Late Night Gym Fight by Halhow3

Late one night, April was folding towels in the back of Clark’s gym. She was nearly finished when she heard angry voice coming from the women’s locker room. Puzzled, she moved to the doorway. The gym had been closed for an hour and only a handful of employees remained. Peeking around the corner, she saw Laurie and Julie circling each other in the middle of the room. Now April knew what the shouting was about.

Laurie and Julie were aerobics instructors. Tall, blonde, and single they were the desire of every man and the envy of every woman. This unfortunately included each other. Laurie, a

platinum blonde, had her long straight hair pulled back in a ponytail. Julie, had let her dark curly blonde hair down, to fall over her shoulders and down her back. Both were wearing the standard club uniform of black shorts and a matching T-shirt with tennis shoes.

The two girls stopped circling and stood just inches apart, glaring at each other, their fists balled at their sides. April, still standing by the doorway, was secretly thrilled. None of the other girls liked Julie or Laurie. April quietly hoped they would beat the living hell out of each other.

Julie whispered something and Laurie sneered a reply. Stepping back, they quickly slipped out of their shoes and socks and followed with their shorts. Bare legged and barefoot they turned and faced each other again.

Julie was wearing a skimpy pair of black panties that left little to the imagination. She taught high impact aerobic three nights a week and the results showed in her long, lean, muscular legs.

Laurie was wearing brief white silk panties which showcased her strong upper thighs and firm behind. The result of many nights leading step aerobics.

Now bare-legged, Laurie and Julie circled each other twice and came together chest to chest in the middle of the room. Wrapping their arms around each other, the two powerful young women quickly interwined their legs and began to squeeze. Trapped in each other’s grip, they soon lost their balance and fell heavily to the floor locked in mutual embrace. Now on their sides, the two rivals crossed their ankles to trying to bring greater pressure to bear on each other.

From the doorway, April gasped in amazement. Gripping thigh to thigh the two women strained to squeeze each other into submission. Tan, muscular legs bulged with effort as the two girls tangled and withered on the ground.

April was just leaning back to relax and enjoy the fight when rough male laughter sounded outside. The cleaning crew was mopping the hall and their voices easily carried into the adjoining room. When April looked back, Julie and Laurie had separated and were getting to their feet. April could barely contain her disappointment. It looked like the fight was over when it had hardly just begun.

Standing once again the two rivals exchanged hostile glances. Standing with her hands on her hips, Laurie pointed at the door to the jacuzzi and said something to low for April to hear. Julie nodded and to April’s surprise they began to strip. Off came the black T-shirts followed by both bra and panties. Now completely nude the two women stopped for a moment to stare at each other. Standing in the shadows, April could sense the two comparing their bodies. Both women were slim with dark smooth skin completely free of tan lines. Both had small firm breasts. Julie was somewhat taller, while Laurie was a little more buxom.

Another loud laugh from the hall broke the moment of suspense. Laurie and Julie opened the door to the jacuzzi and disappeared inside closing the door behind them.

April paused for a minute and then darted across the room to the jacuzzi door. The glass door was covered with a thick coating of mist, but April found a clear spot on the lower left corner that she could peek through.

Laurie and Julie were just stepping down into the pool, the hot, swirling water boiled up around their hips and dampened their thick patches of pubic hair.

Over their waists in the churning water the two foes faced off a couple of feet apart. Raising their arms up, palms out, they circle once and then lunged for each other.

Slamming together breast to breast, in the middle of the pool, the two warring females sent water crashing over the sides and up onto the deck. Grabbing handfuls of hair they began dragging each other back and forth across the bath. The water was whipped into a frenzy as they screamed, slapped, and pulled hair. April glanced back, afraid the noise would attract the cleaning crew, but the sounded never carried beyond the locker room door.

Looking back, April saw that Laurie had Julie pinned against the jucuzzi wall. Julie had both legs wrapped around Laurie’s waist. The women had their arms inside and between them. April couldn’t see what was happening because Laurie’s back blocked her view.

Suddenly, Laurie jerked back from the wall pulling Julie with her. Julie kept both legs wrapped around Laurie’s waist as they stumbled back into the center of the bath. As they turned April gasped in amazement. They had each other by the tits. Each had seized her rival by the nipples and was pinching and twisting mercilessly. The shrieks and cries of pain and range seemed deafening, but neither would release her rival. Pulling and squeezing they battled away at each other. After several minutes of brutal punishment, Laurie slipped and the two women disappeared beneath the foaming water.

Hidden beneath the surface, the furious fight continued. Under the water, the two girls were rolling over and over. Every few seconds an arm would flail out or a leg would break the surface only to quickly disappear again. Laurie and Julie finally broke the surface spluttering only to grab a few quick breaths and drag each other down again. As April continued to watch, the two wildcats floated to the surface in a tangle of arms and legs. Laurie had both legs locked around Julie from behind. One arm was wrapped around Julie’s throat, while the other clawed at a wildly bobbing breast. Julie screamed and the two vanished again only to surface minutes later on opposite sides of the pool.

Julie was the first to recover. Standing up she struck out with her right arm, slapping Laurie full in the face and knocking her back into the side of the bath. Before she could follow, Laurie stood and back-handed her across the face. Falling back they glared wildly at each other, but kept their distance as they caught their breath.

April sat by the door in breathless anticipation of the next move. What would happen next she wondered, perhaps the fight was over.

After a few minutes of gasping for air, Laurie hopped up onto the side of the pool. Turning to face Julie, she spread both legs wide, then spread her vaginal lips with two fingers while

shouting some kind of challenge, April couldn’t hear. Pulling herself from the water, Julie responded in kind.

Standing again, the two women moved to the far side of the jacuzzi and lay down facing each other on their sides. Clasping each other breast to breast, the spread their legs and

reached for each other with one free hand. April could only stare in wonder as Julie and Laurie began to slowing message each other’s vaginas.

At first April thought the two had put the fight behind them, but as she watched their rigid postures and baleful glares, she realize the fight had simply entered a newer and more intimate phase.

Strong tan fingers stroked and teased as the girls caressed each other. Glancing up from the action below, April was surprised to see that Laurie and Julie’s heads were only inches apart. With one free hand buried in each other’s hair and the other in each other’s crotch the two women looked into each other’s gaze as well. Julie’s blue eyes stared deeply into Laurie’s grey eyes and Laurie stared back in return. It was as if, April thought, they were daring each other to back away first.

Sensing a change in the rhythm April looked down, just in time to see Julie slip two fingers into Laurie. Laurie shuddered briefly either from pleasure or pain and then returned the favor. Working their fingers deep inside each other, they continued to rub while teasing the clits with their thumbs. April could see the water from the pool running down their tightly pressed bodies onto the deck around them, as the two began trembling in each other’s embrace.

On and on it when, fingers working in and out, thumbs teasing and caressing until both women were shuddering and moaning under their breath. April could tell from the shaking and groaning that this couldn’t go on much longer.

Suddenly, Julie’s entire body arched. Throwing her head back she cried out, her whole body trembling as wave after wave of pleasure swept her through orgasm. Laurie kept pumping away inside her until Julie collapsed, utterly spent.

As Julie lay exhausted on her back, Laurie removed her fingers and quickly mounted her beaten foe. She pinned Julie’s wrists to the floor and straddled her hard flat belly. Julie realized what was happening and tried to resist but was too tired to dislodge her rival.

Slowly Laurie began edging up until she succeeded in pinning Julie’s shoulders with her knees. At this point, Laurie’s light blonde pubic hair was almost in Julie’s face. April watched as Julie tried to turn away, but Laurie wouldn’t let her. Taking two handfuls of Julie’s hair, Laurie spoke something in a husky whisper and pulled Julie’s face up and  into her crotch. Julie struggled a bit and then suddenly went limp. Laurie lowered Julie’s head slightly and April could see Julie’s bright pink tongue working between Laurie’s vaginal lips. This continued for what seemed like forever with Laurie getting more and more excited. Laurie was breathing faster and faster until she was nearly panting. Arching her back, Laurie’s face suddenly screwed up and she let out a gasping cry of pleasure and release. She held Julie’s head up for another couple of minutes and then released it, rolling off of her spent opponent.

April fled the locker room, just as Laurie was standing up and heading for the pool side door. Signing out, April could not forget the amazing spectacle she had just witnessed. Two powerful and beautiful women locked in a battle for physical and sexual mastery. She knew that Julie would never challenge Laurie again. She also knew from her racing heart and the dampness in her loins that some night very soon, she would.

The End

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