Ailah vs. Peaches – A Mutual Obsession

Ailah vs. Peaches from FCF

Ailah’s Preamble:

Peaches is a skank slut and everyone should ignore her, but while she might be hideous on the inside and outside, she’s actually a really good writer. This fight was so hot we had to share it. There will be more to come for sure, although not everything will be made public. Some things are too hot even for a catty, bitch, erotic place like this. I plan on pulling that bitch’s hair until she realizes that no one likes her and she’s not wanted, but until she does, enjoy the show.


Finally, a day off work and I’ve been planning to go to Ewa’s (and Bri’s) new place for the longest time, just to see it, I know she’s still having some work done because I know everything about her, whether she tells me or not, her socials are the first thing I hit when I wake up. Where has she checked in, is she talking to anyone new, what about her stories on Instagram, what’s she enjoying eating now? Always the same questions every single morning until I’m satisfied enough to move on to the rest of the people, I like to keep tabs on, always usually from bed though sometimes I multitask and do it in the shower as well. By the time I’m downstairs, in my own place, I’m putting together some breakfast that’s basically identical to the foodstagram picture Ewa threw up on her story, with some ingredients missing because who can have an identical fridge stock 24/7 with her except for Bri.

That’s when it starts, I find myself grumpy because I don’t have that; it’s a little insane but my emotions are always out first before any reasonable thoughts and not having a life like Ewa’s can put me on edge so easily. I want to be like her, I want to be next to her, I want to be on her. There’s nothing romantic about it, I’ve never been jealous of Bri in that specific way… more or less I see Bri as the bitch I think I am. My mental state is a complicated mess but as clear as the day is today for me… but that’s when the storm starts to brew. My next profile on my phone that I swipe to is Ailah’s. I don’t even know why I still bother with hers anymore but it’s like my thumbs work on their own and this time with my phone in my left hand, the left thumb starts clicking through, I always look for likes first and yeah, there it is, everything Ewa has ever posted or shared with a big red emoji heart beside it… I’m getting grumpier.

The green button is beside Ailah’s name as well, which is weird, she’s normally hungover and sleeping till way later… and then as if social media dropped her and advert that I was on her profile, a new message from Ailah. I don’t even want to respond but the devil in my thumbs has already read the message, so now she knows… fine whatever, who cares what she has to say anyway, she’s just a fucking fake little wannabe Ewa fangirl… but what if she’s been talking to Ewa since the last time I was talking to Ewa UGH. And that’s just what it’s like for me, a steady decline from happiness into craziness and it’s like before I realize it 30 mins have passed and Ailah and me are in a full caps text war because apparently she’s going to see Ewa today and I’m the one that needs to stay the fuck away, like what even, clearly still up drinking rather than having ever gone to bed… there’s no way she even knows about the new place anyway, I should try and chill, but if I can’t at least the drive over might chill me out, in my little black tigra, top down, wind and sun and music.. probably, my thoughts are already fucking scattered and I’ve started yelling at my cats, unfairly of course, they’re used to it though, just like two little Ewa’s. Ugh. I just slam my phone down and don’t even realize it, but my heartbeat has bumped up by 20 and I haven’t even left my house yet… but suddenly it’s like there’s a race on, even though I’m CONVINCED there’s no way Ailah knows where the new build even is… but then what if she tries to follow me? Fuck. I need to get a move on.


When I wake up every morning, my mind goes to the same place it left off the night before: my phone. I grab it and unlock it. I want the first thing my eyes really see to be the last thing they saw before I closed them. I look at my phone and I see Ewa. Most days it’s just her Instagram that I’m looking at, but sometimes, like last night, it was a private picture she took for me. She doesn’t usually send a message with them. But when Bri steps away to cook or use the restroom, Ewa will take a quick selfie just for me, sometimes with her tits out or her legs spread, but usually just smiling, and she sends them to me (or I assume it’s just to me). It feels like she’s stealing moments with me even when she’s with Bri, and I don’t care anymore about replacing Bri, which is all I could think about at first. I hated that bitch and even tried to drown her in her own pool. Now… I don’t know… it’s like an addiction.

I just want Ewa. I want to curl on her lap. I want to fuck her brains out. I want to scratch her skin until she screams and begs for me to stop. I want to prove to her that I’m the better catfighter. You could say I’m her number one fan. I want to be her. I want to be better than her, but then there is this stupid slut next door, and honestly, everything with her was going basically fine. We were getting close, super close…. and then one night while making out and drinking and looking at pictures of hot sluts, we realized we were both obsessed with Ewa and both knew her, and things spiraled out of control. Now I spend most of my day either looking at Ewa’s profile to see what she’s up to and waiting for her selfies in iMessage, or I’m looking at your account, thinking about how much I can’t fucking stand you and how stupid you are for thinking Ewa gives a goddamn shit about you. And when you’re not active on Insta, I start looking out the window. You’re my fucking neighbor, and the fact that you’re constantly AROUND drive me wild with jealousy. I hate seeing you and hearing neighbors talk about how great you are. They don’t even fucking know you, and if they did, they would know how shitty you are. I hate myself for ever even wanting you, and the only reason I watch your house is to figure out where you’re going and to make sure you’re not going to HER house.

Today though… I just can’t shake the feeling. I have to say something, so I tell you to say away from her today. I don’t even know you’re going, but it’s just a feeling. But I probably put the idea in your head, which is driving me even crazier as I get dressed. Fuck that. I’m going to Ewa’s house because she sent me that picture last night of her on the sofa with her tongue out, and if that’s not a fucking invitation. I don’t know what it is. I bet you don’t even know where Ewa lives now that’s she’s moved because you’re not a real fan at all. But when I see you pulling out of your driveway, your middle finger extended towards my house just like you always do in case I’m watching (and I’m always fucking watching), I KNOW where you’re going. I hurry and grab for my keys and I rush out the door. I’m not even fully dressed yes, and I grabbed the sun dress that was lying on the sofa from where I took it off to finger myself to Ewa’s pictures last night, and I get in my car, speeding after you, heading towards Ewa’s house and trying to find your car on the road as I drive. You better not be fucking going there. YOU BETTER NOT! My heart pounds and my hair blows in the window of my blue convertible BMW, and then I see it… your car… I pull up next to you, and I can’t stop myself from screaming, “WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING, BITCH!!!”


Most days actually feature an argument with now, when they never actually used to. When you moved to the place next door, I was excited to finally get someone my age in the fairly wealthy neighborhood that my Daddy chose for us to live when he kicked her out and decided that he didn’t want to hang around in places she tainted… I fully agreed but when it was, what felt like, the middle of nowhere, it kind of grated on me. The only other people around at the time were just older men and women like him which meant I had to be on good girl behavior a little more than normal, that’s why when a new family moved in and I saw you I couldn’t help myself but stroll right over and say hello and it was like pouring gas onto a fire… in more ways than we’d realize initially.

We got on so well, we started hanging over at each other’s houses, going out together, you were just as good as being the good girl as much as being the fucking freak you are. We’d take selfies in the clubs bathroom, one for Daddy and Mommy, and then one for us, our tits out and pulling faces, being stupid best friends which slowly started developing into more – we were never afraid to make out with each other right from the beginning either and it just took off from there until that one fucking night when I pulled up Ewa’s photo on my phone while we were tongue fucking like it was the first time, carelessly straddling each other on a really lazy stay at home type of night.. “Omg I don’t think I’ve ever showed you my like best best best best best friend ever, she’s so fucking rare and I love her to…” I didn’t even get to finish before you blurted out you already knew her and everything turned from there, about 30 minutes and several choice words later we weren’t tongue fucking we were trying to bite the tongues from each other’s mouths.

Just knowing yours had been in Ewa’s mouth was enough to drive me insane and when we finally ‘broke up’ we didn’t speak for a week after but we were ALL over everything Ewa, it was like a competition suddenly, mental warfare and it drove me insane, it took everything I had not to destroy my room or just go over and burn your house down and its basically been like that ever since… we’ve both gotten to grips with it a little bit more, thanks to Ewa, talking me through everything like she does, just being the fucking best, sweetest, hottest fucking everything there ever has been. But she never gave you up and before, all I wanted was to prove I was as good as her, better than her even, but now there was another thing on my checklist, stopping you from ever going fucking near her and if she wouldn’t give you up then I was going to make you give her up. Easier said than done. There’s been more than once we’ve made each other scream over Ewa and more than once we’ve just been drunk and fucked each other’s brains out, like a part of us deep deep down still wants that friendship that was budding into something more, but the morning after those nights is always the worst fucking headache, we’re never getting back to that.

Today was not supposed to have you in it at all but every time Ewa posts anything there’s a chance the two of us will cross paths virtually and that always ends up in a texting bitchfest like early this morning and its always the same, like I’m banging my head on a fucking mirror… but there’s just no way you know where I’m going today, that I’m going to hope to catch Ewa in her new place because I know Bri isn’t going to be there, I know her schedule as well, so I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so fucking long, turning up at the place unannounced, Ewa sending the workmen away and then it’s just the two of us to really truly break her new place in. Still, I panic after texting with you, just thinking that I’m the one that’s put Ewa in your head and I just rush out of my door and into my car, not even trying to sneak off, which probably would have been the better play… but emotions before thought… I slam my front door and then the car door and just lift my finger and aim it at your house and my tigra revs and pulls out of the drive way and I start the journey towards Ewa’s new place, which is a little bit further out than her other places or that flat that I’m renting from her (the agreement of which I have a copy of, her signature next to mine, framed and on my wall like it’s some kind of wedding paper), so I feel like at least on the drive I can calm myself down rather than going in on Ewa in full psycho mode.. of course, as soon as I pull onto the motorway, I glance up and it’s your fucking BMW and then just like that your fucking pulling up next to me and I just fucking end up looking more at you than the road, like what the fuck are you doing, screaming at me? You’re fucking following me, tailing me in the fucking most obvious way, like you’re so pathetic you don’t even know anything about Ewa, so you have to stalk me?! “GO THE FUCK HOME AILAH STOP FOLLOWING MEE!!” I screech back at you and I am literally more focused on you than the road and I don’t even notice that my hand is turning the wheel towards your car until its almost too late, I swerve at you but correct just in time, but it definitely looks like I just tried to ram you off the fucking road.


I didn’t think I’d really be able to connect with someone the way I did with Ewa, but she’s older than me and married. I didn’t think there was another girl out there like me, who can look perfect for her parents and look like the world’s biggest whore the moment I chose. And then … OMG… I met you. Mom and I moved in next door to you and your daddy, but my mom is gone most of the time for work, even traveling across the country, and your daddy is gone too, so it was like we had these two big houses to ourselves. I even thought about your dad and my mom hooking up and then you and I just living in the same house and having fun and causing trouble, and it was just…. ugh… I hate thinking about it because it was just so fucking perfect. We both seemed so sure that this was going to be something special because it felt so fucking perfect, that we didn’t rush ourselves. We kept it at making out for months, even though we’d send each other pictures of our tits, pussy, and ass like every day. In those first couple perfect months, I never would have guessed that the first time we ever fucked we’d be hate fucking and bitching over who liked Ewa more. It was so stupid, because obviously I like her more and more importantly, she likes me more. I would have eaten your pussy and ass for hours, but something about the fact that you like to push your body to Ewa’s fills me with rage every time I think about it. And the thought that she MIGHT like you better takes me to a whole other level.

It has me driving my car full speed trying to catch up to yours. Every turn you’ve made has been the right way to get to Ewa’s house, but there’s no fucking way you know where she lives now. Ewa wouldn’t have told you. She doesn’t like you that fucking much. She told me because of course she told me. Even Bri knows that Ewa needs me, and Ewa finally admitted it when we were fucking in the laundry room during that time Bri was with her mom and invited me to stay with Ewa. Ewa gave me her new address right away, but why would she have given it to a skank like you? But fuck… every turn…. every fucking turn is taking you towards her house, and when I finally catch up, I can’t help but scream at you. You scream back at me, telling me not to follow you, and I scream back at you, “I’M NOT FOLLOWING YOU, YOU STUPID WHORE!!!”

But… OMMMGG… “WHAT THE FUCK YOU STUPID BITCH!!!!!” Your car swerved right into mine. Directly at me. You tried to run me off the road. I swerve out of the way and scream at you. Car start honking at us as we shout, and as soon as I’m back in my lane, I turn my wheel hard, and I swerve my car at yours. “FUCK YOU SKANK!!! STAY AWAY FROM ME AND STAY AWAY FROM EWA OR ILL PUT YOU IN A FUCKING DITCH!!!!” One of the things we used to like to do for those first couple months is drive on the coast and talk shit about girls we both knew. It was so much fun, but this ISN’T fun… this is fucking dangerous, and I don’t care if I wreck your fucking car and YOU with it!

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I can’t really believe what’s happening right now, at least that’s what I’ll think I was thinking later on. Right now, I’m just not thinking, it’s that white out temper tantrum that I’m just famous for just starting to take control of every fiber of my body, I don’t even really react to the way I swerve at you, more in accident than anything, because I’m just so fucking mad at seeing you here on this one part of the road that just so happens to be a road that could lead to Ewa. And the longer we drive in the same direction the more agitated I’m getting, my hands are shaking with adrenaline and pure anger and while I’m not thinking about everything I should be, there’s still a million thoughts barreling around in my mind right now are why the fuck are you here, no fucking way do you know about her new place, what if Ewa did tell you, why would she do that, why, what, why, why why why why why whyyyyyyyyyy!
We’re screaming at each other from our cars and we’re lucky we’re currently on the motorway right now where there’s enough space for us to drive side by side but also be swerving like psychopaths. Not that it has gone unnoticed though as several cars, even those driving on the other side coming in the other direction are beeping at us because it’s so obvious we could cause some serious fucking damage… but it’s all just invisible to us, we’re lasered in on each other and you even start swerving your car right back towards mine the second I’ve steadied up again and I feel more than attacked, I don’t even see it as tit for tat for what I did, it’s you starting it, not me “FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK!!!” I screech again and turn away so our cars don’t ping each other’s and we’re driving so fast that I could have easily turned too much the other way and gone off the road.
If the police caught us right now, we’d both end up in the slammer for the night and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time the police have caught us speeding at least. Driving along the motorway together, one of us hands on the wheel while the other had her tits out flashing other drivers until the red and blue stopped us. Those kinds of things never made it back to either of our parents though because we’d cover everything for the other. “Mrs. Jensen said she saw Ailah throw the rock through her window, would you know anything about that Peaches?” “What, Daddy come on you think Ailah’s capable of that? Like no way, plus Ailah was with me that night.” It wouldn’t take more than that, the whole time you’d be nibbling my toes in sheer badness while I tried not to react on the call to him.
Then there were those long drives out to the beaches or cliffs to just hang out with each other, we loved those trips, it was like our mini vacations from being the good girls, we’d make out and finger each other on the hood of the car while the night air sharpened our nipples and only the moon looked down on us. Talking trash about whoever and whatever, that was almost as fun as the way we were just so casually all over each other. People assumed we were together, but it was never actually official. Then one fucking look at Ewa together and we’ve come to this, about to kill each other on the drive.
“YOU FUCKING FREAK!!! GO FUCKING HOME HAVENT YOU GOT MORE CRACK TO TAKE?! EWAS NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!” squealing I turn my wheel and swerve back at you as I squeal that last word, just so mad, infuriated and just wanting to make sure that you don’t follow me anymore. I NEED to punctuate it to finally get it through your fucking head that you’re nothing to her, you’re nothing to Bri, not compared to what I am to both of them and it’s that intensity that sticks in me and this time the sides of our convertibles connect, and our wing mirrors fold in, the metal scraping sounding more like paper being crumpled, it’s so surreal of a situation right now.


“MY FUCKING CAARRRRRR!!!!!!” I scream at you. This is your fault. It’s totally your fucking. I’m not to blame for any of this. My life wasn’t exactly normal before you, but since I’ve met you it’s fucking spiraled out of control, and whereas I used to spend all of my time thinking about one person, now my mind vacillates between you and her and even worse, you and her together. “I HHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTEEEEE YOUUUUUU!!!” I scream as the sides of our cars scrape together and even some sparks fly from the metal scraping together. “SHHHHEEEE HAAATTEEEESSS YOUUUUU!!!!”  I’m screaming over the scraping sound and the crumbling metal while my knuckles grip the steering wheel so tightly that they are turning white, and instead of turning the car away from yours, I have the steering wheel turned towards your car as you do the same to mine, and it’s the only reason we’re traveling straight at all.

There’s nothing peaceful like those earlier trips, which now burn into my memory because they feel fucking tainted. I used to love them. I used to crave that time with you to just be ourselves, but now I think of every drive that was cancelled at the last minute, and I know it was because you were over at Ewa’s. Every pause where I’d wonder what you were thinking about and I was SURE you were thinking about me, now I know you were thinking about Ewa. You’ve ruined everything. My fun with Ewa. My fun with you. EVERYTHING!!!! And now I see the turn off for Ewa’s house. Fuck this! I don’t give a shit what happens to you. I SLAM my foot to the floor, pushing the pedal all the way down, and I turn harder towards the exit.

My car starts to pull ahead of yours, and I’m turning…. turning… pulling forward… trying to get ahead of you…. FFUUUUCKKKKK… your car clips the back tail of mine, and my car goes spinning. I do a full 720 plus a bit more, with my car no longer straight on the exit. Cars are swerving out of our way, and surely people are already calling the cops. I don’t even notice what happens to your car as I go spinning, and I don’t fucking care. All I care is that my car gets in front, and when I look back, it looks like you spun off the side of the road. You’re not in a fucking ditch or anything, but I don’t care. I’m going to Ewa’s house, and I don’t want you following me!!!! I turn my wheel to get the car straight. It’s a fucking wreck, but that’s the last thing on my mind. I hold my middle finger up to you and I take off again, getting off the exit and making a right turn, hoping you can’t see me because there’s no way you know how to get to Ewa’s house. She just wouldn’t have fucking told you.

But as I turn, I hear your wheels squealing. I gun it faster. I’m driving WAAAAYYYY to fast through the residential area of Ewa’s new home, but I don’t fucking care. I’m going to lose you. I’m not going to let you follow me, and then when I get to Ewa’s, she will be all mine. No Bri. No Peaches. Just me and her, and then I’m going to push my cunt to hers and roll around with her on the floor scratching, biting, and pulling hair until one of us passes the fuck out.

But no…. fuck … fuckk… FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! I pull up into her driveway, not even noticing that her car isn’t parked outside and just subconsciously assuming it’s in the garage, when I hear another car come screaming down the road. My hands are fucking shaking as I try to get out of my car to see the fucking damage you did, and I fucking HAAAATTEEEE you for following me, which is exactly what I scream to you as you pull up. “STOPPP FUCKING FOLLOWING MEEEEE!!!!!” I shout loudly, loud enough for Ewa’s neighbors to hear, but I’m not even sure YOU hear me, because you gun the engine, your car lunges forward, and I have to jump out of the way into the grass to stop you from hitting me… “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU WHORE!!!!” I shout from the grass as I try to scramble to my feet!!!!


“AGHHHHHHHHHH!!” I’m just screaming as if I’m trying to be louder than you, louder than the sound our cars are making as mine hits yours, pushes a little before you just spin your wheel towards mine and the two of us, feet hard on the gas pedal, just keep moving forward while simultaneously try to push each other off the road. Its nerve wrecking for more than one reason, the reality is that I feel as if I could crash and die, but the only thing on my brain right now is stopping you from getting near to Ewa, that’s my biggest worry even over the fucking wreck that could happen at any moment. “GET OUT OF OUR LIFE AILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!” screaming ‘our’ like I’m fully implanted in Ewa’s life, exactly where I should be.
Everything is just such a mindfuck, from the initial shock of figuring out that we both had a dirty little secret on each other and then finding out it was the same dirty secret but then after that initial fight, working backward, thinking about every time you looked at your phone while we were together, simple things like that just became traumatic for me – like was that Ewa texting you? How could YOU do that to me, right in front of my face? I hate it, I hate you, for everything you’ve ever done and for everything you’ve not even done. Half of the stuff is just completely made up in my head because of the paranoia and insecurity I feel at Ewa and even Bri allowing someone else access to their lives the way they’ve given me.
Other cars around us pull the fuck away from the oncoming wreck and thankfully when you fucking gun your car, only to cause both of us to spinout somewhat, there’s completely free space for us to only hurt ourselves. Thankfully we don’t. It’s like a scene from an action movie and some people even think there’s a stunt going on but it’s so real and not being the best driver never mind knowing what to do when my car is spinning out, I barely manage to stop myself from tipping over but as my car stops, facing out to the side of the road rather than where I was going, I’m breathing so hard and shaking but I’m not checking myself for injury, I’m looking back around and I see your car speeding off and even though you’re now getting ahead of me you definitely hear my roar “FUCKING BITCH!!!”
I reverse and turn and as quickly as I can take off again. Only catching the back of your car in turns far ahead from me, seeing your taking every single one correctly makes me smack my hands against the wheel again and again “FUCK FUCK FUCK!!” and each one is like ramping up my tantrum. I’m barely able to keep the momentum going because even my feet are stomping and kicking, I’m really just fucking losing it. HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GUESSING THE WAY TO EWAS?! I refuse to believe that its anything but guess work, I believe you’ve hacked me or something, you saw my phone or my account, you saw the message Ewa only sent to me about where the new place was and her invite to come over any time I please, which I somehow still have despite all the times I’ve lost it when over with her. Either physically or mentally, many times leading Bri to be the one to toss my ass out of their place but it’s always only ever been a time out.
By the time I reach Ewa’s place you’ve parked up and you’re even out of your car, standing in her drive by her front lawn and in broad daylight and in range of plenty of her neighbors, despite it being a fairly large and spread out neighborhood, you screech at me to stop following you and it’s a fucking trigger that makes me hit the gas again and look like I’m not going to stop, aiming my car right for you and missing as you jump out of the way but omfg only slamming on the breaks at the perfect last moment which stops my car from actually smashing through the garage doors.
I’m in rage mode though, like anyone else certainly at this point would stop, breathe, try to calm themselves down but I’m gone. High on adrenaline and I still have to beat you to Ewa, who we each hope is inside… though if she was, I’m sure she’d have rushed out already at the chaos. I don’t even close my door when I bound out of it, looking like a banshee and I don’t go straight for you either, it’s like if I just get inside first that will mean you have to go away and so I make a fucking dash for the door as your scrambling up “GO FUCKING HOME OR I SWEAR! IM SPENDING THE DAY WITH EWA!!” squealing as I just know you’re up already and fucking charging behind me to reach the goal first.


No… no… no… FUCKING NOOOO!!!! I see you scrambling out of your car, and I’m trying to get to my feet too, but then I see it, and it’s like a fucking bomb goes off in my life and head. I was here when they first started to move in. I said I was going to help them unpack stuff, but of course I didn’t. I just stood around and eye fucked Ewa and made jokes about breaking in each room of the house with her. Finally, Ewa pulled me to the couch. She was a bit sweaty from unpacking, but she still looked sexy as hell, and I’ve tasted her sweat enough to get turned on seeing the perspiration on her neck. She sat down with me with Bri standing right there, and she started to kiss me. God. It was fucking perfect. Her breasts were pushed to mine. Her tongue wrapped slowly with mine. And Bri just stood there and watch. I didn’t know if she was setting me up to get Bri made enough to fight me again or what, but after we made out for a few minutes, Ewa pulled back, and Bri was standing even closer than I realized with her hand out. There was a key in her hand, and she was looking at me.

“I know what a bad fucking idea this is, but Ewa insisted.” I went for the key but Bri closed her hand quickly, and she sat next to me on the sofa, putting me in an Ewa and Bri sandwich. “Nuh uh… not yet…” her hand was holding he key tight and I wanted to rip it from her grip. “She’s mine. Do you understand?” It had taken me toooooo fucking long to realize just how much Ewa loved Bri. There was no chance of me taking her. I was just happy to be their number 2. As I looked at Bri, Ewa’s hands were around me, one hand on my breasts, the other between my legs, and she was rubbing my nipples and pussy. “You better answer right, baby,” she moaned into my ear, and I looked at Bri. “I know… she’s fucking yours… I just…” I didn’t finish. “I know what you want,” Bri said… her hand opening to show me the key… “but she’s mine tonight… so take it… and let me and my wife break our house in the way we want…” Fuck… fuck… FUCK… I was so horny… so fucking desperate for both of them… but I could give up one night to have a key to come be with Ewa whenever I wanted. Besides, I could always call up that slut Peaches and we’d get into one of our cars, take a drive, and finger each other as the sunset. She wasn’t a bad tradeoff for having this precious gift… this key…. the key on my keychain right now… the one I have in my hands that means so fucking much to me. I had a key, and you didn’t…. or so I thought…

But the way you hold your keys and the way you move to the door tell me everything… “NOOOOO!!!!” I come charging at you, both in rage to stop you from getting to the door and furious that SHE gave you a key too. I bet you fucking stole it. I bet you drugged Ewa and made a copy while she was unconscious. You probably violated her too. Or maybe you copied my key!!! Fucking whore. There’s no way SHE gave a cheap slut like you a key! But I see you trying to put it in the door, and I come stumbling and fumbling towards you, not bothering to get my feet set, and my body crashes into yours. Your chest slams into the front door and your hand, with the key in the door, pushes into your stomach. The only thing that stops your head from slamming into the door and risk knocking you out cold is my right hand grabbing your hair and ripping your head back. “FUCCCKINNGGG WHOORREEE!!! THAT DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU!!! GOO HOOMMMEEEE!!!!”


Holy fucking shit things are so out of control and neither of us have laid a finger on the other today, this is all because we woke up with the same idea that today would be a day for ME and Ewa. Now my car is going to need work done and I’m going to have to find an excuse to blab what happened to Daddy and there’s just a whole list of things I need to do because of you, not least I need to fucking speak with Ewa and just confirm a million things. Like the way I always need to call her, speak to her, see her, just hear her voice and if she’s in the mood, which she always is, have her roughly grab at me and let me test myself against her to see if I’m there yet, to see I’m the one that’s going to end up on top more than she does me.
When I got my key, it was one of those insecure days, her rolling her eyes at me having another one and imparting wisdom, telling me the right things I should be doing and feeling while feeling her fingers on me, gently and then roughly, groping at me and she’s never afraid to do it right in front of Bri. I’ve never tried to even split them up, though I will poke at both of them because I know that as much as Ewa wants to fuck me, Bri wants it as well and I’m more than happy to share my fuck with both of them. Ewa is the mountain top and Bri is the peak of what I want to be. That’s why after they BOTH calmed me down, a key was handed out, unlike the apartment that I decided to rent out, which in part was me trying to get under Ewa’s skin as much as just always be under her.
When I have it out, attached to my little bundle of keys with my house and car, only this one has a little yellow heart keychain, I’m sure I can get inside and just lock you the fuck out and then it’ll just be me and Ewa, and fuck if Bri is there then all the better too, she can watch or I can put on a show for Ewa, it doesn’t matter, it only matters that its Ewa. I slam into the door just from my own momentum and as I’m trying to slot the key into the hole you batter into the back of me, forcing my body against the door and then immediately yanking my head back by the hair “AUGHHHHH!!! YOU FUCKING SLUTTTTTTT!!” I scream grabbing my head and your hand, refusing to let go of the key in my other hand and you just pull me back from the door and effectively spin me away and down to my knees onto the lawn. Skidding forward a bit because I’m so pumped from this that my legs are shaking as much as the rest of me us.
I scream at the grass and turn just to see you putting a key into the door and it start to fucking open and a whole extra fucking panic just starts to set in, YOU CANNOT FUCKING HAVE ONE TOO, it might make me wonder just how many keys they handed out but really my blinkers are on and all I can see is the blonde fucking TRAMP that lives next door to me and has been secretly just trying to steal my fucking life ever since she rocked up to it. It’s like a fucking web of single white femaling between us on Ewa and us on each other. I scramble up to my feet and just as you’re turning inside the house to grab the door and slam it shut, so you’re facing me, I ram into you. Keys still in my hand but they clatter into your hair because that’s what I naturally go for when I’m fighting. The other lifts to it as well and I fucking pull hard as my body tackles into yours and the door flings open the whole way as the two of us go thundering into the main entrance to Ewa’s new home “FUCKING BITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTCH!!”

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UGHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!!! The impact of our bodies as you crash into the door hurts me too, but all the matters is fucking smashing you for trying to copy my fucking life with Ewa. When mom told me not to see her anymore, she fought my mom for me. When I started making videos with someone she didn’t like, she fought for me to get me away from her. She fucking wants me, and you can’t stand that she doesn’t want you the same way. She can’t want you the same way as me because I’m her number two and there’s only room for one number two and so YOU need to back the fuck away and never come back.

I would scream that at you if I wasn’t too busy pulling your fucking hair and trying to pull you away from the door, which I do, and your keys go with you. Fuck. I could just grab your keys; I would throw them down the fucking drain in the street so that you can never come back here again. It doesn’t even click to me that they could make you another fucking key if they really wanted. I just want you out of their life. Out of OUR life. Because I fucking love every second that I get with Ewa, even if most of them are spent screaming and cursing at each other while we try to scratch each other’s skin off. And ever since I found out about you two, every time she says today isn’t a good day or says she’s spending the day with Bri, I’m immediately worried that she’s actually spending the day with you. I want you OUT OF OUR FUCKING LIVES!!!!

You stumble into the grass, and I use my key to unlock the door and I try to get in quicky. I turn to slam the door, but you’re already charging towards the door, and before I can get it closed you come barreling through. Your hands go straight to my hair, and your right hand hurts extra because your keys jam into the top of my head. “ARRGGHHHH!!! FUCKKK!!!” I scream out as you take me down to my back on the hard flooring she installed. I grab for your hand with the keys in it, and I squeeze my hand around your wrist, pushing my thumb down on the nerves on the underside until your hand tenses and the keys fall to the floor. I start to kick wildly with you on top of me, and my right foot hits the door, and it goes slamming shut with a huge bang. If Ewa or Bri are home and somehow missed the screaming outside, they know they have company for sure now.

“WHY WON’T YOU JUST GO AWAY YOU STUPID cunt!!!” I scream and grab for your hair with both hands, and I rip to the side and turn my hip, and we go rolling across the floor. “YOU’RE SUCH A FUUUUUCCCCKKKKINNNNGGG WHOORRREE!!!!” We roll several times until we crash into the wall beside the door, and I wish I had stopped to put on more fucking clothes, but I left in a panic when I saw your car pull out. I just knew where you were going, and now my naked body presses to yours with nothing on but this thin yellow sundress, and I can feel your fucking curves pressing back at me. “UGHHHH GAWWWDD!!!” I shout as I feel my own body’s reaction to you, and thankfully as we hit the wall with our turns, I end up on top of you. My right hand is pinned to the wall between your head and the wall, so I just grip your hair, but my left hand comes up and I start to swing slaps at your face as I scream… “SHEE… DOESSN’T EEEEVVVEENNN LIIIIKKKEE YOUUUU!!!!!”

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When we slam together, I honestly can’t stand that feeling. It’s like time slows down and I have flashes of every single time the two of us have ever hugged each other, jokingly or plain sexually groped each other, fucked and fought and even worse than that, it’s like I can feel all the times Ewa has ever did the exact same thing with you. I know what her body feels like, not just with my hands and fingertips but also with my body and it’s like I just have this intense vivid image of the two of you together. It’s the same image that when I’m alone and I’m losing my mind, throwing things around my room because your lights are off next door and that might mean you’re with her, that I finger myself too until I’m too tired to feel anything anymore and just pass out until the sleep clears the storm in my mind.
It’s at its worst for me when I start having those images of you and Bri together too. I know everything that ever happens in Ewa’s life and everything that ever excites her, she was never considering trading DOWN, but she fucking enjoyed watching you try to take down Bri for her, despite the massive headaches you caused both of them with your rampant attempts. I hate that maybe Ewa finds it more exciting to see you fight or fuck angrily with Bri than it would for her to see me and Bri together.
It makes my squeal even more potent as you stumble back and lose balance and the two of us slam down hard. Your breasts and ribs crushing into mine and our hips clattering together, knees and shins and feet in… well for me, one flat, the other must be outside having fallen off when I skidded onto the lawn seconds ago. The door suddenly slams in the melee as you kick out at it, bucking around beneath me like a fucking banshee and I’m just trying to ride you out, trying to find that better grip on your hair until “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” your thumb digs into the bottom side of my wrist, nail first and I let go of your hair and with a loud hard thud my keys hit the floor.
It doesn’t even matter, I don’t need them anyway, but I don’t want you near them, those keys, especially that one to this house is so fucking important to me and I immediately shake my wrist free and getting into your hair again I actually pull on your hair up and forward like I’m going to smack your head against the fucking floor, but it just aids your hips bucking and your own hair pull away on me and causes us to start rolling away from my keys. The house just seems to echo with our screams and our limbs clattering against the hardwood floor are probably the hottest ‘knock knock, is anyone home?’ sound going… but as neither Ewa or Bri seem to appear, it looks like the whole thing is a bust. Not that either of us is going to suddenly stop.
We roll fiercely ripping at hair and kicking legs, knees banging together and feet slapping out, my hips jamming into yours trying to get on top but it’s so wild the only thing that settles the ‘debate’ we’re having is the wall and I end up jammed almost diagonally against it, so you’re against me but at a slight slop and UGHHH “YOU FUCKING FAKE cunt!!” snarling and snapping at each other, I feel you  leaning into me and pinning me with your body and I fucking DESPISE how we just fold together so naturally, one of my legs pushed between yours and anchoring down over the back of your outer leg, planting my foot down and using it to buck my hips up into yours to try and get you off me, especially as you start to smack my fucking face “AGH STOP AGHHH FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!!” I just seem to lose it and still pulling with my left I untangle my right hand and start slapping back first at your wailing hand but then at your head. My eyes shut and my face turning a little red from the slaps and all the anger and the fact that right now I just want to ball up and cry until someone comes and takes you away forever.
Everything is so frantic that it doesn’t even dwell on me that as we push against each other, beneath your dress is fuck all and of course, I was on my way over to surprise Ewa, I had no fucking intention of wearing anything under my cherry dress. The only ‘underwear’ I have on is pantyhose but really, they might as well just be long thin socks.

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Every moment with you is so fucking frustrating, and it used to be so goddamn easy. I know I can’t be with Ewa all the time, and it was fucking hard to be home alone worried about how much I might be messaging her or calling her, but then we moved in next to you and your dad, and I had a buddy. You fucking fit me, like a custom-made glove that fits perfectly over each of my fingers, and the moment you showed me Ewa on your phone, talking about her as your true crush, your idol, your role model, it was like someone took scissors to my perfect glove and I haven’t stopped being pissed off about it ever since. You make me fucking horny, angry, jealous, and so blind with fucking rage and swirling emotions that half the time I just want to fucking cry my eyes or finger myself unconscious or both at the same time.

“SHE’S NOT EVEN HOME!!! FUCKING LEAVE!!!!” I scream as it dawns on me that all this is for nothing because Ewa’s not even here. OMG! Where is she? Where could she be that she didn’t post it on Insta? Did I miss something? Is there someone else? OMG! If there’s another slut thirsty for her besides me and you, I’m going to find that cunt and slit her fucking throat after I’m done dealing with you!!!! I’m enraged when I start slapping at you and on the verge of tears, and when you start slapping back, I’m furious. How dare you slap me back!!! This is all your fault anyways! I’m going to have to find a way to explain to my mom what happened to my car, and I can’t use you as my “witness” for everything anymore since you’ve decided to turn your back on me and become such a fucking cunt. This is all your fault, so how dare you fucking slap me.

But … “AWWWW!!! SHITT!!! FUCK YOU!!!! FUCKING STOPP!!!” I holler at you as you start slapping at my hand and then my face as I slap at yours. My shoes are in the grass from when I had to drive out of the way of your fucking car WHEN YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!!!! but I’m honestly more upset about you trying to get inside Ewa’s house first more than anything. As our legs kick and wrap around each other, my legs rub on your panty hose, and fuck… I hate the feel of your body… I hate how good every fucking part of you feels…. ughh… why can’t I just forget that part… why can’t I just block it out… I fucking hate you… and I hate how many times I’ve thought about your body and Ewa’s body pressed together and rubbing…. UGHHH…. does Bri watch you? Does she like you better than she likes me? Her opinion means so much to Ewa, and she always gives me a bit of a rough edge? Does she fuck you and tell you all kind of sweet things? I bet she does because YOU’RE SO FUCKING FAAAAAAAKKKEEEE with everyone.

Our dresses start to shift and rise, as we struggle on the floor slapping each other’s face and screaming, but one slap from you hits me really hard, catching me right on the nose, and I SCREAM our, shrieking, and grabbing my nose instead of slapping back. I try to pull away from you, but you have your leg locked with mine, so only my upper body rolls away. “OMGGGGG LET ME GO YOU WHORE!!!! LEEEET MMMEEE GOOO!!!!” But you don’t! You keep shrieking and slapping at my face, and I try to cover up, but you’re just gripping your leg tighter around mine, and so instead of covering, I just grab for you. I grab right for your breasts and especially for your hard nipples that are trying to poke right through your dress. I grab then and squeeze down, pinching as tightly as I can through the thin fabric of your dress. “I HATE YOU PEACHEESSSS!!!! LEEEAAAVVEEEE USSSS ALOOOONNNNNNE!”

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“THEN I’LL WAIT FOR HER!!!!” I scream as if in the middle of all of this we’re now having a conversation about what’s happening. It’s insane but that’s what life became the second you moved in next door, we had a went to vent our frustrations that we couldn’t just always be around Ewa like an entourage but when that went to shit, and we became rivals for her attention and schooling it was worse than fucking ever. There’s been so many fucking times since that first time that we’ve gone after each other like this and it’s not always an all-out war, sometimes it’s just passive aggressive behavior. Leaving our bedroom windows open, that just so happen to be fucking facing each other, and cackling while talking on the phone to Ewa just loud enough that the other can hear and its usually followed by the sound of the opposite’s drawers being pulled out and thrown on the floor in full rages.
“WHY CAN’T YOU JUST GO BACK DOWN THE DRAIN YOU CRAWLED OUT OFFFFFFFFUGGGGHHHH!!” squealing over the slaps that we’re raining at each other, my scalp is on fucking fire from how it’s just never a light pull with you, it’s never even medium, it’s just from 0 to 100 and 0 is you’re not pulling my hair at all. My cheek turning red with every time your fingers welt across it and the stinging is unbearable, I’m HEAVING air in and out through inflamed nostrils and my mouth that all of my squeals and puffy fucking messes. 
When I smack you across the nose and your hand goes to it instead of hitting me back I immediately just go into over drive, slapping fiercer and quicker at your head but with your hand there I’m mostly hitting it and your arm and as you lean back, I buck up with my hips that just feel fucking glued to yours right now and I let go of your hair to get ready to push at your head and roll myself from the wall to get on top of you but your hands shoot down to my chest, pushing me back down but even worse, grabbing my tits and clawing down until you get my nipples in a fucking pinch and  “AUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I shriek, hating that you’ve been all over my body so fucking much, both when we were friends and since, that you just know exactly where my nipples are, especially with the piercing in and it hurts so suddenly and bad that my hands grab for your wrists to try to pull them off me, nails first.
“GET THE FUCK OFF ME AILAH!! YOU FUCKING BITCH I HATE YOUUUUU!!” screeching as I pull up but it’s like my tits lift with your hands as you don’t let go of my nipples at all easily and FUCK I let go and just go tit for tit (tat) and launch my hands onto yours with a THUD and immediately start kneading them with my nails, squeezing as hard as I can until you twist down off me with a thump, now laying on our sides and going for each other’s tits. My constant grabbing, regripping, of yours works your sundress down a little so that I just grab more and more pure flesh.

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I knew Ewa was going to be home today alone. I just knew it. It doesn’t matter that I turned out to be wrong. That happens a lot because a lot of the shit that I get so worked up about is just fiction in my head. If Bri isn’t going to be home, I just picture Ewa alone, touching herself, barely bothering to get dressed at all, waiting for me to show up so we can do whatever the fuck she feels like doing. I imagined everything. How she would smell. How she would taste. The look on her face when I came through the door and she asked me why it took me so long to get here. This day was supposed to be perfect and all about me and Ewa, but YOU HAD TO RUIN IT!!!!! And now you’re going to pay.

I grip your tits and especially your nipples and I pinch and twist. God damn I love your piercings. I love the way they feel when my tongue rubs across them. I love the way they feel on my nipples. Even more, I love the way they feel on my clit. But right now, I just want to fucking grab them and pull them and make you SQUEAL like the little bitch you are!!! “I HAAATTEE YOU MOOREEEE!!! GET OOVVEER HERR!!! SHE DOESN’T EVEN LIKE YOUUUUU!!!!!” Of course, if we ever stopped to think about it, we’re so fucking alike that it’s not surprising at all that we’re into the same girl. But something isn’t something I can do around you. It never has been. Was I thinking the first time I got the crazy idea in my head that you might want to talk to Ewa? I called her and her line was busy, but instead of hanging out, I opened my window and started having a full conversation with her voicemail. Even when it timed out and hung up the call, I just kept talking because I could hear you pulling our drawers and screaming from your bedroom. And sure, I wasted an entire hour and a half of my life talking into a phone with no one on the other end, but that didn’t matter because it fucking got into your head. And that’s what I want! I just want you to be miserable for all the times you’ve gotten in the way of me and Ewa.

So, I pinch harder and I squeeze, but you latch onto me right back, and you lead with your nails, pressing them through my dress and into my bare breasts, and your hands squeeze… “AAAAWWWWW BITCHHHH!!!! We collapse to our sides with our hands on each other’s tits, and I start to use my nails more as well. But you beat me to it, and you started pulling down and tearing at my dress first while I was too fucking obsessed with pinching your nipples and you’re tearing at my top. You even roll over on me, getting on top, and you yank hard with your hands and nails, and my dress rips open at the front, exposing my breasts and tearing my dress.

“FUCKING BITCHH!!!! THAT DRESS IS WORTH MORE THAN YOU!!!! AWWW GODDAMNNN IT!!!” You don’t wait a fucking second. You jam your nails right into my bare skin and scratch down towards my achingly hard nipples. “TRRAAMMMPPP!!!!!!” I scream out in anger, and I thrust my right thigh up, and it smacks between your legs onto your damp pussy. You were always so fucking wet. That’s one of the things I loved about you. You were always ready to go and you got me soaked like no one else but Ewa, but now that wetness just reminds me of what a SLUTTY, NEEDY WHORE you are.

I grab the inside of your arms as you claw me and I push them outwards, pushing your arms away from me, but it makes your whole fucking upper body crashes down onto mine. Your tits smash into mine and your face collapses to mine as well. Our foreheads bump and our noses press and rub. Our lips smear across each other as I push on your arms and try to get you over and off me with my thigh jammed up between your legs. “WET FUCKING WHORE!!!! TAKE YOUR NEEDY PUSSY HOMEE!!! NO ONE WANTS YOU HEEEEERRRRREEE!!!”


<Fuck this feeling that I get with you, this mixed cocktail of emotions of hate, anger, lust and longing. Longing for what could have been, between us but more importantly today, between me and Ewa. She isn’t here and that’s more than obvious now, but I blame you for that, if anything she figured out that you might try and sneak over and so took the day away somewhere just to avoid you because NO ONE CAN FUCKING STAND YOU!!
We’ve become almost as obsessed with wrecking each other’s lives than we have with being in Ewa’s. Neither of us get to be with her as much as we tell each other. The rare few nights that my Daddy and your Mom are home where we’re forced to have fucking dinner together so they can catch up, spending the whole night holding all sorts of emotions back because we just will not crack in front of them, well, not in front of my Daddy at least, I’m pretty sure your Mom is a fucking catfighting MILF like mine is, or was, I’m not sure. Fuck her. But those dinner nights “The girls will do the washing up, lets grab a drink and enjoy the rest of the sun”, just having to stand in the kitchen next to you still in too close a proximity to let out everything we want to say but so often all it takes is “Ewa fucked me last night”, whispered, under the spray of water from the taps and suddenly there’s a knife at my throat and a plate ready to go into your fucking skull.
That’s just the passive aggressive stuff though, nothing like when we end up alone, like right now and the two of us fucking let out every pent-up emotion we have for each other. First, we’re on our sides and then, rotating with my hips only, my pubic bone lodged against yours, I end up on top of you and fucking wanting to shove you straight to hell by your tits, that’s how fucking hard I’m clawing into you with a look on my face that says Peaches isn’t home right now “YOURE DRESS ISNT WORTH SHIT! JUST LIKE YOUUUUUU!!” my squeals less and less like a half English half valley girl and more guttural roars as you seemingly refuse to let go of my fucking nipples. The pain just so white hot and searing right through me.
That’s until you squirm enough and bang your knee up against my ass and at the same time free my tits only to jab my arms outwards as I’m regripping at your tits. I slam down belly and tits to belly and tits with you and our heads clatter together, yours rattling back against the floor from the semi-headbutt caused by my collapse. My arms scrambling, one hand pushing to the floor to lift me a bit and yours fighting to grab them, it’s a sudden mess as your head comes back up into mine and our foreheads press, our noses rubbing and even our mouths, still screaming, wide open and at each other.
“YOU FUCKING WISH YOU COULD GET AS WET AS I AM FOR HERRRRR!” snarling the second you bring that up, as if I was trying to hide it, our fighting is anything but fair and reserved. My verbal attack on your pussy though is a sore spot even for me because I know just how wet you get when you’re really excited and while I’ll never admit it to you, or anyone, I know she makes you fucking excited. That time the both of us got into an ‘after dinner’ discussion about a picture Ewa posted online, our parents just in the other room having a drink as normal and us in the hallway, not even able to make it up stairs, with our skirts up and a hand between each other’s legs because we needed to know who was wetter by fingering the shit out of each other.
We scramble against each other on the floor, hands grabbing at arms and hands fighting and you roll me over to my side away from the wall again and I force my thigh back up between yours and right into your fucking cunt. Our dresses hiked up dramatically around our waists and as we scream at each other we start twisting over again, you then me, our faces rubbing and then our lips biting like angry and sexually frustrated because our end goal isn’t here. Eventually my right hand finds your hair again and pulls “YOU ARENT EVEN A GOOD ENOUGH FUCK FOR HER!” I snarl when our tongues awkwardly slap at each other’s, our bodies length to length still slowly turning and grinding on each other as we try to fucking control something in this whole mess.


I swear to God it was like someone fucking had it out for me the way things worked out. I finally fucking met someone my own age I could be myself fully around, someone just as slutty and wild as me, and then the shit with Ewa made it all come crumbling down because you couldn’t fucking stand finding out that you mattered less to her than I did. There’s nothing that would have told you that, but that’s the only excuse for how you fucking behaved. You’re a fucking brat, and I can’t believe I ever liked you, but then right as things fell apart for us, our parents, who had spent a lot of time talking because of us, started to get closer and… UGHHHH… I don’t want to think about the things they do. I know they both leave at the same time some nights to go out for a bit… and the fucking drinks after dinner together…. making you and I spend more time together than I’d ever want to spend with a whore like you. It was so fucking weird hearing them making out and trying to keep it quite while we were trying to keep it quiet as well on the stairs and fucking each other with our fingers over who gets wetter for Ewa. UGHHHHH what kind of fucked up world is this!!!! Why can’t everyone just go the fuck away and LEAVE ME AND EWA ALONE!!!!!

“UGHHHHH STTOPPP… TRYINGG… TOOO KISSS MEEE!!!!!!” Our lips keep pressing and smearing and I can taste your lip gloss on my lips. “FUCKK!!!” I shout as you get your hands on into my hair again, and we roll over hard, crashing into the small table that I help Bri set up. There’s a bowl for keys on there that’s empty, and when we roll one more time, my side crashes into the legs of the table, and the legs break. The table comes crashing down over us, and the bowl drops and rolls away with a loud crash, sounding a lot like it fucking cracked in half.

“YOU’RE RUINING EWA’S NEW HOME YOU FUCKING cunt!!!!” I shout at you at the top of my lungs, but you jam your thigh up between my legs, and my soaking wet pussy presses back against your skin. My mouth goes open as the wooden table and broken legs lay over my back, and when my tongue slides out from the feel of your skin between my legs, our tongues glide across each other. I fucking hate how much I’ve kissed you or how natural your tongue feels against mine. In lust or anger, our tongue seems to find a way to each other, and this is a lot of both. You taunt me about how wet I am, and I scream back, “I’M WET FOR EWA, NOT FOR YOUUUUU!!!!! NOOOO ONNEE IS WETTT FOR YOU!!!!”

Our tongues lick each other again angrily, and then I lean forward, and I bite down into your bottom lip. It’s not hard enough to draw blood, but I pull back, stretching your lip, and your lip slides out between my teeth and snaps into space, and I go right back to bite you, but you bite me first, getting my bottom lip this time, and you chew on it as you press your face to mine. “AAWWWWWWWW GAWWWDD!!!” I scream awkwardly as we smear together and grind, rolling over and away from the mess we made on the floor, and as you roll on top, you lose your bite but extend your tongue for mine, and I snap up at your tongue, scraping it with my teeth before my head falls back to the floor, and I wrap my arms around your back and pull you down into me. I grab your dress in both hands and I start to pull, trying to pull it up into your throat, and it works, except the front is ripped, and rather than choking you, it just keeps ripping more up against your throat… “I’M A BETTER FUCK YOU THAN YOU, BITCHH!!!!! YOU’RE A PATHETIC WANT TO BEEEE!!!!! LEEEEAVEEE MEE AND EWAA ALONNEEE YOU SLUTT!!!!!!” I slam my hips up, and our pussies slide together. “WET FUCKING WHORREE UWHNNNNNN!!!” I scream as we start to grind together and I keep ripping at your cheap dress, trying to tear it off you.

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We are like a fucking nightmare Chinese finger trap, it’s like the harder we pull away the quicker and more forceful we’re thrust right back into each other’s face. I hate it, the harder I try to not think about you the more I end up doing it and the more I end up frustrated. It’s all because you think fucking Ewa likes you. If it had of gone right, when we were the best of friends and I was just showing you this special someone, you would have just been happy for me and we could have gone on fucking and playing and just having the best time but instead you wanted to try and steal her from me, and I WILL NOT LET YOU GET IN THE WAY OF EWA AND I!!!
We roll back the way we started and this time instead of a wall we rattle a table, once and then twice and lurching right over it creaks against the wall and just snaps. The hits first, hitting me on the back, bouncing and then quite obviously breaking and it makes me get twisted over by you just intime for the rest of the table to end up on your fucking back. My hand in your hair feeling it against me “AAGHH IM NOT DOING SHIT YOU BROKE THAT YOU BITCH!!!” 
Ewa might be happy knowing it’s just a bowl that broke, considering I almost ploughed my car into her house trying to run you over but nevertheless I’m actually so fucking angry at YOU for breaking it, like Ewa doesn’t ever need to be ‘protected’ but anytime we’ve been out and someone so much as dared to give her a funny look, even by accident, I’ve been fucking after them like a guard dog and that’s just how the two of us end up as our lip glosses start smearing together and our mouths scream into each other’s.
You scream at me as our tongues just flick against each other, my piercing clicking against your teeth a little, it’s just all so fucking natural to us, even the first kiss we had happened out of thin air and felt like we had been kissing each other for years. “EWA IS ALWAYS WET FOR ME YOU FUCKING FRAUDDDDD!!” screeeeching out as the two of us start trading bites to our lips, our bodies scuffling still, hands tugging either at hair or dresses, pushing and shoving as we basically crawl over each other and away from the broken table, just a little further into the house.
That’s when you start pulling up on my dress and as I’m so taut against you it actually tugs yours up a little tighter towards the ripped neckline of yours but then you keep jerking it up between us and our bare naked mons hit and then just like magnets our pussies snap into place and OH FUCK it’s so fucking warm and wet that it actually takes my mind off the fact that my dress is now starting to choke me a little before ripping  and making my head tilt backwards and away from you so I’m not really able to snap at your mouth anymore “UGHHHHH YOU FUCKING SLUT!!! JUST GO DROWN YOURSELF EWA WONT MISS YOU SHE HAS MEEE TO FUCKKKK!!!” I tilt my head back more and try to turn it to work with you to remove the dress off me, which it eventually does and the second it does my head snaps back down and just forcefully shoves my tongue in your mouth, have moaning have screaming “CHOKE ON IT LIKE EWA WOULD SUCK IT!”.
And you fucking do, more than that, you just take my tongue suck it but then immediately bully it back into my mouth with yours. Our girlspit mixing and our slippery muscles just flicking wildly around all over each other with no real purpose only to be half erotic and half annoying. It’s so frantic you roll back on top of me and I start smacking at your body, pinching at your bare skin, grabbing at the dress that’s almost a belt around you and just feeling how our bodies are rubbing pure skin to skin from my waist up, your legs still wrestling and kicking with mine in the pantyhose, though there’s plenty of runs in those right now, which first appeared when you threw me away from the door and I fell on my knees.


Your dress comes off, and it’s like the only thing that was keep us from pure, animalistic, sexual wildness was that thin piece of fabric that was both choking you and pulling from you as we struggled. The moment it comes off we’re locked together, pussy to pussy already, but not breasts to breast with nothing between us as my dress is around my waist, and your tongue goes right for my mouth, which I fucking OPEN to invite you in. Your tongue drives in and swirls around mine, but I force it back, grabbing you by the hair and bullying your tongue that I so effortlessly sucked on the first time we kissed, which happened in my backyard on only our second day hanging out together. I knew after that first day how much I wanted you, and it must have been mutual, because the moment we saw each other we were holding hands and making out slowly, like we wanted to savor the first kiss with someone that we knew was going to be very special in our lives.

But this is nothing like that moment as we angrily jam our tongues at each other, and I roll on top of you, forcing your tongue back and grinding my hips down into yours. My tongue pulls back only to bitch at you… “I’M THE BETTER FUCK THAN YOU WHORE!!! AND THE BETTER CAT!!!! THAT’S WHY EWA LIKES ME MORE!!!!” My mouth presses down and my tongue invades your mouth again, but you start slapping at me hard and pinching me wherever you can. I slap and pinch back, but our hips keep grinding and thrusting, and our nipples keep rubbing over each other. But I keep feeling my dress between us, and so I grab it and SHOVE down hard, losing my kiss with you and you bite my lip as I start to slide down just a bit, but I only push it down enough to kick it from my feet, leaving us basically completely naked and grinding over each other.

I grab your hair with my right hand as my left pinches and squeezes your side. I slap at you and we roll across the floor with our pussies bouncing and then shoved back together…. our mouths open and our tongues licking at each other and bullying each other. My nipples dig into your piercings, which hurts and feels fucking amazing all at the same time, and our clits just stab and rub, pressing and rubbing in a way that leaving me gasping and horny… “FUCKKKINGGG BITCHHHHHH UWHWHHNNNNNN FCUKKKKK” Nooo nooo noo… fuck…. fuckk… I was so horny for Ewa. I’m not horny for you. NOOOO I’M OVER YOU!!! I DON’T WANT YOU!!! I WANT YOU TO GO AWAY!!! TO FUCKING DIEE!!! I DON’T CARE!!! JUST LEAVE US ALONNEE!!!!!

My mind is raging and screaming, but I’m gasping as we hate fuck on Ewa’s floor. “FUCKKINNG…. UWWWNNNN…. BITTCCHHHH……  III…. HHAAATTTEEEE……” before I can finish the thought, there’s a bang on the door. It’s a loud fucking knocking. “Mrs. Sonnet! Are you in there! It’s the police! There’s two damaged cars outside and reports of people screaming!” We don’t make another sound, but we both keep grinding and pinching and pulling each other’s hair. Anything to prove we’re the better fuck. Another loud bang. “MS. SONNET! WE’RE COMING IN!!!!” My hips go into overdrive… fuck… no… I have to finish you off… I have to make you cumm first… I have to….  “GET OUT!!!” I scream, for the first time not at you, but at them… “LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE!!!” I holler more as my pussy drives into yours and I tug at your hair so hard it feels like it’s pulling right out of your head as we fuck hatefully and wildly on the floor.


This whole fucking day, that I woke up thinking was going to be very chill… except until I met Ewa… has just devolved into a fucking race with no speed limits. From the first texts back and forth because we noticed each other being awake earlier than normal, the first alarm bells, to the actual fucking race in our cars to get here and now it’s like we’re in a race to get the other out of the house at the very least. The fight is just frantic and angry but it’s so fucking erotic the way we’re just so open with each other, there’s no defending or trying to stop the other, it’s just all fucking in. All fucking in for Ewa.
That’s pretty much been the singular purpose of our lives since we met her, proving ourselves to her, beating her out, learning off her and amazingly we never once crossed paths before you suddenly dropped next door to me and a whole whirlwind of playful chaos kicked off… before chaos decided to do its actual defined thing and take us deeper and deeper into the pits. Now we find ourselves here, like two fucking starved zombies that just need to devour anything to tide themselves over until they get the real flesh they need.
We kiss like hungry, angry, whores, my tongue pushing into your mouth just to be forced back and bits of saliva and lip gloss is just flicking out against our cheeks because the whole time the two of us are scrappily climbing against each other, twisting on the floor and rolling over, pushing and pulling, slapping, pinching. Our hips bucking at each other’s, mine encased in the nylon that I actually regret wearing… but I know it’s only there for the purpose of being ripped and so I take the initiative as you start sliding and moving to get rid of your dress and I just rip the crotch free of my nylons so that as you throw yourself back at me, grabbing my hair again, our bare pussies touch and the mess completely connects for the first time and its fucking filthy.
“FUCKKK YOU!!! YOU’RE NO CAT YOURE JUST AN UGLY BITCH!! EWA LIKES CATTING WITH MEEEEEEEEEEE!!” our yells are half muffled as we interrupt each other by thrusting our tongues back into the other’s mouths, mostly wanting to shut the other up but also because the taste of you in heat is like a fucking drug to me. You got so much sweeter when Ewa came between us and I hate that it suddenly felt like the whole time before that you were holding back on me… but then I was doing the same to you with her. 
Our lips devour each other, our hands pinch and smack so much as we roll across the floor pumping our hips together like we’re trying to rub each other’s cunt out, harder and faster, mixing the wetness from each of us like if we do it hard enough then we can overuse it and make Ewa lose interest but it’s so fucking hard to focus with your lips fucking mine like that and then our clits connecting and jousting like slimy little jelly sweets. “UGHHH FUCKKK FUUUUGHHHHHH FUCK YOUUU!! YOU BITCHHH BITCHHH AGHHHH JUST GET OUT OF EWAS LIFEEE!!!” 
I feel like I’ve never been madder than this moment, cunt to cunt with you, our tits rubbing all over each other and nipples poking and pressing at each other’s warm sweaty and red skin. It’s not just that we’re slapping and pinching and groping each other, we’re also fighting and flopping over and over on the hard wood floor, it’s not at all fucking comfortable and our bodies are showing the wear from it as we go back and forth, basically marking the entrance to Ewa and Bris new home as if we have any right to even do that.
Neither of us cared about anything other than this from the second we left our homes today so when there’s suddenly a loud banging at the door we barely even register it, just groaning, moaning, trying to push each other further, trying to actually cum all over each other like that even settles anything but we’re so fucking fight horny, so fucking plain horny, that it’s just part of it. I don’t even hear what the police say first but the second time when I hear that they’re coming in I have this nervous, final, adrenaline spike that makes me start fucking my hips into yours harder and you’re slamming straight back.
The cops got called twice, once from other drivers on the motorway, reporting a collision and describing the cars and then the second time by Ewa’s neighbors who heard two cars screeching in an area that no one should be driving fast in and then screeching from two people fighting – it was easy for them to track us down, but they had no clue what they’d witness as they barge through the door, breaking the lock to get in – something else you’ll need to pay Ewa back for. They come in guns pointing a freeze as they look at us, CLAPPING our hips together “FUCK OFFFFF!” suddenly we’re in agreement that they need to get the fuck out because neither of us can stop, we’re now a runaway train. 
“OKAY LADIES ITS TIME TO…” some of them are laughing, the males, the females on the scene have already picked sides but as they demand us to stop that’s when I find myself slipping. “UGHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK!” my pussy and frankly my whole body just rubbed raw against you. I used to live for these fucks to get me through until I next saw Ewa, but now it’s almost an insult and I’m delirious but I fucking SCREAAAAAAAAAAM “EWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” as my pussy just gushes all over yours, it’s such a pent up burst of cum that I actually don’t even realize that a few seconds later, helped by feeling me gush all over you, you cum just as hard right back against me. Both of us gripping each other like we might go flying back from each other just from the force of it… and that we still don’t want to let either of us free incase by some insane chance Ewa is actually here and we can still be with her.
Of course, she isn’t and finally the police decide to pry us apart as we lay in a hallway full of the smell of angry sex, still trying to fight each other, pinching and pushing at each other’s faces. It’s the female cops that do the lifting and prying, pulling us off each other and almost getting dragged into it themselves. Grabbing at their hair as we try to get back at each other “LET ME GO IM GOING TO KILL HER!!”  like I’m so weak its barely anything and eventually they get hand cuffs on us both, followed by blankets before sweeping us outside and into separate cars and of course, still screaming at each other from within them, trying to open the doors again with our elbows and shoulders.
It’s not the first or the last time either of us will see a jail cell but there’s only one person both of us scream at the cops as to who they should call regarding bail, and of course our free phone call – “EWA!”

[ Peaches: After she spammed herself like a fucking whore all over the website, following me around like the little copycat LOSER she is, it’s only right that we shared something of what’s been going on… and I guess her writing quality is worth the share too.

But Ailah, you fucking slut, I’ll be whipping your head around by your hair right until you wake up to how pathetic you fucking are and then I’ll do it some more! ]

[ Ailah: OMG! Fuck you, Peaches! You didn’t even do any of the work to get this posted! Just GOOOO AWAYYYY and leave me and Ewa ALONE!!!! ]

[ Peaches: EWA WANTS TO SPEND HER TIME WITH ME NOT YOU! Get it in your fucking thick cavegirl skull!! UGHHH ]

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