Boarding School Queen: Mothers and Daughters – Parts 4 – 7 by Ragnar0k

Part 4

Gazing inscrutably at each other as they psyched themselves up to do battle, Rachel and Diana strode to opposite ends of the sumptuous rug that formed the ‘ring’ for their contest. As if on cue they began shedding their dresses, hosiery, bras and panties, piling them neatly on the chairs set nearby for the purpose. Meanwhile, Helen and Laura took up positions, sitting cross-legged at either side of the rug where they would enjoy intimate ringside views. Although each daughter dutifully expected her own mother to triumph in the end, neither was under any illusion that this would be anything other than a very long, hard-fought and brutal contest.

Finishing their impromptu striptease, Rachel and Diana picked their harnesses up and turned, standing tall and proud as they sized each other up critically; assessing bodies that, although no longer as lissom perhaps as when they last fought, remained voluptuous and well-toned.

Comparing their mothers in the flesh for the first time, Helen and Laura were quietly impressed by what they saw: both ladies were still under forty years of age, very much in their prime and fully qualified for MILF status. Helen realized moreover just how well-matched the older women were in size and shape: hour-glass figures, big busts and broad hips that would have given classic 1950s movie stars like Russell and Mansfield a run for their money. Liberated from their lacy DD cup bras, both women’s sizeable racks hung pendulously over flat trim bellies, and each magnificent orb looked firm and succulent, with hardly any hit of sag. Rachel’s reddish-brown nipples looked marginally longer than Diana’s, which were slightly thicker and set in soft pink areolas that were almost a third larger than their her rival’s darker pair. Both daughters could see their mothers’ nipples pushing out already, taut and aroused in anticipation of the battle ahead.

The younger women drank in the latent feminine power on display, represented by the broad, womanly hips and ample, curvy behinds endowed on each older women. Propelled by two sets of sturdy but toned thighs, it was clear that their mothers would bring plenty of power and weight to bear, crotch to crotch where it counted, in the final battle for supremacy.

Inevitably, Helen’s eyes also strayed to Diana’s pubic bush, which was untrimmed in a decidedly ‘old school’ way, just like her mother’s – and Helen’s own in fact. Unlike her mother’s pubes which were deep, dark brown with some grey hairs visible, Diana’s were rich, golden and long and curly enough to shield her labia well. Helen knew from experience that a coarse, unkempt bush conferred natural advantages when used aggressively in combat: protecting the vulva while dealing abrasive damage to the opponent at the same time.

“Ready for what’s coming to you, bitch?” Rachel’s tone was low, controlled and menacing as she deftly strapped the dildo harness around her pelvis. Finishing adjusting her own straps, the blonde smiled back icily and gave a cutting laugh. “No, but I’m ready to fuck you into submission right here in front of your shocked young daughter.”

“Oh I doubt that very much.”

“Well there’s still time to back out if you’re scared what I might do to you…”

“Hahaha don’t talk rubbish – let’s get on with this!”

Riding the sudden adrenalin kick, the rivals moved purposefully towards the centre, shoulders pulled back so that their big oval breasts pushed out aggressively. The large ivory dongs swayed on their hips menacingly, standing permanently erect in their soft leather harnesses. Watched intently by their daughters Rachel and Diana began to circle cautiously, their breathing becoming rapid and shallow, eyes narrowing as they searched for the first opportunity to strike. Suddenly, with enraged cries, they locked up, fingers digging into shoulders and curling behind necks, the big dildos clattering together as they braced. For the next half a minute the rival MILFs hustled each other around on the rug, pulling and shoving, stamping on each other’s bare feet as they strained for advantage. Time and again they twisted, the fencing dildos clashing with staccato clacks as each tried to get into position to deliver the critical first thrust . But each aggressive move was quickly matched by a countermove and both combatants soon discovered it was no easy matter to direct her large, unwieldy dong up between the legs of a lithe, moving target.

Trying to break the deadlock Rachel curled her leg around Diana’s, hoping to force her rival off balance. But the blonde resisted fiercely, grapevining her opponent in turn as they engaged in a sweaty, inconclusive tussle before pushing away again, faces more flushed and angry. As they resumed pacing the rug again the only conclusion both women could draw, having taken each other’s initial measure, was how evenly matched they were. But, with their daughters watching expectantly from the side-lines, Rachel and Diana were both anxious to open the scoring quickly.

Rachel used the opportunity provided by the break to goad her rival:
“What are you holding back for, whore?” Rachel goaded, hoping to rile her opponent into attacking her.
“I’m not the one holding back slut. You want some more, then come and get it!”

With that, the two women slammed into each other again breast to breast, dildos clashing then digging sideways against their stomachs as they grappled furiously. Despite her anger Diana had a plan this time as she clasped her hands around Rachel’s neck and brought her big tits into action, swinging them upwards at speed so that both racks collided with a mighty slap. The unexpected blow stopped Rachel in her tracks and she was forced to take a step back as the blonde’s stupendous jugs smashed into hers a second time.

Although Helen became anxious as her mother began to waver, Rachel rallied quickly, gripping Diana round the neck in turn as both MILFs lunged upwards simultaneously, slamming their mighty tits together head-on. This time the heavy impact was punctuated by deep groans as the sensitive nerve endings in both women’s boobs erupted in pain. But fully committed to battling with their tits now, the bitter rivals pulled apart and slammed together again brutally for a fourth, fifth and sixth time, before collapsing against each other, big sweaty orbs plastered together, quivering with pain.

With both MILFs overloaded synapses still reeling they leaned in, letting their straining tits mash together hard and grind in tight embrace. With the wicked-looking dildos still trapped between them Laura’s mother and Helen’s mother began to push and shove, each becoming increasingly desperate to crush her opponent and gain the upper hand.

The spellbound daughters quickly lost track of time as a seesaw battle for control developed, watching their mothers’ titflesh ooze sideways and turn bright pink under excruciating pressure, hearing every tortured, rasping breath exhaled. Reaching the limits of their physical endurance now, Rachel and Diana stumbled back and forth across the rug, one forcing the other to retreat a few paces only to be forced back herself, moments later.

Just as it seemed both women must collapse from the unnatural exertions, the blonde gave another mighty squeeze and was rewarded by a shrill gasp as her opponent’s back arched in pain. “Don’t give in yet – NOOO!” Helen’s shout came too late as Diana wrenched Rachel up on tiptoes before running her opponent out of control backwards and slamming her against the wall behind. The sudden driving impact left the dark-haired woman stunned, and worse was to come as the blonde sank her claws into her rival’s belly and, shimmying her hips down, brought the big dildo up in a single, fluid motion, neatly skewering Rachel between her open thighs.

“Yesss – take her down!”

Laura whooped and punched the air as the dildo head disappeared beneath those dark pubes and Helen’s mother began gasping as Diana thrust upwards until half of the big dong had disappeared.

“Nooo – fuck oohhhhh!!”

Rachel moaned as Diana trapped her against the wall, forcing the dildo higher inside her opponent’s cunt with a powerful arch of her legs. The blonde hissed in delight as Helen’s mother squirmed almost futilely against her, teetering up on her toes as she struggled to avoid full penetration. Before Diana could drive the dildo home, Rachel clasped her arms around her rival’s neck and pushed back off the wall, allowing her long legs to come up as she scissored the surprised blonde around the waist.

With the dildo still half buried inside her, Rachel pulled her rival’s face into the ample flesh of her tits. Finding her breathing passages sealed suddenly in the dark-haired woman’s sweaty cleavage, and her waist crushed by her opponent’s powerful thighs, the blonde stumbled backwards carrying her rival’s full weight on her shoulders and hips. Laura’s mum staggered a few disorientated steps backwards then feeling the rug beneath her bare feet quickly dropped to her knees, hoping to pull her opponent down on her and drive the dong all the way inside. Rachel had anticipated the move however and slammed her feet flat on the floor as they fell, pushing herself upwards so that the dildo sucked back out of her quivering pussy as she straightened her thighs.

Almost sobbing with relief as the bulbous head popped free, Rachel threw herself on her opponent causing both women to crash heavily to the floor. Everything was in play again suddenly as they twisted over and over, bodies savagely entwined. The atmosphere became fraught and electrifying as the MILFs fought like alley cats, big dongs clattering and scraping as they thrust their hips together wildly.

At length their sweating, superheated bodies seemed to meld as Diana emerged shakily on top, laying her sweating cheek against Rachel’s as they lay entwined for a moment, gasping in deep, shuddering breaths; hearts pumping furiously inside heaving breasts. Allowing her opponent no respite, Laura’s mother braced, bringing her full strength and weight to bear, gradually forcing Rachel’s hands outwards until Helen’s mother was pinned in an alarming crucifix position.

“N – Nnnooo…” Rachel gasped, feeling her hated rival settling lower, hips twitched menacingly, shivering as Diana’s big dildo slid across her thigh, hovering dangerously close to her unprotected cunt, inches away from penetrating forcibly for the second time.

“Fight back mother. You have to!” Although Rachel wasn’t near to conceding yet, her daughter’s plaintive cry struck home and pain burned into her knuckles as she fought back strongly, bridging her groin against the broad-muscled mound hanging above her own, successfully denying Diana entry for now.

Having failed to convert the pin to her advantage, Diana suddenly felt Rachel’s toned calves slide behind her own as the dark-haired MILF countered, and twisted her rival over on to her side after an almost gut-wrenching effort.

Both women began to gasp as they held each other side by side in a powerful clinch and started to compress their mighty rival orbs together again, gritting their teeth and groaning as their slippery titflesh started to pinch, roll and squeeze out to the sides.

Rachel began to feel her erect nipples digging into Diana’s soft flesh until the blonde’s arms moved to constrict her more tightly. But the attempt to immobilize her delivered an unexpected bonus as Rachel’s nipples were lined up perfectly to abrade Diana’s sensitive areolas. Both women threw their heads back and yelled as their swollen chests mashed together again, but the blonde howled louder as her rival’s hard nubs bore into her mercilessly.

Laura and Helen watched tensely as their mothers continued to writhe on the floor, but it was clear now that Diana was weakening faster, allowing Rachel to hike one leg over her rival and slowly force her on to her back. With a growing sense of panic, the blonde resisted her rival who was working to prise her knees apart, shimmying her hips as she directed the dildo tip towards her opponent’s vulnerable cunt lips. Diana cried out as the big head nuzzled her labia, locking legs with her rival and bridging desperately in a last attempt to defend her moist pink citadel.

The opposing pelvic struggle hung in the balance for several delicious moments before gravity, and the weight behind her hips and meaty ass, allowed Rachel to penetrate her rival’s straining cunt lips in a series of slow, almost languid thrusts. The dark-haired woman groaned sensuously through half-closed eyes, watching her rival’s head go back in open-mouthed dismay, the angle of attack affording both daughters a clear view of her straining vulva bulging to accommodate the girth of the mighty dong.

“Ohhhhhh….fuuuccccckk… aaahhhhh!”

“Oh yes… feel that big fucker going in you bitch!”

Just as Rachel had described earlier while examining the exquisite craftsmanship, the bulbous head was causing Diana’s vaginal opening to expand and pulsate rapidly as she was penetrated, while the ripples all down the shaft amplified the massive amount of stimulation she was already receiving. As Rachel began driving the massive dong in harder, deeper and faster the effect was shattering as the serrated ridges around the base started grinding against the blonde’s overstimulated clitoris with each and every stroke.

It was clear that Laura’s mother was now trapped in the ‘perfect storm’ Helen had predicted earlier, unable to force her opponent off, or even defend to herself as the big shaft plunged into her repeatedly. Soon Diana began keening uncontrollably as her pussy went into spasms and she jerked wildly against Rachel while suffering the first of several massive, squirting orgasms.

Helen’s mother was like a cowgirl astride a bucking bronco, hoping fervently that she could continue to ride her opponent through several more orgasms until she weakened irrevocably and was forced to yield. The one crucial variable Helen’s mother forgot in her calculations however was the existence of the back-angled ridges designed to stimulate the wearer of the dildo harness. And so, while Rachel quickly forged ahead of Diana in terms of forced orgasms, the dark-haired woman was caught entirely by surprise when succumbing to a powerful orgasm herself as her own clit responded to the pressure and excitement of grinding constantly against her pinned and struggling rival.

The unexpected development created a momentary breathing space for Diana as her opponent’s attack faltered and she seized the opportunity with both hands – literally – grasping hold of the dildo between her legs to immobilise it. Then taking advantage of her opponent’s momentary indisposition she finally squirmed free, rolling clear to land on the rug beside her daughter where she lay panting, eyes closed, gently massaging her red and swollen vulva. Still fired up with adrenalin, Rachel was all for continuing on Diana where she lay, but Laura waved her away angrily while shielding her mother from further abuse.

“We’ll call a two-minute time out,” the younger Symington-Bailey insisted. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance again soon enough.” And the blonde girl’s lips curled into a wicked grin. “But, knowing mother as I do, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when this little shindig re-starts.”

And as Diana sat up and turned towards her rival, her blazing eyes locked on Diana’s murderously, making it clear that she would be going all out for revenge. “I hope you weren’t going to ask for mercy slut, because I’m all out of mercy right now.”

Rachel laughed harshly as they both stood up and took their marks again at either end of the rug. “That’s fine bitch, seems like I’m right out of that precious commodity too. So lets quit jawing about it and bring it on!”

Helen and Laura both stared at each other then looked back at their mothers in the realisation that some sort of Rubicon had been crossed and, whatever happened next, neither woman would receive or give any quarter to her rival from now on.

Part 5

As Rachel and Diana stood recovering their breath the daughters couldn’t help noticing how much their mothers remained in full sexual flush, swaying slightly after the torrid, orgasm-inducing melee that had just taken place. That Diana had come off much worse was not much in doubt however, as her red and swollen vulva testified. As experienced sexfighters themselves, both younger women knew it was in Rachel’s best interest to deny Diana any time to recover from the heavy reaming she had just received. But Helen’s mother held back and couldn’t resist taunting her rival.

“Well Diana, a lucky escape I must say. Such a pity that your feeble attempt at revenge is doomed to fail!”

“Ahaha – sorry bitch to disappoint you but this won’t be over until I claim what’s rightfully mine!”

“I swear this time you will lose badly. And then I will humiliate you in front of your blonde brat of a daughter!”

“Don’t talk utter crap! Fact is, your own precious little love is about to find out just what a weak slut her mother really is!”

Rachel was fired up now to finish Diana off before the blonde’s sexual energy recharged, and stepped towards her rival, arms raised, fingers outstretched in challenge. Diana seemed just as keen to engage so both women reached high and entwined their fingers, arms straining in a classic test of strength before they slammed into each other, breast to breast. Although the big dildos clashed, they were mostly redundant for now as the women battled for control, pushing more tightly together, groaning as they felt the size and power of each other’s dense titflesh coming into play once more.

Helen and Laura watched spellbound as their mothers leaned into each other and twined their leading thighs while each pushing a trailing leg back to anchor a foot on the carpet for balance. They began to mash their engorged, highly sensitized tits together maliciously as renewed sexual tension coursed through their bodies and their opposing arms began to tremble. Locked hands were gradually forced down to their sides as their jugs battled for mastery of each other, rubbing and grinding, erect nipples raking and stabbing until they became one big undulating, sweaty mass of throbbing flesh.

Helen hissed encouragement as her mother leaned in and her boobs finally compressed Diana’s, forcing her gasping rival to take a couple of shaky steps back. But the advantage was short-lived as the blonde quickly freed her hands and flung her arms around Rachel’s neck like a drowning swimmer cleaving to a lifebuoy in dangerous seas. After a fierce but inconclusive tussle the MILFs found themselves bent double in a mutual headlock, and from that unstable position it was only a matter of moments before they tumbled cursing to the rug.

To Helen’s delight her mother began taking control, gradually wrestling Diana onto her back, locking her rival’s right arm between her legs, forcing the left down with her hands in a textbook crucifix pin. But the struggling blonde refused to be dominated for long as she went straight for the escape button that her rival had carelessly left within easy reach of her right hand. Sliding her hand up to Rachel’s pussy, Diana moved her fingertips under the tight leather harness and began massaging her opponent’s swollen labia.

The dark-haired MILF’s head went back, and she moaned plaintively as strong fingers invaded her well-lubed slit, teasing the erect clit inside. Forced to abandon her hold, Rachel pivoted her body, losing vital seconds before her scrabbling fingers found Diana’s pussy and she could rub and pinch the blonde’s clit in retaliation.

The sight was awesome: two hateful competing vixens, twisting and groaning together, soaked in sweat, driving one another steadily towards climax. Both women had completely forgotten about the dildos strapped to their hips as each concentrated on forcing the other to orgasm by finger power alone. Their hands moved up and down furiously as they each used two fingers on the others throbbing clit, their hands soaking with vaginal juice.

Rachel was on the brink of orgasm, but knew Diana was being pulled along with her. The question was who could hold out longer… the answer came soon enough as cunt juice sprayed through both women’s pumping fingers and the overpowering scent of sweat and cum permeating the air invaded both daughter’s keen nostrils.

“Nnnnnnhhh! … aaaaaaahhhh!!!”

“Uuunnnnnghhh! … aaahhhh!… fuuuck!!”

In the confusion of climax neither woman retained control of her faculties but Diana fell into the better position now, and slid in behind Rachel who was lying sideways, one hand still clasped to her quivering pussy.

“Watch out for her!” Helen’s warning was a fraction too late as Diana caught Rachel in a sort of half nelson, anchoring one hand firmly in her mother’s bulging titflesh. Realising the danger she was in, the dark-haired MILF immediately began to kick and squirm against the firm tits pressing into her sweating back. But Diana used the painful claw hold on her bosom to keep Rachel effectively immobilized while her free hand reached down and guided the big dildo up beneath her opponent’s wide inviting buttocks. Nestling her crotch lower, Laura’s mother adjusted her hips to direct the phallus tip exactly where she wanted it, making sure that all the power in her heavy hips was behind the brutal thrust when it came.

Hearing her mother’s piteous gasps rent the air as her rectum was penetrated nearly made Helen cover her ears, and she glared hatefully at her half-sister who wore an enormous smirk as she watched Rachel’s predicament with undisguised glee. Leaning in, Diana whispering insults in Rachel’s ear as she began to slide the dildo in and out of her rival, picking up speed; the sound of bare slapping flesh growing louder and faster as she drove the massive ivory dong between her opponent’s quivering buttocks deeper… and harder. Meanwhile, she continued kneading her rival’s trapped breast, rolling and pinching the flesh around the nipple. Assailed from both sides, Helen’s mother found her powers of resistance waning rapidly, but worse was to come as Diana’s free hand found her exposed vagina and the vengeful blonde launched a simultaneous deep fingering attack.

“uuuhhhh!… ohhhhhhh!… ahhhhhhhh!!!… fucccckkkkk!!!”

As much as Rachel twisted and fought, she couldn’t break free as her hated adversary rolled her over, crushing her tits into the floor until they suffered carpet burn: fucking her through a succession of mighty, shuddering orgasms; until Helen’s mother collapsed and lay beneath her opponent, panting and sobbing, hot juices dripping down her ass crack on to the wet rug below.

“Now, that’s more like it!” Diana laughed harshly as she pulled the dildo out and began unbuckling it. “But I hate to tell you bitch, this thing isn’t over yet. Not until I get payback in full.”

Rachel groaned as her rival rolled her onto her back again and began removing the harness attached to the dildo that now lolled uselessly on her own hips. Diana’s lips curled in a sneer. “Let’s abandon these toys and finish this in the only proper way, woman to woman!”

The blonde rocked back on her knees and moved back to show that, despite everything that had gone between them, she was still prepared to give her rival a sporting chance. Rachel continued to lie shaking for several moments after Diana released her, her pussy still dripping hot thick cum after the humiliating defeat she had just suffered. But the dark-haired woman was canny enough to know she could still redeem the situation… if only her aching pussy could recover sufficiently before it went up against its rival again.

As the two MILFs knelt facing each other barely feet apart, their daughters were shocked to see how their massively swollen labia were hanging down now, literally drooling with sex fluids and caked with residue after the powerful orgasms each had already inflicted on her nemesis.

“This is the end bitch!” Diana snarled. “You’ll barely be able to crawl away once I’ve finished with you!”

“No fucking way. You’ll never replace me in this house – come and let me crush your weak cunt!”

With almost incoherent cries of rage they launched at each other for the final time, slamming together in a welter of sliding tit flesh, sweaty suctioning bellies and thrusting, quivering thighs. Down below their hairy pussies bucked against each other, slipping and sliding as they began to scrape and grind together mercilessly.

Straining for a better purchase on each other’s writhing fuck lips Rachel and Diana abandoned the mutual bearhug, rolling on their backs instead and each grabbing a leg for better leverage. Helen and Laura now had a perfect view of their mothers’ cunts pounding each other in close-up as the realization dawned on both dutiful daughters that they were witnessing the final battle between the black-haired and golden-haired vaginas that had given birth to each of them.

Each MILF began to groan sensuously as she spread her legs wide in a desperate attempt to outflank her opponent’s straining fuck lips, their pussies making lewd smacking and sucking sounds as they humped each other relentlessly. Soaked vaginal openings quickly became sealed inside their own private vacuum, and a desperate tug of war ensued, as each muscular vulva strained to prise its rival apart, like juicy clams wrestling to extract the succulent pearl trapped inside. After all the punishment it had received, Helen was relieved to see her mother’s dark-haired pussy still pulsing equally against the golden-haired one; but she knew that there could be only one winner ultimately and, in the end, the stronger maternal vagina would have its rival at its mercy.

From that point, the struggle seemed to move rapidly towards its climax as both women threw their heads back and began to keen loudly, big breasts wobbling frantically on their heaving chests; gristly, squelching noises emanating from between their legs that could only signify last-ditch internal grappling and inner meat suctioning taking place.

“Yesssss!” Laura suddenly leaned forward excitedly as her mother made several powerful, twitching thrusts that soon had Helen’s mother hissing in a peculiar way and quivering as if her pussy had received a mortal blow. Moments later Rachel’s eyes rolled back in her head and she began to jerk uncontrollably as cum started squirting out of her pussy. The exultant blonde quickly delivered the coup de grace, grinding her opponent’s clit piteously against her pubic bone with brutal finishing thrusts until Rachel let out a long, agonised moan and fell back at her rival’s mercy: defenceless, humiliated and completely exposed.

With a triumphal cry Diana heaved herself up, disengaging her conquering cunt with such sucking force that she was left gasping in exhilaration while her defeated rival reeled in pain. Stroking her breasts lasciviously, the blonde kneeled over her rival and stared down at the defeated quim as she admired her own handiwork. As Helen followed the victorious woman’s eyes the scale of her mother’s defeat sank in: it was apparent that towards the end, Rachel’s big labia had lost their struggle with Diana’s powerful fuck lips and now lay, turgid and sagging where they had been pulled, partly outside her bruised vulva, her blood-red clit which had shrunk to half its fighting size fully exposed.

It was clear that Helen’s mother would struggle to defend herself should the contest continue but Diana was no longer allowing her the option in any case. Falling on her opponent, the vengeful blonde began pinching and pulling the defeated woman’s nipples, then sucking and biting them until Helen’s mother screamed in abject unconditional surrender.

Cold revenge had been served, and a rivalry going back to before Helen and Laura were born had been settled dramatically in favour of Diana Symington Bailey, and at the expense of Rachel Brodie, who would now move out of the family home under the terms of the peculiar agreement that had been struck between the two old foes. With a heavy heart Helen began to comprehend just how deeply her mother had been wounded; and in the most primal way possible by an alpha female nemesis and bitter love rival no less. But Helen had more than her mother’s fate to worry about as her half-sister’s jibe cut through her thoughts and she looked up to see a smirking Laura waving the big double dildo in her direction.

“Wipe the tears away and get ready slut, its your turn next!”

Part 6

Watched in silence by both daughters, Diana Symington-Bailey straddled Rachel Brodie, hellbent on concluding her old rival’s humiliation with a lesson she would never forget. Knees pinning the defeated woman’s shoulders Laura’s mother spread her broad cheeks apart with both hands and settled down on Helen’s mother’s upturned face with a delicious sigh. Rachel trembled with fear and loathing as the victorious woman’s musky crotch pressed down heavily, sealing her face in damp salt-tasting flesh.

“Nnnmmphhhh…!! hrrrgggghhh…!!!” Unable to breathe, Rachel gagged and squirmed in panic as the ripe tanginess overwhelmed her senses, the brunette’s plaintive moans muffled beneath the blonde’s powerful, all-conquering ass. Becoming ever more aroused as Rachel’s futile pleas vibrated against her engorged pussy lips, Diana rode the other woman’s face hard, her own moans increasing in intensity. Helen watched in anger and disgust as her mother’s legs kicked futilely, hands clawing weakly at the flanks of her nemesis who reared over her, looking for all the world like a blonde goddess exacting some kinky version of divine retribution.

Laura clapped her hands with glee as her mother reached back and gave Rachel’s defeated cunt a mighty slap, grabbing hold and squeezing it rhythmically until her own body tensed as she began to climax, her screams of exaltation echoed by her daughter’s squeals of delight. Helen continued watching stony-faced as Diana quivered mightily before rising on her haunches to allow her rival to breathe properly again, hot cum dripping on Rachel’s upturned face. Helen saw her mother’s eyes were tightly shut although from the way she was twitching it was clear that she hadn’t passed out during her ordeal.

Eventually the blonde let out a long, contented sigh and shifted her weight as she prepared to rise. “Well, that was simply awesome darling! I do hope your daughter will be just as accommodating for Laura!”

The moment Diana released her stricken mother Helen rushed over but Rachel pushed her concerned daughter away, trying to put on a brave face even though her cheeks were streaked with tears and much worse. “There’s nothing you can do for me right now darling… except destroy that smug little bitch over there!” And they both glared at Helen’s half-sister who was looking more self-assured than ever as she cast a heavily loaded glance in Helen’s direction before breaking off to kiss and hug her victorious mother.

“Don’t worry mama, I won’t let you down,” Helen promised. But after witnessing her own mother’s comprehensive defeat and humiliation, the dutiful daughter privately felt demoralized as she reflected on the enormity of the task now confronting her. The most that the Brodies could hope for now given the grim situation was a draw. But if Helen failed to face down Laura’s challenge, the blonde Symington-Bailey duo really would achieve the ultimate victory: a humiliating whitewash of the Brodie women!

“Hey, I’ve got something here for you sis!” Helen spun round before she was able to stop herself as Laura’s sarcastic taunt interrupted her thoughts. “That’s it, come over here and join the party!” Feeling slightly foolish at her reflexive reaction, the raven-haired girl compressed her lips in a hard line as she strode over to face the half-sister who stood waiting, the massive ivory double dildo dangling loosely in her slender hand.

Helen paused for a moment, watching solicitously as her mother raised herself with a groan: half rolling, half-crawling to the Brodie’s side of the rug where she could observe her daughter’s struggles at close hand. Diana Symington-Bailey was sitting directly opposite, preening herself and lightly stroking one pendulous breast while she waited, her eyes still glazed with post-orgasmic munificence.

Clenching her fists, Helen turned towards Laura and took a step forward, her face white with growing aggression. “Let’s finish this bitch!”
The blonde half-sibling chuckled, “Finally, I get a reaction out of her!”

Without breaking eye contact, Laura put one end of the dildo in her mouth and drooling over it until bubbly, lubricating spit ran down the shaft. Then she handed it to Helen who sucked and slavered until the other end was coated liberally as well. The raven-haired girl weighed the nineteen-inch duelling piece in her hand for a moment, noting it’s prodigious circumference, and the ornate ripples carved down the shaft designed to heighten the stimulation received during simultaneous penetration. She noticed how the antique sex toy was bisected by a ridged groove denoting the midpoint, a useful line of measurement in any tug of war between two opposing vaginas Helen realised with a wry shrug.

Moving forward, the daughters knelt in the dampness where their mothers had been struggling just moments before. Smiling wolfishly at Laura, Helen reversed the big dong so that the end covered in her own spit was pointing towards her sibling. The blonde smirked back at Helen as they sat down on the rug, sliding forward on their haunches until they could scissor together, one leg over and one leg under, their crotches already hovering provocatively. Leaning back on one hand, Helen placed one end of the dildo against the entrance to her vagina and held it there as Laura shuffled forward and followed suit.

The blonde moved first, leaning back on her hands and raising her pelvis, grunting softly as her big, wet labia wrestled to accommodate the colossal dildo head. Presently a sharp wet plop and a much longer gasp announced that Laura had been successful, and she braced on her hands while waiting for Helen to do the same. The raven-haired half-sister pushed against the bulbous tool in turn, marvelling at how far her supple, flexible vulva could stretch to accommodate its massive circumference. “Ahhhhhh…fuck!” Helen’s head shot back in near incredulity as the head entered her wet vagina and her swelling labia closed again to grip the thick shaft.

Laura was determined not to allow her sibling time to acclimatize to being penetrated by the massive dong, bracing on the rug and thrusting her pelvis forward before Helen’s vagina was fully tensed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh god!”

Helen moaned in disbelief as Laura’s tight pussy grip forced her to take several inches of dildo.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh… shit!!”

Cursing inside at allowing her rival a valuable head start, Helen managed to clamp down on the ivory shaft with her own internal muscles bringing the rout to a temporary halt.

Each girl moaned now and raised her crotch higher as they began to push simultaneously, their muscular fighting pussies stretching around the massive circumference of the ridged cock until several more inches had disappeared inside. The watching mothers saw the thick dildo going in more evenly now as their daughters struggled to get a proper grip on it, hips gyrating in a desperate battle for control.

“Yes, Laura, push it right in and fuck her hard!”

“Come on Helen. One more thrust and you can take her!”

Watching the midpoint ridge already beginning to press on Helen’s over-stretched labia, Rachel’s heart sank as she realised that her daughter had already taken half of the dildo with two exposed inches still to spare. The implication was clearly not lost on Diana Symington-Bailey either.

“Come on Laura – it’s going in so easily! One more push and you’ve got her!”

But Helen seemed to realise the imminent danger as she squeezed her eyes tightly shut and dug in with everything she had left. Watched breathlessly by the mothers, the daughters twisted and strained powerfully, their breathing growing more rapid and shallow, nipples erect on their swaying breasts as they struggled valiantly over the fate of the last two inches of dildo.

Part 7

“That… the best… you can do… slut?”

“Still better’n… you… can do… whore.”

“Cock-sucking bitch…”

“Fucking skank…”

It wasn’t long before the daughter’s anger boiled over into frustration as the contest became stalemated with two naked inches of dildo still to play for. Helen had arched so far back that her head could now brace on the rug, allowing her to squeeze and fondle one swollen breast as she focused all her considerable sexual stamina into this ultimate contest of sibling pussy power. Laura was still leaning back on both arms, face intense as she breathed in deeply through clenched teeth. A deep growling sound escaped from the blonde’s slender throat as she rotated her hips slowly while concentrating on maintaining the tightest of grips possible; still confident of forcing her rival to take an unequal share of the massive dong.

Helen could feel Laura really straining for control now, trying to corkscrew the dildo right into her; sweat beaded on her furrowed brow as she squeezed her breast harder while angling her hips the other way, aiming to counter the blonde’s attacking move with equal and opposite force. Watching anxiously from the side-lines, Rachel and Diana knew the next few seconds were critical; and the daughters understood this too as they doubled their efforts, feeling the smoothly polished ivory slipping between their juicy labial lips as they twisted in opposite directions.

Finally, the enormous ivory tool disappeared altogether accompanied by the loud, wet smack of colliding pussies. The anguished, uneven tone of both daughter’s cries led the mothers to assume initially that Helen had yielded quite catastrophically; but this was to misread what were, in fact, fervent cries of relief as the dildo rammed home nicely and evenly (from Helen’s point of view), leaving Laura the one fuming with rage having squandered a great advantage.

Eyeing each other with arrogant contempt, Helen and Laura spread their legs apart, scrunching abrasive pubes together as they prepared to put their powerful opposing pussies on the line and settle their grievances once and for all. With their expanded pussies wrapped intimately around the enormous dong, the sibling rivals suddenly felt acutely exposed and vulnerable as they made the first exploratory thrusts; knowing that there could be no turning back now. Not until one sibling rival had finally, humiliatingly, defeated her nemesis.

“Your weak pussy won’t survive once mine gets a hold of it, bitch!” Laura shouted as their engorged labia collided meatily.

“In fact, I’ll be the one fucking you senseless, whore!” Helen hissed.

Throwing their heads back, Helen and Laura moaned in unison as they began jousting, bringing all their muscular power quickly to bear; feeling the heat and wetness of each other’s sex pressing inexorably together as they squeezed down hard. Pussy juice slathered the dildo’s excessive girth, whipping up a rich cream as their strong cunts fought for a superior grip over the massive tool. As the pace quickened both gasping siblings were soon violating each other without mercy; first one then the other gaining temporary control of the dildo, plunging it deeper into her rival, bringing her steadily closer to orgasm before the tide turned in her rival’s favour again.

Rachel and Diana watched anxiously as their daughters’ battle intensified. With engorged labia wrapped round the dildo shaft sucking constantly and erect clits ploughing into each other with each muscular downstroke, the groans and moans of sexual combat mixed with erotic pleasure spiralled ever higher, and devastating orgasms were not far behind.

“No, no, fucking nooooo…,” Laura moaned, but Helen wasn’t far behind and they both screamed as powerful gushes of cum erupted from each enraged pussy, streaming down their thrusting loins and adding to the soaking the antique rug had received. With their dams having finally burst, both siblings could feel how the natural elasticity of their vaginas had been enhanced by orgasm, leaving each of them more vulnerable to deep penetration than before: a development which both intended to exploit in full as they rolled on their sides with barely a pause in the rhythm of fucking.

Gripping a leg apiece for extra leverage, they locked up and began humping each other so aggressively that hot pussy juice sprayed the rug with each loud, smacking impact.

Soon enough they began bucking wildly again, shaken by a rising sequence of powerful climaxes that left them feeling light-headed and weakened as even their prodigious sexual powers started to wane.

“Ohhh… ohhh… godddd!”

“Ohhhhhhhh… fuuuckk!”

Increasingly desperate to finish each other off, Helen and Laura rolled on to their hands and knees, grinding their arses together tightly, the dildo still clenched between their conjoined vaginas as they braced again.

“Hate to… admit it sis” Laura panted, ” but your little cunt…is… strong…”

Helen took a deep breath too. “You too…never had…to fight… this hard…before”

“Still gonna… fuck you …senseless…” The blonde’s full mouth curled into in a sneer.

“Forget it… bitch… this time your… cunt… is mine!”

Spreading their legs wide, the siblings leaned more on their elbows, letting their swollen pendulous breasts graze the carpet as they shoved their pussies together. Lubrication ran down their thighs as they braced and thrust together, struggled to win control over the rigid rod in the new position.

Diana watched approvingly as her daughter’s orgasm-glazed eyes narrowed suddenly and she raised her pelvis higher to improve her angle of attack. Rachel grimaced as Helen pitched forward, caught out by the attacking move, her full breasts splash landing on the cum-stained rug.

“Yes, yes… oh fuck YES!” The blonde sibling gasped jubilantly as she steadily muscled her opponent down ass to ass into the subordinate position: head down on the carpet, back arched, juicy exposed pussy pointing high in the air.

Keeping Helen pinned beneath her broad ass, Laura began using the leverage she gained to force the huge dong in and out of her sibling’s stretching cunt, slowly at first then gaining speed as she began to take control. Several times Helen’s straining cunt muscles arrested the dildo’s downward progress, but at each attempt, Laura managed to push through the resistance, ploughing the dildo in deeper as her sibling’s gasps and groans grew louder and more plaintive. Diana clenched her fist as her daughter’s attack gained momentum. “That’s the way! Now fuck her into submission, Laura darling!”

While Helen splayed beneath her, Laura’s face took on an expression of pure glee, as she humped her rival without mercy. “Finally, I get to… fuck the crap out of… the… legendary Helen Brodie! Hey Rachel… watch me … annihilate…your daughter’s weak twat…!” Her tits still crushed to the floor, Helen was beginning to shake ominously as Laura continued fucking her sibling wildly, their soaked pussies splatting together noisily with each unforgiving thrust.

“Oh my god Helen my love, I may have failed you, but don’t let this end the way it did for me…” Rachel’s whisper was barely audible while her daughter had been focusing her mind’s eye back to her mother’s shocking humiliation by Diana, and vowed to herself that she would never submit to similar treatment by Laura. Biting her lower lip until it bled, Helen began fighting back with renewed vigour, a strange zeal in her eyes as she arched her back and thrust her groin high as she took the fight aggressively to Laura. Even so, seeing Helen struggle to unseat her sibling who was still riding her in the dominant position, Rachel worried that her daughter’s spirited counterattack was a clear case of ‘too little, too late’.

But a sudden flurry of action caused one mother to cry in horror and the other shout in encouragement. Helen somehow contrived to reach through her own legs and yank her sister’s leg from under her, causing them both to take a surprise tumble on the rug.

“Oh… you cunt!” Laura wailed, twisting on her back as Helen landed on her so they were face to face now, with Helen now on top in the dominant position for a change. As the blonde rolled over her legs came up in the air which Helen quickly took advantage of, hooking her arms around them as she began to pump her dark-haired pussy against its blonde rival, thrusting the dildo hard into Laura.

“Who’s fucking the crap out of who now, bitch…?” Helen taunted, still hardly believing that suddenly she had all the gravity and leverage she needed to plough the enormous tool deep into her sibling’s yielding vagina.

“Aaaaahhhhh… so strong… so deep…,” Laura groaned, her breathing becoming more ragged as the sound of wet cunt-on-cunt slapping reached fever pitch, and the ripe musk of battling pussies hung over them deliciously.

Helen began to scent victory as her sister’s plaintive gasps took on a new urgency. “Cum inside me… fucker, … weak cunt… of a sister!” she demanded imperiously, as Laura’s blue eyes bulged wide in open denial.
However, the blonde’s pussy lips had begun to lose all traction, starting to slip and suck flaccidly on the ivory shaft as Helen’s all-conquering pussy drove it in deeper and deeper, almost to the opening of her cervix.
“No, no, oh fuck, fuck, nooooo….,” Laura moaned. Then their eyes locked momentarily as she screamed. “OH GOD, OH GOD, FUCKING GODDDDD!!!”

A powerful gush of cum erupted from Laura’s defeated pussy as Helen screamed in triumph, struggling to control herself as her half-sister shrieked and came again, even harder this time before collapsing beneath her nemesis in a puddle of cum.
“Yes, that’s it…bitch… slut… come, come, COME! But don’t… ever… fuck with me… again!”

As Helen prepared to enjoy the ritual humiliation of her defeated sibling both mothers and daughters recognised that today’s twists in the tale of historic rivalry between the Brodies and Symington-Baileys had changed the balance of power irrevocably.

But after the discomfort of watching the highly-accomplished Diana Symington-Bailey conquer and humiliate her own mother sexually, Helen could at least take some solace in the knowledge that she owned her sibling rival carnally after her stunning victory today.

The End

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