Lunch Time by Sidekick

Sally stretched her legs under her desk.  She had been sitting in the same position, working on computer reports all morning long.  She had slipped off her 4 inch heels hours ago.  She didn’t wear them for the comfort factor.  Now she was getting stiff and fidgety and ready for a much needed break.  The phone on her desk rang and she stopped typing to answer it; glad for the distraction from the monotonous morning.

“Sally Russell”, she said pleasantly into the receiver.  A clear, sultry feminine voice responded directly into her ear, “The Sheraton at noon, room 415”.  After a couple seconds pause, the voice added cheerfully, “Have a nice day, bitch”.  Then there was a click and the connection was dead.

Sally hung up with a smile growing across her lovely face.

She pushed her chair back from the desk and fished with her stockinged feet for her heels.  Her short black skirt rode up high as she slipped them on.

Ignoring her hemline, she glanced at the clock.  11:52 am, it said.

She breathed a satisfied sigh and stood, letting her skirt fall to its normal length of several inches above her knees.  She shook her long mane and ran her fingers through it.  Again, with a satisfied smile, she turned to leave.  Heads turned toward her from many nearby desks as she walked by with her shapely ass moving from side to side.

Presently she arrived at the elevator lobby, entered and pushed “G” while she waited for the doors to open again.

Four blocks down Stanton Avenue and one block over onto 6th Street, Tina Baker was just leaving the Hartmann Building.  She moved along the street with her own four inch heels plopping on the sidewalk with every step.

She wore a bright red business outfit featuring a short and somewhat tight skirt.  She also turned heads as she sauntered by business men and some women on her way toward the city center.  Tina’s thoughts wandered as she enjoyed the fresh early fall day.  She thought of the coming meeting

with Sally.  She lost count long ago of how many times she had set up this rendezvous.  They had been doing this about once a month for a year and a half or so.  Lately it was becoming more frequent than once a month.

It had been exactly 19 days since there last such meeting.

Sally left her office building and turned south on Parker Avenue.

She was glad to be free of her morning drudgery.  As she walked closer to her destination, she felt her pulse rate rising. She really enjoyed the meetings she and Tina arranged for themselves.  And she liked that they were doing it more often.  She remembered their first meeting at the holiday benefit at the Ritz two years ago.  Her face flushed as she remembered their silent competition during the party.  

Each was trying to outdo the other in attracting attention.  She remembered their skirts going higher and higher as they moved around the room and socialized with all the right people.  She remembered her pulse rising as they stared at each other.  She remembered her heart pounding as they finally challenged each other face to face in the store room off the kitchen.

Her palms got sweaty as she remembered following Tina to the bathroomand the two of them entering a stall together.  She tried to control her breathing as she remembered their hair pulling and scratching and soft curses while leaning against each other in that small space.

As Tina entered the lobby of the Sheraton, she was thinking about the first time Sally had called her.  It was four days after their fight at the benefit.  The had cursed each other in hushed tones on the telephone, trying not to make a scene.  Sally said she wanted badly to fight her again.

Tina was thrilled to accept the challenge. And they met them following day for the first of their lunch rendezvous.  Tina signed the register for the reservation she had phoned in.  She left instructions that another woman would be joining her and ignored the knowing smile of the pretty clerk as she took the key and went up to the room.

Sally walked into the lobby just a minute or so behind Tina.

She went to the desk, got her key and eagerly strode toward the elevators.  She tried to get her breathing under control as she thought with excitement about what she would be doing in just a few minutes.

Tina sat on the soft chair in room 415 that she had pulled out to face the door.  She crossed her legs and squirmed a bit, eager for the “meeting” to get started.  Then Sally put her key in the door and opened it as Tina smiled in anticipation.  After entering Sally and Tina just stared at each other from across the room.

Tina stood and wordlessly began to remove her jacket and blouse.

Sally started to remove her dress.  But the two women never took their eyes from each other as they continued to undress.  Each woman stepped out of her skirt and kicked off her heels.  They both wore thigh-high stockings and garters.  They removed their bras next and both caressed their ample breasts and almost shook them at each other.

Their nipples were rock hard and looking at each other  Sally stepped out of her sheer panties and let them drop to the floor.  Tina slowly slid her panties down her thighs and kicked them across the room with a satisfied look.

The two women were now naked except for their stockings and garters.

Breaking their stare-down for the first time, Tina went to the beside clock-radio and set the alarm for 1:30pm.  Then turning back toward Sally they continued to stare at each other.  Still never having said a word, they slowly stepped toward each other.  Sally’s pussy was almost dripping wet in anticipation of another spirited, even and dirty fight with Tina.

She rubbed her fingers through her pussy lips and moaned as she then brought them to her mouth.  Tina rubbed her own drenched pussy and flicked the juices at Sally wickedly as the two slowly advanced on each other.

They brought their faces nose to nose.  Each could feel the other’s breath and they immediately grabbed two fists full of each other’s hair.  They pulled and jerked their hair gently and stared into each other’s eyes.  The pushed their bodies into each other and felt their breasts rubbing back and forth.  They moaned now said the first words since the lunch meeting began.  “Bitch”, “Dyke”, “cunt”, “asshole”, “skank”, “whore”, “fuck you”, “fuck YOU”, “let’s fight”, “yeah, let’s fight”.

The women took one hand from their hair and began to slowly punch each other’s sides and back and stomach.  They smacked their bodies against one another.  Tina loved the sounds of their fists hitting each other’s flesh. Her pussy was dripping as the fight escalated.  Their punched became harder and they groaned as they both tried to hurt each other.

Then they took their other hand from their hair and clamped in around a breast and began to scratch and pull painfully.  The punching and scratching went on for many minutes, escalating until they began to hook their legs around each other.

They stumbled around the middle of the room in a naked ball of violence. They had both started to sweat and Sally loved the feel of their wet skin against Tina.  Finally they fell onto the bed and rolled onto the floor in a heap with tangled legs.  They clutched and scratched each other and strained to subdue the other.  They slammed their knees against each other in well placed shots.  Rolling back and forth on the floor, they eventually rolled and pulled each other up to their knees.

As both women clutched each other and leaned their chins on each other’s shoulder, they spread their thighs.  Then the both started to throw their fists into the soft pussy of their opponent.  They grunted, growled and screamed and they punched each other’s pussies over and over, never making any move to avoid the other’s blows.  

Sally loved to fight this way with Tina.  She felt the pain of Tina’s punches but simultaneously felt excited satisfaction by landing her own fist into Tina’s cunt.  On and on the women fought and punched each other’s privates.  Their punches splattered as their pussies became wetter and wetter.  They scratched at each other’s ass cheeks with their other hands.  The women punched each other this way for twelve long minutes.  With each punch, Tina could feel her orgasm building.  Sally loved this dirty and disgusting fighting.

The women’s juices dripped down and made a wide wet spot on the carpet.

Finally Tina lost it and jumped at Sally, encircling her arms around her and pushing her to the floor as her orgasm washed over her.  The two clutched each other tightly and humped each other’s legs as they enjoyed cuming from the excitement of the fight.

They dug their fingernails into each other and tugged each other’s hair until the warm spasms subsided.  They lay together, clutching each other and panting while they rested and enjoyed the moment.

After a few minutes, Tina moaned as she felt Sally jerk her head back painfully by her hair.  She returned the favor and they began to wrestle and pull hair on the floor.  They were eager to go on fighting and soon were thrashing and scratching wildly.  They rolled over and over and kicked at each other as they separated.

Scrambling to their feet, they looked at each other for a second before raising their fists.  Sally smiled as they stepped into each other in a furious fistfight.  They slugged and brawled away, hitting anywhere they could.  Once they backed off and panted to catch their breath before resuming the fistfight.  Their bruises were accumulating.  Tina loved the sounds of their punches landing and their moaning as they hurt each other.

A second time they stopped momentarily to pant and gather their strength to continue.  But just as they were about to go at it again, the bedside alarm went off and continued to beep annoyingly.  “Fuck!!!”, swore

Tina.  “Goddammit!” added Sally.  The women held their fists up but did no further punching as the alarm continue to ring.  “Shit”,

Sally finally reached over to turn it off.  “I have a fucking staff meeting in an hour”, she spat.  

“Yeah, I have a committee meeting at 2:30 too”, answered Tina.  “You lucked out, you little whore”.

“Says you, cunt”, retorted Sally.  The two stared at each other for a minute, unable to move and not wanting to.

Finally putting their fists down, they sighed and Tina went into the bathroom to turn on the shower.

In 20 minutes, they had both showered and dressed and covered the marks and bruises as best they could.  The left their shredded stockings and their garters on a heap in the middle of the bed as they nearly always did.  Sally chuckled to herself as she wondered what the maid service thought when they found this little gift about once each month.

Tina smoothed down her skirt slowly while Sally was brushing off her blouse and staring back at her.  “You know slut”, said Sally, I can’t wait for another lunch date.”  She stepped up into Tina’s face.

“I have to fight you.  But I also have to have my job”.  The two pushed their tits together and sneered at each other, wishing badly to go at each other again right then and there.  “No problem, baby. I’ll fight you anywhere and any time,” volunteered Tina.

“Good, slut. You think we can do lunches AND dinners?”, said Sally as they exchanged evil grins.

The End

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