Inge vs. Conchita: The Battle to Be Queen by JB57

Conchita Cortez arched her back, strained her powerful body as she stretched out her long, muscular legs, and let out a deep groan of profound pleasure. Her toes curled up. Her incredible body writhed deliciously, her hard, round ass rubbing into the bedclothes, her voluptuous hips thrusting with desire. Her left hand was grasping her massive right tit, kneading the taut flesh, caressing and then squeezing the jutting brown nipple, feeding the intense pleasure already wracking her body, before moving on to repeat the process with her left tit. Her right hand was buried deeply in the thick, black fur between her legs, her middle and index fingers probing the wet depths of her vagina, rubbing her pleasure spots, her thumb working slow and hard against her slick, burning clit. Salty sweat trickled away from her cleavage, pooling in her deep navel, flowing down her rippling belly to further moisten her pussy fur.

As Conchita masturbated, her mind was filled with images and memories. She envisioned the magnificent blonde jungle woman whom she had fought several months earlier. Conchita remembered the ecstatic feeling of the blonde’s hard, swollen clit grinding into hers, of the woman’s massive tits crushed nipple to nipple and rolling against her own. She remembered hot breath mixing, sweet saliva exchanged between locked mouths and writhing tongues, hot muscles sweating, locking, sliding and straining together, hard bellies undulating against each other, pubic hair crunching and twining. She remembered every inch of her body burning with pleasure and arousal, she and her enemy fused together, their steaming cunts sucked and locked into each other, their hot, wet inner cores merged and pulsing as one body.

The pleasure built inexorably. Finally, Conchita exploded in ecstasy. “Cunt, you cunt!,” she shrieked at the peak of her climax, cursing the blonde bitch who had – just barely –defeated her in their earlier fight. For several seconds, her body went as stiff as a board, her muscles paralyzed with a delicious tension. Then Conchita gasped and moaned with joy, and began riding out her self-induced orgasms, her pussy gushing with cum, her beautiful mocha-colored belly rippling with effort, her mountainous tits rocking in rhythm with her bucking hips. After some time, Conchita relaxed with a shuddering sigh, her body temporarily spent, the orgasms growing less intense and slowly fading away. Panting, she fell back onto the bedsheets, which were now soaked with her sweat and womanly secretions. She promised herself that she would get up and strip off the wet sheets. Soon, however, she fell asleep on the damp bedclothes, dreaming of her blonde enemy and moaning in lust and anger.

Conchita had left Spain and come to the great Portuguese city on the edges of the vast Amazon jungle with the hopes of finding adventure and riches. When she arrived, she bought a small villa and an estate on the outskirts of the city, her property bordered by the untamed jungle. She was rapidly accepted into the high society of the city, as befitted a Spanish countess. She quickly learned what she could about the opportunities for wealth presented by this new land, including learning as much as she could about the surrounding wilderness.

Only a few months after arriving, Conchita embarked on a daring, solitary journey into the deep jungle to look for fur, ivory, minerals – whatever wealth might be offered by the hidden depths of the forest. It was during this initial expedition that she encountered the blonde jungle goddess Inge. Conchita found wealth in the jungle, but she also found adventure, in the beautiful, voluptuous form of the jungle woman. Her battle with Inge was the most ecstatic, erotic experience of Conchita’s life.

After that encounter, Conchita changed. She still wanted wealth; she still enjoyed inflicting her strength and will on other beings. But Conchita found that these pursuits and ambitions no longer mattered as much as they once had. Conchita had always been a wild and untamed woman. She indulged herself where and with whom she wanted. She enjoyed using and displaying her womanly power. Since the battle with Inge, however, she found that her raw animal instincts, already very close to the surface, had been unleashed. She and Inge had fought each other at the most primitive, fundamental level of their womanhood. This experience had awakened in Conchita primal hungers and a taste for the heat and danger of the jungle that she had not experienced before. Without fully realizing it, she began to think of the jungle as her territory, and Inge as her counterpart, the animal of her own kind who now claimed and dominated the hunting ground that Conchita wanted for her own.

Months had passed since Conchita’s battle with Inge. In that time, she found that she could not get the jungle queen out of her thoughts. Every day, she spent what seemed like hours daydreaming, replaying the events of the battle with Inge in her mind, remembering – with a constant thrill of pleasure and lust- the sensations of their cataclysmic struggle. Every night, she masturbated herself to sleep with images of Inge’s body, with memories of the feeling of Inge’s clit grinding into hers, their tits crushed tightly together, their bodies locked and moving as one. Often, she would bolt awake at night, her body thoroughly aroused, the victim of a vivid erotic dream, always revolving around Inge.

When she first returned from the jungle, a few days after the fight, Conchita set about finding out what she could about the blonde jungle woman.  It occurred to Conchita that neither she nor the blonde goddess she had fought even knew the other’s name. Conchita did some discreet investigating in the city, and eventually discovered that there were legends about a blonde-haired, beautiful woman who dwelt deep in the forest and who protected the jungle and its inhabitants. This jungle goddess interacted with the native people, but had few dealings with the Europeans and their descendants. Among those who believed she existed, nothing was known about her origins.

Conchita burned with the desire for another battle with Inge, but she needed to challenge the blonde goddess on her own terms. She knew that she was a physical and sexual match for the jungle woman – she had already proven this to her own satisfaction. She was convinced that her loss to Inge was merely the product of bad luck. But the primal hunger in her demanded more. To defeat Inge on her own terms, Conchita needed to learn even more about the jungle. She had already proven herself to be accomplished at surviving in the wild. However, she needed to be more than just a gifted amateur; she needed to know everything that she possibly could about the primordial forest. She hired native trackers and hunters to teach her what they knew, and to show her the best ways of surviving in the forest. She had them teach her how to use spears, knives, bows and arrows. Conchita’s already remarkable physical abilities made it far easier for her to learn these new skills but, even so, she approached her lessons with the fervor of a new convert. Her desire to learn the skills of the jungle was fuelled by the insatiable lust that dominated her bodily desires, that filled her thoughts every night. She knew that she would only be ready to go back into the jungle and pit herself against Inge when she was confident that she was a match for the blonde bitch in every way. As she grew more skilled, Conchita frequently wandered the forest around her villa at night, hunting and tracking at the most difficult times, learning the habits of the great predators, and mastering her own abilities.

During this period, a great black panther came out of the jungle and began stalking and killing cattle on the edges of the forest. Conchita thrilled when she learned of the cat; it was perfect for what she needed to seal her rivalry with Inge. Conchita set out on a personal mission to hunt the great cat, using only a bow and arrow and her spear. She had made her fortune as a matador, so she had no qualms about fighting a dangerous animal at close quarters. She was certain that Inge had hunted and killed the leopard whose pelt formed the blonde goddess’ skimpy garments. Conchita had to match Inge, and she had to know that she could handle the dangers of the forest armed only with primitive weapons, her enormous strength and her own cunning.

Conchita hunted the panther and, after a few nights of patiently lying in wait, finally encountered the beast. She brought it down with an arrow, before finishing it off in close quarters with her spear. It was a savage battle, but one from which she emerged  unscathed and with absolute confidence in her skills as a jungle predator.

Conchita claimed the animal’s body as her trophy, and mounted its head on the wall of the great room in her villa. She saved the fur for later use, but she immediately cut a small part of the animal’s pelt away, to fashion into a very special garment: her own fur and leather bikini, based on Inge’s provocative leopard-skin bikini.

Six months after her first battle with Inge, the Spanish goddess finally felt ready to seek out her blonde enemy for another confrontation. She left her business affairs in the hands of a lawyer, with clear instructions that her estate was to be managed for several months. She was going into the deep jungle on a secret expedition, she explained, and she did not know when she would be back. Many people commented on the peculiarity of a countess going into the hot and dangerous jungle by herself, but Conchita had long since established a reputation as an extraordinary woman, a reputation that had been dramatically enhanced by her slaying the panther.

Conchita began her trek into the jungle. She wore a wide-brimmed safari hat and was dressed in a sleeveless blouse, and her usual skintight shorts. She wore thick boots on her feet. She carried a small pack and her spear. A gun was holstered at her hip. As she moved further into the forest, however, she began to shed the trappings of civilization. She removed her hat first, stuffing it into her backpack. Soon, she removed her shoes, tying them to the pack, and luxuriated in the feel of the grass and ground on her bare feet. She rolled up the blouse, tying it under her massive breasts, and baring her midriff. After traveling several hours into the jungle, when she was certain that she was far from any other city-dwellers, Conchita stopped to rest and complete her transformation.

Pausing in a jungle clearing by a clean, still pool, she quickly undressed, peeling off her blouse and wriggling out of her tight shorts. For a minute, she stood nude under the sun, enjoying the play of the wind on her tits and cunt, the heat of the humid air on her perfect, muscular body. Then, she reached into her pack and pulled out the scraps of fur and leather that would now form her clothing. She put on the loincloth first, pulling it tightly over her pussy and her ass. The cloth passing over her buttocks was more substantial than a thong, but it left most of her round, hard ass exposed. She tied the loincloth low on her hips, the scrap of black fur barely covering her thick pubic hair. The loincloth fit firmly over her pussy, cupping her cunt tightly and protecting it, even as it outlined and emphasized Conchita’s unusually large and powerful vagina.  Next, she tied on the fur halter. Small triangles of fur covered her large, brown areolae, and little else. Her magnificent tits bulged out on all sides of the meager coverings. The halter was tied in back and knotted between her bulging breasts. A leather string looped behind her neck and attached to the fur triangles provided the final support.

Conchita stood in the clearing and reveled in the freedom of her new outfit. She enjoyed the feeling of her huge tits straining against the few straps that held the halter in place. Her nipples hardened under the pressure. She enjoyed the feeling of being nearly nude under the jungle sun, knowing that this would be her natural state for the foreseeable future. The hot air moved against her bare midriff, caressed her naked back, and gently played around her hot inner thighs and naked calves. She smiled, feeling that she had put aside the last vestiges of civilization. She was like an animal now, wild, untamed and part of the jungle. The savage sexuality that had come fully awake in her last encounter with Inge was now in full control. She admired her reflection in the pool. The scraps of fur strategically positioned on her voluptuous body conveyed the sense of barely-contained sexuality.

She reached into her pack and pulled out a sharp knife in its scabbard, which she attached to her right thigh with a leather thong. She unloaded the gun, then shoved it back in its holster and into the pack. She stuffed the rest of her clothing into the pack, wrapped the pack in a protective tarpaulin, then hid the bundle inside the roots of a nearby tree, marking the spot if she needed to find it later. She retrieved her spear. Leaving the accessories of her civilized life behind, she began moving through the jungle, putting her newly acquired skills to work, moving back to the place where she had last encountered Inge. Her body burned with lust and anticipation, her muscles flowed with power and grace. She was determined that she would find Inge, and by the time they were finished with each other, the jungle would have a new queen and they would both know which of them was the more powerful woman.

If Conchita had found her life and her dreams redefined by her encounter with Inge, the same was true for Inge. Inge had always loved combat with other creatures. She had been especially aroused by her past battles with other women. Her battle with Conchita, however, had been an encounter far beyond anything she had ever dreamed of before, and its raw intensity filled her with an unabated lust and desire that seemed impossible to satisfy. Like Conchita, Inge found her days and nights plagued by dreams and memories of their earlier battle. She dreamt of Conchita’s body locked to hers, she was tormented by memories of fucking the Spanish countess clit to clit until they both exploded with unbelievable pleasure.  She remembered hot flesh sliding against hot flesh, muscles straining, wet, juicy cunts sucked solidly together. Inge’s lust had been so great that, once, she even made the trek towards the great city in the vain and irrational hope that she would somehow find Conchita outside its walls and they could resume their battle. When she reached the city, she had stayed on the outskirts, watching from the cover of the thick trees.  The sights and sounds of the metropolis had repulsed and frightened her, and brought her back to her senses. She realized the futility of her hope of finding Conchita. She had returned to her home deep in the jungle, more frustrated than ever. (Ironically, Conchita  had been out hunting the very night that Inge arrived at the city, and the two women actually had passed very close to each other in the dark, a near encounter that neither would ever know about).

Inge knew that Conchita would eventually return. She knew that the Spanish goddess was similar enough to her in temperament that she would not let her defeat stand. Even more important, their incredible mutual lust ensured that Conchita would come back to satisfy her hunger. Inge was angry that it was taking the dark-haired beauty so long to return to resume the fight. Moreover, she was also a bit worried. The longer it took Conchita to come back, the more sure Inge became that the Spanish woman would return with some kind of strategy with which to confront her blonde nemesis. Inge could do little to prepare for an attack beyond building up her own sexual endurance. She knew that her battle with Conchita would, ultimately, come down to which of them was better able to give and receive raw pleasure. Her nightly masturbations turned into endurance tests. She drove herself as high up the pleasure curve as she could through her own ministrations, trying hard to increase her already phenomenal sexual stamina. When the Spanish bitch came back, Inge was determined that she would be ready for any confrontation.

Conchita journeyed through the jungle for five more days and nights, heading ever deeper into the rainforest, seeking the place where she had last encountered her blonde prey. She caught food by setting snares, or using her spear to bring down larger animals. She feasted on the fruits and plants offered by the jungle. She slept in the treetops, in hastily, but well built shelters. She even learned to travel by swinging herself from tree to tree when she needed to. She rejoiced in the feeling of her magnificent tits bouncing and straining in their halter, her powerful legs propelling her through the underbrush, her bare feet sinking into the soft earth, her flesh exposed to the heat of the jungle. As she moved closer to Inge, her animal instincts seemed to get stronger. She could almost sense her blonde enemy, and her desire and anticipation of the impending confrontation grew stronger every hour.

On the morning of the sixth day, Conchita found her first sign of Inge: a woman’s footprint, exactly the same size as her own. She placed her bare foot into the print, and shuddered with lust. She imagined the soles of her bare feet pressed to Inge’s. The print was only a few hours old. Inge was very close. Conchita could feel that the culmination of her months of feverish lust and desire was very close at hand. She followed the trail, winding deeper into the underbrush until she came across a well-hidden clearing, surrounded by thick brush and ancient trees. In the center of the clearing was a deep pool of water, fed by a little creek and a waterfall that ran off from the river. There, sitting beside the pool, was Inge herself. Conchita stopped, her heart suddenly pounding, her throat dry, a shock of deep, pure lust reverberating through her body at the sudden sight of her hated, but much-desired, enemy. Conchita crouched in the shadows of the trees, watching, preparing herself.

Inge was not alone. She was playing with a fawn, no more than a few days old. The fawn was allowing Inge to pet it. Its mother stood only a few feet away, evidently unconcerned with the presence of the beautiful golden-haired goddess. Inge stroked the baby animal for a while, hugging the creature around its neck, clearly enjoying its newborn smell and innocence. After a while, she let the fawn go, and it ambled away awkwardly.

Inge rose to her feet, then stood on her tiptoes, raised her hands above her head, and gave her magnificent bronzed body a luxurious stretch. Watching from the shadows, Conchita felt her heart pound harder, her cunt burn even hotter. Unwittingly, Inge presented herself, in her unvarnished glory, to her enemy. Her beautiful, perfect legs tensed and flexed, her naked belly sucked in, emphasizing her powerful abdominal muscles. Her incredible tits pushed out at her halter, straining its bindings to their breaking point. To her delight, Conchita realized that Inge’s halter was every bit as skimpy as her own; similarly, Inge’s leopard skin loincloth barely covered the blonde goddess’ pussy. She and Inge were perfect reflections of each other, just what Conchita had wanted. Carefully, Conchita set down her spear, and unfastened the knife from her leg. She wanted Inge to see her with nothing but her tits and cunt ready to fight. Gathering herself, Conchita moved out of the brush and into the light, finally ready to meet Inge face to face and body to body.

Inge was aware of Conchita instantly. She spun around to face the dark-haired beauty, her momentary look of surprise immediately replaced by an expression of raw, unquenchable lust. The whore whom she had been awaiting for so long had finally come back. Inge quickly brought her expression back to a scowl of hatred, but Conchita had already observed her reaction, and was smugly satisfied with the evident effect that she had on Inge. One of her fears had been that Inge had forgotten her, and was busy satisfying her desires with other denizens of the jungle. Conchita saw in that flash of lust that Inge wanted Conchita as badly as the reverse. Conchita smiled, even as her body burned with uncontrollable desire.

Conchita’s sudden appearance startled the deer, which rushed off into the underbrush, then stopped to observe the confrontation between the two jungle women.

Inge stood where she was, her hands on her voluptuous hips, watching Conchita approach. She stood quietly, but her body was boiling. Conchita’s shocking arrival, after so many months of waiting and lusting, was causing an almost overwhelming reaction in the blonde woman’s body, and it was all she could do to keep from gasping and trembling. Her cunt had become instantly soaked, and contracted so strongly that it almost hurt. Her nipples had crusted over immediately and became steel-hard in an instant. Her areola were suddenly hot and sensitive, and fed a sharp heat into her tits. Her heavy tits seemed to grow even denser, as they filled with an aroused tension and began to pulse with heat. The fire in her belly moved swiftly into her loins; her mouth filled with an almost acid taste as her powerfully aroused body prepared itself for the sexual confrontation that she had dreamed about for so long.

Inge took in Conchita’s body as the dark-haired beauty strode towards her. Conchita’s magnificent mane of lustrous black hair billowed out over her shoulders, wild and untamed. Her voluptuous mocha-colored body was covered in a fine, glistening sheen of jungle sweat; her long, beautiful legs tensed and rippled as she crossed the clearing. Her small, powerfully muscled waist twisted in rhythm with her flaring, swaying hips, her torso naked all the way from halfway up her straining tits down to her pubic hair. The scraps of fur that she wore served mostly to emphasize the expanse of naked flesh that Conchita presented to her foe. The black panther fur almost merged with Conchita’s body. Conchita’s massive tits rocked, pushing against their bindings, beautiful brown orbs topped by mere wisps of fur. Her dark eyes were locked to Inge’s, the sheer animal lust in them unmistakable and almost uncontrollable. Conchita was smiling with an unabashed hunger, a pure lust that Inge understood perfectly. Raw sexual power rolled off Conchita in waves; Inge could smell the other woman’s powerful musk even at a distance, and it aroused her even more. Her own musk rose to meet that of her rival’s. Inge’s cunt had, by now, contracted powerfully a number of times, and her vaginal juices were already starting to flow down her inner thighs. As Conchita pulled closed, Inge saw moisture trickling down her enemy’s beautiful legs. Inge’s cunt ached with desire, and she struggled to restrain her lust.

As she approached, Conchita took in Inge’s incredible body. The creamy, smooth skin, bronzed by the sun; the narrow, muscular waist, with its deep navel, flaring out to luscious, inviting hips, set atop long, beautifully muscled legs. Inge’s incredible tits, barely constrained by her leopard skin halter top, bulged out toward the Spanish woman. Inge’s golden hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. Conchita could feel Inge’s power, could smell Inge’s musk. Inge was everything that Conchita remembered and lusted after, her golden-skinned mirror image. She was going to fuck this woman into submission, no matter how long it took.

Conchita stopped five feet from Inge. The two women confronted each other, hands on hips, hot, hungry smiles on their faces. Inge’s beautiful blue eyes had darkened with lust. Her gaze was locked to Conchita’s dark eyes, and neither woman could look away. Everything that they needed to see and know about the other was contained in the feverish desire shining in their eyes.

Inge spoke first. “So, you are back.” Her voice was hoarse with lust.

“Yes,” Conchita agreed. She spoke quietly, but her voice was thick with desire. “I said that I would return, and I have. I also said that we would see which of us ends up on top the next time we met. Are you ready to find out which of us is really the better woman?”

Inge smiled. “We already know which of us is the better woman, bitch. But if you need more proof, that’s fine by me.” She paused, then moved a bit closer, her voice suddenly naked with raw desire. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk, you cow. I’m going to ride you until your cunt breaks.” Inge’s eyes were glazed with hunger.

Conchita smiled back with equal lust, but she did not rise to the bait. “We’ll see,” she said, simply. Then she asked, “What is your name, girl?”

Inge was taken aback at the sudden change in topic and the question itself. However, she responded immediately. “My name is Inge.”

“Inge,” Conchita repeated, nodding. “Well, Inge, my name is Conchita – Conchita Cortez.  I want you to remember that. After today, I’m going to be your mistress. Down in the city, there are legends about you. The people say that you are the queen of the jungle. But, to me,…” Conchita smiled with contempt…”you’re a magnificent blonde cunt who needs to be broken. And if you are the queen of the jungle – well, I think that the forest may need to make room for a new queen.”

Inge snorted with derision. “You? You think that you know the jungle just because you can dress up in an animal’s skin and parade around with your tits falling out?”

Conchita sneered. “It seems to work for you,” she shot back.  “But I think you will find that I will be a very different kind of queen.” Conchita’s dark eyes flashed with cruelty. “I think that there are many things in this jungle that can be used to my …personal advantage. I don’t see anything wrong in taking what I want. I’ve let you stand in my way until now, but after today – after I fuck you into the ground – I think we both will accept that I have the right to do as I want. Of course,” she smiled lazily, “you’ll be more than welcome to try and stop me anytime you like.”

Inge heard the invitation to continued, perpetual sexual combat, and her body thrilled to that possibility. However, she also knew that, as before, more was at stake in her conflict with this dark-haired bitch than just her own pride. Many of the creatures of the jungle that she had sworn to protect could suffer if she lost to Conchita. She could not allow that to happen.

In fact, after 6 days of living in the wild, and 6 months of obsessing over Inge, Conchita’s interests in the riches of the jungle were never less important to her than they were now. She enjoyed the wildness in herself that came out in the forest. She enjoyed feeling like an unrestrained animal, shorn of the fetters of civilization. Like Inge, she rejoiced in the feeling of pitting her own strength against the wild animals of the forest. Conchita did not know if she would return to civilization after she established her victory over Inge, but she had really only raised the prospect of raping the jungle in order to antagonize Inge, and get the other girl fighting as hard as she could. As queen, Conchita saw herself mastering the animals of the forest, not protecting them. Her desire for cruelty and violence was still there. But she was no longer as sure that she wanted civilization encroaching on what she had come to feel was her personal domain – or would be, once she had established her superiority over this blonde cunt.

Inge regarded the other woman coolly. “I have another proposal,” she said. Conchita raised an eyebrow, indicating her interest. “If I win this fight, you will never threaten the creatures of this jungle again. You are welcome to stay here, learn the jungle, live off of it. But you must never again come here to kill and destroy.”

Conchita gave Inge a bemused look. “And what happens if I win? Will you stand aside and let me take whatever I want from this jungle for as long as I want?”

Inge hesitated. Then, “For one year,” she replied.

Conchita barked a derisive laugh. “So, it’s forever for me if you win, but only one year for you if I win? Hardly. If I lose, I will agree to abide by your terms for one year. And I want another condition.”

“What’s that?” Inge asked, warily.

Conchita moved a little closer, staring intently into Inge’s eyes. “Whoever loses will be the slave of the winner for the next day.”

Now Inge laughed with amusement. “Only one day?” she asked, smirking.

Conchita’s eyes flashed. “24 hours is a long time for women like us,” she replied, seriously. “Do you agree to both of my terms?”

“Yes,” Inge responded immediately. Her body thrilled to the possibilities of what she could do to Conchita in a day or, for that matter, what could be done to her. Conchita’s proposal acknowledged what both women wanted: the opportunity to use and enjoy the other woman’s body without the pressure of combat.  Inge also realized that getting a one-year reprieve from Conchita’s attacks could buy her the time she needed to make the arrangement more permanent. Now, however, it was time to get down to business.

“We will do what we did before,” Conchita stated briskly. “We fight until one of us submits, or clearly cannot go on. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” Inge replied, preparing herself for combat. Her body, already powerfully aroused, seemed to grow even hotter and more tense. For both women, the excitement began to build, and their hot juices began to flow even faster and thicker. Their massive tits heaved as they panted with desire.

Conchita snarled, and reached out for Inge. “Let’s fuck, bitch,” she growled. The battle that both magnificent women had been dreaming of for months was finally joined.

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Inge and Conchita interlaced their fingers and locked their hands together. Both women shuddered as their bare skin came into contact. They pushed against each other, their powerful arms straining, their beautiful legs tensing and flexing, their bare feet sinking into the soft earth as each woman struggled to overpower and control the other. Their arms trembled with tension as they fought, incredible strength matched to strength. Conchita’s beautiful mocha-colored body was a dark reflection of Inge’s golden, bronzed perfection.

Inge was painfully aware that the beautiful bitch who she had lusted after for so long was now in skin to skin contact with her. She wanted to sink her claws into Conchita and maul the whore. But, right now, even her hatred of the Spanish Amazon could not match her raw lust for the slut. Her enemy’s hard, round, luscious body taunted her. Inge fought the overwhelming urge to simply rip off her fur coverings, strip Conchita bare, then throw her naked body onto her hated foe and fuck the bitch until they both exploded in ecstasy. She wanted hard, skin to skin contact; she wanted to feel her tits crushed to Conchita’s, their cunts and clits joined hot and tight. She could see from the hunger in Conchita’s eyes that the Spanish goddess felt exactly the same way. However, both women knew that the time when they could finally satisfy their mutual desire was not far away. For now, both were willing to tantalize each other, to let the lust build until it could not be contained.

“Cunt,” Inge breathed at her dark-haired enemy.

“Whore,” Conchita panted back.

The two women pushed closer, massive tits hanging from their chests, nipples jutting into their halters like spears. Their nipples burned with a throbbing heat which filled their massive breasts and fed the growing fires in their cunts. Their tits hung only inches apart, tantalizing both women. The women’s arms spread a bit wider, and their powerful tits gently touched. Rock hard nipples pressed together through the fur halters; the fur triangles covered each other and the firm, naked flesh of their overflowing tits slowly melted together, compressed more tightly as both women began to lean into each other. Inge and Conchita both groaned deeply as this initial contact was made. Their powerful nipples throbbed and slowly forced each other back. The women’s breath came in excited gasps, their hot breath mixed and intermingled as their faces pushed closer, as their tits crushed harder. They touched their noses together then Conchita ran her hot tongue along Inge’s open, panting lips. Inge’s tongue darted out to tangle with its counterpart. The women turned their faces slightly, let their noses slide past each other, and slowly locked into a deep, sensual kiss. Both pushed their mouths as tightly together as they could; within their locked lips, their sensitive tongues twisted and pushed, exchanging sweet spit and hard licks. Never breaking the kiss, breathing through their noses, both women suddenly released the other’s hands. Their powerful arms wrapped under their enemy’s arms and around their shoulders. Inge and Conchita buried their hands in the other’s thick hair. Their tits were now solidly glued together, cleavage to cleavage, the weight of their bodies resting on their tits as they leaned into each other. Their toes anchored in the soft earth as they used their powerful legs to crush together.

Both women used their hairholds to push their mouths together even more tightly. After a moment, however, Conchita grasped handfuls of Inge’s thick, golden locks and slowly pulled the blonde woman’s mouth away from hers. Inge reciprocated the move. The women slowly disengaged, sucking each other’s tongues, exchanging hard licks even as they pulled apart. They held each other, chin to chin, panting into each other’s face, glaring into the other’s eyes. They did not need to say anything. Their mutual hunger was obvious, and demanded much more hot body contact.

Conchita pulled hard on Inge’s hair, jerking her enemy’s head first one way then the other. The sudden movement ground their tits together. Inge instantly responded, yanking back. The women suddenly found themselves in a vicious, hairpulling struggle. Sinking their fingers into the other’s thick locks, Inge and Conchita gained firm holds on each other and pulled, wrenching their heads back on their necks, pulling their faces towards the sky. Teeth gritted in pain, snarling with rage and lust, both women pulled on the other’s thick mane, trying to rip their enemy’s beautiful locks out by the roots. Even as their heads pulled back, their near-nude bodies came slapping together. Tit-bullets crushed each other through the fur of their halters and sent a spike of sharp heat deep into their breasts and into their soaking pussies. Bare bellies slapped, then instinctively rubbed and undulated against each other, hard abdomens rippling. Bare legs fought for position then wrapped together, calves straining against each other, hot, wet inner thighs pressed tight. Inge and Conchita shrieked as they struggled, their backs arched, hot friction burning as their sweat-slicked, naked flesh slid together. Struggling for position, their powerful legs tangled. They soon lost their balance and fell hard to the jungle floor, landing on their sides. Both women released the other’s hair and wrapped their powerful arms around their foe’s naked back. Inge and Conchita squeezed each other with all their strength, crushing their massive tits as tightly as they could, sealing their bare bellies as closely as possible. Their beautiful legs, tightly locked ankle to ankle, struggled against each other. Inge bucked hard, thrusting her expansive hips against Conchita’s equally voluptuous body. Slowly, locked hip to hip and tit to tit, the two women began to roll, moving away from the pool and deeper into the clearing. They panted furiously, each woman pushing her physical strength to its limits, as she fought to control and dominate the other. The two magnificent women thrust their crotches together, pushing hard, feeling their powerful pussies press together through their tight loincloths, which were already soaked by the womanly juices flowing from their burning cunts.

Inge and Conchita enjoyed the incredible and delicious stimulation of feeling each others’ cunts and nipples rubbing together through the infuriating barrier of the few scraps of fur that kept their deepest, most intimate and ecstatic parts from locking together. Hard bellies thrust together, deep navels sucked tight; titflesh overflowed their halters and melted into one, throbbing mass of intense pleasure. Nude legs locked and unlocked, bare feet pressed together, rubbing thighs and calves with nimble toes, their beautiful legs moist with sweat and slicked with cunt juices. The women pressed forehead to forehead, nose to nose, panting into each other’s open mouths as they writhed in each other’s arms, rubbing into each other, relishing the hot, skin-to-skin contact that they had both wanted for so long. “You whore, you fucking whore,” Conchita moaned. “Bitch, dirty bitch,” Inge groaned back. They locked together in a hard kiss even as Conchita, now on top, ground her pussy with all her strength into her foe. Inge bucked back, both women trying to penetrate each other through two layers of intervening cat fur.

Inge released her bearhug on Conchita and grabbed her enemy’s hair once again, pulling hard, yanking Conchita back from their kiss. She pulled Conchita’s head to the side, and used the momentum to roll Conchita over into the bottom position. Snarling, Conchita wrenched at Inge’s hair, using the momentum to keep their meshed bodies rolling. Gasping, cursing each other, the women continued to struggle as Conchita  rolled back on top. Groaning, Inge pulled Conchita’s head away from her by the hair, extending her arms to full length. Conchita moaned in pain, then brought her arms around and shoved her hands between their hard, fused together tits. She squeezed Inge’s magnificent globes, pinching the hard, covered nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Inge gasped, caught between sudden pain and a shock of intense pleasure. Then, she twisted Conchita’s hair viciously, disentangled their legs, and thrust her hip hard into Conchita’s. Inge threw the dark-haired beauty off of her. Both women gasped as they separated, rolled apart, and got back to their feet immediately, prepared to grapple once again.

Inge and Conchita faced each other from ten feet away, panting with exertion and excitement, their hot bodies burning with desire. Their flesh-to-flesh contact had only increased their mutual desire for much, much more. Glaring at each other, both women’s gazes fell to the other’s heaving, bulging tits.  Even after all of their hard, tit to tit contact, their halters had still succeeded in keeping their nipples covered, though their areolae were partially exposed. The fur was practically nailed into place by the high tension created by their fully aroused, steel-hard nipples.  Conchita and Inge smiled at each other, both panting hard. Slowly, each woman reached behind her back and untied the binding holding the halter. Moving as if synchronized, their eyes locked together hungrily, Inge and Conchita reached down and untied the knot binding their halters between their tits. The garments now hung free, supported only by the loop around their necks. Their nipples were cupped by the scraps of fur, but their tits hung high, proud and unsupported. Together, each woman reached up to the string looped over her neck and pulled it away. Their magnificent tits hung free.

Inge and Conchita stared at their rival’s tits with undisguised lust. Their breasts were incredibly beautiful. Seeming exactly the same size, both sets of tits gleamed in the sun, covered by a fine sheen of sweat and other womanly secretions. Their nipples were pointing like spears, an inch long and rock hard, throbbing with desire, incredibly sensitive. Their areolae were hard and ridged, aching with heat, sending tiny and growing shocks of sensation deep into their dense tits, hardening the globes, making them even more sensitive and aroused. Conchita’s areolae were large and rough, dark brown and more than 2 inches in diameter. Inge’s areolae were the same size, but a dark copper tint, her nipples tipped with red.

The tension was unbearable. Both women lusted for the tit to tit contact more fervently than they ever had, months of anticipation building to this moment. Hands on hips, they crossed the distance separating their bodies, excitement building, their firm tits jiggling enticingly with each step. When their nipples were only an inch apart, they stopped. Hot sweat trickled down their throbbing tits, rippling down their cleavages and dripping off the tips of their engorged nipples. Blue eyes fixed to dark eyes. Conchita licked her lips in anticipation, her chest heaving with desire.  Inge panted hard, barely containing her excitement. Their tits rose and fell together, radiating heat into each other.  Inge placed her hands on Conchita’s luscious, powerful hips, caressing the soft, slick skin. Conchita returned the grip, running her hands under the narrow leather bind holding Inge’s loincloth to her hips. Slowly, eyes locked, the women leaned towards each other, closing the distance between their throbbing nipples.

Hard nipples burned into each other tip to tip, sending a blast of incredible pleasure and heat pulsating through both women. Their tits suddenly filled with swelling fire and terrible tension, which then pulsed through their bellies and into their cunts, sending a hard shock of pure electricity to their clits. Conchita and Inge cried out at the sensation. Both women’s pussies suddenly, powerfully contracted; hot fluid gushed down their thighs. Already engorged clits swelled even further. Conchita and Inge groaned together, both of them weakening in the knees as the sudden, intense pleasure raced through them. Inadvertently, they leaned even more strongly into each other’s tits. Conchita and Inge screamed together as their rock-hard nipples crushed each other back to their burning areolae. Exquisitely sensitive areolae crushed, hard bumps grating and melting into one. Gasping, the two women grabbed each other’s shoulders, their foreheads pressed together, their long hair falling down over their tight, deep cleavages.

Moaning into each other’s mouths, Conchita and Inge wrapped their powerful arms around their enemy’s back, and squeezed tight. Their tits exploded into each other, causing both women to scream with ecstasy. Hard nipples pierced each other and throbbed as one. They crushed their tits as tightly as they could, unbearable sensations pouring out of their chests and into the rest of their bodies. Conchita arched her back, slamming her rock-hard abdomen into her opponent; Inge arched back, rubbing her sweat-soaked belly into Conchita’s brown stomach. Their navels sucked together, joined by the heat, sweat and the hot skin. Inge worked her shoulders, grinding her tits into Conchita’s; Conchita thrust back, crying out, trying to penetrate and crush her hated foe’s beautiful tits with her own. Holding each other tightly, both women began to rub their tits directly into each other with all of their strength, each trying to grind the other down. Their nipples pulsed and fought deep within their titflesh, each pair struggling to push the other back. Their ridged areolae melted together, hard bumps rubbing and grating, feeding the tension in their tits. Their hard tits fought against each other, rolling and pushing, two sets of deeply aroused and sensitive sex organs trying to overpower each other, matching taut flesh and burning pleasure.

Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, they gasped and panted into each other’s face, sharing hot breath, exchanging cries of raw pleasure. They used their legs, hips and  rock-hard bellies to thrust together as hard they could, grinding their tits together rhythmically, taut flesh rolling and burning with sensation. The titfight seemed to go on forever, neither woman wanting to stop. Every thrust fed the aching heat between their legs, and increased the throbbing pleasure in their increasingly sensitive tits. Inge felt that her breasts were close to bursting with tension,  but she kept working her legs to drive her tits against Conchita’s, working her shoulders to rub and grind her massive bronze orbs into Conchita’s beautiful brown ones. Conchita matched every thrust and stroke.  Their hot sweat lubricated their taut tits, causing their glistening orbs to rub and slide, but their nipples remained fused together, pulsing with heat and pleasure.

As the fight went on, Inge and Conchita angled their lower bodies away from each other, then began pushing against each other, bending their knees then driving forward, legs fully extended, toes straining as each tried to crush the other’s tits down. They thrust hard at each other for several minutes. They pushed each other around the clearing, neither able to gain a decisive advantage. Their powerful tits showed no signs of tiring or becoming tender. Aroused and burning with lust, the women’s breasts stayed hard and firm, growing in power as they continued to drive at each other. Their nipples surged against each other with ever greater force as their arousal grew, causing the burning, throbbing pain and pleasure to build as each pair of magnificent tits sought unsuccessfully to dominate the other. Inge squeezed Conchita’s body as tightly to her own as she could, rejoicing in the delicious feeling of Conchita’s massive tits crushed and melting into her own, of their nipples penetrating each other. Both women felt as though they were deep inside the other, joined by the intense spikes of pleasure pulsing from their nipples deep into the core of their breasts and on to their cunts.

The lust between the two jungle goddesses built inexorably. The throbbing heat that filled their tits,  that burned with laser intensity in their struggling nipples fed the aching fires between their legs, fed tension into their hot, wet clits. Inge and Conchita needed to fuck desperately. Conchita swung her voluptuous hips, pressing her burning groin into Inge’s crotch; Inge thrust back. Both women could feel the other’s juicy pussy through the cloth, could hear the moist sound of swollen pussy lips sucking against the wet fur. Both women groaned with frustrated lust. Inge bucked against Conchita, driving their groins together even harder. Conchita started rolling her hips, grinding her fur-covered cunt into Inge’s. Inge immediately duplicated Conchita’s action; in moments, both women were rhythmically working their crotches into each other, their vivid hip movements helping to rub their naked bellies and burning tits into one mass of delicious sensation.

Their loincloths were completely drenched with their pussy juices. Hot liquid flowed down the women’s thighs, trickled down their calves, and dripped directly to the ground. They were both completely aroused, their pussies aching for direct contact. Still, however, they held off, teasing each other, fucking each other as hard as they could through the cloth, denying each other the pleasure of the other’s cunt. Their tits continued to roll together, nipples getting harder and stronger as the women became ever more excited. Their clits swelled to full size, and began to push against the constraining loincloths, sending intense pulses of pleasure back into both women. Inge groaned, and angled her thrusts so that her clit could press against Conchita’s, even through the cloth.

Both women screamed as their covered clits pressed into each other, crushing tight. Conchita snarled in passion, throwing back her head, her eyes tightly closed, as she sought to endure the sudden shock of pleasure. Inge writhed against her, shrieking and moaning, jerking her hips and rubbing their covered clits together again. The women cried out as one, then drove their crotches together and suddenly went rigid with pleasure. Conchita and Inge froze, eyes locked together in hate and lust, as they crushed their clits together and held each other in tension, each trying to overwhelm the other with the delicious pleasure radiating from their conjoined groins. The arousal was too great, however; after several seconds, both women’s pussies contracted powerfully, gushing clear liquid down their thighs, squeezing out onto their crushed-together bellies, which were already slick and hot with sweat and cunt juice. 

Inge could not take it anymore. She was aroused beyond all measure. She could feel Conchita’s clit pulsing into hers through their loincloths. Her lust reached unbearable proportions; she had to go at this dark-haired whore naked cunt to naked cunt. With a groan, she reached down and began to untie the string binding Conchita’s fur garment to her hips. Conchita moaned, then reached down and began to undo Inge’s loincloth. In moments, they had both undone the knots. They paused now, to stare deeply into each others’ eyes. Nose to nose, Inge and Conchita felt the incredible heat and excitement building between them. Then, both women pulled their crotches away from each other, releasing the pressure on their loincloths. Inge pulled off Conchita’s drenched scrap of fur and tossed it away; Conchita peeled Inge’s soaked loincloth away from the blonde’s pussy and threw it aside. 

Now, for the first time, both women were completely nude. The heat from their pussies burned between them like twin furnaces. Removing the scraps of cloth made Inge and Conchita realize how much heat and tension their meager garments had held in. They glared into each others’ eyes. Inge placed her hands on Conchita’s voluptuous hips. Inge and Conchita panted into each others’ faces, their eyes locked and brimming with lust. They both pushed a bit closer, their luscious hips swaying seductively. Pubic hair crunched together, then slick, juicy pussy lips touched ever so gently. Both women bit their lips, struggling not to cry out, desperately trying to keep their hips from jerking with lust. They angled their pussies away from each other just enough to keep their swollen clits from contact, but both felt the heat radiating from their engorged sex organs. Conchita’s hot pussy gushed, bathing Inge’s slick pussy lips in her steaming juices; Inge’s cunt gushed back in response, soaking Conchita’s pussy. Gasping, struggling to control themselves, both women spread their legs just a little, opening their pussies to each other. Hot liquid squirted between them, mixed within their bodies, then splashed down both women’s thighs, splattering on the ground. For more than a minute, the two women stood nose to nose, tit to tit, and cunt to cunt, eyes locked, panting feverishly, exchanging hot womanly fluids and trembling with desire. Then, suddenly, Inge pushed Conchita away from her, breaking the lustful spell, their hot tits separating for the first time since the titfight had started, their wet pussies peeling apart.  Inge stepped back a few feet, breathing hard, then quickly sat on the ground. She spread her legs wide and leaned back, her hands supporting her body. Inge offered her hot, hungry pussy to Conchita. Conchita could not resist. She quickly dropped to the ground, spread her own legs, then pushed forward on her round ass, moving to scissor-lock with her enemy.

The women pushed up to each other, until their heavy mats of pubic hair crunched together, Inge’s curly golden hair intertwining with Conchita’s black pussy fur. Their thick, throbbing pussy lips ached with desire, their vaginas contracted constantly, pumping vaginal juices out onto their inner thighs. Their bodies were at an exquisite level of arousal. Neither woman could wait any longer. Their eyes locked and they both smiled. They panted hungrily, their delicious tits rising and falling in unison, their bodies glistening with sweat, strands of hair partially obscuring their hungry faces. Inge could not remember being more aroused. Her body was burning with need, every nerve seemed alive with desire. She felt as if she was in a dream. Indeed, what she had been dreaming about for months was about to happen, and the incredible anticipation thrilled her. Conchita felt exactly the same way. Finally, she was on the verge of fucking her foe, of doing what she had longed to do for so long. She almost screamed from the sheer lust.

They basked in the other’s vaginal heat, in the incredible need rippling through them. “Oh God, you cunt…” Inge panted. “You fucking slut…” Conchita gasped back. Then, signaling with their eyes, they both raised their powerful asses off the ground, and drew back their hips. Their eyes locked one final time; then they thrust into each other with all of their strength.

Their juicy pussies crushed together, engorged pussy lips slapping wetly, sucking and sealing tight with the moist heat. Their pussies instantly convulsed, pumping hot, molten juices into each woman, sending raw heat rippling into their cores. Hot, clear vaginal juice trickled out from between their compressed cunts, moistening their pussy hair and soaking their inner thighs. At the same time, their burning clits, swollen to incredible size in both women, rammed together, crushing and sliding and then locking, sending out a pulse of raw ecstasy through the combatants. The pulse flashed through their bodies, burning up from their bellies, filling their swollen tits, then exploded out their even harder nipples. As their clits locked together, the pulses became a continuous stream of unbearable electric pleasure.

“Oh God, oh FUCK!,” Inge shrieked, eyes wide with astonished ecstasy. “Fuck, fuck, YES!” screamed Conchita, her body quaking with the incredible sensations. They held each other rigid, asses straining a few inches above the ground, their perfect, powerful bodies braced by their arms, glistening with sweat, shaking with pleasure. Then, they began moving together in rhythm, driving ever deeper into each other, grinding their exploding clits together, their heads thrown back, their hair thrashing about, both women screaming and crying and moaning as they fucked. For both, it was everything that they had dreamed and wanted. They were sucked tight, neither knowing where she ended and her enemy began, powerful bodies bucking and writhing, glistening bellies rippling with effort, hot clits fused together in one continuous explosion of raw pleasure. Inge and Conchita sobbed and shrieked, cursing each other even as they both basked in the unbelievable sensations.

They pounded at each other, joined so tightly that their pubic hair meshed and tangled into one mass. They filled each other’s vaginal canals with their hot juices, which mixed and burned together, linking the women’s cores. Inge forced her eyes open, and stared at the brilliant blue sky, her eyes glazed with lust and pleasure. She could not think; her entire world revolved around the terrible heat and tension in her cunt, the unbearable aching in her tits. She was sealed tightly to a woman she hated passionately, locked in the deepest possible intimacy and sharing excruciating pleasure with a bitch she despised. She wanted to break Conchita, she wanted to overwhelm the black-haired beauty’s sex with her own, she wanted to match every inch of her body to Conchita’s and prove that she was the stronger woman.  But more than anything she did not want the fucking to end. Lost in ecstasy, she wanted Conchita’s clit fused and driving into hers forever.

For more than a half hour they continued to pump at each other, driving each other to greater and greater ecstasy, but neither able to force the other back or control her enemy. Their clits seemed to get harder and more swollen with each minute. Sweat poured from their powerful bodies in the jungle heat, lubricating their bodies, sealing them more tightly. Perspiration sprayed off of their bouncing tits, and pooled in their deep navels before collecting in their pussy fur. The heat between their conjoined cunts was overwhelming. Hot sweat trickled down into their ass cracks, joined by the clear, hot vaginal juices that squeezed out from their sealed pussies, overflowing from their joined bodies.  It became harder for the women to hold themselves up as their palms became slick with sweat. Inge leaned back, bracing her body up on her elbows, and continued to work her ass and hips into her enemy. Conchita mirrored her position. The two women threw their heads back and moaned with joy. Conchita fell back onto her shoulders, then sank her fingers into the earth and tried to anchor herself as she drove herself at Inge. Inge fell back onto her shoulders, and clawed at the ground, finding purchase from which to thrust back. Their bodies writhed, their legs stretching and straining, the women moving as one luscious mass of taut flesh and undulating muscle. Their massive tits rocked, their voluptuous hips thrust together in rhythm, their hard round asses rubbed into the ground. They cried and screamed as the pleasure built, but both knew that they could continue for a long time to come. The sexual endurance that they had both taught themselves in the six months since their last battle was now paying off handsomely. They fucked relentlessly, both lost in the sheer sensual pleasure of the sexfight.

After writhing together for some time, Conchita pushed herself back up with her left arm, and reached out to Inge with her right hand. Inge realized what her enemy wanted; she pushed herself up with her right arm, and grasped Conchita’s extended hand with her left. Their fingers intertwined and grasped tightly. Both women then took their supporting hands and locked them together. Now the women were joined by strong handholds, their arms fully extended, their bodies leaning back from their conjoined cunts. Each woman wrapped a long leg around the other woman’s hip. Using their locked hands to anchor themselves, they continued to grind at each other, their magnificent tits rocking together, their arms straining, pulling each other back and forth as their asses continued to thrust, as their clits continued to grind, explosions of excruciating pleasure firing every inch of their bodies at every moment. Inge suddenly pulled Conchita even closer and Conchita readily reciprocated. For a moment, the women paused in their constant grinding. They pulled each other close enough that their forearms pressed together, all the way down to their elbows. Their breasts were pushed out between the women’s powerful arms and hung only a whisper apart, huge, engorged nipples radiating sexual power into each other. Panting, drenched with sweat, waves of raw pleasure continuing to pulse through their bodies from their melded clits, the two women paused to stare into each other’s eyes. Their eyes were glazed over with pleasure and raw lust. Smiling at each other with pure hunger, sweat-dampened hair hanging over their faces, Inge and Conchita pressed closer. Their throbbing nipples, swollen and steel-hard from the constant arousal, pushed into each other tip to tip. Both women moaned, tightening their grips on their hands. Their moans turned to screams and snarls of pure ecstasy as their burning tits mated, as their nipples fused together with laser intensity. Trembling, the women could not resist any longer; both released their hands, then wrapped powerful arms around their naked backs and squeezed each other as tightly as they could. Their tits exploded, feeding raw pleasure back into their clits. Their asses jerked, driving their clits together, resuming the hard grinding battle that they had momentarily set aside. Both women pulled each other as tightly together as they could, arching their backs to rub their hard bellies, jerking and rocking their hips to keep up the clit to clit battle. Inge pushed her face forward, until she was nose to nose with Conchita. Their bodies were shaking now, the pleasure and tension built up to unsustainable levels. Both women knew they were not long from orgasms of awesome proportions.

Inge moaned, then drove her tongue deep into Conchita’s mouth. Conchita sucked on her enemy’s tongue, then sealed her mouth with Inge’s. They thrust at each other, tits crushing and exploding with pleasure, taut flesh sliding and rolling together, hard nipples sealed tightly, bellies slapping together. Explosions of raw heat and tension burned through their bodies, coming up through their cunts. Inge sank her fingers into Conchita’s thick mane, and pulled the other woman’s mouth away from hers. She ran her mouth and tongue along Conchita’s neck, biting and sucking the smooth skin. Conchita bucked her hips harder, then pulled Inge’s face away from her, yanking on her enemy’s blonde hair. Cheek to cheek, the women gasped into each other’s ears, both finding the heat and tension between them reaching an unbearable level. Hot liquid gushed between them, soaking their conjoined cunts, slicking their hard, undulating bellies all the way up to their navels. “Come for me, you whore,” Inge groaned at her foe. Then she kissed and bit Conchita’s neck, before driving her tongue into Conchita’s ear. “No, no… you come for me, cunt…” Conchita moaned back, her face buried in Inge’ fragrant blonde mane, her lips on her enemy’s throat. The women continued thrusting at each other, cheek to cheek, then pulling their heads back to rest nose to nose and forehead to forehead, panting into each other’s mouths as they fucked. Inge forced her eyes open. “Look at me, cunt,” she gasped at Conchita. Conchita opened her eyes, glowing with pleasure and incredible lust, and locked her gaze with that of her hated enemy. Their eyes were barely more than an inch apart, blue eyes glaring into dark eyes. They looked into each other, each feeling the incredible intimacy of their battle even more sharply. They both wanted to see defeat and humiliation in the eyes of their foe, but right now all they could see was that they were both almost delirious with pleasure. Neither woman could look away.

For more than an hour, the two beautiful jungle women had been grinding together in a hard clit to clit fuck. Their bodies trembled uncontrollably with unbelievable pleasure. Every muscle was now suffused with tension, filled with sexual power and desperate for release. Inge and Conchita both felt as though their bodies were filled to the brim with sheer ecstasy. Their hearts pounded, their breath came in hitching gasps, every inch of skin tingled with sexual pleasure. Their tits and cunts had melted together into unbearable, pulsating heat. Both women knew that they were moments away from incredible orgasms. Each woman was determined to force the other to climax first. They forced their throbbing clits together head to head, the most exquisitely sensitive parts of their sex organs in slick confrontation. Inge and Conchita choked back their screams of pleasure. Crying uncontrollably, riding each incredible wave of sensation, the two women pressed the heads of their clits into each other, each clit pushing the other back. Inge and Conchita worked their hips carefully, sliding their clits’ heads over each other, screaming desperately as the electric pleasure coursed through their bodies. Unbearable heat and tension radiated from their clits to every part of their perfect bodies, making their tits and cunts burn even hotter, forcing the excruciating tension to another level. Inge and Conchita glared into each other’s eyes in desperation, agony etched on their beautiful faces, each woman struggling to keep from erupting before her hated foe. Finally, however, it was too much; the end came.

Inge felt herself exploding; she simply could not hold back the pleasure any longer. “No! NOO!,” she shrieked, as the orgasm blasted through her body, nova heat erupting from her pussy and burning through every cell in her magnificent body. Her cunt contracted more powerfully than ever, her belly rocked, and hot cum erupted from her cunt, pumping into Conchita, filling the other woman with her steaming liquids. Conchita felt her clit bathed in her enemy’s cum, felt her body filling with molten liquid, and could not hold out an instant longer. “Yes, fuck YES!,” she screamed as she erupted. Her cunt pumped back at Inge, blasting out its own rush of molten juices.  Their bodies rocked together, both women arching their backs and driving their cunts together with all of their strength, trying to penetrate and dominate their foe even as they exploded together. Their powerfully muscled legs shot out, straining with tension, toes curling as their bodies convulsed with pleasure. They squeezed each other tightly, hard tits crushing together forcefully, their nipples rubbing together with furious friction. Their clits had crushed into one hot mass, and began exploding in unison, multiple orgasms sending waves of excruciating heat and sensation searing through both women’s bodies, blasting out of their pores, leaving them screaming and breathless. Their cunts squeezed each other, each pussy trying to devour the other, but instead sealing in a wet, unbreakable bond. Inge and Conchita struggled to remain conscious as their bodies fought and fucked to the end, agonizing pleasure burning through them until they collapsed, sobbing, in each other’s arms and simply held on tightly, moaning and gasping, cursing as they rode each other to the finish.

Finally, the orgasms subsided. The two women fell apart, both gasping, still sealed together at their crotches but lying flat on their backs, their massive tits jutting into the sky, rocking as the women panted. Inge draped her arm over her forehead, slowly regaining her breath, her body slowly coming off of the sensual overload that she had been on for more than the past hour. She felt spent, but could still feel the sexual heat burning in her crotch. She rejoiced in the feeling of being locked cunt to cunt with Conchita. What she and Conchita had just done to each other had been every bit as wonderful as she had dared hope, the sheer unbridled pleasure had been everything she had wanted for months. Still, she had to deal with the fact that she had just been defeated.

“I won,” Conchita gasped, lying on her back with both of her arms crossed over her forehead. “My cunt ate yours, you bitch.”

“Hardly,” Inge replied, angrily. “You came almost at the same time I did. It’s a draw.”

“Whore!,” Conchita snarled,  pushing herself up on her elbows to glare over her massive tits at her enemy. “I won! I got off after you, and it wasn’t any longer than the amount of time by which you beat me!” As she said this, Conchita punctuated her anger by squeezing Inge’s cunt with her own.  Inge immediately pushed herself up on her elbows and squeezed back. Their vaginal lips tensed against each other as the women locked eyes in glares of hatred. After a few moments, they released each other.

Inge considered continuing the argument. In truth, she knew that she had lost the contest, but she had difficulty admitting this to a woman she hated so much. Moreover, she wanted to aggravate Conchita. Still, she decided to concede.

“Fine. You won that one. But don’t worry, you slut – I’m not like you. I don’t give up so easily. We have a long way to go before this is over.”

Conchita smiled savagely. “That’s what I’m hoping, you cunt.”

Resting for another few minutes, the two women finally, painfully, pulled apart. Each left remnants of pussy hair tangled in the other’s proud bush. They rolled wearily to their feet, then stood and faced each other.

The women had fucked each other to the point of ecstasy, temporarily addressing the urgency of their mutual lust. Now, both were prepared to go at each other not for pleasure but to hurt and wear down their enemy. Both women knew that their sexual war was far from over, and they looked forward to whatever was to come with growing anticipation.

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The two women stood ten feet apart facing each other, raw fury blazing in their eyes. Their bodies glistened with sweat. Their thighs and bellies were damp with vaginal juices.  Each woman took in the other’s beautiful body – the massive tits rising and falling as they panted angrily, the deliciously curving hips, the thick mats of pubic hair protecting the large, powerful pussies, the long, muscular legs. Inge and Conchita had fucked each other to satisfaction, at least temporarily. Right now, they could focus on the other part of their rivalry: both of them wanted to overpower the other, to inflict pain as well as pleasure.

Inge was determined to conquer this dark-haired bitch. She was angry and ashamed at having been defeated, even if just barely, and she was determined to avenge herself. She was determined to feel Conchita’s hot sex surrendering to her own – the very idea sent a shot of heat through her pussy. But to do that, she knew that she first had to wear Conchita down. She wanted to show Conchita which of them was stronger, she wanted to prove which of them was more savage. Conchita had the same feelings. She was ecstatic at her victory and she was determined to maintain her advantage. She wanted to prove that her will to win was greater than Inge’s, that her body was stronger and more vital, that her womanhood was truly dominant.

The two women moved in on each other, hands out, crouched down, moving in a circle. Suddenly, Conchita leaped forward and unleashed a solid slap on Inge’s beautiful face. Inge took the blow, her head rocking back, then lashed out and landed a retaliatory blow on Conchita’s cheek. Shrieking with rage, the women threw themselves at each other, lashing out with hard blows, exchanging slaps and punches. Inge absorbed a series of sharp slaps from Conchita that sent her staggering back; snarling, she retaliated, striking Conchita’s savage face, then punching the Spanish beauty in the tits.

As Conchita gasped and fell back, Inge pursued, determined to use the other woman’s massive breasts as punching bags. Conchita lashed out, punching Inge hard in her left breast, bringing her advance to a halt. The two women unleashed another flurry of savage blows, slapping and punching faces and breasts, occasionally managing to land hard body blows to rock-hard stomachs. Inge managed to land a stunning slap to Conchita’s face; the dark-haired beauty staggered for a moment, then cleared her head and leaped forward, grabbing Inge’s massive breasts and sinking her claws into the firm titflesh. Inge howled, then sank her own nails into Conchita’s beautiful tits. For the next several minutes, the battling jungle women mauled each others’ breasts, scratching and squeezing, twisting their enemy’s hard nipples, drawing blood and hurting each other even as their breasts grew more painfully aroused under the constant kneading. Finally, the two women pushed each other away. They stood a few feet apart, panting hard, their beautiful tits scratched and bleeding, but still hard and swollen with arousal.

Conchita glared at Inge, hating the blonde bitch more than ever, but wanting hard body contact. She wanted to rip Inge’s beautiful hair out by the roots, but she also wanted to go tit to tit with this whore. With a snarl, she threw herself at Inge, her hands reaching for her foe’s blonde mane; Inge leaped to meet her. In an instant, their sore tits met and crushed, nipple to nipple. Both women seized the other woman’s thick hair and, arms looped around each other’s back, yanked viciously at each other. They staggered around the clearing, groaning with effort and cursing each other, the constant struggle for balance and advantage rubbing their tits together with a furious friction, grinding their swollen nipples into one hot mass of delicious sensation. Their powerful bodies strained, each trying to control the other. The women’s scalps burned with pain as they tore at each other’s hair. As the vicious struggle continued, the constant grinding of their meaty tits sent waves of pleasure down into their clits, firing their lust. Their cunts began to burn, then became moist with desire. Soon, juices started trickling from both women’s pussies, joining the sweat that was already dripping down from their bodies to the ground.

Inge decided she needed to change tactics. She was no closer to overpowering Conchita, the building arousal was distracting her, and the pain in her scalp was becoming a cruel counterpoint to the tension in her cunt. She abruptly pulled herself back from Conchita, quickly unwrapping her arms from around Conchita’s back, and pushed her hands between their compressed tits. She squeezed Conchita’s nipples hard. Conchita gasped in reaction to the intense pleasure, weakening her hold on Inge’s hair, and Inge pushed her away. Conchita was caught off balance for a moment. Inge dived forward and regained her hold on Conchita’s hair. She pulled down, forcing Conchita to bend forward.

Shrieking, Conchita seized Inge’s wrists, but her body was bent over and she could not immediately retaliate. Conchita braced her legs to keep from being pulled around the clearing by her hair; Inge yanked her head from side to side, trying to throw Conchita off-balance. Conchita suddenly charged forward, running her body into Inge’s midriff, knocking the blonde beauty off of her feet. The women fell in a hot, naked tangle to the ground. Conchita found her face buried in Inge’s tits. Without hesitation, she sank her teeth into the taut, sweaty flesh. Inge screamed and thrashed, then managed to drive her left thigh hard into Conchita’s wet crotch. Conchita groaned in sudden pain and released her foe. The two women rolled away from each other, their mutual anger stoked by their shared pain, and rose to their feet.

Their anger continued to build, fuelling their mutual desire. They flew at each other again. Inge grabbed Conchita’s wild hair in her left hand, and began punching and slapping the Spanish goddess with her right. Conchita reciprocated the hold, and the for next several minutes the women battered each other, punching, slapping and clawing at their enemy’s exposed flesh. Inge sank her claws into Conchita’s left shoulder, and left long red welt’s on the Spanish woman’s side. Conchita clawed back, leaving angry red marks on Inge’s left arm and rippling abdomen. Both women clawed at their enemy’s tits, sinking their nails into the firm, spongy flesh. Inge and Conchita snarled, then screamed at each other in pain, before breaking off their mutual mauling.

Conchita suddenly grabbed Inge’s blonde mane with both of her hands; Inge duplicated the move before Conchita could gain any advantage. They stood in the centre of the clearing, jerking each others’ heads side to side, trying to throw each other. As they struggled, Inge thrust herself forward, ramming her massive tits into Conchita’s, slapping their nude bodies together belly to belly. Before Conchita could fully recover, Inge managed to wrap her right arm around Conchita’s neck and quickly shifted her weight, catching the Spanish woman in a partial headlock. The women were now side by side, the side of Inge’s right tit crushed tight to Conchita’s left. Conchita struggled to maintain her footing, and wrapped her left arm around Inge’s neck, trying to return the hold. Conchita punched Inge hard in her right tit; Inge struck back, sinking her claws into Conchita’s bulging left breast. Conchita snarled, then tangled her left leg with Inge’s right, and pulled back. The women teetered off-balance for a moment, then fell hard on their backs on the jungle floor.

Conchita rolled on top of Inge. The hard fighting had aroused both women enormously, and Conchita felt the increasing need to wrap her naked body around Inge’s. They clawed at each other as they writhed in each other’s arms, hard tits crushing together and rolling, hard bellies rubbing, naked flesh sliding together, lubricated by slick sweat and vaginal juices. Their hot, wet pussies slid along the flesh of their naked thighs, leaving a trail of clear liquid, before crushing together. Inge groaned and smiled with anticipation as she felt her cunt lips kissing to Conchita’s; she ran her claws along Conchita’s powerful ass and the dark beauty’s rippling back. Conchita scratched back eagerly, leaving welts on Inge’s hard, rounded ass. Their hot pussies slapped wetly together and the women cried out in unison, their legs twining, their eager hands moving excitedly over their writhing bodies. Conchita and Inge both resisted thrusting into each other. As aroused as they were, both sensed that it was not yet time for them to resume the fuckfight. Still, they groaned with lust and  squirmed in each other’s arms, scratching and biting at each other, rubbing naked flesh against naked flesh and letting their excitement and desire build. They worked their hips from side to side, letting their soaking wet pussies kiss and suck and work against each other. Conchita began to lose control; her hips started jerking harder, threatening to become hard thrusts. By now, the women’s pussies were gushing juices, and their constant rubbing smeared hot liquid all around their crotches and upper thighs.  Inge wanted Conchita inside of her too but, with a cry, she pushed Conchita off of her instead.

The women leaped to their feet and stood facing each other yet again, but this time more aroused and lustful than before. “I think you want to fuck, little girl,” Inge purred, her face burning with lust and hate. “Why don’t we see what you’ve really got?”

“Come here and show me what you have, you bitch,” Conchita growled back.

Inge closed the space between them slowly and carefully. Each woman reached for the other’s cunt and quickly buried her right hand in her enemy’s thick bush. Conchita immediately pulled at Inge’s pubic hair, drawing a scream out of Inge as she ripped blonde hair away. A moment later, Conchita shrieked as Inge pulled back. Grabbing each other’s right hip with their free left hands, pressed together tit to tit and forehead to forehead, Inge and Conchita tore at each other’s pubes for several minutes until they were both sobbing and snarling with pain and anger. They ripped at the other’s thick bush furiously, each woman proving to her enemy that she could take the intense pain, the sharp agony a gratifying counterpoint to the intense desire burning in both women’s cunts. They tore at each other until their thick bushes thinned noticeably, and small bald patches began to appear around both women’s proud cunts. Inge and Conchita were both crying with rage and pain, yet were also increasingly aroused.  Conchita pushed the struggle to the next level. Suddenly, she plunged three of her fingers deep into Inge’s vagina. Inge gasped, then immediately did the same to Conchita. In moments, the women went from torturing each other’s pussies to vigorously finger-fucking.

Panting furiously with excitement and lust, the two jungle women worked their fingers into the other’s cunt. Inge moved her fingers carefully inside the hot, wet core of her enemy, gently stroking Conchita’s vaginal walls, looking for the pleasure spots. Conchita followed the same tactic, but she also began working her thumb against Inge’s swollen clit. Inge screamed, then bit her lip and gasped, before driving her own thumb against Conchita’s glistening sex organ. Conchita screamed out. Both women pressed their foreheads together and sobbed quietly as they worked each other, quickly driving their burning bodies to the edge of orgasm.

Hot liquids gushed from their pussies, soaking their hands. Inge began squeezing Conchita’s fingers with her internal muscles, trying to to do anything she could to fight back against the Spanish woman. Conchita copied the tactic, using her own deep muscles to try to restrain the fingers violating her. Suddenly, Inge found an intense pleasure spot inside of Conchita’s vagina.

“Oh, Fuck!” Conchita gasped as the finger assault entered a new stage. Inge began concentrating her strokes to that deep spot, while rubbing and teasing Conchita’s clit with her thumb. Conchita was crying openly now, weeping in sheer pleasure and frustration as she struggled to control herself. Even so, she continued her own careful assault on Inge’s cunt. Suddenly, Inge cried out, gasping with pleasure as Conchita hit a spot of exquisite pleasure inside Inge’s vagina. Conchita immediately redoubled her efforts, stroking Inge’s vagina and rubbing her clit, forcing Inge to gasp then shriek with pleasure. In moments, both women were sobbing desperately, leaning into each other tit to tit, their faces masks of agonized pleasure as their hands carefully worked the most sensitive parts of their bodies.

Conchita and Inge were growing weak in the knees as the pleasure continued to build. “Cunt, you cunt…” Conchita gasped, hating the incredible pleasure that the blonde whore was inflicting on her, but wanting it so much more.

“Slut, I’ll make you come, I’ll make you…” Inge groaned at her enemy, fighting the intense sensations raging up from her pussy, filling her tits with tension.

Finally, Conchita had enough. With a cry, she pulled back, disengaging Inge’s fingers from her pussy and releasing Inge’s cunt from her own ministrations.

Conchita backed away, panting furiously, totally aroused and deeply angry. Inge was panting too, the heat in her pussy unbearable. She had to lock up with Conchita now. They were both ready to fuck once more, and Inge wanted it desperately. Suddenly, however, Conchita did something completely unexpected. Angered by the fact that Inge had forced her to retreat, desperate to lock her body with Inge’s, Conchita suddenly threw herself forward, landing on her knees in front of Inge. Before Inge could react, Conchita sank her claws into her enemy’s voluptuous hips. She then buried her face between Inge’s legs, driving her tongue up into Inge’s vaginal cleft, licking it from top to bottom, then wrapping her tongue and lips around the blonde goddess’ engorged clit. Conchita sucked hard at the swollen organ, basking in the heat and scent of her hated foe.

“Oh God, oh my God!,” screamed Inge, caught completely by surprise by this newest assault. The aching desire in her cunt suddenly exploded into a full-fledged fire. As Conchita continued her attack, Inge began to tremble and heave. She buried her hands in Conchita’s thick hair, but could not gather the strength or will to push the Spanish woman away. Conchita pushed her advantage, grabbing Inge’s ankles and pulling hard, causing the blonde jungle woman to fall hard onto her back. Conchita wrapped her arms around Inge’s hips, then settled in to continue devouring her enemy’s beautiful pussy. Inge writhed beneath Conchita, her body on fire, wave after wave of delectable pleasure burning up from her core. She had to stop this, but it felt so good! Finally, she wrapped her powerful thighs around Conchita’s upper body and squeezed hard. Conchita was suddenly locked in the powerful, muscular vise. Inge rolled, flipping Conchita onto her back, trapping her. Conchita continued to lick at Inge’s cunt, but the blonde woman quickly spread her legs, releasing Conchita, then rolled away.

Conchita sat up and glared at Inge, who was kneeling, facing her, only a few feet away. Their chests heaved as they sucked in breath. The two women locked eyes, then began to crawl towards each other on hands and knees. They stopped when they touched nose to nose and paused, breathing in the other’s hot breath, gasping with desire and hatred. They both turned their heads, then thrust their open mouths together, their tongues tangling together in an intense kiss. As they pushed their mouths together as tightly as they could, the women sat up on their knees, their arms wrapped around their naked backs, and their heavy, meaty tits compacted together, nipples burning and penetrating each other. They kissed passionately, groaning and snarling, their tongues struggling to push each other back. Their hands moved restlessly over their bodies, squeezing and stroking, rubbing and pulling. They pressed closer and closer until their naked bodies were pressed together, from their bare torsos to their knees. Only their lower legs pointed away from each other, supporting their bodies as the women grew ever more excited and stimulated. Inge shifted her weight, then pushed her left foot into the ground, raised her leg slightly, and used her muscular calf to help her push Conchita back. Conchita, absorbed in the kissing duel, enjoying rubbing her burning tits with Inge, wasn’t fast enough to counter Inge’s move. The women slowly toppled over onto the soft grass, Inge on top. They continued to kiss and writhe together, even as they instinctively aligned their bodies for the fuckfight to come. Both women knew it was time to lock together and meet cunt to cunt.

Conchita opened her legs and locked her thighs around Inge’s luscious hips, before sliding her naked legs down Inge’s. Inge and Conchita groaned with pleasure within their conjoined mouths as they felt their hot, wet pussies slowly suck together, wet, spongy flesh melting into one hot mass. With a cry, Inge broke the kiss, then buried her face in Conchita’s neck as she writhed. Conchita bit into Inge’s shoulder and dug her sharp nails into her enemy’s beautiful round ass.

“Fuck me, you whore,” Conchita murmured in Inge’s ear.

“Yes, God, yes…,” Inge murmured back.

Raising her hips off Conchita, Inge  spread her legs slightly, opening her pussy and allowing her juices to drip down into Conchita’s open cunt. Inge prepared to drive herself into her foe. Her hot, throbbing clit pushed its way out of her pussy, prepared to meet its counterpart in battle. With a groan of raw desire, Inge thrust down. Conchita bucked up to meet her with all of her strength.

Their open cunts sucked together, their engorged clits crushed directly into each other.

“FUCK!,” Inge shrieked; “God, oh GOD!,” Conchita howled. Their cunts exploded with wave after wave of delicious pleasure. Both women, panting, snarling and cursing, worked their hips and asses as hard as they could, trying to drive through each other, keeping their throbbing, swollen clits constantly grinding into each other. Inge clawed at Conchita, holding the steaming brown body of her foe as tightly as she could, trying to rub every inch of her naked flesh into her enemy. Conchita scratched back, then locked her hands to Inge’s pumping ass, trying to draw the bronzed Amazon as far into her as possible. They fucked furiously, both women throwing back their heads and crying out. With each thrust, they grunted in unison, working together.

They found themselves cheek to cheek, pumping into each other mercilessly. “Yes, yes…,” Inge gasped. “More, more…,” Conchita moaned. They turned their faces to each other, then locked in a deep kiss, groaning as they sucked hard at each other. Their massive tits throbbed into each other, nipples fused into one constant spike of pleasure, joining the womens’ cores to each other in one complete circuit of ecstasy, running from their clits to their tits and back. The spike of pleasure began to swell and grow, filling their tits and cunts with an unbearable heat, with a constant electricity that fed their mutual arousal and made both women even more frantic with lust.

Inge and Conchita fucked viciously, building to higher and higher pleasure. Their endurance was a testament to the practice that both women had done in preparation for this rematch. Their bodies were twined so tightly that their flesh seemed melted into one undulating mass of slick, hot muscle. They had to break their kiss to breathe, but now they rubbed cheek to cheek, faces buried in each other’s thick mane, whispering to each other, cursing each other when they were not begging each other for more. Their bodies reached such a level of arousal that every inch of flesh seemed on fire, every touch of bare skin to skin fed the heat in their cunts. Inge and Conchita both felt as though their throbbing clits, their hot, sucking cunts and their burning tits had expanded to become the entirety of their bodies. They thrust and ground into each other, trying to merge, desperate to suck their enemy as hard inside as they could.

As they fucked, they rolled, the momentum from their hard thrusts keeping them moving, their powerful asses and hips moving in concert, keeping the women’s cores tightly locked together. Their hands moved restlessly over their bodies, stroking, grasping, sharp claws raising welts of passion. The women eventually rolled into a small indentation in the ground, one that prevented further movement. Inge was on top of Conchita, and this was the position in which they would finish this struggle.

This battle was coming to an end. Inge and Conchita had fucked frantically, both trying to satisfy their overwhelming lust, neither fighting with any strategy or restraint. Both were on the verge of a delicious orgasm, the heat from their joined bodies burning inside both women with nova intensity. As she felt on the verge of exploding, Inge grabbed Conchita’s hair and pulled the other woman’s head back painfully. Conchita quickly reciprocated the hold. The two women snarled and panted into each other’s faces as they fucked to the end. Inge gave Conchita a savage smile of raw hunger; Conchita grinned back hatefully, bucking hard enough with her hips to lift Inge off the ground.

They exploded together, a massive mutual orgasm tearing through their bodies. Both women rejoiced in the sudden, ecstatic release. “Oh God, you beautiful whore!,” Inge shrieked at her foe, lost in the passion and pleasure. “You cunt, you slut!” Conchita screamed back, clawing at Inge’s beautiful back.  Chain orgasms began to ripple through them, building up and exploding through their cunts, burning in their tits. The women screamed and moaned, then locked together in a deep, luscious kiss as they rode each other to the finish, breaking the kiss to moan and shriek as each orgasm exploded.

Finally, the orgasms subsided. The women lay wrapped together, panting hard, limbs twined, their cunts and tits pulsing together, sharing their hot sweat. After several minutes, Inge pulled her soaked, exhausted body off of Conchita’s and flopped down beside her beautiful rival. For some time, they lay side by side, their bodies nearly perfect reflections of each other, breathing deeply, struggling to recover from the overload of pleasure. After a while, Inge slowly pulled herself to her feet. Conchita realized that Inge was not attacking, so she remained lying on the ground, watching the blonde goddess through the haze of her own exhaustion.

Inge walked wearily and carefully down to the edge of the pond, then stepped into the cool water.  A few steps in, she was waist deep, and she dived into the water and began to swim. She went under the surface, cooling herself off, washing away the sweat and the sticky, crusted fluids of her battle with Conchita. She swam back towards the edge of the pool, standing when the water came to just below her chest. Her beautiful tits floated on the surface of the pool, the nipples hardened by the water. She pulled her soaking hair back from her face, collecting it in a solid golden strand at the back of her head, and reached around to squeeze it out. Her massive tits rose up on her chest, pushing out into the humid jungle heat. 

Conchita had gotten up and was now standing beside the pool, watching Inge. The women’s eyes locked. Conchita bent her powerful legs, pointed her hands, then dived out into the pool, disappearing beneath the cool, blue surface with a sharp splash. She reemerged a moment later, pulling her soaking hair back, her arms up over her shoulders as she squeezed out the long, dark mass. Her action caused her massive tits to rise, pointing directly at Inge. After she had wrung out her hair, Conchita lowered her arms. Wordlessly, Conchita moved up to Inge, not stopping until their floating nipples touched, point to point.

Inge and Conchita both moaned with the thrilling contact, then they smiled. Their nipples hardened even more. Inge pushed back. Conchita suddenly reached down, cupped Inge’s massive right tit, then lifted the breast to her mouth and began to feast on Inge’s engorged nipple. Inge cried out. Gritting her teeth, she seized Conchita’s hard right tit. She stroked the beautiful brown orb, then bent her head, pulled the nipple to her mouth, and began to suck. Inge ran her tongue around the hard brown cylinder, she nibbled at the soft, sensitive skin. She took all of the nipple and the surrounding areola into her mouth, sucking and biting at the taut flesh, even as she massaged the rest of the hot brown orb with her eager fingers. Conchita worked Inge’s tit just as expertly.

Even as the women feasted on each other, each used her free hand to stroke and massage her opponent’s remaining breast. As they became more aroused, Inge released Conchita’s right tit, then pulled Conchita’s head away from her breast by the Spanish woman’s hair. They glared at each other for a moment, then moved their heads to their opponent’s other tit, both starting to suck and lick the other’s left tit. The heat began to build between the women. The aching pleasure in their throbbing tits began to flow down into their cunts. The cool water was no longer enough to control their ardour.

Conchita slipped her free hand away from Inge’s hard nipple, ran her sharp nails down the blonde goddess’ taut tit, then ran her open palm down Inge’s hard belly under the water. She stopped at Inge’s cunt, then thrust two fingers into the tight vaginal core. Inge moaned, her mouth still locked around Conchita’s tit. She sucked and bit harder at Conchita’s tit, then slid her own hand down between Conchita’s legs. She cupped the Spanish woman’s crotch for a moment, then thrust her own probing fingers up into her enemy’s slick core. Inge and Conchita both groaned as each found the other’s pulsing clit. Gently, each woman rubbed and teased the other’s sex nub, bringing the hot organ back to increasing arousal. They continued to feast on each other’s tit, but the locus of their battle had now moved beneath the water, to their cunts. For a few more minutes, the two jungle goddesses worked each other, letting the tension slowly build.

Suddenly, Conchita disengaged. With a groan, she pulled her mouth from Inge’s burning tit, leaving behind angry red teethmarks, and then pulled her hand from Inge’s cunt. She used the same hand to pull Inge’s fingers out of her core. Inge released Conchita’s tit from her mouth, pausing to nip at the thick brown nipple. Before she could fully react, however, Conchita pushed forward, crushing tit to tit, wrapped her arms around Inge’s shoulders, and pulled the blonde goddess’ magnificent body to her own.

Inge squeezed back, and for a moment the women struggled in the water, until Conchita thrust her face forward, drove her probing tongue into Inge’s mouth, and locked the blonde bitch into a deep, lustful kiss. Inge responded immediately. For a moment, the women released their mouths and simply fought tongue to tongue, each trying to press the other back, pushing and licking each other. Then, the women sealed their mouths together and twined their tongues together inside, exchanging hot saliva and breath, trying to overwhelm the other.

Conchita eventually broke the kiss, then pulled away from Inge’s body, and swam back towards the edge of the pool. She pulled her incredible body out of the water onto the grass, then rose smoothly to her feet and walked towards the center of the clearing. She moved languidly, her wet hair hanging all the way down her beautifully muscled back to the top of her ass. Inge was not far behind her. The two goddesses now stood in the center of the clearing, their beautiful bodies glistening in the streaming sunlight, their nipples hard and sharp, their magnificent vaginas dripping with more than water. Both women appeared relaxed, but their sexual cores were burning with tension and arousal and getting hotter. They locked eyes, both women growing more excited with each moment. What they had started in the water had to be finished on land, and both women sensed that this impending confrontation might be the decisive battle.

Conchita and Inge dropped to the soft grass, facing each other. Without hesitation, Conchita spread her powerful legs, opening her cunt to Inge’s gaze. The thick, dark lips, the open labia and the pink, hot core lay spread before Inge. Inge reciprocated. She pulled her bronze legs as far apart as she could, opening herself to her enemy, offering her womanhood to Conchita’s hungry gaze. Both women stared into their enemy’s cunt, mesmerized and filled with a consuming lust. Conchita licked her dry lips hungrily; she began to breathe harder and faster. Inge let out a little whimper of pure lust as she felt her burning cunt contract powerfully. A moment later, hot vaginal liquid poured out onto the grass, trickling into her ass crack. Conchita gushed back an instant later, aroused beyond measure by the signs of her hated foe’s overwhelming lust. The women pulled their gazes away from their cunts, and now locked eyes. Their mutual hunger was incredible.

Inge and Conchita began to push towards each other, as they had done before. When they pulled close, however, Conchita stretched out her legs and pressed her feet towards Inge’s feet. Inge instantly understood. The women pressed bare feet together, pushing their bare soles together tightly, pushing their toes against each other. They both flexed their feet, and enjoyed the ticklish pleasure that rippled up their legs. They continued to push closer to each other using their arms, but rather than scissor-locking they simply spread their legs wider and wider, keeping their feet together, opening their cunts as wide as they could go. They pressed closer, their legs spreading wider, pushing up to each other and bracing their torsos with their powerful arms. Their nipples ached with tension and heat, their tits throbbed with pleasure. The twin furnaces between their legs grew in heat and tension as they moved nearer. Their pussies ached with the need to devour each other, to lock together and suck and melt into one hot mass of ecstasy until one cunt surrendered to the other. Conchita and Inge glared at each other, joined in the intense intimacy of their mutual lust and hatred. Their tits touched lightly, burning nipples fused together with a shock of pure pleasure that shot through their bodies and ended jolting their aching clits. Both women let loose shrieks of raw pleasure, which subsided to groans of lust.

Panting, their tits fused together and moving in unison, Conchita began to push up to Inge, to cover the final distance between their cunts. “Wait, ”Inge gasped. As Conchita paused, Inge slowly took her right hand from behind her back, where it was helping to brace her, and reached between their bodies. She gently caressed Conchita’s open pussy, tracing the thick, wet pussy lips with her fingers, then paused at the red, throbbing clit. With a hungry smile, she ran her index fingernail over Conchita’s swollen clit, softly but sharply.

Conchita shrieked, threw back her head and groaned, and struggled to keep her body from convulsing. She bit her lip, groaning with barely-controlled pleasure. Inge plunged her index and middle fingers into Conchita’s vagina, but she continued working the Spanish woman’s trembling clit with her thumb. Gasping, Conchita braced herself with her left arm, then sent her right hand down between Inge’s legs. She cupped her hated foe’s beautiful wet cunt, her palm growing instantly damp with the hot juices pouring out of Inge. Then, Conchita plunged her own index and middle fingers deep into Inge’s pussy even as she gently stroked Inge’s swollen clit with her thumbnail. Inge screamed, jerked powerfully, then brought herself under control with an incredible act of will. Panting, she gave Conchita a savage smile of pure lust. Conchita smiled back, with equal savagery.

Now both women used their fingers to devastating effect. Their thumbs gently massaged their burning clits, occasionally pausing to scratch at their exquisitely sensitive sex buttons with sharp claws, gently stimulating their throbbing clits to greater and greater arousal, sensitivity and size. At the same time, each woman slowly worked her enemy’s vagina, probing the other woman’s soft, slick core. Conchita found Inge’s pleasure spots and began to stroke and push the sensitive flesh.

Inge cried out, suddenly overwhelmed by the excruciating pleasure being inflicted on her clit, combined with the sudden surge of pleasure from her vagina. She held on, and continued to explore Conchita’s vaginal core. Inge was finally rewarded with a cry of ecstasy from Conchita as Inge’s delving fingers found her enemy’s weakness. Inge and Conchita tortured each other, their expert fingers exploring and assaulting their cores, their beautiful pussies constantly convulsing and flowing with hot liquid as their bodies moved to ever higher states of arousal. Inge and Conchita panted and gasped and snarled as they struggled, each woman inflicting as much pleasure on her foe as she could, readying her enemy for the final fuck, when their rivalry would be decided. The blissful agony radiating from their cunts helped harden their aching nipples against each other.

Inge finally paused in her assault on Conchita’s cunt. Conchita stopped too. Pulling her soaked fingers out of Conchita’s burning cunt, Inge raised her right hand to her mouth. She licked the clear, pungent liquid on her fingers, then offered her hand to Conchita. Her eyes locked to Inge’s, Conchita accepted, licking Inge’s fingers clean. Conchita then raised her wet fingers to Inge, who eagerly licked at the Spanish woman’s hand. Conchita leaned forward to lick too, and their tongues momentarily tangled together. They sucked at each other, then settled into a hot, deep kiss, before pulling apart and glaring at each other, breathing hard with arousal. Both women ran their wet fingers over their opponent’s burning tits, stroking the dense, throbbing flesh, scratching lightly. Conchita pushed her right hand up between their compressed tits, and gave Inge’s left nipple a sharp squeeze. Inge hissed sharply, then reached down and tweaked Conchita’s clit in response. Conchita gasped with the sudden shock.

Smiling with raw hunger and lust, the two jungle goddesses closed the final space between them. Their hot, wet inner thighs pressed together, the smooth skin on both women’s legs plastering together. They shifted their legs, keeping them fully extended but finally pulling their bare feet apart, and scissored each other. Both kept their legs open as they pressed towards each other. The heat radiated from their open cunts.

“You beautiful cunt,” Conchita groaned at Inge. “I’m going to break you, I’m going to make you beg, then I’m going to fuck you until you can’t stand…” Her eyes shone with anger and need.

“Fucking slut,” Inge gasped back. “My pussy will eat yours. Then you’re going to be mine. I’ll do things to you, I’ll make you do things you never even dreamed…”

“Enough,” Conchita snarled. “Let’s do it.” Her body was trembling with lust, her eyes were feverish with desire.

Inge was equally aroused. “Yes…” she moaned. “Give me everything…”

Bracing themselves with their powerful arms, they locked eyes. Then, by mutual consent, the women pulled back, drew back their hips, then thrust forward with all of their strength. Their long, hard, throbbing clits, which were fatter, harder and more aroused than either woman could remember, smashed head-on, held, locked, then crushed each other almost back into their clitoral hoods. The women’s cunts sealed and locked tight, hot, juicy pussy lips pressed thickly together, the slick flesh melting into one steaming mass. Their cunts sucked together, hot vaginal juices gushing out to mix and burn and increase the suction of the seal.

Their crushed clits went off in both women like nuclear bombs. Wave after wave of nova heat and electrical pleasure roared through their bodies as their incredibly sensitive and aroused sex organs pushed each other back, holding each other in a trembling, excruciatingly ecstatic stalemate. Conchita and Inge’s eyes were wide with shock, the pleasure so great that neither could even scream, they could only endure the agonizing sensations. Inge felt sure she would pass out; her body trembled as rolling waves of tension washed over her, filling her throbbing tits, hardening her nipples, aiding them in their perpetual struggle with Conchita’s beautiful nipples. As always, however, Conchita’s body matched hers in every way, holding her in check.

Trembling with pleasure, choking with the desperate need to scream out their ecstasy, both women shifted their hips just slightly, relieving the head on confrontation between their clits and allowing the engorged organs to push free, sliding against each other as they fully extended, finally burying themselves in the base of the enemy clit. The hard lick sent another wave of pure ecstasy blasting through both women, and their hard clits remained trembling side by side, melted into one hot mass of pulsating sensation.

“Oh God,” Conchita sobbed, finally able to breathe, her body quaking with unbearable tension. “Fuck, fuck…” Inge cried, barely able to speak, every inch of her body burning with the explosion of pleasure that had poured out of their locked clits. The women looked at each other with expressions of desperate astonishment, tears of ecstasy coursing down their faces. They had not realized how powerful and sensitive their clits had become, they had not anticipated the unbearable pleasure that was now rippling through their bodies with every pulse of their hearts. They had not expected to start their final fuck at this level of arousal and through the haze of terrible sensation, both women feared the levels of ecstasy that they would need to attain to defeat the other. Their looks of surprise and fear, however, quickly hardened into expressions of lust and hunger. Inge and Conchita understood that they were, once again, on the brink of unbelievable pleasure, and they both wanted it. Each woman wanted to consume the other, to feel her nemesis’ incredible sex surrendering to her own. The more intense the pleasure the greater would be the victory.

Their large, powerful pussies now formed a hot, wet, fleshy arena in which their engorged clits could meet in combat. Their cunts were sealed together with an unbreakable suction, lubricated with the hot juices that pumped out of both women, which burned and mixed inside their vaginas and filled them to the brim. Inge and Conchita both knew now how their struggle would have to be resolved. Inge smiled at Conchita, her expression hungry, burning with lust, but also betraying her apprehension at what was to come. Conchita smiled back, panting with desire, but her unease was also evident.

The women prepared themselves. Inge and Conchita closed their legs around their enemy’s hips, scissoring each other tightly. They were pressed together tit to tit, their hard nipples boring into each other, their taut, spongy flesh crushing and melting into one. Their beautiful eyes locked and held. This whole time, the women’s clits remained pressed hard together, side to side, radiating unbearable heat and tension from their cunts to every cell in their bodies. Tears of pure pleasure trickled down Inge and Conchita’s faces.

The beautiful women began to work their hips. Their hard clits licked each other side by side, blasting incredible tension into both women. Inge sobbed and screamed; Conchita shrieked. Still, they now began to fence with their clits in earnest, rubbing the engorged organs together, twisting them around each other, working their hips and asses with increasing urgency and power. Continuous shocks of incredible pleasure blasted through their bodies.

Inge screamed, crying with pleasure, but kept driving herself against Conchita’s burning clit; Conchita thrust back with equal power, sobbing with ecstasy. Their cunts contracted powerfully, pumping steaming juice into both women, feeding the overwhelming heat between their legs, leaking out from their sealed as their insides filled with liquids. The clit to clit fencing continued. Inge and Conchita felt as though their bodies were saturated with raw pleasure. The tension was exquisite; both women’s muscles trembled, their legs quivered all the way down to their toes with suppressed pleasure. Still, somehow, they managed to keep going. Slowly, agonizingly, the ecstasy built.

Bracing herself, Conchita pulled back her clit, then drove it head to head into Inge’s clit. The women convulsed from the unbearable pleasure, neither even able to scream. They shook uncontrollably but, incredibly, they held their clits in place. Inge and Conchita pushed into each other, writhing in agony, each trying to force the other to collapse under the intense pleasure. For both women, it felt like a miracle that they had not yet exploded in multiple orgasms.

Neither had ever held this much pleasure and tension in her cunt before without either exploding in pleasure or stopping to pull back. This time, however, neither woman would back down. Unlike the last time they had fought, Inge and Conchita were not now fucking each other for their mutual pleasure. This struggle was to the end, to decide their rivalry, to truly discover which of them had the more powerful sex, the greater self-control.  It was a woman to woman confrontation that would finally decide which of them was to be queen of the jungle.

As they drove their clits together head to head, both women leaned back, placing their hands behind their bodies to support them. They made sure that their burning nipples and areolae remained in contact and, as they rocked, their massive tits bounced together, joined at the nipples, rubbing together with a delicious friction. Hot sweat poured down their bodies, their wet hair swung in time to their rocking hips. They threw their heads back, both women moaning with indescribable pleasure, their bodies vibrating with lust.

Conchita felt her entire body saturated with unbearable tension. Her limbs quivered, her muscles ached with pleasure. She struggled with all of her soul to control herself; she tried to envision her body as a bottle and the pleasure as a slow drip with a long way to go before she was full. But she did not know that she could hold out much longer. She struggled to relax her core, to find new places in her body to store the tension, to keep her deep muscles from convulsing and driving her over the edge into a devastating orgasm. But it was incredibly hard. Her tits burned furiously, her hard nipples rubbed into Inge’s until they felt melted together, the heat and pleasure in her cunt was so enormous that she did not know where she ended and Inge began. She felt merged with Inge’s incredible body, mated to this whore in the deepest, most intimate way possible. Every thrust made it feel like her cunt was expanding, filling up her whole body. She sobbed and screamed with pleasure, not wanting this delicious fucking to end, but desperately wanting victory over her foe.

Inge felt exactly the same way. She ground her hard, throbbing clit into Conchita’s with all the power of her hips and ass. Electricity ran through her body in a constant current, making every part of her harder and more aroused. Every inch of her body burned with sexual power; her skin was amazingly sensitive. She did not know how much longer she could stand the constant arousal, the continuing ecstasy. She desperately wanted a release; at the same time, the incredible pleasure made her groan with lust and need.

Ten minutes passed, then twenty then thirty. Still they fought, their clits merged into one pulsing mass of ecstasy, their bodies shaking with pleasure and tension. Both women panted in hitching gasps, their inflamed tits rising and falling in unison as they sucked in breath and struggled to keep from exploding. Their eyes were locked together, Inge and Conchita tested each other’s will, each looking desperately for any sign of weakness, for any hope that her foe was starting to crumble before the onslaught of raw sexual power. But all they saw was delirious pleasure, iron determination and blazing hatred. The pleasure was so intense that the women could not even groan anymore; all of their energy and will went into controlling their burning bodies. The incredible clit to clit fuck went on and on, their nova hot pussies sucked and locked wetly together, quivering with tension.

Inge moaned quietly. It was a tiny sound, but one that suddenly gave Conchita new hope. She glared at Inge and, for the first time, saw signs of weakness. Inge’s beautiful blue eyes suddenly shot with fear; her control was starting to slip. She struggled to regain her bearing, but Conchita attacked in earnest. She increased the power of her grinding hips and ass, she rammed her swollen clit even harder into Inge’s equally engorged sex organ. Inge continued to work her hips and ass back against Conchita, but rather than thrusting back with equal power, she began to retreat, trying to find some way to reduce the pleasure of the constant clitoral grinding. For the first time, Conchita sensed victory. Her eyes blazed with lust and excitement, she pushed herself at Inge, crushing their tits harder.

“No,” Inge whispered, her eyes now shining with agony, the limits of her ability to control her body now becoming apparent. “No, no, no…” she groaned.

“Yes,” Conchita snarled back. “Yes, yes. YES!,” she screamed, redoubling her attack on Inge’s cunt with every word.

Now, for the first time, Conchita’s powerful thrusts began to push Inge’s body back, very slightly. Inge groaned, struggling with her own pleasure, dividing her energy between thrusting back against her foe and restraining her own building orgasm. Conchita quickly wrapped her arms around Inge’s naked back, and pulled the other woman into her as tightly as she could. The women’s burning nipples pierced each other even more strongly and held taut, but even here Conchita was sure that she could feel Inge’s body starting to weaken. She thrust her hands into Inge’s hair and pulled the other woman’s beautiful face to her own. Inge glared at Conchita defiantly, but there was fear and the slight beginnings of despair in her eyes. Conchita pushed their noses together, even as she continued to grind her clit with Inge’s.

 “Oh, you cunt,” Conchita panted. “You’re mine.” She glared at Inge, her eyes shining with victory, rejoicing in the look of panic and fear in the blonde goddess’ beautiful blue eyes.

Conchita thrust her hot tongue deep into Inge’s mouth, locking the blonde jungle woman in a deep kiss, seeking to overwhelm Inge in every way. Inge fought back weakly, but the tongue fight was now only one of many battles going on between the women’s bodies and within Inge’s heart.

Inge fought against her own fear, fought against the indescribable pleasure thrumming through her body, and which now threatened to slip beyond her power. She was on the verge of panic, not knowing how to respond to the sudden weakening of her own control. In her mind, she started to despair. Now, though, as Conchita sought to break her, she began to fight back. She used her anger and hatred to fuel her resistance; she reminded herself of all that was at stake if she lost. She wrapped her arms around Conchita and squeezed back, hard; she sank her fingers into Spanish bitch’s wet locks and pulled the other woman’s mouth even more tightly into hers. Her tongue fought back against Conchita’s tongue. At the same time, Inge began bucking back, driving her burning clit with equal force against Conchita’s. If she was going to be defeated, she would be fighting all the way. She forced her body to accept more pleasure even as her will hardened, and she fought to bring her pulsing, ecstatic body back under her control, if only for a few moments.

Inge bucked back against Conchita, matching the Spanish goddess thrust for thrust, tit to tit and cunt to cunt, forcing just as much ecstasy on Conchita as was now being forced on her. Their tongues wrapped up and fought viciously within their mouths. The women broke the deep kiss, but continued licking at each other’s savage faces, gasping and sucking and biting as they were overwhelmed by the sensations. Conchita, her body wracked by pleasure, now dimly realized that in her excitement at the prospect of victory, she had allowed her control over her body’s incredible arousal to slip. The women were now, suddenly, in a cataclysmic showdown, pumping furiously into each other, racing to force the other to a massive orgasmic explosion.

They pulled back slightly from each other, keeping their tits crushed together, but leaning back on their hands. Both women gasped for breath, their tits grinding constantly, hot sweat soaking their bodies and collecting between their conjoined cunts, hot cunt juice squeezing out from between the tight seal on their locked pussies. Their pussy fur, still thick despite the earlier pussyhair-pulling battle, twisted into a wet tangle. They thrust at each other furiously, driving into each other with all their strength. Their burning clits, harder and bigger than ever before, aroused beyond all comprehension, locked and ground into each other head to head, a constant explosion of overwhelming sensation, pumping electric heat through every inch of the writhing women’s magnificent bodies. 

Inge thrust herself at Conchita with everything that she had; Conchita met her every inch of the way. Their eyes were locked, their beautiful faces contorted with expressions of hatred, incredible lust, and the unbelievable agony of their shared pleasure. They pounded at each other, their bodies slapping together rhythmically, hot wet cunts merged into one exploding mass of pure pleasure.

“Break, you whore, break!” Conchita screamed at Inge, her face twisted with rage and desperation.

“Cunt! Fucking cunt!,” Inge screamed back, driving herself at the Spanish bitch with everything she had.

Through the miasma of incredible sensation and ecstasy, Inge could sense that she was on the verge of exploding. Her control had slipped and she could not get it back. Her only chance was to take Conchita with her, to pull the Spanish cunt over the brink. She was almost out of time. Summoning up all her strength, she drove her clit at Conchita’s with all the power of her voluptuous ass and hips; she arched her back, throwing the power of her abdomen into the final attack.

At the same time, Conchita drove her clit, in desperation, against Inge’s with all of her strength. She had lost control, too, and she had to destroy Inge now.

Their massive clits, harder and more sensitive than ever before, throbbing with a level of pleasure greater than anything either women had ever experienced, smashed together head to head, their most sensitive parts, with incredible force. The women’s majestic clits crushed each other completely; every nerve in their throbbing sex organs exploded.

The blast of raw ecstasy that ripped through Inge and Conchita was indescribable in its intensity; the shock of electric pleasure was harder and sharper than anything either woman had ever felt before. It rippled through their bodies, exploding out of every pore, blasting out of their steel hard nipples, causing every muscle in their bodies to spasm. Inge and Conchita’s beautiful legs shot out, their arched backs locked and held. Inge and Conchita were both paralyzed by pleasure, their eyes wide, gazing at each other with expressions of absolute astonishment, unable to scream or move, barely holding onto consciousness.

Then, their crushed clits began exploding with rippling orgasms, sending shockwaves of ecstasy tearing through their bodies. Their cunts contracted harder than ever, and began pumping steaming hot cum into each other, filling up both vaginas. Gasping, both women managed to suck in enough air to shriek out their pleasure, the absolute bliss wracking their bodies. They fell away from each other, their arms giving out, their muscles convulsing as their senses began to close down before the orgasmic onslaught. They landed on their backs. Their magnificent bodies bucked and writhed into each other, grinding their massive clits together, forcing even more exploding orgasms out of their exhausted pussies. Their beautiful tits rocked. Both women sobbed and screamed, gasping with pleasure, fucking each other into unconsciousness as their bodies collapsed from the unbearable sensations.

Before she passed out, Inge’s final thought was that if she did not win against Conchita, at least she had not yet lost. Then, another wave of orgasmic pleasure burned up from her exploding clit, smashing through her body, tearing a scream of raw passion from her, before finally knocking her unconscious.

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Inge slowly regained consciousness. Her body fought against it; she was spent and exhausted in a way that even her previous battle with Conchita could not match. Even so, something was prodding her insistently, forcing her back to wakefulness. She struggled back to awareness, at last feeling her body. She slowly realized that something was licking her face; her sensitive nose detected the scent of a wild animal. Inge forced her eyes open and looked up at the newborn fawn that she had been playing with when Conchita arrived. The little animal was licking her face and pushing her with its nose. Its mother stood nervously a few feet away, clearly wary of the presence of Conchita and the intense scents of unrestrained sex that permeated the clearing.

Inge groaned, causing the fawn to move back uncertainly. She reached out and stroked the tiny creature, then shooed it away. It ran back to its mother, and the two deer wandered back into the brush, to watch whatever would happen next. Inge turned her attention to her more pressing problem. Her mind and body felt sluggish; clearly, she still needed to rest. The battle with Conchita had been truly devastating. But, she was now conscious and this fact gave her an advantage that might be enough to end this battle, at least for now.

Inge slowly pushed herself up on her elbows, to look over her mountainous tits at Conchita. Their bodies remained locked together, cunt to cunt. Conchita seemed absolutely unconscious, her massive tits rising and falling gently with her breathing. Slowly and carefully, Inge pulled herself away from Conchita. The women’s earlier pussyhair-pulling battle had greatly reduced the amount of pubic hair protecting both women’s crotches, so there was far less entanglement between their pussy fur than was usually the case. Even so, Inge could only rip away from her enemy with a shock of pain. Conchita groaned at the sudden jolt, but her exhaustion was too deep, and she remained unconscious. Cum trickled out from both women’s pussies. Inge carefully disentangled her body from Conchita’s and now gathered herself, trying to concentrate through her own tiredness, trying to decide on her next move.

Inge kneeled between Conchita’s spread thighs and contemplated the Spanish beauty. She gazed down on the Conchita’s beautiful mocha-colored form, glistening in the afternoon sun. Conchita’s beautiful brown tits proudly swelled up from her chest, slicked with sweat and covered with angry teethmarks and scratches. Her dark brown nipples remained erect. Her beautiful brown belly curved down past her sweat-filled navel to her inviting hips and her thick, powerful pussy. Her swollen clit still protruded slightly from inside her hot pink cunt. Inge knew what she had to do.

Slowly, carefully, she reached out with her right hand and began stroking Conchita’s left nipple. She did this very gently, tracing the nipple, caressing the areola, stroking the taut titflesh.  At the same time, she used her left hand to gently stroke Conchita’s softened clit, quickly teasing it back to life. Conchita moaned under these ministrations, but remained unconscious even as her body began to respond. Inge felt her own sex beginning to stir. The heat between her legs began to build as she ran her hands over Conchita’s magnificent body. This was good; she knew that for her plan to work, she needed to be aroused when she faced Conchita in the final battle. Her sex needed to be strong enough to overcome Conchita’s, but not so aroused as to render her unable to resist her own orgasm. Inge continued to caress Conchita’s clit, which was already swelling up to remarkable proportions. She took the same hand, wet with Conchita’s juices, and gently stroked her own wet, burning clit, feeding her own arousal, building up her own lust, before returning her attentions to Conchita’s sex.

She ran her right hand gently over Conchita’s swelling tits, playing with the Spanish woman’s nipples, gently kneading Conchita’s spongy titflesh, running her sharp nails softly along Conchita’s smooth belly, stroking and teasing her enemy’s sensitive skin. Inge kept working Conchita’s swollen clit, rubbing it gently between her fingers, scraping it tenderly with her nails. Conchita had started to groan, her body was slowly starting to writhe. Her hips jerked involuntarily and her ass began to rub into the soft earth. Hot vaginal juices trickled from her majestic cunt. Her pussy lips thickened with excitement. Inge knew that Conchita was only moments from emerging into full consciousness, but she was pleased with her work. She could tell from how hard and hot Conchita’s clit was, from how freely her juices were flowing, that the Spanish bitch was increasingly aroused.

Inge was amazed at her own arousal. Her cunt throbbed, her clit burned, her tits and nipples were as hard as rocks. She could barely control her own lust, and she recognized that, if she was not careful, she ran the risk of sabotaging her own plan. Nonetheless, she couldn’t resist rubbing her own sex nub and tweaking her right nipple with fingers still wet with Conchita’s juices. Then, just as Conchita was on the verge of awakening, Inge threw herself onto the ground between Conchita’s open legs. Inge wrapped her right arm around the Spanish whore’s hips and wrapped her lips and tongue around Conchita’s burning clit. She sucked hard. At the same moment, she drove her left index finger deep into Conchita’s vagina, looking for the pleasure spots she had attacked earlier. She found the most sensitive spot on her first try. With a shriek of pure joy, Conchita returned to consciousness to find her sex under vicious – and incredibly pleasurable- attack.

Conchita gasped, her tits heaving, her body boiling with pleasure. She realized what was happening, but was helpless to stop it. Inge’s assault on her clit already had her sobbing with ecstasy. She buried her hands in Inge’s golden hair, but she could not summon the will to push Inge away, to stop the incredible pleasure radiating up from her cunt. “You bitch, you dirty bitch!” she cried, thrashing her head from side to side, bucking up her hips to increase the pressure on her clit. “Oh God, stop!” she begged. But she really did not want it to stop; she wanted much, much more.

Inge heard the desperate desire in Conchita’s voice. She smiled hungrily, and pulled her wet face up from her enemy’s burning cunt. She pushed Conchita’s powerful knees apart with her hands, raising her own body up so that she was looming over Conchita. Conchita looked up at Inge, her expression a mix of terrible lust and raw hatred. She looked at Inge’s glowing body, the massive tits, the engorged nipples, the hard, smooth belly, the open, gushing pussy. Inge’s powerful clit jutted out of her cunt, prepared for combat. Conchita hated Inge, she knew what Inge was doing to her, but in that moment she wanted nothing more than to feel the incredible body looming over hers crushed into her. She wanted to feel those massive tits rolling on hers, those hard nipples grinding and penetrating her own, she wanted to feel that hot cunt locked to hers, sucking and gushing; more than anything, she wanted that hard clit crushed into her own, head to head, grinding and pulsing and inflicting sheer ecstasy on her body. Conchita could not help it; she spread her legs as wide as she could, she reached out to Inge with open arms. “Oh God!” she screamed. “Do it!”

Inge found herself almost out of control with lust and passion. “Yes,” she cried in response to Conchita’s plea, “God, yes!”

Inge threw herself forward, her legs slightly spread, her nipples so hard they hurt. Her magnificent body crushed down onto Conchita’s equally magnificent form. Both women shrieked in pure joy as their hot, wet cunts sucked and merged, as their burning tits crushed and rolled against each other, hard nipples boring into each other deep inside their combined titflesh. With a hard thrust, their throbbing clits smashed together, and both women howled. Powerful legs twined and locked, powerful asses pumped furiously as the women fucked with wild abandon. Inge’s plan was temporarily forgotten; all that mattered to her was mating with Conchita, driving her steaming cunt into Conchita’s until they both exploded, rubbing her hot flesh into her enemy until they merged completely. Conchita felt exactly the same way. She was dimly aware that she was on the verge of losing her battle with Inge, but in this moment that did not matter – her incredible lust needed to be satisfied. She had to have Inge’s hot body locked and grinding into hers.

“Your tongue, oh God, give me your tongue,” Conchita gasped at Inge as they rubbed cheek to cheek, faces buried in the other’s hair. Inge immediately obliged, driving her open mouth down onto Conchita’s, juicy tongues tangling and wrestling within their locked mouths. The women groaned with unrestrained lust.

They fucked furiously, driving into each other with all of their strength. Dimly, Inge realized that the terrible levels of arousal and sensitivity that they had built up to in their last cataclysmic struggle were still present; their bodies really had not come down completely from that sexual peak before they began this present round of combat. She was also dimly aware, through the haze of raw pleasure, that she was losing her best chance of defeating Conchita. Right now, she could only hope that she had aroused Conchita enough while the Spanish woman was unconscious to give herself a definitive advantage. At this moment, however, she could not hold back; she was lost in the incredible pleasure of Conchita’s body, and she could not restrain her need to fuck this whore as hard as she could.

The women pounded at each other, lost in their shared lust. They moaned and gasped and screamed, riding each other mercilessly, their hard bodies writhing and bucking in unison, forming one beautiful mass of undulating muscle and untamed sexual power. As they fucked, however, it slowly became apparent that Conchita was just slightly higher up the pleasure curve than Inge. Her body begin to quiver with pre-orgasmic tremors noticeably earlier than her foe; her cries of lust and passion began to take on a slightly desperate timbre. Lost in the wet heat of her enemy’s cunt, Inge still realized her slight advantage and began to pound harder, trying to drive Conchita over the edge of passion.

The women’s hard clits ground together with electric pleasure, their taut tits exploded with heat and tension. Conchita could feel a tremendous orgasm building up in her core. She fought against it with all of her strength. But it was so hard – she had started this battle at a serious disadvantage, already burning with pleasure, and she had no way to withstand Inge’s powerful cunt, her crushing tits. Slowly, painfully, Conchita’s orgasm built. She whimpered with ecstasy, fighting desperately. She refused to give in. Her face was a study in agony as she struggled to control herself. Her body continued driving up against Inge’s with all of her strength, but her energy was now divided between fighting her enemy and struggling with her own body.

Inge could sense and see Conchita’s struggle. She smiled, hunger and anticipation lighting her face. Inge was close to her own orgasm, but she still knew that she could control it and keep it at bay. Conchita was close to the end. Inge felt her victory was near. This realization gave her extra energy, and the additional willpower to begin using her body in a more strategic way. She kept her hard clit grinding into Conchita’s but she also concentrated on fighting her own arousal, exercising as much self-control as she could to hold back the floodgates of her own pleasure.

Finally, Conchita could not take it any more. Her body was quaking with tension, her screams of lust and passion had turned to cries of desperation and agony. With a shriek of despair, her cunt suddenly exploded in a shattering orgasm. Terrible heat and tension tore through her body, steaming hot cum erupted from her cunt, flooding Inge’s bucking body. Conchita sank her claws into Inge’s pumping ass and rippling back and howled with ecstasy. “NOOO!,” she screamed, “Oh God, NO!” But it was too late. Even as her body rocked from one orgasm, her clit began to explode with another and another. Inge, her teeth gritted in pleasure, her eyes burning with lust and victory, kept her sex button crushed to Conchita’s. She held the Spanish goddess’ rocking, thrashing body as tightly as she could, struggling to control Conchita as the Spanish woman bucked through her multiple orgasms. Inge strained her bronzed body against Conchita’s beautiful mocha form, fighting against her own orgasm, riding Conchita out. As Conchita’s string of orgasms began to lessen in intensity, as her hot cum began to dwindle, Inge acted. She pressed down on her enemy’s clit with her own, stroking and teasing, then thrusting down with a sharp shock. Her attack had the desired effect. Conchita suddenly found herself exploding into another series of devastating orgasms. Inge smiled and groaned with pleasure; Conchita shrieked with the overwhelming sensations.

“You’re beaten, girl! Admit it!” Inge snarled at Conchita, wrestling with the Spanish woman’s magnificent bucking body.

“Never!” Conchita howled. “Never!”

“Say I’m the better cunt!” Inge demanded, driving her clit down on Conchita’s. “Say it!”

“No!” Conchita sobbed, tears of anger, humiliation and pleasure running down her face.

Snarling, Inge redoubled her assault on her enemy. For more than a half hour Inge kept this up, holding back her own orgasm, riding Conchita out, and then forcing the Spanish goddess into another series of exploding orgasms. Conchita screamed and bucked, trying desperately to resist. Her resistance was futile, however; Inge had her at too great a disadvantage, her magnificent body and insatiable sexuality combined to betray her. Finally, Conchita could not give anymore. Sobbing with exhaustion, drained by the constant pleasure, Conchita was on the verge of passing out from Inge’s relentless assault. Inge, deeply tired herself but still powerfully aroused, finally began driving herself into Conchita with the desire to relieve her own need. She pumped her hard clit down onto Conchita’s until, finally, she could not hold back her own pleasure any longer. Inge screamed with release, and felt her pussy blast her hot cum into Conchita’s waiting vagina. Conchita exploded one final time, howling in pleasure and despair, before she finally collapsed into unconsciousness.

Inge pulled herself off of her defeated foe, gasping and moaning, deeply tired but flushed with the sense of victory. She had won! She had fucked Conchita senseless. She had finally proven that she had the stronger cunt, that she was the more powerful woman. Even as she relished her victory, however, she had to be honest with herself. Conchita was every bit as powerful as she was, every bit as magnificent a woman. If Inge had not been woken from her stupor by the fawn, the two women might, even now, be locked together in another fight to a standstill. Inge even appreciated how close Conchita had come to defeating her earlier. Perhaps this defeat would break Conchita’s will and give Inge a permanent psychological advantage over her foe. However, she doubted that. Still, all that mattered now was that she had won this battle. She had gained safety for the jungle (at least from Conchita) for the next year. And – she thrilled to think of it – she had gained Conchita as her slave for the next day. Inge smiled, contemplating what she would do to her enemy, now her servant. Even as sexually exhausted as she was, Inge began to feel a tension between her thighs.

She dozed beside Conchita’s unconscious form. More than an hour later, she came awake, aware that Conchita had finally begun to stir. With a groan, Conchita opened her eyes, looked at the blue sky, then was hit by the nightmarish memory of what had happened.

“No…” she moaned, tears of humiliation beginning to run from her eyes.

“Yes, you whore.” Inge replied. She pulled herself up on her elbow to look down at her defeated foe. “I fucked you until you passed out. You’re beaten. Do you accept this, and do you agree to live up to the terms of our bargain?”

Conchita, quickly sat up, snarling at Inge in rage and frustration. “You cheated! You must have cheated…!”

Inge frowned in anger. She had certainly had help in her victory, but she also knew that she was innocent of any wrongdoing. “I did not cheat. I recovered faster than you and I used that to my advantage. Are you going to try to back out of our agreement?”

Conchita paused. Her massive tits heaved, her powerful body tensed. The heat in her cunt began to flare. She could go on fighting. She did not have to concede. But she also knew that she had been fucked into unconsciousness, her body had been ridden almost to its limits. She just did not have the energy to win an all-out sexfight, not now.

Finally, she bowed her head. Her pride ached and she trembled with anger and humiliation. But she had to concede. “I will abide by the terms of what we agreed,” she said quietly. “This forest is safe from me for the next year.”

“And?” Inge coaxed, a cruel, lustful smile beginning to play across her beautiful face.

Conchita looked up and locked eyes with her hated enemy. “And I agree to be your slave for the next day.” The words left a bitter taste in her mouth, but a thrill of heat and lust suddenly rippled through her cunt and up to her tits.

Inge smiled. “Good. Get some rest. I want you ready for what I have planned for you.”

“I don’t need any rest,” Conchita replied. Involuntarily, her voice began to thicken with lust and desire, her heart began to pound. “I am more than ready for you now.”

Inge smiled cruelly. “Then get onto your back and open your cunt, you whore.”

Eyes locked to Inge’s, anger and growing lust evident in her every move, Conchita slowly rolled onto her back. She spread her magnificent brown legs, opening her beautiful pussy. Her hard clit was starting to swell up from its protective hood.

Inge looked at the magnificent woman spread out before her. The heat and tension in her cunt suddenly became deliciously intense. She looked at the position of the sun, memorizing it, preparing herself for the next 24 hours. Then, with a smile of victory and raw lust, she moved towards Conchita, her body already burning with anticipation of the ecstasy to come.

Epilogue: 24 Hours Later

Inge and Conchita both groaned with animal lust. Their faces were buried in each other’s pussies, their tongues and lips wrapped around their swollen clits, sucking and biting, feasting on each other. They were lying on their sides, their arms wrapped around their enemy’s voluptuous hips, their hands grasping and squeezing the other woman’s beautiful ass, fingers exploring their enemy’s anus, probing their wet pussies. The women finally climaxed together, both screaming out, then groaning in pleasure as hot cum gushed out of their exhausted pussies, splashing into their open mouths. The women lay wrapped together for another few minutes, then finally pulled away from each other to lie flat on their backs, bodies parallel to each other, majestic tits jutting into the air.

They were both exhausted. The previous 24 hours had been incredible. The women had taken each other in every way that they could imagine. They had slept and bathed and ate when they needed to, but most of their time was spent exploring and ravaging the other woman’s body. For the first eight hours, Inge had taken great pleasure in humiliating Conchita, in forcing the other women to devour her cunt and service her needs, to submit to Inge’s body and lusts. For the remaining time, however, the women had largely ravaged each other as equals. Inge enjoyed her mastery of Conchita, but she also enjoyed the challenge posed by the other woman, the matching of like to like. Moreover, she did not feel entirely comfortable with her victory, though she would never admit this to her enemy.

The time of Conchita’s servitude was finally at end. The women were too exhausted to continue fucking, however. They had fucked and devoured each other almost continuously for the past day. Their lust for each other had, if anything, grown. But while both women possessed insatiable sexual appetites, even their incredible bodies had limits.

Conchita slowly pulled herself to a sitting position, and looked at Inge. Her body was incredibly tired, but her exhausted cunt still sparked when she gazed at Inge’s magnificent form. Now, she had memories of incredible ecstasy spread out over an entire day on which to build her lust. The previous 24 hours had been humiliating and enraging; but she had also taken Inge and been taken in every way she had ever wanted. Still, she hated Inge now more than ever.

Slowly, she pulled herself to her feet. Her legs were remarkably tired; her pussy was terribly sore, as were her massive tits. Her body was covered in scratches and bitemarks, particularly around her pussy and all over her breasts; her nipples were sore from the constant grinding and sucking. Her pussy ached deep in its core, her clit painful from its constant stimulation. Even so, despite her aches and bone-deep tiredness, she stretched out her magnificent body, arching her back and pushing her tits out into the jungle heat.

Inge watched her from the ground, then pulled herself to her feet. Her body was just as battered, sore and ravaged as Conchita’s.

The women contemplated each other. Finally, Inge spoke. “Remember our agreement. You are welcome to make this jungle your home, to visit if you wish. But for the next year, do not come here to do any harm. After that…” she smiled grimly, “we’ll see what happens.”

Conchita merely nodded. After a moment, she spoke. “I think that I will stay around for a while. Other people are managing my affairs in the city. I think I want to explore this forest. But a year from now, we will be having this discussion again.” She smiled savagely, her anger and hate evident.

Inge walked up to Conchita slowly. Hands on her hips, Conchita waited for her. Inge pressed into her naked enemy, sore nipple to sore nipple. The women ignored the pain. They pushed together, wrapping arms around their backs, crushing up to each other until their hot cunts were pushed tightly together. Glaring into each other’s eyes, Inge locked Conchita in a deep, probing kiss. The women kissed hard, sucking at each other, their hot hands moving over their bodies, for several minutes. Then, slowly, they pulled apart. Both women were breathing hard, both were aroused. As they glared at each other, however, both understood that this was a parting gift they were giving to each other.

“Anytime you want to have any other ‘discussions’ you know where to find me,” Inge sneered at Conchita.

Conchita merely smiled, hunger and anger burning in her eyes. Then, without another word, she walked about the clearing, quickly gathering up the scraps of fur that made up her garments. As Inge watched, Conchita tied back on her loincloth, then the halter. While she was doing this, Inge found and tied on her own coverings; she wanted to maintain the sense that she and Conchita were dealing with each other on equal terms.

Exchanging one final look of lust and hatred with Inge, Conchita turned and walked out of the clearing, stopping to retrieve her spear and knife along the way.

Inge watched her go, admiring the woman’s beautiful body, as she had done at the end of their first battle. This time, though, things were different. Already, her body burned with the idea of more close combat with Conchita. She was sure that she would not need to wait too long before Conchita was back to challenge her again. With a hot, hungry smile, Inge realized that her life in the jungle had become much more interesting.

The End

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