NCIS: Sasha’s Return by Celeb Fight Lover

Sasha Alexander walks onto the set of NCIS, and she sees that filming is just finishing up, and she notices the woman who replaced her, Cote De Pablo, just walking out of the set.  Sasha walks up to her. 

“I see they let any old trash on the show.”  Sasha says.  Cote turns around and she glares at Sasha. 

“Actually, their standards have gone up, they won’t let some old useless bitch actress on again.”  Cote replies. 

“You Bitch.” Sasha says, and raises her hand to slap Cote. 

“Stop.” both women hear.  They turn, and they see their friend, Pauley Perette walking towards them. 

“Don’t try and stop me Pauley, I’m gonna teach this little bitch a fucking lesson.”  Sasha says.  “I’ll be the one teaching you slut.”  Cote replies, and the two rivals glare at each other. 

“I’m not going to stop you two from fighting if that’s really what you want, but you can’t fight here, it would draw too much attention.”  Pauley says. 

“Where do you suggest we fight then?”  Cote asks.  Pauley hands Cote a key. 

“I have a cabin in the woods that I use to solve my disputes with friends.” Pauley replies.  “We might get pretty violent Pauley, and I don’t want to break your stuff.” Sasha says. 

“Don’t worry, when my friends and I settle differences, we break a lot of stuff, if you two break anything, I’ll just replace it.” Pauley replies. 

“Thanks Pauley, I appreciate it.”  Sasha says. 

“Let’s see how much you appreciate it when I’m through with you bitch” Cote replies.  Sasha and Cote glare hatefully at each other. 

“Get out of here you two, before you draw a crowd.” Pauley says.  Sasha and Cote look around, and they notice some of the male members of the crew, and even some of the women looking in their direction in curious fascination.   Pauley gives them directions to the cabin, listening to their friend, Sasha and Cote walk away and get in their cars, and they pull out of the NCIS set, and drive towards the cabin.  They arrive after a 2 hour drive. 

They get out of their cars, and walk to the front door.  Sasha slides the key into the lock, and turns it, the door unlocks with a click.  Sasha opens the door, and she walks in, followed by Cote.  Sasha swings the door closed, and as soon as it clicks shut, she turns, and she and Cote push their hands together and curl their fingers to tighten their grip and raise their arms over their head as they push their chests together. 

They continue this stand off for a few minutes.  Sasha takes back one of her hands, and she grabs onto Cote’s hair, and she begins pulling hard, and Cote cries out in pain.  Cote also grabs Sasha’s hair, and she pulls hard as well, also causing Sasha to cry out in pain as well.  They release their grips on each other’s curled hands, and Cote slaps Sasha hard, sending her tumbling to the floor, and as she still has a grip on Cote’s hair, she takes Cote down with her, and both Cote and Sasha grunt as they hit the wooden cabin floor. 

Sasha rolls on top of Cote and tries to rip her shirt off, but Cote rolls them over and does the same to Sasha, and ends up ripping open Sasha’s top, exposing her black lace bra barely containing her impressive tits.  Sasha rolls them over and she furiously rips open Cote’s top, revealing Cote’s small but firm tits encased in a red silk bra.

Cote and Sasha reluctantly let go of each other, and they get up, carefully watching each other, watching for any aggressive moves.  Sasha removes the remains of her shirt, and she drops it to the wooden floor, and Cote does the same.  Sasha goes one step further, and she removes her bra, and throws it over her head, where it lands on a lamp. 

“What the fuck are you doing you slut?”  Cote asks in confusion and anger. 

“This is my favorite bra bitch, I don’t want it getting ruined, and if I were you bitch, I’d do the same.” Sasha replies. 

“Fine, I’m gonna kick your ass bitch.” Cote replies, as she removes her bra, revealing her firm breasts.  Cote drops the bra on the floor.  Sasha and Cote grab each other by the hair once again, bringing their sweaty breasts slapping together with a wet slap, and both angry actresses stumble around the room, both trying to take the other to the floor. 

The girls smack into a bookshelf, sending the shelf and all the books it holds to the floor with a crash.  The two furious actresses slam into the wall, and slide down, Sasha rips Cote’s pants down and pulls her panties down to her ankle, and Cote slaps Sasha and she does the same.  Both women push the other away roughly, and they lean on opposite walls, breathing hard.  Sasha steps out of her skirt which is around her ankles, and lets her underwear slide the rest of the way off.  Cote steps out of her pants, which are also at her ankles, and also lets her underwear fall to the floor. 

“Let’s finish this in the bedroom slut.”  Sasha says. 

“Fine by me bitch.” Cote replies.  The two women walk over to the bedroom door, and Sasha steps through first, followed by Cote.  Cote closes the door, and Sasha turns to face her.  Cote pushes Sasha onto the bed, and Sasha is lying there dazed.  Seeing Sasha laying naked on the bed stirs up feelings within Cote, and her pussy grows warm.  Cote jumps on Sasha and she begins to grind her pussy into Sasha’s.  Sasha clears her head, and sees what Cote is doing, and she begins to feel turned on.

“Fucking slut, you want a sex fight, I’ll give you a fucking sex fight.” Sasha asks, as she roughly rolls them over and grinds her pussy hard into Cote, making both women moan in pleasure.  Cote reaches with her hand, and she slides a finger into Sasha’s pussy, and she begins to finger Sasha.  Sasha lets out a loud moan of pleasure, and since this is their first erotic intimate moment with another woman,

Sasha cries out as she orgasms, her cum splattering Cote’s thighs.  Cote pushes Sasha off of her, and she smirks. 

“Well, look who won, and since you lost bitch, you do anything sexual I want, or I’ll tell the whole world about this.” Cote gloats in a proud voice.

“Fine, I’ll do what you want me to do.” Sasha replies in a small and defeated voice. 

“Lick my pussy until I cum bitch” Cote commands.  Sasha leans her head towards Cote’s pussy, and she sticks out her tongue, and she begins lapping away at Cote’s wet pussy.  Cote moans, and she buries her hands in Sasha’s hair and pushes Sasha’s head deeper into her pussy.  Sasha`s tongue flicks into Cote`s clit, and Cote feels a buildup deep in her stomach, and she lets out a loud screaming moan as she cums all over Sasha’s face.  Cote’s orgasm lasts 20 seconds, and when it’s over she lets go of Sasha’s head.  Sasha looks up and Cote sees her cum covering Sasha’s face.  Sasha goes to wipe her face on the quilt of the bed, as Cote smirks with glee.

“How was that bitch, taste good?” Cote asks.  Sasha looks up, and Cote sees Sasha’s eyes filling with tears, which fills her with joy.

“I hate you bitch.” Sasha says in a choked sob.

“I’ll leave you to clean up bitch, enjoy, and if you ever want a rematch, you know where to find me slut.”  Cote opens a drawer, and she grabs a sweater from the dresser, walks out of the bedroom, and picks up her underwear and pants gets dressed, and she leaves Sasha sobbing on the bedroom floor.

The End

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