8 thoughts on “Needlepoint Duels by Luffy316

  1. says:

    Love it!

    The primal fury of a fvf duel to the finish….ever considered rapiers in a such a fight?

    1. dermonarch says:

      Of course I do. But here I thought to myself, what can they take, if they do not have that available? If they are denied access to real weapons.

      Besides, the idea of the good woman at that time was that she should stay at home, cook and sew. There was something interesting about taking an element out of this social ideal and taking it for a duel.

      1. William Fletcher says:

        Oh..I have NO complaints..a fvf duel to the death by whatever weapons is DELICIOUS!!

        Using the domestic backdrop …sooo many items to use as weapons… 😀

      2. DrewPowell says:

        That isn’t entirely true. For one, it was customary for wedded men upon falling in battle, that their weapon as bequeathed onto their widows.

        While largely accurate, female duels did take place, though they were not to the death. What is to be understood here, especially post-Enlightenment, especially outside England is that family fortune, inherited of course for women (bar a few exceptions like Madame Toussaud) weighed more than gender.

        How people dueled depended largely upon where they lived. Post Napoleon and the Holy Alliance, the colony owning Western world switched over to first blood (don’t forget it’s a point in 80 Days Around the World that Americans duel to the death, but British are not) while the East, influenced by Prussian pride that transformed the Russian military and nobility, retained death duels. I know about one instance where dueling to death was only outlawed in 1931.

  2. says:

    How can I delete my comments….never intended this to be a serious lecture ..just some fun…?

    1. dermonarch says:

      Why delete it? With your comment, you’ve done something great, namely getting people to have a conversation. Everyone here wanted to contribute something, and all because you gave the impulse. Of course you wanted to have fun with it. And I had fun answering you. And I’m sure the same goes for the other two. So thank you for your contribution, and please, if you want to share another thought here, just say it.

  3. says:

    OK…point taken (no pun intended)…I didn’t want things to turn into the pathetic mess that I’ve seen elsewhere in relation to fvf fights…sooooo I’ll leave things as they are…:)

    1. DrewPowell says:


      I’ve originally replied to DerMonarch for whom I had the pleasure to be commissioned by, and it was to extend on existing knowledge, yet that doesn’t mean most or all of it go into a story word for word.

      In fact because women were so belittled and patronized, we can freely and practically fill history with women fighting and dueling as a fictional account of something that very possibly did happen.

      As a teenager, I enjoyed the Taming of the Shrew as a victory for love, as an adult I recognize that as a guy that’s how the bard wanted women to be represented, yet it still proves headstrong women are neither a fantasy nor a contemporary fact. They existed and fought for recognition. In a certain sense it can go as far a duel being about who can claim ownership, and it still can be a sexy story.

      None of it is meant to say “look at me I’m smart” or to profess any kind of superiority in a fetish world where many interpretations exist based on the fact that we’re different, yet more than just being a fetishist.


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