The Return of the Korean Ex-Girlfriend 2 by JustLooking9000



Shinji could hardly believe his good luck. He just had the fortune to witness his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend in an epic sexual contest followed by a vicious catfight over him. The girls struggled for supremacy until eventually the beautiful Seoyeon managed to subdue the ravishing Kimiko. The Korean stunner had not come unscathed, but that didn’t prevent her from spending the night getting intimately reacquainted with her ex-boyfriend.  
However, on the very same night Seoyeon’s pussy was enjoying the spoils of victory, Shinji realized he was far from settled. As his new lover slept in his bedroom, Shinji went downstairs to get some water from the kitchen when to his surprise, a bruised and naked Kimiko pounced on him and worked his exhausted cock into an erection. He had presumed she had just left on her own accord, but it was clear Kimiko did not want to leave, even after her degrading loss to Shinji’s ex. As Shinji banged his girlfriend on the kitchen counter, he heard the unrepentant Japanese beauty swear she was going to get a rematch against that harpy who wanted to steal her boyfriend. She promised her man that next time, he would see her rubbing her cum filled cunt against Seoyeon’s crying face. Shinji’s penis had been worked dry through many pops in less than 10 hours, but Kimiko’s enthusiasm managed to squeeze one more orgasm out of him.  
-“You should leave”-panted Shinji as soon as he cummed-“Seoyeon won’tt be happy if she sees you here” 
-“I’ll stay here whether she likes it or not”-replied a defiant Kimiko-“If she wants me out, she’ll have to do it herself.” 
Shinji was impressed at Kimiko’s iron resolution. He decided to spend the night on the sofa with Kimiko. 
The next morning a naked Seoyeon was outraged to find what she thought was now her man sleeping with the Japanese whore she had defeated last night.  
-“YOU JAP WHORE!”-screamed the young Korean as she yanked the sleeping black haired seductress off the sofa and dragged her sexy body around the carpeted floor. Kimiko didn’t appreciate being woken in such a rude manner, and as soon as she got over her stupor, she bit her tormentor‘s pale thigh. Seoyeon’s squeal startled Shinji, who found himself seeing his naked lovers violently whirling on the carpet. He groggily sat on the sofa, with a silly grin on his face and one hand stroking his cock as he watched these two magnificent specimens of the female sex rolling on the floor. He left them to their own devices for a few minutes before interfering. 
-“Girls stop it!”-commanded Shinji, backing up his command with force. She dived into the catball and after some effort managed to extract Seoyeon out of reach of Kimiko’s sharp nails. 
-“Let me go!-demanded last night’s winner as she tried reach her nemesis with her long legs-“Obviously this bitch doesn’t understand you’re mine now!” 
-“If he’s yours why did he sleep with me?”-sneered Kimiko. She tried to go after Seoyeon again but Shinji put himself in between the two rivals in love. 
-“ENOUGH!”-said Shinji raising his voice. 
-“Why is she here? We all know I’m the better woman!”-said Seoyeon, calming down somewhat. 
-“That’s debatable”-deadpanned Kimiko-“You were just lucky” 
-“Your crying face as I squirted on top of you wasn’t enough?”-scoffed Seoyeon-“You were bested by a *superior* woman. ME.” 
-“I’m sorry? How are you ‘superior’ if Shinji preferred to sleep with me?”-argued Kimiko, twisting last night’s events to her favour-“It was clear he was bored of your amateur lovemaking and wanted some real fun.” That remark infuriated Seoyeon, who tried to get her claws in range of Kimiko’s bruised anatomy but was stopped by Shinji.  
The man in dispute took a moment to admire the naked ladies that had fought tooth and nail over him last night. Each rival in love was covered in scratches and even evidenced some purple areas on their usually perfectly smooth skin. The abundant red marks on their tits and around the crotch area spoke of the cruel turn the catfight had taken at the end. Their scalps had clearly seen better days. Despite this rather unsavory appearance, the savage look made them look very sexy, especially since he was the reason for their battered look. 
-“All I know is my man fucked me long and hard after I rubbed all his cum on your face”-goaded Seoyeon 
-“YOU WENCH!” -screamed Kimiko as she pushed back against Shinji in an attempt to get her nails close to Seoyeon-“I’ll rip your cunt off” 
-“You tried last night and you couldn’t”-mocked Seoyeon haughtily-“If you want to keep your hair and ugly face intact you better leave my man’s apartment and never contact him again!” 
-“Oh yeah? Well maybe I want to stay in this apartment and keep sleeping with my boyfriend”-said Kimiko as she turned her head to the side, prominently flaunting her tangled black main-“You wanna pull hair? Pull then! I dare you tramp!” 
-“Ok that’s enough”-interjected Shinji, recognizing the need to defuse the situation-“Kimiko, get dressed and go back to the apartment. We’ll talk about this later. Seoyeon, go back to the bedroom. I’ll be there in 5 minutes” 
-“This is not over skank!”-said Kimiko as she saw Seoyeon reluctantly leaving for the bedroom-“I’ll not be sharing my boyfriend with some inferior Korean slut” 
-“If you want to tangle you know where to find me”-replied Seoyeon as she saw Kimiko dressing in some comfortable clothes-“on Shinji’s bed, fucking his brains out!”.

Part 2


The Shinji spent the first week after the catfight getting reacquainted with his new girlfriend. Her voluptuous anatomy was an exciting and refreshing change. That she had become his new lover by beating down his old one certainly added to the novelty. They talked about the old good high school days and went on lovely dates. He might have forgotten all about Kimiko had she not refused to accept the ex-girlfriend tag.  
Kimiko didn’t know what had overtaken her. She was usually the one being pursued, but now she was openly competing with a sexual rival over this man. She wasn’t a competitive woman because she didn’t have to be. She had always gotten men to roll over for her with ease. She considered just forgetting the whole matter, knowing full well that she could get another boyfriend in no time. But she didn’t want to give up Shinji. This Korean interloper barging into her romantic life somehow had managed to awaken in her a competitive animus. She remembered the euphoric feeling of having physically beaten her love rival in front of the man they were fighting for. Then sense of shame she felt when said man saw her crushed under Seoyeon’s white thighs. She would not allow Shinji to think that Korean wench was the better than her. 
First, she had to secure a meeting with Shinji. The Japanese lover didn’t beg or cry; she demanded, lured, charmed, titillated, tantalized, teased, seduced, flirted. She played to his most primitive desires. By the second week, her feisty disposition got her a private meeting with Shinji. Her vigorous love making secured more meetings in the future. Her stated willingness “to do whatever it took to win him back” almost guaranteed another physical quarrel with Seoyeon was inevitable. 
Seoyeon knew that somehow that black haired wench had convinced Shinji to give her another chance. She was furious, but was powerless to stop those meetings between her new beau and that sore loser of an EX. She had just rekindled her relationship with him, and demanding exclusivity so early on would make her look insecure. Which was far from truth; she was confident on her looks and feminine charms. She was the better woman, both in love making or in a catfight. She had mixed feelings about the way she had won Shinji. Yes, it wasn’t fun to be scratched all over, or having her pussy abused. She was in pain for several days and had to dress conservatively to hide her wounds. But she was elated she had won. She felt utterly feminine when she humiliated that haughty Japanese wench in front of man they were fighting over. She felt like a real woman. Openly stealing someone else’s boyfriend made her feel powerful. And the lovemaking. She had never seen Shinji’s cock so hard or so consumed in lust as that night. He ravaged her, he could hardly control himself. It seemed like he didn’t need break between orgasms.  
By the second week since the fight, Shinji had perpetual boner as his two good looking lovers fought for his affection. Each marshalled all kind of arguments to get him to choose her over her romantic rival. Seoyeon had gotten the better of the exchanges, managing to monopolize most of her new boyfriend’s time. However, she knew she could not let her guard down. Her amorous foe was skilled in the art of using her sex as a weapon. She demanded another “mano a mano” to solve the love triangle but Shinji managed to keep the rival lovers apart so far. He still promised a final showdown, but his excuse was that he wanted to let them recover before having it out one more time. 
For a time, the man in dispute tried to get the girls to reach an accommodation, to harness their competitive spirits towards love making. He realized he liked the fantasy and the threat of a catfight more than the actual catfight itself, but it was obvious that all the violent and obscene language being hurled around would eventually lead to another showdown. So he delayed, hoping to enjoy his moment in paradise for as long as possible.  
In the meantime, the rival lovers couldn’t help but to Shinji’s apartment a new frontline in their private war. A thong there, a sexy negligee in the closet, sex toys inside the drawers, a lipstick mark on the pillow, some clothes around. Initially Shinji was out of the loop, but he soon understood both girls were making their preparations to move in his apartment. Permanently. But the apartment was only big enough for one of them. Who would end up cohabitating with the Japanese boy was very much in doubt.  
It was hard for him to concentrate in his work (and hide his boner) when his mobile phone was being constantly bombarded with erotic messages and raunchy pictures throughout the working day. The crazy thing is that the girls were doing all this even while they were working too. It was a nice way to grease the wheels of lust, but after doing that routine for two weeks, he felt he needed to fan the flames a little. So he added both girls to a chat group with him.  
-“You girls can make your arguments here and by the end of the day I’ll decide whom I’ll spend the weekend with. You have until 4pm to make your case”-wrote Shinji through the messaging app. The hyper competitive females did not disappoint. 
-“I think you better buy yourself a vibrator, because I’ll be riding his cock tonight”-said Kimiko through a voice message.  
-“Maybe it should be you buying the vibrator, because I can’t imagine Shinji choosing a flat chested basic bitch over a real woman”-replied Seoyeon. 
 -“Pft, everyone knows Korean women buy their tits from the surgeon. Shinji came back to fucking me because he missed the feel of real boobs for a change.” 
-“Shinji has tasted my melons countless of times and he knows they’re the real deal. He just loves sucking my teats.” 
-“Oh? Did he also tell you what a turn on it is for him to see how badly I scratched your boobs last time? ” 
-“I wanted to scratch your chest too, but then you had no tits I could grab from!” 
-“My boyfriend also told me he had to put ice packs on your chest to lessen the pain. No worries though, he managed to have a lot of fun with my rack” 
 -“Maybe that’s the only part he could have had fun with, because he told me you couldn’t fuck him like a real woman after I mauled your pussy”-taunted Seoyeon 
-“He was very satisfied with my performance. And you shouldn’t talk too much. He told me you walked funny for several days. I heard you winced in pain when you tried to mount his massive cock” 
-“I was in pain but that was because I spent too much time riding his massive dick the night I gave you a facial”-taunted Seoyeon 
-“You meant the night your performance in bed proved…lacking and he ended up sleeping with me that night?”-mocked Kimiko. 
-“You cheated! We agreed winner takes all”-protested Seoyeon. 
-“Whatever. As far as I’m concerned, winning is about who keeps the man at the end of night. And we all know who he was spooning with the next morning!” 
-“PFt, had I been awake, I he would have clearly gone after me. You were just sloppy seconds” 
-“Well, why didn’t he woke you up then? Unlike you, I can offer him more than a hole between my legs and some starfish lovemaking” 
-“I make love as hard as I fight on the floor. You should see how hard he gets whenever I remind him of how I beat your pathetic ass in the very same bed I’m fucking his brains out.” 
-“Oh please? He only gets hard there because he imagines all the times I’ve pleased him on that bed. I bet that when he is making love with you he’s trying to imagine it’s me” 
-“Shinji. I’ll wear that whorish dress your *ex* girlfriend wore last time and fuck you as I tell you how I rubbed your cum all over her face”-gloated Seoyeon. 
-“You WILL NOT wear that dress Korean slut!”-protested Kimiko, remembering she had forgotten to take that dress with her when she left Shinji’s place. 
-“Oh? You should see him go wild when I wear that dress. He cums so hard, I have to use the dress to clean up some of his cum off my pussy.”-taunted Seoyeon. Kimiko was furious her own minidress was being used against her! She would totally ruin that bitch up later. However, right now she had to retake the initiative.  

-“Shinji dear. The sexy item I ordered last time already arrived. Come tonight and I’ll wear it just for you”-She knew Shinji was really looking forward fucking her in that little attire. Just to remind him, she privately sent him a picture of said item. She then went back to the group chat-“And unlike your Korean slut friend, I’ pretty sure I’ll be able to hold all your cum inside my pussy” 
-“wow girls, you’re making it so hard for me to decide. Both dresses are so appealing”-said Shinji and he was being truthful. Kimiko’s attire would be decisively sexier, but Seoyeon wearing Kimiko’s dress was*hot*  
-“Shinji dear. Why would you make love to a woman who can’t squirt at all? Real women know wet their man” 
-“You mean peeing all over his dick?”-Kimiko of course knew that wasn’t technically true, but this wasn’t a competition about who was more honest. She was dismissive-“Since when making a huge wet mess is a plus when it comes to sex?”  
-“Messy sex is best”-cooed the brown haired enchantress-“*My* boyfriend loves that he finally has a girl that can play dirty in bed for a change, unlike the boring vanilla sex you offer” 
-“Pft, you call doggy and a few variations of missionary dirty?”-mocked the Japanese siren-“*My* boyfriend and me are always drenched in sweat by the time we’re done making love.” 
-“The hardest part of making love with MY man is the fear that the neighbours will hear the bed rocking sounds” 
-“Ha! Who’s the prude?”-ridiculed Kimiko-“When I make love to MY man, I don’t hold back.” 
-“Oh, so he loves to have sex with you so much that he spends most of his time in my bed”-scoffed the Korean belle-“Face it. I know you try to tempt my man every day but he spends his nights with me. I now dominate the bed where you used to lay with him” 
-“You’re nothing but a passing adventure”-sneered Kimiko-“He’ll get bored with you after the novelty wears off. As a matter of fact, he isd already begging me to remind him what a good fucking felt like” 
-“You’re delusional“-scoffed Seoyeon-“Shinji told me you were imploring him to take you back. You’re pathetic” 
-“*YOU* are the pathetic slut, going after a man that was already taken because you couldn’t find a man to stick his dick into your dry pussy” 
-“I can have any man I want you whore”-said a contemptuous Seoyeon-“Your EX-boyfriend compared us side by side and found you wanting. He obviously chose to go with the better woman” 
 -“Pft, don’t kid yourself. I can fuck better than you” 
-“Well, please do tell, who broke the rules last time when Shinji’s cock decided to fill me up?”-said Seoyeon, referring to when Kimiko pulled Seoyeon off when Shinji was about to cum. 
-“*Please* bitch, don’t pretend you didn’t start breaking the rules when you saw I was about to drink all his cum” 
-“Shinji, you know what you felt that night. And I’d do it again anytime. No timing bullshit. Just that Jap skank, your cock, and me until your seed fills up the better woman.” 
-“Pft, I’d love to see your face as you see him blowing his load into my mouth.” 
-“It’s cute you think you’re going to win. You’ll be so disappointed when you see his hot white liquid filling my pussy”-Seoyeon looked at the clock and saw it was 3:57. It was time to use another big weapon in her arsenal. She used the sultriest tone of voice she could muster and spoke the Korean for “<Shinji, I want to your dick so badly. Come fuck me good>”. She knew that Shinji would at least understand the words “dick” and “fuck”. 
-“We’re in Japan bitch, so speak Japanese or go back to South Korea”-sneered Kimiko but she knew her boyfriend found it sexy and it frustrated her. Aware of the clock, she decided to use English for her next message-“<Stay with me tonight Shinji, and I’ll promise you’ll be so dry you won’t be able to cum for days>” 
-“Can’t help my man loves it when I speak Korean. Shinji, if come to my apartment and we can talk about the time your ex and me fought for your <dick>…and I won”

The clock indicated it was 4:01. Before Kimiko could reply, Shinji typed “Ok ladies. Time’s over. Winner for tonight will see me at 5:30”. He then kept the tension high by refusing to say who was the winner. 
Seoyeon left her workplace in a hurry and as soon as she got home, quickly showered herself and made sure to shave off any unsightly body hair. She then put on the cum filled pink dress she had promised Shinji she’d wear for tonight and finally adorned her body with sensual aromas. She put some soft music and lit up candles, and finally erotically laid on the sofa. She expected her lover to come anytime soon. 
Kimiko went through similar preparations but in her case, she wore a sexy jewelry-lingerie piece that spread all over her body but in fact covered nothing. She was practically naked for all intents and purposes. She anxiously waited for Shinji to come to her apartment and fuck her raw. 
Shinji opened the door. 
Seoyeon hugged him. 
Kimiko first hoped that Shinji was late. Then worry set in. Then she felt hurt and angry. She punched a pillow over and over, pretending that it was Seoyeon’s face. Just as she was done calming down, Seoyeon rubbed salt on injury when sent her a series of short videos and pictures showing her fucking Shinji. She almost decided to go to Seoyeon’s place and battle her for Shinji’s love right there.   
Kimiko knew the novelty of Seoyeon’s slutty body was giving her an advantage. Eventually Shinji would calm down and then Kimiko could compete fairly against her sexual rival. However, she was not going to meekly wait for such a day. She wanted that Korean whore out of her boyfriend’s life and she wanted her out NOW.  
She set her mind to make another catfight inevitable. 

Part 3


I tried to think hard how I got into this very surreal situation. I was in my classroom, totally naked, my manhood fully erect. In front of me were the two 18th years old that wanted to use my cock tonight. 
On one side was Seoyeon, a South Korean exchange student and my first girlfriend. She was sporting a very slutty version of our school uniform, consisting of a skin tight short sleeved white shirt that was tied in a knot around her bra-less chest, showing her flat midriff and a generous amount of cleavage and a pleated miniskirt. A pair of golden high heels completed the outfit that made mockery of the chaste values our school preached.
We had had a good relationship until the strain of knowing she was departing Japan after graduation finally broke our relationship. I tried to make it work but Seoyeon reasoned that we were going to break up anyways and started giving me the cold shoulder. 
On the other side was Kimiko, my next-door neighbor. She had also managed to grab hold of a whorish version of her school’s uniform, and by all accounts, she had managed to outslut my Korean lover. While Seoyeon’s miniskirt covered just enough to hide her ass, Kimiko’s outrageous red miniskirt only covered half her wiggling ass and provide me a glimpse of the white thong underneath. Her white sleeveless top showed even more skin than Seoyeon’s already daring top. 
Kimiko hinted several times she would be happy to lose her virginity to me. It wasn’t that I didn’t get her hints, but I wasn’t willing to cheat on Seoyeon at the time. Now that the South Korean beauty had rebuffed all my attempts to patch up our relationship though, I wasted no time in making Kimiko a woman.  
Something funny happened though. My ex exploded with jealousy the moment she heard that I was plowing the sexy Kimiko. She hated my attractive neighbor because she knew the Japanese seductress had tried to seduce when I was still with her. Seoyeon then contacted me and says she wasn’t going back to Korea after all. Therefore, I should break up with Kimiko to come back to her. The way Seoyeon saw it, that “Japanese slut” was a vulture who had dishonourably swept in and stole me away. Apparently “everyone” *knows* you’re supposed to give the ex-girlfriend a window of time to rethink her dumping her boyfriend.  
Kimiko obviously didn’t see things that way. In her version of events, she had patiently waited for Seoyeon to break things up before dating me. That “Korean airhead” couldn’t just come in and say she wanted me back just like that. Conveniently left out of that wonderfully innocent narrative were all those times she had tried to make me cheat on Seoyeon with her “hints”. Those included barging into my apartment in just her bra and thong, raunchy pictures sent through snapchat and suddenly kissing me while she was “drunk”.  
They were both fantastic specimens of the feminine sex and I couldn’t decide what to do. I had a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Seoyeon, but I was miffed at how she had dumped me. Moreover, my time with Kimiko had been nothing but fun and excitement. Sex? Seoyeon was inexperienced in the matters of the bedroom until I took her virginity, but since then she had come along way. Kimiko on the other hand, was new to the art of pleasing a man, but she was an enthusiastic and rapid leaner.  
Sensing my vacillation, the attractive schoolgirls did something I didn’t expect: They started to openly and bitterly competing for my affections. At the beginning they pretended the other didn’t exist, but as the hemlines of their summer dresses got shorter and shorter, tempers frayed and they got increasingly bitchy towards their rival in love.  
-“You won’t be fucking my boyfriend anymore!”-said Seoyeon, snapping me out of my thoughts. 
-“He’s not yours anymore”-replied Kimiko as she crossed her arms-“Shinji deserves better than someone who only wants him back because he’s happy with a *better* woman” 
-“Listen you Jap whore!”-Seoyeon raised her voice as she got closer to my neighbour-“you better leave my man alone if you know what’s good for you!” 
-“You think I’m scared of bimbos like you?”-sneered Kimiko, haughtily closing the distance between herself and Seoyeon until they were pressing their excited chests against each other. The sex kittens were hardly moving but the slight movement around the chest area indicated they were using their hardened nipples to intimidate her sexual rival. 
-“Last warning”-said Seoyeon in the tone of voice she used when her temper was about to explode-“You touch my boyfriend’s cock one more time and swear you’ll have to wear wigs for a long time!” 
-“Oh yeah?”-bellowed Kimiko as she moved towards me, wrapped her hand on my excited manhood and started to softly pump it-“Well, I love touching it, so what are you going to do? You think I’m afraid of a little hair pulling? And you know what I like more than giving my man a handjob?” 
Before my brown haired girlfriend could reply, Kimiko boldly turned her back to Seoyeon and started giving me a blowjob! 
-“I’LL KILL YOU!”-screamed Seoyeon as she came and grabbed the Japanese seductress by her long black mane and pulled her away from my shaft. Kimiko squealed “Let go my hair you Korean tramp!” as she tried to extricate herself from the hairpull. Seoyeon’s grip wasn’t very good because Kimiko managed to turn around and elbow my classmate square on the face, distracting her enough to release her hold. 
-“No more Miss nice girl!”-said Kimiko as a resounding slap landed on my Korean girlfriend’s left cheek. Seoyeon reciprocated by landing a slap of her own, leaving a pretty reddish spot on Kimiko’s pretty face. The jealous girls started trading a flurry of slaps as they navigated their way among the student tables and chairs, their uncoordinated dance pushing several tables away.  
-“You’ve been asking for it!”-screamed the brown haired stunner as I saw her braless chest ebb and flow in the fracas. She connected another slap on Kimiko’s already red face.  
-“I should have done this a long time ago”-countermanded the Japanese siren. I saw her well defined half exposed ass jiggle as she focused her hard slaps on Seoyeon’s bigger rack.  
I guessed it was inevitable that it would come to this. The tension between the two young schoolgirls had been simmering for a while. Seoyeon in particular just loved to loudly come into my apartment so that my lovely neighbor knew she was there, ready to get a good fucking from me. Despite my pleas, the Korean sex kitten loudly moaned when we made love, knowing that the sound would be heard in the apartment next door. In retaliation, Kimiko made a point of waiting for me outside the gate of the high school and shower me with affection in front of my classmates. Having classmates whisper about how some other woman had stolen her boyfriend deeply embarrassed the proud Seoyeon. I was forced to physically stop them from going at each other several times, and I was about to do it again, until I figured out that they’d eventually fight it out anyways, so might as well let them have it their way. 
The Japanese minx found herself backed against the windows. Not wanting to be cornered, she gave up the slapping contest and her long nails went straight for Seoyeon’s jiggling melons. Ignoring the fabric of Seoyeon’s tiny white shirt, Kimiko twisted and pulled her enemy’s tits, eliciting squeals of pain from Seoyeon. My Korean lover punched Kimiko’s face several times, trying to get her to desist, but Kimiko just huddled her head to lessen the impact of the hits and the girls rolled along glass windows. Seeing her punches weren’t doing anything, Seoyeon tugged Kimiko’s long black hair and pounded her head against the window! 
The window trembled, making an appalling sound as the Korean vixen banged her opponent’s against the window one, two, three, four times, until a disoriented Kimiko finally let go Seoyeon’s rack. The Korean female then put her hands around my Japanese lover’s ribcage and with a powerful motion, she threw the Japanese enchantress’ lithe body to the side. Kimiko painfully landed on top of three desks that had been joined together in the commotion. I saw my neighbour’s delightful body writhe as her back made contact with the protruding top back rail of the school chairs in between the tables. 
-“Not so tough now eh?”-gloated Seoyeon as she jumped on top of Kimiko’s groggy body and started jabbing her on the face and tits. I was afraid the conjoined desks and chairs would break as they violently shook every time Seoyeon threw a punch or Kimiko tried to buck her sexual rival. 
-“You should have listened to me when I warned you not to touch my man’s dick”-snarled Seoyeon, clearly enjoying hurting the Japanese temptress. Seoyeon took a moment to glance at my direction and lecherously licked her mouth when she locked her eyes on my erect cock-“I’ll take care of that in a moment honey” 
I thought the Korean belle was being too complacent and I was proven right when Kimiko managed to reach the bottom end of Seoyeon’s long brown mane and pulled her tormentor to the side. Which considering how narrow the table was, meant that Seoyeon fell straight into the floor, her body painfully rebounding once before staying firmly on the floor. Meanwhile, Kimiko managed to stay on the table while she recovered from the dizzy spell. She then let her body drop from the table, purposely using Seoyeon’s nubile body to soften the one meter fall. The hurting Korean beauty let out a horrifying scream that no doubt pleased the jealous Kimiko. 
-“Change of plans Shinji. *I* will be taking care of that”-said Kimiko as she hungrily gazed at my cock. She stood on her knees and lifted Seoyeon’s pleated miniskirt, revealing the brown haired girl’s black thong, which barely covered her pussy. In an act of savagery I wasn’t expecting, Kimiko chomped Seoyeon’s cunt! I heard Seoyeon wailing and crying in pain. Then, in an act no doubt meant to heighten the drama of the occasion, Kimiko used her teeth to sensually pull out Seoyeon’s thong.

-“Now this is how a real woman fights for her man”-gloated the Japanese sex goddess as she stood up, black thong in hand, and sensually strutted towards me. Her slutty dress was pretty much intact but her excited boobs had come out of the tiny top. On the other hand, her sexual rival’s top had been shred to pieces, she had lost her thong and the rack she proudly boasted about had taken a good bruising. 
-“A souvenir”-boasted Kimiko, giving me Seoyeon’s thong. Then she dropped to her knees and continued the blowjob Seoyeon had rudely interrupted. I let a sigh of satisfaction as I felt her tongue enthusiastically working on my hard on. I closed my eyes and rested my hand on Kimiko’s hair while I occasionally encouraged her to continue with the blowjob I “Kimiko, that’s good” “Kimiko’ you’re the best” “Good girl” “That’s the spirit”.  
A screaming Kimiko snapped me out of my trance. I opened my eyes to find the almost naked Seoyeon mercilessly using her pointy high heels to kick the prone Kimiko with impunity.   
-“ROUND TWO BIMBO!”-roared Seoyeon, the hemline of her brief miniskirt going up and down, allowing me to see her bare crotch as she stomped the vulnerable Kimiko like a cockroach. Even from this very unfavourable position on the floor, Kimiko managed to place a kick right at Seoyeon’s knee ligament, making the Korean belle lose balance. My Japanese beau used the pause to get out of range from Seoyeon’s lethal stilettos. 
-“Attacking me when *pant*I was pleasing my boyfriend”-hollered Kimiko a she slowly stood up- “Korean scum *pant* knows no honour!” 
-“Honour? I know all about your sorry attempts to tempt my man”-roared an outraged Seoyeon.  
The beautiful combatants released a warcry as they raced towards each other. My Japanese neighbor again latched her claws onto Seoyeon’s already beaten up melons. My Korean girlfriend wailed in pain but she had a dirty trick on her sleeve too: She got her hands onto Kimiko’s white thong and pulled hard. Kimiko’s miniskirt prevented me from seeing what was happening with her thong, but seeing the black-haired lioness wince and moan, it was clear Seoyeon was skillfully manipulating the tiny panty to cause the most pain possible to the Kimiko’s ass and pussy.  
I witnessed this sordid spectacle, and although I was not sure of the subtleties of this erotic contest, at least I noticed the rivals in love were slightly changing their grips from time to time to make her rival more uncomfortable.  
-“Let’s see how Shinji likes you when you have no tits”-moaned Kimiko, using her long toned legs to kick her stubborn opponent while her fingers were still firmly planted on Seoyeon’s excited balloons. 
-“It’ll be better than having no pussy for him to enjoy!”-grunted Seoyeon back as she reciprocated the kicking with her shapely legs.  
Kimiko stubbornly hanged onto her tit clawing until she was thrown off balance by one of Seoyeon’s kicks, her flimsy thong disintegrating in Seoyeon’s hands as she fell down. The Korean charmer wasted no time, grabbing Kimiko’s daring top and repeatedly kneeing her fallen adversary on the face until Kimiko’s tiny top was in tatters. 
Free from Seoyeon’s grasp, Kimiko now grabbed Seoyeon’s left leg and sank her teeth into it while at the same time her right hand went directly into Seoyeon’s pussy.  
-“Argh STOP!”-wailed Seoyeon, throwing punch after punch to get Kimiko’s long nails off her pussy. Another well-aimed knee to Kimiko’s pretty face finally sent the rabid Japanese minx sprawling back on the floor.   
-“You’ll pay for that wench”- moaned Seoyeon limping towards her still dizzy rival in love. I saw Seoyeon’s gaze focusing intently onto Kimiko’s still intact boobs and I knew what was coming. Kimiko writhed in pain, pitifully screeching as Seoyeon’s golden heels punctured her soft tits several times, until she caught the dangerous heel with her hands. For the audacity of fighting back, Seoyeon used her free leg to kick Kimiko on the face.-“That should teach you not to mess with me” 
-“Now it’s my turn to enjoy your cock”-said Seoyeon, focusing her attention on me. She sat on the very table she used on while on class and not in a savage catfight over me. She rested her hands on the table for support and spread her legs, opening inviting me to fuck her hard, which I did. After a while Seoyeon’s arms were tired, so she instead wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me while I still pounded her pussy. I loved hearing moans and I could feel an orgasm starting to build…then I saw Kimiko rise up and quickly coming towards us to get Seoyeon’s off my hardened rod. -“Seoyeon watch out!”- 
Despite my warning, Seoyeon couldn’t prevent Kimiko from grabbing her scratched boobs from behind. With my dick still deep inside her, and Kimiko pulling from behind, Seoyeon was unable to retaliate. I removed myself from the situation to let the girls resolve their differences. Now having some freedom of movement, the Korean beauty stood up, pulling Kimiko forwards and slightly over the classroom table and then drove elbow after elbow backwards in an effort to relieve the painful tit clawing. Which she did…in a sense. Kimiko stopped her obsession with Seoyeon’s tits but went straight to her hair. Now in control of Seoyeon’s brown mane, Kimiko pounded Seoyeon’s head against the desk.  
My girlfriend(ex?) managed to bring her legs up and then kick towards the Japanese aggressor’s belly, sending Kimiko sprawling backwards, crashing on top of a set of chairs and tables. I watched dumbfounded as both girls slowly stood up, grimaces making way to determined facial expressions as they awkwardly lurched forward. 
-“You should have just stayed down and let me fuck my boyfriend!”-heaved Seoyeon. She was naked except for the short skirt and golden high heels that had formed part of her original attire. Despite the slashes on her skin and a very disorganized hair, she looked as sexy as ever. 
-“This was a date between me and Shinji, you had no right to barge in”-panted Kimiko, her words attracting my attention. A layer of perspiration covered her young body, her outrageous miniskirt doing nothing to cover her panty-less crotch as she met her foe in the middle of the classroom. 
-“You have some nerve”-said Seoyeon as she approached her sexual rival with her fists raised like a boxer-“Trying to fuck my boyfriend on the desk I sit on” 
 -“That was to help him get over the PAST and look towards the FUTURE”-affirmed Kimiko, imitating the Korean beauty. She threw a backfist that landed on Seoyeon’s right tit, making her squeal-“After today he’s OVER with you” 
-“WRONG”-countered Seoyeon, elbowing the Japanese seductress in the face when she was close-“I’m his PRESENT and FUTURE!”  
-“He deserves a real WOMAN”-bellowed Kimiko, evading a second punch from Seoyeon and throwing her sucker punch into the brown haired beauty’s face-“He deserves ME!” 
Seoyeon wobbled but found the strength to throw a haymaker into Kimiko’s right boob-“You aren’t WORTHY of him!” 
The Japanese vixen staggered, but she was not out yet. She roared, bypassing Seoyeon’s defences and tackling her into the floor. Rolling back and forth in the confined spaces between the student desks, the jealous women trained their nails on each other’s soft flesh like cats in heat fighting for a mate, which they were. 
Kimiko managed to stay on top like a cowgirl riding a wild bronco, using Seoyeon’s much abused hair as a saddle and punishing Korean wildcat with her free hand. Seoyeon grunted and shrieked in rage, several times seeming on the cusp of throwing off her antagonist, but the black haired harpy held on until the feisty Korean seemed to run out of steam. 
-“Riding you was a good warming exercise *punch* before I mount my man”-taunted Kimiko. With her sexual rival seemingly exhausted, she carefully arched her back backwards, which made her glorious melons appear even larger. Her nails blindly looked for Seoyeon’s defenseless cunt, managing to get underneath her miniskirt after some probing. 
The Korean belle suddenly sprang her right leg up past the arched Kimiko and then forcefully dropped it downwards on Kimiko’s face, making the Japanese brawler fall backwards. Wasting no time, the resurging Korean dynamo free herself from the schoolgirl pin and then locked Kimiko’s head with her legs. Having reversed the disadvantageous hold, she bent forward, latching onto Kimiko’s long mane with one hand and ruining her pretty face with the other. 
-“Nothing like a *punch* sexy show for MY man *punch* before *I* mount him”- mocked Seoyeon as her legs choked Kimiko’s air supply. The Japanese sex kitten flailed her arms, frantically scratching Seoyeon’s white thighs in a desperate attempt to get free as her face got redder and redder by the second. 
Seoyeon screamed and quickly released Kimiko as her hands went downwards to nurse her crotch area. I wasn’t clear what happened, but it seemed that Kimiko sank her white teeth on Seoyeon’s magnificent legs…or did she managed to chomp on Seoyeon’s cunt? Either way, the battling beauties were momentarily indisposed as Seoyeon wailed in pain while Kimiko coughed and tried to get much needed air into her lungs.  
-“You disgusting bitch”-said Kimiko, getting on her knees and wrapping her right arm around Seoyeon’s head and pulled her chest to chest-“You’ll pay with your cunt!”  
-“One of us will leave *groan* without a cunt”-countered Seoyeon as she instantly copied her Japanese nemesis-“And it’s not going to be me” 
The catty females had each other in a tight headlock, their heads side by side as they cursed back and forth. “Harlot, Japanese pig, Korean barbarian, cock sucker, wench, saggy tits, ugly udders” were some of the insults they traded as their nails got under their short skirts and attacked the exposed pussies. I got closer, unable to see what was happening under the mini-skirts, but seeing them holler and wince in pain, it was clear at least one of them was not going to be able to walk for a while. 
Seoyeon broke the vicious cunt mauling by plunging her teeth on Kimiko’s shoulder. The Japanese vixen screamed, pushing the Korean temptress away, making her painfully crash against the metal legs of a nearby desk. There were a lot of moans and ‘fuck’s as the women massaged their bruised crotches. Kimiko, one hand still tendering her pussy, used a desk to tentatively get up, as if she wasn’t quite sure whether she could actually get on her feet. Seoyeon heaved and moaned as she pulled herself up, but before she could completely stand up, Kimiko rammed her pointy heel on her flat belly, sending the Korean beauty crashing down.  
-“That was for what you did to my pussy”-panted Kimiko. She then trampled on the vulnerable Korean stunner. I flinched every time Kimiko’s sank her white heel into her poor victim.  
-“And this for scratching my tits!”-*kick* 
-“For messing my hair!”-*kick* 
-“For trying to steal Shinji away!”-*kick* 
-“For interrupting me fucking my man!”-*kick* 
Kimiko stopped her savage punishment and slumped her weary physique on a nearby chair with a sigh of relief. It was clear the fight was now over. I felt her closing in, grinding her bruised tits against my chest. 
-“Never forget you’re mine, and any slut who wants you will have to go through me”-said my victorious Japanese lover before locking lips with me and starting a handjob…abruptly, everything started to get very fuzzy, and I remembered something: I met Kimiko when she was 23 years old. And she was never my neighbour…. 
Everything went pitch black… 
I opened my eyes and after a brief moment of confusion I realized it had all been a dream. A most pleasant sensation around the crotch area told me I wasn’t alone. I looked downwards, seeing a feminine hand toying with my hardened manhood. I shifted my gaze to the side and saw Kimiko slyly grinning at me.  
-“Morning lover”-said Kimiko, her messy hair covering half her face. 
I tried to remember what had happened last night and grinned. Kimiko had taken me to my old high school for a date. It was winter break but we managed to sneak in and spent a good time reminiscing about my high school days. I quickly discovered that beneath her thick coat, Kimiko was wearing nothing but the tiny schoolgirl uniform she had worn in my dreams.  
Reminiscing had quickly turned into an erotic tour around the high school as Kimiko deviously used her sensual body and siren-like voice to get me to fuck her on every spot that had some special meaning for me and Seoyeon. I could not help but to image an outraged Seoyeon demanding to know what her sexual rival was doing soiling her sweet school memories. Kimiko tormented me, pleasuring me until I was just about to cum and then stopping. Needless to say, I was on the edge, reduced to begging Kimiko for release but she teasingly demurred throughout the whole tour until we reached my old classroom and fucked on top of the desk Seoyeon’s used to sit at on her high school days. 
Kimiko brought me back to the present with an out of the blue question -“Did I win?” 
Sensing my confusion, my Japanese lover explained I had been sleep talking about a savage catfight between her and her sexual rival. Kimiko gave a soft cry when I turned around, ending on top of her. 
-“How about I tell you?”-I offered, my fingers trans versing her nude anatomy until they reached her crotch. I then weaved a lurid retelling of my dream while fingering my girlfriend into an orgasm. Kimiko tried to pay attention, but I could tell she had trouble concentrating while I teased her pussy.  
-“You girls were clearing hurting but tried to stand up…”-I said, pausing to focus on Kimiko’s budding climax. Feeling the Japanese beauty was close, I finished my tale-“…I saw you outlast Seoyeon and started kicking her until she begged for mercy” 
-“That *was* wonderful story”-panted Kimiko as soon as she recovered her senses. She gently pushed me away, ending on top of me, her thighs straddling my erect shaft. Giving me the sweetest smile as she tried to wrap my cock inside her pussy, she cooed-“I guess the other Kimiko won’t mind me collecting the prize”. 

Part 4


Saturday 10am

Seoyeon woke up and was not surprised to find a stream of pictures and short sex videos of her rival in love fucking her man. What had started as a victory lap to taunt her sexual rival over Shinji choosing her after a bitter verbal exchange two weeks ago quickly turned into another frontline in their sexual contest over him when Kimiko returned the favour the very next opportunity she had to lay with Shinji. Knowing the man in dispute was also in the chatroom, each made a point of using the chatroom to cattily boast what she had done with Shinji the night before. It was an overtly sexual contest, with Shinji as the prize of victory, their bodies as weapons and their shared private chatroom as a battleground. She won those encounters 70% of the time, but if she thought her Japanese nemesis would eventually give up, she was wrong.  
Despite knowing what to expect, she exploded when she saw Kimiko fucking Shinji at the high school she used to go to. Her rage reached its peak when she watched the video of fucking her man on the desk she used to sit on high school. The Korean beauty understood this was an attack on the bedrock in which she had founded her relationship with Shinji. 
Shinji had so far been successful in preventing the love rivals from meeting face to face. In lieu, the sexual antagonists had settled into baiting each other into expressly disregarding Shinji’s injunction and force the other to take the first step, in what could only end in a violent struggle. For Seoyeon the time had come: no longer could she ignore the insolent bitch trying to cheat her out of her man. The haughty Korean charmtress got off the bed and started making preparations to go out. The time for studiously avoiding each other was over.  She needed to confront that Japanese siren face to face.  


Saturday 11 pm 

Kimiko smirked. Her plan had worked brilliantly.  

The consummate Japanese seductress had figured out that she couldn’t compete on sex alone so long Shinji was hooked to Seoyeon’s subtle promise to let him relive his high school days. She had to poison nostalgia Seoyeon was basing her relationship with Shinji on. Seeing Shinji’s enthusiastic reaction, she knew that the school date had gone a long way in helping her win the contest over his heart. Happy with the results, the Japanese siren joined her man in blessed post coitus sleep. 
Said sleep was rudely interrupted two hours later by the sound of the doorbell ringing. Having done everything she could to rile up her romantic rival, Kimiko had a strong idea of who was at the door this weekend. Her bait had worked; she had forced Seoyeon to come and give her battle. Today, she was going to win Shinji back. 
 -“I’ll get this”-said Kimiko, letting her boyfriend admire her exquisite bare body as she rose from the bed and then put some clothes on. Kimiko grinned when she saw her reflection in the mirror. No make up, no bra, messy hair, a sexy little panty and Shinji’s white long sleeve shirt covering her upper body. It all spoke of a pretty good night under the sheets. The sight of her nipples prominently poking out from her boyfriend’s slightly semi-transparent shirt would no doubt further enrage the cock hungry Korean slut.  
-“I’m here to pick up my boyfriend”-said an ill-humored Seoyeon as soon as the door opened. That was the first time the sexual rivals had met face to face since the night Kimiko had lost that vicious catfight. Seeing her rival in love wearing her man’s shirt and the strong smell of recent sex didn’t improve her mood at all.  
-“You’re wasting your time. *My* man will be enjoying the weekend with me”-sneered Kimiko, not happy to see Seoyeon wearing the daring outfit had worn back in the KTV party. Shinji had already told her that Seoyeon had made a habit of using that dress to initiate love making sessions-“I’ll let you go this time, but I better not see you wearing my dress again” 
-“Or else? I love to wear it”-rebutted Seoyeon-“It reminds my boyfriend of the time when rubbed my pussy on your face. He gets quite hard and is unable to keep his hands off me”. Seoyeon stepped closer to her amorous rival, until she could feel Kimiko’s nipples stabbing her through the shirt – “I’m tired of your games, and you better let me see my boyfriend or else” 
-“You take one more step into my house”-warned Kimiko pushing back with her slim body-“And I promise you, your pussy will hurt so much you won’t be walking for a long time” 
-“Do your worse”-challenged Seoyeon as she tried to push inside only to be repulsed back. She charged again, her tits clashing against Kimiko’s set. Their shapely legs pushed on from opposite directions as the girls used their tits to shove the other away. Seoyeon hands latched onto Kimiko’s black mane and in no time the girls were inside the apartment yanking hair and whacking slaps at each other. Kimiko wailed when Seoyeon used her high heels to stab Kimiko’s bare feet. The Japanese temptress backed away only for Seoyeon to come lunging at her like a NFL quarterback.  
-“Woah, what’s going on”-asked Shinji. The commotion had made him come out of the bed, only to find out the door open and his two lovers rolling on the floor. He quickly closed to door and turned back only to see Kimiko using a schoolgirl pin on Seoyeon and dropping fist after fist on her face. Seoyeon for her part was using both hands to tear apart Kimiko’s g-string. Kimiko quickly lost her miniscule thong as Shinji lifted her off but made up for it by scoring a kick before her legs were out of range. 
-“She started it!”-said Kimiko as Shinji released her. Shinji waited for Seoyeon to get on her feet. 
-“Don’t listen to that lying bitch!”-rebutted Seoyeon as she re arranged the cum filled pink dress-“I just wanted to talk with you and she wouldn’t let me in” 
-“He’s not going anywhere!” 
-“Oh trust me, he’ll be fucking me tonight. And you’ll hand him over nicely. Or else”-threatened Seoyeon. 
-“Ok girls. It seems there’s a conflict”-interrupted Shinji, thrilled at this sudden turn of events. He hadn’t planned this meeting between his ultra-competitive lovers, but now that they were face to face, he wanted to try an idea he had been toying with for some time-“Since I haven’t made any plans for the weekend *yet*, how about you girls decide who’ll spend the weekend with me with a little competition?” 
The east Asian beauties perked up, wanting to hear more about Shinji’s proposal. He continued “You girls are constantly arguing about who is the better lover. I think now would be a good opportunity to see who is right. Make me cum.” 
-“This is going to be so easy”-laughed Seoyeon as she grinded her young body against her lover’s naked physique-“She stands no chance” 
-“Don’t touch him”-said Kimiko, moving to push Seoyeon away from her boyfriend. She was hoping for an outright catfight but waited to hear more details of whatever Shinji was proposing. 
-“Not so fast ladies”-interrupted Shinji-“let’s agree on some rules. There’ll be no fighting. There’ll be no timing. It’ll be you two and me. You’ll use your feminine charms, not your fists to make me climax. So no biting, to hairpulling, no scratching, no punching, no kicking. You’ll only use your tits, mouth or vagina to handle my cock. Pushing your rival off me is allowed. First to make me cum wins. I’ll spend the weekend with the winner.” 
Seoyeon signaled her agreement by quickly taking off the dress she had appropriated from Kimiko last time and her own pink thong, showing off her excited nakedness to Shinji. The Japanese beauty was not far behind, erotically unbuttoning the shirt she had on, ready to sexually battle Seoyeon. 
Shinji moved to the bedroom, his young lovers following closely as they used naked their bodies to push each other away. Seeing the Japanese boy passing through the door, Seoyeon strongly shoved Kimiko into the wall and ran into the room, trying to close the door to the bedroom. Kimiko quickly recovered and lunged forwards, her momentum reversing the course of the door and even smashing the sultry Korean beauty against the wall. The door knob sank against Seoyeon tummy and she felt on the floor, clutching her stomach. Kimiko saw Shinji standing against the wall of her bedroom, so she dropped to her knees and started giving head to his erect rod Shinji while her hands massaged his buttocks.   
Seoyeon tried to pull Kimiko’s hair, which only made Kimiko wrap her arms around her boyfriend’s legs even tighter while her mouth continued blowing Shinji’s cock. 
-“Come on Seoyeon…are you going to let Kimiko monopolize me?” 
-“GET OFF THAT COCK!”-Seoyeon used a lot of strength on that last hairpull, forcing Kimiko back, landing on her ass. The Korean temptress then greedily wrapped her mouth around Shinji’s shaft.  
-“Is Seoyeon wrapping her lips around my cock ok with you ?”-asked Shinji to encourage Kimiko. Her defiant look meant “Of course not”. Instead of trying to pull Seoyeon away, Kimiko crouched really low and identifying a gap between Seoyeon’s belly and Shinji’s legs, she shoot her head upwards, using her whole body to push the Korean slut back. The brown-haired beauty’s mouth was forced out, but she quickly tried to get back to blowing Shinji dick, clashing with Kimiko’s incoming head right in the middle. Their first reaction was to pull away, but Shinji held both girls’ heads and forced them back in the middle. 
-“Show me who wants it more”-said Shinji, inviting them to fight over his cock. And so they did. He felt in heaven as he felt two tongues licking his cock. Heck, he could even feel his lovers “kissing”, but he was sure their intent wasn’t romantic or sexual at all. He continued egging the romantic rivals on, making sure to keep a tight grip on their black and brown hair. He felt the young sex kittens wrapping one arm around his leg for support while their free right arm was used to push her amorous antagonist away. Unbeknownst to him, the girls started experimenting in lightly and “accidentally” sinking their nails onto the other’s soft flesh.    
The snarling Asian stunners played rough as they tried to monopolize Shinji’s boner. They first used their hands, but when that proved insufficient, they leaned forward their whole body for momentum. Seoyeon pushed Kimiko, subtly landing a soft punch at an angle where Shinji couldn’t see. The displaced woman looked askance, tempted to cry foul, but seeing that Shinji didn’t notice the foul play, she decided to give the Korean tramp a dose of her own medicine. Overtly, Kimiko pushed Seoyeon away with her crouching body, but hidden from her lover’s view was a fist landing on Seoyeon’s abs. The girls then continued using underhanded tactics as they tried to get their mouths back into blowing him. On the background, Shinji was inciting them to push the other away harder.  
Having been shoved back into the carpeted floor for the fourth time, Seoyeon decided to change tactics.  Standing up, she wrapped her arms around her lover’s neck and kissed him, while her knee “gently” pushed Kimiko away. Kimiko squealed as she landed on the floor, hurting from the knee Seoyeon rammed on her head but said nothing. She’d get back at the dirty Korean whore. 
-“YOU BITCH”-the Japanese beauty could clearly see Shinji’s cock massaging Seoyeon’s dripping pussy. She got back to her feet and move back a little bit before running and charging at Seoyeon like a linebacker. The Korean beauty was abruptly pushed away, wobbling and finally falling on her hips.  
-“I like girls fight hard for *pant* what they want”-panted Shinji as he insert his cock into Kimiko from behind. Her now body joined with Shinji’s, the Japanese temptress changed her direction so she could see Seoyeon. 
-“I can play rough too”-shrieked Seoyeon, getting on her feet and charging against the Japanese woman’s sensual body. Kimiko weathered the first charge and the girls continued lunging into each other like bulls while Shinji continued plowing Kimiko from behind.  While Shinji cheered and enjoyed the view, the girls outwardly pushed each other, out of his view the sex goddesses were maliciously pulling the other teats.  
With a loud moan, Seoyeon pulled back, finally dislodging the Japanese stunner from her boyfriend’s cock. 
Seoyeon and Kimiko tumbled, but quickly raced back the man in dispute trying to get to him first. The pretty girls wrapped their arms around the man in dispute for leverage and initially tried to shove their tits against his chest, but eventually came to be face to face.   
-“Shinji doesn’t need your flabby tits”-said Kimiko as her pointy nipples stabbed Seoyeon melons. 
-“Better to have some chest than no chest”-mocked Seoyeon as she pushed back with her own teats. Despite Kimiko’s respectable size, it was clear Seoyeon’s tits were much bigger. 
-“I bet those are some silicone you bought from South Korea”- 
-“You should buy some then”-retorted Seoyeon -“fake tits will look better than your ugly udders.” 
Realizing the bad optics of Seoyeon’s bigger chest outshining her own, Kimiko used her free arm to direct Shinji’s gaze towards herself and sucked his lips. Below, the girls were pushing their mount of venus forward, sandwiching Shinji’s cock in between.  
-“Let go of him”-Seoyeon using her free arm to interrupt the kiss and planted her on lips on Shinji’s. 
-“You’ve not right to touch my boyfriend!”-outwardly Kimiko used the palm of her hand to push Seoyeon on the shoulder, but she slightly bent her fingers, lightly stabbing the Korean vixen’s soft flesh with her claws and then dragging them downwards for a millisecond, leaving a reddish mark on Seoyeon’s otherwise pale skin.  By now Shinji had caught on the dirty tactics his lovers were using, but he chose to ignore those small infractions, liking how the woman on the receiving end was would then become slightly more aggressive in the defense of her sexual rights.  
Before Kimiko could take control of her man’s lips, the Korean beauty used the palm of her hand to push her head away. Soon enough the girls were using their arms to push the other’s head away. 
-“No one wants you here”- 
-“This my apartment and Shinji’s my boyfriend!” 
-“You lost him to a better woman. He’s now my man and my cock!”  
-“You’ll take his cock from my dead cold hands” 
-“Don’t push it Jap bitch” 
-“You think I’m going to be bullied around and let you steal my boyfriend?” 
-“I SAID DON’T PUSH ME!”-screamed the Korean seductress, using all her strength to push Kimiko out of Shinji’s embrace. Before Kimiko could mount a counter attack, Seoyeon took the man in dispute to the futon on the floor and let him mount her in a missionary position. 
-“What are you gonna do now, stupid jap skank”-taunted Seoyeon in between moans as Shinji drilled her in missionary. There was no way Kimiko could push her away. She only needed to hold onto Shinji and let him cum to win this sordid contest.  
Kimiko walked around the copulating couple until she was just above their heads and sat on her knees. She then lowered her head and whispered to her lover: <Your cock…mine. I want your cock to be mine> 
-“What?”- Shinji abruptly stopped pumping and looked up. Was he imagining things? He could swear his Japanese girlfriend was speaking in Korean. Seoyeon was puzzled as what was happening, not having heard Kimiko’s whisper. 
-<I said…I want your cock to be mine. I want to be your woman>-hushed the black haired succubus in broken and accented Korean. She suspected that learning a few key Korean words and phrases would really help her get an edge and her instincts were right.  Pulling her boyfriend by his hair, she forced his head up and kissed him. Before Seoyeon could protest what was going on, Seoyeon’s vision was blocked by the sight of Kimiko’s engorged and wet pussy. 
-<Stay there like the loser you are>-gloated Kimiko, kissing Shinji while her moist cunt degraded her sexual rival’s face. 
-<GET OFF ME SKANK!>-cried the outraged Seoyeon, realizing that the Japanese bimbo was speaking Korean. The Korean enchantress tried to buck and kick free, but it was hard with a massive cock still pumping in between her thighs. The more she struggled, the more it turned on the couple on top of her. She could simply not believe Kimiko had managed to turn the very advantageous missionary position against her.  
-<I need your cum>-said Kimiko, feeling her boyfriend was ready to give out his seed. She was aware that once she let go all hell would break loose, as she and Seoyeon’s pussies would battle to receive Shinji’s cum.  She steeled herself for what might come.  
Hell did break loose as Kimiko hugged her boyfriend and pushed him back, making her cock slid out of that Korean wench’s honeypot and quickly positioned herself to get Shinji’s hard shaft inside her. Just as Shinji was pumping inside Kimiko, Seoyeon got to her knees and grabbed Kimiko from behind, trying to get her off of whom she considered as her boyfriend. Seeing how the man in dispute were raising not objections to their increasingly rough play, the young vixens were paying less and less lip service to the “rules” he had set up. 
-<Get your stinky pussy off my man!>-said Seoyeon as she pulled backwards. 
-<Get lost!>-Kimiko as she wrapped her arms tighter around Shinji but his perspiring body made it hard for her to hold on. Seoyeon pulled with all her force, dislodging Kimiko, whose body crashed against Seoyeon’s, sending both girls falling backwards. 
The girls quickly got back to their feet and they shoved and pulled as they dashed to get to Shinji while impeding her rival in love from getting there first. Seoyeon got to Shinji first, managing to get some strokes in before she was quickly pushed aside by the Japanese beauty. Kimiko in turn took possession of her boyfriend’s cock before Seoyeon assaulted from behind and sank all her nails on Kimiko’s excited tits. The Japanese beauty had mixed feelings, the hurt she felt weirdly exciting her even more.  Despite Kimiko’s dogged resolution, Seoyeon dismounted her again in this obscene version of Queen of the Hill game.  
Not an inch was ceded as the jealous Asian stunners battled over Shinji’s body, their bodies were used as weapons against her sexual rival, insults flying in Korean and Japanese. By now the sex kittens didn’t even pretend to be playing fair, openly punching and scratching to get her sexual competitor off Shinji’s moist cock. Shinji found himself kissing and pumping one girl first before her determined rival managed to take her off and mount him for her share of the fun. All this vigorous pushing and pulling got the women winded up after a while, each unable to stay on Shinji long enough to make him cum. Regardless, all this physical activity was slowly but surely driving Shinji towards an orgasm.

-<I demand you fill me up!>-said Seoyeon as she felt her high school boyfriend was getting close to a point of no return. She’d make sure to mock the Japanese beauty before whisking the handsome boy for an enjoyable weekend. 
A foreign object roaming around her cock-filled pussy distracted the Korean tigress. She wondered what it was when she felt a intense pain in her cunt. Shinji saw his Korean beau grimace and leap out of his cock, leaving a smirking Kimiko in front of him. She waved her fingers, mischievously hinting at what had happened. She mounted Shinji in a cowgirl position. 
-<You’re my man>-said Kimiko as she positioned herself on top of him-<fuck me like a whore!>.  
-<You fucking bitch!>-screamed Seoyeon, realizing what was happening. She clashed with Kimiko and the girls dug their talons into each other while cursing in Korean.  
-<He’s my boyfriend>- 
-<I’ll rip your tits off!>-said Seoyeon. 
-<This cock is mine!> 
-<Get off him whore!> 
Shinji understood the simple phrases. Hearing Seoyeon speak in Korean was hot, but hearing the Japanese sex kitten speak in her accent and broken Korean was driving him wild. He tightened his grip around Kimiko’s waist, not wanting to let go. Kimiko’s Korean act made him realize that at this instant, he really wanted to cum inside Kimiko. She deserved it.  
A grunt and Shinji’s gradual lack of movement signaled the Japanese seductress had won the sexual fight. He relaxed his grip, allowing Seoyeon to finally topple Kimiko. 

Shinji looked to the side, heaving as he enjoyed the view of two young naked vixens flailing around the room, his white cum coming out of Kimiko’s pussy and smearing her thighs. He wanted to separate them but didn’t have the strength to do it just yet. Luckily, Seoyeon’s attempt at another cunt attack separated the two romantic rivals.   
-“Enough! Kimiko wins”-roared Shinji 
-“NO!”-bellowed Kimiko as she got on all fours, warily eyeing Seoyeon-“we fight until I rip her tits off!”  
-“I’m tired of your bullshit! I’m not sharing Shinji!”-complained Seoyeon. She was about to pounce again when she felt Shinji grabbing her ankle.  
-“No more fighting”-stated Shinji. 
-“Well, you shouldn’t have Shinji anyways. I won”-replied Kimiko, ignoring her boyfriend. 
-“Whatever, this only determined you are the bigger whore!” 
-“Pft, we just determined I’m the better lover and you lost. Accept it bitch” 
-“Girls…”-said Shinji, trying to remind them of his existence. 
-“I’ll not give him up” 
 -“So this is how it has to be?” 
-“Yes, woman to woman. Naked, in front of Shinji. Until the better woman wins” 
-“That suits me. I’ve been wanting to rip you to pieces. How about we do it now?” 
-“Let’s go slut!” 
-“STOP!”-commanded Shinji, gently pushing Seoyeon to the side and getting in between the belligerents-“Seoyeon, Kimiko won fair and square this time. So I’m spending the weekend with her. You girls getting into a catfight now isn’t going to solve anything, so let’s talk it over later” 
It took some convincing, but finally Shinji convinced Seoyeon to leave Kimiko’s apartment and for Kimiko to drop the matter for moment.  
-“Enjoy him while you can, because Shinji will be back in my bed”-scoffed Seoyeon as she left the apartment. 
-“I don’t think so. I plan to use his huge cock to warm my bed for a long time”-predicted a defiant Kimiko before Seoyeon slammed the door.  
The Japanese stunner was glowing. It wasn’t the straight catfight she had been looking for, but this encounter with Seoyeon surely lifted her standing in her boyfriend’s eyes. Pitting her body against her sexual rival in such an emotionally charged contest made her swell in womanly pride. In her mind, she had just proven to her man she was definitively the better lover. She had won an important battle, yet nothing had been solved. The Korean temptress would no doubt try to turn the tables back in her favour. She had to crush her sexual rival’s will to compete for the man they both wanted. This could only be solved woman to woman, not in another “threesome” but with nails and fists, in a violent struggle where only one of them would prevail and the other humbled. By the end of the weekend she had secured her boyfriend’s commitment to arrange such a struggle.  

Part 5


Shinji sighed as he unloaded his cum in Seoyeon’s eager mouth. He had told his Korean lover about Kimiko’s eagerness to “solve” their dispute once and for all. Woman to woman until the better woman won. As he had expected, Seoyeon welcomed the opportunity to tangle with that “flat chested whore” again. Their discussions about the upcoming fight were interrupted by steamy sex session. The brown-haired beauty rose up, giving her boyfriend a radiant cum splashed smile.  
-“A real woman fights for her man”-gargled Seoyeon, some white liquid rolling down her chin. Although last weekend had not been a proper catfight, she had lost big time. Of course, Shinji’s simple man brain had not detected anything different. For him, it had been a fun game that got a little out of hand and in no way changed anything. Seoyeon knew better. Last weekend Kimiko had destroyed the tender memories that connected Seoyeon to her first boyfriend. Those memories had been an important hook to keep him emotionally attached to her. Kimiko’s use of Korean was troubling. Seoyoen found it hard on the ears. Shinji found the same accented Korean hot, even hotter by her own native Korean speech.  
Seoyeon couldn’t help but to feel that the physiological weapons she had used in this private war had been turned against her. Not only that. As far as her boyfriend was concerned, he was as enthusiastic and energetic in bed as before the weekend. Seoyeon knew it wasn’t that simple. Even if her sexual rival had just been lucky(and Seoyeon certainly thought that way), Kimiko’s victory had left a subliminal message: She was the better lover. Even if Shinji rational brain could understand one love making contest didn’t mean a lot, Seoyeon knew that subconsciously his assessment of each of his competing lovers had changed in Kimiko’s favour.   
What the Korean bombshell really wanted to do was to tear into that obstinate flat titted wench and rip her limbs one by one for all the slights and insults she had hurled at her. She wanted complete ownership of her high school boyfriend and she wanted it NOW, not 6 months or one year later. She’d obliterate her enemy. 
-“I’ll destroy her”-affirmed Seoyeon, resting her pretty head on her beau’s big chest. The conditions Shinji proposed appealed to her. A no holds barred catfight in his apartment until one woman physically removed her sexual rival out of the apartment. They would fight in tiny cocktail dresses and high heels. Winner would win the key to the apartment and the right to cohabitate with Shinji. Loser never set foot in the apartment ever again. 
However, she wanted more. 
-“She’s been saying the same thing”-offered Shinji, unable to take his eyes off Seoyeon’s mouth hungrily gulping his semen. 
-“I want a break”-remarked Seoyeon. She noticed Shinji’s confused look and proceeding to explain what she meant-“I fear that I’ll knock that tramp out before she gets the chance to see me riding your massive cock. I want a break midway so she sees you cumming inside me before I remove her from the apartment.” 
-“That sounds very hot”-said Shinji, his manhood growing hard again at the mere suggestion. He felt Seoyeon’s exquisite body getting on top of him, straddling his shaft in between her legs.  
-“After that, I also want you to tease her, stopping just short of climaxing” 
-“What?”- Shinji looked askance, not sure if he had heard wrong.  
-“Encourage her to keep fighting. Feed her the hope she can still win”-continued Seoyeon-“It’ll be so much sweeter when she realizes she’s going to lose you to a better woman”  
Shinji smelled the faint hint of her perfume and fragrant hair -“I’ll discuss it with Kimiko. But why? Isn’t winning enough?” 
Seoyeon looked him eye to eye, a knowing smile forming on her lips. He clearly didn’t understood that she needed this, so did Kimiko. It *had* to happen this way in order to totally crush her sexual rival-“Because that little slut needs to be taught a lesson, and the lesson is that you’re mine. I want the image of me having sex with you to be the last memory she has of you.”  
-<This>-said Seoyeon as she grabbed her boyfriend’s cock-<will belong to the winner. And the winner is me>  

Part 6


Shinji’s apartment 

-“Hello darling”-said Seoyeon, hugging Shinji as soon as he opened the door. Kissing him, she smirked as she felt his manhood reacting to the sight of the miniscule pink dress she had worn for the occasion-“I see you’re happy to see me.” 
-“Where’s the Jap skank?”-asked Seoyeon, leaving her suitcase and handbag at the entrance-“I hope she didn’t chicken out” 
-“Kimiko is coming. She said she was not going to miss personally kicking you out of the apartment for anything in the world”-replied Shinji, admiring his brown haired lover undulating hips as she walked the stairs towards the bedroom. His Korean lover had certainly dressed to impress: the pink minidress was barely held by two thin straps around her exposed shoulders. It hugged her gifted anatomy tightly, with a hint of cleavage to titillate Shinji. The bobbing motion her tits made it clear she had forsaken the use of a bra, which would significantly exposed to Kimiko’s nails. This surprised Shinji, who had expected the Korean stunner to wear something a little more “protection” for the fight, but the bold Seoyeon was clearly confident on her final victory.  The tapping sound drew Shinji’s attention to the sandal-like high heels secured strapped around her exposed feet. At that moment, his heart was with Seoyeon, Kimiko all but for forgotten.  
-“Well see about that”-replied the Korean seductress, interrupting his train of thought. Her pretty eyes scanned the posh apartment that would soon become the battleground for her catfight with Shinji’s stubborn girlfriend. She was familiar with it, having had made love with Shinji practically every part of the apartment in her efforts to undermine the Japanese bimbo. To her left was the kitchen; to her front, the living room she caught Kimiko sleeping with Shinji the night after their catfight. To the front left, the dining room she hoped to eat at every day from now on wards. Turning her gaze right, her eyes laid on the set of stairs leading to the second floor.  
The second floor consisted of Shinji’s giant bedroom and another room in which Shinji had put all the knives, chairs, lamps, books, flower pots, etc anything that could remotely be used as a weapon. Apart from that room, no area of the duplex apartment would be off limits. Shinji had taken care to tie the doors so that they couldn’t be closed by one combatant seeking to avoid a beating.  
Seoyeon sat at the edge of the bed she had fought over Shinji one month ago and smiled mischievously.  
-“While we wait”-cooed Seoyeon, pulling her man towards her, unzipping his pants and wrapping her hand around his hard cock-“how about I give you a preview of what we’re going to do after I kick that Jap skank out of our apartment?” 
Their make out session lasted for several minutes until the ringing doorbell reminded them of the third party that was supposed to come tonight. Shinji put his eager rod back into his pants, leaving his anxious Korean lover to receive the other woman who would fight for his affections tonight. 
There was no greeting from the sultry black-haired beauty as she crossed the door and jumped at him, rubbing her exquisite physique on him. Never shy about showcasing her stunning body, the sexy Japanese siren sported a matching grey two piece outfit composed of a miniskirt and a flimsy top that exposed her shoulders and a bit of midriff. She sported black high heel sandals that although firmly strapped to her feet, left most of it exposed.  
Kimiko noticed Seoyeon’s suitcase as she put her own luggage and handbag at the lobby- “I see the Korean tramp already arrived” 
-“She’s waiting for you upstairs”-said Shinji as he caressed Kimiko’s hair-“She says she’ll be living in this apartment after tonight” 
To his slight surprise, the Japanese temptress slammed him against the wall and unzipped his pants, liberating his erect manhood from the constraining pants. Before her boyfriend could say anything, she dropped to her knees and blew him for a few minutes before standing up. 
-“I’ll finish this after I kick that harlot out of our apartment”-whispered the Japanese beauty, letting Shinji smell her seductive perfume(He of course, noted the increasing use of the ‘our’ and ‘we’ pronouns by both girls). She curled her lips in a sexy grin and grabbed Shinji’s rigid shaft and gently pulled him-“Let’s see that Korean bitch” 
Tonight Kimiko would end of the 4 weeks saga that had started when that Korean slut insinuated herself into Shinji’s life. She was tired and sick of sharing her man with some cheap whore who thought she could steal Shinji under her nose. Tonight she’d exorcise the humiliating loss she had suffered at the hands of the Korean pretender. What her feminine charms couldn’t solve, her teeth and nails would. She intended to humiliate the Korean upstart so completely that she wouldn’t dare to come close to Shinji ever again. Having Seoyeon witness her mounting the man they were fighting over and personally kicking her out of the apartment would be the icing of the cake. 
As soon as he entered the bedroom, Shinji felt the atmosphere becoming frightfully chilly. The smiles that had adorned the girls’ pretty faces were now replaced with harsh, cold stares. 
-“Take your dirty hands off his cock”-commanded Seoyeon as soon as she saw her sexual rival coming in the bedroom-“that dick is mine” 
-“Are you sure it’s yours?”-leered Kimiko-“It seems he very much likes inserting it into my wet pussy” 
-“I can’t imagine him being too excited about you when he has this”-replied Seoyeon as she cupped her hands around her boobs, making her already busty chest appear even bigger-“These are tits to be proud about, not like the tiny things you’re hiding under that dress” 
-“Tits mean nothing if you don’t know how to please a man with them”-scoffed Kimiko, rubbing her rack against her man like a cat marking territory-“There’s a reason why I won the little tussle we had over his cock that weekend.”  
Before Seoyeon could say anything, Shinji himself broke free from Kimiko’s enjoyable grip and put himself in between the girls. He had already learnt that he had to do things quickly or he would lose control of the situation. The beautiful women gazed at the man in dispute intently as he sensually took off his top, revealing his comforting chest and taut belly. Then his pants came off, leaving him in his brief boxers, which hardly hid his boner. 
-“I’m sure you already know the details”-started Shinji-“To win you must physically remove your opponent out of the apartment. However, to win the right to do that, you must first present me with your rival’s dress…or what remains of it. Complete removal of a dress will trigger a 30 minutes break, 20 minutes where the girl who gives me her foe’s dress will have her way with me, 10 minutes that will be used for me to encourage the other woman to fight harder. Winner lives with me, loser never sets foot in this apartment again.” 
-“I’m ready to go anytime”-said Seoyeon, eager to get her nails on her love rival. 
-“One moment”-said Kimiko, standing up and kissing Shinji-“For you. I’m doing this for you.” She turned back to face her mortal enemy –“Anytime bitch” 
-“FIGHT!”-said Shinji. 
The girls walked towards the centre of the room, until each was close enough to grab her opponent’s silky hair and slap with their free hands.  
-“I’ve been wanting to rip your hair for a long time”-said Seoyeon, sending a resounding slap that left a reddish spot on Kimiko’s cheek 
-“You’ll regret trying to steal what’s mine!”-Kimiko wasted no time in reciprocating the slap. 
They female adversaries unleashed all the anger that had accumulated over four weeks.  WHORE SLUT SLAG SKANK TRAMP UGLY UDDERS SAGGY TITS HARLOT WENCH screamed the pretty young ladies as they traded whacks at a furious pace while trying to maintain balance on their heels. They had wanted to get their hands on each other for so long that rather than feeling pain, each felt a weird high, each slap they landed giving them more pleasure. Soon their bodies were clashing chest to chest as the slapfest continued, leaving red spots in their otherwise fair skin. Seoyeon shrieked when Kimiko managed to rip some hair from her long mane  
–“You bitch!”-howled Seoyeon as she saw some brown hair on her romantic rival’s hand. She stopped slapping, focusing now on using both hands to tear Kimiko’s hair off.  
-“That was just a start!”-said Kimiko as her hand yanked more hair. Soon Shinji saw black and brown manes falling on the floor as their brief dresses started rising up, revealing their shapely asses and panties that barely covered their pussies. Seoyeon’s fickle straps were already slipping off her smooth skin. 
-“Let’s see how my man likes you after I rip all your scalp off!”-Seoyeon pushed forward, shoving Kimiko on the bed. 
-“I’ll give Shinji a lock of your hair as a memento of my victory!”-Kimiko’s hairpull brought Seoyeon down with her and soon they were filling the soft mattress with brown and black locks. They rolled towards the right, Kimiko too focused on hair pulling that she failed to see how close she was to the edge. She fell abruptly, taking more of Seoyeon’s hair with her as she fell. 
Seoyeon dropped her body from the edge of the bed and crashed in full force against Kimiko’s soft body, making the Japanese beauty squeal as air left her sensual body. A messy tangle of legs and arms ensued as Kimiko tried to fight off the Korean temptress attempts to mount her, causing the gradually roll from the bedroom to the bathroom. 
-“Come on little Jap tramp”-said Seoyeon as she yanked one of the the straps holding Kimiko’s small top together while whacking her face with her open palms -“Repeat after me” 
The only answer the Korean beauty got was a fist on her chin, and a pair of hands pulling her brown hair downwards.  
-“He’s mine!”-Kimiko tried to reverse the pin but the narrow bathroom entrance limited her range of movement.  The girls started moving from one side to another as they drove nasty slaps into each other’s sides, while their long legs grinded together in a mutual leg hold.   
Kimiko briefly mounted her foe, landing slaps on Seoyeon’s pretty face until Seoyeon grabbed her tormentor by the wrists and a test of strength ensued, which the Korean bombshell used to reverse the pin. Kimiko was not one to appreciate being at the bottom of anyone but her boyfriend, so Shinji got to witness Kimiko’s magnificent legs stirring and kicking the air as she tried to dismount Seoyeon.  
The Japanese stunner abruptly turned her body around, sending the dominant Seoyeon crashing against the glass wall surrounding the shower. Feeling the Korean wench’s leg hold weaken, Kimiko squirmed free and then pressed her advantage on the stunned Seoyeon by punching her on her pretty face. 
-“Let me *punch* rearrange *punch* your face!”-panted the black haired bombshell. She stood up and used Seoyeon’s long brown hair to tug her towards the toilet. Seoyeon squealed as her scalp burned and tried to free herself by scratching Kimiko’s ass. That only earned her a knee on the face for her efforts. 
-“This is where you belong!”-screamed Kimiko as she pushed Seoyeon’s head down the toilet and flushed, soaking the Korean’s face. Shinji couldn’t see Seoyeon’s face but she was clearly gagging and scratching any flesh she could get her hands on. Kimiko just ignored the nails lingering around her shapely thighs and pushed down Seoyeon’s head down the toilet again. 
Seoyeon was finally able to break free when she blindly used her arm to hit Kimiko’s cunt. The Japanese fighter whimpered and felt on the floor, covering her pussy. Seoyeon used the time to use the wall to stand up and breathe, while Kimiko did the same using the glass wall as her support. Shinji watched as the pretty belligerents quickly tried to pull down their miniskirts and fix their disheveled hairdos. 
-“You’ll pay for that bitch!”-jeered the wet Seoyeon as the young women grappled each other in an intimate embrace and started sending open palmed whacks into each other’s delicate anatomy. 
-“You want more of me”-panted Kimiko as she placed another punch into Seoyeon’s abs-“come and get it!” 
-“You’ll regret tangling with me”-grunted Seoyeon, kicking Kimiko’s thighs. Kimiko yelped as her legs bumped against the bathtub and fell over, pulling Seoyeon down with her. On their way down, they somehow managed to accidentally turn on the faucet. There was an abrupt pause, the sound of running water filling the silence. All Shinji could see was a set of 4 still long legs dangling out of the bathtub and for a second he worried that the fight had come to a premature end.  
The resumption of insults like “BITCH!” “SKANK!” “KOREAN PIG” “I’ll KILL YOU!” allayed Shinji’s fears, as did the animated movement of black and pink heels that slowly sank into the bathtub. He approached the bathtub to see the girls trying to rip each other’s tiny dresses. Each girl tried to get up to get more leverage only to be pulled down by her determined rival in love.  
-“LET ME GO WHORE!”-squealed Seoyeon as she twisted Kimiko’s boobs through the fabric of what remained of her whorish top. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter as the water level started to rise up. 
-“SURE! JUST GIVE UP SHINJI!”-shrieked Kimiko as she also used her nails to twist Seoyeon’s bigger set. 
-“NO WAY! HE’LL BE MINE!”-snarled the Korean beauty, realizing that the girl at the bottom would soon risk being drowned. She tried to get out, only to be pulled back down. 
-“He won’t want you after I scratch you bloody”-said Kimiko as she managed to rise up and pin the Korean seductress.  
-“GET OFF ME JAP HAG”-demanded Seoyeon as she kicked and bucked liked a bronco, but the confined space and rising water level was working against her. Shinji got wet too as the girls agitated maneuvering splashed water out of the bathtub.   
-“Sure…after I’m done with your tits”- Kimiko as continued her work on Seoyeon’s tits. She tried to ignore the pain Seoyeon’s long nails were inflicting on her own chest, hell bent on destroying Seoyeon’s bigger tits.  
“I have bigger tits” “Shinji loves seeing me squirt” “Korean girls are the best” “we did this and that when we were in high school”. Kimiko was just fed up with all the bullshit her sexual rival kept coming with and swore she’d make her eat her smug taunts. Seoyeon struggled to raise her head above the water only for Kimiko to yank her by the hair and pushing her under the water. Kimiko pulled Seoyeon’s head up, allowing her to get some air. Just a little, before pushing it down again. 
-“You don’t deserve Shinji!”-gloated the Japanese beauty as she pushed Seoyeon’s head under the water again. Seoyeon didn’t take long to realize that the rising water levels made it easier for her to throw Kimiko off. She rose up, easily dislodging her Japanese adversary and pulling her head down. 
-“Let’s see how you *cough*like your*cough* own medicine”-said the totally wet Seoyeon as Kimiko struggled under the water. 
Shinji leaned against the glass wall, spellbound at the spectacle of two women fighting over him. Each had promised she’d win this most bitter conflict. Only one could fulfill her promise. The totally drenched dresses hugged the young women slim bodies, highlighting their magnificent curves and nipples. In the meantime, their frantic maneuvering caused big splashes, wetting the area outside the bathtub. As each beauty tried to drown her adversary, their wet hair gave the romantic rivals a very erotic appearance. 
Kimiko was leaning against the inner wall of the bathtub when a forceful push from Seoyeon sent her almost out of the bathtub. Instead, Kimiko balanced herself by locking her legs around Seoyeon’s chest and planting her heels against the wall, using Seoyeon’s hair as support. The girls’ positioning resembled a cross, Seoyeon being the vertical axis; while Kimiko was the precarious horizontal axis, her body supported by the two edges of the bathtub and her scissor hold around Seoyeon. In this unstable position Kimiko used her free hand to land two blows on Seoyeon’s face. The Korean beauty would have none of it, quickly moving her weight forward and finally throwing the completely wet Japanese challenger out.    
Kimiko ignored the pain of the fall and got away on her knees to regroup, turning around just as the Korean brawler pounced. The soaked girls wobbled towards the bedroom, finally crashing against the bed. Shinji hurried out of the bathroom only to see the wildcats focused on ripping each other’s tiny dresses. It seemed they had figured out that tit mauling would be more effective if there wasn’t a layer of cloth between their sharp nails and soft boob flesh. 
-“I’ll rip those fake *groan* tits off”-threatened Kimiko as she managed to tear the top part of Seoyeon’s dress, putting Seoyeon’s naked tits in play. 
-“They’re real…bigger…better than yours!”-grunted Seoyeon. She felt a sharp pain on her prized chest just as she managed to undo the rest of Kimiko’s flimsy top and retaliated in kind.  
-“You’ll have to go *moan* back to Korea *moan* to get more silicone”-moaned Kimiko, sensing Seoyeon’s pointed nails digging in her perky tits. Rather than desisting from attacking, the Japanese bombshell felt angrier and twisted Seoyeon’s melons with all her might.  
-“Let’s see who has to get a new rack bitch”-grunted the Korean beauty as she felt her precious tits being twisted.  
-“What? Crying like the*squeal* immature little whore you’re?”-taunted Kimiko as she saw a few tears flowing down Seoyeon’s eyes.  
-“It seems it’s you *sob* who can’t stand *sob* the heat!”-countered Seoyeon, her boob twisting drawing a rewarding loud shriek from that Japanese bimbo. 
-“You peaked in high school *sob* Shinji deserves a grown up woman!”- 
-“I’m the only one who deserves his cock!” 
-“No one will call you a woman after I’m done with your chest!”- 
-“You should worry more about what I’m going to do to your puny tits!” 
-“It’s ok shank! Because tonight Shinji will be massaging my boobs!” 
-“Wrong Jap whore! He’ll be sucking my teats tonight!”-said Seoyeon, kicking Kimiko and making her fall out of the mattress again. Instead of continuing the fight, the Korean beauty used her hands to massage her battered chest.  
Shinji watched as Kimiko shakily rose up and then sat on the chair, checking her own bloody chest. Each belligerent warily watched the other as they attended their reddened, lacerated tits and made an effort to rearrange what remained of the their still drenched minidresses and hair.  
-“Are we going to sit here all day or settle this like real women?”-asked Seoyeon, but didn’t wait for an answer, quickly standing up and going towards Kimiko. 
-“I came here to win my man back!”-replied Kimiko, tensing up and meeting her sexual rival half way.   
-“I’ll erase your memory from Shinji’s life!”-Seoyeon punched right into Kimiko’s right tit. 
-“The only thing he’ll forget tonight is you!”-said Kimiko, sucker punching Seoyeon’s face. 
-“I fully intend to have his cock buried in my pussy tonight!”-Seoyeon threw an uppercut to Kimiko’s midsection-“and every night after” 
-“You don’t deserve my boyfriend’s massive cock”-Kimiko responded with her own uppercut targeting Seoyeon’s bigger chest. 
-“You aren’t woman enough to hold onto your man, let alone his cock!”-Seoyeon retaliated with another hit to Kimiko’s right tit. 
-“You think you can steal him away from me?”-Kimiko went for another uppercut, this time targeting Seoyeon’s face. This time the Korean beauty seemed slightly dazed -“I’ll show you how I deal with little sluts like you” 
-“You tried once and Shinji had to take me off your sorry ass!”-Seoyeon wrapped her arm around Kimiko’s neck and started throwing punch after punch on Kimiko’s face. 
-“Let go of me!”-Kimiko raised one hand up to protect her head while the other scratched Seoyeon’s arm. As they fought, the girls starting staggering out of the bedroom and into the interior balcony on the second floor. Feeling Seoyeon’s boobs crashing against her face, Kimiko opened her mouth wide open and sank her teeth on Seoyeon’s abundant tit flesh. 
The effect was immediate. Shinji heard an ear shattering scream from Seoyeon’s mouth just as Kimiko, still biting on Seoyeon’s exposed boob, slammed the Korean beauty against the white wall and then sank her right fist into her opponent’s stomach. Seoyeon tried pushing and punching her Japanese aggressor but Kimiko pulled her tit like a pitbull trying to get meat out of a bone. Seoyeon desperately kneed the Japanese harpy until finally the pain was enough to dissuade Kimiko from biting.  
The Japanese temptress staggered backwards, ending on the opposite wall, her hiked up miniskirt revealing her almost bare cunt and naked chest. Seoyeon’s daring dress was in a similar wretched state, the only thing holding it up was her shapely hips. The Asian warrioresses pushed against the wall, slamming their nubile bodies midway and slugged it out. It was hard to follow the tangle of slaps and kicks, but it was clear to Shinji that the belligerents had a predilection towards chest and face hits. Each had promised to Shinji she was totally “de-womanize” her rival in love to such an extent that no man would ever find her desirable again and it was clear they were intent on following that pledge, no matter the personal cost. 
-“WHORE”-Kimiko landed two more hits on Seoyeon’s battered tits. Seoyeon squealed and stumbled onto the glass fence of the second floor. She failed to immediately respond with an attack of her own, the savage fighting now taking a toll on the usually feisty bombshell. Though hurting, the Korean goddess hastily collected herself when she saw Kimiko rushing her. 
-“SKANK!”-roared Seoyeon as she raised her elbow and made a clean hit under Kimiko’s chin. The Japanese temptress reeled from the hit and would have fallen had she not had the glass fence to support herself. Seeing the Japanese beauty struggling, Seoyeon followed with a hit to the face only to have Kimiko grab the fabric of her pink dress and swing her around 180 degrees. There was an audible rip as Seoyeon’s attire became nothing more than a piece of cloth barely hanging on her body, followed by the sound of her physique crashing against the glass barrier. 
-“KOREAN PIG!”-Kimiko didn’t let Seoyoen recover, kicking the still dizzy Seoyeon and send her staggering backwards into the one person sofa. Kimiko lurched forward and tried to finish the job of tearing what remained of Seoyoen’s minidress. 
-“Hands off my dress”-said Seoyeon as she pulled the pink fabric towards herself while her long legs kicked the determined Japanese tigress. Seoyeon was trying to do her best to keep her dress, not because of any modesty. On the contrary, she was proud of her young body, it was just that she didn’t want to see that Japanese slut making love to Shinji in front of her. 
-“The dress is coming off!”-Kimiko pulled harder, encouraged by the tear on Seoyeon’s dress becoming bigger and bigger. 
The two women trashed wildly, making the couch dangerously sway from one side to another several times until it felt towards the stairs side, throwing the fighting women down the flight of stairs, heads pointing towards the lower set of stairs. The sudden fall stunned the girls for a second, only for their hands to quickly resume their tug of war over Seoyeon’s dress while their shapely legs came into play. Their violent commotion caused their sensual bodies to continue their trajectory downwards until they reached the landing separating the stairs. 
Kimiko slammed one knee on Seoyeon’s cunt. The effect was immediate; she saw Seoyeon’s face contorting in pain while her hands dropped to relieve her pussy. Taking advantage of the situation, Kimiko stood up and grabbed Seoyeon by the hair, forcing her on her knees. She then thrust her knee her square on the Korean harpy’s face, making Seoyeon fall on the second flight of stairs. 
Shinji closed his eyes, not wanting to see Seoyeon’s body awkwardly skate towards the first floor like a rag doll due to the force of the impact. That looked quite painful, and it possibly was. Kimiko used the handrail to support herself as she walked downstairs in unsteady steps. 
-“Stay there while I fuck my boyfriend”-gloated Kimiko, savagely stomping the whimpering Seoyeon with her heels and causing her body to continue sliding towards the first floor. It was heart wrenching to see the proud Seoyeon punished so savagely. Just as Shinji was about to beg the merciless Kimiko to stop the severe beating, she stopped, perhaps sensing she was going too far for her boyfriend’s taste. Her sadistic needs satisfied for the moment, the Japanese girlfriend sank her black sandal-like heels on Seoyeon’s flat belly and ripped what remained of Seoyeon’s whorish pink dress in one fell swoop.The jealous Kimiko, now topless and clad only in the heels and miniskirt she had come in, turned around to face her impressed boyfriend. She intended to throughout enjoy him for the next 20 minutes.  
-“This is what happens when another woman tries to steal what is mine”-said a beaming Kimiko, handing what little remained of Seoyeon’s provocative dress.  
-“I knew choosing you as my girlfriend was not a mistake”-said Shinji, gently pushing Kimiko against the wall and aggressively kissing her while his fingers went under her black thong and started massaging her wet pussy.  
-“You fucking animal”-moaned Kimiko, feeling her tiny panty becoming hopelessly wet again under her man’s expert hands. The Japanese sex goddess dropped her hand and wrapped it around Shinji’s massive boner. She wanted this-“I see you’re hungry” 
-“You’re aren’t a docile and innocent sheep neither”-whispered Shinji, licking his girlfriend’s ear. He then kissed her neck, drawing more sighs from the sensual black-haired woman. Downwards, his hands gently got rid of the thong standing between his hard rod and her moist love hole. He lightly grinded his manhood against her cunt-“Kick Seoyeon out and you won’t be sharing this ever again.” 
-“Consider it done! She doesn’t deserve you”-moaned Kimiko, feeling her cunt becoming wetter by the second. Her hand guided the tip of Shinji’s dick against his clitoris and she used it to massage herself-“I’ll rip her *moan* fake tits off…*moan*she’ll regret provoking me*moan*…I’ll show you I’m *moan*the better woman” 
Her knees grew weak and she gracefully fell on the stairs landing. 
-“Let me show a preview of what will the winner get every night from tonight onwards”-said Shinji, pinning his girlfriend against the platform dividing the stairs and going on top of her in a missionary position. After spending some time finding the proper angle, Shinji then inserted his cock inside Kimiko’s womanhood and started ramming his excited member at an increasingly rapid pace. 
Kimiko felt her orgasm build up quickly as Shinji’s vigorous pumping continued unabated. Amid Shinji’s sloppy kisses she demanded him to be “<Faster! Harder! Deeper!>”, each word feeling like a plea, each thrust driving her ever closer to peaking. Amid her incoherent thoughts she was aware Shinji was too getting closer to climaxing too.  
The almost naked Seoyeon had recovered, grabbing some water and freshening up in an attempt to ignore what was happening upstairs. She sat on the sofa sulking. She tried not to look, but the copulating couple increasingly loud moans and Kimiko’s barely understandable words were impossible to ignore. 
Kimiko’s mind went blank as pleasure washed all over her battered body. Even as she felt in the border between consciousness and unconsciousness, she could feel Shinji’s throbbing cock inside her, a clear indication he had cummed insider her just as she had climaxed. She smiled, feeling her boyfriend’s sweaty body slump on top of her. Only she deserved his precious white liquid.  
Shinji turned around, letting his perspiring girlfriend use his chest as a pillow. He was so stoked by the fighting and the hard fucking that his manhood never really went limp. Feeling Kimiko’s pussy contracting and loosening, giving a pleasurable feeling to his still hard cock, he looked at her only to see a mischievous smile coming from his girlfriend.  
-“Can that Korean slut do this?”-asked the Japanese beauty as she tightened her cunt once again. Shinji’s smile told Kimiko all she needed to know. 
-“Looking at you make love is bores me to tears”-called Seoyeon out from the first floor, unhappy at being ignored by the couple. Kimiko rose up and sat down on the stairs platform, her erotic physique again drenched in sweat. 
-“It must be driving you nuts”-cooed Kimiko in a taunting tone while her boyfriend massaged her breasts. -“you proposing a sex break only see me fucking the man you want”  
-“This changes nothing”-came the acid, cold retort from the jealous Korean goddess-“I’m still his future”  
-“I’ll be waking up with Shiji every morning from now on”-The haughty Kimiko just turned to her lover, spending whatever remained of her time necking him. 
The alarm sounded, indicating the end of Kimiko’s 20 minutes. Kimiko kissed her man one more time, reluctant to let him go. She admired his sculpted back as he walked downstairs to meet Seoyeon. She figured out it was a good time to freshen up and drink some water in preparation for what was to come…    
-“This is not over”-affirmed a determined Seoyeon as the man she was fighting for approached the sofa. The beating she had just received had not shaken her resolution or belief in her final victory. 
-“Kimiko is confident she’ll win”-said Shinji before hugging and planting a kiss on his high school girlfriend’s mouth. Seoyeon greedy tongue had her way with whom she considered her man and Shinji was enthusiastic in reciprocating her aggressive tonguing-“Show me she’s sorely mistaken” 
-“The first time wasn’t luck”-murmured Seoyeon referring to the first fight she had with Kimiko-“I’m the better woman. The only one who should join you in bed. And that Jap wench will learn that the hard way…a second time.” 
-“That’s the spirit”-said Shinji smiling. He laid the Korean beauty horizontally across the sofa, his hand removing her thong and his cum covered hands started doing their work on Seoyeon’s cunt. By now he knew how to work Seoyeon’s body like a violin and the quickly growing wet spot under Seoyeon’s pussy proved it.  
-<yes, yes yes!>-squealed the excited Seoyeon as Shinji drove her crazy with his hands. She felt herself getting close to climaxing when…everything stopped. 
-“Only the winner has the right to cum”-said Shinji, smiling mischievously, knowing how frustrating the whole thing would be for Seoyeon-“If you want my dick, prove to me you, not Kimiko, deserve it”-continued the man in dispute as he mounted the laying Korean beauty and lightly rubbed his cock against her throbbing cunt.  
-<please…>-begged a horny Seoyeon, annoyed at being worked up only to be denied-<I need to feel it inside me…your massive…huge…enormous cock>. 
The Korean siren moaned, feeling her lover’s cock breaking the rules and granting her wish. She knew that he could never say no any request she asked in her seductive Korean voice. After a few discreet thrusts, she felt Shinji withdrawing his hardened manhood. She whispered-“To know you’re willing to break the rules for me…I’ll fight harder”  
-“Too bad that is the last time you’ll taste his cock”-interrupted Kimiko, sliding her black thong back on her crotch as she waited at the landing dividing the stairs like a goddess of victory . 
-“Tonight will end like last time”-panted Seoyeon as she put her thong back on, then walking towards the base of the stairs, eager to join her sexual rival in battle-“You humiliated under my pussy and me riding Shinji’s cock” 

Part 7

Shinji glanced at the bruised yet eager girls one last time before their conflict inevitably resumed. Downstairs was his almost naked Korean ex, clad only in a flimsy pink g-string. Her sulking and weary demeanour now gone after a good dicking by Shinji, the sizzling Seoyeon was ready to payback the Japanese whore for all her transgressions.

Shinji then turned his gaze upstairs, his gaze resting on his battered Japanese lover, topless yet still sporting the worn down remains of her miniskirt. Despite her victory on the first round, it was clear the feisty Asian girl hadn’t come unscathed, and it was only Shinji’s ministrations that had restored her spirits and will to see this trial through.

Seeing his young lovers in place and ready to resume hostilities, Shinji said ‘FIGHT!’.The beautiful rivals in love walked the stairs in a deliberate yet confident fashion, each step shortening the distance between them until they finally got close enough to sink their nails onto their hated foe!

-“I’m done with smelling the stench of your cunt on my man’s cock”- 
-“Sorry to disappoint but I don’t intend on leaving this apartment” 
-“You’re nothing but a has been in his life!”-affirmed Kimiko burying one hand on Seoyeon’s hair and using the other to punch the Korean beauty. 
-“You just can’t accept *groan* Shinji prefers me!”-retorted Seoyeon. Seeing her head was at Kimiko’s chest level due to the stairs, she went for the obvious target by hugging the Japanese beauty and chomping on Kimiko’s right breast while clawing the left tit with her right hand. 
Kimiko leaned against the wall, tears rolling off her eyes, shrieking as her boobs were being abused by the determined Seoyeon. As she frantically punched her foe in order to make her stop, she felt Seoyeon’s free hand trying to pull down her miniskirt. Seeing that approach was not working, Kimiko’s hands went down and twisted Seoyeon’s teats with both hands while her pretty white teeth bit Seoyeon’s exposed neck. 
As soon as she felt Seoyeon easing up a little, Kimiko brought her shapely leg and kicked with her heel, sending her tormentor tumbling against the metal tube on the other side of the stairs with a loud slam. Kimiko glanced briefly at her lightly bleeding right orb. 
-“You’ll pay for that!”-Screamed the Japanese seductress as she lurched towards the other side of the stairs, ready to punch that Korean bitch in the face. Seoyeon saw the fist coming and dodged at the last second, causing Kimiko’s hand to crash loudly against the glass wall. Kimiko screeched, shaking her hand to relieve the pain when Seoyeon grabbed her boobs from behind and her long nails started mauling Kimiko’s tits again.  
-“Plastic surgery won’t be enough *pant* to fix you after I’m done with you!”- 
-“LET GO YOU KOREAN DOG!”-squealed the obstinate Kimiko as she elbowed her tormentor’s flat belly. Shinji was mesmerized as he watched the two sexiest women he knew fighting tooth and nail on the stairs. Maintaining balance on their hot high heels while trying to fend off a sexual rival on the stairs must not have been easy for either woman, and he swore they almost lost their footing at several points, but they somehow managed to keep their balance as they slowly made their way down the stairs.  
As she was crying from the pain, Kimiko met her boyfriend’s gaze. She looked at his magnificent body. She had just made love to this man. His cock was inside her 15 minutes ago. She was not going to lose him to that interloper. She pushed backwards, slamming her Korean tormentor against the wall over and over again until her tits finally broke free from Seoyeon’s sharp nails. 
-“Let’s see how you like your own medicine”-roared Kimiko as she wrapped her right arm around Seoyeon’s neck and her left hand went after Seoyeon’s mammaries with vengeance. Seoyeon squealed, but she quickly reciprocated the neck hold and tit scratching. The sobs and moans mixed with Seoyeon’s taunts and Kimiko defiant replies were like music to Shinji’s ears, especially since half the time the insults referred to how unworthy was the other of Shinji’s love and how he was hers. The women continued this dangerous dance as they staggered down the stairs. 
Seoyeon thought she had already stepped down the last step of the stairs, so she let out a surprised yelp when there was another step where she expected flat floor. Taking down the Japanese warrioress with her, the fighting beauties squealed as they fell on the wooden floor with a painful thud. Once on the floor, they separated for a brief moment before the catty Seoyeon charged again, tackling Kimiko like an American football player and sending both towards the living room. 
The catty girls rolled around, their long nails lacerating the other’s otherwise smooth skin while trying to avoid being trapped at the bottom of the catball. With so much bad blood between them, each knew that there would be no mercy if she was trapped under her love rival’s pin. By now Kimiko’s miniskirt contracted around her lower waist like a belt, leaving her black thong exposed. Spotting an opportunity to turn the tide decisively on her favour, Seoyeon grabbed the scant fabric with her right hand and pulled up. 
-“How does that pussy feel now heh?”-taunted Seoyeon, feeling Kimiko writhing under as her own sexy garment was used to violate her cunt. 
-“I can fight dirty too!”-wailed Kimiko as she retaliated with her own painful wedge. 
-“You won’t be walking for a long time” 
-“Let’s see how you take dick after I’m done with you!” 
-“Let’s hope your insurance covers cunt reconstruction” 
-“Unlike you I’ll have a cock ploughing into me tonight” 
The girls’ back and forth catball stopped when their sensual bodies hit the bottom of the sofa with Seoyeon to top. Unable to turn around to dismount her rival in love, the Japanese lover was immediately set upon by a barrage of punches she did her best to answer while she wildly bucked and trashed until her hands reached Seoyeon’s prominent nipples and maliciously twisted. 
-“FUCK YOU!”-cursed Seoyeon amid her squeals. If that Japanese harlot wanted to play that game, she could be her guest. Her hands found Kimiko’s own aroused teats and twirled her fingers. The proud young women found themselves unable to hold back the tears as an agonizing ache reverberated through their bodies. 
Feeling her nipples were about to be torn off her tits, Kimiko in a desperate attempt grabbed the brown hair dangling around Seoyeon’s tits and pulled down hard, bringing the Korean seductress down, then trained her teeth on Seoyeon’s shoulder. The brown haired Asian jolted to the side to avoid the pain.  
-“Take this”-said Seoyeon, standing up and  landing an uppercut just below Kimiko’s bosom which sent the Japanese belle reeling into the sofa. Kimiko answered with a sucker punch that dazzled the Korean female. She then lurched forward, yanked Seoyeon’s disorganized hair, pulling her up into the sofa before flinging the Korean upstart to the left side of the sofa.

-“I’ll RUIN you!”-Kimiko jumped at the dazzled Seoyeon like a lioness swooping on a wounded deer. Still dizzy, Seoyeon’s feline instincts kicked in, making her raise her leg in self-defense, her dagger like heel sinking against the pouncing Japanese harpy. Kimiko bounced back, wobbling until she crashed against the opposite side of the sofa. 
Looking up, Kimiko saw a winded Seoyeon bringing her legs up on the sofa. The Japanese girlfriend did likewise, and in no time the beautiful adversaries used their long legs to stab each other with their sharp heels. The women tried their best to suppress their squeals whenever they felt an abrasive sensation on their otherwise perfect legs. 
-“You won’t be *groan* be wearing miniskirts for a long time”-said Kimiko, leaving a deep red mark on Seoyeon’s left inner thigh. 
-“My boyfriend will still worship *groan* my long legs”-Seoyeon retaliated by sinking her heel on Kimiko’s outer right leg-“while you get NOTHING!” 
-“You’re delusional!”-Kimiko used her grasp on the sofa to bring herself closer to her enemy and managed to dig the tip of her heel closer to Seoyeon’s crotch area-“Shinji tells me my legs *grunt* are the best!” 
-“He loves me straddling him with my *squeal* thighs when we make love!”-Seoyeon pushed herself closer to Kimiko. 
-“There’s nothing he likes more than *moan* me wrapping my legs around his head as he eats me out!” 
-“He adores to kiss every inch of my long shapely legs”-Seoyeon felt she was close enough to reach Kimiko’s cunt. She abruptly moved forward, aiming her heel at Kimiko’s undefended crotch only for Kimiko to grab her ankle with her hands and pulling her closer, ending in a mutual leg scissors. Kimiko released a warcry as she thrust her stiletto under Seoyeon’s bigger chest.  
-“My tits you whore!”-Seoyeon’s high-pitched scream pleased Kimiko until she felt Seoyeon’s heel pushing against her chin. This started a dangerous game where the girls tried to free their powerful legs from the other’s restraining grasp and then ruin her sexual rival’s pretty face with their sharp heels.  
The battling women brandished their heels like daggers until Seoyeon used her graceful legs to execute a leg lock and  then turned over the dark haired wench, making her fall flat on the floor while she herself stayed on the sofa. Or at least she tried, because Kimiko hauled herself away from the sofa, using Seoyeon’s own leg scissors to drag her off the sofa and using the distraction to free herself from a disadvantageous situation.  
Kimiko tried to quickly get back on her feet only to be tackled from behind by the restless Korean tigress, the momentum sending both girls smashing against the lounge chair in the living room.  
-“GET OFF ME!”-screamed the Japanese beauty, getting her claws out. Laying side to side, the girls wasted no time in lowering their hands and trying to get their nails into the other’s delicate womanhood. There was hardly any movement as the narrow space hardly allowed any room for maneuver, but the action was intense nonetheless, the young women engaged in race to destroy her foe’s cunt before her own pussy felt prey to enemy nails.  
Shinji got very close to the action, wanting to see the outcome of such a vicious contest. The women fighting for him were as close as lovers, their excited breasts clashing against each other, but their attitude was anything but loving.  
-“Your days as a woman are finished”-whispered Seoyeon as her hand tried to get past Kimiko’s defenses.  
-“I’m not scared of your threats”-heaved Kimiko. Her hand found a mushy, wet tissue. She sunk her nail deeper and curved her finger slightly up. Seoyeon clenching her teeth was all she needed to confirm her suspicions.  Kimiko pressed harder, this time drawing a squeal from her adversary. She was pushing deeper into Seoyeon when she felt an uncomfortable sensation emanating from her crotch: Seoyeon had found her target. The realization sent the girls into overdrive, each knowing a delay could make the difference between sleeping with Shinji and finding herself without a boyfriend.

Shinji couldn’t see what was happening down there directly, but the wiggling thongs and the heavy perspiration gave him a clue of the ferociousness of the contest. While watching catfight videos with either woman, he could not help but to notice each jealous sex goddess had been fascinated with cunt or breast attacks. When pressed, Seoyeon revealed she thought that sexually ruining her amorous rival so that any intercourse afterwards would bring her pain was a fitting way of winning a fight over a man while Kimiko stated she felt that pussy or breast attacks were an utterly feminine way of winning the fight. The man being fought over watched as insults were replaced by increasingly desperate shrieks. 
A horrifying scream came out of the catball and one girl went limp, her hands covering her pussy and face covered with tears: Seoyeon was at the mercy of Kimiko. The Japanese temptress used the lounge chair to support herself as she awkwardly stood up. Her limp walk as she went around the lounge betrayed the fact she had not come unscathed from the vicious cunt fighting.  
The pitiful appearance of the sobbing Seoyeon did nothing to soften Kimiko’s heart. Here was the woman who pretended to rob her of her man and “ruin her as a woman”. She pried apart Seoyeon’s legs, and bit down hard on Seoyeon’s much abused pussy, bringing another horrifying shriek from the woman who wanted to take away her boyfriend. She then used her teeth to sensually take off her adversary’s tattered thong.  
-“Just like in your dream”-beamed the Japanese beauty as she handed Shinji her adversary’s panties. Her hand squeezed Shinji’s erect cock as she whispered in his ear-“I’ll take care of you after I’m done with the trash” 
The arrogant Kimiko grabbed Seoyeon by the ankles and pulled the Korean beauty abruptly off the lounge chair and dragging her towards the hallway, laboriously making her way towards the exit. As she was towing the wailing Seoyeon past the stairs, Kimiko felt her momentum grinding to a halt and Seoyeon’s legs trying to wiggling free.  
As Seoyeon was dragged off, she saw her high school ex looking at her. He was her first boyfriend, the happiest two years she had experienced in her life were with him. The night she came to Tokyo and he buried his cock inside her, she knew he was meant to be hers. Now this pretender, nothing but some Japanese slut who had just known Shinji for 4 months tops had the temerity of getting between her and Shinji. The Japanese intruder wanted to take what was hers by right. And if there was one thing Seoyeon would not tolerate was someone getting between herself and her happiness. 
Seoyeon hands clutched the border of the wall just as she was dragged past the stairs and held for dear life while she violently shook her powerful legs, breaking free from Kimiko’s grasp. Kimiko tried to subdue the stubborn Korean ex, but Seoyeon managed to turn around and seeing her tormentor about to drop all her body on top of her, she kicked and hit the oncoming female square in cunt with the pointy end of her high heel. The Japanese beauty would have fallen had there not been a wall to lean on as her hands went down her crotch. 
-“A real woman never gives up on her man”-panted Seoyeon as she lunged towards the black haired female. 
-“Why can’t you stay down?!”-Kimiko shapely leg kneed Seoyeon on the belly when she came closer, sending the Korean temptress wobbling backwards.  
-“The only one going down is you”-Seoyeon recovered and punched Kimiko on her bouncing tits. Kimiko face contorted in pain as she swayed backwards, towards the living room. 
-“You’re done disrespecting my relationship with Shinji”-Kimiko threw two uppercuts into Seoyeon’s belly, rattling her rival in love. 
-“Hah! Your relationship ended the night he found me again”-Seoyeon sank all her ten talons deep into Kimiko’s much abused tits. 
-“I’ll never give up on Shinji”-said a sobbing Kimiko as she retaliated with her own tit scratching. Shinji found it fascinating, if somewhat perverse that the girls could keep on going after the huge amount of abuse their bodies had taken.  
-“Well, I’m neither!”-moaned Seoyeon as the women rolled on the counter between the kitchen and the living room as they scratched and twisted, hell bent on obliterating her adversary’s womanly assets.  
-“Only one of us can have her way”-Kimiko stopped rolling, seeing there was no more space. Instead, she relied the dirty trick that had worked wonders so far and kneed her rival in love. Except that Seoyeon was expecting that and clenched her thighs tight, trapping Kimiko’s knee between her thighs. What instead happened is that as soon as Seoyeon felt the momentum leave her enemy’s raised leg, she surprised Kimiko with her own cunt attack. The Japanese beauty doubled in pain and her hands stopped clutching Seoyeon’s tits.  
-“That’d would be ME”-Seoyeon kneed her beautiful rival in love again, getting some of Kimiko disgusting cunt juice smeared on her knee. The naked Korean beauty breathed deep as she gathered her strength…to then drag the aching Japanese temptress towards the dining table, bear hug the limp challenger around the waist and raise her up for a millisecond before slamming her hard against the table(Shinji had removed the chairs beforehand). Shinji could not help but to wince when he heard Kimiko’s heart wrenching shriek as her body made a loud THUD noise against the table. 
Giving herself a few seconds to catch her breath, the nude Seoyeon climbed the table on her heels and mounted the groggy Kimiko. 
-WILL BE-*punch* 
-MINE! -*punch* 
Tiring of “fixing” kimiko’s face, the brown-haired woman proceeded to finally take off what remained of the Japanese slut’s miniskirt. She had not forgotten what Kimiko had done to her at the stairs. As payback, she maliciously tugged the grey fabric with such force that the almost inert Kimiko fell from the dinning table directly into the wooden floor like a rag doll. The Japanese vixen howled in pain as gravity helped Seoyeon tear the remains of her skirt, leaving her completely bare except for her panties.  
-“This is the proof of my love”-grinned Seoyeon, handing her lover the renmants Kimiko’s slutty skirt. The feeling of her sweaty skin grinding against his was exhilarating. Shinji lifted the Seoyeon and carried her to the sofa. 
Her excitement was tempered by the realization that despite her momentary win, she’d just gotten even with her amorous foe. The thought of kicking the Japanese devil out of the apartment weighed heavily on Seoyeon. She was feeling exhausted and her body was hurting in several places. She had come expecting that whatever happened this time, it wasn’t going to be as bad as the first time: She had more experience, she was more confident of her skills as a “catfighter”, she was more resilient. She was wrong. This was more vicious, more savage, had lasted longer than the first time she had tangled with her sexual rival. There was something very unnerving about Kimiko’s dogged tenacity. Each time she knocked the obstinate Japanese dog down, she would rise up and crank up the intensity of the fight to a new level. Seoyeon’s spirit was willing, but she feared her body could not keep fighting at this level of intensity for much longer. For the first time she doubted she could win the fight. 
Shinji’s excellence as a lover was not due entirely due to his good looks and bedroom skills, but also at his skill at reading women. He noticed Seoyeon’s changing mood. She was doubting. He needed to assuage her doubts and he knew exactly just the way. 
-“I’m pleasantly surprised”-cooed Shinji as he laid his Korean lover on the sofa-“To have fought so hard, so viciously, that level of intensity only comes from someone who loves deeply” 
-“I told you a real woman wouldn’t let her man be taken away from her”-said Seoyeon , her worries taking a backseat amidst Shinji hungry kisses-<I’m the better woman. I love you more. I want to lay with you. To make you happy. I won’t lose to that Japanese skank> 
-“You’ve fought hard for me”-said Shinji, taking some time to tease Seoyeon’s ears-“Now let me reward you” 
Shinji positioned himself in a 69 position, Seoyeon at the bottom. Seoyeon trembled, her lover’s smooth skin rubbing against hers as he went down her beaten up body until he reached her wet pussy. His soft tongue started gently doing its work on her much abused cunt skillfully.  She couldn’t help but to let out a contented moan, as her lover’s manly fingers entered her pussy to stimulate her G spot. A much welcome change from Kimiko’s malicious scratching. She enjoyed herself, straddling his head between her mauled legs before wrapping her mouth around her lover’s excited manhood. 
Kimiko unsteadily rose up after the vicious beating she had received, only to see her boyfriend engaging in cunnilingus with her sexual rival. Watching a repeat of what happened 4 weeks ago really crushed her morale. She had done everything in her power to sexually/physically defeat this woman and she was still fucking her boyfriend. The Japanese stunner had figured out that at some point her Korean antagonist would give way, but here she was, matching her blow by blow. Kimiko was at her limit. She was not sure she could continue fighting like this. Was she condemned to lose Shinji forever? Was the Korean whore really the better woman?  “No, I must think like this. I’ll win. Shinji *IS* mine. I AM the better woman.”-she told herself. She averted her gaze from the obscene spectacle to freshen up.   
Seoyeon’s lovehole gushed like a fountain after a few minutes, wetting the sofa and Shinji’s face with her cunt juice. The first time she ever laid with Shinji, she was ashamed of the wet mess she left in his bed. However, Shinji had acted happy, greedily drinking of her cunt juice as if it were cold water in the middle of the desert. He turned what she thought was a shameful body feature into a source of pride. She lifted her head, to see her boyfriend’s moist face smiling seductively at her. Seoyeon then felt her beau turning her around and then penetrating her from behind. 
-“How do you like the winner’s prize?”-whispered Shinji, twitching his cock to drive home the point. 
-<Love it>-moaned Seoyeon-“Can’t wait to have this every night” 
-“Kimiko wants this too. Only one of you can get it”-said Shinji, one hand rubbing his lover’s tits and the other fingering her cunt. With Kimiko he could do penetration and that would be enough to make her climax. Seoyeon needed more effort to reach climax but he was not complaining. Each girl had different bedside manners and kinks, and he fully appreciated them. Too bad they wanted the other gone from his love life. 
-<I’ll fight for it! I’ll…>-Seoyeon didn’t finish her sentence: Shinji turned her head around and hungrily devoured her lips, while his cock pumped her pretty hard. No words were spoken as they copulated for several minutes of sexual bliss as their bodies raced towards a climax. 
Seoyeon held her boyfriend’s arms and squeezed hard as her body shook violently. Shinji was saying something on her ears but all she could hear was a mumble jumbo as the wave of pleasure overtook her. Only after she had settled a little bit she realized he had exquisitely timed his orgasm with hers.  
Seoyeon doubted no more: She’d fight and win. More than his words, it was Shinji’s sexual prowess that communicated his argument as to why she should keep fighting for him: Because he was worth it. His cock was worth it. She’d not find a more compatible sexual partner. Her body demanded she fight for her mate. She’d tear her Japanese love rival to pieces and kick her out of the apartment and then feast on her lover’s cock. 
-“Do you like that view better than the view from under my pussy?”-sneered Seoyeon, noticing a surly Kimiko sitting on one of the lounge chairs. A haughty unyielding stare. Seoyeon engaged her in the harsh stare down as her guy massaged her lacerated body. She would break the proud Japanese warrioress. 
-“I’ll like to grind my pussy on your face before I kick you out”-countered Kimiko acidly, trying to act uninterested. It was clear that the man they were fighting over was turned on by the overly sexual mini show and his presence fueled a long exchange of angry innuendos and threats that only stopped when Shinji stood up. Kimiko quietened down, admiring her boyfriend’s glistening physique walking towards her. She opened her legs in preparation for what was to come. Her boyfriend kneeled just in front of her. 
-“I hope you haven’t given up on me yet”-said Shinji with a charming grin. 
-“If that Korean bimbo wants you, she’ll have to take you over my dead body”-was Kimiko’s defiant reply.  
Shinji’s lips curled up before diving in between his Japanese girlfriend’s legs and working his sexual magic on Kimiko’s cunt. Kimiko moaned, feeling Shinji’s oral ministrations working on her much-abused pussy. She raised her head up, arrogantly glaring at her rival in love and giving her the middle finger.  
-“Enjoy him while you can, this will be your last time with him”-said Seoyeon icily before going to the kitchen to freshen up.  
-<Fuck…>-moaned Kimiko after several minutes of Shinji’s oral attentions, closing her eyes and biting her lips as she felt her orgasm building up-<I want you…inside me> 
-<Please…no…don’t stop>-Kimiko pouted, feeling herself so close to climaxing only to be denied-<I need your cock inside me….> 
-“Rules are rules”-teased Shinji, standing up and laying on the lounge chair with her. He kissed her, giving her a taste of her own cunt juice while his dick teasingly massaged her outer labia yet doing his best not to enter her-“Only the winner gets it” 
-“She isn’t looking”-whispered Kimiko, grabbing her boyfriend’s manhood and inserting it inside her-“If she has a problem she can talk to me…woman to woman..” 
Shinji didn’t protest at this obvious breach of the rules. Rather, he discreetly pumped while Seoyeon was getting water. Kimiko moaned. It felt good. He was the best lover she’d ever had, and it was likely she’d ever find a man who could surpass his sexual skill. The doubts she had a few minutes ago vanished amidst the incoming rush of memories; from long and exciting lovemaking sessions to sweet and romantic dates. Something about him always awakened her most basic female instincts: That of woman proving herself worthy of her sexual mate. She was not going to give this up. She was going to win and make Shinji exclusively hers again. She’d prove herself worthy of his cock. 

Part 8

Shinji pulled out just before Seoyeon came back from the kitchen, none the wiser. Her confidence restored, Kimiko lazily stood up in all her naked glory.  
-“Take this”-said Kimiko, provocatively giving her boyfriend her black thong-“So you can wipe the stench of her cunt off your face.” She could have whispered that, but she wanted her nemesis in love to hear her words loud and clear. 
-“He doesn’t need that dirty piece of cloth”-sneered Seoyeon, coming over the couple and brusquely tossing aside Kimiko’s flirty offering-“He loves my fragrance on his face” 
-“He’s being polite”-deadpanned Kimiko in a cold, controlled voice-“the stink of your pussy is barely bearable” 
-“That’s rich”-Seoyeon crossed her arms around her abundant chest, tossing her hair to the side for dramatic effect-“The only reason I lost that little encounter at your apartment was because your stench is so bad I can’t concentrate” 
-“It’s only natural for my aroma to throw you off”-Kimiko practically glued herself to Shinji’s perspiring body-“You don’t know what a real woman tastes like” 
-“Listen you bitch”-Seoyeon imitated her rival, her face ending dangerously close to Kimiko’s-“The only opinion I care about is Shinji’s. And he loves my smell” 
-“And listen you whore”-Kimiko drew her face even closer to her rival in love-“after tonight I won’t have to tolerate your awful body odor on my boyfriend’s body” 
Before Seoyeon could reply, Kimiko abruptly disengaged from the staredown and started walking towards the counter separating the living room and the kitchen. 
-“Let’s make a toast”-said Kimiko, ignoring Seoyeon’s clear signals that she was ready to continue the fight. Shinji watched Kimiko open a bottle of red wine and pour its contents on a plastic cup as he approached from the opposite side of the counter. Seoyeon wrapped her arm around him in an obvious display of ownership. 
-“To my boyfriend”-smiled Kimiko, raising her glass-“I’m thrilled to start a new chapter of my life with you tonight. And no better start than for me to personally kick out this prostitute out of our apartment”  
-“To the Korean bitch who wants to steal my man…”-continued Kimiko, turning towards her rival in love-“There’ll be nothing for you but a cold bed tonight. I hope you learn a lesson for going after taken men”. She immediately threw the contents of the glass at Seoyeon’s face. Seoyeon gasped and barely restrained herself from training her nails on the naked Kimiko.  
-“I’ll also do a toast”-said Seoyeon, breaking the tense silence by snatching the empty cup from Kimiko’s hand. 
-“To *my* boyfriend”-Seoyeon raised the glass-“This interloper doesn’t understand she’s mere footnote in our love story. She doesn’t belong in your life. Tonight I’ll make you forget all about this ugly whore.” 
-“To the Jap skank who doesn’t understand when she’s been upstaged by a better woman”-Seoyeon didn’t even wait to finish her toast to throw the contents of the cup at Kimiko-“My man won’t miss you after I kick your sorry ass out of *my* apartment” 
-“I’m flattered you girls think I’m worth fighting for”-said Shinji taking the cup off Seoyeon’s hand-“I’m hoping to spend my nights and days with whomever proves to be the better woman. However, that honour only belongs to the winner. The loser, regrettably gets nothing.” 
-“And with that out of the way….FIGHT!”- Shinji stared at the angry sex kittens vying for his cock, the only thing separating them being the kitchen counter. They were in all their naked glory, droplets of fine wine dripping from their elongated nipples. The only thing they still had on were their obscene sandals. Kimiko had the right to put her thong on, but the Japanese brawler made it clear she’d fight nude from now on. Each young woman was badly scratched and in pain. They obviously loved him so much they were willing to put their young bodies through such a punishment and still muster the will to keep fighting until someone won convincingly. It was clear this was no a question of physical prowess, for they had proven a very equal match, but a question of who wanted him the most.  
He felt Seoyeon’s body leaning on him, her hand wrapping around his waist. He anxiously waited for Kimiko’s reaction. 
-“Hands off my man!”-bellowed the Japanese beauty, unable to contain her simmering anger anymore. She backed up her demand with a hard slap, turning Seoyeon’s head to the side. 
-“Don’t ever touch me again!”-hollered Seoyeon, returning the slap. The women’s hands simultaneously went over the counter and started pulling what remained of their much-abused scalps. The disheveled hair covered their angry expressions as they slapped, scratched and punched each other’s face with wild abandon. Shinji walked around the counter to see each woman’s naked backs and ass violently twisting and jiggling as they tried to pull each other over the counter. 
As she lowered her head to mitigate the punishment to her face, Kimiko’s gaze could not help but to notice Seoyeon’s bouncing tits. She abandoned the hair pull to focus on twisting and pulling Seoyeon’s nipples. 
Seoyeon released the hairpull, keen to return the favour, only to see that Kimiko had cannily bent her knees, placing her chest under the counter, and out of reach from Seoyeon’s lethal nails. Seoyeon jumped on her heels and open her arms making sure to dig her talons on Kimiko’s back midair. Gravity pulled Seoyeon back to the ground, the friction helping her leave 10 long nasty red marks on Kimiko’s skin as her heels touched the ground. The action took less than two seconds but Kimiko recoiled in agony. Seoyeon repeated that strategy several times until Kimiko pushed her away mid-air, sending the Korean belle crashing over the lounge chair while Kimiko herself crashed some kitchen cabinets.  
Tears rolling down her cheek, Kimiko reclined against the white cabinets to catch her breath. Through her messy hair she saw Shinji’s and his erect cock lustily admiring her beaten up body.  
-“Let’s finish that bottle of wine afterwards”-panted Kimiko, pushing herself forward and limping towards the living room.  
Seoyeon absentmindly massaged her aching nipples as she tried to get over her stupor. She groggily rose to her feet only to be savagely kicked by Kimiko’s heels, sending her back downwards on her fours. Before the Korean bombshell could recover, her jealous adversary kicked her on her chest. Seoyeon moaned and shrieked as Kimiko yanked her hair and in halting steps, dragged her towards the exit.  
-“LET GO my hair you big whore“- Seoyeon’s feline instincts led her to sink her nails on her tormentor’s pale thighs to relieve the pressure on her scalp, but her sexual adversary was implacable. In an act of desperation, the Korean lioness bit her rival’s protruding ass with force, making the beautiful Kimiko scream and tumble forwards. Seoyeon was on Kimiko in an instant, sneaking her arm around her neck from behind and using her free hand to maul Kimiko’s already severely damaged chest.  
-“Don’t worry, I’ve heard breast augmentation is becoming cheaper and cheaper every day”-whispered Seoyeon as she clawed and scratched Kimiko’s tits with gusto. The Japanese beauty flailed wildly, digging her nails deep into the arm cutting her air supply. Noticing Kimiko’s becoming more subdued by the second, she could not help but to kept taunting her -“Finally running out of steam…ARGHH”  
Kimiko somehow managed to turn her head downwards, biting right into the Korean beauty’s arm and using the opportunity to put some distance between herself and Seoyeon.  
-“YOU WENCH!”-raged Seoyeon as she rose up, her hands sinking into Kimiko’s scalp and pinning her against the wall.  
The Japanese bombshell tugged Seoyeon’s hair and then kicked her on the cunt. The Korean harlot’s mouth made a big “O” but she retaliated by yanking back and returning the cunt kick. Kimiko moaned, dragging her rival in love as she wobbled backwards and rested on the white wall for much needed support. Before Seoyeon could mount another attack, Kimiko’s leg found her way back into her wet cunt. The Korean seductress shrieked as she leaned on the wall, but the pain didn’t deter her from ramming her own leg into Kimiko’s crotch again. The Japanese temptress clenched her teeth trying not to scream. 
Leaning on the wall for support, the determined women refused to fall. They continued this punishing contest, each doing her best to get through the pain and returning fire to the best of her abilities.  The effects of the savage fighting became evident as the initial frenzy gave way to more grinding and progressively longer pauses between the devasting attacks. Each lovely East Asian beauty hoped that the last kick would be the last she needed but her rival stubbornly refused to fall. Amid her own crying, Seoyeon thigh crashed once again against the soft, wet womanhood of her sexual rival, eliciting another squeal from Kimiko.  
The Japanese seductress swayed and for a millisecond her vision went pitch black. She struggled to keep her balance on her heels. She blinked, clearing the darkness away, her focus resting on her nemesis’ vulnerable anatomy. She launched another penetrating knee attack, only for Seoyeon to pull away and grab her knee, immobilizing her. Before she could do anything else, she felt a foreign limb invading her personal space, followed by a sharp ache on her pussy. Kimiko precipitously fell on the floor while a somewhat still disoriented Seoyeon hung on to the wall. 
Seoyeon panted, moaning as she massaged her tortured pussy and let the body process the pain. Once sufficiently recovered, she kicked the fallen Kimiko for good measure and crouched, getting a good grip of lush black hair-“Bested again. Such is the fate of second-rate women”  
Shinji watched anxiously, seeing his Korean lover limping as she pulled Kimiko by the hair towards the exit. Seoyeon would walk a few steps on her heels and then rest to catch her breath.  She repeated the process a few times until she opened the door.   
-“OUT OF MY man’s apartment!”-said Seoyeon, pushing her sexual rival through the door. The fog of war made everything somewhat confusing for Kimiko, but she understood that the moment she crossed that door, everything would be over between her and Shinji. No more passionate love making, no more heavenly climaxes, no more tender moments. A lonely future would await her. That realization gave her a second wind, her hands grappling on the wall to resist her forced exit.  
-“NO!”- screamed the desperate Kimiko, raising her hand and punching Seoyeon’s undefended clit. Seoyeon tumbled backwards, trying to grab onto something to avoid falling, managing to pick up her handbag before the wall stopped her backwards momentum. 
Just as Kimiko was rising up, she saw Seoyeon swinging her black handbag right at her. With cat like reflexes, Kimiko bent down lunged forward, grabbing her own handbag. Seoyeon turned back to strike another blow when Kimiko’s handbag hit her on the chest, sending her reeling backwards in agony. Kimiko started swinging the dangerous hangbag again when she felt Seoyeon’s handbag hitting her from the left side abs, rattling the Japanese warrioress. 
Seoyeon swung her handbang again only for Kimiko to dodge and counter attacking with a wild swing that sent Seoyeon closer to the door. The vicious ladies swung their dangerous leather weapons back and forth, pausing in between blows to gather enough force to hurl their purses at the enemy, each strike gradually pushing them through the door and out of the apartment. 
Kimiko slung her purse upwards, hitting Seoyeon under the chin and making her sway back.  The Japanese beauty swung again but somehow Shinji’s Korean lover managed to dodge.  The women swung again and managed to hit each other at the same time. Then again. And a third time. Kimiko pretended to swing a fourth time only to evade the leathery weapon at the last minute. The wily Japanese temptress then swung her handbag downwards, targeting Seoyeon’s knee and forcing the Korean wildcat to bend to maintain her balance. The Japanese bombshell swung downwards again, this time sending Seoyeon crashing against the marble floor. Kimiko preyed on the defenseless Seoyeon with a barrage of leather blows, each accompanied with a word to drive the message. 
Kimiko rested her hands on her knees and heaved heavily, her body sucking some much needed oxygen. She started limping back to the apartment, intending to claim her prize.

Seoyeon turned her body, her sobbing eyes seeing her beau at the door waiting for the winner and her sexual rival staggering forward to close the door to her happiness. Before Shinji she had been an awkward teenager. He made her a woman. A proud, sexual being. Her month long romance with him had confirmed what she always knew: She’d never find a more perfect sexual partner. She had been holding the torch for Shinji for 6 years and now that she had tasted his cock again, she was not going to give up on him. Ignoring her aching body pleas for rest, she stood groggily on her fours, her gaze fixed on her man.  
Seoyeon released a high pitched warcry, tackling the Japanese beauty from behind and into the ground, just in front of the man in dispute. The girls flailed in a desperate attempt to pin their sexual adversary down. Shinji watched as the girls exchanged the top position several times in a rapid back and forth. The only way he could distinguish who was doing what in this confusing tangle arms and legs was by looking at hair colour and the pointy high heels. The girl at the bottom receiving a harsh punishment but somehow managing to reverse her unfavourable condition and hit back as hard as she could. 
Seoyeon’s body was begging her to stop the carnage; every punch, scratch, kick or bite moving by her sheer willpower alone.   
The frantic frenzy gave way to a slower, more sedated back and forth. It took increasingly longer for the girl at the bottom to reverse the pin and more time was spent on fighting over the top position. The only thing propelling sexy sirens onwards in this titanic struggle was their passion for the man they both wanted.  
Kimiko felt her body failing her and her arms weighing a hundred pounds, but amidst the fuzzy vision, she’d hear Shinji’s voice encouraging them to keep on fighting. She was Shinji’s rightful girlfriend and some usurper who just showed up a month ago wasn’t going to take him away from her. 
Seoyeon managed one last supreme effort and pinned her adversary on the floor, trapping the tired Kimiko’s head between her toned thighs. The Japanese brawler struggled mightily, desperate to break free, but Seoyeon yanked her hair and started landing slap after slap on Kimiko’s face. 
Kimiko freed her hands, sinking her nails on Seoyeon’s white legs and scratching as hard as she could. The Korean female bit her lip to prevent herself from shrieking but soon enough she was crying and squealing.  However, she continued ruining Kimiko’s angelic face with her nails. Kimiko got her hands on Seoyeon’s nipples but the brown-haired girl stubbornly hung on for dear life, feeling her sexual rival was almost done. She just needed one more push to beat her…  
Kimiko sobbed as she continued her frantic struggle, knowing she would eventually lose this war of attrition the longer Seoyeon’s thighs were on top of her. She heard her boyfriend’s voice encouraging her to rise up and keep fighting but her vision was blurry, every hit on her face making it harder and harder to fight back…. 
-“No more”-Kimiko’s hands dropped as she covered her face. 
-“Say Shinji is mine!”-demanded Seoyeon, well aware Shinji was a few centimeters away. She wanted her boyfriend to hear the haughty Japanese skank humbled. There was a tense silence as words sank in. 
-“FUCK YOU!”-bellowed a defiant Kimiko, weakly trying to dismount her brown haired tormentor. She wanted to give up, but she was too proud to do it in front of Shinji.  
Seoyeon started scratching Kimiko’s face in sheer frustration. If she could not secure verbal surrender, she’d at least ruin her defeated foe’s face. 
-“Shinji’s yours, Shinji’s yours!”-sobbed Kimiko-“Please no more” 
Seoyeon wasn’t satisfied. She wanted to keep humiliating like last time, but she was afraid she’d pass out from exhaustion if she didn’t wrap up the fight now. 
-“I told you *pant* this was going to end like last time”-said Seoyeon as she stood up and sank her heel on Kimiko’s cunt one last time to make sure her mortal enemy didn’t rise up again. The Japanese bitch’s last shriek was music to her ears. 
Seoyeon picked up her handbag and staggered on her tall heels back to the apartment, where she then grabbed Kimiko’s luggage and unceremoniously threw it out of the apartment, managing to make it land on top of her defeated sexual rival.  
-“If you ever touch my man again I’ll kill you!”-said the jealous Seoyeon, closing the door, leaving the naked Kimiko out in the cold. As soon as victory was assured, the victress leaned on her boyfriend and kissed him. 


Seoyeon lazily opened her eyes, but she saw nothing but darkness. Morning was still a few hours away, but she was too excited to sleep. She rested her head on her boyfriend’s chiseled chest, feeling his gentle breathing. She dared not move, her body aching all over and the slightest movement brought her pain. She had seen her reflection on the mirror, and it was not a pretty sight. She had won her high school boyfriend back, but the victory had cost her dearly. 
She sighed. She had pinned for Shinji for so long, and now to finally have won him exclusively felt like a dream. In the back of her mind she knew she had done something bad. Something only bad girls do. She had seduced a taken man, encouraged him to cheat and then stolen him from her rightful girlfriend. But all was fair in war and love, and she regretted nothing. Rather, she felt powerful, utterly feminine. To have stolen some other woman’s boyfriend right under her nose and then beaten her not one but twice in savage woman to woman fights filled her with womanly pride. It had been bitter and drawn out contest to show the man in dispute who was the better woman, and Kimiko lost. 
Now that her relationship with Shinji was secured, she felt thankful for this trial she had endured. Shinji now had no doubt the Korean beauty was the best girl he could get. The new couple could now look past they high school days and into a bright future together. 
The man in dispute was hers and hers alone. The Korean beauty hoped never to see Kimiko again interfering with her relationship, but if push came to shove, she would unhesitatingly fight tooth and nail to keep her fairytale romance alive. 

The End


  • I started this story with a clear winner in mind. Up to then I had several stories with a classical 3 round scheme where one girl wins one round, the other wins the second round and a deciding third. This time I wanted a girl winning two encounters in a row. Regrettably, as if it’s often the case, I felt a lot of sympathy for the losing side. In the end I had an official ending where the intended winner indeed won both encounters but I also wrote an alternate ending where the other girl won the rematch. This time around I only provide the “official” ending. You can email contact me if you wish to get the alternate ending.
  • This was for a long time a favourite story of mine. Up to this moment I think I was always a little worried about straying too far from the classical catfight stories I had read up to that point. That is, even if the girls are fighting over the guy, the moment the fight gets going, the guy recedes into the background and not mentioned a lot until one girl wins. In fact, if you read only the fight of part of several these stories, you’d probably never guess the fight was over a guy. If you did, it was probably by a throwaway line here and there. If you’ve been reading my stories for a while, you KNOW the guy is over a guy. I keep reminding you that the cause of the fight is him. I love inserting the guy in the fight, either as reminder, as a respite in the relentless fighting, as a new stage in the fight.

    I don’t want the fight over the guy to be simple  “one girl pummels the other silly” kind of affair. Sure, that’s the end result, but in between I want them competing sexually over a man, thinking how they to use sex to “prove” he preferred one over the other, the little dresses they’d wear to impress him. I want the protagonists to try to monopolize the man in question even as they’re in the middle of scratching each other into oblivion. This element has always been present in my stories but I was wary of doing too much. In this story I just let go and did whatever I wanted, ending in several segments where the whole point of the fight is to make the man cum while they fight tooth and nail over his cock.
  • I had some plans to continue the story but not with the losing girl. I wanted to avoid a repeat of the classical three rounds set up. There were several drafts with new girls but in the end I just found they didn’t feel quite right. The new girl would have been a romantic rival from high school that had tried to break Seoyeon and Shinji and almost succeeded. Said girl would then return to Tokyo to reignite the feud.
  • Even as I just said I didn’t want to do a third round, I’d be lying if I said I never thought about it. A vindictive Kimiko just coming back trying to win her boyfriend back from the rapacious Korean slut is just too juicy, especially after this story. But that presents its own problems too. I think it’d be hard for me to top this story in a sequel. I don’t want my stories to feel too similar. I’m always curious about different fight backgrounds and novel rules that change the mechanics of a straight catfight. So I feel a third fight between these two Asian wildcats would have to have some sort of novel element or mechanic. I’m sure I could find something if this story was part of the “duel room” series, but I think it’s hard to do so when I had to keep everything somewhat grounded to the “real world.”
  • But even assuming I could find some sexy scenarios where I could throw these two sex kitten at each other, I’d also run the problem of the winner. I think the most logical answer would be to make Kimiko lose a third time. It’d be devastating for her. A third loss would be just too cruel and it’d break my heart. Another option is Kimiko winning a third catfight. I must confess that would be very appealing to me, considering it subverts slightly the logical “girl win two rounds gets the guy” storyline. It’d be somewhat original. Yet at the same time, I think that would betray the goal I had for the story, which was to make Seoyeon the winner of both catfights.

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

2 thoughts on “The Return of the Korean Ex-Girlfriend 2 by JustLooking9000

  1. titfightaddict says:

    Absolutely loving this one <3 Have you ever thought about ending your story in a tie, in such way that they both end up losing the guy for that evening and that they have to continue later? I absolutely love stalemate and tie stories, would been interesting to see, what the girls would've done, if Shinji declared it a tie (since they both left the apartment) 🙂

    1. justlooking9002 says:

      Hi. Sorry for the late reply haha, I didn’t know I could subscribe to get notified if a comment got posted in one of my stories.

      I’ve not a fan of stalemates in a fight. For me there has to be a winner and a loser. What I’ve toyed with is more long-term stalemates where one girl wins the first catfight, the loser wins the rematch and they do a third, then fourth catfight.

      However, the stumbling block for this kind of format is that the story quickly goes stale after the third catfight.

      What I do have is an alternate ending I wrote in the original version which I’d happy to share with you.


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