidi’s flying fists as the brunette repeated the move, trying to hit Tonya in the same spot each time but that wasn’t easy as her target weaved and dodged violently, dragging Heidi with her.  Some of her punches hit, some didn’t but each one that did brought a grunt or a gasp from the blonde, cries that matched Heidi’s own as Tonya’s nails pulled at her hair and clawed at her scalp.


“Ugh!  CUNT!!!”

It was a straight-out contest of strength, willpower and determination.  Neither woman was really defending, each of them simply doing everything she could to hurt her opponent, to see who could dish out – and who could endure – the most pain and punishment.

Tears welled up in Heidi’s eyes.  Her scalp felt as though it was on fire and her neck felt as though an ice pick was being driven into it, every time Tonya wrenched on her hair.  The blonde’s grunts and gasps were trying into groans and sharp cries of pain however, and Heidi could feel her enemy’s abs softening under the persistent pounding of her fists.

Still they clawed and beat at one another, stumbling back and forth across the broad arena, hissing curses.  Half bent over, Heidi’s breasts swung back and forth.  She felt them bouncing hard against the confines of her bikini top.  She didn’t care.  Modesty wasn’t the objective here.  The objective was punishing this bitch, and she was succeeding but Tonya was doing a damn good job of dishing out the punishment too.

At last, to her intense frustration, she could take no more of the constant burning pain.  Lowering her arms, bending her knees, she stepped into the blonde and surged upwards, slamming her forearms up under Tonya’s, trying to knock her enemy’s fingers loose from her hair.  Just as she did so however, Tonya too reached the limit of her own endurance and, with a cry of anger than echoed Heidi’s own, flung Heidi away from her.

Heidi stumbled back several steps before she caught her balance.  She straightened up and tossed her head to whip her hair out of her eyes.  She rolled her neck a little to ease the pain and stood with her feet apart, braced, glaring at her enemy.  Tonya was a few yards away in a similar stance, her face red but her belly a lot redder, breathing hard.  “You look a little out of breath, bitch,” sneered Heidi.  “Just wait…you’ll be puking your heart out before long…I promise!” She blew the blonde a mocking kiss.

“You look like you need a good hairdresser, skank!” Tonya shot back at her.  “By the time I’m done with you, you’re gonna need a wig…and that’ll be the least of your problems!”

They closed with one another again.  Tonya again showed the quickest aggression, going for Heidi’s hair but as Heidi ducked low and threw up a forearm to knock the blonde’s arms up and away, Tonya caught her arm with one hand.  She yanked Heidi forward and came in over the top with her other arm, wrapping it round Heidi’s neck and pulling her into a reverse headlock.  “Gotcha!”  Throwing herself backward, she fell to the rug on her back,  jerking Heidi down with her.  Heidi let out a sharp cry as she slammed down on all fours and a burst of pain exploded in her neck.  Then she cried out again as Tonya’s knee pounded the left side of her ribs beneath her breast.

Even though she was on top, she realized she was in a dangerous position.  Rather than covering up and attempting to break herself out of the headlock however, she went on the attack.  Noticing Tonya’s legs splayed wide as she readied herself for another strike with her knee, Heidi drove her hand up between Tonya’s thighs, grabbing a handful of the blonde’s crotch and squeezing hard.

Tonya screamed out loud.  “FUCK!!!”  She let go the headlock and drove the heel of her other hand hard into the side of Heidi’s head.  The blow made Heidi see stars and knocked her onto her side, but she rolled with the momentum and by the time she shoved herself to her feet, her vision was clearing.

She didn’t notice that Tonya had reached her feet first though.  Her first inkling of that was when she felt herself grabbed by the head and jerked forward again.  She grunted hard at the painful impacts as Tonya’s open hand hammered the left side of her ribs in the same spot as her knee had struck earlier, bouncing her breast violently against its twin, almost knocking it out of her tiny bikini top.  The blonde put her whole body into each vicious slap, swinging from the waist and the first two blows rocked Heidi, sending sharp pain shooting through her scalp and neck as Tonya’s other hand yanked and twisted on her long dark tresses.  She needed to do something or the bitch was really going to start hurting her.

She stepped in closer, grabbed Tonya’s left wrist in her right hand and fired her own left fist at the inside of the blonde’s left arm, aiming for the nerve point.  Tonya yelped and her arm went limp for just an instant, but that was long enough for Heidi to tear her enemy’s hand away from her hair.  As Tonya sent another blistering slap at her chest, she threw her left arm out and deflected the blow, twisting to her left, getting both hands onto Tonya’s right and whirling the other woman away from her.

With astonishing swiftness though, Tonya got her other arm across to grab Heidi’s wrist and reverse the move, but Heidi held on tight and managed to reverse the reversal so it was Tonya who finally went spinning backwards across the arena, off the rug and onto the surrounding carpet.  The crowd scattered to give her space, but still she did not see the heavy black leather sofa that caught her across the backs of her thighs.  With a shriek of surprise she fell backwards over the couch but, displaying an impressive agility, was able to tuck her legs in and twist herself sideways to roll across the broad seat of the sofa and come to her feet on the other side, facing Heidi.  One breast had popped out of her top, the hard, flushed pink nipple just visible, scraping the edge of the tiny triangle of cloth.

Heidi laughed.  “No running away now, slut!  I got big plans for you!”   She beckoned mockingly as she advanced toward Tonya.  “C’mere, honey.”

Tonya reached up to her bikini but instead of tucking her breast back in, she wrenched the top aside with a growl of anger.  “Oh I’m coming for you all right!” she snarled.  “Get ready to scream, skank!”  She leapt forward, using the seat and then the back of the sofa to boost her as she launched herself at the brunette with a feral cry, one leg extended in a flying kick at head height.

Heidi blinked for a moment, almost caught off guard by the blonde’s raw aggression, but then she too let out a fierce roar of rage and surged forward with her arms up to intercept her enemy.  She ducked beneath Tonya’s outstretched leg, feeling the blonde’s foot brush her hair.  If the kick had landed, it would have almost taken her head off and finished the fight in an instant – but it didn’t and now Heidi had the advantage as she rolled to her feet in a flash, behind her enemy.

She leapt after Tonya, thrusting her left hand into the back of the blonde’s hair, her claws digging into Tonya’s scalp.  She balled her right fist tight and hammered a series of quick rabbit punches into the other woman’s right kidney.  Tonya gasped and the first, groaned at the second and screamed at the third as she went down on one knee, her back arched, head thrown back staring at the ceiling with her pain pinched tight in pain.  Heidi held on tight to her hair, the sound of her enemy’s screams like music to her ears.

“Think I’m some kind of pushover, slut???” she snarled in Tonya’s ear.  “I’ll own you…NOW!”  She threw the blonde face down on the carpet. Stalking around her like a predatory cat, keeping an eye on her to avoid surprise – she had seen just how cunning and resourceful this bitch was – she took a moment to look around the room.  She knew that many here had doubted her.  Many thought she had only gotten this fight because of her relationship with Tiffany.  Many thought she didn’t deserve to be here.  She was out to prove them wrong, to prove that she was ready for anything or anyone.


Tonya lay still for moment, forcing herself to breathe, to focus through the searing pain that stabbed through her lower back.  The bitch had hit her with both power and precision – not only hit her but hurt her.  She sensed that the climate of this fight had changed.  Heidi was no longer messing around.  Then again, nor was Tonya.  She was damned if she was going to get a little bit of pain get the better of her.  If Heidi wanted pain, then that’s what Tonya would give her – in spades.

She sensed as much as saw Heidi stalking in a circle around her, perhaps a pace away.  “I’m going to hand this bitch to you on a platter, lover!” Heidi called out, presumably to Tiffany.

That must have been correct since she heard Tiffany’s voice call in response, “That’s my baby!  Go get her, you sexy bitch!”

“See if you can find an apple for her mouth!” joked Heidi, and then laughed.  “Oh never mind…I’ve got something else in mind for her mouth!”  Laughter rippled through the audience.

Tonya growled as she pushed herself to her feet.  She’d let them see – make them see! – just how sexy this bitch was by the time Tonya finished with her.  Judging her moment carefully, she rolled rapidly onto her back and lashed out with a savage stomp kick aimed at Heidi’s crotch, hoping to take the arrogant slut by surprise while she was showing off to the crowd.

Heidi was ready for her however, and twisted her body to the side so that Tonya’s foot glanced off her upper thigh and skidded away into empty air.  Even so, it knocked Heidi off balance and set her back a step.  Tonya sprang to her feet, clenching her teeth tight against the pain from her battered kidney, and lunged at the other woman.

Heidi stepped back again, raising her arms to defend herself as Tonya grabbed at her.  Tonya managed to hook her fingers into the tight straps of Heidi’s straining bikini and yanked the brunette hard toward her, but Heidi used that momentum to her own advantage, raising and ramming her knee into Tonya’s lower belly right below her belly button.  Tonya tensed her abs in the nick of time but still gasped at the force of the blow.  Her muscles, still hurting from Heidi’s earlier assault, screamed in protest, adding to the pain load and she suddenly found herself back on her knees again, her arms up high above her head as her hands were still hooked in Heidi’s top.

Realizing the danger, she tore her fingers loose, dragging Heidi’s top down.  The brunette’s big breasts bounced free and there was a smattering of applause.  Tonya didn’t know if that was for her move, or for Heidi’s body – nor did she care.  She hooked her fingers ready to rake her nails down the bitch’s breasts.

Again though, Heidi was too fast for her and whirled on the ball of one foot to bring herself behind Tonya.  “You like to pull hair, skank?” she hissed.  “Try this for size!” She twisted her hand in Tonya’s sweat-damp hair and wrenched her head back.  Tonya groaned in pain.  “You like that???  I’m only just getting started!!!”  She reached forward over Tonya’s shoulder and, as though reading Tonya’s own thoughts of a moment ago, hooked her fingers under the lower strap of Tonya’s bikini top, beneath her right breast, dragging her nails upward over the soft flesh and turning the blonde’s groan into an angry, pain-filled scream.

As she did so however, Tonya felt her enemy’s own bare breasts press firmly into her neck and shoulder.  She resisted the instinct to claw at Heidi’s wrists and instead fired her own arms upward, seizing not only the opportunity but Heidi’s breasts as well, digging her nails in.

Heidi howled in pain and surprise. “BITCH!!!” She jerked herself backwards, breaking Tonya’s grip but also releasing her own hold on the blonde’s hair, allowing Tonya to fling herself forward and escape.  She rolled to her knees, facing Heidi, ready to fend off another attack, but Heidi stood regarding her from a few feet away.  She tossed her hair back and began to circle again, stalking like a predatory cat, her breasts bobbing with each step she took.

Tonya tore away her bikini top, which now hung only by the upper strap.  You didn’t get this far in the catfight world without knowing how to tie a knot that would hold when you needed and give way when you wanted.  She dropped it to the floor and began to circle like her enemy, wiping a bead of sweat from her eyebrow.  She took a deep breath – she felt it in her bruised belly – and her own chest swelled.  Sweat began to trickle down between her breasts.

She had never believed this fight was going to be easy, not from the moment she had opened the scarlet envelope that invited her here to the Society.  Now though, she understood just what was required to win here.  It would take all her strength, all her ferocity and, most importantly, all her determination to endure and to prevail.  “I was never gonna make this easy on you, bitch,” she breathed, “but now you’re in for a world of pain.”  She beckoned.  “Bring it.”

“Gladly.”  Heidi tore away the remains of her bikini top and hurled it aside.  She jumped forward to attack and Tonya rushed to meet her.  Their bodies slammed together with a sweat soaked slap of flesh on flesh, chest to chest, arms around another breasts pancaked together.  Their hard nipples scraped over one another as they groaned and strained, muscles bunched as each sought to force the other back.  Tonya felt Heidi give an inch or so, but then the brunette’s body pushed harder against hers and regained that ground.  Then Heidi forced her back a step, only for Tonya to push back in her turn.  Their grunts and gasps became increasingly more strident as their muscles began to burn.

Tonya slid her hands lower around Heidi’s waist, her chin resting on her enemy’s shoulder, keeping up the pressure of her bosom against Heidi’s.  She suddenly stretched her arms to their limit however and, hooking her fingers, dug her nails into the undersides of Heidi’s butt cheeks, raking her nails upward with a fierce cry.  Heidi’s voice joined hers in a wail of agony.  “Aaaggghhh you BITCH!!!” The brunette’s back arched, shoving her chest forward, engulfing Tonya’s smaller breasts with hers but she did not try to push away and break Tonya’s hold.  Instead she wrapped her arms even tighter around Tonya’s waist and squeezed.  Tonya clenched her teeth against the pressure as she felt the growing constriction around her body.  The bitch was strong as a horse – but brute strength wasn’t everything.  A smart fighter would win out over a strong one, any day of the week.

Hooking her fingers into the narrow straps of Heidi’s thong.  Getting a firm grip, she lifted her right leg and wrapped it around Heidi’s left, pulling her enemy even closer.  “Silly bitch,” hissed Heidi close in her ear.  “You don’t have to hold me close.  I don’t want to get away from you.”  Her arms stretched out just as Tonya’s had done a moment ago.  “I want you right here where I can DESTROY you!”

She sank her nails into Tonya’s own firm buttocks and before Tonya could even scream, she felt herself lifted off the floor.  Heidi twisted and dropped her left shoulder, flinging Tonya over her so that they both went down hard in a belly-to-belly slam, Tonya’s body crushed between Heidi and the floor.  Tonya gasped as the breath whooshed out of her lungs and pain stabbed through her battered belly.

The jolting impact had loosened their grip on one another and Tonya tried to bridge up to keep Heidi from straddling her, but that wasn’t Heidi’s intention.  Darting her head forward, she gave an animal growl and sank her teeth into the flesh at the juncture of Tonya’s neck and shoulder, dragging a piercing scream of pain from the blonde.

Tonya clawed wildly at Heidi’s hair and scalp trying to tear the bitch loose but Heidi snarled and hissed like a wild animal as she shook her head violently.  The pain and the sheer savagery of the attack brought Tonya close to panic but she forced herself to think, to focus – to fight.  Raising her arms high, she clenched her fists tight – which was no real effort given the agony she was in – and brought them down with all her might in a twin hammerfist that thudded into the small of Heidi’s back, right over both her kidneys.

Heidi’s mouth opened wide and a quavering cry erupted from her lips and echoed around the room as her body shuddered at the excruciating pain.  Her back arched upward, pulling her face away from Tonya’s brutalized flesh, and Tonya gasped with relief at the sudden absence of pain.  She knew she could not take the time to recover however and she whipped her arms down to her sides, then up again between their bodies.  Her open hands slammed into the undersides of Heidi’s breasts.  She dug her fingers in, squeezing and twisting hard as Heidi howled in new anguish, before bucking upwards with her hips, thrusting with her right leg, using her grip on her enemy’s tits to hurl Heidi off her.

She rolled the other way and clambered to her knees, wiping away tears of pain.  Clasping a hand to her injured shoulder for a moment before pulling it away, she fully expected to see blood on her fingers.  To her relief, there was only her sweat and her enemy’s saliva.


There was almost complete silence in the room as the crowd watched spellbound, entranced by the primal ferocity of the two combatants.  That silence was punctuated, at least in Heidi’s head, at rapid intervals by the pounding of her heart.  Her entire body tingled with the rush of adrenalin.  She knew now – they all knew – that she belonged here in this room.  She was more than just Tiffany’s girlfriend.  She was a fighter worthy of the Society, win or lose – and it was evident to all that she was going to win.  She could taste the victory.

She caught sight of herself in the mirror as she rose to her feet.  Her hair was a wild mess, matted with sweat.  Her body, naked except for the scant coverage of her miniscule thong, also glistened with sweat.  Her breasts were marked red from Tonya’s fingers, and rose and fell as she gulped air into her lungs.  She would have some wounds to lick tonight although, she thought with a inner smile, she was sure she could persuade Tiffany to lick them for her.

As she turned, she caught sight of Tiffany in the crowd, standing at the corner of the arena, her eyes alight, lips slightly parted.  Her eyes met Heidi’s and she smiled slightly.  Her tongue flickered across her lips.  Heidi winked and continued her turn back toward her opponent.  She noticed Michael standing further away, with a very attractive and buxom blonde whispering in his ear.  The woman pointed emphatically as she spoke, but not at Heidi or even at Tonya.  She was pointing at Tiffany.  Heidi wondered for an instant what was going on, but she pushed the thought from her mind.  Right now, she had more pressing matters to deal with.

She saw Tonya stare at her hand, her body tense, and then the minute slump of her shoulders that betrayed her relief.  Heidi didn’t plan to let that relief last long.  She closed the distance in three strides, approaching the blonde from behind and once again shoved her fingers into Tonya’s now sopping, tangled hair.  “Uuunnnhhh!!!” The blonde’s head snapped back, but Heidi wasn’t planning to bald the bitch – not yet anyway.  She had other ideas.

Still standing behind her enemy, wrenching Tonya’s head back even further, she swung a leg over with a whoop of triumphant malice, trapping Tonya’s neck between her thighs.  Heidi’s knees pushed hard into the back of the blonde’s shoulders, forcing her chest forward, arching her back, her chin pressing up between the cheeks of Heidi’s butt.  “Now let’s hear you beg, bitch!”  Heidi clamped her thighs tight together and Tonya made a strangled, gurgling sound.  Her arms waved wildly, her hands slapping at Heidi’s thighs, hips and butt as she tried valiantly but vainly to break free.  “Come on!  You’re done!  Give it up!”

Tonya let out a choking growl.  “Fuck…you!”  She dug her clawed fingers deep into the bunched muscles of Heidi’s hard buttocks.  Eight angry, horizontal welts joined the vertical marks already marring the smooth flesh and it was Heidi’s turn to cry out, but she bit her lip against the pain and clamped her legs even tighter together.

“Need…some…encouragement?” she snarled through clenched teeth.  “Let’s see how you handle a little extra pain!”  She let her legs buckle and dropped suddenly straight down to her knees, taking Tonya down with her.  The blonde let out a desperate breathless scream as her already traumatized back was stretched like a bow, her legs bent back beneath her as her butt, then her shoulders, slammed into the rug, her neck still caught in Heidi’s painful scissors.

“GIVE, BITCH!” roared Heidi.

“In…your…dreams!” panted Tonya from beneath Heidi’s butt, her voice breathless and filled with pain.  “I can handle…a little pain…just fine.  How about YOU???”  Her hands seized the back of Heidi’s thong, twisting it round her fingers, getting a firm grip and pulling it tight into Heidi’s crotch before yanking violently upwards, wrenching the fabric up into the cleft of Heidi’s buttocks, digging it deep into the tender folds of her sex. 

Heidi howled in agony, twisting her hips violently, which did nothing to relieve her own torment but served to whip Tonya’s painfully arched spine back and forth.  Her shoulders still trapped atop Heidi’s knees, Tonya’s breasts shook violently, thrust upward toward the ceiling – and also toward Heidi’s vengeful hands.

Her fingers sank into the blonde’s soft bosom, grasping, squeezing, twisting, her thumbs gouging at Tonya’s flushed, hardened nipples.  She felt her enemy go rigid before she shuddered and a wailing cry burst from beneath Heidi’s ass.  “Suffer!” She squeezed even harder.

Far from surrendering however, Tonya tore even harder at Heidi’s thong, and their cries of pain, rage and extreme exertion mingled in a savage symphony of desperate combat as each poured her whole essence into hurting her enemy.  Tonya’s nails shredded the flimsy fabric of Heidi’s thong but the sewn edges held a few moments longer before, with a sharp ripping sound, the seams at each hip gave way.  The ruined garment tore up through her crotch as she gave an even louder shriek of anguish.

The pain had barely begun to subside before Tonya flung the scrap of cloth aside and sank her claws once more into Heidi’s cheeks, gouging into the valley between them and whatever she could find there to hurt.  Heidi in turn renewed her attack on the blonde’s breasts and again they threw themselves body and soul into the furious contest of pain.

Heidi pulled and twisted Tonya’s nipples as the blonde screamed and writhed under her, but then suddenly reared upright on her knees with a shriek of her own as Tonya’s thumb found her anus.  “FUCK!!!”  That gave Tonya just enough freedom of movement to thrust her head forward and latch her teeth onto the firm flesh of Heidi’s left buttock.  “YOU…FUCKING…BITCH!!!”  The pain was so intense it made her shudder and she threw herself forward in an involuntary urge to escape the torment, going down on her belly atop Tonya’s thrashing body.


Tonya smiled savagely into Heidi’s ass as she heard the bitch’s sudden urgent scream of pain and panic.  That smile got a lot wider as Heidi stopped torturing Tonya’s tits and hurled herself forward away from the blonde’s grinding teeth.  The evil skank would have a mark to remember Tonya by.  It was just a pity she couldn’t have reached somewhere else and bitten her there.

As Heidi crashed down on top of her, her chest slapping against Tonya’s sweat-slicked belly, Tonya got her knees up and squeezed her legs tight together either side of Heidi’s head, clamping her enemy into the same painful head scissors in which Heidi held her.  She crossed her ankles and with a roar, began to return the punishment that Heidi was doling out to her.

Heidi cursed again and threw herself sideways, pulling Tonya over onto her side.  The brunette fired several hard punches into Tonya’s left side but Tonya answered with a rapid-fire double-tap of her own to Heidi’s left kidney, getting a pain-filled scream in response.  She raised her arm and dug her nails once more into Heidi’s butt and lower back, but the brunette responded by throwing her body back in the other direction, opening up just enough of a gap between them  to get her left arm in.  Her thumb jabbed into Tonya’s navel, her fingers spread across the blonde’s belly, and she clenched her fist with a growl into a vicious belly claw as Tonya wailed in anguished fury.

Hooking her fingers again, Tonya dug them deep into the small of Heidi’s back, on either side over her kidneys, and twisted with all her strength.  As Heidi stiffened reflexively and screamed a curse, Tonya braced herself and, keeping her thighs together, jerked her body out straight, jerking her enemy downward, finally breaking the hold of Heidi’s thighs around her neck.  With a gasp of relief she rolled clear, putting some distance between her and the brunette, scrambling to her feet, every muscle aching.

As she tossed her hair out of her eyes, she felt the weight of it, soaked with her sweat and the spray of perspiration across her damp flesh as the heavy mane slapped against the back of her neck.  Her skin stung where Heidi’s nails had scratched her – her scalp, her back, her ass, her belly, her breasts.  She hurt pretty much everywhere, but particularly on her shoulder where the bitch had bitten her.  She smiled mirthlessly.  Heidi’s tight little ass would bear a nice set of teeth marks too – payback was a bitch.

She looked across the several yards that separated her from Heidi, and felt a little better as she saw that Heidi looked precisely the way she felt.  The brunette’s hair was matted in a soaking wet tangle though as Tonya watched, Heidi lifted both her arms to comb it back from her face with her hooked fingers.  She inhaled deeply and her breasts lifted too, catching the light, the tanned skin blushing a deep red where Tonya’s body had pressed and rubbed hard against her.  Beads of moisture trickled down her cheeks.  Tonya wasn’t sure whether they were sweat or tears – she hoped for the latter.  They dripped off Heidi’s chin and onto her chest.  One droplet hung on the puckered tip of her erect nipple, glistening in the bright light.

Heidi’s belly bore the marks of Tonya’s fists and her smooth shaven labia, peeping from the vee of her crotch, were flushed dark where Tonya’s wedgie had tormented her.  The cunt’s cunt had to be hurting.  Tonya’s nose wrinkled and her eyes narrowed.  She’d show the bitch just what pain meant – her and that bitch Tiffany.

Tonya too took a deep breath, forcing air into her lungs even though it sent twinges of pain through her aching belly.  Her muscles burned with fatigue.  Everyone had told her – warned her – what it was like to fight here in the Society and she had thought she knew what to expect.  She hadn’t expected the woman who stood across the arena from her now – this vicious wildcat.  It will be the toughest fight you’ve ever had they had told her.  They were right.  It didn’t matter though.  She would win this, beat this bitch into the carpet and claim her victory.


Heidi swept her matted hair back from her face with her fingers, twisting it behind her head into a makeshift ponytail.  She knew it would stay there long but it was something at least, and it helped her feel at least a little cooler.  She was panting with exertion, her arms and legs beginning to twitch with exhaustion.  Tiffany had warned her, during their long and grueling training sessions in the gym, just how tough this fight would be.  Heidi thought she understood, indeed she had told Tiff to stop exaggerating.  Only now did she realize that Tiffany hadn’t been exaggerating at all – quite the reverse.

Tonya’s nails had done a number on her thighs and her ass,  which stung sharply as her sweat got into the scratches.  Thank God she had managed to keep the cunt’s claws away from her pussy.  She suppressed a shudder at the thought.  Her breasts throbbed with each beat of her heart, and her kidneys ached where the blonde had pounded them.  Her pussy lips felt like they’d been sandpapered, just from her thong tearing through them.  She planned to pay the skank back for that, and everything else – ten times over.

As she glanced briefly at where Tiffany was standing, she noticed that her lover had stepped back a little from the edge of the arena and taken a seat.  There was a smaller woman sitting beside her with – oddly – her feet resting on the body of an older blonde woman who lay apparently unconscious on the carpet.  Heidi’s face darkened as she saw the little bitch lean over and whisper in Tiffany’s ear, laying her hand on Tiffany’s knee as she did so.  Heidi filed that away as something else to deal with – but after this fight was over.

She glared across the arena at Tonya who stood facing her, returning her baleful gaze.  The blonde’s bronzed skin gleamed like polished wood, her nipples poking out from her heaving chest like angry fingers, pointing accusingly at Heidi.  The flesh around them was criss-crossed with the marks of Heidi’s nails, as were the undulating abs below.  Tonya’s thong had pulled up tight between her nether lips, but still remained in place.  Heidi planned to remedy that – she would rip it off the bitch and stuff it down her throat.

Tonya took a step toward her, and Heidi responded in kind.  Matching another pace for pace, they approached and half lunged, half fell against each other with yet another loud smack of straining flesh.  Arms tight around one another, embracing like lovers, they groaned and gasped with extreme exertion and growing exhaustion.  Their chests pressed together, each could feel the heavy beat of the other’s heart and the frantic flexing of muscles, hear the fierce grunts of her enemy as they both fought for supremacy.  Heidi hooked her fingers into Tonya’s hair, pulling her head back.  Tonya dug her talons into the underside of Heidi’s left breast.  Heidi grabbed at the band of Tonya’s thong.  Tonya wrapped her other arm around Heidi’s waist and raked her back  Each with her chin on the other’s shoulder, panting into one another’s ears, they pitted their remaining strength against one another in a raw struggle for supremacy.

Heidi pushed with all her might, her breasts slipping back and forth across Tonya’s chest as they jostled for position, holding tight to one another, neither able to gain an advantage.  Suddenly the blonde reared her head back, arching her spine with a hoarse cry of anger.  Heidi’s eyes flew open wide as she realized the bitch was about to head butt her, but she reacted fast, letting go of Tonya’s hair, balling her fist and slamming it into her enemy’s cheek just under her left eye, spoiling the other woman’s move just as Tonya started to snap her head forward.    The punch deflected Tonya’s head to the side and her face slammed into Heidi’s shoulder as the blonde let out a cry of frustration.  “FUCK!!!” 

Tonya wasted no time on regrets though, opening her mouth wide and sinking her teeth into Heidi’s shoulder in a mimicry of Heidi’s own earlier bite.  Heidi’s angry, agonized scream joined Tonya’s.

Adopting the approach that the best defense was a good offense, she tensed her left arm and wrenched upward on Tonya’s thong.  Tonya roared into her shoulder, and Heidi ripped the straining thong upward again, almost lifting her enemy off her feet.  The third time there was a harsh tearing sound and Tonya’s thong tore in two, but the force of Heidi’s upward yank lifted the blonde enough that she lost her footing and Heidi began to shove her backwards.

Even in the middle of her anguished scream as her thong whipped up through her groin, Tonya was fighting back however, bracing a foot behind her, pushing forward.  The scream had made her relinquish her bite but now her spit sprayed across Heidi’s aching shoulder with each harsh, hissing breath.  “I…don’t…LOSE FIGHTS!!!” she almost chanted the words.  Shoving her arm down low, she thrust a hand into Heidi’s crotch and shoved hard against her mound.  “Hurting down there???”

“AIEEE!!!”  Heidi let out a squeal of shock, fury and pain as the pressure of Tonya’s hand crushed her already smarting labia against her pubic bone.  She twisted her body and grabbed Tonya in the same place, growling in her ear through her clenched teeth.  “You’re…MINE…BITCH!!!”  She too pushed hard, hoping that Tonya’s thong had hurt her just the same way, and more recently.  Tonya only pushed harder with her legs and body however.  It was as though the bitch almost welcomed the pain. Heidi had to respect the blonde.  She hated her with utter loathing, but respected her too.

Nevertheless it was time to put this bitch in her place – which was sobbing in defeat at Heidi’s feet.  She almost at the limit of her own endurance, having suffered as much pain as she had dished out in this marathon struggle, but she reached deep and found her inner reserves.  Twisting her hand hard against Tonya’s loins, she elicited a faint mumur of pain from between the blonde’s tight-clenched teeth.  Tonya hunched her body just a little and Heidi used that distraction to fire her other fist in a hard right hook across the unsuspecting blonde’s jaw.

The impact knocked Tonya’s head off Heidi’s shoulder and as Heidi jerked her hand away from her enemy’s groin, Tonya staggered away to her right, one hand up to her face, obviously disoriented, trying hard to keep her balance.  Her right knee almost buckled and she swayed but managed to  remain on her feet.  Heidi didn’t plan to let that continue.   Rushing in, she sent two hard looping left uppercuts into her adversary’s unprotected tummy. 

Tonya grunted hard at the first blow and doubled over at the second.  Heidi felt the other woman’s flesh fold around her rigid knuckles as her fist sank in deep.  The air rushed from Tonya’s lungs but even more satisfying was the deep groan of pain from the blonde.  Heidi realized that she had, at least, defeated Tonya’s hard abs and the bitch’s battered body was now at the mercy of her fists.

“Time to finish you, bitch…once and for all!”  She reached out and grabbed two fistfuls of Tonya’s stringy, sweat-soaked hair.  Using it to jerk Tonya toward her, she rammed her right knee hard into her enemy’s face with a furious roar.  The force of the blow lifted Tonya off her feet and as Heidi let go of her hair, she flew several feet backwards through the air and crashed down onto her back near the edge of the arena, almost at the feet of a tall, slender and rather attractive thirty-something brunette.

Tonya curled into a ball, holding her belly and writhing in pain.  Heidi let out a long sigh of relief that the bitch was finally starting to show some vulnerability.  A few moments later and it might have been Heidi herself who lay curled up on the floor.  She took a moment to catch her breath, looking around the room at the entranced audience.  She blew a kiss to Tiffany who smiled, winked and blew one back.  Heidi also spared a moment to fire a venomous look at the petite brunette who sat next to her lover.  At least the little bitch had her hands to herself now, though Heidi still had half a mind to drag her into the arena and knock her and Tonya’s heads together.


Tonya held her face with one hand, her agonized belly with the other, groaning.  She writhed from side to side, kicking at the floor in a forlorn hope that it would help assuage the agony that seemed to consume her entire body.  It didn’t.  “Fffuuuccckkk!!!” she let the word hiss through her teeth in an agonized growl.  The second shot to her gut had felt like the skank had punched all the way through to her spine and then the knee to her face – it had caught her just under her left eye, right where the punch had hit her earlier.  She’d probably have passed out if the jolting impact with the floor hadn’t brought her back around.

Breathe. Breathe!

This wasn’t the first time she’d ever been hurt in a fight.  This wasn’t the worst she’d been hurt either.  Those times however, her opponent had usually been laying on the floor, or in the dirt, beside her in a similar state of abject pain, not prowling in a circle blowing kisses to the audience.

Fuck, she hated to lose.  It had happened – her earlier claim to this bitch Heidi had been just bravado – but it hadn’t happened often and she was damned if she was going to lay here and let it happen now. 

As the pain began to recede to the point where she didn’t feel like she was about to throw up, she rolled onto her back and opened her eyes again – just in time to see Heidi’s right foot driving downward aimed at her belly button.  Fear sent a burst of adrenalin coursing through her veins and she caught Heidi’s ankle and kept the roll going, deflecting the blow into the rug an inch from her side.  If that stomp had connected, it would have been all over.

Suppressing a groan at the pain it cost her, she twisted hard on Heidi’s ankle, making the brunette stumble off balance with a curse.  Tonya lashed out with a stomp kick of her own, dragging another groan from her lips as pain stabbed through her ravaged abs.  Heidi avoided it easily but it did drive her back a step and gave Tonya a chance to roll the other way and come to her knees

Heidi seized her by the hair and dragged her upright, twisting her until she faced the spot where Tiffany sat watching.  “This is the bitch who wanted to challenge you, lover!”  She shoved a knee in Tonya’s back, pulling her head back sharply as she did.  Tonya gasped as the harsh movement sent a jolt of agony through her belly and back.  “How tough does she look now?”  She slapped Tonya hard across the back of her head, knocking her onto all fours.

Tonya hung her head, steadying herself, breathed – and seethed.  Don’t count your chickens, you cocky cunt.  She clenched her fists.  A chance…just a chance…

Heidi wasn’t leaving anything to chance however.  Reaching forward, she hooked her hands inside Tonya’s elbows and pulled her up onto her knees again.  “You know, out in California, I hear you bitches like to surf!” she sneered.  “So this is going to feel just like you’re back home on the beach.”  She pulled hard on Tonya’s arms, wrenching them back behind her as she lifted a leg and stabbed her heel into the blonde’s back between her shoulders.

Tonya groaned in misery as her back arched, her abs stretched and pain blossomed once again in both places, joined by new agony in her shoulders.  She shook her head and ground her teeth as Heidi held her in a grueling surfboard hold.  What hurt perhaps most of all was the fact that the cunt was playing with her. 

“Doesn’t that make you feel all homesick for the sand and surf?” taunted Heidi.  “All you gotta go is give it up, and you’ll be on your way home…in a few days after the bruises heal, of course.”  There was laughter from the crowd at that. Just like everywhere else, the Society loved a winner.  There was a dark, vast emptiness in the pit of her stomach as she knew with certainty that it would not be her.  Not tonight.  Shocked, stunned, she did not know what to feel.  Yes she had lost fights before, but not like this, not after giving everything to the battle.  She was the one who dished out the pain, dominating her opponents as the crowd cheered.  Her most fervent desire was to fight back and hurt this bitch bad, but right now she felt an unfamiliar and horrible vulnerability as her body was trapped in utter agony.  It was hard enough to move, let alone attack.  Every panting breath took great effort and caused her pain.  “What’s it gonna be, bitch?” snarled Heidi, pulling harder on Tonya’s arms.

Through the lank curtain of her hair, she saw that cocky slut Tiffany smiling, gloating, looking so proud of Heidi.  She also saw the group of her friends who had accompanied her here tonight, looking on in disbelief as they watched the bitch get the better of her.  They – like Tonya – had expected her to rule this fight.  She felt their disappointment, though it was nothing compared to her own.

No way was she going to give the bitch the satisfaction of getting her way.  She balled her fists and, fighting through the pain, forced her way up to one knee.  “Come on bitch!  Try and finish me!” she growled.  “I’ll NEVER give in to a slut like you!”

“Really?” said Heidi with mock surprise.  “I’m shocked…but I beg to differ!”  Pulling her foot away from Tonya’s back, giving the blonde a moment of gasping relief, she stomped her heel hard into Tonya’s left kidney.  Tonya’s entire body shuddered, her eyes and mouth gaping wide, but before her scream left her lips, her enemy’s foot thudded into her right kidney and she lost the ability to make any sound or even to think as white hot agony filled every fibre of her being.  Suddenly weak as a kitten, she collapsed to the floor like a broken doll as Heidi let go of her arms.   She lay there quivering, struggling to breathe as her body refused to obey her. 

Oh Gawd!!!  The pain…

She managed to lift one hand, then it fell back to the floor again.

“Let’s hear it!” Heidi urged her.  “We can do this all night if you want!”  Tonya pulled one knee up a little as she finally succeeded in taking a gasping breath.  “Nothing to say?  Ok then…”

Tonya felt the bitch’s hands grasp both her ankles, lifting her legs up off the floor.  More agony shot through her back but it was eclipsed by a wave of dread as she felt her ankles lifted high and spread wide.  She tried to squirm free but the resulting pain brought tears to her eyes.  Oh fuck.  She ground her teeth in anticipation, so hard she thought she might shatter them.

She could not keep from crying out as she felt Heidi’s foot touch her at the juncture of her thighs, pressing firmly against her vulva.  “NNNGGGHHH!!!” She wailed in incoherent protest.

“Scream for me, slut!” said Heidi.  She yanked back on Tonya’s ankles, grinding her foot into the blonde’s already abused sex.

Tonya screamed for her.

It could only have lasted a few seconds but when it was over, a new sheen of sweat coated her limp, shaking body.  She could not keep from panting hard even though it hurt her to do so.  A sob escaped her trembling lips.

“Got your breath back?” asked Heidi conversationally.  “Let’s go again!”

She tightened her grip on Tonya’s legs and Tonya clenched her fists again but her voice, fraught with pain, roared around the room.  “No!  NO!!! FUCK!!!  I give…no more!  I GIVE!!!”  Her fists pounded the rug in fury and frustration, anguish and agony, defiance and despair – a gamut of emotions that fought for supremacy.  She wished her ravaged body was as numb as her mind.


Heidi let out a squeal of delight as she heard the blonde – finally – submit.  God it was so much sweeter when they resisted all the way to the end.  The exultation was so intense that she thought her heart would burst.  She had won!  She had won here, in the Society!  She had won in front of her lover!  She had claimed her place among the best of the best!  Her own aches, pains and desperate fatigue forgotten in the rush of adrenalin, she stepped forward, placed a foot upon the back of her fallen enemy, threw her arms wide and roared a deafening “YYYEEESSS!!!” at the ceiling.

“Nice try…bitch!” she said at last as the echoes of her cry died away.  Her breasts heaved, sweat dripping from her hard nipples onto the beaten blonde who lay beneath her feet.  “Gotta admit, you’re good…just not good enough!”

She took her foot off Tonya’s back.  “Don’t just lay there though…it’s not over for you yet.”  There were murmurs from the audience.  For most of them, this wasn’t their first Society party.  They knew the traditions of his place, and what that meant for those who lost.

“First of all, you owe me a bikini,” said Heidi.  She prodded Tonya in the side with her foot, not quite a kick.  “On your knees, blondie.  Time to pay the piper!”  Tonya’s limbs moved, but apparently refused to cooperate in a way that would actually lift her off the floor.  Heidi prompted her with another, harder nudge.  “Come on!”

At last the blonde heaved herself up onto all fours, gasping with each slow, deliberate movement she made.  “Go get me your bikini!” ordered Heidi.  “Or what’s left of it, anyway.”

Tonya turned, her head hanging, her face hidden by her hair.  Her arms trembled with exhaustion as she took her first hesitating step on her knees, then another and began to crawl slowly, painfully toward the center of the rug where the discarded scraps of her bikini lay crumpled.  “No hands now!” Heidi commanded.  “Use your teeth.  I want you to taste it!” 

She watched as Tonya approached her bikini top, stopped and bent to pick it up.  The blonde moved almost in a trance and Heidi could tell that this woman was truly at the limit of her strength, endurance and resolve.  Tonya might be a cruel, vicious fighter and an utter bitch but she was certainly no coward.  She had fought to the edge of exhaustion, both physical and emotional.  Heidi’s pride swelled even more at the thought that she had defeated such a fearsome warrior.

Tonya lifted her head again, the bikini top dangling from her mouth, brushing the floor.  She made her way slowly back toward Heidi, to where the torn remnant of her thong lay twisted on the black rug.  This too she picked up in her teeth and returned to where Heidi stood waiting, tapping her foot.  She could hear murmurs in the crowd, commenting in sibilant whispers about her and about Tonya.  She smiled to herself as she heard some of those comments.

As the blonde reached her and stopped, still on all fours, Heidi bent and stretched out a hand.  “Give.”  Tonya trembled and hesitated a moment before she dropped the ruined bikini into Heidi’s hand.  Heidi took it and held up the top, the upper strap still knotted together, for everyone to see.  With a chuckle, she slipped it over her head, pulled her tangled hair out over it, and drew the ends of the lower strap taut, pulling the tiny triangles tight across her chest.  The top was hopelessly inadequate to contain her generous bosom.  “Not quite my size,” she joked, drawing laughs from the onlookers.  “Still, it’ll look great in the trophy case.”  Releasing the strap, letting the top dangle loosely around her neck, she reached up behind her head and used Tonya’s torn thong to tie her hair back, off her face.

She reached down and thrust her fingers into Tonya’s hair again, pulling the blondeup onto her knees.  “Turn around, slut!”  She also turned until she was facing Tiffany, with Tonya kneeling, facing her at her feet.  “Look at me!” She gave Tonya no choice, twisting her hand in her fallen foe’s hair until Tonya gazed up into her eyes.  They stared at each other for a long moment as Heidi read the tumult of emotions in the other woman’s eyes – pain, anger, disappointment and a dozen others.  She knew something of how Tonya felt.  She too felt that jumble of emotions – definitely pain along with pride, joy and a deep satisfaction, not to mention more than a little respect.  This woman had taken her to the edge – there had been moments when it could easily have gone either way – but she had prevailed.  That thought – the risk, the thrill, the joy of fierce combat – now made her tremble as she gave way to the desire it had awakened in her.

“There’s a line from an old movie,” she said, her voice thick with lust, “that says ‘you lost, but you don’t have to like it.’” She grinned.  “Because believe me, I’m going to like it more than enough for both of us.”  She rolled her hips forward, gripped Tonya’s hair tighter and shoved the blonde’s face into her eager loins.  “Eat me, slut!”

Heidi stiffened for a second, then made a tiny indecipherable sound and her tongue snaked out to touch Heidi in precisely the right spot to make her gasp with pleasure.  “Oh bitch, you’ve done this before!”  Her eyelids fluttered, her body trembled and she began to move against Tonya’s face, holding the blonde in place with one hand, cupping and lifting her left breast with the other, squeezing her flesh, pinching her nipple as her moans grew louder and turned into cries of unbridled lust.

Tiffany had told her what this felt like, to slake the lust of combat in front of the entire audience, to claim the prize of pleasure from a beaten foe while making her feel the full weight of her loss.  Heidi knew what it felt like to win, and she thought she knew what this would feel like, but here and now in the moment, the reality was so much better than she could ever have imagined.  The rush was indescribable.  She threw back her head, her hair spraying sweat across the room and the audience, and screamed in wild exhilaration.

It did not take long for her lust to mount to a level that had her entire body shaking, her legs trembling, struggling to stay on her feet, clutching at Tonya’s head as her captive lapped steadily and expertly at her.  Her body whipped forward as the first spasm surged outward from deep her belly.  She almost swooned with the euphoria of it, and then her eyes blinked open as she felt hands grip her shoulders tightly.

Tiffany’s eyes shone as they stared deep into Heidi’s.  She smiled and Heidi smiled back, then groaned as a second tremor rocked her.  “You’re a savage, babes!” said Tiffany.  “Do it…cum on her face!” 

Heidi let out a soft groan that started low in pitch, growing louder and higher as the fire inside her grew higher and higher.  Then her lust boiled over and she gave an animal scream of sheer ecstasy, arching her spine then snapping forward, pulling Tiffany hard against her sweat-soaked body for support, holding her there as she squirmed and screamed, wailed and thrashed in the throes of a long drawn-out, devastating climax.

She had no idea how long it lasted, how long she languished lost in lust before awareness finally returned and she found herself holding tight to Tiffany, panting, her heart pounding, her breasts heaving mightily against her lover’s as she fought for breath.  Tonya’s face was still pressed into her crotch, the blonde held tight between their bellies.  She could feel her moving against them, also struggling for air.

“Oh…my…God…” Heidi gasped, then added, realizing even as she said the words, how silly it sounded, “I’ve ruined your dress.”

Tiffany laughed softly as she glanced down, her white dress stained with Heidi’s sweat.  “Maybe you ruined my dress, but you sure as hell made my night.”  She kissed Heidi deeply, thrusting her tongue into Heidi’s mouth.

At last they broke the kiss and stepped apart, Tiffany still holding the unsteady Heidi by the arms.  Freed from their embrace, Tonya toppled sideways onto all fours, swaying there, her head hung low, her shoulders shaking as she gulped air into her starved lungs.  Heidi looked down at her, waiting for her to collapse on her belly, but Tonya remained steadfastly on her knees, refusing to give in to exhaustion.

“I think we’re done with you, slut!” called Heidi, as much to the room as to Tonya.  “You certainly look like you’re done!” She laughed, along with most of the audience.  “Off you go!  Get out!”

Tonya knelt there for a moment before she began to crawl unsteadily away, across the rug in a meandering route that led her in the general direction of her dressing room.  As she reached the edge of the arena, someone began the traditional slow handclap with which the Society accompanied its losing fighters from the field of battle.

Heidi watched, standing arm in arm with Tiffany, as the crowd parted and flowed around the retreating blonde, until she finally disappeared from the room.  As she exited, the slow rhythm of the clapping exploded into raucous applause as the Society welcomed its newest member.  Heidi stepped forward proudly, naked and beaming, to accept their accolades.


It was maybe an hour later – Tonya wasn’t keeping time – when she sat alone in a leather armchair in the corner of the room, staring heedlessly out the window at the lights of Times Square, far below.  Her friends, sensing her mood, had done the wise thing and left her to herself.  She was nursing her second drink since she had reluctantly emerged from the dressing room after a long time in the tub, soaking away the sweat and some of the aches and pains.  A healthy dose of painkillers was also helping with that, but she wished she could find a way to soothe the aching disappointment in her heart.  She had had her chance, and she had blown it.  She would go back to the west coast not in triumph but in shame.

She sensed a presence and looked up, annoyed.  Didn’t people know enough to leave her alone?  Or was it that cunt Heidi, come to gloat?

It was neither – an older woman, brunette and perhaps in her mid-thirties.  She was tall with a trim figure and extremely long legs shown off by a short black cocktail dress.  She stood looking down at Tonya with a half smile.  “How are you feeling?”

“Fine,” said Tonya shortly.


Tonya’s eyes narrowed.  “What’s it to you?  Who are you, anyway?”

The woman sat down in the adjacent chair.  Tonya wanted to tell her to get lost, but there was something in the woman’s bearing that stopped her. 

“You can think of me as Ms Michelle,” replied the newcomer.  “I…represent the Society.”

Tonya stared out the window again, though she kept watching the woman out of the corner of her eye.  No doubt the bitch was about to tell her to get the hell out.

“I know you don’t feel too good about yourself right now, and I know you don’t want company.”  The brunette was holding something in her hand.  “I think this might make you feel a little better, though.”  She extended her arm.

Tonya looked at the red envelope and blinked.  “What’s that?”

“Open it, and find out.”

Tonya took the envelope from her.  It wasn’t sealed.  She flipped open the flap and drew out a folded piece of heavy card stock.  The color matched the envelope exactly.  She opened it and read the embossed lettering quickly before her eyes flicked up to meet Michelle’s.  “What…?”

“It’s your invitation to our next gathering…a month from now.”

“But I…”

“Lost…yes.  Under normal circumstances, we’d send you home with your tail between your legs.”  She smiled again.  “But tonight you proved yourself to be a quite exceptional fighter…and exceptional fighters call for…well…exceptions.”  Her smile grew warmer.  “Welcome to the Society.”

Tonya didn’t know what to say, so she just said, “Thank you.”

The End

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