Mercy vs Moira: An Overwatch Catfight by N29219

It was past midnight at the overwatch research facility. Angela Ziegler aka Mercy was sitting at her desk in her lab reading over the latest mission report. She was still in her white medics suit having been too busy making sure everyone was okay to change out of it. The white suit emphasised her breasts and long legs something that Mercy was slightly embarrassed about but this suit helped her save lives so she wore it anyway. Her artificial wings hung over the back of her chair. She wore her white hair in her signature ponytail. A little golden halo attached to her headgear glinted in the dim light. Finishing the report Mercy yawned. It was probably time for bed. She got up and began to collect her things. Her healing staff the caduceus lay on the table beside her, but where was her pistol?

As Mercy began to scour the room for it the door silently opened and Moira slipped through. The tall Irish woman stood quietly in the shadows her black tight clothes helping her blend in. The only part of her which stood out was her bright orange hair. Mercy suddenly remembered where she had left her pistol, it was still on the dropship. Silently scalding herself Mercy turned around and nearly jumped out of her skin at the site of Moira.

“Eeeek” Mercy squeaked rather girlishly. “Oh Moira, I didn’t see you there”.

“Hello Angela,” Moira said in her Irish accent. The expression on her face was stern.

“So what are you still doing here at this time of night,” Mercy asked trying to hide how flustered she was from the surprise visit.

“Well as it happens, I’m cleaning out my desk,” Moira said.

“Oh no, really?” Mercy said.

Moira casually lent against the door frame. “Yes, apparently the higher-ups don’t approve of my research methods. They think I’m too radical”.

Mercy noted nervously that Moira was wearing her backpack which had that strange purple fluid swirling within it.

“They were tipped off by an anonymous whistle-blower and just like that, I’m out of a job,” Moira said examining her long sharp nails.

“Oh well, um, I’m sorry to hear that,” Mercy said innocently.

Moira glowered at Mercy for a long moment. Moira’s eyes were two different colours one was red the other blue. For some reason this fact made Mercy even more uncomfortable.

“So do you need help moving your things out or something?” Mercy asked just wanting to break the silence.

Suddenly Moira dashed forward and grabbed Mercy by her white hair. Mercy yelled in surprise and pain. Moira forced her head down till her face pressed up against the table’s surface.

“Don’t play innocent with me you little bitch” she snarled. “I know it was you who grassed on me”

“Owwww let go” Mercy squirmed.

“You cost me my lab and all my equipment” Moira whispered in Mercy’s ear. “Do you have any idea how much this will setback my research” she pulled on Mercy’s hair even harder causing the Swiss woman to gasp in pain. “I have until tomorrow morning before I need to be gone but before that, I think I will tear you apart,” Moira said darkly. She brought Mercy’s head up by her hair shoving her back into the table and then pinning her there with her own body. Moira then brought her free hand up and started roughly groping Mercy’s breasts. Mercy gasped at the sensation. Moira massaged her tits moving the soft flesh around as if it was Play-Doh. As she did a wicked smile grew on her face. Mercy felt powerless to stop Moira playing with her tits. “You know, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on your boobs ever since the first day we met,” Moira said. She took her other hand away from Mercy’s hair so it too could get a handful of Mercy’s rack.

“Mmmmaaaa, get off” Mercy moaned.

Obviously, Moira ignored this. She took a firm hold of Mercy’s round orbs digging her sharp nails in. Her nails pierced the fabric of Mercy’s shirt and dug into the flesh beneath. Mercy cried out but this sharp pain finally brought her to her senses. “I said get off!” Mercy violently shoved Moira causing the Irishwoman to stumble away. “You crazy pervert” Mercy shouted hugging her sore breasts to her chest.

“Yeah well that’s what you get when you interfere with my research” Moira snapped back.

“It wasn’t me, I didn’t say anything to anyone about your research” Mercy insisted.

“You lying bitch, come here” Moira lunged at Mercy again but this time Mercy managed to dodge out of the way. Moira’s upper body landed on the table her ass sticking out. Mercy turned and made a mad dash for the door. Just before she reached the handle something caught her from behind stopping her forward momentum. Moira had grabbed Mercy by her artificial wings. “Where do you think you’re going”. Moira said.

“No, not my wings” Mercy cried.

With an evil glint in her mismatched eyes Moira began to pull.

“No stop” Mercy shouted. She tried to grab Moira’s arms to pull them away but it was too awkward to reach behind her. Moira planted one foot on the small of Mercy’s back to give herself more leverage to pull on her wings. “AAAAA” Mercy cried out in pain as Moira’s heel dug into her back.


Suddenly Mercy fell forward onto her face. She got up and felt behind her but all her hands could feel were two little bumps where her wings used to be.

Moira laughed in triumph lifting the severed wings above her head. “Hahaha not much of an angel any more are you?” she crowed. Wanting to make them beyond repair Moira through the limp wings to the ground and then stamped on them, Grinding her heel into them till the wiring was exposed.

Still sitting on the floor Mercy watched as Moira destroyed one of her most precious possessions. A strange feeling welled up inside her. Mercy was not used to feeling this emotion but right now it seemed to be overwhelming her. It was rage. “You bitch!” She screamed.

“What?“ Moira turned just in time to see Mercy’s expression of fury as she dived at her. The two women crashed to the floor with Mercy on top of Moira. Mercy through open palm slaps to Moira’s face. Moira cried out in pain and covered up her stinging cheeks with her arms. Mercy tried to pull her arms away from her face but when this failed, she changed target and grabbed some of Moira’s bright orange hair. Moira shrieked as Mercy pulled her hair as hard as she could. Moira grabbed Mercy’s wrists trying to pry them off but she couldn’t break her grip on her hair. The pain in Moira’s scalp only intensified. Mercy’s hands finally came away but she took some of Moira’s hair with them causing Moira to scream loudly.

“Serves you right” Mercy spat. She dropped strands of orange hair to the floor.

“Where did that come from?” Moira said still a little shocked by Mercy’s sudden counter-attack.

“You broke my wings and touched my boobs,” Mercy said still breathing heavily.

“I’m going to do much more than that.” and with that Moira threw a punch. Moira’s fist cracked into Mercy’s jaw and she fell sideways with a gasp of pain. Moira quickly rolled sideways so now she was sitting on top of Mercy the exact opposite positions they had been in just a moment before, but Moira had the forethought to trap Mercy’s arms by the side of her body by hugging her legs around them. Mercy thrashed under Moira but try as she might she couldn’t unseat her. “Now where was I ah yes, I was having a good time with those beautiful tits of yours” Moira sneered. Moira once again dug her claws into Mercy’s tits. Causing the Swedish doctor to scream in pain and outrage. Moira smiled sadistically as she squeezed Mercy’s breasts. “Mmm that feels nice doesn’t it,” Moira said then she looked at Mercy’s pained expression. “Well it feels good for me anyway, oh but you know what would make it even better?” Moira let go of Mercy’s breasts giving her a moment of relief. It didn’t last long though, Moira grabbed at Mercy’s top and began to rip it to shreds with her nails.

Mercy squealed in embarrassment. “Aaa, what are you doing?” She said flushing a deep red.

“I don’t want anything in the way when I’m going after your tits,” Moira said. She ripped away the last pieces of Mercy’s top revealing her large naked breasts. Moira licked her lips hungrily as she stared at Mercy’s exposed rack. “I must say doctor Ziegler; you do have a lovely pair of tits.

“Get away from them you crazy pervert” Mercy yelled.

Moira once again grabbed hold of Mercy’s breasts enjoying the sensation of touching her warm sweaty skin. She began to squeeze and pull on them being even rougher with them than she was before. Mercy moaned and whimpered helplessly. Moira kneaded Mercy’s tits as if they were dough and she was making bread. Mercy’s pale skin of her breasts began to turn sore red under Moira’s touch. “Oh I could play with them all day,” Moira said wistfully.

Tears began to collect at the edges of Mercy’s eyes. “Stop it, get away.”

“Oh my dear Angela, I’m just getting started” Moira then violently dug her nails into Mercy’s already sore tits. Mercy screamed loudly as Moira’s sharp nails punctured her soft skin and sank deep into her titty flesh. Moira laughed sadistically and shifted her weight on top of Mercy in order to dig her nails in even further. Despite the huge amount of pain Mercy was in she saw this for the opening it was. From her position lying on the floor trapped under Moira, Mercy swung her legs upwards and wrapped them around Moira’s head. Moira let out a cry of surprise having been to court up in her assault on Mercy’s breasts. Mercy thrust her long legs down again taking the trapped Moira with them. The back of Moira’s head cracked off the floor. She groaned loudly in pain and rolled away from Mercy clutching her head. Mercy sat up and examined the damage to her breasts. They were bright red and they throbbed painfully, there were five small cuts on each of them where Moira’s nails had dug into them. As Mercy watched a small drop of blood slowly trickled out of one of the cuts. Mercy slowly got to her feet trying not to let her sore breasts move as she did so, but because she was topless now this proved a very hard task and despite her best efforts, her breasts jiggled as she got up.

Moira also rose to her feet “Come here you slut I’m not done with you yet” Moira said slowly advancing on Mercy. Her clawed hands making grasping motions ready to grab Mercy by the tits again. Panicking Mercy backed away from Moira until she had her back against the table, but then her hands brush something which lay upon it. Smiling confidently Mercy brought up her caduceus staff and pointed it threateningly at Moira. Moira stared blankly at Mercy’s newfound weapon for a moment, then she burst into laughter. “Hahahahah, your healing staff? Really, Hahaha,” Moira managed to say through her laughter. “Hahaha and what are you gonna do with that?” Mercy showed her. She hit the far end of the staff into both of Moira’s thighs causing the laughing woman to spread her legs wide, then she thrust the staff upwards smashing it into Moira’s pussy. Moira’s laughter was replaced by a high-pitched scream. Her hands immediately shot to her womanhood. She sank to her knees her eyes shut tight her whole body trembling with the pain of the low blow.

Mercy smiled smugly to herself. “Just because I’m an angel doesn’t mean I won’t fight dirty”

Moira just knelt there breathing in deeply as if this would help ease the pain in her vagina. Mercy decided that Moira deserved more punishment after all she had done to her. Mercy skilfully span her caduceus round and round passing it to her other hand as she did so then with all the force she could muster she slammed the end of it into the side of Moira’s head. “AAAFF” Moira cried as she was sent tumbling to the floor by the force of the blow. She lay face down on the floor groaning. Mercy surveyed her downed opponent, she noticed Moira’s strange backpack with the dark purple liquid swirling around contained in its glass cylinder. Mercy thought of Moira’s sadistic destruction of her wings and decided it was payback time. She raised her caduceus above her head and brought it down on Moira’s backpack.


Mercy’s caduceus made a large dent in the side of the backpack. The force of the strike travelled through the backpack and then through Moira’s body bringing her to her senses. “What the?” she muttered. She started to pull herself up but then Mercy struck her backpack again causing Moira to fall back down. “OFFFF” Moira exclaimed as the wind was knocked out of her. There were now two very large dents in the backpack. Then it finally dawned on Moira what was happening. “No, you can’t break my backpack, that’s worth years of research” Moira pleaded desperately.

“Well, how long do you think it took to research and make my wings you bitch” Mercy snarled. With a husky grunt of effort, Mercy brought her staff down on the glass container at the bottom of Moira’s backpack. The glass exploded into a shower of twinkling shards. The black liquid contained within burst out and congealed into a foul-smelling puddle on the floor.

“Noooooooooooo” Moira cried. She unhooked her backpack and brought it round to her front to assess the damage but it was apparent almost immediately that Mercy’s attack had rendered the backpack completely useless.

“Oh don’t worry I’m sure you will be able to fix it,” Mercy said sweetly. “Oh but that’s right, you don’t have your lab any more because I finally got enough evidence to tell the higher-ups about what you were up too”. “I guess that’s the end of your nasty little experiments” Mercy began to laugh.

“I knew it was you” Moira’s voice shook with rage. “I knew it was you who cost me my lab”.

Mercy’s laughter slowly died. She hadn’t meant to admit to that.

“I will fucking end you, you sneaky little heal slut” Moira screamed. She pounced at Mercy and now unburdened by the weight of the backpack she was even faster. Mercy shrieked but just managed to bring up her staff to block Moira’s nails digging into her exposed breasts. “Give this to me,” Moira said pulling on the caduceus. “I want to break it over your head”.

“No way this is mine, I won’t let you break it as well” Mercy replied. The two furious women began to wrestle over control of the staff. They stumbled around the lab squealing and grunting with the effort of trying to pull the staff out of the other’s grip. Moira slammed Mercy into one of the walls causing the Swiss doctor to gasp but she still held tight to the staff which was trapped in between there heaving breasts. “let go you crazy bitch” Mercy said through gritted teeth.

“No way slut” Moira hissed back. She pulled hard on the caduceus but even though she was pinned against the wall Mercy still didn’t let go. Frustrated by the stalemate Moira changed tactics. She raised her leg and shot a sharp knee rocketing into Mercy’s pussy.

“AAAAFFOO” Mercy grunted. Her eyes closing. Her fingers around the caduceus went limp and Moira finally managed to wrench it away from her. Mercy didn’t even notice immediately being to preoccupied with the pain in her crotch. But she definitely took notice when Moira slammed the side of the staff across her tits. Mercy screeched her attention going from the pain in one sensitive area to another. Her already hurt tits bounced up and down from the blow. A small amount of blood was dislodged from the five cuts Moira had made in them earlier. Mercy fell to her knees cupping her sore breasts in her hands.

“You know,” Moira said thoughtfully examining her stolen staff. “This staff makes for a half-decent weapon, why’d you only use it for healing, it’s probably because you’re a heal slut” Moira taunted. She frowned when she realised Mercy wasn’t listening. She was too busy massaging the pain out of her throbbing tits. Moira moved behind Mercy then she placed the staff over her head and pulled back. Mercy gasped as the medical staff dug into her throat. Moira piled on the pressure and began to strangle Mercy with her own staff. Mercy desperately brought her hands up and tried to pull the staff away from her throat. Whilst this did relieve the pressure slightly she could not pull it away completely. The women’s fight had turned into a contest of strength one that Mercy couldn’t afford to lose. Despite her best efforts the staff continue to dig into the throat. Her breasts thrust out in front of her as her head was pulled back. Mercy started to gag she was finding it difficult to breathe. Sensing that victory was near Moira redoubled her efforts and pulled even harder. Mercy began to feel lightheaded but she wasn’t sure if this was the pain in her throat or the lack of oxygen, probably a mix of both. She couldn’t last much longer before she passed out and then who knew what Moira would do to her. And then she saw it. A piece of her broken wings lay on the floor in front of her discarded and forgotten about after Moira had destroyed them early on in the fight. Mercy took one hand away from the staff and reached for the wing but because she only had one hand on the staff now it dug even further into her neck. Mercy just managed to grip the broken wing with her fingers. Moira couldn’t see what Mercy was doing from her vantage point she was just concentrating on her strangling attempt, which is why she was completely surprised when Mercy thrust her arm backwards holding a sharp piece of broken wing, which sank right into Moira’s blue eye. Moira screamed and dropped the caduceus on the ground her hands flying to her face as she stumbled away. Mercy gasped in a huge lung full of air and rubbed her sore throat.

Moira took her hand away from her face and blinked her I until vision returned to it. It still hurt like hell and was now nearly as red as her other eye. “You couldn’t have just gone down could you bitch” she spat furiously.

“No, you’re the one who’s gonna go down because I’m going to beat you” Mercy replied determination in her eyes.

“Oh, we will see about that slut” Moira growled and she charged at Mercy. And surprisingly Mercy charged back naked tits bouncing up and down as she did so. The two combative women collided each of them immediately going for the other’s hair. Mercy sank her fingers into Moira’s orange mane and pulled causing the Irishwoman to screech at the pain. Moira retaliated by grabbing Mercy by her own hair. She grabbed Mercy’s ponytail and pulled causing her head to be pulled backwards and gasp to leave her lips. Moira’s sharp nails caught on the piece of fabric which kept Mercy’s hair in a ponytail and she ripped it free. Mercy’s white hair fell around her face it was nearly long enough to reach her shoulders. Mercy took her hand away from Moira’s hair in order to brush her hair out of her face. Using this as a distraction Moira decided to go for her favourite targets again. She grabbed Mercy’s naked tits by the nipple and then twisted harshly. Mercy moaned sexily as her tits were once again attacked. But this time Mercy wasn’t just going to take it she wanted to give Moira a taste of her own medicine. Ignoring the pain in her mammary glands Mercy started to rip and tear at Moira’s black outfit. Moira saw what Mercy was doing but decided the best way to her make a stop was to continue torturing her breasts, but Mercy endured the pain and with one final rip she managed to tear the front of Moira’s clothes off. Unexpectedly Moira squealed at this she let go of Mercy’s nipples and covered up her own exposed bosom. However, Mercy had already seen.

“So that’s why you’re always after my tits” Mercy said smiling. “It’s because yours are really tiny”. Moira breasts really were small especially compared to Mercy’s is bountiful orbs. Moira blushed bright red and looked away from her. Mercy looked at the torn piece of Moira’s top she was still holding and laughed. Apparently, Moira used padding to make it look like her boobs were bigger than they actually were.

Moira felt completely humiliated. While she was perfectly fine with stripping and attacking other women’s breasts she did not feel the same when it came to her own. She backed up away from Mercy still hiding her breasts from view when she nearly tripped over something. It was the caduceus staff. Quickly Moira reached down and grabbed it her small tits jiggling. She raised the staff and swung at Mercy’s head intending to pay the Swiss woman back for the humiliation she had suffered. Just before the staff could make contact Mercy’s hand shot up and grabbed it. “Not this time bitch,” Mercy said. Frustrated that her sneak attack had failed Moira pulled on the staff but Mercy wouldn’t let go. The half-naked women began a tug-of-war over the staff. Both of them grunting loudly with every tug. Their breasts bounced up and down as their struggle continued.

“I’m going to shove this down your throat” Moira threatened breathlessly.

“Oh yeah well I’m going to show this up you pussy” Mercy countered.

Despite them both pulling with all their might neither of them could overpower the other. How dare this flat-chested bitch use my own staff to attack me, Mercy thought to herself, I bet she doesn’t even know how it works, wait, that’s it. Still pulling with one hand Mercy ran her fingers down the staff until she found the trigger. Smiling wickedly she pressed it. A blue crackling light came out of the end of the staff and surrounded Mercy’s body. Mercy felt her tired muscles get reinvigorated by the energy. It felt like she had just got out of bed instead of being at the end of a drawn-out catfight. With one tug Mercy easily pulled the staff away from Moira.

“What the hell?” Moira said shocked.

“My caduceus is more than just a healing staff, it can also damage boost you,” Mercy said triumphantly.

“Oh” Moira’s mismatched eyes went wide in terror as she realised that she was in real trouble. With her speed increased with the blue energy Mercy raised her staff and jabbed it twice into each of Moira’s tits. Moira howled in pain the strength of Mercy’s blow had been increased by the damage boost. Moira slumped to the ground holding her tits. Despite their small size her breasts still hurt like hell.

Mercy pointed the end of the staff at Moira’s face. “Now what did I say I was going to do to you?”

“Owwww,” Moira said still cupping her breasts.

“Oh yeah I was going to shove this up your pussy,” Mercy said. She slowly lowered the staff so it pointed in between Moira’s legs.

Moira realised what Mercy was about to do. “No wait Angela don’t, I’m sorry, please don’t” she pleaded.

Something strange had come over Mercy her usual calm and placid nature had been replaced by something more bloodthirsty and sadistic. Mercy smiled. “You’ll get no mercy from Mercy,” then she shoved the end of the staff into Moira’s pussy. Moira screamed like a woman possessed as Mercy grounded the edge of the staff on her snatch.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO” Moira cried tears rolling freely down her face. But Mercy only pushed harder. There was a tearing sound as the staff ripped through Moira’s panties. Moira screaming went up in intensity and pitch.

“Almost there,” Mercy said as she gave one last push on the staff. Then the end of the caduceus finally entered Moira. Her eyes grew to the size of golf balls. Her mouth was still open but no more screams came out. A small trickle of saliva drooled out the corner of her mouth. Her entire being was completely overwhelmed by the sensations of pain and pleasure she was feeling. Slowly her eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped to the ground unconscious.

“That’s what you get you crazy psycho whore” Mercy spat. Then she flopped to her knees the adrenaline which was fuelling her body finally running out now the threat was dealt with. Her entire body ached but especially her bruised breasts. Mercy picked up the caduceus and fumbled with it until she activated the healing beam. A warm comforting yellow light flowed out of the staff and surrounded Mercy. She sighed in relief as it soothed her aching muscles. The five little cuts on her tits were healed over leaving her round breasts as smooth as ever. The healing also cleared Mercy’s head somewhat. She looked over at Moira’s unconscious body. “Did I really do that?” She asked in surprise. She really wasn’t sure what had come over her. All the cuts and scrapes she had received in the fight were fully healed now. Mercy stood up feeling completely refreshed. Unfortunately, there was no way for her healing staff to fix her ripped top or broken wings.

Moira still lay on the floor. Her hair was a mess. Two bruises were forming on her small tits where Mercy had jabbed them with the staff. There was a hole in her trousers just over her crotch area. Mercy could see that Moira’s pussy was a stinging red. Mercy still held the caduceus in her hands but she decided that Moira didn’t deserve any healing. But what to do with her. She couldn’t just leave her here.

Mercy decided to drag Moira’s unconscious body back to her own lab, A lab come the morning would not belong to Moira any more. She left the unconscious Irishwoman in a heap on the floor then just as she was about to leave she turned back. In a moment of pettiness, Mercy ripped off the remainder of Moira’s close leaving her completely naked. With any luck, Moira wouldn’t come to until the morning, at which point she would be found by the other members of overwatch having not only failed to clean out her lab but also completely naked and humiliated. Mercy smiled to herself at this thought. She decided that she deserved a good nights rest, however in the morning she needed to start to repair her broken wings but at least she never had to put up with Moira ever again.

The End

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