Jungle Adventure by JB57

Part 1

The night heat and humidity sat heavily on Inge’s soft, bronzed skin. Her body was covered in a light sheen of sweat, but the night was starting to cool just slightly. Inge shivered with delight as a gentle jungle breeze blew through the treetops, caressing her naked flesh, rippling her thick, golden hair. The intense shiver was from more than just the wind. Inge’s loins were burning and coiled with tension. Her incredible tits were swollen and filled with the dull ache of arousal. Her nipples were crusted over, hard and pulsing with little bolts of erotic energy. She was conscious of the delicious sense of anticipation rippling through her voluptuous body.

Inge was waiting for her rival, the beauteous Conchita. Her imagination was alive with images of Conchita’s body – the massive, perfect tits, the hard, muscled belly, the round ass, the flaring hips. Her mind obsessed with memories of the many past times that she and Conchita had met in unrestrained sexual combat, their muscles corded together, their bare skin rubbing and sliding in friction, their hot sweat and hot breath mixing, their throbbing tits mashed together and grinding hard nipple to hard nipple, their swollen cunts crushed and thrusting and melting into one. Inge had fucked Conchita into submission only the night before, but that ecstatic battle had been the first between the two jungle women in months, and over that time Inge had built up a huge reservoir of animal lust that demanded satisfaction.

Inge was perched 4 meters above the ground on the thick branch of an ancient oak tree. The tree was hunched over a clearing in the forest on the edge of Conchita’s estate. The clearing gently sloped down to a creek that ran along the edge of the property. The sound of the trickling water was all but drowned out by the calls and chirps of the night life. Inge dangled her long, perfectly muscled legs, crossed at the ankles, over the side of the bough. Her hands were resting on the branch, on either side of her womanly hips. Beside her was her spear. She was almost naked, clad only in a tiny leopard-skin bikini. Her loincloth fit snugly to her powerful pussy and left most of her rounded ass exposed. Her halter was brief, stretching to cover her bronze-brown areola, but not much more.  Her massive tits bulged out enticingly, thrusting high and firm from her chest. Sweat trickled down her cleavage, moistening her taut belly and momentarily pooling in her deep, narrow navel before continuing on to dampen the thick thatch of pubic hair that protected her burning cunt. Inge felt alive, her every nerve singing with lust. She hoped that Conchita would not be much longer.

Conchita admired herself in her full-length mirror. She was wearing the tiny, black panther-skin bikini she had made for herself when she first returned to the jungle. She was the image of physical perfection. Her massive tits strained her tiny halter. The miniscule black loincloth seemed to merge with her hard, rounded body. Her black hair billowed over her shoulders and then down her back.  Her perfectly muscled body glowed with heat and her barely-contained sexuality. Conchita smiled at herself, her white teeth flashing, her dark eyes burning with desire.  What she saw in the mirror thrilled her – a mocha-skinned jungle goddess, bursting with sexual power and almost feverish with battle lust.

Conchita knew that Inge was waiting for her out there in the jungle heat. After the previous night’s battle, the blonde jungle woman had demanded that Conchita meet her the following night on the edge of the Spanish countess’ estate. Inge did not explain why. Still, Conchita  knew that, whatever Inge’s reasons for wanting this meeting, the first thing that they would do to each other would be to satisfy their mutual need to fight and fuck and devour each other’s womanhood, each woman struggling to establish dominance over her hated rival. Conchita knew she was only minutes away from deliciously intense sexual combat. And she knew that was only the start. She and Inge would have hours in which to ravage each other, hours in which to drive each other insane with lust and then satisfy that incredible desire again and again.

Conchita smiled even wider. She loved this feeling of burning anticipation. It could only be topped by the actual combat itself, by the sheer ecstasy of crushing and grinding her hot, strong body into Inge’s equally beautiful form. Conchita could not wait to lock clit to clit with her incredible rival and begin the process of fucking the whore into unconsciousness and submission. She fingered her crusting, burning nipples, then slid her right hand down her taut brown belly to the inside of her snug loincloth. She cupped her pussy, the thick black pubic hair rough against her palm. Her open hand was soon soaked by the womanly secretions saturating her pussy. She resisted the urge to masturbate. Soon, she would be sucked cunt to cunt with her greatest enemy and she wanted her sexual energy at its peak. It was true that Inge had defeated her the night before, but she consoled herself by believing that was only the opening skirmish in a much longer battle.

Conchita had spent hours that morning locked in sexual combat with Domino, a magnificent  redheaded French woman, a newcomer to the city and the fiancée of Conchita’s greatest benefactor. The women had spent the early hours of the day fighting and fucking until the redheaded beauty had been forced to submit to Conchita’s womanhood. Conchita had then spent many hours more ravaging Domino’s voluptuous body, riding the redhead until they had both collapsed in screaming ecstasy. Even so, her sexual power had recuperated during the day, as she had rested and let her energy build back up. Indeed, if anything, her interlude with Domino had fired her sexual energy, filling her to the brim with pure lust.  Now, she felt more ready than ever to pit her hungry sex against that of her blonde nemesis, to have her ravenous pussy devour Inge’s delicious cunt.

With a groan, Conchita brought herself back into focus. Reluctantly, she pulled her hand away from her aching groin, then rubbed her damp palm against her slick thigh. She picked up her spear from her bed. It was fixed with a shoulder strap and she looped the strap over her shoulder and between her massive breasts. She used a leather thong to fix a scabbard containing a sharp knife to her right thigh. Inge had said that she should come prepared to travel. These weapons were all that she needed. She padded on her bare feet over to the balcony, then glanced back at her room. She suspected it might be some time before she saw it again. She turned off the light just inside the balcony door. She had already told her servants that she would be gone for a few weeks. They would maintain her estate in her absence.

Conchita leaped up onto the railing surrounding her bedroom balcony then, from there, swung herself into the treetops. When she was away from the house, she dropped to the forest floor. She landed lightly, like a cat, and began running swiftly but almost silently through the forest. Her bare feet sped across the jungle loam, her senses were alive with the night sounds, sights and scents. She felt alive; her sex throbbed with anticipation. She could hardly wait to sink her claws into Inge. She knew that this would be a fight to remember.

A few minutes later, from her perch on the tree branch, Inge saw Conchita enter the clearing. The Spanish beauty was easily visible in the bright moonlight. Inge felt a thrill of passion and lust course through her. Then, she grabbed her spear and dropped easily to the soft ground. Conchita spotted Inge instantly and stopped, savoring the tightening in her crotch, the intense flash of desire that burned through her body. Then she advanced on her rival.

Inge watched Conchita approach with a growing heat in her loins. By the light of the moon, Inge could see the sway of Conchita’s luscious hips, the delicious bounce of her nearly naked tits. Almost soundlessly, Conchita walked up to Inge, stopping only when their proud breasts were mere inches from touching nipple to nipple. Their nearly nude bodies were almost perfect reflections of each other. Both women inhaled deeply, pulling the scent of the other inside their lungs. Inge and Conchita smiled; each could detect the unmistakable, tantalizing odor of her enemy’s aroused sex. Their eyes locked, looks of raw hunger, pure lust and deep hatred passing between them.

Finally, Conchita spoke. “I’m here, you slut. What do you want from me?” Her voice was husky with arousal.

Inge snarled back, her own voice deep with need. “That can wait until after I’ve beaten you, you cunt. I don’t want you to have any doubts as to which of us is the stronger woman. We’re going to be doing some traveling together, and I want you to understand that I’m in charge of our little expedition.”

Conchita smiled viciously then, lightning fast, cracked Inge sharply across the face with her open left hand. Inge had not expected the sudden attack. She staggered back, her right cheek stinging, her head ringing with the powerful blow. As she struggled to regain her bearings, Conchita threw her spear to the side of the clearing, and then quickly untied the scabbard around her thigh and tossed that next to the spear. She was ready for the battle.

Inge tossed her spear towards the other side of the clearing, then crouched down, her hands out, prepared to grapple with her foe. Conchita mirrored her position. The two jungle goddesses moved in a circle facing each other, bent over, their massive melons hanging down and almost spilling out of their tiny halters, their bare feet seeking grounding in the soft earth, their long, powerful legs tensed and ready. Hot sweat trickled down their swaying tits, causing them to glisten in the moonlight.

With a cry of hatred and lust, Conchita leaped forward and lashed out, seeking to strike Inge again. Snarling with rage and passion, Inge lunged to meet her foe. The two women planted their bare feet, then began striking each other. Vicious slaps to their beautiful faces soon turned to closed-fist punches as each combatant sought to batter the other woman to her knees. Each blow was accompanied by a sharp cry of rage from each woman. Inge punched Conchita hard in the Spanish woman’s massive left tit; Conchita simultaneously landed a hard punch in Inge’s rock-hard belly. Conchita battered Inge’s tits and landed punishing blows to the blonde woman’s head; Inge struck back with equal ferocity. The two savage beauties exchanged kicks and punches as they smashed each other around the clearing. Their shouts and snarls of anger and passion took on a distinctly sexual tone as the struggle continued. Each blow landed elicited a grunt or a cry that sounded strangely like a woman in the throes of sexual ecstasy. The brutal and erotic fight continued for several minutes, the women becoming hotter and more aroused with each blow, their mutual desire to subjugate their opponent growing with each moment.

Conchita suddenly lashed out with a roundhouse kick, catching Inge in the side. Before the blonde goddess could recover, Conchita struck out with a hard right fist, catching Inge on the chin and sending the jungle woman crashing onto her back. Inge was momentarily stunned. Conchita hurled her beautiful brown body at the bronzed jungle goddess, eager to crush her nearly nude form to Inge’s slick flesh. Conchita was burning up with lust and she desperately wanted to feel Inge’s gorgeous body writhing and grinding under her own, skin to skin, tit to tit. Inge  brought her feet up, however, and used Conchita’s momentum to flip the Spanish vixen over her sprawled body. Conchita landed hard and by the time she got to her feet, Inge was back up and ready to resume the fight.

The two beauties glared at each other. Their perfect bodies glittered in the moonlight, drenched with sweat. Their mammoth tits heaved as they panted with exertion and excitement. Their rock-hard nipples jutted into their tiny halters, dampening the cloth, stretching the straining material even further. Their tight loincloths were soaked with sweat, but moreso with the hot vaginal juices leaking out of the women’s fully aroused pussies. The hot liquid trickled down their inner thighs and dripped to the ground. The hard combat had suffused the women’s bodies with erotic heat. They were more aroused than ever.

Inge wanted to hurt Conchita, she wanted to sink her claws into the Spanish woman’s beautiful brown skin and maul her, she wanted to dominate and break this whore. More than anything, though, she wanted hot skin to skin contact with her foe, she wanted her tits crushed to Conchita’s, she wanted to satisfy the furnace burning between her legs. Conchita felt the same way. She took in Inge’s stupendous rack, the smooth, hard stomach, the long, muscular legs, the beautiful face alive with rage and lust. Conchita felt the desire in her body boiling up to new heights. She wanted to crush every inch of her naked flesh to Inge’s heaving body and grind herself into the blonde slut until they both exploded with pleasure.

With screams of hate and desire, the two Amazons hurtled at each other, arms reaching for the other’s body. Their sleek, sexy bodies crashed together with the delicious slap of naked flesh to naked flesh. Both women screamed out in pain and pleasure as their glorious tits finally met and crushed each other back. Their steel-hard nipples remained covered by the cloth of their halters. Even so, their tit bullets pushed and pulsed directly into each other and sent spasms of pleasure racing down to their clits. Each woman’s hard, pulsing tits surged with pleasure as taut breastflesh bulged out and matted against the equally taut, throbbing titflesh of her opponent. Their breasts stuck wetly. Inge and Conchita looped their arms behind the other’s back, then sank their fingers into their foe’s thick hair and began pulling. They arched their backs, thrusting their battling tits even harder together. Their bodies angled away from each other, their powerful legs pushed hard, their bare feet sank into the soft ground and tried to anchor each woman as she thrust against her foe. Their bare bellies slapped hard, but most of the pressure of their battling bodies was concentrated on their throbbing tits.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” The women grunted in unison as they thrust against each other in rhythm, their tits burning with sensation. Vaguely, through the haze of erotic pleasure and rage, Inge thought how much she wanted to go naked nipple to naked nipple with Conchita. But that would come. For now, they ground  and smashed their tits together even as they yanked viciously at each other’s hair. They pulled and pushed each other around the clearing, their snarls and shrieks of anger, pain and lust growing ever more intense. Both women’s eyes were tightly closed, their teeth gritted, and their faces pulled up to the sky as they each tore savagely at the other’s beautiful mane.

Inge let Conchita’s hair go with her right hand, and used that hand  to claw at her enemy’s side and to punch Conchita where she could. Conchita howled, then released her left hand from Inge’s mane and  began to claw back. Soon the women were slashing at each other, even as they yanked hair. Inge’s left tit crushed hard with Conchita’s right, but the other side of her body pulled slightly away from her enemy as she punched and scratched. Conchita struck back, and it was not long before the women locked their hands together, fingers intertwining and nails digging into the back of the other’s hand. The two jungle goddesses strained hand to hand, even as they continued to try to tear out the other’s hair by the roots with their remaining hands. They staggered around, their evenly matched bodies struggling to overpower the other, their muscles straining. All the while, the erotic tension in their cunts and tits continued to build as the pain they inflicted on each other fed their mutual desire.

Suddenly, Conchita pulled Inge’s arm towards her and spun at the same time, using Inge’s strength and momentum to send the blonde flying. Inge easily rolled with the impact and then back onto her feet. She turned to face Conchita.

The two enraged women faced each other, breathing hard, their massive tits heaving. The air between them was thick with the scents of hot sweat and womanly arousal. Slowly, Conchita reached beneath her meager halter to finger her aching nipples. She licked her lips hungrily, as she glared at Inge. Then, she slowly reached up and untied her halter. Her massive brown tits bounced free, their hard nipples and ridged areola swollen to their full size. Conchita threw her halter aside and thrust her massive tits out in challenge to Inge. The beautiful, taut globes jiggled gently. The moonlight underlined the magnificent orbs, emphasizing their massive size and stretching the shadow of their engorged nipples down the curve of the tits.

Inge glared at Conchita’s tits, mesmerized by their beauty. She licked her dry lips. She longed to sink her teeth and her claws into Conchita’s throbbing tits, she wanted to suck and bite and squeeze the delectable flesh, lick and feast on the hard brown nipples.  More than anything, though, she wanted to feel those hard nipples wrestling with her own, penetrating and grinding and twisting hot, throbbing nipple to nipple. Inge reached up and fondled her own pulsing areola under her halter, shuddering with delight at the bolt of sensation that shot through her tits down to her loins. Then, with a groan, she reached behind her back and undid the halter, letting it fall away from her straining tits.

Inge’s gorgeous tits confronted Conchita’s equally beautiful orbs from the distance of a few feet. Both women stared at the other’s tits, enrapt by the breasts of the other, waves of desire burning through their bodies. Finally, they raised their eyes from their opponent’s breasts and locked hard glares. Snarling, the women hurled themselves at one another.  Their incredible bodies came crashing together, tit to tit. Glowing golden orbs met taut brown ones nipple to nipple; tight flesh crushed and held, and an explosion of pure pleasure, tinged by pain, flashed through the bodies of both women. Inge and Conchita shrieked like cats in heat as their naked nipples crushed hard together and pushed each other back. For both women, it felt like a mutual penetration as spikes of heat and pleasure shot from their tits down to their pussies. Powerful arms twined around naked backs and Inge and Conchita crushed their chests together with all of their strength.

“You cunt, oh God, you cunt…,” Conchita gasped, waves of pure pleasure burning up from her chest, radiating through her body, the delicious friction almost overwhelming her senses. She twisted her hips, slapping her hard, bare belly to Inge’s taut stomach. Inge rubbed back in reply. Heated crotches met and, even through the intervening loincloths, thick, juicy pussies pushed hard together.

“Fucking whore…,” Inge groaned at her enemy. Inge and Conchita were nose to nose, forehead to forehead, their hair cascading down either side of their faces and their shoulders. They squeezed with all of their strength, their hot breath mixing as they panted into each other’s face, their eyes tightly closed as they strained against each other. Both women struggled to breathe as they continued their sexual duel. Inge and Conchita worked their tits together, rubbing their burning breasts around and around their pulsing nipples, using their rippling backs to drive their burning tits against each other. They worked their swollen tits hard together, their throbbing chests one mass of pleasure, each woman trying to conquer her foe’s massive mammaries with her own. As they fought, they relaxed the pressure on each other a bit, making it slightly easier for their burning breasts to roll and rub and feed the incredible heat between their legs. Their hot thighs slid in delightful friction and, almost unconsciously, both jungle goddesses began to spread their legs. Toe to toe and thigh to thigh, the two women soon found their hot crotches rubbing and grinding full on, only their meager fur loincloths separating their burning cunts. The women’s incredible bodies joined together in one hard, undulating grind. From toe to tit, their incredible bodies rubbed and slid, every inch of naked flesh alive with sensation. They panted harder and faster, their hearts pounding with unbelievable lust and excitement.

Conchita threw back her head to the sky and moaned with joy. Her powerful ass worked her burning crotch into Inge’s loincloth, her ass cheeks quivering with tension and effort. At this moment, Conchita did not even mind that her pussy was separated from Inge’s pussy by two impenetrable layers of cloth. The tantalizing pleasure of the building anticipation was enough for now.  As she threw back her head, she exposed her delectable throat. Inge could not resist dipping her head forward and biting and kissing at Conchita’s exposed neck. She sucked hard at the soft flesh. Conchita gasped and then reached up and pulled Inge’s head back by her thick hair. Conchita bit at Inge’s neck, then the two women rubbed cheek to cheek, moaning and gasping as the tension in their bodies continued to build.

“Dirty slut,” Inge whispered into her enemy’s ear.

“Fucking whore,” Conchita cursed her back. She bit gently into Inge’s shoulder, her passion and desire for absolute union with Inge never greater, her need for her flesh to dominate and control Inge’s body never stronger. She felt like she was burning up with the intensity of her lust. She worked her mouth along Inge’s throat, then the side of Inge’s face. Inge turned her head to meet Conchita’s attack and, in a moment, the two lust-crazed women had locked together in a burning kiss. Hot tongues invaded slippery mouths and tangled and twisted together. They drove their mouths forward as hard as they could, both trying to devour each other with their tongues and teeth, even as the quivering maws between their legs sucked hungrily at each other through their loincloths, eager to begin a duel of their own.

Even as she tried to overwhelm Conchita with her tongue and mouth, even as her naked flesh rubbed and undulated against Conchita’s fantastic body, Inge needed more. She loosened her bearhug on Conchita’s back and, still squeezing with her left arm, she slid her right hand down Conchita’s smooth, rippling back to her slowly grinding ass. Inge spread her hand over Conchita’s left buttock, feeling the hard muscle pushing and tensing. She squeezed and scratched at the smooth, rolling flesh. Conchita groaned within their locked mouths, then tightened her grip on Inge’s back even more, crushing their tits tighter. Inge groaned, fought off another tongue attack from Conchita with her own thrusting tongue, then slid her hand off Conchita’s flexing ass and under the Spanish woman’s tiny ass covering. The fur covering was just slightly more substantial than a thong, and Inge now thrust her hand between Conchita’s rippling buttocks and slid her questing middle finger down to her enemy’s anus. Conchita groaned angrily within their locked mouths and quickly released her bearhug around Inge’s back to send her own right hand plunging down the blonde goddess’ back  and inside the scrap of fur positioned over her ass. Inge drove her middle finger up into Conchita’s anus and delighted in the feeling of the hard muscle pushing and squeezing at her invading digit. Conchita groaned with sudden pleasure at this violation, then returned the favor, penetrating Inge’s anus, causing the blonde beauty to groan with delight and anger.

Inge pulled her violating finger from Conchita’s puckered anus, then, slipping her other hand under the thin string holding Conchita’s loincloth to her hips, Inge spread her hands over the Spanish woman’s flexing buttocks. She pulled Conchita’s crotch even harder into her own, as their slow, cunt to cunt grind continued. Conchita could not take it anymore. She broke the kissfight with Inge, pulling her head back with a gasp, then moved her hands to Inge’s hips and began to work on untying the blonde’s loincloth. Cheek to cheek, the women gasped and snarled at each other, exchanging curses, continuing to thrust and grind with their tits and bellies. Sliding her hands from Conchita’s pumping ass, Inge began undoing the knots binding Conchita’s loincloth to her hips.

The scraps of fur fell away from the women’s beautiful round asses, leaving them exposed. The pressure between their crotches, however, kept the loincloths caught in place. Inge and Conchita pulled apart just slightly. The loincloths still held in place for a moment, adhering to their wet, throbbing pussies. Both women shook their hips a little, and the damp cloths finally fell away, landing in a heap at the women’s feet.

Inge and Conchita leaned away from each other just slightly. Both women now had their hands firmly planted on the other’s beautiful bare ass, squeezing and kneading and sinking their claws into the firm flesh, prepared to pull each other as hard and deep together as they could go. Their massive tits remained tightly compressed, nipples throbbing and struggling together, symbols of the womanly power of the two sex goddesses now locked in fiery combat. Their bellies were solidly crushed, hard abdomens rippling together, hot navels sucked together with heat and hot sweat. Their thighs were pressed tight, their toes were pushed against each other. Their thick pubic hair crushed and tangled together.  Their perfect bodies were perfectly aligned. Their hot, throbbing cunts were only centimeters apart. Hot vaginal juice gushed out of their pussies, splashing each other, then trickling to the ground below.

Inge and Conchita glared at each other, panting hard, feeling their hearts pounding within their burning chests. Inge moved her head forward; Conchita moved to meet her. They pressed nose to nose.

“I’m going to fuck you, Conchita,” Inge murmured at her enemy. “I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop…my cunt is going to eat your cunt alive. My pussy wants yours and it’s very, very hungry…” She licked her lips, her tongue running along Conchita’s lips at the same time.

“I’m ready for everything you have, you blonde bitch,” Conchita whispered back. “My pussy is going to suck yours in and fuck the life out of your cunt. My pussy has waited months to eat yours. You only got a taste of it last night. I’m going to break your dirty cunt and your weak little tits.”

Inge said nothing in response, but instead sent her tongue out to lick Conchita’s lips again. Conchita immediately responded and, in a moment, the two savage goddesses were locked in a deep, probing kiss. Hot tongues pushed and slid and tangled. Their tits and pussies throbbed with the intensity of the kiss. Their thick hair tangled and their heads quivered as each women tried to force her mouth as far into her enemy’s as she could, as hot tongues wrestled to a delicious standstill. Finally, they broke off and pulled back slightly from each other. Both felt the heat burning off of their pussies, both felt the hunger between their legs.

Looking deeply into her enemy’s eyes, Inge smiled. She squeezed Conchita’s perfect ass, then ran her claws over the smooth, silky flesh.

“Fuck me, bitch,” she murmured.

Conchita smiled back, tightening her grip on Inge’s beautiful rounded ass.

“Until you can’t walk, you slut,” she whispered in reply.

The raw fury of their shared lust was, by now, overwhelming. Their bodies had been stimulated to an incredible degree. They were pulsing with raw erotic power.  Months of building anticipation had come to this point. The delicious fuckfight of the night before was no longer enough to take the slightest edge off of their lust. The women needed to consume each other, sex to sex, clit to clit.

Their pubic hair, twined tightly together, pulled as Inge and Conchita drew their hips back just a little. Then, signaling with their eyes, they drove the wet, juicy maws of their hungry cunts directly into each other with all of their strength.

Hot, thick pussy lips slammed wetly together. Their open, throbbing cunts crushed and fused. Soft labia squashed and melted together, opening to allow access to the women’s deep cores. Swollen clits, hard, wet and aroused to full size, caught and smashed, head to head, quivering in tension, sending jolts of unbelievable pleasure racing up from the women’s conjoined crotches to the rest of their bodies. Sexual power and pleasure pooled in their burning tits. Their steel hard nipples grew even harder and fused into one eruption of sensation. Their heavy tits, still crushed tight, almost exploded with pleasure and tension.

On the first clit to clit contact, Inge and Conchita threw back their heads and shrieked in unison, crying out with joy.

“FUCK!! You fucking WHORE!!,” Inge howled.

“CUNT! Fucking CUNT!!,” Conchita screamed.

They drove at each other wildly, slapping and sealing their wet cunts together, thrusting throbbing clit at throbbing clit, bending each other’s sex horns until they screamed in ecstasy. Inge drove a probing finger up Conchita’s ass, stimulating the black-haired beauty even more; Conchita instantly retaliated, and soon the women were violating each other both front and back, and loving every moment.

 Soon, their cries and curses faded to animal moans, gasps and sobs of unbearable pleasure. Standing together, their legs spread wide, their cunts locked and pulsing, their hands tight on the other’s ass, each woman pulled her enemy as hard into her own body as she could, working into each other with all of their strength. Their rolling hips thrust in rhythm, rubbing their swollen, burning clits around and around each other in continual circles, forcing constant pleasure to thrum through their overstimulated muscles. Tears of sheer pleasure streamed down their faces. Inge and Conchita sobbed in ecstasy.  The constant circular motion of their grinding cunts extended to the rest of their torsos. Their sweat-slicked bellies and tits rubbed around and around each other, hot flesh sliding, wet friction sending waves of heat reverberating through their bodies. Their asses rippled and flexed with effort as they pushed into each other as hard as they could, even as they rotated their pussies together. Thick pubic hair meshed and tangled, hot cunts sucked and trembled with  tension as both women used their deep muscles and their pussy lips to  squeeze each other, to suck at the other’s throbbing clit, to try to devour and overpower the other woman’s cunt. They pushed together nose to nose, panting and gasping and crying out in the other’s face, their eyes half-closed from the overwhelming sensations, but still glaring deeply into each other, watching avidly for signs of weakness, for the indications that the incredible pleasure they were inflicting on each other was about to overpower one of them. Hot vaginal juices overflowed and squeezed out from their joined cunts, soaking their inner thighs, dripping down to the ground, trickling down their calves.

Inge was almost overwhelmed with lust and passion. She had wanted this all-out fuckfight for so long, her body was aching with need. Now that she and Conchita were finally engaged, finally driving at each other clit to clit, riding each other mercilessly, she wanted to scream in joy.

Conchita felt the same way. Her flesh was merging and melting with Inge’s, she could feel the power and the hunger of the other woman’s cunt, locked to her own. She squeezed Inge’s cunt with all the strength of her pussy, she worked her clit around and around Inge’s pulsing clit, fencing and rubbing and grinding, releasing the building and unbearable pleasure with screams of joy. She was battling with Inge in the most primitive and sensual way possible. The very core and essence of her womanhood was locked in mortal combat with the essence of her enemy’s sexuality. There was nothing she enjoyed or wanted more than this combat.

Pumping, grinding, squeezing, clawing,  their tits crushed and throbbing as one, their clits fused, the two magnificent jungle women fucked each other relentlessly, their incredible bodies locked in a dance of lust and pleasure that was unlike anything else in the forest. The jungle itself seemed to be mesmerized by their battle, the night sounds quieting and fading out as the animal sounds of Inge and Conchita’s primal fuckfight echoed through the clearing. They moaned and sobbed and cursed each other; they cried out in desire. The sounds of their juicy cunts, sucked wetly into one another, pumping and thrusting slow and hard, rippled across the clearing. The slap of taut flesh, the gentle whisper of sweat-slicked bodies rubbing together in delicious friction rose to the night sky.

On and on the fuckfight raged, until Inge and Conchita’s legs quivered with sexual tension and the sheer tiredness of holding up their magnificent bodies as they fought. Still they fucked and fought, crying out in joy. For more than an hour, they worked their incredible forms together, until every inch of their skin was throbbing with heat and delicious sensations, until their rubbing, grinding tits were red and swollen with pleasure, until their nipples were aching for release. Their bellies slapped and undulated against each other.  Their cunts were locked together, each struggling to crush and eat the other, their clits were harder and more engorged than ever, fencing and licking, electric heat shocking each woman to her core with every grinding thrust.

Inge and Conchita began to feel the end coming on. They were both trembling with growing pre-orgasmic tension, their powerfully muscled forms shivering with the raw pleasure they were inflicting on each other. Nose to nose, asses pumping, they fucked harder and harder. The incredible tension in their loins and tits began to grow unbearable. Sensing their impending orgasms, they stopped grinding and rubbing their sex nubs together and instead placed their swollen, rock-hard clits head to head and began thrusting at each other, each trying to force the other’s clit back. Their hot cunts slapped together wetly; the women groaned in ecstasy. Their whimpers and sobs and screams of pleasure grew even more intense as the most sensitive and erotic parts of their perfect bodies met in final combat.

They pumped their burning cunts at each other, moving in a slow, hard rhythm, their beautiful round asses flexing and quivering, their powerful hips and pelvises jerking with effort. They drove their clits at each other with all of the power of their magnificent bodies, each desperate to crush the sex of the other, to force the other woman to submit to a stronger womanhood. For several minutes, they thrust at each other, clit to clit, sex horns bending and quivering as they fought head to head, explosions of pleasure radiating out from their battling sex nubs with each devastating thrust, punctuated by shrieks of ecstasy from both women.  Still, the women’s powerful clits held each other at bay, both too engorged with sexual power to be battered back into defeat. The two jungle queens shook with unbearable tension, both struggling to hold back the terrible orgasms that were struggling for release.

After yet another delicious clit to clit thrust, another explosion of agonizing pleasure, Inge kept her clit pushed against Conchita’s equally engorged sex. She did not pull back her hips to thrust again, but instead, gasping with pleasure and anger, she groaned at Conchita. “Let’s finish this, girl. Let’s put our clits together and see who is really stronger, which of us is really the better woman.”

“Yes,” Conchita breathed at her enemy. “Yes, that’s it little girl… put your clit against mine, let’s see who is really stronger…” Wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure pulsed up from her burning clit through her enflamed body. The Spanish jungle goddess was almost delirious with ecstasy.

“My clit will crush yours, you bitch…,” Inge whispered at her foe. “I’ll break you, Conchita, I’ll fuck you senseless…”

“No, Inge,”Conchita moaned. “Your clit is weak, just like you, you dirty slutl”

The jungle women focused all of their sexual energy and power into their throbbing, burning clits. Panting furiously, eyes locked in mutual hatred and unbearable lust, Inge and Conchita held their excruciatingly sensitive clits head to head. They let the incredibly sensitive sex horns throb into each other for a minute, feeling and violating each other in the most intimate way possible, deep waves of pleasure burning through their bodies. Then, slowly, with all the power of their powerful asses and hips, they pushed, each trying to force the other’s swollen sex back into its hood, trying to force an orgasm and prove which of these two savage jungle goddesses was the more powerful woman. Their quivering clits exploded with wave after wave of ecstasy as they struggled, caught within the sealed arena of the women’s hot, wet cunts. Thick, warm vaginal juices gushed, filling both women, squeezing out from their merged cunts.

Inge and Conchita panted furiously, then began groaning and whimpering with pleasure as they felt the impending orgasms that they had held off so long building up to unstoppable levels. Their wet, hard, throbbing clits held each other in stalemate for many moments, quivering in tension. Then slowly, agonizingly, the engorged sex organs pushed each other back, millimeter by millimeter, each one equally as powerful as its counterpart, neither clit gaining any advantage. As the women’s sexes forced each other back, unbearable pleasure blasted through the combatants. Inge and Conchita gritted their teeth and tried to keep from shrieking with the incredible ecstasy now roaring through their locked bodies. Tears of pleasure trickled from their eyes, their breath came in panting gasps and stifled moans.

“You cunt, oh God, you cunt…” Inge sobbed, even as she forced her powerful ass to keep pushing, to keep trying to force Conchita’s clit into submission. Part of her wanted to pull back, to relieve the terrible pressure and pleasure that had now filled her body to overflowing and was desperate for release. But her pride and will would not let her. If she was so close to an orgasmic collapse, surely Conchita had to almost be there as well.

“Fucking whore, you dirty slut…,” Conchita gasped, barely able to speak through the haze of raw pleasure. She pushed back with all the power of her equally beautiful ass, her quivering clit matching and meeting Inge’s sex horn every inch of the way. She rejoiced in the feeling of being violated by Inge, and of violating the blonde jungle goddess in return. The deep intimacy of their shared hatred and limitless mutual lust made what they were doing to each other infinitely more enjoyable. Conchita knew that it would also make her eventual victory much sweeter.

As their clits slowly crushed each other all the way back to their hoods, the two women suddenly realized that they were starting to experience a devastating mutual orgasm that was building gradually but inexorably, filling their bodies with a deep heat that simply became hotter and more intense as their clits crushed. Even when their quivering clits pushed each other all the way back, the orgasm still had not peaked, but simply continued to build, until both women felt they would die from the sheer ecstasy, from the raw pleasure that simply kept building, until it filled every cell in their bodies, until it radiated out of their pores in waves of heat, until their muscles trembled with tension and their toes curled in pleasure.

Inge and Conchita threw back their heads, their eyes wide and staring desperately at the night sky, nails digging into their opponent’s perfect ass, bodies trembling, both women on the verge of passing out as their senses and minds were slowly overwhelmed by the raw pleasure. They panted hard and groaned in agony, their sealed tits struggling to crush each other as they fought for air, their hard bellies sealed tight and rippling against each other as their muscles convulsed with pleasure, their hot sweat dripping from their locked bodies.

The savage jungle women sobbed uncontrollably, and thrust their crushed clits together ever harder, both voluptuous beauties trying desperately to force an explosive orgasm on their foe, seeking release from the terrible sensations wracking their mated bodies. Their steaming cunts were joined together unbreakably, their powerfully muscled pussies strained against each other, every nerve in their pulsing clits fired with pleasure. Hot juices soaked the soft skin around their locked cunts, adding to the lubrication on their glistening inner thighs, trickling down to the ground on which they were standing.

Inge suddenly moaned. The pleasure was simply too much. She needed a release and she needed to force Conchita to orgasm before she exploded herself. She threw herself back and pulled Conchita’s steaming body with her, her hands still spread on Conchita’s round ass. The women collapsed to the ground, Conchita’s magnificent body crushing down on Inge’s, the women’s tits and clits squashing together even harder. The building orgasm pulsed with even greater force in response to the delicious impact, but continued to build. Inge, crying out with need, wrapped herself around Conchita’s beautiful brown body, twining her long, powerful legs through Conchita’s equally muscled limbs, locking her arms around Conchita’s naked back and squeezing with all her strength, compressing their bulging tits even harder. Conchita squeezed back, and started thrusting her ass down, driving her burning clit down onto Inge’s, hoping that gravity would now give her a decisive advantage.

The women’s clits were already completely merged, but as the jungle goddesses resumed riding each other, the slowly building mutual orgasm reached a crescendo and, without warning, detonated into a full-fledged nova of ecstasy. Conchita and Inge stiffened in each other’s arms, their legs twined and straining, their arms squeezing tight, the pleasure and tension exploding from their tits, their joined nipples melting together. They stared at each other in astonished pleasure as the full orgasm finally arrived, pleasure so intense that neither woman could breathe. Then, their deep muscles convulsed, hot cum erupted from their cores, and they both shrieked out the joy of their mutual release as a string of multiple orgasms began to erupt from the fused clits within their mated cunts.

Conchita felt Inge’s hot cum jetting into her, filling her vagina, bathing her throbbing clit in delicious heat. She howled with joy, basking in the incredible pleasure of feeling the blonde goddess’ sex exploding into her own. The women’s swollen clits were locked together, throbbing in ecstasy. As Inge shrieked out her pleasure to the jungle air, Conchita screamed with lust. Her ass and hips worked furiously as she drove herself into her enemy with all of her strength, grinding her erupting clit into Inge’s exploding nub. At the same time, Inge bucked up with all of her strength, desperate to take Conchita’s cunt as deeply into hers as it would go, desperate to keep Conchita’s sex fused to her own.

Conchita snarled, “Oh, God, Oh FUCK, OH YES!!!,” her shrieks rising in intensity as incredible orgasms sent delicious convulsions coursing through her body. Her pumping ass and rippling belly shot steaming juices into Inge’s soaking twat. Inge thrust back with all of her power, reveling in the feeling of exchanging steaming hot cum with her hated foe. “You whore, you cunt,” she howled. Then, “HARDER, BITCH, HARDER!!” Both women worked their asses and hips with even greater force, each trying to grind down and master the sex of the other.

“Oh God, you slut!,” Conchita moaned desperately into Inge’s ear, as the Spanish woman felt herself transported by the incredible sensations wracking her voluptuous body. Inge turned her face to her black-haired nemesis, and the two savage women locked up in a brutal kiss, each trying to devour the other as completely as she could with her mouth as with her blazing cunt. Their pussies sucked, trembling in delicious tension as they squeezed at each other.

 Inge ground her hips furiously, desperate to mate and merge and drive as much pleasure out of her burning cunt, her lust-inflamed body as she could. Her hot, sweat-soaked flesh seemed to be melting with Conchita’s rippling body; her exploding clit locked and fused to Conchita’s core, wave after wave of blazing ecstasy rocked her body. The women rode each other with all of their incredible strength, driving each other insane with raw lust, their animal screams and groans turning into gasps of unbearable pleasure as their orgasms rolled through their bodies without pause.

Through the haze of orgasmic ecstasy, Conchita rejoiced in her mind. Her body was alive; every inch of her skin was electrified with burning pleasure and straining against its counterpart on Inge’s body. These were the sensations she lived for, the delicious feelings of fucking her magnificent rival, the feeling of locking muscle to muscle, skin to skin, tit to tit and especially cunt to cunt with her equal. She continued to drive herself hard and deep into Inge’s burning core, receiving Inge’s answering thrusts with cries of pleasure, almost overwhelmed by the feeling of her flesh melting to Inge’s awesome body.

They fought like two wild animals struggling for supremacy, joined together in the most intimate way possible. They kept their clits jammed together, locked in place, wave after wave of excruciating pleasure blasting out of their nerve-rich sex horns and racing through every cell in their bodies. The two battling Amazons continued jerking their hips, driving orgasms out of each other, fighting and fucking with all of their strength and will, both women determined to pull as much pleasure out of this ecstatic encounter as they could manage, neither woman wanting this fuckfight to end, each woman struggling desperately to ride her rival into submission.

The orgasmic conflict went on for some time, Inge and Conchita delirious with lust until, finally, the ultimate orgasm came. A shockwave of pure pleasure blazed up from their joined cunts to enflame every inch of their bodies and cause their tits to explode with sensations, before smashing out the top of their heads. Inge and Conchita shrieked like banshees, overwhelmed with joy, until, finally, slumping into unconsciousness.

Epilogue to Part I

Conchita remained sprawled on Inge, their limbs tangled together, their pussies joined tightly. Inge faded in and out of consciousness, aware only of Conchita’s clit pulsing into hers, and of their hot tits compressed into one delightful, throbbing mass, and the heat of their twined bodies and shared sweat.

After some time, Inge stirred back to full consciousness as, with a groan, Conchita rolled off of her body. Conchita rolled over onto her back beside Inge and lay there, motionless, apparently asleep and exhausted by the delicious ordeal of the sexfight. Inge lay on her back, staring at the night sky. Her body felt wonderful. She was conscious of erotic electricity running through every inch of her skin. Her sex still burnt with a warm, tantalizing lust, just below the surface. Her tits were a little sore, but her nipples jutted skyward shamelessly, hard and strong and reflecting the sexual energy still burning in her loins. Inge lay still for several more minutes, her mind clear, her body starting to thrum with renewed desire. She lay and thought about what she and Conchita had just done, how incredible it had felt. She looked up at the moon, gauging where it was in the sky, and calculated how many more hours remained before dawn. More than six hours, she figured. Lots of time to fuck Conchita again and again and again – lots of time to slake her lust, to make up for at least some of the sexual warfare that the women had not been able wage on each other’s incredible bodies over the past few months.

These thoughts brought Inge’s arousal back to the surface. Her cunt became wet with desire, her loins tightened into a tantalizing knot, her nipples began to crust over. She smiled and  turned her head to stare at Conchita, to see the body she had fantasized about to the point of arousal. She focused on Conchita’s beautiful right tit, thrusting up to the sky, the nipple hard and full, the breast rising and falling as the Spanish goddess breathed. She thought about how good it would be to suck that tit, to squeeze it and knead it and feast on it, wrapping her tongue and teeth around the hard brown nipple.

With a smile of animal lust, Inge rolled onto her side and immediately launched herself at Conchita’s body. She placed her right hand on Conchita’s left tit and squeezed hard, rubbing the swollen nipple between her thumb and forefinger. With her left hand, she cupped Conchita’s right tit and lowered her mouth to the throbbing breast. She sucked hard on the salty nipple, then took as much of the massive breast into her mouth as she could as she sucked and chewed and feasted on Conchita’s beautiful brown orb.

The sudden assault had immediately awoken Conchita who, at first, simply delighted in the enjoyable sensations of being sucked and fondled and stimulated. She groaned with pleasure, burying her hand in Inge’s thick golden hair, holding the blonde beauty to her thrusting tit. But when Inge’s hand moved from Conchita’s left tit, down the mocha-skinned beauty’s naked belly, and began teasing her burning cunt, Conchita immediately reacted.

With a grunt, she pulled back on Inge’s head, pulling the blonde jungle goddess’ face away from her aroused tit. Conchita pushed Inge away, and then rolled away herself, and came to a kneeling position a few feet off. Conchita panted with desire, and glared at Inge with anger and lust.

Inge was propped up on her arm, resting on her hip, facing her enemy. The two women coolly drank in the other’s body, both of them feeling the heat between them building up to new levels. They smiled, hot lust starting to burn again. Conchita felt the tension between her legs building, her tits began to tighten and fill with heat. Inge was already deeply aroused, her cunt aching, her tits hard and tight, her belly flashing with heat and tension.

Wordlessly, Conchita sat back on her ass, then carefully spread her legs, opening her perfect cunt up to her foe, offering her sex in combat and pleasure to her greatest enemy. Inge looked down into the hot cunt displayed before her and smiled with raw lust, her eyes burning with desire. She sat back and spread her own thighs, presenting her own raw sex to her enemy. The woman locked eyes. They licked their dry lips, their hearts pounding with lust, their blood boiling with desire.

They pushed towards each other, sliding forward on their hard, round asses, until their bare feet touched. The women paused, pushing bare sole to bare sole, flexing their sensitive feet against each other, pushing toe to toe. Then, keeping their bare feet pressed tight, they began to spread their legs as wide as possible, opening up to each other completely, pushing up until their cunts were open and spread, hot pink and wet, burning clits just starting to emerge from protective sheaths, intense heat pulsating out of their cores.

Inge and Conchita paused when their yawning pussy maws were only inches apart. The furnace between their legs warmed their thighs, radiating on to their pubes. The women’s tits met nipple to nipple, sending a shuddering wave of electricity through both women, causing their powerful cunts to squirt, then start leaking prodigious amounts of liquid. The women gasped, then smiled savagely, reveling in the sexual charge quickly growing inside of their luscious bodies.  Inge slipped her bare sole away from Conchita’s foot and quickly scissored her foe, right leg over left. She leaned back, pulling her tits away from Conchita’s, but giving her better access to her enemy’s burning cunt. Conchita leaned back too, and the women faced each other with their hot cunts ready for battle, heavy tits engorged with pleasure and tension, arms slightly behind their backs, bracing them up. Each women wrapped her right leg over her opponents swelling left hip, prepared to hold each other in place.

Conchita pushed forward just slightly. Her pubic hair crunched to Inge’s. She pushed a bit further and, with a sharp gasp, her thick, smooth pussy lips touched Inge’s equally beautiful cunt. Inge shuddered with passion, her eyes half-closing as intense sensations pulsed through her luscious body. She pushed back, and their wet cunts stuck, heat building inexorably. Hot juices gushed from both women, soaking their vaginal lips.

For a moment, the women paused, basking in the feelings of lust coursing through their bodies, in the incredible heat pulsing through their gently kissing cunts. Then, they opened their eyes and smiled at each other, savage smiles of pure hate and incredible lust.

Inge drank in Conchita’s beautiful body with her eyes, the voluptuous hips, the hard, muscled abdomen, the massive, thrusting tits. She longed to feel this incredible body surrendering to her own, to feel the hot sex now pressed to her own being forced to submit to hers. Conchita glared back at her with equal hunger and desire.

“We don’t stop until this is decided,”Conchita murmured at her enemy. “We fuck until one of us wins.”

“Yes,” Inge agreed. “All night, as long as it takes…”

The jungle night closed in on them, the heat and humidity feeding their overwhelming need to fight and fuck. With a smile, the jungle goddesses thrust their wet, steaming cunts together, starting the fuckfight again, determined to keep battling each other until a clear winner could emerge. With a hot, wet sound their powerful cunts locked together, struggling to overpower and devour each other. The lust-enraged women shrieked with pleasure as their clits met and licked, as their pussies spread and sucked and sealed. Their hips worked hard, their asses rippled with tension, their gorgeous tits bounced exuberantly, as they sprayed hot sweat. The sweat rippled down their bellies to their cunts. The jungle women’s animal cries of lust and hate grew in volume and intensity as they rammed their womanhood together, each determined to master the other, both determined to fuck until the end. It was going to be a memorable night.

Part II

Dawn broke slowly over the hot jungle. The thick heat of the night gradually gave way to the humid haze that accompanied the rising sun. The night sounds were replaced with the bird cries and animal calls of the daytime. In the clearing by the stream, however, the battle between Inge and Conchita raged on.

Animal grunts and whimpers of erotic delight issued from the two jungle women as they continued their sexual struggle.  They were locked together, wet steaming cunt sucked to wet steaming cunt, thick pussy lips flattened into one hot seal, boiling vaginal juices flowing between their joined vulvas. Both women snarled and gasped with unabated hatred and desire. They were scissor-locked, lying on their sides facing the same direction. Each woman gripped the upper thigh of her enemy desperately, fingernails sinking into the firm flesh, holding her enemy’s smooth limb for leverage as she worked her ass and hips powerfully. Their taut, muscled bellies rippled with effort, each savage goddess trying to drive her burning cunt as deeply into the other beautiful woman as she could. They ground their pussies slow and hard into each other, pubic hair knotted and tangled, their engorged clits rubbing and sliding in a constant wet friction, sending shockwaves of pure pleasure blasting through the two combatants. They tossed their heads back, groaning with lust, their sweat-soaked hair falling away from their faces. They panted raggedly as they fucked mercilessly, their teeth clenched, their snarls of shared hatred gradually growing into moans and cries and gasps of desire.

The jungle women had fought for the whole night, sleeping only when one or the other had fucked her enemy into an exhausted submission. So far, this night had belonged to Conchita. Even Inge had to admit this. Conchita had forced the blonde jungle woman into multi-orgasmic defeat twice during the course of the night; Inge had managed to dominate her enemy’s sex only once. Still, winning or losing a few battles did not decide the war, so they kept fighting. Both felt energized by the continuous battle, the struggle feeding their almost insatiable sexual desire for each other. Their perfect bodies gleamed with sweat, their thighs glistened with the womanly secretions that had leaked from their sealed cunts, their equally matched tits jiggled deliciously as the women pumped their bodies together.

Inge gritted her teeth, determined not to be beaten again, determined to even up the score in the ongoing sexfight. But her entire body was trembling with erotic tension, her rock-hard clit, fencing in constant friction with Conchita’s equally powerful sex horn, felt like it was on fire and about to explode. Conchita’s cunt was working itself into hers with delicious intensity, their throbbing labia crushed into one juicy, sensitive mass. Conchita’s cunt was squeezing at Inge’s core, the Spanish woman’s pussy struggling to devour the blonde’s womanhood. Inge squeezed back with all her strength, and thrust powerfully, trying hard to keep Conchita’s cunt spread out against her own, determined to suck the other woman into her body, to force the black-haired bitch to surrender to her superior sex.

In her mind, Inge reveled in the joy of this all-out fuckfight. “This is so, so good,”she thought dimly, through the haze of overwhelming pleasure. She knew she could be only moments from losing another skirmish to Conchita. Even so, the sensations filling her, boiling from her clit to her tits, filling every muscle with sexual need, were indescribably wonderful. A smile of pure lust settled on her face as she threw her head back, closed her eyes, and became lost in feeling the wet heat between her legs, merging and melting into the furnace of Conchita’s pussy. The women’s ravenous cunts devoured each other. The women’s thick, engorged clits, rubbing hard, suddenly twisted together and fused into a single knot. Excruciating pleasure, even more intense than before, wracked both women’s voluptuous bodies. They screamed in unison, tears streaming down their faces. The undersides of Inge and Conchita’s round, beautiful asses rubbed together vigorously as the women bucked, the hard, curved muscle sliding on the hot sweat and pussy juices that had overflowed from lubricating their cunt to cunt battle. Both jungle goddesses trembled with tension, their cries and moans rising as they fucked each other to another explosive climax.

Inge could not take much more. “You cunt,” she sobbed at Conchita, “You fucking cunt…”

“Bitch,” Conchita gasped back, her eyes closed, her face a mask of agony as she struggled to control herself. “Dirty bitch…”

As they felt the end coming on, Inge and Conchita shifted onto their backs, their legs spread wide and scissored, their pussies sealed together. They braced their hands behind them for leverage, and began thrusting at each other harder and faster, their asses held in tension a few inches off the ground, the muscles of their torsos trembling and rippling with effort as each woman sought to fuck her foe into oblivion. The fuckfight raged on for a few more minutes, choked screams and cries of unbearable lust emanating from both jungle goddesses as the tension in their bodies built to impossible levels. Their fully aroused tits quivered enticingly, their hard nipples swollen to inch-long spikes.

Inge suddenly shrieked out. “Oh, Fuck, Oh,YES!!” Screaming with pleasure, she felt her entire body erupt in ecstasy, every muscle becoming as stiff as a board. Her powerful cunt convulsed and thick, hot juices jetted out from her core and into Conchita’s vaginal canal.

A moment later, Conchita joined Inge in a devastating orgasm, howling out her lust and pleasure into the morning sky. “Oh, God!,” she shrieked. “You fucking SLUT!!”

The women’s screams mixed, even as their bodies shared the multiple orgasms that now ripped through them. Both women gasped as their throbbing clits were bathed in the hot mixture of their combined cum, the sensation of their enemy’s liquid essence filling and merging with their own, joining their bodies completely. Inge and Conchita rejoiced in the feeling of mutual violation, each woman still struggling to dominate her rival at the most intimate level.

For the next several minutes, the two savage beauties writhed in ecstasy on the soft ground, grinding their ripe, wet bodies into each other with all of their strength, beautiful limbs thrashing and tits bouncing furiously, boiling hot cum squeezing out from their locked pussies, soaking the thick mats of their pussy fur and the soft flesh of their inner thighs before trickling down to moisten the ground on which they battled. The women slapped their naked asses into the sandy earth as they humped rhythmically, riding each other relentlessly, each trying to force every orgasm that she could out of her enemy. They screamed in concert, their howls of joy slowly turning into gasps of exhausted passion. The orgasmic waves of pleasure slowly receded, leaving Conchita and Inge panting and spent.

For some time, the women lay on the ground, flat on their backs, the morning sun glinting off their gleaming, perfect forms. Their tits heaved as they fought to recover their breath. The new light brought out the many scratches and bite marks that they had managed to inflict on each other during the course of an entire night of hard, driving sex.

Their pussies remained welded together, pussy lips joined in a hot, wet kiss, until Inge finally groaned and tore herself away from Conchita’s heated body. Inge pulled herself to her feet and, without looking back, staggered down to the stream. Her legs felt weak and her beautiful cunt was pleasantly sore. Her powerful tits ached with the aftermath of the constant pressure and arousal they had been subjected to during the course of the night.

Inge splashed water on her face and breasts, and then waded into the stream and submerged herself, washing away the dirt, sweat and womanly secretions that marked the past night’s battle. She appreciated the soothing coolness of the water on her hot, battered flesh. The night’s battle had been fantastic, as always, but Inge was angry that she had not acquitted herself better. Still, there would be many other opportunities to humble Conchita in the weeks ahead. Inge broke the surface of the water and stood up.

Conchita was standing on the bank of the creek, watching the blonde. The women locked eyes, then Conchita waded into the water several feet away from Inge and immersed herself, bathing in the cool flow, enjoying the temporary respite from the jungle heat. As Conchita bathed, Inge pulled herself out of the water and walked, steadily now, into the clearing. She carefully reached behind her head and squeezed the water out of her golden locks. Her magnificent tits rose majestically on her chest, their firm weight rocking gently as she moved. She found a spot where the sun threaded through the canopy of the treetops and lay down, stretching out on the soft ground to dry her golden body in the light.

Conchita emerged from the stream like Venus, water running down her glistening curves, her beautiful, cruel face framed by the sharp outline of her wet, black hair flattened to her head. Her voluptuous mocha body gleamed in the sun. Moisture dripped from her swollen nipples down to the ground. She approached Inge languorously, her heavy tits bobbing as she walked. She squeezed out her hair and favoured Inge with a mocking smile, her bright white teeth flashing between her ruby lips. “How does it feel to have your brains fucked out by a better woman, you cunt?” she asked, her eyes shining with venom and triumph. She was enormously pleased with herself. It had been a long time since she had dominated Inge in a sexfight.

“I don’t know, I’ve never met a better woman. But why don’t you tell me how it feels?,” Inge responded. “I’ll still break your arrogant twat, you cunt. We were barely getting started. We’ll continue this fuckfight tonight, then we’ll see who lasts. But, for now, we need to get moving.”

Conchita stood with her hands on her hourglass hips, her muscled legs slightly spread, as she looked down at Inge. Inge found herself staring at Conchita’s beautiful pussy, the vaginal lips wet and thick, nestled deep inside the dense, dark fur of her cunt. Inge licked her lips hungrily, remembering how that pussy tasted.

“I’m not going anywhere, bitch,” Conchita said. “Not until I know what you want and where you want me to go.”

Inge propped herself up on her elbows, her majestic tits falling a little lower on her chest as she bent up. “Fair enough,” she said. She paused, then sat up and, curling one leg under her, began to explain.

“About three weeks ago, some kind of animal appeared in the jungle. I have not seen it, but I’ve seen what it can do. It’s very big, it’s very powerful and it is quickly driving all the other animal and human life out of a large part of the forest. The native people who have seen it have told me it is some kind of walking crocodile, but much bigger. It’s doing terrible damage, killing everything that crosses its path. I need your help to destroy it and to find out where it came from and stop anything else like it from coming into the forest.”

Conchita found herself becoming excited. Her old instincts as a matador were instantly awakened by the prospect of fighting and killing a dangerous animal. Her newer instincts as a jungle predator, as a woman who felt that the forest was rightfully her domain, were also sparked by Inge’s information. She could not tolerate the idea of some creature threatening what was hers. Even so, she realized that she had Inge in a vulnerable position and she was determined to get something more out of this situation.

“So,” she purred, with a crooked grin, “you need my help or else your precious jungle is destroyed. Interesting.” She smiled. “I will help you, but only on one condition: after we have killed this beast, you free me from my vow to leave the jungle untouched.”

Inge rose to her feet and placed her hands on her hips, mirroring Conchita. Her legs spread slightly, her pussy warmed with sexual heat. “God,” she thought, “I hate this whore.” But she also wanted to fuck Conchita until the slut passed out; she longed to rub every inch of her flesh to Conchita’s, to force the bitch to submit to her body and her will. She loved the fact that she and Conchita were so well-matched. It meant that every encounter they had was a risk, and the thrill of danger would make the pleasure of her final victory over the Spanish vixen so much sweeter.

“I agree to your terms,” Inge replied, her voice a low growl. “But I have a condition of my own. If you win, nothing prevents me from challenging you again at any time.”

Conchita smiled wider, then stepped forward. Inge moved to meet her. The women’s twinned nipples touched, and throbbed with heat and electricity. The thick brown nubs met, momentarily held, and then pushed each other back, with an explosion of sensation, into the women’s dense, sensitive titflesh. Inge gasped at the contact, involuntarily closing her eyes, her lips parting in a groan of pleasure. The heat between her legs exploded and her loins tightened in lust. Conchita gasped too, then began panting with heat. The women forced their eyes open and glared hatefully into each other. They pushed closer, until they were nose to nose and lip to lip; their tits throbbed with the building pressure. Inge and Conchita both reached up and grabbed the back of the other’s wet head, pushing their faces even nearer, crushing their dense tits even harder.

“I’ll always meet you anytime, Inge,” Conchita murmured at her enemy. Her cunt was burning with need. Inge’s tongue slipped between Conchita’s lips. Conchita captured the invader with her teeth, sucking on the sweet muscle, then opened her mouth. The women’s lips and tongues fluttered against each other for a moment, before both pulled the other’s head forward and they locked up in a deep, probing kiss, tongues twisting and struggling within their sealed mouths, hot saliva mixing with their passion. Inge found herself thrusting at Conchita, pressing forward with her pelvis, the lust coiled in her stomach moving hard and fast into her suddenly aching cunt. Conchita pushed back. Hard bellies slapped and rubbed, dense thatches of cunt fur caught and tangled, and soon thick, juicy pussy lips, engorged with blood, began to touch and tantalize. Inge’s hands wandered down Conchita’s muscled back and seized the dark-haired woman’s round ass. Conchita returned the grip, sinking her claws into Inge’s flexing ass, and opened her legs a little more. Inge responded and, with snarls of desire, the women pushed together. Their naked pussies kissed, slick flesh mating and burning, vaginal juices starting to lubricate their aching cunts. Powerful clits slowly began to harden as the women’s arousal built. As she coiled her legs with Conchita’s powerful limbs, as vaginal juice began to trickle down the women’s thighs and their nipples hardened into spikes, Inge decided that their departure could afford to be delayed for a little while longer.

It was almost another two hours before the women began their trek into the jungle. After their sex battle, they had needed time to recover. Conchita had also wanted to return to her mansion and bring back a powerful rifle to use against the beast they were planning to hunt, but Inge refused to allow guns into the forest. After some argument, Conchita acceded. She had to admit that even she found the idea of using European weaponry in the jungle rather distasteful. She was not sure why.

The women started off running at a good pace. It was still early, but Inge was concerned that they make up some of the time they had lost. She was feeling good and strong; in their last battle, she had succeeded in forcing Conchita to submit. It still did not even out the night, but it had been enough to aggravate Conchita and deflate some of the Spanish beauty’s arrogance.

The women, now dressed in their respective leopard and panther-skin bikinis and armed with their spears (and, in Conchita’s case, her knife), moved easily under the canopy of the trees. Inge led the way, running just fast enough, she hoped, to make Conchita uncomfortable. Conchita kept up easily. She loved the feeling of her body’s power, the flow of her muscles and the healthy feel of her own heavy tits bouncing as she ran, their weight straining her tiny halter. As they raced through the jungle, Conchita admired Inge’s voluptuous body, the blonde beauty’s round, taut ass rippling with power, the muscled ridges of her long, perfectly-proportioned legs, her sculpted back, her flowing hair. Conchita enjoyed her sense of arousal as she followed Inge. She savored the building anticipation, the animal lust that she hoped would give her an advantage later when they stopped for the night and resumed the sexual combat that they had started hours ago.

For more than four hours, they ran across the jungle floor, their bare feet bouncing easily off of the soft loam. They stopped occasionally to drink from springs and streams and, three times, had to swim across creeks or rivers. Eventually, they stopped and raided trees for fruit, and broke open coconuts for the meat and milk.

“We will travel eight, maybe nine days into the deep jungle,” Inge had told Conchita when they started out. “After we travel a few days, I may be able to get us some animals to ride – that will help us to conserve our strength and also get us where we’re going a bit faster.”

“Where are we going?” Conchita asked.

“To the village of the Fall People,” came the reply. “They are the humans most affected by this monster and they can also give us more information on it, like where it is most likely to appear and the extent of its range. They may also have an idea of where it came from.”

Conchita had heard of these Fall People, but never seen one before. She wondered how they would greet her and what they would make of her. She was growing more and more excited by the prospects of the adventure before her.

A little past midday, Inge and Conchita came to a stop on the banks of a great river. At this point, the water was not too wide, but it had carved out a deep gorge. The women had stopped on a high cliff, looking down on churning rapids. With Conchita watching, Inge found a thick rope vine that was attached on the other side of the crevasse. The blonde goddess swung across the gorge in a gentle arc, lighting gracefully in a tree on the other side. She then released the rope and pushed it hard, sending it back across the canyon. Conchita caught the vine and followed Inge across the gorge.

On the other side, the women ran along the jungle floor for a while longer, then they climbed up one of the great gum trees and began to travel through the tree tops. Here, the jungle was dense enough and the tree limbs interlaced so closely that, to the surefooted jungle women, running on the branches was faster than racing on the jungle floor. They occasionally swung from tree to tree.

The women traveled for the rest of the day, only stopping occasionally to rest and drink and eat. The farther they ran, the more ancient grew the trees and the darker the forest. Conchita enjoyed the sense of mystery and adventure. On her own, she had explored the jungle far better than almost any other European. But she knew that Inge knew things and had seen parts of the jungle and its depths that she never had and now, for the first time, Conchita felt as though she was about to let in on some of the secrets of the forest.

Towards sundown, they finally stopped to rest by an ancient rubber tree. Inge pointed up towards the top of the jungle giant.

“About 20 meters up, we will find the bowl of the tree,” she explained. “It will be comfortable there, and safe. We will even be able to start a fire.”

Saying this, she started climbing, her nimble fingers and toes easily finding the ridges needed to scale the ancient vegetation. Conchita was right behind her, and the women soon found themselves on a natural platform, almost 9 meters in diameter. They were secreted high above the jungle floor and well-shaded and protected. Conchita saw signs of earlier fires and realized that Inge must have used this tree as a resting point in the past.

“How do we start a fire without burning this down?,” the dark-haired beauty asked.

“We will build a ridge of moist moss around it and put down some stone as the base for the fire,”Inge explained. “The bowl is damp and doesn’t easily burn anyway, and there are several places where water has been caught by recesses in the tree. We will be fine.”

Inge went to gather the materials for the fire. It was left to Conchita to find meat for the evening meal. She put her tracking skills to use and soon managed to catch a rabbit, which she skinned by a small creek, before returning to the campsite. By this time, the sky had darkened to dusk and was quickly falling to night. As she approached the ancient tree, Conchita looked up and saw the gentle light of the fire playing on the upper branches. The moon, which had been visible in the sky for some time, began to glow brightly, casting a silver sheen over the forest.

Conchita smiled. She was looking forward to the meal. More than anything, she was looking forward to what would follow the meal. Her sexual passion had built up enormously during the course of the day. Now, she was filled with an unquenchable need to conquer Inge’s golden body, to feel that hard muscle wrapped and straining against her own, to feel that delicious cunt exploding into her core. She licked her bright red lips in anticipation of the night’s battle.

Inge felt the same way about Conchita. This was the first time the women had spent so much time together without immediately falling into physical and then sexual combat. She was brimming over with lust and could not wait to slake her appetites on Conchita’s incredible body.

The women cooked the rabbit and ate. They drank from coconut shells filled with clean water that Inge had brought back from the nearby river. After the meal, they washed up in one of the small pools dotting the bowl of the tree. Then, they prepared for the night.

It was still early and there were still many hours of nighttime left before they would need to begin the next day’s journey.

Inge and Conchita locked eyes. The women were sitting across from each other, their bodies illuminated and shadowed by the gentle light of the fire. Inge smiled, then rose slowly, seductively to her feet. Without a word, she untied the halter binding her breasts and let the scrap of fur drop. Her magnificent tits bounced free, and glowed in the light of the fire. Conchita returned the smile, and rose to her feet to confront her savage nemesis. She fingered her tightly crusted, swollen nipples under her panther-fur halter, flicking her hard nubs and sending a thrill of pleasure coursing through her tits. Then, she untied her halter and let her luscious tits fall free. 

With a look of raw hunger and a sexy wiggle of her womanly ass, Conchita slipped her loincloth down her jutting hips, letting the fur drop to her feet. Inge followed suit. The two savage goddesses stood, naked in the glow of the flames, confronting each other. Their eyes ate up the other, tracing the supple muscles and tantalizing curves of the other. The firelight illuminated their beautiful pussies, which glistened with moisture. The women licked their lips, their bodies aching in growing anticipation of the battle to come.

Inge walked forward, her hips swaying wantonly, her breasts rocking gently. Conchita moved to meet her. The women extended their arms and locked hand to hand, fingers interlaced. They pushed hard, but held each other at bay, at least for the moment.

“You were lucky last night, Conchita,” Inge murmured. “You had a good night. But my pussy will always be stronger than yours, my body is better. I’m just more of a woman. And I’m going to make you admit that before this little journey is over.”

Conchita smiled. She slowly pulled Inge’s arms apart , then leaned forward until their burning nipples touched, just slightly. Both women gasped and gritted their teeth on the initial contact, then smiled at each other viciously, lust gleaming in their eyes, their breath starting to come in pants of arousal.

“You bitch,” Conchita breathed. “I’m going to split you apart and ride your cunt until your clit gives out. I’m going to fuck you blind.”

“We’ll see who rides who,” Inge replied, with a lust-sick smile. She leaned forward so that she and Conchita were nose to nose, their tits throbbing into each other. They glared hatefully into each other’s eyes. “Clit to clit and tit to tit, all night, you whore,” Inge snarled. “You’re going to be my fuck bitch.”

Conchita did not bother to reply. Instead, she freed her hands from Inge’s grip and sank her claws into her blonde enemy’s thick hair. Inge instantly reciprocated. Both women yanked viciously on the other’s beautiful mane. At the same time, they pushed forward, their powerful legs driving their bodies, crushing their swollen tits together as tightly as they could, hard nipples penetrating and mating. They snarled and gasped in each other’s face, hot breath panting out and mixing as they fought.

“You dirty cunt…,” Conchita gasped, hatred and lust thickening her voice.

“Fucking cow…,” Inge moaned back, grinding her golden tits into Conchita’s equally massive brown orbs, working her back and shoulders. Conchita ground back, working her tits in the opposite direction. The friction was unbearably good. Their rock hard nipples rolled and rubbed, their rough, sensitive areola grated. Intense sensations pulsated through their swollen mammaries, thickening the sensitive flesh with the heat of their mutual lust. Their nipples finally caught and, pressing head to head, pushed back into their dense tits.

 Pulling at each other’s hair, letting their burning tits take the full pressure of their voluptuous bodies, Inge and Conchita slowly wrestled each other to the tree floor. They fell to their knees, their open cunts dripping hot liquids as their mutual arousal built. Each woman tried to gain the leverage to throw the other jungle goddess down and for long minutes they strained against each other, trying to overpower each other, groaning and gasping with effort and arousal. Inge, with a burst of strength, finally succeeded in throwing Conchita off balance. They fell to the tree floor, Inge on top, their naked bodies crushing tightly, their muscled legs thrashing and twining, their rock-hard bellies plastering hotly together. The women freed each other’s hair and wrapped powerful arms around each other’s back, squeezing tight, trying to crush the breath out of the other, trying to flatten the other’s tits with her own. They thrashed and rolled back and forth, slowly and painfully, each struggling to take control, groaning and crying out with lust and anguish as they fought. They rubbed pussies, cunt hair tangling, as they rolled back and forth, each trying to gain and hold the dominant position.

Finally, Inge managed to force herself on top of her writhing foe and hold Conchita in place. Gasping, panting, cheek to cheek and crushing each other hard, beautiful legs locked and straining, Inge turned her face to Conchita. Nose to nose, they confronted each other, sharing looks of pure hatred and blinding lust. Every inch of their beautiful bodies was burning with desire, and they needed to fuck until one of them could not go on.

Conchita untangled her legs from Inge’s and quickly wrapped her thighs around Inge’s hips. Inge began grinding her burning cunt down into Conchita’s waiting pussy. Conchita bucked and thrust up to meet her, arching her back, allowing Inge easier access to her black-furred cunt. Their hot, wet pussies slapped together, their hips and asses began moving in rhythm as they started to fuck. Moaning, gasping, cursing each other, the two sex goddesses rejoined their battle.

Many hours later, Conchita awoke. The dawn was just starting to lighten the sky. She was momentarily dazed, her body filled with a sense of unresolved sexual tension. She took a moment to orient herself and realized that she was lying with her head on Inge’s wet inner thigh. Her face was staring directly into Inge’s beautiful blonde cunt. Indeed, the sensual scent of the pussy open before her was intoxicating. Inge’s other leg was draped over Conchita’s shoulder. Conchita realized that she was in a similar position and that Inge was using the Spanish beauty’s inner thigh as a pillow. Conchita had a recollection, now, of Inge and her engaged in a vicious and ecstatic 69 fight, one that had them rolling around the bowl of the tree feasting on each other, screaming and moaning with joy until, finally, they exploded into each other’s face. They had sucked clit and tongued each other’s depths passionately, they had clawed and bit and devoured one another, pulling orgasms out of each other until they had finally passed out in an orgiastic frenzy.

Conchita smiled. Inge was still asleep. Conchita carefully wrapped her arms around Inge’s hips and spread her hands on the blonde goddess’s golden ass. With a sigh, she leaned her head forward and ran her tongue along Inge’s pussy lips, then along the soft labia. She pushed her face forward and buried her nose in Inge’s fragrant cunt, inhaling the pungent, intoxicating sex, even as she gently rolled Inge over onto her back, and pushed the blonde woman’s thighs even further apart. Now, with her enemy’s cunt spread before her, Conchita blissfully attacked Inge’s core, sending her tongue into the golden goddess’ depths. She ran her tongue along the labia, then up to Inge’s tumescent clit, which was now showing signs of stirring back to life. Conchita wrapped the rapidly swelling clit in her soft lips and sucked – gently at first, then with greater intensity. Inge’s clit ballooned, and Conchita ran her teeth along the edge of the swelling sex horn and nibbled at the contours of Inge’s labia. Inge’s pussy began to lubricate, clear vaginal juice beginning to flow. Even as she launched her attack, Conchita waited with growing delight for the signs of Inge’s awakening and arousal. She did not have to wait long. Inge’s deep, unconscious sighs of delight soon turned to moans and then gasps as she came back to life to find her cunt under sensual assault. Conchita felt Inge’s hands slide up the smooth muscle of her back to her head, and momentarily bury themselves in Conchita’s thick, black mane, pulling at the Spanish woman’s head, trying to relieve Conchita’s pussyeating attack. Conchita resisted. Then, with a cry, Inge’s hands moved down Conchita’s back, her arms wrapped around Conchita’s hips, and her hands gripped the dark beauty’s hard, round ass. Conchita’s legs were spread wide, her cunt open and inviting, poised over Inge’s face. Fragrant juices dripped from Conchita’s pussy onto Inge’s chin and lips and her swollen clit presented itself as a willing target.

With an animal groan of delight, Inge raised her head and plunged her teeth and tongue into Conchita’s open pussy. Conchita, her face buried in Inge’s core, moaned with lust and joy as she felt her hated foe’s skilful tongue enter her hole and seek out her throbbing clit. Now the battle could be joined again, the race to an orgasmic finish could begin. Conchita had a considerable head-start in this particular battle, however, and she aimed to use this to her full advantage.

The women devoured each other passionately, their expert teeth, lips and tongues teasing growing ecstasy out of the other. Their fingers were soon probing each other’s asses, then seeking out the pleasure spots inside the other’s vagina. They were soon sobbing and gasping with pleasure, their bodies burning with incredible, pulsating lust.  Inge attacked Conchita with all of her strength, her tongue working her enemy’s labia, her lips and teeth sucking unmercifully at Conchita’s engorged clit. Her face was soaked with Conchita’s pussy juice. Still, the pressure and pleasure burning out of the blonde’s cunt was simply too much. Conchita had too much of an advantage and soon Inge was teetering on the edge of an enormous orgasm.

“Fuck…,” Inge moaned, momentarily releasing Conchita’s pussy. “Oh, fuck…No! NO!!” Desperately, she buried her face in her enemy’s cunt, licking and sucking frantically. But it was too late. Screaming into Conchita’s pussy, she finally let go and surrendered to the sensations blasting through her body.

Conchita continued her vicious assault on the blonde beauty’s clit. Caught in the throes of ecstasy, Inge had to release Conchita’s cunt and, instead, could only thrash her head from side to side, and buck and grind her pussy into Conchita’s face, as she suffered through one orgasmic explosion after another. Conchita was practically growling with pleasure and arousal, her need to dominate her enemy urging her on in her attack. She rubbed her face in Inge’s essence and continued sucking and licking at the blonde’s burning clit. Inge’s convulsing cunt pumped hot liquids, soaking Conchita’s beautiful face in the blonde’s juices.

Conchita paused in her attack, panting with lust. Pulling her face and body off of the gasping Inge, she turned herself around and looked down at the blonde woman, hungrily admiring the incredible body spread out before her. Inge continued to writhe in unresolved sexual tension. Her legs were spread wide, her clit was proudly erect, her open cunt leaked prodigious amounts of vaginal juice. Her massive tits shook in passion as she ground her ass into the hard surface, still desperate for release. She looked up at Conchita and, groaning with lust, bit her lip to keep herself from begging to be violated by this Spanish bitch.

“Fucking cunt…,” Inge gasped. “You filthy slut…”

Conchita lashed out, slapping Inge’s tits and eliciting a gasp of pain from the blonde beauty. Conchita struck again, slapping Inge sharply on the face. Inge was too wracked with multiorgasmic spasms to strike back.

“Cunt,” Conchita gasped. “I’ll make you beg me…”

Conchita reached down and slipped her fingers into Inge’s hot, wet cunt, then used her thumb to rub Inge’s bursting clit. Inge gasped with the violation, then moaned again and  went stiff, arching her back as another orgasm rippled out of her core and radiated through every muscle in her body.

“God, oh GOD!!,” she screamed, sobbing with joy.

With a snarl of desire, the tension in her cunt unbearable, Conchita grabbed Inge’s right leg, lifted it straight up and propped the leg on her left shoulder. Inge was still caught in in the throes of her orgasm, but Conchita could not wait. Scissoring Inge, she lowered her sopping wet pussy down onto Inge’s hot, wet hole. With a cry, Conchita jerked her hips; with a few hard thrusts, the women’s cunts crushed together in a wet suction. Their burning, swollen clits licked hard.

Conchita and Inge screamed in concert and Conchita placed her hands on Inge’s rocking tits and squeezed ferociously. As she worked her hips and ass, driving her clit hard and strong against Inge’s equally powerful sex horn, she kneaded Inge’s firm tits, twisting the nipples, sinking her fingers into the spongy flesh, massaging. She fucked her foe furiously. She was determined to ride Inge until the blonde goddess broke. Conchita threw her head back and moaned with need. Inge bucked back, shrieking with pleasure, ramming her throbbing clit into its counterpart on Conchita’s body, giving as good as she was getting, her hands reaching out blindly until they found Conchita’s bouncing tits and sank into the dense, yielding flesh. Their cunts joined in a seal of wet, juicy pussy lips and grinding clits.

Conchita and Inge rammed their clits together, each hoping to force the other into an orgasmic defeat. They whooped in pleasure as their two swollen sex horns smashed, held, then slowly crushed each other back with a building explosion of pure ecstasy. Orgasms ripped through both women, and they continued to drive into each other even as they shrieked out their pleasure. Hot cum flowed between them, sealing the wet suction between their pussies even more tightly. The battling jungle women shuddered with ecstasy as their bodies fought to the end, still trying to defeat and consume each other’s hot sex.

Finally, momentarily spent, Conchita looked down at the beautiful jungle woman scissor-locked beneath her, still joined to her cunt to cunt. In the early morning light, Inge’s magnificent body practically glowed with sexual power and sweet sweat and Conchita felt her loins –even after the devastating orgasms of the past few minutes – stir with need. With a groan and a sigh, Conchita pushed Inge’s leg off of her shoulder, then dropped forward onto Inge’s body. Both women cried out in pain and pleasure as their massive tits crushed, as their bare bellies slapped and stuck. Conchita pressed cheek to cheek with Inge and they panted in unison. Their hard clits continued to throb into each other within their locked pussies. Inge’s arms snaked around Conchita’s body, one hand resting on the crack of the woman’s curving ass, the other moving up between Conchita’s shoulders. Inge tangled her powerful legs with Conchita’s limbs and pressed the sole of her bare foot against Conchita’s. Conchita pushed back and tightened her legs, straining muscle to muscle with her blonde enemy. 

Almost unconsciously, the two beauties began moving their hips just enough to rub their still-hard clits, sending deep electric shocks of pleasure radiating through their bodies, letting the sexual tension grow slowly. Inge began to move her torso just slightly, rubbing her tits around and around their counterparts on Conchita’s chest. Conchita began rubbing back, even as she continued slowly working her clit in tight circles around Inge’s sex.  The women remained lying cheek to cheek, their moans and gasps gently increasing in intensity as they fucked, their bodies writhing slowly in each other’s arms. Their hands moved restlessly over the other’s naked flesh, stroking and squeezing, probing and scratching. After some time, their groans and sobs of pleasure began to turn to gasps of preorgasmic tension.

“I hate you,” Conchita moaned, “I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk…”

Inge snarled back in reply, her full attention focused on resisting the enormous orgasm burning in her loins.

 Inge and Conchita seized the other’s ass and squeezed hard. The women groaned in pleasure and their bodies stiffened in ecstasy, muscles straining, as they stimulated each other to a long, languid mutual orgasm. The orgasm slowly built and built, gradually filling them with such intense sensations that, finally, groaning with need, muscles trembling with tension, they passed out, their perfect bodies merged into one.

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For the next two days, Inge and Conchita continued this pattern. They traveled deep into the jungle during the day, running across the treetops when they could, swinging from branch to branch when they needed to, building up a charge of mutual lust and hatred that could only be satisfied by vicious fuckfights come the night. For both women, their nighttime battles were a continuation of the struggle that they had started days before. They felt as though they were caught together in an epic sexfight that would have to play itself out over the entire length of their journey. For now, they found their mutual lust and hatred growing every day, feeding their need to lock together and fight every night. They would fuck savagely, their pent-up lust and frustration culminating in unbelievable pleasure.

On the morning of the fourth day, Conchita and Inge climbed down from the tree in which they had spent the night. They had made their bed in a deep indentation on the giant branch of an ancient rubber tree, sleeping on cushion of leaves. The indentation had been the perfect size for two bodies, but Inge and Conchita had spent most of the night on top of each other, in one position or the other, fucking furiously. Come the morning, it had taken longer than usual to leave the tree and begin the day’s journey. Both women had been struck with the overwhelming need to humiliate the other, and they had spent several ecstatic hours fucking each other senseless in an effort to establish dominance. In the end, Inge had, just barely, emerged triumphant. Conchita was enraged by this turn of events, but she was prepared to wait until that evening to seek her revenge.

As she stepped on to the ground, Conchita heard a low growl. Instantly, her senses were alive and she spun around, drawing her knife and pulling the spear off of her back, ready to confront whatever animal might be stalking them. Inge was already on the ground and, to Conchita’s surprise, had not readied her spear. Instead, she was standing stock still, looking into the forest in the direction of the sound. “What are you waiting for, bitch?” Conchita hissed at her nemesis. “Get your weapon ready! It sounds like some kind of cat.”

“It is,” Inge said carefully. “But it may not be dangerous to us. Wait for a moment.”

The women stood side-by-side, waiting for the source of the growl to appear. After a moment, Conchita turned so that she was back to back with Inge, to protect their blind spot. She pushed her solid ass into Inge’s buttocks; the blonde pushed back and, for a moment, the two women were distracted from the possible danger by their sexual rivalry as they matched ass to ass. Suddenly, the jungle foliage parted and a leopard stepped into the clearing under the giant tree. Conchita started, and tightened her grip on her knife. This was not just any leopard. It was easily three to four times the size of any cat she had seen before. It was bigger than any lion or tiger and looked to stand almost five feet at the shoulder. Surprisingly, Inge relaxed as this incredible giant slipped into view.  She murmured to the giant cat in a language that Conchita did not recognize, but it caused the cat to start purring like an oversized housecat. The giant predator drew close and Inge reached out and gently scratched its head and behind its ears. The leopard purred happily, then rubbed its jowls against the jungle woman’s hand.

“It’s alright, his name is Jenard. He is the companion of an acquaintance of mine. My friend agreed to have Jenard meet us here. As you can see, he is very big. And he has not come alone. His brother is somewhere in the forest. When he comes, you and I can ride each of them. They will get us to the village much faster. We will save at least two days.”

Part of Conchita did not like the idea of riding a great cat like a horse, particularly one this freakishly large. She was well-aware that the last time she had encountered a cat like this, she had killed it and was now wearing part of its skin as her bikini. However, Inge was also wearing the skin of a leopard, and this did not seem to matter. Conchita was intrigued by the animal and by the question of who controlled it.

“How did it get so large?” she asked. “This creature is, by far, the biggest jungle cat I’ve ever seen – far bigger than a leopard should be.”

“He’s been well-fed.” Inge replied. Then, “Here is his brother. His name is Jengar. He will let you ride on his back.”

A giant black panther, every bit as large as the first cat, had materialized out of the forest. He walked up to Conchita and sniffed her expectantly, his massive head dipping down to nuzzle between her massive breasts. Conchita struggled to control her apprehension. She stroked the creature, which purred in response. Inge watched for a moment, then nodded approvingly. Then, without any further ado, she reached over the shoulder of the great leopard and pulled herself onto its broad back. She nodded at Conchita. “You do the same. He won’t harm you.”

Conchita disliked the fact that Inge now had an advantage over her in the blonde’s ease with these jungle animals and her knowledge of their origins. Still, Conchita reminded herself, finding out about the secrets and mysteries of this enormous rainforest was one of the reasons that she was here. She swallowed her nervousness and smoothly hoisted herself onto the back of the great panther. The animal’s muscled back fit neatly between her powerful thighs. She leaned forward, pressing her bare stomach onto its warm fur and crushing her overflowing breasts into its shoulder blades. As the cat began to move, Conchita began to enjoy the erotic pleasure of feeling the powerful muscles move between her thighs, rubbing her crotch, and the gentle friction of the panther’s warm fur on her bare skin.

Inge said something to the cats in the same native language she had used before. The jungle giants began to move quickly into the foliage, picking up speed as they went along. They ran at what, for them, was a fast trot, but they still traveled much more quickly than Inge and Conchita could on foot.

Conchita settled in, holding on to the cat’s thick fur, moving her body with its movements, enjoying the erotic sensations and the feeling of speed, tightening her thighs around the cat’s body. She knew that by the time they stopped that night, she would be so sexually stimulated that her body would be bursting with desire. Inge would be in the same situation. She smiled. She was sure that the next few nights would be very memorable indeed.

Part III

At midday on the seventh day of their journey, Inge and Conchita finally arrived in the village of the Fall People. The village was a conglomeration of almost a hundred good-sized mud and thatch huts, protected by a high wall made of ancient, giant logs. Conchita was impressed. The village was obviously long-established and well-protected – but then, she thought, it would need to be, given the dangers of the natural environment surrounding it.

The women rode up to the gate of the village on the backs of the great cats. A guard on the wall instantly raised the call and soon dozens of people were peering over the wall down onto the sight of two beautiful jungle goddesses riding on the backs of two giant jungle predators.

Inge waved at the people, then climbed off of the great leopard. She murmured something in its ear, and the animal chuffed loudly and rubbed its jaw into the blonde’s beautiful bronzed chest, before turning and loping into the jungle. Conchita dismounted from the great black panther that had been her steed. After a few days of riding on its broad back, she felt entirely comfortable with the beast. As she looked into its calm eyes, she felt a deeper sense of connection. Before she had a chance to explore this further, the cat turned and raced into the jungle after its brother.

Conchita joined Inge standing before the gate of the village. They had talked about how to approach the villagers and Inge had told Conchita to follow her lead. “The people see me as a guardian, a kind of protector of the forest. I have told them that you are another guardian, like me. You will have to act the part. I know the language, so I will speak for both of us.”

Conchita disliked having to put so much trust in Inge, but she knew that Inge had no reason to lie or to undermine her own standing with the Fall People. Soon the gate opened and an old man came out. He was accompanied by an equally old woman, and Conchita soon understood that this couple was the village elders. A retinue of young warriors, men and women, came with them, and Conchita found herself drawn to the dark skin and rippling muscles of these people. They were an impressive lot, and Conchita wondered why they needed to rely on Inge to destroy the mysterious beast for them. Surely a hunting party consisting of these warriors could take down any rampaging animal more surely than two, albeit very powerful, women? She decided that she would leave these questions for later. For now, she concentrated on acting the part of a jungle goddess.

The elders approached Inge, who kneeled to them, taking the hand of each. Conchita followed her lead, dropping to one knee to show respect. The old couple waved them to their feet. The old man took Inge’s arm, the old women rested her hand on Conchita’s shoulder, and together they led the jungle women through the village gate, the whole party surrounded by the escort guard.

The old couple brought Inge and Conchita to a large hut in the center of the village. They entered a room that was, in its limited way, well-appointed. Ornate carvings decorated the walls and oil lamps brightly illuminated the meeting place. Animal furs covered the floor. The old man and woman – Conchita learned that their titles were Edorem and Edoro, respectively – sat on small, drum-shaped stools in front of a large wooden board that was resting on the ground. Inge kneeled down on the other side of the board, folding her legs under her body and resting her knees on a cushion of soft fur. Conchita sat beside her, mirroring the blonde’s position.

The two beautiful women looked down at the parchments and drawings littering the board. These were maps and drawings, papers indicating the location of the village in the jungle and, Conchita soon discovered, the places where the jungle monster had appeared. She was particularly interested in a drawing someone had made of the beast. The creature possessed a fearsome crocodile head, two long arms, and a sail on its back. The artist had drawn a human beside the beast to give a sense of scale. If the drawing was correct, the monster stood almost 6 meters tall. Conchita felt a thrill of excitement and a little fear course through her. It had been quite some time since she had faced a fearsome beast in mortal combat and this creature looked like it would be a challenge far greater than anything she had encountered before.

While Conchita examined the drawings and maps, Inge continued her conversation with their elderly hosts. Soon, she stood up, motioning for Conchita to do the same. The women bowed to the elders. Two young guides moved forward and Inge and Conchita followed the men out the door and into the compound.

“So, what was that all about?” Conchita asked, all the while admiring the muscled back of her escort.

“Tomorrow morning we will leave to begin our hunt for this beast,” Inge replied. “It is very large, as you saw, and extremely ferocious. It will take a great deal of cunning and cooperation to kill it, but I think that we will manage.”

“Why are the two of us doing this?” asked the black-haired countess. “This village has a lot of warriors. Why don’t they put together a hunting party and kill the beast themselves? If you and I can do it, surely a much larger group of them could manage the same thing more easily.”

“I promised them I would kill the monster for them. It is my responsibility. A party of two skilled hunters will get much closer and present much less of a target for this animal.” Inge motioned to a hut they were approaching. “This is your guesthouse. I will be in the one right beside it. For now, I need to go make some preparations for tomorrow.”

Conchita had more questions, but Inge walked away, talking to her guide in the local language. Conchita was deeply annoyed and frustrated. She felt the she was being led about like a child and her raw anger towards Inge increased. She did not trust the blonde bitch. There were too many unanswered questions here. She took some solace in the idea that she would force Inge to pay for her insolence by finding some new way of sexually humiliating the blonde jungle woman at the first opportunity.

Conchita was shown to the guest hut. She entered and found a well-appointed room and a young native girl waiting to serve her. The interior of the hut was decorated with skins, carvings, a few stools and low tables, and a comfortable looking hammock.  Openings along the roof, sealable by animal pelts, allowed the sun in to illuminate the inside of the hut. The floor was covered with thick fur rugs. Conchita’s attention was instantly drawn to something she had not expected. In the center of the room was a large wooden tub, carved from the trunk of some sizable softwood tree. The tub was filled with steaming hot water and was, evidently, a bath for the village’s revered guest.

Conchita smiled as she moved towards the tub. She had not expected this kind of luxury. The young girl watched her reverentially, the child’s expression one of awe and excitement. Conchita undid her halter and let her beautiful brown globes bounce free. She carefully untied her loincloth and peeled it away from her jutting, hairy pussy. She dropped the scraps of cloth to the floor and then stepped carefully into the hot water. It was just the right temperature and, with a sigh, she slid her magnificent body into the steaming liquid, luxuriating in the warmth that suffused her naked flesh and soothed her tired muscles. The tub was not long enough for her to stretch out her long legs, but that was fine. Her tits bobbed on the surface of the water and she relaxed back into the warmth, letting her head fall back over the edge of the tub. The girl approached from behind, and began washing Conchita’s hair. She used a bowl to pour hot water over Conchita’s head, then.she washed the Spanish beauty’s lustrous hair into a basin. The girl liberally applied a fragrant shampoo to Conchita’s dark locks. After the shampoo, Conchita smiled kindly at the girl, but then indicated that she wanted the girl to leave her. Just before the child left, Conchita saw her pause to gather up the Spanish countess’ fur bikini. Conchita was too drowsy to stop her, and did not have the language. Conchita assumed the scraps of cloth would be washed, but she did not know what she was supposed to wear in its stead. She smiled to herself. She had no qualms about walking around naked, if that became necessary.

Conchita relaxed down into the water and closed her eyes. The warmth lulled her and she soon drifted off to sleep. As she slept, she dreamed. In the dream, she and Inge were together someplace dark and deep underground, in a stone-walled room. The room was illuminated with an almost ethereal light from a source she could not see. She was looking through her eyes at Inge and it was clear that she and the blonde goddess were locked in a vicious, all-out fuckfight. Their bodies were shuddering as they fucked, their heavy, perfectly matched jugs bouncing and grinding together, incredible friction and pressure sending waves of pleasure coruscating up from their grinding nipples. Inge’s head was thrown back, her eyes closed, and animal moans and screams of pure lust were issuing from her mouth. Conchita could hear her own voice screaming back, could feel her hips working and her ass clenching, as it had done so many times now in sexual warfare with Inge. Their hands were buried in the other’s hair and Conchita could feel the pressure of Inge tearing at her hair, even as she felt the tension in her hands and arms as she yanked back. Conchita’s body was burning with erotic power and heat. She could feel every sensation, the feel of hot flesh sucked to hot flesh, burning clits rubbing and working against each other, muscles aching with tension and need. Yet, in the dream, all of these familiar and joyous sensations were ten times stronger than they normally were. The pleasure that she and Inge usually inflicted on each other was unbelievable. But whatever they were doing to each other in this dream was something incomprehensible and maddening, almost frightening, in its intensity.

Conchita woke with a start and a gasp, her body burning with more than the heat of the water. The dream had been vivid, and her body was showing its familiar signs of intense sexual arousal. Even conscious, her sex was throbbing with the incredible heat of what she had just dreamed. As she opened her eyes and regained her bearings, she suddenly became aware that Inge was standing in the doorway of the hut. The blonde had just entered the guesthouse, and her sudden presence was probably responsible for waking Conchita from her sleep.

For a moment, Conchita almost did not recognize her blonde nemesis. She was used to seeing Inge in a tiny leopard-skin bikini or absolutely naked, a voluptuous vision of bronzed perfection. The woman standing in the doorway was wearing two scraps of white cloth. A brief diamond-shaped cloth, barely larger than a handerkerchief, was tied by a string around Inge’s neck and hung down over her chest. The scrap of cloth barely concealed anything of the blonde’s tits. Instead, it was draped over the blonde’s massive jugs. The two side points of the diamond reached just far enough to cover Inge’s areola. The bottom point of the diamond hung over the edge of her jutting tits, dangling enticingly, emphasizing the impressive size of the breasts it was so incapable of concealing.  Inge’s bountiful golden tits bounced free, moving sensuously as she walked, jouncing the white cloth and rocking voluptuously, with the occasional flash of bare nipple as she moved.  Another white sash was tied low on her flaring hips. The scrap of cloth angled down away from her right hip, slashing across her pubes, leaving her right leg bare, but hugging skintight to the upper quarter of her left thigh. The cloth angled just enough to obscure her golden-furred crotch, but not much more. The entire erotic ensemble emphasized the expanse of golden, naked flesh that the bronze goddess continued to display. Her naked belly rippled, her womanly hips swayed and her bronzed legs stood out in sharp relief to the white of the cloth. Conchita felt a surge of lust course through her as she took in Inge’s body, accompanied by a thrill of hate.

Inge smiled easily and walked seductively into the room. She ambled over to the tub, her hips swaying, and looked down at Conchita’s perfect, naked body. Hunger lit her eyes, but the blonde curled up her lip in a sneer of contempt. Conchita sneered back, then slowly, sensuously, spread her legs under the water, presenting her cunt to her enemy, offering her pussy in invitation.

“Why don’t you come in, Inge?,” Conchita purred. “The water is just right.”

Inge smiled grimly, but she could not hide the feverish desire lighting her eyes. She reached up, her tits rocking gently with the movement, and untied the sash around her neck. It fell away, and Conchita’s eyes drank in the round, taut tits now jiggling within arms length, their hard nipples erect and begging to be sucked and squeezed. Inge looked down at the Spanish woman over her golden tits and smiled. Then, she pulled the knot binding the remaining sash to her hips, and let it fall to the ground. Her golden furred cunt presented itself, pussy lips already moist with arousal, powerful clit already revealed and starting to thicken.

Conchita was hit by the enthralling scent of her enemy’s aroused sex and was seized by a blast of pure, unadulterated lust, inspired by her dream. Suddenly, the Spanish beauty leaned forward and, before Inge could move, wrapped her right arm around Inge’s buttocks and pulled the blonde in toward the tub. Conchita quickly shifted from her reclining position and kneeled in the hot water, her massive tits supported and pushed out by the rim of the tub. She wrapped both of her arms around Inge’s hips, and buried her face deep in the blonde’s fragrant cunt, pressing her hot breasts into the firm flesh of Inge’s thighs. Conchita inhaled her enemy’s delicious scent, her nose wet with Inge’s juices. She rubbed her face around and around in Inge’s pussy, enjoying the feel and the scent of the course pubic hair and the moist labia on her cheeks. Then, her strong tongue reached out to run along Inge’s vaginal lips before pushing into the blonde’s core, licking at and separating her labia before lapping at Inge’s vaginal walls. Conchita kissed and sucked at the juicy pussy lips before turning her eager attention to the beautiful clit swelling up before her.

Inge groaned, caught by surprise at this sensual assault,  tossed her head back and closed her eyes as the sudden waves of pleasure rippled gently up from her deeply throbbing clit. She instinctively buried her hands in Conchita’s wet hair, pushing the black-haired beauty’s face more firmly into her cunt, spreading her legs slightly to allow the Spanish whore better access to her burning sex. Conchita spread her hands on Inge’s taut round ass, running her hands over the bulging bronze globes, sinking her fingers into the blonde’s ass crack. She then ran her hands up the delectable curve of Inge’s spine to the small of the blonde goddess’ back, before returning them to knead the jungle woman’s buttocks. Even as she continued to suck and lick at Inge’s cunt, Conchita drove her right index and middle fingers deep into the blonde’s vagina. Inge moaned again, shuddering with lust, gasping as Conchita finger-fucked her, probing her depths with her expert tongue and her questing fingers. For a minute, the only noises in the sun-streaked hut were the wet sounds of Conchita’s fingers as they worked Inge’s cunt, Conchita’s moans of delight as she sucked vigorously at Inge’s burning clit and rubbed her throbbing tits and their hard nipples into the blonde woman’s smooth thighs, and Inge’s gasps and groans of pleasure as she threw her head back, held Conchita’s head in place, and jerked her hips, just slightly, as waves of pleasure rippled through her hard, round, naked body. Her tits quivered gently, reflecting the spasms of delight that pulsed through the blonde’s voluptuous form. Then, Conchita suddenly broke the contact and, gasping, her heart pounding, leaned back into the tub.

Inge staggered, momentarily disoriented, as the delicious sexual assault came to a sudden end. She braced herself on the edge of the tub, trying to regain her senses, panting with lust. Her magnificent golden tits hung down, the nipples enflamed with desire, the orbs hardened by arousal. Conchita smiled, then leaned even further back in the water and opened her legs again. This time she spread her thighs as wide as they would go in the narrow tub, and lifted her legs out of the water, pointing her toes towards the ceiling. Her foot brushed Inge’s arm and she pushed gently with it. “I’m still waiting, Inge,” she murmured.

Inge gathered herself, then suddenly grasped Conchita’s ankle. She kissed the Spanish woman’s foot, then sucked the sensitive toes. Her eyes locked with Conchita’s burning gaze. The women exchanged looks of hot, raw hunger. They panted with desire. Their hot red tongues licked their dry, red lips. Then, with a smile, Inge ran her tongue over the sole of Conchita’ perfect foot, before releasing it.

Inge lifted her right leg over the side of the tub, then her left, and slowly climbed in, her eyes never leaving Conchita’s. Inge’s wet cunt dripped with vaginal fluid, aroused and hungry with desire. Inge slid into the warm water, the hot liquid rising to meet her as her beautiful body displaced it. Conchita lowered her legs into the water and pushed herself back, rising higher in the tub, to give Inge more room. As Inge’s ass settled on the bottom of the tub, the blonde opened her thighs and pointed her legs straight up in the air, out of the water. Conchita immediately understood. She settled back in the tub, then raised her legs into the air again. Conchita and Inge now mirrored each other, and they pressed the soles of their bare feet together. They shuddered with pleasure as their sensitive feet met and mated. Their toes pushed against each other, and the women flexed their feet and rubbed them together. For a minute, their legs quivered with effort as each tried to push the other back. From their thick, powerful calves down their perfectly proportioned thighs, Conchita and Inge struggled bare foot to bare foot. Their legs spread as they fought, and the two women smiled lustfully at each other over their bobbing tits. After another minute of inconclusive struggle, however, both beauties were ready to move on to the next stage of their battle. Conchita suddenly broke off the bare foot contact and drew her legs together, pointing her toes up to the ceiling. Inge did the same, and for a moment the two jungle goddesses were ass to ass, the backs of their hot thighs and muscled calves pushed tightly together, their heels tight, the tips of their toes touching. Then, as if on cue, the women spread their legs, then lowered them into the water. Inge moved to scissor her foe and, with a bit of maneuvering, right leg over left, the women neatly slid into the other’s crotch. Their hot, juicy pussies crushed tightly, dense pubic hair interlacing in the wet depths of the tub, thick pussy lips compressing beneath the force of their combined weight and squeezing out the hot water with a sucking squelch. The women gasped with lust, then smiled feverishly at each other, their eyes lit with desire, their bodies shuddering with arousal.

As they prepared to fuck once more, Inge thrilled to the feelings coursing through her. She remembered the period immediately after her first encounter with Conchita, when she had waited more than six months before the Spanish goddess had returned to the jungle to challenge her again. That period had been filled with terrible anticipation and an unquenchable lust. When Conchita had finally come back, the two women had fucked each other senseless, taking from each other all the pleasure they could stand, unleashing the full power of their unrestrained desire. That second encounter and every sexfight since had been incredible, everything that Inge had ever wanted. Matching every inch of her taut, round, muscled body to Conchita’s equally voluptuous flesh was an act that filled her with a passion and a lust she could not begin to express. But their sexual battles had been infrequent enough to retain the flavor and the novelty of each encounter. Inge had feared that spending so much time with Conchita over the past week would lessen the intensity of their sexual conflict. Instead, however, the past week had been a sexual paradise. Their ongoing battles had only enhanced their mutual lust and hatred. The longer the two women spent together, the more they learned to hate each other and the greater their frustration at not being able to master and control the other. This frustration fed their mutual desire to fuck each other into submission, a desire which only became more intense and insatiable with every passing night that one failed to dominate and decisively defeat the other.

Now, they pushed together, pussy to pussy, their legs interlocked, the tight fit of the tub allowing both to brace their backs against the container’s sides and thrust at each other. Their knees pushed up towards the surface of the water, the tub too small for them to stretch out. Still, their cunts fit together snugly, and the close confines of the tub gave both women the delicious feeling that their hot, hungry pussies were trapped together in the tight space, with the only way out by consuming the other’s cunt. Conchita felt her throbbing clit swell up and move to meet its counterpart on Inge’s fantastic body. The women pushed with their hips and backs, thrusting at each other, sealing the hot lock between their thick, hairy pussies. Their clits were trapped together within the fleshy prison of their cunts. Their breasts bobbed beneath the water, their hard nipples only inches apart. The women’s arms rested along the rim of the tub, but Inge soon locked hands with Conchita, interlacing their fingers and using their powerful arms to hold each other in place. Steam rose from the tub, and they gazed at each other with unconstrained lust through the haze.

Their swollen sex horns touched gently, sending a delicious burst of pleasure through both women. They gasped, glared at each other, then drew back and thrust their clits together.  “AAAHH!,” Conchita shrieked, then bit her lip and smiled hungrily, her eyes closed, her body basking in the intensity of the pleasure. Inge groaned, electric sensations burning through her, causing her insides to quiver with sexual tension. Then, panting with lust, the women began to fence with their clits. They sawed their sensitive sex horns up and down, back and forth, spasms of pleasure rocking  and jolting their bodies. They turned their hips in tiny circles so that they could work their clits around and around each other inside their sealed cunts, mashing their pussies together with ever greater force, their inner labia merging and sucking. Their aroused pussies convulsed, hot fluids flowing from one cunt into the other, mixing and melting within the women’s bodies, leaking out to season the hot water. The water in the tub swayed gently as the women fucked slowly, carefully, driving each other to the point of ecstasy. They squeezed their hands tightly. They gasped and groaned with lust and the agony of their shared pleasure. Conchita let out an explosive gasp as Inge’s clit stroked hers with particular intensity; Inge stifled a scream as Conchita stroked back ferociously.

Their bodies quivered and both women leaned towards each other as their pleasure and the tension built. Their swollen nipples touched and mated in the water and the jungle women groaned together in an absolute agony of pleasure. They pushed closer, their nipples compressing, then sliding off the wet flesh to bury themselves in the other’s areola. Inge twisted her back muscles slightly, and soon the two beauties were circling their nipples, much like their clits, allowing the sensitive nubs to rub and pierce the rough areola, trapped within their dense, compressed titflesh. Their tits burned, throbbing with pleasure, the tension growing until both women felt that their breasts would explode. The women groaned together, the sexual tension in their bodies growing slowly and inexorably to now unbearable levels. On and on, they worked their clits and their tits into each other, until tears of ecstasy rolled down their faces, until both women were whimpering and sobbing, wave after delectable wave of pleasure breaking over their incredible bodies. Conchita trembled with suppressed orgasmic power; Inge shuddered with the depth of the pleasure rippling through her body. Their locked cunts continued to convulse, pumping surges of hot juices into each other’s vagina, leaking out into the warm tub water.

“Look at me, whore,” Inge whispered to Conchita as they fought. Conchita forced her eyes open. Blue eyes locked to dark eyes, the strength of their mutual lust fighting with the purity of their shared hate. Both women loved the intimacy of their struggle. Both knew that they were fighting each other as deeply and at as fundamental a level as one woman could fight another, and they both longed to violate the other, and be violated in turn. 

“You fucking cow,” Conchita groaned back. “I’m going to fuck you, Inge, I’m going to fuck you and break you…”

The women locked their delirious gazes, their faces masks of agony as each fought for self-control. Conchita looked deeply into the beautiful blue eyes peering into hers. A sudden blast of pure lust enraged her. She pulled her hips back, lined up her throbbing clit with Inge’s clit, head to head, and thrust with all the power of her ass and hips. Their rock-hard clits crushed, every nerve ending exploding with electricity and sending a shock of pure sensation ripping through their cunts, filling their swollen tits, and blasting out of every pore on their sex-saturated bodies. Both women shrieked and bucked, their sudden violent movements sending water splashing over the edge of the tub.

“FUCK, Oh, Fuck!!,” Conchita shrieked, her body shuddering with tension and pleasure.

“CUNT, you Fucking CUNT!!,” Inge cursed, sobbing with joy. Once again, as she writhed in ecstasy under this terrible assault, she rejoiced in her rivalry with Conchita. She was, again, on the verge of unbearable pleasure and she wanted as much of it as she could get. She drove back with her hips, her solid, engorged clit crushing with Conchita’s equally huge sex horn. The women screamed again, their cries of pleasure dissolving into sobs and sucking gasps of incredible passion.

Conchita wrapped her powerful arms around Inge’s muscled back and squeezed as hard as she could, compressing her massive, meaty tits with Inge’s equally beautiful globes. Their hot tits slid and throbbed against each other in the hot water, their rock hard nipples caught and crushed, sending intense spikes of heat pulsing through their bodies. The pleasurable tension in their chests grew even more unbearable. Conchita wanted to ride Inge into submission and she began gyrating her hips, driving her cunt as deep and hard into Inge’s pussy as she could, striving to join with her rival as completely as possible. Inge responded immediately, locking her arms around Conchita’s naked back, working her ass and hips furiously, driving back against Conchita’s hungry cunt and thrusting tits. The women squeezed together as tight as they could, strong arms crushing naked, muscled backs, flattening bulging, dense tits into one. After a moment, though, Inge released her foe’s back and grabbed the rim of the tub with both hands, and used it to anchor herself to give greater power to her thrusting hips. The women were cheek to cheek, rubbing faces together, biting at each other in their passion, exchanging hot breath and vicious curses, working their clits together with all of their strength.

“Bitch, you fucking bitch,…” Inge moaned into Conchita’s ear.

“Slut, you slut…,” Conchita groaned back.

The jungle women pumped at each other savagely, moving together in a hard, grinding rhythm. The water sloshed up, spilling over on all sides of the tub as the battle became more violent. Conchita kept one hand pushing on Inge’s muscled back, between the blonde’s smooth shoulder blades, but took her right hand and gripped the rim of the tub, anchoring herself as she bucked back against Inge’s assault. Their mouths locked together in a brutal kiss, tongues and teeth struggling, hot saliva mixing. In the midst of the kiss, Inge suddenly pulled hard with her arms and thrust strongly with her hips, driving her cunt and clit against Conchita’s with greater force, throwing the dark-haired beauty off-balance. Conchita reached out and gripped the tub’s rim with both hands, trying to resist being forced back. The women’s massive tits compressed harder than ever, flattened together into four exquisitely sensitive, pulsing masses of taut, straining flesh.  Their mouths remained locked, their bodies quivering with effort and erotic tension. Their cunts were sealed and their swollen clits were now quaking together in an orgasmic stalemate, crushed head to head, pulsing with erotic power, both refusing to give in to the other. Waves of incredible pleasure blasted out of their struggling clits, rolling through the women’s bodies with excruciating force. Their hips were locked and trembling with effort as Inge and Conchita used all the power of their magnificent, evenly-matched bodies to crush each other into submission.

Suddenly, Conchita thrashed and moaned, still locked mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue with Inge. The terrible orgasm which nested in her belly, coiled in her cunt, pulsed in her tits, which she had managed to hold back so far, now became unendurable. She had to explode. Every muscle trembled with tension, every nerve screamed with the need for release. But her pride refused to let her give up. “I won’t be beaten by this blonde bitch,” she swore to herself, even as she felt Inge’s hungry pussy eating at hers. She redoubled the thrusting of her cunt and clit at Inge’s sex, her hips jerking furiously. But Inge matched her stroke for stroke, the blonde goddess realizing that Conchita was on the verge of coming.

“Give in, you whore,” Inge gasped, breaking the savage kiss. “Accept –ungh- that I am –ungh- the better woman…” she grunted out between pelvic thrusts, driving her clit against Conchita’s burning sex horn with all of her strength, hoping to feel the black-haired woman’s clit surrender to her own.

“Never, never…,” Conchita snarled through gritted teeth. But Inge was riding her hard and, even though she could tell that the blonde bitch was not far from her own orgasm, she knew that her own explosion was imminent. Her muscles were trembling with erotic tension and her cunt felt like it had expanded to encompass her entire lower body and was now merging and melting into Inge’s equally large pussy.

Summoning all her will and self-control, Conchita shifted her hips to slide her throbbing clit off from its head to head confrontation with Inge’s sex horn and then, thrusting with all her strength, Conchita rubbed her hard clit the full length of Inge’s burning organ. The women gasped together as their swollen clits buried into each other’s base and held, compressed side to side. Then, as both women were still vibrating from the excruciatingly pleasurable clit to clit lick, Conchita  twisted her hips to wrap their throbbing sex horns into one exquisite mass of ecstasy. Inge twisted back at the same time. Their swollen organs braided, fused, and locked tight. A screaming, burning shockwave of absolutely pure pleasure blasted through both beauties at once. Inge and Conchita shrieked as one, both screaming incoherently, before the pleasure choked off their ability to scream, and they could only gasp in desperate ecstasy.

Conchita almost passed out, but she retained enough consciousness to feel her entire body erupt as the intense orgasm exploded. Burning erotic power electrified her beautiful body, from the tips of her curling toes to the ends of her lustrous hair. Her insides convulsed and she felt her deep internal muscles contract with incredible force. A jet of pure hot cum blasted out of her cunt and up into Inge’s vaginal canal, as she was finally transported by the pleasure she had been holding back. But Inge’s cunt juices were blasting up into Conchita’s vagina at the same time. The women came with incredible force, simultaneously, neither able to resist the explosive pleasure emanating from their locked clits.

As the hot cum flowed and mixed inside them, filling them up, Inge and Conchita continued riding each other, driving their bodies together, rubbing their exploding clits as hard as they could, trying to force every orgasm possible out of the other. They screamed and cursed each other, sobbing uncontrollably.

“Fuck, oh FUCK!!,” Inge screamed.“Take it, you cunt! Take it!!” Inge shrieked at Conchita as she drove herself at her black-haired enemy.

“You cunt! Oh CHRIST!,” Conchita  shrieked,  driving back with all her strength, her body quaking from the orgasmic shockwaves and the pounding rhythm of Inge’s sexual attack. “You dirty Bitch!! You fucking WHORE!!”

The women locked together in a vicious kiss, their tongues lashing and licking. Their hands were tightly gripping the edges of the tub and they used this to anchor themselves as they smashed and ground their bodies together with ever greater force, rubbing their clits and their tits around and around, slapping their rippling bellies together, driving each other crazy with lust and orgasmic pleasure. As the multiple orgasms chained through their bodies, the women slowly pushed themselves up out of the water, their powerful asses quivering with tension, their muscled arms holding them up, until only their legs were fully submerged. Their glistening, straining bodies trembled with pleasure and pressure as Inge and Conchita struggled to dominate each other, tongue to tongue, tit to tit, clit to clit. The intensity of the orgasms wracking their perfect bodies continued to build. The women moaned and screamed into each other other’s throats, their mouths and their cunts trying to devour each other at the same time.

Breaking their savage kiss, they threw their heads back, hair thrashing, bodies crushed together from tit to clit, and they strained against each other, riding out the chaining orgasms shaking their bodies. Inge and Conchita moaned as one, tears rolling down their faces, as they held each other in exquisite tension, each struggling to stay conscious in the face of overwhelming pleasure.  But the ecstasy continued to build the harder they pressed together. Finally, a devastating mutual orgasm exploded out from their cunts.  With shrieks of joy, the two women bucked hard, struggled to merge their cunts completely one final time, each Amazonian beauty making a final bid to dominate and devour the cunt of her hated enemy. Then they fell back into the water together, their arms drained of strength, both women on the verge of unconsciousness from the incredible sensations. The giant splash emptied much of the rest of the contents of the tub out onto the dirt floor of the hut. The women jerked and ground together hard in the tub, their bodies wracked by spasms which slowly faded as the orgasms receded.

Panting, tits heaving, cunts still pressed tightly together, Inge and Conchita lay in the giant basin, trying to recover in the aftermath of their sex battle. They had fucked each other brutally and both were enraged that their conflict had ended, at least for now, in another frustrating stalemate. The women stretched out their legs, resting their ankles on the edges of the tub, framing the other woman’s face between their feet. Their pussies were still tight together, submerged in the water, pubic hair tangled.

Panting, her body still thrumming with the intensity of the incredible fucking she had just endured, Conchita looked over her massive tits with their sharp nipples, looked down her rippling, muscled belly at Inge and snarled with rage. “God, I hate you, I hate you so much…,” she moaned.

Gasping from her own exhaustion, Inge smiled back venomously. “Don’t worry, you cunt. By the time I get you back to your little mansion, my cunt will have eaten yours completely. We’ll both know which of us is the real woman. You were lucky just now, but your luck won’t last much longer.”

“We’ll settle this tonight,” Conchita snarled, already looking forward to spending the night fucking Inge senseless.

“Not tonight, bitch,” Inge replied. “These people have provided us both with guest houses. It would be an insult to them to not use them. You’re just going to have to put off getting your cunt fucked off until later.”

Saying this, Inge began to rise from the tub. She pulled her body away from Conchita’s and, for a moment, the two women had to brace and yank their tangled pubic hair apart. They gasped with the shock of pain, but both were used to this by now. As Inge stood up in the tub, Conchita rose too. The women stood together, massive tits challenging each other, nipples pressed tight, staring hatefully into each other’s eyes. Then they pressed closer and locked up in a deep kiss. Strong tongues thrust and fenced and both jungle women spread their hands over the other’s powerful round ass, sinking their claws into the firm flesh, pulling each other in tighter. They rubbed pussies and hard bellies, but they finally broke the kiss. Nose to nose, panting together, they licked at each other then, finally, pushed apart.

Inge stepped out of the tub, dried herself with a piece of fur sitting nearby, then picked up the white scraps of cloth that were her clothing. Both pieces of cloth were wet, having fallen too close to the tub, and were soaked by the water displaced during the battle. But Inge wrapped them around her body anyway and began walking out. Before she left, she turned back to Conchita, who had just climbed out of the water and was now drying herself off.

“Someone will come by in a few hours to take you to the special ceremony they are having for us. The clothes you should wear are over there.” She gestured with her hand to a hook on the wall, from which hung some scraps of white cloth. “Be ready to go.”

With that, Inge left. Conchita padded over to the hook and took the cloth down. It was the same kind of outfit as Inge had been wearing. She fastened the sash around her hips, but decided to go topless for the moment. She went and relaxed on the soft fur rugs in the corner of the hut and contemplated her war with Inge. She knew now that Inge was planning something for her. She could sense it. She was certain that her dream had been more than just a dream. The war between the two women was what this journey was really all about. Everything else was a distraction. She shivered with lust and anticipation. Whatever Inge had in mind, she would be ready.

Later that night, Conchita and Inge sat side by side as the village feted them, celebrated their courage, and offered its thanks for the dangerous hunt on which the two jungle women were about to embark. The women were dressed in scraps of white cloth, which hung or were wrapped around their bodies in ways that concealed very little. Conchita enjoyed this outfit. Her tits hung free, only accidentally concealed, their nipples stroked and stimulated by the casual movement of the cloth. The sash around her hips allowed her pussy to breathe free. Both women made a habit of leaning in close to each other as the evening progressed. Inge leaned in to translate or explain events for Conchita; her heavy golden tits carelessly brushed or pushed against Conchita’s equally heavy brown orbs every time that she did this, or rested on Conchita’s bare shoulder, her thick nipples burning Conchita’s bare flesh with tension. Conchita leaned in to whisper comments in Inge’s ear; her brown tits pushed into Inge’s golden orbs, or rested on Inge’s side or back, her hot, bare thigh pressed against Inge’s golden limb. Occasionally, one woman or the other reached out and laid a caressing hand on an inviting knee or stroked a bare foot. The women were doing their best to tantalize and tease the other, both knowing that whatever lust they succeeded in evoking would not be satisfied this night.

After the dinner, the young people of the village staged an exotic dance for the two jungle goddesses. As Conchita watched the young, beautiful bodies leap and undulate to the pounding drums, she felt the lust in her body grow to remarkable levels. Under any other circumstances, she would end this night by taking one or more of the young men and women that she saw before her to her bed and stage an orgy that would leave all of them exhausted by the time morning came. This night, however, all of her lust and anger was directed at Inge. She knew that nothing could substitute for the feeling of being locked in sexual combat with the blonde bitch beside her, their incredible bodies rubbing and straining, their equally insatiable sexualities struggling to consume each other. Inge was having the same thoughts. In the past, she had satisfied her sexual needs with both the men and women of this village. She knew that to do so tonight, with the hunt tomorrow, would be unwise. More than this, however, she knew that her lust could only be satisfied by Conchita’s steaming body grinding and pumping against her own.

That night, before they entered their huts to sleep, Inge and Conchita exchanged a look of raw lust and burning hatred that was so deep that they both shuddered with desire. They entered their respective guest houses. The moment she was alone, Conchita rippled off the scraps of cloth on her body, and threw her hot, naked body onto the soft furs. A single candle lit the dark. She lay there for a moment, listening to the night sounds, feeling the heat and tension burning in her cunt, in her breasts, tightening the muscles of her legs and causing her hips to jerk with need. Then, with a sigh, she began to masturbate herself in earnest. Her right hand dived into the hot, hairy, aching slit between her legs, her fingers finding her burning clit and beginning their familiar teasing, tweaking and rubbing. Her left hand moved to her burning tits. God, what she would give to feel Inge’s mammoth tits crushed and grinding into hers, nipple to aching nipple, right now! But she squeezed her inflamed nipples instead, until they became deliciously painful, a welcome and enjoyable counterpoint to the heat pouring out from between her legs. Conchita’s hips jerked, her healthy young body heaved, hot sweat began to trickle into every sensual crevasse. She moaned with lust and need. As she moaned and gasped, lost in the pleasure of her own body, her mind fixed on the curves and hot, taut flesh of Inge. She imagined the blonde on top of her, grinding down, tits crushing and bellies slapping and sliding, fucking her relentlessly. Conchita moaned and cried out. Then, suddenly, she realized that she was hearing an answering moan. She paused in her self-ministrations and, clearly, from only a few feet away, she heard the sounds of another woman, groaning and gasping in ecstasy. She realized it was Inge. She and Inge were masturbating themselves and doing so together. She smiled and resumed her self-stimulation. She groaned with passion and heard an answering cry from the neighboring hut. Inge was aware of Conchita too.

For the rest of the night, they masturbated in unison, both immensely aroused by the idea that they were only a few feet apart, separated by two thin walls, doing things to their own bodies that they imagined were being done by the other woman. They cried out to each other, occasionally cursing each other, each hearing the peaks and declines of passion as they inflicted pleasure on themselves. Both finally fell into an exhausted slumber, smiling to themselves, almost feeling as if they had succeeded in fucking each other after all.

The next morning, Conchita was wakened by a slight sound. It took her a moment to realize that a hand had pushed aside the covering on the doorway and hung something from a hook just inside the entrance. It took her a moment more to realize what the hanging cloth was, and then she smiled with delight. She got up, rousing herself from the furs on which she had spent the night, and which were now soaked with her sweat and womanly secretions. She padded, naked, to the door and took down the clothing that had been left hanging there. It was Inge’s leopard-skin bikini. The villagers had washed the garment, but now had mistakenly returned it to the wrong hut. Doubtless, Inge was being left with Conchita’s panther-skin bikini. Conchita grinned. She took the garment and then laid it down by a tub of water in the corner of her room. She washed herself using the clean, clear water in the tub and, when she was ready, she pulled the leopard-skin loincloth tight over her pussy and tied it at her swelling hips. It fit like a glove. Even in the crease that Inge’s cunt had worn into the pelt, Conchita thrilled to feel her own pussy lips fitting snugly. She was not surprised, but she still felt deeply satisfied to know how perfectly she was a match for her blonde enemy. Then, she turned to the halter top. She pulled the tiny leopard-skin cups tight to her tits. Her nipples fit perfectly in the marking formed by Inge’s  nipples. The bra was an exact fit for her. Conchita grinned with satisfaction. She felt, deep within herself, that she had succeeded in violating Inge in a very personal way.

The little servant girl from the day before knocked at the door and entered the hut. She smiled shyly at Conchita, then her expression changed when she saw what the Spanish countess was wearing. The girl started, then began to chatter in her own language. Clearly, she realized the error and was mortified. She turned to leave, probably to get the right bikini. However, Conchita stopped her. She smiled at the girl and quieted her down, conveying that she was not angry and that there was no reason to be concerned. Then, Conchita headed out, went next door, and pushed past the door covering into Inge’s hut.

The first thing Conchita saw was that her bikini was, indeed, hanging inside the door. The second was that Inge was still asleep and was sprawled out, legs spread, golden-furred pussy exposed, massive tits pointing toward the ceiling. Inge woke with a start, aware of the sudden intrusion. It took her a moment to realize the incongruity of what she was seeing.

“Why are you wearing my bikini?,” she asked, her mind still a bit fogged by sleep.

Conchita gave her a nasty grin. “They left it for me. They left this for you.” She threw her panther-skin bikini at Inge. “Yours is a bit small in certain places, but I like it. I think that I’ll keep it.”

Inge rose to her feet, angrily. She tossed back her tousled blonde hair and her eyes flashed. “Give me what is mine, you whore,” she snarled. “I don’t want your cast-offs.” She shook Conchita’s bikini angrily, in front of her face.

“If you want this, then fight me for it, Inge,” Conchita shot back. Her body was already aroused and she took a perverse thrill in feeling her own vaginal juices leaking out into Inge’s loincloth, her hard nipples piercing Inge’s halter.

Inge paused, then smiled. She looked at the bikini in her hand. Then, she dropped the halter and pulled the loincloth snugly around her pussy and hips. She tied it in place. It fit perfectly. Then, she tied on the halter. The tiny triangles fit neatly around her expansive areola, her nipples rested comfortably in the socket worn into the cloth. She looked magnificent, the black fur setting off her bronzed skin beautifully. The two women stared at each other, hot lust fighting with open hatred.

“It’s a bit small, especially around the tits,” Inge said with a sarcastic grin. “But I can tolerate it for now. We’ll see who is wearing what by tomorrow morning.”

With a final shared look of hate and anger, and a bit of amusement, the two women left the hut and began to ready themselves for the journey ahead.

After a short breakfast, Inge handed Conchita a shoulder bag full of something wrapped in leaves and stacked inside the bag. Inge was carrying a similar bag.

“What’s this?” Conchita asked.  “Gunpowder,” Inge replied, as she looped her spear over her shoulder.

“Gunpowder??!,” Conchita exclaimed incredulously. “Where did you get gunpowder? And I thought you did not want anything “unnatural” in this forest – you wouldn’t even let me bring a gun!”

“Gunpowder is not a gun,”Inge said, not entirely convincingly. “This is made by the local people and they have made and used it for generations. They use it mostly to blow up rocks and protect the village. I think we may well need it against this creature.”

Inge handed Conchita a bow and a quiver full of arrows, evidently more weaponry that she had acquired from the villagers. “Can you use this?” she asked.

Conchita nodded curtly, testing the weight of the bow and the tension of the string.

 “Good,” Inge nodded, and looped her own bow and quiver over her other shoulder. “Let’s go.”

The women paused to pay their respects to the village elders. Then, the crowd of villagers surrounding them parted and the gate was opened by the guards to let them out into the forest.

Even after only one night in the village, Conchita found the jungle calling to her. The wild fire in her belly burned hot. She and Inge exchanged another look of raw lust and mutual hatred. Then, with Inge leading the way, they began to run, bounding into the forest and working their way toward the last spot that their dangerous prey had been spotted.

As she watched Inge’s ass, bouncing in the black loincloth, Conchita wondered how long it would be until they stopped and sated their lust. But she did not mind waiting. The heat between the two jungle women continued to build and Conchita knew it was just a matter of time before it exploded in a final showdown. For now, she was prepared to bide her time until she could figure out what Inge’s plan was and where she was being led. She knew that, whatever Inge had planned, it would involve a sexual confrontation that both of them would never forget.

Part IV

Inge and Conchita traveled for the rest of the morning, stopping occasionally to rest and eat, but making good time towards the area where the monster had last been spotted. The sexual tension between them continued to grow. Every time Inge looked to see Conchita in her leopard-skin bikini, or glanced down to see her own body sporting Conchita’s dark fur bra and loincloth, she felt a flash of anger, tinged with desire. She would soon make the dark-haired bitch pay for stealing her clothing. She already knew how she would get her revenge.

In the middle part of the afternoon, the women came across their first signs of the beast -massive droppings, a few days old, that could only have been made by an enormous creature. It was clear that the droppings were the remnants of the meal of a carnivore. They soon saw the signs that a large animal had smashed its way through the underbrush, and they followed the trail of broken trees and vegetation to a riverbank, where they found enormous, three-toed clawprints in the soft earth.

Conchita knelt down to examine the tracks. The footprints were almost 2.5 meters in length and their depth indicated a creature of maybe 3-4 metric tonnes  For the first time since their journey had started, Conchita was fully engaged in the pursuit of the creature she had been recruited to destroy. A slight shiver ran through her as she examined the evidence of the great beast.

“This is incredible,” Conchita said. “What kind of animal makes these sorts of tracks? It must be huge.”

“An animal that should not be here,” Inge replied quietly, her senses on full alert, her eyes scanning the forest bordering the river very carefully.

Conchita looked up at the blonde jungle woman. “You speak as though you know what this is. Have you seen this before?”

“Yes, or at least something very like this. But not in this place,” Inge replied, enigmatically.

Before Conchita could push her further, the blonde started moving. “Let’s see where these tracks lead,” she said.

The women followed the tracks and the other signs of the creature’s passage for the next few hours. It quickly became apparent that the animal had passed that way a day or so earlier, and that they would not catch it before sunset. As the sun fell towards the horizon, the women looked for a secure place in which to spend the night. Inge found a well-protected cave, under an old tree growing on a rocky outcropping. The interior of the cave was dry, with thick sand coating the floor, and its entry was narrow enough to prevent a large animal from getting in. Conchita preferred to spend the night in the treetops but she did not want to make a bed in a tree that had any chance of being uprooted or climbed by the gigantic creature they were pursuing.

Inge prepared the fire and cave for the night while Conchita went hunting. She soon returned with two good-sized birds and some fruit. Inge, in the meantime, had found coconuts and was breaking them open for their meat and juice. The women ate their meals in silence, both increasingly conscious of the tension in the air. Their usual sexual rivalry was now spiced with a clear sense of danger. Tomorrow, they would probably encounter a giant, ravenous beast that could possibly kill or maim one or both of them. This threat only added to their mutual desire, to their shared need to ravage the other. By the time she was finished eating, Conchita was seething in her own lust. Inge’s eyes burned with barely contained desire.

The women cleaned up for the night, washing up with water from the river. Conchita disposed of the remains of their meal far away from the tree, so as not to attract scavengers, while Inge built up the fire near the entry to the cave, to warn off any jungle predators. The night had come alive and, as she returned to the cave from the forest, using the fire as her beacon, Conchita shivered with tension. She had always enjoyed night in the jungle. She usually felt part of the darkness. Tonight, though, she felt more vulnerable. Somewhere, out there in the depths of the forest, was a monster of incredible size and power. It was probably a nocturnal predator, which meant it was hunting right now. Tomorrow, she and Inge would encounter this beast and kill it. Conchita was very confident of their ability to do just this, but she also knew that many things could go wrong on such a hunt. If tonight was going to be her last night, she was going to make sure it would be a night to remember.

When she returned to the cave, the fire blazing in the entryway cast the entire space in a warm, orange glow. Inge and Conchita sat across from each other inside the access to the cave, cross-legged in the sand. They discussed how to approach the creature and their strategy for destroying it. All the while, the sexual tension between them continued to grow. Inge let her eyes feast on Conchita’s beautiful tits and her smooth, rippling flesh. Conchita licked her lips with anticipation, her keen jungle senses detecting the provocative, appealing scent of aroused pussy.

They worked out a plan of attack and then they sat silent, eyes locked, bodies hot with arousal, waiting for the right moment to come together. Inge smiled.

“You like playing games, don’t you, Conchita? Well, I have an idea for a game, one we’ve done before.”

Conchita smiled back. “What is that?” she asked. Her voice was already husky with desire.

“We have a fuckfight. Whoever wins is the master of the other until the next climax. Then we do it again.”

Conchita smiled. “The loser has to submit totally to the winner?” she asked. Inge nodded.

“Very well. I think that you’re going to regret your little game,”Conchita said, rising smoothly to her feet,“but I’m happy to play.”

“There’s something else,” Inge murmured, standing up to face Conchita.

 “What’s that?,” asked the dark-haired beauty.

“Take off my fucking clothing!!,” Inge screamed, suddenly lashing out and catching Conchita across the face in a full, right-handed slap. Conchita gasped and reeled back, her cheek stinging, caught by surprise by the sudden explosion of violence. Before she could recover, Inge leaped across the distance between them and hooked her claws in Conchita’s leopard skin halter, causing the Spanish goddess to shriek in pain as her beautiful tits were scored by Inge’s sharp nails. Inge pulled at the halter. The meager garment, already straining to hold Conchita’s massive tits, burst open, spilling the black-haired woman’s majestic breasts out into the warm air.

“You bitch!,” Conchita cried, reaching out and grabbing Inge’s panther-fur halter. In a moment, both women were topless, their magnificent tits bouncing free. The jungle women hurled themselves at each other, both wild with lust and anger, and came together with a hard, wet slap of taut flesh. Inge and Conchita screamed with pleasure as their beautiful, aching tits crushed into one, taking the full weight of their bodies. Engorged nipples caught and fused, penetrating each other, twisting together within their dense, compacted titflesh. Exquisitely sensitive areola rubbed hard, sending spasms of pleasure burning through their tits. The women wrapped their arms around naked backs and squeezed tight. They staggered around the cave, driving into each other with all of the power of their muscled legs, straining to crush the other’s tits flat, but instead grinding their massive boobs ever more tightly. Inge cried out with joy as her swollen tits wrestled and rippled with Conchita’s brown orbs, the cool sweat on their steaming bodies lubricating the battle between their powerful chests. Pussy juice dripped steadily from each woman’s enflamed cunt, soaking their loincloths and sprinkling the sand that they churned up with their bare feet.

As they fought, each Amazon tried to trip and throw the other. Finally, their legs tangled up, causing them to fall to the cool, soft surface. They landed on their sides, arms still wrapped tight around their backs, tits compressed and throbbing in a furious battle of burning flesh to burning flesh. Inge managed to force herself on top of Conchita and, pinning the Spanish woman to the ground with her massive tits, freed her hands to tear at Conchita’s loincloth. Conchita returned the favour and, thrashing and writhing on the ground, the women stripped each other naked. Immediately, they coiled their legs together, wrapped their arms around their nude rival, and squeezed tight, each woman trying to outsex and outmuscle her enemy.

Cheek to cheek, panting hard, their bodies wet with sweat, their thighs moist with sexual juices, the struggling women matched every inch of flesh to flesh, their perfectly muscled, naked legs corded and trembling in stalemate, their arms straining to crush the breath out of the other. Their tits quivered under the pressure as both women thrust at each other with their pectoral muscles. Trembling with effort, pushing crotch to burning, grinding crotch, Inge and Conchita slowly, painfully, rolled from one end of the cave to the other, each woman trying desperately to take the top position and hold it, but neither yet able to overpower the other. The women moaned with raw lust as their vulvas touched and kissed, slick and hot, as thick mats of pubic hair rubbed and twined. They rolled back and forth across the cave twice, before Conchita finally succeeded in taking the top position and holding it. Too tired from the struggle to continue, Inge and Conchita lay together panting, cheek to cheek, hearts pounding, tits crushed and throbbing, bellies pressed tight. Conchita raised her head and stared into the blue eyes directly below hers. The women glared at each other, both thrilled by the hunger they saw mirrored in the eyes of the other. They touched tongues, exchanged hot breath, and felt the heat of the other’s arousal. With a groan of lust, Inge disentangled her legs from Conchita’s mocha limbs. Slowly, she spread her smooth golden thighs, opening her cunt, offering a clear invitation into her body to her enemy. The heat from her pussy burned up against Conchita’s soaking cunt. Sexual juices dripped down from Conchita’s pussy into Inge’s hungry twat. Inge slipped her arms from around Conchita’s upper back and ran her hands down the Spanish beauty’s smooth, hot body to grab the meat of Conchita’s powerful rounded ass.

“Fuck me, you cunt,” Inge moaned, her lips moving against Conchita’s as she murmured. “Fuck me hard.” The Spanish countess licked Inge’s face, and the women briefly tangled tongues, exchanging hot saliva and sweet breath.

“I will, “Conchita promised, her breath coming in hot pants of lust, “I’ll fuck you until you can’t stand, you bitch…”

Their eyes glowing with lust and need, each woman sinking her claws into the other’s hard ass, Inge and Conchita drove their aching pussies together, thick pussy lips slapping and sucking, the raging heat in their groins joined into one. Inge and Conchita threw their heads back, their eyes closed tightly, their teeth gritted in the agony of raw sensation, growls of pure lust turning to gasps of joy. Their pulsing, swollen clits touched, causing both women to gasp with pleasure, then stroked, then began fencing in earnest, the impossibly sensitive sex nubs sawing back and forth, up and down. The women moaned and gasped, then began to scream with ecstasy as they fucked. They pounded their cunts together, taut, juicy pussies slapping in earnest, both women bucking and thrusting, working their cunts into one, struggling to force open and violate the other. They ground together furiously, hot sweat and boiling pussy juice lubricating their slick bodies as they slid and rubbed and stimulated each other to ever higher peaks of pleasure. They kissed hard, sucking at each other’s frantic tongues, but they soon had to break the kiss as their hard exertions forced them to pant furiously in each other’s face. Still, they licked and bit at each other, both beauties totally lost to the passion of their encounter.

They moved together in a hard rhythm, their bodies writhing and undulating in the firelight, hot sweat flying off their tousled manes when they tossed their heads. Conchita’s thick hair acted as a curtain for their faces as they fought and fucked, nose to nose, sometimes cheek to cheek, panting and gasping into each other, their moans and cries of pleasure mingling and growing louder and more insistent as the fuckfight went on and on.

Conchita was confident in her ability to ride Inge into submission. As the battle raged, however, she allowed her control over her burning body to slip, losing herself for a few moments in the raw, luscious sensations overloading her senses. This was enough to suddenly and unexpectedly find herself fighting back a building, surging orgasm. Her cries of pleasure rose in pitch. She could tell that Inge was also on the verge of exploding but Conchita realized that she was still closer to the edge than her blonde enemy. “No,” she moaned in her mind, “No, I won’t lose!” Being subject to Inge’s whims was the last thing she wanted, or so she told herself. She redoubled the speed of her pumping ass and driving cunt, desperately trying to fuck Inge to the edge of ecstasy and force the blonde over. But Inge thrust back with equal fervor, sensing Conchita’s weakness. Frantically, joyfully, the women rode each other, each trying to force the other to a submissive orgasm, each eager to gain the right to enslave and humiliate her enemy, at least for a time. Inge and Conchita struggled to hold on, fighting back the pleasure.

Suddenly, with a tortuous groan, Conchita stopped thrusting and shuddered, trying to bring her raging sex under control. Inge collapsed, gasping, allowing a momentary truce in their raging fuckfight, taking the opportunity to let her own building ecstasy recede just slightly. Then, not wanting to lose her chance, Inge seized the advantage. Conchita’s face was still a mask of effort as she fought to control her bursting sex. Inge pulled the Spanish woman’s face down to her own and locked the bitch in a deep, probing kiss. Conchita kissed back hungrily. Simultaneously, Inge thrust up, smashing her cunt to Conchita’s ravenous pussy, rubbing her engorged clit directly into the Spanish woman’s aching sex. The women screamed together within their locked mouths, but Inge now bucked harder with her hips and twisted their bodies, slowly, agonizingly, forcing Conchita over onto her back. Conchita resisted, but her strength was divided between her efforts to control her own body and the need to withstand Inge’s attack. She soon found herself flat on her back on the soft sand floor, exchanging hard, driving thrusts with Inge, tongues wrestling and hands groping hot flesh, claws scratching at rippling backs and rolling asses as they sought to outfuck each other. Inge pinned Conchita down and, her arms looped under Conchita’s shoulders, her hands on either side of Conchita’s head, she sank her claws into the Spanish woman’s thick hair and gripped tight, anchoring her body as she drove herself as hard and deep into Conchita’ cunt as she could.. Rock hard clits met again and again in intimate combat, rubbing and lapping, pushing and grinding, sending shockwaves of unbearable sensation rippling through the combatants. Snarling and panting, the jungle women locked together in another deep, biting kiss.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Conchita could not take anymore. Her body spasmed  and, with a cry and groan, she broke her vicious kiss with Inge and threw back her head, groaning in ecstasy. “Oh, God, you cunt, you cunt…” she gasped, her moans growing more desperate. Sobbing, almost screaming with the effort of self-control, Inge plastered her excruciatingly pleasurable clit to Conchita’s sexhorn in one final assault.

“Oh, FUCK!!,” Conchita howled as the dam finally burst. Her muscles stiffened, her sexual core exploded, sending a gusher of hot cum jetting up into Inge’s cunt. Orgasms of epic proportions began to chain through her sex-saturated body. Moments later, knowing she did not have to hold out any more, Inge let go and allowed her own screams of pleasure to join Conchita’s. Snarling, clawing, writhing in pleasure and howling with orgasmic joy, the two jungle beauties slammed their wet cunts together in ecstasy as they rode each other to the end.

They lay together in each other’s arms for some time after the final orgasms had washed over them, their clits pulsing together, their hard tits swollen with a throbbing heat. Their bodies dripped with sweat and sex, their limbs were gently tangled, and they panted in unison, each woman feeling the other’s heart pounding through her own tits. After a while, with a groan, Inge rolled off of Conchita, their pussies sucking apart, but still joined by thin strands of cum.  The women lay side by side, beautiful bodies glistening in the firelight. Finally, Conchita stirred and sat up. She looked down at Inge, who gazed back at her with a smile of smug triumph.

“You cunt,” Conchita snarled.

Inge smiled wider, her eyes shining with lust and anticipation.

“You know the rules,” she purred. “You lost this round. Accept it. You’re just a weak slut.  Now, go and kneel in the center of the cave. Put your head down and your ass up in the air.”

Conchita pulled herself to her feet and, swallowing her pride and trembling with anger and anticipation, she did as she was told. She hated Inge more than ever, but she was more excited than she cared to admit.

Smiling grimly, Conchita turned her back to Inge. She could feel the blonde’s lustful eyes burning into her smooth back. She rippled her muscles, giving her enemy something more to see. Inge smiled, admiring the naked body before her. In the outline cast by the firelight, Inge could see Conchita’s juicy cunt dripping fluid to the soft sand. Conchita dropped to her knees, paused for a moment, and from there leaned forward. Her heavy brown tits pushed into the thick sand, the light abrasion sending pulses of sensual pleasure into her burning skin. Her nipples hardened into the soft ground, and she rubbed her tits into the sand just slightly, enjoying the gritty sensation. Her arms were down on the ground, her forearms pressed into the earth, her head nestled in the v formed by her resting arms. Her ass jutted up, as she presented her haunches to Inge, as she had been ordered.  Her ass rested on her ankles, and she felt deliciously exposed. She waited, excitement building in her loins, her hot pussy warming up and moistening, her heart gathering speed as she waited to be violated. She knew that Inge would do something enjoyably humiliating to her, but eventually it would be over. Then she would have another chance to make Inge pay. And when she had her chance, God, how she would make the blonde cunt pay…

Inge smiled, admiring Conchita’s beautiful, rounded ass. She walked up behind the Spanish goddess, then dropped to her knees. She placed her hands on the brown, solid globes of Conchita’ass and ran her hands over the delectable muscle, rubbing and stroking the flesh, scratching with her sharp nails. She bent down and kissed each perfect ass cheek, then she ran her tongue over the firm flesh, licking and stroking, then suddenly biting, hard, into Conchita’s glorious ass, leaving angry red teethmarks on the perfect skin.

Conchita moaned in pain and need, her body burning. Inge bit and sucked a moment longer, then she sat back up and used her right hand to finger Conchita’s anus, Conchita groaned again, shivering with lust and anger. Inge slipped her hand a bit lower and  cupped Conchita’s quivering cunt. She held her enemy’s sex for a time, rubbing the hot, taut slit gently, then pulled her moistened hand back up and rubbed the cunt juice around on Conchita’s ass. She ran her hands up Conchita’s ass and down the Spanish woman’s back, stroking and kneading the perfect back muscles, enjoying the delicious curve from Conchita’s powerful ass down her spine to the strong muscles of the Spanish woman’s delicious shoulders. Inge buried her right hand in Conchita’s hair, then wrapped the thick black mane several times around her hand.  Inge pulled back on the hair, jerking Conchita’s head up, forcing a pained gasp from the black-haired vixen. Inge leaned forward and mounted Conchita’s ass. She pushed her pussy into the taut, round muscle and began rubbing her pussy around and around on the smooth flesh, her cunt lips opening and sucking against the solid muscle, her rough bush abrading the slick skin. Hot juice smeared Conchita’s flesh, and both women panted with lust and excitement. Conchita groaned, caught with the frustration of not being able to fight back, her cunt burning with lust. Her hard clit, tingling with pleasure, pushed out from her pussy. She began to feel Inge’s thick sexhorn pushing and rubbing cunt juice all over her ass, Inge’s groan and moans of lust intensifying as her hard clit pushed into Conchita’s smooth flesh, as her thick cunt lips sucked tightly at the Spanish woman’s brown ass. Her nipples were aching with pressure, and, through the haze of her sexual pleasure, she thought about how she would use Conchita’s body for her enjoyment.

Inge leaned forward and pulled back on Conchita’s hair at the same time, forcing a groan of pain from the dark-haired goddess, causing her to curve her spine into a “U”, her massive tits jutting out from her ribs and rocking on her chest as her body shook with passion. Inge pressed down, lowering her face until she was cheek to cheek with her victim. Inge kissed and licked at Conchita’s cheek. “This is going to be a long night for you, Conchita,” she murmured. “I’m going to fuck you until you drop.”

“My cunt can take anything you have, you whore,” Conchita grunted defiantly, her arms pushing up to hold her in place.

“Why don’t we see?” Inge replied. She reached around and gripped Conchita’s right breast, squeezing it hard, kneading it and teasing the thick brown nipple with her probing fingers until Conchita groaned with angry lust. Inge pulled back and ordered “Get down on your hands and push your ass up as far as you can.” Conchita did as she was told, shivering with impotent rage. Inge smiled, then reached down and stroked and probed Conchita’s exposed pussy, teasing the sensitive flesh, enjoying the moist, thick meat of her enemy’s cunt. She got down on her own hands and knees behind Conchita, leaning in to gently kiss Conchita’s pussy, then run her tongue into the cleft of Conchita’s womanhood, before sliding her smooth taste organ over Conchita’s aching, protruding clit. The Spanish woman moaned in an agony of desire, her fingers digging into the soft earth, resisting the urge to get up, throw Inge down, and start fucking. The sensations that Inge was evoking caused her body to tremble with need.

Inge reached down to finger her own pussy. Gripping Conchita’s hips, and rising up on her knees, she arched her back and aimed her cunt at Conchita’s dripping snatch. The angle was awkward but Inge aimed true and soon her own thick, juicy pussy lips were sliding against Conchita’s aching cunt. It was a reverse fuck, so Inge’s hard clit started at the top of Conchita’s pussy, caressing and rubbing against her burning clit,, then slid through the Spanish woman’s hot, wet labia, to the bottom of her cunt. “Ahhh,” the women moaned together in unison, both shuddering with pleasure, enjoying the delightful sensations rippling away from their caressing cunts. Inge stroked and squeezed at Conchita’s elevated ass, running her claws along the skin. Then, she leaned back and drove pussy to pussy again, rubbing slow and hard, torturing her enemy with pleasure. She caressed Conchita’s thighs and the soles of her bare feet, she occasionally pushed herself forward on to Conchita’s back, pressing her heavy tits into the smooth skin, letting her nipples trace a pattern on the Spanish woman’s perfect back, while she reached around to cup and squeeze and weigh Conchita’s beautiful tits in her hands. Cunt juice flowed, lubricating the women’s delicious fucking, helping their engorged clits and swollen pussy lips slide smoothly into and out of each other. The women’s groans and cries of ecstasy kept building. After a while, Inge changed her attack, using the exquisitely sensitive head of her bursting clit to gently stroke and rub the underside of Conchita’s rock-hard sex nub. The women panted, gasping and choking back screams as the incredible pleasure built. Conchita could not help but push back with her ass, rubbing her clit back and forth on Inge’s burning sex, the black-haired beauty desperate for the delicious violation to go on. Inge moaned with joy, working the most intensely aroused part of her nerve-rich clit against her enemy’s equally sensitive sexhorn.

The women’s pants and cries grew louder and harder as they fucked. Conchita writhed desperately into the ground, rubbing her burning tits into the grating sand. Inge ground her throbbing clit slow and hard against Conchita’s engorged sex. Inge sank her claws into Conchita’s hard ass ,she threw her head back and moaned with ecstasy, her heavy golden tits bouncing in time to her long, hard thrusts, her light brown nipples rock hard and pulsing with tension and pleasure. Suddenly, with an agonized groan, she stopped. Gasping , Inge pulled back from Conchita’s glorious body. The Spanish woman moaned in desperation, not wanting the violation to stop.

Panting raggedly, her body aroused beyond her ability to withstand, Inge gasped at Conchita. “Roll over onto your back, whore,” she growled.

Conchita did as she was told, the crowns of her sweaty breasts and nipples now coated with a thin layer of sand. She rolled over onto her back, her knees up, her thighs spread, her pussy engorged, and stared up at her enemy, her expression a tantalizing mix of raw lust and unalloyed hatred. Inge smiled, looking down at the magnificent body spread beneath her. She admired the luscious curves, the bulging tits and thick, hard nipples, and the hot, hairy, wet cunt that contracted, gushing pussy juice, even as she watched. With a groan, Inge descended on Conchita’s pussy, burying her face in the wet, fragrant maw between the Spanish woman’s legs. Conchita sighed, her sighs soon turning to moans of agonized pleasure as Inge’s teeth and tongue devoured her core, lapping and nipping at her swollen clit, driving her insane with raw pleasure. Even as she ate Conchita’s cunt, Inge slid her hands up the black-haired beauty’s taut belly and cupped Conchita’s jiggling tits. Her claws sank into the yielding flesh and she squeezed hard, before rubbing Conchita’s rock-hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger like knobs. As she worked Conchita’s aching tits, she brushed away the coating of sand.

“Dear God, oh God,” Conchita sobbed, desperate to strike back against this sexual assault, but powerless to resist, her body burning with waves of coruscating pleasure. She could not help but rub her hard ass into the soft sand, feeling the grit moving up between her ass cheeks, her body writhing beneath Inge’s ministrations. She was being dominated and controlled and she hated what Inge was doing to her, even as she loved it. Soon, she told herself, soon this will be over and it will be my turn to torture this whore. For now, though, she could only passively receive the delirious sensations being forced upon her by her blonde nemesis.

Conchita’s universe became the incredible pleasure emanating from her tortured pussy and the ecstasy rolling out of her chest as Inge’s two hands kneaded and stroked and fondled Conchita’s burning tits. She threw back her head and moaned with joy as Inge devoured her. Inge reveled in the feeling of power over Conchita. The Spanish woman’s screams and cries of joy were music to her and the blonde delighted in the wet heat and the delicious scent of Conchita’s overflowing cunt. She rubbed her face into Conchita’s cunt. She loved the feeling of Conchita’s taut, throbbing tits as they yielded beneath her fingers, as she filled her hands with the hot flesh and squeezed. But Inge was also aroused beyond all measure. She knew that she would soon not be able to resist the pounding need to fuck.

Inge pulled her face, wet with Conchita’s juices, out of her enemy’s pussy. She rubbed her face into Conchita’s hot, rippling belly, licking and biting at the taut flesh, sending her tongue into Conchita’s deep navel. Inge nibbled her way up Conchita’s body until she was looking down at the Spanish goddess’ jiggling right tit. Inge lapped at the nipple, forcing a cry of agony from Conchita. Inge sucked hard at the thick brown nipple, rejoicing in its salty taste, in how the taut flesh resisted her probing tongue. She gently bit Conchita’s areola, then, even as Conchita cried out in agony, Inge took as much of Conchita’s massive tit into her mouth as she could manage. She bit hard and sucked and licked at the yielding flesh, which was wet with sweat. Inge began licking every inch of  Conchita’s tits, covering Conchita’s beautiful mocha orbs in hot saliva and gentle red teethmarks. She devoured her enemy. As she feasted on Conchita, Inge rubbed her hard nipples into Conchita’s hot, taut belly. She squeezed Conchita’s free tit mercilessly, moving from tit to tit as she drove the black-haired beauty insane with desire. At some point during her assault, Inge drove two questing fingers up into Conchita’s cunt and massaged and teased Conchita’s engorged clit even as she feasted relentlessly on the Spanish woman’s massive tits. Conchita screamed and sobbed as her body writhed and bucked helplessly in the thick sand. All the while, Inge felt the heat and tension in her pussy build unbearably.

Suddenly, Inge stopped. She pulled herself up, pushing her body up and off of Conchita’s writhing form. Conchita continued to gasp and sob, her flesh aroused beyond all measure, her need for sexual release torturing her. “No, no,” she gasped, “don’t stop, don’t…”

Panting hard, Inge smiled, delighting in her mastery of her black-haired enemy. She had no intention of stopping, but her body had hit a point where she needed her own release. Slowly, she crawled on her hands and knees around Conchita’s body, until she positioned herself at Conchita’s head. Conchita looked up at Inge. Conchita’s eyes glowed with lust.

“Do it, whore,” Conchita moaned, her voice hoarse with lust. “Let me eat you and you can eat me. It will be so good…” There was a note of pleading in Conchita’s voice that Inge particularly enjoyed. Even so, she knew that she could no longer resist her own urges.

Her knees to either side of Conchita’s head, Inge sat up and allowed some of her hot pussy juice to trickle down onto the Spanish woman’s face and mouth. Conchita eagerly lapped up the flow. Then, spreading herself, Inge lowered her body down onto Conchita’s perfect form. She buried her face in Conchita’s pussy even as she felt her hard tits crush into Conchita’s brown abdomen. The undersides of both women’s tits crushed tight against each other. At the same time, Conchita looped her arms around Inge’s hips and, grasping Inge’s round ass, drove her tongue deep into Inge’s cunt, wrapping her tongue and lips around the blonde’s overstimulated clit and sucking hard. Inge and Conchita shrieked uncontrollably into the other’s pussy as they feasted on each other. The women were lost to their limitless lust and they joyously turned their full attention to devouring the other.

Inge and Conchita’s animal groans and cries, stifled by their mutual sucking, finally reached a fever pitch and, with screams of pleasure and completion, the jungle women exploded into each other’s face. Hot cum jetted from each burning pussy into the mouths of the two enemies, who eagerly swallowed what they could. Pussy juice splattered their beautiful faces. They held each other tightly, hands spread on the other’s perfect ass, shuddering in pleasure, as the orgasms rippled and burned through their bodies. They continued to lap and suck at each other, pulling every orgasm that they could out of their enemy’s bursting clit. Finally, exhausted and satisfied, they collapsed into a molten heap of voluptuous flesh, their faces buried in the other’s pussy, their hot breath panting onto the other’s twat. Smiling, pleasurably spent and drifting on the edge of unconsciousness, Inge kissed and licked Conchita’s dripping pussy lips. Conchita immediately returned the gesture, and the two women fell into an exhausted sleep.

Some time later, Inge awoke and rolled off of Conchita. Lying side by side, their bodies pointed in opposite directions, they rested, drifting in and out of satisfied sleep. But Conchita eventually pushed herself up to a sitting position and glared down at Inge.

“You’ll pay for that, you bitch,” she growled, her voice hoarse and cracking. “I’m going to make you eat your own cunt.”

Inge smiled, and stretched languidly. Then, still on her back, she opened her arms and spread her legs in invitation to her foe. The hot pink core of her hairy pussy pulsed enticingly.

“Just come and try, Conchita,” she murmured, deep arousal thickening her voice. “I don’t think that you’ve got enough pussy meat to take me on.”

Conchita reached out for her blonde enemy and felt the heat between her legs flare back to life, her nipples hardening with desire and her tits throbbing with tension. The night was still young and there was still plenty of time to fuck Inge into abject defeat. With a moan of lust, she grasped Inge’s offered hands, interlacing her fingers with those of her blonde foe, and lowered her ripe, round body down onto Inge’s matching golden form. Hard tits crushed, powerful bodies aligned, and pubic hair meshed as their aching cunts slid into place against each other. Intertwining their long, powerful legs, the two beauties resumed their sexual war.

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In the morning, Inge woke first from her exhausted sleep, and stared at Conchita, still asleep beside her. Conchita was lying on her side, her beautiful body curving deliciously up the swell of her voluptuous hip down to her smooth, muscled legs. Her hands were folded under her head and her arms compressed and shielded her magnificent tits. Inge felt the stirrings of lust in her loins as she drank in the Spanish woman’s body, but she decided to save herself until later. She got up and found her leopard-skin bikini top, where she had discarded it the night before. She pulled on the halter then searched for the matching loincloth. She found it, but then she hesitated. With a mischievous smile, she found the black panther bikini bottom where Conchita had tossed it during combat the previous night. She pulled on the black loincloth. She decided that she would keep the game going a while longer by reclaiming her own outfit one piece at a time.

Conchita woke soon afterward and saw what Inge was wearing. She smiled, amused at this new variation on the game, then dressed herself in her own panther skin bra. She pulled Inge’s leopard skin loincloth tight against her pussy, making sure that Inge saw how snugly her garment fit Conchita. The women exchanged hot glares, but both knew that now was not the time to fight. After a quick breakfast of coconut, Inge and Conchita set off to find their elusive prey.

They resumed following the animal’s destructive trail through the jungle but, three hours later, circling vultures in the sky led them directly to the giant beast they were stalking. The jungle women moved cautiously through the forest, the distinctive sounds of a large animal eating the carcass of some recent prey drawing them to their quarry. In a large clearing, they came upon the monster. The women crouched behind a giant, fallen log about 30 meters from the monster, and watched it carefully. There was little wind, so they were not worried about their scents being detected, at least not yet.

The beast was enormous. It was at least 15 meters in length, almost half of that a thick, powerful tail. It possessed long, muscled arms topped by fearsome three-fingered claws. It seemed to move most easily on two legs and stood almost 6 meters tall. A large skeletal sail protruded from its back and its head resembled that of a crocodile, but far larger. The creature looked like some kind of reptile; its scaly skin was devoid of any hair. But its movements were quick and fluid, more like a bird. The monster was in the process of devouring a bull elephant, a realization that sent a spike of intense anger through Inge. It was her mission to protect the animals of this forest from all intruders, human and otherwise. She would avenge the elephant. But she tempered her anger with her knowledge of nature. This beast was simply following its own instincts. It was not evil. But it would still have to be destroyed. It was far too dangerous and destructive to be allowed to continue its rampage.

Inge motioned to Conchita, pointing to the other end of the clearing. Conchita nodded and, silently, set off to circle around the clearing so that she could attack the beast from the other side. The women’s strategy was straightforward: they would blind the animal with their arrows, then finish it off quickly using the gunpowder bombs they had brought from the village. The animal’s eyes were on either side of its head, so the attackers needed to be on opposite sides of the clearing. Attacking from two different sites would also confuse the creature and make it harder for it to strike back. Conchita had suggested using the gunpowder arrows to blind the creature and, perhaps, kill it at the same time. But using the arrows required lighting them, which required a certain amount of delay and Inge was afraid the scent of the fire and the lit fuse might be enough to alert the beast. “No,” she had said, “it’s best to blind it first, then kill it while it’s disoriented.”

Conchita examined the leaf-wrapped packets of gunpowder in her sack. The primitive technology was impressive. Each packet was attached to a wick that was coated in a highly flammable substance. The villagers had equipped the women with makeshift matches, their heads coated in the same flammable substance, which could light the wicks. Then, 3-4 seconds later, the packet would explode. Each packet also carried excess twine that could be used to attach the bomb to an arrow or spear.

Looping her sack over her shoulder, Conchita hefted her spear, made sure her quiver and bow were secure, then began carefully, silently, circling around the great beast. In the meantime, Inge readied her arrows, attaching packets to some of them, and placing them in a row on the rock in front of her, in preparation for easy use.

Conchita positioned herself directly across from Inge, on the other side of the clearing. She was somewhat closer to the animal, and near enough to catch its pungent scent. The giant reptile had remained focused on the elephant carcass in front of it, and had not noticed her at all. She chirped like a bird, to alert Inge that she had reached her spot. Inge replied with a similar sound. Then Conchita readied her arrows, selected the one arrow she would use to blind the monster, and waited for the signal.

After another minute, the bird sound came again. Aiming carefully at the creature’s eye, Conchita counted down to four and then let her arrow fly. Her aim was true – the shaft lodged deep in the creature’s eye socket, destroying the monster’s vision on its right side. She had hoped that the shaft would go all the way through to the monster’s brain, but it was stopped by some kind of bony formation.The creature reacted much faster than either woman had thought possible, however. The instant that the arrow struck, it jerked its head in sudden pain. The second arrow from Inge’s bow, having a slightly longer distance to travel, ended up missing its target, driving into the thick hide directly below the animal’s left eye. The monster roared, a scream of rage and anguish. It instantly turned toward the side where it still had vision, and spotted Inge in the underbrush. With a roar, the creature rushed toward the blonde woman, crossing the clearing with astonishing speed.

Inge had already lit the fuse of one of her arrow bombs. Calmly, she now fitted two such arrows to her bow and aimed right down the throat of the rapidly approaching monster. She held off firing, counting down the fuse, even as the beast, roaring in rage and agony, tore across the clearing towards her. When it was only 6 meters away, she finally released the arrows, and then, not waiting to see the arrows’ impact, dove for cover, being sure to hold onto her bow, her quiver still secured to her back. She heard the monster roar in pain as the arrows pierced the inside of its mouth. She called on all of her jungle-born speed to get out of the way of the rampaging monster. She deliberately dove to the monster’s right, its blindspot, and rolled into a ball. The creature passed so close to her that the wind of its passage buffeted her body. An instant later, even as she was rolling, the bombs went off. The two arrows had lodged in the inside of the monster’s lower jaw and they now detonated with enormous force. The creature shrieked in agony. Blood and tissue scattered through the clearing. The giant beast was gravely wounded. Its powerful jaw hung in tatters from its massive head, and its tongue was ruined. But it was still far from dead, and infinitely more dangerous now that it had been so grievously injured. It swung its head from side to side, looking for its blonde tormenter, and its one eye fixed on Inge as she sprinted away.

Inge cursed. She had no desire to torture this creature. Even as the monster roared in anger and began to give pursuit, numerous arrows suddenly peppered its back and lodged in its sail. Conchita was attacking from behind, trying to distract the beast from her blonde companion. In a moment, the bombs exploded in rapid succession, and the giant beast shrieked in confusion and pain. The charges on the individual missiles, however, were too small to penetrate the creature’s hide and could only burn and blister the skin. Still, it was enough. Growling with rage and agony, the creature swung its crocodile-head back towards the dark-haired woman, looking for the source of its newest pain.

Like Inge, Conchita had set her arrows out on a stone, tied on the gunpowder packs, and now lit two of the fuses. The creature was lumbering towards her, still moving incredibly fast despite its injuries. She aimed for its face and got off two shots in rapid succession, before she grabbed the remaining arrows and, leaving her spear, ran into the heavier forest, seeking the shelter of the older trees. She heard explosions behind her, and the scream of the great beast, but she did not risk a glance until she was safely behind an old oak. The creature was roaring in pain. One of her arrows had been aimed at its remaining eye and, while it had missed, it had come close enough that the associated explosion stung what was left of the beast’s sight.

Inge had used the distraction to swing herself up into a big, sturdy tree. She was straddling a thick branch and shot another explosive missile at the tortured beast. The arrow lodged in its chest, exploding, singing its hide and drawing its attention back to the blonde jungle goddess. Conchita was about to resume her own attack, but Inge shouted out, “No! Let it come to me!” Conchita understood, but gathered up her arrows and looked for a way to swing closer to Inge’s tree.

Focusing its remaining rheumy eye, the beast rushed at Inge’s tree. Inge was about 15 meters up, her powerful thighs tightened around a sturdy branch. Even so, the impact of the beast on the tree almost smashed her free. The tree trembled but held, though it was clear it would not last long. The monster leaped, its claws almost reaching the branch the blonde had wrapped her thighs around, and Inge realized she was far too close to the ground. Even as this realization occurred to her, three arrows struck the monster from behind, lodging in its sail, then exploding. The beast shrieked, enraged and distracted by Conchita’s attack. Its mouth gaped wide. Inge had already lit a fire-arrow and now, calmly, with three arrow-bombs notched to her bow, she carefully aimed down the throat of the enraged beast and let fly.

The creature shrieked with yet more excruciating pain as the missiles shot down its gullet. But a moment later, the three bombs detonated and the creature’s head and throat suddenly exploded. Blood and gore rained everywhere, but Inge had already hurled herself back, in an effort to avoid the creature’s gaping maw, and managed to avoid the worst of the splatter. From 20 meters away, paused in the act of notching another arrow to her bowstring, Conchita watched the animal’s ruined body crash to the earth.

All was now quiet. The sound of the final explosion faded, and Inge and Conchita approached the monster’s battered carcass, both holding their bows, arrows notched and ready. Inge’s eyes shone with a mixture of sadness and excitement. She hated killing any animal, even those she ate for her meals, and destroying this beast in such a brutal manner bothered her. But the excitement of the last few minutes was undeniable and she could feel the tension and adrenaline tightening her pussy and pounding in her heart.

Conchita, by contrast, was simply excited. Pitting her womanly power against other beings – men, women, or animals – gave her enormous pleasure. She licked her lips, and she felt the heat and tension in her groin. Now that the battle was over, she felt her pussy moistening with pleasure. She shuddered with lust.

Inge kneeled beside the ruined corpse as Conchita came up behind her. Already, flies were gathering. It would not be long before the other scavengers of the jungle found the enormous body and made short work of it.

“So, what is this?”Conchita asked. “Where could a creature like this come from?”

Inge paused, considering how to answer. Then she explained. “There is an enormous canyon, a place that is blocked off from the rest of the jungle by a high plateau, deep in the forest. The animals that live inside that canyon are not like any others. They are mostly like this – gigantic, and most of them look like reptiles. In the past, some of them have managed to find ways out of the canyon and into the rest of the forest but, as far as I know, this is the first time one of the big meat eaters has managed to do it.”

Conchita’s eyes were glowing with more than just sexual excitement now. She began thinking of the fortune that could be made if she could get her hands on one of these creatures. And who knew what else could be found in this mysterious canyon?

Inge looked up at her dark-haired counterpart, saw the excitement in her dark eyes, and smiled grimly. She knew exactly what Conchita was thinking.

“So, what are we going to do now?” Conchita asked. “Are we going to find out how this creature got out?”

“No,” Inge replied. “I expect that some passageway opened up, maybe because of an earthquake or volcanic eruption. I’ve got the extra gunpowder, so I should be able to seal it myself.”

Conchita masked her disappointment, but her mind was still working on some way to get Inge to take her to the canyon when the blonde rose and began walking toward the river to wash up. Conchita followed her, wondering if this meant that they would now begin to head back to the city.

As they walked, Inge said to Conchita “There is something that I want to show you. It’s not far from here and I think that you will find it very interesting.”

Conchita’s stomach fell, and her sex burned. She knew that whatever it was that Inge really hoped to do with her was now coming out.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It’s a temple,”Inge replied, “Just about a day’s journey from here. It has artifacts and trinkets that you might find – appealing. I was thinking we could make a deal – maybe I lead you to the temple and its riches and you agree to leave the jungle alone, and maybe even help me defend it against threats like this.”

Conchita restrained herself from snorting derisively, and decided to play along. She knew that Inge was lying, and she suspected that Inge was aware that she was not fooled by this act. Still, it was clear to her that Inge wanted her to go to this temple, and her curiosity was overwhelming.

“Perhaps.” Conchita said. “We can talk when I see what’s there.”

Inge smiled. “Good. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.”

With a final, backward glance at the ruined creature they had just killed, Conchita followed Inge back into the jungle, toward the river. Her sex tightened and she smiled with anticipation of whatever was to come.

Part V

Inge and Conchita arrived at the temple by the early afternoon of the next day. The temple was clearly an ancient structure, but it was also remarkably well-preserved, with little of the moss-covering or vegetation overgrowth that would have been expected on a structure of this kind in the middle of a forest. It was a giant stone pyramid, rising more than 30 meters off the jungle floor. A single wide staircase ran up the side of the temple to a box-like structure at the top. The sides of the temple were decorated with ornate carvings, but the women were still too far away for Conchita to make out what they were.

The women were now back in their own bikinis, Conchita nearly naked in her black panther fur, Inge sporting her tiny leopard skin. They had fought long and hard the previous night, their sexual combat ending in a decisive victory for Conchita. But Inge had awoken first and had reclaimed her bikini.

Inge and Conchita approached the temple through the thick green foliage. Inge was clearly familiar with the place, but Conchita was wary. As they moved nearer to the temple, Conchita began to feel odd. As they drew closer to the temple steps, she suddenly realized what was happening. She was feeling increasingly aroused. She had not noticed this at first because she had been in an almost constant state of low-level arousal since she and Inge had embarked on their journey. This was different, however. An almost electric hum of tension corded in her stomach and then flowed easily, sensuously down into her loins. Her pussy tightened and warmed with tickling pleasure. These sensations were familiar, but they usually only happened when she was on the verge of engaging Inge in an all-out fuckfight. As these feelings began to ripple out of her pussy, Conchita suddenly realized that the ornate carvings decorating the temple surface depicted men and women in all variety of sexual intercourse. She smiled, a powerful feeling of anticipation beginning to build in her deepest womanhood.

Inge reached the temple and began to ascend its outer stairs. She showed no signs of being affected by any enhanced sexual tension, but Conchita knew that Inge could have known what to expect and was now hiding the effects. When Conchita placed her bare foot on the first stone step of the ancient structure, a trickle of heat from the stone moved up her leg and directly into her clit; an instant later, her clit shot a bolt of tension through to her majestic tits, hardening her nipples, causing her to gasp. Inge did not appear to notice. The heat pulled Conchita on. Whatever was happening here, she was intrigued.

Inge reached the top of the pyramid and paused before a gaping rectangular doorway, more than 2.5 meters high and 4 meters wide. The portal was unsealed, but seemed to open on to impenetrable darkness. Inge stepped forward, pulled off her quiver of arrows and her bow and placed them beside the door. Then, she reached into an alcove concealed behind the entrance’s inner wall. She pulled out a torch and held it out in the sun. After a moment, the torch burst into flame. Conchita started; she had not expected this and wondered what kind of science allowed for such an easy combustion.

Inge turned to Conchita. “Leave all of your weapons here,” she said, as she braced her spear against the stone wall, beside her quiver and her bow. “This is a holy place.”

Conchita put her spear, bow and arrows beside Inge’s implements and then untied her scabbard and left her sharp knife on the flagstone at the door. She did not feel that she would need any weapons. She could sense that whatever was down there in the dark was not a physical threat to her. But it was still some kind of powerful force and her curiosity, along with her body, was deeply aroused.

Inge paused at the threshold and inhaled the cool air coming out of the depths of the temple. Conchita was standing right behind her and could see that the blazing torch illuminated a set of stairs going down into the dark. Then, Inge stepped forward, her bare feet slapping gently on the cool stone, and began her descent. Conchita momentarily hesitated. But a sudden spike of sexual power rippled through her pussy, calling her to whatever was below, promising pleasure beyond anything she had ever experienced before. She followed the blonde jungle woman into the darkness.

More than 40 steps down, the long corridor began to curve and it soon became apparent that the stairway was built in the form of a giant descending spiral. Inge and Conchita continued down, Conchita soon losing track of the number of steps she had walked. All the while, as they moved into the darkness, she grew increasingly aware of the strange and sensual feelings reverberating through her body. The air was cool and moist, but it seemed to almost caress her flawless, tanned flesh. It played around the cooling sweat on her sensitive inner thighs and dipped into her deep cleavage and caressed the undersides of her tits as they strained against her halter. Her nipples hardened even more as gentle bursts of sexual energy flowed around and through her body. Her muscular, bare abdomen shivered with heat. Her clit began to swell and, the further down she went, the more her burgeoning sex moistened with arousal. Her eyes locked on Inge’s beautiful back, focusing on the powerful muscles rippling in the blonde’s shoulders, the gentle see-saw of her firm, rounded ass as she descended the stairs, the sensual flexing of her perfectly ridged calves and thighs, her flowing hair. Conchita was always aroused in Inge’s presence, but this was something more. She remembered her dream, the dream of Inge and her locked in a truly overwhelming sexfight, and she began to wonder if that moment was soon to be upon her.

The light from Inge’s torch was the only source of illumination. Everywhere, they were surrounded by pitch black. The gentle slap of their bare feet on the stone echoed deeply in the dark. They kept descending, until Conchita estimated that they had spent more than 30 minutes walking down the stairs. She had noticed that, for a subterranean structure in the depths of a rainforest, the stairs were quite dry, not as damp and slick as she had expected, though they were wet in spots. After almost 40 minutes, the air started to grow warmer. After another 10 minutes, a gentle light appeared from somewhere far below. Just ahead, the staircase suddenly straightened out and descended directly towards the distant light. Conchita realized that where the spiral ended, they were standing on a ledge from where the stairs continued. She looked back and saw the curved wall of the staircase, disappearing up into the dark. By the light of the torch and the distant glow from the bottom of the stairs, she could tell that they were now standing in some kind of enormous cavern. She felt like shouting to hear the echo, but she restrained herself. This place really did feel like a church and her senses told her that she was close to the presence of something truly sacred and powerful. Conchita did not have much time to consider any of this. Her sexual desire was now burning inside of her in a way that distracted her from almost everything else. The tension in her body was like an omnipresent ache, pleasant but somewhat distant. Her sharp, jungle-trained ears began to detect the sound of water, emanating from below.

The two nearly nude women walked down into the depths for another 10 minutes, the distant glow growing closer and more defined, the temperature in the cavern rising steadily as they closed the distance. Nearing the bottom of the staircase, they could see an entryway. A blue, ethereal light was issuing from beyond the door and soon the women were standing in front of an ancient portal, equal in size and shape to the entrance to the temple far above. The sound of falling water was coming from inside.

They entered through the doorway and found themselves within a giant stone room. With a thrill, Conchita immediately recognized the room from her dream, and her body tensed in anticipation. Here, she and Inge would fuckfight in a way that they never had before. Her pussy leaked with a sudden surge of juices and she could smell her own scent of arousal.

The ceiling of the room was at least 10 meters above their heads; the walls disappeared back into the darkness and it was impossible to tell the full dimensions of the enclosed space. Twenty-five meters into the vast room was a fountain. Water spilled out of a rounded rock bowl, which seemed to have been chiseled out of the natural stone. The fountain shot maybe four meters into the air. The water of the fountain was the source of the entrancing blue glow lighting the room and spilling out of the doorway. Somehow, this liquid was shining with a gentle internal light. The fountain was positioned within a large, shallow pool, at least 10 meters in diameter, which was rimmed in by a low rock wall. The floor of the room was not stone, as Conchita had expected, but seemed to be a thick, cool layer of sand. To the right of the entrance was an altar of some kind, with a statue of a many-armed goddess-figure. Conchita wondered if this was the guardian of the fountain.

The jungle women paused just inside the doorway. Conchita looked at the scene with awe, but Inge smiled with satisfaction. Everything was just as she remembered. She walked more deeply into the room, enjoying the feel of the cool sand on her bare feet, and then used her torch to light a number of braziers set in the walls around the entryway. Soon, the corner of the room nearest the door and the altar was brightened with firelight, competing with the fairy-blue glow coming off of the fountain. The rest of the giant room remained in shadow, lightly touched by the illumination from the water. Inge deposited her torch in a bracket lodged in the wall.

Conchita had followed Inge in and she looked around while Inge tended to the lighting. Conchita noted the ornate and ancient carvings on the walls. She was not surprised to see that, as on the face of the temple, they all seemed to be highly erotic in nature. She was struck by the sense of age. This room was ancient, maybe even older than the temple above it. She had a sense that the deep shadows in the back of the structure were hiding much more than more stone walls. Part of her thrilled to the sense of mystery, to the idea that she was discovering some of the deep secrets of this incredible jungle. Another part of her was uneasy, awed by the sense of standing on the edge of other worlds. But, mostly, she was deeply aroused, her sexual power overflowing. Incredibly, given the almost unbelievable pleasure and arousal that she had experienced since her first encounter with Inge, Conchita felt that she had never been hornier in her life. She struggled to control herself, not wanting to show Inge any weakness.

“What is this place?” she asked quietly, knowing that she had to treat the temple with respect.

“This is the place where we will settle, once and for all, which of us is the better woman,” Inge replied. She turned to smile at Conchita with a glint of feverish lust in her eyes.  With a thrill of pleasure, Conchita realized that Inge was as affected by the sexual atmosphere of this temple as she was. The blonde had simply hidden her arousal, until now.

“What is this place?,” Conchita repeated, moving towards Inge sensuously, her hips swaying, her massive brown tits rocking gently. The sexual tension created by the temple was boiling in Conchita. The Spanish woman’s need to fuck, to mate completely with Inge’s perfect body, was never greater. Inge moved to meet her. The women met in the centre of the space in front of the fountain, their eyes glowing with mutual lust, their perfect, voluptuous bodies glistening with a fine, sexual sweat. But Inge put her hand up to stop Conchita before they could touch skin to skin. Even so, they stood only a meter or so apart, both of them swaying, aligning their bodies, both driven to new heights of desire by the scent of the other’s dripping pussy.

“You feel the power of this place, don’t you?,” Inge purred, her voice husky with lust. “The need burning in your cunt? The pure desire? This is where we can face each other, woman to woman, until one of us can’t go on. Here, we can fight for as long and as hard as we need. When we leave here, we will both know which of us is the better woman. But first, we must ask for permission and help.”

“Permission?” Conchita echoed. “From whom?”

“From the goddess of the temple. Her name is Ura. She is the goddess of love, of sex, of lust, and of life. She is the power here and it is in front of her that I will break your pussy, It is here that your cunt will totally submit to mine.” Inge smiled, her eyes shining with anticipation and boiling desire. Clearly, getting Conchita to this place had been her goal all along.  

Conchita snorted with derision. “You bitch. Your goddess will see me fuck you until you beg me to stop. Your cunt, your tits, every inch of your body will surrender to mine.”

The women smiled at each other, both almost sick with lust, each women aching to throw herself at her enemy, to crush burning tits and juicy pussies into one body and fuck mindlessly for as long as they could stand it. But they managed to restrain themselves, for at least a while longer.

With difficulty, Inge pulled herself away from the confrontation, moved past Conchita, and walked over to the altar. She picked up a long wooden match sitting on the altar base and lit it, then quickly lit a series of candles sitting around the base and others held in the many hands of the goddess statue. As the candles guttered and caught, Conchita thought she sensed a slight change in the air, a slight intensification of the erotic feelings coursing through her body. But she could not be sure that this was not her own natural arousal taking hold.

Inge motioned her over and, as she approached, Inge explained what to do.

“We will kneel here. Follow my lead and remain silent. I will ask the goddess for her blessing. She will tell us if we can meet each other here in combat.”

“How do you plan to get her to talk?” Conchita asked, with some amusement. “She’s made of stone.”

Inge smiled. “You will see,” she replied. “Just don’t interrupt. This may take a little time.”

Inge kneeled in the cool sand, her beautifully muscled legs folded under her body, her rounded ass resting on the soles of her bare feet. Conchita mirrored her position, sitting about 2 meters behind her. In the quiet of the temple, as Inge seemed to meditate, Conchita  rested and concentrated on the feelings running through her body. She was a woman who already possessed a nearly insatiable sexual appetite. Whatever was affecting her now, however, was filling her with a desire that was so ravenous she knew it could only be satisfied if she consumed Inge’s sex completely. She knew that Inge must be experiencing the same thing. She could hardly wait to get at her enemy. She admired Inge’s delectable body, so round and ripe and tempting. As she kneeled, she became aware that her body was starting to tremble with erotic need and her pussy had completely soaked her loincloth and was now moistening her inner thighs. Her breasts were throbbing, her nipples aching with tension. She smiled with lust. She and Inge would soon be locked together in absolute pleasure, riding each other until one conquered the other. The building anticipation was tortuous.

Several minutes passed and Inge remained motionless. Then, abruptly, she raised her hands to the altar and began to recite words in an ancient language. Conchita felt power move through her. The fires on the altar roared to life, going from gentle flames to a full conflagration in a moment. All of the fires in the braziers along the walls instantaneously tripled in size, and the entire room was suddenly ablaze with light. Conchita knew that if she turned around now to look into the back of the room, she would probably be able to see whatever lay along the distant walls. But she did not.

There was a presence, a distinct power, emanating from the altar. Conchita could not see it or hear it, but she could feel it, especially in her erogenous zones. Her pussy burned with an almost unbearable tension, her tits pulsed with sensations.

“Great Ura,” Inge called out. “We ask your blessing and your power. We ask that you grant us the full power of our womanhood, which we may use to do battle in your name. We offer you the strength of our bodies and our passion. We ask that you bless our battle, so that we may both learn which of us is the greater warrior in your service!”

There was a pause, as if the presence on the altar were contemplating the offer. Then a flash of light and heat burst from the statue and blasted through the room. As the light erupted, for an instant it seemed to suffuse both jungle women. Conchita gasped, then screamed, a full-throated howl of unbearable pleasure. Dimly, she was aware that Inge was shrieking in concert with her. Conchita’s clit felt like it had suddenly been attached to an electric power grid; her breasts tightened and hardened and swelled up, the nipples enflamed and engorged with power. “CHRIST!!,” she screamed, her erogenous zones on fire with an intensity she had never felt in her life, not even at the culmination of her most epic fuckfights with Inge. She almost passed out. As the heat passed, her sexual organs remained burning and pulsing, swollen and hardened to their maximum size. It felt like her clit had become ten times larger and more sensitive; her tits were throbbing, every inch of dense titflesh burning with lust, her nipples painful with need. In the aftermath of the incredible shock, her pussy had already gushed several times, and an incredible hunger burned in the depths of her loins, filling her belly with heat.

Gasping, she fell forward on to her hands, her heavy breasts pressing into the soft sand, the impact sending a surge of sensation through her tits. She moaned, then pushed herself back to a kneeling position. Her full, beautiful tits hung down, quivering as her body shook with tension. She was gasping, panting with the sexual shock that had just run through her system. Her body was thrumming with power. More than anything, she felt horny – hornier than she ever had in her life, even hornier than she had the first time she had returned to the jungle to fuck Inge. She was conscious that her sexual power, the full potential of her womanly energy had been released. Now, her sex demanded satisfaction, and it could only be satisfied by locking up with Inge’s body and fucking the jungle woman into submission. Conchita turned her fevered gaze on her blonde nemesis.

Inge had experienced exactly the same shock as Conchita, and in exactly the same way. She had been expecting it but, even so, nothing could have prepared her for the incredible need now consuming her body. She had fallen forward too, but now she pushed herself up to her knees, then stood up slowly. Her body was trembling, her cunt was ravenous with hunger, her breasts were swollen and aching with desire and her clit was engorged and pulsing with tension and heat. She turned her lustful gaze on Conchita, who met it with her own hunger. The women smiled at each other again, this time knowing that they would not have to restrain themselves much longer. Their epic battle of cunt to cunt and tit to tit was about to begin.

“I take it that the goddess said ‘yes’,” Conchita murmured, as she moved toward Inge. Inge smiled.

“We will fight here, in front of the altar.” Inge removed her halter, letting her delicious, massive tits bounce free. Her tits wobbled as she moved, harder and more aroused than ever, her nipples steel-hard fleshy spears pushing more than inch out of the center of her brown areola. Conchita ate up Inge’s tits with her eyes. She wanted to eat and lick and cover those beautiful bronzed globes with her saliva, she wanted to suck Inge’s tits dry, if she could. She suppressed a groan of desire, then removed her own tiny halter. Her breasts were so sensitive that the pressure from the bikini top was sending pulses of pleasure through her body. Her tits jiggled free, and Inge consumed Conchita’s mocha-colored orbs with her own eyes. She licked her lips in anticipation. The two savage jungle women began circling each other as they moved further into the room, waiting for the perfect spot and the perfect moment to meet in sexual warfare.

Inge untied her wet loincloth and peeled it away from her soaked, aching pussy. Conchita did the same. Both women threw the damp scraps of cloth aside and crouched facing each other, completely nude. Their beautiful melons swung from their chests, sweat dripping from their enflamed nipples. Each woman’s eyes ran hungrily over the other’s incredible body, taking in every detail of hard, smooth muscle, delicious feminine curves and meaty tits, all of the delectable flesh of the other which was demanding to be sucked and squeezed and bitten and completely devoured. Once again, both women thrilled to the fact of how identical their bodies were, how much they were the other’s perfect rival. Conchita groaned as she saw Inge’s clit, already swollen and hard and fully aroused, peeking out from her vulva. She imagined what was only minutes, perhaps moments away – rubbing her own hard clit into the blonde’s delicious sex nub, joining the very core of her womanhood to Inge’s sex, fucking the blonde until they both collapsed, senseless, from the pleasure.

The fires in the braziers had returned to their normal size, but the candles on the altar continued to burn brightly, perhaps indicating the presence of the goddess. By the light of the golden glow, the nude jungle women approached each other, their eyes locked, their flesh aching for contact. Conchita put out her hands and, with a groan, Inge reached out to take them. The women locked fingers and squeezed tight, both gasping as bare flesh met bare flesh. Hot sweat trickled down between their heaving breasts, dripped off the tips of their nipples, flowed down their muscled abdomens, and collected in their thick pubic bushes. They held each other at bay for a moment longer then, slowly, they began to spread their arms, letting their tits get ever closer, leaning forward. When their nipples were only centimeters apart, they stopped. They pushed their faces close, careful to keep their tits apart. They shared hot, sweet breath, and both moaned and panted with arousal.

“Inge,” Conchita moaned, “Oh, you blonde bitch… I’m going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you…” Her voice was barely more than a course whisper.

Inge smiled, her eyes half-closed with lust. “Oh yes,” she whispered back. “Oh, yes, you black-haired whore. We’re going to fuck and fuck and fuck – for hours, days, however long it takes.” She grinned, her body on fire with the promise of the ecstasy to come. “When this is done, you will be mine.”

The women did not resist any longer. Bodies overwhelmed with lust, they pressed their beautiful nipples hard together. It was like putting two livewires into contact. The explosion of pleasure that ripped through them caused them both to howl, then gasp; in another place, the pleasure would have taken them to the edge of orgasm. As it was, Conchita could not believe the intensity of the feeling filling her tits, firing her clit, causing her pussy to gush prodigious amounts of juice to the sandy ground. With a groan, Inge rippled her tits against Conchita’s orbs. Conchita responded in turn and, for a moment, the women thrust their tits together using only the power of their chest muscles. Their tits quivered but the women’s nipples were too hard and, at first, neither would budge – they held Inge and Conchita apart and refused to give way. Slowly, agonizingly, the women pushed with their powerfully muscled legs, their bare feet sinking into the soft sand, until their nipples crushed back into their dense titflesh, their areola eclipsed each other and rubbed and grated tightly, and the women’s engorged tits slowly merged and fused. The pleasure pouring out of their battling tits was incredible, far more than ever before, and even as she whimpered in ecstasy, Conchita realized that her body’s endurance, its ability to take pleasure, had been enhanced along with her enflamed sex organs. Sexually, she and Inge were functioning at an almost mystical level.

They pushed up until they were nose to nose, hot breath mixing and merging, pants of lust and need changing to deep moans of desire. Leaning her full weight onto her tits, Inge freed her hands from Conchita’s grip and ran her fingers up Conchita’s naked torso, from her Spanish rival’s flaring hips to the sides of her bulging tits, then back down her bare belly. Conchita shuddered under the stimulation and returned the favor, stroking Inge gently, her sharp nails scoring the perfect bronzed flesh, her hands rubbing and massaging. Inge ran her hand down along Conchita’s abdomen, nestling it in the Spanish beauty’s pussy bush, then used her fingers to trace the lips of Conchita’s slick cunt. Conchita groaned with the sensation, closing her eyes and biting her lip against the terrible pleasure, then returned the favor, stroking Inge’s aching cunt lips with slow, tantalizing fingers. The women stared intently, excitedly at each other as their pleasure built. The women did this for a few minutes, teasing and stroking each other at this moment of terrible arousal, arousing and seducing each other even more, their fingers growing wet with the juice flowing, sometimes gushing, from their overstimulated pussies. They stopped just short of fingerfucking, allowing their cunning fingers to move just inside their wet slits, coming tantalizingly close to their engorged clits, but staying just far enough away to tease and stimulate.

Conchita rubbed noses with Inge and the women touched tongues. Again, electric heat burned through all of their sexual organs. Inge responded by suddenly driving two fingers up into the Spanish woman’s hot cunt. Conchita instantly retaliated and, suddenly, Inge and Conchita were fingerfucking, their wet digits pumping slow and hard into the other’s pulsing pussy, the sound of wet fingers sucking into and out of sopping wet cunts echoing in the chamber.  Whimpering into each other’s faces, exchanging hot licks and sweet breath, Inge and Conchita stimulated each other until, suddenly, Conchita could not take anymore. She pulled her hand from Inge’s cunt and wrapped her arms around Inge’s naked back and squeezed hard. Inge instantly did the same. The women stifled their screams and groans by locking together in a deep, penetrating kiss. Their tongues twisted together within their locked mouths, wrestling for dominance. At the same time, the pleasure burning out of their compressed tits enraged the heat in their bodies. Even as they kissed, the women pushed closer and begun rubbing their tits, grinding them, moving from side to side and up and down. Every movement sent orgasmic pleasure tearing through their burning flesh and it wasn’t long before both women were leaking a continuous stream of pussy juice to the ground on which they fought. Still, they battled on, both knowing that this was only the preliminary struggle. Their moans and cries of joy, even stifled within their locked mouths, grew louder and more desperate.

Inge was in paradise. Her tits were hard and dense and unbelievably sensitive. They were  melting into Conchita’s tits. Through their battling boobs, she felt Conchita’s sexual power in her own body, she could feel the other woman’s womanhood locking and struggling with her own, and she reveled in the incredible intimacy. Before this battle was through, she and Conchita would fight at their most fundamental level, in the most primal way, and she would win – she had to win . For now, she intensified her kiss, and pushed with her chest muscles, struggling to press her tits even harder into Conchita’s, rubbing her nipples around and around Conchita’s even as they crushed and fused, enjoying the terrible sensations that rippled out of their abrading areola. For both women, the furnace between their legs was unbearable and the pressure in their clits and pussies continued to build as their dense tits slid and crushed and rolled into one. On and on they fought, their groans of joy growing in volume and urgency, their devouring kisses growing more frantic and passionate with every moment.

They broke the kiss so that they could suck in air and, resting check to cheek, their faces buried in the other’s hair, they cursed each other quietly, desperately.

“Cunt, cunt, oh God, you cunt…” Conchita sobbed in Inge’s ear.

“Fucking whore, oh God, you slut…” Inge moaned back.

Conchita groaned. “Inge,” she whispered hoarsely, “I need to go cunt to cunt with you, I need to feel your clit on mine…,” Her pussy was aching, burning in a way she had never felt before, driving her insane with lust. Her body was trembling with desire. She needed a good, hard, long fuck to relieve this overwhelming need.

Inge gasped, almost out of control with desire. “Yes, Conchita, I want it too, I want it so much…”

The women pulled closer, shifting their stances so that they slapped belly to belly. They rubbed their delicious abdomens, writhing in each other’s arms, their swollen tits slipping and sliding on the hot sweat that was lubricating their battle, their nipples pulsed and fused into one. They wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed tight, moaning with lust and joy as their bodies met and struggled, like matched to like, hot flesh rubbing with wet friction. Their legs were slightly spread, their thighs pressed tightly, and Conchita now swung her hips, pushed with her ass, and slid her wet, burning pussy against Inge’s hungry, hairy sex. Inge pushed back eagerly. Both women groaned.

Juicy pussy lips, swollen with pleasure and pulsing with need, pushed together. Their slick, hot pussy lips slid and caressed each other. Inge and Conchita groaned, closed their eyes tightly, struggled to control the terrible pleasure rippling through their bodies as their hot cunts gently mated, kissed wetly and sucked. The thrusting and the grinding, the all-out fucking, would soon come. For now, trembling with erotic power, they worked their hips gently, spreading each other’s labia, opening the other to the sexual invasion and violation to come. The women’s engorged clits, larger, harder and more sensitive than they had ever been, reached for each other. Inge and Conchita stopped and repositioned their faces so that they were nose to nose and leaning forehead to forehead. They smiled at each other and licked at each other’s lips and faces, letting their tongues slide and wrestle, enjoying the burning pleasure that suffused their bodies. They were sealed together from their tits all the way down their torsos, a sheen of sweat helping their flesh to stick and slide. Even their matching navels were sucked tight. Conchita rippled her powerful abdominal muscles against Inge’s and delighted as Inge rippled back. Juices dropped from their bodies, pussy juice merging and dripping from between their pressed groins, moistening their inner thighs and trickling down their calves. Their perfect bodies glistened in the firelight, wet with sex sweat.

“I’m going to fuck you, Conchita,” Inge murmured at her black-haired enemy. “I’m going to fuck you until your cunt dries out and shrivels up…”

“We’ll see who outfucks who, Inge,” Conchita whispered back. “My pussy is going to eat your pussy…”

Though the women could not see their clits, each could feel the heat burning off the sex nub of the other. Their clits were only millimeters from touching. With agonizing slowness, half-open eyes locked together so that they could see each other at their moment of mutual violation, soft lips touching as they panted with lust, they brought their wet, hot clits, swollen to their ultimate size and sensitivity, into direct, head to head, contact.

If the initial nipple contact had been livewires connecting, what happened when the women’s clits touched was indescribable. It was nova heat, but ten times greater. It was shattering pleasure, so intense that, for a moment, both women felt that they had become one exploding, interlocked mass of voluptuous flesh. Conchita realized that she must have blacked out for several seconds; when she came to, the look of agony and sheer ecstasy on Inge’s face mirrored her own. Pleasure greater than anything either woman had ever felt burned through ever cell in their bodies, tightening and hardening everything, filling them both with ecstasy so immense that neither woman could scream, filling them with a heat that made both Inge and Conchita feel that their slick flesh was meshing and merging with the other. They choked out animal cries of sheer, unbearable joy as their bodies were wracked with orgasmic pleasure. Their hot, hairy cunts gushed warm juices which bubbled out from between their loosely-kissed pussy lips and soaked their inner thighs, their pubic hair and their lower abdomens.

Their bodies convulsed, and Conchita felt her legs giving out, her powerful muscles turning to mush, her nerves overloading with erotic sensation. Through the haze of excruciating pleasure, she summoned all of her will and kept the tip of her clit glued to Inge’s clit; she even summoned the will to push with her hips trying to crush Inge’s sex nub back. But Inge was doing the same thing. Both women gripped the biceps of the other tightly as they rubbed the heads of their clits together, around and around, pushing hard. Their engorged clits were far too hard to be pushed back, but the clit to clit fencing was simply too much. Both women struggled to stay conscious as incredible, orgasmic sensation filled ever atom of their beings and threatened to overwhelm them. Tears streamed from their eyes and their pounding hearts (which both women could feel in their compressed tits) beat faster than ever. Their animal grunts and moans of joy finally crystallized into words.

“Ahhh… oh, Fuck…Fuck! FUCK!! FUCK!!!” Conchita’s gasping groans turned quickly to shrieks, as she was finally able to find her voice. Her entire body shook with the incredible pleasure and she pushed her forehead hard to Inge’s. Still, she kept her clit pressed to Inge’s hard rod, working against the blonde’s enflamed sex horn.

“Unngh…God, oh God, oh… Cunt, YOU CUNT!!!” Inge screamed back, her body wracked with raw and unrestrained pleasure. She worked her hips in tight circles, she pushed back with her forehead, the agony of unbearable pleasure etched on her face.

Screaming, sobbing, cursing each other, the women slowly sank to their knees, the strength leaving their perfect bodies as the sensations kept building, but both determined to force the other to surrender. Hot vaginal juices gushed out of their pussies, which remained pressed together but still unsealed. The juices soaked their inner thighs and matted their tangled pubic hair before it trickled down their calves. All the time, they kept their clits plastered together, each trying to force the other into submission through this one searing contact. The longer their clits stayed fused together, however, the more tolerance for the contact developed in both women. They dropped to the ground, but kept their clits pressed hard together and carefully scissor-locked, their solid asses resting in the soft sand, their bellies and breasts still sealed tight. They rubbed hard, the sand lending a delicious abrasion to their round asses and their soft inner thighs. Conchita rested her head on Inge’s shoulder, cheek to cheek with her foe. She shifted her hips just slightly and felt her clit break off its head to head confrontation with Inge’s sex, and slide deliciously down the side of Inge’s sex horn. The women shuddered with pleasure. They paused for a moment. Their clits were jammed together, side by side, sealed within their tight, locked cunts, raw ecstasy blasting out of them every moment. Conchita flicked Inge’s clit with her own hard sex; Inge screamed with joy, then she flicked back, forcing an explosive shriek from Conchita.

The two women slowly, agonizingly, resumed working their clits around each other, rubbing and fencing, slowly driving each other insane with lust and pleasure. Conchita felt like she had died and gone to heaven. This was pleasure beyond anything she could imagine and she did not want it to end. Inge trembled with erotic tension, struggling to keep from shrieking with the sheer joy of being locked cunt to cunt with her hated foe in this ultimate confrontation.

Conchita leaned forward and ran her hands up and down Inge’s naked back, pulling the blonde closer and harder even as she continued working her clit to Inge’s. Inge returned the hug, exploring and stroking Conchita’s beautifully muscled back. Both women grasped the other’s round, sweaty ass, each of which were pumping slow and hard, and squeezed. In a moment, Inge violated Conchita, driving two fingers into her enemy’s anus; Conchita moaned with pleasure and returned the favor.

The women locked up in a deep, probing French kiss, their lips sealed tight, their tongues slowly and sensuously tangling and pushing, licking and sucking. Between their legs, their burning cunts were locked in a French kiss of their own, their thick pussy lips sealed tight, hot cunt juice lubricating every delicious slide as their slick pussy lips rubbed. Their thick pubic hair, soaked with their womanly secretions, intertwined, matted into one tangled mass. Their swollen clits, engorged to their ultimate size, rubbed and pushed like tongues, unbearable pleasure rolling out through their bodies with every grinding thrust. Within their locked mouths, Inge and Conchita screamed with joy as their mouths and their cunts struggled to devour each other, struggled to destroy each other with pleasure.

They settled into a slow, hard, rhythmic fuck, their bodies sealed together and grinding sensuously. Massive tits rubbed and worked against equally massive tits, hard nipples piercing and fusing, rough areola grinding deliciously, feeding their raging sexual appetites. Delectable bellies slid and sealed, arms wrapped around beautiful backs to squeeze tight, hands and claws sank into round, pumping asses to help each woman ride her enemy harder. The women undulated in each other’s arms, the firelight playing on their nude bodies as their smooth muscles rippled with effort. Inge and Conchita occasionally broke their deep kisses, resting their heads on the other’s shoulder, inhaling the other’s hot, sexual scent, burying their faces in their foe’s sweaty hair, driving tongues into the other’s ear, licking at each other, exchanging hard love bites to necks and faces. They continued to fuck slow and hard, moaning and gasping, cries of pleasure  building, before they resumed ferociously kissing, each hungry for every part of the other. On and on they fucked, their cries and moans of pleasure growing louder and more desperate yet they still managed to keep going, holding back their building orgasms, letting the pleasure grow and grow. Their juicy pussies were sucked tight, but thick vaginal liquids still leaked out of the fleshy seal, soaking the sandy earth on which they fought. Hot sweat poured from their writhing bodies as the erotic struggle continued without any end in sight.

Both women were transported to another plane of sexual ecstasy. They had waged sensual war upon each other before, had driven each other over the brink of ultimate sexual pleasure again and again, but the erotic connection here, in this sacred temple, in the presence of a true goddess, was unlike anything either had ever felt. As Inge worked her cunt hard into her rival, as they fucked and fucked harder and harder, she rejoiced deep in her soul. She had never felt so alive, her body had never before been so overwhelmed with raw, wild pleasure. She realized that, anywhere else, she and Conchita would have orgasmed many times by now. But here, the primal womanhood of each woman met and melted with that of the other, and now they were joined together as two raw, sexual goddesses, intent on consuming each other.

As they fucked, Conchita slowly worked her hips and managed to twist her hard clit around Inge’s sex rod. Inge screamed, breaking their kiss to throw back her head and cry out with pleasure. Then, she smiled and placed her forehead on Conchita’s and twisted back. Conchita and Inge shrieked together as they braided their engorged clits into one tight knot. Now, the intensity of their pleasure was even greater as their delicious bodies pumped into each other, pulling and pushing and crushing their most sensitive organs into one hot, quivering mass.

Panting with lust and unbearable pleasure, Inge smiled hungrily, once again, and then used the muscles just inside her cunt lips to slowly squeeze and suck at their braided clits. It was Conchita’s turn to throw back her head and scream in ecstasy from this sudden, unexpected assault. But, panting hard, she concentrated and a moment later, Inge was groaning in joy as Conchita’s internal cunt muscles squeezed her back. The women snarled at each other in delirious pleasure, then squeezed each other’s joined clits with their inner muscles, crushing as hard as they could, forcing overwhelming pleasure from the overstimulated organs as they fused together. The women shuddered as one, then locked together tongue to tongue in another savage kiss.

Inge finally broke the kiss, moaning with joy. “Can you feel me, Conchita?” she whispered.” Can you feel my clit deep inside you, can you feel my pussy eating yours?”

Conchita groaned. “Oh God, yes, I feel you. I want you all the way inside, Inge.” She snarled with lust, as another bolt of pleasure almost paralyzed her with sexual joy. “Can you feel me eating you? Do you feel my clit crushing yours to nothing?” Both women squeezed again with their cunts and tightened their clits, then sobbed and jerked with the incredible spike of pleasure that burned through them in response.

“You cunt, oh Christ, you cunt…,” Conchita sobbed, through gritted teeth. “I hate you, I hate you so much…”

“Fucking dirty bitch,” Inge sobbed back. “I’ll break you, I swear, I’ll fuck you forever…”

On and on the fuckfight raged, their asses and feet wearing deep indentations in the sand as they struggled, their battling forms slowly dampening the ground on which they fought as their bodily secretions, sweat and pussy juice, pooled beneath them. Their perfect bodies glistened in the firelight, their powerful muscles undulating and rippling as they worked their cores into each other. They carried each other to higher peaks of ecstasy, fighting back terrible orgasms, rejoicing in the indescribable sensations they were inflicting on each other, each beautiful woman feeling completely open and vulnerable and intimately violated by her sexual rival, but both lost to the incredible enjoyment of the raw, hard fucking they were administering to each other. They floated together on a cloud of orgasmic bliss, the sexually overloaded flesh of their bodies sealed into one beautiful form, filling up with sexual power as they worked clit to clit.  The women broke their kisses and rested their faces together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, whimpering and moaning, crying out to each other as they fucked mercilessly, desperately, riding each other to a devastating conclusion. They hated each other more than they ever had, but neither ever wanted to separate from her bitter enemy.

But the end had to come eventually, even here, in this sexually sacred place. Slowly, inexorably, Inge felt the deep internal tensions and pleasure building to a point where they simply could not be contained. She knew that Conchita must be feeling the same. How long they had been struggling, she did not know. It felt like they had been riding each other for hours and hours, lost in absolute pleasure. Time had no meaning. Still Inge knew that the battle had to end, at least for now. She did not want it to. She wanted to keep fucking and being fucked, she wanted the pleasure to just keep building until she and Conchita merged together in the most primitive way, the raw essence of their joined womanhood finally determining who was the greater woman. But that was not going to happen just yet. Maybe later. For now, her body was quivering, the erotic tension in her cunt was at impossible levels. She could feel Conchita trembling from the same overload of sexual pleasure. The women forced their eyes open to stare deeply into each other, lust-glazed blue eyes locked to dark brown ones. They smiled, then began to grind harder and harder as they rode each other to the finish line.

For much of the battle, after they had knotted their clits into one, Conchita had felt as though their conjoined clits had slowly grown to impossible sizes and had expanded to fill up both women’s vaginal canals, to join them completely all the way down to their womanly cores. Conchita felt like she and Inge were, in a way, fucking each other with the biggest, most exquisitely sensitive two-headed dildo in creation, and she loved the feeling. She knew that this was an illusion, brought on by the sensory overload. Every sensual nerve in her body was burning with sexual power, and the sensations filling her cunt reflected that. But, at a primitive level, she sensed that what was filling her and violating her was the essence of Inge’s womanhood, working its way into her body, trying to overwhelm her with pleasure and sexual power. Conchita knew that her essence was violating Inge in the same way. She had the sense of their fundamental sexualities, locked and twisted together like two intertwined snakes, tangled up in an unbreakable knot even more intimate than the tangled, writhing flesh of the two jungle goddesses. Their womanhoods were fused together, struggling to conquer each other, struggling to merge. They were joined completely, flesh and spirits fused into one body, wracked by profound ecstasy, riding each other to an absolute union that would end in pleasure beyond comprehension.

As they fought, they leaned back just slightly, letting their sweat-slicked bellies separate and relieving some of the pressure on their tits. Inge reached out and grasped Conchita’s thick hair, sinking her hands into her enemy’s mane, anchoring herself as she fucked back against Conchita’s powerful cunt. Conchita returned the grip and, in moments, the two beautiful warriors were tearing at the other’s lustrous hair, their tits still grinding together but now quivering exuberantly, rhythmically, their hard nipples and areola grating furiously. Their clits were exploding with electric sensations and their throbbing pussies squeezed at each other, trembling with effort as they struggled. As they yanked at each other’s hair, Inge and Conchita pulled their enemy’s face toward the ceiling. Their animal cries and screams of joy built towards a crescendo, their hard bodies slapped and sucked as they fucked. In the midst of this hard, driving sex, Conchita forced her eyes half-open and looked at Inge. The blonde’s eyes were closed, her head was thrown back, her mouth was snarling and screaming with orgasmic need, her hands were tearing at Conchita’s dark tresses. Conchita was giving it back just as hard, her own screams of passion and pleasure mingling with the blonde’s, her ass and hips working just as hard as she and Inge fucked each other with all of their strength. The powerful sexual forces coursing through the women’s joined bodies were of an intensity beyond anything either woman had felt before. Conchita was struck by a powerful sense of déjà vu, then suddenly realized that this was the experience that she had dreamed when she was in the village. She smiled with satisfaction.

The end finally came. Inge and Conchita could both feel it. They stopped fucking abruptly. One more grinding thrust and their bodies would erupt in an orgasm of such intensity that neither woman was sure she could survive. Their bodies trembled, quivering and almost paralyzed with erotic power. Their flesh was burning, shivering with lust. Inge and Conchita gasped at each other, delirious with pleasure. They pushed together, compressing their tits once again, sighing with pleasure as the delicious sensations rippled from their sex-engorged breasts. They kissed gently, soft lips crushing and melting together. They let their sensitive tongues touch and push, just slightly. Then, groaning and panting, the women drew back, wrapped their arms around each other, and signaled with their eyes. They drove their burning tits together with all the power of their chest muscles and crushed with their arms; they squeezed their cunts hard and tightened their clits in a final effort to overwhelm the other woman. Their hips jerked frantically, powerfully, each woman driving her womanhood as deep into the other’s as she could, mashing their cunts in one last, desperate struggle for sexual supremacy.

They exploded together. They threw back their heads and, still clinging desperately to each other, choked out silent shrieks of pleasure. The intensity of the orgasm caused both women to black out immediately. It was impossible for them to remain conscious as every nerve in their bodies exploded with raw sensations greater than anything they had ever felt before. Inge and Conchita clung to each other, their burning bodies seeming to melt into one, their heavy tits one mass, their ravenous pussies eating and devouring each other from the inside. Both women were hallucinatory with pleasure, sharing orgasms that rolled through their bodies in continuous waves, exploding up from their clits through their tits, then filling every ounce of flesh in their bodies until they came again and again and again. Silently, their vocal cords incapable of expressing their pleasure, the jungle women held on to each other. How long this devastating climax lasted, neither one could tell. For what seemed like hours they slipped in and out of consciousness, their bodies joined together in indescribably intense sexual pleasure, their worlds reduced to nothing more than the pure sensations constantly exploding in their erogenous zones. In some dim part of her brain that was not completely lost to ecstasy, Conchita had a sense that the glow from the altar had intensified, that in some way the supernatural power of the temple was sharing in the profound sexual pleasure that she and Inge were forcing from each other. Then her whole mind was consumed with orgasmic joy and, finally, her delirious brain shut down completely, incapable of handling any more raw sexual pleasure.

How long she was lying in unconsciousness, lost in absolute bliss in the aftermath of the orgasmic struggle, Conchita did not know. It could not have been too long. She still felt sexual power thrumming through her body, rippling in all of her erogenous zones. But she had lost all sense of time in this place. All that she knew was that she had never fucked or been fucked so hard and so pleasurably in her life. Her immersion in Inge’s body, and Inge’s joining with her, had been complete and absolutely transcendent. As her consciousness returned, she became aware of the low level electrical sensations that were rippling through her sweat-slicked body, burning up from her cunt. She and Inge were still sealed together, though their hard clits had untwisted and were now simply pressed side-to-side within the women’s tight cunts. With a groan, Conchita pulled away, enjoying the painful tearing of their pubic hair, getting a thrill of pleasure as she dragged her throbbing clit up the side of Inge’s sex horn as she detached. Inge moaned and gasped in her sleep. Prodigious amounts of cum and other sex fluids gushed out from the two beauties’ pussies as they pulled apart. Conchita did not know that her body could produce so much fluid. Exhausted, she rolled away from Inge’s body and lay spent, on her stomach, on the cool sand a few feet away.

As she lay there, her heavy breasts throbbing and crushed into the sand, her tight pussy pressed to the ground, she began to feel the tickle of lust, again, between her legs, burning in her clit. As she thought about the absolute ecstasy that she and Inge had just inflicted on each other, she began to want more, much more, of the same thing and her lust began to build. The heat in her tits grew and the tension in her cunt built. She found herself rubbing her sensitive titflesh into the rough sand, enjoying the pinpoints of friction against her massive chest, the delicious pricks of pain against her areola and nipples. A trickle of pussy juice dropped from her vagina to the sand. She was amazed at how quickly she could become aroused again after the incredible battle that she had just fought with Inge. But she quickly realized that the very nature of the place where they were fighting was making possible her almost immediate return to a state of sexual need. As her lust built, so did her strength. With a gasp, she pushed herself into a kneeling position and turned her burning gaze back to Inge. If the blonde was still unconscious, this would be Conchita’s chance to both slake her lust on the other woman’s body and establish her sexual dominance once and for all.

However, Inge was not unconscious. Instead, her right hand was between her legs, cupping and stroking her hot pussy. Her left hand was massaging the nipple of her massive right tit, and the blonde’s golden body was starting to slowly writhe in the sand, the heels of her bare feet digging in, her toes starting to curl with tension. Inge’s slightly glassy gaze was turned to Conchita. The two voluptuous, increasingly horny women stared intently, lustfully at the other’s magnificent body and both were overwhelmed, once again, by the need to bring their flesh together in the most intimate ways possible.

Smiling with animal lust, Conchita began crawling on her hands and knees towards Inge’s glistening body. Conchita’s heavy tits hung down and swayed gently as she moved, her rock-hard nipples jutting toward the ground. Pussy juice was trickling down her inner thighs and her pussy felt wet and hot and hungry. She could not believe how horny she was, but she simply thrilled to the new feelings of intense lust burning in her core. Soon, she would be locked back in an all-out fuck with Inge, she would be transported back to a world of primal pleasure and she was sure that, this time, she would dominate the blonde bitch.

Inge smiled and got up as Conchita approached. She got onto her hands and knees and began crawling towards Conchita, preparing to meet the Spanish goddess halfway. Inge’s golden body burned with lust and she could not wait to meet Conchita again in intimate combat. She knew that the presence of the goddess and the fact that they were fighting in the temple accounted for their enhanced sexual power. She sighed in anticipation of what was to come.

The women pushed up and stopped when they were nose to nose, hot breath mingling, eyes half-closed with arousal.

“Do you want to fuck me, Conchita?,” Inge growled, her voice deep with lust. She rubbed her nose with Conchita’s, her soft lips brushing those of the Spanish beauty.

“Yes, Inge,” Conchita moaned. “I think I do. I want to fuck you until your cunt falls off.” She licked Inge’s lips, and moaned with pleasure when the blonde licked back, their probing tongues slipping and sliding for just a moment before they retreated.

“I think my blonde cunt can take your weak little black-haired thing all the way in, Conchita,” Inge replied, almost sick with lust. “But let’s see what your tongue and tits can do first.” With that, she pushed forward and locked Conchita into a driving kiss. The Spanish woman moaned with joy, and gratefully accepted Inge’s violating tongue. She brought her right hand to the back of Inge’s head, to hold the blonde in place. Inge reciprocated the move and it was not long before both beautiful women, kissing ferociously, moaning and groaning and snarling with lust, were supporting their bodies with their hands on each other’s shoulders. They pushed up from their kneeling positions and their magnificent tits came crushing together. Inge and Conchita moaned with absolute joy as their tits mated, and soon they were rubbing nipples and areola, taut breastflesh struggling and pulsing. They locked arms around their backs and squeezed tight into a throbbing bearhug.

“I love your tits,” Inge gasped at Conchita, breaking the kiss. “I love how they feel when they are crushed to mine. I love your nipples. I’m going to love breaking them.”

Conchita responded by thrusting out her chest with her powerful pectoral muscles, compressing her tits even harder with Inge’s golden orbs. Even as Inge thrust back, to hold their tits in quivering stalemate, Conchita pushed hard with her legs and threw Inge off-balance. There was a brief struggle as their powerful, voluptuous bodies struggled for control. Then, with a groan of lust, Inge gave in, allowing herself to be pushed over on to her back. As she fell, however, her hands moved to Conchita’s hard, brown ass and gripped the twin globes tightly. Inge spread her legs wide, opening her burning pussy, welcoming Conchita’s hot, wet cunt into her womanly depths. As they fell, Conchita slipped her hands down Inge’s back to grab the blonde jungle woman’s hard, round ass. Conchita leaned into the impact, pushing her weight forward onto her massive tits. The hard impact as they hit compressed the women’s joined tits even harder, causing  both Amazons to scream out with pleasure and a sensuous touch of pain. Conchita opened her own legs a bit more and, digging her toes into the sand to anchor herself, she thrust her hips and ass down onto Inge’s exposed crotch. Her hot, wet cunt slapped hard into Inge’s waiting pussy. Both women gritted their teeth and groaned as the spasms of pleasure roared through them. They rolled their hips in tight circles, mashing their juicy cunts together, spreading each other even wider, working their labial folds into one mass of burning flesh, until their throbbing clits reached each other and rubbed again. Shrieking with pleasure, the two lust-enraged women began to fuck hard, their wet cunts pounding together in ecstasy, the pleasure still ten times greater than they had ever felt outside of the temple. The sound of taut, wet flesh slapping rhythmically was gradually drowned out by the rising groans and cries of pleasure issuing from both women. The women kept their clits glued together, torturing each other with clit to clit fencing, until they finally mashed their cunts, sealed them tight, then worked their hips around and around, driving together, trying to fully penetrate and violate the other’s magnificent body. Their burning pussies slid tightly into each other, their hot, wet flesh slick with lubrication and a delicious smoothness. They worked a hot, wet circle into the sand, their animal cries of lust and joy announcing their ecstasy to the cavernous room in which they fought. Inge and Conchita pulled each other as hard inside as they could, each woman straining with all her strength to merge completely with her enemy, to dominate her foe with the power of her sex.

The women fought and fucked with all their strength. Their bucking, writhing and grinding bodies rolled in the thick sand, first one woman then the other on top. The sounds of hard flesh slapping, of wet sucking noises, of groans and curses of two women enraged with lust and hate, filled the air. Powerful muscles strained and locked, perfect, voluptuous bodies rubbed together furiously, each woman driving her enemy insane with lust. When the end finally came, Inge was on the bottom of the raging pair of women, bucking up into Conchita’s magnificent body with all her strength, gasping and snarling with passion and pleasure, her hands locked to Conchita’s pumping ass, pulling the Spanish goddess as deep into her cunt as she could. The women’s pussies were one mass of burning pleasure, pussy lips completely flattened in a wet, unbreakable seal, still wrestling hard, squeezing each other with all of their strength. Hard clits were twined and swollen together within the hot, gaping cunt maws. The sheer joy of their mutual fucking had been building for some time. Suddenly, Inge moaned, then cried out and stiffened in ecstasy.

“Nnnngh… oh, No, NO, NO… Fuck, Fuck, NO!!,” she shrieked. She bucked hard, arched her back, and, unlocking her thighs from around Conchita’s waist, straightened her powerful legs in tension, her heels digging into the soft sand, her hips lifting Conchita off of the ground. Inge’s insides convulsed as she was seized with an incredible orgasm. Conchita snarled in pleasure as she felt Inge’s steaming hot cum inject into her body, the blonde’s sexual release flooding up into Conchita’s vaginal core. Conchita cried out in joy, reveling in her victory. She thrust down into Inge a few more times, slamming their wet cunts together in pleasure, just to ensure that her victory was clear. Then, with a roar of unbridled lust, she released her own terrible orgasm. With a scream of relief, she injected her own steaming cum, mixed with Inge’s fresh juices, back down into the blonde’s writhing body.

“God, oh God…,” Conchita sobbed. She shuddered with passion. Fuck this was good, she thought, this was so, so, so good… Her conscious mind faded away as the sheer pleasure took her. She and Inge continued to ride each other, continued to force wondrous, aching orgasms out of each other as they pounded their wet, aching cunts, screaming in pleasure. Conchita felt sure that she could drive her aching pussy so deep into Inge that she could grind it out the other side; Inge felt exactly the same way and fucked back against Conchita with all of her strength, her hips and ass driving, trying to penetrate as deep into Conchita’s steaming cunt as she could go, her ravenous cunt sealed and flattened against Conchita’s glorious pussy.

Finally, their orgasms receded and the women lay together, limbs tangled, tit to tit and clits locked, slick with sweat, panting furiously, sexual power still rippling through their bodies like electric impulses. Inge’s right hand was on the back of Conchita’s head, her left hand was resting on the Spanish woman’s magnificent ass, which was now scored with many scratch marks. The women rested cheek to cheek for just a few minutes, gasping in unison. Then they turned their heads and, nose to nose, looked deeply into each other’s eyes. The raw lust each saw blazing inside the other sent shivers of joy pulsing through both women.

“Again,” Inge demanded, her eyes blazing with need and hate. Her insides were burning with Conchita’s hot cum and she wanted, more than anything, to ride this Spanish whore until the bitch broke, to force Conchita to accept her cum back, in repayment. Inge’s temporary defeat enraged her and she meant to avenge herself. “We fuck again, cunt, until we can’t go on.”

“Oh, yes, you blonde whore,” Conchita murmured in response. “My pussy is ready for yours, Inge. I want everything you’ve got, and I’ll show you what I have.”

Conchita pushed her face closer to Inge’s. “I’m going to ride you until I break you, you bitch…” she whispered. “I’m never going to stop…”

“Yes,” Inge whispered back. “Oh, yesss…”

The jungle goddesses kissed, gently at first, soft lips playing together, eager tongues darting and teasing, hot breath moving between them. Soon, however, their kiss became brutal and angry as the power of the temple worked in their bodies once again, arousing their perfect bodies back into a state of frenzied lust. They drove their mouths hard into each other, their tongues thrust and tangled and, as their passion rose, their hips began to jerk. Wet cunts slapped together and, with groans of rage and passion, the two women returned to the joyful task of fucking each other into oblivion.

Part VI – Conclusion

Inge and Conchita groaned in unison, soul-deep moans of pure, unbearable pleasure. They were facing each other, their legs scissored right over left, their voluptuous bodies leaning away from each other, but welded tight at their groins, hot, wet pussy fused to hot, wet pussy. Their arms were fully extended behind them, bracing and supporting their writhing, bucking bodies. Their hands were sunk into the thick, cool sand, anchoring each woman in place. Their asses were raised several inches off the floor, held in tension as they ground their hairy cunts together furiously. They glared at each other, blazing blue eyes locked to dark brown, neither able to look away, each searching the other’s face for signs of weakness, both women hoping to see the moment of the other’s defeat, both eager to watch the other being violated at the deepest level of her womanhood. Their teeth were gritted in rage and lust, their luscious mouths occasionally opening to gasp or curse the other, their beautiful faces masks of fury as they fucked mercilessly. Animal grunts and snarls issued from the raging jungle women, both beautiful Amazons completely lost in the world of sexual ecstasy that they had created together.

The women tossed their heads, throwing their wild, sweat-soaked hair back from their beautiful faces. Their rock-hard clits, engorged to their ultimate size and unbelievably sensitive, were braided and swollen together into a knot of pulsing ecstasy. Their cunts were sucked tight, juicy pussy lips flattened against each other into one hot, wet mass of fleshy delight, labia mashed and intermingled, their hips and asses struggling as they worked to overpower each other. Thick golden and black pubic hair was meshed and knotted, pulling with delicious pain with every jerk of the women’s powerful hips. The women ground into each other, slow and hard, rolling their hips and asses in opposite directions, working their pussies into each other in tight, hard circles, thrusting in concert, driving as deep as they could, rubbing their inner thighs and the undersides of their hard, round butts. Hot pussy juice lubricated their powerful thrusts, their burning cunts squelched with the wet suction of their constant struggle. The thick, tantalizing musk of hot sex and fully aroused womanhood filled the air. Inge and Conchita squeezed their knotted clits as hard as they could with their vaginal muscles, pulling at their fused sexhorns with enough pressure to send spasms of incredible pleasure rippling through their merged bodies. Their taut abdomens trembled with effort, the muscles of their bellies tensing and flexing all the way down to their interlocked cunts. Their equally round, firm tits, topped by throbbing, steel-hard nipples, jiggled and rocked in time to their thrusting hips. Their bodies glistened in the firelight, dripping with hot sweat and sexual juices.

Inge and Conchita screamed with lust and rage as they fucked, riding each other desperately, and with unrestrained fury. Deep gasps and moans and cries of joy escaped their lips as they drove together, but their animal cries could not begin to convey the intensity of the sexual pleasure they were inflicting on each other. Long before, they had passed the ability to vocalize what they were feeling. The pounding ecstasy was simply too much to express. They could only feel, their muscles filled to overflowing with raging sexual power and pure erotic sensations, every hard thrust sending orgasmic pleasure racing through every atom of their bodies. Their toes curled up as raw pleasure fed the erotic tension saturating their perfect forms. They were experiencing sexual ecstasy ten times more intense than anything they had felt before, and it was driving both women utterly insane with lust and need.

Inge’s breath came in hitching gasps as, every few seconds, Conchita’s beautiful body and powerful sex inflicted some new delight upon her. Inge thrust with her hips and squeezed with her cunt, knowing that her own sex was torturing Conchita just as ecstatically. Inge felt caught in a sensual paradise.  She felt as strong as ever, her womanhood as powerful, her sex as insatiable as it had been when this erotic war had started. But Inge saw no sign that Conchita was weakening. Conchita’s clit, which had been driving into hers for what seemed like days, inflicting unbearable pleasure on her own swollen sex, felt as strong as it ever had. The dark-haired beauty’s raging pussy was just as hungry for Inge’s cunt as when they began. But still they fought on. The women’s asses clenched and pushed in the same rhythm, both beauties grinding at each other with all of their strength, both determined to ride the other into submission, each determined to feel the other’s clit finally surrender to her own throbbing sex.

Inge and Conchita cried out as ever more pleasure poured into their warring bodies. They began to feel the building tension of an impending orgasm. The women rocked hard, arching their backs, driving as hard and deep into each other as they could. Their asses slapped and rubbed in rhythm, their gasping cries harmonizing, deep moans of indescribable pleasure reverberating in the vast room as they fucked with greater and greater force. Their bucking bodies moved to a faster and faster tempo, their massive tits jolted on their chests, spraying hot sweat as the matching orbs bounced harder and harder. The women’s bodies were overwhelmed with sexual sensations as they rode each other to another unbelievably powerful climax. Inge and Conchita screamed in concert, their eyes fixed to the other’s beautiful face, rejoicing in their shared hatred and lust, watching each other for any sign of sexual surrender, watching to see who would come first. Sweat-soaked strands of hair fell seductively over both beauties’ faces, and they threw their heads, shaking back their wild manes once again, keeping their eyes locked together, snarling at each other with pure desire.

Inge and Conchita had ceased to think. Both were consumed with lust and the overwhelming need to dominate the other. Each woman wanted nothing more than to merge every inch of her luscious, burning body with her enemy, to violate and conquer her enemy at her most fundamental level.  They fucked mindlessly, ravenously, throwing all of the power of their womanhood into this primitive confrontation, the energies of the temple amplifying their raw sexual pleasure beyond anything that any mortal woman could stand.

Grinding, thrusting, pounding juicy cunts, screaming and panting with need, Inge and Conchita drove each other to the peak of an unbelievably intense orgasm, both women shrieking out piercing cries of joy in unison as their bodies convulsed and their clits tightened and exploded with a slow, burning, building, unbearable ecstasy that worked its way up their bellies, through the pulsing, aching flesh of their massive tits, and into every cell in their ripe, hard bodies. The orgasm grew in intensity and pleasure as it radiated out from their cunts. In her mind, Inge howled with transcendent joy, her body flowing and melting into Conchita’s, her clit seeming to expand and fill her entire body, even as it locked and twisted and fused unbreakably to Conchita’s equally powerful sexhorn. The women squeezed each other’s clits with all their strength, then they rammed together as hard as they could, rubbing and grinding their clits in a final, desperate effort to subjugate the other. Thick, hot cum flowed between the warring women like boiling water as they pumped steaming fluids into each other, their bellies rippling with effort as their deepest muscles convulsed. The hot cum mixed inside the locked women, joining them in another exquisite mutual violation, then squeezed out from between their sealed pussy lips to soak their pubic bushes, moisten their bellies, and leak down into their ass cracks before dripping to the sex-dampened sand. Through the haze of blazing sensations, Inge tried her best to eat Conchita’s cunt with her own, hoping she could finally wear her nemesis down to the point of defeat. But Conchita’s pussy was squeezing and sucking back just as hard at Inge’s golden pussy, and the women ended up paralyzing each other with ecstasy as the explosions of orgasmic release rippled through their sex-saturated bodies. The women’s eyes streamed with tears and they sobbed together as electric sensations broke in coruscating waves across their bodies. Their nipples felt like they were exploding with sexual tension. Choked screams of joy echoed in the vast cavern, merging with the beat of the pounding water pouring from the fountain.

Multiple orgasms chained through the battling Amazons’ bodies, each more glorious than the last. Through their tears, Inge and Conchita kept their eyes locked, screaming their hatred at each other, delirious with sexual passion.

“CUNT, CUNT!! Oh God, you FUCKING CUNT!!” Inge howled at the Spanish vixen, her voice quickly lost to inarticulate cries of lust.

“FUCK, FUCK!! You SLUT, you BITCH!!” Conchita shrieked back in response, the raw pleasure almost robbing her of the ability to speak.

The women cried and moaned, continuing to gasp out obscenities at each other as they rode out the multiorgasmic climax, their cunts smashed together as tight as they could be, their impossibly pleasurable clits fused into one quivering sex, their bodies shaking in ecstasy as they held each other in a trembling erotic stalemate, squeezing each other with all the power of their raging pussies.

After what seemed like hours, the multiple orgasms finally weakened and receded. Gasping with pleasure and exhaustion, the women collapsed flat onto their backs into the soft, churned sand. Their spent clits slowly, agonizingly, unlocked and pulled apart. The women groaned, neither wanting to separate. Their clits came to rest, throbbing, side by side within their sealed pussies. But energy still trickled through their aching clits and pulsing nipples, and the power of the temple was soon working in the jungle goddesses yet again, stirring them back to life, restoring their stamina and healing the abrasions caused by their driving, insatiable desire.

Inge lay on the soft sand, her beautiful, abundant tits heaving, staring blindly at the distant ceiling, trying to recuperate from the incredible fucking she had just endured. She had been fucked out of her mind, just as she had been in every battle since this sexual war with Conchita had begun in the bowels of the goddess’ temple. If not for the supernatural power of this place, the two women would have exhausted and maybe destroyed each other long before. As it was, the temple restored them after each battle, stoking their sexual desire and fury, empowering them to face each other again and again, driving them to levels of ecstasy that neither had dreamed possible. How long she and Conchita had been riding and ravaging each other, Inge did not know. All that she knew was that it was a sexual struggle that had lasted for hours and hours, hours of absolute ecstasy, with each sexual encounter even more ecstatic than the one before.  She did not want this to end. The pleasure was incomprehensible and if she could spend the rest of eternity fucking Conchita into submission, she would. But Inge knew that an end had to come, eventually. The power of the goddess was working in them, building their sexual power towards some kind of ultimate climax. At some point, one of them would have nothing left, and the sex war would be decided.

Inge slid her resurgent clit along the length of Conchita’s hard, hot sex rod and both women released shuddering groans of pleasure. “Fuck, fuck you, cunt…,” Conchita groaned, and began stroking back, undulating her hard, round ass into the sand. Soon both women were gasping with new lust. Their toes curled up and their long, hard bodies writhed in pleasure as they stimulated each other.

They stroked each other’s sexhorn slowly, deliberately, teasing each other clit to clit, both women rejoicing at the heat and excitement that burned anew through their oversexed bodies. Once again, it was as if the sexfight they had been engaged in for so long was starting from the beginning. Both women knew that this new sexual battle would lead to a climax even more pleasurable than the one before. Inge’s feet dug into the sand as she writhed and groaned, her body aching with lust. Bending her legs, she took her bare feet and pressed them into Conchita’s wobbling tits, using the pressure of her soles to knead and compress the Spanish Amazon’s taut titflesh. Conchita groaned and immediately reciprocated. For the next several minutes, the savage jungle women used their perfect feet to fondle each other’s tits, to press the sensitive flesh and use their toes and soles to tweak and rub the other’s aching nipples. As their mutual excitement built, Conchita disengaged her feet from Inge’s chest and pushed herself up into a sitting position, her tits burning with arousal. Inge immediately pushed herself up to meet her dark-haired nemesis and, with a groaning cry of pleasure, the women reached for each other and crushed their swollen, exquisitely sensitive tits together, wrapped powerful arms around rippling, naked backs, and squeezed hard. Their cries of joy turned to gasping shrieks of ecstasy as their burning, throbbing tits struggled to crush each other back, joined hot nipple to nipple. Cheek to cheek, Inge and Conchita licked and bit at each other, leaving love bites on the other’s shoulders and cheeks, sucking at inviting necks, licking at the sweat salt, basking in the sexual musk of the other. Both women tried to consume each other completely. Their hot tongues teased and licked at each other, the women taking turns sucking and feasting on the other’s sensitive pink probe. They worked their back muscles, rubbing and grinding their tits around and around, basking in the thrilling feel of the rolling, pressing titflesh.

“Let’s go ass to ass,” Inge murmured, huskily, at her enemy, her face buried in Conchita’s fragrant mane, her lips at the Spanish woman’s ear. She nipped at Conchita’s ear lobe, out of her mind with lust. “Yes,” Conchita groaned in response, “oh, yes…”

Still joined pussy to pussy, the two women leaned away from each other then, keeping their cunts pressed tight, both turned over, pivoting on their kissing cunts, until their stomachs were pressed into the soft sand, their legs were scissored but extended up the other woman’s body, and the globes of their tight, round asses were pressed tight. The women pulled their legs up, then spread them so that the backs of their matched thighs and calves were perfectly aligned, and the heels of their feet pushed tight. Then, bracing their forearms on the ground, their heavy tits pressing into the sand, their nipples burning with the delicious friction, Inge and Conchita pushed up until their beautiful legs formed a “v” with the ground. Their asses remained plastered together, the two women flexing their buttocks so that the hard muscle could challenge its counterpart. They arched their backs even as they pushed higher on their legs, their asses jutting into the air, so that their open, gaping pussy lips came into slow, slick contact. They were joined together, pressing tight from their thick, hot cunts to their tight, puckered anuses.

“Aaah,” Conchita sighed, smiling with pleasure as she felt her juicy pussy press and slide against Inge’s slick cunt, her open slit sucking to its counterpart, the hot wet furnace of her womanhood mated tightly, once more, to that of her enemy. Conchita arched, pushing a bit higher, and smiled again as her anus pushed hard to Inge’s matching hole. Inge wiggled her hips and her ass, groaning with delight as she ground asses and pussies with her beautiful foe. Both women rubbed their throbbing tits into the soft sand and smeared their sexes together, their pulsing, enflamed clits finding each other and licking hard, underside to underside. The women shuddered and groaned, then returned to attack again. On and on, they stroked each other, clit to clit and ass to ass. Their cries of pleasure rang out, and prodigious amounts of hot sexual fluids trickled down, moistening their inner thighs and long, sleek calves. As their arousal grew, cunt juice gushed from the women’s joined pussies to the damp sand. They rubbed clits, torturing and teasing each other, they thrust and ground asses, violating each other in a delicious new way. Finally, Inge and Conchita wanted more.

Her head pointing toward the ground, growing dizzy with the blood flow and raw sensations, Conchita turned her head to try to see Inge’s face. “Look at me, bitch,” she gasped. Inge twisted her head, almost contorting herself to look over her shoulder and lock eyes with Conchita. The women snarled at each other as their eyes met, and a mutual understanding passed between them. They spread their legs wide and, still keeping their thighs and calves pressed tight, their pussies locked and their asses pressed tight, they lowered their bodies to the ground. Inge and Conchita both twisted their torsos around and, reaching back, grabbed the other’s lustrous hair near the temple. Pulling tight, hurting each other as much as they could, the women again pivoted their bodies back into a sitting position, rotating around their joined cunts. Their clits flicked together again, and the two women shrieked with the sudden explosion of pleasure. Positioned now like two interlocked clothespins, left hands bracing them up, right hands tangled in and pulling viciously at the other’s thick hair, the two jungle goddesses began to fuck in earnest, driving their cunts as deep and hard as they could, sawing their clits back and forth in excruciating pleasure, occasionally holding their bodies up by the power of their bucking torsos as they used their left hands to knead and squeeze the other’s bouncing tits.

“You filthy cunt,” Inge groaned, as she squeezed Conchita’s right nipple, then sank her claws into the Spanish beauty’s dense titflesh. “I’m going to fuck your cunt off, Conchita,” Inge managed to gasp out as her body was wracked with pulsing erotic tensions.

“Cuntlicker,” Conchita moaned back. “My hairy cunt is more than you can take, whore,” she snarled, between clenched teeth.

Glaring viciously, grunting in rhythm as they pumped together, Inge and Conchita rode each other to another excruciating orgasm, pumping asses and pounding cunts faster and faster as they lost control, sex juice spraying and squirting as they occasionally pulled their cunts apart, only to ram together even harder and tighter. Locked as deep into each other as they could go, solidly sucked and grinding wildly, the sound of hot, wet, pumping cunt competing with their cries of lust and rage, the two jungle goddesses rode each other to the finish, snarling and screaming as each fought to dominate the other.

“Bitch, you’re my fuckbitch,” Conchita managed to gasp at her blonde nemesis.

 “Cunt, cunt, oh fuck, you whore,” Inge grunted back, even as she concentrated on the unbearable pleasure of her clit wrestling and rubbing with Conchita’s thrusting sex.

Their delirious, desperate fucking ended in another explosion of pure pleasure that led to a chain of debilitating orgasms. Still tearing at the other’s hair, shrieking with joy and rage, their cunts eating each other and squeezing hard, Inge and Conchita bucked each other to the climax of another vicious sexfight and finally collapsed in exhaustion and absolute satisfaction.

Conchita gasped and moaned, her right arm tossed across her face, her massive tits rising and falling with her heaving breath, her dark brown nipples and areola aching with tension. Already, she could feel her body returning to its state of pure arousal. The goddess Ura, the only audience for this marathon fuckwar, was an insatiable mistress. But that suited Conchita fine. What she and Inge had been doing to each other for the past several – hours? days? she did not know – was beyond anything she could ever have dreamed. She did not want it to end. She wanted to defeat Inge and prove, once and for all, which of them was the stronger woman. But, after that, she just wanted to go on ravaging the blonde whore, locking pussies and rubbing tits with the jungle bitch forever. God, she was so horny, already.

Conchita decided that she needed a drink. Her body craved water. Earlier, after another sexfight, Inge had untangled their voluptuous bodies and gone to take a drink of water from a small basin beside the altar, a structure that Conchita had not even noticed before. Conchita noted that the blonde had completely avoided the water of the fountain and, even through the haze of lust dulling her mind, Conchita realized that there was a warning in her head telling her to stay away from the glowing blue water, at least until she was given permission to bask in its warmth. She did not question where this warning came from; she knew that Ura had placed it there.

With a groan, Conchita pulled her aching mocha-tinted body away from Inge’s golden form. Their thick pussy hair pulled painfully and their juicy pussies popped apart, releasing a gush of hot, fragrant cum. Inge gasped, but otherwise did not move. Slowly, Conchita started crawling towards the altar and its water source, then pushed herself to her feet and began to walk, somewhat unsteadily, towards her goal. She was conscious of the invisible presence of the goddess and she kept a respectful distance from the altar as she moved around towards its side. There, she found the rock basin, fed by a gentle trickle of cool water. She splashed her face and hot tits with the water, shivering as the cool liquid splashed her nipples, and used her cupped hands to drink the refreshing liquid.

Conchita sighed and smiled. Her body was aching with lust. With an almost clinical detachment, she marveled at the feelings of sexual desire that burned through her with an ever-growing intensity. Her heavy tits were taut and hot with arousal, her nipples were throbbing with need and so sensitive that the slightest touch sent a lightning shock of electricity through her erogenous zones. Her cunt was steaming and itching with sexual need, her clit was pulsing in time to her heart. Every inch of her skin was alive, burning with sexual fever, sensitive and begging to be stroked, rubbed, licked, bitten, stimulated to yet another orgasmic release. Conchita smiled and stretched, standing on tiptoe, raising her arms over her head to reach for the ceiling, all the while basking in the sexual heat raging through her body. Her majestic tits jutted from her chest, firm and high, bouncing gently as she arched her back and flexed. Her beautiful ass clenched and her long legs, ridged with muscle, went taut with delicious tension, then released. She lowered her heels and began to turn, eager to return to Inge, to match cunt to cunt and tit to tit with her blonde enemy in another erotic battle. Inge’s magnificent body had met hers every inch of the way so far, but Conchita was confident that her sex would, eventually, prove stronger than that of the blonde’s.

Before she could turn, two feminine hands suddenly looped under her arms from behind and cupped her burning tits. Inge had sneaked up behind Conchita during her break and was now taking advantage of the situation.  Inge’s hands weighed Conchita’s heavy mocha orbs, her fingers and palms pressing in on Conchita’s dark brown nipples, Conchita’s massive tits bulging out on all sides. Inge’s violating hands were barely able to cup Conchita’s magnificent rack. The blonde squeezed her enemy’s boobs tightly, taking special care to crush the rock hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Conchita shrieked. “Fuck, you fucking slut!!” she howled. Her hands lowered to her chest, covering Inge’s hands, trying to pry the invaders off of her body. But it was too late. Waves of pure pleasure rippled through her oversexed body as Inge stroked and fondled her oversensitive tits. Conchita’s pussy gushed with feminine juices, her skin burned with sensation. Conchita felt Inge’s rock-hard nipples pushing into her back, she felt Inge’s hot, wet pussy sucking to the smooth, hard skin of her ass. Conchita wiggled her ass, and was rewarded with a groan of need from her blonde attacker. She felt Inge’s wet cunt slide and suck even more strongly to her ass. The blonde continued to squeeze and knead Conchita’s glorious rack, but Conchita now reached up and caught Inge’s head in the crook of her left arm. She turned her face to the blonde, who placed her head on Conchita’s left shoulder and shared hot breath with her Spanish enemy. The women touched sensitive tongues, quickly sliding into a long, slick, tongue-twisting kiss. Inge kept squeezing Conchita’s right tit with her right hand, but suddenly released Conchita’s left tit and slid her hand all the way down Conchita’s smooth, muscled brown belly, briefly pausing to explore the Spanish Amazon’s deep navel, tangling her fingers in Conchita’s thick pussy hair, before cupping the other beauty’s hot, wet cunt slit. Conchita gasped, jerking herself free of their tongue kiss. “God, you cunt!,” she choked out as Inge’s probing middle finger slid deep into her womanhood, seeking out her swollen, burning clit.  Conchita screamed with unbearable pleasure as Inge’s invading digit found and stroked her hard, supersensitive clit. Inge chortled with malice.

“I’ve got you now, you black-haired cuntfucker,” the blonde beauty grunted at her enemy, as they pressed cheek to cheek, Conchita whimpering in Inge’s ear, Inge’s chin resting on Conchita’s shoulder. Finally, Inge saw the chance to overstimulate Conchita, to push the Spanish jungle woman high enough up the pleasure curve that, by the time they resumed their all-out fucking, the blonde would have a serious advantage to build on. However, even as she masturbated Conchita, even as the Spanish woman’s cries of helpless lust built, Inge found the tension and lust in her own body to be nearly unbearable. She rubbed her heavy tits into Conchita’s smooth back, she ground her aching, wet pussy into Conchita’s muscled ass. But she knew the only thing that could satisfy her would be to turn the Spanish beauty around and go tit to tit, clit to burning clit with her enemy. Inge found herself whimpering with lust and need, even as Conchita’s cries grew more frantic.

“No, No, you bitch, you fucking, dirty slut…” Conchita groaned. She was betrayed by her own body. She could not help but wiggle her hips and shudder in lust, her monstrous sexual desire forcing her to encourage Inge’s violation of her womanhood. She pushed hard, writhing in Inge’s grip, pushing back to grind Inge’s heavy tits and enflamed nipples with her back, rotating her hips to rub Inge’s hot cunt with her ass. Conchita had locked Inge’s head in place with her arm and now the two jungle women panted together, cheek to cheek, exchanging curses and whines of desperation as they struggled. Inge squeezed Conchita’s tit harder and harder, she rubbed the Spanish beauty’s clit with greater force. Conchita screamed and sobbed, her body overwhelmed with aching need, but she continued writhing and wriggling, rubbing her flesh to Inge’s, knowing that the blonde could not resist the need to fuck much longer.

Suddenly, with a cry, Inge squeezed Conchita’s nipple as hard as she could, causing Conchita to scream. Even as the Spanish Amazon was still reacting to the surge of intense erotic sensation, Inge released Conchita’s cunt and spun her enemy around, holding Conchita by the biceps, at arms length. The two women stared at each other, Conchita in momentary sexual shock, Inge with blazing lust. Her gaze fell to Conchita’s magnificent tits, still bouncing with the sudden movement and Inge quickly moved forward, lowered her head, and wrapped her sucking mouth around as much of Conchita’s right tit as she could fit in her hungry maw. She bit hard at the delicious nipple and then started sucking urgently, trying to draw milk from the Spanish woman’s tit.

Conchita howled, suddenly under another overwhelming erotic attack. She could barely move, momentarily paralyzed by the incredible sensations burning out of her tit. In that moment of hesitation, Inge renewed her attack on Conchita’s pussy, slipping her right hand down to cup the dark-haired twat, then resuming her vicious masturbation of her nemesis. Conchita gritted her teeth, forcing just enough control into her enraptured body to use her left hand to reach out and cup Inge’s right tit, which was already pressed to her stomach. With a final effort of will, Conchita eagerly and gratefully pulled the magnificent golden orb to her mouth, lowered her head, and sank her teeth into Inge’s taut titflesh, using her tongue to flick the engorged bronze nipple. The women screamed together, their cries muffled by the heavy, voluptuous breastflesh each was now feasting upon like a starving woman at a banquet. They sucked and bit, their bodies now mirroring the other, their heads fixed to the other’s breast as they struggled to devour each other, to overwhelm the other with lust. Conchita slipped her right hand down Inge’s hard belly, tangled her fingers in the other woman’s golden cunt fur, then plunged her middle finger up into Inge’s pulsing cunt.

Feasting on each other’s tits, mutually masturbating each other, Inge and Conchita slowly sank to their knees on the ground by the altar, their legs spreading wide to allow each other easier access to their womanly cores. Thick, clear liquid splashed from their open pussies, trickling down their inner thighs to their knees, splattering the cool sand beneath their cunts, soaking the eager hand each was using to masturbate the other. Within their juicy cunts, their internal muscles gripped and squeezed at the invading digits, but could do little to stop the mutual sexual assault. At the same time, the women ate each other’s tits, Inge and Conchita each covering the magnificent tit that she was devouring with hot spit and teethmarks as she licked and sucked and chewed. By mutual, unspoken agreement, they shifted from one tit to the other, leaning in to suck and eat the other woman’s remaining tit, their tongues and mouths briefly tangling as they moved their heads from one boob to the other. For some time, the sound of the falling fountain water was accompanied by the sounds of sucking and licking, gasping cries of pleasure and lust, and the wet sound of nimble fingers moving hard and fast within tight, aching cunts.

The pleasure burning through their bodies made it difficult to think. Neither woman was capable of following any strategy beyond her need to mate with the other. Even as they sucked and rubbed each other, both jungle goddesses felt the incredible need building in their pussies. Suddenly, Conchita acted. She reached up Inge’s back with her right hand, twisted the blonde’s golden hair around the palm of her hand several times, then pulled back on the tight braid, slowly pulling Inge’s hungry mouth away from her tit. Quickly, Conchita bit Inge’s nipple hard then, as Inge gasped, pulled her soaking hand out of the blonde’s wet cunt, placed her hand on Inge’s quivering left tit, and pushed hard while pulling on Inge’s hair, forcing Inge over on to her back. The blonde landed softly, her calves trapped under her body. However, she easily slid them free, then spread her magnificent legs wide, opening her pussy to the admiring, lustful gaze of her enemy. Inge was overwhelmed with lust. Her body needed Conchita’s sex and she spread herself in invitation, reaching out with her arms for the Spanish woman’s delectable body. Conchita trembled, struggling to control herself. Almost lost in a red haze, she wanted nothing more than to throw herself on Inge and fuck mindlessly, relentlessly, tit to tit and cunt to cunt. But she also knew that Inge’s surprise attack had pushed her body higher on the pleasure curve than the blonde and if she attacked now she ran the real risk of losing the subsequent fuckfight. Calling on all her will, she ignored Inge’s inviting arms and, instead, threw herself face down between Inge’s open legs.

Inge paused indecisively, caught between her overwhelming desire to have Conchita eat her pussy and the knowledge that Conchita’s sexual assault could cost her whatever advantage her earlier surprise attack had gained. Paralyzed by lust, the blonde hesitated just a moment too long, unable to bring herself to close her muscled thighs. Conchita plunged forward, her massive tits crushing into the sand, her face ramming hungrily into Inge’s delicious cunt. Conchita drove her tongue deep into her foe, she wrapped her tongue around Inge’s clit and sucked as hard as she could, she grabbed Inge’s thighs and, bracing them on her shoulders, sat up so that Inge’s cunt was at an angle and fully open to Conchita’s ministrations. Then, the black-haired beauty sucked at Inge’s clit with all of her strength, even as she ran her eager hands down Inge’s sweat-slick belly to knead at the blonde’s massive golden tits.

“Fuck, fuck, you WHORE!!,” Inge howled, her shoulders writhing into the sand, her entire body squirming and bucking as Conchita ate her throbbing pussy. “Oh God,” she shrieked, “Oh God, please STOP!!” She did not really want Conchita to stop, though. She wanted her to go on forever. Conchita growled with passion as she devoured her foe, fighting her own overwhelming urge to just fuck, resisting the incredible heat and tension boiling in her cunt and tits. Her tits were pushed hard into Inge’s writhing ass, continuing the overstimulation that was torturing both women. Inge sank her hands into Conchita’s thick hair, gathered her will to resist, then twisted her whole body so that Conchita, caught between Inge’s thighs, went flying over onto her back, Inge’s cunt pounding down on her face. With a gasp, Conchita released Inge’s clit from her lips and turned her head, searching for air even as she inhaled Inge’s thick sexual musk, her face wet with Inge’s pussy juice. An instant later, Inge had pulled off of her, and rolled her body away from Conchita. Conchita lay flat on her back, gasping for breath, burning with lust, suddenly deprived of the sexual stimulation of flesh to flesh contact with her blonde rival.

This situation lasted only for a moment, however. Taking a second to gather herself and restore her bearings, Inge turned back to Conchita. Inge was facing down Conchita’s body, the Spanish woman’s head closest to her. She saw the black-haired beauty lying on the ground with her thighs spread and her knees akimbo, and did the only thing she could. She threw her body across Conchita’s prone form, burying her face in Conchita’s cunt, wrapping her arms around Conchita’s flaring hips and grasping the black-haired whore’s muscular ass. Inge thrust her own cunt down on Conchita’s face and felt the Spanish beauty’s arms loop around her hips, locking her in place. Conchita’s hands spread on Inge’s ass and, in a moment, both jungle goddesses were sucking each other’s clits with wild abandon.

It was paradise. They attacked each other with every ounce of passion they possessed, sucking and biting and nibbling at each other. The whole time they shrieked and moaned into the other’s burning cunt, sobbing with pleasure. They rolled over onto their sides and ate the other’s pussy vigorously, viciously, their faces soaked with sex juices, their squeals and sobs growing in intensity as they licked and sucked. Conchita eagerly drove her fingers up Inge’s asshole, then starting finger-fucking her enemy even as she wrapped the blonde’s swollen clit in her velvet-soft lips and tried to suck Inge’s engorged sex out of her pussy. Inge instantly replied, driving two fingers deep into Conchita’s pussy even as her tongue and lips caressed the Spanish woman’s throbbing clit, slicking it with spit.

The women rolled in the soft sand, thrashing from side to side, never stopping their mutual eating, never halting the eager fingers that they drove up into the other’s orifices. Overwhelmed with lust, desperate for every violation, almost screaming with pleasure, Inge fisted Conchita, ramming her full fist into the inner lips of Conchita’s pussy and twisting hard within the Spanish beauty’s tight cunt. Her arm was in too awkward a position for her to go much further up the vaginal canal. Conchita squealed in joy, then thrust her whole right hand into Inge’s soft, tight sex and clenched her fist. Inge howled, and the two women rolled on their sides and stayed there for a few minutes as they tortured each other viciously, their screams of pleasure turning to gasps and yelps of unbearable need as their hard fists crushed their engorged clits.

With a cry, Conchita suddenly pushed away, freeing Inge and pulling her burning body away from the blonde’s violating hand. Inge’s fist pulled free of Conchita’s pussy with an audible pop, releasing a gush of sex juice as it came out, and the two women, gasping with lust and exertion, rolled to sitting positions, facing each other.

Inge and Conchita had never been more aroused, more enflamed with sexual need, in their lives. The forces working around them filled them but, more importantly, had unleashed the raw essence of their sexual power, and they were now at the pinnacle of their womanhood. The temple had been refining both women, purifying their sexual passion and power, building them to the point where they could unleash the full essence of their sex against each other. That time had now, finally, arrived.

Inge and Conchita came to this realization at the same time. They faced each other, Inge on her hands and knees, her tits hanging down toward the ground and throbbing, almost exploding with sexual tension, her nipples pulsing, the heat and pressure in her crotch filling up her lower torso. Every inch of her skin was on fire, sensitive to every grain of sand pushing into her knees. She almost screamed in raw need. Inge locked eyes with Conchita and saw her own overwhelming lust reflected back at her. Conchita was sitting on her ass, her legs open wide, her left hand moving slowly toward the thick thatch of black pubic hair between her perfect legs. Both women panted hard, and Inge moved to assume a position mirroring that of Conchita.

Never letting their eyes leave each other, Inge and Conchita sat in the sand, facing each other, their legs spread, their hot, hungry cunts open and inviting. Both pussies erupted with vaginal juices, as their deep muscles contracted in arousal. The women’s left hands moved down to cup their aching pussies. Both women used two fingers to pull open their vaginal lips, to tease out their engorged, enflamed clits. Conchita let her gaze drift down to the impressive sex nub pushing out of Inge’s cunt. She smiled, her eyes glowing with anticipation, then tweaked her own clit, a gesture that forced her to close her eyes, then gasp with the shock of pleasure that raced through her. Slowly, her eyes opened again and she locked her gaze with Inge. The women smiled at each other, expressions of pure hunger and blazing hate. Their mutual desire to consume the other, to completely unite with and conquer the other woman had reached superhuman proportions. Both women knew that they were at the ultimate state of arousal and power. Their cunts would never be hotter or hungrier, their tits would never be harder or more sensitive, their bodies would never be more completely saturated with sexual power. And now, they were going to turn that power against each other. They were about to fuck each other until one or the other emerged as the stronger woman. This was their decisive battle, and both women could feel it.

For several more minutes, they sat staring at each other, their pants of lust becoming more rapid, the heat and tension in their matching bodies growing more and more unbearable. Their round, heavy tits heaved in unison, their nipples and areola engorged with power. Their eyes stayed locked as each woman waited for the right moment to finally come together and begin this new chapter in their sexual rivalry.

Conchita had never felt more alive or more excited. She was moments away from absolute sexual ecstasy. She could not restrain herself any more. Conchita pushed forward, her legs spread, the heat in her cunt like a sun. Inge moved to meet her. When they were close enough, they pushed their bare feet together, sole to sole, and held like that for a moment, pushing their toes against each other, smiling with the delightful sensations that rippled up from their feet, enjoying the feel of naked skin to skin. Both women wanted to bring every inch of their flesh into contact. They slid their legs past each other and assumed a scissor-lock, right leg over left. Their contact of flesh to flesh caused Inge and Conchita to hiss, their skin burning with delicious sensations. They pushed up until their thick pubic hair interwined, shivering with delight as their enemy’s pussy hair tickled their vaginal lips. They stopped, letting the furnace heat of their raging cunts warm their inner thighs. Both women leaned back, keeping their massive tits from contact, at least for now, and supported their bodies by extending their arms behind them.

Inge and Conchita gazed deeply into each other eyes, smiling at each other with a hunger that had reached inhuman dimensions.

“Are you ready to fuck, little girl?” Conchita whispered at her blonde nemesis, her voice harsh and throaty with desire, her eyes glowing with heat and the desire to fight, to dominate and humiliate her foe..

“Yes, Conchita,” Inge whispered back, her blue eyes darkened by lust and rage. “I want everything you’ve got. Your clit, your cunt, your tits… everything.”

“Here it comes, bitch,” Conchita promised with a hoarse whisper. “Here comes everything…”

Bracing themselves, the jungle goddesses moved forward, their slick, hot cunt lips caressing, melting together into a deep, unbearable kiss. Their pussy lips stroked each other deliciously. Inge and Conchita clenched their teeth and choked back the shrieks of pleasure that threatened to tear from their throats as orgasmic sensations rippled through them. Panting, keeping their pussies pressed, hot, smooth skin to hot, smooth skin, they began to roll their hips and asses, grinding their swollen pussy lips into each other in tight, hard circles, sliding the slick, wet flesh around and around. Wet smacking sounds emanated from their kissing cunts as they struggled, clear juices trickled down from their battling twats to the cool sand below. The sensation of their cunts melting and merging was unbearable and the two beauties finally threw back their heads and howled with pleasure. They both knew the best was yet to come, and neither knew how they would survive the clit to clit fucking that they both craved. Leaning back, they thrust at each other in a hard rhythm, pushing tight, penetrating the other, grunts of joy and effort mingling with animal snarls of lust. Both women closed their eyes, enjoying the incredible sensations blasting through their bodies, enjoying the delicious fucking they were administering to each other. This was heaven on earth and they were both intent on dragging this confrontation out for as long as they possibly could.

For a long time, Conchita and Inge slid their wet cunts together, back and forth, up and down, grinding slowly and sensuously, pussy juice lubricating their every gliding thrust. They let their labia mesh and melt, keeping the burning bulbs of their engorged clits from coming together, though both tantalized the other, letting their clits get close enough that each could feel the heat and electricity burning through their sexual nubs. Their sighs and moans of pleasure continued to build, cunt juice flowed like wine, their bodies burned with arousal and, eventually, both beauties knew the time for the ultimate fuckfight had come. Opening her eyes, Conchita saw that Inge still had her head thrown back, her eyes closed, her moans of pleasure in time with her thrusting hips and her jiggling tits.

“Cunt, you cunt…,”Conchita panted,moaned.

Inge opened her eyes, locking her blue gaze with Conchita’s dark orbs, understanding immediately. “Yes…,” the blonde whispered, “Yes, you slut… let’s finish this.”

Conchita and Inge shared looks of incredible intimacy and raw unquenchable hunger. Raising their asses off the ground, aiming their burning cunts directly at each other, locking their hateful, lustful glares in a final, arrogant challenge, they drove their open pussies directly together, smashing their aching, throbbing clits head-to-head. The sensation was indescribable. White-hot ecstasy exploded through both women. They shrieked like banshees, cries of unbelievable joy that trailed into gasping sobs. They pulled back and smashed together again and again, each trying to overwhelm the other and take a decisive advantage. Cunt juice splattered as their juicy pussies rammed tight and hard, the wet sounds of soft, slick flesh slapping and struggling filled the air, accompanied by a symphony of groans, gasps and curses. Soon, however, the women stopped pounding their cunts and starting grinding. Their hot, hungry sex maws reached for each other and locked tight, their cunts sealed into one hot mass from top to bottom. Their sex-saturated clits, harder, stronger and more excruciatingly sensitive than ever before, met and locked head-to-head. The sex nubs rubbed around and around each other as the women fought, each trying to grind the other’s clit to surrender, trying to force the other’s sex to explode with the unbearable pleasure it was being forced to endure. But neither clit gave. Instead, they became even harder and more sensitive and the women could only shriek in an agony of absolute bliss as they fucked each other senseless. They held their bodies up by their arms, their powerful asses pumping, and they used every muscle in their beautiful bodies to rub their clits. Their tits bounced exuberantly, deliciously, their screams and shrieks of joy turned to cries and snarls of agonized pleasure and lust, but still they kept fucking. They went at it hard. Inge and Conchita had both decided that, this time, they would not braid and twist their clits into one interlocked sexual organ. Instead, the battle would be decided by whose clit could be bent and crushed back into submission. They would fight with the heads of their clits, the most sensitive and ecstatic part of their sex, until one bitch conquered the other.

The battle raged on and on, time losing all meaning as the fucking became more and more delicious. Finally, Inge shifted tactics. She let her ass drop to the ground, pulling Conchita’s body with it, and reached out with her hands to grab and knead Conchita’s rocking tits. Inge was amazed to feel how hard and sex-engorged her enemies beautiful juggs were. Still, she sank her fingers into the taut flesh and squeezed the dark brown nipples as hard as she could, even as she stroked the sensitive areola. Conchita howled; an instant later, Inge’s equally massive tits were filling her hands and she was mauling and massaging the yielding flesh passionately. Holding their bodies up with their powerful abdominal muscles, cunts sealed in an unbreakable grip, clits pushed tight, the battling Amazons assaulted each other’s glorious tits, kneading and twisting, massaging and squeezing, until their chests were burning almost as hot as their inosculated cunts. Hot sweat poured from their bodies as they fought,  slicking their massive tits, pooling in their intertwined pussy bushes, providing a smooth, erotic slide to their burning flesh. Their bodies shone with a beautiful liquid sheen, flashing and glistening in the orange glow of the fire as their muscles flexed and strained.

They continued fondling each other, jerking their hips to rub their clits, until their stomachs burned with the effort of holding their bodies up. Finally, gasping, Inge and Conchita released the other’s tits and fell flat on their backs, both women gasping from the intense pleasure that burned through them as their massive tits rocked and bounced with the impact. So aroused were their tits that the cool air kissing their hardened nipples was enough to send paroxysms of pleasure rippling deep into their massive, meaty orbs.

Inge and Conchita began writhing their long, hard bodies, undulating sensuously, their hard asses grinding into the soft sand, their long, perfectly muscled legs stretching and straining as they struggled, pussy to pussy, their toes curling with the tension, their heels kicking in passion. They fucked mercilessly, relentlessly, furiously. They writhed and bucked together, grinding their swollen cunts into one meaty mass, screaming and groaning and sobbing as they rode each other, their thrashing bodies churning out sand-angel patterns in the soft ground of their arena, hot sweat and pungent pussy-juice moistening the floor. Their pubic hair twisted and twined, thick bushes uniting into one mess of black and golden curls, binding their pussies and ensuring that their cunts would not separate until this erotic war was decided.

“Inge, you cunt…,” Conchita sobbed, her voice cracking with passion and lust. “Fuck me, fuck me you bitch, fuck me…”

“Conchita, you fucking slut,” Inge moaned, hoarse with unbearable pleasure. “Don’t stop, cunt, don’t stop, don’t ever stop…”

On and on the jungle women fought. Their clits continued to rub and slide in slick friction, open, exposed nerves containing the essence of both Amazons’ raging sex, grinding at each other until one or the other would finally collapse in indescribable ecstasy and prove which of these two sex-crazed goddesses was the alpha bitch.

Inge and Conchita writhed each other around the room, moving in a slow circle. Their desperate, glorious fucking moved them closer and closer to the fountain, moving away from the altar. Both beauties sobbed and screamed in erotic bliss, each hard thrust of their battling clits sending orgasmic pleasure racing through their bodies. Shortly after they had fallen on their backs and begun to writhe into each other, Conchita and Inge had both reached to grasp the other’s thighs, using the grip to hold each other firmly so that they could fuck with greater force. Soon, however, their fingers had touched and each woman quickly grasped the other’s hands, intertwining their fingers, gripping each other palm to palm and, sinking their sharp fingernails into the back of the other’s hands, anchoring each other as they fucked furiously. The women squeezed their own bouncing tits between their upper arms, adding an extra element of delicious sensation to the raging battle.

Eventually, the women began bucking strenuously, bridging their backs and driving their clits together as hard as they could, slapping their hard asses, shrieking with rage and need. They did this for some time, holding each other rigid as they pushed clit to clit, their bodies forming an arch over the ground, their arms stretched out under their straining bodies, their hands clasped and struggling to hold them in place and give them leverage with which to fuck.  Each Amazon tried to force the other’s clit back, but the unbearable pleasure was simply too much for Inge or Conchita to take. Their bodies were thrumming with power, their level of arousal was sheer torture. Both needed release from this ecstasy, but neither would surrender to the other. Neither women could overwhelm her rival and the women collapsed to the sand again, resuming their slow, sensuous writhing, their moans of ecstasy continuing unabated, their aching clits sliding and rubbing without pause.

Conchita knew that, under any other circumstances, she and Inge would have exploded in orgasmic bliss a dozen times by now, maybe more. She was certain that their battle would continue until finally, one or the other would simply force her enemy into an orgasm so immense that it would defy comprehension. It was just as possible that she and Inge would fuck each other to another frustrating standstill. But Conchita also knew that she and Inge were so evenly matched that the slightest advantage might prove to be the decisive factor in this erotic contest. The white haze of erotic sensation and tension made it almost impossible for the Spanish beauty to think, let alone strategize, but she could not leave the outcome of this fuckfight to the vagaries of fortune. She needed to do something that would improve her chances of winning. Right now, she and Inge were fucking each other senseless from positions of equality. She needed to take the dominant position, she needed to mount this blonde cunt and grind the bitch down. Conchita thought she knew how to gain that advantage.

Freeing her hands from Inge’s grip, Conchita pushed herself up on her elbows. Her massive, perfect tits fell slightly to the sides of her body, allowing her to stare down her cleavage at Inge’s writhing body. Inge pushed herself up on her elbows, matching Conchita’s position and, glaring down between her own tits, locked eyes with her black-haired rival. Snarling at each other, their locked eyes fueling their mutual hate, Conchita and Inge resumed their vicious fucking, bucking at each other with all of their strength, their locked hips rolling with effort, the hard muscle of their round asses pressing tight. It was not long before Conchita pushed herself up on her arms, returning to the favoured position from which she and Inge had started this battle, with her arms extended behind her to support her body. Inge mirrored the position and soon they were driving at each other hard, their asses suspended several inches over the soft, wet sand, which grew even damper as hot cunt juice and sweat trickled down from the women’s straining and pumping asses. Their eyes glaring, Conchita and Inge snarled and screamed at each other, their teeth gritted in anger, their mutual desire to subjugate the other woman, to fuck her foe into submission, never greater. Their blazing eyes locked in mutual rage, their bodies pumped furiously, their pussies sucked tight, but the rest of their bodies rippled and trembled with erotic power as each woman struggled to master the other. Their massive tits bounced in unison, hot sweat spraying with each jolt, aching nipples demanding to be sucked and squeezed. The position they were now in was the one that gave both women the greatest freedom to drive at each other with wild abandon, to grind their throbbing clits with the greatest force and violence, and Inge and Conchita both savored the vicious mutual fucking.

“Yes, that’s it, little girl,” Conchita gasped at her blonde foe, between hard thrusts of their battling cunts. “That’s it, fuck me good, fuck me hard…”

“As long as it takes, whore,” Inge gasped in reply, her teeth clenched with the effort of self-control. “Clit to clit, all night, all day. We’ll see which of us is best bitch, pussylicker.”

“That will be me,” Conchita promised, whimpering with the erotic overload. Her body had started to tremble with pre-orgasmic tension.

“Nnn-uh,”Inge groaned. Her eyes were half-closed, her face a mask of concentration as she struggled to fight back another orgasm. Her body had also begun to shiver with pre-orgasmic stress. “I’m going to fuck you blind, you cunt,” Inge whispered.

Pounding, grinding at each other, the battling Amazons rode each other to higher and higher levels of pleasure. Their bodies were burning with sensations, their erogenous zones were inflamed with an ecstasy that transcended mortal comprehension. Every hard cunt thrust exploded in them like full-blown orgasms. They continued to battle, both knowing that in this time and place, they could take so much more. Even so, Conchita could feel that the end was near. She needed to implement her strategy. Keeping her hips and ass moving in rhythm with Inge’s bucking hips, keeping her arms braced strongly into the sand, fighting to think through the incredible erotic pleasure, Conchita kicked out with her right leg, aiming her perfect bare foot at the crook of Inge’s left arm, which was supporting the blonde as her body struggled with Conchita’s. At the same time, Conchita thrust with all the power of her hips and shoved forward with her arms. Unexpectedly, Inge found her left elbow collapsing. Unable to stay up, Inge fell onto her shoulders. Conchita followed her down, never letting their cunts separate, mounting the blonde jungle queen, who was now flat on her back in the sand, and assuming the dominant position.

Conchita threw herself onto Inge’s voluptuous body, crushing tit to tit and belly to belly with her sexual rival.  Inge and Conchita shrieked as their massive tits, grown far more sensitive than either woman had realized, crushed hard nipple to nipple. Their engorged nipples pulsed and radiated sexual pleasure like four enflamed clits and the women could only scream in ecstasy as their tits mated and fused. “Oh, Christ,” Conchita sobbed as her mammoth tits seemed to melt to Inge’s beautiful rack,  their mammaries sliding together in the hot sweat of their bodies, as the sudden sexual intensity pushed them both far closer to the orgasmic endgame. Their abdomens slapped and Conchita felt her deep, sexy navel form a hard suction with Inge’s hot, wet navel. Conchita looped her arms around Inge’s back and seized the blonde by her long, wild sweat-damp hair. Nose to nose, they gasped at each other, exchanging hot breath, their lush lips touching and fluttering against each other, their hot tongues licking and darting. The women locked up in a deep, biting kiss, their tongues wrestling and corkscrewing together within their sealed mouths, hot spit lubricating their tongue battle.

Conchita slid her aching twat onto Inge’s boiling cunt and poured on the fuck attack. At the same time, Inge instinctively spread her hands over Conchita’s pumping ass, pulling the Spanish woman in, keeping their cunts mashed tight, and fucked back with all of her strength. Within their sealed mouths, the women screamed together in concert as their giant clits crushed hard and resumed their unbearable rubbing and fencing. Their clits licked and stroked, and the women soon found the tongues in their mouths matching the rhythm of the infinitely more sensitive tongues between their legs as they stimulated each other to higher and higher levels of ecstasy.

Gasping, needing air, Inge and Conchita finally broke their kiss. Cheek to cheek, they panted together, eyes shut tight, both women concentrating on the incredible fuckfight going on between their thighs, the unbelievable pleasure pouring out of their grinding nipples and crushed boobs. The sexual power of their bodies was overwhelming them, and Inge was sure that she would soon pass out from the raw pleasure coming at her from every nerve in her body, whether she was forced to the ultimate orgasm or not. But, deep in the haze of ecstasy that overwhelmed her ability to think, Inge realized that she was in real danger of losing this fuckwar. Conchita now had the dominant position and the slight advantage given to the Spanish woman’s enormous and powerful clit by gravity might be all that was needed to win this war of sexual attrition. Inge knew that she had to work harder to grind back against Conchita with equal force and she knew that the Spanish bitch could now count on the full weight of her voluptuous body when she thrust her clit down on Inge’s engorged sex nub. Inge thrashed; she had to roll their bodies and take the top position, or at least free herself and force the conflict back to fighting on equal terms, or she might soon find herself humped and fucked into submission.

Inge’s efforts to roll the women’s locked and writhing bodies, however, were unsuccessful. Conchita pushed down with all of her strength, her sweat-slicked body crushed to Inge’s gleaming form from clits to tits, holding the blonde in place. Conchita spread her legs just enough to stabilize her body in its dominant position, her toes sunk into the sand, making it impossible for Inge to roll their battling bodies. Conchita’s legs had forced Inge’s thighs apart and, as the women continued their erotic struggle, Inge found herself seized by a burst of lust so intense that it could not be denied. Almost involuntarily, she spread her legs wide, her toes pointing, her feet so far apart that they almost aligned on either side of her head. Inge offered her boiling, steaming cunt in all of its erotic power and beauty to her sexual rival. She wanted Conchita’s twat as deep and hard into hers as it could go. All thoughts of losing or winning temporarily left her head. She simply wanted, needed, to fuck mindlessly, to join completely with Conchita’s magnificent body.

With a moan, Conchita pulled back, raising her ass just enough to tug on their twined pussy hair. Nose to nose with Inge, she glared through half-open eyes into the blue, sex-fevered eyes of her enemy. 

“Here it is, cunt,” Conchita gasped at her blonde rival.

“Give it to me, fuckbitch,” Inge moaned back, hatred fighting with pure lust in her eyes.

Conchita thrust down, powering her open, aching cunt with all the strength of her hips and ass, into Inge’s inviting twat. The soft, juicy lips of their pussies squashed and mashed, their inner labia opened like wet, pink flowers, their rock-hard, engorged clits slid and crushed head-to-head, then held each other in a quivering erotic stalemate. Inge and Conchita shrieked together, their womanly cores merging completely, both women feeling as though their raging cunts had crushed into one single mass of erotic, orgasmic flesh and fire. They held each other, Conchita pushing hard, Inge open and accepting her enemy’s cunt, her legs splayed wide in sexual surrender, her hands pulling hard on Conchita’s trembling ass, her claws sinking into the firm flesh. For a long moment, their cunts crushed and merged, sucked together completely, the focus of an exploding sexual ecstasy that threatened to consume both women. Then, Conchita pulled back, withdrawing her cunt from Inge’s open twat with a wet sucking sound and a grunt of effort. Their pussies pulled apart, hot cunt juice gushing out as they separated, thick strands of viscous liquids still linking their burning pussies, soaking their twined bushes. Then, sighing with pleasure, screaming with lust, Conchita drove herself back into Inge, hard and deep, once again sliding her slick cunt down into her nemesis, crushing and rubbing her pulsing clit to Inge’s engorged sex, jerking her ass and hips to form a hot, wet suction between their hungry cunts. The women shrieked together once again, then locked into another tongue-to-tongue licking kiss, trying to drive their mouths as deep together as their cunts.

Conchita continued doing this, pulling back and out and then ramming hard into Inge, cunt juice spraying and soaking their writhing lower bellies, leaking up to increase the suction between the women’s wet, inosculated navels. Conchita thrust deep and hard, smashing her clit to Inge’s rock-hard sex, then ground viciously with her hips and ass, smearing her nova-hot sex to Inge’s equally enflamed cunt, causing both women to shake with orgasmic pleasure, to scream with raw joy, before pulling back, only to smash clits with Inge again. Conchita was certain that this tactic would eventually force the blonde’s clit to collapse. She could only pray that she would not suffer a devastating orgasm of her own before Inge gave out. But she was confident that she could hold out, now that gravity was working in her favor.

Inge accepted the pounding violation, rejoicing in the indescribable pleasure, groaning with the raw sexual sensations that roared through her aching body. Part of her had accepted the fact that Conchita had her pinned and spread, her cunt open and helpless. This part of her mind just wanted to enjoy the unbearable ecstasy of being fucked into a coma. In the back of her mind, however, Inge’s will to win was still too great to simply accept this sexual surrender, to just give in to being dominated and fucked into defeat by Conchita. After Conchita’s tenth excruciatingly delicious thrust, Inge began to fight back. In the calculating part of her mind still capable of rational thought, she realized that her only hope was to play on Conchita’s overconfidence, to make the Spanish woman believe that she was firmly in control of this fuckfight and that her victory was only a matter of time. Inge knew that all of these things might be true, but she hoped that she could hold back her orgasmic defeat long enough to find some way to turn the tables on Conchita.

Inge pulled her legs together, and pressed her muscular thighs tight to Conchita’s flaring hips. Conchita thrust down with her ass and hips, the power of her lower body rippling from her straining toes to the throbbing point of her clit, powering into Inge. This time, however, Inge planted her heels and bucked up with her own hips and ass, driving her rock-hard clit into Conchita’s piledriving cunt. Their clits smashed and held, unspeakable ecstasy flaring up from the delicious impact. The women ground together for a long, luscious moment, their hot, sweaty bodies undulating with passion, their tits exploding with delicious sensations, their clits erupting with erotic electricity, before they pulled back, crying out with pleasure. Then, they plunged together again. Inge’s bucking hips and thrusting ass met Conchita’s thrusts blow for blow. She even held her legs taut, raising Conchita’s delicious body off the ground as they smashed cunts. The battling Amazons screamed in ecstatic pleasure. Dark eyes locked to blue, they ground their hips and worked their clits into each other, trying to force the other to collapse from the pleasure. After a few moments of hard grinding, screaming and moaning in need and hate, they pulled apart to start again.

Conchita smiled savagely. Yes, she thought, this was good, this was so fucking good. Fucking and fighting Inge to the very end, forcing the blonde bitch into a complete sexual surrender, that was what she wanted. Now, as Inge fought back, the Spanish beauty grinned with malice.

“That’s it, little girl, fight me, fuck me…”Conchita groaned and gasped into Inge’s ear as their bodies writhed with electric pleasure. “Let me break your clit, let me fuck your pussy off…”

“Whore,” Inge replied, her voice barely more than a hoarse whisper, struggling to speak through the ecstasy. “I’ll do the fucking, tramp, I’ll have you screaming like the bitch you are.” But, as they fought, Inge’ moans and cries of pleasure grew more and more intense. With each cunt thrust and clit grind, Inge’s screams grew more shrill and desperate, her deep moans grew more out of control. Conchita screamed and snarled with her, both women locked in the exquisite pleasure of their relentless, mindless fuck. But it was apparent that Inge was getting the worst of it.

Their sex-saturated bodies were at their peak of sexual power, they had been beating raw ecstasy into each other for hours, and both women were on the verge of exploding into a mind-numbing orgasm of unimaginable intensity. Conchita redoubled her attack on Inge’s sex, knowing that Inge was weakening. Conchita was not certain how much longer she could hold out. But Inge’s increasingly desperate cries of joy convinced her that she was on the verge of finally and decisively conquering the blonde jungle goddess’ beautiful, powerful cunt with her own. The prospect filled Conchita with a roaring sense of satisfaction. She had defeated Inge in other fuckfights, but this battle was a war of primal sex against primal sex, their womanhood locked together and struggling at their most fundamental level. She had to win, even if by guile.

Conchita pounded harder and ground her clit with Inge’s throbbing sex with even greater force, throwing the full weight of her body into each thrust and each jerk of her hips. Inge continued to thrust back, matching her attack, but Conchita believed that she felt the blonde weakening, that she could sense Inge holding back just slightly, as if afraid that pounding back with all of her strength would push her over the edge into an uncontrollable orgasm. Even as their pussy war became more intense, Inge began rolling her tits with greater force, rotating her spike-hard nipples into Conchita’s equally powerful pair of nips. The women’s nipples were piercing each other head to head, fused and crushed into one delectable mass of electric sensation, the ridges of their areola grinding and stimulating them with an erotic fire. Inge’s nipple attack forced Conchita to groan with the incredible sensations, then begin to grind back. Their tits worked around and around, penetrating and pushing, hot, thick titflesh massaging each other to greater and greater pleasure.

The two women whimpered with erotic need, their lips sealed tight, driving their mouths deep together, swallowing each other’s screams of pleasure as the fuckwar built to its decisive climax. Their tongues battled as furiously as their cunts and tits, Conchita determined to force Inge to her imminent defeat, Inge struggling to hold back the orgasm boiling in every cell of her perfect, bronze body. Her hands on Conchita’s pumping ass, Inge drove her right middle finger deep into Conchita’s tight asshole, and wrapped her left arm around the black-haired bitch’s back, squeezing her tighter, trying to increase the pressure between their warring tits. Conchita groaned at these new attacks, but remained concentrated on working her clit and tits against Inge’s sex organs, sure that the blonde was getting desperate. The women broke the kiss, sucking in air. Their erotic moaning grew louder and louder, their voices only the barest indicator of the incredible sexual feelings roaring through their battling bodies. But Inge’s cries were slightly more frantic and she gradually began to lose pace with Conchita’s pumping ass and writhing torso.

“Yes,” Conchita whimpered. “Yes, yes, yes…” She was overwhelming Inge, her luscious cunt was finally gaining the advantage. Below her Inge snarled and thrashed, still fighting and fucking back, but clearly aware that she was losing the fuckfight. As Conchita increased the rate and force of her grinding attack, however, she suddenly realized that she was on the verge of her own orgasmic explosion. The pleasure in her body was so unbelievably intense that she had not realized how close she was to her own climax, and she had pushed herself much closer to the edge with her delirious attack on Inge’s writhing, bucking body.

With a tortured groan, Conchita stopped fucking her blonde enemy and concentrated all of her strength and will into pushing back the nova-hot blast of pleasure burning at the margins of her massive, throbbing clit, pulsing in the taut flesh of her sex-enflamed tits. Her body shuddered massively, her muscles rigid with sexual tension, as her mind and will worked to force the pleasure into some as yet unknown part of her overflowing body.

Under her, gasping with her own overwhelming arousal, struggling to control her body, Inge suddenly realized what had happened. On the verge of fucking her into submission, of forcing her to an ignominious defeat, her foe had suddenly stopped. Inge knew that this was her only chance. She did not know if her strategy had worked; she was not sure herself the extent to which she was exaggerating her own arousal to encourage Conchita’s attack. But she knew that if she could not break Conchita’s domination right now, she would lose the battle.

Wrapping her arms around her nude enemy’s ripe, round body, twining her left leg with Conchita’s equally muscled, straining limb, but pushing down with her right heel and throwing all the power of her hips and torso into the push, Inge struggled to roll their interlocked bodies. Conchita was still focused on stopping her own orgasm. She gasped, tried to resist the roll, and managed to bring the movement to a halt when the women were both on their sides. But Inge was desperate now, teetering on the edge of her own sexual climax. She struggled against Conchita, pushing with all of her jungle-born strength, fighting the aching pleasure pouring out of the women’s compressed tits, their burning abdomens, their nova-hot cunts. She pushed with her clit, forcing choked screams of pleasure from both women. They bucked at each other with their hips, each beauty trying to force the other on to her back, both continuing the fuckfight, knowing that the end was near. With a hideous groan, Conchita finally succeeded in forcing back her impending orgasm, if only for the moment, but Inge had seized that moment to grab Conchita’s hair and pull hard. It was just enough to roll their swaying bodies over and Conchita found herself suddenly flat on her back, her ass writhing into the ground, staring up at Inge’s beautiful face.

“I’ve got you, I’ve got you, you fucking cunt, you’re mine now, you whore, you bitch…,”Inge gasped and sobbed at her black-haired nemesis. Her body was on fire, every cell rippling with pleasure. She could not take much more.

“Never, you cuntfucker, never, never, never…,” Conchita groaned back, her mind and body nearly lost to the incredible sensations burning in her core. She was barely able to articulate thoughts beyond the animal urges that had taken complete control.

Crying out, sobbing with unrestrained lust and need, Inge raised herself up and dropped her voluptuous, sex-enflamed body down on to Conchita’s beautiful brown form. Tits crushed, nipples penetrated and fused in an explosion of ecstasy, areola aligned and rubbed with grating pleasure. Their hard bellies pressed tight, and Inge pushed her navel to Conchita’s, enjoying the hard, wet suck of their matched umbilici . The women’s legs thrashed, but both women were now absolutely insane and out of control with lust. Both had lost the ability to think at all, all that either could do was fuck. Conchita spread her legs wide, opening her cunt. She twined her perfect, powerful mocha-tinted limbs through Inge’s golden thighs, and locked Inge in place. Inge reared up, lifting her ass high, then rammed her pelvis down and drove her burning twat deep into Conchita’s welcoming pussy. Their rock-hard clits, engorged and enflamed, met in a blissful stroke of devastating erotic pleasure. Inge pushed as hard as she could and howled out in ecstasy. Conchita screamed with her. Their cunts melted together, soft, slick, nerve-rich tissue merging, wet heat sucking and mixing, steel-hard clits sliding and exploding with orgasmic intensity. They rubbed, working every inch of their flesh together, struggling to become one body. Their pussies sucked tight, sealed and flattened. Then Inge pulled back, pushing her weight forward, crushing her tits to Conchita’s matching rack, raising only her ass, just high enough to feel the pull from their entwined pussy hair, to feel their delicious cunts suck apart. Conchita pulled her ass down, helping to suck their engorged cunts apart. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, the two jungle beauties gasping and sobbing into each other’s face, sharing hot breath, their eyes delirious and completely lost to sexual bliss, both women sinking their claws into the other’s muscular ass, they thrust together again, hard and complete, merging their womanhood, slamming and grinding and driving their aching clits into one mass of sheer ecstasy, screaming together, their erotic moaning rising to fever pitch. Then, they did it again and again and again, pulling apart and driving together, rubbing and grinding their unbearably sensitive clits as hard and long as they could, letting their cunts completely melt and merge and suck tight, then pulling apart in a sucking burst of cunt juice to do it again. On and on, they fucked, both women teetering on the edge of the final orgasm, but both somehow able to balance on that edge, holding back, riding each other now with only the shared desire to keep fucking to ever higher levels of pleasure.

Inge and Conchita had lost all sense of themselves, moving like one body. Nose to nose, sometimes cheek to cheek, gasping and moaning, lips touching, tongues teasing and licking, hot breath mixing, they continued to pound cunt to cunt, the sound of taut flesh slapping, of hot, wet cunts sucking and merging, then sucking apart to slap wetly together again, emanated out into the vast cavern. Their tits were fused, pulsing, their nipples crushing each other into their dense titflesh, but still rubbing and jerking in time to the women’s writhing bodies. Through half-closed eyes, delirious with orgasmic joy, Inge and Conchita watched each other, watched as they violated each other, watched for the signs of one or the other’s erotic defeat.

The end came suddenly. One moment, their rock hard clits were slamming and rubbing together, their cunts were working in tight, hard circles, grinding desperately, hips and asses working as one. It was absolutely unbearable and absolute bliss. Then, by a miniscule amount, Conchita’s clit bent. Both women felt it. Conchita’s dark eyes widened, caught between fear and the sudden, incredible elevation of pleasure that shot through her body. “No,” she gasped, “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

Inge’s blue eyes widened in shock, then narrowed in lustful rage and determination. She pushed even harder, gritting her teeth against the unbearable pleasure, determined to finally defeat this Spanish cunt. Her weight, aided by gravity, was finally having the desired effect. She had to win now; she was certain she could not last more than a few more seconds. “Yes, you cunt,”she groaned, “yes, yes…”

Conchita refused to retreat. Instead, she drove her bending clit with all of her strength into Inge’s sex nub, she thrust with all the power of her ass and hips and pelvis. Inge felt her own clit quiver and knew that she was about to give. But she thrust back harder and suddenly, Conchita’s massive sex gave way completely. Her rock-hard clit deflated, emptying its stored erotic energy into the Spanish woman’s bucking, driving body. Conchita shrieked, a sound torn out of the depths of her soul, her entire sexual being suddenly transported to an incomprehensible level of erotic bliss that was far beyond the mortal. Her body convulsed, steaming hot cum jetting out from her core and up into Inge’s trembling body, drenching their locked cunts, filling Inge up to her hot womb. Inge pushed harder, trying to impale Conchita’s softened clit with her own, trying hard to ride the bitch until her cunt gave out, until there could never be any doubt of Inge’s decisive victory.

But, as she thrust into Conchita’s exploding sex, as she struggled to control and master the Spanish bitch’s writhing body, Inge felt her own clit suddenly bend and deflate, it’s power erupting into her body, saturating her erogenous zones with unbearable force, forcing her into the sexual nirvana that Conchita had just entered. Inge screamed, her voice soon cut off by sobs of ecstasy. Inge’s hot cum shot from the depths of her womanhood, injected into Conchita’s welcoming body, mixing and melding with the steaming fluids already saturating the women’s vaginal canals.

The women’s clits, softened but still thick with blood, still unbelievably sensitive, merged completely. Like two exposed nerves made of fleshy wax, their clits melted and combined, becoming one, within the women’s unbreakably sealed cunts. Inge and Conchita felt like their bodies had, finally and completely, become one orgasmic mass of writhing, grinding muscle. The orgasms of both women combined into one and their shared pleasure burned and exploded with continuous nova-intensity through both gorgeous women. Their muscles wrapped and strained, they felt every inch of naked skin merge and melt with every bit of flesh on the other woman. Their massive tits fused into one dense, throbbing mass of erotic sensation, their nipples like spikes of hot pleasure sealing them together. The women groaned together, strangled cries of incredible desire. In final desperation, they locked into a tongue-twisting kiss and rode each other to the end. The pleasure refused to abate. White hot ecstasy rippled through both jungle goddesses, wracking their bodies, torturing them, going on and on and refusing to release them. They broke their kiss to stare deliriously into each other’s sex-glazed eyes, sharing the absolute ecstasy that joined them, until they finally collapsed into blissful and welcome unconsciousness.

Hours later, Inge awoke. Her body was wet and hot, and still locked tight to Conchita’s equally beautiful form. Their limbs remained tangled, their nipples eclipsed each other perfectly. Their bellies were flat together, and Inge could feel that her navel was still sucked to Conchita’s. Inge did not really want to move, but her body was in pain. Her tits throbbed with agony, her groin ached. She was absolutely exhausted, her body lacking any kind of strength. The idea suddenly popped into her head that she had to reach the fountain. She somehow knew that its eldritch waters would cleanse her and renew her.

Painfully, Inge rolled away from Conchita’s body, almost too weak to disentangle their limbs and pull apart their binding pussy hair. Conchita gasped as the blonde struggled to disengage, and soon the Spanish beauty was pulling away herself, seized by the same impulse as her blonde nemesis. Finally separated, the women lay side by side for a few minutes, panting with exertion. Then, Inge rolled onto her stomach, forced herself to her hands and knees, and began to crawl slowly towards the flowing fountain. She could only go three meters before dropping to the ground, too tired to continue. But she let her strength build back up and was able to force herself another four meters after a few minutes. She became aware that Conchita, not far from her, was engaged in the same struggle.

It took Inge almost 30 minutes to crawl the 15 meters to the edge of the fountain. Conchita was a few meters behind her and to her side. When she reached the edge of the fountain’s pool, Inge rested briefly, then struggled to haul herself up and over the 60 centimeter wall which kept the water in. She finally threw her exhausted body on top of the stone perimeter and reached out. Once her hand touched the blue, glowing water, new energy surged into her arm and she gained the strength to pull herself over the wall. She remembered to hold her breath as her body hit the water, then she was immersed in its cool blue depths. The pool was deeper than the wall by about 30 centimeters and she was fully submerged for a few moments. As if from far away, she heard another splash and felt the wave caused by Conchita throwing herself into the pool.

Power flowed through both women. The water of the pool was like a refreshing breeze, but soon electricity was rippling up through their limbs, pouring in through their pussies, heating up their swelling tits. The pool was like an electric bath, and as its power moved through their bodies, Inge and Conchita felt themselves restored, completely rejuvenated, as if their bodies were batteries and now fully recharged with an overwhelming lifeforce. The blue water seemed to reach inside of them, filling their cells with singing energy, warming their sexual organs with a bracing heat. For long minutes, the two beauties simply floated on the water, occasionally submerging themselves completely, sighing in pleasure, letting the water work on them in the deepest ways. Inge and Conchita both felt absolutely alive, but both were also calm and clear as the energy moved in them.

After nearly 30 minutes of soaking in the waters of the fountain, Inge pushed herself to her feet and rose to stand in the pool. The water came to the top of her thighs. She gathered her wet hair in a braid behind her head,, then squeezed it out. Her massive tits rose high on her chest as her hands worked the braid and her sleek, powerful body stretched, muscles straining. Five meters away, Conchita also stirred, then rose to stand in the pool, facing away from Inge. She soon turned, however, and faced the blonde. As Conchita reached behind her head to squeeze out her hair, her majestic tits rising to point their hardened nipples directly at Inge, the women locked hot gazes. They smiled, sexual heat flowing between them, but Inge’s gaze held the arrogance of triumph, while Conchita’s eyes burned with smoldering hate and humiliation.

Inge walked forward in the water, her body beginning to tighten with heat and arousal. Lowering her arms, Conchita moved to meet her. The women reached for each other, letting their hands slide up their arms to their shoulders, then pushed even closer, until their sharp, hard nipples met and crushed. Inge and Conchita sighed and smiled at the contact, and kept pushing forward, until their tits were tightly crushed, until their thighs were pressed tight and their hot, bare bellies were flat against each other, skin to skin, navels perfectly aligned. Arms wrapped around each other’s naked backs, nose to nose, the women squeezed, warm breath flowing between them, half-open gazes locked tight.

“I won, cunt,” Inge whispered at her rival, her body boiling with heat. Her lips touched Conchita’s luscious red lips as she spoke, her nose pushed tight to that of the Spanish beauty, their shining eyes filling each other’s vision.

“Yes, Inge,” Conchita whispered back. “You did. But we both know I was the better fuck. It could have gone either way. And this time, it will go my way.”

Saying this, the two beauties slid their mouths and tongues together into a deep, probing, kiss. They each moved a hand up to the back of the other’s wet head to press each other deeper into the kiss. Inge slid her left hand down to Conchita’s beautiful round ass, spreading her fingers over the smooth, perfect flesh. The women groaned together, and squeezed their bodies tighter, rejoicing in their crushed and pulsing tits, wriggling their hips so that their hot, wet bellies could slide, their navels sucking. As they grew more and more aroused, as their kiss became deeper and more passionate, Inge spread her legs, just enough to expose her cunt. Conchita gladly accepted the invitation, opening her own legs, pushing out with her pelvis. Wet pubic hair crunched and grated as the women shifted their hips, their deep moans of pleasure grew more intense, their eager hands explored each other’s bodies with more urgency. They broke the kiss, pulling apart reluctantly, hot tongues, licking and tangling, then each beauty placed her hands on the ass of the other, their bulging tits compressed between their upper arms and pushed out so that they continued to crush tight, nipple to nipple. Leaning back, arching their backs, the women spread their legs still wider and jutted their cunts out to each other. Hot pussies met and slid, just at the water line, and Inge and Conchita groaned together, closing their eyes, as their smooth, slick pussy lips caressed each other, warm pulses of electricity rippling through their bodies, feeding their arousal. They began to move as one, pushing and rolling their pussies tighter, working into their labia so that they could get at the other’s swelling clit.

Suddenly, both women felt a psychic shock, a call in their minds demanding that they stop. With a gasp, their eyes shot open and Inge and Conchita released each other, turning as one to face the altar. The dais was shining with light, and the goddess Ura called to them in their minds, demanding that they attend her. Inge and Conchita exchanged a hot, lustful glance. Both wanted to resume their sexual combat, but the goddess wanted them. Conchita reached out and looped her right arm over Inge’s shoulders. Inge returned the grip with her left arm. The side of Conchita’s right breast crushed tight to the side of Inge’s left, sexual heat building in their compressed tits as they moved. Walking together, their hips pressed hard and swaying in unison, their bodies moving together, the women walked out of the pool, stepped onto and over the retaining wall, and approached the shining altar. When they were only 3 meters away, they released each other and fell to their knees, side by side, then bowed low, touching their foreheads to the sand, waiting for the goddess to speak to them.

The voice in their minds spoke without words. It conveyed feelings and meanings and understandings. In her mind, Conchita’s inner eye was filled with the sense of a beautiful African woman, her body perfect and extravagant, her eyes shining with a primal light. But Conchita knew this was just a vision, albeit one of surpassing beauty and erotic power.

“I am pleased with you, “the goddess communicated to the jungle women. “You have honored me greatly with your battle and I have blessed you with the gifts of the water of life. You must now make a pact with me. Every five years, you must return to this place and battle, to show which of you is the greater warrior in my name. You will do this until the time that I release you. Will you honor this pact?”

“Yes, my goddess,”Inge intoned.

“Yes, my goddess,” Conchita found herself repeating, though she was not exactly sure what she was agreeing to do.

“Good,” the goddess replied. “Leave this place now and do not come back until the allotted time has passed. Go in peace and with my blessing.”

The light on the top of the altar suddenly flared star-bright, the mystical glow suffusing both women and burning in their sexual organs with the same intensity that it had before their battle started. Inge and Conchita shrieked together, and collapsed forward onto the sandy floor, both writhing with need. The light slowly faded. When it was gone, the candle-flames had returned to a normal size and the presence of the goddess, which had reverberated in the temple for the duration of the jungle women’s battle, was definitely gone. Still, they could feel the echoes of her presence in the stones and the air.

Slowly, aching with lust, Conchita pushed herself to her knees. She turned her fevered gaze on Inge, desire causing her hot pussy to trickle thick fluids down onto her burning thighs. Inge met her lustful gaze, but both women knew that this was a new test. The goddess had forbidden them to continue their battle here. Despite their mutual desire, they would need to wait until they left the temple to satisfy these urges.

“Take your clothing and go,” Inge said hoarsely. “I will wait 15 minutes and follow you. That is the only way that we can be sure that we can leave this place without disobeying the goddess. When you get to the top, take your things and wait for me in the jungle.”

Conchita nodded. She knew that Inge was correct. Trusting them to keep their mutual lust in check for the entire long walk back up to the entrance of the temple was too much. Still, she had a difficult time pulling herself away. She staggered to her feet and, trying to ignore the raging heat in her breasts and cunt, trying not to look at Inge, she quickly grabbed her bikini, discarded in the sand, and moved through the stone doorway.

Conchita began the ascent, not even stopping to put on her bikini, just running up the stone stairs as quickly as she safely could, the gentle murmur of the fountain slowly fading into the distance. Soon, she reached the spiral staircase. She paused there to tie on her halter and thong, before beginning the long ascent. A part of her wanted to stop and masturbate; the sexual heat in her body was unbearable. But she suspected that doing so might defy the goddess. So, she kept climbing, enjoying the sensuous movements of her body, the pressure of the halter and the loincloth on her sensitive sex.

More than 30 minutes later, Conchita emerged in the cool night air. She gathered up her bow and quiver, her knife and spear, and quickly descended the outer steps of the temple. She moved away from the pyramid, going more than a hundred meters into the forest. She sat by an ancient tree, watching the portal at the top of the steps for Inge, growing anxious as the time passed, the sexual heat in her body growing with every moment.

Almost exactly 15 minutes after Conchita had emerged from the temple, the moonlight picked out the flash of Inge’s voluptuous body moving into the light, pausing to gather up her bow, arrows and spear, and proceed quickly down the steps of the temple. Inge ran toward the forest, her tits bouncing, her body clearly burning up with desire. Conchita left behind her weapons and rushed out to meet her blonde nemesis, her hands tearing her bikini from her body as she ran. Inge threw her weapons aside when she saw Conchita, and her hands quickly stripped away her own scraps of fur. The two nude women came together just 50 meters from the temple, both overwhelmed with sexual desire. They crashed together, then fell to the ground, snarling, gasping, tangling and twisting their muscled limbs together, crushing their tits into one, rolling and wrestling on the soft ground, until Conchita succeeded in grinding her hot cunt deep into Inge’s matching pussy. Locked together, moaning and screaming like cats in heat, bucking and heaving with lust and joy, Inge and Conchita fucked each other deep into the night.

It was early the next morning, their passion finally spent, that the women gathered up their things and began the trek away from the temple. Both women had been afraid that the inhuman levels of sexual pleasure they had attained inside the temple would forever spoil their sexual warfare in the mundane world. But they had discovered that the pleasure of the temple was like a fading dream and that the failure to reach those same levels of ecstasy had done nothing to lessen their enjoyment of the previous night’s fuckfight. Conchita had won all of the battles of the previous night, and Inge suspected that defeating the Spanish vixen would be much more difficult in the future.

As they trekked away from the temple, Conchita gradually came to understand what she had agreed to do.

“You wanted to get me to this place all along, didn’t you?” she asked Inge. “You tricked me into this pact, didn’t you? Now you know that I can’t allow the temple to be discovered, now I have a stake in protecting this jungle.” Conchita said this largely without anger. She did not like being deceived, but she could not pretend that she had not enjoyed the results of the deception.

“Yes,” Inge replied. “That was my goal. But you have certainly gained a great deal from the arrangement.”

“What do you mean? All I have is an obligation to come back here every five years to fuck you senseless.”

Inge turned to examine her beauteous rival. “That is not all. You have bathed in the waters of life. You will be forever as young and vital as you were when your body was immersed in the waters of the fountain.”

Conchita stopped, stunned by this new information.  “You mean – I will be like this forever? I won’t ever age?”

“As far as I know,” replied Inge. “As long as you keep the favor of the goddess, that is her blessing to both of us.”

Slowly, a smile broke across Conchita’s beautiful face. She would be youthful forever! Already, her mind began to churn with all that she could do as an immortal. But, for now, the idea that held the most appeal for her was the realization that she would have centuries, maybe longer, in which to fuck and fight Inge. She saw a future of endless of pleasure and anger, of raw sex and constant rivalry. She would make Inge pay for her defeat in the temple. Conchita swore that the day would come when she would humble and dominate the blonde jungle woman forever. 

Smiling with satisfaction, her eyes shining with the possibilities that had now opened up to her, Conchita followed Inge into the forest.

Epilogue: Three Weeks Later

Gasping and grunting, limbs twined and asses pumping furiously, thick cunts slapping together like drums, Conchita and Inge fucked hard. Conchita was on top for the moment, driving down with all of the power of her jerking pelvis, but Inge was writhing in ecstasy, and it was all the Spanish woman could do to hold her dominant position. They had been fuckfighting for a long time and they were both on the verge of a decisive orgasm.

“Fuck, you cunt!,” Inge gasped, pulling out of the hard, hot kiss that she and Conchita had been locked in. Gasping, wrapping her thighs around Conchita’s hips, her arms around her enemy’s back, Inge squeezed with all of her strength and bucked high and hard, driving herself up into Conchita’s raging cunt. But it was too late. With a convulsive yell, Inge felt her clit explode with pleasure and, moments later, her body was writhing and grinding, pumping hot cum and being ridden into submission by Conchita’s beautiful naked form. Moments later, Conchita’s orgasm detonated, and the two jungle goddesses bucked and heaved, biting and clawing as they rode each other into an exhausted sleep.

Some time later, Conchita regained consciousness and pulled her tired body off of Inge. She and the blonde were back in the clearing on the edge of Conchita’s estate, where their adventure had started. They had been here for most of the past 24 hours, fucking relentlessly. Both knew that they were at the end of this adventure and it was not clear when they would next meet. Each woman was determined to fuck the other as hard and as long as she could. They had taken each other in every way imaginable over the past day, but now their bodies were tired, their breasts and pussies were aching, and it was time to stop.

Sighing, Conchita rolled, unsteadily, to her feet. Inge remained asleep, and Conchita took a moment to examine the beautiful golden body spread out before her. After so many weeks of continuing sexual struggle, she knew Inge’s magnificent body as well as she knew her own. Her clit stirred with life as she admired the blonde’s voluptuous curves, the thick, hairy, juicy cunt, the massive, swelling tits, the beautiful face framed by golden hair. She resisted the urge to mount Inge and fuck again, however. She was too tired and it would be good to end this adventure with the victory she had just earned. She washed herself in the creek, then turned to go.

Gathering up her panther fur bikini, her knife and spear (Conchita had lost her bow arrows on the trip back), she began the weary trek away from the clearing and back to her villa. A few minutes later, she re-entered her bedroom through her balcony door. She looked around her bedroom. Nothing looked disturbed, but the room looked clean and well-tended. Her servants had kept up appearances while she was gone, as they were required to do.

Conchita placed her weapons on the floor beside the door, then walked into the room, silent on her bare feet. She paused in front of her full-length mirror and examined herself. She liked what she saw. Her skin was a shade darker because of her exposure to the sun, and her body gleamed with a raw health. She smiled, her white teeth flashing, her wild mane adding to the aura of wild, untamed sex that seemed to emanate from her ripe, round body. With a grin, she pulled off her bikini and stood nude in front of the mirror. She examined her beautifully muscled body, her long, taut abdomen, the deep navel, her perfectly muscled legs. She placed her hands on her rounded hips, thrusting her magnificent chest out to the mirror, hard nipples pointing like spears,  then reached up to cup and massage her massive, jutting tits. She tweaked her nipples and squeezed her breasts together, enjoying the rippling sensations. Finally, she let her tits fall and bounce, then turned to examine her nakedness from the back, admiring her perfect ass, the smooth, clean muscles of her back, her tapering thighs. Conchita smiled, almost ecstatic. She would be like this forever, never growing old, always at the peak of her physical beauty and sexual power. The reality of this had not yet sunk in, but it would.

She threw her naked body on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. She thought about Inge and was not surprised to feel a spike of lust in her belly. She wanted the blonde, already. But it might be a long time before she saw Inge again, and she felt a momentary anxiety as she wondered how she could relieve the sexual tensions building in her. Then she remembered Domino, the redheaded French woman she had met, fought and fucked just the night before she began her jungle adventure with Inge. The redhead was beautiful, her body every bit as voluptuous as Conchita’s, and the French woman had already proved that she wanted to best Conchita in sexual combat. Conchita smiled. Domino would do nicely. She would seek out the redhead and provoke her into another sexual conflict.

For now, though, she needed to sleep in her own bed. Conchita was soon fast asleep, her dreams scattered memories of overwhelming sexual passion, vicious erotic combat, and an ancient temple in the deep forests.

The End

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