Mediterranean Resort by JB57

The heat of the afternoon radiated up from the sand-colored tile as the sun beat down on the private Greek island of Elysium, its brilliant light glinting off of the Mediterranean Ocean. Veronica Carter basked in the blazing heat, stretched out on a lounge chair beside the pool. Veronica had been at this private luxury resort off the coast of Greece for the past week. She had arrived after spending two luxurious weeks in Paris. While in France, she had met a number of wealthy men who could serve as potential “sugar daddies,” but no one with whom she was really taken. She had come to this resort, the Elysium, to try her luck in Greece. Despite the country’s economic problems, its exclusive luxury resorts were still attracting the wealthy cream of the European elite. For some people, the party never stopped, no matter how hard things were for the people around them.

Veronica decided to get a drink. She would not stay out in the sun much longer. Taking care of her skin was a critical part of her health regimen, but she did love getting a tan. She slid sinuously from the lounger and began walking along the edge of the giant, kidney-shaped pool, heading towards the pool’s bar.  The pool was an enormous oasis of green and blue on the edge of the resort. Behind the main pool, a series of overlapping grottoes and gullies emptied into the main pool, providing privacy and a change of scenery for more adventurous guests.

The black-haired beauty was wearing a black micro-bikini, a swimsuit so small that, from a distance, it was hard to tell that she was wearing anything at all. The strings of the bikini top bisected her beautiful breasts horizontally, leaving almost all of the luscious meat of her lower breasts below the nipple exposed. A thin slash of cloth shot up from the string, expanding just barely enough to cover her impressive nipples, before thinning down to a spaghetti strap that looped behind her neck. Her thong was similarly miniscule – a thin string that arced over her hip bones, making her lush legs seem endlessly long, then held taut a tiny piece of cloth that barely covered her vaginal slit and her small, dense thatch of pubic hair. Her magnificent ass was entirely bare, the string of the thong disappearing between her rippling buttocks. Veronica was otherwise nude, wearing only high heels to enhance her spectacular legs, mirrored sunshades, and a big floppy hat.

At this European resort, all of the women around the pool were beautiful; most were nude or topless. But Veronica appreciated the allure that a little bit of clothing could bring and she was gratified to see and feel the eyes of every man and most women following her magnificent body as she made her way away from the pool deck and towards the patio bar. During her stay, she had checked out her competition carefully. While the resort was full of gorgeous and voluptuous women of every shade, hair color, race and ethnicity, none could quite measure up to her combination of incredible voluptuousness and facial beauty. She had no doubt that she was the hottest woman at the resort. It fed her ego to know this. She had already fielded many offers from many men and she had no doubt that one of the many millionaires at the resort would eventually prove to be acceptable. She knew that she could afford to wait. In the competition for a generous benefactor, she had no serious competition.

As she made her way to the bar, her beautiful tits rocking entrancingly, her curved hips swaying seductively, someone caught her eye. A beautiful dark-haired woman appeared at the top of the steps leading down to the pool area. The woman was wearing a green string bikini. Though not as brief as Veronica’s micro-bikini, the green swimsuit left little to the imagination. Tiny triangles of cloth barely covered the woman’s nipples and areola and certainly provided no support to her massive breasts. A tiny thong cupped her vulva, tight enough to hint at her gash. The woman was wearing sunshades and flip-flops; the deck was far too hot for bare feet. She was holding a towel. She walked down the steps, her beautiful body moving sensuously, her impressive tits bouncing deliciously. She headed straight for an available lounger. The woman dropped her towel and sunshades on the lounger, kicked off her flip flops, did a little bouncy dance to the edge of the pool on the hot tiles, and then dived gracefully into the deep blue water. A moment later she came up, the tiny triangles of her bikini clinging to her voluptuous breasts and erect nipples. The dark-haired beauty lifted her hands to her head, pulling up her gorgeous tits with the action, and squeezed out her hair, arching her back. She smiled luxuriously, clearly enjoying the delicious release from the heat. Most of the bathers around the pool now had their eyes focused on the woman’s soaked bikini top and the thick nipples outlined by the drenched cloth.

Veronica watched all of this with a frown. The young woman was breathtakingly beautiful. Her skin was an appealing olive; her black hair was lush and thick. What was worse, her incredible body looked like it could be a match for Veronica’s luscious form. The woman’s beautiful breasts were matched by a well-muscled torso, flaring hips, thick, tapered thighs and strong calves. This woman seemed to share Veronica’s sense of the allure of hiding some of her assets. She seemed to be a European woman and she clearly was not modest, yet she had not removed her bikini top before diving into the pool, which Veronica had expected her to do.  Even more, Veronica’s nipples had tightened at the sight of the girl; her pussy grew moist. These were clear signs that this new woman was an Alpha bitch, her natural rival. Veronica wondered who the woman was. She must be a new arrival at the resort.

As nonchalantly as she could, Veronica inquired about the green-bikinied woman from the bartender. “Oh, that’s Malina,” the barman said. “She’s a masseuse here at the resort. She started a few months ago. Today must be her day off.”

Veronica sipped her coke as she returned to her lounge chair. She was on the opposite side of the pool from where Malina had set up. From beneath her floppy hat and behind her dark glasses, Veronica studied her new rival and considered her next move. The fact that Malina was an employee did not make her any less of a threat. If anything, it meant that she had even more at stake than Veronica in finding a sugar daddy. Given the woman’s appearance, Veronica was surprised that no one had snatched her up already. But maybe the woman was picky.  Maybe, like Veronica, she felt that she could afford to be picky. Whatever the explanation, Veronica was now aware of Malina. The woman could be a problem. Veronica smiled. She enjoyed fixing problems, particularly the kind presented by Malina. Watching the beautiful bitch from across the giant pool, Veronica felt her pussy grow hot and wet. She knew exactly how she would deal with Malina.

Malina had been lying on her lounger, soaking up the sun, her beautiful face turned to the sky, her spectacular body glistening as the water quickly evaporated off her silken skin. The Greek woman suddenly sat up, a puzzled expression on her face. She looked around and immediately spotted Veronica. From across the pool, the two beautiful women contemplated each other from behind their mirrored sunshades. Veronica’s nipples became rock-hard and she felt thick lubrication start to trickle from her aroused pussy as her vagina contracted powerfully.  After a few moments, Veronica got to her feet. She stretched her incredible body, her arms reaching over her head, her back arching, her massive tits jutting from her chest, her beautiful legs tensing as she stood on tiptoe. Her long, muscled torso grew taut, her narrow navel growing narrower as her muscles tightened.  She showed Malina every curve, every inch of her luscious flesh. Veronica smiled tauntingly at the beautiful woman watching her. Malina licked her dry lips. Veronica turned and walked away, heading up the steps to the pool, back towards the resort building. She put a special wiggle in her hips, her perfect ass rippling as she moved. She could feel Malina’s eyes burning into her bare back, studying her flexing ass, her nearly naked body. Veronica smiled inside as she felt her excitement build. Her time at this resort might turn out to be more exciting than she had thought.

Veronica found out what she could about the other woman. Malina Thematara was a Greek woman, though she came from another coastal island and was not well known by the local people working at the Elysium. Malina had an excellent reputation as a highly skilled masseuse. She worked five days a week and frequented some of the many bars in town. From what Veronica could tell, it seemed the other woman was a party girl, but it was possible that she really was not looking for a rich man to pay her way. Still, as long as she was around, Veronica regarded the woman as a potential threat. Malina might catch the eye of a man that Veronica wanted. But Veronica was not really concerned about competing with Malina over men. She was far more interested in establishing which of them was the dominant bitch. It was against her nature to be so close to another Alpha and not settle that burning question of sexual superiority.

The next day, Malina appeared at the pool again, at around the same time. This time, she was wearing a red string thong bikini. After dipping in the pool, the woman lay down on a lounger and soaked up the sun. She removed her top to do this, giving Veronica a clear view of her spectacular, naked tits. Veronica’s breasts were on full display that day, too, and for the same reason. Malina eventually turned over to give her back and her flawless ass exposure to the sun. Then, she re-entered the pool and swam around for a time, before getting out, retrieving her bikini top and towel and leaving the recreational area. Malina seemed to completely ignore Veronica, but Veronica knew that the other woman was watching her. Malina’s nonchalance was studied and provocative. Veronica was careful not to rise to the bait. But she was disappointed when Malina did not reappear the next day. Veronica assumed that the masseuse was back at work.

Two nights later, Veronica made her way into town. She planned to spend the night at one of the town’s hottest dance spots, a club called “The Inferno.” Veronica did not credit the owners with originality, but there was no question that the place was packed, filled to the brim with beautiful, writhing bodies and pounding music.  Veronica was wearing a little black dress, a tiny, skintight number with a plunging v-neck that struggled to contain the golden orbs of her breasts and a hemline so high that it barely covered her round, hard ass. She was wearing no underwear and balanced expertly on three-inch spike heels.

Veronica joined a crowd of gyrating revelers and soon found herself the center of attention. Her body undulated wildly, her powerful breasts bouncing, her hips twisting sinuously, her powerful legs rippling and flexing with power and sensual delight. As she writhed in Dionysian celebration, her body gave off a veritable cloud of pheromones, pulling men and women into her orbit. A beautiful, voluptuous blonde woman moved in front of Veronica and danced with her, the blonde’s body twisting and swaying to mirror Veronica’s moves. Veronica smiled, waving her hands over head, her massive tits bouncing exuberantly. The blonde could not restrain herself. Her eyes shining with lust, she threw herself at Veronica, wrapping her arms around Veronica’s neck and crushing herself, tit to tit, into the black-haired beauty. She fastened her mouth to Veronica’s lips and eagerly kissed the object of her desire. The crowd around them cheered. Veronica kissed back, pulling the blonde into her lush flesh with a powerful hug. She smiled inside, enjoying the power of evoking such overwhelming sexual desire in the people around her. The blonde woman was spectacular, her body rivaled Veronica’s incredible body. But Veronica could tell that this woman was a submissive; she wanted to be dominated and controlled by someone like Veronica.  As she twined tongues and rubbed tits with the woman, Veronica considered taking the blonde back to her room at the resort. Spending a few hours between this woman’s legs, rubbing pussies, grinding tits, sharing and swallowing spit, would be an enjoyable way to end the night.

Veronica found out that the blonde’s name was Diane and she encouraged the woman to find a friend and come find her later. She continued dancing frenetically, moving around the room, changing partners, checking out her other options. Veronica wanted at least a threesome for the night. She had not decided if she wanted another woman to go along with the blonde or one man. She maybe even wanted an orgy. She felt increasingly horny as she continued to dance.

Finally, Veronica took a break. Sweating freely, her smooth skin glowing with her exertions, she went to the bar and sat, ordering a water and a light drink. The bar was situated in a small alcove off of the dance floor and designed in such a way as to damp down the sound of the pounding music. It meant that it was possible to talk to someone without having to scream at the top of your lungs.

Veronica sat nursing the drink, considering her plans for the evening, and getting more horny as she contemplated how she would spend the next several hours.  Someone took the chair next to hers, though there were several free chairs further up the bar. Veronica turned to the new person, expecting it to be a man or a woman hitting on her. To Veronica’s surprised delight, she found herself staring into Malina’s beautiful olive eyes. Veronica realized that her body’s sexual arousal had prevented her from sensing Malina’s presence.

Malina was wearing a spectacular red dress, its front open and dipping down to her navel, her incredible breasts almost falling out of the gaping opening. The dress was so short that it barely managed to cover her crotch. Malina leaned in closer and Veronica caught the strong scent of the woman’s sexual musk; she was certain that, like her, Malina was wearing no underwear. Veronica felt a spike of incredible desire arc through her body, beginning in her crotch and swelling up to fill her aching breasts. She spread her thighs slightly, encouraging her own scent to rise to meet Malina’s musk.

Malina leaned closer and closer, until her beautiful face was only inches from Veronica’s, until Veronica could feel the woman’s sweet breath on her face. Veronica pushed closer, turning her body in her chair. The weight of Malina’s succulent right tit came to rest on the side of Veronica’s left tit. Both women gasped as Malina’s hard nipple scored Veronica’s titmeat. Even through the thin material of their dresses, the women’s powerful tits radiated heat into each other.

“I saw you at the pool,” Malina breathed at Veronica. The women were now almost nose to nose and Veronica’s juices were raging. She fought to keep herself from running her tongue over this woman’s lips.  “And now, here you are at my favorite club. I know what you’re doing. I know that you want to challenge me, bitch,” the Greek goddess continued. “But your fat body is no match for me.”

Veronica turned all the way in her chair, so that she was facing Malina head on. Their bare knees touched. Veronica leaned all the way forward, sliding her face by Malina’s, pressing cheek to cheek with the other dark-haired beauty, so she could speak directly into Malina’s ear. As she leaned forward, her heavy tits shifted. Her boobs came together nipple to nipple with Malina’s tits, hard nipples pulsing into each other through their dresses. At the same time, thick naked titflesh spilled onto each other, succulent flesh pressing and sliding together. Both women gasped again.

“Don’t threaten me, cunt,” Veronica growled into Malina’s ear. “I’ll put every inch of my body against yours anytime. Just say when and where and we can settle this.”

Malina pulled away from Veronica and sat back in her chair. Veronica did the same. For a moment, the beautiful women glared at each other, green eyes locked to olive, sheer sexual tension filling the space between them, the powerful odor of aroused womanhood assaulting their senses. Slowly, carefully, Malina spread her thighs, just enough to give Veronica a glimpse of what lay between her legs. Veronica looked down into a juicy, glistening, beautiful twat. Malina’s pussy was shaved bare, like Veronica’s, but her twat was topped by a thick thatch of fur. Veronica shuddered as pure lust coursed through her body.

In response, Veronica spread her own thighs. Malina looked down into Veronica’s dripping twat, the pink cuntlips swollen with heat and dripping with juices. The Greek woman shuddered, her eyes lighting with sexual fever. She looked up at Veronica. The women exchanged glares of pure sexual hatred, unbearable lust, and the raw, unrestrained desire to pit their bodies against each other in a battle for domination.

Malina stood up. Veronica noticed the thin trace of juice trickling down the bitch’s inner thigh. She knew that her own pussy was dripping far too much for her to prevent the same thing happening, but she did not care. She stood up, facing Malina. The women glared into each other’s eyes, their erect nipples only inches apart, their breasts swollen with heat. The scent of sex was strong in the space between them.

Veronica stepped forward, closing the gap. The women’s engorged nipples locked together, pulsing at each other through their dresses. Their massive tits mashed hard, naked titflesh swelling up from open necks to bulge out and crush together, taut tissue to tissue. Their breasts sizzled where naked flesh met and rubbed. The women’s bare thighs rubbed hard and both women spread themselves just a little, encouraging the other to press a hot, bare thigh up against naked, wet cunts. Veronica wrapped her arms around Malina; Malina instantly returned the grip. Holding each other tight, crushing their luscious bodies together, the women panted into each other’s gorgeous faces for only a moment before their noses slipped past each other and their lips closed on each other. Malina and Veronica moaned with uncontrollable lust and pleasure as their tongues invaded each other’s mouths, as their thick pink probes slid and twisted and wrestled against each other, fighting for supremacy, sharing spit and hot gasps. The women kissed ferociously, ravenously, all the while rubbing and undulating their voluptuous bodies against each other, heat building, sweat from between their breasts combining, juices trickling down their thighs, even as they pressed their thighs into the other woman’s dripping twat.

Veronica and Malina kissed with ravenous hunger, their tongues moving, moving, wrestling, pushing, scouring the inside of the other’s mouth. How long they stood that way, sucking at each other’s tongues and mouths, eyes closed, lost in the sensuous pleasure and the sexual power of their antagonism, they did not know – for two or three minutes, at least. Finally, their need for air, their mutual sexual hunger, grew to such levels that they had to break apart. Gasping, the two women leaned back against their bar stools, panting, wiping their wet mouths with the back of their hands. Their eyes were wild, burning with sexual fever. Their hair was mussed where both women had grabbed the other’s head to pull the other in and deepen the kiss. The bartender was watching them, his own arousal impossible to hide. Most of the rest of the bar had gone on about its business, paying the two battling women little attention. This was not surprising – all around the dance floor, other couples, men and women, were making out. But the confrontation between Malina and Veronica was special. Two sex goddesses had come into direct conflict and now their blood was boiling with sexual need as they glared at each other.

Malina turned on her heel and walked away, her luscious body jiggling sensuously. Veronica followed, her heart pounding, her breath coming in hard pants of lust. She had no intention of letting the Greek woman get away and she was sure that Malina had no desire to escape either. Both Alpha bitches wanted their sexual confrontation and they wanted it now! Veronica’s imagination was already aflame with the dream of hours and hours locked in sexual battle with this Greek cunt, clit to clit, tit to tit, body locked and straining to body, until she finally forced Malina to submit. But as she followed Malina, Veronica was suddenly cut off by Diane, the blonde beauty she had been making out with earlier. The blonde had a beautiful redhead with her.

“Veronica!” the blonde shouted over the din. “I’ve been looking all over for you! This is Stephanie. She’d love to join us at your place!” Veronica tried to get around Diane, but the blonde seemed oblivious to her efforts. Veronica caught a glimpse of Malina at the door to the club, looking back. Veronica saw the hot, hungry look on the Greek woman’s gorgeous face. The masseuse glared at her from the entrance, then spun on her heel and walked out. Veronica saw the flash of the skimpy red dress, then her rival was gone.

Veronica’s blood was raging. Malina was getting away. But she could not escape Diane and Stephanie. Finally, fighting back her frustration, she turned her attention to the two beautiful women. “Well, Stephanie,” Veronica said, with a fevered grin. “I think the three of us should go back to my place right now. I promise – it will be a really fun time.”

Four hours later, Veronica finally collapsed on her bed, between the ravaged bodies of Stephanie and Diane. She had fallen off of Stephanie after riding the redhead mercilessly, finally ejaculating powerfully into the redhead’s swollen, battered twat. The redhead screamed in orgasmic delight, bucking uncontrollably as Veronica’s hands squeezed her bountiful tits and Veronica’s cunt contracted around the redhead’s twat, squeezing the woman dry like a sponge, filling Stephanie’s pussy with hot, steaming cum. Beside them, Diane watched with glazed eyes, her magnificent body already spent, fucked relentlessly by Veronica as she burned off the incredible erotic power that had built up in her body from her confrontation with Malina. As Veronica fell between her two gorgeous bedmates, the exhausted women wrapped their bodies around Veronica from either side. Luscious, shapely limbs caressed and twined together, the three women exchanged kisses and explored each other tits and twats with eager hands and fingers, biting and sucking and licking, until they drifted off to sleep, locked together in a tangle of luscious female flesh. Veronica’s last thought was that, tomorrow, she could definitely use a massage.

The next morning, Veronica saw off her lovers of the night before, then prepared for the day. She called the resort’s health spa and booked an appointment with a masseuse. She was insistent that the masseuse had to be Malina. Malina was very popular and her only available time was late that afternoon. Veronica would be her last appointment of the day and the receptionist made clear to Veronica that the appointment could easily be cut short. Veronica took the time anyway. She was confident that Malina would give her all the time she needed.

For the rest of the day, Veronica waited with growing anticipation for 4:30 to arrive. She went out to sun herself by the pool, wearing only a tiny slingshot bikini. Later, she took the boat shuttle to town to do a bit of shopping and she had tea in a seaside café. Finally, it was 3 PM and it was time to return to the resort and get ready. She returned to her room, stripped naked, then showered. She brushed out her long, lustrous hair, then paused to admire herself in the bathroom’s full-length mirror. What she saw filled her with self-satisfaction and pride. She saw a stunningly voluptuous and beautiful woman, her body the perfect combination of taut muscle and luscious curves. Her heavy, golden tits were perfectly round and topped by thick brown nipples. Her abdomen was beautifully muscled, her navel long and tight, her hips round and inviting. Her pussy was topped by a triangle of course black fur, but was otherwise naked, her slick pussy lips pink and thick. Her legs were long and powerful, strong, well-defined thighs smoothing down into thick, muscled calves and perfect feet. Her beautiful, proud face fixed her reflection with her bright green eyes. She smiled. Veronica slipped her right middle finger deep into her wet pussy. She smiled even wider, but then stopped. She did not want to masturbate. She was saving herself for her upcoming encounter with Malina.

Veronica pulled on a thick, white, short terrycloth robe and some slippers. Her long legs extending from the short robe, she took the elevator down to the spa level. It was 4:15. She checked in with the receptionist.

“Yes, Ms. Carter, we’ve assigned you to Room Five.” The receptionist led Veronica down the hall to a brightly colored massage room. One of the walls was a window, looking out on the sparkling Mediterranean. Though she had not asked, the receptionist assured Veronica that the glass was one-way; no one could see in. Against the far wall was a small built-in dresser and a mirror. “Malina will be with you in a few minutes, Ms. Carter,” the receptionist promised her. If you want to, you can get on the table and wait.”

After the receptionist left, Veronica stared out at the sea for a time, mentally and sexually preparing herself for what was to come. Her pussy was wet, her nipples were hard. A constant heat flowed from her clit to her nipples and back again. The dense tissue of her tits swelled with arousal. Her pussy lips felt hot and swollen. Her clit had not yet unfurled or even stiffened, but it was pulsing faintly. Veronica smiled. Her anticipation was slowly driving her insane, but she savored it. Soon, anticipation would become reality, and she would meet Malina in the most erotic ways it was possible for two women to meet. Then, they would descend together into pure sensual ecstasy and the raw competition of womanly sex against sex.

Veronica stripped off her gown and stepped out of her slippers. She hung the gown on the back of the door. Completely nude, she stretched out on the massage table, the back of her head resting in the face ring, her arms resting at her sides. She calmed herself, breathing deeply, feeling her tits rise and fall, feeling the heat and hormones wash threw her incredible body. 4:30 became 4:35 then 4:40. Veronica forced herself to be calm and patient. She knew that Malina was playing psychological games with her.

At 4:45, the room door opened and Malina walked in. The masseuse was dressed in a bright white sleeveless halter top, one which supported her massive breasts but allowed for copious cleavage, exposed through a deep v-neck. The halter was fastened with a little clasp between Malina’s breasts.  Malina’s entire abdomen was completely, beautifully bare, the tanned brown skin etched with muscle and a thin, narrow navel. Her belly was bare almost all the way to her crotch; her hips bones were visible. She was wearing white short-shorts which seemed to end exactly where her thighs met her crotch. She was wearing sandals, which she immediately stepped out of and left at the door. Her thick black hair flowed around her shoulders.

Malina’s eyes swept over Veronica’s nude perfection, dwelling unabashedly on Veronica’s magnificent tits and her dripping vulva. Malina smiled, a predatory grin. She had been dreaming of this encounter all day, ever since Veronica had called in that morning. Malina had not been surprised at the call; the previous night, she and Veronica had been cheated of the confrontation that they had both wanted so badly. Now, they would finally meet each other as two Alpha bitches in heat. When they left this room, they would both know which of them was the dominant, more sexually powerful woman.

Veronica’s eyes locked with Malina’s and they both smiled.

“I see you’ve requested a full body massage, Ms. Carter,” the masseuse smiled. “Is there any part of your body you would like me to concentrate on?”

“Yes, Malina,” Veronica replied. “I’d like you spend most of your time on my tits and cunt. Do you think you can do that?”

“Oh, that won’t be a problem, Veronica,” Malina smiled, her olive eyes betraying a shot of sexual fever. “I’m sure I can do things to your pussy and your tits that you’ll never forget.”

Veronica smiled smugly. “You’re starting a bit late. Will you make up for that?”

“Yes,” Malina replied. “Your massage is off the clock.”

Once more, the women exchanged feverish grins.

“Please turn over on your stomach,” Malina requested, her voice smokey with desire. “I’ll start with your back.”

Gracefully, seductively, her eyes half-closed as she exchanged looks with Malina, Veronica turned over onto her stomach. Her massive tits mashed in the table, her face fit through the hole. She stretched out her legs and let her arms rest on either side of her body. “Now,” Veronica thought to herself, “Let’s see what happens.”

Malina lathered her hands with oil, then ran them over Veronica’s powerful shoulders, pressing and digging her strong fingers into the other woman’s tight muscles. She pressed hard as she slid her hands down Veronica’s back, tracing the thick columns of muscles that ended in the small of the black-haired woman’s back. She ran her hands back up Veronica’s lats, slipping her hands around the side of Veronica’s body to where the woman’s dense breasts pushed into the massage table and mushroomed up just beneath her armpits. Malina traced the edge of Veronica’s taut, tight tits, pushing gently, then more insistently, at the dense flesh, before sliding her gelled-up hands down Veronica’s smooth sides to her hips. Without hestitation, Malina seized Veronica’s massive, powerful ass, squeezing and pushing at the hard, thick muscle. Veronica tightened her ass, creating buns that Malina found almost impregnable.  The Greek goddess moved her eager hands around and around on Veronica’s tight ass, slicking the round, beautiful globes with oil, teasingly playing her fingers along the edge of Veronica’s butt crack. Finally, she slid down to Veronica’s thighs, kneading and squeezing the beautifully defined muscles. Malina slipped her hands between Veronica’s thighs, rubbing the sensitive inner thigh flesh, bringing her hands and fingers tantalizingly close to Veronica’s dripping gash. Briefly, she brushed her fingers over the woman’s hot, wet pussy, eliciting a gasp from Veronica, before Malina continued down Veronica’s thighs to her smooth, muscled calves. Malina finished by stroking and flexing Veronica’s feet, massaging the soles, working her fingers between every toe. She had to restrain herself from kissing and licking the dark-haired beauty’s perfect feet.

“Turn over,” Malina purred. Her nipples were rock-hard, straining against her white halter. Her breasts felt swollen with arousal. Her pussy was dripping wet and, she was sure, dampening the inside of her shorts.

Languidly, Veronica turned onto her back. Her nipples were jutting from her magnificent breasts like spears. The intoxicating scent of sexual musk poured off of her naked cunt. Her cuntlips glistened with moisture. She looked at Malina through half-open eyes and smiled seductively. “Do my tits,” she murmured.

Returning the fevered smile, her heart pounding with excitement and desire, Malina lathered her hands with more oil and then eagerly filled her hands with Veronica’s taut, tight titmeat. She squeezed and kneaded the succulent flesh, working around and around the round, thick orbs. She reveled in the feel of Veronica’s rock-hard nipples boring into her palms and she playfully, erotically, ran her fingers around Veronica’s areola. Veronica moaned, writhing in ecstasy on the table. She reached up and covered Malina’s hands with her own, encouraging the Greek goddess to push and squeeze her massive rack even harder. Veronica cried out, her legs stretching, her toes pointing, then one leg bending up, her knee pointing at the ceiling. As she massaged Veronica’s luscious meat, Malina weighed and tested and compared the black-haired beauty’s tits to her own. She reached the inevitable conclusion that Veronica’s magnificent boobs rivaled her own incredible rack.

Veronica released Malina’s hands and stretched her arms over her head. Her hips undulated from side to side as she writhed uncontrollably on the white padded table, moaning in pleasure. Malina could not resist. Suddenly, she dipped her head and took the nipple of Veronica’s beautiful left breast in her teeth. She bit the nipple hard, then chewed at it and began to suck vigorously on the thick brown nub. She continued to squeeze, squeeze Veronica’s right tit, her fingers indenting the delicious meaty mass. Veronica arched her back and cried out again, gasping with pleasure. She had the feeling that Malina could easily drive her to a nipple orgasm. But, right now, she was far too horny to care. Even so, Veronica was sure that, as aroused as she was, Malina was just as lustful.

Malina closed her eyes and sucked ravenously at Veronica’s nip and her delicious, yielding titmeat just a few moments longer. Panting with desire, Malina released Veronica’s nipple and breast and stepped back from the table. Veronica watched with half-open eyes, smiling seductively. Her hands trembling slightly, Malina reached up and undid the clasp between her breasts that held her white halter in place. Malina peeled the garment back from her incredible chest. Her massive, golden-brown breasts dropped free, jiggling deliciously as they sprang from the halter. Malina looked down at her own tits and was amazed at how long and hard her dark brown nipples felt. They were pulsing, throbbing with heat and need. She brushed her palm against her engorged nipples, gasping at the shock of pleasure that rippled through her breasts. She threw the halter in the corner, beside her sandals, and thrust out her chest, displaying her magnificent assets to Veronica. Veronica stared at Malina’s naked tits, fire in her eyes. She licked her dry lips, her heart pounding with excitement.

Standing beside the bed, Malina reached for the hook sealing her shorts closed. Veronica’s eyes blazed as she followed Malina’s hands, her furious desire causing her to tremble with tension. With her hand on the hook, Malina suddenly changed her mind. She saw how much Veronica wanted her naked; she knew how much she wanted it herself. But she was willing to tease Veronica a bit more, to press whatever advantage she could. Smiling, she walked up to the table, then climbed up, swinging her bare left leg over Veronica’s body. She straddled the beautiful black-haired woman, settling her covered pussy down on top of Veronica’s pubic hair, just above Veronica’s hot, dripping cunt. Malina sat on her haunches, her thighs and calves on either side of Veronica’s hips.

The women stared at each other, their eyes glazed as sensual delight pumped through their flesh. Both women were panting with excitement and desire. Malina reached for Veronica’s tits; Veronica reached up and grasped Malina’s massive melons. Malina and Veronica groaned in unison as they sank their fingers into each other’s luscious meat. Moaning and gasping and crying out with pleasure, the two women massaged, kneaded, squeezed and manipulated the other’s succulent breasts. They twisted and pinched engorged nipples. They pressed massive golden orbs together. Gasping, Malina leaned forward, pressing her weight on Veronica’s tits, watching and feeling her rival’s magnificent tits compress under the pressure. Malina’s fingers pressed deep into Veronica’s firm, resisting titmeat. Veronica threw back her head and cried out with pleasure. She squeezed and kneaded Malina’s boobs even harder in reply. Panting, their hearts pounding with excitement, the women squirmed against each other. Veronica’s slick pussy rubbed on Malina’s pristine white shorts.

For some time, this went on. The room filled with the women’s grunts and gasps of pleasure and desire as they fondled and stroked and stimulated each other’s tits. Malina felt the heat from her manipulated tits flowing directly into her clit, building irresistibly. Suddenly, she sat up, pulled her hands from Veronica’s meat, threw back her head and, groaning uncontrollably, arched her back and ran her hands through her thick, lustrous hair. Veronica smiled lustily, gratified at this sign that her erotic ministrations were overwhelming her enemy. She squeezed even harder, twirling Malina’s hot nipples like knobs. Malina’s tits dripped with sweat.

Malina covered Veronica’s hands with her own for a moment, pushing them even more firmly into her throbbing tits. She bucked her hips and rocked her ass, grinding herself down on Veronica’s pussy. Then Malina gripped Veronica’s hands and pulled them from her breasts. Twining their fingers together, she held Veronica hand to hand, sweaty palm to palm. The women’s eyes locked. Malina pushed Veronica’s hands back, to either side of her head, even as Maline slowly lowered her body, her massive tits, down on to Veronica’s tits. Veronica smiled, her eyes shining with excitement, knowing what was about to happen, squirming in anticipation of the tit to tit contact. Veronica arched her back, offering her succulent titmeat to her foe.

“Yes, you bitch, you cunt…,” Veronica panted. “Give it to me, fucker!”

“Here it comes, whore,” Malina gasped in reply. “I’m going to squash those floppy bags flat…”

Naked nipple met naked nipple for the first time. The women cried out in unison as their hot nipples mated, as their rough areola began to grind. Malina pushed Veronica’s hands down to the mat even as she began to roll her tits around and around Veronica’s tits. Veronica thrust back, rotating her torso in reply. Four thick, meaty masses mashed and rolled against each other, the oil on Veronica’s tits, the hot sweat pouring from both women’s breasts, lubricating their sensual battle. The women’s tits slipped over and around each other, sharp nipples scoring dense, throbbing titflesh. Holding each other hand to hand, Veronica and Malina worked against each other, both women gasping in pleasure. Malina pinned Veronica’s hands to the table, to either side of her head. Using her leverage, Malina held herself up slightly, so that her massive melons could move more freely and more aggressively against Veronica’s luscious tits. The pleasure in the women’s rubbing, grinding, sliding tits grew more and more unbearable and their moans of shared delight grew ever louder. Malina held her head up, her eyes closed in bliss, as she worked her tits around and around Veronica’s chest. Veronica tried to return the attack by rotating her tits the other way. Slowly, Malina dropped further and further down onto Veronica, their massive, throbbing breasts mashing harder and tighter. Malina massaged Veronica’s tits with her own, desperate to feel the other woman’s breasts surrender to her own, desperate to feel Victoria come in a submissive orgasm. But the pleasure was unbearable, as their swollen tits pulsed against each other, as their nipples seemed to fuse and mate in ecstasy, as she felt Veronica’s thick, luscious tits grow even stronger and more resistant as the American woman’s arousal grew to unbelievable levels. Soon, the two women were panting nose to nose, Malina’s thick hair shading both of their beautiful faces. They rubbed noses, they shared hot breath. Malina kept working her back and her torso, grinding her tits down on Veronica’s rack. Veronica replied, arching her back, undulating her torso, grinding back with all her strength.

Finally, Veronica slipped her hands free of Malina’s hands. She wrapped her arms around Malina’s back. She pulled Malina down on her body. Massive tits pancaked each other and the women screamed together in shared ecstasy. This lasted only a moment, before Veronica sank her fingers into Malina’s thick hair and pulled her rival in for a deep, sucking, French kiss. The women’s mouths locked, their tongues twisted, they began scouring each other’s mouths, sucking and feasting on each other. At the same time, Malina stretched her entire body out on Veronica’s hot, slick form, flattening herself to her foe. The women’s bodies came together, hot belly to belly, navels sucking at each other as their abdomens rippled against each other. Their long, beautiful tan legs twisted together, moving against each other almost frantically. Veronica twined one leg with Malina’s, feeling the sweaty back of their knees coming together. Calves rubbed to calves, bare feet pushed at taut muscle. The women rubbed the soles of their feet and even their toes, the oil on Veronica spreading to Malina.

Mouths and tongues locked, tits fused to each other, bellies flat and undulating against each other, legs twined and caressing, the two overheated women matched every inch of flesh to every inch of flesh as they writhed against each other in lustful ecstasy. The only parts of their bodies not joined were their wet, steaming cunts. Malina’s shorts were now soaked through from the combination of her own juices slicking the inside of her shorts and Veronica’s juices soaking the outside. The women’s hips moved, they continued to press and grind their twats at each other, but the meager cloth of the Greek woman’s short-shorts had become an instrument of torture for both of the unbelievably aroused women.

Veronica reached down and began pulling at Malina’s shorts, determined to strip the other woman to allow her full access to what she needed to have, to the delicious and inviting heat between Malina’s legs. Malina wriggled with her, helping as much as she could, but the shorts only inched down the Greek woman’s hips, moving far too slowly to satisfy the horny vixens. Gasping, Malina broke her deep kiss with Veronica. Quickly, her flesh on fire with lust, she pulled herself away from Veronica and sat up. Both women groaned, hating to pull their overheated bodies apart. Veronica sat up too, and spread her legs, her calves dangling over the sides of the table, her juiced up twat gaping wide with hunger. She leaned back, her arms bracing her voluptuous body. Malina rolled onto her back and lifted her hips. She pulled the shorts over her ass. She stuck her legs straight into the air and slipped the shorts all the way up her legs and off. She threw them aside, into the same corner as the rest of her clothing, as she rolled back into a sitting position. She mirrored Veronica.

The two women sat across from each other, their knees almost touching, examining the other’s fantastic body, their hearts pounding, feeling their mutual lust build and build to unbearable levels. They panted furiously, their excitement impossible to contain. Massive tits heaved in unison. Veronica examined every inch of Malina’s beautiful body. She drank in the thick, heavy, round tits, with their hard brown nipples and ridged areola. She licked her lips hungrily as she examined Malina’s muscled abdomen, her sexy navel, the swell of her womanly hips, her powerful, shapely thighs. Veronica stared unreservedly at Malina’s wide open twat, her pink cuntlips and juicy fuckhole which dripped with liquids. Veronica knew that her body and Malina’s were virtual mirror images. Even as she examined Malina, Malina let her eyes wander over every inch of Veronica. She knew that fucking this incredible women into sexual submission would be the greatest conquest of enemy cunt in her life.

The women pushed closer to each other, their succulent vaginas leaving a trail of juice on the mat of the table as they moved. Their knees touched, their lower legs pressed against each other on either side of the table. They continued to push closer, spreading their legs, their knees locked, their delicious inner thighs getting closer as they spread each other wider. Their thick, pink-lipped twats radiated heat.

Malina sat up and pushed her torso forward. Veronica moved to meet her. The two women pushed their faces into each other, nose to nose. Their throbbing nipples came together; the women’s swollen tits crushed into each other, the dense flesh yielding only slightly, causing their tits to slowly mushroom out to the sides. Panting, Veronica licked Malina’s lips. Malina returned the lick.

“I’m going to fuck your cunt off, you dirty whore,” Veronica panted.

“I’m going to leave you in a puddle on the floor, cunt,” Malina growled in reply.

The women’s tongues lapped and stroked at each other for a moment, before Veronica and Malina pulled each other in, sealing their tongues inside their ravenously hungry mouths. Malina reached down between Veronica’s legs and inserted two questing fingers into the American’s soaked, leaking twat. Veronica screamed, her cry swallowed by Malina within their inosculated mouths. Even as Malina began to pump her cunt vigorously, Veronica drove two, then three fingers deep into Malina’s dripping snatch. Now it was Malina’s turn to scream in pleasure within their locked mouths.

For long minutes, the woman finger-fucked each other’s cunts, even as their tits pulsed and throbbed against each other, even as their mouths and tongues worked and worked against each other, swallowing back spit, sucking and sucking, trying to consume each other as they were consumed in turn. Their legs pressed against each other, holding each other open, holding each other in tension. The room now echoed with the suppressed moans, grunts and screams of Malina and Veronica. The sound of hot, wet pussy being pumped vigorously and viciously filled the air, along with the intoxicating scent of bitches in full heat. The women’s engorged clits swelled out from their pussies, growing to full size and pulsing with heat and erotic sensitivity.

Veronica already had three fingers inside of Malina. She inserted the remaining two fingers, shoved her hand deep into the other woman, splaying Malina’s twat. Then Veronica clenched her fist and twisted her wrist, filling and penetrating Malina, spreading the Greek goddess’ tight pussy with a pumping fist. Malina shrieked, but Veronica used her hand on the back of the other woman’s head to keep her from breaking their kiss. Tears began to flow down Malina’s face as her absolute violation by the other woman filled her with raw ecstasy. Without hesitation, knowing she had to act before it was too late, Malina knifed her hand deep into Veronica’s hot, thick, tight twat, then clenched it in a driving fist. Veronica screamed and screamed, but Malina kept their mouths locked. Now tears flowed down the gorgeous faces of both raging beauties as their beautiful bodies convulsed. Both women’s powerful cunts contracted around the invading wrists and fists, clamping down and holding them in place. Wave after wave of pure pleasure rippled through the women’s straining bodies.

“Oh god,” Veronica thought to herself, “Oh god, don’t let this stop.” She knew that the best was yet to come. Soon, she and Malina would not be satisfied with violating each other with their hands; they would need to violate and devour each other with their cunts. She could not wait to go clit to clit, twat to twat with this magnificent whore. She could not wait to fuck and fuck and fuck, until one of them passed out in ecstasy and submission.

Suddenly, there was a pounding at the door. “Malina,” a voice called out. “Malina, are you all right?”

Gasping, Malina and Veronica yanked their mouths apart. With a grunt, Malina pulled back, separating her tits from Veronica’s, pulling her hand out of her enemy’s succulent twat. She reached down and pulled Veronica’s hand out of her cunt.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Malina called out, her voice hoarse and panting. “What’s wrong?” she added, trying to catch her breath.

“We’re waiting for you for the staff meeting. Remember, we have the weekly meeting today.”

Malina had completely forgotten about this. She had been too distracted by the idea of locking up with Veronica.

“I’m just finishing up with this client,” Malina replied. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

Malina and Veronica glared at each other, at the other’s incredible, sexually ripe body. The incredible frustration they both felt was mirrored in their beautiful eyes. For both women, the idea of being thwarted a second time, of having to put off ravaging each other yet again, drove both of them almost insane. But they had to stop.

Veronica slipped off the table, her body raging, her pussy dripping, her nipples like rocks. She took her robe off the back of the door and pulled it on her body. She barely suppressed a gasp as the soft material caressed her throbbing tits and sensitive nipples. She stepped into her slippers and turned to face Malina, who was now standing naked beside the table. The masseuse’s eyes were glazed with lust. She struggled to control the incredible fire burning in her core.

“I’m in Room 606, Malina,” Veronica grunted hoarsely. “Stop by anytime. Anytime at all.”

“I will come by later tonight, Veronica,” Malina replied, her voice husky. “I hate leaving a client unsatisfied.”

The two women exchanged hot, hungry glares. Then Veronica opened the door and stepped out into the hall. Her body pulsing with sexual heat, she left the spa.  

Malina remained standing by the table for another few moments, struggling to bring the sexual fever raging in every cell in her body under control. Finally, she went to her pile of clothing by the door. She pulled on her shorts, which had dried enough to hide the wet spots that had seeped through before. She pulled on and fastened her tiny white halter, moaning as the tight cloth rubbed her hard nipples and compressed her dense titflesh. She stepped into her sandals. Malina brushed out her hair, using a brush she took out of the small dresser in the room. When she was finally ready, she left the room and walked somewhat unsteadily down the hall to the staff room. Her moving thighs, pressing the cloth of her shorts into her bare crotch, were almost enough to cause her swollen, pulsing clit to push her into orgasm. She felt that she could come at any moment.

Her mind and body were on fire. She swore to herself that as soon as the staff meeting was done, she would go to Veronica’s room and the two of them would pick up where they stopped. Malina knew that she could not live another night without ravaging Veronica’s body. The rivalry between them, their incredible desire for each other, needed to be satisfied.

As soon as she entered her room, Veronica stripped off her robe to get it away from her sensitive body. She kicked off her slippers. Nude, she walked to the couch in the living room of the enormous suite and sat down gingerly. Her clit burned; she had experienced the same discomfort walking that Malina had faced. She tried to bring her body under control. Her clit was hard and throbbing. Her breasts felt swollen to twice their normal size. Her nipples pulsed.  Veronica desperately wanted to masturbate, but she exercised incredible willpower to resist the urge. She wanted to face and defeat Malina on equal terms and she was sure that the Greek goddess would come to resume their battle as soon as her meeting ended.

Veronica reflected on her past sexual battles, trying to work out a strategy that she could use against Malina. In the past, she had lost sexfights – once to Louise and once to Kathy – because her body simply became overwhelmed with erotic pleasure and sexual desire. She had to somehow guard against this. But she knew this would be hard. Malina was every bit the equal of Louise or Kathy. Veronica could already feel the incredible sexual lust that she had only ever felt with those two women now building in her core at the prospect of locking up with Malina. Veronica reflected on her most recent sexual combat, the time she had spent on the ship with Kathy, three weeks before. That conflict had ended with the two women locked together in Veronica’s cabin for days, fucking each other endlessly, relentlessly, riding each other into such pleasure, such ecstasy, that they were both delirious and completely, utterly exhausted by the end. For the first few days in Paris, Veronica had spent most of her time in the hotel hot tub, soothing her aching pussy and tits. That final confrontation with Kathy had been unbelievably enjoyable, but also indecisive. Nothing had been settled between the two women. Veronica swore that this time, with Malina, there would be no doubt as to which of them was the better woman.

When she was sure she could walk without collapsing in an orgasm, Veronica went to her bedroom shower and washed off the sweat and oil from her luscious body. Her body continued to throb with arousal. She pressed the pad of her middle finger between her engorged pussy lips and stroked her swollen clit. She gasped lustily at the sensation, but she forced herself not to continue to the obvious conclusion. Instead, she turned the water to “cold” and let the icy sensation slowly, literally, cool her down. Veronica finished her shower. She brushed out her hair. Finally, she lay down on top of the covers of her bed, her nude perfection reflected in the mirror above the bed, and willed herself to stay calm, to keep her mind from fixating on Malina’s luscious body, on what she planned to do to the Greek beauty, on what she hoped Malina would do to her. The sexual tension built slowly, slowly, as she fought to keep her body under control, yet ready for the battle to come.

Veronica stared up at herself in the mirror and admired what she saw. The ripe, perfect, voluptuous body reflected above her was brimming over with sexual power. She watched herself cup her breasts and stroke her throbbing nipples. She reached down to run her fingers down her flat belly and through her thick, pubic thatch, then caressed her silky pussy lips. A shiver of electricity ran through her muscles. Soon, she thought to herself, very soon, she would pit her delicious body against Malina’s equally beautiful form. She would make the other woman submit to her sex. She wriggled erotically on the bed, smiling with anticipation, enjoying the sexual tension building in her body. After a time, she drifted off to sleep.

Veronica was awakened by the sound of her door chime. She came alert immediately and glanced at the clock on the night table. A little more than an hour had passed since she had returned to her room. She rolled off the bed and crossed the bedroom to her closet. She pulled out a diaphanous, rainbow-tinted gown that was so short it barely covered her round ass and hot pussy. She slipped into the gown, enjoying the sensual feel of the silk on her bare skin, on her thickening nipples. She pulled on a pair of 3-inch, open-toed pumps. Puffing up her hair with her hands, she walked over to the far wall of the living room and pushed a button, activating the fireplace next to the couch. She crossed the suite to the door and looked through the peephole. Malina was staring back, the Greek woman’s olive eyes alive with fire. Veronica smiled. She paused for a moment, letting her excitement build, enjoying the sensations of sexual tension that flowed through her body, the hardening of her nipples, the throbbing in her clit. Her heart pounded faster, she could feel adrenalin and hormones washing through her body.

Veronica opened the door and stood in the entryway, one hand on her cocked hip, the other holding the door. She smiled lasciviously as her eyes raked over Malina’s body. Malina had cleaned herself up. She was standing in the hall, wearing three inch pumps and a thin, white robe. The robe was as short as Veronica’s robe and could not hide the hint of Malina’s dark, thick nipples pushing at the cloth. Malina’s eyes roamed over Veronica’s voluptuous perfection, both women staring hungrily at the cleavage revealed in the other’s neckline, at the display of endless, beautiful, tan bare legs. Veronica and Malina licked their lips in anticipation. Both women’s hearts were pounding with excitement.

Veronica stepped aside and motioned for Malina to enter. “Come on in, Malina,” Veronica said pleasantly.

“Thank you, Veronica,” the Greek woman responded, her voice a low purr.

The masseuse entered the luxurious suite. Veronica closed and locked the door. When she turned around, she saw Malina facing her. The Greek woman’s hands were on her hips, her chest thrust out, a predatory smile on her gorgeous face. Veronica returned the smile and walked slowly, seductively towards her rival, her prey.

Malina raised her hands; Veronica took them and twined her fingers with Malina’s. The women gripped each other, pushing palm to palm, both shuddering with pleasure as their hot flesh connected. Veronica and Malina moved closer, their intertwined hands at chest level, their heavy breasts pushing into the back of their hands. Their bare, silken thighs touched and the women shuddered with pleasure as smooth skin slid on smooth skin. They pushed their beautiful faces closer, until they were nose to nose, staring deeply into each other’s eyes.

“I’m going to fuck you into the ground, bitch,” Veronica smiled maliciously. “You’re not leaving here until your pussy is crushed meat.”

“My cunt is going to eat yours alive, you whore,” Malina replied, savagely. “I’m going to make you submit to me in every way.”

With a shared smile, the two women pulled their arms apart. They gasped and smiled with delight as their heavy tits mashed hard, nipples spearing nipples, the thin cloth of their gowns the only infuriating barrier between their naked flesh. By mutual consent, the women released their hands. Their robes’ loose sleeves fell back, baring their arms. Long, lissome limbs folded around each other’s bodies. Malina and Veronica moaned in delight as they pulled each other in, powerful thighs slipping up to rub against wet, hot pussies, strong, throbbing tits crushing harder and harder, nipples pulsing with heat. The women locked in a deep, probing, tongue-tying kiss, sucking at each other, moaning deeply and passionately as their bodies began to pulsate with sexual electricity. The women staggered into the room, their searching hands moving over each other’s backs, their long legs rubbing and tangling.

Veronica slipped one hand down to pull up Malina’s robe and grip the Greek’s beautiful bare ass; she pressed her thigh harder into Malina’s wet twat. Malina returned the grip, sliding her hand along Veronica’s butt crack before seizing her foe’s right buttock. At the same time, she tangled her other hand in Veronica’s hair, pushing the woman’s face into her’s with even greater force. The women’s passionate, erotic moaning, stifled within their locked mouths, grew louder and more frantic.

The women teetered on their three inch heels, staggering into the living room area. Both women began pulling at the other’s robe, trying to strip their rival. Malina and Veronica succeeded in pulling open the front of each other’s robes, exposing their naked bodies, leaving the robes hanging from their shoulders. The women moaned in pleasure as their naked flesh came together. Hard, bare bellies slapped and rippled sensuously against each other. Thick, juicy tits mashed tight and hard, naked nipples sealing to each other, sending surges of pure ecstasy arcing through the battling women’s lush bodies. Malina spread her hands on Veronica’s naked ass and pulled her rival in, even as she slightly spread her legs. Veronica gripped Malina’s rock-hard buns in reply. She could feel the heat from Malina’s twat warming her inner thighs. She knew that Malina wanted to take her on then and there, in a stand-up fuck. Veronica wanted it too, desperately, but she decided to taunt her black-haired opponent a little more. She swung her hips just a bit, and groaned passionately as she felt her thick pubic bush mesh and crunch with Malina’s matching fur. The Greek woman groaned uncontrollably, then wriggled delightedly, grinding her bush back into Veronica’s. The women writhed in each other’s arms, pulling each other in even tighter by their asses, arching their pelvises forward to present each other with their hungry, dripping cunts.

Veronica was going insane with lust; she felt her throbbing clit extend from her pussy as it swelled to its full size, radiating sexual heat. She wanted nothing more than to rub her clit, head to head, into Malina’s rock hard clit and grind relentlessly until one of them came hard in a gushing, screaming, submissive orgasm. But she fought to control her desire, to hold out just a little longer. If she could get Malina completely juiced up, she would have an advantage when their sexual war of attrition began. With an act of will, Veronica pulled her pelvis back, just moments before her clit kissed Malina’s protruding sexhorn. Instead, Veronica raised her hands from Malina’s ass, placed them on the Greek woman’s shoulders, and pushed Malina hard. Malina stumbled back and fell onto the couch behind her.

Panting, momentarily stunned by the sudden separation from Veronica, Malina looked up at her rival. Then, she spread her thighs wide and reached down to spread her labia with her right hand, her fingers holding open her vagina, freeing her thumb-sized clit so that it swelled out from her pussy. Veronica stared, mesmerized, into the succulent vulva before her. Then, smiling lasciviously, she slipped her robe off of her shoulders. The thin garment fell to her feet. Veronica reached down and slipped off her high heels. Malina replied, kicking off her high heels. She shrugged off her robe, throwing it aside, onto the floor.

The two women were now completely nude. They stared at each other, examining one another in detail. Malina and Veronica felt their blood boiling, stirred by anticipation. Soon, soon the cunt to cunt lockup they both so fervently desired would become a reality and they would fuck each other into orgasmic oblivion.

Slowly, sensuously, Malina crawled off of the couch and onto the carpet in front of the fireplace. She pushed herself back on her ass, spreading her legs. The firelight glinted off Malina’s incredible body. Her pussy gleamed with wetness.

Veronica sat down on the other side of the rug and spread her legs, reaching down to spread her pussy lips. The women’s eyes locked, their beautiful faces lit with lust. Malina and Veronica panted, their massive tits heaving with excitement, their hearts pounding with desire. They pushed closer to each other. Malina extended her right foot; Veronica replied, pressing her left foot into Malina’s, toe to toe, bare sole to sole. The women pushed and flexed their bare feet against each other for a while, shuddering with pleasure as the sensitive flesh caressed.  

“Mmmmm,” Malina smiled. “That feels good, whore,” she murmured. She pressed her other bare foot to Veronica’s waiting foot, their toes playing.

Veronica smiled lustfully. “I’m going to take every inch of you, Malina,” the American whispered. “Every inch of that pussy, every ounce of those tits, belong to me.”

Malina smiled, but she did not reply. The hot, hungry glint in her eyes was more than enough.

The women slid their legs by each other, they pushed in until their muscled thighs were spread wide against each other. They pushed close until their gaping cunts were only inches apart. Malina and Veronica leaned back, their massive tits heaving up and down with their excited pants. The women paused, teasing and tantalizing each other with the promise of the ecstasy lying between each other’s legs. Their throbbing, aching clits were fully engorged, pulsing with need as they faced each other, nerve-rich nubs desperate to come together in erotic combat.

Finally, the gorgeous women could take no more. The moment they had both wanted so desperately ever since they first saw each other had finally arrived. No more interruptions, no more distractions. Now, finally, they would fuck, and they would fuck each other until one of them submitted to the stronger cunt, the more powerful sex.

Veronica and Malina slammed together, their thick fuckmeat slapping wetly, heat and moisture splattering off their succulent twats as they mated. The women threw back their heads, their hair whipping, and cried out in joy.

“Oh yes, oh God, God, Yessss!!” Veronica cried.

“AAAAaaaaaaaaaa!!,” Malina screamed, “You bitch, you bitch, you bitch!!”

The women thrust with all the power of their asses, arching their backs to add even greater pressure as their slick pussy lips slid together, as their aching slits slotted their throbbing vulvas into one meaty join. Swollen clits crushed head to head, hungry vaginal muscles closed on each other like hot, fleshy vises. The beautiful, warring Amazons screamed together in erotic bliss as their most sensitive, pleasurable body parts fused deliciously, pulsing and wrestling against each other. Waves of sheer ecstasy rolled through their straining, thrashing bodies as they began to pump and thrust, grinding clits, pushing hard to penetrate each other more deeply, to gain an even better lock on each other’s ravenous cunts.

Raw, unbearable pleasure arced through Veronica’s body and she struggled mightily to keep herself from simply giving in to the delirious sensations. What she was doing now – struggling twat to twat with another, equally beautiful woman, pitting the very essence of her sex, every inch of her most treasured body parts, against that of another woman, violating and being violated in the most intimate ways, giving and receiving unbelievable pleasure – this was something that she loved more than anything else in her life. There was nothing more satisfying and delicious than meeting and breaking another woman, tit to tit and cunt to cunt. Veronica loved fucking and being fucked, but nothing else measured up to the thrill, the ecstasy, of using her body, her sex, to dominate another proud, beautiful bitch. In the same way, nothing was quite as humiliating as being sexually overpowered by a beautiful bitch and she was determined that it would be Malina, not her, who would submit in the end.

Similar thoughts were racing through Malina’s mind. Malina had, long ago, learned that she possessed natural talents and erotic gifts in the art of sexfighting. But she had never encountered a woman as beautiful, as voluptuous, as powerful as Veronica. Malina prided herself on her own incredible beauty, on her overwhelming and voracious sexual power. But now, she could feel Veronica’s erotic energy in the other woman’s clit, in the powerful vagina that was clamped and wrestling wetly with her own. Veronica’s awesome power only fed Malina’s lust. She knew that defeating a woman like Veronica would be an incredible accomplishment. More, she knew that it could only be achieved through an exchange of earth-shattering ecstasy. Malina wanted, needed, to break Veronica, to take the American woman’s body and sex as her own, to fuck and fuck the black-haired whore until Veronica collapsed in abject surrender.

Panting furiously, groaning and moaning with pleasure, Veronica and Malina smiled at each other ferociously. They had each other exactly where they wanted – trapped between each other’s thighs, locked together in a sensual fight to the finish. Their pussies rippled against each other as the women fought, their swollen clits jousted and fenced, all the while grinding and licking at each other like hot tongues. Sweat began to glisten on the women’s lush skin as the battle raged. Their breasts bounced relentlessly, moving in rhythm to their driving hips. Their flat, powerful abdomens rippled with effort.

“You dirty fucker,” Veronica moaned. She reveled in her hatred and desire for the Greek goddess. She reached for Malina hungrily.

“Fucking cunt,” Malina spat back. Her fingers twined with Veronica’s and the two women held each other, palm to palm, as their bodies trembled with erotic tension.

The sweat began to pour from the two women’s interlocked bodies as their muscles undulated and quivered in the orange glow of the fire. Their pants and moans filled the room and the powerful scent of sexual musk grew stronger in the heavy air. Malina freed her sweaty hands from Veronica’s grip and leaned forward, grasping the other woman’s waist. Veronica returned the grip, then slid her hands down and around Malina’s hips, grabbing the Greek’s round, flexing ass. Malina seized Veronica’s ass and the two women pulled each other in tightly, their massive tits mashing, hot nipples coming together like fleshy spears. The beautiful women stared deeply into each other’s eyes, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, their hot pants and moans and whimpers of ecstasy merging. They pumped each other slow and hard, working their clits against each other, around and around, head to head, back and forth, each woman striving to drive the other insane with lust and pleasure. The pulsing tension in their mashed tits and throbbing nipples grew unbearably. Their locked pussies squelched, the sounds of wet flesh and sopping, juicy cuntlips sucking and pulling at each other echoing in the room. Malina and Veronica’s hips worked hard, moving in tandem, keeping their clits and cunts glued together. Malina ran her tongue along Veronica’s lips; a moment later, Veronica’s tongue snaked out to caress and slip along Malina’s pink muscle. The women slowly locked up in a tongue-twisting, lapping kiss, their lips sealing tight, their moans of joy and pleasure swallowed whole by the other beautiful Amazon.

The women fucked and fucked, the tension and pleasure saturating their flesh. They became lost in the overwhelming sensations of hot, turgid flesh merging and fusing, of throbbing, burning cunts squeezing and squeezing, of aching clits sending furious bolts of erotic pleasure racing through their trembling bodies, filling every cell with pleasure. The women squeezed their fused clits with the lips and inner muscles of their vulvas, sending exquisite ecstasy racing through their shuddering bodies.

Malina pulled Veronica’s hair hard, yanking the American woman out of their tongue-lashing kiss. She bit Veronica hard on the neck, sucking and gnawing at her enemy’s smooth flesh. Veronica yanked on Malina’s hair, dragging the Greek woman’s head away. For a moment, the two women held each other like this, their gorgeous faces pulled back to stare up at the ceiling.

Veronica felt the terrible erotic tension in her core explode, her clit erupting with nova-hot heat, from its head deep down into the ring of nerves bracing her vulva. With a scream of pure bliss, she came violently, her belly contracting, her pussy convulsing, her insides clenching all the way from her womb down her vaginal canal, as a long, hot, hard stream of creamy cum jetted from her throbbing cunt. The hot ejaculate soaked the intersection of the women’s locked twats, it flowed thick and hot into Malina’s welcoming cunt. An instant later, Malina came just as hard. Crying out in joy, the women felt their sexual liquids mix inside of them, overflowing, squeezed out from their locked pussies. The liquid heat soaked their lower bellies as their bodies convulsed again and again, powerful orgasms chaining through their locked cunts.

Tears ran down Malina and Veronica’s beautiful faces. Their mashed tits seemed to swell and grow even harder and thicker, nipples melting into one, as their bodies shuddered in shared ecstasy. Veronica moaned uncontrollably and pulled Malina into a deep, passionate kiss, their thick tongues lashing and caressing frantically. Finally, the orgasmic convulsions passed. Exhausted, momentarily spent, Malina and Veronica released each other and fell to the rug, flat on their backs, their throbbing pussies locked and clamped together like clams, their bellies hot and wet with sweat and cum. Their hearts pounded. Both women raised their forearms to their foreheads, smoothing their brows and wiping away sweat as their chests heaved and their massive tits jiggled.

After a time, Malina pushed herself up on her elbows, to look over her swollen tits at Veronica. Veronica glared back.

“First blood to me, whore,” the Greek woman smiled. She squeezed Veronica’s pussy with her own, her vagina clamping on the American’s twat.

Veronica instantly squeezed back and the women’s crotches trembled for a moment, before they released each other.

“We’re just getting started, cuntlicker,” Veronica snarled. “I’m going to drain you dry. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to scrape your ass off the floor and throw you out into that hall completely naked.”

“You’re welcome to try, fucker,” Malina purred. With a grunt, she separated herself from Veronica, their throbbing twats popping apart. The Greek woman  got on her hands and knees and began crawling towards Veronica. Veronica put up her hands; Malina took them. The women’s fingers twined, then Malina pushed forward and threw her voluptuous body across Veronica’s lush form, pushing the American woman’s hands to the floor. Their heavy tits mashed as Malina stretched her naked beauty  onto Veronica’s equally nude form. Their wet, smooth bellies slapped and their powerful legs twined, muscle straining to muscle. The women locked in a voracious kiss, even as their bodies writhed powerfully. Veronica freed her hands, wrapped her arms around Malina’s back and, twisting her fingers in Malina’s hair, succeeded in rolling the Greek woman onto her back. Malina pushed back and, soon, Malina and Veronica were rolling back and forth on the rug, their bodies crushed tightly, their powerful muscles straining, the room filling with their grunts and gasps as they struggled to overwhelm each other and take control of the sexual combat. Sweat poured from their voluptuous bodies, lubricating their combat, making it harder for the women to hold onto each other, but giving their tits the opportunity to slide lusciously against each other. Veronica and Malina groaned into each other’s mouths, their nerves burning with sensations.

Veronica succeeded in rolling Malina out into the center of the rug. She spread her legs, her toes digging into the floor, bracing her body with her feet, making it much harder for Malina to roll their bodies. Malina wriggled from side to side, her lush body undulating wildly, trying to throw Veronica off, but Veronica held on. She pushed her hips down on Malina’s hips and slowly, inexorably, pinned the Greek woman to the floor, bush to bush, pussy to pussy. Malina smiled; she spread her legs wide and slipped her hands down to grip Veronica’s powerful ass. Malina tilted her pelvis upward, offering her boiling twat to Veronica. The women looked deeply into each other through half-closed eyes as Veronica thrust down, slapping her soft, thick sexmeat to Malina’s matching sex.  Veronica worked her dripping, slick cunt around and around on Malina’s soft, yielding twat, smearing and sharing their sexual lubricants, opening and grinding into the Greek woman’s hungry cunt. Veronica and Malina groaned together in sexual bliss as their bodies mated. Veronica eagerly locked her mouth to Malina’s, their thick, wet tongues pressing and playing. The two sets of heavy tits mashed and rolled against each other, nipples grating into each other with unbearable intensity. Veronica’s throbbing clit slid deep into Malina’s hot, wet fuckslit. Malina’s hips moved to press her own throbbing clit the length of Veronica’s, their pulsing heads fusing tight. Moaning uncontrollably into each other’s mouths, the two women fucked long and slow and hard, grinding and grinding, moving in rhythm, keeping their bodies plastered together. Malina’s legs twined and locked with Veronica’s long, powerful limbs. The women’s hips moved together, up and down but also side to side, stimulating and working each other’s clits in this sexual war of attrition and seduction. Slowly, agonizingly, the women worked each other, driving each other insane with lust and need, each trying to dominate and sexually overpower her foe. Their pussies rippled against each other, deep muscles contending, squeezing and massaging and inflicting even greater pleasure on their locked clits.

After more than 30 minutes, Veronica and Malina’s bodies were trembling with erotic tension as both women struggled to contain the orgasmic sensations filling them to the brim. They were forced to break their kiss and they rested cheek to cheek, their eyes closed tight, their blissful moans growing louder and more desperate with each passing moment, their cries of ecstasy harmonizing.

“Oh, you bitch, you fucking, fucking bitch,” Malina suddenly cried out. She tightened her grip on Veronica’s pumping ass and arched her back, her hips rising off the ground, lifting Veronica’s writhing body, as she came in a gush of hot cum. She screamed in release and anger as her body exploded in pleasure. An instant later, Veronica shrieked in joy as she let herself go. Her cum sprayed out onto and into Malina’s wriggling body. For long moments, the women undulated together, shooting hot cum into each other’s locked cunts, rubbing and rubbing their shared ejaculations into each other, their perfect bodies slipping and sliding against each other in an erotic froth of cum and sweat. The orgasms finally subsided and the women lay twisted together, Veronica sprawled over Malina, their hearts pounding into each other through their mashed tits.

After a time, Veronica rolled off of Malina and lay gasping by her side. The orange firelight caressed the women’s gleaming bodies.

Malina glared at Veronica through angry eyes. She watched the shadows dancing on the American woman’s swollen breasts and erect nipples. Feeling a surge of desire, Malina rolled herself onto the still-recovering Veronica. She wrapped her lips and teeth around Veronica’s right tit and sucked vigorously, viciously, and began to eat and gnaw at Veronica’s thick titmeat. At the same time, she probed Veronica’s hot, cum-slick vagina with an eager middle finger, but she quickly knifed her whole hand up into the tight slit, then clenched her fist, penetrating and filling Veronica at the same time.

“OH FUCK!!,” Veronica screamed, her body stunned by the sudden rush of pleasure. She arched her back in ecstasy, gasping as she was vigorously violated by Malina’s churning fist. Veronica reached down and clawed passionately at Malina’s naked back, unsure of whether she wanted to pull Malina closer or push her away. She sank her fingers in the Greek woman’s thick black hair and pulled viciously, but Malina continued to suck powerfully at Veronica’s throbbing tit. She redoubled the speed and intensity of her thrusting fist. Veronica felt herself being split apart by sheer pleasure. She gasped and heaved and then, in a final act of desperation, drove her knee into Malina’s side. Malina gasped and fell back from Veronica, rolling away on the rug.

The women sat on the rug, their legs spread wide, panting furiously, their eyes locked in glares of hate and lust. Slowly, Malina lowered herself to the rug and stretched out. Her left hand braced her head and she raised her right leg. Veronica understood immediately. Slowly, sensuously, the American woman crawled across the rug. She reversed and mirrored Malina’s position, raising her leg as she moved to face Malina’s succulent, dripping twat. The women closed on each other, burying their faces in each other’s dripping cunt, closing their thighs around each other’s heads, filling their hands with the other’s smooth, round ass. Lying on their sides, they sucked and nibbled and lapped vigorously at each other’s dripping snatches. Veronica groaned in exquisite pleasure and began to finger fuck Malina’s twat. Remembering her own violation, she soon turned her invading fingers into a fist and shoved her hand deep into the Greek woman’s vagina. She sucked on Malina’s clit like a lollipop.

Malina screamed and screamed, her sobs of ecstasy and rage stifled in Veronica’s hot, steaming cunt. Without hesitation, the Greek woman returned the fisting, twisting her clenched fist around and around Veronica’s tight, hot twat.

Trembling in each other’s arms, clawing at each other’s asses, the battling women ate each other and fisted each other for some time, each determined to make the other surrender, both struggling desperately to resist the incredible pleasure boiling deep inside of their perfect bodies. With her free hand, Veronica reached down and slid her hand along Malina’s belly, finding the Greek woman’s breast. She filled her hand with the thick titmeat and squeezed hard. Malina reached down and reciprocated, twisting and pulling at Veronica’s enflamed nipple. Malina released Veronica’s breast and shoved two fingers up into the American’s tight asshole. Veronica moaned uncontrollably as Malina churned her insides, violating her in her two most sensitive orifices. She fought, thrusting a probing finger into Malina’s ass, trying to massage the other woman’s vaginal canal. She redoubled her tongue work on Malina’s clit, sucking and lapping, covering the quivering organ with spit and then sucking at it like a straw.

Malina sobbed and shrieked. She felt the heat in her core exploding and she knew she was about to come. Her hands worked desperately in Veronica’s holes, she nibbled frantically at the other woman’s clit.

Veronica whooped in ecstasy as she came with excruciating force. Malina exploded at almost the same moment. Gasping and groaning, pulling their hands from each other’s orficies, both women buried their faces in the other’s erupting cunt and tried to drink up all of the hot ejaculate gushing from their contracting pussies. Veronica and Malina clung to each other as multiple orgasms squirted into their beautiful faces.

Moaning, the women finally released each other and rolled apart, lying side by side on the rug, their bodies reversed. After some time, Veronica recovered enough to sit up. Malina stared up at her, the Greek woman’s eyes still glazed with pleasure. She admired Veronica. The American woman’s beautiful face was wet with juices, her breasts were dripping with ejaculate. Malina knew she looked the same way.

Malina sat up. She spun on her ass to face Veronica, opening her thighs. Veronica slipped in, scissoring her foe. Malina and Veronica wrapped their arms around each other. For a few minutes, the two gorgeous enemies licked at each other’s faces and breasts, lapping at their shared ejaculate and salty sweat. Their pussies, touching lightly, began to throb with heat.

Veronica pulled back on Malina’s thick black hair, and then ran her tongue along her rival’s gorgeous neck. She smiled as she pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead with Malina. Malina grinned back, her eyes burning with renewed hunger.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom, cunt,” Veronica suggested, her voice hoarse. Malina and Veronica kissed, slow and hard, their tongues playing.

Their kiss broke. “Fine by me, slut. I’ll enjoy spreading you out and fucking your brains out in your own bed.”

The women disentangled and rose to their feet. They admired each other’s glistening, perfect body, their heavy tits thick with arousal, their nipples swollen with heat, their pussies dripping and flexing with hunger. Veronica took Malina’s hand. The naked women padded into the bedroom. Veronica released Malina’s hand and climbed onto the luxurious bed, crawling to the head of the bed and then turning around and spreading her lush thighs, exposing her dripping pussy.

Malina smiled up at the mirror on the ceiling. “You’re going to have a really nice view, when you’re under me, when I’m spreading you out and riding you like a horse.”

“No, I think you’ll be the one enjoying the view, bitch,” Veronica replied.

Malina climbed onto the bed like a cat, her heavy tits swinging. Smiling, she sat and spread her legs, presenting her hungry sexual weapon to her enemy.

The women sat in the semi-darkness and examined each other, their eyes roaming the other’s perfect body, taking in the glistening flesh, the heaving tits and thick, pink labia of the other woman. Malina and Veronica sat that way for a few minutes, their mutual lust building, their tits jiggling more and more as their panting breath came faster as their shared excitement built. For both women, the fire between their legs grew until it was burning like acid in every part of their body. Their engorged clits throbbed with heat and electricity, their nipples pulsed, their tits seemed ten times their normal size. Finally, they could take no more. Smiling at each other, Veronica and Malina moved towards each other, crab walking on the bed, until they slipped their legs over and under each other and came together, pussy to pussy. Their boiling cunts slapped together with a sound like thick, wet meat. The women screamed in ecstasy as they thrust into each other with all of their power, their massive tits bouncing furiously as they mated, as they penetrated each other and sealed together. Veronica and Malina seized the other’s thigh and used the grip to give each other even more leverage from which to grind deeper and harder into each other, to rub and rub their swollen clits even harder, to lock and close their aching pussies around each other as their sensitive labia fused. Their hips and asses pumped, trembling with effort.

Locked together, Malina and Veronica shared ecstasy deep into the night. Veronica lost track of how many orgasms they pulled out of each other, of how many times Malina forced her to come and how many times she pushed the Greek into orgasmic submission.  The night became a haze of flesh and heat and wetness, all of it lost in an unbearable flow of incredible sensual pleasure.

Veronica finally collapsed on the bed, her body still joined at the cunt to Malina’s succulent flesh. The American woman stared up at the mirror over the bed, her eyes glazed with erotic pleasure. Vaguely, Veronica was aware that her mind and body were shutting down, that her senses were finally being overwhelmed by the ecstasy she had shared with Malina. In the mirror, Malina was sprawled out, her perfect body a perfect reflection of Veronica’s voluptuousness, her tanned flesh gleaming with sweat and cum. Malina’s exhausted eyes met Veronica’s in the mirror. The Greek woman smiled. Then, with a supreme effort, she sat up. Veronica was too tired to do anything. She watched Malina in the mirror.

Using her last ounces of strength, Malina grabbed the duvet that Veronica had carelessly tossed aside. She pulled it over her shoulders and extended her arms, so that the blanket spread like a cape behind her. Groaning, smiling with malice, Malina loomed over Veronica. Veronica opened her arms in invitation and even spread her legs a bit wider. Malina dropped down onto the American. The women’s luscious, naked bodies slammed together, lush flesh on flesh. Veronica moaned in pleasure as Malina’s throbbing tits mashed to hers, as their wet bellies slapped and rolled against each other. Almost involuntarily, Veronica spread her thighs enough to let Malina’s exhausted cunt slide onto her own, vaginal lips kissing like long-lost friends, sexual heat warming and mixing. Veronica’s arms wrapped around Malina and the women rested cheek to cheek, their legs twining, their black hair tangling, their overheated bodies trapped together and sharing heat and sweat under the warm blanket.

“You’re mine, you fucker, you’re mine…,” Malina whispered to Veronica. She wriggled her voluptuous body into Veronica’s equally lush form, enjoying their intimate joining, assured in her mind that she had taken the dominant position.

“No,” Veronica moaned, “This isn’t over, cunt…”

Exhausted and spent, the two gorgeous women drifted off together into a dreamless sleep, their perfect bodies twined gently into one beautiful flesh.

To be continued:

Mediterranean Resort, Part V

The morning sun was streaming in Veronica’s bedroom when a disturbance brought her back to wakefulness. Malina, who had spent the entire night sprawled on top of, and twined with, Veronica’s body, was now disengaging herself. Malina threw off the duvet and rolled off of Veronica. She slid across the sheets to the side of the bed. The Greek beauty swung her legs onto the floor and padded across the bedroom to the ensuite bathroom. Victoria watched Malina’s naked ass swaying sensuously, the woman’s narrow waist and perfect back rippling. She smiled.

Veronica admired herself in the ceiling mirror. Her body looked fantastic. Her wild hair, spread out on the pillow like an explosion of darkness, only added to the raw sexuality that seemed to flow from her voluptuous curves in waves. Veronica felt her body rejuvenating, growing slick and hot once more in anticipation of sexual combat and the ecstasy associated with it. So far, neither she nor Malina had emerged as the undisputed victor of their battle. Veronica looked forward to many more hours locked up with the Greek vixen until one of them emerged the dominant bitch.

Veronica kneaded her right tit and stroked her moistening pussy. She listened to Malina peeing in the other room. She was dehydrated herself and knew that she should get up and get some water. She heard the water running in the bathroom. Then, to her surprise, she realized that it was not just the bathroom tap she was hearing. Malina had turned on the shower.

Victoria climbed out of the bed and padded across the floor to the ensuite. She threw open the door and peered in. Malina was in the shower stall, her head thrown back as the hot water streamed over her face and down her perfect body, soothing and cleaning.

Victoria paused to drink some water from the bathroom tap, using one of the glasses provided by the resort. Then, she walked up to the shower stall, pulled the door open and stepped inside, closing the door behind her. The stall was an extra large space. It was tiled with a smooth stone-like material.

“What are you doing?” Victoria said to her rival.

Malina looked at her with a quizzical expression. “I’m getting ready to go to work,” the Greek woman replied. “I have a full day of clients today.” 

Veronica shook her head, her hands on her hips. Her massive tits jiggled. Her body was very close to the Malina’s in the enclosed space and her nude beauty was quickly becoming soaked as water splattered off of Malina’s voluptuous curves and landed on her. 

“No you don’t,” Veronica responded. “You’re not leaving here until you submit.”

Malina turned to face Veronica full on, her hands on her hips, matching the American’s stance. Their hardening nipples were only a hair’s breadth apart. “I have work to do. Not all of us are lazy, rich whores.” Victoria bristled. “And, second, I dominated you last night. When we woke up this morning, you were spread under me. To me, that’s a pretty decisive win.”

“Fuck you!” Veronica exclaimed. “Climbing on top of someone and passing out isn’t a win! The only way you’re getting out of here is through me, you cheating slut!”

Slowly, deliberately, Malina closed the space between their massive tits. Sharp nipples pressed directly into each other, head to head, sizzling with erotic power. Both women gasped at the contact, then shared lascivious smiles. Veronica could feel her nipples holes sucking to Malina’s, she could feel her nipples growing harder and longer and swelling out, challenging Malina’s nips. The Greek woman’s beautiful brown cylinders rose to the challenge. The women’s tits began to quiver, just slightly, as their engorged nipples mated.

“That’s absolutely fine by me, you cheap whore,” Malina purred.

Veronica snaked her hands around Malina’s waist and pulled the other woman in closer. Malina wrapped her arms around Veronica powerful shoulders and pulled her in tighter, causing their throbbing tits to compress even harder. Their bellies flattened against each other, made slick by the water pouring down between them. The women could sense the other’s throbbing clit, slowly swelling up from their cunts. The women panted at each other, nose to nose, lips touching.

“Let’s finish this,” Veronica murmured. “Here and now. A one-off. Whoever wins this wins it all.”

“What do you want to do?” Malina replied, whispering, her tongue running along Veronica’s lips. Their thighs moved against each other, both women slipping firm legs up to caress burning twats. Malina reached out and turned off the shower. In the sudden silence, the women could hear each other panting hard, with excitement.

“We take each other on right here, in a stand-up fuck. No more of this war of attrition. Whoever comes first is the loser and has to submit completely to the winner for the rest of my time here. Deal?”

“Deal,” Malina said, smiling. “I’m going to fuck that little twat so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week, Veronica.”

The women pulled each other in, both tilting their pelvises forward and spreading their legs a bit more. Malina and Veronica could sense the heat of the other’s pulsing clit protruding from her incredibly aroused pussy.

Slowly, carefully, the women brought their swollen clits together, head to head. Veronica screamed at the initial contact; Malina cried out in hitching gasps. The women’s rock hard abdomens were flat against each other, their bulging tits caressed and compressed each other, thick, taut flesh resisting the other. They slipped their hands down and around the other’s waist and grasped each other’s flexing, thrusting asses.

Nose to nose, eyes closed as they concentrated on resisting the exquisite pleasure burning between their legs, Veronica and Malina fucked slow and hard, clits sawing at each other with unbearable intensity, each devastating stroke sending erotic electricity flowing through their flawless, lush bodies until they were both trembling with sexual tension. They groaned and gasped, crying out with pleasure and passion, their gasps and cries of erotic joy rising in harmony. Sweat soon lubricated their lush bodies and their silken flesh began to slide more slickly and erotically. Veronica and Malina locked into a hard, deep, tongue thrusting kiss, both women rubbing and sliding their tongues in imitation of their stroking clits. Their mouths soon filled with their shared saliva, but both women swallowed back the spit and continued to kiss, their moans and cries of pleasure lost in their locked mouths.The clitfucking went on, ten minutes turning to twenty turning to thirty. Neither women showed any sign of stopping or backing down.

Veronica began to cry quietly, her body shuddering with pleasure. “God, oh God!” she thought. “This is heaven.  This is so fucking good! But, please, let me hold out longer than this bitch.”

Malina sobbed, her body vibrating with unbearable tension, her sex pulled as tight as a bow.

Both women ensured that their clits never separated, that their swollen sex organs remained in constant, grinding, erotic contact.

The clit to clit fuck went on and on. Both women trembled with the terrible tension, each desperate to outlast the other. Their bulging tits mashed and rolled against each other constantly, their swollen nipples fused. Their rock-solid abdomens rippled against each other, the heat from their sweat-soaked bellies sending thrilling sensations of slick flesh radiating in their erogenous zones. Their bodies burned with sexual heat, the feeling that they had become woman-sized interlocked genitals began to overwhelm both sexual warriors.

Lost in the sensual pleasure, Malina vaguely wondered if she had miscalculated. She was confident that she could outlast Veronica in any sexual contest, given unlimited time. But pinning the entire battle on one fuckfight now seemed reckless. She felt unbearable ecstasy building in her core, filling her body with incredible tension, growing stronger and stronger with every delicious clit on clit stroke. She felt her abdomen twitching, the sense of the point of no return growing ever more imminent. She knew she could not hold back her orgasm much longer. But she could feel Veronica’s stomach twitching and rippling against hers. Both women were on the verge of a devastating orgasm. Each struggled desperately to hold out longer than the other.

With a spray of spit, Malina and Veronica broke their sucking, hateful kiss at the same moment.

“Fuck, oh fuck…” Veronica sobbed. She shuddered uncontrollably.

“Bitch, you fucking bitch…,” Malina cried out.

Gasping, pulling on each other’s asses as hard as they could, the women erupted as one, their incredible bodies convulsing simultaneously. Hot cum shot from both women’s trembling twats, spraying their thighs and lower legs. Clinging to each other, Malina and Veronica collapsed to their knees on the floor of the shower, their tits mashed tight and hard, throbbing with heat and sensation. They then fell onto their taut asses, their legs spread wide, Veronica’s back against the glass shower stall wall, Malina braced against the tiled wall. Even as her body convulsed in orgasm, Veronica looked down into Malina’s open, gaping, spraying twat. She aimed her own gushing pussy at her enemy’s cunt and, bracing her back against the glass wall, thrust out, pushing her twat forward with her ass and hips, slamming her wet cunt deep into Malina’s open fuckmeat. Malina screamed and thrust back with all her power. For several moments, the incredibly aroused women, both erupting in multi-orgasmic bliss, pounded their wet cunts together in ecstasy, hips jerking back and then snapping forward, thick meat beating on meat like an erotic drum, each woman striving to overwhelm the other. They slammed together and sealed, wet cunts sucking tight, gripping each other in a meaty fusion of hot, wet flesh. Their throbbing clits melted to each other and the women screamed again and again as orgasms wracked their bodies. Leaning away from each other, their backs braced against the opposite shower stall walls, their bellies rippling as they worked their twats into each other, Malina and Veronica glared  and screamed at each other ferociously as each tried to fuck every drop of cum out of the other.  

“You fuck! You filthy fuck!” Veronica cried, her beautiful face a mask of sexual agony and ecstasy.

“Cunt! Fucking whore!” Malina shot back. Her gorgeous visage was contorted with the power of the orgasms wracking her body.

Their massive tits jiggled and bounced furiously as their bodies locked and violated each other at the junction of their fused cunts. The women felt even more orgasms burning inside of them. They braced and continued to drive against each other, both squeezing, rippling their deep vaginal muscles against each other, massaging their locked clits, as each tried to destroy the other.

Suddenly, Malina felt her right hand slip on the wet tile. It had been bracing her body as she matched Veronica thrust for thrust. She lost her balance and fell over onto her back. Instantly, Veronica followed her down. Keeping her pussy grip on Malina, Veronica grabbed the masseuse’s left leg and placed it on her shoulder, scissoring the Greek woman tightly, spreading Malina’s cunt even more, opening her to the deepest violation. Using all the power of her aching ass, Veronica thrust deep, deep and hard, into Malina’s burning twat. Both women screamed in joy. Veronica filled her hands with Malina’s bouncing tits and squeezed relentlessly. She squeezed as hard as she could with her pussy, trying to eat and overpower Malina’s twat. Malina retaliated, squeezing back, but from her disadvantaged position, she could not match every thrust as Veronica’s twat relentlessly pounded her aching pussy.

Malina shrieked in pleasure as she came again and again, her back arching, her legs thrashing. She collapsed onto her back as one shuddering orgasm after another rippled through her core, as cum sprayed out of her aching pussy.

Veronica continued pounding, grinding deeply into Malina, her hips and ass working hard, as she tried to fuck Malina into submission. The women’s clits were twined into one throbbing nerve, burning with sensation. Veronica threw back her head and screamed as a final, terrible orgasm roared through her body. She ejaculated powerfully, injecting her hot cum deep into Malina’s twat, marking her territory, claiming Malina’s cunt as her own.

Gasping, heaving with exhaustion and effort, Veronica collapsed on top of Malina. Their bodies wet with sweat and cum, the women lay that way for some time, sprawled together in the shower, their pounding hearts slowly coming back under control, their spent limbs twined carelessly.

After some time, Veronica raised her head. She looked through sex-glazed eyes at Malina. Malina returned her gaze, her beautiful eyes dark with hate and humiliation.

“Say it,” Veronica said hoarsely. She punctuated her words by rippling and squeezing Malina’s pussy with her own. Their clits pulsed powerfully against each other.

“You fucking cow,” Malina snarled. Then, she finally said the words Veronica wanted to hear. “You won. I am yours, for the rest of your time here.”

“Say that I am the better woman,” Veronica insisted, twisting the knife, insisting on humiliating and dominating her challenger.

Malina bit her lip in rage. But, finally, she said the words. “You are the better woman. At least today.”

Veronica peeled herself from Malina’s body and stood up, somewhat unsteadily, in the shower. She turned on the water. Malina slowly got to her feet.

The women stared at each other sullenly for a moment. Then, Veronica reached out, grabbed Malina by the hair, and shoved the other women into the tiled shower wall, crushing into her body to body. Veronica kissed Malina deeply, as the water pounded down on their naked forms.

“Come back here tonight,” Veronica said, when she finally broke the kiss. “I’ll be here for the next week. You’ll be spending every night with me. And all your free time, too.” She smiled, a predatory, nasty grin. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with your body, baby.”

Malina did not reply. There was nothing she could say. Her eyes flashed with fire, her pride curdled, but she had lost according to the rules they had set. She would have to pay the price.

 The women fucked slow and hard a few more times on the shower stall floor before Veronica let Malina leave, late for her first morning appointment. After Malina had gone, Veronica put on her robe and went out to sit on her balcony and look at the brilliant Mediterranean, gleaming in the morning sun. She sipped a tea and watched the ships drift by on the blue haze.

Veronica reflected on her visit to the Elysium. No men to take on as benefactors, but she had found a most formidable rival. She considered it to be a fair trade. She decided that, so long as Malina was at this resort, she would make it a regular vacation spot for the foreseeable future. Veronica smiled as the ocean breeze cooled her body, naked under the gossamer-thin robe. Life was good. Once again, she was the undisputed queen of the resort.


More than a month after her encounter with Veronica, Malina went to her last appointment of the day. A new arrival at the resort had come in that morning and had immediately booked a series of treatments. Malina was wearing her familiar brief, tight white halter top and her skin-tight shorts, as well as sandals. She entered the massage therapy room, a professional smile fixed on her gorgeous face. She stopped short the instant she saw what was lying on the table.

A breathtakingly beautiful redheaded woman was stretched out on her stomach, her arms folded under her cheek, her face turned toward the door but her eyes closed. Her hair was styled in a short, wavy Marilyn Monroe-cut. The woman’s tits were crushed hard on the table but, even so, they swelled up as large, thick pads of luscious meat supporting the woman’s chest. Her beautiful, flawless back curved up into thick, round buttocks and wide, womanly hips, before flowing down into long, powerful legs ending in perfect pink feet. Her entire body glowed with a healthy light-golden tan. The woman opened her eyes when Malina walked in, fixing the Greek woman in a beautiful blue gaze. As Malina stared, her olive eyes raking over every inch of the woman’s incredible flesh, the woman stretched languidly and rolled over onto her side, letting her massive breasts roll free, before she turned over onto her back. Malina stared hungrily at the woman’s breasts, massive meaty hillocks which jutted up from her chest and swayed only slightly to her sides. Malina’s eyes swept over the woman’s taut stomach and deep navel to focus on her thick tuft of red bush and her naked cunt.

“Hello,” the redhead purred in a deep, throaty voice. Malina barely suppressed a gasp as she felt her nipples tighten into fleshy spikes, her pussy contract with powerful force. Her clit started to throb. She knew what this meant; this redhead was an Alpha bitch, her natural rival.

“You are Malina, yes?” the redhead continued. “I asked for you specifically.” At the same time, the redhead’s eyes were drinking in every inch of Malina’s luscious curves. The naked woman’s nipples were hard and thick and Malina could swear she could see the woman’s pussy lips swelling with heat.

“Yes, I am Malina,” the Greek woman replied. She consulted her chart. “You are Ms. Long?”

“I am indeed,” said the redhead. “Louise Long. An… acquaintance of mine recommended that I see you if I came out here to the Elysium. Maybe you remember Veronica Carter?”

Malina felt the heat in her body shoot to a hot boil, her nipples lengthen into spears at the mere mention of her rival’s name. There was no more need to say anything else.

“Yes, I remember Ms. Carter very well,” Malina replied. She reached up and released the clasp holding the white halter together at her luscious cleavage, freeing her massive, glistening brown tits. Malina slipped off the halter and tossed it to the floor behind her, even as she shoved out her chest, presenting her beautiful tits in all their erotic glory. They jiggled deliciously. She stepped out of her sandals, then reached down and undid her shorts. She pulled the white scrap of cloth over her hips and down her long, smooth legs. Louise watched all of this, her beautiful eyes glowing with heat. Malina stood naked before Louise.

For long moments the women studied each other, hungry smiles playing on their beautiful faces. Malina’s heart was pounding with excitement and desire, her tits were starting to heave as she began to pant with lust. She felt her hot pussy tighten, she felt her cunt swelling, she knew that juice would soon begin trickling down her thighs. Her breasts were hot and throbbing with tension. The redhead’s breasts were heaving too. Her nipples seemed to grow longer even as Malina watched.

Malina walked to the foot of the table, her voluptuous body swaying gently. Malina and Louise’s eyes were locked, sexual fever building between them.

“Please,” Malina said with a professional tone. “Spread your legs.”

Louise smiled archly, her beautiful eyes hooded.  Easily, smoothly, she spread her legs wide, wide, raising them towards her head and grabbing her ankles. Her stunningly beautiful cunt filled Malina’s vision. The thick, pink-lipped flower between the redhead’s legs called to the Greek woman like a siren of myth. Malina watched Louise’s thumb-sized clit swell up at the apex of the redhead’s labia, she saw a trickle of juice flow down from Louise’s twat towards the redhead’s ass. Malina leaned forward onto the table, pressing her heavy, aching tits into the pad covering the surface, and buried her face in Louise’s cunt. She inhaled the intoxicating scent of the lush meat, getting her nose wet with Louise’s juices, before kissing the engorged pussy lips, then licking hungrily at the redhead’s labia. Louise groaned in ecstasy as Malina’s mouth settled over her twat, sucking and gently biting at the redhead’s fuckmeat, before wrapping her soft lips around Louise’s massive clit and sucking with ravenous hunger. Louise shrieked, before biting her lip and stifling her cry of ecstasy. But her beautiful face contorted with effort and her eyes watered.  Malina continued to suck at Louise’s core as she crawled up onto the table, her naked body taut with tension. She rubbed her face in Louise’s red bush, then began licking and kissing and nibbling her way up the other woman’s body. Her tongue and teeth ran over Louise’s golden belly, her tongue delving into the redhead’s navel, then moving up the woman’s silken skin to her ribs. Louise writhed in pleasure as the masseuse’s eager, expert hands caressed and squeezed her massive tits, Malina’s fingers working Louise’s erect nipples. The redhead groaned loudly, closing her eyes and arching her back. Louise closed her thighs around Malina’s waist, pulling the Greek woman in tighter and closer.

Malina raised her body over Louise, her heavy tits hanging down like twin, meaty cannonballs, prepared to mash down on Louise’s equally firm rack. The redhead smiled up at her, sexual fever burning in her blue eyes. She reached up and looped her arms around Malina’s neck, urging the other woman down onto her. Malina lined up her nipples with Louise’s nips. When their hard nubs touched, shaft to shaft, both women gasped as they felt their milk holes suck to each other, locking their tits into place. Malina imagined she felt Louise’s sexual power pouring through her nipples into Malina’s tits, trying to overwhelm and weaken them. Malina willed her own sexual power to flow back into Louise’s tits. After a moment, Malina slowly, agonizingly, lowered her body down onto Louise’s. The women groaned in unison as their firm, meaty tits slowly mashed and merged. Their massive glands throbbed with heat, swelled with pleasure, as they became one. Malina pushed down with her hips, sliding her slick cunt down onto Louise’s matching vaginal v. The redhead slipped her arms around Malina’s waist and gripped the Greek woman’s flexing ass, urging Malina to push harder, to penetrate the redhead’s cunt ever more deeply. The women groaned together in absolute bliss as their hot, fat, pussylips crushed and sealed in a wet bond. Louise moaned and writhed uncontrollably. Malina writhed with her, their hard, warm bellies flattening against each other. Louise’s legs slid down to twine with Malina’s limbs, her hands slid down and around Malina’s waist to grasp the Greek woman’s pumping brown ass. The women cried out in mutual ecstasy as their, fat, thick, rock-hard clits crushed together head to head, nerve-rich nubs fusing together in erotic bliss. Their hungry mouths found each other, their tongues twisted tight.

For the next hour, Malina and Louise fucked powerfully, writhing and grinding in each other’s arms, clits moving constantly against each other, rubbing and rubbing until they radiated nova-hot erotic heat through every luscious inch of the women’s straining bodies. Malina rode Louise’s voluptuous body hard, reveling in the succulent flesh and smell and wet heat of the redheaded beauty writhing and moving and panting beneath her. The women met thrust for thrust, letting the delicious sexual tension build and build until, finally, they were both trembling with the need to come. Staring into each other’s eyes, smiling with unbearable pleasure, Malina and Louise orgasmed as one, both enjoying the delicious feeling of their hot ejaculate flowing and mixing, savoring the wonderful sensations of their overstimulated twats convulsing and clamping on each other like tight, wet vises, the muscles and deliciously sensitive flesh of their powerful twats flowing together, fusing into one. Three times they shot hot cum into each other, twisting and shuddering in each other’s arms, hips and asses bucking, squeezing every drop of moisture that they could from each other’s juiced-up twats. Finally, they collapsed in a sweaty, hot heap of luscious flesh. Gasping, cheeks pressed tight, bodies twined around each other, long hair tangled, the women slowly recovered.  Malina enjoyed the feeling of Louise’s heart pounding against her own through the thick meat of their mashed tits.

Finally, Malina pulled her dripping body off of Louise. She staggered a bit as she climbed off the table. She used a towel to dry herself off, wiping off the sweat and cum coating her body in a fine sheen. Louise climbed gracefully off of the massage table and picked up a towel. As the women wiped themselves down, their hungry eyes studied each other, challenged each other.

“You’re very, very good, Malina,” Louise said, as she ran her towel over and around her round tits. “I”ll be here for the next week. If it’s possible, I’d like to book this same time for every day.”

“That will be fine, Louise,” Malina replied smoothly. Her pussy tightened involuntarily at the thought of a daily hard, hot fuck with this luscious woman. “But I do have two days off starting four days from now.”

“Well, that’s not a problem,” Louise replied, smiling widely. “I’d like to invite you to spend those days with me. There are lots of…places that I’m sure we can explore together. That is, if you don’t mind spending time with clients after hours.”

Malina smiled widely, her eyes burning. “I’d love to spend that time with you. What a wonderful offer.”

Malina picked up her clothing and began to dress. She pulled her shorts up her still-damp legs and pulled on her halter, closing the clasp between her massive, straining tits. Louise walked over to the door, pulled a short robe off the hook, and wrapped it around her voluptuous form. She pushed her feet into her slippers, which were sitting beside the door.

“I look forward to our appointment tomorrow, Malina,” the redhead smiled.

“As do I, Louise,” Malina smiled back.

The women exchanged final hot, lusty smiles. Then Louise opened the door and walked out into the hall, her curvy hips swaying seductively, her bare legs flashing.

Malina was alone in the room. Her body was hot, her nipples were pulsing. The next few days were going to be very, very enjoyable. She was already thinking about paying Louise a surprise visit at the redhead’s room that night. She had the woman’s room number as part of the appointment sheet.

As she brushed out her hair in the mirror, Malina studied her perfect body, her ripe, glistening tits, overflowing with sexual power. She needed to return to her own apartment to shower and clean up. Her body smelled of hot sex. As she readied herself to leave, for the first time it occurred to Malina that her encounter with Veronica may have opened up a whole new world for her. It could be that other women like Veronica, like Louise, would come to Elysium to meet her. It could be that there was a whole network of Alpha bitches that she knew nothing about who would start coming here to challenge her. She hoped this was true. But, for the next week, she planned to enjoy Louise. She planned to avenge herself on the redhead’s fantastic body. One day, Malina knew, Veronica would be back. And when the American returned, the Greek woman promised herself, she would be ready and waiting.

The End

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