If I Should Fall Behind 2: Conclusion – By Kiva

Conclusion to Part 1: https://www.fights.sexy/if-i-should-fall-behind-2-part-1/

With adrenaline levels surging, the women rushed toward each other, their faces scowled in determination, each one having an emotional stake. For Holly, secure in her marriage, the significance of the match was to prove she was now a better fighter and wrestler, about closing the difference in skill level between her and her husband. Never again would he have to wait for her as she fell behind. And it was about revenge. For Kelly, the fight would reveal the true status of her barely alive marriage. And it was about re-establishing herself as an alpha female.

 As Holly expected, Kelly charged in, hands held high, planning another slap fight. This time Holly was prepared. Acknowledging her opponent’s power, the blonde went up on her toes dancing to her left, her hands held in a defensive position. Kelly crouched low, swinging away and missing as Holly moved laterally, throwing out a few counter swings.

The men approached each other more cautiously, locking into a collar and elbow tie up. The two heavyweights pushed and pulled like a pair of bulls struggling for dominance. Their grunts and groans filled the room, their muscles bulging and flaring just several yards away from their  wives facing off in their own battle. The powerful tree trunk legs pushed off their feet, as each wrestler would gain ground, then concede back to the other with neither gaining an advantage. Their concentration was momentarily distracted with a loud slapping sound as Kelly managed to connect a hard open hand to Holly’s face. With a quick transient glance, Shaun saw his wife still upright in posture, hands high in defense. Relieved, he returned his full focus on his opponent.

Holly dodged a few more slap attempts before finally seizing Kelly’s arm. The hostess shrieked as Holly swung her around before sending her staggering across the room, brushing against her husband Henry before tumbling to the mat. Holly went on the attack, but Kelly from her knees, wrapped her arms around the ankles, sending Holly falling on top of her. The two women rolled over each other, their legs tangled and thrashing as they seized each other’s hair and rolled into a catball.

Locked into a standing stalemate, Shaun and Henry shifted their efforts to tripping each other’s legs. Shaun hooked Henry’s shoulder and attempted a hip toss but the 260 pounder could not be moved, and by grapevining Shaun’s ankle, both wrestlers lost their balance sending both of them toppling to the mat. Henry, using his superior size, took control riding Shaun who was faced down on his hands and knees. Nearby, his wife had Holly mounted trying to pin her arms as the blonde bucked and kicked her legs. On her back, Holly glanced at Shaun as she struggled against Kelly’s control. Shaun, at a disadvantage under Henry’s weight, briefly met his wife’s eyes. Holly lifted her pelvis, throwing her legs up high, hooking her attacker’s neck, pulling her off the mount before rolling away to escape. Shaun maneuvered a quick sit out, spinning away to freedom. The couple quickly rose to their feet, standing back to back, ready to face off again with their respective opponents. “Nice escape, babe,” Shaun whispered to his wife.

Holly and Kelly again lunged at each other while their husbands resumed grappling with more deliberation. The women screeched and yelled while yanking each other’s hair, their heads being forced side to side. Kelly’s strength advantage took over as she tackled her opponent to the mat. The blonde, however, used the momentum to reverse positions, clamping a side  headlock on the surly brunette, holding her on the mat. With her opponent momentarily subdued, Holly took the opportunity to catch her breath, turning her attention to the men. She watched her man maneuver behind  Henry, wrapping his arms around the waist in a gut wrench. Shaun, a very powerful man in his own right, lifted the behemoth off his feet and arched his back, sending the larger man backward, crashing to the mat, landing on his back and upper shoulders. The force of the falling beef sent a tremor through the first floor of the house rattling the wall paintings and shelf knick knacks. “Good, babe,” Holly said out loud.

Shaun quickly went on attack from the top position but Henry wrapped his legs around Shaun’s waste, keeping his opponent outside the guard. For a few minutes, both couples reached a stalemate with Holly holding Kelly down with a headlock and Shaun on top of Henry but too immobilized by Henry’s legs to advance his attack. Kelly managed to seize Holly’s hair with one hand and pushed her chin with the other. The tactic succeeded in loosening Holly’s headlock as Kelly finally slipped her head out of the grasp. The two women rolled again, kicking and flailing in a catball. Shaun, pried Henry’s legs apart from his waist, holding a foot as he stood up. From a standing position, Shaun applied an right ankle lock, cranking the big foot as Henry lay on his back grimacing in pain.

As the women rolled across the floor, Kelly regained the advantage, trapping Holly on her belly, and pulling her arm behind her back into a chicken wing. To her side, her husband Henry groaned loudly as Shaun asked for his submission. Shaun contorted his face as he tried cranking the ankle which seemed to be the size of an elephant’s. The ankle had undergone surgery a year earlier and Kelly looked on with deep concern. “Hang in there, honey, you can do it,” she encouraged. Henry twisted his back and scrambled, trying to relieve the ankle pressure as he kicked with his free leg. “That’s it baby,” Kelly called out as she watched her man roll free.

Henry pulled himself up on his feet but was noticeably limping from the effects of the ankle lock. Sensing an advantage, Shaun went on the attack, pushing down His opponent’s thick neck, trapping him in a front face lock.

“Come on, Shaun, put him away,” Holly called out.

“Shut up,” Kelly responded, slapping Holly across the back of the head, as she applied pressure on the arm.

Holly let out a high pitched scream before shouting out, “You bitch.” She twisted her body enough to seize her assailant by the throat, forcing the release of her trapped arm. The women again rolled across the mat, arms slapping, legs entangled, screeching and cursing. Neither one noticed Henry slumping in Shaun’s face lock, falling to one knee.

“You give?” Shaun asked, grinding his teeth as he strained to increase the pressure on his foe’s massive neck.

“No,” the larger man bellowed as he wrapped his thick arms around Shaun’s knees, lifting him off his feet. With the loss of leverage, Henry felt the neck pressure lessen. Wrapping his arms under Shaun’s, he managed a double undertook, interlocking both hands behind his opponent’s back, as Shaun desperately tried to hang on to the front face lock.

Kelly once again won the floor grappling battle forcing Holly face down on the mat. The blonde felt her wrists seized, her arms forcibly yanked behind her. She rose to a kneeling position to lessen the tension in her arms and shoulders. This played into Kelly’s plan. From a standing position, she placed a foot squarely between Holly’s shoulder blades, pulling back harder on both arms into a kneeling surfboard hold. Helpless, Holly tried squirming but to no effect on her stretched back arms.

“Do you want to submit? Have you had enough?” Kelly demanded an answer.

“No,” Holly squealed. The pain wasn’t so bad she told herself. She felt immobilized but the pain wasn’t so unbearable. Trapped in her position, she faced the husbands war raging in front of her.

Henry with the double underhook locked in, rose from his knees, lifting Shaun with him, transitioning into a full bear hug. At 260 pounds and with a background in wrestling and weightlifting, he was more than capable of eliciting an admission with the hold, even against a strong athletic 218 lb. man like Shaun. And Shaun knew it. Henry’s arms squeezed around his rib cage like a pair of anacondas. His breathing compressed, Shaun was aware he was in trouble.

“You got him, Henry,” Kelly encouraged her husband, as she kept Holly detained kneeling on the floor, pulling the arms while pushing off with her foot, maintaining the surfboard hold. “That’s it, my big strong guy.”

“Hang in there, Shaun,” Holly called out. “He can’t hold you much longer.”

Both men grimaced, their faces contorted from strain. Henry inhaled deeply, then squeezed as hard as he possibly could. Shaun groaned, arching his back, tightening his trunk muscles attempting to resist the pressure. His breathing pattern was now rapid shallow respirations.

Holly fought back panic. She had never seen her husband in such a precarious predicament. She also had no answer for Kelly’s hold on her.

“Do you want to submit yet,” Kelly inquired.

“Fuck no,” the blonde shot back.

“Well it looks like your hubby is in a heap of trouble. Maybe you should both make it easier on yourselves and give up now,” Kelly replied.

“Fuck you,” Holly growled.

“Fine then,” said the brunette. “We’ll just stay here and watch your husband go down first, then I’ll finish you off.” Agitated, Holly violently shook her head side to side, pulled with her shoulders but to no avail.

Both men’s faces were red and misshapen by exertion as they struggled against each other’s power. With sweat pouring from his forehead, Henry made several thrusting actions with his arms, hoping to inflict bursts of power and pain with each one. Shaun let out a groan of anguish.

“Come on, baby, you can do it. You can get out of this,” Holly exhorted.

Both men were still. Henry remained with his big feet planted on the floor, every muscles in his arms, legs and trunk tightened, his arms around his opponent’s back, his fingers interlocked. Shaun could barely touch the mat with his toes, his back remained arched. With his arms free, he tried pushing back on Henry’s head. To the women, the two titans seemed frozen in time, one woman waiting for a submission, the other becoming increasingly anxious desperate for her husband to escape.

Then the tide appeared to change. Henry looked tired and winded as both men gasped for air. I knew it, Holly thought to her self. Henry’s running out of gas. Shaun outlasted him. “That’s it baby, you’re almost there.”

Shaun now worked his hand between his own body and Henry’s arm, sensing the bigger man’s  grip weakening. Henry, realizing his chance for a submission had past decided his best course of action was to find away to keep the advantage. Feeling his fatigued muscles losing their grip on Shaun’s sweaty slippery body, Henry charged forward holding his foe. Tired and off balance, he stumbled driving both men into the wall, releasing the bear hug just before impact, creating a loud low pitched booming sound and leaving the plaster indented. The room shook with the impact of Shaun’s back crashing into the structure causing two paintings and a clock to drop to the floor

Both men staggered, then slumped to the floor. Kelly continued the pause in the women’s action, continuing to hold Holly trapped on her knees with her arms pulled back.

“Come on, Henry, you can end it, you got him,” Kelly cheered.

“Go, Shaun,” Holly shouted, with a hint of nervousness, ignoring the tension in her arms and shoulders.

The two men, panting and soaked and dripping with sweat, rose to their hands and knees, but it was Henry who was the first to regain his feet. Approaching Shaun with caution, the big man moved in with surprising speed as Shaun began to stand. Wrapping one arm around the neck, and the other arm seizing the crotch, Henry scooped his man up off his feet, hoisting up chest high, apparently preparing for a body slam, both wrestlers again grimacing and grunting.

“That’s it sweetie,” Kelly cried out. “Finish him off.”

Oh God, no, Holly said to herself, her mind beginning to cloud in disbelief, having never seen her mate so manhandled.

Henry grimaced, showing his teeth as he let out a loud growl, the veins, muscles and tendons of his neck protruding under the strain of positioning his opponent in the air for a throw.


Holly was silent, watching in hazy state of near disbelief.


The groan of a man taking his body to its limits segued into a sonorous scream of pain alarming Kelly, Holly, and Shaun. Henry? Was that Henry? they each thought. Why? And what was that popping sound that preceded the scream? Henry?

It happened so fast. Henry crumbling to the floor and dropping his opponent was now on his back clutching his right ankle. The ankle. The one that was injured last year from a construction site accident. The one that required reconstruction surgery. The one that Shaun had trapped in an ankle lock just a few moments ago. The one in which something just “popped.”

Henry writhed on the mat, slightly rocking side to side on his back attempting to relieve the pain. Shaun lay a few feet away slowly getting up on all fours.

Kelly released Holly’s arm while still pushing off the back sending the blonde’s face crashing to the mat. “Henry, what happened,” she asked.

“My ankle,” her husband answered. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” Shaun asked. “That doesn’t look so good. Maybe you should put ice on it. Do you want to call it a draw so you can take care of that?”

“I’ll do that later. Let’s finish the match.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Let’s finish it.”

Shaun rose to his feet. Henry tried to do the same but could only hobble on one leg. Shaun easily scored a single leg takedown and quickly positioned the injured man on his back.

“Well, you heard my husband, Blondie, let’s finish it,” Kelly demanded, shoving her guest’s chest who had just risen to her feet. Holly, feeling a bit flustered by the recent development hesitated, then pushed back but once again, it was Kelly who was the aggressor. The women grabbed hair and arms. They pushed, pulled and swung until Holly was again taken down, positioned face down on the mat with Kelly on top. Instead of attacking the arms and shoulders again, the hostess went after the legs, bending both knees, crossing the ankles, holding them behind her opponent’s back in a double toe leg lock.

On her belly, Holly pounded the mat in frustration. How could she let Kelly outwork her like that? As soon as I escape from this, I’ll give it to this bitch, she promised herself. She lifted her head and pushed on the mat with her hands, slightly raising her chest. As she looked in front of her, her spirits rose. Her man was in control.

Shaun and Henry were chest to chest with Henry on his back. He’s about to score a pin, she thought. If not, all he has to do is grab that ankle and it’s over. I never doubted Shaun would win. Now I’ve got to do my part.

Shaun positioned himself over his man maximizing his leverage as Henry’s shoulder blades were squarely pressing onto the mat.  “One…Two…,” he called out. The bigger man managed to roll up a shoulder.

“Fight, Henry, you can do it,” screamed Kelly.

“That’s it, Shaun, it’s almost over,” Holly shouted. That wifely support earned her a slap on the head from Kelly who sat atop her locking up her legs.

“Shut up, loser,” Kelly admonished.

Shaun shifted his weight again. “One….Two…..Three….Four….” Henry bridged up, pain searing through his ankle as he pushed up with his legs. The count would restart two more times, both times ending with a bridge out. Finally, Henry held the bridge, arching his back and neck to the point where his forehead was grounded into the mat.

Just a matter of time, Holly thought. Kelly, sensing her husband’s defeat was imminent increased her hostility and aggression, yanking her victim’s hair and slapping the head.

Henry, fighting through pain and exhaustion attempted one last maneuver. Grasping on to Shaun’s neck and wrapping his arm around a thigh, he lifted up his hips and rolled. One shoulder rose several inches before falling back to the mat. Taking a deep breath and groaning loudly, the colossal man lifted and rolled, incredibly turning his body over, taking Shaun with him. Now it was Henry on top in a full reversal.

“That’s it, Henry, good job!” Kelly encouraged.

Henry, looking spent now held Shaun in a near fall position. With both men short-winded, he slowly shifted his body, using his weight advantage for control. Gradually, situating himself, straddling his opponent’s torso, he slid past his rival’s guard and seized the wrists. Shaun resisted mightily, doing his best to fight with his back to the mat, struggling to keep his arms up as Henry pushed down on them. The arms trembled under the tension as Henry increased the pressure and Shaun pushed back. With sweat dripping from his forehead onto Shaun’s chest, with a loud snort, Henry snapped Shaun’s hands down to the mat as he and Kelly counted.


Holly watched in horror from her belly down position, resting on her elbows as Kelly sat perched atop her back, holding on to the tied up legs.

“SHAUN!” she screamed.

Holly felt small relief as Shaun managed to push one arm and shoulder up off the mat. But the crisis was far from over. On his back, straddled by a 260 pound ox outside his guard, his situation was dire. Henry had a near schoolboy pin and began sliding his weight forward to place his knees on Shaun’s shoulders. Shaun knew it. He pushed back with all his might; he bucked up his pelvis and lifted his legs high, not quite able to hook his assailant with his feet.

Kelly was content pausing her own action to watch the men’s proceedings, sensing her husband was close to victory. “You got him, babe, you got him,” she proclaimed “Stay on him. He’s fading.”

“SHAUN, GET UP!” Holly’s cry becoming more shrill and desperate.

Shaun’s arms were pinned again for a count of four before he again lifted up enough to break the count. Holly felt a tightness in her stomach and then…a sense of hope. Shaun threw up his pelvis, pulled his legs vertically, then managed to hook Henry around the neck with his feet. The bigger man was pushed off balance and nearly dislodged from his opponent, before shaking off Shaun’s hold. He quickly repositioned himself into the schoolboy pin attempt but met Shaun’s feet again. And once again, he refuted the escape attempt but clearly realized the end for Shaun wouldn’t come so easily.

“That’s it, Shaun,” Holly said, her voice now regaining a little buoyancy.

Henry lowered his head to avoid getting hooked by Shaun again. He looked at his red faced, gasping rival and for a moment seemed deep in thought, as if contemplating a different tactic. To the surprise of his wife, Henry released Shaun’s wrists, then immediately placed his gigantic hands behind his opponent’s head and pulled up. Shaun felt the tension in the back of his neck as it was flexed forward forcing his chin into his chest. His free arms grabbed Henry’s wrists and began to pry.

Holly was confused, not knowing what to think about this development. But Kelly had no doubt. “Oh yeah, baby, there it is. The can opener. Now it’s over.”

Feeling the pressure from the neck crank, Shaun resumed his only possible escape by hooking Henry’s head or neck with his feet. The attempt fell short as Henry felt one foot graze his head. He countered by lowering his own head almost against Shaun’s chest, bending his elbows in the process. And then the international construction foreman rocked his body backward, lifting Shaun’s head and shoulders off the mat. He rocked back further, lifting his victim’s upper body to a 45 degree ankle.

Holly did not understand this hold but her confusion turned to despair as Shaun moaned in pain and his movements slowed. The blonde barely realized her legs were now free. Nor did she think of asking herself why or wonder about Kelly’s position. Pulling herself up on all fours, she called to her husband, “Come on, Shaun. Come on, baby.”

Holly did not notice her own head was now straddled by her foe’s legs. By the time she realized a pair of thighs was wrapping around her head, it was too late. Kelly’s head scissors had taken effect, forcing her rival back down on the mat. By the time Holly recovered her orientation, she was lying on her side, her head squeezed by Kelly’s pressure. Her face covered by legs, she could see nothing. She could barely breathe.

For a moment, Holly became disgusted with herself. How could she let herself be so distracted? She and Shaun would discuss how they needed to focus on their own match. Yes, she cared deeply about Shaun but she had her own match to fight. After all, she told herself, Shaun could handle himself. Trapped, Holly could hear muffled sounds of the men’s grunts and groans. It occurred to her one sound seemed to be the grunt of strenuous activity while other seemed to be the groaning of pain.

“Shaun?” She whispered to herself. She badly wanted to see the men, but Kelly’s thighs blocked her vision and held her head in a fixed position. She heard the action as if her head was underwater.

“Shaun?” The groaning grew louder.

“Shaun?” The groaning changed into a low pitched guttural scream.



For Holly, time stopped for an instant. Then came cognitive dissonance. Then denial. I heard a man’s submission, she thought. It wasn’t Shaun’s, so it must have been Henry’s. That’s it. Shaun won. My baby won. I’m so sorry I didn’t see it my love. But it’s OK. As soon as I get out of this head scissors, I’ll kick Kelly’s ass, then we’ll be the victorious couple. I know you’ll wait for me. Oh what a time we’ll have tonight, my love. I love you so much.

Then brutal reality. The next partially obscured sound Holly heard was Kelly’s voice. “Way to go, honey. Beautiful, Henry. Just beautiful. Now I’ll do my part.”

Crumpled on the mat and detained by her opponent’s head scissors, Holly’s brief moment of delusion dissolved into despondency. It was the moment she believed she could never face. Her husband, so strong, so athletic could never lose. Her unbeatable champion. Even anticipating this situation and how she’d react was something she always avoided. Her mind was blank.

Holly felt a spasm of thigh muscles tightening around her head. “Give up?” Asked another woman’s voice. The blonde was silent.

“Answer,” Kelly demanded. “I said, ‘Do you give up’”

“No,” answered Holly’s distant weak voice.

Kelly squeezed again. “Give up,” she insisted. “It’s over. You’re husband already submitted. There’s at least one smart one in the family.”

The words stung Holly. She couldn’t deal with Shaun losing. But she knew she couldn’t just lay there and submit to Kelly either. She needed to escape anyway possible.

“Yep, you’re husband’s shorts are going to make a fine trophy,” Kelly taunted.

Those words were a dagger through the heart. Holly’s instinct took over. She kicked, she bucked, she thrashed, she bridged. She worked one hand partway between her head and Kelly’s thigh. She couldn’t consider that scratching was against the agreed upon rules. She needed to do what’s necessary.

Kelly screeched as the blonde dug her nails into her skin. The distraction caused her to the lighten pressure of her head scissors as Holly popped her head out from the hold, rolled away, then scrambled to her feet.

“BITCH,” Kelly shrieked as she arose upright.

The two women faced each other but they did not make eye contact for Holly was looking past Kelly paralyzed by what she saw behind her. It was Shaun, flat on his back, arms at his side, legs straight, heels planted, still in his shorts. Standing over him was Henry, hands on his hips in an assertive posture, his right foot and swollen ankle pressed down on his defeated foe’s chest. Holly felt lightheaded and about to faint. There was her man, vanquished and humbled, his body used for sport by the victor, like an ancient warrior king slain in battle by a rival kingdom’s ruler.

“BITCH,” Kelly repeated, landing a hard, loud sounding slap across the face that snapped her adversary’s head to the side. Enraged, the brunette charged her stunned foe shoving her hard in the chest, sending her stumbling backwards off balance. “So you want to change the rules? Fine with me.”

Holly recovered her footing, looking around with a vacant expression. She looked at her fiery opponent and then at Shaun, now subdued by Henry sitting on his chest. For the first time since declaring his submission, Shaun spoke. “Fight, Holly. Don’t look this way. Stay focused and fight.”

Holly didn’t see Kelly charging at her, knocking her over with a second shove. Landing on her ass, she was easy prey for Kelly moving in and seizing the beleaguered woman by the hair, dragging her a few feet. “You want to change the rules?” she repeats. “Then let’s add kicking.” No sooner did Kelly finish the sentence when she fired her foot into Holly’s flank, eliciting a baleful yelp. Kelly, with a new level of aggressiveness and cruelty yanked the blonde hair, pulled and swung sending her prey wheeling and falling to her side.

Holly landed not far from her husband’s resting spot. Her self-confidence draining, her illusion of Shaun’s invincibility shattered, she struggled to find resolve. She was in the middle of a wrestling match, now turning into a catfight. She knew if she had any chance of winning, she would need to regain her courage. Shaun’s supine body lay just a few feet away. She fought back the urge to look. I won’t look, she said to herself remembering her husband’s words. He fought for me, she thought. The least I can do is try my best and fight for him.

Kelly attacked again as Holly began to rise, this time shooting in low, tackling her guest, sending her falling backwards again. Instinctively, Holly turned onto her belly, only to be mounted by her aggressor, who reached under her jaw, yanking her head back with a vicious chin lock.

“You ready to give, yet?” Kelly growled.

“No,” Holly whimpered.

“Come on now, haven’t you had enough,” Kelly asserted. “Look at your hubby, he’s done. Don’t you just want this to be over with and join him?” As she spoke, Kelly positioned Holly’s head slightly to the right, squarely in Shaun’s direction.

In full view was a sight Holly tried to avoid seeing. Shaun was still on his back, eyes half closed, facing the ceiling. By now, he was nude, stripped of his shorts, flat and alone, like a warrior whose body had been placed upon a stone slab, about to be sacrificed to the victorious tribe’s gods. Or a graveyard stone effigy of a long ago medieval knight.

Holly’s heart sank and her vision momentarily blurred. And Henry? Where’s Henry? she wondered.

“Henry,” Kelly called out. “Bring both sets of ropes. We’re almost ready.”

Holly would have gasped if her mouth wasn’t sealed tightly. The ropes. The stakes. The hogtie. Her Shaun. It was too much. She anticipated she might lose to Kelly. She told herself she’d get through it if she was defeated and tied. After all, she had her husband’s undying support. He’d be with her no matter what. But Shaun? Naked? Tied up? It was overwhelming.

Kelly continued her taunting. “It looks like Henry and I will have two roasted pigs tonight.”

Holly instantly shifted out of self pity and into infuriation. Like a trapped wild animal, she squirmed, she kicked, she….clawed.

“OWWLLLL,” Kelly, howled as Holly dug fingernails into her arm. “FUCK…AGAIN?…So you haven’t had enough yet? Well, let me give you more……GET UP, BITCH!”

With one hand grasping hair, and another seizing Holly’s red bikini strap, the angry brunette pulled up, forcing Holly to her knees, then feet. Enraged, Kelly swung her foe around before flinging her back to the mat. Holly lay on her side moaning and writhing, slowly working herself to her knees. Her ponytail tie and bikini top were gone. Topless, and with her blonde wavy hair a wild mess, she unsteadily rose.

Her efforts at recovery were met with a vicious backhanded slap to her bare chest. Then another. And another, leaving her breasts red and sore. Kelly moved in, hooked her arm under Holly’s and hip tossed the blonde back down on the mat.

Holly moaned and writhed as she rolled to her side. Demoralized and overpowered, she contemplated surrendering. But yet, a part of her urged her to continue. For pride. For herself. For Shaun. She tried to collect herself, she knew Kelly would be take advantage of her vulnerability and attack again….But she didn’t….Where was she?….Where was Kelly?

Staggering to her feet, Holly turned and looked around. She saw Kelly. And she saw Shaun. Her fallen husband remained on his back awaiting his punishment, still, silent….and totally naked. There was more. Holly blinked hard, then felt the rage rising within her.

Standing over Shaun was the bikini clad Kelly, her foot planted on his chest, her arm biceps flexed, partaking in her husband’s victory celebration. Holly’s blood chilled as Kelly placed a sweaty sole on her beloved’s face, then pushing it to the side Holly’s direction. For a brief second, the couple, one defeated and one still fighting, met with their eyes.

Holly gritted her teeth. She felt her heart pound, her face flushed red. Her man, her love, her idol humiliated…like holy ground that had been desecrated. All the feelings she felt up to this point in the match vanished. The fear, the uncertainty, the self-doubt, the self-pity all pushed away by anger, by rage…by fury.

“Look who’s waiting for you, sweetie,” Kelly ridiculed. “Why don’t you come join him? Do you want to quit now or do I need to give you more of a beating?” The tormentor approached Holly, walking on Shaun’s body as if it was a doormat, with her arms up, preparing to resume Holly’s drubbing.

Holly crouched down like a wild animal, her eyes blazing with hatred. As Kelly approached, the blonde let out a horrifying high pitched primal scream that startled the host couple. Kelly rushed forward but Holly did not cower, timing a hard kick to the crotch when her attacker came within range. The blow stopped Kelly in her tracks, forcing her to bend over, rubbing her sensitive zone. Holly walked over to Shaun, and for a moment, took up a fighting position by his side while guarding him, like Rizpah on the mountain, defending the bodies of her slain sons from being devoured by beasts.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Holly screeched as she drove forward forcing Kelly against the wall. With no regard to the pre-match decided rules, the topless woman in the red bikini bottom threw a knee to the midsection eliciting a loud ooomph from her opponent as Kelly doubled over.

“YOU FUCKING CXNT!” Holly continued. The fired up gladiatrix seized Kelly by the hair, slamming her against the wall, reared back and landed a hard slap to the face, creating a loud smacking sound. Holly fired a second one, then a third, as Kelly slumped to the floor, her face red with a stunned expression.

“GET UP BITCH!” Holly shrieked, yanking the hostess up by the hair, pain searing through Kelly’s scalp. As Kelly tried to stand, Holly quickly maneuvered behind her, slipping her arms under her adversaries armpits, interlocking her fingers behind the head, pushing down on a full nelson. She realized she might not have the power to force a submission but she was content to be in control, pushing down on her opponent’s neck as hard as possible, walking her across the room, shaking her side to side. After a final rigorous shake, she flung her victim to the mat. Kelly’s hair bun had become unraveled and her dark hair was a chaotic cascade.

Holly kept up her fury, yelling, “Get up!”. Now playing cat and mouse, the blonde deliberately waited for Kelly to stand, then dove for the legs, lifting up the brunette, draping her over her shoulder. As Kelly tried to grab hold, Holly took off in a running start, throwing the brunette forward while holding the legs, sending Kelly crashing down on her head, shoulders, and back.
Looking down on the stunned woman, Holly considered folding her up into a matchbook pin. She took a deep breath and looked straight ahead. She formed another idea.

There it was. Straight ahead. The pool table. The sight of Holly’s indignity in their first match. She had a debt to settle. Pulling on the legs, she walked backward, dragging Kelly on her back, depositing her just a few feet away from the billiards game, again demanding, “Get up.”

Kelly pulled herself up on all fours when Holly drove a knee into her shoulder, knocking her down again. As the brunette groveled on the mat, Holly quickly scrambled on top of the pool table, bringing her toes to the edge. This time I will go off this table on my own terms, she told herself. As her prey attempted to rise, Holly bent her knees, then leapt, crashing her elbow with all her weight onto Kelly’s back, as the recipient of the blow fell back over and screamed.

Up on her feet, Holly planned her next move. I should end this now, she thought. Just after a little more retribution. Once again, she tortured Kelly’s scalp with a yank of the hair, pulling her up, backing her against the pool table, pushing bending her upper body back as the edge of the table dug into her lower back. Holly seized the front clasp of Kelly’s bikini top, ripping it off, leaving the brunette’s tits exposed. She lightened up her grip enough to deliver a series of slaps to the breasts and face for payback.

Almost finished, Holly thought. But first, there’s one more account to settle. Like a woman possessed, she lifted her body up to the green velvet table top, holding Kelly by the hair. “Get up,” she grumbled. Kelly groped around the table edge. “You heard me,” Holly repeated, GET UP HERE.”

Reluctantly, Kelly yielded to the pain and control Holly wielded over her, jumping up enough to slide her butt over the table edge, then rolling her body onto the green. Holly continued to force her up, clamping down a headlock in addition to a handful of hair.

“You’re going for a ride, hun,” she informed. “This time, it’s your turn.” Forcing her victim to the table’s edge, Holly maneuvered behind the woman, twisting one arm behind the back and another around the edge. Kelly struggled in vain to keep away from the edge. Now in position, it would take just one push.

Holly sensed the end was near. She took a deep breath and felt a sense of relief, a sense of vindication as she looked across the room. Indeed, she did gaze across the room…and froze.

There it was. Too shocking for words. Something she never thought she’d see. Something she always feared she would see. Her worst nightmare come true.

It was Shaun, on his belly, his knees bent, his feet pulled high behind his back – tied together. The arms and shoulders were pulled straight back, the hands tied together and attached to the feet. The head was extended backwards, facing straight ahead held in a fixed position with a band wrapped around the forehead and attached to the rope in the back. In his mouth was a red ball gag. There he was, the handsome face, the magnificent body, the cute dimpled ass. There he was…still…helpless…hogtied.

Oh Shaun, Holly said silently. Oh my love, be strong for me. I know you are. You said you would wait for me, and you did. Now let me wait for you. You said couples wrestling was like a marriage where we have our victories and setbacks. I’ll always be there for you, my love. I wish right now, I could hold you, kiss you, love you…

Yeah, you’re all I never knew I needed
And the heart, sometimes it’s unclear why it’s beating
And love, if your wings are broken
We can brave through those emotions too
‘Cause I’m gonna stand by you

Just a little longer, my precious one. Just a little longer and we’ll be together. We’ll both get through this stronger….

 Kelly sensing her opponent’s hesitancy and feeling the grip on her slightly weakening, jerked her arm away and maneuvered behind the emotionally stunned Holly. Wrapping her ankles around Holly’s, Kelly pushed forward and…

It happened so fast. Henry had no time to react at the sight of both women tumbling from the pool table, both screaming. Together, they fell to the mat covered floor below, Holly making impact first, then Kelly on top of her. Kelly rolled off, leaving both women side by side. But it was Holly absorbing most of the blow. The two combatants momentarily lay on their backs, bare chests rising and falling.

Henry, out of concern, moved toward them as Kelly crawled onto Holly’s chest, holding the wrists to the mat in a school girl pin.

“Are you girls okay?” He asked.

Kelly did not answer. Instead she counted, “One…Two…Three.”  Holly rolled her legs side to side but put forth no struggle.

“Four…Five…I win.”

Henry helped his wife to her feet and assured himself Holly wasn’t seriously hurt. Kelly stretched her bruised, battered, and scratched body, drank water, then returned to Holly, placing her foot between the tits for the victory pose. After several minutes of recuperation, Kelly turned toward her husband. “Well dear, shall we.”

Holly felt no self-pity when her hips were lifted and her bikini bottom taken away. She felt no embarrassment when her feet were tied together. She did not worry about her future when her hands were bound behind her back. She knew her concern for Shaun cost her the fight. Maybe she’d learn to stay focused. Maybe the revelation that Shaun is not invincible will give her a better perspective. Or maybe her love for Shaun will always hinder her ability as a couples wrestler. If so, she’d be OK with it. All that mattered was her and Shaun – for life.

As Henry placed the ball gag, Holly looked at him and said one word, “Shaun?” Henry nodded.

The process now complete. The winners and losers now decided, the stakes now underway, Henry turned toward his wife as they stood over a bound Holly and in a moment of compassion stated, “I think she wants to be with her husband.” Gingerly, the victorious couple lifted the defeated blonde by the shoulders and knees, placing her gently nose-to-nose in front of Shaun.

“You always had a kind heart,” Kelly said as she approached her husband, embracing his large frame, pressing her bare breasts against his massive trunk.

“Henry,” she asked looking up at his eyes, “Do you want me?…Do you…love me?…You know how proud I am of you. You know I love you…..Will we stay…married?

Henry was expressionless as he looked down at his wife’s face.

Kelly’s emotions turned to panic. He still wants to leave, she thought. It’s over…and it’s all my fault. I was so blind. I hurt the person I loved the most. I don’t blame him. All those wasted years of what could have been. All those opportunities…gone.

This is the book I never read
These are the words I never said
This is the path I’ll never tread
These are the dreams I’ll dream instead
This is the joy that’s seldom spread
These are the tears, the tears we shed
This is the fear, this is the dread
These are the contents of my head
And these are the years that we have spent
And this is what they represent
And this is how I feel

“Henry, do you know how I feel?

The huge man continued to look at his wife’s face until finally his own features softened, lowering his lips to meet hers. Their mouths and tongues merged together, their hands caressing each other’s bare backs.

“I love you so much, honey,” Kelly cooed, as she tugged at the drawstring to Henry’s trunks. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” she whispered, leading him by the hand as he limped. As the couple approached the doorway out of the game room, Kelly turned toward Holly and Shaun, “We’re going to disappear for awhile,” she said slyly. “But we’ll be back, so don’t go away,” she said trying not to giggle. “But I should warn you,” she added as she left the game room, “we may not be back until tomorrow morning.”

Holly and Shaun looked at each other, their noses nearly touching. Indeed, each other is all they could possibly see. They could not speak. They could not smile. They could not move. However, that did not mean they could not communicate. They seemed to read each other’s mind, perhaps telepathically conversing in away that lovers can, if that’s possible.

Holly stared at her husband. Her message was loud and clear to him.

I’ll be your eyes ’til yours can shine
And I’ll be your arms I’ll be your steady satellite
And when you can’t rise
Well, I’ll crawl with you on hands and knees ’cause I
I’m gonna stand by you
Even if we’re breaking down
We can find a way to break through
Even if we can’t find heaven
I’ll walk through hell with you
Love, you’re not alone
‘Cause I’m gonna stand by you

In turn, Holly did not need to hear Shaun’s voice. But it resonated in her mind as if he was speaking through a microphone.

Oh, tears make kaleidoscopes in your eyes
And hurt, I know you’re hurting but so am I
And love, if your wings are broken
Borrow mine so yours can open too
‘Cause I’m gonna stand by you
Even if we’re breaking down
We can find a way to break through
Even if we can’t find heaven
I’ll walk through hell with you
Love, you’re not alone
‘Cause I’m gonna stand by you

They both knew what the match meant to them. There would be plenty of more fights, figuratively or literally, ahead of them. There will be wins. There will be losses. It’s how we respond to them. Good times and bad. Victories and failures. Together. That’s marriage. That’s love.

Now everyone dreams of love lasting and true
Oh but you and I know what this world can do
So let’s make our steps clear that the other may see
And I’ll wait for you, and if I should fall behind wait for me


Stand By You
Lyrics by Rachel Platten

Lyrics by Annie Lennox

If I Should Fall Behind
Lyrics by Bruce Springsteen

The End

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