Mt. Lady vs. Midnight My Hero Academia Catfight by N2-9

“Welcome back to our live show,” the host said warmly. “For our next topic is it really necessary for heroes to dress sexily” he gestured to one side. “Let’s ask our very special guests what they think, she is the rookie hero who debuted just this year it’s Mt Lady”

Takeyama Y? aka Mt Lady waved to the camera. She was an attractive young blonde who had been making quite a stir in the pro hero seen. Wearing her skintight purple and beach jumpsuit which showed off her assets nicely she also wore a purple mask over her eyes and to fake horns sticking upwards from under her blonde hair. “Hello everybody,” she said sweetly.

“And our other special guest, she’s a pro currently teaching at UA, the incomparable Midnight. Midnight was in her usual hero outfit as well. A skintight grey jumpsuit with black highlights which emphasised her large breasts. She also wore two unconnected handcuffs around her wrists a sign of her more edgier side. Her black spiky hair flowed down her back as she nodded to the camera. “It’s great to be here“

The two pro heroes took their seats next to each other and the host continued with the show.

“So Midnight let’s start with you what’s your opinion on heroes dressing sexily”

“Well you see because of the nature of some people’s quirks clothing can restrict some of their abilities, like mine Somnambulist for instance if I was all covered up I wouldn’t be able to use it properly,  sexiness isn’t just an aesthetic sometimes it helps us do our job well,” Midnight explained professionally. “Besides what’s more attractive than a hero who can get the job done quickly“

The host nodded and opened his mouth to ask another question but before he could Mt lady said “I think you just like the attention”

Everybody in the studio froze.

Midnight slowly turned towards Mt lady “Excuse me are you trying to insult me?”

“Oh, of course not I mean I look up to you I think you’re amazing,” Mt lady said hurriedly. “For someone your age” she added with a sly smile.

Midnight stood up and in her haste knocking her chair over. “You can act like the blushing ingenue all you want but you’re not that young yourself you know“ she shouted.

Mt lady rose to her feet as well. “Hey, I’m one of the youthful heroes on the pro scene in your just an old washed-up hag”

“I am not washed-up you cocky little brat” Midnight shouted. Walking right up to Mt lady.

“Of course you are we all know that’s why you became a teacher because you couldn’t hack it in the pro scene any more,” Mt lady said. She went to meet Midnight and their breasts bumped together as both women snarled at the other.

“Ladies please,” the host said but the two women completely ignored him.

“And what would a rookie like you know about being a pro hero you’ve only been doing it for like a week, I’ve got experience of being a real hero” Midnight shouted.

“Yeah, I’m sure someone as old as you has got a lot of experience“ Mt lady smirked.

Midnight stamped her high-heeled foot in frustration. “I’m only seven years older than you”

“Seven years too much,” Mt lady said.

Midnight finally lost her temper. “You cheeky little bitch” she screamed.

A collective gasp came out from all the onlookers in the studio Language like that had never been said on this usually family-friendly show before. And it had just been broadcast live to the nation.

Mt lady tilted her head. “Slut”

With a scream of rage, Midnight launched herself at the younger hero. She grabbed at her blonde hair and pulled wrenching Mt lady’s head to one side. Mt lady squealed but grabbed Midnight by her black hair and pulled in return. The two women began to viciously pull each other’s long locks squealing and cursing at each other as they did so.

The host of the show quickly got out of the way as the furiously struggling women staggered past knocking over his chair.

“Do you think we should try and stop them?” he asked the cameraman when he was a safe distance away.

“Hell no,” the cameraman said his lens fixed on the two female heroes. “This is going to be epic”

Midnight and Mt lady started to lose some strands of hair to their opponent’s fingers. Not enough to be noticeable but definitely enough for it to be painful. Blonde and black hair floated down to the floor as the two women continued to fight.

“Oww” Midnight moaned “I’ll show you what a real pro hero can do” she shouted giving Mt lady’s hair an extra hard tug.

“AAFF” she grunted “Come on then old-timer lets see if you can keep up with me” she countered dragging Midnight’s head around by her hair.

“AAAAA bitch” Midnight swore. She took one hand away from her rivals locks and grabbed one of her purple horns that stuck out of her head. With this extra leverage, Midnight was able to force Mt lady’s head downwards right into the desk.

“AAANNGGG” Mt lady grunted as her forehead bounced off the solid wood. Midnight brought her head up and down again several times until her blonde opponent was dazed. Smiling Midnight rearranged them so Mt lady was closer to the desk then sent her body down again but instead of her head hitting the wood first this time it was her tits. “UUUNNNGGGFFFF” Mt lady groaned huskily as her breasts were flattened under her own body weight. Midnight laughed and brought her head up to smash her tits for a second time but after all of this Mt lady had not let go of Midnight’s hair and she gave a vicious tug, which caught the older woman off guard. Midnight fell onto the desk herself crushing one of her boobs. Mt lady wasted no time and leapt on top of Midnight and they began to grapple for dominance on top of the desk. Their skintight suits did very little to stop the assets their jiggling around as they wrestled on top of the desk. Mt lady landed a stinging slap to Midnight’s face. She winced but retaliated with a solid punch right into Mt lady stomach which made her gasp. Midnight tried to use this opening to manoeuvre herself so she was the one on top but Mt lady resisted shoving her elbow into Midnight’s face. Midnight tried to compensate for this but she only managed to run out of room and fall off the desk. At the last second, she grabbed Mt lady’s hair and brought her rival down to the studio floor with her.

They rolled away from each other and got to their feet. Both of their hair was now a mess and they had even lost a little bit of it. They breathed heavily their breasts rising and falling. Nobody in the studio moved everyone’s attention on the two superheroines.

“You’re going to regret picking a fight with me bitch,” Midnight said.

“You will be the one with regrets when I show you why I am the most popular new hero” Mt lady snarled back.

“You’re only popular because you get a fat ass and bimbo tits when you use your quirk” Midnight shouted and was pleased to hear some of the camera crew sxxxxxxxing.

“Your one to talk, I’m surprised they even let you in a school with that slutty getup you where” Mt lady said. “And what’s worse you don’t even have the body to make it work like I do”

“Why you little slut” Midnight growled and made a move towards Mt lady but before she could get in striking distance Mt lady activated her quirk and began to grow. Midnight took a step backwards as Mt lady reached her full-size. She needed to duck her head a little bit in order to not bump her head off the ceiling but she was able to grow to full size in the room.

“Who’s the little slut now” she smirked. “Come here, I want to crush you with my gigantic tits” Mt lady grinned and reached for Midnight but before she could wrap her fingers around her whole body Midnight ripped a bit of her costume away from her arm and held up her hand.

“Not so fast bitch, I’ve got a quirk as well”

The giant Mt lady paused.

“If you get any closer I’ll release my pheromones and have you asleep in seconds” Midnight threatened. “And once your unconscious I think I’ll discipline you for being a naughty little girl”

“I’ll just crush you before you can get your quirk off and smother you under my ass,” Mt lady said but she didn’t make a move.

“Only if you’re fast enough,” Midnight said.

The studio cruise heads turn from each one of them watching carefully to see if either of them was going to make a move. The host was sweating nervously if these two started throwing around their quirks who knows how much damage they could cause.

“Well it appears we have reached a stalemate,” Midnight said.

“It would seem so” Mt lady replied.

“In that case let’s settle this right, no quirks, just woman to woman” Midnight suggested.

“That sounds good to me, it will be more satisfying to kick your sorry ass that way” Mt lady began to shrink back to her normal size, and Midnight put down her arm. They stared daggers at each other. They might have agreed not to use their powers but this didn’t mean that they would go easy on each other.

As if some unspoken signal had been sent Mt lady and Midnight both charged at each other at the same time. Their breasts slammed together with a husky grunt before going for each other’s hair again. They staggered back and forth doing their best to rip out their rivals hair their tits swinging back and forth. Midnight brought up her knee and slammed it into Mt lady stomach. The blonde heroine grunted and bent double which allowed Midnight to wrap her hands around and get her into a headlock. Mt lady gasped as Midnight began to squeeze her head. “Got you now bitch” Midnight laughed. Mt lady squirmed trying to escape but Midnight kept her arms wrapped around her head. She even tried pulling on Midnight’s hair but the pro hero did not let go of her rival. Mt lady’s face began to flush red under her purple eye mask so she resorted to something desperate. She stopped tugging on Midnight’s hair and her hand travelled down to in between her legs and she grabbed Midnight by her pussy.

“OOOAAAAFFFAAAOOOO” Midnight shouted half in surprise and half in pain as Mt lady’s fingers dug into her crotch. To her credit, she managed to keep the headlock on for a bit longer but her grip loosened as Mt lady continued her vicious crotch claw. Finally, Midnight couldn’t take it anymore and let go of Mt lady and staggered backwards her hands going in between her legs. she moaned as her pussy throbbed.

Mt lady brushed some of her misplaced blonde hair out of her face and laughed. “I thought someone like you could handle a little rough play” she taunted.

 Midnight still holding her crotch flushed with rage. “Oh so you want to get rough bitch, okay let’s get rough” she launched herself at Mt lady who was caught off guard by her ferocity. Midnight slammed several fists into her stomach. “OOFFA” Mt lady grunted as all the air was driven from her lungs. Once she had softened her up Midnight grabbed her by her blonde hair and pulled her towards one of the cameras. Mt lady squealed at the hair pull but couldn’t do much to resist. “Time for your close-up slut” Midnight growled and slammed Mt lady’s face right into the camera. Mt lady’s face was squished as it was pressed against the camera lens. As this was being broadcast live thousands of people who had been glued to their screens since the fight started laughed at Mt lady’s undignified expression.

“I’m not sure why they invited a whore like you on the show, when they already had someone like me,” Midnight said. She pulled back on Mt lady’s hair and her face exited the camera lens. Then she pushed most of Mt lady’s body forward into the camera and the TV watching audience was greeted by an extreme close-up of Mt lady’s gorgeous breasts. Mt lady gave out a husky grunt as her tits were squashed against the camera. “Now the whole country can see how much of a slut you truly are,” Midnight said smiling. She pulled back on Mt lady’s hair to slam her tits into the camera again but before she could Mt lady thrust an elbow backwards and it struck Midnight’s throat. Midnight gagged and backed up clutching her throat desperately gasping for air.

Mt lady composed herself and brushed her blonde hair out of her face which was a mask of fury. Midnight had just humiliated her in front of thousands of people and she wasn’t about to let her get away with this. Looking around for something Mt lady spotted a boom mic. “Give it to me” she demanded of the sound guy who looked bewildered. He handed it over to her and Mt lady smiled.

Brandishing her new improvised weapon Mt lady walked over to Midnight who had just recovered from her elbow to the throat.

“It’s time for your exclusive interview bitch” Mt lady quipped as she swung the boom mic at her head. As the boom mic struck Midnight on the temple the mic admitted allowed thunderous noise which made everyone in the studio cover their ears. Midnight’s grunt of pain was lost in the noise and she fell to the ground clutching her head. But Mt lady wasn’t done yet. With an evil grin on her face, she raised the boom mike above her head and brought it down right between Midnight’s legs. There was another loud boom as the microphone struck her pussy except this time Midnight scream of pain could be heard over it. The vibrations of the sound waves ran through her entire body making her breasts jiggle. Midnight her eyes shut tight placed her hands over her crotch and rolled to one side moaning in pain.

Mt lady laughed at how pathetic she looked right now and raised the mic to hit her again then she noticed the end of them Mic had snapped off when it made contact with Midnight’s twat.

The host of the show moaned softly that had been an expensive piece of equipment.

 Discarding the broken mic Mt lady looked down at her prone opponent. “What’s the matter old lady having trouble getting to your feet” she mocked.

Midnight opened her eyes and glared at her but she was still hurting too much from the low blow to say anything. “You’re so pathetic“ Mt lady teased walking round Midnight, “You think you’re so sexy but come on, you know you’re over the hill, with your saggy tits and fat ass, I’m way hotter than you were even in your prime”

Midnight’s anger gave her enough strength to get some words out “Fuck off bitch, my tits are bigger than yours”

Mt lady stopped. “Really, I think you must be mistaken” she knelt behind Midnight’s head and leaned over her. “I’ll give you a closer look at them so you can make sure” Mt lady lowered her bosom over Midnight’s face. She grabbed Midnight arms and pulled them away from her hurting crotch and pin them at her side as she applied the tits smother.

From Midnight’s perspective, The bright studio lights disappeared as if they were being eclipsed by two giant moons. She tried to struggle but Mt lady had her well and truly trapped. Midnight’s nose slotted into Mt lady’s cleavage as her boobs ballooned either side of her head. The thin latex fabric of Mt lady’s outfit slid past Midnight’s cheeks. She could smell the stench of her sweat and it nearly made her gag. Being tits smothered by a younger rival would have been embarrassing under normal circumstances but Midnight knew this was being broadcasted nationwide which made the humiliation all the more worse.

 Mt lady laughed enjoying the sensation of Midnight’s heavy breathing on her tits “Come on you can have a closer look” she beckoned the cameraman over.

Trying really hard to hide his excitement the cameraman came closer and Mt lady jiggled her chest a little bit to rub it over Midnight’s face. “Make sure you get a good shot of my boobs all over this skank’s face” Mt lady laughed. She made a pouting face to the camera and winked.

Despite Mt lady’s tits covering Midnight’s ears, she could hear what was going on. Her blood boiled with anger but she couldn’t force her way out of Mt lady’s hold so she resorted to something desperate.

Mt lady was just making a cutesy face to the camera when suddenly her eyes went wide and she screamed. Midnight had sunk her teeth into her juicy tits.

She jumped up away from Midnight and clutched her breasts which now had two teeth marks that had ripped through the fabric.

Midnight sat up and wiped her face trying to get rid of the feeling of having Mt lady’s heavy tits on it. But when she realised the cameraman was right next to her she struck a seductive pose for the camera. “Nobody keeps me down for long,” she said.

“Hey, that’s my camera you slut” Mt lady tackled Midnight and the two went down screaming and pulling hair. The lucky cameraman following the action closely.

The two female heroes rolled around and around banging each other’s head off the hard studio floor as they went. “Ow, bitch you’re going to pay for biting my tits.” Mt lady screamed, pulling harshly on Midnight’s hair. But now Midnight was on top “Why don’t you make me you spoilt cow” she hissed. She grabbed one of Mt lady’s fake purple horns and pulled. “And what’s the point of these stupid things anyway?”

“They make me look sexy, Get off” Mt lady screamed mashing her palm into Midnight’s face trying to push her away. But Midnight kept her hold on the horn until it snapped clean off.

“No” Mt lady screamed. She tried to snatch it out of Midnight’s hand but Midnight scooted backwards on her ass holding the broken horn up in triumph.

“There you look a lot better now without having that stupid thing sticking out of your hair,” Midnight said. “Obviously not as good as me but still an improvement”

“Says the bitch with handcuffs around her wrists” Mt lady screamed giving chase. She lunged forward but Midnight lashed out with a kick and her high-heeled boots sank right into Mt lady’s tits.

Mt lady gave a husky grunt and clutched her hurting breasts.

 “Oh, I know why you have these fake horns,” Midnight said smiling she rose to her feet and walked over to Mt lady. “You’re probably one of those creeps who have a horn quirk fetish aren’t you” she grabbed Mt lady by her blonde hair and pulled her to her feet. “But I won’t kink shame you” Midnight smiled. “Instead, I’ll give you your horn back“ Midnight let go of her hair and ducked down shoving the purple horn right up into Mt lady’s pussy.

“OOOWWWWAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMAAAAOOO” Mt lady screamed at the top of her voice. The purple horn was stuck and hung there unsupported in between her legs painfully piercing her puss. Mt lady staggered forward a few steps before collapsing in a heap on the ground moaning.

Midnight slowly walked up behind her smiling wickedly. She grabbed her by her one remaining horn and flipped her over onto her back. “So do you give,” she asked

“Fuck off bitch” Mt lady moaned not opening her eyes.

Midnight licked her lips her dominatrix persona coming to the forefront. “I was hoping you’d say that” Midnight posed for the camera then roughly sat down on Mt lady’s face. Mt lady’s screams of surprise cut short as it was muffled by Midnight’s ass. Midnight laughed and wiggled her hips shaking her ass all over Mt lady’s face. Keeping her ass firmly planted on her rival Midnight began to pose for the cameraman. “Are you getting this?” She said as she spread her legs and winked at him.

“Yes, yes I am” the cameraman replied his eyes glued to the lens.

As Midnight continued to pose Mt lady was still suffering under her ass. It was dark and cramped and deeply uncomfortable. The smell of Midnight’s musky sweat filled her nostrils and every time Midnight shifted to go into another suggestive pose her ass rubbed against Mt lady’s face. Mt lady wanted to fight back, she wanted to throw this old hag off her and beat her face in but she simply didn’t have the strength. Her horn was still stuck in between her legs causing her a lot of pain. Midnight shifted again and Mt lady got another full face of her stench. She couldn’t take it any more. “I give”

Midnight who had been pretending she couldn’t hear Mt lady’s moans from under her ass suddenly got her hearing back. She lifted her ass off her opponent’s face. “What was that darling?” She asked sweetly.

Mt lady took in a huge breath of fresh air.

“Come on say it so the camera can hear you” Midnight grabbed Mt lady by her blonde hair and pulled her head up so she was right in front of the camera. Mt lady flushed a deep red and didn’t say anything.  “Come on bitch, say it” Mt lady shook her head. Keeping one hand firmly in her hair Midnight brought her other one up and wrapped her fingers around Mt lady’s remaining horn. “Do I have to break this one off as well” Mt lady’s eyes went wide. “Coz if I do I know exactly where I’m going to stick it” Midnight’s hand travelled downwards and squeezed Mt lady’s ass cheeks.

“No, No please don’t,” Mt lady said almost begging.

“Well then tell me what I want to hear” Midnight said.

Mt lady cleared her throat. “I give, you win”

“And?” Midnight said teasingly.

“and, and… you look really good for your age” Mt lady said hurriedly.

Midnight frowned. “Horn up the ass it is then” and she began to pull on the horn in question.

“No No No, what I meant was that you look really good and you’re definitely not old, in fact, you’re probably younger than me, your like 21 or something,” Mt lady said panicking.

Midnight laughed. That was slightly overdoing it but she couldn’t really blame her. “and what about you?“ She asked

“Me well I am an old hag 47 or something” Mt lady spluttered blushing deeply.

“No not your age what are you,” Midnight said pulling lightly on her hair.

“OWW ok I am a spoiled brat of a hero who should respect her elders and betters,” Mt lady said.

“Good girl” Midnight cooed “one last question, who is sexier me or you?”

Mt lady opened her mouth but hesitated struggling to get the words out.

“Come on bitch say it,” Midnight said. But Mt lady shook her head. “Fine” with a squeal from Mt lady, Midnight pulled off the other horn and crouched down behind her. She aimed the point right at Mt lady’s ass.

“NOOOOOO DON’T, YOUR SEXIER THEN ME YOU ARE, PLEASE DON’T” Mt lady screamed hysterically.

Midnight smiled and stood back up. “There that wasn’t so hard was it?” she said motherly. Tears are starting to form down Mt lady’s face.

“Well I feel like it would be a waste not to use this somehow,” Midnight says looking down at the broken horn in her hands but “I can’t shove it up your ass any more, oh I know” with her other hand she slapped Mt lady’s tits causing them to jiggle. Mt lady opened her mouth to scream but before any noise came out Midnight shoved the horn into her mouth.  Mt lady gagged and some spit ran down her chin as the horn was shoved to the back of her throat. Midnight laughed and began pumping the horn in and out of Mt lady’s mouth-coating it in her saliva.

 The cameraman moved closer to make sure he got every moment of this humiliation.

“Are we having fun?” Midnight asked smiling.

Mt lady nodded unable to speak because her mouth was full.

“Do you want me to stop?“ Midnight said.

Another nod.

“Okay then,” Midnight said and let go of the horn. Mt lady gagged and went to spit it out of her mouth but Midnight placed a hand on it. “Oh, No, I’ll stop forcing it down your throat but I didn’t say you could spit it out your mouth, you have been a very naughty girl starting a fight and naughty girls need punishment”.

With the horn still sticking out of her mouth Mt lady flushed bright red and looked down in shame.

“Come on sweetie, we’ve got an interview to finish,” Midnight said. She grabbed Mt lady by the hair and dragged her back over to the desk. Midnight sat down and brush some hair out of her face and placed her hands on the desk. Mt lady sat next to her the horn still in her mouth looking like she wanted a whole to open up underneath her and swallow her up.

“So, what was your question again,” Midnight asked the host. as if nothing had happened.

The host and the rest of the crew stared at them completely lost for words.

“Oh, right heroes dressing sexily,” Midnight said smiling.

That episode was the highest viewed show in the hole TV station’s history.

The End

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