Matchmaking for Mom by Mr. Cage

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My Mom hates her younger sister Brenda. It took me ten of my sixteen years, almost exactly Mom’s age, to figure it all out. At the same time I found out why Aunt Brenda, two years younger than Mom, has a daughter my age, named Cindy, and no husband and also why no one talks about why my father ran off before I was born. The two can barely stand to be in the same room and wouldn’t if it wasn’t for Grandma making them visit her trailer every Sunday.

We’re what the less enlightened call “White Trash.” Mom worked in a shirt factory until it shut down. Then she worked as a night hotel manager until they closed the hotel. Then she worked in the office of a Buy More store until it shut down. Now she cleans other folk’s houses for cash and I clerk a self-service gas station at night off the books. Our cash goes for the finer things.

Thank god we live in the modern age. The government feeds us, pays for our power, pays for our doctor where we get cash kicks back for every expensive illness we say we have and gives us a place to live. So the money we earn off the books buys my big screen television, game boxes and computer. Mom says I got to stay in school to get a good job. I say, “Who needs a good job?” These days you got to get on TV and cry a bit and somebody gives you anything you want. Let those dumb fuckers who waste their life first in school and then at work pay for it. It serves them right for thinking they’re better than the rest of us.

Aunt Brenda and my Mom’s other siblings, six of them, have a bunch of kids. Her brothers have two or three families apiece and her sisters have at least four kids a piece. Mom only has one, me. Having only one kid cuts into your government money so I asked her why she didn’t have more. She said she got stabbed in the belly once and couldn’t have any more babies.

I couldn’t believe that, but I started snooping and eventually learned that Aunt Brenda and she had been in a fight a couple of months after they had given birth. Mom had won the fight and beat Aunt Brenda really bad. Aunt Brenda came after Mom in Grandma’s kitchen and they ended up in a knife fight. Mom gave Aunt Brenda the big scar on her right cheek and cuts on her arms and legs. Aunt Brenda cut Mom on the arms and her right boob which has a long white scar along its inside. Aunt Brenda had won the fight when she sank her knife into Mom’s belly. Grandma had forced them both to lie about being attacked by a black man and nobody went to jail. And, as long as Grandma lived they were forbidden to ever fight again.

We buried Grandma last Sunday. During the burial Cindy and I snuck off to the woods. She had her first baby, not mine because it’s half-black, three months ago. I was fucking her from behind while she propped her hands on a tree trunk. She told me not to cum inside her cunt because we’re cousins, I didn’t tell her we were half sister and brother, and so I pushed it up her ass. She likes it that way anyway and pumped away until I squirted deep inside her. Then I finished her off eating her pussy.

Afterwards we were dressing and she remarked that her Ma was really looking forward to having words with my Mom over something Mom had said two Thanksgivings ago. I laughed and said her Ma better what it because my Mom was pretty strong from manual labor and all her Ma did was eat, drink and fuck. Cindy corrected me; her Ma also got into bar fights. We made a bet, loser tongues ass over which of them would win a private fight to the finish, just me and Cindy there to keep them from killing one another.

After the wake at the local bar the siblings went to Grandma’s trailer to look for anything worthwhile. There were the normal arguments, but before anything could be stolen the minister showed up with the cops. Grandma had given the trailer to his church and so the old bitch fucked everybody over one more time. Mom got home tired, drunk and angry. I figured it wouldn’t take much, but didn’t want to blow it so I was still thinking of something to say when the phone rang. It was Aunt Brenda. Cindy must have already been hard at work. I heard only one side of the conversation, but it was a good one.

Mom snarled, “Fuck you, you tried to steal everything that wasn’t nailed down. Just like you always do. Four bastards by four men, none of them your own, you’re a cunt plain and simple you dirty whore.”

They got louder and louder and Mom’s cussing got worse and worse. Every third world was bitch, cunt, or fuck. She was sweaty and red faced when she hung up and told me to get the breakables out of the tiny room off the back porch that we used to store shit.

Damn, it was sweaty work with nothing but an electric fan to stir the hot South Carolina summer air inside the small cracker box two bedroom detached rental, but I had everything piled on the back porch long before I heard their car rumble into the dirt driveway. I turned on some loud music in the front. Fucking neighbors were less likely to complain to the cops about music than screeching cats.

Cindy and her younger brother showed up. No way that the little fucker was supposed to be here, but Aunt Brenda said she didn’t trust me to stay out of it. Cindy shrugged. The two sisters started arguing about this and that. Mom challenged Aunt Brenda to put her fat ass on the line. My ears pricked up. The bet was that the loser would get fucked by the winner’s son. I saw no way to lose that bet so I nodded my head at Jimmy, who may be stupid but he’s not that stupid.

Finally they seemed ready to fight. But, there was another round of bitching when I pulled out a high end video camera I had found a couple of weeks earlier in the trunk of a Mercedes that some friends had stolen just for the hell of it. The drunken idiots never thought to scavenge the car for loot. Hell, they didn’t even bother to strip the tires; they just set the thing on fire to see it burn. What a waste, somebody paid good money for that car at least; they should have sold the parts. In the end it was agreed that that the winner would take home the video.

Finally we stepped to the door. They were wearing shorts and dirty t-shirts. Both kicked off their sandals. Neither had washed up from the hot day. Mom might have been a looker in her twenties, but at thirty-two she was 5’4’’ and 160 or so pounds. Her tits were big 42E watermelons and she had a slight double belly and a big ass. Her arms and legs were thick and fleshy but still pretty strong. I knew she had on a bra and panties under her stained t-shirt and dirty light blue shorts. Her hair was naturally dirty blonde that hung to her mid back when not braided, which it wasn’t for the fight. Aunt Brenda was taller at 5’6’’ and maybe 150 or so pounds. She had similar tits maybe 40DD, a smaller ass, but softer belly. Her legs jiggled more and her arms didn’t look as strong, but who could tell. Her hair had been colored bright yellow and looked like a dolls. Her shorts were bright red.

They circled cursing each other and promising all sorts of mayhem, but nothing happened. I was beginning to think they might wind down and kiss and make up. Then Aunt Brenda showed her bar fighting skills and spit in Mom’s face following it up with a sudden kick to Mom’s crotch. Mom cursed as she started to wipe away the spittle and then yelped when Aunt Brenda’s dirty feet left a smudge right on the swell of her cunt.

Mom bent forward slightly and grabbed for herself. Aunt Brenda grabbed Mom’s hair with her left hand and started swinging her right hand like a piston into Mom’s head and face. Mom grunted and cursed as her face got smacked and she was jerked around by her hair. Suddenly she yelled and charged into Brenda’s tits shoulder first. Brenda grunted twice, once on impact and the second time when her back slammed into the plasterboard wall. I thought they might have put a hole in it, but the board held this time.

Brenda pounded Mom’s back and Mom started throwing low rights up into Brenda’s red shorts. These two hated each other and this was no school girl slap and row fight. They wanted to hurt each other and each knew how. Brenda took five or six uppercuts to the cunt, mound or lower belly surprisingly well, but she finally grabbed the back of Mom’s t-shirt and pulled it up exposing the back of her strained bra. Mom grabbed a handful of her sister’s fat cunt through the shorts and tried to squeeze. Brenda cursed her for being a dyke and popped open the bra. It snapped around like a sling shot and Mom’s whoppers fell out of their heavy cups. Jimmy was more than happy.

Mom didn’t cover her swinging tits; instead she grabbed the front of Brenda’s shorts and started pulling down. There was no way she was going to get those down in this position, but she did stretch the cheap elastic until it shredded and Brenda’s fat lower belly was partially exposed. She was wearing black lace panties. Mom’s back was taking a beating. She sank her fist into Brenda’s fat belly several times and then tried to rise up.

Brenda grabbed Mom’s hair as she rose and twisted her head to the side. Mom’s screech was cut off by a knee to her hanging tits. Brenda used the hair to swing Mom into the corner of the room. Still holding Mom’s hair, Brenda kicked up into Mom’s tits. She really was going after the fat balloons. Mom grunted and grabbed the foot. Now Brenda was hopping on one foot. Mom used the foot to swing Brenda into the all and then put her on her fat ass.

Brenda groaned and tried to kick out. Mom’s right thigh got kicked, but she had Brenda’s right foot high in the air. Brenda’s cunt had taken punches and squeezes, but now Mom’s dirty foot landed hard right on the fat double cleft that showed under the red shorts. This time Brenda moaned and cursed. She crossed her free leg over Mom’s foot and tried to roll over. Mom staggered and looked down on Brenda’s ass as she turned over to scoot away.

Instead Mom grabbed the back of her red shorts and pulled them and her panties down. Brenda fell on her tits and grabbed for her shorts. Mom’s big foot stomped down on the crack of Brenda’s pale white ass and nailed her to the ground. Mom grunted and twisted finally falling backwards with Aunt Brenda’s shorts and panties.

Aunt Brenda rolled over showing her full dirty blonde bush and fat cunt. She tried to cover herself. Jimmy and Cindy were yelling for her to get up and fight. Mom was picking her self up shedding her torn t-shirt and useless bra. There was no break for costume malfunction.

Mom rushed Aunt Brenda as she stood up and slammed fists into her face and tits. Aunt Brenda staggered back toward the open door. I braced myself and put out one hand to push her to the side. She slide past and her kids caught her and pushed her back into the room. They wanted to see this fight as much as me.

Aunt Brenda walked into a hard right to the left eye. She squealed and ducked under a round house left. Mom’s swing took her tits first into Aunt Brenda’s ducked shoulders. Now Brenda’s feet dug into the dirty carpet and drove Mom back hard into the far wall. Mom grabbed Brenda’s t-shirt and pulled it up over her head, taking punches to her cunt and belly to blind the dyed hair fat bitch. Mom slid to the side and pounded Brenda’s t-shirt covered face with rights and lefts. As the woman covered up and stripped off her own t-shirt she took a dirty toe kick to the hairy slit.

Aunt Brenda cried out and fell to her knees in just her stained bra. Mom kicked her in the belly and then stomped on her back as the woman fell over to the floor crying out for someone to stop the fight. Jimmy started to move but Cindy pushed him back, “Let them settle it one on one.”

Mom was intent on stripping her sister. She leaned over and went to work on the bra. It was difficult but she popped it open and started to drag it off rolling Brenda over. As Brenda rolled on her ass and the bra left, she kicked up and got a heel right into Mom’s fat lower belly. Mom grunted and backed up gagging. The foot had really caught her good.

Brenda got up. Her face was messed up. Both eyes were marked and her upper lip was split. Her nose was red, but not bloody. Both cheeks were blotched. Mom was definitely ahead on points as well as clothes. Mom got control of her belly and stood steady breathing heavily as sweat rolled off both the big women. Exhaustion might be the determining factor very soon.

Brenda rushed in swinging. Her big tits were flying around with each wild swing. Her big belly heaved as sweat rolled down her. Her fists caught Mom’s face and tits. Mom fought back and the two of them essentially slugged it out toe to toe their tits smashing together and then bouncing back over and over again. Mom’s nose started to bleed and she was going to have a black left eye. Brenda’s lips were both ruptured now and the blood was smeared all over her chin and tits. They punched themselves into exhaustion and ended up standing big tits crushed together pulling hair and gasping for breath.

Brenda was the first one to use her teeth. She bit deep into Mom’s sweaty left shoulder. Mom screamed and was forced back to the wall. Brenda slammed her body into Mom and continued to bite. Blood was on the bitch’s mouth and dribbling down Mom’s shoulder across her fat tit. Mom screamed and clawed at Brenda’s dyed hair. When that didn’t work, Mom dropped her right hand and curled two fingers into Brenda’s fat cunt. Now it was my Aunt’s time to scream. She yelped, released the bite and retreated yelling that Mom was a “fucking ugly dyke.”

Mom held up her fingers and said, “Smell’s like cock, just like your daughter’s.”

“Fuck you cunt!” screamed Aunt Brenda as she lunged forward going for Mom’s hair.

Mom slammed her right into Aunt Brenda’s nose even as the other woman’s hands found her hair. Aunt Brenda’s head snapped back and her nose started pouring. She dragged on Mom’s hair and fell face first onto Mom’s tits, covering with blood. Mom slugged her sister in the back of the neck and then started screaming. Brenda’s teeth were deep in the side of Mom’s scarred right tit.

Mom tried to retreat, but Brenda hugged her and followed her all the way into the near corner biting tit the whole way. Mom’s screams became curses once the initial shock of teeth in her tit passed. She pounded the back of Brenda’s neck with her right fist and tried to pry her left hand between her fat boob and Brenda’s face. Unable to get to the eyes she instead stomped down on Brenda’s right foot and pushed.

Aunt Brenda fell backwards, her teeth deep in Mom’s now bloody tit. It looked like a terrier on a rope. Mom’s big tit stretched straight out from her belly and she was pulled forward by the teeth locked in her flesh. Screaming Mom fell on top of Brenda covering her face with tit flesh. Brenda hugged Mom around the back and continued to bite tit as far as anyone could see. Mom tried to push up, but she was trapped. She squealed and cursed as her tit was chewed even though she was straddling Aunt Brenda’s bare belly.

Mom stopped trying to press up and instead hugged Aunt Brenda’s head to her chest pressing her fat tits around Aunt Brenda’s face as if to give her more than she could chew. It worked quickly. Aunt Brenda started to kick and writhe on her back. Her hands started to beat Mom’s wet back and then claw.

I wasn’t sure what was going on but Cindy said, “She tit smothering her. Ma, fight back!”

Mom stayed on top of her. Brenda clawed Mom’s back bloody, but Mom took it. Brenda kicked her feet and bucked, but Mom rode her mound to mound, knees on either side of the bitch’s fat hips. Slowly, ever so slowly, Brenda’s feet slowed and she stopped bucking. Then her hands slapped on Mom’s back. Muffled screams came out.

Jimmy said, “She’s finished.”

Cindy said, “Not till while she’s moving.”

As Brenda’s hands went limp, Mom rose up and scooted up to sit just under Brenda’s reddened tits. She trapped Brenda’s arms under her knees. Mom’s right tit was covered in deep bleeding bites. She grabbed the front of Brenda’s head and lifted it off the floor. Brenda gasped as she sucked in air. Mom waited for a few seconds and then started mercilessly pounding the trapped woman’s face. Sweat and blood flew as Mom purposely closed both of Brenda’s eyes and then worked on her bloody nose and mouth until both were swollen red smears of gore. Brenda begged and then was knocked out. Mom rose and stomped on the knocked out woman’s tits until I stopped her. Cindy declared her the winner.

Mom crawled off and puked before crawling to the shower. Cindy and her brother pulled their mom to a sitting positon and brought her back to life. Her face swelled terribly until only her right eye had any sight. Her nose was broken and swollen. One tooth was lose and it was all she could do to breathe through her gasping open mouth. My mother returned wearing a wet towel and band aides on her tits, shoulders and arms where Aunt Brenda’s teeth had cut her through. She looked down at her nude sister covered in sweat and blood and then at me.

“Fuck her in the ass. Then cum in her dirty twat.”

It took all three of us kids to get her over the edge of our couch, her fat white ass up in the air. Cindy sucked my cock hard. My Mom carried on a vile commentary, then dragged Jimmy off to the other room. I looked around the corner as she pushed him on his back on the floor and mounted him, huge wounded tits dragging on his flat chest as she grunted like a sow, up and down on his cock. Cindy and I watched until she came the first time and just sit there gasping. She started off again and told me to get busy on my Aunt.

With Cindy’s help I got my hard cock into Aunt Brenda’s dark brown, hairy asshole. She cried out and grabbed the couch cushions with her bloody hands, whimpering as I pounded away. It was all I could do to pull out and splatter her in the cunt with my cum. But you should always do what your Mother says.

The End

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