Star Whores: Kira’s Gambit – Episode 3 by Andrew Scott

Star Whores: Kira's Gambit - Episode 3 by Andrew ScottStory

Chapter Ten

The Revenge exited hyperspace near Hosnian Prime but stayed in the shadow of one of her moons. Kira was in the Shadow Talon, packing a bag for the trip in the YT-1760 when Gina Moonsong entered her stateroom.

“Do you have anything other than a flight suit?” Gina asked. Her blonde hair was loose around her shoulders.

“Take anything you need,” Kira said cheerfully, “Though it might not fit you up top.” She winked.

“I am not blessed with the overabundance of tits as you are, Kira,” Gina stated as she rummaged through clothing, “By the way, do they help with crash protection?”

“Funny, Moon,” Kira laughed, “But don’t sell yourself short. You have enough to latch onto in a fight!”

Gina unzipped her flight suit, her small but firm breasts were topped with dark nipples. “We might have to see some time.” She chose a red pullover top that was not too snug and a pair of black pants that showed off her strong legs and shapely ass. Her body was honed from hours spent working it to get to the peak of athletic perfection.

“Anything you need, take,” Kira said, “I have acquired plenty over the years. Just stay away from the bantha leather!” Gina looked up as Kira was smiling at her.

“Got it,” Gina replied as she donned a black cloak, “We are all set to travel to the meet site. It is supposed to be an out of the way resort that will give us some privacy.”

Gina and Kira walked down the boarding ramp of the Shadow and met Ahsoka and Sabine, dressed in comfortable clothing and cloaks. The four women boarded the YT-1760 and launched from the hangar. The flight took a little less than a standard hour, with the craft entering the atmosphere and flying to the location provided. The YT-1760 set down on a large landing pad next to a beat up YT-1300, which all knew was the famed Millennium Falcon. The four walked into the private villa to the waiting Princess Leia and her husband, Han Solo.

Cloaks were removed and Han’s eyes lingered on Kira’s cleavage a little too long. Leia cleared her throat and her husband blushed. Kira smiled slyly until her gaze met Leia’s frosty glare. The two women sized each other up at that moment. Kira was impressed the senator’s body looked fit and she had a few curves on her.

“I am glad you all could make it, please sit,” Leia said as she gestured to comfortable seats. “Your mission is to infiltrate the Black Sun and Crimson Dawn organizations and cause internal strife. Our goal is to destroy them from the inside out. The untimely death of Julla the Hutt by Kira Dorne has helped us in this endeavor.” Leia paused as her eyes met Kira’s again. “It turns out Julla was not as well regarded by the Hutts as once thought. The Hutt Cartel considers her death needed to proceed in their illicit operations. Your first task is to go to Nal Hutta. To the moon of Nar Shaddaa, to get yourselves a meeting with the Hutt council. With their backing, you should be able to get closer to Black Sun.”

“What about Crimson Dawn?” Sabine asked.

“That will be a little more difficult,” Leia went on, “We thought they were extinct since the death of Maul. Recently, more and more convoys have been attacked using the Crimson Dawn tactics and own ships. We believe they are based out of the colonies, Balmora perhaps or Loronar. This gives them easy access to the Corellian trade routes.”

“Corellia is not happy about their convoys under constant attack,” Han Solo piped in, “They have been asking the Republic for more escort ships. This is causing contention between Corellia and the Republic.”

“So why not give them what they want?” Kira asked, “If Corellia is an ally, than assist them.”

“The Republic fleet is spread too thin as it is,” Gina chimed in, “There are still Moffs who have become warlords and fighting them has been a priority.”

“Well,” Kira said leaning back, “Sounds like we need to head to Nal Shaddaa. Senator, if what you are saying is correct, we are going to need more than the Revenge and my two ships.”

“I am glad you brought that up,” Leia said with a smile, “Gina Moonsong, I understand you are trained in both the Republic and former Imperial star fighters?”

“I am, your Highness,” Gina replied.

“After the fall of the Empire, we were able to confiscate some of the prototype craft they were working on,” Leia said as she pull out a data pad and handed it to Gina, “This has the access codes for the Republic storage hangar located a few kilometers from here. You will find what the Imperials called the Tie Silencer. It is a space superiority craft that looks similar to a Tie bomber but with sleeker lines. It should be perfect for the facade you will be putting on.”

Gina smiled as she took the data pad and went over the files.

“Good luck and May the Force be with you all,” Leia said as the group stood. “Kira, a moment if you please?”

Kira waited as the remaining people filed out and turned to face the Senator. Then she was pushed by an unseen hand back into her chair and held there.

“What the fuck?” Kira exclaimed as Leia walked over to her.

“Entice my husband again,” Leia said with a growl to her voice, “And you will feel more than an invisible hand holding your down.”

“Oh,” Kira said glaring up at Leia, “So you are gifted in the Force as well. Honey, if you need this power to hold me at bay, you are not woman enough to keep him.”

Leia wavered for a moment, and then the weight on Kira’s body lifted. She stood slowly as she and Leia went chest to chest. “Find some free time after your mission, bitch,” Leia said softly, “And I will show you what a woman I can be.”

Kira pushed her tits into the Senator’s, “Anytime, slut, anytime.”

Kira walked out with Leia in tow and as she passed Han Solo, she reached and grabbed his crotch. Leia rushed forward but her husband grabbed her around the waist. Kira didn’t even look back as she walked to the waiting transport. As she neared the ramp, Ahsoka bowed slightly.

“It has been a pleasure but my journey with you stops here for the time being,” the Torguta Jedi said, “I know our paths will cross again. I sensed the Force auras in the room when we left, a mix between lust and anger. I will teach Leia to use more lust as anger leads to the darkside.” She winked at Kira. Kira’s thoughts were bombarded with images of Ahsoka and Leia naked, rolling around on a big bed. Kira’s eyes went wide. “Glad you liked the imagery.” The Jedi turned and left.

A little while later….

Sabine, Gina and Kira were kneeling next to a control pad at the entrance to a large hangar. Sabine finished splicing into the entry pad and the doors started to slide open. The three women rushed in.

“Remember,” Sabine stated, “Stun only. We have to make it look good; the princess will supply the story of the theft.”

Resistance was light, as a few Republic troopers lay unconscious as they neared their prize.

Gina whistled. “Oh where have you been all my life?” She exclaimed. The ship looked magnificent. It had the TIE Advanced Fighter looks with the body of a Tie bomber. Gina clambered up to the hatch and jumped in. The sound of the engine warming up was the cue for Sabine and Kira to make a run for the transport. Once inside they followed the newly stolen Silencer into orbit.

Kira was at the controls as Sabine was checking the sensor board. “Three Republic cruisers are making their way towards us. Looks like they are launching fighters.”

“Need to make a break for it,” Kira said as she sent the YT-1760 into evasive maneuvers. “Comm the Revenge. We dash in, land, and they jump to light speed.” The ship shook as the aft shields took a hit. “Fuck I wish we could fire back.”

“Now, now, Kira,” Sabine chided, “We don’t have ION cannons on the ship. We can’t be killing who we work for.”

“Keep saying that as we come apart,” Kira growled, diving to avoid laser fire.

“I have ION weapons,” came Gina’s voice over the comm system. Kira looked as the Silencer cut through the pursuers, disabling the fighters as the craft dodged, dipped and weaved with grace. Kira had to admit the TIE fighter was formidable.

“This is Revenge; we are standing by to receive you. Ready to jump when you land.”

Kira did not slow until she actually entered the hangar and reversed the engines to bring the craft to a dead stop. She set down and watch Gina land in the TIE. “Punch it!” Kira commanded. The Revenge jumped into hyperspace as the three cruisers fired at now empty space.

Chapter Eleven

“Ok,” Sabine said in a crouch, “Come at me.”

Kira lunged with the vibroblade; however, the Mandalorian grasped the wrist holding the blade, twisted, pivoted her hips, and sent Kira flying to her back for the third time.

“Fuck that hurt,” Kira said still on her back.

Sabine walked over to Kira to offer her hand to stand, “Now you try it on me,” she said, “Be quick, or I will cut you again.” The tore clothing with slash marks visible in Kira’s appearance.

This time Kira executed a perfect block and throw but she dropped onto the prone Sabine. “I like this position.” Sabine bucked with her hips and rolled them over.

“I think I like to be on top,” she cooed down at Kira. “Maybe we can see who end up on top sometime.”

“No time like the present,” Kira said with her eyes full of lust. “My ship, my quarters, no clothes.”

“See you there in ten,” Sabine smiled as she rolled off.

Kira hurried back and made sure the ramp would raise once Sabine walked aboard. A few minutes later, she heard the ramp raise and then the sound of armor hitting the steel deck plates. She whipped off the shirt and pants only to turn and see a naked Sabine Wren in the doorway to her stateroom. The purple hair cascaded past her neck, the body was lithe and lethal with pert breasts and a tight tummy. Her legs looked toned and her ass, taut and strong. Kira groaned in delight. Sabine advance and the brunette crouched awaiting her like she was prey. The lunged and the sound of naked skin meeting echoed in the room. Sabine wrapped her right leg over Kira’s left, the smooth skin caressing.

Their breasts mashed with Kira’s overwhelming the purple haired woman’s pair but Sabine hard nipples stabbed in the overabundance of flesh. They flat tummy rubbed as face touched, each breathing hard into the other’s ear. Kira dropped her hands to the well-formed ass of her sexual opponent, gripping the flesh and kneading it. Sabine moaned and bit her lip. She licked out, pulling the brunette’s earlobe into her mouth and sucked on it. Kira hefted the lithe Mandalorian by her naked ass and sent them crashing to the soft bed. Each squealed at the impact. Bodies writhed feverously in the bed in a strenuous tussle to see who would be dominant.

As Sabine got on top, Kira moved her hands from the well-sculpted ass to the pert breasts, teasing the nipples to hard points. Sabine worked her shaved sex into a wet meeting with Kira’s, the brunette bit her bottom lip as the folds met and spread open. Like blossoming flowers, the clits grew to match the others. The fencing fight between the two sex rods had each woman rotating hips to get into a rhythm that would please them both. Sabine’s hands fell over Kira’s large chest and her fingers kneaded the flesh roughly. Each latched onto the hard nipples and pulled. The groans of pain had each lost in the euphoric haze of lust. Kira bucked up as she rolled the two to their sides and then with her mounting the purple haired woman. The grinding and bucking got more intense as they each reached the pinnacle together. Kira dropped down on Sabine with their lips meeting as they screamed out their orgasms into the other’s mouth.

“Well, well, Kira Dorne,” Sabine said breathing heavily, “You do know how to make a workout fun. Before we start round two, I have a gift for you.” She pealed herself from their embrace and rose to walk naked back into the passageway. Sabine came back in holding a metal box. She placed it on the bed and motioned Kira to open it.

Kira sat on her knees on the bed and flicked the pressure latches. The box hissed and the top opened to show two Mandalorian vambraces.

“These were specially made for whoever the agent was going to be,” Sabine said. “They are made of beskar. They will take both blaster fire and a few blows from a lightsaber. I don’t recommend using them to block everything though. I will teach you how to use it. The slight turn of the wrist or placement of fingers on the control pad will let you use the attachments you need. There is a grappling line, flamethrower, blaster barrels, mini rocket launcher, and a small shield emitter. They will work with the new armored flight suit I have for you. The flexible material has a durasteel and beskar weave.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Kira said softly, “Thank you, Sabine. I was planning to jokingly ask for a jet pack but this is better.”

Sabine laughed, “We will work on the jet pack. Now put those away. Round two is coming up.”

Kira laughed as she placed the gifts back into the box and then onto the deck of her stateroom. She turned as Sabine tackled her back to the bed.

Chapter Twelve

Kira joined Gina on the bridge of the Revenge. A dark planet loomed in front of them.

“Welcome to Nal Hutta,” Gina said, “We have been granted an audience with the Council of the Hutts. But first I need to look the part.”

“What do you mean?” Kira asked as the Revenge’s medical team came to the bridge.

“I am now a wanted woman,” Gina said as she sat, letting the medical team move around her. “The Republic has come up with the story that I helped you escape and joined you. I was also injured in the escape.”

The medical team sprayed Gina’s face with a numbing spray and created a long scar from her left eyebrow down to her cheek. The spray allowed Gina to feel no pain. She looked more sinister with the scar as Kira nodded with approval. One of the attendants brushed Gina’s long blond hair and used an electro-shears, giving the pilot a short blonde haircut.

Kira went back to the Shadow Talon and dressed in the new black flight suit with the vambraces. Sabine had showed her how to activate the different parts of the new equipment but Kira was still learning. She walked out to the cockpit with Sabine, dressed in her Mandalorian armor, waiting for her.

“Gina will escort us in,” Sabine Wren said as she sat in the co-pilots chair, “I don’t think we will need your fighter but your astromech has it ready to launch.”

Kira sat in the pilot’s seat and fired up the engines. “Just a meet and greet. We will see what they need us to do to join,” the brown haired woman said as the repulsors lifted the Shadow up off the hangar deck. She eased the transport out into space with Gina and her TIE close behind.

Gina’s voice came over the comms, “The spaceport has already granted us landing approval on Nar Shaddaa, the platform is big enough for both ships, so don’t hog all the room.” Kira could almost see Gina smiling as she heard her friend speaking.

“Your ass is smaller than mine,” Kira smirked and push the throttle forward. The Shadow streaked across the sky of what was called the Smugglers Moon or Little Corusant followed closely by the TIE. The two craft set down on the landing pad. Sabine and Kira exited the Shadow, Sabine Wren; helmet on with her multi-colored armor on, dual pistols attached to her thighs, walked first with Kira, in black modified flight suit, vambraces in place, her DL-29 heavy blaster on her right thigh and a DC-15 blaster carbine slung over her back. Gina hopped down from her TIE Fighter dressed in a black and red flight suit; her scar down her face gave her a menacing look. The three walked to meet tall human male. His dark skin was even more pronounced in his tan and green suit.

“Welcome to Nar Shaddaa,” he said in a deep baritone, “My name is Runar Thul. I am here to escort you to the council meeting today. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.”

Kira licked her lips at the muscular physique. “What is your role with the Hutts?”

“I am a negotiator of sorts,” Thul said, “My ancestors came from Alderan. My family were run off that planet, before it was destroyed, because of our alliances.”

“Who will be present at the meeting?” Gina asked.

“There are seven Hutts who preside on the council with Black Sun representatives present as well,” Thul answered, “Your reputation precedes you. However, I must warn you, while Julla was not popular, she did have her allies, Rongo the Hutt for instance, will try to kill you at some point. It is the way of things here.”

“Good to know,” Kira said as they boarded the speeder for the quick trip to the Hutt compound.

Gamorian guards flanked the entrance to the compound, immense green bodies with pig like faces. They walked down long corridors to an open room with seven stages set up higher than the floor, each stage had a Hutt seated or laid on top. Runar Thul led the women to the center of the room and made the introductions.

“Esteemed Hutt council,” Thul said in a booming voice, “May I present Kira Dorne, Gina Moonsong and Sabine Wren.”

“So the murderer makes an appearance,” a grey-skinned Hutt said in Huttise, “A swindler and a murderer.”

“Rongo,” another Hutt adorned with black tattoos chided, “These are guests. The council agreed no action would be taken in vengeance for Julla.”

“The council voted without me, young Gogo,” Rongo shot back, “You were not her kin. You did not know her when she was just a baby. This council did nothing when Jabba was killed and you do nothing when Julla is killed. This council is a farce. Enjoy breathing while you still can, Kira Dorne.” Rongo slid off the dais and left.

“Our apologies,” and old Hutt said, “Rongo was uncle to both Jabba and Julla. He is quick to vengeance and does not have a head for business.”

Kira only nodded.

The old Hut gestured with a small arm towards two humans, one a young man and the other an older woman, present. The woman stepped forward. She wore flowing robes of vibrant colors that covered her body from her feet to her head.

“Thank you Lord Gashal,” the woman said with a bow, turning toward Kira, Gina and Sabine, “Your infamous exploits are the reason you were asked to come here. The woman’s red hair fell loose over an oval face with high cheekbones. Her piercing green eyes fixed on Kira. We have a job for you; call it a test. If completed, your allegiance to this organization will not be questioned.”

“What is the job?” Gina asked.

“A former Moff, now warlord, controls the planet of Korriban,” the woman went on, “He must be removed and an artifact there must be recovered.”

“Why?” Kira asked.

“Does it matter?” The woman asked back.

“It does,” Kira stated, “To do a job, I must knew every detail, even ones that you perceive as insignificant. What is his reason for holding a world like Korriban? What is the compliment of forces? What is the artifact? Last known location? These are important questions. And who are you?”

“I am Tamara Dexly,” Tam stated as a fire burned behind those blue eyes, “I am Black Sun and I have killed more than the three of you combined. I was doing it before you were suckling on your mother’s tit, Kira Dorne. If you want a part of this organization, you have to prove yourself. The home world of the Sith is a place where you will most likely meet your end. In the Valley of the Dark Lords, the tombs contain numerous artifacts but none more sought after than in the tomb of Darth Bane. Inside is a written record of his last days and possibly an ancient vibrosword. The record is required. The sword is optional. It is guarded by Moff Gilson’s troops and the spirits of long dead Sith. Moff Gilson has a garrison of troops, numerous star fighters, and even Victory class star destroyer.”

Kira narrowed her eyes, “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Kira turned back toward the council. “When I return we can discuss my ascension into your ranks.” Kira nodded at Gina and Sabine with the three turning and walking back out of the chambers. They remained silent until they got back to the ships.

“A star destroyer, fighters, a garrison of troops, and we have five ships,” Gina said aloud, “Well four since the other transport doesn’t have working weapons. It is just like being back in the Rebel Alliance.”

The flight back to the Revenge was quick. They met on the bridge with other officers of the Revenge. Gina led the discussion.

“Here is what I am thinking,” Gina said bringing up a holo map of Korriban “We use the Revenge to draw out the star destroyer. Kira, if you are good with Sabine flying the Shadow, we would have three ships to take out the fighters. Once the fighters are down, we finish off the star destroyer before making our way planet side. A few strafing runs and we land to mop up the rest of the troops. Enter the tomb, bing, bang, boom and we finish it up.”

“That plan is thinner than my patience right now,” Kira said as she let out a sigh, “But it is the best we can do with what we have. Add Tamara Dexly on my list of bitches I need to tangle with, by the way. So who is ready to take on some Imps?”

Chapter Thirteen

Kira walked around the Black Hammer, checking armament pods and fuel status. She knelt down and inspected the ION drive engine, when she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned to see one of the crew, a Bothan male with red and tan fur. He was holding a data pad.

“A message for you from Tamara Dexly,” he said in basic with the Bothan gruffness to the voice. Kira took the data pad with a friendly smile and thumbed the play button.

A 10 centimeter hologram of Tamara Dexly popped up from the screen, “If you are viewing this, you will meet me on Klatooine with Darth Bane’s journal. That is, if you are able to retrieve it. Should you succeed, you will come alone to the coordinates provided in this transmission.” The holo figure of Tamara started to remove the robes she wore during the Hutt meeting. The robes came up to reveal a voluptuous mature body with fire red hair. “I am Hapan and I do not trust easily. If you want to be part of Black Sun, you will have to prove it.” The transmission cut off.

“Yep,” Kira muttered to herself, “Definitely on my bitches I need to tangle with list.”

Kira, Gina and Sabine sat strapped into their individual craft as Revenge dropped out of hyperspace. Immediately the ship rocked.

“Taking fire from the star destroyer,” came a male voice over the ship’s comm. “They knew we were coming.”

“Once we launch, evade and return fire,” Gina commanded from her TIE.

The three ships launched out of the hangar and sped off towards the star destroyer.

“I have at least 15 small craft on an intercept course to us,” Sabine said loudly.

“Kira and I got it,” Gina crackled over the comm, “See if you can help the Revenge with disabling the star destroyer.”

“Holy fuck!” Sabine exclaimed, “One of those is a Kom’rk class fighter! Please disable it! That is going to be mine! I haven’t seen one of those since before the war ended.”

Kira smiled behind her helmet, “Consider it done, doll!” She flipped the jamming pod on the Hammer and went into a dive. She pulled up under the old Mandalorian fighter, switched to Ion cannons and depressed the trigger. The blue Ion beams hit the starship under the belly of the fighter, knocking out all systems. Kira flew past and switched back to her laser cannons and started destroying the old TIE fighters. The ARC 170 rocked with a blast to the shields with her jamming pad going offline. “A-4, try and fix the jammer or this is going to be a bumpy ride.” A-4 beeped acknowledgement.

Gina juked in between two aging TIEs, bringing her craft hard to port in a turn that put the two craft now in front of her. She triggered the concussion missiles and both TIEs evaporated into debris. She checked her display and one TIE remained, but it was trailing Kira’s ship, trying to line up a shot.

“I got you, Kira,” Gina said as she maneuvered her TIE behind the two ships, “On my mark break right. Three, two, one, BREAK RIGHT NOW!”

The Hammer banked hard to starboard as Gina made the last TIE fighter disappear. “Thanks Moon.”

“Anytime, Kira!” Gina replied. They each heard the report of the star destroyer being disabled, “Ok, Sabine, follow us to the surface. Strafing runs until we can land safely.”

“Right behind you, Moon,” Sabine said as the Shadow Talon followed the fighters into the atmosphere of Korriban.

“Anti-Air defense system is up and searching,” Kira said from the lead, “Jamming pod is back up, let me take it out and we can proceed.” She targeted the manned, heavy laser battery and fired concussion missiles. The defense battery went boom and the three ships took turns strafing the ground defenses until no one was firing back.

“Kira,” Sabine said, “I am sending you the coordinates for Darth Bane’s tomb. We will be right behind you.”

“Got it,” Kira stated as she brought the Black Hammer into a dive and quick landing. Dust and dirt flew up around as the ARC-170 touched down. “A-4, take off and return to Revenge.” The droid beeped a worried noise. “I will be fine. I will hitch a ride with the Shadow.” Kira popped the canopy open, stood and removed the DC-15 blaster carbine from the storage locker, jumping down into the whirling dust storm the Hammer’s repulsors were creating. The canopy closed as the craft took off, speeding up towards space.

Kira trotted forward towards the tomb. Two Storm troopers started blasting at her with rifles. She took cover behind a fallen statue and returned fire. Kira pulled a thermal detonator from a side pouch on her flight suit, thumbed the arm switch and threw it. The explosion not only took out the two troopers but also created a nice hole in the entrance for Kira to climb through. She slung the carbine over her shoulder and shook a glow rod to life to light the way. With the glow rod in her left hand, her right held her DL-29 blaster. The air was stagnant, with no breeze moving the air about. Kira felt her blood go cold with something she could not place her finger on; it was a sense of foreboding. Shaking her head to clear it, she moved forward.

The tunnel opened up to a large chamber. There was no movement and it was eerily quiet. A stone crypt sat on a dais overlooking the chamber. Kira cautiously walked up the steps to the crypt. Kira’s eyes moved carefully around the stone to check for visible booby traps. Unable to locate any, she touched the stone. It was ice cold to the touch. She pushed the top of the sarcophagus and it moved slightly. Kira braced her feet and pushed with her body. The top slide more and BANG!

Kira came to at the bottom of the stairs. Her ears were ringing and vision was blurry. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and looked up to the crypt. Her blaster came up as a transparent figure was floating above the sarcophagus. It was not Darth Bane as he was described to her with pale skin and yellow eyes, it was a woman. Curly blonde hair and blue eyes that looked familiar.

“Who are you to disturb me?” The woman asked in a disembodied voice.

Kira stood on shaky legs and came to her full height. “I come seeking the last journal of Darth Bane.” There was no point in lying.

“Ah, my old master,” the woman said, “His spirit has been banished for some time. I am Zannah, his successor. You are a daring woman to invade a tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords.”

“Well, ah, Zannah,” Kira said, “I just came for the journal and maybe the vibrosword. So, if you let me get those, I will be out of your hair.”

“I can use my powers to conjure up your worst nightmares and bring them to life before your eyes. I can drive you mad with fear, shred your sanity, and leave you a raving lunatic for the rest of your life,” Darth Zannah stated loudly.

“Ok, crazy ghost lady,” Kira chuckled, “How about you go back to where ever you came….”

An invisible hand grabbed Kira’s throat and lifted her into the air. Her eyes went wide.

“Mock me?” Darth Zannah screamed. “Even being dead for thousands of years, the darkside of the force flows through me!”

“F..U..C..K..O..F..F..” Kira croaked out.

“Defiant to the end I see,” Zannah laughed, “Let us discover your deepest, darkest secrets then.” Her eyes closed in concentration and then they popped open. Kira dropped to the ground, coughing, trying to breathe again. “You have a future that must be fulfilled. My master’s goals have been reached and now mine must be as well.” The ghost of the long dead Sith disappeared.

Behind her, Kira heard footsteps running. Sabine and Gina appeared by her side, helping her to her feet.

“You ok,” Sabine asked.

“Did…did you see that?” Kira asked in a rasp.

“See what?” Gina asked back, standing Kira up.

“Me,” Kira rasped, “In midair being choked by a ghost?”

“Telekinesis?” Sabine asked, “Stranger Things have happened.”

Kira told Gina and Sabine the story as they walked back up to the sarcophagus. Inside were old bones, a beat up data pad and a dusty sword. They left the bones, taking the sword and journal with them as they walked out.

“What happened to the Moff?” Kira asked as they neared the Shadow.

“He fell to pieces when we came,” Gina said with a smile. Kira looked at her puzzled. “See, there is a piece of him there,” she said pointing, “And there, and there.”

“If your career as a criminal pilot ends,” Sabine said through her helmet, “There is always get a comedian gig at a Hutt palace in your future.”

Chapter Fourteen

Back on the Revenge, Kira peered at herself in the mirror. The handprints around her neck were visible. She wiped the mirror of condensation from the sani-steam. She had finally moved her belongings into her stateroom on the Revenge as the Shadow Talon would be used for more and more missions. The group now had a new fighter to add to the ARC-170 and TIE Silencer. When Sabine Wren initially saw the fighter, she thought it was a Kom’rk Fighter/Transport but upon further inspection, it was a rare Mandalorian Fang. Smaller and sleeker than the Kom’rk, but like the Mando’s, tough and hard to kill. Gina and Sabine were working on it as Kira looked into the mirror again. Her next mission would be to take the journal of Darth Bane and give it to Tamara Dexly. There was something that Kira could not place her finger on her bad feeling regarding Dexly. She dressed in bantha leather pants with high boots. Her white shirt was tight on her large chest. She chose a larger jacket that would hide vambraces.

Kira walked out to the hanger and up to the Shadow Talon; Sabine Wren and Gina Moonsong stopped working on the Fang.

“Are you serious about going by yourself?” Gina asked.

“It is what I need to do,” Kira said levelly, “I know there is risk but if we want to move forward, this has to happen.”

“The Revenge will be in orbit on the other side of the planet,” Sabine said, “The Fang will be ready to go by then, so both fighters can be launched when you comm us.”

Kira tapped the comm switch on her jacket’s lapel. “If I need you, you will know it.”

The Revenge dropped out of hyperspace and the Shadow Talon exited the hangar, heading planet side. Kira dropped to skim the surface of the desert planet. She slowed as she came closer to the coordinates provided by Black Sun. A large tent sat next to a flat area in the sand where a small shuttle occupied. Kira maneuvered the Shadow into soft landing. She did a soft shut down of the engines but kept the overall ship’s systems up in case needed a quick escape. The engines could be brought to full power in a matter of seconds.

Kira walked down the boarding ramp with the journal in one hand and the vibrosword in the other. Her trusty DL-29 blaster was strapped to her right thigh. She walked to the tent, her eyes aware of her surroundings, checking constantly for threats. The wind blew sand around as well as whipped Kira’s dark hair. She entered the tent to find Tamara Dexly, draped in a dark robe, waiting for her.

“I was very pleased to hear that you succeeded,” Tamara said standing and walking towards Kira. Her red hair was loosely covered in a dark hood. “The journal please.”

Kira handed over the journal, “Do you want the vibrosword?”

“You may keep that as a reward,” Tamara said as she took the ancient journal and began to review it. She started to speak in a language Kira did not understand. Tamara smiled wickedly.

“What language is that?” Kira asked as her danger sense kicked in.

“It is ancient Sith,” Tamara said, “A lost form of communication, only passed on from master to apprentice now.”

“How do you know it?” Kira asked, hands loose at her sides.

“Because, dear Kira Dorne,” Tamara said as she set the journal down, “My former master, Maul, taught me. This journal will help me regain my full powers. I was just an apprentice when that old man slew the great Maul. I have lost much of my mastery of the Force. I still possess the ability to see into someone’s mind. It does help when you want to find the truth about someone. Someone like you.” The robe opened to show Tamara was clad in loose black top and tight pants; on her hip was a small cylindrical hilt.

Kira dropped her right hand for her blaster but Dexly was faster. The DL-29 was sheared in half by the glowing crimson blade. “You bitch!” Kira yelled out, “That was my favorite blaster!” Her left hand still held the vibrosword.

Tamara brought the lightsaber down in what would have been a killing blow, but Kira blocked it with the sword. The ancient Sith blade was not cut in half as Kira held it in tow hands, pushing Tamara back. The two women clashed blades again, the lightsaber sizzled as it slammed against the vibrosword. The two parried and blocked slashes. Kira blocked a low slash and slammed her forearm into Tamara’s jaw, making the red haired woman stagger back. Kira smiled but was thrown back by an invisible force. She crashed out of the tent and sprawled in the sand. The vibrosword was thrown from her grasp. She turned to see Tamara Dexly walked slowing towards her, the smile was that of predator stalking prey. She raised the red blade over her head and brought it down….

The red blade clashed with two white blades. Kira opened her eyes to see Ahsoka Tano blocking the death blow. The two wielders of the force clashed with their lightsabers. Advancing and retreating in small steps in the sand. Tamara sent a slash towards Ahsoka’s chest. The Jedi avoided the cut but it burned through the straps of her top, it dropped to reveal her orange colored breasts. The Sith female smiled but Ahsoka grabbed Tamara’s top in the Force and tore it away.

“Jedi Whore!” Tamara spat!

“Sith Slut!” Ahsoka clapped back.

Their bare breasts bounced as they resumed their lightsaber battle. Tamara kicked out causing Ahsoka to lose one of her two blades. The two women clashed, each grabbing each other’s wrist and held them high over their heads. This allowed the pert breasts of Ahsoka to slam into the large mature breasts of Tamara. The moved their tits back and forth as nipples fenced like the lightsabers had been doing.

Kira heard the ship before it landed. She keyed the lapel mic to alert the Revenge. The small shuttle landed and a mixture of combat droids and people exited. They started firing at Kira who scrambled towards her ship. One of the combat droids hoisted a shoulder missile launcher, aimed and fired at the Talon. The missile hit the unshielded ship near the warmed up ion drives. The ship exploded and the concussion knocked Kira off her feet and lifted her a few meters into the air. The explosion also broke up the topless battle between Ahsoka and Tamara, with the Sith rushing back into the tent to retrieve her journal. The contingent of combat droids laid down suppressing fire for Tamara Dexly to escape. Kira looked back towards the shuttle and she recognized the blue skin of Dashm Thorn. The shuttle took off and escaped as the Fang, Silencer and Black Hammer landed. The Hammer was piloted by A-4. Ahsoka had fixed her top to cover her naked chest.

“How did you know?” Kira asked as sand kicked up around them from the ships landing.

“We intercepted communication about from Black Sun and Crimson Dawn,” Ahsoka said, “They were discussing you. Crimson Dawn is currently being led by Gaunt Lesher. His second in command is Dashm Thorn. While Princess Leia had good intentions, the Nexu is out of the bag, so to speak.”

“Well,” Kira paused. “Fuck me. I lost my ship. My guess is that the Republic is not going to reimburse me.”

“I am afraid you have guessed right,” Ahsoka said, resigned to the fact she could not help Kira the way she wanted. “But I do know someone who has a large hangar full of rebuilt ships, no love for Crimson Dawn or Black Sun, and lives on Ord Mantell.”

Kira looked up into the sky and saw a Republic battle group emerge from hyperspace. Gina ran over to the two of them. “We need to get out fast. Leia comm’d me before you did. There is a new faction in the Senate that is taking power. Former Imps. She had an assassination attempt on her life. We are legit being sought by the government now. Not just a ruse.”

“Get the Revenge to the fair side of the planet,” Kira said, “Plot a course for Ord Mantell and be ready to jump when we land. Ahsoka, I have room in the Hammer for you.”

The Torguta Jedi nodded and the women ran off to their ships. The Fang, Silencer and Hammer took off quickly, boarding the Revenge and jumping into hyperspace before the Republic battle group could attack. Kira retreated to her cabin onboard the Revenge. She sat on the floor with her head in her hands. The door chimed but she ignored it. It chimed again, but Kira did not move. Then the door slid open with Gina Moonsong entering.

“If I wanted company,” Kira said, not raising her head, “I would have let you in.”

“I am sorry about your ship,” Gina said as she sat on the floor next to Kira.

“I put a lot of work into her,” Kira said, choking up a little, “Sevens and I made it a home away from home. But that home had teeth and no one could mess with her. I have lost Sevens, my ship and now my fucking blaster. That was the first blaster I got bounty hunting. A Mandalorian gave it to me after a job.”

“The things like ships, droids or blasters are familiar to us, give us a sense of identity,” Gina said as she scooted next to Kira, putting an arm over her friend’s shoulder. “But you are still Kira Dorne, you are still a badass. Nothing is going to change that.”

“Thanks, Moon,” Kira replied as she leaned her head against Gina.

“No probs, babe,” Gina said. “I took the liberty to comm ahead to the person we are meeting. I gave them some requirements I thought your new ship should have.”

Kira raised her head, “Like what?”

“Oh, little things like a hangar for your fighter, good shields, laser and ion cannons, missile pods, powerful engines, new hyper drive, you know that sort of thing,” Gina said as she brushed some hair from Kira’s face.

Kira kissed Gina on the mouth. “Thank you.”

“Oh I think I could get used to this kind of thankfulness!” Gina said laughing. “We should arrive there in a few hours. Why don’t you get a sana-steam and put on some fresh clothes. We don’t need to take a shuttle; the Revenge will be landing for refuel and refit. When you get your new ship, you and I can break in your new stateroom,” Gina winked as she stood and walked out of the stateroom.

Chapter Fifteen

The Revenge dropped out of hyperspace a short distance from Ord Mantell. The former Sith Empire capital had seen war and battles over thousands of years. For the last few years, Ord Mantell had become a haven for both former Rebels and former Imperials. Both sets lived in relative harmony. The Revenge entered the atmosphere and moved to a larger ship facility. The ship landed and the crew prepared to take on fuel and supplies. Kira disembarked and walked to the main office of the facility. It was bustling inside but she noticed a middle-aged blonde haired woman giving instructions to her workers. She turned to Kira and smiled.

“You must be Kira Dorne,” she said in a vaguely Imperial accent. “My name is Juno Eclipse. Welcome to my home.”

“I have heard of you,” Kira said, “But never got the chance to work with you during the war.”

“And I have heard lots about you, Kira,” Juno commented, “Both during the war and after. Gina sent me the requirements for what you are looking for in a ship, and I believe I have a few options for you.”

Juno lead Kira through winding passageways until they came into a vast hangar filled with fighters, freighters, small corvettes and shuttles. They paused near three ships.

“These have been built using very old schematics,” Juno said pointing to the ships. “They were originally used during the first wars between the Jedi and the Sith.” Kira’s eyebrows raised and she opened her mouth by Juno continued, “The plans are old but the ships are newly built. First here is based on a Sith Fury.” The ship was black and grey with a center cockpit set back with two long strike foils that jutted out in front. “This is technically a light corvette but it would fit easily into the hangar of your large ship. The second is a Defender Class light corvette. The hammer head front of the ship does look imposing. But, I believe the last one will be what you will be wanting.” Juno walked further with Kira in tow. “This is a D-5 Mantis patrol craft.” Kira looked in awe at the large ship. The body, painted in a dark grey, wasn’t sleek like the other two ships but it looked mean. “Now the original design called for three retractable foils with armament pods and main engines. With the targeting computers of today, those could be easily targeted in battle. I modified it with permanently attached and sloped wings. These house the main engines as well as missile pods and cannons that can switch between laser and ion fire. The undercarriage is large enough to carry an X-wing if needed. I understand your personal fighter is slightly smaller, so it will work. It has a small hangar shield that will allow the fighter to float easily into the hangar with enough room to work on the craft in flight.” Juno smiled as she saw Kira’s jaw gapped open.

“How much?” Kira asked.

“There is no charge for this,” Juno said, “Princess Leia called in a favor and I could not say no to her. There is one requirement though,” Juno said pausing, “Sabine Wren wants to be allowed to paint your ship.”

Kira broke out into laughter. “Maybe she can give the Hammer a few touches too. I do not know how to thank you, Juno.”

“Kira,” Juno said, “There is one thing you can do for me. There is a fortress on Mustafar. It has been long deserted but it may still contain an item that would be very special to me. A pair of old lightsabers. They belonged to someone special. I believe Vader kept them. If you could, in your travels get them, I would be forever grateful and would owe you a favor.”

“I know the system and have been to Mustafar a few times,” Kira stated, “I will let Sabine give her a paint job and once the Mantis is fueled and armed, I can go there.”

“One more item,” Juno said, “I had a strong feeling this would be the ship you chose. So I took the liberty of installing a special ships memory core for you.”

Kira looked confused. “What do you mean?”

“Sabine and Gina used your astro-mech droid to send the memory core of your other droid, Sevens,” Juno stated, “The upload was completed earlier today. She seems to have a crass way about her, for a droid.”

Again, Kira laughed, “Sevens is a bitch but I thought I lost her for good. Thank you so much.”

They were joined by Sabine Wren and Gina Moonsong. “So when can I start painting?” Sabine asked. “I am thinking some green, a little red and maybe a hint of yellow.”

Kira bowed and waved her forward, “You may commence.”

“Good! And you have a new set of Mando armor in your stateroom on the Revenge,” Sabine said, “Custom made from beskar. Helmet included that you can use while piloting your fighter. I picked subdued red and gold for the colors.”

“I hope it has a cooling control,” Kira said, “It is a little lava-y where I am planning on heading next.”

The next morning Kira finished loading and securing the last crate she needed into the Mantis. The D-5 patrol craft was painted and looked like something a Mandalorian would fly. Even though Kira was not a member of a clan, Sabine had adopted her into some of the ways and traditions of the Mando’s. Sabine had also done a quick touch up to the blacked out Hammer, adding red skulls, both human and beast to the fighter. A-4 was in the astro-mech slot of the Hammer, ready to fly it to the internal hangar of the Mantis once she launched.

“You are all fueled and armed,” Juno said as she walked up to Kira, Gina and Sabine. The astro charts have been updated with the latest patch. Sevens will be able to pilot the ship from the computer in an emergency. Thank you for doing this, Kira.”

“It is the least I can do,” Kira said, holding out her hand for Juno to shake.

Juno shook the hand and pulled Kira into a hug.

“All right break up the lovey dovey stuff,” Sabine said waving to a crew member who dropped of a large travel bag. “Hope you don’t mind if I tag along. It has been ages since I have been to Mustafar.”

Kira nodded as Sabine walked up the boarding ramp of the Mantis. She turned to Gina. “I know the Revenge needs a few more days of repairs. We should be fine.”

Juno piped up, “If need be, I have a ship that could be there in a few hours if you need. The Rogue Shadow is ready if you need it. Of course I will be flying it.” Juno smiled.

“Just comm if you need us,” Gina said as she hugged Kira. “Be careful.”

Kira boarded the ramp and walked inside of the Mantis. She keyed the pad to retract the ramp and secure the airlock.

“Welcome aboard Kira,” came Sevens computerized voice. “We are set for takeoff and all points have been plotted in the navigation computer. The time to Mustafar is 10 hours and 15 minutes. Do be careful not to blow up this ship.”

“Fuck off, Sevens,” Kira said as she walked towards the flight deck.

“Good to hear that voice,” Sevens replied.

The Mantis lifted off, 200 meters into the sky and hovered using the repulsors. The hangar doors opened and A-4 piloted the Black Hammer into the bay.

“Hangar bay is secured,” Sevens stated over the speakers.

The Mantis pointed towards the sky as Kira pushed the throttle forward. For looking like a bulky craft, the ship was rather nimble and the engines reacted quickly, pushing Kira and Sabine back into their chairs. The blue sky gave way to the blackness of space. Kira looked as the green light of the hyper drive blinked. She pulled the hyper drive levers back and the stars turned from dots to lines.

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