Jungle Fire: Inge vs. Sheena by JB57

Part I

The steaming heat filled the day, settling over the dense green jungle like a thick blanket. Inge moved through the treetops like a giant cat, luxuriating in the deep, humid warmth that surrounded her. Inge knew that the people in the city often cursed the fierce heat and the torrential rains of the Amazonian forest. But Inge loved the heat, she loved the rain, she loved every part of the savage world that was her home.

Inge’s bronzed body glowed with a fine sheen of sweat. She was wearing only the slightest of bikinis. A tiny halter consisting of two triangles of leopard fur barely covered her nipples and struggled to constrain her firm, meaty tits. Titflesh overflowed all sides of the halter. Her magnificent tits rocked sensuously as she moved, her bountiful assets bouncing within their meager bindings. Her bare torso rippled with muscle. She wore a loin covering only slightly more substantial than a thong, also made of leopard skin and tied low on her pubes and stretched across her womanly hips. Her powerful legs coiled and flexed as they propelled her through the jungle canopy. Her golden hair flashed in the dappled sunlight as she leaped and swung from tree to tree. A sheathed knife was fastened to her thigh.

This was a part of the forest that Inge had never visited before. It was several weeks distant from her usual territory. But Inge had decided that it was time for her to explore other parts of the vast jungle. Earlier in the year, she and Conchita had encountered and defeated a monstrous beast. The experience convinced Inge that she needed to know more about the hidden secrets of her enormous realm. She was the protector of the jungle and she needed to be prepared.  She knew where the beast she had battled had come from; she had been to that part of the jungle before. But she also knew that there were other parts of the jungle that hid their own secrets. She had decided to come to this part of the forest because she had heard tales that somewhere in this area there were strange lights in the sky.

Inge came to a deep canyon in the forest. She paused on the branch of a massive rubber tree and looked out over the vista before her.  A giant waterfall cascaded down the far northern wall of the crevasse, the raging torrent throwing up a vast wall of mist from the rushing river below. The canyon was too wide to swing across. Inge looked down at the river, gauging the speed and ferocity of the water and the rocky surface over which it was flowing. Even if she climbed down into the canyon, crossing the water would not be easy. She decided to go to the mouth of the waterfall and cross over there. For anyone else, getting to the waterfall would take most of the day. For Inge, it would only take a few hours.

She resumed her journey, her mind focused, concentrating only on her movements and her surroundings as her bare feet gripped the rough bark of the giant trees that served as her pathway, as her hands found hanging jungle vines to swing her gracefully from one perch to another. Her powerful muscles worked smoothly and efficiently. The wind whipped through her hair and cooled the hot sweat on her tawny flesh. Her breasts bounced and swayed exuberantly within her straining halter.

Two hours later, Inge reached the mouth of the waterfall. She traveled a short distance up the river, away from the precipitous drop. She leaped into the river and swam powerfully, easily making it over to the other side before the current could sweep her over the edge of the cliff and into the valley. When she reached the far side of the river, she decided to rest. She stripped off her bikini and put the halter and thong on a hot rock to dry in the sun. She ate some fruit she found hanging from an orange tree on the river bank. She lay back on a sand bar on the edge of the river, removed her scabbarded dagger, fanned out her golden hair, and allowed the sun to kiss her glistening, naked flesh. She smiled as the heat beat down on her magnificent tits and her taut belly. She enjoyed the warmth on the thick fur of her pussy, on the sensitive flesh of her cunt lips. Inge stretched herself luxuriously and savoured the sensation. Without intending to, she fell asleep.

A vivid dream troubled her sleep. In the dream she was locked in a ferocious sexual confrontation with another woman, a voluptuous and powerful woman.  Usually, Inge’s erotic dreams focused around her sexual rivalry with Conchita. But, in this dream, the woman she was facing was not Conchita.  The other woman’s body was sleek and tawny, her hair was a deep blond, her eyes a glowing sea-green. Inge could not see the other woman’s face, but she felt herself locked against this woman, bare flesh to flesh, pumping against her, sharing breath and heat, exchanging hot liquids and raw lust. She could feel the other woman’s sexual power raging against her own, threatening to devour her womanhood.

Inge woke. The dream faded quickly from her waking mind, until she was left only with a sense of unease and a strong desire to keep moving.

Inge had not been asleep for long, as she could tell from the position of the sun. Naked, she moved up the sand bar and found a rock on which to sit.  Her breasts rose majestically as she raised her arms to squeeze the wet out of her long blonde hair and smooth it down. She pulled back on her leopard skin thong and halter, both of which were still damp because of the humidity, strapped on her dagger, and resumed her journey into the deep jungle.

That night, Inge slept in a makeshift bed in the jungle canopy. Once again, her sleep was troubled by vivid erotic dreams which she quickly forgot once she was awake. But the sense of arousal stayed with her and, as time passed, she began to feel more tense and dissatisfied. She attributed her restlessness to the usual jungle fever, the savage qualities of the forest that put all its inhabitants on edge, prompting them to fight or flight.

The next day, Inge came upon a native village deep in the forest. She soon learned that the name of the village was Dakena. The ebony-skinned villagers were overjoyed by the appearance of the bronzed blonde goddess. Indeed, to Inge’s confusion, she soon realized that the villagers had mistaken her for someone else.  She had to insist that she had never been to their village before, a claim that left many of the villagers just as confused as Inge.

Inge met with the head priestess, a woman named Ramona, who sensed the power of the goddess in the blonde jungle woman and treated her with the respect one priestess owed another.  Unlike the other villagers, Ramona was able to distinguish between Inge and whoever the other blonde woman was that had caused to the villagers’ confusion.

“You must forgive my people,” Ramona said to Inge, as they sat in her hut.  “They are not used to seeing white people. But it is also true that the other woman could easily be your sister. You look very much alike. I know that you are different because your eyes are the blue of the sky and her eyes were the green of the forest. But, otherwise, even I would have some difficulty telling you apart, though I am sure the differences would be obvious if you were both sitting here in front of me.”

“Do you know who this other woman was?” Inge asked. She found it hard to believe that another jungle woman who looked so much like her could exist in this part of the jungle.

“She called herself Sheena,” Ramona replied.  “She appeared in our village almost six months ago, but that was the first and last time that we saw her. We had heard stories of the golden-haired jungle goddess before, but we were still very surprised to see her.  Now that I think of it, she seemed surprised that we knew of her. But I begin to think that the stories that we heard were of you, not her.”

Inge frowned, trying to understand what was going on. “Well, then, where did she come from?” she asked the priestess.

Ramona hesitated, then replied carefully. “I think that she came from the ruined city of Ura.”

Inge started. Ura was the name of her goddess, the earth deity whom she had encountered in the past and who had given Inge her blessing. But Inge knew nothing about a ruined city.

“Where is this city?  Why do you think this other woman came from there?” Inge asked.

Ramona hesitated again.

“Have you ever encountered the goddess Ura?” Ramona asked.

Inge paused before answering. The question itself had suddenly caused her to consciously remember, for the first time, the sense of being summoned, of being drawn, to this part of the forest.

“Yes,” the blonde jungle woman replied. “I have encountered her a few times during my life. The last time I met her was a year ago. But she has been a presence in my life for as long as I can remember. In fact, I am starting to feel that I am here because the goddess is calling me.”

“That is very possible, “ Ramona agreed. “The great city of Ura is four days walk from here. Many centuries ago, it was the home of great temples to the goddess. People from all over the jungle would come to worship her. Of course, then, it was not just a jungle.”

Inge was intrigued. “Tell me more,” she asked.

Ramona told Inge the history of her people. The village was one of the last remnants of an ancient people who had controlled a powerful empire that stretched across most of what was now the Amazon forest. Thousands of years earlier, at the peak of their civilization, natural disasters, disease and civil war had finally caused the empire to topple.

“But there are also stories that say that Ura was at war with her sister, the goddess Ororo. Ororo defeated Ura and part of the price was that Ura abandon her people to their own devices. Without the guidance of the goddess, the people fell to fighting among themselves. Eventually, the ancient people of the forest destroyed each other. Ura watched and wept, but she could do nothing to save her children.”

“The great city is still there, though it is in ruins. But there is something about it that keeps the jungle from reclaiming it completely.  I think that is the will of the goddess Ura. When I have gone to the ruins, I have sensed the power of the goddess at work. If Ura is calling you, I believe she may be calling you there.”

Inge nodded thoughtfully. “But why do you think that this woman, this “Sheena”, came from the city, if the city is abandoned?”

Ramona frowned. “There are stories that the city has many doors to other places. I think that Sheena may have come through one of those doors. When she came to our village, she was looking for someone else, a man who she said had been running from her. We had not seen the man and she left soon after. But I sensed something about her, some power in her. At the time, I simply thought it was the essence of the goddess that I felt in her. But now that I feel it in you – well, you feel familiar to me. This other woman did not.”

Inge nodded thoughtfully. She thanked Ramona for the stories and her wisdom and then left the old woman’s home. Inge spent that night as an honored guest in the village. The next morning, she left early, heading for the remains of the ancient city.

Less than two days of hard travel later, as the sun was setting, Inge came upon the ruins of the ancient and abandoned city. The stone structures gave evidence of the powerful and advanced society that had built them. The statues and stone etchings that had not been destroyed by time and the harsh conditions of the jungle depicted myths and historical figures that Inge did not recognize, though she was able to pick out the many depictions of Ura. She decided to spend the night outside of the city, then get up early in the morning to begin her exploration of the ruins. She built herself a bed in the trees on the edge of the city and settled in for the night.

Several hours later, with the full moon high in the sky, Inge was awakened from another erotic dream by flashes of light coming from somewhere within the ruins. From her perch in the tree, she could see bursts of blue light painting the sky. They seemed to come from the center of the city. Carefully, she lowered herself to the ground and entered the ruins. The moon cast the cityscape in an eerie silver glow, but it made it easy for the jungle woman to work her way through the shattered avenues to the city center. She found that the light was emanating from a building that looked like a temple or a palace. It was more than a hundred meters high and was remarkably intact, especially when compared to the ruins around it.

The light was flashing from deep inside the structure, pulsing at regular intervals. Inge carefully pushed open the stone door and made her way down a long, dark corridor toward the light. The ceiling of the hall disappeared into the darkness above her head. From what she could see, it was covered in ornate carvings of frightening gargoyles and other creatures. She had to be careful; in many places, the floor of the temple had fallen away into the depths below. Inge stepped gingerly, proceeding to the end of the corridor. She muscled open a thick stone door, which opened onto a vast room. In the center of the room was a structure consisting of a solid stone slab surrounded by a series of interlocking arches. A meter off the floor, in the center of the arches, was a brilliant, pulsing ball of blue-white light.  Looking up, Inge saw that parts of the temple ceiling had crumbled away, making the light visible to the night sky.

Inge approached the arch carefully, her bare feet padding gently on the cold stone floor. The light gave off no heat and, as she got closer, the glowing ball seemed to shift into focus. She found that within four meters, the light began to harden and become more like a window, surrounded by a coruscating blue halo. She pulled closer and realized that there were images inside the light, images which soon became recognizable as trees and plants and the outlines of an ancient stone building. For a moment, Inge wondered if she were looking at a picture of these same ruins, but maybe from another time. There was something subtly different in what she saw, however; the architecture of the building in the light was similar to the ruins in this city, but It seemed less angular, more rounded. She pulled within a meter of the glowing light and the picture inside of it came into sharp focus. Inge could see every detail of the place on the other side and she could tell that the quality of the sunlight was different than in her jungle. Inge reached down and picked up a large stone from the floor. Standing back a bit, she hurled the stone into the picture before her. She was not surprised to see the missile fly into the picture, exactly as though it had been thrown through a window. The projectile hit the ground and bounced, then rolled to a stop beside a pillar.

Inge smiled. This window was a portal. This was one of the doorways Ramona had mentioned. As she stared into the shimmering light and the lush forest beyond, Inge was struck by a powerful compulsion. She had to go into the portal. Something powerful was calling to her from the other side. Inge braced herself. Then, without any more hesitation, she stepped into the light and through the window. She felt a shiver of electricity, a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors flashed before her eyes. Then she was standing on the dry stone terrace of an ancient temple, somewhere else. Behind her, another arched structure, identical to the one she had passed through on the other side, shimmered in the afternoon sun.

For a moment, Inge experienced a sensation of profound disorientation.  Then her vision cleared. She had the sense that there were things just beyond her vision, but she could not see them and did not want to. The quality of the sunlight seemed more acute. The stones of the temple she was standing on seemed to pulse with a strange, warming light. She was facing the massive stone building.  She looked up. The structure was the thick, ornate base to a massive stone tower which reached high into the sky. The upper spire of the tower pushed more than a hundred meters up into the brilliant blue morning sky.

The sun burned down on the stone, making it hot beneath Inge’s bare feet.  Inge could hear the echoing calls of jungle creatures. She looked around. The arched portal was located on some kind of terrace, overlooking the jungle she had seen in the blue glow. It seemed that she was alone on the terrace. She walked to the balustrade and carefully peered over the edge. The jungle was far below, a deep curtain of green punctuated by glittering waterfalls and lakes. The vista before her stretched on to a distant mountain range. The structure in which she was standing was, apparently, built on the side of a mountain.

The blonde beauty turned back toward the inner temple. Her sense of being summoned grew greater. Carefully, she padded across the terrace and entered the temple building. Inside, the stones shone with light, both reflected from the bright sun and emanating from within. The temple was bare. There were no adornments, no carvings on the walls or carpets on the floor. But, somehow, none of this was necessary. The temple itself, its stone and structure, was a work of art. It seemed alive and breathing in a way that Inge had never seen or felt before.

The ceiling was open, allowing sunlight to stream into the deep recesses of the temple. Inge walked down a long, bright corridor, her bare feet slapping quietly on the hard rock.  She was struck by a sense of presence, by the feeling that there was a supernatural power in the walls and the air around her. Inge continued down the corridor. She passed under an archway where the shining stone on the floor ended and was replaced by soft sand. Inge enjoyed the feel of the sand on the soles of her feet. She continued down the corridor and out through an ornate doorway which led onto another small terrace. This sat at the top of a long flight of stone stairs which led down into the forest. The vegetation in this place was just as thick and beautiful as in the Amazon, but Inge saw many trees and flowers that she did not recognize. She was somewhere else, and she suspected that she was in Africa. The time was the early morning which, she knew, would fit her theory that the portal had opened in Africa, an ocean away from her Amazonian home. 

Inge walked into the jungle. As at home, it was hot and humid. The thick heat of the day enveloped her.  She climbed a giant tree to its top and looked out over the jungle. In the far distance, she saw a trail of smoke drifting into the sky. It was doubtful that it was a forest fire, so it probably indicated human habitation. She decided to head in that direction and see what she could find. She was certain that her goddess had summoned her to this place. Now, she had to discover what task Ura wanted her to perform.

As Inge began her exploration, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, moved rapidly through the forest undergrowth. Sheena was a woman of the jungle. She had been born and raised in the wilds of Central Africa and she had become a legend to the people of the entire continent. This day, she was working her way through the steaming jungle toward the ancient temple which sat in the thickest part of the forest. For the past several weeks, she had been having dreams – disturbing erotic dreams which she could never remember when she woke up, but which left her feeling unsettled and horny all day. A few days ago, she suddenly was struck with the strong sense that she needed to go to the temple. She had not been there in more than six months and it was not a place that she visited often. The presence of the goddess was strong within the temple. The overwhelming presence of supernatural force made Sheena feel a bit nervous, even as it left her elated.  But the sense that something was calling her grew to the point that she could not ignore it any longer.

Sheena was a magnificent specimen of full, ripe womanhood. Her long, golden hair streamed down her back. Her body was tawny perfection, her gently bronzed skin glowed with sun-kissed vigor. Her deep green eyes lit up a gorgeous, somewhat haughty, face. She wore a tiny garment made of leopard skin.  A spaghetti-thin band of fur looped behind her neck. The straps continued down either side of her torso, expanding at her nipples only just enough to cover her thick, round areola.   They provided no support for her breasts, but they did not need any.  The pressure of the strings caused the woman’s heavy tits to bulge enticingly, the firm flesh forming perfect globes as they resisted the tension. The strings thinned again as they traveled down her beautifully muscled torso to her crotch, where they were tied to a tiny leopard skin thong that was pulled taut against her cunt. The outfit covered almost nothing of the blonde beauty’s body and accentuated her full, heavy tits, her voluptuous curves and her sleek muscles. Sheena’s long legs were perfectly proportioned and powerfully muscled. Her feet were bare.  A knife in a leather scabbard was tied to her thigh by a thin leather strap.

Sheena moved through the jungle expertly, swinging from tree to tree, sometimes dropping to the ground to run almost soundlessly over the thick loam. She eventually arrived at the temple. Sheena entered the structure and immediately noticed the imprints of Inge’s bare feet on the soft sand. She traced the footprints back to their origin, reading the signs to see that Inge had entered the temple through the glowing portal. Sheena turned back and followed the trail out the temple door, down the steps, and into the jungle. She could tell that the tracks were very fresh. She was only minutes behind the intruder. From the size of the footprints, she could see that the interloper was a woman, but she could also tell that this woman was experienced in traveling through the jungle.  Whoever she was, she left few signs of her passing.

Sheena raced through the jungle, following the almost-invisible trail.  Several times, she had to stop and slow down and examine the signs closely to figure out where her quarry had gone. Soon after she left the temple, she completely lost the trail until she realized that the woman she was following had taken to the treetops. Soon, Sheena was swinging through the trees, trying to spot the signs that would tell her where this other woman had traveled. 

For nearly two hours, Sheena chased the unknown woman, trying to catch up. The other woman finally dropped to the ground and Sheena was able to make up the distance between herself and her quarry by running at full speed. Inge was also running, but at a slower pace.

Inge stopped by a large, clear jungle pond, fed by a waterfall, and quenched her thirst. She ate fruit from a nearby tree, then climbed up into the branches of an old forest giant to scan the jungle and reorient herself in relation to the fire she was seeking. Inge dropped back to the soft ground of a clearing under the tree and prepared to resume her journey.   Just then, she heard a woman’s voice from behind her.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

Inge whirled around to confront the voice. Inge could not suppress a gasp as she took in the incredible, savage beauty of the African Jungle Queen. Instantly, Inge understood this must be Sheena.  Inge could understand why the villagers would mistake her for the other woman. From the neck down, the two women could have been twins. Their voluptuous bodies were equals in every way. Inge had not encountered a woman who was such a perfect physical match for her since her first incredible meeting with Conchita. But Sheena was even closer to her in appearance, as they shared the same bronzed skin tone.  Sheena’s hair was a slightly darker, redder blonde than Inge’s golden locks. Sheena’s glowing green eyes locked with Inge’s brilliant blue.

Even as Inge drank in Sheena’s incredible body, the rival jungle queen took in Inge’s fantastic form. She was every bit as impressed by Inge as Inge was with her. Her eyes raked hungrily over Inge’s bronzed beauty, the massive breasts barely constrained by the triangles of the tiny bikini top, the ridged muscle of Inge’s powerful torso, her flaring hips and long, powerful legs.  Sheena’s eyes focused on the bikini bottom that sank so low on Inge’s belly that it barely covered the jungle woman’s thick thatch of pubic hair. Sheena drank in Inge’s beautiful face and startling blue eyes.

Sheena’s body exploded with heat. A powerful sense of lust of and sexual rage flowed from her stomach into loins, tightening her pussy and causing her bulging breasts to flood with heat and tension. Sheena’s nipples grew hard as she felt her body react to the presence of another Alpha bitch, another jungle woman who threatened her dominance in her own territory.  She knew that this was why she had been summoned to the temple. She knew that she had to conquer and destroy this woman.

Inge had reached the same conclusion. Now that Sheena was standing before her, Inge was overwhelmed by the power of her purpose. This woman was the reason that Ura had summoned her here. Inge suddenly remembered her vivid erotic dreams. She knew that she had to meet and match and conquer Sheena in every way possible. Her goddess demanded it, and so did the raging heat in her body.

“I said, “who are you and why are you here?”” Sheena repeated. She was breathing hard and her breasts were rising and falling in a distracting way as her excitement grew. Her body glistened with a thin sheen of jungle sweat.

“I am Inge,” Inge replied, drawing herself up to her full height, thrusting out her massive chest in challenge. Her cunt felt so hot and wet that she knew it would soon start contracting in hunger and lust. “I came through the portal in the temple to the east of here.” She paused as the blonde beauty facing her did not react to that information.  Inge realized that this woman had been following her trail from the temple. “Are you Sheena?” Inge asked.

“I am Sheena,” the other woman acknowledged. “I am the protector of the people and animals of this land.”

“I serve the same purpose in my home,” Inge replied.

“Well, you do not need to serve that purpose here,” Sheena replied, brusquely. “Your presence here is not required – or wanted,” the blonde Amazon continued, a sharp edge entering her voice. “Go back through the portal and never return.”

Inge’s nostrils flared at the insult.  “I was called here by the mother goddess, Ura,” Inge replied indignantly.

Sheena’s eyes flashed. “I don’t care who your goddess is,” she snapped. “You turn around and go back where you came from. We don’t need you or your goddess. We have our own goddess and this land has its own protector.”

“Why were you running around my home?” Inge asked.  “The villagers in Dakena told me about a jungle woman coming out of the forest who looked a lot like me and went by your name. Why were you invading my land?”

Sheena sneered. “I only went through the portal to catch an enemy who escaped to your side. You should thank me. I stopped him before he caused problems for you. You were not exactly rushing to stop him.”

Inge’s eyes flashed indignantly. “I did not know that there was a danger to my home. If I did, I would have dealt with it.”

“Well,” Sheena smirked, feeling she was winning this verbal confrontation, “It doesn’t sound like you really know what is happening in your own domain. It’s a good thing that the people here do not need to rely on you.”

“You bitch!” Inge cried, smarting from the attack. But she really did not care what Sheena said. Both women knew that this verbal sparring was only a pretext to the physical combat that they both wanted and needed. Their bodies demanded conflict. Their words simply stoked the fires that were already burning deep inside of their womanly cores.

Sheena stepped closer, her hands on her hips, her tits thrust out. Her chest was heaving. She was far more excited and angry than she should have been. But the tension that had been building in her for days, the heat and savage power of the jungle, roiled inside of her. She noticed that her tits were heaving in time with Inge’s breasts. Their sharp nipples were perfectly aligned.

The women were very close now. Their nipples threatened to touch, their burning eyes locked in mutual antagonism.

“Listen to me, bitch,” Sheena began. Inge’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “I want you to haul your fat ass back to the temple and jump through that light and get yourself back to where you belong. You are not wanted here.”

Inge’s eyes shone with rage and lust. Sexual fury and desire was raging in her loins. Just as powerful was her need to dominate the other woman. This blonde bitch was challenging her, threatening her on the most primitive level of her womanhood.

Inge stepped back, momentarily leading Sheena to believe that the other woman was turning away from the confrontation. Sheena felt a pang of intense disappointment. The feeling lasted only an instant. A moment later, Inge’s right hand cracked hard against Sheena’s left cheek, a lightning fast blow that sent the blonde jungle goddess reeling.

“You whore!,” Sheena screamed. She tried to return the blow, but Inge leaped away, getting out of range of Sheena’s fists.

The women’s eyes flashed and their beautiful faces snarled in mutual hatred and barely contained lust. Inge reached down to the scabbard fastened to her thigh and untied it. She threw the knife and scabbard aside. Sheena did the same with her weapon. This battle would be decided using other, more intimate, weapons.

The two women crouched down, their hands out, their eyes blazing with rage. Their beautiful, sweat-dampened  tits hung down from their chests like twin, meaty cannonballs, barely contained by their leopard skin clothing. They faced each other, panting with anger and excitement, their bare feet seeking the firmest stance on the soft ground.

“You cunt,” Sheena snarled. “I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.”

“Try me, bitch,” Inge growled back. “I can take anything you have and give it back twice as hard.”

The women reached for each other. They interlaced their fingers and squeezed hard, their bodies locking in a contest of strength. An intense sexual charge raced through their delicious forms at this flesh to flesh contact. They tried to control the other woman’s hands, but neither woman was able to bend the other back. Their arms trembled with effort and the women threw all the power of their magnificent bodies into the struggle. Their bare feet sank into the soft earth.  Their legs strained, the muscles of their beautiful torsos flexed, their bodies shuddered and twisted as each woman tried to throw the other off-balance. The women’s grunts and snarls of effort became rougher and angrier as they both discovered that they were too evenly matched in strength and skill for one to overcome the other.

As their hands became sweaty, Inge twisted her hands free from Sheena’s grip and grabbed the other woman by one of her rock-hard biceps. With her other hand, Inge sank her fingers deep into Sheena’s blonde mane and yanked viciously. Sheena screamed. She buried both of her hands in Inge’s golden locks, a move that Inge copied a moment later. Snarling, the women tore viciously at each other’s beautiful hair.  At first, they held each other at arms’ length and inflicted as much pain on the other as they could. They snarled in rage. Eventually, both women pulled down on their hair, bringing their bodies tightly together. Massive tits crushed hard. Sheena and Inge gasped in concert as their fantastic titflesh bulged out under the pressure. Naked titflesh rubbed together vigorously as their meaty jugs mashed. The women’s hard, tight nipples remained protected from direct contact by their tops, but their tit bullets pulsed and stabbed at each other even through the two layers of leopard fur holding them apart. Inge moaned as erotic electricity burned out from her engorged tits and her swollen nipples, and fed the tension in her groin, the heat in her belly. Sheena gasped as the same sensations threatened to overwhelm her and distract her from the need to break this blonde bitch.  Her sensitive, naked titflesh seemed to be burning up as it slid and frictioned against Inge’s matching titmeat.  The burning pain in their heads as they tore at each other’s manes complemented the intense and growing pleasure emanating from their wrestling tits.

The women jerked each other’s heads back, a move that caused both to thrust their tits together even more powerfully and slap belly to belly. For long minutes, the women snarled and groaned, crying out in pain, rage, and barely contained lust, as they pulled each other around the clearing, struggling to overwhelm the other. Their long, beautiful legs twined and strained, but neither woman was able to control her enemy. After more than 15 minutes of hard fighting, their bodies were wet with sweat, their hair was damp, neither had been able to gain an advantage. Sheena tried a new tactic. She maintained her grip on Inge’s hair, but she sank the fingers of her left hand into Inge’s right tit, seeking to maul her enemy’s magnificent breast.

Inge shrieked in rage and pain.  She released her enemy’s hair and placed both hands on Sheena’s massive tits, and shoved hard. Sheena fell away from Inge, but she still had her grip on Inge’s halter. She tore the meager garment away with her.  She staggered, then glared in rage at Inge’s magnificent boobs, which now bounced full and free.

Inge thrust out her chest proudly, her unbelievably beautiful tits glistening with sweat and shining in the sunlight. Her light brown areola were as hard as pebbled rock; her nipples were enflamed, brown fleshy cylinders. Her massive jugs were perfect golden orbs of overwhelming erotic beauty. Sheena stared fixedly at Inge’s fantastic tits. Her tongue moistened her suddenly-dry lips. Her heart pounded with excitement, her nipples felt like they had expanded to twice their normal size, her tits felt engorged and pulsing with sensitivity. The leopard skin stretched taut over her nipples suddenly felt unbearably constraining.  

Sheena threw aside Inge’s bikini top. Slowly, her green eyes locked to Inge’s blue, Sheena reached down to where her leopard skin top was attached to her thong. She undid the fastenings slowly and carefully. Next, she slowly reached up to behind her neck. Her massive tits rose, thick and hard, with the movement of her arms.  She slipped the now loose covering off from around her neck and threw it aside. She shoved her magnificent tits outward.  She looked down at her own meaty globes and marveled at how big and taut they seemed even to her. She felt aroused beyond measure. Sheena was aware that some primal instinct had taken over her body. She was driven to defeat and destroy Inge in every way that she could. She did not question this instinct; it was far too powerful to resist. Instead, she intended to give in to it and enjoy wherever it took her.

The topless women glared at each other, their eyes flashing down to ogle the other’s magnificent rack. Now, clad only in their matching leopard-fur thongs, Sheena and Inge approached each other, crouched down, their breasts jiggling enticingly as they warily circled each other. Then, they hurled themselves at each other, their arms open. Their titmeat came together with a solid thud, firm flesh compressing and resisting the sudden impact. Their swollen nipples speared each other and crushed tight, their ridged brown areola grated deliciously. A pulse of incredible pleasure filled both women’s tits and radiated into the rest of their overstimulated flesh, feeding a building heat in their hungry, aching cunts.  

Sheena and Inge gasped in unison, cries of sudden, shocking pleasure. The women wrapped their arms around each other’s backs and squeezed with all of their strength, desperate to crush the other woman’s tits, desperate to grind out as much pleasure from each other’s struggling glands as they could. Their nipples burned with ecstasy, their throbbing tits fused and rolled and slid slickly on the hot sweat generated by their mashing titmeat. Their cunts dripped with vaginal juice. Sheena gasped as she felt her boiling pussy lubricate hard. Cheek to cheek, they writhed powerfully in each other’s arms. They whispered curses in each other’s ear, they buried their faces in each other’s hair, their erotic moaning growing louder and louder as they titfucked harder and harder. Sheena and Inge arched their backs and bucked their tits against each other, like animals locking horns.  They braced their powerful, bronzed legs and pushed into each other as hard as they could, using all the power of their incredible bodies to try to crush each other flat. Instead, their massive jugs resisted, growing harder and pulsing more powerfully with unbearable pleasure as the pressure grew.

The beautiful women twined their naked legs together, locking up so completely that even the backs of their knees and their ankles struggled to become one body. As the erotic battle continued, both women began to let their hands roam each other’s perfect backs, rubbing and caressing, scratching and clawing at each other as their passion and pleasure grew in intensity. Their tits slid and slipped erotically against and between each other, driving the women crazy with lust. Their hard nipples scored furrows in their enemy’s unprotected titflesh when they were not twisted and grinding against each other.

“You fucking whore,” Sheena gasped in Inge’s ear. “I’ll break your tits, I’ll break every part of you…” She nibbled at Inge’s ear then, in her passion, bit and sucked at Inge’s neck.

“Give it to me, fucking slut,”Inge moaned in reply. “I’m going to smash you flat.” Inge bit back, sucking at Sheena’s neck and shoulder as she struggled to stifle a groan of pleasure.

The women groaned and snarled and gasped as their tits struggled and fucked against each other harder and harder, as their bodies writhed and wrestled. Inevitably, their intertwined legs caused them to overbalance and, with a mutual cry, they fell to the ground, Inge landing on top. The pulse of pain and intense pleasure as their massive boobs pancaked against each other caused both jungle women to scream out in joy. Instantly, they interlocked their limbs and wrapped their bodies together even tighter.  Their taut bellies flattened against each other, their golden legs twined together like vines. They rubbed the soles of their bare feet together as they matched every body part in the effort to conquer the other completely.

Sheena’s hands roamed Inge’s beautiful muscled back, clawing at the bronzed flesh when she was not rubbing and caressing it.  She sank her claws into Inge’s hard, flexing ass muscles and held on, marveling at the raw power beneath her hands. Sheena arched her back hard, driving her abdomen firmly into Inge’s resisting abdominals, feeling their deep, sexy navels suck at each other as the women writhed in each other’s arms. Slowly, agonizingly, Sheena managed to roll their locked bodies, taking the top position.

Inge scratched at Sheena’s back and slapped the blonde’s nearly bare ass, raising a welt. She bucked hard, straining to keep the roll going. But Sheena reached behind her and seized Inge’s arms. She interlocked their fingers and, hand to hand, pinned Inge to the ground. The women squeezed hands furiously as they fought for control. Their powerful legs thrashed. Inge tried to free her legs so she could use them for leverage to free herself from the submissive position, but Sheena succeeded in locking their golden limbs. Their legs held in a trembling stalemate, neither woman able to overcome the other.

Sheena raised her upper body, arching her back and relieving some of the pressure between the women’s throbbing tits.  She began to rotate her tits around and around Inge’s massive rack, sliding her boobs in and out and around Inge’s meaty tits, massaging Inge’s jugs wih her own, letting the sweat and heat between their battling orbs feed the incredibly erotic sensations. The women closed their eyes, threw back their heads, and groaned in unison as their senses began to overload with unbearable sensual delight.  Their animal moaning grew louder and louder. Inge arched her back hard, tightening her boobs and driving them up against Sheena’s golden orbs. Their hard nipples stabbed and scraped. The women wriggled and writhed, grinding their meaty tits relentlessly, until their racks throbbed with sexual pleasure and their nipples burned with ecstasy.

Inge managed to free her hands. She seized Sheena’s ass, pulling the other woman in tighter and compressing her own tits between her arms, giving them even greater firmness against Sheena’s boobs. Sheena lowered herself onto Inge’s body, pressing her full weight onto their battling jugs, and reached down to fill her hands with Inge’s rippling ass. On almost equal terms once more, the jungle goddesses resumed their writhing, grinding tit to tit battle. As their breasts warred, the women’s whole bodies were locked in combat. Almost unconsciously, Inge and Sheena began to rub their crotches together, the ravenous sexual hunger in both women feeding the incredible heat in their pussies.

Inge was going crazy with lust. Her body was burning, all of her flesh felt like it was on fire with need. Her pussy was aching, throbbing, blazing with desire. She needed to satisfy the unbearable hunger between her legs. Almost involuntarily, she untied the string that held Sheena’s wet thong to her crotch. Inge ripped the tiny garment away, freeing Sheena’s hot, hairy cunt. Sheena realized what Inge had done and, without hesitation, Sheena untied the string of Inge’s thong. She yanked the wet cloth away from Inge’s cunt and threw it aside.  Inge and Sheena felt their thick mats of pubic hair begin to grind and twine together. The furnace heat from their pulsating cunts warmed their inner thighs and bellies.

Panting furiously with lust and excitement, the two naked women paused in their tit on tit struggle. Their faces rested nose to nose, lip to lip.  Sheena and Inge glared at each other through half-opened eyes. They shifted their hips, and heard the rustling sound of their pubic hair tangling. Inge could sense Sheena’s engorged clit nearly touching her own; she could feel the incredible sexual electricity radiating off her enemy’s greatest weapon. Inge spread her legs wider and tilted her pelvis upward, providing Sheena with full access to her aching twat.

 Sheena’s eyes were shining with lust. She could barely control her excitement and she shuddered with desire as she felt her soaking cunt lubricate yet again, releasing a long, hot dollop of sexual lubricant that dripped onto Inge’s open cunt, aligned directly below Sheena’s twat. Inge moaned as she felt Sheena’s sex juices dribble onto her wet cuntlips. Sheena trembled with need.

“I’m going to fuck your cunt right off of you, you dirty bitch,” Sheena whispered at her enemy. Their wet lips and sensitive tongues touched. They lapped at each other.  “My twat is going to suck your pussy inside out,” she breathed.

Inge shuddered. She smiled viciously. “I’m going to fuck your clit into mush, you cuntsucker,” she replied. “Let’s see who’s the better fuck, you bitch.”

Sheena pressed her forehead onto Inge’s forehead. Eyes locked, nose to nose and lip to lip, sharing excited pants, Inge and Sheena signaled to each other. They could wait no longer; they were both crazy with desire. With a gasp of uncontrollable lust, Sheena lowered her ravenous twat directly onto Inge’s waiting cunt; Inge thrust up to meet her.

Soft, thick cuntlips slid together, wet and hot and deliciously slick. Inge and Sheena screamed in concert with the first exquisite contact, both women pulling hard on the other’s round ass, trying to drag each other in tighter and harder. They began to pump, keeping their cunts plastered together, but grinding rhythmically, seeking to force each other’s fuckholes wider, seeking to suck together so they could get a better cunt to cunt grip on each other and begin the process of devouring the other woman’s womanhood.

 Unbearable sensual pleasure roared through their writhing, grinding forms as they bucked and heaved as one body. Their tits grew even harder and more sensitive, their bellies rippled against each other. Inge clamped her thighs around Sheena’s hips, twined her calves through Sheena’s thighs and jerked her ass and hips in time to Sheena’s pounding thrusts. The women’s cunts wrestled intimately, battling like two wild animals, the primal weapons with which these two Alpha bitches sought to resolve their natural rivalry.  Their swollen, throbbing clits crushed tight, rubbing together furiously, two rock-hard nubs of raw, exquisite pleasure.  Sexual ecstasy roared through the battling jungle queens, taking their breath away for a moment, causing both women to snap their heads back and shriek in unimaginable pleasure.

“Oh Goddessssss! Yes, YES, YESSSS!!!,” Inge shrieked, her incredible lust finally engaged, finally on the way to being sated.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUUUCCCCKKK!!,” Sheena howled, her body almost convulsing with ecstatic sensations. Sheena had fought other women in sexual duels before, but something about Inge brought out the deepest carnal desire she had ever felt. Her body was burning with a sexual fever and a territorial, primal anger that she had never experienced before. She desperately needed to fuck Inge’s brains out, to satisfy her lust by conquering Inge’s sex with her own.

Groaning with pleasure, their beautiful faces masks of sexual agony, Inge and Sheena slowly brought their raging twats under control. Their throbbing clits rammed together, sliding and licking, twisting together in knots of ecstasy. Inge and Sheena sobbed uncontrollably as they fucked, as unendurable sensations raced through their incredible bodies. Gasping, groaning with rage and need, the women thrust their open mouths together, licking tongue to tongue, sucking at each other. Their tongue duel mimicked the clit to clit struggle going on within the locked mouths between their legs. They writhed harder and harder, grinding their taut tits, feeding the sexual frenzy racing through their erogenous zones.

On and on the jungle queens fucked, their bodies wet and slick with sweat, their cunts locked and  sealed, fuckholes sucked into one, fuckmeat eating at each other.  Their breasts rolled and crushed, nipples twisted together and areola ground relentlessly. The women kept their mouths sealed, sharing and exchanging spit, their tongues wrestling. They swallowed each other’s screams and moans, but the jungle morning still echoed with the animal sounds of two Alpha bitches fucking furiously.

Inge felt as though every part of her body was melting into every part of Sheena’s body. She drew on all of her experience of battling Conchita to force her body to accept greater and greater levels of raw sexual pleasure, even as she fought to keep from becoming delirious with lust. She was certain she could outlast Sheena but, as the fuckfight went on, as Sheena’s clit rubbed and slid mercilessly on her own, Inge began to feel her sexual core fill to overflowing. Her entire body felt like one huge, wet genital, matched to another woman-sized twat, their two bodies sliding in and out of each other, their flesh merging and encompassing each other. Both women were trembling with pre-orgasmic convulsions as they felt terrible orgasms building and building in their cores.

Inge’s abdomen tightened and rippled against Sheena’s belly as Inge struggled to control her pleasure. But, minutes later, she could not hold out any longer. She broke her licking, sucking kiss with Sheena and threw back her head to scream in exquisite agony.

 “You fuck! You dirty fuck!,” Inge gasped. Sheena closed her eyes and kept pumping her ass, driving her long, hard clit along every inch of Inge’s clit. She knew that Inge was on the verge, but so was she; she was desperate to finish off her blonde rival before she exploded herself.

With a scream of pure joy, Inge came in a gusher of hot cum and boiling vaginal juices. She arched her back powerfully, almost lifting Sheena off the ground, and squirted hard, her jerking hips pumping her sexual discharge up into Sheena’s victorious pussy.

Sheena felt the hot juices flowing up into her vaginal cavity and thrilled to the intimacy of the violation. With a groan that turned into a scream of bliss, Sheena let herself go. Her pussy convulsed powerfully and she shot her own cum, mixed with Inge’s discharge, back down into Inge’s defeated pussy. Sheena’s hips and ass powered down, meeting Inge’s muscle with her own. The women screamed together. They raked their claws over each other’s backs as they came together in ecstasy. Their limbs twined and locked, their wet pussies sucked and squeezed. Inge and Sheena held each other tightly as their bodies strained against each other, as they shared one shattering orgasm after another. The intersection of their bodies and their bellies and thighs became soaked with cunt juice. They clung to each other, cheek to cheek, moaning and screaming, bucking slow and hard as they rode each other to the end. They bit each other’s necks and shoulders. Occasionally, they kissed hard, tongues fighting and hot spit flowing between their inosculated mouths. Finally, after several minutes of pure ecstasy, the multiple orgasms subsided and the women collapsed, panting furiously, Sheena mounted on Inge, their clits corkscrewed together in a knot of exquisite pleasure.

After several minutes, Sheena rolled her soaked, slick body off of Inge’s perfect form. Their clits pulled apart with an electric shock and their pussy hair ripped painfully as the tangled mats separated.   Sheena rolled onto her back beside her defeated enemy. For several more minutes, the two women lay that way, side by side, their majestic tits still engorged with arousal, rising and falling as they regained their breath, their hard nipples pointed at the sky. The women’s bodies were almost perfect reflections of each other. They were now covered with small scratches and bruises. The women’s clits remained hot and pulsing, softer than they had been, but ready to spring to life with the slightest provocation.

Sheena rolled onto her side and looked at Inge, admiring the other woman’s perfect body, smug in her victory.  She had defeated her rival and she now intended to claim her prize. She imagined the many ways in which she would ravage Inge’s body. She felt her sexual arousal building as she contemplated her course of action.

“Are you ready to pay the price for defying me, bitch?” Sheena smirked at her beautiful enemy.

Inge’s eyes snapped open and she glared at her foe. “Hardly, you cuntfucking whore,” Inge shot back. “You won one round.  That’s it. This is far from over.”

Sheena snarled in rage. “If that’s how you want it, fucker. I’ll ride your pussy until you beg me to stop.”

“Cunt!,” Inge shot back. “I’ll fuck you all day! Let’s see who lasts longer!”

Sheena slid her left hand down Inge’s torso, raking her fingers through Inge’s wet, tangled cunt fur, before ramming two fingers up into the other jungle woman’s thick, hot snatch. Sheena caressed Inge’s swelling clit, rolling the hardening nub between her thumb and forefinger.

Inge screamed. “Oh Fuck!” she howled. Then, she rolled on her side to face Sheena. She drove two fingers hard into Sheena’s drooling cunt and began vigorously fingerfucking her hated enemy.

Lying on their sides, facing each other, their heavy tits rubbing nipple to nipple, their beautiful faces pressed together forehead to forehead, Inge and Sheena masturbated each other viciously. They whimpered and gasped and exchanged choked insults and obscenities.  Their bodies quickly began to burn with intense sexual stimulation. Their nipples hardened again, their throbbing tits filled with blood and grew taut with arousal, their tight pussies grew swollen and started lubricating. For several minutes, the only sound in the clearing was the wet, sucking sound of two sets of fingers vigorously and viciously pumping delectable cunt.

“Nnnnnnnnn,” Sheena groaned, biting her lip as she struggled to hold back a flash of pleasure. “Fucking slut!” she gasped.

“Cunt, cunt, cunt…,” Inge cursed angrily, her beautiful face a mask of agony as Sheena worked her twat, her blue eyes tearing up as she struggled to hold back the sexual surge inside. She refused to be defeated by this blonde whore again.

The tension built and built. Inge and Sheena knew that their fingerfucking battle was readying their bodies for the full fuckwar to come. In a flash of sexual rage, Inge drove all four of her fingers up the other woman’s vagina and squeezed and pulled. Her fingers and her hand were soaked with Sheena’s juices. Sheena cried out in agony, then returned the grip. Snarling into each other’s eyes, the jungle queens mauled each other’s pussies for a few moments longer before releasing each other and pushing away.

Inge and Sheena rolled away from each other, then got quickly to their knees. They glared at each other from a few feet away, panting with exertion and boiling lust. Inge’s eyes locked on Sheena’s magnificent tits, which hung, wet, ripe and tantalizing, from her chest. The women began crawling towards each other on the soft ground, their equally beautiful tits swaying like twin cannonballs, their rounded asses rippling.  When they got close enough, Inge sat back on her ass, braced her voluptuous body with her arms, and spread her legs wide.  Sheena remained on her hands and knees, hesitating.  Inge smiled.

“Come on,” Inge purred.  She smiled seductively, smugly. She flexed her beautiful pink cunt, squeezing out a dollop of cunt juice. The hard shaft of her thick clit swelled up from her pussy. “Come and have a look at the twat that’s going to eat yours alive.”

Sheena smiled a predatory grin. She crawled forward until she could lower her face down to Inge’s cunt. She shoved her nose directly over Inge’s clit and inhaled the sweet, tart aroma of her enemy’s pussy. Her tongue slowly extended and lapped up the length of Inge’s burning clit. Inge shuddered and gasped at this contact, but she was far from breaking. Sheena shoved two fingers into Inge’s sloppy  wet cunt and scooped out some thick cum. She sucked her fingers clean, before lowering her face to Inge’s cuntlips and planting a long, tongue-licking kiss on her enemy’s fragrant womanhood.

Sheena pulled back, sitting on her haunches, her ass on her ankles, her hands resting on her thighs, her tits squeezed out between her forearms. She licked her lips clean, then smiled smugly.

“I don’t see much there,” she murmured, her voice smoky. “Here, why don’t I show you what a real woman’s cunt looks like?”

Sheena leaned back, assuming the same position as Inge. She spread her legs wide and flexed her cunt. Her clit swelled to an even greater size as Inge watched.  Inge got to her hands and knees, then moved forward and leaned in to shove her face into Sheena’s cunt. Inge ran her nose gently along Sheena’s labia, inhaling the scent deeply, then rubbing her face into the other blonde’s thick pubic fur. She tongued Sheena’s clit gently, then lapped at Sheena’s cunt, shoving her tongue between Sheena’s labia. Finally, she planted a sucking kiss on Sheena’s cunt, sucking out as much cum from her enemy’s open fuckhole as she could. She stroked her enemy’s inner thighs even as she sucked at her cunt. Sheena tried to stifle a groan.

Inge smiled as she sat back on her haunches, then sat back on her ass, spread her legs and thrust her cunt forward. Sheena arched her pelvis aggressively in reply. 

Smiling at each other with small, vicious grins, Inge and Sheena began moving forward on their asses, prepared to start the next round of their battle for sexual superiority. They touched the toes and soles of their bare feet together and shuddered with pleasure.  For a few moments, they flexed their bare feet against each other, enjoying the intimate stimulation. But they were both too horny to be distracted for too long from the cunt to cunt, clit to clit confrontation that they both craved.

The women slid their legs past each other, right over left, and pushed their burning cunts close, until they could feel their wet, tangled bushes begin to intertwine.  Inge and Sheena panted furiously, their hearts pounding with excitement as they teased and tantalized each other. Their tits heaved and jiggled deliciously.  They pushed just a little closer, until they could rest their wet, hot pussies directly on each other. Both women shuddered and gasped at the lip to lip contact. It was incredibly arousing. For a few moments, they stayed that way, their eyes locked, their breath coming in hard pants, their raging, ravenous pussies lubricating and sharing cuntjuice as they grew more and more aroused, more and more hungry for each other. Their clits pulsed with electricity.

“I’m going to fuck your clit off, you whore,” Inge finally breathed. “Let’s settle this.”

Without a word, Sheena began rotating her hips and her ass, grinding herself into her enemy with slow, hard thrusts. Inge moaned and began moving in the opposite direction, pushing back hard, grinding and drilling her wet cunt into Sheena’s twat. Slowly, with building pleasure, the women forced each other’s fuckholes wider, spreading and penetrating each other. Their engorged clits crushed hard and began rubbing and corkscrewing together. Inge and Sheena screamed in unison as their clits came together, throwing back their heads to howl at the jungle sky, their bodies shuddering with the incredible sensations. Panting, groaning and growling with lust, they regained control of their bodies and continued fucking, pushing harder and harder until their soft, yielding fuck pies were flattened against each other, the insides of the woman’s twats plastered as close together as they could be, their burning clits trapped together in the sealed prison of their inosculated cunts. Their hips and asses jerked slowly and carefully as the women worked each other’s twats, rubbing their clits in a constant, ecstatic grinding.  Tears streaked their faces as they fought to control the sensations burning through their cores, filling their bodies with tension and electricity. Their bellies rippled as they fucked, their massive tits rocked and bounced in time to their swaying hips and grinding cunts. Their thick pubic bushes rubbed into one matted mess.

Sobbing with lust and pleasure, Inge pushed herself forward and reached for Sheena. Sheena eagerly pulled Inge in. Both women slipped their hands around the other’s narrow waist and then seized the other woman’s round, rippling ass. Using this grip as leverage, Inge and Sheena began thrusting their cunts together harder, adopting a scooping, thrusting motion with their lower bodies. They pulled each other in closer, their massive, engorged tits squashing tight, nipple to nipple.  Their nips grated and screamed with electric pleasure.  They each wrapped one leg around each other’s hips and locked each other in place.

Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, Inge and Sheena gasped and cried out in pleasure as the fuckfight raged on. Sheena turned her head and slipped her tongue into Inge’s mouth. Inge eagerly sucked on the invading pink probe. The women opened their mouths wide and forced them together, locking up in a sensual tonguefight for domination.

Inge and Sheena caressed and stroked each other, running their hands over each other’s bodies, teasing each other’s tits, when their hands were not grasping each other’s ass.  They continued kissing and sucking at each other, even as their hips rocked slowly, even as their throbbing, burning clits stroked and knotted together in unrelenting pleasure. They arched their backs to bring their bellies into hard contact, so they could rub against each other.  Their throbbing tits crushed and slid against each other, their hard nips rubbing and jousting. They tried to keep their mouths locked together all the time, stopping only long enough to occasionally bite and suck at each other’s neck and shoulders, to rub cheeks together passionately, to curse each other viciously even as they nibbled at the other’s ear lobe. Every tiny advantage, every act of sexual provocation, could be the one that decided the victor.

On and on they fucked, 30, 40 minutes, more than an hour of constant clit to clit grinding driving the jungle goddesses crazy with lust. Inge and Sheena grew more and more delirious as their erogenous zones expanded to encompass all of their flesh, as their bodies felt like they were melting into one. They were soaked with sweat so their bodies slid against each other with a delicious smoothness. Inge shoved her probing fingers up Sheena’s tight asshole, trying to bring the extra pleasure that would force her blonde enemy over the edge. Sheena moaned and eagerly returned the violation.

The women began to tremble with pre-orgasmic tension.  The pleasure and pressure built uncontrollably in their cunts and radiated out to their tits, enflaming their nipples and areola.  They felt incredible orgasmic power build inside of them. They kissed desperately, their hips beginning to move faster as they began pumping and driving their clits harder and harder. Their movements became more frantic as they fucked mercilessly; their erotic grunting and moaning became more urgent.

 “Oh, oh, oh Fuuuucccckkkkkkk,” Sheena gasped, breaking the savage kiss with Inge, throwing back her head to groan to the sky.

“Yes, yes, you whore, come for me, bitch, come,” Inge encouraged her. Pulling on Sheena’s ass, pushing forward, Inge slowly forced Sheena onto her back. 

“Bitch, you bitch,” Sheena gasped as she was slowly fucked into submission. She still had not come, but all of her strength was being used to prevent the raging pleasure burning in her cunt from exploding through her body.

“Come, fucker, come,” Inge moaned at Sheena, her words almost a plea. She pumped her ass harder, driving her clit against Sheena’s sexhorn, trying to force the submissive orgasm from her enemy before the sexual dam burst inside her own core.

“NNNNNNN, oh FUCK!!,” Sheena screamed, finally exploding in a deliciously intense orgasm.

Keeping their cunts locked together, Inge forced Sheena onto her back and mounted the convulsing blonde. Inge pulled Sheena’s left leg up and put in on her shoulder, and thrust her burning twat deeper into Sheena’s yielding pussy. Inge filled her hands with Sheena’s massive, bouncing tits and squeezed mercilessly. Sheena howled and reached up to seize Inge’s tits and squeeze back. Inge worked her ass hard as she drove her cunt deep, deep into Sheena’s twat, spreading the jungle woman’s fuckmeat, ramming her rock-hard clit to Sheena’s matching sexhorn. Sheena bucked, matching Inge thrust for thrust, keeping their cunts sealed together, but driving as hard together as they could.

Sheena came in a gusher of hot cum, injecting her fluids into Inge’s dominating cunt. The moment Inge felt Sheena’s hot discharge, she groaned with ecstasy and let herself go. Her hips bucked, her contracting pussy pumped hot cum into Sheena’s welcoming twat. The women screamed and bucked together, ramming deep, squeezing each other’s twat as hard as they could, devouring each other’s pussies, sucking in each other’s cum.

“Fuck, fuck, yesss, YESSSSSS!,” Inge roared. Her eyes fluttered as raw pleasure threatened to overwhelm her.

Sheena pulled her leg off of Inge’s shoulder and twined it with Inge’s long, powerful leg. She writhed uncontrollably as multiple orgasms chained through her body. Gasping, she reached up and pulled Inge’s face down to hers. The women kissed passionately and continued to writhe and grind every inch of their bodies together. Their tits flattened against each other, their bellies rubbed frantically, their legs thrashed and locked.

Nose to nose, watching each other intently, nearly delirious with pleasure, Inge rode Sheena into submission. The women shared multiple orgasms, each more powerful than the one before. Sheena spread her legs wide, arched her back, and accepted Inge’s final, cunt-splitting thrusts as the jungle rivals fucked each other into oblivion.

The women lay together, floating in the afterglow, their bodies exhausted.  Sheena and Inge were soaked in sweat and sex. Their hair was wet and tangled together, their bodies were slick. Inge rested on top of her conquest for a while longer, enjoying the sensation of Sheena’s magnificent flesh wrapped around and inside of hers. The women lay cheek to cheek, moaning softly, sprawled out and intertwined. Their hard nipples pulsed into each other, their clits throbbed.

After a time, Inge pushed her head up and looked down at her defeated foe. Sheena returned her gaze. Inge lowered her mouth to Sheena’s and smiled inside as Sheena kissed her eagerly, their hot, thick tongues gently and seductively caressing and sliding. They broke the kiss and glared at each other.

“Round two to you, fucker,” Sheena whispered.

Inge was not surprised that Sheena was not yet ready to concede defeat. Inge smiled grimly at Sheena and ran her tongue over the other beauty’s luscious lips.  

“That’s fine, whore,” Inge murmured. “I’m ready to fuck you all day and all night if I have to. But when this is done, you are going to be my bitch.”

Sheena smiled savagely. She reached up and pulled Inge’s face to hers and wrapped Inge’s mouth in a ferocious kiss. Inge eagerly returned the kiss, with equal passion.  As their tongues and mouths battled, Sheena pushed hard and began to roll their bodies. Inge thrashed and kept the roll going. They rolled back and forth a number of times before they finally kicked apart.

Inge and Sheena rose to their feet only long enough to hurl themselves at each other again. They came together in a flurry of punches and kicks and slaps. They tore at each other’s hair, dragging each other around the clearing by their thick manes until they shoved each other away again.  In a frenzy of rage, they threw their naked bodies together once more.  In moments, their bodies were locked tight and they were down on the ground again, pounding at each other, rolling back and forth, wrapped together in an incredibly beautiful ball of womanly flesh. They kicked apart yet again and rose to their feet to glare at each other hatefully. Suddenly, Sheena reached out and grabbed both of Inge’s magnificent tits and began squeezing and mauling the incredible glands. Inge howled, but she instantly filled her hands with Sheena’s equally magnificent jugs and returned the attack. Sheena and Inge leaned into each other and intensified the mutual assault on each other’s tits, digging their claws into the firm flesh. Both women screamed and shrieked, but neither could afford to let go.

Inge knew that she needed a new tactic. Releasing one of Sheena’s breasts, she reached down and seized a thick thatch of the blonde’s cunthair. Inge pulled ferociously. Sheena screamed at the sudden, intense pain, then shoved Inge away.

Panting, shaking with anger and mutual lust, Sheena and Inge faced each other. Inge held up her hand and showed Sheena the many strands of cunthair that she had managed to rip out of Sheena’s pubes. She smiled viciously.

“You dirty whore,” Sheena growled. “You want to start pulling cunthair? Well, I can do that too.”

The women moved in on each other, each reaching out for the other’s cunt. With their right hands, they pulled viciously at the hair on the other woman’s head; with their left hands, their seized the thick, curly pubic hair on the other’s crotch and began pulling ferociously. They shrieked in pain and rage as they struggled.  It was not long before they fell in a heap.  They landed awkwardly on each other and thrashed around for a moment, wrestling, struggling to overpower each other. Inge found herself stretched out, facing down Sheena’s body, her face near Sheena’s navel.  Instantly, she knew what she had to do.

 Inge threw herself down Sheena’s body, until her face was directly above the other women’s pussy.  She pulled Sheena’s thighs apart and plunged her face into the other blonde’s exposed twat. Inge growled with passion and delight as she rubbed her cheeks on Sheena’s wet pussy fur, then fixed her mouth over Sheena’s pink twat and sucked with all of her strength. She wrapped Sheena’s thick pink clit in her tongue and caressed and teased the hot, unbearably sensitive nub. She looped her arms around Sheena’s hips, and grasped the jungle woman’s round, firm ass, spreading her hands on the blonde’s ass cheeks.

Inge heard Sheena scream with pleasure as she launched this new assault on her enemy’s sex. She felt Sheena wrapping her arms around her hips. Inge spread her legs, welcoming Sheena’s impending attack. Even so, she was unprepared when Sheena fastened her lips around Inge’s engorged clit and sucked powerfully.  

Inge threw back her head to shriek in pleasure. Waves of electricity roared through her body as Sheena feasted on her cunt, wrapping her lips and tongue around Inge’s clit and devouring it ravenously. Inge sobbed with the unbearable sensations, then buried her face in Sheena’s twat, doing all she could to inflict just as much pleasure on her adversary as Sheena was inflicting on her.

The women screamed in concert, their cries of pleasure muffled by the other woman’s cunt.  Inge was on top, Sheena on the bottom. Trembling, shuddering with erotic bliss, Sheena and Inge ate each other desperately, sucking and nibbling and licking at each other’s clit. They sucked hard at the other’s twat, sucking out cum, running their tongues around and around the inside of the other’s labia, teasing and tantalizing and feasting on each other. The women spread their thighs wide, offering themselves to each other, and settled in for a marathon 69, each woman determined to eat the other into submission.

Inge rammed the fingers of her left hand up into Sheena’s cunt and began finger-fucking her beautiful enemy. She explored the inside of Sheena’s vagina, seeking out the most sensitive pleasure spots. She licked at Sheena’s clit, even as she massaged the incredibly sensitive organ with her thumb and forefinger. With her right hand, she reached down to cup and massage and squeeze Sheena’s beautiful tit, crushing the blonde’s throbbing nipples into her taut titflesh. Sheena writhed and bucked under the devastating sexual assault.

But, even as her body overflowed with raw sexual pleasure, Sheena fought back. She rammed three fingers up into Inge’s cunt, she sucked on the other’s woman’s clit like it was a nipple.  She ran her hands up and down Inge’s back, caressing the sleek muscle, tracing the curve of her enemy’s back. She pulled at Inge’s hair and reached down and around to massage and knead at the other blonde’s tits. All the while, she devoured Inge’s cunt, licking and cleaning out the inside of the jungle woman’s twat, her face and hair becoming wet with the steady leak of juice from Inge’s vagina. Erotic electricity rippled in devastating waves through Sheena’s body as Inge ate her clit. Sheena could only hope that her own ministrations to Inge’s cunt were having a similarly devastating effect.

For some time, the clearing filled with the moans and groans of the two Amazons as they struggled, both of them sobbing uncontrollably as they forced each other to higher and higher levels of pleasure, until they were both trembling with near-orgasmic ecstasy. Inge fisted Sheena first, shoving all the fingers of her right hand into Sheena’s tight, wet slit, then balling her hand into a fist and stretching the taut labia, even as she rotated her fist and drilled into Sheena’s core. Inge continued to lick and suck at the Sheena’s massive clit.

Sheena screamed under this new assault. “Oh god, you fucking whore!,”she sobbed. But she immediately returned the favour, driving her fist as deep into Inge’s twat as she could, stretching and reaming the other jungle woman’s fuckhole as powerfully as she could. Inge howled with pleasure, then returned to the task of fisting Sheena with abandon. Sheena pumped Inge in reply, but she also used her free hand to shove two fingers up Inge’s asshole. Inge screamed again, then immediately retaliated.

Screaming into each other’s cunts, the warring jungle women clamped their powerful thighs around the other’s head, locking each other into place. Their thrashing, bucking bodies rolled and they ended up on their sides, their faces and fists still buried inside of each other. Moments later, Sheena came in a hard, screaming orgasm. Vaginal juice bubbled up around Inge’s invading fist and leaked out to coat Inge’s face. She swallowed back what she could, as she continued to suck on Sheena’s clit.

Even through her pleasure, Sheena continued to work Inge’s cunt and clit. It was only seconds later that Inge came hard, releasing a gusher of cum. Moaning and gasping, the beautiful women clung to each other, reaching down to grab each other’s hair, their faces still immersed in the other’s twat, as they came again and again. Their enemy’s hot cum soaked their faces, but both women continued to eat each other, each determined to tongue and suck the other to defeat.

Several minutes of hot climaxes rocked their beautiful bodies, driving them insane with pleasure, before the multiple orgasms finally subsided.  Inge and Sheena floated on a post-orgasmic cloud for a time, both women still tasting and licking at the other’s twat, gasping as they struggled to regain their breath.  Soon they regained their energy and their lust, their determination to subjugate and humiliate the other woman, rose again. They began sucking and licking each other in earnest. Their clits hardened, once more, to rock-like shafts of pleasure, their bodies burned with sexual fever, and they resumed the 69 war.

For the next several hours, Inge and Sheena devoured each other voraciously. They rolled around the clearing, taking turns on top, but often remaining at equal terms on their sides. They brought each other to one screaming orgasm after another, their hot cunts gushing cum into each other’s faces until they were covered in the other’s sex, until their bodies were soaked with sweat and cunt juice. Neither woman wanted to stop. Inge and Sheena were determined to keep feasting on each other until one of them was finally defeated.

After the first and second rounds of gushing orgasms, both women began to realize that the intense pleasure they were inflicting on each other was still not enough to satisfy them. Each session of cuntsucking orgasms seemed to feed a deeper hunger within them, a raging sexual tension that continued to build through the afternoon as they fought. Inge and Sheena realized that their bodies were building up to some kind of devastating ultimate orgasm that might well decide their contest. The beautiful jungle goddesses attacked each other even more ferociously, each determined to force the other over the final edge first.

The women’s marathon sexual war had started in the late morning. It was the late afternoon before their overstimulated bodies finally reached the point where they could not stand any more erotic tension.  Inge felt it first, the incredible pressure in her core suddenly building, growing exponentially, almost exploding with a sexual electricity which raced through every nerve in her body and seemed to pool in her cunt and tits.  She gasped, her eyes wide in shock, her body trembling with the sudden pressure.  She struggled to hold on, desperate not to be defeated by Sheena again. Suddenly, she heard Sheena gasp and felt the tremors running through her enemy’s beautiful body. She knew that Sheena was almost at the same point of no return that she was. Inge willed herself to hold back the incredible release filling up her core, its power expanding with every heartbeat. She locked her lips and tongue around Sheena’s clit and sucked as hard as she could; her fingers pumped her rival’s succulent twat viciously. Sheena returned the attack, devouring Inge’s clit and ramming her fingers into the other blonde’s cunt and ass with wild abandon.

Inge could not hold it back any longer. The unbearable sexual tension and pleasure expanded in her core like a balloon and she knew that she was going to explode. She pulled her face away from Sheena’s cunt just long enough to scream in ecstasy.

“FUCK, FUCK OH FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!,” Inge howled. The deep core of her womanhood convulsed with incredible power and she released a geyser of hot cum from her aching, burning cunt directly into Sheena’s beautiful face. Inge’s entire body spasmed. She screamed as she dug her nails into Sheena’s ass and held on.  She clenched her teeth in agony as she came. She could feel even larger, more devastating orgasms building up, getting ready to follow the initial explosion. “Oh goddess,” she thought to herself, “yes, yes, yes.” Even as she longed for the incredible pleasure to come, Inge despaired with the knowledge that she had ejaculated first. Sheena had defeated her. Even as this thought crossed her mind, she felt Sheena’s hands tighten on her ass.

“FUCKING GOOOOOODDDDDSSSS!!!,” the jungle queen shrieked. “YES, YES, OH YESSSSS!!”

 A massive gusher of cum ejected from Sheena’s twat into Inge’s face. Inge eagerly buried her mouth in Sheena’s cumming pussy, drinking as much of the other woman’s ejaculate as she could. In return, she felt Sheena fasten her mouth over her twat.

The two jungle goddesses orgasmed together, their bodies synchronizing, ejaculating copious amounts of cunt juice in unison. Their bellies rippled, their hips jerked, and blast after blast of hot pussy juice gushed out to cover the struggling women from head to toe in each other’s sexual discharge. They were lying on their sides; they clamped their thighs more powerfully around each other’s heads, they ran their hands over each other’s bodies, and they held on in desperate ecstasy, allowing their bodies to finally release the incredible pleasure they had built up in each other over the past several hours of clitsucking erotic warfare. Screaming, howling, clawing at the other’s back and and biting at each other’s inner thighs, they writhed and bucked frantically, each orgasm more intense than the one before. Finally, the ecstasy was too great. Cumming into each other’s faces harder than ever, the two jungle women passed out, their minds and bodies finally shutting down in the face of such overwhelming pleasure.

Part II

Sheena and Inge passed out with their arms wrapped around each other, their faces nestled in the other’s wet, frangrant twat. For more than an hour, the women slept, their bodies vibrating with the aftershocks of sexual overload.

The afternoon sun was fading rapidly by the time Inge regained consciousness.   The equatorial sun rose and fell with startling speed.  Even though it was still bright and hot, Inge could tell that it would soon be dark. Exhausted, she rolled her sex-slicked body away from Sheena’s form. The other jungle blonde did not stir. Inge paused to admire Sheena’s voluptuous perfection. Sheena was covered in a coat of sweat and vaginal juices. Inge knew that she was equally filthy.

Inge staggered to her feet and made her way to the nearby pond. She drank deeply , replenishing some of the enormous amount of fluid that she had discharged since this cunt war with Sheena had started. Inge splashed the refreshing water over her face. Then, without hesitation, she slid her naked body into the cool pond, immersing herself completely. She was tired, but quickly regained her strength. She enjoyed washing her voluptuous flesh clean. Her body was marked with scratches and teeth marks, but it still gleamed a golden bronze in the fast fading light.

Inge heard a splash. She looked up to see Sheena, not far off, washing herself in the pond.  Sheena rose from the water, her golden skin shining in the orange sunset, her arms raised over her head, slicking back and squeezing the moisture from her wet hair. As her arms rose, her massive, perfect tits lifted up, the hard nipples pointing directly at Inge. Inge felt a flash of fire ignite in her cunt as she stared at the fantastic breasts before her, as she remembered the incredible sensation of her throbbing tits crushing and mashing with Sheena’s equally massive orbs. Hatred and lust combined in her heart to form a heady brew of desire.  Inge knew that she needed to keep fucking Sheena. Only one of them could leave this place as the Queen of the Jungle.

Sheena glared at Inge, the same thoughts passing through her mind. Sheena studied Inge’s savage bronzed beauty.  Inge was standing waist deep in the water, her fingers gripping her shoulders  behind her neck, her arms pushed down over her chest, compressing her beautiful tits, making the titflesh bulge out on all sides, an incredibly enticing treat. Sheena shuddered as she felt her sensitive clit stir and begin to harden once more.

Inge climbed out of the water; Sheena moved to meet her. A few feet away from the water’s edge, the two jungle goddesses confronted each other again, ready to resume their struggle for dominance. They glared at each other, raking their eyes over every inch of the other woman’s perfect, magnificently voluptuous body.  As they contemplated each other, it became even more obvious to both that they were virtually doubles below the neck. The nipples of their breasts hardened, their areola stiffened. Sheena thrust her tits out in challenge. Inge arched her back, pushing her massive mammary glands out in reply.

Slowly, seductively, the two women closed the distance between their wet, gleaming, naked bodies. They came together, nipple to nipple. They gasped with the sudden shock of sensual pleasure as their hard nipples caressed. They flicked the sensitive nubs against each other, nipple-fencing for a few moments, then pushed  them tight. Inge slid her arms around Sheena’s narrow waist and pulled the jungle blonde in closer. Sheena wrapped her arms around Inge’s upper back and squeezed. The women’s massive, taut tits compressed and resisted each other, throbbing titmeat crushing and melting, hard nipples piercing and grating together in deliciously erotic pleasure. The women groaned in rapturous joy.  

Sheena opened her thighs and pushed her pelvis forward.  Inge felt the wet bushes of their dense pubic hair caressing, slick and matted. Inge tilted her pelvis and spread her legs to match Sheena, to offer her cunt to her enemy. She felt her throbbing clit unfurl, growing harder and thicker and longer by the moment as it prepared to meet and mate, once more, with its glorious counterpart on Sheena’s body. Sheena and Inge were nose to nose, hot breath coming in hard pants as their excitement built. Their eyes were half-closed but locked together, green to blue, as they looked deeply into each other, both women reveling in the intense intimacy of their mutual hate and unquenchable lust.

“Are you ready to fuck some more, you whore?” Sheena whispered. She could feel Inge’s heart pounding in time to her own, through their heavy, mashed tits. The sexual tension between the women had grown to unbearable levels. All either wanted to do was join clit to clit and fuck each other senseless. But Inge and Sheena both understood the psychological game they were playing, the need to show the other who had the greater control. Even so, both women could feel the other trembling with desire.

“You know I am, pussylicker,” Inge replied, just as quietly. “I told you, I’m going to fuck your body all night long, if I have to. Only one of us is walking away from here with her pussy intact.”  The women’s wet lips touched as they whispered, their noses pressed tight.

“Good,” Sheena murmured. “That works for me.” She turned her head, brushed her nose past Inge’s and, slipping her tongue between Inge’s lips, drew her blonde rival into a deep, probing kiss. The women’s hot tongues tangled together, sliding with spit.  They locked in a kissfight, each woman struggling to overwhelm and choke the other with her tongue.

Both women slid their hands down and grasped the other’s round, rippling ass. They pushed their lower bodies forward and slowly, carefully, brought their massive, throbbing clits into direct, head to head contact. On the first sizzling touch, Inge and Sheena screamed together inside of their locked mouths. Tears of unbearable pleasure sprang from their eyes. Their bodies jerked uncontrollably. They kept their clits fused together and began to slowly work their hips and asses, rubbing and stroking their engorged clits against each other, slowly corkscrewing them around each other, torturing each other with the exquisite pleasure that radiated in waves of ecstasy up from their battling sexhorns.

The night grew darker and deeper around Sheena and Inge, the jungle noises shifted as the daytime creatures retreated from the dark and the nocturnal predators came out to hunt. The moon shone brighter in the sky, its silver light casting the jungle in a liquid black. The jungle women were oblivious to everything except each other and the unbearable pleasure they were inflicting on each other.  Their mouths remained sealed in a continuing tonguefight, they swallowed back each other’s spit and groans and sobs of pleasure. Occasionally, they broke the kiss to rub cheek to cheek, to gasp and moan, to whisper obscenities at each other, to pull hair, to bite at necks and lick at ears, before plunging back in, hot tongue to tongue. Their massive chests burned with erotic tension and sensation as their bulging tits rubbed and massaged and ground into each other, taut with arousal, trapped together between the women’s grinding bodies. Their rock-hard nipples screamed with pleasure.

 The women were soon soaked with sweat, adding another sensuous lubricant as their perfect bodies fucked. Their asses and hips moved in gentle rhythm keeping their clits stroking at each other, sometimes twisted into knots of indescribable pleasure, other times rubbing exquisite head to head. Their hands were spread on each other’s asses, urging their bodies in ever closer. Once more, Inge and Sheena melted together into a sensual delirium, their overstimulated, erotically charged bodies so completely aroused that they felt like their cunts had expanded to encompass their bodies, taut flesh sliding in and around each other, sucking and melting into one.

Lost in the delirious pleasure, Sheena kept her clit moving against Inge’s clit, her determination to win forgotten in the electrifying sensations wracking her body. The women’s tongues moved in time to their stroking clits.

“Goddess, goddess, this is so good,” Sheena thought, somewhere in the dim recesses of her mind, rendered incoherent by the excruciating pleasure ravaging her body. “This is so fucking good.”

Inge’s mind reflected the same thoughts. “Goddess Ura,” she prayed through her delirium, “please, please, let this go on.” She did not want the pleasure to stop. The irrational part of her mind wanted the fucking to go on all night, to go on forever, if it could.

Thirty minutes of stand up, clit to clit fucking turned to 40 minutes, then 50, then more than an hour. The women’s bodies trembled with erotic tension and effort. They whimpered and moaned into each other’s mouths, tears of pleasure streaking their faces. Their perfect bodies undulated sinuously in the silver darkness.

Almost two hours after they started, the delirious pleasure finally became too much. The women’s abdomens tightened against each other and their kissfight became more frantic as they sought to hold back the incredible orgasms building in their bodies.  Inge and Sheena broke their ravenous kiss at the same time, screaming out as their clits seemed to expand to ten times their normal size and lock together.

“You fucking cunt!,” Sheena sobbed at Inge, her belly rippling as she lost the battle to stay in control.

“Dirty bitch!,” Inge screamed in reply, her head thrown back, her face a rictus of erotic agony as she felt a series of terribly intense orgasms begin to burn across her  back, radiating out from her engorged clit.

Gasping, sobbing with pleasure, Inge and Sheena struggled to overpower each other as they felt the strength in their quivering legs give out. Inge cried out as she lost her balance. Sheena moaned. She rode Inge’s writhing body to the ground. The women spread themselves out for each other, keeping their clits plastered together as powerful orgasms began to ripple through their magnificent bodies.

Sheena had the top position. She filled her hands with Inge’s massive tits, kneading the titflesh savagely, and drove her soft, thick fuckmeat as hard and deep as she could into Inge’s sodden, yielding twat. The women screamed together as their fuckpies mashed and melted into one, as their burning, aching clits twisted into an unbreakable knot. Orgasm after orgasm peeled through their powerful, bucking bodies.

Inge pulled Sheena’s hands off her tits and intertwined their fingers. Holding hands, squeezing mercilessly, the women pumped their hips and asses in concert, slowly fucking one excruciating orgasm after another out of each other. Their massive tits rocked and swayed, spraying sweat, their rock-hard nipples ached with heat.

“Oh Goddess, you fucking WHORE!!,” Inge screamed. “Don’t stop, Don’t stop, DON’T FUCKING STOP!!!”  Her curvaceous body undulated as she moved with Sheena’s thrusts, keeping their clits and their cunts sealed into one. Her head thrashed wildly from side to side, whipping her blonde mane over her face.

“Yes, Yes, Fuck YESSSSS!!!” Sheena shrieked, her whole body convulsing in ecstasy. She wanted this incredible mutual violation to go on and on forever.

For several long, utterly ecstatic minutes, Inge and Sheena rocked and bucked in unison, their bodies fused together at their cunts, sharing excruciating orgasms, exhausting all of the incredible sexual energy that their two hour clit-to-clit fucking had created. With a final shuddering cry, with a final powerful ejaculation of hot cum, Sheena collapsed on top of Inge, their massive tits crushing hard, their engorged nipples fusing.  For almost a half hour, Inge and Sheena lay together, their hot pants filling the night. They rested cheek to cheek, their legs twined. Their cunts shared juices, their bodies shared sweat.  Their blonde hair tangled together in a shared halo of gold. They wrapped their arms around each other and held each other in place, even as they caressed the other’s naked flesh.

Finally, Inge pushed Sheena off of her and slowly crawled up into a sitting position, her ass on the ground, her legs spread wide. Sheena turned her head and stared hungrily at Inge’s open twat, the cuntlips glistening with wet in the moonlight, the thick mat of pubic hair shining with droplets of cum. Sheena rose and assumed a position mirroring that of Inge. For long minutes, the jungle goddesses glared at each other, their legs open wide, their ravenous cunts facing each other. The thick, round orbs of their tits heaved more quickly as the women felt the charge of insatiable sexual power building in their bodies once again.

“Cunt to cunt. Clit to clit,” Inge murmured, her voice a low purr. “All night long.”

Sheena smiled, a grin of pure lust and absolute hunger. “Good,” she purred back. “We fuck until one of us can’t go on.”

Sheena and Inge pushed up to each other on their hard, round asses, slipping their legs past each other, right over left. Inge reached between her legs and spread her labia wide, opened her tight cunt slit as far as she could.  Her massive clit sprang free. She squeezed her inner cunt muscles, flexing her pussy for Sheena to see.

Sheena reached between her legs and spread her twat, freeing her throbbing clit. A surge of lubrication dribbled from between her thick, strong pussylips, and trickled down towards her ass.

Sheena and Inge smiled at each other. Their eyes shone with lust. They closed, bringing their ravenously hungry cunts to within millimeters of kissing. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes, their bodies trembling with desire, but holding off, tempting and teasing each other, dragging out the moment when they would lock together in the final fuckwar to decide their rivalry. The heat roiled off of their furnace-hot twats, their massive clits swelled and thickened and hardened even more, until it seemed that their clits would reach across the distance separating their bodies and come together by themselves.

Finally, the time came. Inge and Sheena spread their legs as wide as they could, so wide that they touched the toes and soles of their feet together, and leaned back on their hands, their equally large, beautiful tits jiggling deliciously.

“Now, you cunt,” Sheena breathed. “Now, let’s do this. Let’s fuck, bitch.”

“Yes,” Inge moaned, her eyes shining with hunger, “Yes, let’s fuck and fuck and fuck…”

Inge and Sheena slapped their wet fuckmeat together with a thick, resounding splat.  The women gasped at the delicious impact. Cuntlips met cuntlips.  Their pussies locked tight and fuckholes  began to suck. The women jerked their hips hard and shoved with their powerful asses. Their engorged clits rammed together head to head, thick shaft rubbing and fusing along the length of thick shaft. An explosion of unbearable pleasure ripped through Inge and Sheena. They threw back their heads, their beautiful manes thrashing, and screamed to the night sky.

“FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!,” Sheena howled.

“OHHHH  YESSSSSSS!!,” Inge shrieked.

Gasping, panting furiously, Sheena and Inge locked eyes, their beautiful faces savage and enraged with lust. Leaning back further, bracing their bodies with their arms, they thrust harder, driving as deeply into each other as they could go, using all the strength of their hips and asses to spread and penetrate each other’s soft, wet, yielding cunts. Their twats opened and spread under the pressure, inner lips fusing together and pushing apart, juicy labia meeting and melting into one. Their swollen clits wrapped together like mating snakes and continued to swell even larger, fusing into one thick, hard rod of pulsating ecstasy. As the women’s arousal grew exponentially, a torrential gush of vaginal lubrication kept their inner walls slick and wet, and helped increase the growing suction between their inosculated fuckholes.

Inge and Sheena grunted and gasped and screamed with the incredible sensations burning through their bodies. They drove into each other with all their strength. Their massive tits bounced vigorously as they fucked, sweat flying. Panting with pleasure, Inge held out her right hand and Sheena grabbed it with her own right. Using each other as leverage, the women groaned and cursed as they forced their cunts harder and harder together, their hips thrusting, their bellies rippling.  Their burning fuckmeat became one thick mass of ecstatic pleasure. When Inge and Sheena were certain that they were as tightly fused to each other as possible, that their pussies had violated each other as deeply and intimately as they could, they began to squeeze at each other with their vaginal muscles, each woman trying to eat the other one’s twat alive. Copious amounts of pussy juice flowed freely, squeezing out from the women’s locked twats, bathing the intersection of their warring bodies.

Inge and Sheena folded their legs around each other’s hips. Groaning, panting with excitement, they pulled each other in tight. Their massive golden orbs crushed, stiff nipples grinding together, adding another level of raw pleasure to their battle.  The women seized each other’s ass and pulled themselves together as hard as they could.  They worked their backs, rubbing their tits around and around.  They pressed together cheek to cheek, they bit and sucked at each other’s necks.

Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, Sheena and Inge moaned and cursed each other.

“You’re mine, you’re mine, you whore,” Sheena gasped.

“You’re my bitch, slut,” Inge grunted in reply.

The women’s hips and asses moved slow and hard as they fucked, pleasure building inexorably. Erotic electricity flowed through their sweat-soaked flesh, making every nerve in their bodies scream with pleasure. After more than an hour of clit to clit fucking, cunt eating cunt, tit grinding on tit, Sheena shrieked like a banshee and came incredibly hard. An orgasmic gush of pussy juices jetted from her overstimulated twat. Inge followed her only moments later. They clung to each other as multiple orgasms chained through their incredible bodies. Boiling cum flowed between them and they screamed in joy as they pumped vaginal juices back and forth between their fused cunts. Inge grabbed Sheena’s ass and bucked her hips hard as she injected her cum into her enemy, then thrilled with pleasure as Sheena shot it back to her, their ejaculate mixing within their sealed vaginas.

Inge and Sheena fell onto their backs, clamping their legs around each other’s torsos, locking together in a perfect scissors. They bucked high and hard, arching their backs to ram together harder, their asses rubbing.  They squeezed each other’s cunts with all their power. Their clits stabbed deep into each other’s vagina. Their straining, struggling bodies forced orgasm after orgasm out of each other. Their bodies undulated powerfully, writhing and wriggling as waves of pleasure washed over them.  Their massive tits bounced, their abdominals flexed with effort.  Finally, they fell back, drained, panting with heat, soaked with sweat and cum, exhausted by the ecstasy they were forcing on each other. After a half hour of rest, the two women began again, the awesome sexual power of their bodies growing once more, their need to destroy each other feeding their incredible libidos.

The moon rose high in the sky, shining down on the clearing in which the jungle women’s erotic duel raged. Lying flat on their backs, Inge and Sheena worked their hips and asses, rubbing and grinding, fucking each other’s brains out. They squeezed their own nipples as they rocked in pleasure. They used their feet to knead and massage their enemy’s tits, to rub nipples and stroke and squash sensitive flesh. They fought to orgasm after orgasm, falling back exhausted from each marathon fuckfight, only to regain their strength after a lengthy pause and start again. Leaning back, cunts locked tight, they grabbed each other’s thighs for leverage and ground together mercilessly, their tits bouncing, their torsos flexing, snarls and screams of hate and pleasure falling from their lips. They rubbed and twisted and squeezed their clits together until they came again and again in a screaming rush of pure ecstasy.

The fuckfight raged into the night. Sheena and Inge’s bodies grew ever more slick and wet with cum and sweat. They twisted their bodies into erotic knots, feasting on each other’s tits at the same time, sucking and chewing on the other’s enraged nipples, ravenous for every part of the other woman’s incredible body. The women stopped counting orgasms, they stopped caring who went off first and who followed. Inge and Sheena knew all that mattered was who could outlast the other. The beautiful jungle women rode each other mercilessly, ecstatically, yet neither was able to force the other to sexual surrender.

It was in the early hours of the morning that Sheena and Inge finally fucked each other into unconsciousness, their minds unable to cope with the erotic sensations wracking their voluptuous flesh, their bodies too spent to keep enduring the incredible physical effort of their unrestrained sexual warfare. Wrapped together in a ball of ecstasy, sobbing uncontrollably into each other’s faces, their pussies locked in an unbreakable bond, hot cum flowing between them like water, the women finally passed out as unbearable orgasms chained through their bodies. They held the other’s thigh for support, screaming with pleasure, their eyes locked, hips rocking, as they pounded at each other cunt to cunt, as each woman desperately tried to fuck her enemy into submission. Inge felt her consciousness fading, her mind drifting away on a vivid cloud of incredible pleasure. Just before her mind closed down, Inge was rewarded with the gratifying sight of Sheena’s beautiful face transforming from a rapturous expression of erotic agony to going slack with sexual bliss. The other blonde’s green eyes glazed over and slowly rolled up into her head, her eyes closing as she passed out, falling flat on her back on the soft ground.  Sheena’s massive tits jolted deliciously with the impact. Inge had only an instant to savor her victory before the erotic electricity raging in her body proved more than she could stand and she passed out from ecstasy, crying out in joy as her body shut down.

Part III

Dawn began to brighten the sky. The women had been asleep for several hours, too physically exhausted and sexually depleted to continue their erotic war. Sheena woke first, her eyes opening slowly, a groan on her lips. She regained her senses quickly as she felt intense feelings permeating her voluptuous flesh. She recognized the sensations; they were the feelings of growing sexual arousal, somehow combined with the deep, satisfied tiredness that filled her body after she had experienced a good, hard, gratifying fuck.  It took her a moment to remember where she was and what she had been doing.  She felt the pressure, the wetness in her pussy. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked down the length of her body, over and between her majestic tits. Her cunt was still locked to Inge’s cunt. Their two fuckslits were buried in each other, slotted together. Their pussy hair was wrapped and tangled into a riot of intertwined blonde curls, forming one thick thatch that linked the women’s bodies, cemented by the incredible amounts of dried cum that coated their fur, that seemed to have formed a glaze on every inch of their luscious forms. Their long, bronzed legs formed delicious, interlocking scissors.

As Sheena watched, Inge stirred. The other jungle blonde moaned gently. Inge threw her arm over her forehead. Sheena squeezed the other woman’s twat with her own, clamping down on Inge’s vulva like a hungry mouth. Inge came to full consciousness with a start and a gasp. Her head shot up, her body propped up on her elbows, her position mirroring Sheena. From between their lolling tits, the two jungle goddesses glared at each other. Inge squeezed back, and for tense moments, the women’s cunts wrestled powerfully, trying to crush each other into submission.  The women’s abdomens tightened with the strain. But after a few more moments, both women relaxed. Their eyes glinted with anger, but Sheena and Inge could both feel that even their incredible bodies needed to replenish themselves before they could resume their fuckwar.

“Let’s have a truce, for now,” Sheena suggested. As she spoke, she was surprised at how dry her throat was. “At least until we’ve had a chance to drink and eat and clean ourselves. We can continue our contest once we are both ready.”

Inge nodded. “Very well. But I want you to know that I beat you last night. I watched you pass out during the last fuckfight.”

Sheena shrugged. “So what? I don’t care if you think you won something last night. Today is today.”

Inge growled, angry that her hard-won victory was being so casually dismissed. But she decided not to press the point. She was sure that she had the psychological advantage over her opponent.

Bracing themselves with their hands, glaring angrily into each other’s eyes, Sheena and Inge pulled apart. Their locked twats separated with an angry, tense popping sound as they separated. Thick cum and other pussy juices trailed away from their wet pussylips, linking the women’s twats for a few moments. Their real dilemma was in pulling apart their cunthair. Digging their bare feet into the soft ground, Inge and Sheena pushed hard and jerked their hips. Their pussy hair ripped away and both women screamed in agony.

“Nnnnnn, fuck!!,”Sheena cried out as large amounts of her thick, sweet bush ripped off her crotch, leaving itself embedded in Inge’s thick pubic hair.

“Aaarggghhh!!,” Inge screamed, her crotch burning with pain. She, too, had lost a large part of her bush in Sheena’s cunthair.

The women glared at each other resentfully. The fur covering their pussies was almost the same color, so it was hard to tell whose hair had been depleted more by the agonizing separation. Inge brushed her hand through her thick, matted pussy hair. Her bush was still dense and she knew that she would have the chance to match bushes with Sheena again.

Inge and Sheena got to their feet, their eyes locked, their looks igniting a growing fire in their loins.  Both women were distracted by the other’s  full, bouncing tits. The savage goddesses felt the powerful desire to hurl their naked bodies together and resume their sexwar but, slowly, they backed away from each other.

Sheena turned away first, walking down to the pond to drink and then clean herself. She felt Inge’s lustful eyes on her, on her ass and hips as they swayed with her walk, and she smiled inside. She knew that the victory would ultimately come to the woman who was able to deplete the other’s sexual power, and the victor would be the woman who was able to make the other lose sexual control. 

Inge followed Sheena to the pond. She immersed herself in the water and washed thoroughly. She swam across the small pond, which was surprisingly deep. On the other side, she found fruits and leaves to eat. She tended to her body’s needs, then drank again. She knew that she would need a great deal of liquid to get through the rest of this day, if the previous 24 hours of sexual battle was any indication of what was in store.

Sheena also tended to her bodily needs and ate, then walked deeper into the clearing. As Inge foraged for food on the other side of the pond, Sheena found her knife, which she had discarded at the start of the fight. She drew it from its scabbard. Naked, Sheena walked into the forest, brandishing the knife, looking for a very particular plant.

Feeling refreshed and re-energized, Inge swam back to the clearing-side of the pond, ready and anxious to resume her fuckwar with Sheena. Her body was hot and horny. The need to force Sheena to submit to her sex was building in her core. Inge desperately needed to defeat Sheena, but she was also deeply desirous of experiencing, once more, the incredible pleasure that Sheena’s body had provided to her so far. Inge was surprised to see that Sheena was not in the clearing. She saw from reading the signs that Sheena had taken her knife, but she also saw the scraps of leopard skin that Sheena wore scattered in the clearing, so she knew the other woman intended to come back. Inge sat on a moss-covered log and waited. She did not have to wait long. Moments later, Sheena came out of the jungle, her knife in one hand, a long, thick, shiny root in the other. Inge smiled when she saw what Sheena was carrying. She understood immediately what the other jungle goddess intended to do.

Sheena threw her knife to the ground and continued to walk towards Inge, holding the tuber. Inge rose to meet her. The women smiled at each other, mutual lust lighting their eyes. Sheena held the root before her, stretching it out, her hands grasping either end.  The root was almost 15 inches long and about 2.5 inches thick. It was flexible, but also firm. It was thicker and rounded at both ends and amazingly smooth and slick in appearance.

Sheena ran her hands up and down the shaft as she explained its purpose.

“This is the agornis root, “she said. “The tree is unique to this part of the forest. It has many medicinal uses. But I think that you and I can use it in a way that will be – “Sheena smiled wider, “very enjoyable.”

Inge moved closer to Sheena, until she was almost tit to tit with her sexual rival. She reached out and stroked the root, slowly and sensuously, then leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the tip of the thick shaft and took it deep into her mouth. She kissed and licked the tip, leaving behind a thin lubricant of saliva.  Then Inge reached for Sheena. She placed her hand behind the other blonde’s neck and pulled her enemy in for a long, hard, tongue-licking kiss. The women’s majestic tits caressed, hard nipples coming together with an electrical pulse. Their meaty golden orbs crushed, Sheena’s hands and the root caught between their bodies. The women groaned together as their eager tongues stroked each other, as they gently caressed and teased each other within their sealed mouths. Heat built inside both women; their nipples hardened, their areola puffed with tension, their massive tits grew firmer and thicker as their heady arousal grew.  The fire of their sexual desire was burning white hot once more, the embers stoked by their eager tongues.  Their pussies began to burn with need, their clits started to swell and thicken and pulse once more. Finally, Inge pulled back and looked deeply into Sheena’s eyes.

“Let’s fuck, you cunt,” Inge murmured.

Sheena smiled, feverish with lust. She stepped back, then turned and walked into the center of the clearing. Inge followed close behind her.

Sheena sat down on the soft earth and spread her legs. Inge followed suit. The women sat facing each other, their fantastic bodies shining in the early morning light. Their beautiful, ravenous cunts faced each other from less than a meter apart. Their muscled abdomens rippled as their magnificent tits heaved with their growing excitement. Sheena and Inge’s eyes locked. Their eyes glowed with shared lust as the women looked forward to the incredible pleasure they were about to administer to each other.

Sheena took one end of the agornis root and held out the other end to Inge. Inge moved forward, spreading her legs wider, and took the offered root.

“Let’s settle this, whore,” Sheena murmured to Inge. “Let’s see who has the stronger cunt.”  

Inge nodded and smiled. “Let’s do this, bitch.” Sheena smiled back.

Each women lowered her end of the root to her thick, juicy pussy. Their slits were tight, but the copious lubrication and their engorged, soft pussy lips made the entry of the shaft possible after a few, hard shoves.  The women grunted, then moaned in concert as the shaft pierced their voluptuous bodies, spearing their wet twats.  Inge closed her eyes and smiled and panted with hungry delight as she felt the massive shaft slide up into her tight cunt, stretching and filling her vagina, expanding her elastic vaginal canal as it invaded her body. She had to push hard on the shaft; her cunt was so tight that it resisted the scintillating penetration, even with the incredible amounts of pussy juice lubricating the cock’s slide up into her core. But slowly, with exquisite pleasure, the massive shaft penetrated her twat, filling her with lust and ecstasy.

Sheena grunted with effort as she shoved the thick rod up into her deliciously tight pussy. It felt wonderful as it stretched her vagina, as it filled her to the brim. Involuntarily, her inner vaginal muscles clamped on the root, massaging it as they would a real cock,  but she gradually forced the hard shaft further and further into her burning, boiling pussy. The further up it went, the more easily it slid into the wet, fleshy sheath of her cunt.

When both ends of the root were lodged deeply and at an equal depth in each woman, Sheena and Inge let go of the shaft. Bracing their arms behind their bodies, they slowly shoved forward, impaling themselves on the thick cock, enjoying the luscious sensations as the massive root filled  and spread their insides. Their cunts slowly ate each inch of the root, sucking and contracting powerfully around the invading dildo.  The women worked their way down the shaft towards each other. They spread their legs as wide as they could, fully extending them out to either side of their bodies, shoving their cunts forward. Their toes touched and their feet pressed tight, sole to sole. Inge and Sheena leaned far back, watching from between their throbbing, jiggling tits as their pussies devoured the last few millimeters of the hard shaft. Their thick cuntlips came together in a burst of erotic electricity. Their cunts lubricated hard at the contact, squeezing out pussy juice from around the massive root. Their fully engorged clits, riding on top of the makeshift dildo, pressed into each other, fusing along their length. Sheena and Inge screamed out in joy as their clits crushed hard. Inge felt dizzy with lust. She was not used to feeling her vagina packed full with a hard cock, her clit grinding and pulsating against enemy clit at the same time. The sensations were exquisitely, unbearably pleasurable and she reveled in them.

The women pushed together harder, mashing their juicy pussy lips into one, grinding their clits together, sealing their cunts as tightly around the shaft as it was humanly possible. Their bodies vibrated with erotic power. Inge groaned, throwing back her head to scream her pleasure to the sky. Her magnificent tits rocked voluptuously, her nipples were fleshy spikes of ecstasy. Sheena closed her eyes and smiled hungrily, panting with excitement, her body rejoicing in the mutual violation, the delicious penetration.

Slowly at first, then picking up speed, Inge and Sheena began to undulate their long bodies. Their abdomens rippled powerfully, their asses flexed, their torsos swayed sinuously in the early morning heat. The women clamped their vaginal muscles along the entire length of the root inside of their bodies and struggled for control of the massive dildo using all the power of their cunts, all the strength of their beautiful bodies.  Soon, they were panting with the exertion, their massive tits quivering as their perfect forms shook with effort, their half-closed eyes locked in hatred and incredible desire as each woman strove to overpower the other and assert her sexual superiority.  Sheena and Inge twisted and rocked, shoving forward and back, each woman trying to take control of the fuckfight by pulling the root further out of the other woman, with the intention of shoving it back in, of reaming and pumping the other woman’s cunt as viciously as possible.  Each inch gained by one woman was soon lost to the other, each thrust was countered by a retaliatory thrust.

Despite the inability of either woman to wrest control of the dildo from the other, Sheena and Inge forced enormous pleasure on each other. The constant tension along the shaft, the small shoves and brief moments when one woman would manage to drive the root harder and deeper into the other led to a growing pressure in both women. Their clit to clit grinding, combined with their struggle over the dildo, made the women feel like they were churning up each other’s inner cores, like they were raping and violating each other in the deepest depths of their womenhood. The twin pleasures created a sense in Sheena and Inge that their quivering insides were connected to their clits, that they were opening each other and flowing together in a level of intimacy and mutual pleasure that they had not felt before. Their vaginal grips on the massive cock fanned the sexual heat within both women. The constant gripping and releasing of the shaft, the massaging of its hard, thick length, fed the overwhelming carnal hunger in the jungle goddesses. The deep pleasure spots inside of their vaginal canals were constantly stimulated as they fought for control of the root.

For more than an hour they battled, leaning away from each other, reaching out to squeeze and massage the other woman’s bouncing tits and flick at exquisitely sensitive nipples. They panted and groaned, grunted and snarled, their incredible bodies ached with pleasure. They grew wet with sweat; hot pussy juices flowed from their locked twats, coating their lower bodies.  Their thick pubic bushes, once again, meshed and twined and became one Gordian knot of wet, tangled blonde curls. Inge dropped onto her back, finding it a better position from which to ram the cock more deeply and powerfully into Sheena. Sheena fell onto her back, too. The women’s legs crossed over each other and they bucked their hips and asses high, arching their backs, their torsos stretching taut, until they formed a bridge, their majestic tits falling back into their faces and bouncing exuberantly. The women’s hard, round asses rubbed together luxuriously, sending an enormous erotic charge through both jungle women. Their arms braced full on the ground, supporting their bodies. The women seized each other’s hands and held on, using each other’s bodies for leverage as they rammed together, each seeking to drive the dildo deep into the other, to violate each other in the most intimate and vicious ways possible. After several ecstatic minutes of struggling for the massive shaft in this manner, Sheena and Inge fell back to the ground, panting hard, groaning with pleasure and rage. Their bodies vibrated with the unrelieved tension, their vaginas pulsed with heat, all the way into their cores, up the length of the massive shaft filling their vaginal canals.

With a groan, Inge pushed herself up; Sheena rose to meet her. Inge reached for her blonde enemy. Sheena opened her arms, pulling Inge in. The women sighed with pleasure as their engorged tits mashed together, nipple to nipple. They eagerly locked their mouths into one, hungry tongues lapping at each other. Their lower bodies moved in a hard scooping , thrusting motion as they continued to fuck at each other, their upper bodies massaging and sliding tit to tit in their hot sweat. The women wrapped their legs around each other’s hips and reached down to grasp and hold the other’s rippling, flexing ass. Their struggling, quivering bodies sent shockwaves of pleasure pulsing through the dildo, which was twisting deep inside of them, its full length and massive thickness grinding the heat out of the women’s wet, sucking twats.

Inge and Sheena fought nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Their blonde manes tangled, the sweat of their gorgeous faces mixed. They shared sweet, hot breath. Their lips touched as they gasped and moaned and cursed each other. Their tongues licked at each other and pushed. Their tits burned with erotic sensation and sweat-slicked friction as they rubbed, nipple to nipple. The women’s pussies ached with pleasure. On and on, the savage women battled, each trying to gain control of the shaft and ram it deep into the other, each gripping the thick cock and trying to prevent it from being driven all the way into her core like a spear. Their cunts wrestled for control, neither pussy gaining any advantage. All the while, the pleasure and the pressure grew.

“Oh,” Inge gasped. She felt a tremendous orgasm, building deep in her core, tightening her entire vagina. The tension deep in her body began to spike, building up to an explosion. “Oh, Fuuccccckkkkk,” Inge moaned, as she fought to hold back the growing pulse, the heat burning across her back and radiating into her tits. Clamping down on the dildo with her vaginal muscles only made the tension worse, but if she released it, she knew that Sheena would gain control of the cock and would use it to pound her cunt into submission.

Sheena smiled, a feral grin of lust and triumph. “Yes, whore, yes, give it up, baby,” Sheena gasped in Inge’s ear. Both women’s bodies were trembling with sexual bliss and effort, but Sheena could feel Inge’s inner cunt muscles quivering through their mutual grip on the shaft. “Come, you fuck, come,” the blonde jungle goddess urged her fantastic foe. At the same time, she pushed hard with her upper body, mashing their tits even more firmly, and pulled on Inge’s ass, gradually forcing Inge over onto her back. Locked in her inner struggle, Inge could not resist as she was pushed into the submissive position. Inge could only glare hatefully into Sheena’s shining green eyes as Sheena mounted her and prepared to fuck her brains out.

Inge spread her legs wide, offering up her wet, hot twat to her enemy. She pulled Sheena down with her, keeping their bodies plastered together.  Sheena settled between Inge’s thighs with a moan of triumph and began to pump her ass, seeking to gain firm control of the cock. Even through her pleasure, Inge continued to move her body with Sheena’s grinding form. Inge’s vagina retained its vise-like grip on the dildo and she let Sheena do the work of lifting and dropping their locked bodies while she focused all her will on holding back her orgasm. Ultimately, it was too much.

“Oh, Goddess, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!,” Inge screamed as the building orgasmic bomb in her core finally detonated with devastating force. She arched her back, ramming herself into Sheena with all her power. Her claws sank into Sheena’s flexing ass, pulling the jungle blonde as deep into her as she could go. Inge’s entire body convulsed. Deep inside, her vagina tightened around the dildo, locking it in place. But then it began to ripple up and down the shaft, squeezing and releasing it. Sheena soon determined the pattern. Laughing in triumph and pleasure, Sheena timed her attack so she pulled the shaft further out of Inge during one moment of relaxation, then drove it hard and deep back up into Inge’s convulsing cunt at the next moment of loosening.

“AAARRGGGHHH!! YOU FUCK, YOU FUCK, YOU FUCK!!,” Inge shrieked as Sheena rode her mercilessly, as the dildo penetrated and violated her at the very core of her being. Sheena was fucking her senseless and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She sank her claws into Sheena’s pumping ass and held on, pulling her enemy even deeper into her. As a chain of orgasms rippled through her body, Inge felt the shaft moving inside of her, churning up her insides, hitting her most intense pleasure spots, working her inner walls like a prod of erotic electricity. Her clit seemed to swell to unbearable size and sensitivity as it was pounded by Sheena’s erect sexhorn. Inge felt her cunt being reamed inside out and it felt wonderful, even as she despaired at being sexually overwhelmed and defeated by her savage rival.

“Take it, you bitch, TAKE IT, CUNT!!,” Sheena roared at Inge, her beautiful face a mask of erotic rage and ecstatic triumph. She pulled viciously on Inge’s thick hair. She was finally riding this whore, the way she had wanted to from the start. She had every intention of pounding Inge’s cunt into mush, of fucking her blonde enemy senseless, of riding the bitch until Inge begged for more and more.

Desperately, Inge tried to fight back. Sobbing, even as her body was wracked by orgasms, she struggled to clamp down on the dildo and shove it back up into Sheena’s conquering twat. She moved with Sheena’s body. Sheena was moaning in pleasure and triumph, so she was caught by surprise when she suddenly lost control of the dildo and found it driving up into her innards with excruciating force and pleasure. Sheena screamed.  Unexpectedly, she found herself on the verge of a titanic orgasm.

Sheena came to a sudden stop.  Her face was a mask of agony and pleasure as she struggled to hold back the furious heat raging in her core. She collapsed on top of Inge, groaning and writhing as her body rebelled. Inge watched Sheena through half-open eyes. Inge rode out another devastating orgasm, and almost sexually surrendered in that moment. But she could feel the trembling in Sheena’s core, transmitted to her through the shared dildo, and she knew that she had a slight chance to turn this battle around.  With a moan, Inge wrapped her arms around her perfect, nude enemy and used the power of her orgasm to buck hard, to roll their grinding, wriggling bodies.  Sheena tried to resist, and for a moment, the jungle beauties tottered on their sides, rocking back and forth. But Inge came again, and used the explosion of passion and pleasure to push hard at Sheena. Sheena was still battling to contain her orgasm. In an instant, Sheena found herself on the bottom of the struggling ball of voluptuous womanly flesh.

Instinctively, Sheena spread her legs wide.Her vagina convulsed powerfully around the shaft, then turned to fire as ecstasy burned all the way up from her core, ignited her clit, then radiated out to every cell in her body.

“Oh, FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!,” Sheena shrieked, her body exploding with erotic sensation.

Sheena found herself wracked by a chain of orgasms, even as her vagina contracted and released around the invading dildo. Sheena was suddenly on the receiving end of the fuck attack, as Inge seized control of the shaft and drove it deep into the other blonde’s core, then pulled it back up to ram home again and again. Inge pounded Sheena’s cunt viciously, eager to pump every orgasm that she could out of her foe. Even as she attacked Sheena, Inge’s body continued to be shaken by exploding orgasms. Gasping, Sheena moved with Inge’s attack, and the two jungle goddesses exchanged delicious orgasms and sexual fluids, as they struggled to control the massive dildo.  Moaning in shared ecstasy, Inge and Sheena locked their mouths together and sucked eagerly at the other’s tongue as their bodies shuddered in pleasure and release.

Finally, soaked with sweat and cum, gasping with sexual exhaustion, Inge and Sheena collapsed together, their limbs twined, the shaft still lodged equally deep within their pulsing cunts. They rested cheek to cheek, panting, their sweaty hair tangled, their tits throbbing into each other, their arms loosely wrapped around their enemy’s magnificent body. After some time, Inge raised her head to stare down at Sheena, their faces nose to nose and lip to lip, blue eyes glaring into green. Inge licked Sheena’s lips, enjoying the salt; Sheena returned the lick. The women locked their mouths together and tongue-kissed long and hard, moaning with delight as they raped each other’s mouths, until they finally broke off and glared at each other again.

“Ass to ass,” Sheena murmured. “Let’s do this ass to ass.”

Inge smiled. She was game for anything, if it involved violating and being violated by this cunt.

“Whatever you’d like, cuntsucker,” Inge purred. “I’ll take on your filthy body any way you want.”

Inge pulled her sweat and cum-slicked body back. Inge and Sheena moved carefully, making sure that their bodies remained linked by the dildo. About five inches of the shaft was visible between their hungry cunts, its smooth surface dripping with secretions. The remaining ten inches of the root was buried equally within Inge and Sheena. They sat facing each other, their legs spread. Then, Inge lay carefully on her back and closed her thighs, tightening her grip on the dildo as her powerful legs pressed in on her pussy. She pointed her legs up at the sky. Sheena understood. Immediately, she mirrored Inge’s position. The women’s bodies pushed tight, from their round, bulging asses all the way up their sleek, powerful legs. The backs of their thighs, calves and the heels and balls of their feet, even their toes, strained against each other, as the women used the chance to test each other’s power. For a moment, their legs tangled as bare feet caressed smooth flesh and thick, perfectly sculpted muscles twined around each other. But Inge and Sheena soon returned to the task at hand. They rolled in the same direction, tucking their knees into their chests as they moved. They ended up on their knees and hands on the ground, their bare feet pushing hard against each other, their beautiful, heart-shaped asses crushed tight, thick pads of muscles flexing against equally thick, beautiful pads of muscle. Their cunts were perfectly aligned, holding the dildo in a vise-grip.

Inge smiled and pushed her bare feet into Sheena’s feet, even as she slapped her powerful ass into her enemy’s round globes. Sheena moaned and pushed back. The women rubbed their asses around and around on each other. They leaned into the ground, pushing their tits into the earth, and stretched like cats. They wriggled in pleasure, enjoying the friction on their tits, on their nipples, enjoying the erotic intimacy as their asses fought, spreading each other, pushing in deep. Sheena groaned as she felt Inge’s puckered asshole pushing, sucking at hers. The heels and balls of their bare feet flattened to each other.  The women’s grinding struggle forced their pussies together hard. Their cunts slid down the shaft and consumed it completely, before flattening against each other, thick pussylips melting  and fusing into one . The women curved their backs, lifting their asses even higher, and brought the undersides of their swollen clits into contact.

“Fuck, yes,” Sheena moaned. Delicious pleasure burned across her back, vibrating out of her swollen clit. She wrapped her cunt muscles around the dildo and thrust back at Inge. But Inge was gasping with pleasure, too, and also locked the dildo in place. Grunting, panting, sobbing with pleasure the women rejoined the cunt to cunt battle for control of the shaft, even as they fucked each other senseless, inflicting growing and growing pleasure on the other.

They moved their feet that  they could stretch out their legs, so their calves extended below the body of the other woman and so they could pound their asses together even more tightly. Both women released the dildo enough to slide up the shaft, then tightened their holds on it again and used their asses, their whole bodies, to try to drive the cock deeper into the other. Sometimes, one succeeded in scoring a driving thrust against the other, but as the battle raged on, the struggle see-sawed back and forth, the women grinding towards another stalemate.

Their bodies dripping with sweat, their beautiful faces twisted with anger, pleasure and effort, Sheena and Inge fucked and fucked. Their tits jiggled insistently as the women’s bodies quivered. Their powerful forms writhed and twisted and swayed as they drove at each other, their vaginas locked in a struggle to the death, to decide which jungle goddess was the stronger woman.  Their asses grew wet with pussy juice, making them slick and wet as the women rubbed them together. Sheena growled with pleasure. She twisted her torso around and reached behind her with one hand. She seized Inge’s blonde hair, pulling viciously at the thick locks, yanking Inge’s head back.

“Uungh, unngh,” Inge grunted, her firm ass quivering as it pounded with Sheena’s, her teeth clenched against the pain of the hairpull. Both of her hands were on the ground, but she twisted around and, with one hand, seized Sheena’s shining, golden mane in retaliation.  The women glared hatefully at each other from over their shoulders as they pulled relentlessly at the other’s hair. They kept this up for several minutes, agony mixing with ecstasy as they fucked, until the building pleasure was too much and they let each other go. They resumed pounding their asses, twisting and jerking their bodies, churning up the other’s inner core with the massive dildo.

Inge spread her legs wide, to either side of her body. Sheena followed suit, and the women lowered themselves to the ground once more, the back of their legs and their feet pressed tight. They wriggled in closer, until their burning cunts felt like they had melted together. Their torsos were flat on the ground, their bulging tits grinding into the earth. They lifted their asses high, driving harder together. They rubbed and rubbed, their cunts sucked at each other, desperate to conquer each other. Their struggle ended in a simultaneous orgasm that left the women panting and spent, at least for a time. Soon, however, they were grinding at each other again, on their hands and knees, asses and cunts wrestling furiously.

On and on, they battled ferociously. The early morning sun became mid-morning, then crawled towards noon. The heat of the day built, the steaming humidity of the jungle closed in on the struggling Amazons. They bathed in sweat and cum and the heavy moist air of the jungle. They screamed in orgasmic pleasure as their cunts gushed with juices again and again and again. Their battle became more and more primal, a clash between the raw sexual power and wild womanhood of two savage she-beasts, each determined to claim the body and the territory of the other for herself. 

As the sun climbed towards its highest point in the sky, Inge realized, through the haze of sexual pleasure, that she was losing the battle. She became aware of a deep, building sexual tension in her core. Every few minutes, she and Sheena would gasp and buck as powerful, deliciously intense orgasms burned through their bodies. They would share cum and screams of ecstasy. But Inge realized that these orgasms, though still incredibly delightful, were only releasing part of the sexual pressure building up inside. Deep in her core, she could feel a massive orgasm growing, feeding off the sexual struggle, building up to an unendurable conclusion. Inge knew that the same tension must be growing in Sheena, too, but Inge sensed that it was reaching its peak faster in her. She knew that if she went over the edge first, Sheena would fuck her into submission and she would be too lost to sexual ecstasy and exhaustion to fight back. 

The intense sensual delight of the fuckfight made it hard for Inge to think, but she knew she needed a strategy if she still hoped to win. Just then, Sheena, sensing Inge’s distraction, maybe even feeling the quivering power building in her sexual rival, managed to drive the dildo deep into a particularly sensitive pleasure spot inside of Inge’s vagina.

“Oh, FUUCCCKK!!,” Inge screamed. She came hard, gasping as her pussy ejaculated a long hot stream of cum, which bubbled up from around the massive shaft, added another coating of cum to the slick dildo and bathed the vulvas of both women. Sheena rammed her ass into Inge’s ass even harder. Caught in the throes of pleasure, Inge could not resist. She fell to her stomach, her breasts mashing into the ground. Inge raised her ass, but she felt Sheena seizing control of the dildo, driving it deep into Inge’s cunt. Sheena leaned back, sitting up, aiming the shaft down, pressing her ass onto Inge’s ass and forcing the jungle woman back towards the ground.

Sheena smiled and gasped and trembled with pleasure as she forced Inge down. Both women worked their hips, rubbing their wet asses around and around. Sheena ran her hands through her golden hair and down her magnificent body, cupping her tits and squeezing her nipples to add to her pleasure. Inge gasped and cried out. Gathering all her strength, fighting the vibrations wracking her enraged form, she sank her fingers into the soft earth, braced herself, and then pushed back with all her strength. Sheena flew back, landing on her hands and knees. The massive root trembled between the two women as they cried out in mutual pleasure.

Grunting and groaning the women continued to fight. But Sheena could sense that the tide was turning in her favour. She smiled and groaned with sensual joy.  Inge knew that she had to act or she would be lost. The pressure, the pleasure building in her body was growing every moment. She felt a deep shuddering in her vagina as her erotic power spiraled out of control. The insides of her body were vibrating like a bell as the constant tension in her cunt, the constant massaging and rubbing of her deep pleasure spots, the sense of being filled to the brim with good, thick cock, all combined with the delirious assault on her clit to make her entire body overflow with sensation. If she did not do something, now, to change her circumstances, she knew that she would soon be flat on her back, being fucked into submission by her hated rival.

The thick shaft was invisible as its full length was buried to equal depths in Inge and Sheena’s fused cunts. The dildo trembled with the tension as the women’s pussies clamped on it with all their strength, holding it in stalemate.  Inge suddenly released the dildo, consciously relaxing her vaginal grip. She slid forward slightly, moving up the shaft, while making sure to keep several inches inside of her. Then, Inge shot her right leg back, fully straightening it while opening her hip, flipping the leg over Sheena’s body.  Using the momentum from the kick, she held up her torso with one arm as her entire body rotated around the massive dildo, which remained anchored by Sheena’s rock-solid pussy grip. Inge ended up turned around, facing towards Sheena’s back, her body braced by her arms, her breasts jiggling and pointing to the sky. Quickly, Inge pushed herself up so that she was standing on her knees behind Sheena, the massive cock solidly gripped by her cunt. Inge smiled, a savage, predatory grin.

Sheena was still basking in sexual tension and bliss and did not realize that Inge had relaxed her hold on the dildo until after Inge had turned around. By then, Inge slid herself back down the shaft and tightened her grip on it. Inge pushed her crotch as tight to Sheena’s ass as she could, rubbing her raw bush into the smooth skin. She threw her whole torso onto Sheena’s back. Her tits squashed into the other blonde’s upper back, her nipples rock-hard, and she reached around Sheena’s body to grab the other woman’s massive jugs, which hung down from Sheena’s chest, jiggling and throbbing with sensual heat. Inge plastered her cheek to Sheena’s shoulder, then bit at the blonde’s succulent flesh.  Inge slid her twat back down the shaft a few inches, tightened her grip, then used all the power of her ass and hips to slowly, agonizingly, ram the cock all the way up into Sheena’s resisting cunt. At the same time, she squeezed Sheena’s taut titflesh as hard as she could, the delicious flesh overflowing in her hands, and pulled on the other woman’s tits, using them as hand grips as she violated Sheena as deeply as she could.

“Oh, FUUUCCCKKKKKK!!,” Sheena howled, her green eyes snapping wide, her head jerking up, her whole body convulsing as an incredible orgasm erupted from the depths of her womanhood. It felt like her entire vaginal canal had been set on fire, her swollen clit a pulsing furnace of nova heat. Her tits burned with heat and throbbed with pleasure as Inge squeezed and squeezed the meaty flesh, torturing Sheena’s rock-hard, exquisitely sensitive nipples with ecstasy.

“YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!,” Sheena screamed, as her body erupted. Her vagina rippled around the dildo, massaging and releasing, gripping and relaxing. The incredible sensation only served to feed the excruciating heat in her clit. Inge timed her thrusts, waiting for the moments of release to impale Sheena ever more deeply and deliciously on the massive shaft. Inge’s hips and ass rocked as she used the dildo to stir up the inside of Sheena’s vagina, massaging and assaulting all of the jungle woman’s pleasure spots.  Sheena threw herself to her side, trying to dislodge Inge, but Inge twined her legs with Sheena’s limbs, locked one arm across Sheena’s chest, and held on more tightly. She swept her free hand down Sheena’s rippling torso, through the blonde’s thick pubic bush, all the way to the jungle woman’s throbbing clit. Inge rubbed Sheena’s clit ferociously, then began to stroke and caress the pulsing sexhorn.

Sheena screamed uncontrollably and writhed desperately as her clit detonated again and again. Inge crushed Sheena’s bouncing tits, she bit into Sheena’s shoulder, she did everything she could to hold on and force Sheena over the edge. At the same time, she continued to work her hips, thrusting the dildo in and around Sheena’s contracting, quivering vaginal canal.

In her desperate efforts to get away, Sheena succeeded in rolling their bodies so that Inge was on her back, under Sheena, but this only gave Inge even better access to Sheena’s swollen clit. 

“You fuck, you fuck, you dirty fuck….,” Sheena sobbed as her body began to lose all control, as she writhed and wriggled in exquisite pleasure. She pulled her knees up to her chest, in a desperate effort to dislodge the dildo and save herself, but the shaft was too deeply lodged and her cunt was locked onto it.

Inge rolled their locked bodies again, so that Sheena was face-down on the soft earth. Inge placed her hands on Sheena’s shoulders and pushed the other woman even harder into the ground.  Sheena’s massive tits squashed to the earth, and the blonde wriggled her shoulder, grinding her enflamed nipples into the loam. Sheena moaned miserably as erotic bliss began to take her completely.

Inge fucked Sheena hard, drawing back her hips and ass and pumping the bitch powerfully, ramming the thick shaft into Sheena’s tight twat again and again, reaming the whore’s cunt. She could feel Sheena losing control, she could feel the powerful orgasms wracking the other woman’s beautiful body. Cum flowed freely along the shaft as Sheena’s twat kept flexing and releasing. Sheena’s eyes were closed tight as she struggled to hold her control.

Inge felt her lust and pleasure overflowing. Her body was quivering with sensation, with sexual power and raw need. Even as she thrust the dildo deep into Sheena’s twat, she felt herself teetering on the edge of erotic bliss. She needed to finish Sheena, she needed to finish her enemy now. And she knew that she had to do it naked cunt to cunt, swollen clit to clit, womanhood to womanhood.

With a scream, Inge placed her hands on Sheena’s heart-shaped, dripping ass, and, clamping her vagina on the shaft with all her strength, pulled back with her hips and ass. The dildo slid slowly out of Sheena’s sopping wet, tight twat with a loud “pop” and a gusher of sexual secretions. Sheena moaned. After hours of having her insides stretched, massaged and stimulated by the enormous shaft, she felt its sudden departure as a deep loss. But the incredible heat that the dildo had generated continued to burn through her vaginal walls, all the way to her womb.

Inge was panting, heaving with lust.  With her right hand, she yanked the dildo slowly and deliciously out of her swollen cunt, a gush of sex juices accompanying its removal. She threw the slick, dripping root aside. Gasping with desire, feeling herself on the verge of a massive sexual release, Inge grabbed Sheena’s shoulder and rolled the other woman over onto her back.

Sheena’s massive, meaty tits bounced heavily, engorged with sexual arousal, their nipples jutting like thick, brown spears.  Her perfect torso gleamed with sweat and cum, her navel deep, her abdomen rippled. Sheena spread her legs instinctively, her swollen cunt slicked with cum and sopping wet with lubrication, her thick bush drenched with juices. She looked at Inge with a glazed expression in her green eyes, her mind lost to the unbearable erotic sensations racing through her body, threatening to explode in unbearable orgasms at any moment. Her golden hair fanned out beneath her head. She opened her arms, reaching for Inge’s body, delirious with desire.

Inge savoured the other woman for a moment, drinking in Sheena’s incredible physical beauty, her voracious sexuality, with her eyes. She saw that Sheena’s beautiful, thick cunt was slightly distended, the elastic pussy lips showing signs of being stretched open by the monstrous dildo, revealing an incredibly erotic hole at their center. Inge reached down and spread her own cuntlips, feeling that they, too, were stretched slightly  more open, allowing deeper access.

“Goddess, Goddess,” Inge chanted, her mind fevered by sexual need. Trembling with lust, she moved towards Sheena. Sheena slid her hands onto Inge’s shoulders, pulling Inge to her. Inge moved between Sheena’s spread thighs and lined up her body over Sheena’s flawless form. With a moan of joy, with a thrill of erotic anticipation of the sensual ecstasy to come, Inge lowered her body onto her enemy.

Sheena and Inge cried out in joyous concert as their perfectly matched, engorged tits mashed tight and hard, flattening against each other until the taut, unbelievably aroused flesh, resisted full compression. Their nipples speared each other and crushed each other down, driving painfully and pleasurably into the thick titflesh. Erotic heat radiated from their mashed tits like a star. Their wet bellies slapped together, their deep navels sucking and forming a moist vacuum against each other. Inge slid her cum-slick cunt down on top of Sheena’s eager, ravenous twat, even as Sheena twined her powerful legs through Inge’s, locking their bodies in place. The women moaned and sobbed with animal desire as their bushes crushed and meshed, as unbelievable heat exploded through their perfect flesh as their hot, hungry cunts met once more, naked pussy to naked pussy, two wild animals desperate to consume each other. Inge lined her cunt up with Sheena’s and thrust down hard, driving her soft, thick fuckmeat into Sheena’s matching twat. Sheena thrust up to meet her, to mate with her. The slightly distended cunt mouths formed an immediate, powerful suction. Wet cunts sucked and began to merge, going into each other, soft, inner labia fusing, open twats merging harder and deeper than they ever had before.

Gritting their teeth, tears streaming from their eyes, their hands on the other’s bucking ass, Inge and Sheena ground into each other as deeply as they could, using their hips and asses to spread each other’s twats, to enter each other, to force their cunts to become one mass of pleasure. Their throbbing, massive clits slid together, looping and locking and twisting into a knot of pure ecstasy. Their clits swelled even larger as they twined, wrapping together like mating snakes, their exquisitely sensitive heads pressed and fused tip to tip.

Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, voluptuous lips pressed together as they gasped and panted into each other’s faces, Inge and Sheena stared into each other’s eyes. They were both beyond thought. The savage women were consumed by lust, by the absolute need to merge their golden bodies together, to satisfy the incredible lust burning in their blood.

Panting, whimpering with need, staring desperately into each other’s eyes, Sheena and Inge drove deeper and deeper, their cunts merging and sucking harder and harder, sealing them into one nova-hot, sweat-soaked body. Their throbbing tits ached and burned with pleasure. Neither women knew where she ended and her enemy began. They were becoming one voluptuous, bucking, grinding mass of over-stimulated sexual flesh. Slow and hard, their asses rising and falling together, their bodies writhing mercilessly, they fucked each other up the pleasure curve, teetering at the very edge of absolute and unbearable bliss.

“Yes,” Sheena gasped to Inge, her green eyes glazed over with desire. “Yes, yes, yes, yessssss….”

“More,” Inge groaned back, “More, more, don’t stop, don’t stop….”

“Harder, harder,” Sheena begged, “please, please, fuck, fuck, FUUCCCKKK!!

Inge covered Sheena’s mouth with hers. Their eager tongues pressed and twined together and hot spit flowed between them, to match the hot cum binding their cunts. Their tongues stroked, to match the trembling tension in their twined clits. They pressed their mouths as deeply into each other as they could. The women swallowed their grunts, screams and cries of pleasure as the intensity built and built inside their locked bodies. Tears ran down their faces and they sobbed uncontrollably.

Inge was holding onto her sanity by a thread. She and Sheena had become fuck machines, wild animals driven by nothing but an inhuman sexual hunger and the need to satisfy it using the other’s magnificent body.  She had the sense that she and Sheena were only a few final thrusts away from exploding in absolute ecstasy.  She learned a moment later that she was right.

The terrible tension and pleasure in Inge’s core suddenly seemed to expand tenfold and then release.  It felt like a bomb of unimaginable heat had gone off in the very center of her womanhood. The power suffused her body, causing her to tremble; erotic electricity raced through every cell in her body, filling her with vibrating heat.  Inge broke the kiss with Sheena to stare down, blue eyes wide, into Sheena’s green eyes. She could see that Sheena was experiencing the same moment of pure, unimaginable sexual bliss. They stared into each other with an astonishment that turned quickly to immeasurable lust.  Sheena and Inge tried to scream as the incredible mutual orgasm exploded in their cores, but the sheer intensity of the feeling stole away their breath and their voices. They could only choke out strangled cries of incredible ecstasy, tighten their holds on each other and ride out the storm as one body.

The women strained against each other, cheek to cheek, muscles locked and holding each other in trembling stalemate, flesh burning, every sense and nerve alive with pleasure. Their pussies clamped on each other like wild beasts and struggled to devour each other. Hot cum flowed between their bodies like wine, filling their vaginas, mixing in their deepest places, overflowing to cover their writhing bodies in slickness. Their mashed tits burned like they were on fire, their nipples points of electricity. On and on, the single intense orgasm went, until it broke in waves over Inge and Sheena. The women writhed frantically, pulling each other’s hair, biting, choking back howls of pleasure. Finally, Inge and Sheena were able to get enough breath. Throwing back their heads, the women screamed in unison, shrieking out their pleasure to the jungle sky.

“ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!,” Sheena howled, her clawed hands pulling as hard as she could on Inge’s rippling ass.

“YAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!,”Inge shrieked at the same time, pulling viciously at Sheena’s hair, her entire body thrumming and convulsing. Electricity flowed through Sheena and Inge’s bodies, forming an endless circuit of erotic power and pleasure, flowing out from their locked, twined clits to every part of their bodies and then back.

Clinging to each other, riding out the sensations together, Inge felt her consciousness fading. The pleasure was overwhelming her mind was shutting down, drowning in the sensual overload. She peered down into Sheena’s beautiful green eyes, looking fervently for the same sign of weakness.

“No,”Inge thought to herself, through the haze of erotic bliss, “Please, Goddess Ura, don’t let me lose now.” But she was fading, fading, her body finally unable to stand any more erotic pleasure.

As Inge watched, Sheena’s emerald green eyes suddenly fluttered with bliss. The jungle woman groaned tortuously and she tightened her grip on Inge’s body. Slowly, her eyes rolled back into her head, her eyelids closed, her gorgeous red mouth grew slack with unconsciousness.

“Yes,” Inge thought, a sensation of incredible triumph burning in her. “Goddess, yes.” Then her cunt spasmed, she  ejaculated hard, her muscles shivered in tension, and her body overflowed with a final, excruciating orgasm. Inge joined Sheena, her ultimate rival, in the peaceful oblivion of sleep.

As she passed out, from somewhere far away, she dreamt she heard a cry of triumph. But it was only the wind stirring the trees.

Epilogue I

The jungle goddesses lay tangled together for hours, lost to unconsciousness and sexual exhaustion. Inge finally stirred. She was drawn from her sleep by a growing sense of urgency. She had the dim feeling that there was a voice in her head urging her to wake up.

Inge pulled her sticky body off of Sheena’s equally beautiful body. Once again, she had to strain hard and painfully to pull apart the intertwined, crusted over hairs of their ravishing pussies. Amazingly, though Sheena groaned as Inge ripped their pubic bushes apart, she remained asleep.

Inge lay beside Sheena for several minutes, struggling to stay conscious, struggling to find the energy to move.  Her mind slowly came back to awareness. As she fully regained her senses and remembered where she was and why she was there, she was filled with a sense of deep satisfaction. She had just fought the most difficult sexwar of her life against a woman who was every bit her equal, and she had emerged victorious. Granted, her victory had relied on her cunning as much as on the raw sexual power of her body. She had come very close to losing. But she had won and that was all that mattered.

Inge rolled over onto her side and, propping her head on her hand, examined Sheena’s magnificent body, sprawled out beside her. She felt a hot stirring in her loins and, for a moment, she considered mounting Sheena and fucking the other woman back into consciousness. She felt fever building between her legs and she considered spending another day or more just enjoying Sheena’s incredible flesh. But the voice in her head became more urgent and, for the first time, Inge realized that the voice she was hearing was not just her imagination. A powerful outside force really was calling her home.

Inge pulled herself to her feet and went down to pond one final time to drink and bathe. She half expected and half-hoped that Sheena would wake and join her, but the jungle queen remained unconscious and Inge began to realize that the other woman might be under the influence of the same outside force that was now calling to her.

Inge went to find her clothing. She came across a leopard skin thong first and she immediately realized that she could not tell if it was hers or if it belonged to Sheena. There was only one way to find out. Smiling, Inge sniffed at the crotch of the thong. She picked up Sheena’s strong scent. Inge’s smile widened as the scent brought back the delicious memory of eating Sheena’s cunt for hours, of drinking and sucking back the other woman’s cum. Inge buried her nose in the fragrant scrap of cloth, deeply inhaling the distinctive odor, and rubbed it around and around her face. After a moment, she reached another decision. She took the thong and slipped it on. The crotch pulled tight against her pussy and she marveled at how comfortable the scrap of cloth felt. It also seemed fitting that she wear the scent of Sheena’s cunt on her own twat.

Inge scanned the clearing and quickly found the long, thin piece of leopard fur that Sheena used to constrain her magnificent tits. Inge looped the cord around her neck, pulled the cloth tight against her tits, then tied both ends to the thong. The outfit felt wonderful. Her tits bounced freely, the scrap of cloth barely covering her nipples, and the pressure of the thong on her pussy increased once the two parts of the outfit were tied together.

Inge stood with her hands on her hips and twisted her torso from side to side. Her freely shifting tits felt a bit different than when they were partly covered by her bikini top. But the difference in feeling was negligible; this outfit provided no support to her golden orbs, but neither did her bikini. Instead, Inge realized that the sense of satisfaction she felt stemmed from the fact that she had the right to claim the other woman’s garment as a trophy of her victory. For a moment, she considered taking her bikini, too, and leaving Sheena without anything to wear. But she decided that forcing Sheena to wear the bikini of the woman who had mastered her would be a greater humiliation than forcing her to go nude.

Inge found her knife and strapped it on her thigh. She walked over to Sheena’s prone body and kneeled beside the other woman, contemplating the other blonde’s magnificent beauty for a moment. It was now obvious that some force was keeping Sheena unconscious.  No matter how tired Sheena was, under ordinary circumstances, she would have stirred by now. Inge decided to take advantage of the situation.

Inge leaned down and gently tongued Sheena’s right nipple.  At the same time, she slid her right hand down Sheena’s taut belly, through her tangled pubic hair, stopping at Sheena’s twat. Inge cupped Sheena’s hot pussy and squeezed it gently, slipping a finger into the tight cunt slit, even as she sucked more powerfully on the other woman’s nipple and tit, leaving gentle teethmarks. She felt the intense heat building in her own loins.  She stopped. If she was not going to fuck Sheena, what she was doing now was pointless. But she could not leave without saying goodbye.

Inge lowered her beautiful face to Sheena’s and licked the other woman’s lips. Sheena stirred just a bit, a small frown crossing her gorgeous visage.

“Thanks for the fuck, baby,” Inge cooed in Sheena’s ear. “I’m just taking something to remember you by. If you ever want to do this again, come find me.”

Inge placed her mouth over Sheena’s and used her tongue to push the other woman’s lips apart. She pressed her mouth deep onto Sheena’s and twirled her tongue around and around inside of Sheena’s mouth. The unconscious jungle queen’s tongue jerked and pushed back weakly. At the same time, Inge rested her hand on Sheena’s magnificent left tit, kneading and squeezing the succulent flesh. Sucking up what spit she could, Inge broke the brief kiss, licking Sheena’s face as she pulled back. Inge lowered her face to between Sheena’s legs. She licked the other woman’s fuckslit, then kissed the hot, turgid flesh, her lips caressing Sheena’s vulva. Once again, the other woman stirred, but still did not wake.

With a final smug smile of triumph, Inge rose to her feet. Looking down at Sheena’s naked body sprawled below her, she was seized with the urge to proclaim her victory to the jungle. Placing one bare foot on Sheena’s naked belly, Inge threw back her head, threw out her arms, and screamed in triumph and joy. Her cry echoed through the jungle, reverberating in the treetops, causing a brief flurry of activity among the jungle birds and fauna.

Inge began the journey back to the temple, back to her home. As she left the clearing, she began to run at full speed. The sense of urgency had become stronger and she had the feeling that she needed to get back to the temple as soon as she could.  Soon, she took to the trees and swung her way across the forest canopy.

Mere minutes after Inge left the clearing, Sheena awoke with a start, her green eyes flashing open, her mind fully alert. She had the distinct sense that something had let her go, that she had been restrained in some way, but was now free. Sheena immediately sat up and looked around. Inge was gone. Sheena felt a flash of rage, mixed with both shame and lust. She had been beaten, she had been sexually overpowered by her Amazonian rival. But, as far as Sheena was concerned, her enemy had cheated.

“This is not over yet,” Sheena thought to herself. If she could catch Inge, the battle could resume. She rushed around the clearing, looking for her clothing and her knife. She found the knife first and tied it to her thigh. She found her thong next. But as she reached down to pick it up, her sensitive nose caught the scent on the scrap of clothing and she realized that it was Inge’s thong.  Sheena buried her face in the crotch of the fur, inhaling deeply, smiling with pleasure as memories and bodily sensations associated with Inge’s feminine scent suffused her mind. Sheena’s cunt tightened, her heavy breasts thickened with the sudden stimulation.

Sheena pulled on Inge’s thong, thrilling to the idea of wearing Inge’s cunt covering on her own twat. She scanned the clearing for her top. She spotted the scrap of leopard fur and ran to it. When she picked up the garment, consisting of two tiny triangles of fur and string, she realized what had really happened. Inge had not taken her thong by accident; Inge had taken Sheena’s entire outfit as some kind of trophy of her victory over her jungle woman rival. Sheena’s rage flared and she screamed in fury. Her determination to catch Inge exploded. She was going to find Inge, strip the whore naked, fuck her blind, and then kick her nude ass back to her side of the portal. Sheena already decided that the only way for her to repay Inge for this humiliation was to claim both outfits for herself. Even so, as she pulled on the bikini top, she enjoyed a sexual thrill at the idea of wearing Inge’s meager clothing. She would cover the jungle whore’s garment in her own scent before rubbing Inge’s face in it.

Boobs bouncing, powerful body flexing like a coiled spring, Sheena raced into the jungle, in full pursuit of her rival. She knew that Inge was heading back to the temple. Sheena hoped that her greater knowledge of the jungle would allow her to make up for the time she had lost.

Inge moved through the forest as fast as she could. The sense of urgency she was getting from outside of herself was stronger than ever. But she was not sure if the urgency was for her to get where she was going or to get away from where she had been. She did not question it, however. She knew that all that had just happened to her was somehow orchestrated by her goddess Ura, and now she simply had to trust that her goddess was not leading her astray.

Less than two hours later, Inge came running out of the jungle up to the steps of the great temple where she had entered this jungle.  Without pausing, she sprinted up the steps, her bare feet slapping on the hard stone. Less than two minutes later, Sheena came barreling out of the jungle and charged up the stone steps.  She had been able to make up some of the time she had lost to Inge, though not enough to catch her enemy. But she had already decided that this did not matter. If she could not catch Inge on this side of the portal, she would follow her rival over to the other side. One way or the other, the jungle queen fumed, this battle was far from decided.

Sheena raced down the soft sand of the outer corridor, where she saw the signs of Inge’s recent passage. She ran down the glowing stone hallway towards the inner temple terrace. She could see that the portal was pulsing  blue, as it usually did. She slowed down as she came up to the glowing light and peered inside. To her delight, she saw Inge on the other side, staring back. For a moment, Sheena started; seeing Inge in her leopard skin outfit was like looking into a mirror, or it would have been if she were not wearing Inge’s bikini. The moment Inge saw Sheena, a smile of excited anticipation flashed across her gorgeous face. She gestured with her hands to the other jungle queen, encouraging Sheena to come across to Inge’s side of the portal. Inge was just as willing to resume their fuckwar as Sheena.

Sheena snarled with rage and began walking towards the glow, prepared to step into and through the light. Suddenly, the blue glow flared. Sheena shielded her eyes. When she looked again, the scene in the portal window had changed. She was now looking into a different temple in a different place at a different time of day. 

“Nooooo!!,” Sheena screamed in rage and frustration. She was denied her revenge, denied her opportunity to avenge herself on Inge’s fantastic body.  But she had no way to control the portal, no way to make it do what she wanted. Seething with rage and frustrated lust, Sheena waited in the temple by the portal for the rest of the day, hoping that the image in the blue glow would change back. Even if she had to track Inge on the other side, she had no doubt that she could find her rival easily. By the end of the day, however, Sheena knew that she had to give up. Angry and ashamed, she finally left the temple in the early evening and began her journey back to her home. As soon as she could, she decided she would fashion a new garment for herself. She liked the feel of Inge’s bikini, but she would not wear the symbol of her humiliation as a constant reminder of her defeat.

Sheena knew that one day, maybe one day soon, she would have the opportunity to pit her body and her sexual power against Inge again. On that day, she swore she would have her revenge.

On the other side of the portal, Inge watched with disappointment as the light flashed and then faded out altogether. She had been excited to see Sheena in the blue glow, wearing her bikini. Sheena had looked magnificent and Inge had been craving the feel of the other woman’s flesh locked to her own, the exchange of fluids and the deliciously intense mutual violations that she and Sheena had shared. Inge waited by the archway in the temple for a few hours, hoping that the light would blaze to life once more and that Sheena would come through to face and fuck her. But this did not happen and, eventually, Inge swallowed back her desire.  

Before Inge left the temple, she found a flat rock and used her knife to sketch a crude map into the rock’s face. The map indicated various landmarks in the forest, the kind of things that any experienced jungle traveler could use to navigate. The map showed where Inge could be found. If Sheena ever made it through the portal, Inge wanted to be sure that her rival had no difficulty in locating her. Inge propped the rock up in an obvious place just beyond the portal.  Then she made her way out of the temple, out of city, and returned to her own forest, wearing Sheena’s scent.

Inge knew that she and Sheena would meet again someday, and match their perfect bodies against each other once more. She shivered in pleasure and anticipation and smiled. But for today, Inge was the undisputed Queen of the Jungle.

Epilogue II

In another world, another dimension, in a realm of shifting energy and vibrant thought, the ebony-skinned goddess Ura turned away from the vision before her and smiled at her equally beautiful sister, the mocha-colored goddess Ororo. Ororo’s golden eyes flashed with anger.

“Your woman, Inge, cheated her way to victory, Ura,” Ororo snarled, her telepathic words conveying her rage and disbelief.

“Inge did not cheat,” Ura replied, equally silently, mind to mind. “She fought using all of her wiles. More is involved in being a successful warrior than mere strength. A good mind for strategy is just as important. Besides, you do not know that she would have lost if she had not become…. creative.” Ura smiled.

Ororo turned away, her aura rippling with coruscating energies.

“This changes nothing,” Ororo asserted, her anger now more controlled. “You are still bound by your vow to limit your contact with your people.”

“True,” Ura agreed. “But our champions fought this battle for the right to challenge that vow. Now, I can ask our queen to allow us another contest to overturn my earlier pledge.”

Ororo smiled angrily. “If the queen grants your petition, will you use Inge as your champion in the next contest?”

“Yes, probably,” Ura replied. “She has proven herself time and again. In my realm, only Conchita is a rival for her womanly power.” The Ebon goddess paused, as if considering other possibilities. “Will you choose Sheena?” Ura asked her sister.

“Yes,” Ororo responded. “She is my best warrior and, as I say, I think that she lost this contest through cheating. She will be very angry the next time she meets Inge, but also much more cautious. I have no doubt she will destroy your warrior handily.”

Ura smiled. “After what we saw, I do not think that is true. But that is a matter for another time.”

The two goddesses nodded to each other. Then, in a swirl of energy, Ororo was gone.

Ura contemplated the events of the recent past. Inge had served her well. She had no doubt that her sister and Ororo’s champion, Sheena, would be formidable foes in the future.  But, as she had said, that was a matter for another time.

Ura prepared herself to meet her mother, the queen of their godly pantheon. It would take some convincing, but she was sure she could convince her mother to countenance another contest of champions. Then, Inge and Sheena would meet once more to decide which of them was truly the Queen of the Jungle.

The End

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