The Better Woman vs. BriBunny: Family FuckFight – Part 2

The Better Woman vs. BriBunny on FCF

The Better Woman‘s Warning:

Ok! Soooo, again. This that freak shit. Unless you are SUPER into and ok with incesty-stuff, do not read this chat-log.

This one is a sister-on-sister sexfight that turns into sister-on-sister-on-mother sexfight in the shower for the right to fuck daddy. A daddy who isn’t even in the story.

Anyway, for a certain crowd this chat-log will blow your mind! For every other crowd, just keep oooooonnnnn moving.

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We’ve been planning all morning to go out and have some fun, and while you’re in the shower, there’s a knock at the door. I’m still in just a towel, but when I see it’s mom and dad I answer it anyway. “OMG… what a surprise!” I say to them with the biggest smile. They both greet me with big long hugs, but unapologetically pushing their body to mine.

Mom finally asks where you are and I motion to the bedroom telling them you’re just taking a shower and we were planning on going out. She smiles and takes me hand, telling daddy to stay in the living room and watch tv as she guides me back to our shared bathroom. I go along with it, wondering what mom has in mind, and as we step inside mom whispers in my ear. I look at her and smile, and then call out to you.

“Hey sis… it’s just me… and mom and dad are here too. Mom’s in the bathroom with me.” I drop my towel and open the large glass door into the shower, and I step inside. I look over your naked, wet body as mom closes the door for us, and just as she told me to do, I reach forward and grab your hair and push you back against the wet tile. My lips find yours and I kiss you wildly as my body grind forcefully against yours as the water pours down on us.

Jennifer – The Better Woman

Mmm, I love the smell of this coconut shampoo. The little beads in it, that for some reason, always remind me of ice cream with little chips of chocolate. I can almost smell them. Maybe it’s coconut ice cream. God, I want ice cream. Maybe we’ll get ice cream when we go out together. Maybe we’ll buy a single cup of it, find the darkest, most private corner of the creamery and fight over the spoon. Locking and bending toes, pressing thighs, or pulling each others hair in a contest for every spoonful of yum. All of those things would have sounded like heaven — like deep, dark, unspoken and believed-to-be unrequited fantasies before these last few months, but now?

Now, we have told each other. Shown each other. Shared and admitted how much fighting and competing with each other turns us on. As my thoughts spiral to my — OUR newfound freedom, I find my hand move down to my sex, and begin to rub — even without intention. But just as I release my first, shower-drowned moan, I hear the door to the bathroom open, and I suddenly retract and straighten. Pretending, as I wash the last few drops of soap from my hair to be unaffected.

But it is just you, and mother, you tell me. My eyes light, and as they do, you step into the shower with me nude. I smile, my as my eyes examined your beautiful body, one I am still amazed by. But as I lose myself in my adoration for your form, you step forward, grab me by the hair, and slam me back to the tile — kissing me hard. Challenging me, as mother watches. I almost melt when you do, so very excited by the prospect.

But even whilst suffering from that overwhelming feeling, I fight you. Pressing my body back into yours, trying to free myself, push you back, and take control of our kiss. Despite my efforts we are so equal in strength I find myself trapped, and at that realization, I clamp my right hand down on your mound and threaten the tip of your valley with my fingers. Knowing that if I can distract you, I can earn some sense of equilibrium, even as your body drags against mine in dominance.


The smell of my sister. It’s all over this bathroom. From his shampoo to her perfume to the soap we share. I can’t smell it and not think about her and about all the times we’ve shared over the past couple months. It all came out. Everything. Our desires. Our lusts. Our kinks. We were brutally honest with each other, and we’ve been fighting and fucking ever since.

So when mom tells me to go into the shower, grab you by the hair, and show her first hand how hard we fuck and fight, it’s like flipping a switch to turn me on and get me ready to go. I press into you and pull back on your hair. My lips find yours and we kiss wildly and aggressively, moaning into each other’s mouths as our naked breasts press and smear together. I grind against you, and only two words escape my lips, “Mom’s watching.”

Almost as soon as I say that you grab me and start to fight back. You reach down and grab my mound and start to threaten me with your fingers pushing inside me. I want you, and the feeling of your fingers on me is always so intense and so desireable that just your slightest touch makes my legs go weak and you push back off the wall.

We struggle for a moment in the middle of the shower, my hands in your hair, your hand rubbing my wet pussy, but you force me back and my ass presses against the steamed class and smears out for mom to see. I reach down with my right hand and grab your ass. I smack it hard and then dig my fingers in, squeezing and pulling on your cheek, spreading you and letting the warm water run down over your ass before my fingers slide down over your tight start as our lips curl around each other.


Neither one of us willing to give in, or even be mounted, we fight for position. Struggle for it. Knowing that even a temporary placement beneath the other might be enough to put us away. Feeling the importance of maintaining my own or keeping the same from you, in terms of position, I release my strangle quickly. Instead of using my hands, by moving them to your hair to help me keep pace with you. To keep even with you, as we tumble up and then down, landing on our sides, only to roll again, and wind up there once again.

And though we continue in that way, rolling again and again.

Somewhere in the whirlwind of our sexual, sisterly awakening, I came to the conclusion (one I haven’t yet mentioned to you) that impressing mother and father means so very much to you. That earning their approval and impressing them with not just your skills, but OUR skills, turns you on to almost no end. And though their presence and inclusion excites me, and though, in the most taboo of senses, I want them to stay and watch — to join us in our battles and in orgies, everything I want, is you.

The sense has grown on me since we first engaged when we shut the door behind mother and father, and they left alone for the first time together in our new home. Become known to me as our lips first met the night before we left home. And became carved into my soul the moment we came together in a tie, in our race of outfucking each other.

I love you. Not just as a sister, but as more. But in every way the word can mean. But even in that love, and even as we seek different things from this and every battle, I still fight you. Not because you want it, or because mother does, but because I do. It is what defined us. What makes us. And what I have always — and WILL always want to do with you. And at that moment, as the hot shower water rains down upon our writhing bodies, we struggle against each other. Alabaster white feet bending and angling for leverage, as our calves flex, and perfectly thick thighs drive our bodies together. Our ample breasts meeting and mashing between us, giving us the smallest little bounces when we  try to push too hard.

In that wild, passionate press, we kiss as if we have been starving for each other. Tongues clashing and fighting for control within our lust-warmed mouths. Each of us hearing nothing but the pounding of our own hearts, our noses taking long drags of mist-filled air, and the small whimpers of effort and pleasure that escape our mouths. And as those beautiful sounds play symphonic soundtrack to our war, I find the strength and distraction to push myself free, and then flatten you against the glass shower wall.

There, as I give mother a show, and with both our threats of entry being made, we enter each other. Me your wet, hungry pussy, and you my tight, forbidden darkstar. As we enter, seeking to please the other into oblivion, we both gasp, and break our kiss. Our foreheads sealing together as we fight to deal with these, the first of our attacks. “You’re mine….” I whisper at you breathlessly, my tone ragged and barely clinging to tone and tenor.


The woman who gave us life is in the room, but the woman who is my life is in the shower with me. I never knew I could feel for someone like this. I never imagined that I was the kind of girl for a relationship. I always kept everything casual so that I would never have to worry about tying myself down or missing out on some fun, but now, with you, all I want to do is be committed: to you, and to this, whatever exactly this is.

If there’s a model for us, it seems to be mom and dad. Two people in a long-term, committed relationship that’s built upon mutual desires, kinks, and competition. I think we always had some idea about what was going on in our parents bedroom, but it wasn’t until we caught them in the hallway closet that we fully understood the depth of their relationship. They were fighting each other. They were trying to outfuck each other. They were trying to dominate and control and use each other’s body for their own pleasure. And it was so fucking hot to see.

We have our own path to navigate through. It’s a story that’s our own but intertwined with the story of our parents. It’s a story we intend to write for ourselves, although mom may think she’s the author. She’s planned this story and prepared us for it, and she wants to write it, but it’s not hers to write. It’s ours. And yet it’s her whisper that has us here now, with your fingers sliding into my pussy and my fingers sliding into your ass. Suddenly the glass door opens again and mom steps into the large glass enclosed shower with us. She’s naked, just as we are, and she stands there, leaning against the back wall, watching baby girls shove their fingers into each other’s bodies.

“Good girls. I was hoping you’d be inside each other already.”

I moan, and you whisper to me soft enough to make sure mom can’t hear it over the pouring water, almost as though you weren’t just claiming me in this moment or in this fight, but permanently as if you were saying that I’m yours, and not mothers. I push my wet fingers deeper into your ass as your fingers slide deeper inside me, and my whole body tingles with pleasure and arousal as I lean in, and whisper back, “And you’re mine” and I slide my tongue to yours and begin to tongue fight my gorgeous sister slowly as we work our fingers in and out of each other.


Every centimeter. Every millimeter. Every measurement of distance that is known that we enter each other’s bodies with our fingers our breathing hitches. Our bodies shudder. And our skin, which is rosy and should feel warm from the shower water almost feels cold. For this moment — this battle, as with all those we have had so far feels electric. Crystalline. Incredible. INDESCRIBABLE with words, as they falter and fail when aimed at telling this story.

Our story. Nearly a decade of denied and misunderstood desires unleashed. Set free. Not in some clumsy, misguided approximation of what we want, but what we want exactly. Neither of us hiding our desires or fearing the other’s judgment for lusts oft shamed. No, we have committed. Promised. Oathed ourselves to the purpose. Pleasing each other. Taming each other. Warring until we have control, and then relinquishing that same in another contest and conquest that lights our very souls on fire.

But even as we share such bliss and blistering desire, mother joins us. Nude. Ready. Wanting to take control of both you, I, and we. And as she does we whisper to each other, assuming each other than though she is here, and guides us. That though she may join and bring joy, we are here for one another. Sisters locked in mutual ecstasy and trial — of one soul and one mind — even if the woman who made us wishes to hold the whip.

With those whispers spoken, and as we continue our slow entrances into each other’s bodies, I suddenly yank back at your beautiful long blonde hair, wanting to break our tongue fighting and bite your neck. But you are ready, you goddess you, and within a blink, you yank back just the same at mine.

I am not ready, as you were, and you send me stumbling back, but at an angle. And in that careening, I move back, pulling you with me, until I crash into mother with my back. Her breasts, which are identical to yours pressing into my thoracic area, as we continue to finger each other and begin to moan aloud. As we do, and as the shock of the moment has passed, at least for her, mother leans her head on my left shoulder, just as you move to capitalize on our turned placements.


In the months since we came out to each other, it feels like nonstop fighting and sex. You’ve been inside me. I’ve been inside you. I’ve fucked your ass with my tongue. You’ve fucked my ass with your strapon. You’ve touched every part of me another person can touch, inside and out, and I’ve done the same to you.

I’ve given myself to you completely, and you have done the same. And it has been bliss. And now with our fingers buried knuckles deep in each other, we fight with pleasure and orgasms, trying to break each other sexually under the watchful eye of our gorgeous, busty mother.

We whisper our commitment to each other, and then you strike. You grab for my hair but I still have yours, and I yank back at yours just as you yank on mine, and I hear you scream out. “Good, Sabrina. Take control of your sister,” mom purrs as we go stumbling back. And maybe it’s her voice that calls me, like a magnet, like she’s always been able to do since I was little, or maybe it’s just how the gods directed our stumbling to be, but we stumble back towards her, and she does very little to stop it. She lets me push you into her, her breasts smearing across your back, and she just smiles and purr, “My girls,” as her arms wrap around us and she pulls us into her against the wall.

Her hips thrust, and as I finger your ass from behind, she starts to push herself against the back of my hand. She rubs slowly at first, and then picks up steam as her hands slide from my sides to your hips, and her right hand then moves from your hip to between your legs.

I see your eyes go wide, and I lean in and kiss you deeply as mom’s right hand slips between us and her fingers slip inside you, and your mother and your sister begin to double penetrate your pussy and ass with their fingers. I roll my tongue with yours as I rub myself on the back of mom’s hand as she rubs on the back of mine, and as I kiss you deeply mom’s left hand comes up to your sides and grabs our bulging smeared breasts and start to massage them while the water pours down on us all.


Mere moments after assuring. Seconds after promising. Breaths after assuring each other it is just us, we find ourselves in mothers hands and grasp. And truthfully, shamefully, I love it. I want it. And so as you press into me, kissing me as if nothing has changed. And as both you AND mother begin to finger me, all I can do is melt.

Taking my right hand from your hair, and thereafter raising that arm around mother’s shoulder-resting head. Leaning back into her as I moan like a whore into our beautiful kiss. And though I am on the very edge of just wanting to have the two of you fuck me until I am a whimpering puddle of wetness, I still battle you. Still finger you, moving my hand and fingers faster and faster to try and illicit anything from you.

At feeling and sensing that attempt, mother replies and increases her own speed. Wanting to show her power, and prove to the both of us, that she is a fighter in a different league than both of us. When she does, I scream, and pull away from our kiss, resting my head on your shoulder as I try to withstand your duel onslaught — failing in that attempt as every second passes.

With that movement, though it is for me, and me alone — to simply to try and survive and perhaps even recover — a truly foolish thought, I have without intention left you and mother face to face. To her, you must smile or something of the sort I cannot see, but in response, I hear no softness. Instead she snarls at you, and hisses. “What are you doing!? Finish her! Make her cum! Don’t you want to fuck father?”

I am barely present. Barely conscious from the pleasure that the two of you inflict on me, but I hear her words, and understand. This is a challenge for father. One I was not even told the stakes of! In a fit of anger, I raise my hands to your shoulders and shove you back and away from me.

With fire in my eyes I then try to charge at you, to show you and mother why, I should be taken more seriously as a contender for father, and for this families respect. Feeling at that moment, perhaps incorrectly that I wasn’t told, because no one expected little sister to beat older.

But after taking only a single, slippery step towards you, and as you glare at me, with an excited smile, mother grabs me by my long brown hair, and yanks me back to her — spinning me in the process. As I return to her, she locks her lips to mine in a hard, dominant kiss, before breaking away just long enough to yell at you.

“I’ll show you how to outfuck your sister, Bri!” Words she delivers before kissing me again, and slamming her hips into mine. My breasts and mother’s — my body and mother’s meeting for the first time as she seeks to outshine you in this moment. A challenge of your skills I hope you do not let go unresponded to.


How many times have I dreamed of this threesome? The woman of my past, the woman of my future, and I all fucking it out. I kiss you passionately as I feel you melting into this moment. You’re a good fighter, but who could possibly withstand getting double penetrated by me and mother. Your fingers work inside me and I moan against your mouth, flicking your tongue approvingly as you touch me in just the right way, but it’s two against one, two inside one, the woman who birthed you and the woman who loves you, and I can tell you’re succumbing to the pleasure.

Mom starts to work inside you faster, and it’s enough for you to pull your lips from mine and start to gasp. Your head pulls back and then falls, and you rest on my shoulder as I stare into mothers eyes. There’s a war brewing between her and I. If you took my phone and read through our messages you would see it, even if it’s not explicit yet. It’s all in the subtext. It’s all about control… control of this family… control of us, and it’s all symbolized by daddy’s hard cock. I already promised her to fight her for our father’s cock.

I saw it that day and I’ve wanted it ever since, whether it belongs to my father or not. Mom wants us to fight for the same, for her and daddy to come over regularly so you and I can fight each other for their pleasure and for his manhood. I haven’t told you yet. I haven’t mentioned that our father wants to be inside you. I haven’t mentioned a war between me and mother, and you too if you want it, for daddy’s cock and control of this family. Not because I doubt you, but because when I’m with you, you’re the only person in the world who matters to me.

And then mom starts to hiss her poison. “You finish her,” I hiss back annoyed as mom interjects herself into our fight. “She’s your daughter and he’s your husband.” The words seem to light a fire in you. You shove and I go stumbling back, and just as you start to come after me, mom grabs your hair and pulls you into her, and I just watch as you two meld together.

Mom hisses again and you two go at it hard, slamming together and you both gasp as you fuck hard against the wall. I step back and drop to my knees. “How about I show you how to fuck you both,” I moan as my hands slide up between you two from between your legs and my fingers find your soft folds. I slide my fingers into both of your pussies and start to pump hard as I lean in, bury my face between my sister’s perfect ass, and I start to lick over your rosebud as my fingers fuck you both even faster than I was fingering your ass before.

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In red hot instant, I go from shoving you. Charging you. Coming after you to engage you once again without mother. Never, ever wanting you to think I am less than you. Less than mother. For so many reasons, but the most important is that I never want to lose the fire we have. The need to compete. The need to fight, and fuck, and own each other. To being pulled back, and challenged by mother.

The moment, the first between me and she, she almost always focusing her attention on you, is so intense I can barely breathe in the warm mists of the shower. But even without breath, I will face her. I will accept her challenge and show her that it is not you who has failed in making me come, but she who underestimates me.

I can sense it, however, that though it is my breasts press to mothers. My cunt and hers slamming together, each of us trying to hit the others lip-covered clit in just the right way. Even though she and I kiss, with our tongues writhing together in the confines of our connected mouths, it is still you that she focuses on. Still you, she repositions us to glare at. Still, my wonderful sister mother is fighting, even if technically it is my body that she is battling.

At that moment I flash back to seeing you on the couch, furiously texting with mother. How when I asked you what was happening or being said you told me not to worry. How at night I would see you and she sending pictures back and forth to one another, just out of my view. A war is brewing, not just between you and me, or mother and father, but between you and mother for control of all those battles combined.

Well, if there are sides to be chosen. A woman to be counted as an ally, lover, and leader I clearly, without a second’s hesitation choose– Oh–SHIT! FUCK! My train of thought is interrupted, as I feel your lips secure to my nether entrance, and your fingers enter me. But I am not alone, for as you so engage, mother seems to wilt, before me. Something about it being you. Something about you responding so quickly to her challenge that makes her succumb to the pleasure more acutely.

And when she does, even though all the pleasure brought about by mother and I’s slamming pussies, and your licking tongue and working fingers, I press mother against the shower wall. Making sure not to take her from your efforts.

Then, with her there, as I feel her focus all of her attention on what you do, and not me, I begin to slam her pussy with my own. Fucking her. Our mother. Who in response breaks from our kiss and curses at you. “Bitch! Wait till I get you, Bri!” All as I keep her pinned and respond to her for you. “I’m going to make you cum on her fingers mother. All over Bri’s fingers, and then we’re going to fuck father without….”

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For a moment I just listen. I enjoy the sounds of my mother and my sister fucking against our glass shower. Mom and I have spent so many night talking about fighting each other, about fucking each other. I could tell she was flirting with me, even trying to pull me away from you at time, and yet for all our talk, you’re the first one to face her. You’re the first one to battle mother with your boy, and from what I can tell, it’s a ferocious battle.

You kiss her deeply, shoving your breasts to hers as she shoves into you, and I watch your hips thrust and slam together. My fingers join the fray as they slide inside you and start working rapidly inside both of your pussies. I would taunt you both, especially mom, but my tongue is too busy eating your asshole just how you like. My lips kiss and press against it. My tongue smears up and down your tight hole and  I taste you in such a raw, primal way.

You scream out as soon as my tongue finds your hole, and as I secure my lips I feel your body pressing more tightly against mom’s, shoving her back against the wall and as you press I notice how you make sure now to interrupt the flow of my fingers.

I slide my middle fingers up and push out on both of your clits so they can come together, and you and mother start to stab your clits together with each thrust of your pussy against her. But as much as I can feel you quivering to my touch, it’s mom who starts to shake immediately, and if I couldn’t feel it in her body with my fingers inside her like a finger puppet, I can hear it in her voice as she calls me a bitch and says she’s going to get me.

But as I go to respond, you do it for me. And I love to see your fire. Your drive. You’re an incredible. A sexual goddess. A physical powerhouse of animalistic desire. You’ve tamed me more than once, although mom doesn’t seem to give you any of the credit you deserve. And here you are fucking her. Taunting her. Telling her that you and I are going to fuck daddy together. I lick over your ass, pushing a third finger into you and other and quickening my pace as I try to drive you both to orgasm. But mom is the one tightening first as she’s fucked by her baby girls. “You bitches! You fucking bitches! I’m you’re mother…. fucking whores!!! UWHNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!”

Mom’s body starts to shake and quiver against you as her pussy directly against yours. I wish I could see how wide her eyes are. I wish I could see the shock, but I’m too busy worshipping your ass because you did it. You fucked our mother. You beat her. You broke her pussy even when she doubted you, and now she’s cumming like a cheap whore all over my fingers and onto your pussy as we use her like our fucking toy.

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There is some kind of magic in your touch in all regards and always, but for mother, you are poison. Kryptonite. I can see it in her eyes as you and I together work to drive her to orgasm — even if you work me too. Even if you have chosen no sides. I can feel her trying to break away and free of mine. Trying to lean over and bend down to engage you. To teach you a lesson. But with every attempted jerk, I keep her upright. I keep her pinned.

Both of my hands in her hair, keeping her engaged with me as you finger us both. And with every second that passes, as I slam the cunt that made me with the cunt it made, I can feel her weakening. Wilting. No longer thrusting into me, almost laying against me as she whimpers, and between each curses at us both. Before too long, she tenses and shivers — then screams and shudders with orgasm.

When she does I immediately want to escape your fingers. To free myself, and breathe, so that I can then take you on. But as soon as mother comes, and collapses fully, she and I fall. Not on top of you, but apart. My own legs being weakened by the pleasure. Leaving mother to slide down the wall on your left and me to fall onto my healthy ass on your right. Mother and I’s legs spread wide for you to choose a target. Mother having cummed on your fingers and me on the very verge of cuming if you were to give me just a little more.

And so it is on you to choose. Punish mother, or try and defeat me too. A choice of spread legs and open pussies. A decision of dominance it is on you to make

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It’s a chaotic few moments. Mother screams and starts to orgasm from her daughter’s touch for the first time in her life, and I can only wonder if the reality of what is happening is flooding through her mind as her pussy floods against your pussy and against my fingers.

As mom cums against you I start to feel you tense, and whether it’s from my fingers or her pussy gushing on yours, it doesn’t matter. You’re close. Very close. And immediately you start to pull away from me. You’re always a fighter. Always battling. Always struggling. Never willing to just give in and submit unless you have no choice.

But our bodies are too tangled, and as you try and pull away, backing your ass up into my face, you both go tumbling, mom to my left, you to my right, and you both fall onto your asses, spread open for me like a family buffet of desire, offering me the choice of my sister or my mother. I look back and forth, licking my lips, and I choose….

But I’m a greedy whore. Mom is up against the wall. I turn my body and slide my legs into between hers and scissor her, slamming my pussy to her. “You felt one of your daughters… now feel the other, you whore!” I shout as I grind back, slamming and sliding my pussy into and across hers over and over as I reach out with both hands, lying my breasts flat on the warm, wet tile, and I grab your ankles and pull you into me.

Your ass slides across the tile until your pussy comes right to my mouth, and I devour you, just as I devoured your ass moments ago. I suck and lick on your clit, pulling it between my lips and teasing it with my tongue before sliding my tongue deep inside you and licking around your walls and ceiling. My hands shift from your ankles to the top of your thighs and I grab you tight, mouth fucking you as hard and fast as I can as I slam my pussy into mothers and you both start to moan like fucking whores for me as I fuck my mother and my sister at the same time while daddy waits out on the living room.

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Mere seconds away from orgasm, mother collapses and I fall, one to either side of you. She and I are both spent, she just a fraction more than me, but I am aware. And so as you turn to her, and slide your legs about hers, one under, and one over, locking yourself into a scissor with her I smile. In part, because I have been picturing this image in my mind for so very long, you and mother locking thighs and fucking each other. But also because it gives me time. Time to recover. To center myself. To let my orgasm calm, and for me to try and get myself into a state to face you again. But even as I make that mistaken assumption, I see you lean back and then turn your body — stretching it and reaching out with your hands.

Seen through your actions are, I am still focusing all of my efforts on calming the wild, raging passions within my body, and so I do nothing to resist as you grab my ankles and pull my towards you. Fighting back, not, as you secure your beautiful mouth to my wet and ready kitten, and prepare yourself to tongue me.

But then, like a strike of lightning it all begins. Your first thrust into mother, and she having recovered, of only a little, hers back into you. All while you set tongue to clit and I scream out into the hot, misty shower around us, the water cascading down your gorgeous body as you at both ends battle your family.

As such occurs my hands shoot to your hair, take grasps, and then try to pull your mouth off and away from my already charged sex. But you resist and grab my thighs, trying to keep me pinned and pleasured beneath you. As you focus on me, mother continues to stir, and thrust back into you. Her lips only then capable of speech forming into a new taunt: “You’ve bitten off more than you can chew, cunt….” She being confident that she can earn some measure of vengeance by forcing you to cum, regardless of the outcome of her vs. me.

In such a way, a mother and her two daughters writhe and war on shower floor. One sister eating another’s pussy in an effort to make her cum, all while that same sister and mother slam their cunts together again and again, racing to finish each other off and claim father’s cock. What a family we have become. What endless excitement awa


Mom and I have talked about this moment for months over the phone and via text. We’ve cursed and threatened each other. We’ve taunted each other. We’ve traded nudes and even had phone sex while you were away one day at work. And not it’s finally here, my pussy against moms, except she’s already a cumming, crumbling mess thanks to what you and I did to her earlier. Her pussy is weak against me, or at least I hope it doesn’t normally feel this week.

I’ll have to ask you how she felt before you made her cumm when we’re all done. And maybe she’s right. Maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew. You are two of the most gorgeous, beautiful, sexual women I know, and you’re both fierce warriors. But I know how close you are, and mom is still cumming from what we did to her.

So I focus on mom at first, getting her under control and grinding against her, and even as she taunts she starts to moan again. I pull you in, thinking you’ll be quick and easy, but you grab my hair and start to try to fight me off. I groan and struggle against you, grabbing your thighs and holding you in place as my tongue curls up inside you and strokes across your g-spot, that delightful bundle of nerves that can set a woman’s body on fire in just a moment. I stroke it with my tongue flicking back and forth as I groan into your pussy in pain as you pull on your hair and mom starts to scream like a whore behind us.

I fight mom’s cunt with mine as I tongue fuck you harder and faster until your back arches, you pull tightly on my hair, and you start to gush against my mouth. I seal my mouth around you pussy as mom’s voice joins your screams of pleasure with her own, “Noooo NOOO NOOO!!!” as she starts to gush again, this time against her other daughter’s pussy. I tongue you slowly, taking care of your pussy as it gives up it’s sweet nectar to my mouth, and as your body starts to calm down I pull my hips away from my moms and slide up your body. I let my mouth hover over yours as my breasts press down, and I start to drool your own nectar all across your face. I let it drool out until my mouth has only a little left, and then I lean down and kiss you passionately and deeply.

“I love you,” is all I whisper, over and over against your lips as mom moans against the shower wall as we share this deep, tender moment of affection and love even in the midst, or at the end, of combat. I say it one more time, staring deeply into your eyes as I pull my lips away. “I love you… but I’m going to go fuck our father now,” and I slowly pull back, stand, open the door, and leave you two in the shower as I head out into the living room. My voice trails as the door closes behind me… “Hey daddy” as I walk to him naked….

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3 thoughts on “The Better Woman vs. BriBunny: Family FuckFight – Part 2

  1. goliadmike says:

    What a wicked, twisted, totally debauched tale I just read. Well done. I normally don’t read chat logs, but this was a masterpiece!

    1. the-better-woman says:

      Thank you! Bri and I have great chemistry, and it helps that my fetish is making other writer’s dreams come true! 😉

      1. THOMMY1992 says:

        I love your fights and I hope there will be a third part


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