Mary Jane vs. Gwen Stacy by Luffy316

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Mary Jane Watson was the only girl in Peter Parker’s (aka Spider-Man’s) life… at least, unless you counted Gwen Stacy. They both knew his secret identity, they both were completely in love with him, and most importantly to them, they had both already slept with him. What was more, Peter couldn’t bring himself to decide between them, and with his business being saving the world, sometimes it was hard to blame him.

Eventually, Peter was called away from New York. Some Avengers business with ice giants or something. He had been in a bit of a hurry when he left, but he mentioned he’d be gone a few days at least. He stopped by long enough to kiss them both goodbye and was off like a red and blue shot. This, both women realized, was their best chance to get Peter for themselves. Gwen happened to be the one to act on it first; she texted MJ with “We need to talk about Peter.”

The women agreed to meet at MJ’s apartment. It was a bit on the small side, but plenty of room for a single tenant. But the girls wanted privacy, and it was the best they could arrange with Mary Jane living on her own. It was a tense moment when Gwen stepped into her home, but in truth neither girl was going in with plans to fight. They suspected that the other might, of course, so it wasn’t out of the question that they’d have to defend themselves if the other started something. Not wanting a fight didn’t mean that both girls were lacking in anger and hatred for the other.

Gwen dressed in a simple white t-shirt for the visit, with a nice red skirt underneath it. She popped off her shoes to enter the apartment barefoot, just like MJ on the warm Summer afternoon. Mary Jane was wearing a black tanktop with her long red hair draped over her shoulders, and a denim skirt beneath. They both sat on the couch, MJ telling her to “Come in” and making no other gestures of hospitality.

“So what’s this about Peter?” MJ asked bluntly when they had settled in and let their quiet stares linger for a bit.

“I think you know,” Gwen replied curtly. “You and him have been spending way too much time together for my liking. Peter’s MY boyfriend, and I don’t want you seeing him.”

MJ smirked and scoffed at the demand. “You!? You’re a flavor of the week for when he has a blonde kink in him.”

“He was mine first,” Gwen insisted, leering at her. “And he always comes back to me.”

“He ditched you for me first chance he got after he saw me,” MJ grinned back. “The kid knows an upgrade when he sees it. Just because you can’t get his ‘spidey sense’ tingling anymore…”

Gwen clenched her fist at this, though mostly just out of instinct. She hadn’t been in a fight since she was a child, and didn’t exactly consider that experience. Little did she know (but lucky for her), MJ was in the same boat. Spider-Man’s life was far more action-packed than she would ever dare to consider hers, where an argument with an ex was about the worst she’d gotten into.

“He’s much more attracted to me than some rust-headed, man-stealing slut!” Gwen fired back. “You should hear the kind of shit he tells me about you.”

“Likewise,” growled MJ, turning on the couch to aim her body directly towards the competing girl. “I didn’t know it was possible to start sagging already at your age.”

Gwen leaned on one arm on the couch, subtly placing her body closer to MJ. Both were getting riled up now, their distrust towards each other starting to boil over quickly.

“Keep mouthing off, bitch. I came here because I’m not afraid of you, and I know who Peter’s going to stick with.”

“And what, you saying I’m scared of YOU, blondie? Because I’d sooner destroy you than let you spend another minute with Pete!”

“You try and stop me, you thieving cumdumpster” Gwen hissed back, apparently the last button to be pressed before the girls lost their tempers completely (not that it would stop them from trying). MJ lashed out and slapped Gwen hard across the face, enough to for the noise to ring through the entire apartment. Gwen’s head jerked to one side and her mouth hung open in shock, the red mark across her one cheek where the slap had landed perfectly. Her hand went to the sore cheek as she stared back at MJ in shock.

“Listen, you mouthy little shit,” Mary Jane said with a punctuating jab of her finger. Peter is my man, and NOBODY fucks my man but me. So you’ll watch your mouth, get your prissy little ass out of my place, and stay the hell away from-“

Her rant was cut off when Gwen’s expression went from shock to fury and she backhanded Mary Jane back, giving her a mark across her cheek to match her own. “And nobody fucks with ME!” Gwen snapped back, glaring angrily back at her. MJ had her own moment of shock, but by then her blood had boiled and she flushed red as she tackled straight into Gwen. With both girls sitting on the couch, it was far from graceful, and Gwen thumped her back against the armrest behind her with MJ on top. Gwen growled back and kicked at her, only for MJ’s legs to get in her way blocking as much as they were targets. Their arms shoved and scratched at eachother before Mary Jane got a grip on Gwen’s hair.

Gwen gave a shrill scream as MJ twisted it bitterly, but swung her knees up into the redhead to force her off of her and onto the floor. MJ kept her grip on her until she the floor, so while she was forced off, she still tore a few strands from her scalp. Gwen winced but rolled up to check on Mary Jane, who was shaking her head and trying to regain her bearings. Gwen didn’t feel like giving her the chance to inflict more pain on her, so she dropped herself off the edge of the couch with her knee slamming down onto MJ’s chest.

“AOOOGH!” The redhead rewarded her attack with a pained huff, the wind knocked out of her lungs and her tits flattened against her chest.

“That hurt your ugly slutudders?” Gwen hissed bitterly, twisting her weight around to grind her knee harder against her. Gwen grabbed MJ by the collar of her shirt, still leaning on her chest and stretching the fabric between her chest and neck.

“You don’t wanna go through with this, red,” Gwen warned in a low growl, strange to hear coming out of the cute blonde. MJ looked back at her fiercely regardless, the redhead throwing a sudden cross to Gwen’s face. She gave off a loud, feminine grunt and started to fall off, but she caught herself on Mary Jane’s collar and caused a loud tear to slide down the front of the shirt. Gwen stopped her fall, but rose to her feet as she viciously pulled on the top, splitting it down the front like a crude vest.

“My top! You fucked up my top, you little cunt!” Mary Jane shouted at her furiously. It was just a plain black t-shirt, but it was new, and she really didn’t need any more reason to hate the blonde bitch. MJ’s matching black bra was exposed, the red of her embarrassment and anger flowing over part of her lightly freckled breasts.

“I wouldn’t worry about your top after what I’m going to do to you, you dick-stealing skank!” Gwen snapped back, throwing the handful of torn shirt aside. She stormed forward to try to stomp Mary Jane into the floor, but she was more prepared this time. She swung her barefoot in a rising arc, her toes burying themselves under Gwen’s skirt and right into her pussy.

The kick hit Gwen hard enough to make her double over and release a quick gasp, knocking the air right out of her as she froze in pain. MJ boosted herself back upright and grabbed Gwen’s head under her arm, squeezing it tight and pulling back to keep her in line.

“No smart mouth on you now, huh bitch?” MJ grunted, breathing heavily as she snuck a sucker punch into Gwen’s hanging breast. It got a groan out of her but Gwen made no other efforts to fight back yet, her hand cupping her crotch weakly. Maryjane reached behind her rival for Peter’s affections, flipping up Gwen’s skirt and yanking her panties down to her knees.

“I’m gonna give you what your daddy should have a long time ago!” she threatened before smacking a hand across her ass. Gwen shouted in shocked pain, shaking her head and trying to pull free. MJ stumbled and lost some of her balance, but she held on and landed several more loud slaps to her bare cheeks. Gwen screamed from the outrage and stinging pain in her ass, twisting herself to yank on Mary Jane’s leg. They split apart a bit, enough for Gwen to reach under her skirt and dig her claws into MJ’s pussy through her panties and squeezing hard.

“AOOOH!” Mary Jane howled out painfully, suddenly releasing Gwen as she grabbed for her wrist, trying to pull it from her panties. Gwen pulled and twisted, hearing the thin fabric of her underwear tearing underneath her skirt. MJ shuddered and tried to stagger away, but Gwen grabbed the hem of her skirt to stay with her and keep on her clamping grip to crush her labia.

Mary Jane started to feel nauseous from the pain, grabbing onto a wall to stay hunched over as she was. “That how Peter touches you, you fucking cunt?!” she snapped as her nails stretched and tore at her panties and pussy lips. “I’m gonna wreck that pussy so you’ll never fuck again! You’re going to need to put road work signs up around your bush!”

MJ suddenly got a hand up to Gwen’s face and scraped her nails over her eyes and lips. The blonde screamed and gave one last tearing pull as she backed off, ripping MJ’s skirt off in the process. Her dark panties were torn in several places, patches of pale skin and red pubic hair showing through the holes.

“SHHH… FUCK!” MJ cursed lowly as Gwen staggered back holding onto her skirt. Her clumsy steps flashed Gwen’s own bare thighs and blonde bush beneath her skirt. With Gwen stunned and blinded, Mary Jane could rush up, yanking down the blonde’s skirt in one quick swipe. Gwen’s hands went blindly down to her crotch for protection, only for MJ’s hands to forcefully shove their way under her bra, digging her nails into Gwen’s jugs. The blonde gave an ear-splitting screech as MJ pulled and twisted on her flesh.

“Fucking whore! Let go!” she howled, MJ uncaring for her screaming demands. Mary Jane was surprised when the pain and rage egged her on to slam her fist into the redhead’s face, rapidly pounding into her cheekbone. MJ winced and backed off, but tore at her handful of Gwen’s breasts upward, tearing her bra and shirt off in one scratching swipe. Gwen shrieked clawed back vengefully, just missing MJ’s own impressive rack but catching onto her bra and panties instead. The both yanked back until both girls were had the last of their clothes torn from their bodies.

Both stood in front of each other, naked and visibly steaming mad. The angry red gashes and dull purple bruises on their bodies stood out on their fair skin, eyes wide with wild hatred. “That was my pussy, you bitch!” Mary Jane shouted at her furiously.

“You didn’t have a problem kicking me there!” Gwen screamed back. “I’m going to beat you shitless so that no one will fuck you, let alone Pete.”

“Even Mysterio couldn’t make your fat ass look good!” MJ spat back, suddenly lunging at Gwen. Her fingers went to bury themselves in her hair, but Gwen caught her by the wrists. The girls struggling ineffectively back and forth in that position a few seconds, grunting and shoving a bit before Gwen saw an opening and slammed a knee up into MJ’s naked crotch.

“OHHH!” she blurted out, making an unflattering face as it distorted in pain. Her arms turned weak in an instant and Gwen was able to shove her backward, letting her land flat on her back on the floor.

MJ was too slow to rise as Gwen pounced on her, straddling her waist and throwing wide slap across MJ’s breasts. The big pale jugs bounced to one side then the other with her pelting smacks, juggling and jiggling them all over. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! MJ was reeling from the blows to her tits and privates, but she leaned further back kicking frantically at the air while Gwen went to town on her tits, slapping and scratching at her jugs. The redhead finally got her legs around Gwen’s neck after a few tries, locking her heels under her chin and pulling to slam her head into the floor.

Gwen’s skull bounced off the ground from the impact, moaning and holding her head. MJ scrambled out from underneath her, hands going to her tender chest for a moment but too caught up in their frenzy to stop attacking. She gave Gwen a kick in the ribs, rolling her onto her stomach so MJ could climb on top of her back. She slid one arm under Gwen’s neck and pulled up, bending her back underneath her hips while pulling up in what she’d approximated as a chokehold. It was hard to be sure, but Gwen’s gasps and choking noises sounded promising for her success rate. Gwen kicked and squirmed under her as she regained some of her wits, reaching up to scratch and pull at MJ’s arm ineffectively.

MJ pulled up on her neck more securely, wrapping one hand around to gouge her fingers in Gwen’s face and pulled up sharply. It scratched over and inside her face, with the added benefit of catching on her nostrils and forcing them to bend into more of a humiliating pig’s snout. “Damn, I wish I had a mirror to let you see how ugly you look. But you must not have any around because you realized that a long time ago! Must be why Peter left you to fuck a model instead.”

Gwen Stacy seemed to have enough and pulled harder on the strangling arm, biting into her fingers just above the knuckle. “YOWW!” MJ pulled her hands back to grip her fingers, lightly marked from Gwen’s resisting bite. Gwen was able to throw an elbow back, landing against one of Mary Jane’s slashed up tits. She grunted and fell to one side as she hugged her swelling breast to her body, propping herself up against the foot of the couch. Gwen moved quickly to sit on the couch behind her, wrapping her legs around her head to trap her there and finally succeeding at stabbing her nails into MJ’s scalp. She pulled and tore at the handfuls of long red hair until they were stretched to their limit or strands came off at the root, MJ screaming in outrage.

“My HAIR! You fucking shit-eating whore!” Mary Jane cried at her, tears forming in her eyes from the countless minor stings and pains throughout her head. She grabbed at Gwen with her limited reach, scratching over her thighs and legs desperately.

“Let me know how that modeling career goes when you’re fucking bald, slag!” Gwen shouted back at her, slapping her face before going back to her hair.

“You wanna pull hair, fucker?” MJ hissed through grit teeth, reaching up between Gwen’s thighs and grabbing whatever her fist could take of the puffy blonde bush and pulling like she was helping Aunt May weed her garden. She came out with a fistful of the light blond pubes, and Gwen shrieking as her legs popped back open, rubbing the sore and tender flesh. “THAT’S how you pull hair!” MJ shouted back at her, throwing the bright red pubes aside and grabbing one of Gwen’s legs. She threw it over the arm of the couch, spreading them wide like an eager whore. Instead, she delivered a short, hard jab into her pussy, knuckles digging into the parting lips of Gwen’s freshly sheared mound.

Gwen let out a sickly gagging noise as MJ effectively punched her in the clitoris, sending a shock of pain up through her spine and belly. Gwen flopped like a fish from her perch on the couch, too stunned to even cover herself up when Mary Jane sent a second punch into her twat. A weaker groan came from her victim this time, twitching and spread wide in front of MJ.

“Peter’s not going to want a little peach like that,” MJ sneered. “It’s all bruised.” She looked up as Gwen started to groan and rub her stinging bush. “Doesn’t mean I won’t have a bite myself!”

The redhead leaned forward and spread her mouth wide, biting into a fleshy mouthful of Gwen’s pussy lips. She reared her head back sharply, tearing at the tender labia and getting a horrified scream out of the blond.

“MY PUSSY!” she shrieked. “HOLY SHIT, GET OFF YOU FUCKING COW! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” she gasped frantically. Gwen spasmed in pain, recoiling to try and escape before suddenly her foot shot forward, crushing her heel into MJ’s face. Blood spurted from her nose as MJ hit the floor, both girls coughing for air and nursing their various injuries.

Gwen massaged her crotch while MJ gingerly touched at her smashed nose, both bleeding from their fresh injuries and the tearing claw marks at their breasts. They only got a few breaths in before Gwen kicked at MJ, thumping the side of her head. The redhead shoved the leg away, grabbing Gwen around the waist and pulling to slam her down to the carpet along side her. She leaned over and hammered several punches into the blond’s belly, forcing a sharp gasps from her with each shot. Gwen suddenly grabbed one incoming fist and pushed it aside, forcing it to the ground. Mary Jane scrambled for her position, throwing a quick and bitter slap into Gwen’s pussy. She hissed at the hit to her tender groin, but used her position to slide her legs around Mary Jane’s waist and clench her leg together.

“Auuughh!” MJ howled out as Gwen grit her teeth and leaned back, pressing her legs together as tightly as she could. The redhead’s feet kicked frantically behind her, banging on the carpet as the crushing legs pressed on her lower ribs and insides.

“Nnghh… I didn’t think you could even close your legs, whore,” she hissed, sinking her nails into Gwen’s calf muscle. The blond winced but twisted her body, corkscrewing her legs a bit to make the body scissor that much more painful for her rival. MJ writhed in her hold a few more seconds, seeming ready to crack when she lashed up with both hands and sank her other set of nails into Gwen’s tit and squeezed like an aggressive dairy farmer.

“UHNN!” Gwen gave a pained grunt as her breast swelled up at the end from MJ’s heartless crushing, distracting the blond into loosening her leg lock. MJ took the opportunity to lunge towards her, using the grip on her breast to sink her teeth into its swollen nipple.

“AIIIEEE!” Gwen shrieked as she felt MJ’s teeth crush her tit, twisting her head to grind the teeth over her flesh. Gwen kicked and shoved frantically, nails gouging and pushing at the redhead’s face. She left some deep scratches over her freckled features, but Mary Jane kept growling and drooling over her, muffled curses and insults coming through her mouthful of breast. Gwen finally changed tactics, wincing and sweating from the agony as she reached underneath MJ’s face. She grabbed her by the neck and stuck her thumbs into her throat, squeezing whatever felt the most tender down there.

She was quickly rewarded when Mary Jane started sputtering and coughing up saliva over Gwen’s breast. Disgusting, but effective, and neither of the naked girls felt too concerned with their looks or dignity right now. Gwen was able to force the choking model’s face away from her tits, fixing one hand to her neck while the other pulled back on her long hair.

“So how’s that modeling job again?” Gwen snarled, just before she bit into Mary Jane’s cheek. MJ screeched as Gwen gnawed and pulled on it like a chew toy. MJ tried to pull away but the blond was locked onto her like some sadistic kiss. MJ slapped and shoved at her face, driving Gwen back at last from her neck. Mary Jane’s cheek had indentations from the bite, and some light blood running down her face from some of the marks.

“You sick fuck! My face!” MJ fumed at her, slapping one of Gwen’s breasts fiercely as her other hand held her bloodied cheek. Gwen replied by grabbing one of her rival’s bright red nipples and twisting it between her fingers like she was trying to unscrew it from her chest.

“Call it an improvement, you ugly tramp!” she snapped back. MJ shuddered from the pain and delivered an uppercut too Gwen’s right tit, letting it jiggle rapidly before slowing to a stop. Gwen winced and cried out in pain, but didn’t release her nipple twisting grip. She instead grabbed its twin, pinching and rolling them violently in either direction as if she were tuning a radio. Though it changed the volume on MJ’s screams of agony, she grabbed the sides of Gwen’s chest, squeezing and dragging her nails over the flesh and muscles there.

Gwen squealed in her own miserable pain, the girls pulling on eachothers’ tits while trying to retreat themselves, just adding more pressure on eachothers’ breast attacks. MJ broke the stalemate when she leaned forward suddenly, biting for Gwen’s face. Her teeth snapped at her, Gwen dodging the first gnashing of her teeth but a second try catching onto her bottom lip and biting down on it.

“EEEEE!” Gwen squealed wordlessly as both girls tasted blood from the intimate bite. She dropped her grip with one hand, using it to punch MJ in the belly. When the redhead grunted and released her bite, Gwen paid her back in kind, snarling and biting into MJ’s own lips. MJ let out a mumbling growl of pain as Gwen twisted her head, stretching and tearing at her lips in payback. MJ took hold of Gwen’s blond locks on either side, dropping her swollen pale tits to instead rip her head back and forth by the chunks of hair, rocking her neck violently with both of their heads whipping around until Gwen gasped and her hands reached up to her own hair to relieve the pain. Released from the lip lock, MJ spat in the blond’s face, seeing the blood in her saliva as it slapped into her cheek. Gwen crawled back on her ass as she wiped the spit away with the back of her arm, both girls breathing heavier with rage, pain and fear as things only seemed to escalate.

“I’m not stopping,” MJ growled.

“The fuck if I am!” Gwen snapped back readily as the girls checked their freshest wounds without taking their eyes off the other. “Peter’s mine. He doesn’t need a weak bitch like you weighing him down.”

“No, he needs a girl who can actually get him off. Not a boring-ass blond who can’t fight for her man, let alone fuck him right.”

“Maybe I should show you how good I can fuck him using your face for a practice dummy.”

“Not once I use those little tits for punching bags!”

With their frenzies properly wound up again, MJ lunged for Gwen Stacy. Gwen backed up a pace to avoid her grabbing hands, throwing a lucky hook across MJ’s jaw. The redhead landed bent over the sofa cushions, stunned as Gwen grabbed her by the hair to hold her down. She used her knees to shove MJ’s legs further apart before she smashed a fist up through her crimson bush and into her pussy.

“UGHHK!” MJ let out a sickly noise as her punch went into her twat, shuddering against the couch while Gwen went berserk, landing her flurry of punches as fast as she could dish them out on her defenseless pussy. Mary Jane at last grabbed the wrist buried in her hair, twisting and pulling on it to toss Gwen forward. She bounced off the couch, landing on the ground next to her opponent who still held onto her arm. MJ shifted herself to sit back onto the couch, pulling up on Gwen’s arm as it wrenched behind her back. Gwen screamed and thrashed and tried to roll back over, only for Mary Jane to send a stomp into her tits whenever she got too far and forcing her back down to her belly or side.

MJ seemed to have her right where she wanted when Gwen twisted sharply, biting into the redhead’s ankle. The expected scream rang out, and Gwen pulled hard on the leg to hurl MJ off the couch. Her face landed with a dull thud on the floor, holding her face as she rolled slowly to her back. Gwen pounced on top of her, clawing at her face wildly. The girls rolled over the floor grabbing at eachother before MJ caught her knee on one side of them, bracing herself and landing two quick punches across Gwen’s tits. The abused jugs bounced as the blonde let out some pained cries, but she grabbed Mary Jane’s hips to pull herself up and bite into the fat at the bottom of one of her breasts. Mary Jane gave an almost lusty groan from the pain in her already bruised and bloodied chest, eyes fluttering and mouth hanging open as she was briefly overwhelmed.

Instead of giving up like Gwen hoped, MJ grabbed the marvelous blond by the neck and shook her, strangling her but more noticeably slamming her head repeatedly on the floorboards. Gwen’s eyes went a bit glassy after the third hard THUD, blond hair bouncing along with her skull. She cut off MJ’s fourth try when she reached down to grab the dark red pubic hair in front of her face, pulling at it like wrapping paper on a Christmas present. Two big handfuls of red later, MJ was sobbing and fell off of her cupping her crotch.

“I’m surprised a weak pussy like that could take my Peter for so long,” Gwen growled, looking at her handfuls of pubes. While MJ sobbed and curled up in a near fetal position, Gwen gave her another hard kick in the belly, knocking the wind out of her. While MJ gasped for air, she stuffed the mess of red hairs into her mouth, getting MJ to sputter and try to spit them out.

Gwen had no room left for mercy with all the pain in her crotch and breasts and everywhere, for that matter. She leaned on the couch’s armrest, pressing her foot down on MJ’s throat. She gagged and squirmed beneath her as Gwen glared down at her. “You going to stay away from my Peter?” Gwen hissed down at her, fatigue and anger clear in her voice. She was done messing around. So when MJ started to shake her head weakly, she pushed down on her throat harder. MJ’s mouth hung open, drooling and gasping for air like a fish on a dock before she started to nod rapidly.

“Whose man is he?” Gwen demanded, lifting her foot slightly in approval of MJ’s conceding.

“Yours,” she rasped out, eyes and mouth watering pathetically, still spitting up the occasional pube.

“Finally got something right,” she hissed, removing her foot completely. MJ held her throat and coughed loudly, rolling slowly in miserable pain on the ground. Gwen stood over her upper body, sitting down suddenly to planted her battered blond bush into MJ’s face. “Now… start licking.”

“What?!” MJ blurted, but Gwen grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth up against her tenderized folds. Gwen winced slightly as her clawed up cunt was touched, but the satisfaction of MJ’s suffering and submission was enough to make her overlook it.

“Start licking, you little slut. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to tasting Peter’s dick again. And you so much as think about biting and I’ll claw your eyes out and stuff them up your dirty cunt.”

MJ wasn’t foolish enough to take the threat literally, but she was scared and sore enough not to give Gwen any more reason to torment her.

MJ wasn’t foolish enough to take the threat literally, but she was scared and sore enough not to give Gwen any more reason to torment her. She reluctantly reached out her tongue, licking slowly between the folds of Gwen’s scratched and beaten pussy. She moaned and shuddered at the sensation of MJ’s oral submission.

“That’s it… there’s a good bitch. You’re fucking good at this. Mmmm, Pete should thank me for saving him from wasting his time on such a dyke.” The backhanded trash talk kept coming as Gwen humped on MJ’s face. The redheaded model winced and released muffled squeaks at her beaten face being rubbed over, but still obediently at up her pussy. Gwen held her in tighter and humped harder as they went, squeezing her thighs around Mary Jane’s head to squashing her face in a painful and humiliating facesit. MJ sobbed and shuddered, which only seemed to excite Gwen even more between the vibration of her bawling face and her increasing shame.

MJ was disgraced to find how good she was at being Gwen’s sex toy, as the blond’s drawn out humping finally peaked and she came over her rival’s face. MJ sputtered and coughed under her as the orgasm ran into her nose and mouth, soaking MJ in her rival’s sweaty feminine scent. When Gwen got off her, MJ was too busy coughing and drooling as she writhed limply on the floor.

“You ever come NEAR Pete again and I’ll do ten times worse to you,” the blond victor threatened, planting her foot on Mary Jane’s crotch and pressing down firmly on it. “You understand, you braindead cunt?”

“Yes!” MJ sputtered breathlessly, hardly able to think or breathe properly let alone fight back or argue. The extra pressure crushing her cunt didn’t help at all either.

Gwen took her foot off of her groin at last, letting MJ curl up in a bloodied and bruised mess. Gwen took some of her clothes from her bedroom, tugging them on so she could get herself home. She left the apartment, already texting Peter about how Mary Jane wouldn’t get between them any more. One thing anybody who got in her way would have to learn was that NOTHING stopped Gwen Stacy.

The End

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