Star Whores: Kira’s Gambit – Episode 1 by Andrew Scott

Star Whores: Kira's Gambit by Andrew Scott Story

Quite a long time ago, in a galaxy super far away……

The world of Terra 4 was remote and a quiet place to retire for Kira Dorne. She was born on Corusant to a middle class family. She longed for the stars even as a child, and when she was old enough, she joined the Imperial Naval Academy; only to be booted for a “consistent lack of discipline”; she had been caught fighting on numerous occasions. She was recruited into the Rebel Alliance as a Starfighter pilot towards the end of the Rebellion against the Empire. When the war ended and the New Republic came into existence, life in the military no longer held the same sway as it once did. She took the odd jobs piloting the wealthy from world to world, but her run in with the once famed Bounty Hunter Guild, changed her life forever. She was taken under the wing of Greef Karga. She learned from everyone she could, using her ability to fly any ship she came across or fix damaged star fighters and cargo ships as payment for her bounty hunting education.

For 10 standard years, she took any job she could. Greef called her when he needed someone creative in acquiring the bounty using disguises. During one job, Kira came across Julla the Hutt, a crime lordess from Tatooine. She had filled the void left when her uncle, Jabba was killed. Julla decided to steal Kira away from the guild to use her skills to be the Hutt’s secret enforcer; a role Kira did very well. She eliminated Julla’s rivals in quick succession, with help from former friends and even a few former enemies. The credits rolled in with Kira buying a new Corrilian Engineering Company YT-2400. The cargo transport was a sister to the famous YT-1300 that the galaxy knew completed the Kessal Run in under 12 parsecs.

The “Shadow Talon” had a side-mounted cockpit with a modified-turbo laser pod that could be controlled from the cockpit to cut down on the required crew size. The undercarriage and storage areas were redone to house a full size Starfighter. Two concussion missile pods were hidden on the left side of the ship. An updated sensor array and jamming system were installed to make the Shadow almost invisible to other ships. Kira built a droid to assist her in not only co-piloting the Shadow Talon but also during her assignments as well. The rebuilt HK-77 had mix of circuitry that made the droid not only a pilot but also a protocol and assassin droid as well. Kira modified the masculine voice, preferring a feminine voice. The droid, called Sevens, had evolved over the years as droids due to almost have a mind of her own.

An astro-mech droid, A-4 R-7 was purchased to assist in making repairs and modifications to the Shadow and argue with Sevens. All the credits Kira amassed in 10 years of working as a bounty hunter and assassin were used to buy a mountain stronghold on Terra 4, complete with a large hangar with maintenance area, communications hub and a comfortable living area. Julla the Hutt was not happy when Kira told her she was retiring, but after a tense standoff with blaster pistols and rifles aimed, the two came to an agreement and Kira would owe Julla a favor. Now, almost 35 years old, she remained fit and quiet beautiful as her flight suit would always be strained to contain her large breasts. Her long brown hair had streaks of grey in it. She knew how to fight both as a soldier and as a female.

Chapter One

“Sevenss,” Kira called out as she moved away from the engines, “Fire her up.”

“This fighter is older than I am,” Sevens replied in a mechanical female voice, “You seem to have a way with old things.”

“I fixed you up, you old bitch,” Kira muttered under her breath.

“I heard that!” Sevens called out. The droid flipped the startup toggle for engine start and the ARC-170 Starfighter roared to life.

The ARC-170 was phased out after the Clone Wars as the Tie Fighter came to be the Empire’s primary fighter. Kira acquired the aging fighter from a scrap yard on Tatooine. She and Sevens rebuilt the engine, the navigation computer, procured an upgraded shield generator, added a newer hyper drive, shaved down the nose, rewired in a new sensor/jamming suite, and rearmed the predecessor to the X-Wing. It would now fit snugly into the undercarriage of the Shadow Talon. As Sevens powered the craft down, the chime of a waiting communication rang out in the hangar.

Kira and Sevens walked to the communications room as the chiming continued.

“It is a scrambled holo transmission, origin, the Outer Rim,” Sevens stated looking that the screen.

“Julla the Hutt, damnit,” Kira breathed out. “Use the decryption titled Sand,” Kira stated as she sat in a high backed chair, leaning back.

The miniature version of Julla appeared in the center of the circular table in the middle of the communications room. “Hello to you Kira Dorne, you are looking lovely as ever,” the Hutt said in Huttise.

“Cut the shit, Julla,” Kira said, still leaning back in the oversized chair. “What does your oversizeness want?”

“HA HA HA!” Julla laughed her large slug like body shaking as the guttural laugh echoed in the room. “You are still as sassy as you have ever been. You should have stayed with me, Kira Dorne, you would be even more wealthy now and completely satisfied.” Her large tongue licked over the large mouth.

Kira shivered, “Again, Julla, what do you want?” The image of that large tongue made her cringe.

“I am owed a favor, Kira Dorne,” Julla said as she spread her short arms out to her sides, “One that I am calling in right now. Do not worry because you will be compensated for your time. It is a simple job.”

“Do you think I am stupid, Julla?” Kira said leaning forward. “You say it is a simple job but you would not be calling in this favor when you have scores of lackeys who could do this for you. In addition, if something happens the way you do not want, you will tell me I still owe you. Not just no, but fuck no!”

“Kira, Kira,” Julla chided, “You know what will happen if you refuse me. I place a bounty on head so large, every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be knocking on your door.”

Kira sat back in her chair, the chair turning left and right as she contemplated. “Fine, send me the file. I will do it, but on my terms.”

“No,” Julla stated.

“What do you mean no?” Kira asked loudly.

“You need to come here,” Julla said, “Face to face only to give you the details. This is a delicate job that needs your special touch.”

Kira ran her fingers through her long brown hair. “Fine, Julla. I will be at your palace in three days. This better be the end of our relationship.”

“You have always been the best, Kira Dorne,” Julla said as the image of her faded out.

“You will never be out from under her tail,” Sevens said from the communications console.

“No,” Kira said swiveling around, “This is it. Last one. Last job.”

“Doubtful,” Sevens said as Kira narrowed her eyes. “I will prepare the Shadow Talon for the journey. It will take time to get there.”

The black astro-mech droid rolled into the communications room.

“A-4,” Kira said turning to the droid, “Have the ARC painted black and work on the weapons system. I want to have it ready to go when we come back.” The droid whistled, “Not this time, little buddy. We are only gone for a few days. But every time I take the ARC out, you will be with me.” The droid beeped and whirled. “Yes, I need to come up with a name for it.”

The Shadow Talon lifted off from the underground landing pad. Kira expertly moved the craft out past the hangar with it closing and securing behind the craft. She pushed the throttle forward, pointing the transport towards the stars.

“Are we ready to jump?” Kira asked not looking at Sevens.

“All points entered and verified,” Sevens stated, “Ready to jump.”

“Well, this is going to suck,” Kira said as she pushed the control of the hyper drive forward. The stars turned from dots to lines as they entered hyperspace.

Chapter Two

“Coming out of hyperspace,” Sevens stated as the control pulled back to standby.

The planet of Tatooine was in front of them. The bland tan of the desert planet brought back memories that Kira had spent some time trying to forget.

Kira piloted the Shadow Talon to the dark side of the planet. The palace was well lit as the craft touched down on the empty landing pad. Kira pulled her long hair back into a long braid at the back of her head. She donned a cream-colored top that was loose but her breasts were still pronounced. The brown Bantha leather pants and dark brown flight boots completed the relaxed ensemble. The blaster holster slung low on her right thigh. She slipped the DL-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol into the holster. She took a fixed vibroblade and slipped it into a hidden scabbard at her back. Kira turned as Sevens attached an E-11 blaster to a secure attachment on her left leg.

Kira lowered the ramp and walked down with Sevens to the entrance to the palace. The small robotic eye shot out of the slot next to the door. Kira did not speak as her eyebrow raised. The door slowly opened. A tall blue-skinned female in a low cut shimmering green dress met Kira and Sevens. Dashm Thorn was the Criss advisor to Julla the Hutt. She started as a dancer and Courtesan for Jabba but was able to escape when he died. Blue skin, blue hair and red eyes made her imposing.

“I do not want you here,” Dashm said as she turned to lead them down the long corridor. “I advised Julla to not contact you.”

“Nice to see you too, Dashm,” Kira said with a small smile touching the edges of her mouth.

Dashm turned quickly spun around, her large covered breasts met Kira’s in a muted thud. “The last two years have been so nice without you here, Dorne. You are an uncultured bitch who needed to know your place.”

Kira pressed her large tits in as she leaned her head towards Dashm’s face. “You have forgotten the last time you and I got together, sweets?” Images of their naked bodies struggling on a large bed coiled in grueling sexual combat played in Kira’s brain. “I know I have not! But do not get Julla’s tongue stuck up your ass, I am here to do a job and then I am gone.”

“Curse you, Kira Dorne,” Dashm said as she turned and continued walking. “Do the fucking job and leave. Never come back.”

They entered the palace great room as music and noises of different languages filled Kira’s ears. She scanned the crowd of different species; eyes lingering on those she knew might be trouble. Julla the Hutt waved her over to a sectioned off area to the great room.

“Oh Kira Dorne,” Julla said in Huttise, “So good to see you in the flesh again.” The Hutt licked her lips.

“Keep the tongue to bitches like Dashm here,” Kira said with chuckle.

Dashm grabbed the hilt of a vibroblade from her thigh but as she looked up, Kira’s blaster pointed directly into her face.

“Ladies, ladies,” Julla said laughing, “No need for fighting…..yet. Dashm, leave us, I will call for you when I need you.”

The Criss advisor bowed and left, glaring angrily at Kira who smirked back.

“She hates you,” Julla stated matter of factly, “She will try to kill you when she gets the chance.”

“She can get in line,” Kira said dryly, “When word gets out I am around again, I know more will come. I need this to be done quickly.”

Julla pointed to a data pad next to her. “All the details are here.

Kira picked up the data pad, which was blank except for a thumb print scanner. She looked at Julla as she pressed her thumb to it. The data pad came to life. “So you still have my DNA?” Kira asked. Julla only smiled as Kira’s eyes went back to the data pad. She looked up with a start! “So you want me to fly to Falleen, during their most sacred of times, with no weapons, and bring back the great-granddaughter of Shenda Mol, one of the most famous and feared bounty hunters ever?!? That entire family is dangerous. I am good, but not hand to hand combat with a Falleen good.”

“Ahhhh,” Julla said, “You forget, this is Tran-du-mak! This is a time where their explosive reflexes and strengths are muted. So I give you a 50 50 chance. Remember, no weapons and no droids. Oh what I would give to see you in the required dress for the festival.”

Sevens turned to Kira, “You might as well be naked. The dress for Tran-du-mak is animal fur covered only your breasts and hips.”

“Fuck!” Kira swore. “We are so done after this Julla. If you try and double cross me,” Kira fixed the Hutt with a hard stare, “You won’t see it coming.”

“Brave words, Kira Dorne,” Julla the Hutt laughed, “Get the job done, bring me Tanjal Mol, and you will have fulfilled your obligation to me.” The Hutt waved them off.

Kira and Sevens went back the Shadow Talon, taking off and plotting a course to Falleen.

Chapter Three

The Shadow entered Mid-Rim system with the planet of Falleen as a green and blue sphere in the view port. As they got closer, the communications board crackled to life.

“YT-2400, please identify your craft and state your business,” a deep male voice came over the comms.

Sevens flipped the transponder switch and the new identity of the Shadow Talon, now dubbed the Maw Glider, came up.

“Falleen control,” Kira said into the comm system, “This is the transport Maw Glider transporting tourists for the Tran-du-mak festival.”

“Maw Glider, please proceed to Karriif Spaceport, landing pad 161. Landing fees and ground transportation fees will be paid upon landing, Falleen Control, Out,” the male voice said as the communications cut off.

Kira piloted the Shadow and landed softly on pad 161. “Well, I better get dressed or undressed as it really should be. Be ready to take off quickly if we need it.”

“Try not to catch anything,” Sevens said, not looking as Kira frowned and left the cockpit.

Kira entered her stateroom and stared in disbelief at the barely there animal fur and skin bikini. The outfit would be more apt for Julla’s dancers than herself but she needed this job done and over with. She undressed and looked at the mirror in the room. Her body was fit and firm. Her breasts were large and still sat high on her chest. Her skin was a tanned bronze with the faint outlines of scars from fights and battles visible. She fitted the top over her large chest and it fit well, showing a good amount of cleavage. The briefs slid up her long toned legs and slipped over her taut backside. She teased her long brown hair to make herself look wilder, like a warrior of old. The animal skin boots came up to her mid-calf. She took few credit chips, a small vile of liquid, and slid them into the front of her cleavage.

The boarding ramp went down as Kira strided to meet a Falleen male waiting for her. “400 credits for the landing fees. Fuel is provided and provisions came be secured if needed. Transport to and from the festival is 100 credits.”

Kira handed over a 500 credit chip. It was scanned to check if it was counterfeit. The device beeped in the green and the Falleen officer waved Kira forward. A 4-person speeder met her. She sat with three other women. The women were in there middle years, a little older than Kira, and said they were from Naboo. Kira learned the festival was for females only. The Falleen males would only be there to guard the outer perimeter of the event. The speeder ride only lasted 15 minutes and came to a stop at an entrance to a large open area. Females of many different species milled about as some talked; some drank and ate food; while others were engaged in kissing and groping. The Falleen females were known to have their pheromones only attracting the males but during this time of the year, the pheromones caused females to experience both great amounts of sexual and aggressive drives.

Kira spent the next few hours mingling with other women while keeping an eye out for Tanjal Mol. A crowd was gathered around in a large circle as Kira moved to get a better look. Two females were locked body to body, naked in the middle of the circle. Kira recognized one of the women from her speeder ride. The mature woman with silvery black hair from Naboo was rolling back and forth with a smaller busted Twilek. Both were thrusting bodies together as they grunted. The Twilek’s lecku was being pulled like hair as she was squeezing the Naboo woman’s breasts.

“Fights seem to happen all the time,” a gravelly female voice came from over her shoulder. Kira turned her head to take in the tall Trandoshan. The reptilian towered over Kira.

“I understand the pheromones cause this,” Kira stated as her eyes went back to the women fighting. “I have noticed there are almost more women from different planets then Falleen here.”

“Oh this fight is over one of the Falleen women,” the Trandoshan nodded her scaly head towards a raised platform. There seated, completely naked was Tanjal Mol. “She will take the winner as her lover for the night. Unless another challenges the winner.”

Kira guttural cry of pleasure came from the two women fighting the woman from Naboo was riding the Twilek’s pussy. The smaller female writhed as she came in a wild thrashing orgasm. The Naboo woman raised her hands in victory. The crowd cheered as the mature woman sauntered up to the platform.

Kira adjusted her breasts in her top and raised an eyebrow. The Trandoshan laughed, “Good luck!”

Kira used all her feminine ways to sway her hips seductively, her breasts bounced in the fur top. She neared the platform as Tanjal and the woman from Naboo were kissing passionately. Tanjal noticed the movement and broke off the kiss.

“And who do we have here?” Tanjal cooed. The woman from Naboo hissed. “You do not like her, Sosha of Theed?”

“Back off bitch, she is mine,” Sosha growled.

“She is yours for now,” Kira said, “Until I take her from you.”

“WHORE!” Sosha screamed and lunged but Tanjal held her back.

“If you want to challenge Sosha,” Tanjal said as she pulled the woman from Naboo back, “Come to my private tent. I much prefer the privacy to watch what you do to each other. And what do I call you?”

“Kree of….” Kira paused for a split second, “Mos Eisley.”

“Join us then, Kree of Mos Eisley,” Tanjal cooed as she stood. She was as tall as Kira but her features were a mix of humanoid and reptilian. Her head was shaved with the exception of the long black ponytail at the back of her skull. Her green skin was supple and her breasts and backside pronounced. Sosha glared at Kira as the three walked to an out of the way tent. The inside of the tent was furnished in rugs and pillows. Tanjal walked to one end and lounged against a pile of pillows. “Since Sosha is already naked, why don’t you undress, Kree.”

Kira carefully removed her top, keeping the credits and vile concealed. She wiggled out of the briefs and stood naked in front of the older woman from Naboo. Sosha wasted no time and lunged at the younger woman. The pair crashed and went down to the rugs. Naked flesh ground and slapped together as the two rolled back and forth. Sosha’s breasts were larger than Kira’s but the younger woman’s breasts were firmer and as bodies ground hard, they older woman’s breasts began to yield. As they wrestled, they moved fingers into wet folds of womanhood, roughly thrusting in as they fought. They maneuvered to their knees with tits crushing as fingers worked vigorously to fuck the other’s pussy. Each moaned into the other’s mouths as tongues came into play. This was strictly a sexual duel. Kira shoved a second finger in as her thumb forced Sosha’s clit back and rubbed it aggressively. The woman from Naboo started to melt as her body betrayed her. She started to pant heavily as her body tensed. Her moan of pleasure was followed by the gush of cum from her pussy. Kira forced her to her back and kept the finger fucking going as the first orgasm was followed by a second hard one. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out. Kira removed her fingers, still sticky with juices and was about to turn when Tanjal pressed her body into Kira’s back. She took Kira’s right hand and sucked the fingers clean. Her left hand moved to the round breasts of the woman who won her. She kneaded and squeezed the breasts.

Kira was dizzy in sexual fever as the pheromones kicked into high gear. She almost forgot what she was here for. Tanjal’s left hands slid down Kira’s tight abs to the cleft between her thighs. She rhythmically gyrated her hips in motion with the Falleen womans expert fingers. Tanjal bit seductively at Kira’s neck and forced her to her stomach. The green-skinned woman began to grind her wet mound against Kira’s ass. The haze in her brain was becoming too much to handle but her eyes fell over the bikini top that was now in reach. Kira grasped the top and pulled the vile from the container. She opened the top, threw the contents over her head, into Tanjal Mol’s face and rolled over.

“AAAHHH!” Tanjal screamed out and rolled off Kira. “What is this? Who are you?”

The liquid, a powerful sedative, did not have the desired affect that Kira wanted. In most, the sedative worked almost immediately, however, Tanjal lunged at the rising brown haired woman. The pheromone haze lifted suddenly and Kira had her full faculties about her. Tanjal’s claws reached for her eyes but she grabbed the Falleen woman’s wrists as their naked bodies struggled on the rug. Kira bucked and the two rolled over. The Falleen woman was still fighting even though her movements were becoming slower. Her powerful hands filled with Kira’s large breasts. The long nails dug into the skin and Kira did her best not to scream out in pain. She reached and grabbed the green colored tits below her and answered every squeeze, twist and pull. With a feat of strength, Tanjal pushed and threw Kira a few feet away and scrambled after her. The brown haired woman went wide-eyed as the Falleen woman jumped through the air. Kira was able to wrap her thighs around Tanjal’s neck and shoulder. She grabbed the right arm and pulled as she squeezed. Slowly, the green-skinned Falleen warrior passed out. Kira dropped her foe to the rug and lay there catching her breath. Then she realized she was not alone.

“I see that Tanjal Mol’s past caught up with her,” the gravelly voice of the Trandoshan female said. “I know who you are Kira Dorne. Was it the Hutt who sent you?” Kira nodded, eyeing the powerful reptilian, “This Falleen is wanted on Trandosha and Kashyyk for slave trafficking. It seems the fat slug got someone here before I could. Sadly, Tanjal Mol will pay Julla for her freedom and not be brought to justice.”

Kira thought about it. She only had to get the target to Mos Eisley and hand her off.

“What do I call you?” Kira asked as she sat up.

“Call me Tsskatt,” she said, her teeth bared in a smile.

“I will be in Mos Eisley for the exchange, zone 354A,” Kira said as she put her top and briefs back on. “I have seen Trandoshans fight, if you and a few of your friends want to ambush the group after I turn her over, be my guest. My job is to get Mol to Tatooine, which I intend to do. After that, she is all yours. Now, do you know where a girl can get a speeder?”

Tsskatt and Kira lifted the unconscious Falleen woman between them and walked up the ramp to the Shadow Talon. Once she was secured inside, Kira told Tsskatt she would be in Mos Eisley in two standard days. Kira dressed in normal clothing and walked into the cockpit with Sevens getting the ship ready for takeoff.

“You are playing a dangerous game, Kira,” Sevens chided, “Julla the Hutt can make life miserable for you if she wants. There are still clans and groups who would rather see you dead if they knew where you were.”

“I know, but I am fulfilling my job,” Kira stated back, sitting in the pilots chair. “What happens after the exchange and I get paid is not my concern. However, to be safe, we need to make a pit stop and pick up the ARC. A-4 should have her ready by now.”

The Shadow lifted off and left Falleen behind. The hyperspace route back to Terra 4 meant they would be cutting if close to arrive at Mos Eisley in two days’ time.

Kira raced down the boarding ramp. As soon as she was off, Sevens lifted back off in the Shadow and made for orbit. Kira whistled as she saw the blacked out ARC-170 in front of her. She quickly changed into a pressurized black flight suit. With helmet in hand, she walked out to A-4 gliding under the Starfighter. The automatic lift placed the droid in the astromech slot of the ARC-170. Kira climbed up the ladder to the cockpit and hopped in. She secured herself in and donned the helmet. She plugged into the communications port.

“Ok, A-4,” Kira said into the headset, “What shall we call her?”

A-4 whistled and beeped.

“I like it,” Kira laughed, “The Black Hammer it is!”

Sevens voice came over the comm, “The Black Hammer? It is like you are not even trying anymore.”

A-4 beeped angrily.

“Watch your language, you bucket of used parts,” Sevens threatened.

Kira just laughed as the repulsors kicked to life. The Black Hammer lifted off and moved quickly out of the mountain hangar. The hangar doors came down making it again look like the side of the mountain. Kira kicked the thrusters and the Starfighter shot into space. It was a dream to fly. All the modifications made the formerly aging craft something that could rival the new X-Wings the Republic flew. Kira slowed the craft as she came to the aft of the Shadow. The undercarriage slid open and Kira brought the Hammer under the Shadow and into the small makeshift hangar. The boy door slid shut and Kira set the craft down.

“Finish the power down, A-4,” Kira said as she popped the hatch, “We need to get to Tatooine.”

Chapter Four

The Shadow Talon came out of hyperspace with the planet of Tatooine looming in the viewport.

“Keep the Maw Glider transponder on,” Kira said to Sevens, “Just in case we get some unwanted attention.”

“We have 4 other transponder codes that are unknown to the New Republic,” Sevens answered back.

Kira piloted the Shadow towards the Mos Eisley space port. Zone 354A was bare of any ships as the Shadow landed softly. Kira and Sevens armed up and escorted the secured and gagged Tanjal Mol down the boarding ramp. Dashm Throne stood, flanked by five heavily armed guards. Two were Gamorrians with pig like faces, one was a Ithorian with the hammer head shaped head; the last two Kira knew very well. Hula Selchu was from Ryloth and was one of the most beautiful and dangerous Twileks she had ever known. The Devoronian male was named Bit Octo; his large frame was layered with muscle and the two horn that sprouted from his skull gave him a devilish appearance.

Kira held onto Tanjal’s bonds as she scanned the group. “Here is the bounty, where is Julla?”

“I am taking her from here,” Dashm said with a sneer on her lips.

“The fuck you are,” Kira stated, “I get paid and I talk with Julla or this doesn’t go down.”

At that statement, all in attendance raised blasters or rifles. The standoff was silent. Kira shifted from target to target with Sevens doing the same.

“WAIT!” Dashm cried out as she pulled a small silver disc from her pocket. It flickered to life with the holographic image of Julla the Hutt floating in mid air.

“Pay the woman, Dashm,” Julla said in Huttise, her bulbous head swiveled in Kira’s direction, “Your favor is fulfilled. You are no longer in my debt.”

Dashm hissed as she waved Bit forward with the box of credit chips. “If I ever see you again, Kira Dorne, I will kill you.”

“You can try, you blue skinned slut,” Kira said with as much snarkiness as she could muster. She pushed Tanjal Mol forward to Bit. “Enjoy!”

Sevens retrieved the credits as everyone lowered their weapons. Sevens carried the box up the ramp as Kira backed her way up, not wanting to turn her back on the group. The boarding ramp closed as Kira raced for the cockpit. She fired up the Shadow; and as the craft was lifting off, blaster fire could be seen as Dashm and the guards were firing at an unknown group. Kira smiled as she pointed the Shadow towards the sky and punched the thrusters.

A few moments later the comms board lit up. Kira flicked a switch, “Yes, Julla?” She asked, “What can I do for you?”

“My prize is gone!” Julla’s loud voice was tinged with anger, “A group of Wookies and Trandoshans stole her away. You and Dashm are the only ones who knew of the location of the meet. I will have your head adorning my wall, Kira Dorne.”

“Julla,” Kira said with a smile, “I did as instructed. Don’t make the mistake of trying to come for me or placing a bounty on my head. The first one who comes for me will be your death warrant.” Kira cut off the communication as she turned to Sevens, “Don’t say it, I know. But she doesn’t know about Terra 4 and I aim to keep it that way.”

“Humans,” Sevens said in a disgusted tone, “Too predictable.” The droid pushed the hyper drive controls forward as the dots of stars turned to lines.

Chapter Six

Kira and Sevens finished installing the new Ion cannon pods on both ships. This would allow the Shadow and Hammer to disable other star ships without killing anyone. The craft were refueled as Kira went to her living quarters. As she started drifting off to sleep, she thought back to when she made the decision to leave Julla and retire.

Two years earlier

Kira finished packing the small bag and set it at the foot of her bed. Her room in Julla’s palace was spacious which was customary for someone of her stature in the organization. She had been Julla the Hutt’s enforcer and assassin for years now. Some of the people deserved to meet their fate at the end of her blaster or vibroblade, but Kira was still haunted by many faces in her sleep. One more night and she would be gone. Everything she cared about was onboard her ship. She just needed to be seen one more time in the palace and she would sneak out before dawn. The door to her bedroom swung open and Dashm Throne strode in. The green and blue dress flowing around her body.

“I know what you are doing, bitch,” Dashm cursed, “You think you can just walk away and we would let you?”

“Why is it you here and not Julla herself?” Kira said with hands on her hips. “Because you haven’t told her and you want to make more of a name for yourself by dealing with me. Am I right?”

Dashm pulled a small vibroblade from a concealed thigh scabbard; the edged weapon glowing with a blueish hue.

“Pitiful,” Kira laughed shaking her head, “You need a knife, blue-skinned whore! I guess you don’t want to take me on, woman to woman.”

Dashm wavered for a moment. She eyed the brunette in just a long shirt for sleeping. Dashm made her decision and threw the blade to the floor. She hiked up her dress and charged.

Kira had ample opportunity to send a kick or punch but she wanted this to last a while. She opened her arms as the Criss female slammed into her. The two fell back to the bed with hands grabbing blue hair and brown hair respectively. Dashm’s red eyes bore into Kira’s as they struggled on the large bed. The long slit in the Criss’ dress and the over shirt Kira wore allowed bare legs to tangle together. Neither woman wore undergarments and as Kira’s shirt and Dashm’s dress were torn, more and more naked skin compressed.

Dashm thrust her naked breasts against Kira’s large pair. The collision made a meaty thud! Both groaned out as they tumbled back and forth on the bed. Thighs became slick with each other’s juices and they moaned out as they rubbed the meaty flesh against their swollen womanhoods. Kira rolled on top with her strong thighs spreading the blue-skinned woman’s legs. She slammed her thick labia into a slosh of slit meeting slit. The Criss woman screamed out in lust and rage, her hands leaving Kira’s brown hair and grabbing the bouncing breasts daggling in front of her. Fingers constricted as nails gouged in. Kira cried out in pain as her tits were twisted and kneaded roughly. She brought her own hands down over the large blue orbs and clawed, with Dashm’s screams of pain mixing with her own. They rolled over once and then Dashm rolled on top. She began to grind her pussy into Kira’s. Their erect clits sought the other as if they were going to have a lightsaber duel. The clits crashed together as hips bucked. The flesh swords sliding and bending the other’s as guttural moans escaped lips. Each was still hell bent on mauling the other’s tits. Kira bucked up hard and rolled them over with her on top. She increased speed with her hip thrusts as her clit started to force Dashm’s back. She ground in even as the Criss screamed and her orgasm almost unseated Kira. The blue frothy cum shot forth from the quivering pussy but Kira did not relent, she did not stop. She increased the ferocity of her fucking as Dashm had a second orgasm with her hands falling away from Kira’s wounded breasts. The brunette slammed her right knee in between the blue skinned woman’s thigh, the audible crunch as knee met pussy. Dashm gasped but Kira dropped her large breasts over the blue face. She brought her elbows down on either side of the Criss woman’s head, holding the smother as Dashm weakly slapped at Kira’s back. The advisor for Julla the Hutt passed out and Kira rolled off.

Back in Kira’s room on Terra 4

Sevens burst into the room. “We have company!”

Kira jolted up, the haze of sleep washing away, replaced by adrenalin. “How did they find us?” She asked as she got up and dressed.

“After the scanners picked up the ships coming out of hyperspace, I checked the container of credit chips from Julla,” Sevens said as she held up a tiny tracking beacon. “This was hidden quite well.”

“Load up as many weapons, provisions and tools and you can,” Kira said as she pulled out the black flight suit. “I will grab all the credits. We need to make a run for it. How many ships?”

“Five Z-95 Headhunters with Hutt Cartel Cruiser,” Sevens stated. The droid turned to run down the passageway.

It only took a few minutes for Kira’s cache of weapons, tools and credit chips to be loaded on the Shadow Talon. Kira climbed into the Black Hammer’s cockpit as A-4 was lifted to position. The hangar rocked as they started taking a laser barrage from the incoming fighters.

Kira keyed her comms, “Get out fast, I will provide cover. Rendezvous at,” she paused to think, “Fuck it, Hoth. There is an abandoned Rebel base there and I think I have the entry codes.”

“If my circuits freeze, I will not be happy,” Sevens stated.

“Just follow me out and make your jump as soon as possible,” Kira commanded, “When you are away, I will follow.”

The hangar door opened and the Black Hammer shot out. Kira flew as close to the Z-95’s as she could to lure them to follow her. With all five in pursuit, Kira angled up and hit the thrusters, taking her into the black of space.

“A-4, turn on the jamming pod,” Kira instructed. The astro-mech droid beeped an affirmative.

The black ARC-170 starfighter vanished from the Z-95’s scanners. Kira jerked the controls into a hard bank, locked onto the closest fighter, and fired. The red lasers gave away her position but the aim was true and the first Headhunter disintegrated. She put the Hammer into a dive and pulled up sharply to be looking at the underside of another Z-95. She depressed the trigger again and another fighter destroyed. Kira looked out as the Shadow disappeared into hyperspace. She flipped the toggle for Ion cannons and increased thrust, aiming for the Hutt cruiser. Once she was in range, the Ion cannons made quick work of the shields and communications array of the large ship. She made a pass closed to the bridge of the ship, flipping off Julla the Hutt and Dashm Throne as she flew by.

“A-4, get ready to jump,” Kira said as the droid beeped. The stars turned to lines as she entered hyperspace. An immediate sadness came over her. She knew now her life would be changed forever. A life on the run.

To Be Continued in Episode 2

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