Lois and Lana by BCW8

All his life, Clark had harbored a secret.  From his adolescence in Smallville until his young adulthood in Metropolis, there was something that he never told anyone. 

Secretive in general, there were some things he couldn’t hide.  Even though he adopted a timid facade, some women sensed there was more.  Once his shirt was off, his physique stunned them.  Once his pants were off, his cock amazed them.  It was like it was made of steel.

In Smallville, the woman who knew him best was Lana.  They dated senior year in high school, before she went to State U and he went to Metropolis.  Her auburn hair, emerald eyes, and lush freckled tits never left his mind entirely.  They hooked up regularly when he was back in Smallville where she was now the town librarian.   She would fuck Clark among the books after hours, or standing up against their old high school, on a blanket in the center of a wheat field. 

In Metropolis, that woman was Lois.  She was a brunette beauty, his colleague at The Planet, and occasional dinner date and semi-regular sex partner.  Lois came from wealth, so her apartment was far nicer than his.  She liked to fuck in her kitchen, her tight ass balanced on the edge of the marble countertop with her legs wrapped around his waist, or in swanky restaurant bathrooms, or in Center Park at night.

Eventually, Lana and Lois discovered each other.  Clark couldn’t keep all his secrets.

At first, they tried to outfuck each other in a competition for his attention.  Clark would come home to find that Lana had driven from Smallville and was waiting in his bed, her auburn hair wild in her face and her pussy already wet with anticipation for him.  Lois would bend over his desk at work until he saw her dark nipples braless beneath her blouse, then suck him off in an empty conference room.  He couldn’t resist either of them – even if he had wanted to resist! – it was as if each woman was made of a substance that sapped his strength.

When indirect sexual competition failed to settle the matter, the two women took it to the next level.  Texts scorched back and forth, with Clark copied.

Bitch, he’s mine.

Fuck you, country mouse.  Your pussy is no match for mine.

My pussy was first.  It’ll be last, too.

Not if I destroy it.  Not if I beat your tits and pussy while Clark watches.

Try me, whore.  Just say when and where.

So there they were.  Lois’ apartment on the thirty-fifth floor of the Metropolis Sky building.  It was midnight, and the doors to the terrace were open to let the hot summer night air in.

Clark was naked, his muscled body tensed, his uncircumcised cock achingly hard.

Lana slipped off her robe.  She wore lacy green lingerie and stilettos that matched her eyes.  She smiled at Clark and curled her lip at Lois.  Lois unbelted her robe and tossed it aside.  She wore red satin lingerie, and shoes with heels as thin and sharp as those of her new red-headed enemy.

Jesus, Clark thought.  Both women had the body of a comic-book heroine.  Long legs, lean-muscled arms, teardrop ass, flat hard abs, and big, firm breasts.  In the low light of the late night, every curve and valley was highlighted with shadows.  Clark loved the effect of the lighting.  He had excellent vision.

“Clark,”  Lois said, her voice a low purr.  She reached behind her back, smoothly unsnapping her bra.  “Do you mind if I fight this bitch for you . . . topless?”  She held it out to him, her body swaying just enough to put everything into slight motion.  Her nipples she kept pointed at Lana.

Lana flushed a little, furious that Lois had tried to seize an erotic advantage.  She ran her hands through her thick red hair, the motion lifting her breasts, then ran her hands back down over them, before unclasping the front of her bra.  It would be wrong to say her breasts spilled out; they were too firm for that.  “Of course topless,” she said.  “How else?”  She cupped her hands under her breasts.  “Come on, city girl.  Fight my tits,” she said.

Both women stepped forward, stopping when their bared nipples just brushed.  Lois’ dark areolas were quarter-sized, foundations for brown nubs that jutted an inch high.  Lana’s pale pink areolas were much broader, her jutting nipples just as high as Lois’.

Clark moved to their side, and put one hand on the small of each woman’s back.  His erection arched between them, and instinctively each woman wrapped her fingers around it.  He seemed invulnerable to the brief tug-of-war as each wanted to stroke the sensitive tip.  With gentle pressure, on their backs, he pushed them together.  They draped their arms over each other’s shoulders.  Their hard stomachs met, enveloping Clark’s cock between them.  Their breasts compressed, their stiff nipples trapped together in the center like two animals in a pit.

They both gasped.  Clark’s hands slid higher up their backs, and he pushed their chests together even more.  God, he was so strong!  He flexed his hips, and his cock slid up and down again between their bellies.  They gasped again, each burning to feel that inhuman cock buried in her pussy.

“Fight, bitches,” Clark said, and stepped back.

They lunged forward, each trying to drive her tits through the other.  Spike heels dug into penthouse carpet.  Locked cheek to cheek, they rammed their pelvises together, brutally butting pubic mounds.  They twisted and surged, their buried nipples dragging each other around the small locked space they shared.

Lois hooked her right leg around Lana’s, trying to unbalance her.  The Smallville beauty was too strong for that.  She pumped her shoulders, and Lois moaned in pain as Lana’s nipples jabbed into hers.  Keeping her right hand twisted in Lois’ dark hair, Lana raked her left down her rival’s back, and dug her nails into her hard-flexed ass.

“I claw Clark’s ass like this when he mounts me,”  Lana gasped into Lois’ ear.  “His cock is perfect for me, like it was molded for my pussy.”  Her nails punctured Lois’ skin, and the brunette flinched, a split-second of weakness that let Lana’s nipples drive hers a tiny bit deeper.  “He can’t get enough of me,” Lana said.  “He cums and cums in me, over and over.”  She dropped her other hand to Lois’ ass and spread her cheeks wide.  She ground her clit into her rival’s, thin green lace and red satin soaking through.

Lois desperately tried not to moan, but she couldn’t help it.  Legs unhooked now, the redhead forced her to give a step, then another.  “Your weak tits can’t beat mine,” Lana said.  Lois stopped her advance but at the cost of Lana’s tits sinking deeper into hers, mashing them even flatter.  Her nipples were softening under the relentless pressure of Lana’s diamond-hard nubs.  She suddenly sobbed in pain as her nipples inverted deep in her breasts.

Lois slammed her hands into the front of Lana’s shoulders and broke free.  Both women shuddered as their breasts came apart.  Lana lunged forward, pounding her tits into Lois again like a two-fisted punch.  Lois flew backwards, off her feet, crashing on her back.

Lana turned to Clark, massaging her heavy breasts.  “You see how much better I am than her, Clark?” she cooed.  “That’s just the start.  I’m going to ruin her – .”

Mid-boast, she cut off, her last words turned to a shriek of pain as Lois’ hands snaked under her arms from behind and clamped onto her tits.  Her thumbs above and her fingers below Lana’s nipples, Lois squeezed and simultaneously dragged Lana’s freckled boobs to her sides.  “I’ll tear your fucking cow tits off your chest, bitch!” Lois screamed.  She drove Lana forward and to her knees, bent over the heavy mahogany coffee table in front of Clark.  Lana’s breasts slapped hard against the polished wood.  The heel of Lois’ hand hammered down into the top of Lana’s right boob, crushing it against the table.  Lana’s scream went up a half-octave as small blue blood vessels burst in her tit, a purplish bruise spreading like a stain.

Lois dragged Lana up and banged her chest with her own.  “Take it, bitch!” the brunette screamed.  She slammed into her again.  Lana’s back hit the wall and Lois’ tits hit hers a split-second later.  Lana wailed in pain.  It felt like her tits were about to burst.  Lois slammed into her again, then ground her against the wall, rolling her breasts back and forth on the redhead’s.

“You’re not in Kansas anymore, you little shit,” she said.  She gripped the thin side band of Lana’s panties and ripped them, tearing through the lace, then flung Lana to the floor.  With a wriggle of her hips, Lois peeled off her red bottoms and tossed them to Clark.  They landed in the center of his chest, spread wide in sort of a pentagon.  She bent over Lana and tore her panties fully off, then dropped on the redhead and scissored her in trib position.

To Lois’ shock, the Smallville woman thrust up to meet her immediately, pussy to pussy.  Both women were dripping wet, their clits as hard as their nipples.  Lois’ head jerked back as Lana’s clit stabbed into the base of hers, then ground over it.  They braced their arms and arched their backs and went at each other in earnest, an all-out fuck-fight.

“I ride Clark like this, slut,” Lois spat at Lana.  “If I can make that cock cum – oh, and I do! – I can fuck your weak pussy dry.”

“I’ll make you cum first, whore,”  Lana’s teeth were clenched, her lips drawn back.  “You’ll beg me for mercy.”

Both women were soaked with sweat.  It dripped from their distended nipples.  It pooled and ran in rivers down their flat stomachs to the junction of their merged bodies, where it mixed with the sweet juices pouring from their pussies.  Together, they turned their heads to stare at Clark stroking his tall building of a cock, which throbbed and glistened as a thick drop of heavy pre-cum oozed out and down his shaft.   

“Oh God,” Lana whimpered.  The sight had triggered something deep in her and it was rushing through her body, faster than a speeding bullet.  Lois was simply panting uncontrollably, her breaths coming more powerfully than a locomotive.  They each took their weight on one arm, and dug the nails of their free hand into the other’s closer breast.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuckohfuckohfuck . . . . . . “  Lana knew nothing she could do could stop this, all she could hope for was to bring the brunette with her.

Lois’s head snapped back.  She screamed.  Her hips bucked and jerked, her stomach pulsed in and out.  Lana’s orgasm hit her too, the same second.  For both women, it was like the very planet had exploded.  They squirted together, hot liquid coating their bellies and thighs.  The storm shook them, bodies and souls, for a solid ten seconds.

They fell limp.  Clark rose, and stood over them.  He pulled them both to their knees, where they fell exhausted together, cheek to cheek, their dazed faces turned to him.  With a left handful of auburn hair and a right handful of brunette, he slowly slid his cock into first one mouth, then the other.  Within seconds, both responded, hungrily sucking him, painted lips diving for the base of his cock each time it was their turn.  Each gripped his swaying balls. 

He came, spurting thick ropes of his spunk on their faces and throats and battered tits.  They gasped and fought for every otherworldly drop.  “Finish it,” he said. 

They fought to their feet, their sweat- and cum-slicked breasts jammed together again.  Like two heavyweight boxers, they stood and slugged it out, with their tits rather than their fists.  They staggered punch-drunk across the room, and through the open terrace door into the Metropolis night.  The railing caught them, saving them from a thirty-five story drop with no guardian angel there to fly in and rescue them.

Lois’ back was pinned to the railing.  Lana pounded her.  Left right left right.  The brunette’s breasts were swollen, purpled with bruises, her nipples puffy and thick.

“No more,” she gasped.  “Please.”  Lana ignored her.  No mercy.

Lois finally fainted from the pain, collapsing limply on the railing.  Lana ground into her for a last, long minute, then let her fall.

The redhead turned for Clark, her face lit with triumph.  His cock was steel again, and she mounted it with orgasmic delight.

Clark’s lifelong secret?  He loved female combat.  “How does it feel?” Clark asked Lana as he thrust deep into her.  “How does it feel to beat the sex- and tit-fight queen of Metropolis?”

“Oh god,” Lana moaned, quivering as her orgasm rocked her.  “It feels . . . super!!”

The End

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  1. apenman says:

    This is an extremely clever story! I enjoyed how you worked a number of Superman cliches into the story without overdoing it. It had an underlying sense of humor and great sex too. Great work!

    All the best,
    A. Penman


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