Hot Night in East LA by Halhow3

It’s a hot night in the slums of East LA. In the basement of an abandoned building, men quietly gather. The center of the floor has been dug out to form a crude dirt pit. The pit is an arena, the stage for the violent struggles soon to come.

Some men go to the dogs fights, other men bet on the cocks. The ones who gather here this night have come for something very different. They’ve come to see two women meet naked, in a savage catfight. Tonight, as the crowd looks on, young women will face each other nude in the pit. With nails filed sharp and only their wits to defend them, they will engage each other in brutal combat. There will be no time limit and there are no rules. It is a violent but erotic confrontation in which two women fight tooth and nail before a cheering and bloodthristy crowd. The fight only ends when one woman stands victorious over the body of her beaten and bloodied rival. The winner walks away with a thousand dollars. The loser just walks away. At least usually.

Hookers, drug addicts, and whores, the city provides an endless supply of desparate women willing to fight each other naked in the dirt for quick cash. In tonight’s first battle, Sally, a down on her luck stripper, will face Conchita, a street smart hooker looking to make some easy money. Only time and blood will determine who will be the winner this night.

The men talk in low whispers as they wait for the first match to begin. Some of them have been here before, while others can only guess what the evening will bring. The crowd suddenly falls silent as the first two women are brought out to the pit.

Sally is a big blonde in her late thirties, with long hair and pendulous boobs that sway back and forth as she walks. Her opponent, Conchita, is a heavyset Latin girl with well rounded breasts black hair, and generous thighs. The crowd watches, in hushed anticipation, as the two women climb over the dirt surrounding the pit and drop to the floor below. Rising quickly they face each other as the crowd looks on. To one side of the pit stands a masked man in a business suit. He gestures and the two women raise their hands high over their heads for all to see. Their nails have been trimmed to a half inch and sharpened to needle-like points. This first match tonight will be a real catfight.

The two women appear evenly matched and the crowd breaks into urgent whispers as odds are offered and bets made. The masked man waits patiently for the betting to die down, while the two women eye each other nervously across the pit. Finally, the crowd grows silent. The man in the suit reachs into his coat pocket and draws out a large roll of bills. Holding the bundle up, he looks down at the women in the ring and utters a single word, “Fight!” The two rivals quickly raise their hands and begin to circle. The catfight is ON!

The two women stalk each other in the pit. Slowly they circle, as each looks for the chance to sink her nails into the other’s naked and vulnerable flesh.

Sally makes the first move. With a hiss she lunges at her rival, long, wicked nails slashing out. Conchita blocks the attack with a forearm and scratches back, aiming for Sally’s jiggling boobs. Sally skips back out of reach and Conchita follows quickly, nails held ready.

Circling again, Conchita lashes, only to be blocked. Sally scratches back, but misses as Conchita slips to one side. Dancing around the pit, the two naked women quickly trade a dozen blows. In moments, their forearms are covered in ugly red scratches as both fight
desperately to fend off the other’s claws.

Sally scores first blood. Ducking under a slashing right, she buries her nails into Conchita’s bouncing right breast. Scratching hard, she leaves four bloody lines in the tender boob. Conchita screams and falls back cupping her injured breast in one hand. Sally charges after her, anxious to follow up on her advantage. Some men cheer while others moan. Money changes hands and the fight continues.

Conchita drops her boob and dodges to the left. Sally stumbles past and Conchita rakes her nails across both of Sally’s swaying breasts. Sally howls and spins around to face her tormentor. She slashes out but only succeeds in scratching Conchita’s down the shoulder. Conchita counters with a vicious right cut to the tits that leave another set of marks to go with the first. Sally grabs her by the hair and pulls her closer. Conchita tries to break free, and the stripper claws at her face. Conchita grabs a handful of hair as well and the two girls clinch, pulling each other around the ring.

Back and forth across the pit they stagger, locked together chest to chest. With one hand buried in each other’s hair and the other scratching and punching. Back and forth they stumble, fighting for control. Conchita finally forces Sally back, pinning her against one sandy wall of the ring.

Releasing her grip on Sally’s hair, she quickly wraps both arms around her opponent and drives one knee up and into the stripper’s exposed cunt. Sally screams and tries to double up, but the weight of Conchita’s nude body pressing against her will not let her fall. Conchita tries to knee her again, but Sally deftly blocks with a twist of her hips. They wrestle against the wall for several moments and then Sally slips under one of Conchita’s arms and away.

The women circle again and then grab for each other in the center of the ring. Sweating and grunting they fight desperately. Breaking away, Conchita slips behind Sally. Wrapping one arm around her throat, she buries her nails into Sally’s right breast. Sally screams and twists, but the Latin holds on. Together they stumble around the ring as Sally fights to loosen the grip on her throat.

Meanwhile, Conchita uses her free hand to scratch her breasts again and again. Sally begs the watching men to help her, but no one interferes. This is a fight to the finish, and there can be only one winner.

With a sudden push of her legs, Sally forces Conchita back hard into the wall of the pit, knocking the wind from her. Sinking both her hands into Conchita’s hair, she drops to a squat, and flips the whore flat on to her back in the middle of the ring. Kneeling over her, Sally quickly begins reaping her revenge upon Conchita’s heaving breasts. Nails flash as she marks her foe again and again. Conchita twists and squirms but cannot escape. Finally she manages to slap Sally hard in the face and then roll out of her reach.

Scrambling to their feet the two women throw themselves at each other. Clinching, they fall heavily to the dirt and begin to roll slowly back and forth across the floor. A tangled heap of arms, legs, and naked flesh, the two warring females wrap themselves together, fighting it out as the crowd cheers them on.

Laying on their sides, legs intertwined, Sally and Conchita madly clutch at each other. Drawing back a fist, Sally smashes her foe in the face while holding her head still by a handful of hair. Conchita strikes back, raking her nails down Sally’s arm. Sally strikes again, splitting the Latin girl’s lower lip. Conchita punches back, blackening the stripper’s left eye. Back and forth, nails and fists, blood drips slowly to the sand as the two women tear at each other.

Conchita rolls on top of her rival, pinning her in the dirt with a forearm across the throat. She strikes for the stripper’s eyes with her free hand, but the dancer catches her arm in both hands and wraps her long muscular legs around the hooker’s waist. Locking her ankles, Sally squeezes her foe as Conchita squirms in her grasp.

Wrenching her hands free, Conchita desperately tries to pull Sally’s legs from around her waist. Gasping for breath she screams as the dancer pours on the pressure. Rolling onto their sides again, Conchita plunges her hand deep between the stripper’s thighs, clawing at her rival’s sex. Sally screams as the hooker’s nails find the soft tissue of her vagina. Releasing her hold, she kicks the Latin girl full in the face, forcing them apart.

Struggling once more to their feet, the two women circle each other warily. Exhausted, scratched up, and beaten, they continue to fight. The crowd no longer exists for them, the money has vanished from their minds, only the other woman and the urge to battle remain.

Suddenly they lunge at each other, slamming together chest to chest. For a few seconds they stumble and then fall heavily to the dirt once more. A frantic knot of clutching hands and flailing legs, they roll around wildly. For a moment, drifting dust obscures the two fighters and when it clears, Conchita is sitting on top of Sally, both hands locked around the dancer’s throat.

Sitting on the stripper’s chest, the hooker attempts to choke her rival unconscious as Sally fights to pull her fingers from around her neck. It almost looks like the fight is over, when one long smooth leg reaches up and catches Conchita around the neck, pulling her down in the dirt.

Sally quickly slips the other leg over her rival’s head, scissoring her opponent about the neck. Squeezing with all her strength, she begins to choke the Latin girl into submission. Conchita squirms in the dirt, kicking and twisting as she tries to escape the hold. Her nails rake bloody lines down the dancer’s legs, but Sally refuses to release her. Slowly, Conchita’s movements become slower and slower as her face turns red and she begins to gag. Finally, she stops moving, passed out completely from the vicious hold.

After a moment, Sally releases the hold and slowly rises to her feet. Standing over her beaten and unconscious rival, she raises her hands high and the crowd cheers wildly. She stalks around the ring, like some victorious gladiator of ancient Rome revelling for a time in the applause of the crowd. Finally, she lowers her hands and two masked men help her from the pit. The man in the business suit hands her the money and she is escorted out of the room, as others lift her beaten opponent from the ring.

Half an hour later, Sally is on her way to the street. Washed off with a bucket of water and a sponge and dressed again in her street clothes, she stops at the foot of the stairs as she hears the crowd cheering behind her. When she turns to look, she sees two young girls, probably teen runaways, fighting wildly on the floor of the pit. Sally just shakes her head and continues up the stairs.

Just another hot night in the slums of east LA.

The End

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